*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are cheering as always, excited at the start of the show. Loud music and pyro will do that to you. The cameras cover the arena, showing signs like “Harvey Dangererlli! Aaayyyyy!!” and “Minos Burned Down Dangerous Dan’s Mother’s House”. We go to the announce table, where Jones & Logan are seated.*

Jones: It’s another incredible night to be a wrestling fan! Welcome to Friday Night Inferno! I’m Edward Jones, joined by my broadcast colleague of almost half a year now, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: I can’t believe it’s already been almost 6 months, Jonesy. I remember when we were first getting started, people thought we’d fail after the first month. But look at us now!

Jones: It’s been a good run, and hopefully it will continue for a long time to come!

Logan: Of course, if the Roman Empire has anything to say about it, the GCWA may not last much longer.

Jones: It was a shocking moment last week when Lurrr, the leader of the Roman Empire, ended Marcus Ka’Derrion’s undefeated streak, with a lot of help from the rest of the Empire, as well as Tommy Crimson, who may be their newest member.

Logan: If they have Tommy Crimson on their side, too, Jonesy, it may really take a united effort to fight against the Empire. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the top boys are going to be able to do that, as Ka’Derrion just doesn’t trust anyone stepping forward to fight the Empire!

Jones: It took a lot for Ka’Derrion to allow Scott Caine to watch his back last week, but there’s only so much one man can do against overwhelming odds.

Logan: I heard the Empire celebrated all weekend long, including having a great time at Putt Putt. But it’s a new week, which means that anything can happen, including Lurrr possibly losing his X Division Title to Harvey Danger!

Jones: That’s right, Anthony, as the two will square off in our main event tonight. We’ll also see Dangerous Dan once again place the Television Title on the line against Robert “The Sensei” Santana, in a much anticipated rematch from their first encounter last month.

Logan: I could easily see those two going the distance in the match, Jonesy. Either one could leave with the title here tonight.

Jones: Before we get to that, though, we have a couple of dark matches to let the fans know about. Let’s go to the video tape!

Logan: Er, no one uses video tape anymore, Jonesy. It’s all digitalized now.

Jones: Ok, roll the… digital footage?

*We see clips of both men coming to the ring, with Truxell once again cocky as ever, brushing off his earlier defeats as flukes. PIC, meanwhile, has a quiet confidence. Truxell tried to start the match on his terms, moving outside the ring and trash talking with the fans. PIC answered that by leaping over the top rope and splashing Truxell into the guardrail! From then on, it was all PIC, as the man put on a display of aerial accuracy, destroying the Professional. In the end, PIC hit the End Result, a beautiful 450 splash, then locked Truxell into a Texas Cloverleaf, forcing him to tap out. PIC is seen celebrating starting his GCWA career with the victory, while Truxell’s head stays down as he’s nearing the end of his own.*

Jones: PIC is looking like a major steal for the GCWA, Anthony, as he showed that his run in the ICWF was no fluke. This guy has to immediately be seen as a threat to any title holder.

Logan: Well, I’ll grant you that PIC looked pretty good, but I’m not going to put him into title contention until I see him against a real opponent. Truxell just hasn’t shown anything since his first match, which, as you recall, he won by beating a scrub. It remains to be seen if PIC goes on to glory or falls out of view.

Jones: Cynical, aren’t we, Anthony?

Logan: Just calling them like I’ve seen them, Jonesy. We have a massive list of wrestlers who had potential but haven’t been able to succeed. The GCWA is not the easiest land to ply your wrestling trade in.

Jones: True. After this match, we had another dark match that took place, and it, too, turned out to be very one-sided.

*The video clip begins, showing Scott Caine and “Twiztid” Arryk Rage coming out of the back, working together as a team for the first time. The Malvados come out with Paco as usual, looking to trick their way to a victory. Things didn’t turn out quite as planned for Paco’s team, though, as Caine & Rage were quickly on the attack, pulling off some surprising double-team maneuvers considering that they’ve never worked together before. Caine seemed to be shining the most, showing that he is no longer a rookie in the business. Although the Malvados tried their switch at one point, getting them back into it against Rage, Caine was able to get the hot tag and take out both men, including sending Hector Malvado over the top rope and taking a hard spill to the floor. With Hector injured and out of it, Victor was soon dominated, with Scott climbing up the turnbuckle and landing the Sugar Caine for the win. After the match, Hector was helped to the back by medical personnel.*

Jones: Caine and Rage looked like they have a lot of potential as a tag-team, Anthony, while the Malvados had a horrible night.

Logan: Yeah. Early reports are that the team will be sidelined for a while due to Hector’s undisclosed injuries. I think he dislocated his shoulder, myself. Hopefully he didn’t tear anything.

Jones: With the Malvados out, the tag-team division has just gotten even smaller, which has to make you wonder with teams like Caine & Rage will get into the title picture.

Logan: Well, they would have to get past Stranger Danger first, not to mention the Danger Boiz. Plus there’s the fact that Caine & Rage have a target set already: the Roman Empire.

Jones: Yes, they are definitely wanting to end the Empire’s reign of terror in the GCWA.

*Suddenly, a mixture of ‘Cocky’ and ‘Tear Away’ begins to play as the fans boo loudly, knowing that the Empire is on its way. Lurrr and Mobley appear from behind the curtain as the boos increase in volume…behind them we see Mathis and Warrick…they stand on the stage for a moment before turning, and looking at the curtain…as they do, we see Tommy Crimson emerge! The crowd boos even louder…*

Logan: Speak of the devils and they shall appear…

Jones: We might get an answer to our question here, as Crimson has come out with the Empire! Does this mean he’s officially with them?

*Together, as a group, the Roman Empire makes its way down to the ring area…they all climb inside the ring, Derek Mobley grabs a mic and starts to speak.*

Derek Mobley: Welcome, Welcome my friends to the show that never ends….The Roman Empire is here, for your viewing…pleasure!

*The crowd boos heavily, a few particles of trash are thrown into the ring, Warrick sees a cup and soccer kicks it out of the ring, the Empire laughs, Derek continues speaking.*

Derek Mobley: Before we get down to business, I’d just like to wish Warrick luck tonight in his match against that other guy…wish I could remember his name, but he’s a wrestler and he hangs around with that other, other guy…Lurrr, any idea what their names are?

*Lurrr leans in to speak.*

Lurrr: Nope, and I don’t *bleeping* care.

*Derek smiles and looks at Warrick.*

Derek Mobley: Warrick, surely YOU know the name of your opponent tonight…

*Warrick smiles and leans in to speak.*

Warrick Hill: You know me, Derek…if it were important enough to remember, I would not have forgot.

*Derek nods.*

Derek Mobley: True, true…I would ask Mathis, but this seems to be an effort in futility. Anyways, good luck Warrick…now, down to business…the four members of the Roman Empire.

*Lurrr and Warrick shout to Derek “Five, Five”.*

Derek Mobley: Five…

*Derek turns, and looks, along with Lurrr, Warrick and Mathis at Tommy Crimson, who’s leaning in one of the corners, observing the Empire’s in ring antics, Derek smiles.*

Derek Mobley: Oh, yea…that’s right…Tommy Crimson…The Roman Empire increases by one and becomes an even deadlier threat than before…Lurrr, you want to handle the initiation?

*Lurrr takes the mic from Mobley.*

Lurrr: I’d love nothing more, Crimson, get your ass over here.

*Tommy Crimson walks up, standing in front of Lurrr with Mobley, Hill and Mathis standing around, watching.*

Lurrr: Last week, you proved yourself a worthy commodity…we’ve talked since then and it seems as though you becoming a full-fledged member of the Roman Empire is inevitable. So, let me just lay down a few ground rules…First of all, you will always be in the hunt for a GCWA Title…Always…the Roman Empire is about gold…I’m the X-Division Champ, Derek is the soon-to-be World Champ, Warrick and Mathis are looking into the Tag Division…so, you need to pick up your end of the bargain and go after either the Intercontinental Title OR the Television Title, your choice, just go after one of them…agreed?

*Crimson nods at Lurrr’s first demand.*

Lurrr: Good. Now, my second and last rule for joining the Empire is that you will not embarrass us, you will represent the Empire in a strong, confident manner. That’s it…those are the only two rules, if you break any of them, you are out!

*Crimson nods, Lurrr extends his hand, Crimson shakes it…Mobley, Hill and Mathis all step in and shake Crimson’s hand as well, Lurrr speaks after the ‘initiation’ has ended.*

Lurrr: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, bitches of all ages…please, welcome, the newest member of the Roman Empire…your soon to be GCWA Intercontinental Champion, Tommy Crimson!!!

*Lurrr holds Crimson’s arm up, then speaks some more.*

Lurrr: And, right here…standing in front of you, the man, as always…the X-Division Champion tonight and, without a doubt, the X-Division Champ come tomorrow morning…The Icon….Lurrr!!!

*The crowd boos heavily at Lurrr, who holds his arms up in the air…he tosses the mic to Mobley, Mobley speaks, as the boos are deafening.*

Derek Mobley: Poor little Harvey Stranger Danger…dude’s in for a long evening…in closing, I’d just like to say one thing to Marcus ‘I used to be undefeated’ Ka’Derrion. Son, if you can’t beat one member of the Empire, you can’t beat any member of the Empire…enjoy that title while you still have it, because come Capital Punishment, Derek ‘The Thriller’ Mobley is going to be back where he belongs at the top of the GCWA Mountain and there isn’t anything, anybody can do about it and That’s Just The Way It Is…

*As Derek finishes his statement, he’s suddenly interrupted by “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm. The crowd starts to go crazy as the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator walks out from behind the curtain, making his way to the ring!*

Jones: The President is here! This should be good!

Logan: Wait, why’s he coming out now? I mean, I’ve been hearing speculation for weeks that people think he’s joining the Roman Empire….

Jones: No, don’t be ridiculous. The President would never do that… would he?

*The Accelerator steps through the ropes, with the Roman Empire standing back to watch him. Ace is smiling as he brings the mic up to his lips.*

The Accelerator: Good evening, gentlemen. Nice of you to all get together here for me to talk to you. I appreciate that.

*None of the Empire seems that satisfied with Ace’s approval.*

The Accelerator: So, I listened to all those ‘lovely’ comments you guys just made about always going for the gold, so I thought I’d let you in on what you’re going to be doing in the coming weeks. Let’s start with you guys, Warrick and Rick. I hear you want a chance at the World Tag-Team Titles.

*Warrick nods, knowing that he could get the gold, while Rick leans back, looking suspicious of the question.*

The Accelerator: Well, you’d better brace yourself for disappointment, because right now, you’re not in the title picture.

*Anger flashes across Warrick’s face, even as Lurrr steps forward, perturbed. He tries to say something in his mic, but this was apparently anticipated, as it has been cut off.*

The Accelerator: In fact, I’m here to make it official: it will be Stranger Danger defending the World Tag-Team Titles against… the Danger Boiz!

*The crowd is excited by the announcement, while the Empire doesn’t seem very pleased.*

Jones: The former tag-team champs are going to get a chance to reclaim their belts!

Logan: That’s a great announcement for the PPV!

The Accelerator: I’ll get back to you in a little bit, Warrick. Try to hold your excitement. Let’s turn now to Mr. Crimson. Congrats on your ‘promotion’, Tommy. From leader of your own stable to the man who gets the coffee in the Empire. Wait, they hired someone else to do that, didn’t they? Well, anyway, according to your “agreement”, you have to go for a title, huh? Well, let me help you out, Tommy. At Capital Punishment, we will be having a four-way match for the Intercontinental Title. It will be Shane Donovan vs. The Big Bifford vs. The Lost Soul vs., well, someone else.

*This cryptic response causes Crimson to frown, wanting to know what’s going on.*

The Accelerator: You see, Tommy, you were high in the contendership for that title, but then you went and lost control last week, getting yourself DQ’ed. So why should I put you in the match over Draco? After all, you didn’t beat him. But then I’ve got the headache of two tag-team partners being forced to go at it, yada yada yada. So I tell you what I’ve decided. For that fourth spot in the IC Title match, it’s going to be you vs. Draco, wrestling earlier in the evening. The winner gets the title shot. So, in a way, you’ll be fulfilling your contractual obligations.

*Crimson looks PO’ed, cursing out Ace and saying that he deserves the shot straight up, but Ace has already turned his attention elsewhere.*

The Accelerator: Ahhh, Mr. Mobley. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. My #1 Contender. I definitely don’t need to tell you who your opponent is, do I?

*Even though Ace doesn’t say it, the crowd adds it in, starting up a “Marcus” chant that echoes in the arena. Ace waits for it to die down before continuing.*

The Accelerator: Just keep in mind, Derek… you aren’t going to be facing Ka’Derrion in a normal match where all your buddies can come down and get involved. You’re going to be inside a cell, getting your brains bashed in. I hope you’re ready for it, especially since there is going to be a special referee. Who, you ask? Eh, I’ll tell you later.

*Ace turns away from Mobley, who is cracking his knuckles in annoyance. For a second, it looks like the President is going to leave the ring, then he turns back.*

The Accelerator: Ahhh, sorry, almost forgot you there, Lurrr. My mistake.

*Lurrr is steaming now, angry at how all the decisions seem to be going against his group tonight.*

The Accelerator: First things first, good luck tonight in your title defense. I know you don’t think very highly of Mr. Danger. I hope you still think that way after he meets you here in the ring. Now, assuming you do manage to hang onto that title, I’ve got my own match announcement for you. At Capital Punishment, it will be you… vs. Arryk Rage *cheers*… and Scott Caine *more cheers*.

*Lurrr looks even angrier, not wanting a handicap match. He steps towards Ace, who raises his hand up.*

The Accelerator: Chill out, boyo. I didn’t say you didn’t get a partner. You can have Hill here, he’s not doing anything.

*Hill glances over at Lurrr, who looks a little more confident now that he knows it is not a 2-on-1 situation. But the Accelerator is not done.*

The Accelerator: One more thing, my man. That X Division Title of yours? It’s going to be on the line. So whoever, and I mean WHOEVER gets the pin in that match? They get the title. Great concept, huh? We could see Arryk Rage finally win the belt he’s always wanted, Scott Caine earning his first title, hell, we could have Warrick Hill, X Division Champion!

*Now Lurrr is looking a little more questionably at Warrick, whose eyes have involuntarilty dropped to the X Division Title around Lurrr’s waist.*

The Accelerator: Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you, Lurrr. Good luck, because you’re going to need it.

*Ace leans in close to Lurrr, still smiling.*

The Accelerator: Believe…

*Before Ace can finish his catchphrase, Lurrr suddenly steps back and lashes out, nailing the older wrestler with the Wake Up Call!!!! The Accelerator crashes to the ground, falling backwards, as everyone reacts with shock, including the rest of the Roman Empire!!*

Jones: No!!! He… He….

Logan: Jesus!! Ace just got laid out!!

Jones: He’s too old to take a hit like that, damnit!

*The fans are really booing now, as Lurrr steps over the unconscious Accelerator, looking down at him with a snarl. Derek Mobley steps forward, the first man to move. He’s shaking his head, but laughing at the same time, as if he can’t believe what his crazy friend just did. The rest join in, smiling and laughing, as they make their way from the ring, with the Accelerator still down. Crimson is the only one to stay behind, since he has a match coming up. He moves to the outside, chuckling to himself.*

Logan: I can’t believe the Roman Empire just took out the President!

Jones: Where are the damn medics??

*True to form, security arrives late, with the Empire showing that they’re already leaving. A medic enters the ring to check on the President, calling for the stretcher, which is being wheeled down towards them. The Accelerator is still not moving. They start to place a neck brace on the former wrestler as we slowly fade out, heading to our first commercial.*

*We return from the break to a shot from the backstage area, where the Accelerator, looking like he’s now conscious, is being wheeled towards an ambulance. He is talking to the Head of Security, Titan 3, in a weak voice, basically telling him to take over. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: I’m in shock. How are we going to continue without the President being here??

Logan: We’ll manage, Jonesy. Hell, maybe Titan 3 will crack down on those Empire goons now that they’ve gone too far!

Jones: God, I hope he’s ok.

Logan: Calm down, Jonesy. We’ve got a show to complete. Let’s head to the back to Cynthia Hall.

*Jones can be seen, putting his hands over his face, as we jump to the backstage area, where Cynthia Hall is waiting for another big interview with a GCWA superstar.*

Cynthia Hall: Hello, this is Cynthia Hall, here in the backstage area with the #1 Contender to the GCWA Television Title, Robert Santana!

*The camera zooms out to show Robert standing next to Cynthia. He is dressed for wrestling.*

Cynthia Hall: Robert, I wanted to ask you how you are feeling about your chances to win the Television Title tonight against Dangerous Dan.

Robert Santana: I have lost to Dangerous Dan in the past so I know he is a worthy foe. It will not be easy to defeat him but I am going to do my best to win.

Cynthia Hall: What would you do if you win the Television Title tonight?

Robert Santana: I would call my wife and child and let them know. Luke has wanted me to win a title here for a long time. I hope I can deliver it tonight.

Cynthia Hall: I heard that your sister was missing. Have you been able to find her yet?

Robert Santana: No… no, we have not found her yet but we are still looking.

Cynthia Hall: I wish you all the best in finding her and all the best in tonight’s match. Thank you for the interview.

Robert Santana: You are welcome.

Cynthia Hall: Back to Jones and Logan at ringside.

*The image fades, being replaced by the announcers.*

Logan: Good to see Santana giving an interview to Cynthia here tonight. He’s come a long way since he first debuted here.

Jones: Yes, after winning the #1 Contenders Match last week, Santana certainly needs to be considered a major threat to Dangerous Dan’s title reign. But we’ll see that match later tonight. For now, we’ve got several other matches to get through!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Already standing in the ring, he is going for his tenth victory as a GCWA wrestler here tonight, standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Tommy Crimson!

*Crimson takes a mock bow as the audience heavily boos him. “Head Up” by the Deftones is already playing in the background. Crimson stays in the corner, looking pretty happy with himself, as he waits for the match to begin.*

Jones: I still can’t believe that Crimson’s now a member of the Roman Empire.

Logan: The dude made his choice, Jonesy. He wanted to be with a powerful group, and Organized Chaos had just fallen apart. I guess he was vulnerable to whatever the Roman Empire was selling.

Jones: Crimson has never been that well liked by the fans, but this puts a whole new spin on his ‘negative’ popularity. You can just feel the hatred that they have for him right now.

Minos: And now, his opponent… still trying to find his footing in the company, he stands 6’2” and weighs 235 lbs, from Fall River, MA, here is Kevin Kage!

*”By The Way” by Young Jeezy plays, but the only reaction Kage gets is one that’s more towards hating Crimson than liking him. He comes out with a pose, then walks towards the ring, seemingly gulping back some nervousness at the sight of Crimson waiting for him.*

Jones: This is probably Kevin Kage’s last opportunity to show what he’s made of in the GCWA, but he did not draw an easy opponent.

Logan: Nope, Kage is in for a world of hurt here tonight. But you never know, a guy can come out of nowhere and score the huge upset if things go his way.

Jones: You don’t really expect that, do you, Anthony?

Logan: Nope.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Crimson walks towards the center of the ring, smiling to himself. He motions for Kage to come forward to start the match, acting like there’s nothing bothering him. Kage stays near the ropes for a second, as Crimson shrugs his shoulders, then puts out his hand, wanting a handshake. Kage considers the hand, then, against the advice of almost everyone in the arena, reaches out and shakes Crimson’s hand. Crimson nods, then looks to the crowd, smiling. Kage, smiling a little as well, looks in the same direction. It’s a mistake, as Crimson suddenly lashes out with a spinning punch, driving Kage to the mat!! Crimson is immediately back up, stomping all over the defenseless Kage, as the boos grow louder in the GCWA Arena.*

Logan: Uh oh, here comes that aggression that got Crimson disqualified last week!

Jones: I was hoping that anger would have been dispensed after he joined the Empire, but he still looks like he has a bone to pick with the guys in the locker room!

Logan: He’d better watch it, because the ref might give Kage his first victory if Crimson isn’t careful!

*Referee Mitchell gives a quick warning to Crimson, who basically ignores him. He pulls the wounded Kage to his feet and carries him into the corner, pounding on him some more. He works over Kage’s ribs with several punches, almost not backing off in time from referee Mitchell’s 5-count. Mitchell again points to Crimson, but the Fury doesn’t seem to care. He feels protected by his new association, especially after what happened earlier tonight. Crimson pulls Kage out of the corner and locks him up, suplexing the smaller wrestler over and going for the cover. Mitchell drops to make the count… 1… 2.. and Crimson pulls Kage up, acting like the man kicked out! Mitchell, confused, stops his count, even as Crimson brings Kage to his feet and lifts him into the air, giving him a fallaway slam! Crimson again covers, but again pulls up after 2, continuing to keep Kage in the match.*

Jones: What is Tommy Crimson up to? He’s not even really trying to keep Kage down for the count!

Logan: This might be part of an initiation, Jonesy, to the Empire. Crimson is showing that he can dominate someone like Kage. I just hope he lets Kage leave in one piece after this, because it’s not looking like he’s going to have a miracle tonight.

*Crimson has Kage up now, kneeing him repeatedly in the head. Kage is barely conscious now, hanging in Crimson’s arms, but despite Mitchell’s pleas, Crimson still isn’t through. He pulls Kage up, slapping him in the face a few times, waking him up. Crimson walks back away from him, his hair falling into his eyes, making him look even more sinister. Crimson then comes forward, spinning himself around and landing the Buzz Kill!!! Kage is gone, laying in a heap on the ground, as referee Mitchell moves into position. But Crimson doesn’t go for the pin. He gets up, almost disheartened at how easy this has been. He drags Kage up, yelling at him to fight, but Kage can’t respond. He’s out cold. Crimson, frustrated, grabs Kage’s head and drops backwards with the Fury, adding more pain to the pile!! Crimson then reluctantly puts an arm on Kage, with Mitchell (rather quickly) making his count… 1.. 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

Jones: As expected, this one was a slaughter. Crimson gets a 10th victory in easy fashion, as Kevin Kage just isn’t cut out for this business.

Logan: If he is to have a career someday, he needs to get some more training, because he looked terrible here tonight. Even Crimson was annoyed with how much competition he got.

Jones: I think he’s more than annoyed, Anthony! He’s pissed!

*With Kage still out on the mat, not moving, Crimson has moved outside the ring, and is angrily pulling a table out! He slides it back into the ring, shoving Mitchell aside when he tries to get in Crimson’s way. The Fury sets the table up, then places the unconscious Kage onto it. Crimson then heads for the turnbuckle.*

Jones: There’s no reason for this, Crimson! The man is beaten!

Logan: I don’t think that’s going to stop him!

*Crimson stands on top of the turnbuckle, his eyes glaring down at his opponent. He points to him, then points to the back, possibly sending a message to Draco and the rest. Crimson then takes flight, landing a Swanton Bomb through the table on Kage!!!! Crimson stands right back up, shrugging off the impact, while Kage is laying in a pile of debris. The bell continues to ring as Mitchell signals for medical aid. Crimson, meanwhile, grabs the ropes and steps through, leaving the squared circle.*

Logan: Crimson just made a big statement, and he didn’t even need to set himself on fire to do it!

Jones: Someone get a stretcher out here, it looks like we’ve got another use out of the ambulance!

*Crimson’s face is shown, a small smile appearing on his face as he walks away from the destruction in the ring. It is an evil look in his eyes. The medics start to tend to Kevin Kage as we fade out. *

*After the break, the scene changes to the back where a Priest, a Minister and a Rabbi are standing around in the hallway.*

Jones: This is very strange...

Logan: It seems like the start of a really bad joke...

*Suddenly The Big Bifford emerges from around a corner and sees the three men. He walks up to them with a stern look on his face.*

The Big Bifford: I don't like you, and you don't like me...

Rabbi: I like you.

The Big Bifford: What? Well, you like me, but I don't like you...

Priest: I don't really like you.

The Big Bifford: Well, some of you like me, some of you don't like me - but I really don't like any of you...

Minster: I've never heard of you.

The Big Bifford: I DON'T CARE! Just let me continue, please...

*The Big Bifford takes a deep breath, obviously already exhausted by this conversation.*

The Big Bifford: I don't like you, and you don't like me - except you Rabbi... I'm an atheist. I don't believe in any of your mumbo jumbo or your demented ceremonies and rituals... but the fact remains that I lost to Derek Mobley last week and it wasn't because Derek Mobley deserved to beat me... I lost to him because this arena is HAUNTED! I've seen the ghost that haunts it: the Opera Ghost! He visited me last week! Now, I know between the three of you and your weird rituals that you can perform, we can get rid of the Opera Ghost and then I can finally beat Derek Mobley! I have, after all, kicked out of The Thriller TWICE! So, let's all get out your weird devices for getting rid of demons, and get to work!

*The priest immediately begins lighting incense and chanting in latin. The Rabbi, speaking in Hebrew, closes his eyes and extends his hands. The minister, quietly whispering in English, prays over the building. Bifford nods in approval seeing their tactics and then begins pushing all three men down the hallway as they continue to pray. Opening a door, Bifford pushes the three men into Ace's office. Sitting behind Ace's desk is Ludwig the Seal. Ace's name plate is covered with a paper towel that has "President Ludwig" written on it in red crayon. The three religious men begin doing their rituals around the office as Bifford eyes Ludwig.*

The Big Bifford: I lost last week because of the Opera Ghost! I want a rematch with Derek Mobley immediately!

*The seal just looks at Bifford with a bewildered look on his face.*

The Big Bifford (doing an Ace impression that sounds an awful lot like Ace while the camera focuses on Ludwig): No, Bifford. Please get these men out of my office.

*The camera turns and focuses on Bifford who looks to be getting angry with his pet seal.*

The Big Bifford (normal voice): Well then, that's because you don't want to ruin your pay-per-view main event because you know I can beat Mobley with the Opera Ghost gone! I've kicked out of the Thriller TWICE! MOBLEY FEARS ME!

*The camera again focuses on Ludwig, as Bifford continues having a conversation with himself.*

The Big Bifford (Ace impression): There is no Opera Ghost, Bifford... please get these men out of my office.

*The priest begins incensing Ludwig the Seal as the camera pans back to show Bifford again.*

The Big Bifford (normal voice): Well, last week I'm sure you hearrrrrrrrrrd that Lurrr beat Marcus Ka'Derrion! Well, I've pinned Lurrr twice since coming to GCWA, so I have in fact pretty much beaten Marcus Ka'Derrion too! You should award me the World Title immediately!

*The camera turns and focuses on Ludwig who is smelling the incense and seems to enjoy it.*

The Big Bifford (Ace impression): No, Bifford.

*The camera pans out to see Bifford giving the stink-eye to Ludwig.*

The Big Bifford (normal voice): Doesn't the incense smell nice, though?

*Ludwig almost seems to nod, almost as though he understands Bifford. Suddenly the door to the office swings open again and Martin Ka'Berryon walks in, still fully dressed in his grape-costume.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Ace, I have a real bone to pick with you... Err... Ludwig? Oh well, Ludwig I have a real bone to pick with you! Putting my hero, Marcus Ka'Derrion, in a match against Lurrr last week was not wise!

The Big Bifford: Ace is known to not make wise decisions, Martin... Remember that time he let that crazed fan Stevie Donovan in the World Title match and the fan won!? Craziness! Neither is Ludwig, remember that time he ordered us to fill the bathtub with Cocoa Puffs? That bathtub will never be the same again!

*Bifford pulls a box of Cocoa Puffs out (seemingly from out of thin air) and pours some on the ground of the office. Ludwig jumps out of the desk chair begins eating them happily while the Rabbi prays over the seal. Bifford, meanwhile, slips into Ace's chair and leans back.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: I think we need a new medical and dental plan for GCWA employees... President Ludwig the Seal is starting to have some teeth problems due to the amount of Cocoa Puffs you're is feeding him.

The Big Bifford: I'll get to work on that real soon... but first I should book a match! I think next week that Seth Eldritch should wrestle against James Thrash and Dangerous Dan in a GOLD FISH AND BABY TURTLE MATCH!

Martin Ka’Berryon: I'm pretty sure you don't have that authority...

The Big Bifford: Well, who does then? Ludwig can't speak, so he can't make matches... Plus, I'm the UNOFFICIAL WORLD CHAMPION, the DESTROYERRRR of LURRR and THE KICKER OUTERER of the THRILLER! And I rescued the President from death by a seal hunter!

*Martin sighs with frustration and shrugs.*

The Big Bifford: Go find some firewood... we need to start a campfire right here in the office.

Martin Ka’Berryon: I think that's a bad idea.

The Big Bifford: Don't mess with me Martin... go get some firewood.

*The man in the giant grape costume sighs and walks out of the office, while Bifford chills in Ace's chair with the three religious men doing rituals all around him. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: That is just TOO funny!

Jones: The President is going to be ticked off when he sees what the Big Bifford has done to his office in his absence!

Logan: Yeah, well, it’s not like the Big Bifford has anything to worry about tonight. Ace didn’t look like he was in the greatest shape when they took him out. I don’t think he’ll be returning.

Jones: Still, though, it’s disrespectful! And having that seal sit in Ace’s seat? The fish smell will never come out!

Logan: What fish smell? I always just smell Cocoa Puffs when I’m around that guy.

Jones: Oh. Well, the point remains! Plus, he’s going to set a campfire in there?? He’ll burn the building down!

Logan: Nah, he’ll likely just set the sprinklers off, soaking all of Ace’s stuff. Ok, Minos, take us to the next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for a ten-minute time limit. It features two men that have been feuding for the last month, looking to settle things here tonight! Introducing first, coming to the ring with his friend, Kenny, he stands 6’0” and weighs 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, here is “The Blaze” Mikey Willis!

*The crowd lets out a few boos as “No 5” by Hollywood Undead plays over the speakers. Mikey and his friend, Kenny, come out, with Kenny still showing some of the bandages from the treatment he faced from The Lost Soul a few weeks ago. Mikey checks on him as they head towards the ring, planning out their strategy.*

Logan: Tonight’s the night where Mikey Willis pays for calling out The Lost Soul!

Jones: Hey, Mikey was just trying to make a name for himself, Anthony. They always say, if you want to get noticed, call the big guys out.

Logan: Yeah, but there are consequences, Jonesy. Willis thought he could get away with a sneak-attack on The Lost Soul, but tonight the bill is due. Now Willis has to prove that he deserves to be fighting someone like the veteran. If he can hold his own against a tough competitor, he’ll get what he wants. If he can’t, then it was all in vain.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he is a legend in the business, having won the ICWF World Heavyweight Title, among other great accomplishments. Standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The fans stand and cheer, looking towards the entryway for one of the favorites of the GCWA. The Friday the 13th theme plays even as The Lost Soul walks through the curtain, carrying with him a steel chair! The Lost Soul stops on the stage, raising the chair up towards the fans and looking towards Willis, who is looking anxious inside the ring, waiting for him to come down.*

Jones: The Lost Soul had a strange adventure this week, going into The Cave Without A Name and watching someone die. Good thing he got out of there when he did!

Logan: Yeah, creepy place. I’ve never been a fan of being underground. It’s too much like being buried alive, an experience I never really want to have.

Jones: Nor I, Anthony… wait, someone just came out of the curtains behind TLS!

*As The Lost Soul walks down the aisle, the crowd reacts, screaming out warnings as Brutus and Taz suddenly appear, rushing up behind the man! But The Lost Soul, recognizing the crowd’s sign of danger, immediately turns and swings his chair, catching Brutus right across the face!! Brutus falls backwards, already unconscious before hitting the crowd! Taz, surprised, hesitates a fraction of a second too long, as The Lost Soul swings the chair from a downed position, giving Taz a chair uppercut!!! Taz is down now, as well, probably needing some dental work! The Lost Soul turns back towards the ring, where Kenny is standing, his mouth open at what just happened. Kenny turns and starts to run away, but TLS sends the chair spinning after him, catching Kenny in the legs and sending him tripping into the apron!!! Kenny lays on the ground, out of it, as The Lost Soul steps over the bodies and makes his way to the ring!*

Jones: My god, TLS took out all of them!!

Logan: He really is back at peak performance, isn’t he, thanks to whatever that government program did to him! What a destructive rampage, and we haven’t even started the match yet!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As The Lost Soul rolls under the ropes, Mikey, showing that he’s not backing down, comes in and starts stomping away, trying to keep the larger man down. TLS takes the hits, though, and keeps rising up, pushing his way to his feet. Willis moves away, going to the ropes and coming back with a charging leaping shoulder into The Lost Soul’s chest, knocking him back into the ropes, but TLS doesn’t go down. So Willis goes to the ropes and comes back again, this time leaping up for a splash, only to have The Lost Soul catch him in mid-air! Before Willis can do anything to free himself, The Lost Soul lifts Willis up and basically bodyslams him over the top rope, sending the man tumbling to the hard floor outside!! Referee Mark Bell, looking a little shocked at the viciousness of the maneuver, nonetheless starts up his count, even as TLS goes to follow Willis out of the ring.*

Logan: Willis tried to get the momentum back on his side, but The Lost Soul send him flying like the crash test dummy on Mythbusters!

Jones: That was a very rough fall this young man just took, and now he’s really in the wrong place. The Lost Soul may be a good technician, but he is more fond of hardcore brawling!

*Willis is struggling to get up, favoring his right side, but The Lost Soul has no plans to let him recover. He grabs Willis by the head and flings him into the steel steps, sending them off their connections and causing Willis to yell out in pain! TLS follows him once again, dragging Willis off the ground and hammering his face into the steel a couple of times, causing them to echo throughout the arena. Willis hit at least one of those shots in the wrong place, as he now has a cut bleeding down his nose. The Lost Soul brings Willis over to the ropes, rolling him back inside, then follows, stopping the count of the referee. Willis is now trying to crawl away, if only to have a few seconds to escape, but The Lost Soul casually grabs Willis’ foot, pulling him back into reach, as he applies a cross arm breaker to add to the man’s suffering.*

Jones: It looks like The Lost Soul is on a mission to take Willis out of action, Anthony.

Logan: Well, he’s done it before, Jonesy, at least in his mind. The Lost Soul has claimed credit for the departure of guys like Caid Austin, James Thrash, and Mr. Excellent, among others. No one is ever the same after wrestling this guy, as Mikey Willis is finding out.

Jones: If Willis doesn’t do something soon, The Lost Soul is going to be able to claim another victim.

*Willis is struggling against the hold, in agony as his arm is twisted out of position by TLS. Referee Bell checks on him, but Willis doesn’t want to submit, despite the pain. He starts clawing towards the ropes, even though The Lost Soul’s added weight is making that nearly impossible. To throw him off-balance, TLS releases the hold, allowing Willis’ arm to move back out of its ‘forced realignment’. Willis stays on the mat, cradling his arm, while The Lost Soul works his way to his feet. He goes to the ropes, preparing to spring off for another move, as Brutus suddenly reappears, trying to grab him on the apron! But TLS stops him from interfering by spinning and getting a big punch, sending Brutus toppling back to the ground. Willis, who has struggled to his feet, decides to charge at TLS, going for a spinning kick, but TLS steps aside, sending Willis crashing into the ropes! With Willis tangled up, The Lost Soul grabs him, pulling him out of the ropes and taking him towards the turnbuckle.*

Logan: Even with all his friends trying to help, Mikey Willis is getting dominated here!

Jones: The Lost Soul seems to have every angle covered here tonight! He’s not letting anything distract him from his goal!

*Willis has a long stream of blood across his face now, courtesy of his opponent, who adds to the damage by slamming Willis’ face into the turnbuckle repeatedly. The fans, showing little concern for the banged-up wrestler, count along with the hits, enjoying themselves. With Willis dangling from the ‘buckle, his arms hanging over the ropes, The Lost Soul steps away. He looks to the crowd, then moves back in, picking up Willis from behind and positioning him on the ‘buckle. Willis starts to struggle weakly, but a few more shots to the head stop that, allowing TLS to get into position with him. He sets Willis up and comes off the top, landing the Soul Buster!!! The fans are going crazy after the move, as The Lost Soul, with barely any facepaint washed away from exertion, moves over to make the pin. Referee Bell makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Lost Soul!

Jones: Another big victory for The Lost Soul, and he is continuing his major return to form lately!

Logan: Yeah, TLS has won three in a row, plus had that nice performance at Ultimate Survival! And now he’s got a shot at the Intercontinental Championship in a few weeks! Look out, Donovan, the new and improved TLS is on his way!

Jones: As for Mikey, it’s definitely time for him to rethink his decision-making here in the GCWA. First, he needs to get that cut on his nose looked at!

*The Lost Soul has already left the ring, taking a moment to look over at the recovering friends of Willis, who turn away, not wanting any more punishment at this time. The Lost Soul then walks away, heading up the aisle, with a “TLS” chant following him out. The scene cuts back to the locker room area, where the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion Marcus Ka'Derrion sits in his street clothes, title slung over his shoulder. He looks quite frustrated, no doubt because of what transpired last show. A loud knock can be heard on his door, and before he can even respond the new Intercontinental Champion Shane Donovan bursts into the room.*

Shane Donovan: So, what did you learn last week champ?

*Frustration turns to anger on Marcus's face as he looks at one of his many rivals.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: That you can't really depend on anyone because if you do, you end up getting screwed.

Shane Donovan: Oh right, because if Draco and I hadn't shown up then you would've probably been put into the hospital instead of just getting cheated out of your winning streak. Quit acting like this is personal. It's business.

*Marcus shakes his head.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: And what exactly did you and Draco show up to do? Not a damn thing! You got taken out by one single guy, ONE. The Empire took me out, Crimson disposed of you two quickly and if I may add, rather easily. It's not business, it's personal. Everyone has made it so.

Shane Donovan: No, it's business, and you're Ace's top asset. The RE wants your spot, so they're going to try to take you out. The more stubborn you are about help the more likely they are to succeed. Now, Draco's got a match with Hill tonight, and he's going to show you how you handle worthless windbags like the RE. I'd recommend taking notes.

*Shane leaves the room, leaving Marcus to grumble under his breath.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yeah, we'll see.

*Marcus grabs his bag and puts it in his locker, while making sure to hang onto the World Title. We fade out from the scene to go to a commercial.*

*As we return from the commercial break, we see the backstage hallways of the GCWA Arena. The newest superstar to enter the federation, PIC, suddenly appears, coming out of his locker room. He’s got his bag packed after his successful victory earlier in the night and is headed out, having no other business to complete. As he turns, though, to head down the hall, he’s suddenly slammed into, knocking him hard into the doorway!! The door splinters, but doesn’t give, as PIC tries to turn around, only to get nailed by a shot to the head! The camera turns, finally able to focus on the attacker, showing it to be Seth Eldritch!! Eldritch grabs PIC by the head and delivers a DDT onto the concrete floor, knocking PIC senseless! He then gets up, glaring down at the man he’s laid out.*

Seth Eldritch: So you think you’re the big shot now, huh? You think you can mess with my match and keep me from getting my title shots? Take a lesson from this, and stay out of my *bleeping* way from now on!

*Eldritch kicks PIC in the side, keeping him from being able to get up, then walks away, leaving the scene of the crime. PIC is slowly straightening up, looking both in pain and pissed off. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: What the hell was all that about?

Jones: I guess Eldritch blames PIC for his loss in the #1 Contenders Three-Way Match last week, Anthony.

Logan: But PIC didn’t do anything, other than laugh and enjoy the match. Eldritch just took his eyes off the prize!

Jones: Well, that’s not the way he sees it. Somehow, though, I doubt we’ve heard the end of this.

Logan: Nope, I’m betting PIC has a rebuttal, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Minos: Our next bout will have a ten-minute time limit and is scheduled for one fall. Coming down the aisle, he is a long-time wrestler in the sport, representing the Roman Empire and joined by Rick Mathis, he stands 6’1” and weighs 220 lbs, here is Warrick Hill!

*With “Tom Sawyer” by Rush playing in the background, Warrick Hill walks out with Rick Mathis, as the crowd reacts, booing like crazy. Hill doesn’t seem worried about it. In fact, he almost seems too happy, as if he started on something in the back after seeing what Lurrr did to the boss. The two men head down the aisle towards the ring.*

Jones: Warrick was said to have made a return visit to Columbia this week, which nearly cost him his life.

Logan: While I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, I still have to wonder why Warrick went searching for the Universal Title, a belt that’s from a different federation.

Jones: You can never hope to explain the actions of Warrick Hill, Anthony, unless you’re as high as he is.

Logan: Good point.

Minos: His opponent has held a countless number of titles in our sport… joined by his D&D partner, Shane Donovan, he stands 5’11” and weighs 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is Draco!

*Draco and Donovan come out together, possibly because they couldn’t decide who would come out first. The crowd seems undecided, as they hate Warrick and the Empire, but aren’t exactly much fonder with D&D. The two wrestlers each move to a different side of the stage, even as “Indestructible” by Disturbed hits the speakers. The two men nod to each other, then head down the ramp, with Draco already focusing on his opponent for the night.*

Jones: Draco, in contrast to Hill’s wild adventure, headed home for the week, flying in to be with his family and deal with some issues in his past.

Logan: Yeah, I know he carries around a lot of baggage on his shoulders. I hope he was able to remove some of the weight with that trip.

Jones: We’ll have to see what kind of condition it has put him in to wrestle here tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The two wrestlers move towards each other, locking up in the center of the ring. Warrick scores first, twisting his body and taking Draco over with a hip toss. As Draco gets up, Warrick runs at him, but Draco responds with his own hip toss, evening the playing field. As Hill gets to his feet, Draco’s right there, grabbing his arm to whip him off the ropes. Warrick comes racing back, dodging a Draco clothesline, then coming off the ropes and diving forward, apparently already going for the Joint!! Draco rolls out of the way, though, somersaulting to the corner, as Hill crashes to the mat! Hill grabs at the ropes, trying to get himself up quickly, but Draco’s right there to grab him, no, Hill reaches out and rakes the eyes! Draco, blinded, steps back, so Warrick steps towards him to latch onto the competitor. But Draco, having something to hold on to, reacts by shooting his own thumbs up into Warrick’s eyes!!! Both men are blinking away tears now, as the fans are starting the cheer the strange beginning to this contest.*

Logan: What’s going to make this a wild match is that both of these guys will do anything to win! I bet we’re going to see a lot of cheating before this one’s all over!

Jones: Did anyone check Shane Donovan for those handcuffs he’s always carrying around?

*The camera focuses on the outside for a second, showing Shane Donovan cheering on his teammate. Mathis is on the other side, wanting to see a little more action. He almost looks bored. In the ring, Draco has gotten control with a headlock, but that only goes so far, as Warrick pushes him into the ropes. Draco rebounds, with Warrick flattening out on the mat to let Draco go over-top. But Draco stops in mid-step and drops a quick elbow, landing it straight on Warrick’s upper back! Hill, stunned, gets pulled up by Draco, who quickly shoots him into the turnbuckle, then follows, grabbing Hill’s head and getting an Acid Drop! Draco makes the first cover of the match, with referee Mitchell moving into position to count it… 1… 2… and Warrick kicks free easily.*

Jones: The crowd’s still trying to choose a favorite, but it’s starting to seem like more of them are behind Draco in this one.

Logan: Well, the crowd is remembering all the stuff the Empire has done to favorites like Marcus Ka’Derrion and the Accelerator.

Jones: Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Draco debut by attacking Marcus at Blood On The Battlefield?

Logan: Yep, but that doesn’t worry the fans as much as the Empire does.

*Draco hauls Warrick up, getting him into the corner. Draco then climbs up next to him, landing a couple of punches to keep him in place, then drops backwards, getting a monkey flip that shoots Warrick over onto his back! Draco pulls himself up, grinning, but that smile fades when Mathis reaches through the ropes, grabbing at his ankle! Draco jumps away, avoiding an incident, as referee Mitchell, having seen part of it, comes over to order Mathis out of range. Donovan comes around the side, coming towards Mathis, but this time Mathis appears to be ready, turning his way and challenging him to come on. The two men face off, as Draco, in the ring, runs to the ropes, getting some momentum and charging towards where Mathis is for a high-risk maneuver! Before he can take flight, though, Warrick is there, driving his shoulder into Draco’s moving legs, flipping him!! Draco takes a hard landing, crashing into the ropes, with Warrick pulling himself to come after him.*

Logan: Damnit, the Empire uses distractions and interference again! Why haven’t these guys been banned from ringside for all their matches yet??

Jones: Because the writer needs them there for a good story?

Logan: What?

Jones: What?

*Hill brings Draco to his feet, setting him quickly into place. He pulls Draco into the air before he can get free, dropping him with a piledriver! Hill moves over Draco, confidently making the cocky pin… 1… 2.. and Draco kicks out, getting his arm in the air. Hill, shaking his head, blames the referee. But he doesn’t stop, as he gets Draco up. He sends the smaller wrestler into the ropes, waiting for him to return to attempt a possible spinebuster. He doesn’t get that far, though, as Draco does a baseball slide through Warrick’s legs, avoiding the attack! Before Hill can react, Draco hammers him from behind with a quick kick, knocking Warrick into the ropes! Hill rebounds, staggering forward, as Draco runs to the ropes himself, springboarding off the middle rope and coming back to the side of Warrick, landing the Light’s Out!! Draco tiredly makes the cover… 1… 2… no, Warrick does not stay down!*

Jones: Warrick always has surprised me with his perseverance in matches. Sometimes I wonder if all that recreational drug use has dulled his pain receptors.

Logan: Well, if it has, it sure makes it easier for him in the wrestling business! Still, Draco is in complete control now. Think Warrick will remember his name now?

Jones: I’m betting so.

*Draco, by this point, has brought Warrick back up, knocking him back with lefts and rights. They go into the ropes, with Draco grabbing Warrick’s arm and shooting him off, no, Warrick reverses it. Draco hits the ropes and springs off of them, trying to catch Hill off-guard again with a springboard splash, but Hill dives out of the way, causing Draco to crash and burn. As Draco tries to get up, Hill moves in behind him, grabbing his head and landing a reverse DDT! Both men are down for a second, the intense action of the match starting to take its toll, but Hill is the first one up. He goes towards Draco’s legs, looking towards a clapping Mathis before grabbing them. He bends Draco over, attempting to put him into a Boston crab! Draco starts to fight, trying to keep his back at a position to block the move, but he’s out of moves, as Warrick twists him over! Referee Mitchell keeps an eye on things as Warrick starts to laugh, either because he’s enjoying the pain he is causing or because he’s still a little high.*

Logan: It isn’t often that Warrick has a smaller wrestler he can put a move like this on.

Jones: Yep, this move requires a lot of leverage, which is hard to do when the guy’s legs are longer than your grip. But against Draco, it looks like Warrick has the perfect set-up!

*Shane Donovan is shown on the outside, looking on a little worriedly, as his partner is fighting to get free of the Boston crab. Warrick has sat down, keeping the hold tight, but Draco is still looking for a way to get to the ropes, reaching out. Donovan comes over to help, only to run into Mathis, who is standing there to make sure he doesn’t interfere. The two come head-to-head, glaring at each other. Meanwhile, in the ring, Warrick raises up, then cinches it back down, making sure that Draco’s not going anywhere. In response, Draco manages to twist his body downwards, reaching out behind him to grab at Warrick’s ankle! He yanks, throwing Warrick off-balance and taking him to the mat! Draco finishes the maneuver by sitting up, having reversed the Boston crab!! Now Hill is the one in jeopardy, but luckily for him, he’s now closer to the ropes. He fights a few extra inches and gets a grip, forcing the break.*

Jones: Looks like neither man is tapping out here tonight!

Logan: Hey, the match is still going, Jonesy. Anything can still happen.

*On the outside, having seen the reversal, Mathis turned to root his man on, applauding when he reaches the ropes. Mathis then turns back, only to get smashed in the face by Donovan!! Mathis falls like a tree trunk, dropping to the ground from the strike, as Donovan pulls the handcuffs off his hand! He grabs Mathis’ arm and quickly locks him to the guardrail with the cuffs. Mathis comes to, realizing that something is wrong, but he can’t get free. He tries to grab Donovan, but the man skirts back out of the way, wiggling his finger at Mathis with a grin. Meanwhile, in the ring, both wrestlers are back up, if only barely. Draco grabs Warrick to try a maneuver, but Warrick knees upwards into Draco’s midsection, bending him over. Hill then whips Draco into the corner, preparing for another maneuver. As Draco starts to come back out, Hill charges forward, apparently to try for the Joint again! That’s quickly stopped, though, when Draco lashes out, hitting the Momentum Shift!!! Warrick is bent in half from the impact, landing on the ground, while Draco falls into the ropes, clearly in a lot of pain himself.*

Logan: Big-time maneuver from Draco there! That might be enough to put Warrick away, if he can only make the pin!

Jones: I think it took too much out of him, Anthony, because he’s sure not getting up very quickly!

*Draco struggles to pull himself up the ropes, as we see Shane Donovan on the outside, rooting his man on by pounding on the mat. He turns to the crowd, waving his arms, but most don’t react other than to boo him. Donovan shakes his head, looking around the crowd, trying to get them fired up for Draco. He turns to one guy, saying something about who Draco is wrestling, when the guy reacts, throwing the liquid he had in a cup into Shane’s face!!! Shane stumbles back, blinded, as the red liquid gives him a crimson mask!!*

Logan: What the hell?? Is that… blood??

Jones: Wait, an audience member just threw blood in Donovan’s face??? I mean, I know we’re a pretty extreme show, but damn!!

*Donovan tries to clear his vision, rubbing the bloody substance out of his eyes, as the man on the outside picks up the chair he was sitting on. He pushes back his hoodie, revealing himself to be Tommy Crimson!!! Crimson swings the chair, smacking Donovan in the side of the head, knocking him down, then, laughing, throws the chair on top of him! Inside the ring, Draco has gotten to his feet, grabbing hold of the still-downed Warrick, when he realizes that something has happened. Seeing the downed Donovan, covered in what looks like his own blood, Draco releases Warrick and starts to head out of the ring, to help out his partner. But Warrick immediately reacts, running to the other side and coming back with the Joint to the back of Draco’s skull!!!!! Draco is down, as Warrick grabs hold of him, hanging onto the trunks for more leverage… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Warrick Hill!

Jones: The distraction of Tommy Crimson proved to be too much!! How the hell did he get to ringside?

Logan: I’m betting the Empire bought that ticket earlier, Jonesy, and Crimson secretly made his way in there after his match, just for such an occasion. Damn, the Empire steals another one!

*Warrick has moved to the outside, talking with Mathis, who is still handcuffed to the railing. Security is bringing an extra key to free him, but neither man seems to mind, as Warrick is laughing and saying something about the ‘initiation’ being complete. Meanwhile, Crimson is still standing at ringside, loving what he’s seeing. His expression changes, though, as Draco rolls out of the ring, hurting but still mobile. Draco yells out Crimson’s name, then starts running after him, with Crimson beating a quick retreat into the stands. Draco chases him, disappearing from sight, as we go to a backstage shot. The fans give a cheer as we see the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan. He is polishing up his belt, ready to put it on the line once again. There’s a knock at the door, and Dan immediately reacts, grabbing a nearby baseball bat. After the threat to his family this week, he’s taking no chances. He opens the door quickly, ready to swing… and Marcus Ka’Derrion is standing there with his arms up, looking at him.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Hold your swing back, A-Rod. I come in peace.

*Dangerous Dan, somewhat surprised to see the World Heavyweight Champion, lowers the baseball bat back to the ground.*

Dangerous Dan: What do you want?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I’m just here for one reason, Dan. I heard that you won the Wrestler of the Month for May.

*Dangerous Dan’s grip once again tightens on the baseball bat, as if he’s expecting he might need to use it.*

Dangerous Dan: Yes, I got that honor. So what?

*Marcus slowly raises his right hand, extending it towards the suspicious Dan.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: So, I wanted to extend my congratulations, Dan. You deserve it.

*A little surprised, Dan releases his grip on the bat and responds, shaking Marcus’ hand.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Good luck tonight. I’ll see you around.

*Marcus turns and leaves, not wanting to stick around longer than he has to. Dangerous Dan watches him leave, then smiles and grabs his Television Title. He’s ready to get going. The picture slowly fades out to commercial.*

*We return from the commercial break to the backstage area, just in time to see The Stranger tearing down the hallway. He kicks at a garbage can sending it flying. In anger, he slams his fists down onto a catering table. In one sweeping motion he knocks all of the cups and plates off of one end of the table. Then in a fit of rage, The Stranger tosses the table upside down scattering food and all sorts of items everywhere. GCWA crew and other arena staff members back off, wide-eyed and scared. The Stranger is breathing heavily and visibly shaking. Ripping off his fedora he flings it at the wall and begins moving down the hallway. As he rounds the corner, he stops dead in his tracks. By the time the camera gets around the corner, we see that Marie Danger has stepped in front of him. Arms crossed, she shoots daggers with her eyes.*

Marie: And just where do you think you’re going?

*The Stranger growls and tries to push past Marie, but she shoves back at him. He stops and glares at her, as if stunned that she would stand up to him.*

Marie: You think you can run out on my f*BLEEP*ing son… just because you don’t want to work a match at the Pay Per View? What the *BLEEP* do you think you’re doing? Do you have any idea how much I’ve f*BLEEP*ing paid you for this?

*The Stranger leans in real close to Marie’s face. She defiantly stares back at him. Reaching up, he pokes her in the shoulder.*

Stranger: Listen, bitch. I don’t need this *BLEEP* anymore! You realize how crazy things are tonight? My boss is out cold, I’m dealing with it, and I don’t have time for any more of this *BLEEP*!! You get the other guy, whoever the hell he was, to do this! I f*BLEEP*ing quit!

*The Stranger reaches up and begins pulling at his mask. Marie’s eyes open wide in shock as the mask starts to come off. She makes an attempt at stopping him, but he pulls the mask off and holds it high in the air. The camera man rushes around to the other side so we can see his face…*

Jones: Oh my god!

Logan: I knew it!!

*It’s Titan 3! The crowd erupts in cheers as they recognize Titan 3’s face. Titan 3 tosses the Stranger mask in Marie’s face and pushes past her down the hall walking off. Marie watches him leave, then walks off in the other direction. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: So the more aggressive Stranger the last few weeks, that’s been Titan 3 all along??

Logan: It makes a lot of sense, when you think about it…

Jones: But, then, who was the first Stranger? And will that guy come back to help out Harvey defend the tag-team titles??

Logan: Who knows, Jonesy? It’s all in the air right now, that’s for sure. Anyhow, we’ve got two title matches to get to!

Minos: It is time for our first championship match of the evening! First, let me introduce the challenger… he is thought of as one of the young stars of the GCWA with unlimited potential, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas leads Santana out of the back, to the cheers of the crowd. Santana gives them a respectful bow, then walks down the aisle, tightening his arm bands along the way.*

Jones: I heard Santana’s sister went missing this past week.

Logan: Yeah, I heard that, too, although since he’s here, you have to wonder if she was found or not.

Jones: I hope he found her. After all, he doesn’t need to be distracted before his big match tonight.

Minos: His opponent has continued to dominate his division at every step, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

*The fans are on their feet for Dangerous Dan, cheering when “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory begins to play. Dangerous Dan walks out of the back with the Television Title in hand, holding it high in the air to show to the crowd. He approaches the ring for the competition, ready for action.*

Jones: Dan had another rough week, with his mother’s house burning down, apparently due to arson.

Logan: Damn, that just sucks. Who would do something like that?

Jones: At least both guys are on an even scale today, as each had to worry about family issues this week. It’s hard to say which one had it worse.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The two wrestlers get themselves set for combat, with Dangerous Dan giving his Television Title over to the referee, Mark Bell. The two men approach each other, meeting in the center of the ring. Dangerous Dan looks ready to go, but Santana is not, stopping to give a bow towards Dan, showing respect. Dan smiles, then puts out his hand for a high five, wanting to do things in his own style this time. Santana, laughing, delivers the high five and backs up, preparing himself to fight.*

Jones: These two have shown that they both respect the other, especially after fighting once in the past.

Logan: Yeah, I never know how I feel about that. When you respect your opponent that much, it means that you’ll hesitate on moves that you normally would use without question. It can really shake up your style.

Jones: Well, they’re going to have to work through that if they want that title in their hands by the end of the bout.

*Dangerous Dan and Santana lock up, with Santana quickly turning the grip into a headlock. He tries to tighten his grip, but Dan manages to pull himself free, surprising the Sensei. Santana twists around with a quick kick that sails over the ducking Dan’s head. With Santana off-balance, Dan springs back up, grabbing Santana and shoving him into the corner, then rolling him back out of it into a pinfall! 1… 2.. and Santana kicks free. Both men are quick to get back to their feet, with Dan trying to press his advantage by charging in at Santana. But the martial artist ducks his shoulder, dodging Dan’s assault and grabbing him from behind, getting his own form of roll-up! Dan’s legs kick in the air as he tries to get free… 1… 2.. and Dan successfully gets away! He gets back to his feet, with Santana on his feet as well, ready for more.*

Jones: These guys are not fooling around!

Logan: Who needs to soften your opponent up when you can get a quick roll-up pin and walk away with the title before the guy knows what’s hit him?

*The two wrestlers lock up again, with Dan trying for a quick punch but missing. Santana answers with a chop across the chest, sending Dan back a few steps. Santana then spins into a leg sweep, going for Dan’s feet, but Dan surprisingly leaps up, doing a complete 360 to avoid the strike! Santana, stunned, is unable to react quickly enough to match his foe, with Dan leaping up high and scoring a dropkick to knock Santana backwards! The martial artist is quickly pulling himself back up, but Dangerous Dan doesn’t leave room for him to maneuver, coming in and, using the ropes, getting a springboard DDT! Dan scrambles for the pinfall… 1… 2… and Santana effectively scissors his legs, getting his shoulder up. The Television Champion rises up, already thinking about his next move. He goes to the apron, then grabs hold of the top rope, sizing up his downed opponent. He springs off, coming down on Santana back-first… with Santana raising his knees!! Dangerous Dan lands in a bad way, rolling to the side in pain, as Santana, feeling the pain himself, nonetheless shuffles himself over for a pin… 1… 2… Dan kicks out.*

Logan: The pace of this one is incredible! These guys have already put so many moves into a short amount of time!

Jones: There is a reason they are the ones here competing for the gold, Anthony. Santana proved that he deserves this opportunity after beating Seth Eldritch and Mikey Willis. Dangerous Dan won a Battle Royal to get the title, then has defended it successfully again and again. These are two of the best in their profession.

Logan: Yeah, but which one’s going to be better on this particular evening?

*Santana has gotten himself up by this time, having moved over to the ropes. He sees Dangerous Dan getting to his feet and moves in, grabbing Dan from behind. Dan, though, immediately reacts, spinning out of Santana’s grip and getting behind him instead! He pushes Santana into the ropes, but this time Santana hangs on, sending Dan reeling back on his own. As Dan gets back up, Santana comes in, snapping off a huge spinning heel kick that lays the champion out! Santana falls on top of him, going for the pin, with Bell right there for the count… 1… 2… Dangerous Dan kicks out. The challenger pulls himself back up, looking a little bothered that his kick didn’t put Dan away. He pulls Dan up, no, Dan turns it into a jawbreaker! Santana hits the ground, but so does Dan, a little dazed from using his head like a nutcracker. He gets up first, though, then comes in, dropping his leg across the back of Santana’s head, putting him back on the mat. Dan turns him over and tries another cover… 1… 2… Santana refuses to stay down.*

Jones: Neither man is staying in control of this match for very long, which has to be draining for both of them.

Logan: These guys are very evenly matched, Jonesy. It’s going to take a mistake from one of them to really shift the momentum one way or another.

*Dangerous Dan hauls Santana up, looking to take him towards the corner with an attempted tornado DDT. But Santana stops himself, shoving off and sending Dan into the corner on his own. The Television Champion immediately improvises, running up the corner and leaping off with a Whisper In The Wind!! He crash lands on top of Santana, taking him back down to the mat, then tries the pinfall, since he landed on top… 1… 2… no! Santana gets his arm off the canvas to stop the count. Dangerous Dan gets up, definitely moving a little slower now, but still in the thick of the fight. He goes back to the turnbuckle, climbing up and waiting for Santana to rise up. As soon as he does, Dan leaps skyward, coming from behind Santana and, flipping over him, getting a flying stunner variation that snaps Santana’s head!! Santana tumbles towards the side of the ring, shaking, as Dangerous Dan recovers. He pulls himself over to Santana to try another cover… 1… 2… Santana’s foot is on the ropes, forcing referee Bell to call for the break.*

Logan: Santana’s lucky that he landed where he did, because that was an incredible move from Dangerous Dan.

Jones: The guy keeps on pulling out more and more maneuvers every time we see him. I tell you, he is an unbelievable wrestler!

Logan: Hey, there’s a reason they call him Mr. Superior!

Jones: Huh?

*Dangerous Dan lifts Santana up, making sure to get him away from the ropes. He goes for a double-underhook, locking his arms through Santana’s. But the Sensei suddenly is able to straighten up, lifting the surprised Dan upside-down! Before Dan can do more than blink at the blood rushing to his head, Santana lands the second part of the move, sitting down and crashing Dan’s neck into the canvas!! Both wrestlers are down, with Santana having spent a lot of energy landing that maneuver. He slowly recovers, looking back at the downed champion. Referee Bell seems to be expecting a pinfall attempt, but Santana opts to not go that direction. Instead, he grabs Dan’s right leg, applying an ankle lock submission! Dan is immediately feeling the burn, trying to get himself free from Santana’s technical hold.*

Jones: Man, sometimes I forget that Santana is well-trained in many different fighting styles, and that it doesn’t always have to be high risk!

Logan: Santana has proven time and time again that he can beat you many different ways. This is a new one, but it’s a good one, too, because it’s threatening to take Dan’s speed and agility away from him!

*Santana drops into a grapevine, latching his legs around Dan’s to increase the pressure, causing Dan to yell out. Dan’s teeth are clenched together as he fights for the continuation of his title reign, slowly trying to stretch out towards the ropes. He seems to be too far away, as Santana has the hold placed perfectly. Dan uses his arms, pushing up off the mat to get a little leverage, then starts rocking himself, managing after a few tries to get them rolled over to the right! Santana does not release the hold, showing his own tenaciousness, but Dangerous Dan is now a lot closer to the ropes. He fights to angle himself, refusing to submit, and after a lengthy struggle, manages to reach out and grab the bottom rope! Referee Bell calls for the break, which Santana does with little resistance.*

Logan: If Dan hadn’t managed that roll, we might have had a new Television Champion!

Jones: We still might, Anthony, if Dan’s ankle is too badly injured. Santana had that hold on for a good amount of time.

Logan: Yeah, Dan’s moveset has decreased dramatically, but don’t count him out yet!

*As Dangerous Dan tries to get up, limping badly on his injured ankle, Santana keeps up the attack, grabbing Dan and lifting him into the air with a kneebreaker! Dan crumples to the ground, wearing a mask of intense agony, with Santana once again trying a cover… 1… 2… but Dan won’t give up. Santana pushes off of the Television Champion and walks away, seemingly thinking things over. But just as suddenly, Santana comes back, going for the Sensei-Tion! At the last second, Dangerous Dan dodges the kick, Santana’s foot missing him by about an inch. With Santana off-balance a desperate Dan reaches up and grabs his wrestling outfit, pulling him backwards into a victory roll! Referee Bell is right there… 1… 2… and Santana barely kicks out! Both men get up, with Santana still able to get to his feet first. But when he tries to latch onto Dan’s shoulders, Dan knocks his arms away, then starts to lash out with punch after punch, driving Santana back! Dan falters for a second, testing his weight on the ankle with mixed results. But as Santana tries to recover, Dan grabs him, getting a facebuster! Dan struggles to make the pin… 1… 2… no!*

Jones: Both of these guys have taken a ton of abuse, but that title continues to be up for grabs!

Logan: It’s amazing how evenly matched these guys are! We’re not even done with their second match and I’m looking forward to a third, fourth, and fifth!

Jones: You’ve gotta love the youth of the GCWA!

*Dangerous Dan slowly gets up, grimacing at the pain coming from his leg. He will not give up, though, even as referee Bell watches him, wondering if he needs to stop the match. Dan moves back to Santana, who is trying to sit up. Dan gives him a little ‘help’, landing a couple of falling axehandles before dragging him towards the right position… for the Danger Zone! Dan sucks in his breath, then attempts to lift Santana for the backbreaker variation, but he has to set him back down, as the ankle is just hurting too much. Dan sucks it up, looking towards the audience for inspiration. He lets out a war yell, pumping up his energy, then goes to lift up Santana again. No, Santana blocks it, then lifts Dangerous Dan up instead! He twists them back down, hitting a sidewalk slam that causes Dan to shudder on the mat!! After a few seconds, Santana squirms over and makes the cover… 1… 2… Dan shoves his arm up, as a small gasp runs through the audience of how close that really was.*

Jones: My gosh, what does it take to keep Dangerous Dan on the canvas?

Logan: I don’t know, but Santana better discover it soon!

*Like two prize fighters who have gone the distance, Dangerous Dan and Santana both work to their feet, almost using each other for leverage. They stagger against each other, with Dan striking first with a punch to Santana’s ribs. He follows up with a couple more, finding one more reserve of adrenaline to allow him to attack. Santana bends over in pain, with Dan again trying to double underhook him for the Danger Zone! But Santana breaks free, letting loose with a scintillating chop across Dan’s throat!! Dan, caught completely by surprise, drops to his knees, grabbing at his neck, as Santana goes against the ropes and immediately comes back… hitting the Sensei-Tion!!!! The crowd reacts, both in shock and excitement, as Dangerous Dan collapses backwards. Santana falls on top, back-first, grabbing at his opponent’s leg while beginning the pin… 1… 2…. 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Television Champion… Robert “The Sensei” Santana!!

Jones: My god, he did it! Santana finally dethroned Dangerous Dan!!

Logan: What an effort by both men! They put up a hell of a fight! But Santana got in the last move and that’s all that counts!

Jones: We have a new Television Champion!

*Santana, exhausted, can barely stand as referee Bell goes and gets the title, bringing it over to him. Santana almost looks like he can’t believe it’s happened. He takes the belt into his hands, looking it over with awe. Some of the crowd is cheering wildly. Others are stunned at the change. Santana goes to the ropes, rolling out. He looks back in at Dangerous Dan, who is trying to get up, but leaves him be, showing the man respect. As Santana walks off, we go to the parking lot of the arena, where we see Cynthia Hall standing next to the World Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion. *

Cynthia Hall: Hello fans. I am here with Marcus Ka’Derrion who last week, lost for the very first time ever in GCWA. How do you feel Marcus?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: How do I feel? Really Cynthia? I thought you were one of the smart reporters around here. Kind of question is that? How do you think I feel?

Cynthia Hall: Well there is no need to--

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Never mind all of that. How do I feel? Frustrated, angry, annoyed, pissed. The bottom line is that I am no longer undefeated thanks to the Roman Empire. Not thanks to Lurrr, but thanks to the Roman Empire. Not only did I lose though, I got humiliated by them afterwards. They did what they wanted and my so called back up and ‘help’ couldn’t do a damn thing about it. Do you know who I blame for what happened last week Cynthia?

Cynthia Hall: No, who?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Myself.

Cynthia Hall: Yourself?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yeah, I knew I had no shot against Lurrr with The Roman Empire watching his back. That’s why I asked Caine for help… But I should have realized that no matter who helped, the Empire was always going to have more numbers at their disposal. So Tommy Crimson is joining the Empire? I really don’t care… but he did time his attack perfectly didn’t he? He gave the Empire the edge and I lost. Scott Caine tried to help, but failed. Arryk Rage of all people tried to help, but failed… Then Double D’s tried to help but they didn’t even make it past the wrestling ramp. We all failed to take down the empire and it wasn’t until later on that night that I realize something. Whether I fight alone or with allies in this war, I have to be smart about how I battle… I have to pick my spots.. and so, today, I begin to apply my new strategy.

Cynthia Hall: A new strategy? What exactly is it?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Well, let me tell you… Actually… let me show you…

*Marcus Ka’Derrion produces an aluminum bat and then walks over to one of the vehicles in the parking lot. A white Honda Civic. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Do you recognize this vehicle Cynthia?

Cynthia Hall: Yes, that is Derek Mobley’s ride.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: It sure is. You see, my new strategy is not to go toe to toe with the Empire… I can’t win that battle… So instead, I will just focus on my opponent at Capital Punishment, Derek Mobley. I’ve decided to implement my new strategy by hitting him where it hurts the most…

Cynthia Hall: You are not going to touch his Honda Civic are you? He loves the car.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Touch it? Nah, I’m going to do more than that.

*Marcus then swings the bat, slamming against the driver side window, smashing it to pieces! Cynthia quickly runs off camera, getting out of the way. Marcus smashes all the windows and then jumps on the hood of the Civic and begins to smash it with the aluminum bat. The camera switches to the locker room of the Empire where Warrick Hill is relaxing after his match and Lurrr is getting ready for his. Neither are paying attention to what’s going on in TV. Tommy Crimson is nowhere to be found. Derek Mobley appears in the picture and sits down to watch TV but just as quick as he sat down, he stands up.*

Derek Mobley: What the hell!? He’s destroying my car!! No!!!

*He runs out of the locker room without thinking twice about it. Hill and Lurrr look at the open door and then at each other and shrug, not understanding what just happened. The show goes to commercial.*

*The show comes back from commercial and we find ourselves chasing after Derek Mobley as he runs down the hall, heading to the parking lot. He arrives and then goes to the spot where he parked his Civic only to find it completely unharmed. He looks at it puzzled but then proceeds to hug it.*

Derek Mobley: Oh, I’m so glad you’re OK! I knew that chump wouldn’t have the guts! I knew he wouldn’t harm you.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I don’t care for damaging old pieces of crap… Only their lame ass owners.

*Mobley quickly turns around, swinging, hoping to catch Marcus with a right hand but Marcus saw it coming and ducks, slamming the aluminum bat against Mobley’s gut in the same move. Mobley doubles over in pain and Marcus quickly grabs him by his head and mid section and then spins him around, slamming him head first against the driver side window of the Civic, shattering it to pieces! Marcus then grabs the bat again and as Mobley is bent over the Civic, half of his body inside the vehicle, Marcus swings the bat and slams it against the back of Mobley’s right leg! Before he can swing it again though, he hears the rest of the Empire coming and quickly makes an exit. Warrick comes up first to check on his long-time partner, with Mathis close behind, as we go back to ringside.*

Jones: What an assault from Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Yeah, he used the Civic to lure Mobley out into a vulnerable position, Jonesy. Once you get him separated from his Roman Empire buddies, you’ve got a chance to do some real damage!

Jones: The tension keeps getting greater between the World Champion and the #1 Contender! But tonight, it’s not about the World Title, it’s about the X Division Title! Let’s go to Minos in the ring!

Minos: The next bout is scheduled for one fall with no time limit. It will be fought for the GCWA X Division Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he is currently one of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, and now looks to add more gold to his collection, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Harvey Danger!

*The fans look towards the entryway, where they expect Danger to make his appearance. Suddenly, the Happy Days theme song begins to play! The curtains part, with Harvey Danger walking out, trying to act cool. He is wearing a leather jacket, although it’s clearly too warm for that. He acts like he’s combing his hair, then snaps his fingers. After a few seconds, he snaps them again. Finally, behind him, two women dressed in ‘60s attire come out, reluctantly taking his arm. Danger grins at both of them, then waves them off, saying that he’s got business to take care of. He heads for the ring, while the women quickly leave through the curtain. Referee Trixie is shown in the ring, holding her head.*

Logan: It’s the Harv! Aaaaaayyyyy!

Jones: I wonder how he managed to get those two women to come out with him.

Logan: Somehow I’m betting that his mother and/or a good sum of money was involved. Still, gotta admit, the dude looks good in that jacket. Sure, he’s gotta be hot as hell under these lights, but it’s all about how you look.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he is the leader of one of the most hated organizations in the world today, the Roman Empire… standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

*”Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to play, earning the usual response of heavy boos. Lurrr struts out of the back, still riding high from last week’s stunning ‘victory’ over Ka’Derrion. He is surprisingly alone, with Mathis busy dealing with the injuries to Derek Mobley, but he looks no less confident.*

Jones: We had a surprise announcement from Lurrr this week, as it came up that, after paternity tests, Lurrr IS the father of a child that will be coming into the world soon!

Logan: A little Lurrr. On the one hand, you can’t help but be happy for the guy, even if he didn’t plan on this happening. On the other hand, you have to think about a Lurrr Junior coming into the wrestling world someday.

Jones: The legacy lives on!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Lurrr moves towards the center of the ring, showing a lot of swagger. Harvey, meanwhile, has taken off his leather jacket, carefully arranging it on the ringpost so that it doesn’t fall off and ‘disappear’ with a fan. He makes sure it’s in place, then turns around… only to get struck by several punches from Lurrr, who decided not to wait! Lurrr pummels Danger in the corner, hitting him again and again, with the referee, Trixie, warning him with a count. Lurrr backs off, raising his hands to the booing crowd, then comes back in, grabbing Danger and whipping him to the other side of the ring. Harvey crashes into the turnbuckle, but manages to move when he sees Lurrr coming after him, springing himself into the air and catching the champion with a modified sunset flip! Trixie is right there to count… 1… 2… Lurrr gets free at the last instant, avoiding a shocking loss!*

Jones: Wow! We came very close there to having two new champions tonight!

Logan: People underestimate Harvey because of the way he acts, but he can surprise you with his wrestling ability. I don’t know what Lurrr would have done had he not been able to kick free of that pin.

*Both men are back on their feet, with Lurrr clearly ticked off about the close pinning attempt from Danger. He hammers Danger with a couple of swinging shots to his back, causing Harvey to arch his spine from the hits. Lurrr then angrily grabs Danger by the head and sends him rocketing over the ropes, throwing him to the outside!! Lurrr walks away, pantomiming dusting off his hands. However, what he’s failed to notice is that Danger is still hanging onto the ropes! Danger skins the cat, bringing himself back into the ring. Lurrr, sensing something, spins around, but it’s too late, as Danger runs in, leaping up and hitting a flying forearm that takes the champion down! Lurrr almost immediately starts to get back up, but Danger’s on the move again, going against the ropes and coming back with a Lou Thesz press, dropping in top of Lurrr and punching away on him, as the crowd goes wild!*

Logan: The Harv is on fire!

Jones: Lurrr clearly did not expect this much of a fight from Danger tonight!

Logan: Yeah, he said it himself that he laughed when he heard who his opponent is.

Jones: Well, he’s not laughing now! Harvey is not here as a free victory! He’s here for that title!

*Danger is back up, dragging the taller Lurrr along with him. He takes Lurrr to the corner and starts banging Lurrr’s head into the ‘buckle, with the crowd counting along with him. After 9 hits, Danger takes a second to straighten his hair ala the Fonz, then slams Lurrr in one more time. The crowd is cheering heavily as Lurrr staggers away, looking stunned. Danger waits in the corner, climbing up to the second turnbuckle. When Lurrr turns towards him, Danger jumps into the air for a double axehandle attempt. But Lurrr is ready, swinging out his fist to catch Danger in the stomach! Danger hits the mat with his feet, then does a flip, landing on his back. He tries to get up quickly, but Lurrr is right there, grabbing Danger by the head and dropping with a DDT! The X Division Champion rolls over to make the cover, with Trixie continuing to do her job… 1… 2.. and Harvey kicks out.*

Logan: It was only a matter of time before the veteran started to figure things out in this one, Jonesy.

Jones: Lurrr has more experience than most of the active wrestlers in the GCWA, which can help him anticipate oncoming attacks better than anyone.

Logan: Of course, he normally relies on dirty tactics. Man, it’s strange to see him out here on his own. I thought for sure Mathis was going to come down eventually.

Jones: I guess the issue with Mobley must be taking longer than expected.

*Lurrr brings Danger up, clearly not in the mood to mess around with him anymore. He lifts Danger up into the air, then takes him down with an atomic drop, sending Harvey rebounding into the corner. Lurrr follows him in, landing a few more shots with his elbow. With Danger stunned, Lurrr gets him onto his shoulder, and then takes three steps out of the corner before dropping with a powerslam! Lurrr makes the cover, demanding that Trixie get there quickly to make the count. Trixie falls into position… 1… 2… but Harvey raises his arm, staying alive. Lurrr immediately punches Harvey in the mouth, hard, earning a threat from Trixie about his conduct. The X Division Champion next heads over to the turnbuckle, climbing up to the second ‘buckle. He comes off, getting some distance on his jump to allow him to land a flying elbow! Lurrr again makes the pin attempt… 1… 2… Danger manages to get free again.*

Jones: Lurrr has really taken control of this match. Harvey needs him to make a misstep soon, or else the champion will be retaining tonight.

Logan: It’s too bad that Danger doesn’t have the Stranger’s support anymore. He could use the back-up out here.

Jones: I’m just happy his Mom didn’t decide to put on the mask and come out to the ring with him. That would have just been wrong, on so many levels.

*Far from being frustrated, Lurrr seems to be enjoying dishing out the punishment, especially after the near falls earlier. He stomps on Danger’s left leg, loving the sight of Danger in pain. Lurrr then decides to take it one step further, as he grabs Danger’s legs and begins to step through, looking to the fans to hear their reaction before getting the figure four locked in! But as he goes to make the twist in the move, Lurrr gets suddenly grabbed by Danger, who, in desperation, rolls him up! Trixie drops down for the count… 1… 2… Lurrr kicks out, breaking free of the hold! He jumps up, but so does Danger, landing a dropkick that puts Lurrr on his back! The X Division Champion tries to get up again, but another dropkick puts him right back down, this one causing his head to bounce on the canvas. Danger rises back up, going off the ropes and coming back with a leaping splash, putting all his weight down onto Lurrr for another pin attempt… 1… 2… Lurrr sneaks a shoulder out, avoiding the defeat!*

Logan: Whew! Danger managed a flurry of moves there, but Lurrr still won’t stay down!

Jones: I don’t think anyone expected this fight to be so exciting! The crowd is clearly rooting for another new champion to be crowned!

*Danger is back up, looking towards Trixie, who shrugs her shoulders at Lurrr getting free. Danger seems to forgive her, smiling, as he works his way over to the turnbuckle, climbing up. The distraction of Trixie, though, allowed Lurrr to get on his feet, as he follows Danger to the corner, knocking his feet out from under him! Danger hits the turnbuckle hard, then flips over, getting caught in the tree of woe! Lurrr, not wasting any time, climbs up on Danger, putting his foot in a very agonizing place!! Danger yells out as Lurrr smiles, putting some weight on his foot, as he points to his chest, yelling about how he’s the heart of the Empire! Trixie does a quick 4 count, so Lurrr breaks the ‘hold’, stepping off of Danger and coming back down to the mat. Danger’s legs are finally freed, as he topples back into the ring, hurting badly.*

Logan: That was just despicable, man. He just racked the guy!

Jones: Lurrr will do anything to make sure he stays the champion, Anthony, you know that.

Logan: Yeah, but standing… on his… dude!

Jones: It won’t be easy, but Danger needs to put this behind him and try to make a comeback!

*With a satisfied smirk, Lurrr bends down, pulling Danger off the mat. Danger is having trouble walking, not surprisingly, but Lurrr doesn’t take him far, lifting him up long enough to get a side slam before making a pin… 1… 2… and Danger kicks out! Lurrr seems to be a little surprised that Danger managed to get free, questioning the count, but Trixie denies any favoritism. Lurrr, shaking his head, pulls Danger back up, setting him for a piledriver. Before the X Division Champion can lift him up, though, Danger straightens his back, managing to send Lurrr over him with a back drop! Lurrr hits hard, feeling the pain from the landing. He still manages to get up first, as Danger is still struggling. Lurrr comes in, trying for a quick boot to the face, but Danger dodges again, avoiding the kick and grabbing Lurrr from behind, getting a quick neckbreaker!! Exhausted, Danger reaches out for the cover, trying to win the title… 1… 2… Lurrr raises his arm, breaking the count!*

Logan: A better cover there might have managed the win, but Danger may not have enough left to manage it.

Jones: If he can get that Danger DDT, though, Anthony, it won’t matter what kind of pin Danger dishes out.

Logan: Then now is the time to go for it, when he’s still got a little energy left!

*While the announcers’ strategy makes sense, Danger has opted to go a different route, as he has twisted over Lurrr’s body, rolling him over. Danger then grabs Lurrr’s arm, applying a version of the crossface submission hold!! Harvey stretches Lurrr back, keeping the hold on tight, as the X Division Champion looks for a way to get free! Referee Trixie hovers close by, but Lurrr isn’t giving up his belt yet. He starts moving on the mat, using his free arm to push himself along, Danger starts getting more frantic, yanking back on the arm repeatedly, trying to get the match to end. But Lurrr won’t stop moving, his eyes focused on his goal, and after a few more seconds of effort, he’s able to reach out, grabbing the rope! Trixie calls for the break, with Danger looking at her with a pleading expression, wanting more time. But Trixie starts her 5 count, forcing Danger to release the hold.*

Logan: It’s not like Danger to go to the submission holds like that, but I guess when you’re facing a champion who has a 5-inch height advantage on you, it’s not a bad idea to break out a ground-based maneuver!

Jones: Danger’s a brawler, but he still knows a few moves that can hurt his opponents. Too bad this one didn’t completely pay off.

Logan: Yeah, but now’s not the time to feel sorry about the submission hold not working. He’s still in control of the match, and he needs to take advantage of it!

*Danger uses the ropes to get himself up, clearly fatigued. He grabs at Lurrr, pulling him up and taking him towards the corner. He sets Lurrr against the turnbuckle back-first, then lands a couple of chops, leaving streaks of red across Lurrr’s chest. Danger then starts to grab Lurrr’s arm to bring him out for another maneuver, but Lurrr instead reaches up, raking Danger’s eyes!! Harvey steps back, completely blinded, trying to clear his vision, as Lurrr sets himself. He comes forward, going for the Wake Up Call! But Danger is able to twist out of the way, dodging the shot! With Lurrr off-balance, Danger latches onto him, positioning him for the Danger DDT!! He starts the swing… and Lurrr manages to slide out of the grip at the last second! A staggered Danger turns around… and there’s the Wake Up Call!!!! Danger is down, as Lurrr drops on top of him… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

Logan: Too bad for Harvey, as he really gave his all in this one, but Lurrr’s finisher really can come out of nowhere!

Jones: Lurrr has shown once again that he is a dangerous competitor, even without Mathis at ringside, although there were a few moments there I thought we had a new champion.

Logan: I wonder if the rest of the Empire will at least come down to celebrate Lurrr’s victory?

*In the ring, Trixie reluctantly lifts up Lurrr’s hand, as he raises his title triumphantly. On the other side of the ring, Danger is struggling to get up. Lurrr takes notice, smirking at his hurting opponent. He goes over to Danger’s corner, grabbing the leather jacket that’s hanging there, as if he’s going to take it himself as a prize. Suddenly, though, the big screen lights up, catching Lurrr’s attention. The camera shot is showing the garage of the GCWA Arena, nearby the smashed-up car that Marcus Ka’Derrion used earlier to lure out Derek Mobley. The camera focuses on an ambulance positioned nearby, which is rocking back and forth for some reason. Someone seems to be trying to open the door via force, but a crowbar is strategically placed to keep it from opening.*

Jones: What on earth is that? Is someone locked in that ambulance?

Logan: Wait, they called the ambulance for Mobley, right? So is that why Mathis never made it down to ringside?

*As Lurrr continues to stare at the screen, trying to figure out what’s going on, “Automatic” by American Pearl begins to play! The fans react, cheering, as Scott Caine walks out of the back, another crowbar in hand! He starts moving towards the ring, a smile on his face, as Lurrr realizes what has happened. He backs off towards the center of the squared circle, holding the X Division Title like a weapon as he waves for Caine to come on in.*

Logan: It looks like Lurrr is on his own, which means we might finally get that one-on-one fight between him and Caine that we’ve been wanting for a long while!

Jones: Hate to break it to you, Anthony, but the guy who just came out from the crowd is probably going to keep that from happening!

*The crowd is cheering louder as Caine gets closer to the ring, but it’s not because of him. It’s because “Twiztid” Arryk Rage is coming from the other direction! He slides into the ring, then slams his own crowbar into Lurrr’s back, knocking him down!! Lurrr collapses in pain as Caine enters the ring, taking his opportunity to get in a few stomps and driving a hurting Lurrr from the ring!! Lurrr, showing his smarts, quickly retreats, holding his back as if checking for any separation of his vertebrae. He stumbles up the aisle, glaring back at the two men, when he suddenly realizes that something didn’t make the trip with him. Arryk Rage is currently holding up the X Division Title, grinning from ear to ear! Lurrr looks like he wants to come back for it, despite everything, but Caine, by this point, has helped up Danger, who has gotten his jacket back. He joins Caine and Rage, making a formidable force. Lurrr tries to climb up onto the apron anyway, but Caine takes a big swing with his crowbar, forcing Lurrr to fall back out of the line of fire.*

Logan: Don’t tell me… Rage has stolen the X Division Title again?!?!?

Jones: Lurrr badly wants to get in there and get the belt, but it won’t be easy with it being three-against-one!

Logan: We are running out of time, people, so we’ll see you next week! Good night!

*Lurrr is demanding now that they throw him the X Division Title, saying that it’s rightfully his. Rage is doing the old “I don’t know what you are talking about” routine, laughing at holding the title again. However, Rage then seems to have a change of heart, looking at the belt, then suddenly throwing it like a bowling ball, causing it to slide straight out of the ring and to the floor. Lurrr angrily hurries over to get it, but as he does so, Caine goes off the ropes and runs back, getting a spring off of Rage’s hands and flying over the ropes, getting a corkscrew splash into the champion!!! Lurrr is down, with Danger clapping, enjoying himself. Rage goes out to help Caine up, with the two men looking down at Lurrr. Rage seems to be considering taking the X Division Title again, but Caine grabs his arm and the two walk away, enjoying the cheers of the crowd as we fade to black.*

OOC: Interesting roleplaying week, as we had four squash matches and three matches go the max on rp'ing. Hey, I'll take it! *lol* Let me know your opinions of the card on the OOC board.

Here's the card for next week:

- Seth Eldritch vs. Mikey Willis

- Harvey Danger vs. PIC

- Warrick Hill vs. "Twiztid" Arryk Rage

- D & D (Shane Donovan & Draco, or Draco & Shane Donovan) vs. The Big Bifford & The Lost Soul

- Robert "The Sensei" Santana(c) vs. Scott Caine, Television Title Match

- Marcus Ka'Derrion(c) vs. Tommy Crimson, Non-Title Match

- Lurrr(c) vs. The Accelerator, Steel Cage Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, June 12th, to Wednesday, June 17th, giving you 5 1/2 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

BTW, in regards to the tag-team match, I'm instituting new tag-team rules. What will happen is that I will grade all four rp'ers. The best rp'er of the four will get the pinfall/submission/win on the lesser rp'er on the other team. So if, say, Draco outroleplays everyone, he'll pick up the pin for his team.

What this also means is that if one team only wants to have one rp'er, they can. Draco can do 3 amazing rp's, while Donovan sits it out, and they could still win (Donovan just won't get the pin). It's up to you how to go about it.

It's another seven-match card, which means dark matches are very likely. Good luck!