*The program beforehand wraps up, running its credits, although they're mostly contained in a side-bar, so that the network can save some precious time to use for commercials. Aren't they great? Meanwhile, on the main picture, the GCWA logo flashes by, glistening on the screen, before departing. We then start to hear the beginning of a heavy rock theme, even as shots begin to appear of men standing in the ring. Shots of Stranger Danger. Shane Donovan. Lurrr. Derek Mobley. Marcus Ka'Derrion. As the shots past by, the voice from the PPV begins to echo its same refrain.*

Voice: Sometimes, for the greater good, sacrifices must be made.

*The video immediately cuts into live action, showing PIC (now Steve Wilson) airborne, heading towards Seth Eldritch with the End Result. We see parts of the battle between Crimson and Draco, with liberal shots of Shane Donovan's driving of the zamboni thrown in. Clips of Robert Santana defeating Peter Vaughn, then having to fight the returning Dynamic Dynamite, are spliced in, along with visions of Stranger Danger retaining the World Tag-Team Titles, only to disintegrate right afterwards. The final shots of the video run are from the IC Title match, showing many of the exciting moves, although not showing their conclusion, to encourage the buying of the replays, if they're still showing.*

Voice: When a threat becomes too severe, when power is going out of control, when destruction and chaos reign, sometimes drastic steps must be taken.

*The next clips show Marcus Ka'Derrion and his battles with the Roman Empire, mainly focusing on his brawls with Derek "The Thriller" Mobley. We see the two men, former allies, staring each other down, as the build-up continues.*

Voice: Sometimes a match is not enough. Sometimes it’s takes a trip… to hell…

*We're shown the outside of the Hell In A Cell, with Marcus Ka'Derrion and Derek Mobley heading inside. The Accelerator is shown, wearing his referee uniform. We start the review with a bang, as Mobley uses the cell door to knock Ka'Derrion back outside the cell. Several shots are used of the brutality outside the cell, including Ka'Derrion using some TLS paint spray to blind Mobley. The two men soon go back inside, fighting it out with the cell locked up. Various weapons are used, as they contest gets bloody. Mobley's face is shown in black-and-white, blood spilling from the open wound. Both men are shown getting in some abuse, but soon we get near the end, as Ka'Derrion takes control, using a kendo stick on his opponent. We then see them inside the ring, with Ka'Derrion blocking a last Mobley attempt, turning it into the Punisher!! Ka'Derrion gets the 1-2-3, retaining the World Title and celebrating his victory over the Roman Empire. We focus on his celebration, as the picture slowly fades out.*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The Dallas fans are happy to be back in attendance, as they scream loudly for the upcoming show. Signs flash by, from “Get Well Soon, Crazy Chris!” to “Who Is Steve Wilson?” The cameras swing around to feature the announcers, Edward Jones and Anthony Logan.*

Jones: Hello, folks, and welcome back to another edition of Friday Night Inferno!! It’s almost like a pay-per-view atmosphere here in the GCWA Arena, as we’ve got not one, not two, but THREE title matches taking place here tonight!

Logan: Yes!! That is going to rule!!

Jones: The pressure will be on our champions here tonight, as they are forced to defend their belts for the first time in July ’09. In our main event, we’re seeing our World Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion, in action against another member of the Roman Empire, Tommy Crimson! This is sure to be an exciting match, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, it’s gonna be good, Jonesy. I know a lot of people don’t have respect for Crimson since he joined the Empire, but you can’t ignore his 10 wins here in the GCWA, including victories over the Big Bifford, Dangerous Dan, and the Ice Man.

Jones: Don’t forget, though, Anthony, that Crimson and Ka’Derrion have faced off once before, at Blood On The Battlefield III, and Ka’Derrion came out the winner there. Now Ka’Derrion’s more experienced, while Crimson has to be feeling the aches and pains of being a veteran in the sport.

Logan: True. Also coming up tonight, the Roman Empire leader, Lurrr, defends his GCWA X Division Title against the undefeated “PIC” Steve Wilson, and Robert Santana puts up the GCWA Television Title against the former champion, Dangerous Dan. The GCWA dynamic could be completely different by the end of the night!

Jones: Or it could be exactly the same. After all, all three champions have fought hard to get to where they are today. Can any of them be dethroned? What a night it’s going to be!!

Logan: Hey, with only two weeks before our Denver, Colorado debut for the Crescendo PPV, you can bet that there’s going to be a lot of excitement here tonight!

Jones: Yes sir. First, though, a quick announcement. Originally, we had a match-up between Seth Eldritch and the Big Bifford scheduled for tonight, but unfortunately, that match has been called off due to medical reasons.

Logan: Medical reasons? Which guy, Eldritch or Bifford?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. I just know it involves some sort of food poisoning.

Logan: Dear god. What a visual to go through my head!

Jones: Sorry, Anthony. Anyhow, we’ve still got four great matches, so let’s…

*Jones stops talking when he’s interrupted by the start of some music. ’Cocky’ by Kid Rock begins to play as the fans boo when they see The Roman Empire, consisting of Lurrr, Rick Mathis, and Tommy Crimson, make their way to the ring.*

Logan: Great. What brings these goons out here?

Jones: Maybe they are wanting some answers for that trophy you, er, lost?

Logan: Bring them on.

*The three men enter the ring to a chorus of boos, Lurrr grabs a mic in one hand and pulls out a sheet of paper in his other, he starts to speak.*

Lurrr: If you idiots would calm down, I’ve got a fairly big news item I’d like to pass along…

*The fans boo louder at Lurrr’s request for silence…Lurrr rolls his eyes and folds his arms, showing no signs of speaking any time soon…the boos slowly subside as Lurrr nods his head and then starts speaking.*

Lurrr: Finally…now, I know you people aren’t Rocket Scientists out there, but I’m pretty sure you can handle simple mathematics and, well, simple mathematics would suggest that there are only three members of the Roman Empire instead of the usual five…in other words, two members are missing…

*The crowd quiets down as Lurrr unfolds the piece of paper in his hand, preparing to read it*

Lurrr: Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill have been missing for about a week now and I have sent my people, Mathis included, on an all out search to find them…well, Julio, our personal bitch…I mean, assistant, miraculously turned this letter up…it is written by Derek Mobley himself…

*Lurrr looks down at the letter, clears his throat and begins to read it.*

Lurrr: “Dearest Lurrr…Warrick and myself regret to inform you that we are no longer associated with GCWA. What can I say, Warrick took me on a vacation to Amsterdam to show me the sights he so thoroughly enjoyed awhile back and, well, we just don’t want to leave. I want to thank the Roman Empire for opening my eyes and helping me realizing how pathetic pandering to an audience of trailer park residents truly is. I want to thank the GCWA for providing me with the necessary funds to live the high life in Amsterdam with my buddy Warrick for the time being, without needing anything remotely resembling a job…as for everyone else, see ya…wouldn’t wanna be ya.”

*Lurrr shrugs and is about to speak when he spots one more thing.*

Lurrr: Oh, wait, there’s a post script here from Warrick….”P.S….we’re totally wasted!!!!”

*Lurrr laughs to himself a bit as Mathis and Crimson shake their heads, Lurrr crumples up the piece of paper and hurls it out of the ring, he begins speaking.*

Lurrr: Rather than trash Mobley and Warrick for exiting the Roman Empire, I’m going to thank them for being a part of my stable and providing myself and Mathis with some great times…best of luck to the both of ya.

*The crowd boos and breaks into that “Na Na Na Na” chant…Lurrr drowns them out as he speaks with great authority in his voice.*

Lurrr: Anyways…back to business… tonight is going to be a landmark night for the Roman Empire. Not only will I walk out of here still X-Division champ when I show that punk PIC how a real talent gets his due in this company but the World Title will be coming back to where it belongs, the Roman Empire. My boy Tommy Crimson is very confident that he has what it takes to put an end to this boring Championship run that Marcus Ka'Derrion has had.

*The crowd begins to boo once again as the camera shows a young boy holding up his Marcus Ka'Derrion poster. The boy looks like he has a small tear in his eye but this is what Lurrr loves to do.*

Lurrr: You see I really don't know how many times I can say this..... I have never cared about any of the white trash that sits in the arena night in and night out unless they were called to fix a plumbing issue I would have at my house. You people all sit in your seats and criticize the way I run shit around here, but the fact of the matter is all of you would trade your life with mind in a milli-second. Hell all of those women who sit next to their men will go home tonight and think of me when you’re running out of breath on top of her...Haha!!! So as for tonight please remember to save your ticket stubs because this night will go down as the night that the Roman Empire did exactly what they wanted when they wanted. You r ticket stub will be a part of wrestling history.

*Lurrr throws down the mic and the boos begin once again. Lurrr with the familiar cocky smile leans up against the ropes and sits there for a while, enjoying the hatred coming from the arena. Finally the three men leave the ring and get ready for their big night.*

Logan: So did I just hear right?? Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill… are GONE from the GCWA?

Jones: Wow!! That’s earth-shattering news! The former World Heavyweight Champion is out!

Logan: Man… I don’t know how to take that, Jonesy. On the one hand, the Roman Empire just got a hell of a lot weaker, which has to be a good thing. But no Mobley in the GCWA? Something seems wrong about that…

Jones: A shocking event, Anthony, truly shocking. We’re going to take a short break, folks. We’ll be back in a few minutes.

*The discussion between the announcers continues, as well as the rumbling in the crowd, as people try to decide how they feel about things. The camera focuses on a “Capital Punishment” poster that is still hanging near the entryway, displaying the face of Derek “Thriller” Mobley. We fade out to commercial.*

*As the break ends, we see Dangerous Dan walking through the backstage hallways. He’s on his cell phone, with a discouraged look on his face as he’s talking.*

Dangerous Dan: I already said I was sorry, Mom! Just keep me informed on how Chris is doing. I have a match I need to prepare for. I love you. Ok, goodbye.

*Dan hangs up the phone and walks forward, his mind on other things. As he turns the corner, though, he stops, as the GCWA Television Champion, Robert Santana, is standing there. The two men, who are going to be fighting later on in the show, consider each other.*

Robert Santana: Sorry about your brother. You good with the match tonight?

Dangerous Dan: I’m always ready to wrestle.

Robert Santana: Good. I’ll see you out there.

*Santana walks around Dan, heading to his own locker room, as Dan watches him go. Dan then moves on, as the picture cuts out, taking us back to ringside.*

Logan: I’m glad that our TV Title match hasn’t been affected, although it won’t be easy for Dangerous Dan to compete tonight, knowing that his brother, Crazy Chris, is in the ICU.

Jones: I know that Dan and Santana respect each other, but I still sensed some tension between them there.

Logan: A belt’s on the line, Jonesy. That’s all it takes. Still, we’ve got other matches to get to first, including our first match of the night. Let’s send it over to Minos!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, making his debut in the GCWA here tonight, he is said to be a third-generation star, standing 6’5” and weighing 254 lbs, from El Paso, Texas, here is “The Cowboy From Hell” Ace Aldridge!

“Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera leads the new wrestler out of the back, where he gets some cheers from the pro-Texas crowd. Everyone here loves a cowboy. Aldridge walks down the aisle with a smile, enjoying his first swim in the GCWA atmosphere. He goes into the ring and waits, ready to begin his career.*

Jones: I heard a rumor that this guy, Double A, is actually a millionaire, thanks to his father’s career in the professional wrestling business.

Logan: Double A?

Jones: Well, I’m not calling him “Ace”, that’s for sure.

Logan: Ok… anyway, yeah, he’s definitely got a lineage. But then, so have many other 2nd and 3rd generation stars, and, well, it doesn’t always work out. We’ll have to see what he brings to the table.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he has been with the GCWA since it opened, and is still looking for his big break… standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*The fans give a good cheer as “Automatic” by American Pearl begins to play. Scott Caine, with his manager, Benji Sampson, comes out of the back with an angry expression on his face. He storms down the aisle, obviously not in the mood to talk to the fans.*

Logan: Word has it that Scott Caine wasn’t very happy being put in this match against a newcomer tonight.

Jones: Hey, the matches just get made that way sometimes, Anthony. After all, Scott did take a loss at the pay-per-view, which is not a great place to start demanding matches.

Logan: He didn’t lose the match, Jonesy. Arryk Rage was the one who got between him and his big victory over Lurrr.

Jones: It still counts on the record, my friend. All that aside, Caine better watch himself if he doesn’t want to be too overconfident here. That’s how you head towards another defeat.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Both Caine and Sampson step up onto the apron, with Sampson apparently still arguing with Caine about his attitude. Caine comes through the ropes, while the referee, Mark Bell, walks over, ordering Sampson off the apron. Aldridge, having removed his hat and non-wrestling gear, moves towards the center of the ring, ready to compete. Both Bell and Sampson are now in an intense argument, with Sampson pointing to Caine, then the ref, then Caine again. Caine is turned around, steaming, in the corner, as Sampson seems to be making the case that his client shouldn’t have to wrestle this match. Aldridge, a little annoyed now, walks over to the group, with referee Bell turning towards him, telling him to back away. Ignoring him, Aldridge and Sampson exchange a few words. Unfortunately, these words are enough of a distraction, as Caine suddenly decides enough is enough. He rushes forward, coming over the referee with a jumping clothesline that takes down the surprised Cowboy From Hell!! Caine immediately drops down, punching away, letting out his anger on the young opponent.*

Jones: Geez! Caine’s on a rampage!!

Logan: He’s shown himself to have a temper in the past, Jonesy, and I think losing to Lurrr has ignited that temper once again!

Jones: Aldridge wasn’t ready for him, and now the rookie is paying the price!

*Referee Bell tries to stop the beating, warning Caine, who nearly turns around and clocks the ref. Fortunately, Bell got out of range in time. Bell says something to Sampson, perhaps telling him to take control of his guy, but even Sampson looks stunned at Caine’s ferocity. He brings the larger Aldridge back up to his feet, still swinging away at him, with Aldridge trying to block some of the hits to get back into the fight. It’s no use, though, as Caine has manic amounts of energy right now, firing shot after shot. He gets Aldridge back into the corner, backs off for a second, then starts coming forward, driving his shoulder hard into Aldridge’s gut! The Cowboy From Hell bends over in obvious pain, putting him in the perfect position for Caine to springboard up on the ropes and come back down into a flying axe kick across the back of the man’s neck!! Caine looks to the crowd that had been cheering him only minutes before, pointing his hands towards Aldridge as if to say, I’m forced to wrestle this? The crowd responds with the first round of boos, clearly not liking the man’s new attitude.*

Jones: Caine’s really not happy to be here tonight, is he?

Logan: Well, it’s not easy to go from a major match at a pay-per-view to opening an Inferno. After all, this is the only match not involving a title, and Caine’s been put in it like a low-carder.

Jones: Then he needs to prove that he deserves to be in the title hunt again with a few wins. I don’t see the problem here.

Logan: You wouldn’t, Jonesy, having never been a wrestler. It’s a matter of pride, and Caine’s pride is a little wounded right now.

*The crowd’s angry reaction isn’t helping Caine’s mood any, as he spits to the side, then goes back over to Aldridge. However, the Cowboy From Hell has had a chance to recover, as he surprises Caine with a boot to the stomach, then grabs him and delivers a sidewalk slam!! Caine’s down, while Aldridge rolls to the side, enjoying the chance to get his wind back. The fans are cheering as Aldridge grabs at the ropes, getting himself up, even as Caine starts to rise up to meet him. Aldridge, though, lands the first shot, then a second, turning Caine around to face the other direction. Aldridge then grabs Caine and lifts him up, delivering an inverted bodyslam! With his opponent down, the Cowboy From Hell rolls Caine over and attempts a pin… 1… Caine kicks out easily.*

Jones: We’re finally getting to see a little fight from the newcomer!

Logan: He’s certainly got a long ways to go to put Caine away, but he’s at least working to recover from that sneak-attack from earlier. Now he needs to start wearing the challenger down, bit by bit.

*Aldridge slowly moves behind Caine, already thinking of ways to take him out. After a second’s contemplation, Aldridge makes his decision, grabbing Caine’s legs in order to start twisting him into the Hell Ride submission hold! The fans watch as Caine struggles against it, though, managing to get a foot free. He pushes the man off of him, sending Aldridge into the ropes. As Aldridge turns to come back, Caine does a roll on the mat, before flinging out a leg to trip the big man up, sending him to the canvas! Before Aldridge can get away, Caine’s on him, grabbing him from behind with a chinlock, yanking the man’s head back with all his might! Referee Bell stays close, watching, although he quickly realizes that Caine’s version of a submission hold is pretty damn close to a chokehold. Bell decides it’s too close, as he tells Caine to break the hold, starting a 5 count! Caine releases at 4, looking disgustingly at Bell, before dropping a knee on Aldridge’s head, ensuring that he stays down!*

Logan: That manager needs to have a talk with his guy. If Caine gets himself DQ’ed, he’ll make even less money from this match.

Jones: Mark Bell doesn’t mess around when it comes to stuff like that. He’s got the permission of management to disqualify anyone who doesn’t follow the rules.

Logan: Hopefully Caine can control himself for the rest of the match… which, judging by what he’s doing, isn’t much further away!

*With Aldridge down, holding his head in agony from a few more knee shots he just took, Caine is heading for the turnbuckle. He climbs up with one bounce, showing his agility, as he looks down at the competitor that was put before him. Caine waves his hands downwards, once again making a statement, before leaping off the turnbuckle. Aldridge tries to move out of the way, but he’s not fast enough, as he gets nailed with the Sugar Caine!!! The Cowboy From Hell is down and out, as Caine sits on the mat with a contemptuous look on his face before turning and rolling himself on top, making the pin. Referee Bell moves in, to do his job… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Scott Caine!

Jones: A pretty dominating victory by Scott Caine, which may send the message he was wanting to the higher-ups. Will this get him back into contention, Anthony?

Logan: Possibly, Jonesy, although you can never predict these kinds of things. Hey… what’s Caine doing?

Jones: Whoa, Caine, the match is over!

*While the announcers were talking, Caine shook off the hands of referee Bell, who was trying to raise his arm. Caine, instead, went back over to Aldridge, stomping on his outstretched fingers! Caine adds in more abuse, as the bell begins to ring again and again. The fans are booing heavily now. Sampson comes into the ring to try and corral his client, but Caine isn’t done, shoving Sampson off and kicking away some more!! Referee Bell moves in, ordering Caine away… and Caine grabs Bell by the head and delivers a codebreaker!!!! The referee flops on the mat, unconscious almost as soon as he impacts, while Sampson’s eyes go wide at what his client did.*

Logan: Oh, man, Bell is out!!

Jones: What the hell was Caine thinking?? That’s an automatic fine! That might even be a suspension!!

Logan: He’s lost it, Jonesy! That temper got the better of him at the worst possible moment!

*GCWA Security belatedly arrives at the scene, rushing into the ring, but Caine’s rampage is apparently over. He turns without a backwards glance at the downed referee, heading out of the ring through the ropes. Sampson follows, for once shocked speechless, while security begins checking on Mark Bell and Ace Aldridge. While Aldridge looks ok, Bell is out cold, so a stretcher is called for. As they start to work on the older referee, preparing him to be carried out, the picture fades to a commercial break.*

*We return from the commercial break to the office of the President, where the Accelerator is talking to a couple of attendants. He does not look very pleased at the way things have gone so far.*

The Accelerator: Ok, we’re a little loose tonight, but we’re going to pull this together, you understand? You, go find me Titan 3. I know he’s around this building somewhere. I want to get some additional security put together for the main event.

*The first man nods and immediately runs out of the office, knowing not to wait. Ace next turns to the second man.*

The Accelerator: You, send a notice to Thomas Mitchell. I know, he’s got a match coming up, but when you can talk to him, let him know he’s doing double duty now that Bell is out. He and Trixie are going to have to hold up the slack the rest of the night.

*The second attendant runs off, leaving two more. Ace turns to the third, handing him a piece of paper from his desk.*

The Accelerator: You, deliver this note to Scott Caine, so that he knows exactly how much he owes me now. Watch yourself, though. You know the story about the bearer of bad news, after all.

*The third guy departs, leaving one younger guy left, anxiously awaiting his assignment. The President looks at him, knowing what he needs now.*

The Accelerator: You…. aspirin and a Coke. I want it yesterday. Now get going!

*The last guy, surprised, and maybe a little disappointed, goes out the door. The Accelerator goes behind his desk and has a seat, rubbing his head.*

The Accelerator: This freakin’ business sometimes…

*The President sighs, then goes back to work, picking up the phone to return an important call. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: I wonder how much Ace is going to fine Caine?

Jones: Whatever it was, it’s probably not enough, Anthony. Caine might have badly injured Mark Bell for all we know.

Logan: Yep, he lost control, no doubt about it. At least we’ve got enough referees to cover, although the numbers are definitely dwindling.

Jones: You think one of us will be wearing the stripes soon?

Logan: Well, I’ve been a referee before, so it’s entirely possible. But I prefer being behind the desk here.

Jones: Because you’re out of harm’s way?

Logan: No, because there’s less temptation to knock someone’s block off.

Jones: Ahhh. Yeah, not a good trait in a referee. Let’s get our next match going, shall we?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. He is a former GCWA Television Champion and World Tag-Team Champion, standing 5’11” and weighing in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*As “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory plays, Dangerous Dan comes through the curtains. He doesn’t have the same energy as he usually does, as he has a worried expression on his face. He shakes it off, though, as he walks down the aisle, even as the fans begin to chant his brother’s name.*

Logan: We learned earlier this week that Crazy Chris was hospitalized following some sort of incident during the Danger Boiz vacation. Not much word has trickled out of the rumor mill, but I know I speak for my colleague when I say that we wish the best for Crazy Chris.

Jones: Definitely. Of course, the fact that Dan supposedly didn’t tell his mother about Crazy Chris for a time is certainly cause for speculation. What really happened to Crazy Chris?

Logan: Since this is proving to be a major distraction for Dan, I have to wonder about Santana’s involvement.

Jones: Santana was out of the country, Anthony.

Logan: Oh. Right. Nevermind.

Minos: Now coming out of the entryway, he is thought of as one of the most promising newcomers on the GCWA roster, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., here is the current GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The crowd cheers as Santana comes out of the back, wearing a camouflaged helmet on his head. As “Sandstorm” by Darude plays, Santana gives the helmet to a lucky young fan, ‘salutes’ him, then moves on down the aisle. The TV Title is wrapped tightly around his waist.*

Logan: Santana did a “good-will” tour of sorts this week, as he went to visit the United States Armed Forces currently located in Afghanistan.

Jones: Yeah, and he almost got his fool head blown off because of it. I mean, why’d he have to go into a warzone and risk his neck? You visit the hospitals, you talk to the guys in ‘safe’ territory, and you come home safely.

Logan: Santana’s a brave man, Jonesy, and he’s made it here to defend his title. So what’s the problem?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. It just seems like every week, our wrestlers go out on some crazy adventure and get themselves into hot water. You’d think the President would implement a policy about that.

Logan: A “No Get Into Trouble” policy? That’ll be the day.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And away we go! The former champion gets his rematch against the current champion!

Logan: Can Santana do it again?

*As always, Santana throws in his bows to the referee, Mitchell, and to his opponent. Dangerous Dan nods in return, the serious expression still on his face. The two men move to the center and lock up, with Santana taking control, moving Dan backwards. No, it’s a trick from Dan, who moves quicker backwards than Santana expects, allowing Dan to take Santana down with a hip toss! Santana’s right back up, coming in, as Dan tries for another toss. Santana blocks it, though, straightening his back, then grabs Dan, flipping him instead! Dan lands on his back, but is immediately rolling, avoiding the plunging chop coming his way. Santana shakes his hand, but gets right back up, as Dangerous Dan rolls to the ropes and gets to his feet. The first hint of a smile crosses his face, showing that Dan’s competitive juices are starting to flow. He comes forward, attempting a running clothesline, but Santana matrixes out of the way, then comes back up, leaping into a spinning kick that Dan barely ducks under! Dan backs up, while Santana repositions himself, to the cheers of the fans, who are loving the action.*

Jones: So far? Stalemate.

Logan: You can tell that these guys have wrestled each other before.

Jones: Yep, they seem to know each other’s moves pretty well. Of course, when fatigue starts setting in, knowing the moves won’t be enough to avoid them. Whoever can take charge first will have the real advantage.

*The two wrestlers come together again in the center of the ring, with Santana taking charge with a shot to Dangerous Dan’s chest. He grabs the challenger’s arm, whipping him towards the corner, then following him in. However, Dan doesn’t hit the corner. Instead, he jumps up onto the turnbuckle, then readjusts to the ropes. As Santana comes in, Dan springs himself upside-down off the ropes, landing behind the TV Champion and twisting him down with a version of a sunset flip!! Santana has no defense, as he hits back-first to the mat… 1… 2… Santana kicks free, avoiding the third hit from referee Mitchell. Both men hop back up, but Dangerous Dan is now in control, ducking under a Santana strike, then getting his arms and taking him down with a backslide!! Once again, referee Mitchell is right there… 1… 2… again Santana manages to get free. They get up again, with Dangerous Dan grabbing Santana’s head, taking him towards the corner and banging him off the ‘buckle.*

Logan: Dangerous Dan is not here to hurt his opponent or do some damage. He wants the win, plain and simple.

Jones: This day and age, it’s unusual to have a title match where there are no personal grudges on the line. These two actually do seem to respect each other.

Logan: Yeah. I wonder how much longer that is going to last…

*Dangerous Dan continues his assault on the champion, knocking him around in the corner. Dan then lifts Santana up, managing to sit him onto the ‘buckle. He goes up as well, signaling that a hurricanrana is on its way! The fans cheer as Dan bounces off the ropes, getting himself some height. However, right as he starts to bring his legs around Santana’s head, Santana shoves off the ‘buckle with his legs, managing to bring the surprised Dangerous Dan back to the mat with a seated powerbomb!!! After a second to recover, Santana drags himself on top of his opponent, making the cover… 1… 2… Dan gets his arm up! The fans gasp, with many of them expecting that to be it. Santana’s one of them, as he shakes his head before pulling himself up. He grabs Dan by the head, bringing him up as well, before lifting him into the air with a belly-to-belly suplex, throwing Dan overhead to the mat with a release at the end! Santana heads back over for another cover, with Mitchell right there… 1… 2… Dan continues to stay alive.*

Jones: Santana is showing the mettle of a champion in there!

Logan: I knew this was going to be a good match! Santana’s not backing down, trying hard to defend his Television Title, but Dangerous Dan really wants that belt back!

Jones: It’s going to take a lot to keep one of these guys down long enough for the pin.

*Santana brings Dangerous Dan back to his feet, holding onto his arm. He whips him, no, reversal, Santana goes into the ropes. He returns, with Dan trying for a clothesline, but Santana ducks under it, going to the other side. It doesn’t help him, as Dan spins off the clothesline attempt and comes back with a dropkick, knocking Santana onto his back! Dan dives onto him for a cover… 1… 2.. and Santana gets his shoulder off the mat. Dan immediately starts pushing himself to his feet, albeit a little more slowly than earlier in the match. He drops an elbow onto Santana’s back, then another, keeping him on the ground before Dan heads for the turnbuckle. Dan climbs to the second ‘buckle and waits, watching while Santana hauls himself up. He then takes flight, going for a splash, which lands beautifully. Santana falls backwards… and rolls, flipping over with the impact to land on top! Dan’s legs kick frantically as Mitchell begins his count… 1… 2… Dan gets out at the last second!*

Logan: Whew! It’s amazing how quickly these guys can change things around!

Jones: I’m sure Dangerous Dan thought that move would be big for him, but it almost ended his dreams of regaining the gold!

*Both men slowly get to their feet, the pace of the match wearing them down faster than an ice cube in an incinerator. Santana strikes first with a chop, followed by grabbing hold of Dangerous Dan and lifting him into the air with a vertical suplex! He sends Dan crashing back to earth, then rolls over for another cover… 1… 2… and Dangerous Dan kicks free. The fans are eating up every pinfall attempt, cheering every time. They are pretty evenly split on who they want to win. Santana is back up, pulling Dan by the hair to his feet. He spins Dan around and gets him from behind, lifting him up like an atomic drop. Santana holds him there for a second, but then spins Dan as he drops, turning it into a backbreaker variation onto Santana’s knees!!! Dangerous Dan shudders as he hits the mat, his entire nervous system now on fire from the impact. Santana turns over and makes the pin, with Mitchell there to count… 1… 2… somehow Dan escapes!*

Jones: What an amazing move from Santana! I’m shocked Dangerous Dan was able to escape that!

Logan: I believe Santana called that his Moment of Zen, and it definitely sent shockwaves through Dan’s spinal cord.

Jones: Incredible! But it still wasn’t enough!

*Santana looks a little bit stunned after not getting the victory. Mitchell steps back, clearly in no mood to argue the point, so Santana heads to the side, leaning on the ropes and waiting for Dangerous Dan to start getting up. As soon as Dan hits his hands and knees, working to straighten up, Santana comes in, attempting the Sensei-Tion!! He kicks out, but Dan gets his arms up, taking the shot across his forearms! It’s still a heavy shot for both men, as Dan falls to his back, while Santana limps on his now-stinging foot. Santana shakes out the leg, then hobbles over to where Dan is laying, to see how much of the impact got through. Apparently it was not enough, as Dan suddenly kips up off the ground, grabbing the stunned Santana and spinning him around into the Danger Zone!!!! The fans erupt as Dan falls on top of Santana, spent. Mitchell slides into place, as the crowd counts along with him… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

Jones: Dangerous Dan gets his gold back! What a match!

Logan: I can’t believe he took that hit across his arms!! He’s lucky he didn’t break anything! Somehow, though, it worked, as Santana was caught completely off-guard!

Jones: Man, I hope these guys face off again soon, because now we need a rubber match between them!

*The referee hands the Television Title to Dangerous Dan, who can barely grab it. His left arm is obviously hurting him badly, and the start of a nasty bruise is already beginning to form. Still, Dan is smiling, because he managed to reclaim some property. Santana is already on his stomach, trying to rise, while Dangerous Dan heads out of the ring, the gold in his hands. We cut away from the action, to a man watching in the lounge area of the arena. He’s laughing hard at the way things went down. The camera comes around, showing us Dynamic Dynamite! He is still chuckling to himself as he turns to leave the room.*

Dynamic Dynamite: Serves him right. He… huh?

*Dynamite stops on his way out of the room, as Cynthia Hall is now standing there, with a cameraman behind her. Hall moves close, making sure to block the doorway.*

Cynthia Hall: Excuse me, Dynamic Dynamite, but I’ve been looking to ask you a few questions about your return to the GCWA at Capital Punishment!

Dynamic Dynamite: You know I’m a busy man, right, girl? Call my office, make an appointment.

Cynthia Hall: I tried. I’ve left several messages.

Dynamic Dynamite: That’s not my problem. We get back to you when we want to get back to you. But I’ll show what a nice guy I am, and let you ask one question.

Cynthia Hall: Ok, I think the main question people want to know is, why are you back in the GCWA after so many years?

*Dynamite looks at Cynthia with a disbelieving expression.*

Dynamic Dynamite: I give you permission to ask me one question, and that’s all you come up with? Pathetic.

*Dynamite starts to move towards the doorway again, but Cynthia steps into his path, showing some guts, considering that her last confrontation with a wrestler put her in a hospital. Dynamite, though, seems to respect it, smirking at the reporter.*

Dynamic Dynamite: You want the scoop? Old man Ace decided that he needed more starpower in the GCWA. These young *bleeps* weren’t getting the job done, so he gave me a call. We worked out this Legends contract, which says that I get to choose what matches I want, as long as I ‘contribute’ to the place. And I’ve already started doing that by ‘training’ Santana. Too bad he didn’t get the lesson. Now if you excuse me, I have places to go.

*Dynamite pushes past Cynthia, as she lets him out of the room. Dynamite heads off down the hall, while Cynthia shakes her head, watching him go. The picture slowly fades to commercial.*

*We return to Inferno from the commercial. Cutting to the outside of the arena, your screen turns into a mixture of smoky grays and blacks. We hear the sounds of crackling fire... and then someone coughs. More like chokes. Emerging from the smoke comes Harvey Danger who is waving wildly fanning the smoke. Eventually it clears enough for us to see that he is standing alongside a small charcoal BBQ grill where he apparently used a little too much lighter fluid. Behind the grill sits a pair of beat up old lawn chairs and a red and white checkered picnic blanket. Resting on each one of the lawn chairs is a GCWA World Tag Team title belt. We pan back over to see Harvey's grinning face.*

Harvey Danger: Hi folks, Harvey Danger here! The ENTIRE membership roster of the GCWA Tag Team Champions and the one and only original GCWA Danger Champion! The 4th of July holiday has come and gone and well... since we didn't have a show last week, I got to thinking. What exactly does the 4th of July mean, anyway? Hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, beer, loose women and small scale explosions in your back yard... of course! So I decided to host a post-4th of July cook-out right here in the back alleyway of the arena. I'd also like to point out, that last week on our special edition of Friday Night Inferno, I was the recipient of the GCWA Best Tag Team award. Of course, do to circumstances beyond my control... I am now the sole owner of both title belts. I'm not sure what the boss-man has in store, but I'd like to think I could find my own partner. So, with this little cook-out of mine, I figured I could attract some potential candidates and interview them right here. But first... we must review some history of our great country! Don't worry, I'll keep it short.

*Harvey bends down off camera and pops up holding a small index card in his left hand and a small sparkler in his right hand. He clears his throat in an attempt to sound official and begins reading off his index card.*

Harvey Danger: Four score and seven years ago... I pledge allegiance to... The rocket's red glare... From sea to shining sea... God Bless America... And I'm proud to be an American... We'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way.. I did not have sex with that woman... I have a dream... Read my lips... Stra-teg-ery... I am not a crook... Yes we can... Hallelujah! Holy s**t! Where's the Tylenol?

*The sparkler fizzles out and Harvey stands proudly after his version of a history lesson. Billy Joel did much better.*

Harvey Danger: Well folks, there you go! You are now caught up to speed on all of the American culuture you need in order to successfully celebrate the birthday of our great nation! But, never fret! Good old Harvey Danger has one more surprise in store for whoever comes down to chat about being a potential Tag Team partner! Now, get a load of this!

*Harvey bends over again and reappears with a large box overflowing with fireworks. It looks like there is enough to blow up a small city. Harvey grins ear to ear as if he won them at the country fair.*

Harvey Danger: Now, don't tell anyone... these are illegal in New York, so I had to be careful in sneaking them all the way out here. But look at all these babies! I've got hundreds of bottle rockets, roman candles, firecrackers, missiles, fountains, spinners, jacks, sparklers, and helicopters and tanks, even things that shoot off little para-trooper men! But seriously folks, fireworks are extremely dangerous and safety is of the utmost importance. I'll have to gingerly remove each one of these from the box and very carefully ignite it a safe distance away from the arena with one of these matches. Oooo... matches. They are kinda neat... you know, fire and all. Aren't they fun?

*Harvey sets the box down at his feet and flips open the book of matches. He lights one and stares directly at the flame. He holds it up higher so the camera can focus in on it. The flame burns down to his fingers and he screams like a child. Shaking his hand at the pain, he lights another match and holds it up again. For the second time, he lets it burn down to his fingers and again he screams like a girl. He lights a third.*

Harvey Danger: The pain of the burning match is nothing to losing Trixie to my own Cousin. I'd rather chase her endlessly to the far reaches of the earth than have him be with her...

*One of the back doors to the arena opens behind Harvey and his mother appears behind him. She doesn't look happy as she sneaks up behind him. As Harvey stares deeply into the flame she swings that purse of hers and hits him square in the back of the head. Harvey drops the match into the box of fireworks at his feet.*

Harvey Danger: MA! What was that?!

Marie Danger: You! Too busy out here playing with matches and fireworks than thinking about finding a real partner?!

Harvey Danger: ...Fire...works?

*Harvey looks down at his feet and gulps. The box of explosives has ignited and colorful sparks fly around as the wick burns down.*

Harvey Danger: Mom! Run!

*Harvey grabs his mother, who begins cursing loudly, and shoves her into the door leading to the arena. The camera man drops the camera, leaving us with a sideways view of his feet running down the sidewalk. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: That crazy Danger.

Jones: He’s a wild one, that’s for sure. I wonder what he’s going to do about finding a partner. After all, he’s going to have to defend those belts soon, most likely at Crescendo.

Logan: Well, his Mom managed to find him two partners so far. Maybe she can work a third miracle.

Jones: There’s gotta be someone out there who wants to be a champion, even if it means dealing with… Marie…

Logan: ….

Jones: Buck up, Anthony, she’s nowhere near here.

Logan: I swear I’m not afraid of her!!

Jones: Whatever, Anthony. We’ve got another great match, so let’s get to it!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA X Division Title! Introducing first, the challenger… he recently was awarded the Newcomer of the Month award for June, and is seeking to make an even greater impact in July… standing 6’2” and weighing 220 lbs, from Charleston, West Virginia, here is Steve Wilson!

*The crowd cheers as “Hero” by Skillet begins to play. The man formerly known as PIC, Steve Wilson, comes out of the back with a confident bounce in his step. He poses on the ramp, then heads for the ring, nodding to the fans along the way.*

Logan: Some people have complained that Wilson is getting this title shot after only a couple of matches, but it doesn’t surprise me too much. After all, he’s got a long record of competition in other organizations. It’s not like he’s a rookie or something.

Jones: I heard he paid a visit to San Angelo this week. I wonder why he was over there.

Logan: Not sure, but it’s a nice place to visit, even though they’ve had a problem with arson lately, or so I’ve heard.

Minos: His opponent, approaching the ring with his ally, Rick Mathis… he is the leader of the Roman Empire, standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, the GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

*Lurrr comes towards the ring amidst the boos of the crowd. “Cocky” by Kid Rock is playing behind him. Lurrr and Mathis confer with each other for a second, with Mathis arguing about something. Lurrr shakes it off, then lifts himself up into the ring, stepping through the ropes.*

Logan: There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Lurrr lately, including a report about Lurrr having to spend some time at a police station this week due to the destruction of the Law Offices of Charles Dunn.

Jones: The Roman Empire is pretty evil, but would they really burn down a building?

Logan: Anything’s possible when it comes to Lurrr, Jonesy. Anything.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Referee Trixie hands off the X Division Title, while Lurrr and Wilson come towards each other, meeting at the center of the ring. Lurrr is stretching his arms, grinning, ready for an easy challenge. Wilson, though, has a serious expression on his face. Lurrr says something, perhaps telling a joke, but Wilson rears back and slaps Lurrr across the face!! Lurrr staggers, his smile disappearing rapidly. He furiously turns back to Wilson, who is already swinging a punch at him! Lurrr takes one punch, then another, as Wilson drives him back towards the ropes! Lurrr quickly takes advantage of that fact, putting his body through the ropes and causing Trixie to intervene, ordering Wilson to back off. Wilson steps back, clearly still ready to go on the attack, as Lurrr reconsiders his opponent.*

Logan: We just saw a lot of fire from Steve Wilson early on!

Jones: Steve Wilson… just doesn’t roll off the tongue like “PIC” does, huh?

Logan: Hey, the guy’s no longer a “Pimp In Charge”, Jonesy, so he’s changing up his image.

Jones: So maybe we call him “Policeman In Cognito”?

Logan: Funny, Edds, very funny.

*Lurrr comes back into the ring, refocusing himself on his opponent. Wilson, for his part, is ready to go again, as he comes right back in. The two men lock up, but Lurrr immediately goes to the eyes, opting on his usual strategy. Trixie warns the champ, but Lurrr doesn’t care, as he uses Wilson’s temporary blindness to attack, grabbing Wilson by the head and bending him over into a kneelift to the chin, snapping his head back. Lurrr follows that up by grabbing Wilson around the neck and delivering a Rock Bottom variation! Lurrr scrambles on top, looking for the quick title defense, but Wilson kicks out before Trixie can even get past a one count. Lurrr, annoyed, immediately twists Wilson around, grounding him with a crossface submission, even as Mathis applauds on the outside, enjoying himself.*

Logan: Not surprisingly, Lurrr’s going to attempt to keep the high-flying Wilson from getting airborne.

Jones: No one’s ever said that Lurrr wasn’t intelligent. In fact, he may be one of the smartest wrestlers in the GCWA. Unfortunately, it’s the way that he uses that intelligence that has kept GCWA fans from embracing him.

Logan: Yeah, and I don’t think Lurrr misses that embrace for one second.

*After keeping the hold on tight for a minute or so, Lurrr suddenly releases it, possibly realizing that he’s too close to the ropes for the hold to work as a winning tool. He drags the hurting Wilson up to his feet, jawing at him. He stands Wilson up, then lands a devastating slap across the face, payback for earlier. Wilson staggers away, leaning on the ropes for support, as Lurrr continues to follow him, grinning. But Wilson, without even looking at his opponent, suddenly steps up onto the second rope and springboards himself up, moonsaulting backwards right into the X Division Champion!! The two men crash to the floor in a heap, with Wilson landing partially on top. Trixie, noticing that Lurrr’s shoulders are down, immediately comes in… 1… 2… but Lurrr easily gets his arm up, due to the lack of weight on him. Both men start to work their way up, with Wilson making it first. He runs to the right, off the ropes, then comes back, jumping up and getting a bulldog to land!! Lurrr gets driven to the canvas again, with Wilson once more attempting the pin… 1… 2… and Lurrr kicks out once more.*

Logan: Wilson’s starting to get that momentum going, which has to be the last thing Lurrr wants to see!

Jones: Yep, because once the pace switches into high gear, it’s all in Wilson’s court! Don’t forget, this is a man who held numerous titles in the ICWF, one of the most competitive organizations in the world! You can’t give him any room to maneuver!

*Wilson is back on his feet, starting to feel the energy from the crowd as he launches more attacks at the X Division Champion. He waits for Lurrr to rise up, then comes in, taking him over with an arm drag! Lurrr doesn’t waste any time getting back to his feet, but Wilson’s right there again with a second arm drag, throwing Lurrr around the ring! Angrily, Lurrr gets up a third time, firing a punch as he rises. But Wilson ducks under it, then jumps up, scissoring his legs around Lurrr’s arms and causing him to fall backwards into a pinning combination!! Trixie’s right there… 1… 2… Lurrr barely kicks free! Wilson hops back to his feet, a little disappointed in not having finished his opponent off. He goes to the ropes, preparing for another quick maneuver… and Mathis trips him up, sending Wilson falling forward onto his face!! Trixie, having completely missed it because she was checking on Lurrr, turns back with suspicious eyes towards Mathis. She walks to the ropes, arguing with the man, while Lurrr pulls himself up, coming over to attack. He grabs a recovering Wilson, positioning him for a picture-perfect piledriver!! Wilson’s down, but Trixie’s not diving in for the pin. She’s decided to use her referee discretion, as she points at Mathis, then points to the back, throwing him out!! Mathis, stunned, argues that he did nothing, and that Wilson was just clumsy, but Trixie is adamant, calling for security to escort him away!!*

Jones: Trixie is taking charge, taking a stand against the Roman Empire!!

Logan: Hey, she knows she’ll have Ace’s backing in something like this. Besides, Mathis DID interfere, and although Trixie missed it happening, she nonetheless knows that he did something. Good call, Trixie!

*Mathis leaves via security, although he’s obviously not pleased about it. Neither is Lurrr, who comes over, threatening Trixie. Trixie cringes, but doesn’t back down, telling Lurrr that she’s just doing her job. Lurrr, though, has had enough. He waves his arms in the air, saying something about that she’s not worth the money he would be fined, then turns and exits the ring! Lurrr walks over to the announce table, grabbing his X Division Title, then turns, moving towards where Mathis has gone!*

Logan: What the…. is Lurrr taking a hike?

Jones: It looks that way, Anthony. And remember, he can’t lose the X Division Title on a count-out!

Logan: So, what, he can’t wrestle without Mathis there? What bull *bleep*!

*Trixie tries to tell Lurrr to come back, then starts up her count, even as Lurrr heads up the aisle, ignoring the anger of the fans. He calls to Mathis, who is still surrounded by security. Mathis stops and turns… then points, but it’s too late, as Lurrr gets nailed from behind by a running Wilson!! The title falls to the ground, while Wilson punches away at the champion, refusing to let him leave! He starts bringing Lurrr back towards the ring, even as a frustrated Mathis tries to fight his way through the security. More arrive, though, brandishing tazers, and Mathis has no choice but to leave. Back near ringside, Wilson bangs Lurrr’s head off the apron a few times, while Trixie continues her count, albeit slowly. Wilson, hearing her, grabs Lurrr and rolls him in, following right behind. He attempts a pin, with Trixie right there… 1… no, Trixie stops the count, due to Lurrr’s feet being under the ropes. Wilson, understanding, grabs the legs and tries again… 1… 2… and Lurrr kicks out, avoiding the defeat.*

Logan: Lurrr tried to keep his belt by walking, but Wilson’s got him on the ropes now, with no bodyguard to bail him out!

Jones: Somehow, no matter how this match ends up, I bet we’re receiving threats from Lurrr’s lawyers in the morning.

*Wilson pulls Lurrr to his feet, adjusting him closer to the corner. Wilson then grabs Lurrr’s head, spinning him to the mat with a neckbreaker! Lurrr’s down, as Wilson pushes himself up, hurting, but still moving. He looks towards the turnbuckle, then, with the fans’ encouragement, starts to climb. He gets to the top, apparently ready to try for the End Result! As he balances himself, though, Wilson’s startled by the sudden playing of “The Friday The 13th” Theme! He looks off at the entryway, where the fans are cheering as The Lost Soul’s video package begins to run!*

Logan: What? The Intercontinental Champion is here?!?!

Jones: Why would The Lost Soul be coming out? I mean, I know he’s got history with both men, but still…

Logan: Is he coming out, though? I don’t see him anywhere!

*Wilson turns himself, looking back towards the big screen, but no one is coming out, despite the crowd’s reaction. The music suddenly stops, as does the video. Wilson, confused, turns back… and Lurrr is running in, jumping up onto the turnbuckle and grabbing Wilson, before coming off with a belly-to-belly superplex!!!! It’s an incredible impact, with Wilson landing hard on his back, barely turning enough to avoid a serious neck injury!! The fans are booing their heads off now, believing that this was a trap from the Roman Empire. It certainly worked, as Lurrr, feeling the effects of the impact himself, slowly moves himself over to Wilson, grabbing at his legs and pulling him into a tight pin. Trixie reluctantly is there to make the count… 1… 2… NO! Wilson kicks out at the very last millisecond, keeping in it! Lurrr sits forward, upset, but Trixie confirms that the match is continuing.*

Jones: I thought that was going to be it!

Logan: It nearly was, but Wilson found some intestinal fortitude to draw on. He can’t have much left, though, after that impact. Damn Empire, always pulling tricks!

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. I got a look at Lurrr’s face while that video was playing. He looked just as confused as Wilson. The only difference was, Lurrr moved away from it first.

*In the ring, Lurrr slowly brings Wilson up, taking him towards the corner and bodyslamming him. Lurrr then goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up the second ‘buckle. He gives the fans a lewd gesture, knowing it will just tick them off more, then comes off with a flying elbow, landing it perfectly onto Wilson’s chest! With Wilson down, Lurrr moves away, taking up a position in the other corner. He waits, as Wilson starts to stir, with the X Division Champion clearly setting him up for the Wake Up Call! The fans are screaming, trying to tell Wilson to watch himself, but it’s all noise to the competitor. Lurrr wipes a hand across his mouth, anxiously wanting to land the move. However, just as he’s about to go, he’s suddenly distracted, looking to his right, as, out of nowhere, The Lost Soul is standing on the apron!!*

Logan: Whoa!! Where’d he come from??

Jones: Damn, it’s like he just appeared out of nowhere!

Logan: Did he come from the crowd, or under the ring, or what? I completely missed it!!

Jones: Wherever he came from, Lurrr’s definitely noticed him!

*The Lost Soul stands on the apron, simply staring at Lurrr, as well as over at Wilson. The Intercontinental Title is around his waist, gleaming in the light. Lurrr, pissed, turns his way, cursing him out and telling him to get the “*bleep*” away from his match. The Lost Soul doesn’t say anything back, nor move. He just keeps standing there, staring. Lurrr flips him off, then turns away, going for the Wake Up Call on Wilson!!! But Wilson ducks it, then leaps up, scoring a Pele kick instead!!! Lurrr topples to the ground, as Wilson, not even seeing The Lost Soul, hustles painfully to the turnbuckle, hopping up onto it, then immediately coming off with the End Result!!! Lurrr can’t manage to move out of the way in time, as Wilson lands it!!! The crowd is going insane, with Trixie sliding into position, showing off her legs while making the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion, Steve Wilson!

Logan: Shocking!! We have another new champion!!

Jones: The amazing thing is the role that The Lost Soul played in this match! Hey, wait… where is The Lost Soul??

Logan: Son of a…. he disappeared again!

Jones: What is going on around this place??

*Lurrr is already out of the ring, holding his chest. He glares at Wilson, who is being handed the X Division Title by Trixie, but Lurrr has other things on his mind. He moves around the ring, looking underneath the apron, apparently demanding that TLS show himself. His search continues, while Wilson moves out, heading back with his first GCWA gold in hand. The camera fades away, taking us to a split-screen shot of backstage. In one shot, we see the Roman Empire locker room, which swings open, showing Tommy Crimson. Crimson walks out, apparently upset from what he’s just seen. He heads down the hall. In the other split-screen, we see another man appear: the World Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion. He looks pleased, having no problem with what just happened. However, he looks down at his own title, then refocuses, setting his gaze towards the future bout. He starts walking forward, strangely in sync with Crimson’s own walk, as the picture heads to commercial.*

*As the commercial break ends, we return to the backstage area, where the cameraman is rapidly backing off. He’s retreating because of the rapid approach of the Roman Empire Leader, Lurrr. He storms past the cameraman, intent on only one goal: The Lost Soul’s locker room.*

Lurrr: Mother*BLEEPER*!!

*Lurrr lashes out, kicking the door open with one shot, showing how furious he is. The door swings, almost off of its hinges, as Lurrr goes into the room. The cameraman follows, anxious to get some shots. But all is quiet in the room, as it looks like no one has been there for a while. There is no luggage, no change of clothes, nothing. Lurrr checks in the back, then comes back out, angrily pulling at his hair. He reaches down, grabbing up one of the small tables that are put in these rooms for the wrestlers. The cameraman, suddenly fearful of his safety, drops back quickly, even as Lurrr, with another volley of curses, launches the table into the air, sending it into the bathroom mirror!!*

Lurrr: Where the *BLEEP* are you, you *BLEEP*!!!

*Lurrr turns, this time shoving the cameraman hard enough to the side to cause him to stumble and fall. As the cameraman rights himself, Lurrr moves down the hall, still searching for the man he is blaming for his loss. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Wow, Lurrr is really ticked off!

Jones: Do you blame him?

Logan: Hey, don’t forget that The Lost Soul distracted Steve Wilson earlier in the match, too, Jonesy. I don’t think he was playing favorites. In fact, I have no idea exactly WHAT he was doing.

Jones: Well, what he ended up doing is deciding a new champion. I doubt Lurrr’s going to take that lying down, no matter what The Lost Soul’s motivations were.

Logan: Two title matches down, two new champions! What a night!

Jones: And, by god, we’re not done yet!

Minos: It is time for our main event of the evening! The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship!!

*As always, this gets a sizable cheer from the crowd, who love the big-time matches.*

Minos: Now entering the arena, he is a veteran of the wrestling business who has become a major figure in the Roman Empire… standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

*The crowd is booing heavily even before Crimson fully makes his way out, his theme, “Head Up” by the Deftones, playing behind him. Crimson is on his own, but he looks excited at his prospects tonight, preparing himself for battle.*

Jones: Earlier this week, Crimson got interviewed by Minos, and gave some very pointed remarks towards the World Champion.

Logan: Yes, and…. Wait…. Minos interviewed him?

Jones: So I heard.

Logan: What happened to Cynthia? Or that replacement chick, April White? Or even you, or me?

Jones: Nope. It was Minos.

Logan: Wild. Well, the dude can speak in several languages. I guess he could do an entertaining interview.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he successfully defended the World Title two weeks ago at Capital Punishment, and is seeking another victory here tonight… standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, he is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

*The crowd roars at the announcement, cheering on the most popular GCWA wrestler in the federation. Ka’Derrion comes out to “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park, the World Title securely positioned on his shoulder. He heads down the aisle, all business, as the crowd continues to cheer for him.*

Logan: Ka’Derrion continues his war with the Roman Empire tonight. Y’know, he has to consider it a success so far, as the Empire has shrunk in numbers.

Jones: That doesn’t make them any less dangerous, though, Anthony. And hey, while we’re on the subject: why are we taking the departure of Mobley & Hill at face value? I mean, it WAS Lurrr who told us the ‘news’.

Logan: Good point. Ka’Derrion just needs to keep watching his back. The Roman Empire is always up to something.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The replacement referee for the main event, Thomas Mitchell, raises the World Title high in the air in the middle of the ring, showing it to the crowd. He then moves to the side, dropping the belt off to the timekeeper before coming back. Crimson and Ka’Derrion come forward, with Mitchell turning towards both men and giving instructions on what he wants to see in the match. Ka’Derrion nods, barely listening, while Crimson glares at the champion. Mitchell takes a look the the faces of each man, deciding to cut his instructions short, as he steps back. Immediately, Ka’Derrion and Crimson come forward, firing punches at one another!*

Logan: Yes!! Let’s get this thing started quickly!

Jones: These two definitely have a history, going all the way back to when they had that Flaming Tables match several months ago! Throw in the Roman Empire portion, and you’ve got yourself a serious feud!

*Ka’Derrion takes control first, moving Crimson backwards into the corner. He climbs up, punching away, but Mitchell is right there next to him, complaining about the closed fist, so Ka’Derrion steps back, acquiescing to Mitchell’s request and chopping Crimson across the chest instead! Crimson winces from the hit, which leaves a red streak across his chest. Ka’Derrion throws in another, then pulls Crimson out of the corner, doubling him over with a boot, then getting a double-underhook suplex! Ka’Derrion stands up, quickly coming over to Crimson and dropping his weight on him with a splash, going for the first pinfall of the match… 1…. 2.. Crimson kicks out, showing he’s still got a lot left. Marcus immediately gets up, taking Crimson over to the ropes, where he uses them like a weapon, bending Crimson’s arm around them in a painful vice! Mitchell comes in to count to 5 for illegally using the ropes, but Marcus hangs on as long as he can, doing as much damage as possible.*

Logan: The champion is in control early in this one, taking the fight straight to Tommy Crimson.

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s taking no chances. He’s working hard to wear Crimson down. After all, going after that arm of his is going to make it a lot harder for Crimson to land the Fury.

Logan: Yeah, and without his finisher, Crimson’s at a disadvantage.

*Crimson backs away, as Ka’Derrion follows, still focusing on Crimson’s hurting arm. He grabs it, twisting it around with an arm wringer and getting behind Crimson, who struggles to get free by reaching with his free hand. Ka’Derrion won’t have it, though, as he gets a knee into Crimson’s thigh and pushes him down, adding to the pressure. Mitchell circles around, watching both men, as Crimson fights back to his feet. The Roman Empire member drags Ka’Derrion with him as he heads to the ropes, causing the ref to have to call for the break. The World Champion does so, stepping back. He then comes in again, grabbing Crimson’s arm in order to pull him back towards the center of the ring. Crimson hangs onto the ropes, though, keeping himself from moving, and then yanks Marcus towards him instead, dropping his shoulder to send Ka’Derrion over him and to the outside!! Crimson drops to a knee, while Ka’Derrion disappears from sight behind him.*

Logan: Talk about a momentum shift!! Crimson just sent the World Champion flying!

Jones: I don’t think anyone expected that, but sometimes it’s easy to forget how crafty Tommy Crimson can be. It’s almost as if he knew what Ka’Derrion was going to do, and planned ahead for it.

Logan: I couldn’t see how Marcus landed, but it couldn’t have felt good!

*Crimson rolls himself out of the ring, looking for his opponent, even as the referee starts counting both men out. Ka’Derrion is still down, having possibly hit the edge of the apron on his plunge, but he’s starting to move. Crimson doesn’t let him rise, stomping away on the champion with repeated boot shots to the back. Crimson pulls the off-balance Ka’Derrion to his feet, then immediately uses the steel ringpost to his advantage, ricocheting Marcus off of it! Ka’Derrion falls to his knees, holding his head. Meanwhile, Crimson, realizing that the ref’s count is starting to rise up in number, moves over to the champ, pulling him up and dragging him back to the ring, rolling him in. Crimson follows, beating the count and keeping the match going.*

Logan: We almost had ourselves a double countout there, but Crimson managed to get both men back in the ring just in time.

Jones: Smart move on his part, as a countout would not get him the World Title. He needs a pin or submission to be able to finally call himself a champion.

Logan: Yeah, Crimson’s one of those surprise guys to me. He has one of the better records in the fed, yet he’s been title-less for 6 months. Maybe tonight is the night for him, but he needs to keep it up if he wants a win over Ka’Derrion.

*With the champion slowly getting to his feet, Crimson moves in, jumping himself up over Ka’Derrion’s shoulders and taking him towards the ropes, landing the High Rise!! Marcus holds a hand over his face, particularly his nose, which seemed to take the brunt of the impact. Crimson turns over, rolling Ka’Derrion onto his back before grabbing one of his legs, with Mitchell close by for the count… 1.. 2.. and Ka’Derrion barely manages to kick out in time. Crimson, a little annoyed that one of his best moves didn’t work, argues with the referee for a second, then goes back on the attack, grabbing Ka’Derrion’s leg to bend him back with a one-legged Boston Crab! Ka’Derrion feels the pain, as Mitchell asks him about submitting. Ka’Derrion refuses, not wanting that on his record, as he slowly starts to fight towards the ropes, knowing it’s his only way out.*

Logan: As good a move as this is, I don’t think Crimson’s trying to win with it. He’s just not the submission sort, and he knows that Ka’Derrion never quits. This is more about wearing his opponent down enough to be able to take him out.

Jones: Of course, if Ka’Derrion WERE to tap out, Crimson wouldn’t exactly argue about it.

Logan: No, I think he’d be pretty pleased. Too bad for him, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

*Ka’Derrion reaches out towards the ropes, but he’s still just a few inches shy of being able to grab them. Crimson keeps applying the pressure, with Mitchell hovering around both men. Finally, Ka’Derrion does a push-up maneuver on the mat, allowing him to gain enough ground to grab the ropes, forcing the break. Mitchell warns Crimson, then starts up his count, working his way towards five and getting Crimson to release the hold. Crimson steps away, looking towards the crowd, who is, of course, booing his every move. It doesn’t bother Crimson, who’s given up worrying about what the fans think about him. Now it’s all about the Roman Empire. Crimson comes back over to Marcus, grabbing him by the hair and slowly pulling him up… no, Ka’Derrion grabs Crimson by the trunks and falls backwards, sending a surprised Crimson throat-first across the ropes!! Crimson locks both of his hands around his own throat, gasping from the impact. He turns around… and Ka’Derrion lashes out with a spinning heel kick, a kick so powerful that both men tumble to the ground after it lands!!*

Logan: Sometimes desperation pays off! What a kick from Ka’Derrion!

Jones: My only concern would be that he used the leg that was in the Half Boston Crab earlier to land that shot, which couldn’t have done it any favors.

Logan: Pain or no pain, this is Ka’Derrion’s chance to keep his belt! He’s got to do something with it now!

*The fans are cheering wildly as Ka’Derrion grabs at the ropes, hauling himself up. He’s got a mixture of determination and weariness on his face, with determination apparently winning out, as he psyches himself up. Crimson claws to his feet nearby, dazed but still moving, so Ka’Derrion comes in behind him, going for the Punisher!! But no, Crimson rakes the eyes, managing to get himself free at the last instant and sending Ka’Derrion staggering away. Crimson takes a few deep breaths, steadying himself, then charges at the World Champion. But Ka’Derrion hears him coming, turning towards him and jumping into the air, landing on Crimson’s shoulders and delivering a hurricanrana!! Ka’Derrion falls tiredly onto his opponent, as Mitchell moves around to the other side, apparently for better positioning… 1…. 2…. and Crimson manages to get a shoulder up, continuing the match!*

Jones: Another close fall, but this match is still undecided!

Logan: Hey, is it just me, or has Mitchell been doing different pin counts tonight?

Jones: What? I don’t know, Anthony, I hadn’t noticed… uh oh, here comes trouble!

Logan: Of course, it wouldn’t be the Roman Empire without interference, would it?

*The crowd around the aisleway is booing heavily and throwing trash, as Rick Mathis makes his way to ringside. He comes around the ring, making sure that Ka’Derrion sees him. Marcus watches the big man carefully, then looks to his side, as if looking for Lurrr. There’s no sign of the Roman Empire leader, though, so Ka’Derrion goes back on the attack, stepping over Crimson and grabbing his legs to apply his father’s submission hold!! Mathis immediately climbs up onto the apron in protest, threatening to come into the ring, with Mitchell moving over to him, ordering him to get down. Meanwhile, Ka’Derrion sits back on the hold, with Crimson’s eyes bugging out from the pressure! Crimson has nowhere to go, as the hold is locked in tight, but there’s no referee to check to see if he’s going to submit! After a few more seconds in the hold, Ka’Derrion takes note of the argument going on near him, then releases the hold, stumbling over towards Mathis.*

Logan: It didn’t take Mathis long to have an effect on this match, did it?

Jones: He may have just saved Crimson the match right there, as it wouldn’t have been easy for Crimson to find a way out!

Logan: If he keeps getting in the ref’s face the way he is, though, he’s going to get his man disqualified, so he better be careful what he does!

*Referee Mitchell and Rick Mathis continue to argue with each other, as Ka’Derrion gets into it as well, threatening a right hand to Mathis’ skull. Mathis waves for him to bring it on, but Mitchell is there, getting between the two men. Ka’Derrion, not satisfied, makes as if to lunge at Mathis, but suddenly Mitchell shoves Ka’Derrion, pointing back towards Crimson! This shove, though, throws Ka’Derrion off-balance, and Mathis takes full advantage, swinging from his side with a right hand covered in brass knuckles!!! The shot lands to the side of Ka’Derrion’s head, sending him reeling from the blow!! Mitchell, meanwhile, pointedly turns away, looking in the other direction!*

Logan: What the hell??? He used a weapon, damnit, DQ him!!

Jones: What’s going on?? Is Mitchell….

Logan: Damnit, I always suspected Mitchell and Crimson had some sort of deal going on, but this cinches it!!!

*Ka’Derrion drops to his knees, dazed from the hit. A small amount of blood can be seen trickling down from a cut on the side of his head, nothing serious other than marking where the shot landed. Ka’Derrion, ever the fighter, struggles back to his feet, trying to clear his vision. What he doesn’t see, though, is Tommy Crimson, who is creeping up behind him! Crimson grabs Ka’Derrion, twisting him over with a roll-up, then grabbing the trunks, hanging on tightly!!! Referee Mitchell, meanwhile, is through studying whatever the hell he was looking at on the side, as he rushes back over, completely ignoring the grabbing of the tights as he starts to make his count… 1.. 2.. 3!!!!!!*

Logan: No way… it can’t be!!

Jones: But it is, Anthony! It is!!

Minos: Here is your winner… and the NEW GCWA World Heavyweight Champion… “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!!

*The crowd is booing like never before, with a chant that sounds suspiciously like “Bullshit” echoing through the arena. Ka’Derrion, who had been trying to kick out despite the pin, sits up, holding his head and trying to piece together what exactly happened to him. Meanwhile, Mathis, Crimson, and the referee, Mitchell, have moved to the outside, with Mitchell raising up Crimson’s hand in triumph. Mitchell also gets the World Title, which he hands over to the new champion. Crimson takes it, tears in his eyes, as he drops to one knee, hugging the belt close to him. Mathis is grinning wide, enjoying the finish of the night.*

Logan: ….. I have no words….

Jones: The Roman Empire… now has the World Heavyweight Championship. What a shocking turn of events!

Logan: I can’t believe it. I just can’t. This was a set-up right from the beginning!

Jones: Clearly something is up between Thomas Mitchell and Tommy Crimson, that’s for sure. Wait… you don’t think Mitchell getting placed here… I mean, was that a coincidence that Caine took out Bell earlier?

Logan: Damn… I hope it was, Jonesy. I really do.

Jones: It’s been a crazy night, one of the craziest in GCWA history. We have THREE new champions, including… this one. Well, folks, I’ve got nothing more to say. We’ll see you next week for more on this mind-blowing development!

*Crimson moves towards the back, the title still in hand, with Mathis keeping a close eye on him. Mitchell has departed, separating himself from the duo. Meanwhile, Ka’Derrion is up in the ring, looking at the blood that comes from the cut he has. He stares at the blood, then stares back at Crimson, leaving with the belt. Ka’Derrion’s hand forms into a tight fist, showing his growing rage. The picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: That was, bar none, the craziest, strangest week in GCWA history. Draining, but thankfully I have a pretty easy weekend lined up, so I'm looking forward to using it. *lol*

Before I get too far in this, I wanted to send out a special word of thanks to Will, aka Derek Mobley/Warrick Hill. Many of you probably already know that Will has been a key factor in the last six months of the GCWA, both on-screen and off. He designed several of the banners for pay-per-views (along with Dougg), and helped out repeatedly whenever I needed him. I also believe he designed the majority of wrestler bio banners we're using today. I just wanted to take this personal forum to thank him for all he's done for the GCWA, and whenever he wants to make his return, the GCWA will be happy to have him.

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- "Cowboy From Hell" Ace Aldridge vs. Seth Eldritch

- Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. The Big Bifford

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana vs. "The Fury" Tommy Crimson, Non-Title Match

- Dangerous Dan(c) vs. Scott Caine, GCWA Television Title Match

- The Lost Soul(c) vs. Lurrr, GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match
Steve Wilson, Special Referee

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