*As the previous show ends, we watch the credits roll, if only to see the girls bouncing on the trampolines behind them (yep, that show came back!). We fade to black, then the GCWA symbol flashes across the ring, reminding you of what is to come. Dramatic music begins to play, as various clips are shown of the Roman Empire getting the advantage of Scott Caine. From Lurrr’s cheating to retain the X Division Title against Caine to the entire Roman Empire beating him down, we see shots of it all. We then cut to a shot that’s from last week’s Inferno, showing Cynthia Hall interviewing Caine, who makes a challenge.*

Scott Caine: I will make this short and sweet. If you Roman Empire *bleeps* have any *bleeping* courage left in you, then face me later on tonight.

*The shock on Cynthia Hall’s face is shown, as she believes it’s a suicide mission. We next see the Roman Empire, more specifically Rick Mathis & Lurrr, laughing about the challenge.*

Lurrr: Tonight, we squash the little bug. He keeps thinking he’s in our league. He thinks he can take on both of us. It’ll be nice to rid the world of one more *bleeping* idiot.

*As Lurrr talks, we see shots of Caine wrestling, leaping around the ring. We cut to the end of the night, when Caine came out for his challenge, which was answered by Rick Mathis & Lurrr. The Empire members walk confidently to the ring to face off against the injured wrestler.*

Jones: I can’t watch! This is going to be a massacre!

*As the two men approach Caine, they’re shown stopping as “Victim of Reality” by Pennywise plays. No one comes out. Next “I Am Hated” by Slipknot hits the speakers. Again, no one appears. Caine takes advantage, trying to fight both men, but he’s soon in a great deal of trouble. That’s when “Know Your Enemy” by Greenday hits, bringing out “Twiztid” Arryk Rage!! He runs to the ring, attacking Lurrr with a steel chair, as Caine takes the fight to Mathis.*

Jones: We haven’t seen him since he was buried alive?!?!

*As the fight continues, we switch to the back shot of Derek Mobley trying to get Warrick Hill out of the back, so that they can go help out their stablemates. This is when the World Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion, attacks, taking out Mobley with a title shot to the head, then landing the Pain Bomb through a table!! The landing from the Pain Bomb is shown in slow motion multiple times, which Mobley’s head hitting the ground heavily. The last shot is of Marcus walking away, his belt back in his hands, while Mobley and Hill are left down in their locker room. We fade out from the video clip.*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The audience is screaming loudly, happy to be back in the Arena for another exciting Friday night! The cameras pan the crowd, showing off some more fun signs, including “Ludwig Needs Your Vote!”, “Crazy Wrestlers Unite!”, and “Destiny Awaits Donovan!” We leave the crowd and head to the ringside area, displaying Edward Jones and Anthony Logan, our announcers for the evening.*

Jones: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. You have reached the greatest wrestling show on the planet, the GCWA’s Friday Night Inferno!

Logan: That’s right, Jonesy! I mean, I’ve seen some ‘wrestling’ that can compare to it, but only late at night…

Jones: Moving on… we have a great night of action planned for you fans, as we’re having a blockbuster card here tonight! You’re going to be very pleased that you tuned in!

Logan: Yeah, we’ve got, what, two titles being decided tonight?

Jones: Correct, Anthony! First, Dangerous Dan once again puts the Television Title on the line, looking to be the first man to earn five successful title defenses! Later on, his brother, Crazy Chris, will be gunning for his own belt, facing the former World Champion, Shane Donovan, for the vacated Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship!

Logan: Amazingly, those two great matches are just the beginning tonight. We’ve also got the heated feud between Tommy Crimson and Draco, an epic battle pitting the #1 Contender, Derek Mobley, against the Big Bifford, and in our main event, it’s champion vs. champion!

Jones: Our World Heavyweight Champion, the undefeated Marcus Ka’Derrion, will be taking on our X Division Champion, Lurrr, in a title match with major ramifications for the future! Will Ka’Derrion continue his undefeated streak against such a tough opponent? Can Lurrr do what no one has been able to do? And will this help the Empire soften Ka’Derrion up in order for him to lose the World Title at Capital Punishment to Derek Mobley?

Logan: So many questions, so few answers, Jonesy!

Jones: That’s why we need to get the action started right away! First off, we had a great dark match earlier in the night, pitting The Lost Soul against James Thrash! It was a good opening match for the fans here in the arena, but since you guys at home might want to see some of it, here’s the video clip!

*We go to the videotape from earlier in the night, when The Lost Soul took on James Thrash. It turned out that The Lost Soul’s process that he underwent during the week paid off, as he wrestled much stronger against a surprised Thrash, who was on the defensive the entire match. The Lost Soul also showed a brief period of intense rage, where he beat down Thrash in the corner, nearly getting himself DQ’ed before getting control over himself. It was soon all over for Thrash, with The Lost Soul landing the Soul Buster, then heading up top to soar with the Souled Out! It was perfectly executed with more height on the maneuver than in recent times, allowing The Lost Soul to easily get the victory. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: The Lost Soul was very impressive tonight, easily taking down James Thrash.

Logan: Yeah, man, the dude is making a comeback! I think all the guys holding titles should start getting worried about now.

Jones: Thrash, meanwhile, takes yet another loss. His career in the GCWA has to be considered questionable at this point.

Logan: I hate that. The guy looked so damn good at first! But things sometimes aren’t meant to be, I suppose.

Jones: It seems that way. Well, with that down, it’s time to get to some live matches!

Logan: Er, well….

Jones: What? No live matches yet?

Logan: Sorry, Jonesy, but we’ve got Cynthia Hall waiting in the back with an interview with two of the men competing for championships tonight.

Jones: Oh. Alright. I can wait. I think.

*We cut away from the ringside area to go backstage, where Cynthia Hall is looking pretty as ever in front of the camera. She is joined on either side by the Danger Boiz, Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan. Chris looks to be doing fine after his ordeal this past week, but Dangerous Dan is apparently still healing, with bruising across his face.*

Cynthia Hall: Hello, I’m Cynthia Hall, and I’m here with the Danger Boiz! It’s going to be a big night for you guys, as you both have title matches. Dan, you defend your Television title against Joey Truxell, and Chris, you have a shot at becoming the new Intercontinental Champion. What are your thoughts?

Dangerous Dan: Well Cynthia, I will start off first. Tonight I defend my Television Championship for the fifth time, facing Joey Truxell. The most this title has ever been defended. I have beaten several talented up and comers such as Mikey Willis, Robert Santana, Seth Eldritch, and even my own brother. Tonight I will be adding Joey Truxell to the list. I have nothing but respect for the kid. But when it comes to the Television title, respect is all you have. I will beat Joey Truxell, walk out still your GCWA Television Champion, and go on to beat whoever wins the Triple Threat match.

Cynthia Hall: Speaking of walking out as champion, Chris, tonight you face Shane Donovan for the vacated Intercontinental title. Now the last time you and Shane fought, you fell a little bit short. Are you mentally and physically prepared this time around?

Crazy Chris: Cynthia, the last time Shane and I fought, Shane cheated. Let’s not forget who really had the match won. But the past is in the past. It is a new beginning for me. You see I defeated several superstars a couple months ago, to claim contender for the Intercontinental title. Basically this title belongs to me. It is my time to shine with the gold. Shane had his chance as World Heavyweight Champion, and he lost to Marcus Ka’Derrion. Now all of a sudden he wants to be the Intercontinental Champion? I don’t think so, Shane. Tonight, I even up the score. I will beat you tonight, Shane. You have been talking smack all week long, about how I won’t beat you, and how I am not in your league. Well Shane, you talk the talk. But tonight, you have to walk the walk. Bring your chairs, your tables, and your handcuffs. But most importantly just bring it. Tonight Shane, the only person using a weapon tonight will be me, hitting you across the head with the Intercontinental title, after I beat you. Fear me Shane, for after tonight, you will never forget the name CRAZY CHRIS!!

Cynthia Hall: Strong statements from strong competitors! Now, let’s go back to the ring!

*We leave Cynthia Hall and the Danger Boiz behind, rejoining Jones & Logan at ringside.*

Jones: It could definitely be a huge night in the careers of the Danger Boiz. Wouldn’t it be an incredible sight to end the night with each of them holding a title?

Logan: I’m sure it would make their mother proud of them, especially after all they had to endure this week.

Jones: Alright, so we’re done with the interviews? Cynthia’s not got someone else lurking back there?

Logan: Not that I’m aware of.

Jones: Yes! Now let’s get the wrestling action going! Take it away, Minos!

*The camera stays focused on Jonesy, who looks up from the monitor, smiling. He then realizes that they haven’t cut away.*

Jones: Ummm…. Minos?

Logan: He’s coming, Jonesy. Seems that Ace needed him to talk to some Latino bigwigs in the back. Something about a merchandising deal in Mexico? Anyhow, he’s on his way. Just stall for a minute.

Jones: With what? A song and dance routine?

Logan: This isn’t Family Guy, Jonesy.

Jones: Well, damnit, I want to get the wrestling started! I’m tired of interviews and other stuff slowing us down! Seriously, what can we talk about to fill air time? We’re live here!

Logan: Well, we could…. Wait… I think, yes, I just spotted something we can talk about!

Jones: What? What’s that, Anthony?

Logan: In the front row, to the left, there. Cameraman, get over there and get a camera on that guy getting into his seat. Yeah, him. That’s the guy!

Jones: Are we just picking random guys out of the audience now? Hey, wait a second… is that…

Logan: Yep, I think it is!

Jones: That’s… PIC!! From the ICWF and NLW!! What’s he doing here??

*The cameraman focuses on PIC, who notices the attention. The members of the crowd who recognize him start to cheer, while others look curiously at the man seated in the front row. PIC smiles and gives a short wave to the camera, having no problems being taped at the event.*

Logan: It’s great to see the guy, Jonesy. I mean, that’s a former ICWF Intercontinental and Hardcore Champion sitting there, not to mention an Ultimate Survival winner!

Jones: I’m really curious now why he’s here at ringside. Can we send someone over there to talk to him?

Logan: You mean, like an interview?

Jones: Yes, of course I mean an interview!

*Logan laughs, but the joke is lost on Jones, who is now curious about why a great wrestler has suddenly appeared at ringside. Logan shakes his head.*

Logan: Afraid not, Edds, looks like Minos is ready to go with our first match of the evening.

Jones: Really? Damn.

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night Inferno! It is time to begin with our first bout tonight, pitting three of the newest stars in the GCWA against each other for another opportunity at their first titles. The winner of this match will be granted a Television Title match against the champion next week! Introducing first, he has become a threatening presence since his debut at Ultimate Survival, standing 6’2” and weighing 230 lbs, from Brentwood, Tennessee, here is Seth Eldritch!

*Eldritch walks out to “Be Aggressive” by Faith No More, earning his share of negativity from the fans. He cracks his knuckles, pulls on his arm to stretch it out, then starts down the aisle. He has an intense look on his face.*

Jones: We’d like to send our sympathies to the Eldritch family, who lost their patriarch, Seth’s dad, earlier this week.

Logan: Yeah. Funny thing is, I heard Ace offered Seth some time off so that he could make the funeral, but Seth was adamant he was going to be here tonight instead. I don’t know if I could do that. Yeah, it’s for a title shot, but he’s missing a major moment in his family’s life!

Jones: That just shows how badly Eldritch wants the win here tonight.

Minos: Now coming to the ring, he is looking for his own opportunity at advancement, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The crowd cheers for Santana, who comes out to his usual “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas. Santana bounces around, then poses, ready to go. He walks down the aisle, heading for what’s waiting for him in the ring.*

Logan: It was cool, seeing Santana help out those young men and maybe change the course of their lives.

Jones: I know the President loves the free publicity that something like that brings. It’s good for business.

Logan: But can he stand against two guys who could easily be considered bullies themselves?

Minos: Finally, our third participant… he is the master of the Standing Shooting Star Press, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, here is “The Blaze” Mikey Willis!

*Willis walks out with Brutus at his side, looking around at the crowd as if searching for something. They make their way down to “No 5” by Hollywood Undead, staying close together. Brutus points out PIC to Willis, but Willis shrugs, saying it’s not who they’re looking for.*

Jones: Willis’ friend, Kenny, had to spend some time in the hospital this past week, thanks to the actions of The Lost Soul.

Logan: Yeah, sucks to be him, but Kenny called it upon himself by joining Mikey in an ambush of TLS from the previous week. Now that TLS is rejuvenated, I’d hate to be in Mikey’s shoes. There’s no way his mind is on the business at hand, which will definitely give him trouble here tonight.

Jones: I think you’re right, Anthony. I could swear I saw an interview clip of him talking solely about The Lost Soul. There was basically no mention of the guys in this match anywhere!

Logan: Distractions can be the death of you in this business.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And here we go! Three men, each with their own histories between them, especially with Santana!

Logan: Yeah, Santana has fought both men before, although when he fought Willis, he was his tag-team partner at the time!

Jones: One of these men will get another chance at the TV Title, if they can walk out the winner here tonight!

*Eldritch, Santana, and Willis have all moved to separate corners, each watching the two men pitted against him for a championship opportunity. They slowly come out, looking for who is going to make the first move. Willis decides to make it, suddenly running forward towards Santana! The martial artist is ready, though, blocking a Willis punch, then driving him backwards with chop after chop, stunning him! They move to the center of the ring, as Santana jumps up and chops downwards, landing a hit onto the top of the smaller Willis’ head! Willis stumbles back, while Santana turns away from him, only to get tackled by Eldritch! Eldritch stays on top, punching away, trying to weaken his competition. He raises his arm in the air, loving the boos that come with it, but raising his arm proves to be a mistake, as Santana uses his long legs to snake up behind him, grabbing Eldritch’s arms! The surprised newcomer falls backwards, into a pinning predicament! Referee Trixie is right there for the count… 1… and Willis quickly rushes in to break it up.*

Logan: It is so hard to win one of these matches quickly. Not only do you have to make sure your opponent is hurt enough to be pinned or forced to submit, but you also have to watch out for the third man getting in your way!

Jones: It’s all about timing, when to go for the pin, and when to keep beating on your opponent!

*Willis quickly pulls Santana up, hitting him with a couple of forearms to slow him down. Eldritch is back up as well, looking annoyed. Willis nods to him, and Eldritch nods back, as the two start kicking away at Santana, double-teaming him! The fans aren’t happy with that decision. Willis & Eldritch both grab Santana’s arms, shooting him across the ring into the ropes. As Santana comes back, Willis & Eldritch join hands for a double clothesline. But Santana runs underneath it, ducking the blow, then rebounds, charging back with his own attempt at a clothesline!! Willis doesn’t move in time, getting knocked to the ground, but Eldritch manages to avoid the hit. Santana, his momentum stopped by the Willis impact, turns around and comes at Eldritch, who grabs him by the arm and sends him over the top rope to the outside! Santana manages to twist around to land on the apron, but Eldritch answers that by springing off the turnbuckle and hitting a flying dropkick, making sure that Santana lands on the hard floor mats with a huge impact!!*

Jones: Eldritch once again showing why he’s the leading candidate for Rookie of the Month!

Logan: I know that all he wants is another crack at Dangerous Dan’s championship, assuming Dan still has it at the end of the night. He’s well on his way right now!

Jones: Yes, although he’s not going to get the win by going outside the ring!

*Eldritch slides underneath the ropes, even as Trixie continues the count she started for Santana, threatening both men with a count-out. Eldritch doesn’t seem to care, as he pulls the hurting Santana off the mat and bangs his head into the apron, sending him to one knee. Santana puts a hand to his face, wiping some sweat out of his eyes. He’s hurting from the impact of the fall, as well as the continued attack from Eldritch, who slams a fist into the back of his skull, knocking him all the way down! Eldritch smiles at the downed man in front of him, then looks towards the ring, hearing the count already up to 4. He reaches down, pulling Santana up, but Santana suddenly fights, slamming a couple of swinging arms into Eldritch’s chest! Eldritch winces from the blows, but then answers by grappling with Santana, trying to get him into position for a suplex on the floor. Santana fights it, with both men freeing themselves from the grasp… just in time for Mikey Willis to come flying over the ropes, landing on both men with a splash!!!*

Logan: Wow! Air Mikey!!

Jones: I think Eldritch and Santana, so intent on fighting each other, kind of forget about Willis, who just made them pay!

Logan: Yeah, but now all three men are in danger of being counted out! Would that give the TV Champ a night off next week?

Jones: Not according to the rules. There has to be a winner here!

*PIC can be seen in the audience nearby, giving a brief applause for the successful maneuver. We focus back on Willis, who slowly gets up, with Brutus rooting him on. With the count getting higher, Willis slides into the ring, apparently more than willing to win via count-out, since that still means a title shot for him. He moves back and forth, anxious, as the count gets higher, reaching 8. However, Santana is already back on his feet, while Eldritch is getting up. Santana rolls into the ring, with Eldritch right behind him, both saving themselves from a count-out. Willis responds by beating on Santana’s back with his boot, then focusing on Eldritch, trying to keep both men down. Seeing that this is impossible, Willis opts to head for the turnbuckle, climbing up quickly. He positions himself, watching both men, then leaps at them, doing a somersault in the air as he comes in! But Santana and Eldritch split in different directions, both avoiding the body coming their way! As a result, Willis crashes to the mat without protection, grimacing in pain as his legs and lower body lay on the side of the ropes!*

Logan: Willis just felt the pain of high-risk!

Jones: I’m sure he thought that he was going to hit one of those guys, but it turned into a crash and burn!

*With Willis temporarily down, Eldritch and Santana go back to attacking each other, with Eldritch taking advantage with a shot to the midsection, followed by a DDT to the martial artist! Eldritch immediately goes for the cover, trying to use the time he’s got… 1… 2… Santana kicks out. Eldritch moves to the side, annoyed. He kicks Willis a few times, making sure he’s staying down, then goes back to Santana, pulling him all the way up, then yanking him over with a Perfect Plex! Trixie drops down into position… 1… 2… Santana barely manages to get himself free in time. Eldritch sits up, sighs, then pulls himself to his feet. He grabs Santana and lifts him up again, this time deciding to get rid of him and dealing with the still-hurting Mikey. He sends Santana towards the ropes, no, Santana reverses it, sending Eldritch towards the turnbuckle pads! Eldritch, in trying to stop, spins upside-down when he hits the ‘buckle, then topples over to the outside mats!!! Santana staggers back, almost surprised at what just happened, but this allows Willis to suddenly come in from behind, rolling Santana up! 1… 2… Santana gets a shoulder up in time!*

Logan: Eldritch took a terrible tumble, possibly taking him out of this one, and Willis nearly used it to get himself a title shot!

Jones: That one was damn close! It’s so easy to have your back turned at the wrong time in a match like this!

*Willis brings Santana back up, taking him towards the corner in an effort to get a tornado maneuver going. But Santana puts on the breaks, then lifts Willis up, giving him a backdrop suplex! Both wrestlers are down, as the cameras switch to outside the ring, where a hurting Seth Eldritch is struggling to his feet. The audience members near him start laughing for some reason, so Eldritch turns towards them, looking through half-shut eyes. PIC has turned to the people near him, apparently telling some sort of wrestling story about stuff that has happened to him. He points towards Eldritch, grinning, using his fall in his story. However, Eldritch, who has no idea what’s being said, walks towards them, wanting to know what the joke is. PIC looks over at him, waving to him to go back to his match, but Eldritch seems ticked off. Meanwhile, in the ring, both wrestlers are getting to their feet, with Willis trying a wild swing at Santana, only to get lifted off his feet and planted with a spinning slam! Santana makes the cover… 1… 2… and Willis barely gets his shoulder up in time.*

Jones: Santana and Willis are trying everything they can to pin the other, but so far, nothing’s worked.

Logan: Someone needs to tell Eldritch to stop flapping his lips at PIC and get back to the action!

Jones: His inexperience in the ring is starting to show, as he’s letting outside forces distract him!

*Eldritch starts to move closer to PIC, as if to start something, but GCWA security is there, putting a barrier between the two. PIC doesn’t seem that worried, as he decides to retake his seat, still chuckling about Eldritch getting in his face. While Eldritch looks for a way to get around the security guards, we go back to the ring, where Santana is pulling up Willis. He shoots Willis into the ropes, then waits, launching out with a high kick at the oncoming wrestler. Willis, though, manages to duck the blow, then rebounds, returning with a leaping dive at Santana! But the martial artist catches Willis with his arms, heaving Willis up into the air and causing him to land throat-first across the top rope!!! Willis, badly hurting turns and falls to his knees, his arms wrapped around his throat. Unfortunately, this is the perfect position for Santana, who comes in and nails Willis with the Sensei-Tion!!! Santana quickly makes the pin, with Trixie landing next to him. Eldritch suddenly turns, hearing the roar of the crowd. He pulls himself free of the security and dashes back to the ring, but Trixie’s already counting… 1… 2… Eldritch’s a second too late… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the new #1 Contender to the GCWA Television Title, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The audience is cheering loudly, even as Santana rolls himself out of the ring, ahead of the wrath of a ticked-off Seth Eldritch. Willis, stunned, is still down on the mat. Trixie follows Santana out of the ring and raises his arm, with Santana smiling widly, even though he is still hurting from the abuse he took.*

Jones: I’d have to consider that possibly Santana’s greatest victory in the GCWA so far, Anthony!

Logan: I’ll second that, Jonesy! Santana may have taken slight advantage of a distraction to one of his opponents, but he still made it count, pinning Willis to earn himself another chance to be Television Champion! We’ll learn which man he’s going to face for that belt soon enough!

*Santana is already at the ramp, putting his hands in the air and celebrating his victory. Meanwhile, Eldritch, not believing what happened, leans on the ropes, upset. He looks down at PIC, who is still standing, clapping for Santana. PIC then turns and goes to the guardrail, talking to the security guard. He hands the guard a piece of paper. After a few seconds of reading, the guard nods, and PIC jumps over the railing, taking back the paper. He glances over at Eldritch, smiling, then starts up the aisle, heading for the backstage area! The fans start up a “PIC” chant as he goes, with Eldritch looking like he wants to yank his hair out. We leave the ringside area behind to go backstage, or more specifically, the President’s office. The Accelerator is smiling for once, apparently enjoying the debut of his newest wrestler on the tv. This all changes when his door bangs open, revealing Tommy Crimson! Crimson storms over to Ace’s desk, slamming his hands down on it and causing Ace to roll his chair back a few inches, allowing him access to get up quickly if needed.*

Tommy Crimson: Ace, I’m here for an answer, and if I don’t like what I hear, you better hope your security guards are quick to save your *bleeping* ass!

*The President’s eyes narrow, as he watches the pissed off Crimson closely, considering his options. While Ace has never been afraid of a fight, he’s long past when he could handle someone in the shape of Crimson.*

The Accelerator: Now that you have my ‘attention’, how about you get your sweaty hands off my designer desk and tell me what the problem is?

Tommy Crimson: The problem, Ace? You’re the problem! You have been screwing me over since I arrived at this place! I have one of the best win/loss records in the GCWA, I am the best athlete you have at your disposal, but you keep *bleeping* me around! Why the hell was I not given the Intercontinental Title? What did *bleeps* like Crazy Chris and Shane Donovan do to deserve it??

The Accelerator: I told you before, Crimson. Crazy Chris had a title opportunity due to him in the contract he won, and he cashed it in, while Donovan used his own title opportunity to get into the match.

*Crimson hammers the desk, knocking a few pictures off the side to the floor.*

Tommy Crimson: That’s not good enough, Ace! I deserve that title shot! I DON’T deserve to be put in any *bleeping* match that someone requests! Where was my say in the matter of this match with Draco? He comes in and says he wants to fight me and you just ok it?

The Accelerator: What’s the matter, Tommy, afraid of Draco?

Tommy Crimson: Afraid? Of that little *bleep*? I could crush him without even breathing hard! You’ll see what I can do here tonight, when Draco is forced to cry for mercy, but he won’t receive any from me!!

*The Accelerator takes a deep breath to cool off the room, raising his arms in a calming gesture.*

The Accelerator: Look, Tommy, I know you’re all riled up because of the death of one of your guys, and I’m sorry about that. I really am. But there’s no reason to do anything drastic…

*Crimson suddenly leans forward, grabbing the Accelerator by both ends of his suit jacket, yanking him forward. Crimson glares right into the boss’ face.*

Tommy Crimson: You want me to calm down and fall in line? You want me to be the obedient foot soldier? It isn’t going to *bleeping* happen, Ace! You had your chance and you’ve blown it!

*Security, having seen what was happening on live tv, suddenly burst into the room, moving to separate the two men. Crimson lets go of Ace and steps back, a small smile appearing on his face.*

Tommy Crimson: You’ve made the biggest mistake of your life, Ace. Remember this moment.

*Crimson turns and leaves the room, while the security guards watch him leave. One asked the Accelerator if he’s ok, and Ace nods, still staring after Crimson’s departure. He sits back in his chair, pondering what Crimson has said, as we fade to a commercial break.*

*We come back from the commercials with a shot of the backstage area. It is one of the many hallways that run through the GCWA Arena. Seriously, you’d think this place is a labyrinth with how many hallways there are! But I digree. We see Arryk Rage and Scott Caine appear in the shot. Interestingly, it almost sounds like the crowd is still undecided on how to react. Arryk & Scott are walking down the hall, quietly conversing with one another, when Cynthia Hall runs up to them, mic in hand.*

Cynthia Hall: Arryk! Scott! Can I speak to the two of you for a minute?

*Scott glances at Arryk, who shrugs his shoulders, and flashes his trademark smile.*

Arryk Rage: Sure thing, but make it quick, I have something I have to take care of...

*Cynthia smiles, knowing this is her first interview with this specific legend in the wrestling business.*

Cynthia Hall: First, I was wondering what happened to you? Where have you been for the last couple months?

Arryk Rage: Well, sweetie, after my loss to Mobley at Warriors of The Ring III, I took it a little hard. I kind of had a crazy spell.

Cynthia Hall: No, You came back from that. As Twiztid.

*Arryk has a puzzled look on his face.*

Arryk Rage: What are you talking about?

Cynthia Hall: You were Twiztid. You came back and fought Mobley again at Darkness Falls. You even disgraced Punisher and his Son, Marcus, by destroying Punisher’s tombstone!

Arryk Rage: Marcus is The Punisher's Son? Man, where have I been? To be completely honest with you, I think you are delusional, because I don't remember any of this.

*Scott is looking at Arryk like he is completely insane. Arryk has a very puzzled look on his face. Cynthia blinks a couple of times, then shrugs it off. It’s a mystery for another day.*

Cynthia Hall: Ok, well, that works. I guess. What about Lurrr?

Arryk Rage: My only problem with Lurch is that he is holding something that belongs to me. The X Division Title. Other than that, he is nothing to me, but a speck of star dust. Next...

Cynthia Hall: Mobley? What do you have to say to him?

Arryk Rage: Derek... You worthless piece of trash. The fans trusted you. They believed in you, and you turned all their hopes into fears, all their love into hate. How could you do it man? I had so much respect for you. We came up in this business together, and you spit on everything and everyone that has ever helped you along. It makes me sick to my stomach. That’s why I'm back, Cynthia. I came back, because I saw what Derek had done, to his fans, to my little buddy Scott here.

*Arryk looks up at Scott and smiles. Scott doesn’t look particularly pleased to be referred to as a “little buddy”, especially since he’s a lot taller than Arryk, but he lets it slide.*

Arryk Rage: I couldn't stand back and let him do that. No, not this time. Mobley, your day of reckoning is coming. I'm telling you man, I will get you. Don't watch your back, punk. Watch your front, cause I'm gonna be heading straight for you.

Cynthia Hall: Wait wait wait... One more question...

*Arryk, who was turning around to walk away, turns his head.*

Arryk Rage: Make it quick...

Cynthia Hall: What about Scott Caine? What brought the two of you together...

Arryk Rage: Fate....

*Arryk walks away, leaving Scott to deal with the interview on his own.*

Cynthia Hall: Ok, Scott, let me ask you a few questions.

Scott Caine: If you have to.

Cynthia Hall: It IS my job. Scott, you have been fighting the Roman Empire for months, going after Lurrr for what he has done to you. How did it feel surprising him Friday night?

Scott Caine: It was good Cynthia. I will remember the look on his face for a long time.

Cynthia Hall: People want to know why you have teamed up with someone who has been hated by the fans in Arryk Rage. Are you a team?

Scott Caine - I have been looking for someone who hates Derek Mobley and Lurrr like I do. I know that Arryk wants the X title back. He does not like Mobley. We are good together because we know who we hate. It is all about bringing down the empire.

Cynthia Hall: You will continue to fight them then?

Scott Caine: We've only begun to fight. Those mother*bleepers* are going to be sorry they were born when Arryk and me are done with them. First Arryk will take away the X Title. Then we take them out one by one. Come on down Empire. Come and get Cained.

*Caine walks off in the direction that Arryk went. Cynthia shakes her head, then looks back at the camera.*

Cynthia Hall: Looks like I’m sending this back to ringside.

*Cynthia disappears from view, as we go to Jones & Logan.*

Jones: I know Arryk says that he doesn’t remember being Twiztid, but it’s hard for the rest of us to forget what he did during that period. It’s hard to trust his word after that.

Logan: Well, man, you know he WAS buried under a lot of dirt. Maybe, however he got out of there, he had some short-term memory loss.

Jones: Forgetting months of time? That’s hard to buy, Anthony.

Logan: Well, whatever happened, it’s good to have Arryk back fighting against the Empire. We need all the fighters we can get!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. It will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, having recently debuted in the GCWA. He stands 6’2” and weighs 240 lbs, from Las Vegas, Nevada, here is “The Professional” Joey Truxell!

*”The Threat” by Skid Row begins to play, as Truxell comes out of the back, as flamboyant as ever. He goes towards the ring, ignoring the boos as he stays out of the fans’ reach.*

Jones: It was a pretty quiet week for Truxell. The main talk about him, ironically, was why he was getting a Television Title shot to begin with.

Logan: Well, it’s not like Truxell hasn’t gotten a victory already, beating Kevin Kage a few weeks ago. Sure, he lost a dark match last week, but that doesn’t make him unworthy!

Jones: Plus he had it put into his contract that he was owed a title shot, and this was the best time and place to do it.

Logan: There’s that, too.

Minos: And now, his opponent, going for his fifth title defense here tonight, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

*”Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory begins to play, as the fans focus on the curtain covering the entryway. No one comes through at first, causing a wave of concern, but finally Dangerous Dan appears, walking slowly through the entrance. He has tape wrapped around his ribcage, as well as bruises across his face, but he still smiles at the reaction he receives. Slowly, he makes his way down to the ring, pausing every few seconds to catch his breath.*

Jones: My lord, Dangerous Dan looks terrible!

Logan: Well, from the way I hear it, a gang jumped him, pulling him out of his car and beating him down. He suffered numerous injuries, including a broken rib, which nearly stopped him from competing tonight.

Jones: He doesn’t look like he SHOULD be fighting, Anthony! I’m not sure he should be out of the hospital, the way he’s moving!

Logan: Yeah, but if he misses a title defense, he’s forced to vacate that belt, and nothing’s going to stop Dangerous Dan from keeping his gold!

Jones: Well, Truxell might, if he gets hold of him!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Dangerous Dan painfully pulls himself through the ropes, with referee Mitchell coming over to check on him, making sure he’s ok to compete. Truxell is in his corner, smirking at the state of the Television Champion. With Dan nodding his head, saying he’s going to compete, Mitchell shrugs and takes the belt from him, raising it in the air and getting some cheers from the crowd. He hands it to the timekeeper, while Truxell arrogantly starts walking towards Dangerous Dan. He puts a hand on his side and leans over, mocking Dan’s injury, then laughing. He is quickly veering into overconfidence territory, as Dan leans on the corner, watching him.*

Jones: Truxell seems like he’s in a pretty happy mood. I think he believes he’s getting himself a championship here tonight!

Logan: Yeah, but what’s he waiting for? Injured or not, this is a guy that has been on fire in recent weeks. You don’t give him a chance to rest, dude!

*Dangerous Dan pulls himself upright, although it appears to be a strain. He looks at Truxell, raising one arm to wave him forward. Truxell, still laughing, shrugs his shoulders, then suddenly lets loose with a vicious slap across the face!! Truxell, grinning, gets heavily booed, even as Dangerous Dan, turned partway from the hit, rubs at his mouth. A smile appears on his face, away from where Truxell can see it. Truxell waves him on, leaning in to push the champion, but Dangerous Dan spins away from him, then kicks out, causing Truxell to have to catch his foot. A second later, the Enziguiri hits, knocking Truxell to the mat! Truxell immediately gets up to his hands and knees, trying to shake off the cobwebs from the shot, but Dangerous Dan is racing to the ropes, then coming back with a backflip onto Truxell’s back, smashing him down!! The fans are cheering wildly as Dangerous Dan stays on the attack, kicking away at the challenger.*

Jones: What the… I thought Dangerous Dan was hurt!

Logan: Y’know what, Jonesy? I don’t think he was quite as badly hurt as he was letting on! The dude played a mind game with Joey, and now Joey’s in a lot of trouble after getting too cocky!

Jones: The Television Champ pulled a fast one? Unbelievable!

*Dan is hanging onto the ropes as he waits for Truxell to get up. He rubs at his side, his rib still obviously bothering him, just not near as much as it seemed. Truxell pulls himself to his feet, turning and taking a swing. Luckily, referee Mitchell ducks out of the way, then demands that Truxell back off. Confused, Truxell turns again the other direction, where Dangerous Dan is already airborne, having sprung off the ropes with a moonsault! He drops on top of Truxell for the pin attempt… 1… 2… Truxell barely kicks out. The TV Champion gets back up, not worrying about the count. He grabs Truxell’s arms and bends him backwards towards him, putting him into a surfboard submission hold! Truxell struggles to get himself free, feeling the tremendous pressure on his lower back! Mitchell stays close, in case Truxell decides that he has had enough.*

Logan: Truxell is in seriously bad shape now, Jonesy. I don’t know if he’s going to be able to get himself back into this one!

Jones: He needs to get free of this hold, then possibly get outside the ring, where he can clear his head and get re-focused.

Logan: He’d better get FAR outside the ring. Remember, Dangerous Dan is a high-flying maniac!

*Truxell, yelling in pain, fights against the hold, managing to get enough leverage to get his arm free. He pushes off, trying to spin himself around so that he lands on Dangerous Dan, but the champion is already moving with his feet, pushing Truxell off and sending him back-first to the mat. Both men get up, with Truxell taking considerably longer. Dangerous Dan takes advantage, grabbing him and dishing out a neckbreaker! Truxell is down, as Dan makes a cover, pointing his fingers in the air along with the count… 1… 2… Truxell gets his arm up at the last instant. Dangerous Dan shrugs, knowing that things are fully in his control. He stands, waiting, letting Truxell expend the energy it takes to push himself up. Truxell is muttering something under his breath, possibly curse words that would be directed towards Dan if he could get them out. He pushes to his feet, then looks around, confused. He turns… and Dangerous Dan boots him, then lifts him up with the Danger Zone, sending him crashing to the canvas!!! Dan drops for the cover, with Mitchell making sure that Truxell’s shoulders are flat on the mat before starting his count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

Jones: Another big victory for Dangerous Dan, as he continues to defend that belt successfully!

Logan: Yeah, but we already know he’s got a tougher test next week, as Robert Santana will be gunning for him once again. I bet it will be a better match than this one was. Truxell needs to learn not to be so overconfident, because it’s really costing him early in his career.

Jones: Congrats to Dan. One part of their ‘plan’ is complete, now it’s up to Crazy Chris to seal the deal by winning the Intercontinental Title!

*Dangerous Dan walks away from the ring, holding his praised title high in the air. The crowd cheers, loving that Dan’s still in good enough shape to get the victories under his belt. We cut away from him to the exterior of the GCWA Arena. It is daylight out, indicating that this was previously filmed. As if to emphasize the time, a graphic reading “Earlier This Afternoon” appears on the bottom of your screen. Wrestling fans mill around with smiles on their faces. They clutch their tickets tightly awaiting the entrance doors to fly open for tonight’s edition of Inferno. Many hold signs or other wrestling paraphernalia. In the middle of all of this happiness and eagerness sits Harvey Danger. He’s set up a folding table with a sign that reads “Kiss the Champ for Charity.” Many fans walk directly past Harvey without even glancing down. Others look down at him and scoff making a remark that he’s in their way. Harvey looks up at each passerby with a goofy smile. *

Harvey : Step right up, fans! Kiss one half of the World Tag Team Champions for just a dollar! That one single dollar will go towards a charity… uh… that will be named later! How about you, ma’am? No? Ok… And what about you young lady? No? Ok, alright. That’s fine.

* Harvey stands up on his chair to get a better view of the crowd. He smiles wide as he notices a beautiful young blonde approaching. Quickly, he hops down off of the chair and smoothes out his hair. Smiling widely he steps in front of the girl.*

Harvey : Um… erm… how about it, miss? I am, after all, one half of the GCWA World Tag Team champions.

Girl: You are?

Harvey : Yes. Yes I am. With the Stranger… who ironically promised me he’d be out here with me. I wonder where he is… Oh well, how about it? It’s just a buck to kiss a World Champion… and the GCWA Danger Champion? It’s for… uh… a good cause!

Girl: Uh… I don’t think so. What’s the cause? Practice for when your mother pays off that referee to sleep with you?

Harvey : NO! NO!! That’s not it at all! Uh... what would give you the idea my Mom is behind this? *The girl slowly backs off camera, leaving Harvey to sit down looking dejected. As more people stream around the table Harvey puts on the puppy-dog eyes hoping to win over someone’s affection. An older woman steps up to the table and Harvey quickly pulls out his tube of Chap Stick, applying it way too liberally. Harvey raises to his feet and puckers up for his kiss, clenching his eyes tightly. The woman bends over and ties her shoe, then walks away. Slowly, Harvey opens his eyes and looks around for the woman that had been standing there. Slumping back into his seat, his phone begins ringing.*

Harvey : Hi… wait, wait, wait! Slow down! You’re where? Where are you? You are!? What are you doing here?! Don’t move, I’ll be right there!

* Harvey snaps his cell phone shut and takes off in the direction of the GCWA Arena. In his rush Harvey gets tangled up in the table and folding chair and falls flat on his face. Dusting himself off, Harvey rushes toward the building chased with the laughter of the fans waiting to enter the building. We fade to a commercial break.*

*After the wonderful commercials (that help pay my salary) finish up, we go to the backstage area, where Cynthia Hall is walking down the hall toward Ace’s office. She is moving quickly, with the cameraman hurrying to stay even with her. As he moves, Cynthia looks towards the camera.*

Cynthia Hall: I’ve just received word that former ICWF superstar PIC, who we just saw climb the guardrail and head to the back, was spotted walking into the president’s office. I’m going there now to try to get an interview with him if and when he comes out.

*As she nears the door, PIC emerges and turns her direction, eliciting a warm reception from the crowd.*

Cynthia Hall: PIC, can I have a few moments? Everyone’s wondering what you’re doing here tonight.

PIC: Well, I kinda had to be here tonight Cynthia. Just like you have to be here, and like the announcers, and the stage crew, and the caterers, and all the wrestlers, and even The Accelerator himself. We all have to be here, Cynthia…because we work here.

Cynthia Hall: So, you’re saying you’ve signed a GCWA contract? You’re now a wrestler?

PIC: I’ve always been a wrestler, I just didn’t have a home. But now I’m here, and I’m ready to take on all challengers.

Cynthia Hall: Then tell me, was your presence during the match early this evening any indication of what you’re immediate plans are? Have you picked one of those guys out as your “target”?

PIC: I don’t have any targets. I’m not here to make a bunch of enemies. I’m here because when I sat at home and looked over the roster week in and week out, there was nobody who was here to stand up for what was right. Everyone has their own agenda, no one wants to be a team player. While I’ve never been what one would consider a “company man”, I’m here to show people that you can do things the right way and still succeed.

Cynthia Hall: So, no thoughts at all on the match?

PIC: Oh, I have thoughts. I saw three young, hungry wrestlers doing everything they could to secure a win. Not a lot of technical prowess, and to be quite honest, they all looked a little green to me, especially that Eldritch kid. He kept messing around, trying to show off how “awesome” he was, when he really just needed to focus on winning the match. But, what can you do? It’s not like these kids will listen anymore. It’s not like it was when I broke out…when I sat for hours listening to TLS and Killa Kali teach me the ropes of the business. Kids don’t want to respect anyone…they want to learn for themselves.

Cynthia Hall: So you’re basically wanting to be a mentor?

PIC: No, not at all. PIC’s a loner…always has been, always will be. The bottom line is this, the only way these kids are going to learn is to get the crap beat out of them. And who better than to take them to the woodshed than an experienced wrestler without an agenda? Everyone else is trying to do whatever it takes to elevate themselves to the top. I’m just trying to live my life doing the thing I love without compromising my integrity.

Cynthia Hall: Wow…that’s definitely something we’re not used to seeing around…

*Cynthia is interrupted as Derek “The Thriller” Mobley walks through the shot, accidentally bumping into PIC. He looks as though he’s seen a ghost when he recognizes him, and the crowd goes wild.*

Derek Mobley: …

PIC: Hey “Thriller”. Long time no see. I’ve been watching you on tv man…you’re lookin’ good. Nice Ultimate Survival win too…must’ve been nice not having to go at it with the reigning champion.

*PIC lifts his right hand to show off his ICWF 2004 Ultimate Survivor ring.*

PIC: It’s cool though, I’ll get to you later. Good luck tonight.

*PIC walks off as Derek looks down at his own ring. He zones out for another moment, then snaps out of it as he turns to Cynthia.*

Cynthia Hall: As long as you’re here, Derek, any thoughts about your match with…

*Derek smirks at Cynthia trying to interview him, then turns and walks off, leaving her hanging. Cynthia shakes her head, wondering why she expected anything different from a member of the Roman Empire.*

Cynthia Hall: Fine. Back to you guys.

*We head to ringside, back to shots of Jones and Logan seated at their announce table.*

Jones: It’s great to have PIC here in the GCWA! Every time I think our roster can’t get any better, the President finds a way to add more talent!

Logan: Hey, we’re the place to be, Jonesy. People are seeking us out now.

Jones: How much bigger can we get, though?

Logan: As big as we can, Jonesy. As big as we can. Minos, take us to the next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Now approaching the ring, he was the runner-up in the Ultimate Survival series, standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is Draco!

*While some of the crowd appears to be favorable to Draco, others are booing him, remembering that he’s been hanging out with Shane Donovan as of late. “Indestructible” by Distrubed echoes out of the speakers, filling the arena. Draco appears to be deep in thought as he comes out of the back, walking with measured steps towards the ring. He rolls under the ropes and heads to a corner, getting himself focused for a fight.*

Jones: I’ve heard that Draco’s therapy has been going well this week, which has got him back in time for the match he requested against Crimson.

Logan: Yeah, too bad those sessions are private, or else we would know what they’re talking about in Dr. Rudwall’s office.

Jones: Oh, they talked about a lot of things, Anthony, including his father leaving him and his mother’s unfortunate passing.

Logan: Wait, what? Aren’t those records confidential? How the heck do you know about them?

Jones: They were broadcast on GCWA television, along with all the other interviews this week.

Logan: Oh. Right.

Minos: His opponent is the leader of Organized Chaos, standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

*Crimson comes out on his own, while his theme, “Head Up” by the Deftones, plays behind him. He looks tired as he walks down the aisle, but he always looks like he needs to release some aggression.*

Jones: Tragedy struck the GCWA this past week, as sEizure, one of the members of Organized Chaos, was killed in an auto accident.

Logan: Yeah, no matter who it is, you never want to see someone go before their time.

Jones: From what we saw, Organized Chaos has completely fallen apart. sEizure is dead, Super Creep is MIA, that girl that hung out with them, Mary, went to Europe, and Jobe Severity is dying from cancer. It’s a tragic shame.

Logan: Wait, so Severity DOES have cancer? I could swear Crimson came out here last month, when he retook the leadership of Organized Chaos, and said that Jobe was faking the cancer!

Jones: Hmmm. Well, I guess he was wrong, because Severity didn’t look so hot.

Logan: To use a term I heard from Penn & Teller, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Jones: Huh?

Logan: Think about it.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as Crimson steps through the ropes, he turns and heads towards Draco, with Draco happy to meet him. The two immediately start firing punches at each in rapid succession, igniting the crowd with the savagery of the assault! Draco starts to take control, blocking a Crimson punch and landing one of his own. But as he comes in for another, Crimson reaches up, jabbing his thumb into Draco’s right eye!! Draco stumbles back, blinded, but Crimson doesn’t let him get far, grabbing Draco around the waist, lifting him into the air, then slamming him back down with a spinebuster! Referee Mark Bell is ready to make a count, but Crimson isn’t near interested in pinning Draco yet. Instead, he stays on top of him, pounding away with closed fists. Bell counts to four, then orders Crimson off of Draco, almost getting himself hit in the process of breaking them up.*

Logan: We’re seeing a new, more savage side of Tommy Crimson tonight. The dude looks seriously pissed off!

Jones: It’s strange to see him here on his own, with none of Organized Chaos to back him up. Apparently, the OC is closed for business after the death of sEizure.

Logan: Tonight’s all about Crimson unplugged. He’s ready to show the world that he’s good enough to stand on his own without help.

*Crimson shares a few angry words with referee Bell, warning him that he’s not in the mood to deal with him tonight, but referee Bell doesn’t back down, knowing that he can DQ Crimson at any time, as well as cause him to be fined. Crimson walks away from Bell and grabs Draco on the way up, giving him a headbutt from behind! Draco drops to his knees, stunned, allowing Crimson to put him into a full nelson hold. He pulls Draco back up, showing his strength by lifting Draco into the air! Draco kicks his legs, trying to find purchase on the nearby turnbuckle, but he can’t get free in time. Crimson delivers a Bubba Bomb, sending vibrations up and down Draco’s spine!! The smaller wrestler topples over in pain, with Crimson again not going for the pin. He gets up, staring down with disgust at his opponent. He kicks Draco in the ribs, causing Draco to roll over in pain.*

Logan: I don’t think Crimson is here to win this match, Jonesy. I think he’s here to end Draco’s career!

Jones: So far in this one, Draco’s taken a lot of abuse. I don’t think he planned on Crimson’s new attitude.

Logan: The plans are out the window. Time for the man to improvise if he wants to get back into this match!

*Crimson pulls Draco up by the head, looking him in the eyes while closing his right fist. He swings it forward, smashing Draco in the face once again, causing referee Bell to once again shout a warning to Crimson, letting him know he’s this close to calling for the match. Crimson sneers at him, daring him to do it. He grabs Draco and lifts him up onto his shoulders, setting him up for an attitude adjustment. Before he can lift Draco off, though, Draco elbows his way free, avoiding another bad landing. Draco lands behind Crimson, grabbing him around the waist and shoving him into the ropes, then yanking him back with a quick roll-up! Bell’s right there… 1… 2.. and Crimson kicks free. Both men get up, with a pissed Crimson grabbing at Draco and going for his eyes again. But Draco blocks the attempt, knocking Crimson’s hand away, then he rakes Crimson’s eyes instead! Referee Bell now reprimands Draco, who doesn’t even stay to listen. He moves forward, leaping up and bulldogging Crimson to the canvas! Draco rolls over, putting an arm on Crimson to try again… 1… 2… but Crimson still has way too much energy to spare.*

Jones: Draco’s making a comeback! Crimson looked thrown off by the fact that he’s facing someone who’s just as willing to use the illegal tactics as he is.

Logan: It doesn’t happen very often where we have two guys not exactly in the good graces of the crowd going at it. I’m not sure who they’re really cheering for so far.

Jones: I think they’re just cheering every move, enjoying that each guy’s taking some abuse.

*Crimson tries to pull himself up quickly, again looking for Draco, but the man isn’t exactly hiding, grabbing Crimson as the wrestler turns around and delivering a codebreaker! Crimson topples to the mat, his jaw realigned for him, as Draco takes a moment to recover himself. He thinks about the pin, but changes his mind, heading for the turnbuckle instead. The fans react, as they’re always fan of high-risk maneuvers. Draco doesn’t waste any time once reaching the top ‘buckle. He takes flight, aiming himself perfectly at Crimson with a frog splash!! Crimson takes the full impact of the blow, as Draco rolls to the side, feeling his guts moving around from the landing. Draco’s still in better shape, though, as he rolls onto Crimson for another cover, grabbing the leg. Bell drops into position to make the count… 1… 2… Crimson’s still in it, kicking free. Draco sits back, shaking his head, as the crowd starts a “Crimson/Draco” alternating chant, complete with “sucks” at the end of it by a third portion of the audience.*

Jones: For a while, it was all Crimson, but now it’s all Draco!

Logan: Crimson needs to turn things around, and fast. Otherwise, Draco’s just going to keep hitting him until he stays down.

Jones: Ahhh, I love this business. Where else can you say something like that?

Logan: The UFC?

Jones: I stand corrected.

*Draco heads back to the turnbuckle, looking to gain some more air. He climbs up, even as Crimson, recovering, rises off the mat. He looks around, spotting Draco just as he’s getting himself in position. Crimson comes forward, punching at Draco, stunning him on the ‘buckle, then climbing up next to him. Crimson double-underhooks Draco, then falls backwards, getting a double-underhook DDT from the turnbuckle!!! It’s a huge impact that gets a few cheers from the crowd, who are clearly starting to enjoy this match, despite its participants. Crimson rolls over Draco, then covers him, wanting to have the satisfaction of beating him… 1… 2… Draco gets his arm up! Crimson is not pleased, but he continues to move, turning himself around and locking his legs around Draco’s throat, choking him! The referee warns him, then starts count, as Draco desperately tries to breathe. This time, the air he’s trying to gain is for his lungs. Crimson breaks the hold at the last second, although he breaks it by raising his leg, then dropping it back on Draco’s throat for more damage.*

Logan: Someone get that man a straw! He may be eating his meals a little differently from now on!

Jones: These two are truly beating the hell out of each other. You have to wonder if this is impressing anyone in the back, possibly putting both men up the contenders’ list for some gold.

Logan: Oh, I can almost guarantee that these guys will get their opportunities very, very soon. That is, if they make it out of this match in one piece.

*Crimson struggles upright, pulling the injured Draco along with him. It’s clear that Crimson is wanting to get the match over with, as he hammers Draco with a few forearms to the head. He grabs Draco’s arm and whips him towards the turnbuckle. But Draco doesn’t collide with the ‘buckle, instead reacting by climbing up it and immediately leaping backwards off the ropes! He flips over, landing with his arm around a surprised Crimson’s head, then drops, landing the Light’s Out!! Both men are down for a few seconds, with the crowd buzzing after that maneuver. Draco finally pulls himself over, making the tired cover… 1… 2… No! Crimson yanks his shoulder off the ground, he’s still in it! Draco squeezes his eyes shut, looking for some energy. He stands, taking a few paces away from Crimson, waiting. Crimson eventually drags himself up, moving the hair out of his eyes so that he can see. Draco, timing it perfectly, flashes in with the Momentum Shift, no, Crimson dodges it, side-stepping, then leaps up, landing the Buzzkill!!! Draco topples to the ground, as Crimson lands off-balance from the maneuver.*

Jones: That could be it! Crimson hit the Buzzkill!

Logan: Tommy needs to make that cover quickly, before Draco can pull himself back together!

*Crimson crawls over to where Draco landed near the ropes. He covers Draco with one arm, looking towards referee Bell. But the referee waves it off, refusing to count! Crimson suspiciously looks at him, but Bell points out that Draco’s feet landed underneath the ropes, keeping the pin from being counted. Frustrated, Crimson reaches over, grabbing both of Draco’s legs to pull him over for the legal pin… 1…. 2…. and referee Bell stops, pointing out that Draco’s arm is now laying over the rope, stopping the pin once again! Crimson angrily bats the hand away, then puts his free arm over it, trying one more time… 1… 2… and Draco kicks out at the last second! Crimson can’t believe it. He stands up, furious at the result. Referee Bell raises his two fingers, then shows that it was close, but not close enough. Crimson turns away… then comes back, smashing Bell in the face with a big fist!!! Bell drops to the ground, completely stunned, as Crimson reaches down, punching away at him!! The crowd is booing loudly at the sudden assault, even as the bell begins to frantically ring, assuming that the match is pretty much over at this point.*

Logan: Jesus! Crimson has lost it!

Jones: Someone get him off of our senior referee!! Bell doesn’t deserve this!

*The bell continues to ring, even as Crimson stands up, shoving at Bell with his boots to send him out of the ring. An angry Crimson, not caring about the ref, walks back towards Draco, leaning down to grab him. Draco, though, has recovered enough to slash upwards with an open hand, stunning Crimson with a shot to the Adam’s apple. Crimson steps back, grasping at his throat, even as Draco gets himself up, using the ropes. He grabs Crimson’s head, taking him over to the turnbuckle and banging his head into the ‘buckles a couple of times. Crimson takes the hits, though, then blocks a third attempt, elbowing Draco, then grabbing him and sending him over the ropes towards the outside! Draco partially catches himself on the apron, saving himself a rough landing, but he still bangs on the edge and falls to the ground. Crimson comes through the ropes, following him out, even as security starts to appear to check on referee Bell and break up the explosive situation.*

Jones: Is Mark doing ok? Man, Crimson’s sure to be fined for that!

Logan: He’s completely lost it, Jonesy, no other explanation. So are we sure this match is over? They sure seem to be continuing the fight!

Jones: With no referee, this is now just a brawl, Anthony. Security needs to stop this before it gets any worse!

*On the outside, Crimson tries to send Draco into the steel steps, but Draco is able to readjust, jumping up on the steps, then coming back with a backwards elbow shot that lands on Crimson’s chest. Draco turns and punches away, with Crimson returning the punches blow for blow. Security wades in, trying to separate the two men, even as the crowd begins to boo, apparently not liking them getting involved. A “Let Them Fight” chant erupts, even as more security arrives, trying to break up the brawl. On one side, you can see security checking on referee Bell, who is already sitting up, although he’s clearly hurting. Crimson takes a few swings at the security guards, wanting to be free, but they wisely do not return the shots, working to contain him. Draco, meanwhile, moves away from the security guards, knowing when to leave a fight behind. Or does he? All of the sudden, Draco turns around and races back, doing a leap-frog over one of the security guards and getting back into the fight with Crimson!! The crowd roars at the continued fight, with security moving in at all sides, once again trying to slow the two men down.*

Jones: My gosh, what’s it going to take to break these guys up?

Logan: We need Titan 3 out here! Where’s the head of security at, anyway?

*Finally, security manages to separate the two men, although Crimson used a small hole to get in one final shot, with Draco quickly being restrained before he can return the favor. The two men are slowly pushed away from each other, with security opting to move Draco towards the back first. In the meantime, Minos, having communicated with the referees at ringside, makes an announcement.*

Minos: Due to a ruling by referee Mark Bell, the winner of this match… as a result of a disqualification… Draco!

Jones: I don’t know if that’s the ending people really wanted from this one, but I don’t think there was any other choice. Crimson blatantly attacked the referee, which is one of the surest ways to lose a match that I can think of.

Logan: I really don’t think he’s worrying about that, either, Jonesy. He just wants to get his hands back around Draco’s neck!

*Draco doesn’t seem like he’s celebrating the victory very much, as he walks away up the aisleway. He looks behind him, but this time security isn’t lowering their guard. They’re going to make sure he departs. Crimson, still furious but seemingly calming down, at least partially, stares in Draco’s direction, holding a hand on the back of his neck. The scene switches to the backstage area where we see The World Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion, walking down a hallway looking ready for his match with Lurrr. He has his wrestling gear on and the title is wrapped around his waist. He makes a few turns and eventually arrives at his destination, the locker room of Scott Caine. He knocks on the door and after a few seconds, Scott Caine comes out. *

Scott Caine: Well, if it isn’t our World Champion. What can I do for you Marcus?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Hey Caine. I know we have had our battles in the past but I’m out there tonight to ask you for something.

Scott Caine: Yeah we did have some battles didn’t we? So what is it you need?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Back up.

Scott Caine: Is that right?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: For my match tonight against Lurrr. You and I both know that it is not going to be a one on one affair. Somehow, some way the rest of the Roman Empire will try to get involved and screw me. I can take on Lurrr one on one I think, but not one on four. So I was wondering if you would come down to the match with me and be my enforcer.

Scott Caine: Your enforcer huh?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Look at it this way, it just gives you one more opportunity to get your hands on Mathis and the rest of the Empire… and who knows maybe even Lurrr.

Scott Caine: So you want my help for one night, what do you offer me in exchange?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: No, not for one night. You watch my back, and I will watch yours until the Roman Empire crumbles once again but this time, for good.

Scott Caine: I like the sound of that. You got it Marcus.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Excellent. I’ll see ya in a little while.

*They shake hands and nod but as Marcus starts to walk away, he gets cut off by Arryk Rage. They are face to face and you can feel the intensity building up. Caine watches on, not sure yet if he should get involved or not.*

Arryk Rage: Sounds to me like you need more than one enforcer ‘champ.’

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I don’t think so. Caine is about all the help I need right now.

Arryk Rage: I think you’re wrong.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Wouldn’t be the first time now would it? But we all know who was proven right in the past, don’t we… Twiztid?

*Marcus moves past Arryk Rage leaving him with a puzzled look on his face. He turns to Caine who is not sure quite what to make of the exchange.*

Arryk Rage: Why does everyone keep calling me Twiztid?

*Rage goes into Caine’s locker room, shaking his head, while Caine shuts the door. We fade to another commercial break.*

*We leave the commercials behind to go backstage, to a special room set up by the President. Several wrestlers can be seen coming and going, munching on some delicious ice cream cake that was procured from Baskin Robbins. Sitting to one side are the Danger Boiz, Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris. Dan looks pretty relaxed, having already won his match earlier in the night.*

Crazy Chris: You looked good out there, bro. Joey Truxell never stood a chance against you.

Dangerous Dan: Thanks, Chris, but now it’s your turn to come through. We’re going to turn this into the greatest month of our lives. I’ll keep the Television Title, you win the Intercontinental Title, and then we’ll finally go reclaim our GCWA World Tag-Team Titles!

Crazy Chris: Shane Donovan’s underestimating me and he is going to pay. But first, I’m going to finish this piece of cake! What is this made of, anyway?

Dangerous Dan: I think it’s mint chocolate chip. There’s a good strawberry one over there, too, but don’t eat too much. You still have to wrestle. I’ll enjoy it for you.

Crazy Chris: Thanks a lot, bro.

*The brothers laugh, then go back to enjoying the cake, even as a few more wrestlers enter the room, intent on getting their own piece. There is no fighting here, only peace and chocolate. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: Dangit, I want some, too!

Jones: Sorry, Anthony. Maybe we can convince someone to bring us a few pieces.

Logan: Nah, they’ll just be mostly melted by the time it gets all the way out here. Oh well. I’ll have to go buy one this weekend. Baskin Robbins rocks!

Jones: Indeed. Let’s go back to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 15-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, as well as having held numerous titles in other organizations, joined by his manager, Martin Ka’Berryon, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is The Big Bifford!

*A contended Bifford comes out of the back with his manager, who is, of course, wearing the grapes costume. The seal is nowhere to be seen. Bifford steps in rhythm with “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio on his way to the ring, being surrounded by cheering fans.*

Jones: Bifford’s quest to make himself stronger with a special potion didn’t exactly work out as planned, did it, Anthony?

Logan: No, but then, I’m glad it didn’t. I mean, it called for Bifford to kill Ludwig the Seal and use his liver! Bifford could never do anything like that to his pet.

Jones: And yet Martin Ka’Berryon’s pet, Loopy the Newt, died for no reason.

Logan: Yeah, but he was just a newt.

Minos: His opponent has reigned as both the GCWA and ICWF World Heavyweight Champ, and is now a member of the Roman Empire, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, here is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*”Tear Away” by Drowning Pool plays, with elements of “Cocky” by Kid Rock interspersed. The audience lets loose, booing louder than they have all night so far, as Derek Mobley comes out of the back, joined by his long-time partner, Warrick Hill. Mobley and Hill share a joke as they walk down the aisle, taking a moment to look over the crowd, with Warrick pointing at a few different spots. Mobley nods, then continues on towards where Bifford is waiting.*

Jones: I heard that Mobley’s former good friend Eugene tried to commit suicide this week.

Logan: That’s just terrible. It’s never bad enough to warrant killing yourself, dude. I hope he pulls through.

Jones: Me too, and I’m sure Derek is praying for him as well. Get well soon, Eugene!

*The Bell Rings.*

*The Big Bifford comes out of his corner, pointing towards Derek Mobley. Mobley is staying back for some reason, looking a little worried. Bifford nods, saying something that sounds like “You fear me!” He raises his arms in a pose, showing off his, well, ‘guns’. Mobley leans back, actually looking scared, glancing in either direction as if to look for a place to hide! The Big Bifford does another pose, eliciting another response from Mobley, then smiles and looks towards Martin Ka’Berryon triumphantly, as if to say he’s proven his point. However, as soon as Bifford looks away, Mobley drops the act, suddenly running forward and hitting Bifford with a running shoulder block! Bifford, stunned, steps back, but doesn’t go down, as Mobley is already on the move, hitting the ropes and racing back with another shoulder smash, causing Bifford to fall into the corner. Mobley, letting out a sinister laugh, starts punching away at the trapped Bifford, despite the boos of the crowd.*

Jones: Mobley used Bifford’s beliefs against him!

Logan: Yeah, Bifford’s been saying for weeks that Mobley feared him because Bifford kicked out of the Thriller at Ultimate Survival. Apparently Mobley knew how to use that to his advantage, putting Bifford on the defensive early in this one!

*Martin Ka’Berryon is watching on from the outside, a look on concern on his face, as Mobley continues the abuse on the Big Bifford. Mobley lowers his shoulder, ramming Bifford repeatedly in the gut while grabbing the ropes for more momentum. Bifford grimaces from every shot, as Mobley continues his game plan of working over the big man in the corner. He moves away, as if bragging to the fans, then comes back with a charge, splashing into Bifford with all his weight. Bifford sags in the corner as Mobley steps back, full of cocky confidence. He looks to the crowd, who continues to hate on him. Mobley shrugs, not expecting anything less. He turns and runs back again for a second splash, but he’s gone to the well one too many times, as Bifford suddenly pulls himself up enough to catch Mobley in mid-air with one arm, throwing him backwards! Mobley hits on his back and turns upside-down, before finally landing on his stomach, as the Big Bifford leans on the corner, catching his breath amidst the loud cheers of the audience.*

Logan: Mobley got a little careless there, as he seemed to think he had Bifford in perfect position for a squash.

Jones: You can’t give the Big Bifford even an inch of room to maneuver, because the veteran will take advantage of it.

Logan: It’s easy to forget that Bifford is a world-class athlete. Well, ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but the dude knows how to wrestle!

*Mobley has gotten himself back up, shaking his head clear. He comes in at the Big Bifford, but Bifford blocks his punch, then responds with a shot of his own, sending Mobley reeling. Bifford comes out of the corner, raising both fists. He starts to act like a prize fighter, ‘dancing’ on his feet as he jabs away at Mobley, earning more cheers. Bifford lands one more punch, then starts spinning his right hand around, before landing a haymaker to Mobley’s face, knocking him down! Bifford raises his arms in the air, for a second forgetting that this is not a boxing match. Referee Trixie looks at him expectantly, and Bifford realizes he has to do something else. He puts his large weight on the ropes and comes back, dropping an elbow onto Mobley and making the cover… 1… 2.. and Mobley kicks out, a lot of fight still left in him.*

Jones: I’d say this one is pretty even so far, although Bifford’s currently got the momentum.

Logan: These guys have such different styles, don’t they? The last time they met, it was at Ultimate Survival, where Mobley was able to get past Bifford and get the US ring on his finger. That was then, this is now, and Bifford’s looking for vindication!

*The Big Bifford pulls Mobley up, immediately locking him into position for a suplex. He lifts Mobley effortlessly in the air, holding him there for a few seconds to let all the blood rush to Mobley’s head. After the seconds pass by, Bifford takes a step and drops backwards, smashing Mobley into the mat! The Big Bifford then rolls over, putting his weight onto Derek’s chest in order to try for the pin… 1… 2… Mobley kicks out again. Bifford pushes off the ground, crushing Derek a little more in the process, then gets up. He looks at Mobley, then decides on a course of action. He goes off the ropes and comes back, preparing for a big splash! Mobley, though, sees him coming, though, and rolls painfully out of the way, getting himself out of harm’s way by leaving the ring. Bifford, having not gotten close enough to attempt anything, stops on the ropes, looking down at Mobley, who is taking a walk on the outside to pull himself back together.*

Jones: The crowd isn’t very happy with Derek right now, as he stopped all momentum of this bout.

Logan: For once, though, I gotta side with Derek. I mean, if you’re in trouble, sometimes the best thing to do is to get away for a few minutes to recuperate.

Jones: It still seems like a cowardly thing to do, Anthony.

Logan: So sayest the man who has never wrestled a match in his life.

*Mobley walks around the ring, ignoring the booing fans. His walk takes him right up to Martin Ka’Berryon, who is talking with Bifford, not realizing that Mobley has approached him. Bifford nods to whatever Ka’Berryon is saying, then points out Derek, causing Ka’Berryon to nervously turn towards the Roman Empire member. Ka’Berryon tries to raise his hands in a sign of peace, but Mobley’s having none of it. He contemptuously shoves Ka’Berryon, sending the grape-costumed man to the ground, earning more boos from the crowd. Bifford yells at Mobley, but Derek, not caring, kicks at the grapes, loosening a few. Bifford, angry now, steps through the ropes and comes outside the ring, with Mobley seeing him coming and retreating. Bifford keeps after him, moving faster than most would expect from him, but Mobley stays away, sliding under the ropes to get back in the ring. Bifford follows, doing exactly what Derek was hoping for, as he starts landing several boots against Bifford’s back, not letting him get up.*

Logan: Man, Derek has a bunch of sneaky plans today, doesn’t he?

Jones: He’s really become a schemer since joining up with the Roman Empire. I guess if it gives him the advantage, he’s going to do it.

Logan: Sometimes I miss the old honorable Mobley. He was a good guy. This one? He’s an asshole.

*Mobley continues to beat on Bifford, working the ground game to keep Bifford’s size from becoming a factor. He drops a double axehandle onto Bifford’s back, knocking him down to the canvas once again, then steps behind him, grabbing Bifford and applying a Cobra Clutch on the ground! Bifford struggles for air, fighting for all he’s worth, as referee Trixie stays close to the action. She doesn’t expect a tap out, but in this business, you never know. Mobley tightens the grip, then grins at Trixie and blows a kiss her direction mockingly, causing her to back away, looking disgusted. As Mobley concentrates on ogling Trixie, though, Bifford is fighting to rise, pushing up with his arms. Mobley keeps the hold on even as Bifford rises, picking Mobley up onto his back. Derek looks around frantically for some way to take Bifford back down, but the big man is already moving backwards, smashing Derek into the turnbuckle! Bifford takes a step forward, then goes back again, squashing Mobley once more, and Mobley finally releases the hold.*

Jones: Four hundred pounds just crushed Mobley into the turnbuckle pads!

Logan: In any other match, the turnbuckle is a tool to be used. In a match against the Big Bifford, it’s a scary damn place to be!

*Bifford hammers Mobley a few more times in the corner, adding to the damage, then pulls Mobley out. He knees Mobley in the gut to bend him over, allowing Bifford to double-underhook Mobley’s arms and take him down with a DDT! With Mobley down, Bifford looks at him, thinking about a pin. Trixie seems to expect it, but Bifford doesn’t go that route, instead getting up and looking towards the turnbuckle. He pats the top of it, looking to the crowd, who start to cheer, knowing what Bifford is thinking about. He starts to climb, getting himself up on the first ‘buckle, then the second. He positions himself there, not bothering to go all the way up, as he looks back at the still-downed Mobley. The fans are going wild as Bifford starts to get some spring off the ropes, bouncing up and down, before jumping high in the air and coming down with a big splash!! But Mobley grabs at the nearby ropes, pulling himself out of the way just in time, as Bifford crashes hard into the mat!*

Logan: EARTHQUAKE!!! Run For Your Lives!!!

Jones: I can’t believe the ring is still standing after that hit! If Derek hadn’t moved, this match would definitely be over!

*Derek grabs at the ropes, pulling himself up. He looks relieved to have gotten out of the way. With Bifford still down, Mobley moves in, dropping a knee on Bifford’s back, then rolling him over to allow for a pinfall attempt… 1… 2… Bifford raises his arm, not letting things end that way. Mobley takes a deep breath and pulls at Bifford, bringing him up to his feet. The two men stagger together, fatigue starting to set in. Mobley punches Bifford to keep him stunned, then takes him to the ropes, dragging Bifford’s face painfully across the top rope! Mobley follows that up by pushing himself over the ropes and dropping to the outside, causing Bifford’s throat to smack on the rope and send him reeling backwards! Mobley quickly comes back in, having done what he wanted to do: stun Bifford long enough for him to grab him for the Thriller!! Before Bifford can do anything, Mobley lifts him partially up, before slamming him back down!!! Mobley takes a second to recoup from such a test of strength, then confidently puts his arm across Bifford… 1… 2…. NO! Bifford’s arm is up!! Mobley can’t believe it!!*

Logan: Once again, the Thriller can’t keep Bifford down!

Jones: Unbelievable!! I’ve never seen anyone be able to survive the Thriller like Bifford can! But he’s still in a really bad way!

Logan: Yeah, he can kick out of the first one, but we know he fell at the PPV to a second one!

*Mobley gets up, angrily confronting referee Trixie, who nervously says there’s nothing she could do. Derek wants to blame her, but he also wants to win the match, so he goes back to the Big Bifford, grabbing him and yanking him up. Mobley tells the crowd to shut up, which only causes them to cheer more. Mobley, though, is intent on something else, as he once again sets Bifford into position for the Thriller! Derek curses Bifford, then goes to lift him again, no, Bifford blocks it, kneeing Mobley in the lower regions! It’s dangerously close to a low blow, but Trixie doesn’t call anything with it, possibly because of Mobley’s accusations to her earlier. With Mobley bent over, Bifford grabs his arms and sets him, lifting him into the air and landing the Biff End!!!!! Mobley is out cold, as Bifford flops to his side, still trying to recover from the earlier Thriller. The fans are going wild, wanting Bifford to make the cover. Even Martin is back up, yelling for Biff to cover, so Bifford slowly rolls over, getting his arm on Mobley’s chest… 1…. 2…. NO!!!! Mobley reaches out and puts his leg on the ropes, saving himself!!*

Jones: And the Big Bifford does it!!

Logan: No he doesn’t, Jonesy! Mobley got his foot on the ropes!

Jones: What?? Wait, this one’s STILL not over?? What’s it going to take? These guys have both landed their finishers, for pete’s sake!

Logan: We are seeing two of the greatest wrestlers in the GCWA go at it, Jonesy! If anyone can survive the abuse they’ve taken, it’s these two!

*Bifford struggles to the ropes, pulling himself up hand over hand. Mobley is on his stomach now, having rolled over out of instinct. His head is still down, due to the impact of the Biff End. Referee Trixie watches both men, not bothering to start a count. The Big Bifford gets up first, heading back over to Mobley and dragging him up. Bifford picks Mobley onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry, walking to the center of the ring with him, then falling backwards, crushing Mobley into the mat! With barely any energy in his movements, Bifford twists over to make the cover once more… 1… 2… and Mobley still kicks out, refusing to stay down. Bifford can’t understand it, as he looks out to Martin for advice, but Martin’s busy looking for a grape that Mobley kicked off, so he’s no help. Bifford raises himself back up, pulling Mobley with him. He takes Derek towards the ropes, and grabs him around the waist to attempt a bear hug to drain more energy. But Mobley suddenly raises his free arms, raking at the eyes and blinding Bifford! Before the hurting big man can do anything else, Mobley then grabs him by the head and lands a second Thriller!!!! Trixie comes in to make the count, while Mobley, seeing her position, puts his feet on the ropes for leverage… 1…. 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*Mobley rolls to his side, immediately leaving the ring and collapsing to the outside. Referee Trixie, having not raised his hand, looks at the middle rope, which is shaking from Mobley having used it for the pinfall. Unfortunately, there’s no real evidence for Trixie to overturn the match, so she instead checks on Bifford’s condition, while Mobley, recovering, celebrates on the outside.*

Jones: What a victory for Derek Mobley, the #1 Contender! He just gained a lot of momentum heading towards Capital Punishment!

Logan: Damn, I thought Bifford had him a couple of times there! But Mobley had to cheat at the end to put him away!

Jones: The win is in the books, Anthony. The Roman Empire gets a victory here tonight.

*As Derek Mobley walks up the aisle, grinning like a man who just got away with murder, we switch away from him, going backstage. We see a man walking through the backstage area, his face painted white. It is, of course, The Lost Soul. He walks past several people, ignoring them, as he reaches his destination: the D&D locker room. The Lost Soul looks at the door, as if thinking about seeing who’s home, but instead he hefts the chair he carried with him and props it against the side, before leaving. The camera zooms in, taking a look at what is written on the note attached to the chair.*

Note: “Last week, The Lost Soul hit himself with this chair. This week, this chair’s for you, Shane. Next week, who knows?”

*The camera zooms out, giving us a good look at the chair, which does indeed have a big dent in the center of it. The crowd can be heard chanting “TLS” as we head off to another commercial break.*

*We cut to the inside of a locker room deep in the interior of the GCWA Arena. Immediately in front of us stands The Stranger, dressed in his usual dark rain coat and Fedora. He’s rubbing his mask covered forehead, slowly shaking his head to show his aggravation. The camera slowly zooms out away from his face revealing an older woman standing next to him. She’s tall, yet thin. Her gray hair is neatly done up in the curls of a perm. Her lipstick is red, matching her blush covered cheeks and you can almost smell her old lady perfume and hairspray through your television set. She stands with her left folded across her chest, clutching her purse. Her right arm extends out and pokes The Stranger in the chest. Her face reveals that she’s quite aggravated herself. *

Mrs. Danger: Listen here you son of a bitch! I paid you good money! And what do you do? Do you thank me? No! You go and hang up Harvey ’s phone on me! Nobody hangs up on Marie Danger, you got that? When I call to speak to you, you pick up the damn phone… got that? That’s part of the arrangement! What have I been spending my hard earned money on? My poor husband, Lord bless him, worked for years for that money! You hear me or what? I’m what counts around here, not you and your goddamn attitude and rudeness! I should bring back the first guy! He at least had manners! I think I want my money back from you! The other guy at least CALLED like he was supposed to! What do you have to say for yourself? …Well? I’m waiting, Mister!

*The Stranger is seething. We can see he’s breathing in short rapid breaths and he’s shaking slightly trying to control his rage. He turns to leave, but his emotions get the best of him and he turns back and steps up very close to Mrs. Danger in an attempt to intimidate her. Mrs. Danger doesn’t even flinch. *

Mrs. Danger: Just try it, sonny! I’ll be ready anytime. You f*BLEEP*ing try me, pal. I gotta say all of this… get into this because of your f*BLEEP*ing *BLEEP*? You better bring your own army, pal. Marie Danger don’t take no *BLEEP* from nobody! Especially the goddam son-of-a-bitch rat bastard she’s been paying to watch out for her son! You’ve been warned, pal. You got that? You’ve been warned, you motha’ f*BLEEP*er you!

*The Stranger snaps and pushes Marie up against the cement wall, one hand wrapped around her throat. His other hand is clenched in a fist cocked and ready to punch, aimed at her face. Marie’s eyes widen in surprise, but she quickly recovers and sneers at The Stranger, taunting him.* *

The Stranger: Listen, lady… Just stay out of my way! Your loser son isn’t worth this! Keep your damn money!

*The Stranger releases his grip and backs away.**

Mrs. Danger: My son is not a loser!

*Marie swings her pocketbook wildly into the face of The Stranger. He shrugs off the blow and grabs Mrs. Danger by the wrists and slams her against the wall again, this time more forcibly than the last. The Stranger, filled with rage, gets nose-to-nose with Marie. Breathing heavily he grunts loudly:*

The Stranger: Next time, I won't be so nice...

*The Stranger lingers a few moments before releasing his grip and backing away. He then storms off slamming the locker room door behind him. Marie slowly gathers her composure and rearranges herself. The door opens and we pan over seeing Harvey entering with a worried expression on his face* *

Harvey : Ma! What are you doing here? In…in his locker room? I’ve been looking all over for you since you called earlier! What happened? Are you ok?

*Marie fixes her purse on her shoulder and puts on a false smile.* *

Mrs. Danger: Nothing dear, nothing is wrong at all. Are you ready to go home? I’m getting tired. Maybe you’ll be a good boy and call the airline and arrange an earlier flight? I’d like to get home to New York .

*Marie pushes her way past Harvey through the door of the locker room. Harvey has a worried expression on his face as he moves to follow his mother through the door. Marie hasn’t held the door for her son and it slams back into his face. Harvey, still seeing stars from walking into the metal door, jumps nearly a mile when his mother calls for him from the hallway:* *

Mrs. Danger: HARVEY ! Let’s go! We have some things to discuss!

*Harvey hurries out of the door, after his mother, as we head back to ringside.*

Jones: Well, that was certainly a surprising sight!

Logan: Yes, Jonesy, I’m not sure what the most surprising thing we just witnessed was. Is it the fact that The Stranger can actually talk? Or the mouth on that old lady!

Jones: That was our first actual look at Harvey Danger’s mother, Marie, who admitted to paying off The Stranger to watch after Harvey . And we learned that there indeed has been more than one man to wear The Stranger mask! We still have no clues as to who is under that mask, although I’m sure someone somewhere must recognize that voice!

Logan: It did sound very familiar… yeah, I know who it was!

Jones: Who?

Logan: What, spoil the surprise for everybody? I don’t think so!

Jones: *sigh* Let’s get to the next match, before anything else happens.

Logan: Yes! Time to decide a new champion!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title! Both of these competitors have held championships in the GCWA’s current run. Both have shown themselves worthy of competing for gold. Neither has held the Intercontinental Title in his career. That will all change tonight, as we will now decide the next IC Champion!

*The crowd is energetic, glad to have the opportunity to see a new champion crowned. It doesn’t happen every day in the GCWA Arena.*

Minos: Now coming down the aisle, he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion with his partner in the Danger Boiz, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!

*The crowd is, not surprisingly, fully behind Crazy Chris, cheering as the masked man comes out of the back. “Mental Health” by Zebrahead continues to play behind him, even as Chris comes down the ramp, a few shots of pyro going off behind him.*

Jones: Crazy Chris nearly didn’t make it here tonight, due to a crazy Shane Donovan fan kidnapping him. That was pretty wild, Anthony.

Logan: Hopefully Crazy Chris has learned a valuable lesson. In this business, you can celebrate with the fans, you can cheer with the fans, but you can’t trust the fans. Getting in that car was almost a fatal mistake for the young wrestler.

Jones: Thank goodness he made it here tonight to cash in his title opportunity. He’s had that for months, waiting for the right chance, and he thinks he has it here tonight!

Minos: And now, his opponent, coming through the entrance way into the arena, he is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, now seeking his second title in the federation, standing 6’0” and weighing 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, here is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*As “God In Extension” by Jack Daw plays, the audience shows that they haven’t changed their minds about Shane Donovan yet. They boo heavily as he walks out, taking it in. Donovan walks down the ramp, clearly motivated by the opportunity to get some more gold.*

Jones: Donovan was somewhat of a controversial choice for being in this title match, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, I was a little surprised, when guys like Draco and Crimson are in the wings, waiting for their chance. But then, Donovan WAS a former World Champion, and he deserves a title chance while Ka’Derrion and Mobley are busy going at it, so I’m not going to argue too loudly.

Jones: Donovan had a sketchy situation of his own this week, thanks to that woman in his life, Destiny. He really needs to learn to stay away from her.

Logan: Sometimes you can’t get away from something that intrigues you, Jonesy. It keeps pulling you in whether you like it or not.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Shane Donovan takes off his ring jacket, hanging it on the post. He then walks forward, waving for Crazy Chris to come towards him. However, Chris turns and says something referee Thomas Mitchell, pointing to Shane, and Mitchell obediently comes over to the former World Champion. After a few words, Mitchell starts patting down Donovan’s legs, checking for weapons. Donovan shakes his head with a rueful grin, especially when Mitchell feels something in his right knee pad, pulling out a pair of handcuffs! Mitchell shows them to Donovan, who reacts with an overly-startled expression, mockingly saying he doesn’t know how those got there. Mitchell tosses them to the side, to be held out of action, then warns Donovan, but Shane isn’t listening. He’s looking back at Crazy Chris with a grin on his face, apparently not put off at all by the fact that he doesn’t have his weapons close by anymore.*

Jones: Donovan was able to beat Crazy Chris last time thanks in part to using those handcuffs. I guess Crazy Chris remembered that!

Logan: It’s funny, it’s almost like Shane wanted Crazy Chris to find those.

Jones: Let’s just get the action started! I want to see a new champion crowned fairly!

*The two wrestlers circle around, then lock up, with Shane quickly twisting through it and sending Crazy Chris overhead with a hip toss. The fans boo as Crazy Chris slowly pulls himself up, with Donovan waving for the guy to come back for more, full of confidence. They lock up again, with Donovan once again getting the upper hand, flipping Chris over. The only change this time is that Chris lands on his feet! Before Donovan can react, Crazy Chris turns and lets loose a strong side kick that doubles him over, then puts his foot across Donovan’s head for a fameasser! Donovan reacts, shoving Chris off and standing up, with Chris doing a complete flip to land on his feet once more. Donovan, showing his speed, launches into a clothesline attempt, but Crazy Chris ducks it, then grabs Donovan’s arms, turning it into a test of strength. It’s no contest, as Donovan is completely off-balance, so Crazy Chris takes him over into a pinning predicament! Referee Mitchell is right there… 1… 2.. and Donovan manages to get his shoulders off the mat.*

Jones: Crazy Chris tried to take Donovan by surprise by going for the very quick victory, Anthony.

Logan: It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to win. That won’t be recorded in the history books, but winning that title will be.

*Both men get back up, with Crazy Chris trying to stay on the attack. He pushes Donovan into the ropes, with Donovan trying to fight free with a swing of his fist. Chris blocks it, then stomps on Shane’s foot! Donovan hops in pain, then turns around, only to get a dropkick to the face! With Donovan down, Crazy Chris goes off the ropes and comes back, jumping high and going for a splash! Donovan, though, moves out of the way before he can land! Crazy Chris manages to take most of the impact on his hands, and is quickly getting back up, but it does him no good as a running Donovan spins him with a heavy clothesline, knocking some of the fight out of him. Donovan continues running, though, going off the ropes and coming back with a snapping elbowdrop, before trying a cover of his own... 1… 2… and Crazy Chris kicks out.*

Logan: The Man Made Monster is back in control.

Jones: It’s easy to look at these guys and think they have the same level of experience in the ring. But Donovan has been to the top. He has been in the main event of three pay-per-views in the GCWA’s tenure.

Logan: Yeah, you can tell the pressure of this match isn’t getting to him. He’s been there before. But Crazy Chris is thinking about getting that gold, and that extra level of stress might be his undoing.

*Donovan is back on his feet now, dragging Crazy Chris up with him. He locks Chris’ arm between his legs, then lifts him with a pumphandle maneuver, twisting it into the sit-down powerbomb he calls the Breakdown! With Chris on the mat, Donovan grabs his legs to make the pin…. 1… 2… but Crazy Chris will not stay down. Donovan, not discouraged, moves to the next step of his plan, climbing the turnbuckle near the downed wrestler. Donovan gets to the top and points downwards, preparing for the Phoenix Stomp! However, before Donovan can take out, Chris suddenly kips up, jumping to his feet! With remarkable speed, Chris hustles up the turnbuckle, grabbing the surprised Donovan and taking him over with a leaping hurricanrana!! Both men are down for a second, but Crazy Chris is soon moving, reaching out his arm across Shane’s stomach… 1… 2… Donovan raises his shoulder off the canvas.*

Jones: You can never overstate how quick Crazy Chris really is! He always shows us something new each and every match he has.

Logan: The guy is getting better and better the more he trains. It would not surprise me to have Crazy Chris as the World Champion in a year’s time… if Dangerous Dan lets him have it.

Jones: The Danger Boiz fighting for the World Title? Now there’s a dream match!

*Referee Mitchell stays near the action, not bothering to start a double count since both men are moving. Crazy Chris is the first to his feet. He pulls at the mask, straightening it on his face, before going over to where Donovan has gotten mostly to his feet. Donovan’s back seems to be hurting him badly, as he tries to beg off from Chris. The young masked man steps back, giving Shane some room, either out of compassion or because he senses a trap. Sure enough, Donovan grabs the ropes, then pushes off, suddenly running at his opponent. He swings and misses, as Chris ducks out of the way. Chris responds with a sharp side kick, but Donovan bats it away. The wrestlers exchange a couple more attacks, none of them landing, as both men are so fast, even after so much action. Suddenly, both make the same decision, going for a super kick, and both connect!!! The two men collapse in unison to the mat, as the crowd roars from the collision! Referee Mitchell now has no choice but to count.*

Logan: You don’t see something like that every day! The GCWA rules!

Jones: It was impressive, Anthony, but it could also be horrible. What happens if neither man can get up in time? Who gets the title then?

Logan: I believe the rules state that I get the title.

Jones: What??

Logan: Well, it has to be an active participant who is also a wrestler, right? Well, I’m participating in this match by announcing it, and I’m a wrestler, so therefore, I’m the next Intercontinental Champion!

Jones: Sorry to disappoint you, Anthony, but both men are getting up now.

Logan: Damn. Oh well, maybe next time.

*On opposite sides of the ring, the two battered wrestlers are pulling themselves up, using the ropes. Crazy Chris staggers upwards, hearing the referee’s count. Donovan spits through the ropes, as if checking for blood, before rising. Referee Mitchell halts his count at 8, waving his arms to signify that both men are up. Donovan reacts first, using the ropes to propel him towards Crazy Chris. He jumps, trying to surprise him with a flying forearm, but Crazy Chris does a forward roll out of the way, dodging the strike. Donovan flattens out on the mat, spreading out the impact, then gets back up, but Crazy Chris is already there, grabbing Donovan by the head. He spins downwards, applying his knee to Donovan’s throat to that, upon landing, Donovan takes a severe shot to his windpipe!! Donovan bounces in pain on the mat, as Crazy Chris repositions his tired body to cover him for a pin attempt… 1… 2… but Donovan won’t let the title get away from him, kicking out.*

Jones: These two men are showing everyone why they were granted this Intercontinental Title shot!

Logan: Yeah, I know we had some naysayers who thought this guy or that guy were a better one for this chance, but they have to admit that these guys are giving us a great match here tonight!

Jones: Do you really think they’ll admit that, Anthony?

Logan: Not a chance in hell, but who cares? I’m having a great time with this one!

*Crazy Chris slowly pulls himself up, trying to figure out how to put Donovan away. He grabs Donovan by the head and starts dragging him towards a corner, but Donovan reverses it, whipping Chris into the corner instead. Donovan throws a couple of strong punches, then climbs up next to to Chris, jumping up with his legs and coming out of the corner with the Falling Star!! Chris takes a rough landing and lays on the mat, while Donovan recovers, then crawls over to him, putting an arm across him… 1… 2… and Crazy Chris gets a shoulder up, surprising Donovan with his tenacity! Donovan gets up, his legs shaking from the exertion of this match. He moves to the side, studying Crazy Chris as the masked man starts to rise. Donovan waits for the perfect moment, then charges forward, going for a Shining Wizard kick! But he’s taken by surprise as Crazy Chris springs up, avoiding the kick by grabbing Donovan by the head and rolling him up!! Mitchell, startled, nonetheless drops for the count… 1… 2… Donovan barely escapes!*

Logan: Every pinfall is getting a gasp from the crowd now!

Jones: They know these wrestlers have given almost everything they have, Anthony! The end can’t be much farther down the road!

Logan: I hope not, we’ve still got our main event!

*Both men pull themselves back up, with Crazy Chris driving Donovan backwards with a series of elbowshots to the head, getting him into the corner. In the meantime, the crowd reacts… as Draco walks out of the back and starts ambling down to the ring! Crazy Chris notices him, but doesn’t stop fighting, landing a few more hits on Donovan to keep him stunned, even as Draco reaches ringside, clapping his hands as if rooting for Donovan. He starts to get up on the apron, continuing his applause… but Dangerous Dan comes running down, pulling him off! Dan raises his fists, but Draco steps back, his arms in the air with a smile on his face. He seems to be telling Dan that he’s not there to fight, although Dan doesn’t seem to believe him. Referee Mitchell leans over the ropes, trying to order both men away from ringside. Meanwhile, Crazy Chris starts to climb up the ‘buckle, bringing Donovan up with him. The two are perched on the second ‘buckle, with Chris trying to yank Donovan off for a top-rope DDT! But Donovan blocks it by hanging onto the ropes, causing Chris to fall backwards to the canvas on his own.*

Jones: Ouch! Rough landing there for Crazy Chris, as he thought he was going to be taking his opponent with him!

Logan: Yeah, but he’s getting right back up, showing the fight that’s left in him. Hey, can security get these two guys out of here? I don’t want either one of them causing a disqualification and ruining this match!

*On the outside, Dangerous Dan and Draco continue to argue, with Dangerous Dan maneuvering himself to be between Draco and the ring, making sure that Draco can’t get involved. In the ring, Crazy Chris is back up, heading back towards the turnbuckle, where Donovan is still hanging, looking pretty exhausted. Donovan sees Chris coming and tries to kick at him, but Chris blocks it, then climbs back up… and Donovan swings his jacket around, smacking Chris in the head!!! Crazy Chris takes another tumble to the mat, even as Donovan works to free his hand. For just a second as he puts the jacket back into place, you see the glint of metal from something he was holding onto in the pocket. Donovan leaps off the ‘buckle, taking to the air and delivering the Phoenix Stomp on the downed wrestler!! Donovan then makes the pin, with referee Mitchell, who was trying to keep an eye on the action, coming back to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

Jones: Shane Donovan does it! He earns his second title in the GCWA!

Logan: Wait, was there something in that jacket? I mean, the referee checked over Donovan’s personal area, but he missed the jacket, didn’t he?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. All that matters is that referee Mitchell has given Donovan the win, which means it’s already in the books!

Logan: Still, I’d love a look at that jacket…

*Donovan has already left the ring after getting his hand raised, the IC Title now in his grasp. He makes sure to get his jacket from the post before departing, meeting up with Draco, who looks pleased. Draco makes sure that Donovan is alright, with the two men heading for the back, while Dangerous Dan checks on his brother. Even Dan doesn’t seem to know what happened, as Crazy Chris is holding his sore jaw, stunned. We leave the action behind to head backstage, in front of the Roman Empire’s locker room. The door is open as Lurrr and Rick Mathis walk out, talking behind them.*

Lurrr: You just wait, Derek. I’ll show you and everyone else who the real leader of the Roman Empire is! You keep your *bleeping* asses in here and let Lurrr show you what he can do!

*A voice can be heard starting to respond, but Lurrr slams the door shut, cutting the person off. Rick stays next to him, shaking his head.*

Rick Mathis: And after all you’ve done for him, too.

Lurrr: Let’s just go *bleep* Ka’Derrion up. I’m in the mood to hurt somebody.

*Lurrr stomps off, with Mathis following him. The camera focuses for a second on the doorway, more specifically on the Roman Empire name stenciled on the door. The picture fades out, taking us to our last commercial break.*

*Coming back from the commercial break (and yes, that was a tribute to Lurrr, wtg man!), we go back to ringside for our main event.*

Jones: It’s time for the big one! It’s champion vs. champion, with only pride on the line!

Logan: Well, that, and Marcus’ health, if Lurrr gets his way!

Jones: Minos, get us started, we’re ready for the main event!

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening! Two men from different eras and from different walks of life. One is loved by the fans, the other is hated. Both hold championship gold, and both will be looking for a tremendous victory here tonight, in the “Champion vs. Champion” Match!

*The crowd is hot, and not just because the Accelerator is saving money by keeping the air conditioners running at half power.*

Minos: First, he is the leader of the Roman Empire, as well as a legendary figure in our sport… accompanied by Rick Mathis, standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

*Lurrr and Mathis come out to a enormous negative reaction from the crowd, who clearly have no love for the X Division Champion. As always, Lurrr seems to thrive on the negativity, enjoying it as he talks to his boy, Mathis. Neither man looks to be in that great a mood, although you have to wonder if Mathis’ problem is that he had to catch a ride to work today. The two head towards the squared circle, with Lurrr keeping the X Division Title on his shoulder.*

Jones: It’s a good thing Lurrr is in the main event tonight, because he needs all the money he can get to help Rick buy himself a new truck!

Logan: Yeah, that was right up Lurrr’s alley, putting up someone else’s truck as collateral so that he could get some gambling in. I’m surprised Rick didn’t powerbomb Lurrr through a wall or something.

Jones: I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with gambling, just don’t bet more than you have. It seems like a pretty simple rule.

*While Lurrr and Mathis are taking in the ‘heat’ from the crowd, he go behind the curtain, where Marcus Ka’Derrion is doing a few last minute warm ups before his match. Suddenly, he gets shoved on his shoulder. Marcus turns to see who it is and is not surprised to see Shane Donovan standing across from him.*

Shane Donovan: Why that was pretty arrogant of you man, I'm hurt.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I don’t have time for this Donovan, not right now.

Shane Donovan: Oh come on, you're the CHAMP now, they'll just have to accommodate your schedule now. Seriously man, Caine? I offered to watch your back, to make sure you kept that belt against The Roman Empire, and you ask Caine for help?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: But my championship isn’t on the line tonight is it Donovan? So your help is no help at all.

Shane Donovan: Psh! You know as well as I do that the Roman Empire isn't going to care. They're gonna try to take you out now so Mobley doesn't have to worry about that later, but those chumps needs to get in line, we've already got dibs.

*As he says that, Draco appears from the other side with a smirk on his face. *

Shane Donovan: I want you to be 100% healthy for when I get my rematch. I don't want excuses, and I sure as heck don't want to have to reclaim my belt from Derek Mobley. I want a real challenge.

Draco: And if there is anything left of you after it's all said and done, I will gladly finish you off myself.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I would love to see you boys try.

*Marcus step up to them and they do the same but just then Caine shows up to even up the odds, standing in between the three men.*

Scott Caine: Sup fellas. Getting along alright are we?

*All four men square off but they are interrupted by Marcus’ theme music that begins to play, followed by a loud cheer from the crowd.*

Shane Donovan: Looks like your public awaits... We'll discuss this more later.

Draco: We’ll be seeing ya, chump.

*D&D walk away as Marcus and Caine stare them down and then head through the curtain.*

Minos: His opponent is one of the break-out stars of the GCWA… in only his first six months, he has achieved what few people manage in their career… accompanied by Scott Caine, he stands 6’1” and weighs 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is the undisputed, undefeated, Heavyweight Champion of the World, Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The GCWA Arena erupts, to put it midly, as “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park plays over the speakers. Marcus comes out first, with the title proudly around his waist, even as he looks behind him, where Scott has appeared. Scott nods to him, ready to back him up on his way to the ring, although Marcus seems a little uncomfortable having Scott behind him. Or maybe it’s the thought of who was on the other side of the curtain. They head for the ring, with an incredible crowd response following them down.*

Jones: Isn’t it funny how many of the ‘wrong’ people are looking to help out Ka’Derrion against the Roman Empire?

Logan: Well, I know Marcus doesn’t trust Donovan, Draco, or Rage, and I doubt he trusts Caine that far, either. But in this kind of game, numbers do matter. At least Caine’s out here to help keep Mathis from interfering too much.

Jones: Well, supposedly Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill are staying in the back, so this should be a fair fight.

Logan: Yeah. Sure. I’ll believe that when I see it.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Marcus and Lurrr approach the center of the ring, their belts now both safely stored at the timekeeper’s table. They start jawing at each other, with Lurrr clearly still agitated about Ka’Derrion saying he wasn’t the leader of the Roman Empire as much as a member of the House of Pain. Referee Bell watches from the side, having had enough ‘action’ for one day to want to get involved now. Marcus says something back to Lurrr, nodding his head, and Lurrr reacts, trying to throw a fast punch. Ka’Derrion blocks it, though, starts firing his own punches, driving Lurrr back to the cheers of the crowd! Ka’Derrion gets Lurrr into the corner, then grabs him and falls backwards, monkey-flipping Lurrr to the center of the ring, where he lands on his back. Lurrr winces, but tries to get right back up, only to have Ka’Derrion rush in and spin, kicking Lurrr in the back of the head! Lurrr topples over, and Marcus quickly makes the cover… 1… 2.. and Lurrr kicks out, avoiding the stunning defeat.*

Logan: The champ is starting things strong!

Jones: You can’t refer to him as the champ, Anthony, because they’re both champs. It’d get too confusing.

Logan: Fine, then the World Champion is starting strong! Happy?

Jones: Yep, especially since Ka’Derrion is in control!

*Ka’Derrion pulls Lurrr back up off the canvas, immediately double underhooking his arms. Marcus then lifts, nailing Lurrr with a double underhook suplex, before trying another cover, which also gets a 2 count. As Marcus pulls the man back up, looking to do some more damage, Rick Mathis stands up on the apron, yelling at Ka’Derrion. Referee Bell immediately moves over, telling Mathis to get down, but the Roman Empire member doesn’t seem to give a crap, talking trash to Ka’Derrion. It doesn’t last long, though, as suddenly Scott Caine is there, running forward on the outside and clipping Mathis’ legs out from under him!! Mathis, surprised, topples to the ground, landing on his side, as Caine moves away, having done his job. Meanwhile, in the ring, Ka’Derrion locks on a full nelson on the downed Lurrr, holding him in place and stretching his arms out, methodically working the man over.*

Logan: Good to see that Caine has already proven to be an asset in this match!

Jones: I’m sure Caine took some satisfaction out of knocking Mathis down, keeping him from interfering, at least so far.

Logan: It’s allowing Marcus to concentrate all his energy against the veteran Lurrr, and it’s paying off!

*With Caine keeping Mathis otherwise occupied, Ka’Derrion continues to tighten the full nelson, keeping Lurrr from reaching the ropes and escaping. Lurrr struggles, pushing his arms to try and break free, as he slowly gets himself to a standing position. His height keeps Ka’Derrion from fully getting all the leverage he needs, so Ka’Derrion opts to release the hold, sending Lurrr staggering away, off-balance. Ka’Derrion then goes off the ropes and comes back for a flying clothesline, skying high… but Lurrr ducks under it, falling to the side, leaving Ka’Derrion to land on his own! The World Champion tries to recover quickly, standing up, but Lurrr’s right there with a body block, knocking Ka’Derrion into the ropes. Lurrr follows that up by lifting Ka’Derrion into the air, bouncing his legs off the top rope for added spring as he suplexes the wrestler towards the center of the ring! The impact stuns both men, but Lurrr reacts quicker, rolling over for the pin attempt… 1… 2… and Marcus shoots his arm out, keeping the match alive.*

Logan: Lurrr has managed to turn the momentum around, and he didn’t have to use any dirty tricks to do it.

Jones: What people forget while watching the Roman Empire pull every illegal maneuver under the sun is that Lurrr is a very accomplished wrestler. Sure, he’s a no-good, cheating, son of a bitch, but he can also wrestle.

Logan: Maybe he’ll try and prove himself the leader of the Empire by winning cleanly here tonight. But knowing Lurrr, I doubt it.

*Before Ka’Derrion can get himself back up, Lurrr is on top, putting on a chinlock that looks suspiciously close to a choke hold. He yanks back on Ka’Derrion’s head, using his hair for leverage, a maneuver that quickly earns a warning from referee Bell. Lurrr releases the hair, but still seems to be enjoying dishing out the punishment, as Ka’Derrion tries to reach towards the ropes. Lurrr shifts his position, getting his hold even closer to a choke, and the referee decides to intervene, calling for the break. Annoyed, Lurrr drops Marcus back to the canvas and sends a derogatory comment Bell’s way. Bell isn’t intimidated. Well, ok, he is, but only because of the hits he took earlier from Crimson. Lurrr peels Ka’Derrion off the mat, with Ka’Derrion responding with an attempted punch, only to have Lurrr duck underneath it, then lift Ka’Derrion for an atomic drop! Ka’Derrion walks forward in pain, then turns back, with Lurrr coming in and getting a clothesline to put the World Champion on the mat. Lurrr then goes for the cover, holding Ka’Derrion down while getting his feet on the ropes! Bell counts… 1… 2… and Bell spots the feet, ordering Lurrr to break it up!*

Logan: Lurrr tried to win the same way Mobley did earlier, but this time the referee was watching for it!

Jones: It should be clear to anyone that Lurrr is willing to do whatever it takes to walk out the winner of this bout here tonight.

Logan: Well, Marcus needs to match him, because a victory over the Roman Empire would be really sweet to the guy!

*Scott Caine watches on from the outside, having moved to a separate side of the ring. He is trying to get the crowd fired up. Meanwhile, Mathis is up on the other side, although his left leg seems to be bothering him. In the ring, Lurrr brings Ka’Derrion to his feet. With a cocky expression, Lurrr rears back and slaps Ka’Derrion hard across the face, a shot that echoes throughout the Arena. Lurrr laughs, but the camera angle clearly shows Ka’Derrion’s furious expression at the hit! Ka’Derrion spins back around on a startled Lurrr, jumping forward and swinging both fists in rapid succession, driving him back! With Lurrr stunned, Ka’Derrion throws in a discus punch that takes Lurrr down to the ground! Ka’Derrion hops back to his feet, breathing heavily from the exertion he just dished out. He heads for the turnbuckle, climbing up. Lurrr, meanwhile, has pulled himself back up, although he still looks dazed from the strikes he took. He turns, only to get nailed as Ka’Derrion comes flying in with a missile dropkick!! Marcus goes for the cover… 1… 2… Lurrr kicks free!*

Logan: Marcus is fired up! That wasn’t a very smart move from the X Division Champion, Jonesy!

Jones: He thought he could get away with mocking Ka’Derrion and slapping him around, but it was all the motivation Marcus needed to get back into this one.

Logan: C’mon, Marcus!

*Ka’Derrion raises Lurrr up, popping him with a few fists to the face. Ka’Derrion then twists Lurrr around, setting him up for the crucifix powerbomb that his dad made famous!! He lifts Lurrr into the air, earning the cheers of the crowd. However, Mathis reaches through the ropes, grabbing at Ka’Derrion’s leg, throwing him off-balance. The referee immediately reacts, threatening a disqualification, with Mathis stepping back raising his arms as if to say “No harm done”. Meanwhile, Caine rushes to that side of the ring, coming at Mathis, who is ready for him this time. The two men start to throw punches at each other, outside the ring, even as Ka’Derrion struggles to keep Lurrr in the air. But Lurrr has had too much time, fighting his way free of the hold and landing behind Marcus. He grabs Marcus and takes him down with a Russian leg sweep! Lurrr achingly gets over to make the cover… 1… 2… but Ka’Derrion refuses to go out from such a move, raising his shoulder off the mat.*

Logan: I should have known that Mathis would interfere if he got the chance. The ref should have disqualified him!

Jones: I wonder if Bell’s under orders to make sure this one has a finish? After all, ending a main event with a DQ or Countout is never the best policy! Sure, it happens, but if it can be avoided…

Logan: I understand that we want an exciting conclusion, Jonesy, but Mathis put his hands on Ka’Derrion! That should have thrown this match out!

*On the outside, Caine has started to have problems, as the much larger Mathis sends him flying into the steel stairs, flipping over them! Mathis, enjoying releasing some of his pent-up fury at having lost his truck this week, heads after him, while the camera shots return to the ring. Lurrr has Ka’Derrion back up, but only for a second, as he lifts the World Champion into the air and bodyslams him next to the turnbuckle. With Ka’Derrion down, Lurrr goes to climb the ‘buckle, getting to the top rope with a little effort. He turns and aims his arm, leaping off for an attempted flying elbow! But Marcus sits up, causing Lurrr to smack his elbow into the canvas instead! Lurrr cradles his hurting arm, staying in a seated position, but this allows Ka’Derrion to stand up and come in with a running boot, putting Lurrr on his back! Ka’Derrion does a shaky spin, then falls onto Lurrr, trying to end the match… 1… 2… but Lurrr gets an arm up just in the nick of time!*

Jones: Ka’Derrion and Lurrr have really gone at it here tonight, as both of them are looking spent!

Logan: The PPV atmosphere has really continued. Neither man wants a loss on his record from this one.

Jones: And in the meantime, Mathis is choking Caine out! Since they’re not officially part of the match, the referee can’t do anything to stop it!

Logan: Yeah, but don’t look now, Jonesy, but someone else is going to!

*Caine’s eyes have gone wide as he tries to struggle free of the two-handed choke Mathis has applied, but the big man isn’t letting go. He’s got a dark grin on his face. The fans cheer, though, as Arryk Rage suddenly appears, coming from the back and rushing down to attack Mathis from behind! Mathis tries to turn to engage his new foe, but Rage quickly lashes out with punches and kicks, sending Mathis falling backwards to the mat, with the smaller Rage jumping on him, swinging away! Caine slumps to the ground, greedily sucking in oxygen. Just in case we forget, though, the actual match is still underway, with Ka’Derrion having positioned Lurrr on the mat. He grabs Lurrr’s legs, twisting them like a pretzel into the Pain Killer!! Lurrr immediately responds to the pain, cursing and trying to get free, with referee Bell standing by watching him, while trying to ignore the melee going on outside the ring.*

Jones: The Pain Killer! It’s only a matter of time now!

Logan: Lurrr’s only chance to to make his way towards the ropes. It doesn’t look that far, but when you’re in a hold like this one, it seems like it’s miles and miles away!

*Ka’Derrion continues to keep the pressure on from the sharpshooter, even as Lurrr grabs his head with both hands, trying to withstand the pain. Referee Bell asks Lurrr if he wants to quit, but Lurrr shakes his head, clawing at the mat for purchase so that he can get closer to the ropes. Ka’Derrion fights against him, trying to hold him in place, but Lurrr continues to make up ground. He reaches out, desperation allowing him to stretch his arm that much further, and his fingers just barely make contact with the rope, enough to make referee Bell call for the break! Ka’Derrion, looking disappointed, keeps the hold on for a few seconds more, but finally listens to the ref’s command and lets go, dropping Lurrr’s legs. Meanwhile, on the outside, Caine and Rage are now double-teaming the larger Mathis with a series of punches, keeping him subdued. However, they’re concentrating so hard on the big man that they don’t see the two ‘fans’ suddenly coming out of the crowd, jumping over the railing and attacking!*

Jones: Who the hell??

Logan: I knew it!!! I knew Hill and Mobley wouldn’t stay away!! It was a Roman Empire trick!

*The ‘fans’ are indeed Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill, the two tag-team partners beating Caine and Rage down from behind!! The two men try to fight back, but Mathis joins in as well, putting the odds against Caine & Rage. In the ring, Ka’Derrion is looking their way, surprised at the sudden attack. He pulls Lurrr up off the canvas, deciding that he needs to finish things right away, so he sets Lurrr for the Punisher! But before Ka’Derrion can land it, Lurrr starts fighting, throwing elbows into Ka’Derrion’s head to get himself free! He drops behind Marcus and positions himself, even as Ka’Derrion turns. Lurrr steps forward, launching into the Wake Up Call!!! Oh, but Ka’Derrion manages to block it, causing the kick to glance off his shoulder instead! Lurrr spins around from the glancing blow, with Ka’Derrion grabbing him from behind, trying to take him down. Lurrr pushes himself forward, trying to get free, and the two men fall off-balance into the corner… smashing into referee Bell, who crumples to the floor!!*

Jones: Talk about a bad night for Mark Bell!

Logan: I don’t think he got hit too badly, Jonesy, but it was enough to stun the poor referee. This match still isn’t over, though! We need a winner!

Jones: Look on the outside, Anthony! Caine and Rage are down along with the referee! Things don’t look good for Marcus!

*Caine is laying in a heap next to the guardrail, while Rage’s back is hanging over the steel steps, where Mathis just bodyslammed him. Mathis, rubbing a hand against his sore mouth, points to Hill and Mobley, with the three men starting to circle the ring! Inside, Ka’Derrion has pulled himself up, realizing what’s happening. He moves towards the center, watching all three men, as well as Lurrr, who is pulling himself up. Referee Bell is still down, his face away from the action, and the Empire is using it to their advantage. Hill starts to come up on the apron, but Ka’Derrion moves towards him, making Hill drop back down. Marcus spins, seeing Mobley trying the same maneuver, and gets him away as well. The Empire continues to circle, with Lurrr starting to move behind Ka’Derrion, attempting a sneak attack, when suddenly the D & D music starts to play, signaling the arrival of Shane Donovan and Draco!!*

Logan: Looks like whether or not Ka’Derrion wants it, he’s getting assistance from Donovan & Draco!

Jones: He could definitely use it, no matter what Donovan’s motives are!

Logan: Wait, behind them… damn!

*As Donovan and Draco come down the ramp, a figure darts from behind the curtain, carrying a steel chair! He swings, smashing Draco in the back and causing the man to fall forwards, crashing into Donovan’s legs and sending both men rolling down the ramp! The camera focuses on the man, showing it to be Tommy Crimson!!! Donovan tries to get up, pushing Draco off of him, but it’s too late, as Crimson jams the chair into Donovan’s stomach, bending him over, then snaps off a massive strike to the back of the new IC Champion, taking him out!!! Meanwhile, with no assistance coming his way in the ring, Ka’Derrion manages to fight on, knocking Lurrr back into the corner with a side kick, then knocking Mathis off the apron as he tries to come in! Hill, meanwhile, jumps onto the turnbuckle and skies upwards, diving at Ka’Derrion, who jumps into the air and lands a picture-perfect dropkick that sends Hill rolling out of the ring in pain!! Ka’Derrion gets back up…. and Mobley sprays some type of mace into Ka’Derrion’s eyes, blinding him!!!! Marcus yells out and staggers back, but Mobley follows, hitting Marcus upside the head with the can!! Ka’Derrion stumbles away, holding his head, even as Lurrr recovers and comes in… landing the Wake Up Call!!!! Mobley moves outside the ring while Lurrr exhaustedly falls into the cover, with referee Bell, just now making his way around, coming slowly over for the count…. 1…. 2….. 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner….. Lurrr!!

Logan: No! It can’t be!!!

Jones: I’m afraid it is, Anthony! Marcus Ka’Derrion’s undefeated streak is over!! It took almost the entire Roman Empire, plus the interference of Tommy Crimson, but Ka’Derrion has fallen!

Logan: Why the hell did Tommy Crimson get involved, anyway??

*Outside the ring, Arryk Rage has tried to get back up to help, only to get clocked by Crimson’s chair, taking him back down! Caine is still down, having been hit by a few double-team maneuvers from Hill and Mobley. Crimson slides into the ring, still carrying the chair. He looks at Lurrr, brandishing the chair, ready to swing. Lurrr leans on the ropes, tired, watching as Crimson nods his head at him! Lurrr nods as well, smiling. Crimson then turns, smashing the chair across the unprotected back of Ka’Derrion!!! Marcus writhes in pain, as Crimson tosses the chair aside and goes to a vacant corner, resting against it, even as the crowd boos louder at him than ever before.*

Logan: Holy *bleep*!! Don’t tell me that Crimson has joined the Roman Empire?!?!

Jones: Jesus, as if they’re weren’t already powerful before!!

Logan: It’s been a terrible night, and I don’t think it’s over yet! Look at Mobley!

*Lurrr is now directing traffic in the ring, having Mobley lift Ka’Derrion off the canvas. Ka’Derrion’s obviously hurting badly, but he still struggles to free himself, to no avail. Lurrr leans in, saying something about who’s the leader now, before smashing Ka’Derrion with a closed fist. The bell is continuing to ring now, with the referee having left courtesy of a Mathis push. Donovan and Draco, trying to recover, stumble down towards the ring, but Mathis, Hill, and Crimson all go out to meet them, keeping them from getting involved. In the ring, Mobley turns Ka’Derrion around, blocking his struggles, and lifts him into the air, landing the Thriller!!! Ka’Derrion is down with his back to the mat, as Mobley stands over him, laughing with Lurrr.*

Jones: This is just awful!!

Logan: The Empire has sent a message to Ka’Derrion here tonight! I hope Ka’Derrion can respond with his own message next week! Until then, we’ve got to go!

Jones: Damnit!

*Mobley waves Lurrr over to him, making sure to raise the man’s hand in the air, mockingly doing it over Ka’Derrion. The two Roman Empire members are smiling, which is the last thing we see as the picture fades to black. An ominous way to end a show.*

OOC: It was an incredible week of roleplaying, guys, making this a very tough card for me to fully write out. Thanks again to everyone who participated! Hopefully my results aren't too controversial, although several matches were VERY close in the final points tallies.

Here's the card for next week:

- "The Professional" Joey Truxell vs. PIC

- Tommy Crimson vs. Kevin Kage

- Mikey Willis vs. The Lost Soul

- Scott Caine & Arryk Rage vs. the Malvados (3 rps each)

- Warrick Hill vs. Draco

- Dangerous Dan(c) vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana, GCWA Television Title Match

- Lurrr(c) vs. Harvey Danger, GCWA X Division Title Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, June 5th, to Wednesday, June 10th, giving you 5 1/2 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

It's another seven-match card, which means dark matches are very likely. Good luck!