*The time-filling show featuring girls bouncing on trampolines ends. Yes, admit it, you’re sad it’s over. After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are pumped up for another Inferno, cheering like mad. The camera focuses on one person’s poster, which appears to be a well-drawn shot of a Resident Evil zombie eating the brains of Lurrr. A little bit graphic, so the camera moves on, showing a few other signs saying things like “I Heart The Danger Boiz!” and “Ludwig For VP!!!” We cut away from the audience to go to ringside, where our favorite announcers, Jones & Logan, are hanging out.*

Jones: Hello everyone, and welcome to another wild edition of Friday Night Inferno!

Logan: Oh yeah, man, and it’s going to be wilder than usual, because we’ve got two title matches! That’s what you call a great night!

Jones: Damn straight, Anthony! Tonight, we’ve got Dangerous Dan defending his prized GCWA Television Title against the newcomer, Seth Eldritch, and we’ve got Stranger Danger putting the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles up for grabs against the evil duo, the Malvado Brothers! We really do have the possibility of two title changes tonight!

Logan: I love nights like these!

Jones: We’ve also got a few other great matches taking place tonight, but first, let’s cover those that already took place for the hometown crowd here in Dallas.

Logan: It pays to come in person, dude.

*We see clips from the earlier opening match between Warrick Hill and Kevin Kage, where the more experienced Hill clearly had the advantage early on and did not let it go. Despite the crowd’s hatred of him, Hill dominated, having fun with the fact that he could torture Kage at will without much of a comeback. Hill even laid down at one point, demanding that Kage pin him, just to piss off the fans, but this turned out to be another swerve, as Hill managed to get in a low blow that the referee missed, then landed the Joint for the victory, barely breaking a sweat.*

Logan: I admit, I was kind of hoping to see a little more from Kevin Kage. But you know, we have rookies coming through here all the time. Some can keep up with the competition, and some aren’t worth the entrance fee.

Jones: It would have been nice to see a competitive match, but I bet no one in the Roman Empire locker room is unhappy about it.

Logan: Yeah, good point. Why did Warrick Hill warrant such an easy match? Wouldn’t Ace want the Empire to be tested?

Jones: Who knows what the President’s motivation is, Anthony. And now, for our second dark match…

*The shots open with Truxell making his way confidently down the aisle, with Mikey Willis walking out with Kenny and Taz by his side, making sure that The Lost Soul is nowhere in sight. Truxell soon proved that he was too cocky for his own good, taking Willis lightly. Willis made him pay, taking him down with several magnificent high-flying maneuvers that had Kenny on his feet, cheering. In the end, Willis ended the destruction by landing the Standing Shooting Star Press and getting the pin, handing Truxell his first loss. Willis, Kenny, and Taz celebrated afterwards by quickly leaving the ringside area, once again keeping an eye out for TLS.*

Jones: Once again, a disappointing showing by a rookie, as Truxell barely managed to get in any offense for this bout.

Logan: Yeah, Mikey Willis actually looked pretty good in this one, giving him two solid weeks in a row. Not bad, man, not bad.

Jones: Hopefully, Truxell will find a way to get himself back on track after this loss. He showed some promise by beating Kage last week, but sometimes promise just isn’t enough. We’ll have to see what happens.

Logan: Ok, so we’ve reviewed the matches that happened earlier tonight, but what about getting to the live bouts? I’m ready to see me some smackdown!

Jones: Well, then, let’s…

* “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins to play, interrupting whatever it was Jones was going to say, and the crowd gives a mix reaction. Some cheer, some are hesitant, wanting to make sure it really is Marcus Ka’Derrion coming out and not the Roman Empire. Others probably want answers as to what happened at the end of Inferno. *

Logan: Alright, this works too! We’re starting the show off with a bang Jones! Here comes the World Champ!

Jones: Hey we don’t know that! No one has been able to get a hold of MK all week, so for all we know he’s retired now and is coming out to give his retirement speech.

*The curtains part and out comes Marcus Ka’Derrion, World Heavyweight Title tightly wrapped around his waist. The cheers get louder now as more fans join in. Marcus stands in the entrance way and looks around at the fans, pounding at his chest over his heart with his right fist while pointing at all the fans with his left. *

Logan: Does that answer your question Edds?

Jones: Eh… maybe…

*Marcus makes his way to the ring slapping the hands of the fans as he does so. Once he gets inside, a mic gets handed to him and his music dies down. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I’m here to address a few things that happened last week… First… what happened at the end of the show… Let me apologize to you the fans if you mistook that for anything other than what it really was: a tribute to the man you all loved, my father, The Punisher.

*A “King of Pain” chant gets started and eventually gets really loud.. Marcus waits a few seconds before continuing.*

Logan: How about NOW Jones?

Jones: Alright, alright, my bad! Geez.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: As for those of you that thought I was going to quit? That I was going to walk away? C’mon now, I am having way too much fun kicking ass in the GCWA!!

*Crowd cheers. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Some people would shy away from being the ‘marked’ man… and I must admit, at first… I was… I’ve said it a thousand times now… I hated my father for putting me in this position, but now, I can’t thank him enough. “His Legacy” was meant as an insult to him, to say that this wasn’t about what I wanted, but what he wanted… But now, as I look at what is around my waist right now… Trust me fellas.. I WANT THIS.

*He pats his title as the crowd continues to cheer him on.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: But I also know that there are others that want this…. Draco..

*Crowd boos. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Shane Donovan…

*Crowd boos even louder. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: and Derek “The Thriller” Mobley…

*Crowd boos the loudest and an “a*****e!” chant gets started. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Which brings me to the second thing that happened last week that I want to address. Derek Mobley made a mockery out of me, my mother, and specially my father. To say that I got “payback” on my mind for you and The Empire is a huge understatement… Capital Punishment can’t come soon enough. Derek Mobley, for a second I thought about coming out here and lowering myself to your level… Coming out here and making fun of your father… But as I found out this week by doing a little research, I found out that your father… Well… He was a NOBODY.

Jones: Ouch.

Logan: That one stung a little I bet.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: So then I thought maybe I’ll just crack some jokes at his expense... but I’m not much of a funny guy... So instead I started thinking about what is up with Mobley really? What’s his real beef with me and in a matter of seconds I found out what it was… Jealousy.

Jones: Uh oh, careful Marcus.

Logan: Yeah don’t want to get too cocky.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: But not for the reason you, Jones, Logan or even the fans might think. Not because I’m undefeated… Not because of who my father was… Not because the fans respect me… Not even because I am the current World Champion… No... What you are jealous of is the fact that I was able to beat Shane Donovan…

Jones: Mobley hates Donovan with a passion, Marcus might hit a nerve here.

Logan: Loathes is more like it. Careful kid, last thing you want is a pissed off Mobley coming after ya.

*Marcus leans on the ropes that are facing the big screen. He continues talking, looking at the big screen, knowing that some where Derek Mobley is watching. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Cry all you want about how you lost “Thriller”… Bottom line is you lost. At the biggest PPV of the year, you LOST to Shane Donovan and that eats you up inside… Because you know the first time you beat him, it was a close one that could have gone either way… And now… the fact that I beat him on my first try eats you up even more… You can deny it all you want Mobley… But THAT… is the way it is…

*Marcus drops the mic, never taking his eyes off of the big screen as “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park blasts out again. The crowd cheers loudly as Marcus goes to the corner, climbing it and taking the belt off his waist and raising it high. He points to it and then points to all the fans. He does this at every corner of the ring and then leaves the ring.*

Logan: That’s what I call a definitive answer to what Mobley had to say last week, Jonesy!

Jones: The tempers continue to build as we head towards Capital Punishment! And I’m not ashamed to say that I’m ecstatic that our World Champion is still focused on the prize, and not retiring!

Logan: Damn straight!

*As Marcus disappears through the curtains, we cut backstage, where we see ace GCWA reporter Cynthia Hall standing by.*

Cynthia Hall: Hello, I’m Cynthia Hall, and I’m being joined tonight by one of the brighter young stars in the GCWA, Scott Caine. Scott, you were beaten up last week by the Roman Empire, the very men that Marcus Ka’Derrion was just talking about. How are you feeling?

*The camera shows Caine, who still has some bruises on his face and some bandages around his ribs. He still manages to smile for the camera.*

Scott Caine: I am ok Cynthia. Thank you for asking. Nothing was broken.

Cynthia Hall: That is good. When you get teamed on by all four members of the Roman Empire, not being injured is a lucky break. Why did you attack them on your own?

Scott Caine: I have been wanting a piece of them for a long time. Lurrr has made my life a living hell for months because of what he has done to me. Mobley betrayed me. Mathis cheated me at Ultimate Survival. I want them all to pay.

Cynthia Hall: But you have to know Scott that you cannot take them all on your own.

Scott Caine: Who says I can’t?

Cynthia Hall: But Scott…

*Scott grabs the mic from Cynthia and turns to the camera to talk on his own.*

Scott Caine: I will make this short and sweet. If you Roman Empire *bleeps* have any *bleeping* courage left in you, then face me later on tonight. I will take on any two of you and show you that you cannot ignore me anymore. Do you have the balls, Lurrr? Or will you hide from me again and let your *bleeping* stooges do the work? Come to the ring Lurrr later tonight. Come and get Cained.

*Caine tosses the mic to a shocked-looking Cynthia Hall and leaves. Hall looks at the mic, then looks at the departing Caine, speechless. We fade out to a commercial break.*

*As the commercial ends (assuming you watched it), the scene changes to the back where Martin Ka'Berryon, fully dressed in his grape costume, is searching for The Big Bifford. Turning a corner, he finds Bifford and Ludwig the Seal (in a kiddie pool) near a little beer fridge with a small bon-fire lit right there backstage. Martin walks up to them.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Uh... Biff... I think this is very unsafe.

The Big Bifford: I'm aware of your objections, but after YOU stopped us from going to the forest and starting the bon-fire-forest-fire on Friday by "feeling under the weather" because of digging around in the garbage dump all day Thursday, I had to do something. Setting up a bonfire backstage at this wonderful GCWA event seemed like the best idea.

Martin Ka’Berryon: What are you doing?

The Big Bifford: I'm about to cook up some Cocoa Puffs using my cast-iron skillet that we found at the garbage dump, you demented sexual predator.

Martin Ka’Berryon: Please stop telling people that I'm a sexual predator... It's not true.

The Big Bifford: Dateline NBC begs to differ, you pervert.

Martin Ka’Berryon: STOP MAKING THINGS UP! You should be focusing on your match with James Thrash!

The Big Bifford: NO! I should be focusing on my match with DEREK MOBLEY! Because DEREK MOBLEY FEARS ME! I've kicked out of the Thriller once and I'll do it again! I'm UNBEATABLE!

Martin Ka’Berryon: Derek Mobley beat you!

The Big Bifford: Derek Mobley FEARS ME!

*Bifford grabs the cast-iron skillet that is warming up over the fire and throws a handful of Cocoa Puffs in there. They smoke and cripsen even more. Bifford then removes the skillet and dumps the Cocoa Puffs into a bowl and puts them down in front of Ludwig the Seal who begins eating them. Bifford laughs with glee and claps his hands.*

The Big Bifford: Derek Mobley might have beaten me once, but never again! I know his secrets! I can and will beat him should Ace ever get the balls to put us in a match together! When I was President of that other place, I'd have put us in a match against each other! And it would be a match that involved goldfish and baby turtles!

Martin Ka’Berryon: You need to fight James Thrash.

The Big Bifford: Thrash is an embarrassment. Being in the same company as him is almost as bad as being in a company with a RANDOM FAN as the World Champion! Stevie Donovan wasn't even a professional wrestler when he won that title! Damn Ace, being busy with strippers didn't notice his World Championship accidentally go to a random fan! Ace is almost as sexually deviated as you, you dirty sexual predator.

*Martin just sighs and throws his hands in the air.*

The Big Bifford: Put Ludwig in his office, it's time to go wrestle!

Martin Ka’Berryon: Uh... Ace actually gave Ludwig an office?

The Big Bifford: Nope! I built one for him!

*Bifford points off in another direction to where Martin sees a horrifying looking "structure" made out of cardboard boxes, old 2x4s and newspaper, held together with duct tape and staples. Written above the "doorway" is Office of Vice President Ludwig. Bifford walks out of the area just as Ludwig finishes his meal of cooked Cocoa Puffs. He looks up at Martin as the giant cluster of grapes begins extinguishing Bifford's bonfire.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: You're okay sitting out here right? I'm pretty sure you're safer anyplace else in the world than that terrifying office....

*The seal just looks at Martin and then bites one of the lower grapes on his costume. Martin pulls away from the seal, looking offended.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: Don't touch the grapes. Ever.

*Martin and Ludwig have a short staredown, each giving the other a dirty look, and then Martin walks away to go accompany Bifford to the ring. We cut back to ringside.*

Logan: I never get tired of seeing that seal eat Cocoa Puffs.

Jones: I’m sure you don’t, Anthony. I’m just glad Bifford didn’t burn the GCWA Arena down. We are just starting to do shows in other arenas, we don’t need to show them reasons why we shouldn’t be allowed inside their buildings!

Logan: Don’t worry, the dude with the grapes had it under control.

Jones: Perfect. Let’s just get to the match.

Logan: Yes!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Now coming down the aisle, he is a hardcore lover with an unparalleled skill with steel chairs and wooden tables, standing 6’4” and weighing 236 lbs, from Salt Lake City, Utah, here is James Thrash!

*Thrash storms out of the back to “Smash Your Enemies” by Hatebreed, earning a small wave of interest from the crowd. There is a mixture of cheers and boos, mainly due to Thrash’s opponent here tonight. Thrash comes down the ramp, then turns and signals towards the curtains. A few seconds later, rolling tables begin to be wheeled out, with all sorts of buffet-style plates on them! Thrash is smiling as he moves away, heading down the aisle.*

Jones: I thought I had heard that Thrash had bought a ton of food from the Old Country Buffet, but I didn’t expect to see it brought to ringside!

Logan: Yeah, from what I hear, he had it charged to the GCWA offices. Bet you 20 bucks that Ace has his money back by the end of the week.

Jones: No bet, Anthony. The President is very thrifty when it comes to unnecessary expenses.

Logan: In other words, he’s a cheap SOB who has probably already ‘garnished’ Thrash’s paycheck for this.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA X Division Champion, as well as having been an OCW World Heavyweight Champion. Standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is the Big Bifford!

*The crowd cheers as the Big Bifford walks out from the back, looking happy to be there. His friend in the grapes costume, Martin Ka’Berryon, follows him out, already concerned about the amount of food placed along the aisleway. “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio leads Bifford towards the ring, and the buffet.*

Jones: The Big Bifford apparently fulfilled part of his ‘master plan’ this week, finding a cast iron skillet at the garbage dump.

Logan: Ok, that’s just disgusting.

Jones: Well, it WAS still wrapped up….

Logan: So? It was at the dump! Ugh!

*The Big Bifford tries to keep his eyes down the aisle, where Thrash is currently waiting. However, it’s not stopping his hands, as he starts dishing some of the foot onto a plate. Martin tries to pull the food away, telling Bifford that he’s got a match to complete, but Bifford shrugs him off, apparently having decided that he needs to eat first. Thrash, meanwhile, has entered the ring and is talking with the referee, Thomas Mitchell, trying to get him to start the match. He points out Bifford, telling Mitchell that both wrestlers are in attendance, so Mitchell shrugs and signals to the timekeeper.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Ok, Biff, the match has started, let’s get to it! Biff? Biff??

Jones: Oh my gosh, what a great plan from Thrash! He might win easily via countout here!

*Mitchell begins his 10 count, as the fans start trying to persuade Bifford to head for the ring. Ka’Berryon is also trying to push him, but Bifford is tasting each and every dish on his way, apparently enjoying one in particular. He points it out to Martin, but Ka’Berryon doesn’t care, trying to get Bifford to comprehend that he’s about to lose the match! Thrash is waiting patiently in the corner, happy, as Mitchell continues his slow count.*

Jones: He’s halfway through, and Bifford’s still not in the ring!

Logan: What’s it going to take to get Bifford moving? The dude with the grapes has to get through to him somehow!

*Bifford takes a few steps closer to the ring, shushing Ka’Berryon as he goes to get another portion on his already full plate. But as Mitchell reaches 7, the Titon Tron suddenly comes on, showing Ludwig the seal! The cameraman focuses on the seal, as he starts barking. Bifford looks up, surprised, glancing at the screen. Ludwig seems to be looking at the camera, even as Bifford suddenly hands the plate to Martin, squares his shoulders, and hustles to the ring, managing to get in before the 10 count! Thrash, in complete shock, hesitates too long to attack, as the Big Bifford comes at him, throwing some massive punches at the hardcore wrestler’s head!*

Logan: The plan didn’t work! Bifford’s in and ready to go!

Jones: Now who’s going to eat all that food?

Logan: With all the wrestlers around here? That food will be gone soon enough, Jonesy.

*The Big Bifford continues to work over Thrash, battering him in the corner. He reaches down, lifting Thrash onto his massive shoulders, then walks out, preparing for a Samoan drop. Thrash, though, uses his position to punch wildly at Bifford, stunning him enough so that Thrash can get his feet back on the ground. He fires away shot after shot into the big man, showing his brawling skills, then runs forward, bulldogging Bifford into the canvas! Thrash is immediately up, leaning backwards on the ropes, then coming back with a hop, dropping both knees onto Bifford’s stomach!! Bifford is in a lot of pain, as Thrash comes back, making the first cover of the match… 1… 2.. and Bifford easily manages to kick out.*

Jones: Thrash is now onto Plan B in his plan to defeat the former X Division Champion.

Logan: If you can’t out-fox him, try to out-wrestle him!

Jones: It’s not going to be easy, but you can’t count Thrash completely out of this one. He’s shown in the past that he can take a lot of abuse and keep coming back for more.

Logan: Yeah, just take last week, for example. Thrash and Mr. Excellent took a horrible spill through a table. Mr. Excellent’s on the unable to compete list. Thrash is wrestling the very next week!

*Thrash moves around Bifford, driving his foot down around every side of him with the Garvin stomp. Martin is watching from the outside, looking very concerned for the fate of his ‘meal ticket’. Thrash leans over, grabbing at Bifford and pulling him upright. He then goes off the ropes and charges, coming back with a flying forearm! Unfortunately, Bifford ducks under the strike, catching Thrash on his shoulder, then giving him a backflip to the other side of the ring! Thrash hits hard, but is immediately grabbing at the ropes, trying to get up. Before he can, though, Bifford is there, smashing Thrash down with a big right arm to the back. Thrash is down in the push-up position, once again trying to rise, but Bifford turns and jumps in the air, dropping all his weight down onto Thrash’s back!!! Thrash is squashed, yelling out from the pain, as referee Mitchell shrugs, not being able to count, since Thrash is on his stomach.*

Jones: Nobody can throw their weight around like the Big Bifford!

Logan: Yeah, Thrash just had over 400 pounds dropped on his spine! That’ll take the fight out of anyone!

*Martin Ka’Berryon is clapping on the outside, trying not to jostle any grapes loose. The Big Bifford pulls himself up off of Thrash, ending his agony, then turns and reaches down, pulling Thrash up. He talks to him for a second, possibly asking him about where he got the food, then lifts Thrash vertical. He grabs Thrash around the waist in a bear hug, tightening his arms around Thrash’s, causing him to yell out. Bifford then turns it quickly into a belly-to-belly suplex, smashing Thrash into the canvas!! Bifford stays on top, putting his considerable weight to good use, while referee Mitchell makes the count… 1… 2… and somehow Thrash kicks out! Bifford pulls himself up, looking a little surprised. He looks longingly outside the ring, where the buffet is almost surely starting to cool, then grabs Thrash by the hair, dragging him to the corner and placing him there, seated. Bifford takes a few steps away, then turns and charges back, going for a back squash!! Thrash sees it at the last second and yanks on the ropes, pulling himself out of the ring, as Bifford crashes into the ‘buckle!*

Logan: Damn! That would have been seriously bad for Thrash had his head still been there!

Jones: He just barely got out of the way in time! But now’s his chance, as Bifford just took himself out of the driver’s seat!

*Bifford painfully drags himself up, not an easy thing to do when you’ve just jammed your back into a metal turnbuckle. As he moves away from the corner, though, Thrash pulls himself up on the apron. He aims, then springs himself up over the ropes, landing a flying shoulder block that knocks Bifford to the ground! Thrash struggles to get up, his own aches showing through his expressions. He grabs Bifford on the way up, putting his leg around Bifford’s head, then spinning down, rolling the dice! Bifford hits hard, so Thrash is quick to crawl over, grabbing one of his thick legs while making the cover… 1… 2… and Bifford kicks free, raising his arm into the air. Thrash gets himself up to his knees, then stays next to Bifford, connecting with a few rapid punches (earning a warning from Mitchell). Thrash then gets behind Bifford, getting an arm wringer submission hold to try and keep the big man down!*

Jones: You know, it’s easy to miss due to the Big Bifford’s size, but Thrash is no shrimp in there. Heck, he’s as tall as Bifford is!

Logan: Yeah, it’s rare that Bifford faces someone who can match him in height, if not weight. Thrash has a lot of power in those punches, and you can tell they’re having an effect. Bifford needs to turn this around soon.

*With the fans chanting “Bifford” repeatedly, getting behind the favorite in the match, the Big Bifford starts to fight, pulling himself up out of the submission hold. Thrash comes with him, then, just as Bifford is getting free, smacks him in the face with a few more forearm shots. Bifford staggers, dazed, as Thrash sizes him up, then makes a decision. He reaches underneath Bifford, starting to position him for the Go To Sleep! Bifford struggles against it, shoving Thrash away from him, but Thrash goes off the ropes and comes back with a running clothesline, leaving Bifford staggering, but not falling. Thrash throws in a second clothesline, then tries again, reaching under Bifford and getting him positioned. Thrash then heaves, straining mightily as he gets Bifford off the ground, up onto his shoulders!! The fans cheer the feat of strength, but before Thrash can get to the next step, his leg buckles, and Thrash falls forward, with the Big Bifford landing on top of him!!!*

Logan: Geez!! Thrash went for the all-or-nothing approach, and I think he ended up with nothing!!

Jones: That’s just too much weight for that maneuver, no matter who you are!

*The Big Bifford rolls off of the barely conscious Thrash, getting himself to the ropes and hauling himself up. The ropes buckle, but do not break. Referee Mitchell almost looks like he wants to stop the match, but the Big Bifford is now moving, coming over to Thrash and peeling him off the canvas. Thrash can barely stand, with Bifford doing a lot of the work keeping him up. Martin yells for Bifford to end it, and Bifford looks over at him for a second, then looks back at his opponent, then at the buffet. Bifford then sets Thrash up, lifting him into the air in a piledriver position! There’s nothing left for Thrash to do, as the Big Bifford delivers the Biff End, kayoing him!!!! Referee Mitchell comes over to make the final count, as Bifford crosses Thrash’s arms on his chest and holds him down… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Big Bifford!

Jones: The Big Bifford gets the big victory here on Friday Night Inferno!

Logan: I was hoping for a little more out of Thrash, but at least he showed some initiative by trying to fool Bifford with the buffet. It almost worked. But when that failed, Thrash just couldn’t stand up against the powerful Bifford.

Jones: They say Thrash enjoys the occasional beating. Maybe he’ll be smiling when he sees this on video later tonight… or tomorrow, depending on when he wakes up.

*Bifford has already left the ring, with Martin congratulating him. Bifford, though, is interested in only one thing: where’s the plate he left with his grape-wearing friend? Martin sighs and hands over the plate, with Bifford digging in happily. We leave them and head to the backstage area, to the locker room of the Roman Empire. Warrick Hill, fresh off his earlier victory, and Derek Mobley are hanging out, playing cards. Lurrr and Rick Mathis, meanwhile, are talking things over.*

Lurrr: Can you believe that little *bleep*? Challenging us to a fight?

Rick Mathis: Fine by me. I still owe that moron for last week’s attack from behind. He’s been a fly buzzing around our heads for too damn long.

Lurrr: Well, tonight, we squash the little bug. He keeps thinking he’s in our league. He thinks he can take on both of us. It’ll be nice to rid the world of one more *bleeping* idiot.

*Lurrr and Mathis laugh, with Lurrr picking up his X Division Title. He shines it with his hand, then looks at it closer. He then whistles over Julio, who obediently comes over.*

Lurrr: You missed a spot, right here, you *bleep*. How could I go out in public with a belt like that? Put another coat of shine on it, and make it quick! I’ve got business later tonight.

*Julio takes the belt, trying to find the mysterious ‘spot’. He walks off, with Mathis chuckling over the forced labor. The picture fades out, as we head to another commercial break.*

*We return from the commercial break to the backstage area, more precisely the President’s office. The Accelerator is sitting behind his desk going over the everyday paper work of running the federation and trying, for once, to get some work done. The door to his office opens up and Draco enters. Accelerator barely looks up before returning back to his stack of papers. He looks fatigued.*

Draco: Hey boss.

The Accelerator: Draco, I’m extremely busy at the moment, so if you don’t mind, just get to whatever it is you want to complain about.

*Draco walks up to the desk seeing the stack of papers. Usually paperwork meant that someone was going to pay for it so he knew to make it quick.*

Draco: I want Crimson. That little s…

The Accelerator: Ok, Draco versus Crimson. Done. You’ll have it next week.

Draco: … needs to learn a…what?

The Accelerator: You got your match. I’ll book it next week.

*It was a bit of a shock to Draco. Accelerator didn’t seem to care one way or the other. Draco wondered if this was a test, but there was no indication that it was nothing more than the truth.*

Draco: Oh…alright. Thanks, boss.

The Accelerator: Yeah, whatever. Just close the door on your way out.

*There was an awkward bit of silence between the two. Well, mostly on Draco’s end. The paperwork seemed to be the main focus of Accelerator’s attention. Draco stood there for a few seconds until Accelerator finally looked up.*

The Accelerator: The door’s right over there. Feel free to use it.

Draco: Oh…right.

*Draco made a quick retreat from the office leaving Accelerator to his paperwork. He just shook his head lightly back and forth as the scene switched back to ringside.*

Logan: Is it me, or does Ace seem a little moody tonight?

Jones: Well, at least he hasn’t left early this time.

Logan: Yeah. So far. So we’ve got a Tommy Crimson vs. Draco match next week? I’m already looking forward to it!

Jones: It’ll be a good one, no doubt, but we’ve got some great bouts still to take place here tonight! Let’s go to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has been given a 15-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is a former ICWF World Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, he is The Lost Soul!

*As the “Friday the 13th” Theme begins to play, the fans stand, looking towards the entryway. The curtains part, and the mysterious TLS appears, walking out onto the stage with a big ovation. The Lost Soul, as usual, barely seems to notice. He heads down the ramp, on his way towards another big match.*

Jones: From what I hear, The Lost Soul and his partner, Jason Chase, were instrumental in helping to shut down a human trafficking ring this week.

Logan: Yeah, and that’s cool and all, but did he help those people, or hurt them? They just wanted to get into this country, after all, to live with good families.

Jones: I’m sure the guy they busted can use that at his trial, but the plain and simple fact is what he was doing was illegal, and so he’s going to jail.

Logan: Not everything is black and white, Jonesy.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he’s a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’0” and weighing 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, here is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*The crowd is immediately booing in Donovan’s direction, even as “God In Extension” by Jack Daw plays over the large speakers set up around the entranceway. Donovan walks out with his usual swagger, walking down the ramp towards the squared circle.*

Jones: This is Donovan’s first match since losing the World Heavyweight Title at Ultimate Survival. You have to wonder how he’s going to do here tonight. Some wrestlers immediately pick themselves up and fight back to the top, and some never really recover from their defeat.

Logan: Yeah, I know. I never recovered after losing the World Title to Titan 3. Look at me now. Maybe in a few years, Donovan will be announcing with me. I heard he mainly just sat around at home this past week.

Jones: He didn’t do much, huh?

Logan: Nope, although the private investigator he hired kept busy investigating that Destiny girl that was here for the PPV.

Jones: Wild.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The Lost Soul takes off his jacket, flipping it into his corner, all the while keeping an eye on Shane Donovan’s whereabouts. Donovan doesn’t appear to be in any sort of hurry, as he bounces back and forth on his feet. The two men move to the center of the ring and lock up, with The Lost Soul’s greater size allowing him to push a struggling Donovan back into the corner. Referee Mark Bell calls for the break, and The Lost Soul obliges, stepping back away from Donovan, who shakes his head. He comes forward again, as if to lock up once more, but suddenly Donovan’s ducking down, lunging forward at The Lost Soul’s right leg! He slams his shoulder into it, sending TLS toppling to the ground, then starts attacking it violently, banging away at it while TLS tries to get free, clearly feeling every strike!*

Jones: Donovan’s targeting The Lost Soul’s leg, but why?

Logan: Hey, wasn’t The Lost Soul bit on that leg by a Doberman this past week?

Jones: That’s right! Donovan must have heard about that, and now he’s trying to use that injury to his advantage!

Logan: The dude takes advantage of any weakness he can find, doesn’t he?

*Donovan drops his knee onto The Lost Soul’s leg, doing more damage, even as TLS reaches out behind him, grabbing at the ropes. Referee Bell immediately calls for Donovan to back off, although he obviously does not want to stop the assault. Donovan reluctantly backs away, listening to the boos of the crowd coming his direction, as Bell checks on TLS, whose already showing some blood seeping through his wrestling gear on his leg. Bell asks TLS if he wants to continue, which is a pretty silly question, considering that he’s talking to The Lost Soul. The face-painted wrestler pulls himself up, using the ropes, then pushes Bell aside, waving for more! Donovan, not taken back in the slightest, is happy to oblige, coming in with several quick rights on the larger man, followed by a leaping dropkick that sends TLS over the ropes and to the outside!*

Jones: And The Lost Soul takes another rough fall in a career full of them! You have to wonder, Anthony, if, at his age, TLS shouldn’t head off into retirement. How many of those shots can he take?

Logan: First off, Jonesy, I’m friends with the guy, and even I don’t know how old he is, so don’t bring up the “age” card. Secondly, I worry about him, too, but I also see TLS as one of those old-time guys who will never stop fighting, because without the fight, they’d have nothing else to live for.

*On the outside of the ring, The Lost Soul is trying to get up, although his leg is surely bothering him. Referee Bell is counting away, but that’s not good enough for Donovan, who moves through the ropes to the apron. He waits for TLS to get fully upright, then runs along the apron and leaps off, going for a splash! However, The Lost Soul doesn’t go down, instead catching Donovan in mid-air! Before Donovan can figure out a way to get free, TLS swings him around, throwing him sideways into the guardrail!! Donovan is down, as the strain also causes The Lost Soul to fall to one knee, moving a hand backwards to check on his bloody leg. The ref’s count keeps getting higher, so TLS drags himself up. He looks over at Donovan, who is still trying to recover from the impact. The Lost Soul moves forward, sticking his arm through the ropes to stop the count, then leans back out, going over to where Donovan is laying.*

Jones: I think The Lost Soul might have had a shot at a countout there, but he threw it away to go back on the assault!

Logan: Don’t be too quick to say that, Jonesy. After all, TLS got himself counted out while fighting Warrick Hill at Ultimate Survival. I think the only reason he stopped the count this time was that he could get in a few more shots on the former World Champion!

Jones: Yes, there seems to be a lot of hate between these two, considering that they’ve never fought here before. You’d think they were rivals or something.

Logan: You mean like in another fed?

Jones: Well, maybe.

*The Lost Soul has been using the metal guardrail to his advantage during the discussion, banging Donovan’s head against it, ringing his bell. Limping, TLS brings Donovan back towards the ring, rolling him inside. TLS then grabs the ropes to help pull himself in, barely beating referee Bell’s count. He gets up and grabs at Donovan, but Donovan goes to the eyes, blinding the man. Donovan follows it up with a northern light suplex, managing to get the larger man over! Donovan immediately tries for the cover, as he’s already feeling the strain from the match… 1… 2.. and The Lost Soul kicks out. Donovan pushes himself to his feet, taking a few steps away, as TLS struggles over to his side. He starts to rise, his bad leg hampering him, but Donovan comes right back in with a shining wizard kick, clocking TLS in the head! TLS falls over to his side, and Donovan’s quick to roll him over the rest of the way, trying once again to put the veteran away… 1… 2… No, The Lost Soul gets a shoulder up.*

Logan: You almost get the feeling that Donovan feels like he has something to prove, after losing the World Title a few weeks ago.

Jones: Well, a win over a legendary wrestler like The Lost Soul will help to boost his confidence, I’m sure.

Logan: Yeah, especially after how TLS said that he would not allow a 3-1 lead get away from him. I’d want to beat the guy’s head in, too, if he pointed that out to me. Not that I’m supporting Donovan over TLS, mind you.

*Donovan has gotten The Lost Soul back on his feet now, and moves him into the corner, chopping away on him. TLS starts to come back, swinging a strong punch that knocks Donovan back, but Donovan immediately responds by kicking TLS in his injured leg, stopping the rally. Donovan wipes off his mouth with the back of his hand, then punches TLS once more, before grabbing him and lifting him onto the ‘buckle. Donovan follows, preparing him for the Falling Star! Donovan jumps up, putting his legs around The Lost Soul’s head, then comes off, spinning TLS backwards to the ground!! TLS hits hard, bouncing a couple of times on the mat. Donovan takes a second to recover from the impact himself before crawling over to make the cover… 1… 2… TLS kicks out again, staying in it!*

Logan: We talk a lot about the poor condition of The Lost Soul, but seriously, man, it takes a ton of hits to put this guy out!

Jones: Few men can take the abuse like TLS can, which explains both why he’s been able to last so long in the business, and why people are always scared for his health. We’ve seen it before, where the first sign that something was wrong was TLS collapsing in the ring, needing medical attention. That’s a sight I hope we never see again.

Logan: Yeah, but you can bet Donovan would get the pin and celebrate it like a major victory if it did happen.

*While Donovan doesn’t look pleased with the counting abilities of referee Bell, possibly remembering that Bell was the one who ‘helped’ end his title reign, he doesn’t get distracted. Instead, Donovan heads for the turnbuckle, climbing quickly up. He sways for a second, showing a little of his fatigue, but he stays in place, looking down at the fallen TLS. Donovan then comes off the top, leaping high for the Phoenix Stomp!! However, The Lost Soul moves aside at the very last second, causing Donovan to land on the mat instead, jamming his legs! Donovan does a somersault, falling to the mat and grabbing at his stunned knees, as The Lost Soul pulls himself up, using the ropes. As Donovan tries to rise, The Lost Soul is there, picking the smaller wrestler up and positioning him in front. TLS then lifts up, landing a massive powerbomb that almost turned disasterous, as TLS’ leg buckled in mid-move. He still tosses Donovan a fair distance, though, sending the former World Champion crashing to the canvas! TLS falls on top, going for the pin… 1… 2… Donovan kicks out.*

Jones: Both men are looking pretty shaky in there, Anthony. I don’t know how much either can take.

Logan: I’d still say Donovan’s in better shape right now, due to The Lost Soul’s bloody leg, but TLS is evening up that advantage in a hurry!

*As Donovan tries to pull himself back up, TLS is there behind him, grabbing Donovan by the head and applying a tight sleeper hold! Donovan struggles to get free, wanting more oxygen in his system, but TLS has the hold applied pretty tightly! The fans are cheering, wanting to see Donovan knocked out. Referee Bell keeps an eye on things, watching closely as he circles the guys, looking for a tap-out from the former World Champion. Donovan, though, refuses to get up, eventually managing to struggle his way to his feet. The Lost Soul keeps the hold on, thanks to his leverage, but his bad leg is keeping him from getting the full effect. Donovan fights, trying to throw a few elbows backwards, but The Lost Soul still refuses to release the hold, draining the last of Donovan’s reserves. In desperation, Donovan plants his feet and shoves backwards, managing to take TLS off-balance and send them stumbling backwards into the corner….. crushing a hapless referee as they do so!!! All three men topple to the ground, as the crowd roars in response.*

Logan: Mark Bell is down!! He just took a bad hit there, Jonesy!

Jones: Someone call the back, we might need a substitute up here!

*The Lost Soul recovers first, pulling himself up off the ropes and getting to his feet. He stumbles over to the referee, tugging on his shirt, but for at least a few minutes, Bell is out of action. The Lost Soul shakes his head, probably disgusted that one shot would do so much damage. He goes over to where Donovan is rising, grabbing him from behind and pulling him up and taking him towards the corner, possibly to set him up for the Soul Buster. However, Donovan manages to kick out once more at the injured leg, staggering TLS, then follows it up with a DDT, laying TLS out! Donovan rolls to his side, hurting. He looks over, noticing the downed referee for the first time, and a wicked smile slowly forms on his face. He crawls out of the ring, heading to the outside, where he moves over towards the timekeeper, shoving her out of her chair. Donovan folds the chair up, then heads back towards the ring, as the crowd jeers wildly.*

Jones: This isn’t a hardcore match, Shane!

Logan: Well, with the referee down, Jonesy, anything goes!

*Donovan rolls back into the ring, even as The Lost Soul starts to pull himself up. Donovan bangs the chair on the ground, wanting to swing it. However, he notices to his right that referee Bell is starting to stir, rolling onto his stomach. Donovan hesitates, then smiles. He bangs the chair again, loudly, then tosses it over towards The Lost Soul and drops to the ground, acting like he’s been hit! He stays down, covering his head with his hands, as The Lost Soul, realizing that a chair is laying at his feet, reaches down and picks it up. He looks at the chair, then at Donovan, then towards the referee, who is just now starting to climb to his feet. The Lost Soul glances at Donovan again, as if to use the chair anyway, but then instead swings it upwards…. smacking himself in the head!!! It’s a strong impact, leaving a minor dent in the chair and causing TLS to drop to his knees, even as he tosses the chair back in Donovan’s direction, landing it on top of him. The Lost Soul’s scar opens up, spilling out some blood, even as Donovan looks up, surprised at what he just heard. Unfortunately, Donovan looks up just as the referee turns, seeing only that TLS is bleeding and that Donovan has a chair next to him!! Referee Bell waves his arms, signaling for the bell, ending the match!*

Minos: Here is your winner, as a result of a disqualification, The Lost Soul!

*The crowd is cheering wildly as The Lost Soul rolls himself over, leaving the ring to go get medical attention. He is smiling (although he’s always smiling thanks to the make-up). Donovan is pleading his case to the referee, but how do you explain that the man hit himself with a chair?*

Logan: Donovan tried to cheat his way to victory, but it backfired on him tonight!

Jones: Man, that Lost Soul is a twisted individual, isn’t he? Who else would hit themselves with a chair?

Logan: Well, I guess he would, and it paid off, as The Lost Soul gets a victory over the former World Champion!

*Donovan is now standing near the ropes, glaring over at the departing TLS. Donovan shakes his head, though, as if already putting it behind him, knowing that he’ll fight with TLS another day. The Lost Soul is shown briefly, heading up the ramp, as we cut to the back, where we see the President’s office. The Accelerator is finishing up his paperwork, rubbing a hand over his tired eyes. A knock is at the door, and Ace sighs, wondering what it could be now. He turns as the door opens, showing the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3. He’s got a bundle in his hand, which can’t quite be seen from this angle.*

The Accelerator: Ah, good. You got it with no trouble?

Titan 3: Nope, none at all. He handed it over with a struggle, knowing that it wasn’t his, anymore.

The Accelerator: You look disappointed. I thought you liked the guy.

Titan 3: I do, Ace, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like something to happen to liven up this place a little. It’s been boring tonight, at least for my staff.

The Accelerator: Don’t worry, I’m sure something will come up. Ok, then, hand it over, and I’ll make the announcement after the break.

*Titan 3 lifts up the bundle and places it on the President’s desk. You can see a glint of gold as he uncovers it, revealing the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title! The crowd begins to cheer as Ace considers the belt, even as we fade out to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break to hear the crowd still cheering, especially when the Titan Tron comes on, revealing the Accelerator, still seated at his desk. Ace clears his throat a couple of times, then looks towards the camera. The IC Title is still sitting next to him, a very noticeable distraction in the shot.*

The Accelerator: Hi, GCWA fans! I hope you’ve been enjoying tonight’s broadcast. And don’t forget to go out and buy our newest PPV to hit the shelves, Blood On The Battlefield III! On sale now!

*The Accelerator lifts up a DVD copy of the PPV, showing it to the camera. The crowd gives a small cheer for the announcement, but it’s clear they’re waiting to hear about something else. The Accelerator puts the DVD down, then looks over at the belt on his desk.*

The Accelerator: Alright, I’ve got a little business to take care of here tonight, so bear with me. We’ll get the wrestling going soon enough. What I need to talk about right now is the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. *cheers* As you know, this belt has been held for many months now by our current World Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion. Well, since Marcus now has the biggest title in the land, he was required to vacate the IC Title, leaving it without an owner. Marcus had a great run with the belt, setting a new record for longest title reign, so he certainly has nothing to be disappointed about.

*The crowd goes into another “Marcus” chant, with the Accelerator waiting patiently for it to die down some before continuing.*

The Accelerator: Several people have expressed their ‘qualifications’ with me regarding the Intercontinental Title. There have been enough approaching me that I seriously considered having another tournament to decide the winner. Two things stopped that, though. One, I think we’ve had enough tournaments for a while. And two, I already have two #1 Contenders ready to go for the belt.

*The excitement is building in the audience, as the crowd wonders who the competitors for the belt will be.*

The Accelerator: First off, many months ago, one of our younger stars won himself a #1 Contendership match, and said that he would be using that contendership for the IC Title. Fair enough. So, that means that competitor #1 is going to be Crazy Chris of the Danger Boiz!

*This gets a great response from the crowd, cheering heavily at the thought of Crazy Chris joining his brother as a champion (assuming he gets out with the belt tonight). Ace waits, then continues.*

The Accelerator: The other man was due a rematch for the World Heavyweight Title, but unfortunately, circumstances have temporarily denied him that rematch. After threats of legal ramifications from this decision came out, I decided to work out a solution. Therefore, next week, it will be Crazy Chris vs… Shane Donovan… for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship!

*The crowd boos a little at the mention of Donovan’s name, but they also seem enthusiastic about the competitive match that will take place. Ace pulls the title closer into the shot, showing it to the camera.*

The Accelerator: It’s all about the gold, boyos. Show me that you deserve a title!

*Ace grins as the camera zooms in on the Intercontinental Championship, then the picture fades out, taking us back to ringside.*

Jones: Oh my gosh! Crazy Chris vs. Donovan for the IC Title??

Logan: Man, I bet several people are ticked off in the back, Jonesy. I know that Crimson and Draco both wanted a crack at that belt, as did Bifford and The Lost Soul. Heck, TLS has a great argument, considering he just won, via DQ, over Donovan!

Jones: Well, when the President makes a decision, Anthony, he sticks by it. I bet TLS will be rooting for Donovan to win the belt next week, since that will give him ample reason to want his own shot at the gold!

Logan: Speaking of gold, we’ve still got two title matches tonight, and damnit, I’m ready for some more action! Mino, hit it!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. He made his debut only a few weeks ago, but has already made a sizable impact on the GCWA, and now seeks the first gold of his career. Standing 6’2” and weighing 230 lbs, listed from Brentwood, Tennessee, he is Seth Eldritch!

*The crowd doesn’t seem particularly pleased to see Eldritch, booing him even as he walks out to “Be Aggressive” by Faith No More. The feeling seems to be mutual, as Eldritch mocks the audience boos while he makes his way towards the ring, smirking.*

Jones: Eldritch took a big risk this weekend, wearing a University of Florida jersey in Knoxville, and then talking about how the Volunteers always lose to the Gators.

Logan: Yeah, I can see how spouting the truth really pissed those Tennessee guys off.

Jones: The truth, Anthony?

Logan: Urban Meyer has kicked the Volunteers’ *bleeps* for four years running now, including spanking them 30-6 last year.

Jones: A football fan, are we, Anthony?

Logan: I dabble.

Jones: Well, the main point to me is, what, exactly, did Seth Eldritch get out of doing that? It seems to me that all he earned was a visit from Triple A.

Logan: Yeah, that was funny. First thing you should check when you’re stranded on the road is the gas gauge, man.

Minos: And now, his opponent. He has rapidly out-paced his brother recently, earning some critical acclaim from stars and fans alike, and now once again puts his title to the test. Standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

*We hear a loud ovation from the audience, nearly covering up “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory, as Dangerous Dan bursts through the curtains. He raises both hands to the fans, giving them his usual signal, before bouncing his way down the aisle, obviously pumped up.*

Jones: I guess the jet lag isn’t affecting Dangerous Dan here too much.

Logan: Yeah, where’d he go again? London? Man, I need to take a trip back there myself. It’d be fun to get away from… others… for a while.

Jones: I know what you mean, Anthony. I hate the Roman Empire, too.

Logan: Yeah, the Empire. That’s who I meant.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Dangerous Dan hops over the ropes and enters the ring, handing his title off to the referee, Thomas Mitchell. The champ then comes towards the center, meeting up with Eldritch, who still looks very confident while he studies the man he’s facing tonight. The two men lock up, with a small struggle ensuing, before Eldritch goes for the hair, yanking Dan down to the mat! Mitchell’s immediately there, warning Eldritch, but Seth just laughs it off, watching as Dan gets back up, glaring at him. The two lock up again, with Eldritch once again going to the hair, yanking on it as if to take Dan towards the corner. Mitchell protests again, with Eldritch waving him away. But Dan suddenly rises up, knocking Seth’s hand away, then grabbing Eldritch’s hair, sending HIM backwards to the mat! Eldritch rolls away, then gets up to one knee, as Dangerous Dan points his fingers at him, with the crowd cheering away.*

Logan: Dan just showed he’s not backing down to Eldritch’s tactics, Jonesy!

Jones: You can clearly tell that Dangerous Dan’s confidence level is at an all-time high. Stuff like this may have gotten to him in the past, but he’s no longer a wet-behind-the-ears rookie. He’s the champ, and Eldritch is going to have to out-wrestle him to win this one.

*Eldritch, his temper now boiling, shoves himself to his feet, then comes in at Dangerous Dan, trying to land a punch to his jaw. But Dan blocks the shot, then responds with a couple of his own, driving Seth backwards. He puts Eldritch into the ropes, then sends him off, no, reversal, Dan’s the one running towards the other side of the ring. The champ hits the ropes and runs back, ducking under an Eldritch clothesline attempt. Dan then rebounds and comes back with a splash attempt, but Eldritch’s larger size allows him to catch Dan in mid-air, then flip him overhead with a fallaway slam! Dangerous Dan rolls away, in pain, while Eldritch gets up and comes after him, with a savage grin on his face.*

Jones: It’s amazing to me that this is Seth Eldritch’s first title opportunity. He doesn’t seem intimidated in the slightest!

Logan: Some guys are like that, man. They are either too brave or too dumb to get intimidated.

Jones: Somehow, with Eldritch, I’m going with the former. He is definitely a very intelligent wrestler.

*While the announcers were talking, Eldritch has been on the assault, stomping away on the downed champion. Eldritch steps over Dan, bragging to the booing crowd before reaching down. He pulls Dan up, locking him into a modified camel clutch, although it appears more like a stretching choke. He yanks on Dan’s head, while the champ tries to break free. Mitchell comes around to check and make sure Dan’s not going to submit, but then gets a closer look and decides that the hold is a little too tight around the neck. He starts to count, wanting the break, and an annoyed Eldritch drops it, cursing out Mitchell. The ref doesn’t back off, saying a few words back about disqualifications, so Eldritch, disgusted, goes back to work. He pulls Dangerous Dan up to his feet and lifts him onto his shoulder for a powerslam, but Dan slides free, landing behind the challenger. As Eldritch tries to turn, Dan twists it into a neckbreaker, then goes for the cover! 1… 2… Eldritch kicks out!*

Logan: The man is so quick! He nearly retained his title out of nowhere!

Jones: I guess that’s why they call him Dangerous, Anthony, because you never know what to expect.

Logan: Either that or he just wanted something cool that worked with his first name.

Jones: Well, that’s possible, too.

*Eldritch is at the ropes, dragging himself back up. He throws his head backwards, getting the hair out of his face, then looks around for his opponent. Unfortunately for Seth, Dan is already airborne, scoring the whisper in the wind!! Dangerous Dan scrambles on top, again going for the pin, with Mitchell right there to make the count… 1… 2… Eldritch shoves himself free, making sure his shoulder is up to avoid the loss. The TV Champion gets himself up, not looking discouraged. He goes back to the turnbuckle, climbing up to prepare for a possible moonsault attempt. But before Dan can take flight this time, Eldritch is back on his feet, diving into the ropes to cause Dan to fall onto the ‘buckle! Dan grimaces in pain, with a lot of sympathy from the male population in the room. Eldritch moves in towards him, grabbing Dan’s hair from behind and yanking him over, placing him in the tree of woe! With Dan hanging upside down, Eldritch lands a couple of boots to the chest, then sticks his foot into Dan’s throat, choking him, even as the referee counts.*

Logan: The more I see of this Eldritch guy, the more I don’t like him. He’s just too…

Jones: Ruthless?

Logan: Well, not the word I was thinking of, but it’ll do.

Jones: It’s certainly clear that Seth is willing to do whatever it takes to win. He’s working Dangerous Dan over in his quest to become the new TV Champion.

*Eldritch finally stops the choke before he is counted out, walking away from the hanging champion. He seems to enjoy the negative atmosphere he is creating. Mitchell moves in, apparently to try to help free Dangerous Dan, but Eldritch turns and yells at him, causing him to back away. Eldritch then runs forward, spearing the upside-down Dan!! The impact is enough to free Dan, who topples over to the ground, and Eldritch, rubbing his shoulder after that tremendous impact, rolls on top to make the cover… 1… 2… and the champ refuses to relinquish his title, kicking free! Eldritch, blaming the ref, complains about the count, as Dan tries to start crawling towards the ropes to pull himself up. Before he can get far, though, Eldritch reacts, grabbing Dan by the legs and dragging him backwards, then putting him into the Affliction submission hold!!*

Logan: No! Dan’s reign might be over!

Jones: He has to find a way out of this, Anthony, or else they might as well ring the bell now!

*Eldritch appears to be laughing, as he bends Dangerous Dan’s spine out of position. Dan has his head down on the mat, fighting the pain, while referee Mitchell keeps a close eye on what’s happening. The fans start to cheer, causing Dan to look up and see the man heading towards the ring: his brother, Crazy Chris! Chris arrives at ringside, looking through the ropes at his brother, then turns to the crowd, getting them fired up. Eldritch, his back turned due to the maneuver, has no idea what’s going on. He’s shaking his head, trying to shut the crowd up, but Dan’s already feeling it, pushing up off the mat to alleviate some of the pressure. He crawls inch by inch, heading closer towards his brother, who is continuing to encourage him. Eldritch tries to pull Dan back, but his leverage has been lost, as the TV Champ reaches out an arm, grabbing the ropes! Crazy Chris pumps his fist in excitement, giving a few high fives to the fans at ringside, while Mitchell orders Eldritch to drop the hold.*

Logan: Dangerous Dan got a little boost there from his brother, Jonesy!

Jones: I guess their fight last week didn’t break them up, although they sure were bickering a lot during their trip overseas.

Logan: Hey, brothers can argue all they want, Edds, but when it comes down to one of them being in trouble, family comes first!

*In the ring, Seth Eldritch has spotted Crazy Chris, angrily glaring at him. Chris pounds on the apron, trying to continue the momentum for his brother. But Eldritch has other ideas, pulling Dan up in a reverse DDT position, pointing towards Chris, then dropping backwards, banging Dan’s head off the canvas! Chris grabs at the ropes, as if considering coming in, and Eldritch immediately points it out to referee Mitchell, who comes over, ordering Chris to stand back. Eldritch doesn’t waste time taking advantage, wrapping both hands around Dan’s throat and throttling him. Chris sees it and tries to tell Mitchell, but Mitchell is in the midst of warning him. When Mitchell does finally turn around, Eldritch has released the hold and is attempting a pinfall, yelling for him to come over! Mitchell slides into position and starts to hit the mat… 1… 2… No! The champ gets free!*

Jones: Somehow Dangerous Dan is continuing to fight on, although his reserves have to be drained by now!

Logan: You’re kidding, right, Jonesy? Just because you’d be dead after something like this doesn’t mean that Dangerous Dan is spent.

Jones: Hey, he’s taken a lot of abuse, especially after having to fight free of the Affliction! At the very least, the TV Champ is in a bad way right now.

*Eldritch brings Dangerous Dan back up, once again taunting Crazy Chris on the outside. He takes Dan over to the corner, stands up on the ropes next to him, then looks over at Chris again with a grin, before punching away at Dan. He then raises his arms in the air, enjoying the attention. As he does so, though, Dan suddenly raises up, grabbing Eldritch by the legs and sending the surprised challenger flailing backwards to the canvas!! Eldritch, his head having bounced against the hard mat, is down, stunned, as a weak Dan grabs at the turnbuckle, pulling himself up. With the fans cheering loudly, Dan pulls off a split-legged moonsault off the ropes, dropping down on top of Eldritch for the pin! Mitchell’s right there, starting his count… 1… 2… No! Eldritch manages to get his foot on the ropes, stopping Dangerous Dan from winning!*

Jones: See? I told you Eldritch was a smart wrestler!

Logan: He barely managed to survive that maneuver, though, which puts Dangerous Dan in the driver’s seat!

*Crazy Chris starts up a chant for his brother, obviously having a good time watching the match from his vantage point. Dangerous Dan is slowly on the rise, apparently having some pains around his ribs area from that moonsault impact. He pulls Eldritch up, but Eldritch responds with a rake of the eyes, surprising the champion. Eldritch then grabs Dan by the head and drops him with a running facebuster!! The challenger makes the cover… 1… 2… Dan kicks out again. Eldritch pulls himself to his feet, apparently deciding that enough is enough. With a worried Crazy Chris looking on, Eldritch steps over, grabbing at Dan’s arms for the Eldritch Abomination! But before Eldritch can get a firm grip, Dan pulls an arm away, then manages to sweep Eldritch’s legs, causing him to fall to his back! Both men struggle to their feet, with Eldritch taking a wild swing at Dan, only to have the champ duck it, then grab Eldritch and spin him into the Danger Zone!!!! The impact is only made greater by the roar of the crowd! Dan crawls on top to make the pin, with Mitchell dropping next to him… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

Jones: It was touch and go there for a while, but Dangerous Dan manages another successful defense!

Logan: Yeah, I really though Eldritch might shock a lot of people and take the title away for a moment there.

Jones: Of course, that begs the question, who’s next for Dangerous Dan? He has to defend again next week, after all!

Logan: We’ll have to see what Ace decides, Jonesy.

*The Danger Boiz start celebrating, with Crazy Chris giving his brother a shoulder to lean on as they leave the ringside area. Eldritch is already up, holding his back and complaining to the ref that he thought he got his shoulder up in time, although Mitchell doesn’t appear to be listening. Dangerous Dan raises the TV Title above his head, earning another cheer from the crowd, as we cut away to the backstage area. The camera focuses on Mikey Willis, who has moved to the parking garage with his bag in one hand. In the other, he has his cell phone, as he’s making a call.*

Mikey Willis: Voicemail again? Damn it. Hello, Kenny, it’s Mikey. Where did you head off to? I’m ready to take off from here and get to celebrating! Call me, man, you’ve got the car keys!

*Mikey hangs up the phone, then looks around, wondering where his partner-in-crime could be. Suddenly, Mikey’s phone rings. With a relieved sigh, Mikey opens it up, seeing Kenny’s name displayed.*

Mikey Willis: About time, where are you? Kenny?

*A deeper voice can be heard in response. It’s the voice of The Lost Soul.*

The Lost Soul: You could have walked away, Willis, but you decided you wanted to declare war. The decision was yours. So are the consequences.

*The phone hangs up, with Mikey looking down at it in shock. The screech of tires can be heard, peeling on the concrete floor. Mikey looks to his side, seeing a car bearing down on him. He moves backwards, preparing to make a dive to safety, but the car swerves away, only taking a second to throw out its passenger: a beaten-down Kenny!! Kenny rolls to a stop, with Mikey rushing over to check on him, as the car departs the scene, leaving no evidence behind. We fade out to commercial.*

*We come back from the break near the parking garage, where flashing lights can be seen through the door windows. Clearly, the ambulance has been called in for Kenny. The hallway leading to the parking garage is relatively empty seeing as how the show is still going on. The few people in this area are heading from the garage to the arena carrying on some task that will help the show run smoothly. The one man going against the flow of traffic is Draco. The hood on his hooded sweatshirt is pulled up and the black duffel bag is thrown over his shoulder.*

Draco: Another week without a match. Next week I get to knock some sense--

*Draco stops mid step and his duffel bag is ripped off his shoulder and thrown down to the ground. Draco turns around to see Crimson standing there looking for another verbal joust.*

Tommy Crimson: What was that, Draco? I heard you wanted a match with me next week. Did you not understand me last week? You can’t just demand something in GCWA, you have to earn it.

Draco: Sorry, Tommy boy, but the match is all set for next week. The Prez confirmed it.

*Tommy Crimson gets nose to nose with Draco much like last week. The only difference is that this week there is no security team to break them up. Draco gets a smirk on his face motioning for Crimson to throw the first punch.*

Draco: Go ahead. Give me an excuse to clean your clock…again. Did you forget that already? Last week? Yeah, when all that talk about cred got you a bruised jaw. Maybe next time I can break it. Everyone would love you with a wired shut jaw.

Tommy Crimson: And everyone would love having you out of their lives forever. You’ll get what’s coming to you, Draco. Both next week… and now!

*Crimson throws a quick punch, striking it across Draco’s jaw. Draco steps back, then smiles, ready to go round two with his former teammate at Ultimate Survival. Draco, though, stops, and breaks into a laugh, startling Crimson into stopping in place. Crimson has no idea that Draco’s laughing at what’s behind Crimson.*

???: Hey, no fighting in the halls!

*Crimson turns his attention to the third voice, and soon a thud echoes through the hall as a steel chair connects with Crimson's skull! The chair is quickly tossed to the side, and the figure steps into the light to reveal himself to be Shane Donovan!*

Shane Donovan: Man, I should totally ask Ace if I can get a hall monitor position with skills like that.

Draco: Idiot had it coming.

*Shane chuckles to himself as he stands over Crimson, who starts to come to, already trying to shake off the effects of the chair shot.*

Shane Donovan: Sorry man, it was just your D&D time.

*Draco shakes his head and walks away, and Shane quickly follows suit as Crimson gets to his feet, furious over the situation. He almost looks like he wants to go after both men, but his equilibrium isn’t up to the task, causing Crimson to lean against the wall instead.*

Tommy Crimson: You'll get yours next week Draco!

*Crimson stays where he is, closing his eyes, trying to shake off the oncoming headache. We leave him behind to head back to ringside.*

Logan: So now Donovan and Draco are working together? Is that a good thing for us, or a bad thing?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. Both of those guys are so unpredictable. All we really know is that next week’s match between Draco and Crimson just got even more interesting!

Logan: From some of the matches we’ve heard about, I’m thinking the first week of June is going to be like a PPV atmosphere! And we still don’t know all the matches that are going to take place!

Jones: Well, to get there, we need to finish up tonight’s action! Minos? Get us going, will you?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Tag-Team Championship of the World!! First, the challengers… they are attempting to win their first gold in the GCWA since appearing here last month, joined by their manager, Paco, weighing a combined 400 lbs, from El Salvador, Central America, here are Hector and Victor, the Malvados!

*”Si Senor” by Control Machete plays as the two masked Malvado brothers come out of the back, accompanied by Paco, who is all smiles. The fans are booing the Malvados, but a small “Paco” chant is slowly circling the building. Paco directs his two guys to head towards the ring, then takes a swig from a small container hidden in his pocket before continuing down.*

Jones: Paco had his wrestlers in tight seclusion this week, as they trained themselves for this match.

Logan: Were they training? I heard a rumor that they were drinking tequila the whole time.

Jones: That would be hilarious! How do you know when a masked man has been drinking too much?

Logan: By the way they walk, I assume.

Minos: And now, their opponents… they make one of the most unusual duos in the GCWA today, yet they also continue to impress as tag-team partners. Weighing at least a combined 400 pounds, and possible more, here are the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Harvey Danger and the Stranger, also known as Stranger Danger!!

*The audience can’t help but cheer loudly for the tag-team champions. Harvey appears first, walking out of the back with a huge smile on his face. It’s probably because his main squeeze (at least in his own mind) has been appointed the referee for this match. The Stranger follows Harvey out, gruffly holding his share of the titles on his shoulder. He pushes Harvey forward, knocking him out of his daze and sending him towards the ring, where referee Trixie is already (reluctantly) waiting to do her job.*

Jones: I believe this will be the first official time these two have defended the belts together. I mean, Danger had to face the Malvados in a handicap match a while back, but I don’t think the two have actually legally teamed up together with the belts on the line.

Logan: Well, then, it’s good to see them defending them here today! Whoever the Stranger is, he needs to prove that he deserves to be holding that gold, the same as Harvey.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Harvey steps through the ropes, waving back to the Stranger, who looks a little frustrated to not be starting the match. Harvey smiles at Trixie, who is pointedly looking in the other direction, waving for the competition to start. Harvey doesn’t care, knowing that he loves a woman who plays hard to get… as long as he gets her eventually. Harvey turns back to his opposition, where it looks like Victor is going to be starting things off (although there’s really no way to know for sure when it comes to identical twins). The two men lock up, with Harvey twisting it into a headlock. He wrings at the neck of Victor, obviously trying to show off his strength to the female referee. Victor manages to push them into the ropes, then shoves Harvey off. As Danger returns, Victor lowers his shoulder, but Harvey simply kicks upwards, into Victor’s face, straightening him up. Harvey follows that with a leaping dropkick, knocking Victor over, then takes a moment to enjoy the cheers of the crowd.*

Jones: So far, so good for the champions. Harvey’s looking particularly excited in there today, Anthony.

Logan: I’m sure he and his mother came up with another plan of some sort to get Trixie interested in him. Playing injured didn’t work, but there’s always the chance that Trixie will start to like him more the more he defends that tag-team title.

*Harvey grabs Victor on his way up, shoving him towards the corner. Victor already looks a little dazed, which has to make you wonder whether or not the “tequila” rumors were accurate. On the outside, Paco is pacing back and forth, wanting to see more from his new pupils. Harvey lines Victor up, then lands a sizzling chop that gets a few “Woooo’s” from the crowd. Harvey turns, nodding to Trixie, but she’s only watching for any illegal maneuvers. Harvey slaps Victor again, then waits again, looking back at the referee, who waves for him to continue. Harvey smiles, finally getting an acknowledgement. He turns back, but Victor uses the ropes to push himself up, kicking Harvey with both feet in the chest! Harvey staggers back, surprised, as Victor pushes himself unsteadily onto the turnbuckle, then comes off with a leap over Harvey, trying for a sunset flip! Harvey bends, almost falling, but at the last second, he falls himself forward instead, dropping his knees across the shoulders of Victor! Trixie counts… 1… 2… and Victor barely gets free.*

Logan: Close one there, as Harvey was able to shift his weight and nearly pull of the unbelievably quick victory.

Jones: What is up with the Malvados today? They aren’t acting like their usual selves.

Logan: Hey, how do we know it’s really them? We’ve had imposters under those masks before!

Jones: But using imposters for a title match? That doesn’t seem likely to be, Anthony.

Logan: Unless, of course, they WERE too drunk to compete! Ponder that one, true believers!

*In the ring, Harvey has brought Victor up again, stunning him with a vicious uppercut. Harvey again looks for approval and finds little, so he heads for the ropes, planning on a running clothesline or splash. As he hits the ropes, though, the Stranger reaches out, tagging himself in!! Harvey stops in mid-run, a hurt expression on his face, as the Stranger steps through the ropes. The Stranger, though, pats him on the shoulder on his way by, then goes towards Victor, who sees the larger wrestler approaching him and backs off, tagging in his partner! Hector looks surprised, saying something to his brother, but before he can react, the Stranger is there, grabbing the ropes and slingshotting Hector into the ring! The man tries to get back up, but the Stranger is already viciously assaulting him, hammering Hector backwards with punch after punch!*

Jones: Boy, the Stranger is in a violent mood today!

Logan: He’s definitely fired up about something, Jonesy! Maybe it’s because of all those tricks that the Malvados tried to pull on them.

Jones: Whatever the reason, the Malvados appear to be in a lot of trouble!

*The Stranger bodily picks up Hector, spinning him around and down with a powerslam, then goes for the cover… 1… 2.. and Victor is in the ring, kicking away at the masked Stranger! Trixie orders him out of the ring, but Victor is now on the attack, pulling up the Stranger and calling for Hector to get up. The two brothers start to double-team the Stranger, landing double boots to his mid-section. Meanwhile, Harvey appears to be busy in his corner, his back turned to the action. He seems to be talking on a cell phone about something. Whatever the reason, he doesn’t see that the Stranger is having difficulties. The Malvados bring the Stranger to the ropes, then send him off with a double whip, preparing to land a double-team maneuver. But the Stranger races back faster than either man expected, managing to get a double clothesline that spins both Malvados around in the air!! The Stranger immediately kicks Victor out of the ring, then goes to Hector, dragging him up. He picks the Malvado brother up into the air, then lands a tremendous powerbomb, laying him out! The Stranger goes for the pin….. and continues trying, as Trixie is now busy with Harvey, who is trying to hand her the phone!*

Logan: What is Harvey doing?? He’s distracting the referee during his own title defense!

Jones: Why did he even bring a cell phone to the ring in the first place?? Who would be calling him now?

Logan: I’ll give you three guesses, Jonesy, and the first two don’t count.

Jones: His Mom? You think?

Logan: Who else??

*Harvey is gesturing to the phone, just wanting Trixie to listen for a minute, as the referee tries to explain that she needs to be working right now. Harvey tries again, but suddenly the Stranger is there, angrily grabbing the phone out of Harvey’s hand! He puts the phone up to his mask, apparently saying something to Harvey’s mother, then hangs up without waiting for a response! Harvey, in shock, watches as the Stranger slides the cell phone to the apron, then turns to Harvey, shrugging his shoulders. He reaches out and tags Harvey across the side of the arm, causing Harvey to wince, then directs him to come back in. Harvey steps through the ropes, while the Stranger moves towards Hector, who is trying to get up. The two men grab Hector before he can get away, with Paco protesting vehemently on the outside about the unfairness of the double-team. But the two men don’t listen, instead lifting Hector up into the air with a double brainbuster!! Hector looks to be out cold, not moving, so Harvey waves the Stranger away and makes the confident cover, looking towards the ‘love’ of his life. Trixie doesn’t shy away from her duties, making the count as the Stranger makes sure that Victor can’t come back in… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, and STILL GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Stranger Danger!

*Harvey nearly faints as Trixie raises his arm in the air, only as long as she needs to, while the Stranger takes the time to kick Hector a few times, sending him out of the ring.*

Jones: I have to say, I was hoping for a lot more with this match, but the Malvados never really got anything going. Is Stranger Danger that tough a team, or was it just an off-night for the challengers?

Logan: Well, suffice to say, they’ll need to work their way back up the ladder after this one, because they sure don’t look like they deserve a rematch anytime soon.

Jones: And I think it’s going to get even worse for them, because look who’s coming down the aisle!

*The fans are cheering as the Danger Boiz race down towards the beaten Malvados, each attacking one of the masked men! Crazy Chris sends Hector flying into the guardrail, ramming him, while Dangerous Dan catches Victor by surprise, lifting him into the air and landing a crushing back suplex! Paco retreats, making sure to get out of harm’s way, as the Danger Boiz get their revenge on the men who attacked them last week!*

Jones: Talk about a bad night to be a Malvado!

Logan: The Danger Boiz just cleaned house! Good for them, they deserved to get some payback after last week!

*The Stranger watches the brawl from the outside, apparently enjoying it, while Harvey is looking around for Trixie, who beat a quick retreat when she had the chance. Dangerous Dan rises up with the hurting Victor Malvado in his arms, glancing over at the Stranger, who is wearing the belt he won away from the Danger Boiz. Dan points to the Stranger, then lifts Victor into the air, landing the Danger Zone on the outside!! The Stranger gives them a brief applause, but that all fades when Crazy Chris joins his brother near the ring, each signaling a tag-team title soon to be around their waists. The Stranger raises his own belt in the air, as Harvey comes over, seeing the gesture and doing it himself. We leave the ringside area behind and goes backstage, where we get the standard hallway shot. A door opens, and Scott Caine comes out, followed by his manager, Benji Sampson. Sampson seems a little upset, to say the least.*

Benji Sampson: Scott, don’t do this! You don’t have to do this!

Scott Caine: Stay in the back, Benji. This will all be over soon.

Benji Sampson: But Scott!

*Scott walks away from Benji, on his way to ringside. Benji shakes his head, then goes back inside the office to watch, locking the door behind him. We fade to our final commercial break.*

*We return to ringside after the last commercial airs, seeing Scott Caine already on his way to the ring, favoring his ribs. “Automatic” by American Pearl is playing behind him.*

Logan: Is he seriously going to do this? Again?

Jones: You can tell Caine is still hurting from that four-on-one assault from last week. He’s obviously in no condition to take on any member of the Roman Empire, much less two of them.

Logan: I mean, I’m a believer in heart, but this is taking things too far. The guy’s got a promising wrestling career, but if he keeps this up, he won’t be around for much longer!

*Caine steps through the ropes, still wearing his sunglasses. He pulls them off, then tosses them aside. The crowd is cheering, although a few funny guys in the first row have started a “Please Don’t Die” chant. Caine takes the mic he has in his hands in raises it to his lips.*

Scott Caine: Enough talk. If you’ve got the guts, Lurrr, get your *bleep* to the ring!

*Caine drops the mic and waits, as “Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to play. The fans are booing loudly now, hating the Roman Empire. Rick Mathis comes out first, smiling at the thought of getting his hands on Caine. Lurrr is right behind him, with the two doing a quick pose on the stage. They walk down the ramp, Mathis cracking his knuckles while Lurrr mocks a couple of fans.*

Logan: This isn’t good. Maybe if I…

Jones: You know the rules that Ace put down, Anthony. You can’t interfere, or else you lose your job.

Logan: Yeah, but still….

*The Empire members climb up on the apron, with Lurrr laughing under his breath at Caine, who is waiting in the corner. Both men step through, since there’s no ref to keep only one guy at bay. They start moving towards Caine, as the Roman Empire music stops playing.*

Jones: I can’t watch! This is going to be a massacre!

Logan: Dude, you made your point, now get out of the ring! Run for it, Scotty!

*Caine has no plans in running away, though, as he is still waiting for the two men to approach, preparing to fight. The Empire members get closer, splitting off to keep Caine from jumping around them. Just as it seems like they’re going to start attacking, though, the lights flicker, and the speakers suddenly start to blast out “Victim of Reality” by Pennywise! Lurrr & Mathis take a step back, surprised and not knowing what it means.*

Jones: What on earth?

Logan: Hey, I know that song…

*The fans are cheering as they look towards the entrance, but no one appears to help Caine. Instead, the music stops playing and the lights turn back to normal. Lurrr & Mathis laugh and start to move towards Caine again, with Lurrr mocking him about how his help ditched him once again. A second later, though, another song starts: “I Am Hated” by Slipknot! This time, the lights go even darker, causing the usual cheers from the audience.*

Jones: What is going on back there? Who is playing with the speaker system?

Logan: Isn’t that the music of… no, he’s gone… isn’t he?

*This time Lurrr and Mathis move all the way back, away from Caine, expecting an attack, but once more, the music stops playing. Caine looks towards the back, then towards the Empire, who are concentrating on the curtain, looking for anyone. They recognized the music, too. As their backs are turned, though, Caine runs forward, diving forward and splashing Lurrr into Mathis! Caine fights like a wild man, punching away, as the Empire members try to right themselves. It’s a foregone conclusion that Lurrr & Mathis take control, with Mathis managing to grab Caine’s arms, while Lurrr starts banging away at Caine’s vulnerable ribs.*

Logan: Was it just an ambush ploy by Caine?

Jones: If so, it didn’t work quite as well as he could have hoped!

*Lurrr, annoyed now, slaps Caine a couple of times, taking advantage of him being held in place. Lurrr slides out of the ring and goes to the outside, grabbing himself a steel chair! He comes back in, pointing to it, as if reminding Caine how many times the young wrestler has come after them with chairs. He sets himself, as yet another song begins to play, this one “Know Your Enemy” by Greenday! Lurrr & Mathis barely pay attention, thinking they know what it means. However, this time the curtains don’t remain still, as someone comes charging through them, rushing to the ring with his own steel chair!*

Jones: Hang on a second… that’s….

Logan: That’s “Twiztid” Arryk Rage!!! He IS back!!

Jones: But we haven’t seen him since he was buried alive?!?!

*Arryk slides into the ring, with Mathis just now noticing him. He tries to toss Caine aside to help out, yelling to Lurrr, but Caine hangs onto Mathis’ arm, keeping him in place. Lurrr, sensing the danger, turns and swings his chair, but he swings too high, as Arryk ducks underneath the shot. He swings his own blow, crashing it into Lurrr’s skull!!!! The X Division Champion collapses to the floor, as Mathis, still fighting free of Caine, comes over to help out his main friend. But Arryk is ready, darting the chair forward like on a spring to jam it into Mathis’ gut, bending him over. Caine, meanwhile, scrambles over to the chair Lurrr had, picking it up and swinging it into Mathis’ leg, knocking him down!! The crowd is going wild, as Caine drops the chair and starts to work over Mathis, even as Arryk grabs the already recovering Lurrr, sending us into a brawl!*

Logan: This is wild!! I didn’t see this coming at all!

Jones: Why is Arryk Rage helping out Caine?? He wasn’t exactly a nice guy a few months ago!

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, although I bet it has something to do with that X Division Title Lurrr is wearing! The prize that Arryk once stole, but never officially held! Either way, we need security out here, because this is getting ugly!

*As the four men continue to fight, we switch to a shot in the backstage locker room of the Roman Empire. Derek Mobley, seeing what’s happening on the monitor, throws down his beer and heads to the back room, banging on the door.*

Derek Mobley: Put down the joint, Warrick! Lurrr & Mathis are in trouble!

*Mobley bangs on the door again, then, frustrated, grabs the handle and opens it. Inside, the room is a mess, with a clear sign of smoke in the air. The joint is still cooking to the right, mostly burned out, sitting on a table. The back entrance to the room is wide open. Laying on the floor is an unconscious Warrick Hill. Mobley, startled, leans over his partner. This turns out to be a mistake, as Marcus Ka’Derrion suddenly appears, charging! Before Mobley can dodge, Marcus is there, swinging the World Title into his head!!! Mobley drops to his knees, in a lot of pain, but Marcus doesn’t stop there. He pulls Mobley up, looks him in the eyes, then picks him up and takes him towards the table. The World Champion sets the #1 Contender up, lifting him into the air and giving him a Pain Bomb through the table!!!! Mobley is left laid out, as Marcus retrieves his World Title, leaving the man who mocked his father behind.*

Logan: The Empire’s back-up has been taken out by our World Champion!!

Jones: Wait, is Marcus working with Arryk Rage, the man he buried alive?? Or did he just take advantage of the opportunity to lay Mobley out??

Logan: All that matters to me, Jonesy, is that the fight is continuing in the ring! We are out of time, so we’ll see you next week!!

*In the ring, Caine has gotten Mathis on the ground, continuing to work over Mathis’ bad knee. Arryk and Lurrr are now brawling on the outside, with Lurrr apparently bleeding from a cut above his eye from that chair shot he took. GCWA Security begins to pour out of the backstage area, led by Titan 3, which earns a few well-meaning boos from the audience. As they attempt to break everything up, we slowly fade out, ending our night.*

OOC: Another week, another show down! This one turned out to be a little shorter than I was planning (due to only a few already-written segments making their way to me *ahem*), but I think it turned out alright. Thanks to everyone who sent something in.

Here's the card for next week, and it's a BIG one!

- Seth Eldritch vs. Robert Santana vs. Mikey Willis, #1 Contenders Match for the TV Title

- James Thrash vs. The Lost Soul

- Derek Mobley vs. The Big Bifford

- Tommy Crimson vs. Draco

- Dangerous Dan(c) vs. Joey Truxell, GCWA Television Title Match

- Crazy Chris vs. Shane Donovan, GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match

- Marcus Ka'Derrion(c) vs. Lurrr(c), Non-Title Champ vs. Champ Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, May 29th, to Wednesday, June 3rd, giving you 5 1/2 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Since I'm booking a SEVEN-Match card, I expect that we will have another few dark matches in this one, so don't be surprised if that happens. I can only write so many! Heh... good luck!