*The previous show finishes up, leaving us with that slight feeling of emptiness, knowing that it’s over. However, we know that we’ll soon be filled up again, as it’s time for some wrestling excitement! The GCWA logo flashes across the screen, fading into nothingness. We then have a cold open, going straight into a locker room in the GCWA Arena! The fans can be heard cheering in the background as the Head of GCWA Security, Titan 3, appears in the shot, rubbing a hand over his shaved head. He looks back in the other direction.*

Titan 3: Are you sure about this? This seems like a *bleep*ed up plan to me.

*The camera turns towards the way Titan 3’s gaze is focused, and we see the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator! The crowd cheers even louder, as the President finishes lifting some small weights in each arm.*

The Accelerator: As screwed up as taking over wrestling for another masked guy in my tag-team division?

Titan 3: So I wanted to kick some people’s heads in. That doesn’t change the fact that you were up there when I was a rookie, Ace. There’s a reason why you retired.

The Accelerator: Just because I run the business now, it doesn’t mean that I can’t still beat the hell out of some *bleep* who gets in my face. Lurrr called me out. Now he’s facing the firing squad. Believe it.

*Ace goes back to lifting the weights, continuing to warm himself up, as Titan 3 shrugs his shoulders. He’s not going to waste any more time arguing with his boss. As Titan 3 starts to leave, Ace clears his throat.*

The Accelerator: One more thing. I want my office back in shape by the end of the night.

Titan 3: What do you think this is, Extreme Makeover? It isn’t my job to clean up after guys like the Big Bifford.

The Accelerator: No, it’s your job to handle security, and someone breaking into my office and trashing it falls under your jurisdiction. I don’t care what you do, just get it done.

*Titan 3 storms out of the office, obviously ticked off, as the Accelerator continues his workout. He looks at the mirror in his room, admiring his still-large arms despite his age.*

The Accelerator: Lurrr…. Prepare yourself for a world of hurt, boyo…

*The President throws down the weights, as the picture slowly fades to black. After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The cameras circle around the screaming fans, showing various signs ranging from “I want a gypsy baby too!” to “Mechanical Goats = Buyrates!” We head to the announce table to join up with Jones and Logan.*

Jones: Welcome, true believers, to another spine-tingling edition of Friday Night Inferno! We are a week away from some of the most amazing action you’ve ever seen, Capital Punishment!

Logan: You’ve been reading comic books again, haven’t you, Jonesy?

Jones: And what’s so wrong with that? Comics rule! In case you don’t know by now, I’m Edward Jones, and this is my uncool partner, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: I’d be offended, except that it’s you, so I just feel pity.

Jones: Sure you do, friend. We’ve got a great night of action for you guys tonight, including a match that fans have been looking forward to for a decade now! The incomparable President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, will be stepping back into the ring to take on the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr, in a “Steel Cage” Match!

Logan: I still don’t know what Ace was thinking by booking this match, but if he wants this fight, then might as well go all the way with it.

Jones: It’s a matter of pride, Anthony. Last week, Lurrr took it upon himself to kick the President in the face. He laid out a challenge with that kick, and the President is going to answer it!

Logan: Did Ace even get medical clearance for this match, though?

Jones: Probably not. Nonetheless, it’s going to take place in our main event tonight!

Logan: We’ve also got our new Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana, defending his belt for the very first time against a strong contender, Scott Caine, which is sure to be an exciting match. Can Caine end Santana’s reign after only one week?

Jones: Add to that Arryk Rage going against Warrick Hill, D & D facing off against the Big Bifford & The Lost Soul, and Marcus Ka’Derrion fighting Tommy Crimson, and you’ve got a can’t miss card!

Logan: Yeah… about that…

Jones: What’s up, Anthony?

Logan: Well, you know that “card subject to change” line we put into ticket sales? Well, we had to use that this week, as Marcus Ka’Derrion had to cancel out of his match with Tommy Crimson.

Jones: Really?

Logan: Yeah, word has it that he’s not even in the arena tonight. I don’t know the exact details, but I think it might be a family issue.

Jones: Man, I was looking forward to that one, too! So it’s the show before the next PPV, and our World Champion isn’t here? I hope this doesn’t affect his match against Derek Mobley at Capital Punishment!

Logan: Well, I guess we’ll find out, Jonesy. Until then, though, we’ve got some action to get to!

Jones: Works for me! First off, let’s roll some footage from tonight’s earlier dark match!

*The clips start to roll, showing Harvey Danger making his way to the ring, followed by the GCWA’s newest wrestler, PIC. Before the two men can even lock up, though, Seth Eldritch’s music hits, with the man making his way out to the ring. Seth gets to the ringside area, watching the match from ringside, supposedly to get a first-hand view of how PIC wrestles. Danger takes advantage of PIC’s distraction early with attempted roll-ups, then gets in full control after Eldritch was able to trip PIC from outside without the referee noticing. Danger never let up after that, landing the Danger DDT for the victory. Eldritch walked away with a satisfied smile, a job well done, leaving Danger to celebrate his win.*

Logan: It was hard to see PIC take his first loss in the GCWA, especially that way.

Jones: While it would have been nice for Eldritch not to get involved, this match showcased once again the talents of Harvey Danger. I would put him as the favorite to retain the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles against the Danger Boiz next week… assuming he can get himself a partner.

Logan: Yeah, the original Stranger is apparently MIA, the ‘replacement’ Stranger, revealed last week as Titan 3, isn’t going to take Harvey’s Mom’s abuse anymore, and now Harvey’s got a tag title defense without a tag-team partner! Sucks to be him!

Jones: Well, he’ll have to figure out something. But right now, it’s time for some wrestling action!

Minos: The next match of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Now entering the arena, he is a young star with lots of potential, standing 6’2” and weighing 230 lbs, from Brentwood, Tennessee, here is Seth Eldritch!

*Eldritch gets a good amount of boos as he comes out to “Be Aggressive” by Faith No More, possibly due to his interference in the PIC match earlier in the night. Eldritch has a few choice words with some of the fans along the aisle as he makes his way down to the ring.*

Jones: Eldritch had a chance to leave the wrestling business behind this week, as he was awarded 50% ownership in the Eldritch Company from his father’s estate.

Logan: Yeah, the only stipulation was that Seth had to leave his professional wrestling career behind. Otherwise, his brother gets 100% ownership.

Jones: For me, that would be a no-brainer decision, as he could earn a LOT of money as co-owner of the company. But some people just have that wrestling itch and can’t let it go.

Logan: We’ll see. He’s still got a month to change his mind.

Minos: His opponent has been wrestling with the GCWA for three months now, and continues to improve, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, here is “The Blaze” Mikey Willis!

*Willis walks out of the back to “No 5” by Hollywood Undead, getting some boos himself. Willis doesn’t seem to mind, as all his attention seems to be on the lead pipe he is carrying in his hand. He finally starts walking forward, moving to the ring, as Eldritch awaits his arrival.*

Jones: Willis had one man firmly in mind this week.

Logan: Yep. Unfortunately, that man was The Lost Soul, who managed to defeat Willis last week despite Willis’ attempted ambush. I’m not sure, but I heard a rumor that Willis even put out a hit on TLS!

Jones: You have to wonder, though, if Willis’ obsession with The Lost Soul is going to hurt him here tonight against a very different opponent in Seth Eldritch.

*The Bell Rings.*

*With the match ready to begin, referee Trixie waves for both competitors to get started. Eldritch walks forward, brimming with confidence. His step falters, however, when he realizes that Willis is still holding the lead pipe in his hand. Eldritch points it out to Trixie, who immediately goes towards Willis, asking him to drop the weapon. Willis looks up at Trixie darkly, causing her to take a hesitant step back. It’s almost as if she thinks Willis might be in the mood to take out a referee. After a moment’s thought, though, Willis reluctantly places the lead pipe into his corner, making sure that it is in a place where it will not roll away. Unfortunately, with his back turned, Willis has no way to protect himself from the opportunist that is Eldritch. Seth comes in from behind, smashing Willis with a double axehandle shot to the back! Willis, bent over, drops to his knees, as Eldritch begins hitting him with knee shots in the corner.*

Logan: Not surprisingly, Eldritch used a distraction to his advantage.

Jones: The guy’s on a mission now, Anthony, to prove that he should be a wrestler, instead of a businessman. I guess his way to prove that is to be as ruthless as a tycoon.

*Eldritch drags Willis out of the corner, immediately taking the smaller wrestler over with a snap suplex. Eldritch then tries a cocky cover, but Trixie can’t even get into place before Willis has already raised his arm. Seth glances over at the referee, wanting her to move faster, but he doesn’t look particularly thrown off yet. He pulls Willis up, whipping him towards the ropes. With a cocky smile, Eldritch tries for a big boot variation, kicking up one of his feet. But Willis is able to avoid it, ducking under and running to the other side of the ring, where he jumps backwards into the ropes with a handspring, then comes back with a backwards elbow, knocking a surprised Eldritch to the ground! Both men roll to their sides and get up quickly, but Willis is now on the attack, jumping up onto Eldritch’s shoulders and taking him down with a hurricanrana! Willis gets back to his feet, as Seth moves away, trying to put some space between them.*

Logan: Here we go! Mikey Willis is here to fight!

Jones: This guy’s got a lot of experience built up in his time here in the GCWA, and he’s just shown what an advantage that is. Seth’s got to regroup!

*Eldritch grabs at the ropes, trying to pull himself up quickly, but all he manages to do is get himself in the perfect position for a running charge from Willis, slamming both arms into Eldritch’s chest! Seth falls to the ground, then rolls, managing to get himself out of the ring before Willis can stop him. Eldritch walks on the outside, ignoring some of the boos coming his way. Referee Trixie doesn’t waste any time before starting her countout, quickly shouting out the count. Eldritch, unconcerned, takes a deep breath, mocking a fan who is trying to call him a chicken. He points to his head, saying how smart he is. Meanwhile, Willis has run to the other side of the ring and is returning, leaping over the ropes towards Eldritch!! But at the last second, Eldritch dodges to his right, spinning out of the way, and Willis takes an uncontrolled plunge to the outside mats!!*

Logan: Damn!! What a horrible landing!!

Jones: Willis bet it all on the fact that Eldritch was going to still be there, but the man was too quick. That could be the match right there!

*Trixie’s count is getting higher and higher, as Eldritch seems to be considering just going into the ring and taking the countout win. However, with Willis trying to get up, Eldritch has a change of heart, perhaps remembering his promise of destruction to PIC. He pulls Willis up and slams his head into the apron before rolling him back into the ring, following behind him. Willis is still having trouble getting up, a fact that Eldritch takes advantage of, double-underhooking his arms and dropping with a quick DDT. Eldritch then makes the cover… 1… 2… Willis gets free, shooting his arm into the air. Eldritch immediately pulls himself back up, moving into position behind Willis and grabbing his legs. He bends Willis around, getting the smaller wrestler into the Affliction! Willis, though, is already too close to the ropes, as he lunges himself forward, grabbing onto them for dear life!*

Logan: Close one for Willis, as he was lucky to be near the ropes.

Jones: Eldritch is a good wrestler, but he’s got to watch mistakes like that. Sometimes you’ve only got that one opportunity to put a match away. You don’t want to blow it by not knowing where you are in the ring.

*Trixie calls for the break, but Eldritch seems to refuse, instead dragging Willis back away from the ropes and tightening his grip on the Affliction! Willis is in a lot of pain, but Trixie isn’t bothering to check on him, as she’s instead counting out Eldritch, who barely releases the hold in time. Eldritch gets in Trixie’s face, angry, but Trixie was just enforcing the rules of the GCWA. Shaking his head, Eldritch reaches down and grabs Willis by the back of the head, getting him up. But Willis suddenly reacts, pushing himself into the air with his feet, then dropping backwards, taking Eldritch to the mat before he can react! Eldritch hit face-first, causing him to roll on the mat in pain, grabbing at his nose. Willis, meanwhile, rolls away, taking the time to recover. Eldritch grabs at the ropes and gets himself up, shaking his head clear and checking his nose for blood. Not finding any, he turns back to Willis… who’s coming at him at a run! Willis leaps up, getting a spinning splash that takes Eldritch backwards to the mat! Trixie’s right there… 1… 2… Eldritch kicks out!*

Jones: Mikey Willis is putting up a pretty good fight in there today!

Logan: The guy’s got potential, there’s no denying it. I have to admit, when I heard about this match, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but both men are doing pretty good so far!

Jones: Hopefully, that trend will continue the rest of the night!

*Willis slowly drags himself up, clearly still hurting from that fall he took earlier. But adrenaline is helping him keep going, as he boots Eldritch in the stomach, turning him over. Willis stomps on him a few more times, trying to do more damage, then goes towards the turnbuckle, looking for a big maneuver. As he climbs, Eldritch pulls himself up, moving towards Willis from behind. He grabs on the ropes and starts to climb up behind Willis, but Willis stomps on his fingers, causing Eldritch to yell in pain! Eldritch drops from the ‘buckle, grabbing his hand, as Willis leaps off, getting a moonsault splash into his opponent! Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… but Eldritch won’t stay down, getting his shoulder off the canvas. Willis grabs at the ropes and gets back up, with Eldritch trying to get to his knees behind him. Willis, seeing him, springs off the ropes and comes down with a double stomp onto Eldritch’s back, knocking him back to the canvas and apparently putting him in the perfect position for the Standing Shooting Star Press!*

Jones: Willis is looking to end it!

Logan: If he hits this, Eldritch isn’t going to be able to get back up for a while!

*With referee Trixie looking on, Willis stands over his downed opponent. He makes the signal for the Standing Shooting Star Press, then leaps into the air… and Eldritch gets his knees up, blocking it!!! Willis crumples to the side, in pain, as Eldritch rolls himself over to the ropes, looking to get himself up. Both men start to rise, fighting to their feet. Eldritch makes it first, immediately turning towards his opponent. As Willis struggles up, Eldritch comes in, grabbing him and banging Willis’ head into his knee! Willis drops to the mat, stunned, allowing the young Eldritch to get behind him, grabbing his arms. Willis has no defense, as Eldritch crushes him into the mat, landing the Eldritch Abomination!!! Seth tiredly makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Seth Eldritch!

Jones: Nice win by Eldritch, as he staved off a tough fight from Mikey Willis!

Logan: Yeah, it was a tight one, but in the end, Eldritch managed to land that maneuver of his for another successful victory. Too bad for Mikey, as he almost pulled it off.

*Mikey rolls out of the ring, holding his head in pain, as Eldritch milks the attention for all its worth, getting Trixie to raise his hands a couple of times. As he does so, though, he fails to notice that the growing cheers are actually for the man rushing down the aisle behind him: PIC! PIC dives under the ropes and runs towards Eldritch, who, startled, turns around, only to get a Cactus clothesline over the top rope! Both men land on their feet on the outside, with PIC punching away at the man who caused him to lose earlier!*

Jones: PIC’s here for revenge!

Logan: These guys may be newer wrestlers, but they’ve had enough time to get a serious grudge going between them, haven’t they?

*The two men head up the aisle, with Eldritch seemingly working to get away from PIC, since he’s at a disadvantage. PIC follows him, trying to get in a few more shots, but Eldritch manages to pull free, rushing to the backstage. PIC, turning to the crowd for a second, earns a nice ovation, before heading back in pursuit. We leave the scene and head backstage, where we see Tommy Crimson of the Roman Empire wheeling a keg of beer into the GCWA cafeteria area. A table has been set up with mugs, chips, shot glasses, liquor bottles, deck of cards and everything else you’d expect to see at a party. Crimson starts to tap the keg, working to free the beer inside. We see Lurrr enter into the picture and usher Crimson away from the keg…Lurrr, with one hand, is able to tap the keg instantly and he begins pouring beer into the custom made Roman Empire mugs that were lining the table.*

Lurrr: Man, this beer is cold…I know I have my match with Ace later on tonight, so I’d better take it easy…one or two won’t hurt, after all, he is, like, 90 years old.

Tommy Crimson: Yea, Lurrr, you gotta have a few, we are celebrating my enormous victory over Marcus Ka’Derrion! The Empire is now 2-0 against the World Champion with a third win soon to come.

Lurrr: Speaking of…where is Mobley?

*Right on cue, Mobley and Warrick arrive at the party. We notice Mathis seated at one of the tables, taking it easy.*

Warrick Hill: Sorry we’re late, had some business to attend to in regards to Arryk ‘I think I’m Twiztid but I’m not really sure so don’t call me Twiztid oh crap, I can’t remember’ Rage. If everything goes according to plan, I intend to get completely sloshed with you guys right here, right now.

*Warrick receives a mug of beer from Lurrr, Lurrr offers one to Derek, Derek accepts, the four men go to toast.*

Lurrr: So, gentlemen, what are we toasting to?

Tommy Crimson: My win?

Lurrr: Nah, it was a cool win, but we’re not going to toast a forfeit.

Derek Mobley: How about to Tommy Crimson bringing home the Intercontinental Title, Lurrr holding on to his X-Division Title and Derek Mobley bringing the World Heavyweight Title back home, where it belongs.

*All four men toast and take a sip of beer, Mobley finds the GCWA cameraman and walks towards him, with a look of intensity in his eye.*

Derek Mobley: Marcus, you thought that by destroying my Honda Civic last week you were proving a point, you thought that you were going to return the favor in regards to hitting too close to home…I’m sorry to say, Marcus, it’s hard to break something that can easily be fixed. My Civic is just fine…it’s been bashed before, it’ll be bashed again. This whole month, Marcus, I’ve been looking for some creativity out of you, a little bit of originality, something outside of the ordinary, mundane feud…you’ve let me down.

*Lurrr shouts out from behind.*

Lurrr: He did lose for the first time this month, to that really awesome X-Division champion, that was something new.

*The Empire shares a laugh, Derek continues speaking.*

Derek Mobley: I know this month hasn’t been a stellar one for you Marcus and I assume you’re probably hoping that means I’m going to take your ability for granted. Sorry to say, you don’t get to where I am in my career by taking anyone lightly. I’ve been in the ring with the best, I’ve defeated the best…I could rattle off the list, but, there’s really no need…that list, though, it is missing one name. Nine years ago I had a World Title shot against the Punisher, Mr. Ka’Derrion, if you will…I lost it…whatever my excuse was, it doesn’t matter, I lost…I never got the opportunity to avenge that loss…until now. The Ka’Derrion name is one that is long overdue being placed on my list…next Sunday, at Capital Punishment, Marcus…I arrive with one intention and one intention only…I arrive with the intention upon leaving the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion. I will do whatever I have to, rest assured…and when it’s all said and done, when the smoke has cleared and the proverbial dust has settled you will know why I am the greatest wrestler in the history of this sport, you will know why I am the undeniable franchise of the GCWA and, more importantly, you will know why I am Derek ‘The Thriller’ Mobley…

*Mobley takes a sip of beer before flinging a heavy right hand into the camera man, knocking him over and knocking our view out. With nothing else to see, we’re quickly sent to a commercial.*

*We return from the break with a change to the back where The Big Bifford has again lit a campfire in the backstage area. Sitting next to him is Ludwig the Seal. Bifford throws Cocoa Puffs, one by one, into the air and Ludwig begins catching them in his mouth. Bifford giggles with glee, seeing the trick that he has taught his little buddy the seal. Suddenly a shadow comes over them and the camera pans out to show that Titan 3 is standing, looking down at the fat man and his seal.*

Titan 3: Bifford, Ace has put me in charge of 'fixing' his office. I'm not doing it. You are. Or your freak friends are. Either way, get up and get to Ace's office.

The Big Bifford (seeming confused): Didn't Ace get my memo?

Titan 3: What memo?

The Big Bifford: I built him a new office!

*Bifford points to the side where Titan 3 sees the horrifying "office" that Bifford built a few weeks ago that consists of cardboard boxes and 2x4s attached together by duct tape and some rusty nails. Above the door, where previously "VP Ludwig" was written, is now "Prezident Ehce," written in red crayon. Titan 3 shudders at the thought of that "structure." He shakes his head.*

Titan 3: No. Bifford, go clean the office now.

The Big Bifford: But T-3... we go waaay back! Remember back in that other federation when I was President and you were Champion and I kicked both of you and Kreller Masters off the top of that scaffold and made myself World Champion? Those were good times!

Titan 3: No they weren't Bifford. Go fix Ace's office. Now.

The Big Bifford: Oh remember that other time that I nailed you in the back of the head with the title belt and then helped Goldie win the World Championship from you!? We had such awesome times!

Titan 3: No, we didn't. Clean it. Or else.

The Big Bifford: At least I didn't put you in any Gold Fish and Baby Turtle matches! I didn't make you ride the ice skating mules! Things could have been much worse for you. Remember that Eliminator fellow? He was never the same. Roz Blayze? Never the same.

Titan 3: I don't care. Fix the office. Now.

The Big Bifford: I'll put grape-boy on it...

*Bifford picks up a walkie talkie and shouts into it: "Martin get your ass to Ace's office and fix things." A loud beep is heard, censoring the obscenities coming from the walkie talkie as Martin Ka'Berryon responds to Bifford's request. Bifford smiles at Titan 3, who is already leaving, caring more about ‘following’ the President’s orders and getting something done about the office. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: So Martin Ka’Berryon is going to have to fix the President’s office?

Logan: You’d think, with all the money Ace has, he would have paid someone just to repair it.

Jones: Well, I’m sure he wants to set an example to keep others from setting fires in his office.

Logan: Who else but Bifford would do that?

Jones: It’s the wrestling business, Anthony. You can never know who’s going to do what next.

Logan: I’ll concede your point. Next match, please!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10 minute time limit! Introducing first, he is a star who has held multiple titles in other federations, standing 6’1” and weighing in at 220 lbs, representing the Roman Empire, here is Warrick Hill!

*The crowd immediately launches into negativity, as Warrick Hill comes out to “Tom Sawyer” by Rush. He grins, clearly in a very good mood as he walks down the aisle. It’s hard to tell why he’s so happy, although I’m sure the audience has a few guesses of what could have made him that way.*

Logan: It was a quiet week for Mr. Hill. I wonder if he continued his quest to find the ICWF Universal Title?

Jones: I still think he should be focusing on GCWA gold.

Logan: Admittedly, it’s hard to believe that Hill has been here for six months without winning a title, but he’s been having a good time in other ways.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he has wrestled under many names, and now is on a journey to reclaim a belt he never previously earned, standing 5’10” and weighing 212 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is “Twiztid” Arryk Rage!

*”Know Your Enemy” by Green Day begins to play, getting some of the fans to cheer. Others still don’t trust Arryk’s motivation since returning to the GCWA, refusing to cheer a man they once wanted buried alive. All eyes are on the entrance way, including Warrick’s.*

Jones: Despite his best efforts, Arryk hasn’t quite gotten the fans to warm up to him since returning to the GCWA. Supposedly, he has no memory of the time he spent as Twiztid.

Logan: Uh, Jonesy…

Jones: Rage is set, though, next week, to fight the most hated person in the GCWA, Lurrr, in that tag-team match. Wouldn’t that be something, if Arryk Rage finally won the X Division Title so many months after he once ‘stole’ it for himself?

Logan: Jonesy…

Jones: What, Anthony?

Logan: Where is he?

Jones: Huh?

*The cameras focus on the curtains, which haven’t moved, despite Arryk’s theme music playing. The crowd is starting to get restless. In the ring, Warrick seems to have developed an exaggerated expression of concern, even going so far as to scratch at his chin in thought.*

Jones: This is strange. It isn’t very often where someone doesn’t show up for their entrance.

Logan: Y’know, Warrick’s looking a little too knowledgeable over there.

Jones: Wait, what? Ok, I’m being told… something’s happening just behind the entranceway… the cameraman’s there, now…

*The video jumps backstage, where we’re shown a chaotic scene. It’s hard to see exactly what’s happening, though, since the members of the Roman Empire are in the way! Suddenly, Rick Mathis, who had previously apparently been throwing punches, raise up, pulling up a battered Arryk Rage with him! Rage starts to struggle, trying to get his arms free of Mathis’ grip. His lip appears to be a bloody mess from some of the hits he has taken.*

Jones: What the hell?!?!

Logan: Ambush!! They knew where Rage was going to be, and they were waiting!!

Jones: But why would they… holy *bleep*!

*Before Rage can get free, Lurrr is there, flying into the picture with a Wake Up Call!! Arryk’s head snaps violently back as he falls, crumpling to the ground. Lurrr then steps over him, not content with just knocking him out. He stomps away on Rage’s unprotected ribs, getting in several shots, while Mathis watches on with a happy smile. The footage cuts temporarily back to ringside, where Warrick Hill is laughing his ass off.*

Logan: I think they’re trying to take out Rage so that Caine is on his own next week at Capital Punishment, Edds!

Jones: If something isn’t done soon, they might just have succeeded!

*Lurrr lands a few more hits, but suddenly Mathis is grabbing him by the shoulder, getting him to back up. Running into the scene is Scott Caine, carrying a large steel chair! He swings it back and forth, with the members of the Roman Empire freely giving way. Lurrr, though, is still smiling. He even breaks into a laugh, then points, letting Caine know that he’s next. The two Roman Empire guys depart, while Caine checks on his beaten-down partner.*

Jones: Thank goodness Caine got here when he did!

Logan: Yeah… but did he get here in time?

*Rage is not moving as Caine checks him over. A medic suddenly appears, as they normally keep an eye on the live broadcast to see when they will be needed. Caine, with chair in hand, glares after where the Empire departed, then suddenly goes through the curtain, even as the medic works on the unconscious wrestler.*

Logan: Wait, where’s he going? He’s coming here?

Jones: It looks that way, Anthony, and Warrick just noticed!

*Hill, who has been laughing uncontrollably in the ring, suddenly has his smile fade when he spots a weapon-toting Caine heading his way. Hill raises his hands up, as if saying for Caine to wait a second and let him explain, but Caine’s already up on the apron, furious at the man waiting there. He comes through the ropes, bringing the chair up high, with Hill ducking his swing by falling to the ground and quickly rolling, getting out of harm’s way! Caine tries a swing over the ropes, but Hill is already long gone, moving up the aisleway, his cocky grin reappearing on his face. He mocks Caine, apparently showing him he was THAT close, but not close enough.*

Jones: The Empire appear to have won this round, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, but no matter what, Lurrr’s still got to defend that X Division Title next week. We’ll see what happens then!

*Caine is still standing in the ring, trying to decide what to do. He turns and leaves the ring, apparently opting to head back to where Rage is being taken care of. The scene changes to the back where Martin Ka'Berryon is painting over the 'fruit basket' that Bifford left for Ace (drawn on Ace's office wall in red crayon). Martin looks behind him and sees Ludwig sitting in the middle of the office staring at him.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Don't look at me like that! STOP JUDGING ME!

*Martin stares at the seal, who just looks back at the man in the grape costume with the paint brush. As the camera pans out, it reveals that a Priest, a Minister and a Rabbi are all helping Martin to fix the destroyed office. The priest is working on drying out one of the rugs that was ruined when the fire-sprinklers went off due to the campfire. The minister is putting up new curtains since the ones that were previously up were set on fire by the incense. Finally the Rabbi is fixing Ace's chair that was broken by Bifford's weight. The seal just supervises. We head to commercial.*

*As we return from the break, we see Cynthia Hall, the top interviewer for the GCWA. She is standing in the backstage interview area, waiting for the signal to begin. Of course, since we’re already seeing her, the signal comes pretty quick.*

Cynthia Hall: Hello, GCWA fans! This is Cynthia Hall, live backstage at the Arena, with a few people who have a chance to, in their words, ‘right a wrong’ and get their belts back. They are Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris, the Danger Boiz!

*There is a wave of cheers from the fans as the Danger Boiz appear in the shot. Crazy Chris does a quick hand-signal to the camera, while Dangerous Dan, with a serious expression, nods wordlessly to Cynthia.*

Cynthia Hall: Dan, Chris, next Sunday you have a chance to regain the World Tag Team titles. Now Dan last week you came off a title defense that ended with you losing the Television title. How are you prepared mentally for the upcoming title match?

Dangerous Dan: Well Cynthia, first thing first, Congratulations to Robert Santana on capturing the Television title. It was a historic moment. Good luck on facing Scott Caine, but mark my words, regardless of who walks out tonight as champion, I will get my rematch and take back MY Television title. As far as Capital Punishment is concerned, the Danger Boiz have waited on the back burner long enough. But Stranger Danger, your title run is coming to an end. The Danger Boiz are taking back the gold.

Crazy Chris: That’s right Stranger Danger. Your reign as Tag Team Champions are over. Now, we respect the two of you, but when it comes to gold, there are no friends in this business. We let you two enjoy a lengthy run, but it’s our time to shine again.

Cynthia Hall: Well with the upcoming title match taking place next Sunday, you two seem to have been giving the night off. Any plans for tonight?

Dangerous Dan: We might have the night off, Cynthia, but we will be watching very closely tonight. Closer than you know. Especially the Television title match. I will be glad to face whoever wins, Robert or Scott? And I see that Scott has been talking about how I was afraid to give Scott a title match. Well Scott you were the one afraid to ask for a shot. We have had several battles and I have been successful most of those. You seem to think that I am scared of you, when in reality, you are afraid of me. You know Chris, it’s funny how Scott waited to challenge for the title AFTER I lost the belt. Who’s afraid of whom?

Crazy Chris: Someone got a little worried about getting beat.

Dangerous Dan: Well regardless, I will get the title back. Also, Stranger Danger better watch their backs too. You never know when the Danger Boiz will pop up.

Cynthia Hall: Dan, Chris, thanks for your time. Good luck on capturing gold. Hopefully next time I interview you, you will be champions.

Crazy Chris: We will be Cynthia. We guar an damn tee IT!!!

Cynthia Hall: This is Cynthia Hall, sending it back out to the guys in the ringside area!

*The picture cuts out, as we’re back with Jones & Logan.*

Jones: While they have the night off, I definitely think the Danger Boiz have a good shot at getting some gold in the near future.

Logan: Well, I’m sure Dangerous Dan will get his rematch eventually for the Television Title. Their focus now, though, has to go towards regaining the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. I think this will be their first opportunity to regain them since losing them to Stranger Danger at Blood On The Battlefield III.

Jones: It’s just one more exciting match on an already-great-looking PPV!

Logan: Tow that company line, Jonesy! Yeah!

Jones: What, you don’t think it’s a great card?

Logan: I think it’s an astonishingly great card that speaks for itself. We don’t need to sell this to the fans. They’re going to tune in for sure!

Jones: Yes, but if we don’t plug it, Ace will fire us.

Logan: … Don’t forget to order your PPV now!! It’s going to have Marcus Ka’Derrion! The Big Bifford! The Lost Soul! Harvey Danger! All your favorite faces! Don’t miss it!

Jones: Very good, Anthony, and on with the show!

Minos: This next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he continues to build his career in the GCWA after six months, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*As “Automatic” by American Pearl plays, Scott Caine walks carefully out of the back. He’s still got a steel chair in hand, as he watches behind him, obviously keeping an eye out for another attempted ambush. Still hanging onto his weapon, Caine heads towards the ring.*

Logan: I know Caine was working on focusing entirely on this match by going out into the wilderness to get away from the Roman Empire matters for a while, but I think that plan was blown out of the water earlier tonight.

Jones: With the surprise assault on Arryk Rage, Caine’s focus has definitely been thrown off. We still haven’t heard a report on the condition of Arryk, but there are definite concerns about Caine’s partner for the PPV.

Logan: Caine has to put all that aside, though, and concentrate on one thing: winning his first championship.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he reached a milestone in his career last week on Inferno with a triumphant victory, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans look excitedly towards the entrance way, expecting the usual entrance of the champion. Instead, though, “Sandstorm” by Darude begins to play, as Robert Santana makes his entrance. He moves to the center of the stage, raising the Television Title high above his head towards the crowd, causing a good explosion of cheers. Santana then makes his way towards the ring, viewing his competition waiting for him.*

Jones: Santana got himself some new theme music to start his reign as champion!

Logan: Good for him, because, really, “Boom Boom Pow”? Never worked for me. I mean, it’s still not an Asian tune, but why stereotype him?

Jones: So this week, Santana was said to have been involved in some issues regarding his sister, Mei Li. I even heard about some sort of explosion that took place! I wonder what the story was there…

Logan: Who knows? At least we know Santana wasn’t badly hurt, because he’s here today. I guess we’ll find out the rest at a future date.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Santana moves into the center of the ring, throwing a quick bow to referee Mark Bell, then bowing towards his opponent. Caine nods in return, but is ready to get started. He moves in, locking up with Santana in a brief test of strength, as they head back towards a corner. Caine manages to get the leverage, putting Santana’s back against the pad, with referee Bell calling for the break. Caine agrees, stepping back, with Santana cautiously coming out. The two lock up again, this time with Santana managing to get the leverage, pushing Caine backwards to the corner. Once again the ref calls for the break, with Santana backing away, his hands up. Caine, though, answers with a boot to Santana’s stomach! With Santana bent over, Caine grabs his head, getting a spinning neckbreaker on the champion, then going for the pin! 1… 2.. and Santana quickly kicks out, avoiding the sudden defeat.*

Jones: A little bit of dirty tactics there from Caine, as he almost caught the champ off-guard long enough to beat him.

Logan: Caine may have earned some fans back after his long-running feud with Lurrr and the Empire, but he’s still willing to do what it takes to win, thanks to the coaching of his manager, Benji Sampson.

Jones: Hey, where is Sampson, anyway?

Logan: I think Caine told him to stay in the back, which can’t be easy for any manager to hear.

*Caine pulls Santana up, sending him into the ropes. Caine braces himself to jump up for a dropkick, but before he can, Santana hangs onto the ropes, keeping out of range. Caine, a little perturbed, rushes forward, but Santana drops his shoulder, sending Caine over the ropes. Caine manages to land on the apron, but it’s only a brief stop, as Santana snaps off a side kick, knocking Caine backwards to the outside mats! Santana immediately follows him, stepping through the ropes. He waits on the apron, while Caine pulls himself back up. With his opponent in the perfect position, Santana jumps off the apron for a flying chop! But Caine responds, swinging out a side punch that catches Santana in the midsection, causing him to fall to the mat in pain! Caine quickly grabs Santana’s arm and shoots him into the stairs, no, reversal, Caine hits the stairs instead!*

Jones The action is intense early on in this one, with both men going back and forth!

Logan: What do you expect from a title match? A squash?

Jones: I would never expect that, Anthony. So far, either man still has a chance at leaving with the gold.

Logan: Yep, but Caine better keep track of the referee, or else his chance is quickly going to disappear with a double countout.

*With referee Bell already up to 7 in his count, Caine grabs a hurting Santana and rolls him into the ring, following right behind him. Caine drops an elbow on Santana’s chest, than goes for the cover, hoping that he softened up the champ enough. It doesn’t work, as Santana kicks out at 2. Caine is already on his way up, grabbing at Santana to get him up as well. He bodyslams Santana next to the ropes, causing a little more pain, then heads towards the turnbuckle. Caine climbs up, stepping onto the top rope, then turns, balancing himself. He comes off with a frog splash attempt, moving his arms and legs in a scissor motion, but Santana sits up and gets out of the way! Caine splashes into the hard canvas, immediately showing signs of agony from the impact. As Caine tries to roll away, Santana gets himself up, dropping a leg onto Caine, then covering him… 1… 2… Caine kicks free.*

Jones: Santana looks a little more tense than usual, Anthony. I wonder what’s gotten under his skin?

Logan: Probably the thought that he possibly could be a one-week champion, Jonesy. No other title puts its competitors under this kind of pressure. Most get at least a few weeks to enjoy their reigns, but the TV Title has to be defended at every television card. Dan managed to make it 7 weeks. Santana wants to at least complete one.

Jones: The stress has to be unimaginable. If Santana wins here, he’s got Dangerous Dan, Crazy Chris, PIC, Seth Eldritch, and so many other top contenders waiting in the wings.

Logan: It’s tough, but the paychecks are pretty nice, Jonesy.

*During the discussion, Santana has gotten Caine into the corner, chopping away at him. He lands several hits, even getting the crowd to count along. Caine’s chest is now sporting a large red welt. Caine gets dragged out of the corner by the champion, who applies an abdominal stretch, working to get rid of more of his competitor’s energy. Referee Bell moves in, watching closely as Caine tries to free himself. Bell asks the usual questions, but Caine refuses to submit. Santana keeps the pressure on, but doesn’t any any cheating to the mix, refusing to use the ropes for more leverage. He is intent on winning cleanly. However, the proximity to the ropes hasn’t been lost on Caine, who slowly shifts his weight, leaning them over in that direction. Caine manages to reach out, getting the ropes and causing the break, with Santana willingly releasing him. Of course, Santana immediately follows that up by grabbing Caine from behind, rolling him up! 1… 2… and Caine barely manages to get free!*

Logan: Whew, Santana nearly pulled that one off!

Jones: Caine was so happy to have gotten free of the submission hold that he very nearly made a match-ending mistake.

Logan: Yeah, Santana’s a smart guy. Moves like that are what got him to the championship in the first place.

*Both men pull themselves up, the fatigue starting to set in from this competitive contest. Santana stays in charge with a couple more chops, keeping Caine on the defensive. The TV Champion grabs Caine by the arm and sends him into the ropes across the ring. Caine comes back with Santana trying for a spinning kick, only to miss, as Caine goes underneath it. Caine then rebounds off the side and runs back, going for a splash! Somehow, Santana manages to brace himself, catching Caine in mid-air!! He lifts Caine up, then appears to be attempting a fallaway slam, but Caine changes direction as he goes up, grabbing Santana’s head and, landing behind him, dropping with an inverted DDT!! After such a flurry, both men are hurting, but Caine is still able to pull himself on top for a cover… 1… 2… no, Santana gets out of the pin. Caine looks towards referee Bell with frustration, looking for some way to put away the champion.*

Jones: Caine’s looking desperate to me. He’s taking every pin failure pretty hard.

Logan: Well, the guy’s been in the GCWA for most of its current run without a title run, Jonesy. I would get a little bit anxious too, if that was happening to me.

Jones: Yes, Caine could very well be the best wrestler in the organization to have never worn a title. That might change here tonight.

*Caine slowly pulls up the champion, trying to figure out a way to keep him down. He starts to take Santana towards the corner, but Robert puts on the brakes, elbowing Caine in the stomach. Caine bends over, with Santana grabbing him by the head in order to try for a Russian leg sweep. However, Caine blocks it, then takes Santana forward instead, face-planting him into the canvas! The champion is down, but Caine doesn’t go for the pin, instead looking towards the turnbuckle in anticipation. He heads towards it, climbing up with step after painful step. Scott reaches the top and turns, setting himself for the Sugar Caine, only to realize that Santana is already pulling himself up! Caine, out of desperation, dives off towards Santana, trying for a flying spear variation! But Santana reacts instinctively, jumping up and hitting the Sensei-Tion!!!! Caine is down and out, with Santana crawling over to him for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL the GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Logan: Santana’s managed to survive another week as the champion! No one-week reign for him!

Jones: This was a big win for Santana, no question! What a kick that was!

Logan: Unfortunately for Caine, he’s missed out on another opportunity. That being said, he’s still got a chance at gold next week against Lurrr.

*Santana is back on his feet now, holding the Television Title in one hand. He climbs the turnbuckle, showing it off to the cheering fans, even as Caine rolls out of the ring, stunned by the defeat. The scene changes to the back where The Big Bifford is walking down the hallway with a determined look on his face. He is alone, as all of his cohorts are busy in Ace's office. He finally comes up to a locker room door and stares at it with determination.*

The Big Bifford: Stevie Donovan... Dracula... Feel the WRATH of the BIFFORD! Feel the LINGERING PAIN left by the LOVERMAKER of GYPSIES! Feel the DESTRUCTIVE POWER of the DESTROYERRR of LURRR! Feel the TERROR of the KICKER OUTERER of the THRILLER! Feel the SEARING PAIN of the SLAYER of SMOKEY THE BEAR! Feel this VAMPIRE...!

*Bifford whips the giant head of garlic that he acquired during his promos this week at the door. He then throws the vile of poisonous blood at the door and it shatters. He then runs (in his own little way) away as fast as he can (not very fast). A few moments later the door opens, probably due to the noise the garlic and vile made, and Shane Donovan and Draco look out into the hallway. They see the blood on the floor and the giant head of garlic and just look at each other with confused looks before closing the door. The camera catches up with Bifford who is finally reaching Ace's office. He opens the door and looks around with a horrified look on his face. The office looks like a bizarre mixture of Catholic Church, Jewish Temple and has grapes painted all over the walls. The rabbi, priest, minister and Martin Ka'Berryon stand in the middle of the room, looking at Bifford.*

The Big Bifford: Crosses? Stars of David? Menorahs? Grapes? What the hell is this?

*Bifford looks to the middle of the room where Ace's desk has been replaced by a marble altar. Behind it, though, is his fixed chair. Bifford's eyes move up to the giant grape mural on the wall. He grimaces.*

The Big Bifford: Oh well, it's fixed... Here's hoping Ace is happy.

*Bifford walks up to the altar and places on it the Soul Gem from his promos this week, which glows bright purple due to The Lost Soul's soul being in it.*

The Big Bifford: There's a little peace offering for Ace...

*Bifford quickly pulls out the box of Cocoa Puffs and begins leaving a path of them out of his office. Ludwig happily follows the path, eating the Cocoa Puffs as he goes. Martin Ka'Berryon follows behind, dragging his feet. As he moves out of place, it's shown that behind where he was standing - in the middle of the Grape Mural - is a small shrine to Marcus Ka'Derrion with candles lit on each side of the image of the World Champion. Bifford leaves the office without seeing this and heads back to the campfire with Martin and Ludwig in toe. The picture fades out to another commercial break.*

*We come back from the break in the catering area. Harvey Danger and Cousin Larry sit bent over one of the tables, deep in conversation. Larry sips a water bottle while Harvey pounds down a cool refreshing Diet Pepsi. Harvey ’s face is flushed and he seems to be looking around nervously, while his Cousin Larry leans back into his seat very much relaxed. The camera gets a little closer so we can listen to their conversation.*

Harvey : I… I’m not sure. Do you think it will work? I mean, there’s more to life than being cool, athletic, and popular. I don’t get her! One minute she likes me, the next she doesn’t! She’s been doing it all year. First she kisses me, then acts like she doesn’t like me. If she likes me, fine. If she doesn’t, she should quit acting like it!

Cousin Larry: …Wonder Years quotes?

Harvey : Of course. Think she’ll go for it? There is no better classic television show better suited for my current situation with Trixie than the Wonder Years. All of our young lives we search for someone to love, someone who makes us complete. We choose partners and change partners. We dance to a song of heartbreak…

Cousin Larry: Yeah, we get it. But do you really think she likes you? I mean, like she likes you – likes you? I mean, I had a little talk with some of the other ladies around here and found out a few things.

* Harvey leaps out of his chair, tossing his can of Diet Pepsi clear across the room. In the background, somewhere, someone yells out a four letter word. Harvey grabs onto his cousin’s shirt collar and pulls Larry to his feet. Harvey leans menacingly across the table.*

Harvey : Listen to me, Larry. I swear on everything Holy that I’ll have my mother tell your mother that you tried to take me to a strip club this week! So you better tell me everything you found out and tell me right now. Or… or… I won’t let you borrow any more of my classic television DVD’s or stay in my bomb shelter anymore. So spit it out! These are some of the most important words you will ever speak!

Cousin Larry: She’s not mad at you or anything. She likes you. She’s not really sure if she likes you- likes you… but she likes you. When she first met you, she sort of hated you, but then as you kept hanging around she liked you – liked you, unless she just thought she did and only really just liked you. But she likes you.

* Harvey releases his grip and sinks back to his chair. His face is blank with the thousand yard stare as he silently begins mumbling to himself. Cousin Larry adjusts himself before sitting back down.*

Cousin Larry: Harv? Harvey , good buddy? Speak to me! It’s your cousin Larry. Are you ok?

Harvey : I knew it. I’m a dead man. OH MY GOD! There she is! Hide! Quick! Hide! Cover your face!!

* Harvey dives under the table while Cousin Larry spins around in surprise. Trixie has entered the catering area and has begun slowly munching on a bowl of salad. She smiles at some GCWA crewmembers and some of the other wrestlers or family members, but no one invites her to sit with them. Resembling the stereotypical high school cafeteria at lunch time, Trixie frowns to herself and sits down at a table alone.*

Cousin Larry: She’s alone! I’m going to invite her to come eat over here!

Harvey : (From under the table) No! Don’t! How could I face her after you just said she doesn’t like me – like me, but only likes me! Are you listening to me? Are you listening to me? Hello? Larry?

* Harvey slowly peaks out from under the table, only to find that Cousin Larry has gotten up and is now seated at the table with Trixie. They seem engaged in conversation, laughing politely and smiling. Harvey ’s face grows red with embarrassment when Trixie and Larry glance in his direction. Lunging for another can of Diet Pepsi, Harvey quickly unscrews the cap and begins nervously chugging the cola down. Trixie and Cousin Larry look over in Harvey ’s direction again and laugh. This sends poor Harvey into a choking fit sending soda spraying everywhere. Trixie laughs and Harvey slowly slides underneath his lunch table and covers his head. Cousin Larry eventually gets up from the table and slowly, as if making a big show, bends down to get face-to-face with Harvey.*

Harvey : Well… how dead am I? What did she say?

Cousin Larry: Well, she… I… er… well… We have a date after the show… I have to go get ready. See ya later, Harvey.

*The thousand mile stare returns to Harvey ’s face as Cousin Larry gets back to his feet, patting Harvey on the shoulder. Larry walks off and we see that Trixie has already left the catering area. With one last shot of Harvey ’s pathetic face, we cut back to ringside.*

Logan: Ouch! What’s wrong with that guy? Bros before hoes, man! Bros before hoes!

Jones: That’s just not cool at all. Poor Harvey.

Logan: Maybe his Mom can fix this problem, too. I guess we’ll see.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit. It will be a tag-team contest, featuring multiple participants from next week’s Capital Punishment Intercontinental Title match. Introducing first, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is the Big Bifford!

*”Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio blasts out into the arena, where it’s met by a wave of cheers. The Big Bifford appears through the curtain, followed closely by his manager, Martin Ka’Berryon. The strange duo make their way down, with Bifford looking pretty proud of himself.*

Jones: The Big Bifford headed to an Irish Gypsy camp this week in order to learn techniques for dealing with at least one of his opponents tonight.

Logan: Yeah, he also got to have…. Man, I can’t even say what he got to have with a gypsy woman. It’s just too disgusting to think about.

Jones: Well, in the end, Bifford seemed to consider it a successful trip, as he brought back some ‘weapons’ to deal with “Dracula”.

Logan: Something tells me Bifford’s in for a big surprise here in a few minutes.

Minos: And now, the Big Bifford’s tag-team partner for tonight, he has won many titles in his career, including the ICWF World Heavyweight Championship, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The fans cheer some more as the “Friday the 13th” theme plays. The Lost Soul walks out of the back with that strange smile on his face as always, covering up his true emotions. He maneuvers himself down to the ring, ready for action.*

Logan: The Lost Soul has been on a real roll lately, winning every match he’s been involved in since Ultimate Survival. Whatever they gave him to help with the pain, the guy is now as unstoppable as he used to be!

Jones: I wonder if he’s encountered the random drug tests yet…

Logan: Even if he did, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ace ‘accidentally’ lost the results. It’s all about the bottom line to our President.

Minos: Their opponents tonight have begun working together in recent weeks, forming an unusual partnership in the battles against the Roman Empire, weighing in at a combined 440 lbs, here are Shane Donovan and Draco, D & D!

*”The Game” by Disturbed begins to play, heralding the entrance of D & D. Donovan comes out first with his arms outstretched, as if pleased that his name was called first. Right behind him comes Draco, who steps around Donovan, taking up his spotlight for a second before continuing down the ramp. Donovan, an annoyed look on his face, moves to step around Draco, causing a mini-race on the way to the ring.*

Logan: I’m glad these guys were able to fix Robo-Betsy, even though she might not quite be the same robotic goat she once was.

Jones: Ok, even in the GCWA, that was a strange statement, Anthony.

Logan: What a world we live in, eh? I always wanted a pet robot when I was young.

Jones: As long as they don’t try to take over and kill us all, I’m cool with it.

Logan: Robo-Betsy the Terminator! Ah’ll Be MERRR!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Donovan and Draco take up a position in their corner, arguing now about who is going to start the match. Draco pulls out a coin, apparently to do a coin flip to decide, although Donovan doesn’t seem to trust the accuracy of the coin. On the other side, there is a lot less debate, as The Lost Soul is already in the ring, waiting. The Big Bifford, meanwhile, is distracted by a serious debate he is having with Ka’Berryon, apparently over how “Dracula” could actually make it out here despite the garlic and the poison blood at his doorway. In the meantime, Draco, having shown that it’s a true quarter to Donovan, flips it in the air. It goes out of control, though, falling to the ground outside the mat. As Donovan looks towards where it landed, Draco suddenly steps through the ropes and charges in, using the distraction to his advantage. He and The Lost Soul lock up, while Donovan is stopped by referee Thomas Mitchell from following him in.*

Logan: It’s hard to tell which group will work better as a tag-team in this one. The Big Bifford and The Lost Soul have teamed together a few times, but they certainly can’t be described as allies. However, D & D always seems to be one step removed from a brawl between them over something like whose D is first in their team’s name.

Jones: It’s Donovan, isn’t it? I mean, if you go alphabetically…

Logan: Yes, but Draco & Donovan does have a better ring to it…

Jones: Hell, now we’re doing it! Forget about the name, let’s just call the match!

*In the ring, due to The Lost Soul’s superior size, he’s managed to get Draco into the corner. Referee Mitchell calls for the break, with TLS stepping back, only to have Draco try to come out with a punch. TLS blocks it with his left arm, then lands a few punches of his own, smacking Draco’s head back into the corner. He throws in a few knees to the side, then pulls Draco out of the corner, suplexing him high into the air. After taking a few steps, TLS drops the smaller wrestler back to the canvas, rocking him. The Lost Soul immediately tries for the cover, watching out for any interference from Donovan… 1… 2.. and Draco easily kicks out, a result Donovan clearly expected, as he didn’t attempt to enter the ring.*

Jones: It’s pretty early in this one, but so far, The Lost Soul is looking good. It’s amazing the transformation that’s taken place there.

Logan: Yeah, a lot of people were telling him to retire. Hell, Ace basically mandated it a few months ago! Yet look at him now. You have to look at TLS as a serious threat to taking away the IC Title next week.

Jones: I’m sure Donovan’s got the guy in his crosshairs, considering that The Lost Soul has a win over him, albeit a DQ win.

*The Lost Soul has pulled Draco up from the mat, putting him into a headlock, while the announcers talked. He takes Draco over to the corner, where he reaches out for the tag. Bifford, though, seems reluctant, pointing out that the ‘vampire’ is stronger than he thought. Annoyed, The Lost Soul reaches out and slaps Bifford on the chest, tagging him in anyway! Bifford, a little shaky, steps into the ring, with TLS grabbing Draco by the arms and holding him in place. Draco, trying to get free, lunges forward, with Bifford immediately stepping back, covering his neck. With his fingers, Bifford makes the sign of the cross, causing some laughter in the crowd, even as TLS, with no other option, throws Draco to the side, onto the mat. Draco pulls himself up, with Bifford, seemingly thinking his cross is working, moves in, looking to put the ‘cross’ against Draco’s head. He does so, with Draco blinking in surprise. Bifford, not seeing the reaction he expected, looks down at his fingers, but this distraction is enough for Draco to spring himself into the air, dropkicking the big man! Bifford stumbles into the corner, while Draco goes on the attack.*

Logan: The Big Bifford really needs to shake his belief of Draco as a vampire if he wants to compete here.

Jones: Yes, plus that cross never works if you don’t believe, and Bifford’s an atheist, right?

Logan: Wait… you believe in vampires?

Jones: I believe in anything that scares me.

*With Bifford subdued momentarily in the corner, Draco heads over to his partner, tagging him in. Draco and Donovan immediately team up to kick away at Bifford, easily aiming their kicks into Bifford’s ample stomach. The two men do a little more damage with punches, before referee Mitchell orders Draco to his corner. Donovan continues the abuse, pulling Bifford out of the corner and taking him down with a DDT. Donovan tries a cover, with referee Mitchell right there… 1… 2.. and Bifford throws Donovan off of him, sending him almost out of the ring! Donovan catches himself and gets back up, immediately running back to kick Bifford in the side as he tries to get up. Donovan then reaches back, tagging Draco back in. Donovan grabs Bifford’s arms, holding him in place momentarily. It’s long enough for Draco to spring himself over the ropes, getting a flying clothesline into Bifford’s throat! Bifford wavers, but before he can regain his balance, Donovan throws in a sweep of the legs, causing Bifford to collapse to his back.*

Logan: Like them or hate them, you have to admire the teamwork being shown by D & D. While they argue a lot, they’re looking like a powerful new team in the GCWA.

Jones: Bifford and The Lost Soul better work on their own teamwork, if they want to get back into the flow of this one.

*The Big Bifford is slowly pulling himself up in the ring, even as The Lost Soul reaches out towards him, trying to get him over there for a tag. In the meantime, Draco has moved into the corner, waiting for Bifford to get to the perfect height. When he does, Draco rushes forward, grabbing Bifford by the head in order to try a bulldog. However, Bifford yells out and throws Draco away from him, a violent gesture that takes Draco completely by surprise! Draco crashes to the mat, while Bifford staggers away, checking his throat for bite marks. Draco, stunned, still has the presence of mind to tag back in Donovan, who tries to rush over to Bifford. But it’s too late, as Bifford got within range of TLS, who tags himself in! The Lost Soul steps through the ropes, staring down his new rival. Donovan doesn’t back down, as he comes in swinging, with TLS returning the favor, triggering a brawl!*

Logan: This is what I’m talking about! You have to love grudges!

Jones: Donovan still blames The Lost Soul for ‘stealing’ a match from him at the end of May, even though it was through his own actions that he was disqualified.

Logan: Well, technically it was TLS hitting himself with the chair that Donovan gave him, but I see Donovan’s point.

*The Lost Soul gains control of the brawl, blocking an attempted punch and returning his own jabs. He moves Donovan back to the ropes, then grabs his arm, whipping Donovan across, no, reversal. The Lost Soul runs to the other side, but as he’s turning, Draco pulls on the ropes, lowering them! The Lost Soul, out of control, topples over the ropes, crashing to the floor!! Referee Mitchell approaches Draco, angrily warning him, with Draco trying to pretend it was an accident. On the outside, TLS is trying to pull himself up, but he rises at the wrong time, as Donovan comes out of the ring with a baseball slide, knocking TLS into the guardrail! Donovan continues his assault by latching onto his opponent’s head and taking him into the apron, followed by a roll back into the ring. Donovan follows by springing himself over the ropes with a surprise leg drop, than makes a cover, with Draco pointing it out to the still distracted referee. Mitchell slides into place… 1… 2… The Lost Soul kicks free!*

Jones: A lot of people are not expecting Donovan to be able to leave with the Intercontinental Championship against guys like The Big Bifford or The Lost Soul, but he’s definitely standing toe-to-toe with them tonight.

Logan: Hey, don’t forget the other participant. We’re either going to see Tommy Crimson or Draco getting a shot at that belt, too, you know.

Jones: Crimson has to be loving this match. All of his opposition is taking a beating, while he’s getting the week off, thanks to the Ka’Derrion cancellation.

Logan: He’ll still have to win two matches to get that IC Title, though, which won’t be an easy accomplishment.

Jones: As will Draco. I wonder how this team will fare if Draco wins the IC Title away from Donovan?

*On the apron, The Big Bifford is again conversing with Martin, who seems to be trying to explain to Bifford that Draco is not a vampire. It’s hard to tell if Bifford is buying it, especially coming from a man in a grape suit. In the meantime, Donovan has tagged back in Draco, who has gone to the turnbuckle. In the meantime, Donovan grabs The Lost Soul’s legs, lifting him up and catapulting him towards Draco, who is already airborne, landing the missile dropkick into The Lost Soul’s chest!! The Lost Soul lands badly on the mat, the move having knocked the air out from him, as Draco crawls over to make the cover. Referee Mitchell moves into place to make the count… 1… 2… and the Big Bifford is in, stomping on Draco! The count is broken up, with Bifford already moving backwards, still wary of Draco but knowing he scored a good hit.*

Logan: That was an impressive double-team maneuver from D & D.

Jones: I believe they call that one the Magic Missile.

Logan: Why do they call it that?

Jones: You’d have to ask them, Anthony, but it’s still a very impressive maneuver.

*Bifford is back in his corner now, looking anxious, while Draco rubs his head and tags his partner back in. Donovan steps through the ropes, joining Draco in position, while The Lost Soul pulls himself up. The two teammates come in, both going for a superkick that will finish TLS off. However, TLS drops to his knees at the last second, causing both men to kick over him! TLS follows that up buy thrusting his arms out, hitting both men in their balancing legs, sending them toppling over! With both opponents down, it’s The Lost Soul’s chance, as he struggles to make his way towards the corner. The Big Bifford is pounding his foot, getting the crowd into it as he reaches out. Draco recovers first for his team, seeing what’s happening. He runs forward, grabbing The Lost Soul before he can make the tag, pulling him away from the corner. But TLS responds by grabbing Draco’s arm while hanging onto the top rope next to him, managing to propel Draco up and over the ropes! Draco topples over, disappearing from view, as TLS lunges out, tagging in his partner!!*

Jones: The hot tag has been made!

Logan: Look out, D & D, here comes a fresh Big Bifford!

*Donovan tries to run in to catch Bifford off-guard, but Bifford catches the smaller wrestler coming in, lifting him up with one arm and delivering a side slam! Bifford follows that up by getting to his feet, going off the ropes, and coming back with a big splash, crushing down onto the IC Champion! Bifford stays on top, trying the cover… 1… 2… and Draco’s back in, making it just in time to kick Bifford in the head! Bifford rolls away, covering his head, even as Draco follows to get in some more shots. However, Draco failed to see The Lost Soul immediately coming in after him, grabbing Draco and delivering a full nelson slam from behind!! Draco rolls out of the ring, with TLS following him, while Bifford and Donovan struggle back to their feet. Bifford turns towards Donovan, trying to grab him, but Donovan slips under his arm and runs to the ropes, coming back with a flying forearm that knocks Bifford down! Donovan drags himself on top of his opponent, grabbing a large leg… 1… 2… Bifford kicks free!*

Logan: Donovan’s doing everything he can to keep Bifford down, but so far, Bifford’s hanging in there!

Jones: In the meantime, The Lost Soul and Draco are busy with their own fight! It really might be down to a one-on-one contest!

*On the outside, Draco has taken back control, banging The Lost Soul’s head into the ringpost, stunning him. He continues to work over his foe, while Donovan, noticing him, points it out to referee Mitchell, telling him that he needs to get control of this match. Mitchell, annoyed by being ‘reprimanded’ by a wrestler, moves to the ropes, yelling for Draco and TLS to go to their corners. In the meantime, Donovan reaches into his kneepad, pulling out his handcuffs! He puts them onto his fist, as the crowd starts to get excited, trying to make a difference. As the Big Bifford gets up, Donovan steps in, taking a mighty swing… and the Big Bifford knocks the hand away! He kicks the off-balance Donovan in the stomach, then grabs him, landing the Biff End!!!! The handcuffs bounce away, as Donovan is out! Bifford drops all his weight across the man, getting the pin! 1… 2… Draco’s prevented by TLS from coming back in… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, The Big Bifford and The Lost Soul!

Logan: Bifford just pinned the Intercontinental Champion! Could that be an omen about what’s going to happen next week at Capital Punishment??

Jones: I was starting to wonder if Bifford and TLS could work together long enough to win this match, but it worked out in the end! Of course, they won’t be teaming together next week, as it will be every man for himself!

*Draco is back in the ring, angrily kicking the ropes. He’s a man who hates to lose. The Big Bifford has moved to the outside, where he gives Martin Ka’Berryon a high five. He offers the same hand to The Lost Soul, who pushes past Bifford and departs without returning it. Bifford, a little confused, looks at his hand, then looks at Martin, who points out that Bifford DID fail to return the ‘whole soul’ of TLS. Bifford nods, then looks at the departing TLS. In the ring, Donovan gets helped up by Draco, with referee Mitchell coming over to them and handing over the IC Title. Draco takes it for Donovan, taking a moment to look at it, which does not go unnoticed by the current champion. Donovan takes the belt into his own arms, as Draco shrugs his shoulders. We head to the backstage area, where the Accelerator is seen looking at himself in the mirror. He takes a few deep breaths, psyching himself up. There is a knock at the door, with Ace glancing over at it.*

The Accelerator: Yeah? Come on in…

*Ace sets himself, grabbing at a nearby bottle in case he needs it. However, as the door opens, he relaxes, seeing the GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensai” Santana. The crowd cheers Santana, who is still sweaty and disheveled following his successful title defense.*

The Accelerator: Hey there, Robert. I don’t have much time, so what’s up?

Robert Santana: I know you have a match, so I’ll be quick. I defended my title here tonight, so I’m still the champion.

The Accelerator: Yes you are, and congratulations on that.

Robert Santana: Thanks. I noticed, however, that I don’t seem to be booked for Capital Punishment.

i> *Ace straightens up, popping his back, before turning towards Santana.*

The Accelerator: So you’re wanting a match, huh? A payday? You’re willing to defend that belt?

Robert Santana: Yes, sir, against anyone you want to put in front of me.

The Accelerator: Alright then, fine. You have your match. Now I’ve got to go see a Lurrr about a cage. See ya, boyo.

*Santana opens his mouth as if to protest, but the Accelerator is already heading out the door, set on going to war. Santana scratches his head, realizing that Ace set the match, but didn’t tell him who the opponent was going to be. The picture fades out on the bewildered wrestler.*

*We cut backstage as Harvey Danger sulks through a hallway. His head is down, his shoulders slouched, and his feet shuffle as he slowly makes his way down the hall. A GCWA crewmember attempts to squeeze past him unnoticed, holding their clipboard up above their face to avoid eye contact. Harvey reaches out and grabs their arm, having never looked up from the floor. The crewmember lowers the clip board and sighs.*

Crew: Uh, hi… Mr. Danger. Beautiful evening, isn’t it?

Harvey: Beautiful? She… she… SHE LEFT ME! My own cousin... I just can’t believe it! How could she leave me for him?

Crew: Your mother? I just saw her go in one of the locker rooms down the hall…

Harvey: No! Not my mother… Trixie! Wait, why would my Mom be here? She had business to take care of… uh… in… Texas. Oh, hold on a second here. Has she been here all week?

Crew: I promised her I wouldn’t say, sir. She’s a very, uh, demanding woman.

*This picks Harvey’s head up as he looks into the eyes of the crewman. His face is red and his eyes are bloodshot, as if he’s been crying a bit. The crewmember tries to avoid eye contact and already begins moving away. Harvey releases his grip on the crewman’s arm and walks off down the hall at a fast pace. Our cameras follow like a police chase scene from COPS.*

Harvey: So, Mom has been… here? All week? What could she possibly have to do business wise here at the Arena…

*As Harvey makes his way down the hall, we hear the muffled screams of an older woman, none other than Marie Danger. Harvey slows his pace and presses his ear against a door in an attempt to locate the source of the screams. The door swings open and Harvey falls face first into the Ladies Rest Room. Backstage reporter Cynthia Hall stands with her back to the door at the sink fixing her makeup in the mirror. Letting out a scream like a Harlem stabbing victim at the sight of Harvey ’s reflection in the mirror, she begins calling for security. Harvey quickly brushes himself off and slinks out the door, pulling it shut behind him. Moving on to the next door, he smiles, having found the location of his mother. He pauses to listen to his mother through the door: *

Marie: Listen, you son of a bitch! I paid you plenty good for what you did and then some! You owe me, you rat *BLEEP*ard! I swear to you pal, that if my husband was still alive… may the Lord rest his soul… you wouldn’t even have kneecaps anymore! You might not even be breathing, pal! Don’t give me this old lady *BLEEP*. I might be old, but I’m not dead, you f*BLEEP*ing bastard! You absolutely have] to work at the Pay Per View, or my poor little baby will have to go out there all alone! I can’t bear to see that! You don’t know what it’s like to be a mother! To watch your poor baby get beat up and spit on and mocked week after week… That’s why I have to protect him. For his own good. Alright, listen.. you little *BLEEP*, here is the mask you used to wear. I damn well expect you to be out there come next Sunday!

* Harvey’s face screws up and you can practically see the cartoon question mark hanging over his head. This is one of the first times he has ever seen or heard his mother act out like this. He grabs for the door knob and pulls the door open. Inside the room stands Marie Danger with her arm outstretched, holding onto a Stranger mask. A male figure had been standing beside her, but he dove for cover and threw a towel over his face as soon as the door began to open. Harvey stands in the doorway with a look of shock on his face, nearing tears for the second time today. Marie throws down The Stranger mask and reaches up for the camera and begins a tug of war with our camera man.*

Marie: Turn this f*BLEEP*ing camera off!

Harvey : Hey! Is that guy …

*Marie succeeds in the tug of war and smashes the camera onto the floor and we instantly cut to static. After a few seconds, we return to the announce table.*

Jones: The Stranger nearly got caught on camera!

Logan: Yeah, we’ll have to check that camera feed, see if a few frames might have picked up his face.

Jones: So there is a chance that Stranger Danger might be reunited for the PPV?

Logan: I guess so, Jonesy. They need to be able to work together if they want to hang onto those tag-team titles against such a tough team as the Danger Boiz.

Jones: This has been a wild night, but it’s about to get wilder! The cage has been lowered into place, which means it’s time for our main event! Minos? It’s all yours…

Minos: The next match is a special attraction bout scheduled for one fall. It will be a battle inside a steel cage! The only ways to win are pinning your opponent, making him submit, or escaping the cage! Introducing first, he is the GCWA X Division Champion, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, here is the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr!

*Lurrr walks out of the back, with the appropriate song “Cocky” by Kid Rock playing behind him. Rick Mathis follows his boss out, but he’s the only one, as the rest of the Empire is apparently going to watch things from the back. Lurrr has the X Division Title fastened around his waist, recently shined up to reflect the light more prominently. Lurrr and Mathis head for the ring, with Lurrr laughing with Mathis along the way.*

Jones: Lurrr almost seems too relaxed going into this match to me. Does he not realize that he’s fighting the GCWA President and Hall of Famer?

Logan: I think he does, Jonesy, but let’s face it, Lurrr’s been on a major streak lately, including a victory over the World Champion. Facing our President, a formerly great wrestler who has been retired for many years, can’t seem as threatening to him.

Jones: Well, hopefully our President will show him the error of his ways.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he is the Owner and President of the Global Championship Wrestling Association, and is a former multi-time World Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’6” and weighing in at 280 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is the Accelerator!

*The cheers are loud, but so are the concerns for Ace’s welfare, as the President walks out of the back to “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm. He is dressed in his wrestling outfit, but is also wearing a t-shirt, possibly to hide any lack of definition over his formerly-pristine abs. Ace waves his arms back and forth, flexing his muscles, before making his way down.*

Logan: Even the President’s son, Alex, tried to talk Ace out of this match, but the man is determined to get revenge for Lurrr’s superkick last week.

Jones: Hey, he’s the Accelerator! If he wants to wrestle, who’s really going to get in his way?

Logan: Sane people, maybe?

Jones: You’re giving him too little credit, Anthony. I’m betting Ace will surprise the world tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As Minos starts to leave the cage, before they lock it up, the Accelerator stops him, whispering something to the man. Minos nods, then moves back to the center of the ring. Lurrr, a suspicious look in his eyes, turns to see what the big man has to say.*

Minos: I have been advised of two items that require an announcement. First, any interference by anyone during this match will be grounds for immediate firing. This includes anything that will be seen in a review of the recording later on.

*Mathis is watching with his jaw wide open. Apparently this isn’t quite what he wanted to hear. Lurrr is shaking his head, but still doesn’t look too concerned, as he thinks he can take Ace on his own without help, anyway. But Minos is not done.*

Minos: The other announcement is that the GCWA X Division Title… WILL be on the line!

*Lurrr’s jaw drops, as he sees referee Mark Bell picking up the X Division Title, showing it to all of the fans. The crowd roars, knowing that there’s a chance of a title change here tonight, although it’s unclear what the President would do if he won it.*

Logan: Oh my god! Ace is getting the belt put up for grabs??

Jones: He’s the President, Anthony, he can do whatever he wants!

Logan: Amazing!

*Lurrr, upset, argues with referee Bell, but Bell isn’t listening, as he hands the belt outside the ring to the timekeeper. In the meantime, the Accelerator moves in, coming up behind Lurrr and grabbing him. He bangs the off-balanced Lurrr into the side of the cage, once, twice, three times, rattling the man’s brains! Ace then drags Lurrr’s face along the metal, causing him to yell out as he struggles to free himself. With a big grin on his face, Ace doesn’t let up, using his large arms to continually bang Lurrr into the cage, using it as his own personal weaponry!*

Jones: The President is dominating! I knew it!

Logan: It’s a little early to call it domination, Jonesy, but he’s taken advantage of Lurrr’s distraction, that’s for sure.

Jones: That’s all part of the game plan, Anthony! In his time, the Accelerator was known for winning matches with strategy as well as strength. He waited to make his title announcement until the bell had already rung, throwing Lurrr off his game!

Logan: Smart, but will it pay off in the long run, or will Lurrr fight more seriously now that he’s got something to lose?

*The Accelerator, flush with success, or maybe just exertion, takes a moment to breathe, enjoying himself. He slaps Lurrr across the face, as if begging him to fight back, then reaches down, lifting Lurrr into his arms for a potential bodyslam. But Lurrr reaches up, going for the eyes and blinding the President. Ace staggers away, trying to clear his vision, but this allows Lurrr to get back control, hammering the President with forearms to put him against the cage. Lurrr then grabs Ace’s arm, dragging him away from the wall, then whipping him back into it, causing Ace’s head to crack against the steel!! Ace drops to his knees, stunned, but Lurrr isn’t done. He wipes his mouth, thinking about the slap from earlier, then moves back to get some distance. He comes from the other side, running forward and hitting Ace in the back with his knee, sending him face-first into the cage once more!! The President slumps to the ground, as Lurrr regains part of his smile.*

Logan: The leader of the Roman Empire is back in control, and now Ace is in trouble.

Jones: No! C’mon, Mr. President, get up!

*With Mathis applauding on the outside, Lurrr brings the Accelerator back up, using Ace’s tactic by rubbing the President’s face into the steel, back and forth. Ace appears to have a small cut now on his forehead, which is trickling out his blood. Lurrr, seeing this, aims a couple of punches on that area, trying to expand it. He then pulls the Accelerator back towards the center of the ring, showing some strength by lifting the larger opponent up with a German suplex, throwing Ace down. Lurrr gets himself back up, moving to make the cover, since he’s not going to waste time with his belt in danger. Referee Bell is there to make the count… 1… 2… and somehow the President raises his arm! Lurrr glares suspiciously at the referee, wondering about a conspiracy, but Bell sticks with his ruling, so Lurrr pulls the President back up, only to take him right back down with a DDT! Lurrr again makes the cover, watching Bell’s count… 1… 2… and Ace kicks out again!*

Jones: The President’s staying in it!

Logan: If there’s one thing Ace was always good at, it’s taking abuse. The question is, does he still have the ability to make that big comeback?

*Lurrr, looking like he thought the match should already be over, goes to the turnbuckle, pulling himself up, apparently thinking about doing a flying elbow. However, Mathis is shouting from the outside, telling Lurrr to just get out of the ring. After a moment’s consideration, Lurrr seems to agree, flipping off the President (which gets blurred out), then turning and climbing confidently up the side of the cage. Mathis is waiting for him, wanting to help but not wanting to lose his job. Lurrr gets close to the top, starting to step over… but the Accelerator is suddenly climbing after him, his bloody face showing up through the bars! Before Lurrr can do anything, Ace grabs Lurrr’s one leg inside the cage, yanking on it and causing Lurrr to rack himself!! In pain, Lurrr brings his other leg back into the cage, with the Accelerator meeting him on the top, dragging him back to the turnbuckle portion of the ring. Ace then sets Lurrr and lifts him up, managing a superplex off the ‘buckle into the ring!!*

Logan: An incredible move, I’ll give the President that!!

Jones: Time to pin him, Mr. President! Take away that belt!

*Referee Bell watches both men, waiting for movement. Slowly, Ace rolls over, having knocked himself silly with the maneuver. He manages to put an arm across the X Division Champion, with Bell immediately making the count… 1… 2… and Lurrr clearly raises his arm, keeping the match alive! The Accelerator, shaking his head (and causing more blood to drip), pushes off the mat with his hands, getting up. He gets some of the blood out of his eyes with the side of his arm, clearing his vision, then gets hold of Lurrr’s legs, dragging him! Lurrr, recovering, looks up to see Ace with both his legs in hands, and raises his own, trying to beg off. But Ace won’t hear of it, falling backwards, which catapults Lurrr into the cage!! Lurrr hits hard, tumbling back to the ground after the impact. The President struggles over to him, again trying a cover… 1… 2… and Lurrr continues to stay off the mat before the 3 count can hit.*

Logan: Ace sure isn’t pulling any punches. He really does seem to want this win!

Jones: The President has never liked to lose, Anthony. He’d love to basically strip Lurrr of the X Division Title that he prizes so much!

*The Accelerator gets back up, swaying slightly. Referee Bell asks him if he’s alright, watching out for his meal ticket, but Ace waves him away, as if it’s a ridiculous question. The President reaches down, grabbing Lurrr by the hair and pulling him up to his feet. Ace seems to be thinking that he needs to put the man away, as he works to place the leader of the Roman Empire onto his shoulder, setting him up for the first part of the Rollercoaster! However, Lurrr fights free, managing to get himself down behind the President. Before Ace can turn around, Lurrr drops to his knees… and delivers a devastating low blow through the President’s legs!!! Ace, his mouth open in a silent scream, falls to the ground, showing that age doesn’t matter when it comes to a shot to the nether regions.*

Jones: You dirty son of a…

Logan: I hate to say it, Jonesy, but there are no rules in a cage match, so Lurrr had every right to do that.

Jones: Legal or not, that’s the President, and the ref ought to do something!!!

*The Accelerator grabs at the side of the cage, clearly in severe pain. He struggles to turn around, where Lurrr is already waiting for him. The X Division Champion steps in, launching out at Ace and landing the Wake Up Call!!! The Accelerator falls to his back, not moving, as Lurrr walks away, not trying for the pin. Lurrr has other ideas. With Mathis grinning from ear to ear, knowing that the contest is over, Lurrr climbs up on the turnbuckle, then goes a little higher, getting some height. With the Accelerator not moving, Lurrr takes flight, aiming his body perfectly in order to land the Last Call!!!! Lurrr crushes into the President, hitting so hard that he basically rebounds for a second before landing on top of him again. Lurrr, sucking in the pain from the hit, waves over referee Bell, who reluctantly makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

Jones: Damnit.

Logan: It’s the result I’m afraid most of us expected, but at least Ace put up a pretty good fight before the veteran Lurrr put his lights out.

Jones: This is a terrible day, Anthony. The Roman Empire just beat the President of the company! What’s going to happen now??

Logan: Well, we’ll have to see what happens at Capital Punishment.

*Lurrr, holding his side, has a large smile on his face as referee Bell lifts his arm. The cage door is unlocked, allowing Mathis to come in with Lurrr’s X Division Championship, handing it to the champ. From the entryway, the rest of the Roman Empire can be seen making their way down, applauding as they come.*

Logan: It looks like the Roman Empire is going to push this for all its worth, even though it took a low blow near the end to put away the President.

Jones: I… I can’t event talk right now.

*Lurrr accepts the congratulations of the Empire, then waves for them to leave. Everyone except for Derek Mobley and Lurrr depart the cage, with Mobley and Lurrr suddenly talking things out. With a grin, Lurrr points to the door, and Mobley goes over, shutting it and locking it!! Referee Bell, now outside the ring, tries to protest, but Warrick Hill pushes him away, standing in front of the door. Rick Mathis and Tommy Crimson also take up positions around the wall, as Mobley slowly pulls the bloody President to his face, saying something to him, then smacking him across the face!*

Jones: C’mon, guys, it’s over! You beat him!!

Logan: Oh, HELL no!

*The sound of a mic is heard hitting the table as Logan leaves the announce table, heading to the doorway. Mathis sees him coming and steps in his path, telling him to back off out of stuff that’s not his concern. He doesn’t get to finish, as Logan attacks, punching away at Mathis!! Meanwhile, Titan 3 has come down along with some security, having been watching in the back. Crimson and Hill intercept them, with Crimson getting into it with Titan 3! Meanwhile, in the ring, Mobley grabs Ace’s arms and holds him in place, while Lurrr starts getting in some jabs, enjoying the vulnerability of the President.*

Jones: Someone do something!! Get in there and stop this!! Jesus, maybe we should just cut away, we’re out of time anyway!!

*The crowd cheers briefly as Scott Caine appears, rushing towards the ring to help out. He’s trying to get through the security, then gets met by Warrick, who gets in a cheap shot with a punch. The two men start to go at it. In another area, Crimson takes down a GCWA security guard with the Fury, then goes over to where Titan 3 has gotten to the doorway, stopping him from unlocking it.*

Jones: I don’t know how much more I can…. Wait a second… who??

*Inside the cage, as Lurrr mocks the Accelerator, yelling in his face, a man can be seen coming down from behind him, rappelling down from the ceiling!! He lands right behind Lurrr, unstrapping himself. Mobley, seeing him, tries to toss down Ace and make the quick save, but it’s too late, as Lurrr gets nailed in the back of the head with the World Title!! Marcus Ka’Derrion stands over him, an unreadable expression on his face, as he turns towards the #1 Contender!!*

Jones: Holy *BLEEP*!! Marcus Ka’Derrion is here!!!!

*No words are said between the two bitter foes. They immediately head towards each other, each swinging at the same time and punching away at each other!! The GCWA Arena is coming unglued, the crowd on its feet everywhere in the place! Ka’Derrion and Mobley continue to go at it inside the cage, an eerie look at what their future holds at Capital Punishment. The brawl continues both inside and out, as more and more security pours in, trying to break up a wild situation that’s spinning rapidly out of control.*

Jones: I don’t know where this is going to leave Capital Punishment, but don’t miss it! Good night everyone, I’m getting the hell out of here!!!

*Cameras catch Jones throwing down his headset and heading over the railing into the stands, even as Logan and Mathis fight their way by, with Mathis shoving Logan across the announce table. Warrick Hill and Scott Caine seem to be having their own battle to the side, while Crimson continues to duke it out with Titan 3, even as other security guards keep getting involved. In the ring, Marcus throws Mobley into the cage, stunning him. But a second attempt is blocked, as Mobley bounces Ka’Derrion’s head instead. The two men keep fighting it out as the picture slowly fades to credits, then to black, ending the night.*

OOC: It was a crazy week for everyone in the GCWA, I believe, but we've gotten through it! Hopefully you enjoyed the card; let me know of any questions and concerns you have.

Here's the PPV card for next week:

- Seth Eldritch vs. PIC, Grudge Match

- Tommy Crimson vs. Draco, IC Title #1 Contenders Match

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana(c) vs. Mystery Opponent, GCWA Television Title Match

- Stranger Danger(c) vs. the Danger Boiz, GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match

- The Roman Empire (Lurrr(c) & Warrick Hill) vs. Scott Caine & "Twiztid" Arryk Rage, GCWA X Division Title Tag-Team Match

- Shane Donovan(c) vs. The Big Bifford vs. The Lost Soul vs. (Crimson/Draco), GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Fatal Fourway Match

- Marcus Ka'Derrion(c) vs. Derek "The Thriller" Mobley, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Hell In A Cell Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, June 19th, to Thursday, June 25th, giving you 6 1/2 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

The tag-team rules are still in effect for the X Division Title match. The best roleplayer overall will get the pin (and the X Division Title) over the worst rp'er of the opposing team.

It's going to be an incredible pay-per-view, I just know it!! Good luck to all!!