*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! However, it’s a much different start to a show than usual, as there are no screaming fans in attendance. No signs displayed, no pyro going off. It’s just a shot of the empty ring. Slowly, a man appears, climbing through the ropes. It is the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator. He looks around, as if picturing the hundreds of fans who would be cheering for him, were they there. Ace grins, then looks towards the camera.*

The Accelerator: Six weeks. That is how long many wrestling critics out there said that the Global Championship Wrestling Association’s rebirth would last. Six weeks. Some were even less favorable than that, saying that they would be stunned if my organization lasted over a month. I guess they’re pretty stunned now, aren’t they?

*The Accelerator laughs to himself, even as his voice echoes slightly in the empty arena.*

The Accelerator: I’m proud to say that the GCWA is growing bigger and better than ever before. There have been numerous changes over the last few weeks, as we continue to grow towards greatness. One of the biggest changes will occur during this month, as, for the first time in a long time, the GCWA will be leaving the confines of the great state of Texas! That’s right, we’ve signed a deal with the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, to host our next pay-per-view, GCWA Crescendo! I actually got a pretty good deal for the place. Apparently there was some conflict there with some other wrestling organization, so they were happy to accommodate us. Even better, I can announce now that the GCWA will be making its grand return to Madison Square Garden in August, for one of our biggest events of the year, Heat Wave!

*The Accelerator pauses, as if anticipating a roar of the crowd. He probably hears it, too. After a second, he continues.*

The Accelerator: The GCWA is on its way to where it belongs: at the top of the wrestling world. And I owe it all to you, everyone who’s seeing this. Accept my thanks for the past six months. I expect all of you to help us continue our growth, as we continue to make 2009 a banner year for professional wrestling! With that said, I’ve got a lot more work to do, signing contracts and arranging matches, so I’m going to send this telecast over to the GCWA Studios, and get back to work! Believe it, boyos!

*The Accelerator smiles again, as he turns to leave the ring, taking the mic with him. The shot fades away, as we go to the GCWA Studios, where announcers Edward Jones and Anthony “Lightning” Logan are seated at the in-door broadcast location.*

Jones: Thank you, Mr. President! It’s been an honor and privilege to work for you!

Logan: Er, Jonesy, you do know that the clip there was pre-taped, right?

Jones: …. What?

Logan: Yeah, Ace is too busy this week to do a live broadcast. Besides, I think the GCWA Arena was rented out to some other organization for the night.

Jones: Really? Crap. Well, maybe he’s watching from his office. Hi, Mr. President!

Logan: Settle down, Jonesy, we’ve got a show to do. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the GCWA Half-Year Ace Awards!

*Rocking music hits, as clips of many of the wrestling matches from the last six months flash across the screen. All of the greats are featured, as well as the new stars that have been created. The final shot is of the Accelerator, holding up one of the Ace Awards in his hand, as he smiles at the camera. We cut back to the GCWA Studios.*

Jones: It’s been an unbelievable run for the GCWA throughout 2009, as it continues to grow and prosper in the eyes of the wrestling community! Tonight, we are airing a special show, to honor the best in the company for their work over the last six months! The Accelerator knew that they deserved this tribute, arranging for this show to be set up.

Logan: Yeah… plus we’re running a clip show, which means that the Accelerator doesn’t have to pay anyone but us and the camera crew.

Jones: Well, yes, I suppose there is that advantage. Nonetheless, we’ve got 11 awards that we are going to display tonight, showing both the winners and the runner-ups. It’s going to be a great walk down memory lane!

Logan: So who decided these award winners, anyway?

Jones: From what I hear, these awards all came from the President’s office, so for once, he’s the one making the calls on the voting.

Logan: Cool. He likes me, maybe I’ll win something!

Jones: I guess we’ll see as the night goes on, Anthony. For now, let’s get to our first award!

*The camera focuses on Logan, who is in charge of talking about the first award.*

Logan: The GCWA Living Legend award has traditionally been given out to the wrestler who has earned the fans’ respect, usually through years and years in the business. I bet this was a bitch to decide, seeing how many veterans we have in the company. That being said, first, let’s cover the runner-up to the award. He’s a man who has become known the world over, both for his ability in the wrestling ring and his ‘unique’ perspective on life. While he’s been through a lot of changes this year, he continues to be able to entertain the crowds at a great level. His name? The Big Bifford.

*The screen flashes for a second, then goes to a video montage of the Big Bifford. We first see Bifford and his former manager, Earl the Popcorn Salesman, as Bifford signs his new contract at Warriors of the Ring III. The shots continue throughout some of the Big Bifford’s biggest adventures over the last six months, from the death of Loser-rr to the finding of Ludwig the Seal. The Big Bifford is pictured holding up the GCWA X Division Title, with the crowd proudly cheering for him, showing that they love him. We go back to the studio.*

Logan: No question about it, the GCWA wouldn’t be the way it is today without his presence livening things up. There’s one other legendary wrestler, though, that managed to pull in front of the Big Bifford in terms of being a crowd favorite. He has worn many different faces in the GCWA, but then, so has so many of his fans. White face paint sales have probably gone through the roof! He’s gone through bad times and good, but the crowd has never lost its faith in him, the GCWA Living Legend award winner, The Lost Soul!

*The Friday the 13th theme plays over the video clips, showing The Lost Soul’s somewhat spooky gaze looking into the camera, apparently after one of his soliloquies. We see shots of the audience at the GCWA Arena, where various fans, young and old, male and female, have their faces painted in his distinctive style. Clips of his matches begin to roll, from his first appearances as El Phantasmo to his recent run as the Stranger. We focus, though, primarily on a few still shots from this weekend (as the PPV is still available for replay, we’re not giving events away), where The Lost Soul got himself his first GCWA singles title, the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. We leave the scene behind for the studio, which will be a common theme tonight.*

Logan: As someone who has personally wrestled the man, I’m proud to see The Lost Soul get this award. The guy has done it all in this business, but he continues to amaze. No matter how many people think he’s washed up, TLS just ain’t going away.

Jones: So that means that The Lost Soul can now call himself a living legend?

Logan: Hey, he can do whatever he wants, now that he’s won the award.

Jones: Cool. Congratulations to the veteran. It’s been a good week for him. Let’s get to the next award!

*We now turn to Jones, as it’s his turn to make the introductions.*

Jones: The Prime Time Award has been awarded twice in the past to worthy competitors who have shown that they are not pigeon-holed into one division or another. While some wrestlers can only thrive in singles, others have displayed that they can wrestle all over, be it in the “xtreme” X Division, or getting a partner and taking on the Tag-Team division. It’s certainly a competitive field, as many different guys could have been chosen for this honor. Let’s cover the runner-up first. He’s not exactly a fan favorite, although he’s managed to get a few cheers as of late with his wars against the Roman Empire. More importantly, though, he’s one of only a few wrestlers to have managed title reigns in multiple divisions over the past six months. Our runner-up for the award, former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion and former GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*Donovan’s theme music, “God In Extension” by Jack Daw, plays over his video, which starts by showing Donovan’s first appearance in the GCWA. We see clips from some of his matches, including his beatdown of Annie Alvarez, his near-winning of the World Title from Derek Mobley at Warriors of the Ring III, his triumphant claiming of the World Title (through nefarious means) at Blood On The Battlefield III, and his tricky winning of the IC Title over Crazy Chris just a few weeks ago. Donovan is next pictured next to Draco, their D & D team proving to be a force on their own, wrestling as a strong unit. The video clip ends.*

Jones: Donovan has already gotten himself two titles so far, and from what I hear, he’s very interested in becoming the first Circuit Champion of the new era, a task that I believe only X-Dog has accomplished in the GCWA, although I could be mistaken. With Draco as his partner, they’re definitely a threat to win the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, especially since Harvey Danger is without an ally to defend the belts currently.

Logan: Yeah, that’s just weird, isn’t it?

Jones: Hold on, Anthony, this is my time to talk!

Logan: Oops, sorry…

Jones: Anyhow, now it’s time to announce the winner of the award. This person made his debut in the GCWA at the beginning of 2009, having never appeared in any of the “Big Three”, which is usually considered the GCWA, the ICWF, and OCW. While primarily thought of as a tag-team wrestler, he’s shown that he can win with or without a partner, and is surely on his way to even greater glory. The winner of the GCWA Prime Time Award… Dangerous Dan!!

*”Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory begins to play, introducing the video retrospective for Dangerous Dan. The young wrestler is first pictured next to his brother, Crazy Chris, showing off the great team of the Danger Boiz. Clips of their victory over the Payne Killers on Inferno in March ’09 flash by, with Dangerous Dan hugging his brother after the victory. Continuing the series, Dangerous Dan is shown competing in the Television Title Battle Royal. We see Dan dominate the competition, eliminating Hector Malvado, Mikey Willis, and finally Scott Caine, becoming the first new GCWA Television Champion, a belt he proudly defended week in and week out, setting a new standard for the championship. Dangerous Dan’s picture is posted in the middle of the screen, with the Prime Time Award appearing next to him. The clip ends.*

Jones: Congratulations to Dangerous Dan, one of our youngest and brightest stars!

Logan: Yep, I hear next week, he’s going to get a chance to regain the GCWA Television Title, getting that rematch he’s been wanting against Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: That’s going to be an unbelievable match, Anthony, and really might steal the show. We’ll have to see if Dangerous Dan can become a two-time champion, or if Santana can once again take him down. For now, though, Dangerous Dan should just be proud of becoming the Prime Time Award winner!

Logan: Damn straight! Any award is a great award, my man! So what do we have next?

Jones: Well, we have… wait, what’s going on?

*Both men stop and look off in the distance, as a commotion can be heard, coming closer. Suddenly, from around the corner, Marie Danger appears!! She shoves aside the security guard trying to hold her back, saying a few choice words, most of which get bleeped out. She then charges the set.*

Jones: Hey, wait… this is a closed set, how did you get here??

Marie Danger: I go wherever I want to go when it comes to my dear son, Harvey! I’ve been watching on television and you guys haven’t given any award yet to my boy! What is wrong with you *bleeps*?? Harvey is the definition of Prime Time! He is going to be a Living Legend too, so he should have both awards! Of course, he isn’t perfect, and he forgets about his poor Mom all the time… but you should give these to him!

*Marie tries to grab the Prime Time trophy from the desk, but Logan instinctively scoops it up, keeping it away from her. He backs away quickly, as Marie curses him and starts around the desk.*

Logan: Settle down, Grandma!

Marie Danger: Grandma?!?! Why you worthless son of a…

*Marie raises her purse, as if to strike, but someone grabs her arm to keep her from swinging. Furious, she spins around, only to come face-to-face with Titan 3!! The GCWA Head of Security hangs onto her hand, staring at her, and Marie’s face shows that she’s suddenly scared for her health. Titan 3 leans down towards her.*

Titan 3: Give me an excuse. Please.

*Marie audibly gulps, then pulls her hand away, straightening her outfit with nervous hands. She starts walking away, then starts moving faster, hurrying out the doorway, as Titan 3 watches her leave with a smirk. He turns back to Anthony.*

Titan 3: I had to save you from that?

*Logan shrugs his shoulders sheepishly, putting the award back over on the desk.*

Logan: Hey, I’ve been told that if I swing first, I’m fired. I take that seriously.

Titan 3: Sure. Like I can’t smell the fear coming off of you. Sad, Anthony, really sad.

*Titan 3 turns and walks off, laughing to himself. Anthony, a little perturbed by the accusation, straightens up and calls in his direction.*

Logan: I wasn’t afraid, I was being respectful! There’s a difference!

*Logan glances over his shoulder at Jones, who is unsuccessfully hiding his laughter at someone other than him being called the scaredy cat. One glare from Anthony shuts Jones up, as he quickly takes a seat at the desk. After a second, Logan joins him.*

Jones: Y’know, why don’t we take a break…

Logan: Sounds good to me.

Jones: We’ll be right back with more awards! Stay with us!

*A voice suddenly calls out, in a passable imitation of Marie Danger. Logan immediately gets up, looking in that direction, as the technician who made the voice laughs. Anthony looks pissed, as the picture slowly fades to commercial.*

*As the commercials finish, we return to the GCWA Studio, where Logan seems to have calmed down, at least slightly. Jones is still smiling from being in on the joke, instead of BEING the joke.*

Jones: So far, it’s been an entertaining night of award winners, and we’ve still got several to go!

Logan: I just hope ol’ Harvey doesn’t win squat. The dude just lost my vote.

Jones: Calm down, Anthony, it was all in fun…

Logan: Fun? I’m being ridiculed for not hitting an old lady, for crying out loud!

Jones: Ok, ok, Anthony, we get it. You’re not scared of her.

Logan: Damn right I’m not. I’d knock her head off if she came back in here.

Jones: Well, you never know, she might.

Logan: Ummm…. good.

Jones: Would you like to do the next award?

Logan: Sure, why the hell not…

*Anthony picks up the next trophy and displays it to the camera.*

Logan: For those who are wondering about these, we’ll be making sure they get to their proper owners in the next week. We have attendees to hand-deliver them. Pretty cool, huh? So let’s talk about this award. The Mr. Pay-Per-View award is pretty simple: it goes to the man who, no matter his win/loss record in the GCWA, continues to thrive at PPV events.

*Anthony gets out the sheet of paper with the info on it, having not prepared enough earlier to have them all memorized.*

Logan: First, we’ve got the runner-up for this award. This guy’s only got seven wins to five losses in the GCWA, yet somehow three of those seven wins have come at pay-per-views, with only one loss gathered at Ultimate Survival… oh, man…

Jones: What, Anthony? Who is it?

*Logan sighs, then reads the name on the list.*

Logan: Harvey Danger.

*With “No Rain” by Blind Melon playing in the background, we see shots of Harvey Danger, looking with that “who, me?” expression. He immediately straightens up in the shot, trying to look extremely confident. We switch to shots from Blood On The Battlefield, where Danger was joined by the Stranger, winning the World Tag-Team Titles. Other shots include Danger pinning one of the Malvado brothers at Ultimate Survival, and Stranger Danger retaining the World Tag-Team Titles over the Danger Boiz at Capital Punishment. Harvey is seen with both tag-team titles, smiling, not knowing that The Lost Soul will be coming at him soon. We freeze on that shot, showing him with his mother beside him. We fade back to the GCWA Studios.*

Logan: Great.

Jones: C’mon, Anthony, Harvey’s had a great run of success at pay-per-views! Of course, he’s still only the runner-up!

Logan: That’s right, because our number one guy is truly unbeatable when it comes to this award. Five times he’s wrestled at a GCWA Pay-Per-View, and five times he’s walked out victorious. When you factor in that a championship was involved every single time, showing the mettle of his competition, it’s remarkable that he can still boast that record. The winner of the GCWA Mr. Pay-Per-View Award is… Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*Marcus Ka’Derrion’s theme music, “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park, hits the speakers, as we start to see footage from each and every GCWA PPV in 2009. We see him winning the Intercontinental Championship at Warriors of the Ring III, winning a “Fatal Fourway Elimination” Match. This is followed by clips of Ka’Derrion beating Dangerous Dan at Darkness Falls and taking down Tommy Crimson in a “Flaming Tables” Match at Blood On The Battlefield. The final two clips involve the World Heavyweight Title, with Ka’Derrion pinning Shane Donovan at the end of the Iron Man Match at Ultimate Survival, and Ka’Derrion winning the Hell In A Cell over Derek Mobley last weekend at Capital Punishment. The video ceases running.*

Logan: Congratulations to Marcus Ka’Derrion! Man, something tells me we’re going to see more about him later on this show, as he’s been a major part of the GCWA!

Jones: It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, Anthony. But let’s keep it moving, as we still have many, many awards to get to. Our next one has a connection to the Mr. Pay-Per-View award. Unfortunately, it’s an opposite connection.

*Jones clears his throat, then continues talking, explaining the award.*

Jones: This one’s basically looking at the wrestlers who are otherwise pretty damn talented, but can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the big match. Our runner-up to this award has a great record of 8-5. However, three of those losses, a high percentage, have come at the PPV level. We are talking, unfortunately, about The Big Bifford. our runner-up.

*Dramatic music replaces what normally would be Bifford’s theme song, showing the large man fighting it out on the big stage. We’re shown clips from Bifford’s shocking loss to Tommy Crimson at Darkness Falls, followed by Ultimate Survival, where, despite kicking out of the Thriller, Bifford fell to the eventual winner of the tournament, Derek Mobley. Finally, we see shots from Capital Punishment, where Bifford, despite not being pinned, lost the Fatal Fourway Match to The Lost Soul. Just as it seems bleak, though, “Gangstas Paradise” begins, and we get to see a few clips of Bifford proving that he can win at a PPV, winning the “Xtreme Rules” Match over Scott Caine. The video finishes up, taking us back to the broadcast location.*

Jones: Bifford has really just found himself in unlucky circumstances, or maybe has just faced tougher competition than some of the others. Whatever the reason, the first six months haven’t been the best PPV-wise for him. However, he doesn’t quite match up to the winner of the award, who has one of the highest win totals in the GCWA with 15 wins. However, that balances out with several losses, many of them at the PPV level. Each match, amazingly, was so, so close, showing just how different his record could be. Unfortunately, our “Hard Luck” award winner is… Dangerous Dan!

*We get more dramatic music, as clips of Dangerous Dan’s matches at pay-per-views are gone over. We see him fighting to the end of the “Fatal Fourway Elimination” Match at Warriors of the Ring III, only to come up second to Marcus Ka’Derrion. The two men met up again at Darkness Falls, with Dangerous Dan unable to put the IC Champion away, despite many near falls. We go to Blood On The Battlefield III, where it seemed the Danger Boiz were well on their way to victory, before the Stranger made his first appearance. Clips of Ultimate Survival on then shown, with Dangerous Dan having a pretty good night, making it to the finals. But a three-on-one attack ended his hopes. The video finishes up.*

Jones: What’s amazing is that Dangerous Dan has faced some of the toughest competition at these Pay-Per-Views, and, personally, I think he’s come out looking pretty good.

Logan: Hey, he took the current World Champion to his limit not once, but twice! You have to be impressed with that.

Jones: Yes you do. He’s had an incredible run as of late, being one of the few to hold multiple titles so far, so I would love to see those two go at it again.

Logan: Alright, one more award before the break, and this one’s not one of my favorites.

Logan: This award is named after the slimiest, most evil man who has ever come through the doors of the GCWA… for now. The winner of this award is the man who is universally hated by the fans. He’s earned their disrespect through deceit and treachery. The runner-up for this award became the #1 heel early on in the company, as his use of handcuffs and his violent treatment of a female wrestler got him where he is today. The runner-up of the Shag-Nasty award, Shane Donovan!

*With Donovan’s music playing once again, we see Donovan strutting out of the back, enjoying the hatred of the crowd thrown towards him. The clips continue to roll, focusing on Donovan’s brutal beatdown of Annie Alvarez, with Derek Mobley coming down to make the save. Donovan’s various uses of the handcuffs fly by, from him beating Lurrr by handcuffing him to a guardrail, to Donovan’s use of the ‘cuffs inside a jacket to knock out Crazy Chris and win the GCWA Intercontinental Championship. A pre-played clip of Donovan holding the handcuffs in the air fades away as we go back to the studio.*

Logan: That Donovan has been a sneaky SOB for his entire GCWA career, and only this next man’s creation has been able to earn him a few cheers here and there. Our award winner has created one of the most terrifying stables ever to enter the GCWA, on par with the Bastards of Oblivion. He came into the fed with little love from the fans, but he’s managed to gather in even more hatred with his many assaults and despicable acts. The winner of the Shag-Nasty award is… Lurrr!

*As “Cocky” by Kid Rock plays, the video clips begin to run, showcasing Lurrr at his most evil. With Rick Mathis helping him out in various ways, Lurrr continues to win matches, usually cheating in order to allow his devastating Wake Up Call to land. We see Lurrr’s recruitment of Warrick Hill, Dean, Derek Mobley, and Tommy Crimson, basically getting them to sell their soul in order to become a member of the Roman Empire. Clips are shown of Lurrr’s beatdown of Arryk Rage, his destructive kick on the Accelerator, and his cheating ways against the Big Bifford, before the clip show ends.*

Logan: Lurrr has a special place in my heart, considering that he and Mathis beat me down at one point for making unflattering comments about them.

Jones: I was terrified when they came over. You should have used your feet like I did and ran for it.

Logan: Well, let’s just say I haven’t forgotten it. I’m going to place this award where it belongs.

*Logan gets up, carrying the award with him, as Jones looks on questioningly. But Logan has no time for answers. He goes into the next room, with the cameraman following him to the door. The sign on the door says “Men’s Room”. You can hear the sounds of flushing, as we go back to a shot of Jones.*

Jones: Well, I guess Anthony’s a little busy right now, so we’re going to take another quick break. Stay tuned!

*Jones shakes his head, then starts stacking papers, acting as if he was a real news man. The picture fades out.*

*We return from the break to the GCWA Studios, where Anthony Logan has just reappeared, cleaning off his hands with a towel. He goes back to his seat, where Edward Jones is already waiting.*

Jones: What happened?

Logan: I guess they’re bigger trophies than I thought, Jonesy, but don’t worry, the plumber is working on it now.

Jones: Oh, dear. Well, I guess we might as well move on, as we’ve still got several more awards to go.

Jones: This award is given to the man who made the most startling entrance into the GCWA. There have been several that have surprised us, but these are the ones that our President decided to select as the award winners here tonight. Let’s start with our runner-up. He hadn’t been heard from in some time, and was basically thought of as a retired wrestler in many people’s minds. But he hadn’t given up on his career yet, as he surprised the world by appearing at Warriors of the Ring III to sign his contract. Our runner-up… the Big Bifford!

*”Gangsta’s Paradise” plays again, as we’re shown the clip from Warriors of the Ring III, where the Big Bifford, along with Earl the Popcorn Salesman, showed up to sign a wrestling contract with the Accelerator. It surprised many, and created speculation about whether or not the Big Bifford would be wrestling as the ‘surprise’ man that night. The camera focuses on the Big Bifford’s smiling face, foreshadowing the next five months’ full of Bifford hijinxs and crazy adventures. The video clip ends.*

Jones: So the Big Bifford comes in second again! What is that, the third time tonight?

Logan: The dude can’t catch a break. Of course, that’s why he was up for the Hard Luck award.

Jones: I guess so. Anyhow, the winner of this award most likely earned it because, once again, no one saw it coming. He appeared out of nowhere, in the backstage area, just like the Big Bifford. However, while Bifford was just here to sign a contract, this guy had more nefarious reasons to show up. The winner of the Shock award is… Draco!

*As “Indestructible” by Disturbed plays, we see the footage from Blood On The Battlefield III, where Marcus Ka’Derrion was in the back after finishing a successful defense of the Intercontinental Title. That’s when Draco made his first appearance, surprising Ka’Derrion in the back, then assaulting him in the name of Draco’s old rival, the Punisher. Clips of some of Draco’s later works, including wins of Harvey Danger and Tommy Crimson, are shown, as well as the formation of D & D. The clips fade out.*

Jones: Amazingly, Draco and Ka’Derrion have yet to meet in the ring, as other matters and feuds have taken up their attention.

Logan: Yeah, but you can bet neither man has forgotten how they began things between each other in the GCWA. There will be a reckoning eventually, I guarantee it.

Jones: Maybe so, Anthony, maybe so. Let’s get to the next award, which is actually similarly linked to this one.

*Jones pulls the trophy out from its designated area and hands it over to Anthony, who places it next to him.*

Logan: Thanks, Jonesy. It’s always nice to know you’re good for something. This award is pretty self-evident: basically, for the next several awards, you have to have won the monthly equivalent of it. For the best angle, there were several strong contenders, but two truly stood out. Our first one is a favorite of Ace’s, but I think he made it the runner-up due to the fact it hasn’t officially won yet, even if it’s ahead in the voting. This previous month, a long-running angle finally seemed to wrap up, as we finally learned.. the identity of the Stranger!

*The strange stalker tune “Every Breath You Take” by the Police begins to play, as we start to see clips from Blood On The Battlefield III. Harvey Danger, apparently unable to find a partner, went into a Handicap Match against the Danger Boiz, who were the current World Tag-Team Champions. Danger, though, was joined by the masked man, the Stranger, who helped him get the victory, winning the belts. For the next few months, the Stranger remained a fixture next to Harvey, with many wondering exactly who he was. This past month, the secret was revealed, as first Titan 3 was unveiled as the SECOND Stranger. The original then came back, only to show himself as The Lost Soul at Capital Punishment, finally ending the suspense and leaving his partner behind. The clip rolls to an end.*

Logan: I still say I knew who the Stranger was from the very beginning. Actually, I knew both times.

Jones: Hindsight is 20/20, Anthony, and since you didn’t say it at the time…

Logan: No, I didn’t, but I had it sealed in his envelope, three months ago!

*Anthony pulls out the envelope, showing it to Jones. Jones, surprised, tries to take it from him, but Logan pulls it away, putting the envelope back in his pocket.*

Logan: Why should I show you, Eds? You wouldn’t believe it, anyway.

Jones: Y’know, you’re right, Anthony. Just get on with who actually won the award, then.

Logan: My pleasure. While the Strangers angle had a lot of people guessing, nothing shook people up more than trying to figure out who Marcus Ka’Derrion’s father was! For weeks, we tried to piece it together, but I have to admit, even I was fooled on this one, as Marcus kept his family name close to the vest until Darkness Falls! The winner of the Best Angle of the Half-Year Award is the Mystery of Blake Ka’Derrion!

*”Bring The Pain” by Method Man begins to play, as we see some clips of the Punisher in the GCWA, wrestling against men like Derek Mobley and others, defending the GCWA World Heavyweight Title. Slowly, the video splices in video of Marcus Ka’Derrion performing the same moves next to his father, showing the similarities in their styles. Clips of Marcus talking about his father are shown, as well as his guarantee to reveal who Blake Ka’Derrion was at Darkness Falls. After a ‘false start’ where Ka’Derrion came out to no music for his match, he reappeared at the end of the night to the Punisher’s theme music, saving Derek Mobley from being crucified by Twiztid and Severity. Ka’Derrion, standing tall, with his father’s gear on, is the last shot of the video.*

Logan: I still remember that night sending chills up my spine, Jonesy. Marcus really took the mantle of his father on that day. It’s not surprising that he’s not the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion today.

Jones: He may not have really wanted the ‘legacy’ of the Punisher, but he’s sure proven worthy of it! With six months to go, who knows what else Marcus can do to the record books!

Logan: It’s going to be great! I have trouble seeing anyone take him down… as long as it’s a fair fight…

Jones: Well, if it’s the Roman Empire coming after him, I guess we can’t guarantee that happening. Hopefully, Marcus will watch his back in the coming days from the next challenger out of the stable, Tommy Crimson!

Logan: Man, I can’t wait for next week now! But we’re not there yet. We’ve got four more awards to go!

*Jones is in charge of this category, and he seems to be proud of it, since he’s been there for each and every classic that’s won the monthly award.*

Jones: Our next award should be easy to see, but very hard to choose. After all, we have six unbelievable bouts to choose from! Still, somehow the President, in his infinite wisdom, made his choices. First, let’s go with the runner-up match. It’s a match that created a new legacy, crowned a new champion, and gave the crowd all they could ask for and more. It was sixty minutes of brutal combat, with everything coming down to the last second! Our runner-up for Match of the Half-Year is from Ultimate Survival, where Marcus Ka’Derrion won the World Title, winning a “60-Minute Iron Man” Match over Shane Donovan!

*The video shifts to the official theme of Ultimate Survival ’09, where we see Marcus Ka’Derrion fighting in his first-ever title opportunity against the World Champion, Shane Donovan. Donovan’s cheating antics are displayed early, with Donovan using a foreign object, earning a DQ against him, yet stunning Ka’Derrion badly enough to pull ahead with several falls. Ka’Derrion fought his way back into it, even earning a DQ himself by wrapping Donovan’s legs around the ringpost with a figure four, weakening him badly enough for Ka’Derrion to eventually come back and tie things up with a roll-up with only minutes left. Donovan tried to come back, but Ka’Derrion got the Punisher at the last second to get the victory, becoming the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion. Ka’Derrion’s celebration is the last thing displayed before the video clip ends.*

Jones: It was an amazing bout, as Donovan did come to fight. But Ka’Derrion eventually managed to put him away, staying undefeated and becoming a two-title champion, at least for a few days.

Logan: Yeah, man, Ka’Derrion is now set on one goal: the GCWA Hall of Fame!

Jones: Well, let’s not push him too quickly, Anthony. Still, he’s looking pretty good in the first six months of action. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough in the President’s eyes, as he opted to go with another choice. It could be that proximity to the match was a factor, but who knows, right? In any case, the match chosen for the Best Match So Far took place at Capital Punishment, as Shane Donovan, The Big Bifford, The Lost Soul, and Draco went at it for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Title!

*We get the theme music from Capital Punishment, as we see clips from the earlier “#1 Contenders” Match between Tommy Crimson and Draco, which directly corresponded to the future Fatal Fourway Match. Donovan’s distraction with the Roman Empire proved to be enough to help Draco get the victory, moving on to the finals, where he would be going against his teammate, Donovan, for his belt. The match, though, proved that the two men were working together as a team, with D & D uniting against the Big Bifford and The Lost Soul at several key moments. Bifford and TLS kept coming back, though, with almost everyone coming close to winning. We get frozen shots of the final moments, with Donovan’s horrible fall, the Hellacious on Bifford from Draco, and TLS’s final Souled Out onto Donovan for the victory, earning his first singles title in the GCWA. So many elements seemed to come together during this match. The picture slowly fades out.*

Jones: An unbelievable victory for The Lost Soul, who overcame some very tough challenges to get the Intercontinental Title.

Logan: Yeah, but he’s got a lot of competition coming after him now that he’s got the… belt… what the…

*Both men stop, as they hear the barking in the background. It gets closer, then the doors to the GCWA Studio swing open, revealing the Big Bifford! Bifford is followed by the man in the grape costume, Martin Ka’Berryon, who is dragging the barking seal, Ludwig. Bifford stops for a second to feel some cocoa puffs to the seal, who eats them happily. Bifford then comes over to the desk. He reaches in front of Jones, grabbing the Best Match Trophy.*

The Big Bifford: I’d like to thank the academy, Ludwig, poor departed Loser-rr, and all of the tree-killing chainsaw workers of the world! Good night!

*Bifford holds the trophy in the air, then walks off, content with what he’s got.*

Jones: Uh, hang on… Bifford… that trophy’s not really….

*The Big Bifford, not really listening, walks out with Martin, already talking to him about his next adventure. Martin sighs, dragging Ludwig along behind him, although that seal’s starting to get harder to move. They disappear through the doors.*

Logan: Looks like Bifford decided that he deserves the trophy, Jonesy, after so many runner-up spots. Jones: Damn. Well, we’ll have to get a few more made up for the other challengers, especially The Lost Soul, considering that he won the match.

Logan: I’m sure Bifford would just say that he deserves it for being the KICKER OUTERER OF THE HELLACIOUS AND THE THRILLER!

Jones: Yeesh. We’ve got three awards left, so we’ll take one more break, then get to it!

*Logan moves over to get the rest of the trophies, possibly to guard them from any more ‘appearances’ from certain wrestlers. Jones, meanwhile, opts to go use the restroom himself during the break. We cut out of the shot to go to commercial.*

*We return to the GCWA Studios after the break, with both of our announcers back in position. Jones has a big smile on his face, mainly because he knows the big awards are approaching.*

Jones: We’re down to the final three awards, and they’re all pretty big ones! Of course, we’re starting to run low on time, due to some surprise interruptions, so we’ll get through these pretty fast. Let’s get to the next one, right….. now!

*The image fades away, to take us back to Jones, who will be talking about this award.*

Jones: The Best Feud of the last six months couldn’t have been easy to decide. After all, there have been some great fights over the half-year, that continued on for several months! However, the President made his decisions, and, of course, he’s the man, so we go with what he says!

Logan: *cough*Brown*Cough*Nose*Cough*.

Jones: Catching a cold there, Anthony?

Logan: Only if I’m lucky, Jonesy.

Jones: Ok…. Anyhow, our runner-up Best Feud began due to one man’s interference in another man’s violent tendencies. It all came to a head on the biggest Friday Night Inferno Match we had had in a long, long time, and excelled in showcasing the brutality of the sport! Our runner-up Best Feud So Far is… Marcus Ka’Derrion vs. Twiztid!

*The video clip begins with Darkness Falls, where Twiztid and Jobe Severity were preparing to hang Derek Mobley off of a special symbol. However, Ka’Derrion, dressed as the Punisher, came down to make the save, denying Twiztid his vengeance. The two men continued to feud over the next few weeks, with Twiztid doing the unthinkable by destroying the tombstone of the Punisher. Ka’Derrion answered in kind, with the two men wanting so much blood from each other than they had to have a “Buried Alive” Match! The violence was intense, with both men bleeding heavily by the time they fought from the ring to the backstage area, where the burial ground was. Ka’Derrion, in the end, won out, planting Twiztid into the grave. Titan 3 did the honors, burying the man completely, as Ka’Derrion watched from the other side, seeing a very specific ending to the feud. We leave the video behind to go back to the Studios.*

Jones: That match was just such an incredible battle, wasn’t it, Anthony? Logan: Yeah, and I truly thought we weren’t going to be seeing Twiztid anymore. Yet he appeared again a couple months later as Arryk Rage. Too bad that return wasn’t quite as successful as his main event run, as he’s now in the hospital.

Jones: Hopefully he’ll be back soon enough, to get some revenge on the Roman Empire. Anyhow, while this was a great feud, it was also a relatively short one in comparison to our award winners. From almost the beginning of the new run of the GCWA, these two men have feuded, and some would say they still haven’t had a satisfying finish to their feud, despite numerous matches. The winner of the Best Feud So Far, The Lost Soul va. Lurrr!

*The video starts, comically, with the theme music of El Phantasmo, as he interrupts the Lurrr/Shane Donovan contendership match for the World Title Tournament. Lurrr and El Phantasmo are signed to face off at Warriors of the Ring III, with the new GCWA X Division Title on the line. A mystery opponent was also expected, but this ‘mystery’ turned out to be El Phantasmo’s unmasking as The Lost Soul! Lurrr managed to win the match despite the shocking debut, thanks to the interference of Rick Mathis, but the feud between the two men continued to build, from TLS attacking Mathis in an Unsanctioned Match, to The Empire members doing announcing during a TLS/Caine match (starting a whole different feud in the process). It all wrapped up at Darkness Falls, where the two men had a brutal Cage Weapons Match. Once again, Lurrr found a sneaky way to win, keeping the belt around his waist, although TLS got revenge by taking out both men afterwards. Their confrontations would continue in various ways over the next few months, as the video slowly fades out.*

Jones: It’s ironic that our top feud features two men who currently hold belts in the GCWA. We’ve got the X Division Champion and the Intercontinental Champion!

Logan: Hey, having a mega-feud can get you over with the fans, Jonesy, even if you don’t come out the victor. Obviously, it worked for TLS, as he’s reached some great heights.

Jones: Wouldn’t it be great if we could have another champion vs. champion match-up, once again pitting these two old rivals against each other?

Logan: One step at a time, Jonesy. Let’s get through the awards show first, ok?

Jones: Oh, yeah, you’re right. What’s next?

Logan: Well, we’re up to the best of the best! The best tag-team and the best wrestler! First, let’s handle the pairings division, a personal favorite of mine.

*Anthony grins, holding up the slightly larger trophy, showing that it’s more prestigious than some of the others.*

Logan: Being thought of as the Best Tag-Team isn’t easy to achieve, as you have to have a unique connection with your tag-team partner. Sometimes, it helps when you’re family, as it did with our runner-ups for the award. They proved their worth as a team by taking it to the Payne Killers and becoming the second team to hold the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles in its new run. The runner-ups for the award are… Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

*The video clips start with “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead blasting into your home, showing the Danger Boiz racing as a team down the aisle. They both slide into the ring, igniting the crowd. Shots of them double-teaming various opponents flash by, including the Danger Zone/Crazy Man’s Suicide combination. The video rolls on, giving us shots of the Danger Boiz beating the Payne Killers at their own game, taking away the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, one of the proudest moments of their careers. We leave them holding up the belts towards the sky, a Danger Boiz chant echoing throughout the crowd, as we return to the announce desk.*

Logan: Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan have both proved that they are two tremendously bright future stars. I know they wanted to reclaim the World Tag-Team Titles this past week, but things just didn’t work out for them. Still, I can’t help but think they’ll be back in the hunt sooner rather than later.

Jones: Assuming that they don’t both concentrate on their singles careers, Anthony. After all, they’re getting good enough to compete with just about anyone.

Logan: True enough, Jonesy. Now, onto the winner of the Best Tag-Team Award. They may not be a pairing anymore, but for a while, they were the hottest tag-team in the GCWA, managing to retain the World Tag-Team Titles no matter who stood in front of them, be it the Malvados or the Danger Boiz. Here’s a clip of the winners of the award… Stranger Danger!

*The video clip takes us back to Blood On The Battlefield III, with the Stranger’s first appearance in helping Harvey Danger win the World Tag-Team Titles from the Danger Boiz. We get to see a lot of the strange actions involving Stranger Danger, including the interaction of Harvey’s mother, Marie, in their activities. Clips are run from Stranger Danger’s antics, from Harvey’s cousin Larry wearing the mask, to a massive army of Strangers showing up on one show. Stranger Danger continued to defend the belts as well, beating the Malvados despite their own masked trickery, and getting past the Danger Boiz at Capital Punishment, before their violent break-up. The video comes to a close.*

Logan: Great to see Stranger Danger get the recognition it deserves, even if they’re not around anymore.

Jones: I’m still depressed about that. You never knew what you were going to get with that team! They always found a way to be entertaining! What are we going to do now that no one is wearing the Stranger mask?

Logan: Yeah, let’s take a few seconds to honor the memory… of the Stranger…

*Anthony holds a Stranger mask in the air, as both announcers lower their heads. Surprisingly, all is quiet in the studio for a few moments, before the announcers look back up, with Logan chucking the mask behind him.*

Logan: Alright, with that settled, let’s get to our final award! Jonesy?

Jones: This is the one I’ve been waiting for, Anthony! It’s time to announce the man crowned as the top wrestler in the federation for the last six months!

*A special musical blast of trumpets goes along with the banner for the final award, along with a blinking of the lights, before we settle back onto Jones.*

Jones: This award signifies who really embodied the greatness of the GCWA over the last six months. Our runner-up seemed to be firmly on his way to winning this award, before a series of events changed his career path forever. Our runner-up for Best Wrestler… Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*”Shipping Up To Boston” by The Dropkick Murphys, Mobley’s old theme music, plays over your speakers, as we see the return of an icon to the GCWA. Mobley, with Warrick at his side, is shown making his way up through the Warriors of the Ring III Tournament, eventually reaching the finals against Shane Donovan, winning the GCWA World Heavyweight Title. Mobley’s successful defenses against Jobe Severity, Twiztid, and others are shown. We also get some shots from Mobley’s darker time period, as he joined the Roman Empire and became a hated heel, managing to use his success to win the Ultimate Survival Tournament. Mobley, laughing as he has the ring placed on his finger, is the last shot of the video.*

Logan: I hate what he’s become, but I still admire his achievements. Mobley is a force to be reckoned with in anyone’s view, even today. At any time, he could still make his way to win any championship to take back to the Empire.

Jones: True, although I bet last week’s main event World Title match helped the President make his decision on who wins this award. It shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone out there who won this award. The man has been with us since nearly the beginning, appearing at every pay-per-view, winning at every major event, wrestling in some of the most famous matches in 2009, and currently wearing the mantle of GCWA World Heavyweight Champion. Here is the winner of the Best Wrestler So Far award… Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*”No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park hits the speakers, leading the way for the clip show of Marcus Ka’Derrion. Images veer from Ka’Derrion putting Tommy Crimson through a flaming table, to Ka’Derrion tossing Twiztid into the burial plot, to Ka’Derrion taking Shane Donovan down with the Punisher to win the World Title. We see some still shots from this past weekend, where Ka’Derrion won the “Hell In A Cell” Match over Derek Mobley to stay the World Champion. Clips from outside the wrestling ring are also shown, with many young wrestling fans dressing themselves like Ka’Derrion and chanting his name. Ka’Derrion is seen signing a bunch of autographs before one of the shows, many smiling children hovering around him. Our final shot is from one of the PPVs, where Ka’Derrion climbs the turnbuckle, displaying the World Heavyweight Championship to the screaming fans.*

Jones: Marcus Ka’Derrion spent the first six months cementing his place in the history of the GCWA. But now, in the next six months, he’ll have to defend his title, as many different men could step up to become the Best Wrestler for the entire 2009 year. Can he do it? Can he hang on against the competition?

Logan: It’s not going to be easy, as we’ve already got a full roster of competitive wrestlers, and who knows who might be returning to the GCWA in the coming weeks and months?

Jones: It’s been a great run this time for the GCWA, as we’ve reached six months and counting! But trust us, there is no sign that the ride is going to end any time soon! Keep watching, and you’ll continue to see the greatest wrestling on the planet! Good night, everyone!!

*As Jones waves to the camera, we switch to one final clip show, covering many of the great acts of the past six months. From Scott Caine to Robert Santana, from Jobe Severity to Warrick Hill, the great moments are all thrown in, with a heavy rock theme accompanying it. The final picture, though, is of the Accelerator, back inside the empty ring, simply smiling as he looks around. The chants seem to echo throughout the arena, even though it appears that no one is there. You can still hear them: GCWA. GCWA. GCWA. The echoes continue even as the picture fades to black.*

OOC: Evern with this being a short card with no roleplaying, it sure wasn't easy to get completed! *lol* Still, I'll get to rest the next few days here in San Antonio, while the rest of you get to start thinking about roleplaying! Here's the card, put together for those who said they could/couldn't roleplay:

- "The Cowboy From Hell" Ace Aldridge vs. Scott Caine

- Seth Eldritch vs. The Big Bifford

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana(c) vs. Dangerous Dan, GCWA Television Title Match

- Lurrr(c) vs. "PIC" Steve Wilson, GCWA X Division Title Match

- Marcus Ka'Derrion(c) vs. Tommy Crimson, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, July 3rd, to Wednesday, July 8th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!