*After the documentary on professional football’s worst injuries finishes playing (with multiple slow-motion shots of Joe Theisman’s leg break, I mean really, did we need to see that over and over again?), we go to a blank screen. The GCWA logo comes and goes, flashing through the screen in its usual manner. Then the dramatic music begins, building up with some stills of the various wrestlers walking through the halls: The Danger Boiz. Mikey Willis. The Malvados. Stranger Danger. The Big Bifford, The Lost Soul, and Scott Caine. The Roman Empire. As these shots flash on the screen, the same voice from last night begins to speak.*

Voice: Survival. For untold eons, there has not been a greater driving force in the universe. From the smallest insects to the greatness of mankind, there has always been one overwhelming instinct: to survive.

*We see the shot of Marcus Ka’Derrion preparing himself in his locker room, while Shane Donovan walks down the hallway with a satisfied grin on his face, the World Title prominently displayed around his waist.*

Voice: Last Sunday, twenty men went into their element, the squared circle, in order to prove that they were the ones who deserved to survive. Most battled each other in a war of winner take all, with only one person destined to leave victoriously. Two others fought in an hour-long hell, each attempting to outlast their competitor in a duel for the ages.

*Clips of action begin to play, as the music is amped up. Crazy Chris hits the Crazy Man’s Suicide on Peter Vaughn. Mikey Willis flips upside down on his way to impacting Mr. Excellent. Harvey Danger lands the Danger DDT on Victor Malvado. Draco takes out James Thrash with the Hellacious. Crimson pops Harvey with the Fury. In the final match, we see Caine caught by the Wake Up Call from Lurrr, only to have Lurrr in turn fall to the Souled Out. We see TLS and Warrick Hill battling on the outside, not stopping despite any warnings coming their way. And we see Derek Mobley landing multiple Thrillers to survive over the Big Bifford.*

Voice: From the eighteen came the five, five brave warriors who were battling the intense odds to become the Ultimate Survivor. Some were fighting for money. Some were fighting for respect. Some were fighting for glory. And one was fighting for himself.

*The five men are pictured. Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris. Tommy Crimson. Draco. And Derek Mobley. We see a lot of footage of Chris fighting against the odds, including his flying double stomp on Crimson and his spinning DDT on Draco. But then Crazy Chris is shown flying through the air and getting nailed by Draco’s Momentum Shift, ending his night. Next up we see Dangerous Dan, trying to fight off all three men, making Draco clothesline Derek out of the ring, then taking Draco down with a Codebreaker variation. Dan, though, could not fight off the odds, as Crimson took him out with a Buzzkill. We see Crimson falling prey to the Hellacious, then the Thriller, before being pinned by Mobley, leaving two men.*

Voice: From the five came two, the last survivors in this war of attrition. But there could be… only one…

*Mobley and Draco exchange several moves, trying to prove who is the better man. Draco connects with the Momentum Shift, causing the announcers to react in excitement. He heads for the turnbuckle, then leaps off towards Mobley, who apparently uses something in his hand to smash Draco on the way down! Mobley then lands the Thriller, becoming the much-hated Ultimate Survivor!*

Jones: Derek Mobley has done it!! He’s the #1 Contender again, winning the Ultimate Survival series!!

*As Mobley celebrates with the rest of the Roman Empire, they fade away, to be replaced by a shot of the ring, with Marcus Ka’Derrion and Shane Donovan staring at each other, just before the contest begins.*

Voice: In the main event, a young man with the weight of his father’s legacy on his shoulders battled against another young prodigy who had earned the wrath of the GCWA followers for his brash tactics and sense of self-entitlement. Their fight for survival will become legendary.

*With a heavy theme behind it, we see shots from the 60-Minute Iron Man match, with Ka’Derrion dominating early, leading Donovan to use brass knuckles, getting himself disqualified. This ended up helping Donovan, though, as Ka’Derrion soon fell behind, falling to Donovan’s Static Fade, then, out cold, being sent out due to the Clincher. With the odds growing worse for him, Ka’Derrion’s face is shown, as he energizes up. He attacks Donovan, eventually getting himself DQ’ed while bending Donovan’s legs around a ringpost. But it works to Ka’Derrion’s advantage, as he twists Donovan into the PainKiller, forcing him to tap out. The furious fighting continues as the clock ticks down, with the World Champion trying to maintain his lead. But with only a little time left, Ka’Derrion twists into a roll-up, and things all are tied up!*

Jones: This is going to decide it! In the next minute, we’ll either have a successful title defense or a new champion!

*Ka’Derrion’s attempt at the Pain Bomb fails, as does Donovan’s attempted Vertebreaker. Ka’Derrion flips Donovan, with 30 seconds left. Donovan comes back, then goes for a springboard moonsault, only to have Ka’Derrion catch him, attempting a running powerslam, which Donovan countered. But Ka’Derrion manages at the last second to twist a maneuver into the Punisher, then made the cover with time running out to become the new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion!*

Jones: The clock is out!!! He did it!!! Marcus did it!!!!

Logan: Unbelievable!!!

*The camera catches Ka’Derrion being handed the World Title and having his hand raised. The confetti comes down from the ceiling, showing what a monumental moment this is.*

Voice: And so, in two different events, two men showed that they were survivors. The trick of being a survivor, though, is this: you are only content when you prove that you are the only one.

*In a split-screen shot, Derek Mobley and Marcus Ka’Derrion are seen, each celebrating their victories. Due to a trick of the camera, it almost seems like the two look to their sides, staring at the other. The picture slowly fades out.*

* After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Marcus Ka’Derrion looking up into the distance, with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist. Marcus’ eyes drop to the camera, as we rapidly zoom in towards him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans seem pretty crazed tonight, even more so than usual, following an unbelievable Pay-Per-View that was held in Houston, Texas. Tonight, though, we’re back in Dallas, with the most loyal fans in the world. The cameras head over the crowd, focusing on many of the signs there, including “The Janitor For President!” and “Ka’Derrion Forever!”. Another sign is held by a larger black woman who holds it up: “Tell Biff I Want Some Cocoa Puffs!” Scary. We quickly leave her behind and head to the ringside area, joining Jones & Logan.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the most exciting show in the world today, Friday Night Inferno!!

Logan: Man, I’m still recovering from last Sunday night, and I wasn’t even involved in the matches!

Jones: It was a historic night for the GCWA, as we had our first Ultimate Survival Champion crowned, one Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

Logan: Yeah, I still don’t agree with the guy’s decision to join up with the Roman Empire, but you can’t deny the talent the man has.

Jones: Even bigger news, though, Anthony, is that we have a new World Heavyweight Champion!

Logan: Wooohooo!

Jones: After an astonishing come-from-behind victory in the Iron Man Match, Marcus Ka’Derrion is STILL undefeated and now holds the biggest title in the land, the World Heavyweight Championship!!

Logan: Donovan tried all his usual tricks and nearly pulled off a major title defense, but Marcus would not be denied on that night! I’ve already heard some people say they could swear they saw Blake Ka’Derrion proudly standing beside his son as the confetti came down. Of course, they’re all loony, but I understand where they’re coming from.

Jones: Who knows how long the celebration has gone for our new, young champion! In fact, a report that went out about 15 minutes or so ago said that he wasn’t even at the arena yet!

Logan: Man, I hope he’s here, I want to kick his title reign off right, and that means a hell of a celebration party!

Jones: Well, if he’s not here, Anthony, it’ll be hard to…

*All of the sudden, “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins to play, as a loud ovation comes from the audience. Men, women, and children alike stand and look in the direction of the Titon Tron, where Ka’Derrion’s entrance video has begun to play.*

Jones: Then again, maybe we won’t be waiting around!

Logan: Yes! The Champ Is…. Here?

*The crowd is still leaning towards the entrance, waiting for the new World Champion to appear. However, much to their chagrin, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley emerges from behind the curtain! The crowd begins to boo heavily as Mobley cracks a smile. He’s got a Styrofoam cup in one hand, which he puts up to his lips and takes a sip out of whatever is in there. As he does that, he slowly lifts his left hand, egging the crowd on, making them boo louder. Marcus’ theme comes to an abrupt end, cutting off. Immediately after it ends, ‘Tear Away’ by Drowning Pool begins to play. Mobley nods his head to this music, liking it much better. He makes his way to the ring. As he does, a plastic cup is hurled at him, but Mobley is able to jerk his head back, dodging the foreign object. Mobley then smiles and gives a thumbs up to the crowd. They boo louder. Mobley reaches the ring and slowly walks up the steel steps, entering through the middle rope and receiving a mic from a GCWA employee on the outside. Mobley, waiting patiently for the crowd’s boos to die down, takes another sip of his beverage. His music finally ceases and Mobley speaks.*

Derek Mobley: It was brutal…absolutely torturous…nothing in my entire career has been as tough as what I went through over the weekend. Do you know how hard it is to pick theme music? Man, I went through Limewire for like five hours…but, this one sounded good…what do you guys think?

*The crowd boos heavily. Mobley rolls his eyes.*

Derek Mobley: I guess I’m crazy for asking…anyways, I’ll get to the point as to why I’m out here. Now, I know you were all expecting Marcus Ka’Derrion to show up and celebrate his fulfilling performance this past Sunday…I guess it’s just too bad that, in life, you can’t always get what you want. It appears you’re going to have to settle for me…the GCWA 2009 Ultimate Survivor!

*Mobley throws his hand, with the cup, in the air. The crowd boos heavily, but Mobley laughs to himself a bit. He continues speaking.*

Derek Mobley: Okay, fine…I see how it’s going to be and I’m cool with it…in fact, I think I’ll show a little appreciation myself by taking notice that Daddy’s baby boy is all grown up! If ole pun weren’t six feet under, I’m sure he’d be very proud of the new champ…seriously, congratulations, Marcus.

*The crowd cheers, several “Marcus, Marcus!” chants break out, but Mobley continues speaking despite them.*

Derek Mobley: I mean, sure he didn’t have to defeat twenty or so other competitors, like I did. And, he did win the title from, arguably, the weakest World Champ in the history of everything..but, hey, I’m not going to take anything away from his crowning achievement. Before we move forward to our instant classic Hell in a Cell encounter, we have to take a look back. Marcus, I want to point something out to ya…we’re not so different, you and I… for instance, your father is dead and a man I consider to be a father figure to me, Dean, is near death himself…so I can definitely relate to the pain you are feeling. And, just as you made your dad proud this past Sunday at Ultimate Survivor, I’m aiming to make Dean proud at Capital Punishment. So, from one legacy to another, and, since I just know everyone from Logan to Jones to Cynthia to Titan 3 to Ace himself are going to be dropping Punisher’s name all night long…I thought I’d join the party. Sit back and enjoy…The Roman Empire’s special tribute dedicated to the True Legacy of Punisher…

*Mobley takes a sip of his drink again and, as he does so, points up at the GCWATron with the mic. The GCWATron turns on. The words ‘Deep Impact’ are shown on the screen, momentarily. They fade out and we are taken to a low budget scene of two large, black men massaging the bare shoulders of a white woman. Derek’s voice quickly cries out before it can get too far.*

Derek Mobley: Whoa, whoa!! Stop the tape!!

*The feed comes to an end. Derek, smiling, explains the situation.*

Derek Mobley: I was, umm, going through some of Dean’s things and I guess I forgot to take that DVD out…anyways, let’s show them the REAL footage, please.

*The GCWATron turns back on. We focus our attention on it as the door to Marcus Ka’Derrion’s locker room is open. We travel inside and see Marcus’ belongings strewn about. His clothes and other personal items are all over the place as if his room had been ransacked. Suddenly…Lurrr appears from the side of the screen holding Punisher’s sword from his GWO tournament. Lurrr begins to wave it around.*

Lurrr: I, the great Lurrr am here to challenge any of the great noblemen who so oppose…damnit, man, do I really have to talk like this, it’s so fucking gay…and look at this sword, if I won a tournament and was given this, I think I’d quit immediately and hand it back, just to save face.

*Warrick appears wearing some of Punisher’s old ring gear.*

Warrick Hill: Stay in character, Lurrr…or at least try to, it’s all for dramatic effect!

*While preaching about staying in character, we see Warrick with a lit joint in his hand, he puffs on it and then speaks.*

Warrick Hill: I, the great Punisher, would like to issue a challenge and I promise to bring the pain!

Lurrr: Ah, yes, Punisher…I’ve heard of you, didn’t you used to be a loyal man servant for King whats-his-face from Kingdom what-ya-ma-call-it?

Warrick Hill: Yes, it’s true, I’ve been known to be people’s personal bitch a time or two…but this is my chance to prove my worth and prove that, aside from self infliction, I’m able to really bring the pain!! Stand back as I vanquish thee!

*Warrick goes to charge at Lurrr, however, his joint comes into contact with his shirt and it catches on fire.*

Warrick Hill: Shit…fuck…bitch!!! It hurts, Mathis, Julio, help!!!

*Mathis stands back, shaking his head at how wrong this is…Julio springs into action and is able to efficiently put out the fire.*

Warrick Hill: Thanks, Julio…now, go get me a beer…might as well grab Lurrr and Mathis one too…oh, and get on the erotic section of craigs list, I want a couple of hookers for tonight.

Lurrr: Dude, you’re totally out of character, you and I both know Punisher didn’t like women.

Warrick Hill: Oh, *bleep*. My bad.

*Warrick composes himself.*

Warrick Hill: Now…prepare for pain!!!

*Warrick goes after Lurrr. Lurrr thrusts forward with Punisher’s GWO sword and pretends to stab Warrick. In a really fake death scene, Warrick cries out and crumbles to the ground. Lurrr starts to laugh as he holds the sword in place, watching Warrick dramatically fade to death. Before Warrick ‘dies’ he reaches up and grabs Lurrr by the arm.*

Warrick Hill: Please…grant me one wish.

Lurrr: Yea, sure, whatever…what is it?

Warrick Hill: My new born son…tell him fake lies about my wrestling career…embellish things, you know, really ham it up…that way he’ll think that I left some sort of legacy more worthy than what I actually was…please!

Lurrr: I guess, as long as I can have a go at your wife.

Warrick Hill: You…got…it…

Lurrr: Sweet!

*Warrick closes his eyes, pretending to be dead. He then breaks out of character and gets to his feet. Warrick and Mathis begin laughing, along with Lurrr, who walks up to the camera and salutes it with his middle finger (which gets blurred out). He then delivers a message.*

Lurrr: Hey, Marcus…*bleep* you!

*The feed ends with the words ‘FIN’. Mobley is laughing, while the crowd is booing heavily. The Ultimate Survival winner composes himself and speaks.*

Derek Mobley: Now, I don’t know about that FIN stuff…it’s my personal opinion that ‘The End’ is more than suffice, to use the word ‘FIN’ is kinda stupid and rather gay…I’ll have to seek out whoever put that in there and give them a stern talking to! Other than that…pure gold…that, my friend, is the True Legacy of Punisher, don’t let these GCWA talking heads tell you otherwise…he was a joke, is a joke and will forever be a joke…Marcus, you’re not far behind buddy and I will expose you at Capital Punishment…don’t believe me, well that’s too damn bad because That’s Just the Way It Is…

*With that ‘Tear Away’ by Drowning Pool starts to play again and Mobley exits the ring to a chorus of boos. He walks up the aisle, enjoying the atmosphere that he has created, replacing the one of joy and excitement that had previously been in place.*

Logan: Trust the Roman Empire to try and steal away Marcus’ night!

Jones: Well, as the #1 Contender, Mobley certainly has the right to say whatever he wants.

Logan: But he didn’t need to mock the Punisher, man! One of the greatest wrestlers to ever live!

*Derek stops on the ramp, still chuckling to himself. He turns towards the booing fans, giving them all a blurred middle finger, before stepping through the curtain, disappearing from sight. We fade away, going to our first commercial break of the evening.*

*We return from the break to the backstage area, where GCWA Interviewer Cynthia Hall, who just recently came back to the GCWA, is waiting.*

Cynthia Hall: Good evening, boys! Cynthia Hall here, and it’s great to be back on Inferno!

*Cynthia flashes a smile at the camera, as wolf calls and whistles can be heard coming from the GCWA Arena.*

Cynthia Hall: I’m here with two men who have made a great impact on the GCWA since they first debuted back in January ’09, Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris, the Danger Boiz!

*Both Danger Boiz step into frame on either side of Cynthia, while the crowd cheers for the young fan favorites. Dangerous Dan has the TV Title propped on his shoulder as he talks.*

Dangerous Dan: It’s wonderful to see you again, Cynthia, really.

Cynthia Hall: I appreciate that, Dan. First, I’d like to send my sympathies to you guys for the passing of your friend, Riley Anderson. I know that was a shock to you guys this week.

Crazy Chris: It was not an easy week, Cynthia, but we know that Riley is in a better place now, and probably will have a great view of our match tonight.

Cynthia Hall: Yes, tonight is going to be a historic night for you guys, as the Danger Boiz face off in singles competition! I know neither of you is taking this match lightly, but how do you feel, Dan, having to put your title on the line against your brother here tonight?

Dangerous Dan: My brother and I have a tight bond. But trust me, the thrill of competition will make this a great match. I love him, but I will do what I need to do to make sure I’m still holding the Television Title at the end.

Crazy Chris: You talk a big game, bro, but there comes a time where the younger brother is able to overtake the older one, and I’m betting that time is here tonight! That TV Title is going to look just as good around my waist as it has around yours!

*Both brothers are smiling, but there does seem to be a little tension in the air for this one. Cynthia, a good journalist, immediately picks up on it.*

Cynthia Hall: I know many of our fans are worried about how this will affect the Danger Boiz tag-team. Do you think you two will be able to still wrestle well together after this match, or will you continue to focus on your singles careers?

Dangerous Dan: Those fans have nothing to worry about, Cynthia. The Danger Boiz are going to stay a team after this match. You know how I can guarantee that? Because after this week, the Danger Boiz are getting back in the hunt for OUR World Tag-Team Titles! We’re owed a rematch, and we’re due to collect, so watch out, Stranger Danger, because the Boiz are gunning for you!

Crazy Chris: It doesn’t matter who wins tonight, because by the end of June, both Danger Boiz will be wearing gold once again!

*The Danger Boiz turn to each other, giving themselves a fist bump, then both walk away towards their locker room. Cynthia turns to the camera.*

Cynthia Hall: Looks like, for now, the Danger Boiz are on the same page. But will that last? This is Cynthia Hall, sending it back to ringside!

*Cynthia moves away, walking off, as the camera gets a quick glimpse of someone looking around the corner. It’s one of the Malvados, although you can never really tell which one is which, especially by just seeing the mask. He departs, disappearing down the hall, as we go to Jones and Logan.*

Jones: It’s great to hear that the Danger Boiz aren’t breaking up after this match.

Logan: Hey, they say that now, but I remember some fights with my brother that turned personal in a hurry. Here’s hoping, though, that they stay together and manage to get through this, because it would be cool to see them and Stranger Danger matching up against each other again.

Jones: To be sure, Anthony. Well, we have a lot of action tonight to get to, pitting some of our newest and brightest stars against each other, so let’s go to Minos and kick things off!

Minos: It is time for our first match of the evening, featuring the debuts of two wrestlers to the competitive waters of the GCWA. First, standing 6’2” and weighing 235 lbs, from Fall River, MA, here is Kevin Kage!

*”By The Way” by Young Jeezy begins to play, as the fans turn towards the entryway, curious to see the newcomer. Kage pushes the curtains aside and makes his way out, looking at the size of the crowd and nodding his head. He looks like he just hit a gold mine. Kage moves down the rampway towards the ring, enjoying the rush of his first GCWA event.*

Jones: Kevin Kage is… well, Kevin Kage. I know so little about him that I don’t even know what to talk about here, Anthony.

Logan: We had some great weather in Texas today, didn’t we?

Jones: Oh, yes, it was wonderful. I love the start of summer.

Logan: Me too.

Minos: And now, his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, he weighs 240 lbs and stands at 6’2”, here is “The Professional” Joey Truxell!

*Truxell barely gets much more of a reaction than Kage did, as he comes out to “The Threat” by Skid Row. He looks around, taking off his sunglasses, waiting for some loud cheers (which never come), before walking confidently towards the squared circle.*

Logan: That is a very bright shirt Truxell is wearing. Gotta love Hawaiian shirts, man.

Jones: Truxell had a press conference the other day, announcing himself as the newest young star in the GCWA. He also came across, well, a little bit arrogant.

Logan: Well, a lot of guys act like that when they come in. And I will say this, Truxell is definitely bringing a lot of personality to the GCWA, and that’s not a bad thing.

Jones: Yes, but can he wrestle? That’s really what it’s all about. Talking a good game is a nice addition, but you have to be able to compete to mean anything in the GCWA.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Truxell moves towards the center of the ring, ready to get started, but it seems like Kage is a million miles away, as he’s taking his time removing his ring gear while looking towards the fans. Truxell shakes his head, then decides to take it upon himself to start the match, running forward and hitting Kage from behind! He punches away at Kage, who covers up, trying to protect himself, even as referee Mitchell shouts a warning about clearing the corner. Truxell obliges, pulling Kage out, then locking him up and delivering a t-bone suplex! Kage stretches out in pain on the mat, his mouth open in a soundless yell, while Truxell gets back up.*

Jones: I don’t think Kage was ready to begin.

Logan: I admit, it can be cool to enter the GCWA Arena and see the fans, but you can’t let that throw off your game, kid!

*Kage starts to get up, trying to get back into the match with a swing, but Truxell blocks it, then twists it around into a swinging neckbreaker! Kage is down, so Truxell makes the cocky pin, simply putting an elbow on the man while apparently trying to stifle a yawn. Mitchell makes the count… 1… 2… Kage rolls over, keeping himself from being pinned so quick, so Truxell instead pulls himself up. He steps over Kage, grabbing both of the man’s arms, then plants a knee into his back and pulls, causing Kage to shout out due to the stress put on his spinal cord. Mitchell hovers close, watching for any signs of a tap-out, although that would be hard to see given Kage’s current situation. The referee asks Kage if he is ready to quit, but Kage does not say anything, too busy to even submit. Truxell increases the pressure, getting another yell out of his opponent, then abruptly lets go, causing Kage to fall face-first to the mat.*

Jones: Truxell is dominating here, so either he’s really that good, or Kage is really not.

Logan: This is what I like to see, Jonesy. Truxell made some bold statements, but now he’s backing them up with action!

Jones: I’ll give him that. It certainly looks like Truxell is heading to an easy victory in his first match. Of course, in the GCWA, it isn’t over until the referee signals it. Logan: Yeah, no fat ladies in the GCWA to sing us out, we go with refs!

*Truxell moved around the ropes, looking like he’s trying to get some sort of reaction from the fans. Kage, meanwhile, is crawling up on the other side, using the ropes to help him rise. Truxell sees him, though, and comes over, kneeing Kage in the back. He turns Kage around and grabs his arm, positioning it to allow Truxell to lift Kage up with a pumphandle fallaway slam! Kage takes the impact badly, landing partially on his neck, which leaves him laying in a heap on the far side of the ring. Truxell pushes himself up, once again shrugging his shoulders, wanting a little more competition. Since it’s not coming, though, Truxell moves in, dragging the injured Kage to his feet, then pulling him around behind him, hooking Kage’s arms. He lifts him up, then drops down with the Starlight Driver!! Kage is nothing more than dead weight in the ring. Referee Mitchell waits until Truxell gets around to making the pin, then starts to count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Professional” Joey Truxell!

*The fans still don’t quite know how to take Truxell as he stands up, stretching both arms out to his sides as if to say, look at me. I’ve made it. I’ve arrived. He goes to the corner, showing off his physique, as the referee checks on Kage’s condition.*

Jones: Not much of a competitive match, as Kage really failed to get out of the starting blocks.

Logan: Man, it makes you wonder why we signed this guy. Still, at least Truxell looked pretty good in his debut.

Jones: Not a bad start to a career, getting a dominating victory.

*Truxell leaves the ring, as flamboyant as ever. We leave his victory behind and head backstage, towards the garage, where a limo can be seen, pulling up into a very specific spot. It’s the location of the parking space of the President, the Accelerator! The limo driver gets out, looking flustered, then hurries over to the passenger door, opening it up. The Accelerator steps through, using the door frame to help himself out.*

The Accelerator: Damnit, I can’t believe I’m late to my own show!

Driver: Again, I’m terribly sorry, sir…

*Ace shakes his head, but then turns and pats the driver on the shoulder, calming him down.*

The Accelerator: It wasn’t your fault, Bill. I just shouldn’t have cut it so close flying in from San Antonio. Well, at least the wife is happy there. Alright, I’m heading inside, make sure everything gets safely to my office. Hopefully, Titan 3 has at least kept things under control and not maimed or murdered anyone…

*The Accelerator turns and goes towards the entryway, already thinking about what needs to be done. As he approaches the door, though, it slowly swings open, with the former World Champion, Shane Donovan, leaning against it. Shane does not look amused, although he doesn’t look furious, either. The President slows down as he approaches him, mumbling something to himself before speaking openly.*

The Accelerator: And hello there, Mr. Donovan. Been waiting long?

Shane Donovan: Just several days, Ace.

The Accelerator: Yeah, I know you’ve been trying to contact me, but I’ve been a little busy. Family matters, you understand.

Shane Donovan: I’ll get right down to it, Ace. I won’t gripe about how your referee didn’t know that I got my shoulder up on that roll-up, and I won’t bitch and moan about how screwed I was by it being an Iron Man match. I just want my rematch.

*The crowd, which is watching this on the big screen, gives a small cheer, more than willing to see the two men match up again. The Accelerator, though, is shaking his head.*

The Accelerator: I know as well as you do that you’re due a rematch in the future, Shane. I won’t steal that away from you. But you have to know that the new #1 Contender is at the front of the line. You’re going to have to wait for your chance to get that belt back.

Shane Donovan: You’re really going to take the side of the Empire over me, Ace?

*The Accelerator sighs, rubbing his balding forehead.*

The Accelerator: I’m not taking sides, Shane. I’m following the rules. Such is life. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a show to check up on.

*The Accelerator passes by Donovan, heading into the building. Donovan is not pleased with how things went, although he clearly expected the end result. He kicks at the door, frustrated, then turns, walking away. Suddenly, he stops in his tracks, glaring at someone.*

Shane Donovan: And what the hell do you want, *bleep*?

*Donovan angrily walks forward, shoving the person in front of him out of his way. It’s a man dressed in a white toga, with an old-fashioned haircut. He’s wearing sandals on his feet. The strangely-dressed man watches as Donovan walks away, even as we slowly fade to commercial.*

*"The Price Is Right" theme song blasts through your television speakers as we begin the commercial break. Harvey Danger slides on screen, behind his table of goodies, with a big slick used car salesman's smile on his face. His hair is greasy and pulled back into a pony tail and he once again wears his phony mustache and brightly colored plaid sports jacket. He begins talking in his greatly exaggerated New York City accent.*

Harvey: That's right folks, it's time once again for Harvey D's Fine Wrestling Collectibles. I've got anything here you could ever want, for prices you could never imagine! Stuff you've never heard of! Stuff that doesn't even really exist, you'll find it here folks! And remember, make your purchases now... because prices will only get higher!

*Harvey holds up a take-out bag from Taco Bell, complete with grease stains along the bottom. Waving his hands like Vanna White, he ooooh's and aaahh's over the bag to himself.*

Harvey: First up, we have the half eaten dinner from none other than the tag team sensations from the land across the border, The Malvados. It looks like you can own your very own half eaten burrito and some tacos from those wrestlers from the great city of El Salvador in the nation to the south known as New Mexico! If anything, you'se guys can get yourselves a cheap meal and a great wrestling collectible... from me, Harvey D.

*Harvey tosses the bag over his shoulder, rolling his eyes. He pulls out a very stretched out, old and used pair of old lady panty hose. Pulling them over his head down to about his eyebrows, he turns to the camera and smiles. He shakes his head around and gets the legs of the panty hose to flop around in front of him, then brushes them out of his face over his shoulders.*

Harvey: Take a look at this baby! Your very own... uh.. what is this? Oh, yeah. Mikey Willis head gear! All the cool kids on the mean streets are wearing these. These will go very quickly!

*Harvey pulls the panty hose off of his head and holds up a giant construction paper cut out to look like the letter R.*

Harvey: Now for our final 'exclusive' item! The letter 'R' brought to you by Lurrr himself! A little known fact to you kiddies, he actually used to be Lurrrr with four R's until he lost this one right here in a poker game! Call the number on your screen and purchase this beauty and own a piece of wrestling lore today! That's all the time we have now folks, but get whatever your little heart or little lady desires right here at Harvey D's Wrestling Collectibles!

*Harvey smiles and waves at the camera as the picture fades away, ending the commercial.*

*After the commercial break, we find ourselves in the backstage area, outside of the Accelerator’s office. Music can be heard playing loudly inside of it. The door is slightly ajar so the camera man pushes it open a bit more so we can get a glimpse of what’s going on inside. The President is nowhere in sight, but GCWA Head of Security Titan 3 is. He’s sitting in The President’s chair next to Paco! The manager is sitting on a stool and is serving Titan 3 a tequila shot. Number 6 it seems as there is about 10 empty glasses scattered about in the President’s desk. It also appears that Titan 3 has made some of his world-famous margaritas. Paco serves himself a shot and then toasts with Titan 3. *

Paco: To beautiful womeng and…

Titan 3: To cracking skulls!!

Paco: Simon que si!!

*They take their shot just as The President walks into his office! The President, already looking fatigued, looks at both men and doesn’t appear to be happy. Titan 3 kills the music. *

Titan 3: Oh crap…

Paco: JEFE!! Que pasa!? We have been waiting for you!!

The Accelerator: What the hell is going on in here?!

Paco: It’s a party in the oval office! Hehehehe… You’re just in time to join us in celebrating..

The Accelerator: And what is it that we are celebrating?

Paco: Anything and everything!

*Paco serves Ace a tequila shot and then offers it to him but Ace slaps it away. That wipes Paco’s smile away. He looks at Ace then at the spilled tequila, then back at Ace, then back at the spilled tequila and his eyes get watery.*

The Accelerator: I don’t drink Paco.

Paco: That’s fine but did you have to spill it like that!?!

The Accelerator: Paco, I really don’t have time for your nonsense... Why don’t you tell me what you want and then get out of my office?

Paco: Geez Louise… Fine jefe grumpio. I think my boys deserve a shot at the Tag Team Titles.

The Accelerator: Is that so? Well they have one tag match under their belts and they lost it, so what makes you think they deserve it?

Paco: Ok, first if of all, they were cheated OK meng? Second of all, my boy Victor pinned The Stranger cleanly at Ultimate Survival.

The Accelerator: I thought it was Hector who competed at Ultimate Survival?

Paco: That’s what I said, I said Hector.

The Accelerator: No you said Victor!

Paco: HEC-TOR.

The Accelerator: VIC-TOR.

Titan 3: I heard Hector too.

Paco: See!

The Accelerator: You stay out of it!

*Ace rubs his forehead obviously frustrated. He turns towards the wall, looking at his roster list as he ponders a decision. In the meantime, Paco and Titan 3 share another shot. *

The Accelerator: OK fine, next week, in our main event, The Malvados vs. Stranger Danger for the Tag Team Titles. Now please leave I got a massive headache.

Paco: Thanks jefe, you’re the best! You know Tequila takes the headaches away, want a shot?

The Accelerator: No…

Paco: Even migraines jefe!

The Accelerator: Out Paco…

Paco: But it’s really good? Right Titan 3!?

Titan 3: Damn good.

The Accelerator: Vete de aqui Paco!!!

*Paco grabs his bottle and leave quickly before The Accelerator explodes. Titan 3, who had taken his position back near the door can’t help but snicker. Ace takes a seat on his chair and looks at Titan 3, shaking his head.*

The Accelerator: I should have stayed in San Antonio….

Titan 3: What’s to worry about, Ace? Everything’s running smoothly.

The Accelerator: Smoothly? I’m told the Roman Empire took over the production booth earlier, Shane Donovan’s waiting for me outside my limo, and you’re here getting drunk with Paco! What the hell is so smooth?

Titan 3: Lighten up, Ace. It takes more than five, or six, or however many shots of tequila to take me down. I’m a real man.

*Titan 3 pushes off and gets himself to his feet, having apparently forgotten about the margaritas on top of that. He walks unsteadily forward, going out the door, as the Accelerator shakes his head and grabs the phone.*

The Accelerator: Hey, Breaker, this is Ace. Watch out for Titan 3, will you? I’m worried he’s going to kill someone as drunk as he is. Thanks.

*Ace hangs up the phone, then slumps forward onto his desk, as we go back to ringside.*

Logan: Man, Titan 3’s a danger without all that alcohol! What on earth is going to happen tonight?

Jones: You think a drunk Stranger will show up at some point?

Logan: Well, I guess that would prove that the Stranger is indeed Titan 3, if that’s the case. I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

Jones: We also got some big news, as Ace has granted a World Tag-Team Titles match to the Malvados next week against Stranger Danger!

Logan: That should be a good one, although I wonder how the Danger Boiz feel about that match.

Jones: We’ll have to find out later, as it’s time for another match!

Logan: Please, let it be more competitive than the last one!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he was a top competitor last week in the Ultimate Survival tournament, he stands 6’4” and weighs 236 lbs, from Salt Lake City, Utah, here is James Thrash!

*The fans let out a small cheer as the hardcore wrestler comes out of the back complete with chair in hand. He waves the chair around, then throws it to the side, grinning, as he makes his way down to “Smash Your Enemies” by Hatebreed.*

Jones: Thrash put up a pretty good fight when it came to taking on some veterans like Tommy Crimson and Draco at the Pay-Per-View. Unfortunately, his rally came up a little bit short.

Logan: Yeah, I was hoping for more from the guy, but sometimes things just end like that, out of nowhere. He’s still got a ton of potential, though, and hopefully he’ll show more of that potential here tonight.

Minos: His opponent has been with the GCWA for almost its entire run. He stands 6’3” and weighs in at 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*The fans cheer again, this time for the younger wrestler coming out of the back to “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. Mr. Excellent has his shades on while he makes his way down, slapping a few hands along the way.*

Jones: I keep hearing rumors of trouble brewing at the Excellent household lately. Something to do with his son?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, I rarely listen to the rumor mill. Unless it’s about me, of course.

Jones: Well, whatever is going on, I hope it doesn’t keep Mr. Excellent from competing in top form here at Inferno!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Thrash immediately charges forward at the sound of the bell, attacking Mr. Excellent, hoping to keep the slightly distracted man on the defensive. They quickly fall back into the corner, with Thrash punching away, but Excellent manages to twist them around, putting Thrash’s back in the corner instead. Excellent delivers a couple of sizzling chops, scorching across Thrash’s chest, then brings him out with an Irish whip, sending him, no, reversal, Excellent goes to the other side instead. Thrash runs in after him, getting a big-time clothesline that raises Excellent’s feet off the floor. Thrash then pulls Excellent out of the corner and sets him for a suplex, looking to put him into the air. However, Excellent manages to drop backwards instead, rolling him up! Trixie is right there… 1… 2.. and Thrash kicks out.*

Logan: So far, a pretty even contest between these two. A win here could really help push one of these guys up the ladder.

Jones: Yes, and a loss does neither of them very well. I hope they came here to compete, because it looks like we’ve got a fight ahead of us.

*Both men are back on their feet, with Thrash scoring a quick knee to the gut to get back into control. He reaches down, managing to lift Excellent into the air onto his shoulders. Thrash then takes a step and drops Excellent to the side onto his head with a death valley driver! With his opponent down, Thrash quickly goes to make the cover, with referee Trixie in position… 1… 2…. Mr. Excellent kicks out. Thrash nods, respecting the kick-out after that impact. He pulls Mr. Excellent up, then delivers a DDT, smashing Mr. Excellent into the mat. Instead of trying another pin, though, Thrash decides to roll to the outside, leaving the ring! He starts to look around, reaching underneath the apron, while Mr. Excellent struggles to recover inside the ropes.*

Logan: Ummm, what is Thrash doing?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. I think he’s looking for something to use as a weapon!

Logan: Yeah, see, this isn’t a hardcore match.

Jones: Tell him that!

*Thrash finds what he’s looking for, sliding a table out from underneath the ring! The crowd is starting to cheer. They know it’s not legal, but they don’t care. The “Tables” chant quickly starts to build in the arena. Thrash shoves the table underneath the ropes, then follows it in, quickly setting it up. It’s clear he’s had a lot of experience with tables. Referee Trixie is warning him, trying to get it into his head that she’ll have to DQ him if he uses the table, but Thrash doesn’t seem to care. He gets the table fully set up, positioning it near the corner, then goes to grab Mr. Excellent. However, Excellent has had too much time to cover, as he reaches up, grabbing a surprised Thrash, then taking him down with a Russian legsweep! Excellent drops on top of Thrash, trying to get the quick pin, as Trixie abandons trying to get rid of the table and instead makes the count… 1… 2… Thrash kicks free.*

Logan: Thrash’s fascination with tables nearly cost him there, as Mr. Excellent was quick to take advantage of the situation.

Jones: Now maybe Mr. Excellent can put Thrash away, ending the threat of a DQ. Or maybe Thrash has had the sense knocked back into him that he can’t use weapons in a singles match.

Logan: Man, Ace oughta just come out here and make the match hardcore. That’d be more fun!

*Thrash tries to get up, but Mr. Excellent kicks him, keeping him down, then goes for Thrash’s legs, already looking for the Execution! Thrash fights, trying to get free, but Mr. Excellent is too persistent, managing to twist the man’s legs around and apply the hold! The fans are cheering, some to support Excellent, some to push Thrash to get free. Excellent keeps the hold applied, trying to keep the pressure at a high level, even as Thrash determinedly struggles towards the ropes, reaching out. Mr. Excellent, unaware of how close they are to the ropes, reacts too late, as Thrash manages to get a grip, causing Trixie to call for the break. Excellent shakes his head, not wanting to let go, so Trixie starts a 5 count, getting to four before Excellent finally releases it, a look of disappointment on his face.*

Jones: For a second there, I thought Excellent was going to be the one disqualified!

Logan: It was close, but Trixie managed to get through to him in time. Man, something is going on with this guy. I’ve never seen him that willing to be DQ’ed before.

*Excellent slowly walks away, clearing his head, while Trixie waits for more action. Thrash, meanwhile, is straining himself on the ropes, trying to rise back up despite the pain in his legs. He almost seems to enjoy it. Mr. Excellent walks over to him, grabbing Thrash by his long hair and pulling him towards the corner. He starts to slam Thrash’s head into the ‘buckle, but Thrash blocks it, then starts repeatedly slamming Excellent’s head instead! Excellent looks badly dazed from the impact, allowing Thrash to pull the man onto the turnbuckle, trying to position him for the Thrashed! He lifts Mr. Excellent up, apparently trying to aim him towards the table he set up earlier! However, Mr. Excellent starts to fight back on top of the ‘buckle, with both men teetering as they throw punches back and forth. At the last second, both men apparently decide to try a headbutt, ramming their heads together!! The impact is too much for either man, as they both topple to the side, going through the table at the same time!!!! Trixie’s had enough, calling for the bell, as the wrestlers lie in the wreckage!*

Minos: On orders of the referee, this match has been ruled a No-Contest!

*Some fans are booing the decision by Trixie, but others are still cheering about the crash through the table, something that doesn’t get seen that often in the GCWA wrestling ring. Neither Thrash nor Excellent seem to be moving, causing Trixie to call for the medics to come down and check them out.*

Jones: My gosh, what a wild ending! Neither man gets the victory!

Logan: Hey, I’m calling the table the winner here, Jonesy! It laid out both men!

Jones: We’re going to need a crew to get in here and clean up this mess, and get these wrestlers out of here, as they are not in great shape!

Logan: Yeah. Definitely not the match I was expecting, but that happens sometimes. You never know what’s going to happen when a bout gets assigned.

*Thrash is slowly being helped up by one of the medics. He managed to take the fall on his back, while Excellent seemed to take a worse impact, injuring his shoulder. The medics continue to work them over, while we leave them behind. The screen flashes to the back where The Big Bifford is opening a door to a locker room. As he enters he sees his manager, Martin Ka’Berryon, jumping up and down excitedly. The grown man in the giant grape costume sees Bifford and stops jumping, looking embarrassed. Bifford shakes his head and sighs.*

The Big Bifford: Why are you so excited? I’m not the Ultimate Survivor.

Martin Ka’Berryon: But Marcus Ka’Derrion is the World Champion! Dude! He’s the best wrestler ever! He’s unstoppable! He’ll never be beaten! He’s undefeated for life!

The Big Bifford: I kicked out of The Thriller! Doesn’t that make me pretty awesome?

Martin Ka’Berryon: Yes, Biff, you’re great. But Ka’Derrion is invincible and probably also invisible!

The Big Bifford: Can you see him? Yes? Then he’s not invisible, you stupid cluster of grapes. At any rate, I’ve been thinking and since I kicked out of the Thriller, I think that means that I’m the most resilient wrestler to ever compete in the GCWA! Plus I pinned Lurrr for like the tenth time.

Martin Ka’Berryon: Yet you’re still not wrestling for the title at the next pay-per-view..

The Big Bifford: That doesn’t really matter.. Derek Mobley knows I can kick out of his finishing move! He fears me more than he fears Ka’Derrion! I looked into Mobley’s eyes and I saw that he was afraid! Or maybe he was just really tired because our match was pretty long. Who knows? But I know this, at some point in the future I will fight Derek Mobley and I will win. We should probably talk to Ace about that. I’d also like to talk to Ace about getting Ludwig the Seal his own office. I think he should probably be Vice President of GCWA.

*The two men turn around and see the seal, known as Ludwig, sitting in a kiddie pool. Bifford walks over and pours some Cocoa Puffs into the pool and the seal starts eating them. Bifford laughs and watches for a moment, then turns his attention back to the camera.*

The Big Bifford: You know who else I hate? Stevie Donovan! That guy got to main event a pay per view! He’s not even a wrestler! He’s just some crazy fan that accidentally won the world title when Ace was busy watching some strippers or something. In fact, I have some bones to pick with Ace! He’s been taking me for granted for far too long! I’m going to go to his office right now and tell him what I think of him! I should have been World Champion! I should have been main eventing that pay per view rather than in that stupid elimination match! GET THE KIDDIE POOL! WE’RE GOING TO ACE’S OFFICE!

*Bifford swings open the door and walks into the hallway. Martin Ka’Berryon sighs and looks at the kiddie pool containing the seal. He walks over and grabs a rope that appears to be tied to the kiddie pool and starts dragging it.*

Martin Ka’Berryon: He only pays me $10 a week to do this *bleep*.

*Ka’Berryon obediently pulls the seal’s kiddie pool out the door, as we fade to a quick commercial break.*

*As we come back to the GCWA Inferno show, the scene switches to a hallway backstage at the arena, where the Big Bifford is walking with determination. Behind him is seen a man in a giant grape cluster costume, pulling a seal in a kiddie pool by a rope. Those standing in the hallway just stare at the bizarre sight. They walk by The Lost Soul who sees the man in the grape costume pulling the seal and just shakes his head and turns back around, walking out of the picture. After a few moments, they reach Ace’s office and Bifford knocks on the door forcefully before opening it. Bifford walks in and Ka’Berryon follows, getting stuck in the doorway but managing to shove himself through. He pulls Ludwig the Seal in, kiddie pool and all, and they look at Ace. Ace looks up from his desk to see Bifford, the giant cluster of grapes and the seal in the kiddie pool and rubs his forehead with both hands, a pained look on his face.*

The Big Bifford: I’ve got some demands! I want a World Title Match RIGHT NOW!

The Accelerator: It’s not happening, Bifford.

Bifford: Okay… well, I want LUDWIG THE SEAL to be made VICE PRESIDENT of GCWA and for him to have a nice office like yours.. RIGHT NOW!

*The Accelerator lets out a harsh, disbelieving laugh, then realizes that Bifford is actually being serious.*

The Accelerator: I’m, umm, not looking for a Vice President just now. It didn’t work out too well last time.

The Big Bifford: Well.. then.. can Martin become the official mascot of GCWA?

The Accelerator: No way in hell.

*The Bifford lowers his head for a second, seemingly defeated.*

The Big Bifford: Do you have any Cocoa Puffs?

The Accelerator: Nope, no Cocoa Puffs.

The Big Bifford (laughing hysterically): Well, LUDWIG DOES~!

*Bifford pulls out a box of Cocoa Puffs that seem to appear out of nowhere and pours them into the seal’s kiddie pool. Ludwig begins eating them and Ace sighs loudly.*

The Accelerator: Is this the real reason you came to my office? To show me the Cocoa Puff eating seal?

The Big Bifford: Pretty much. It’s hard to get air time around here – the only time I wrestle is whenever you need someone to pin Lurrr. You do realize that, in addition to kicking out of The Thriller and showing Derek Mobley whose boss, I have two pinfall victories over Lurrr just in GCWA alone. He only has one over me. That makes me far more powerrrrrrful that Lurrr.

The Accelerator: Don’t worry about that, Bifford. You and Lurrr have fought enough for a while.

The Big Bifford: So who do I fight next?

*The Accelerator looks completely drained now, as he leans over his desk. He looks back at the roster board, searching things over quickly.*

The Accelerator: Look, tell you what, I’ll book you against… James Thrash. Alright? Is that enough to get you to leave here, and take your seal with you?

The Big Bifford: Very well, but I hope you look over Ludwig the Seal’s resume.. He’s a very impressive candidate.

*Bifford hands Ace a piece of paper and then walks out of the office. Martin follows, dragging the kiddie pool with the seal in it. Ace looks down at the piece of paper, which has “Ludwig the Seal: Resume. Position wanted: Vice President of GCWA. Experience: is a seal,” written on it in red crayon. The Accelerator calmly, almost too calmly, drops the ‘resume’ into his inbox, then turns and grabs the phone.*

The Accelerator: Bill? Call the airport. Tell them to rev back up the private jet. I will be using it after all tonight. Oh, and Bill? We’ll be leaving. Soon.

*The President hangs up the phone, then pulls himself up, clearly stressed out. He leans on the desk, thinking, as we go back to ringside.*

Logan: Looks like it’s going to be an early night for the Prez tonight!

Jones: Wait, the Accelerator is going to leave? But, who’s going to lead us?!

Logan: Since when does this show need anyone to lead us? Hell, we’ll just wing it like we always do!

Jones: I… suppose you’re right, Anthony, but I still don’t like the idea about continuing a show without the President in attendance. What if other decisions need to be made?

Logan: That’s what cell phone and e-mails are for, Jonesy.

*As Jones sputters, trying to figure out how to explain his concern about the President leaving the arena, “No. 5” by Hollywood Undead starts to play. Mikey Willis makes his way down to the ring. The fans give him a mixed reaction.*

Jones: Willis looks like a man on a mission Logan, he’s walking to the ring with a purpose.

Logan : You’re absolutely right Jonesy. He looks a little pissed.

*Willis grabs a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring.*

Mikey Willis: You know something. I am sick and tired of hearing about all these so-called legends in the GCWA. I’m sick and tired of getting no respect. I mean I work my ass off every week and still no one respects me. Well you know what. I’m not taking it anymore. Just because some wrestlers have been around for a long time doesn’t give them the right to disrespect me. All these washed up has beens keep talking about how good they use to be, and how many titles they’ve won and they walk around with their noses in the air. There’s one wrestler in particular who really gets on my nerve. All I hear about all the time is how great he once was and how good he used to be. But all I see is a crazy lunatic, who goes around attacking people for no reason. That’s right; I’m talking about The Lunatic Soul. Or TLS as you people call him.

*The crowd begins to chant TLS!TLS!*

Mikey Willis: Last month he felt the need to interfere in my match and cost me the TV title. And on top of that he attacked my friend Kenny for no reason. It should be me with the TV title, not Dangerous Spam. So, I want some pay back. I want The Lunatic Soul to come out here and face me like a man. Cmon TLS, let’s see how tough you are now.

*The crowd is on their feet and looks towards the entrance ramp, but TLS does not show up.*

Jones: I don’t think Mikey Willis knows what he’s getting himself in to calling out TLS.

Logan: Yeah, but if you’re a young guy looking for some respect, getting in the ring with a guy like TLS will definitely earn you some street cred.

*Mikey Willis has his hands on his hips and taps his foot.*

Mikey Willis: I thought so. He’s chicken. All these so-called legends are chicken. TLS is nothing but a yellow belly ……

*Before Mikey Willis can finish his sentence, the lights begin to flicker as Friday the 13th starts to play and a spotlight shines on the entrance way. The crowd goes wild as TLS shows up at the entrance way.*

Jones: TLS never backs down from a fight. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie, or a legend, or somebody’s grandma.

Logan :What?

Jones: You heard me, back in the ICWF I went along with TLS on one of his “Unsolved Mysteries” escapades and he beat up an old woman.

Logan : He actually beat up an elderly woman?

Jones: well, yes and… ok, it was actually someone dressed up as a woman and he was wanted for bank robbery.

*TLS slowly makes his way down the aisle as Mikey Willis motions with his hands for TLS to come towards him.*

Logan : Willis seems a little cocky tonight doesn’t he Jonesy?

Jones: Wait a second! He wasn’t taunting for TLS to come towards him, he was motioning for Kenny!

*Kenny darts out from the entrance ramp and before TLS can react Kenny gives him an elbow to the back of the head. TLS staggers as Kenny grabs him and slams him against the guard rail. Mikey Willis slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair then runs towards the action. Kenny goes for a boot, but TLS grabs it and twists, causing Kenny to fall to the ground. As TLS works to get up, Mikey Willis delivers savage chair shot to TLS head, not satisfied Willis gives TLS another one.*

Jones: What a dastardly attack by Mikey Willis.

Logan : The fans don’t like it one bit. Listen to the boos, man.

*Kenny is on his feet and he helps Mikey Willis drag TLS who is out cold, to the ring. Mikey directs Kenny to stand TLS up as he delivers a punch to the gut, then drops him with the Anarchy Slam. Kenny grabs TLS legs so he can’t move as Mikey Willis executes a standing shooting star press not once but twice. Willis gets up and gives TLS a final kick for good measure then grabs the microphone. The boo of the crowd is so loud that Willis can hardly be heard*

Mikey Willis: (pointing to TLS) This is your legend? Give me a break.

*Willis slams the mic on the ground and motions for Keny to follow hm as he makes his way towards the entrance way.*

Jones: Unbelievable Logan . Willis is trying to make a statement tonight.

Logan : What’s that? He’s good when the odds are in his favor?

*Willis and Kenny are at the entrance ramp when they hear the roar of the crowd.*

Jones: TLS is getting up Logan . Look at him.

Logan: I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but TLS just doesn’t know when to stay down.

*The crowd chants TLS!TLS! as The Lost Soul slowly rolls over and is on his knees, he slowly gets on his feet and grabs his head, still a little woozy from the chair shots. TLS turns towards the entrance ramp and stares down Mkey Willis and Kenny.*

Jones: TLS doesn’t look to happy Logan, Mikey Willis and Kenny.

Logan : When does he ever look happy?

*TLS reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a pair of his signature brass knuckles, the crowd goes wild as he slips them on his left hand. TLS stumbles out of the ring, then makes his way down the aisle, his stare permanently transfixed on Mikey Willis and Kenny who quickly retreat to the back wanting no part of TLS and the brass knuckles.*

Logan: We’ve got ourselves a chase!

Jones: Hey, Willis & Kenny already did pretty much what they wanted to. There was no reason for them to stick around.

Logan: Yeah, and the fact that The Lost Soul was coming after them after taking that beating was a coincidence, huh? I think Willis just woke up the beast, and now he might just have to pay the consequences.

*The Lost Soul heads into the back, still working to catch up to Willis & Kenny, as we cut away from ringside to the backstage area, where the Roman Empire can be seen, coming out of the back. Lurrr has a beer in hand and looks pretty pleased, while Julio struggles behind him, carrying the cooler. Derek and Warrick walk out as well, talking about Dean. At the end of the pack is Rick Mathis, who is apparently in the midst of a phone call.*

Rick Mathis: Look, just tell them to have the room ready, because the Roman Empire is on its way! And next time, deal with Julio, don’t be such a *bleeping* racist!

*Mathis hangs up the phone, laughing to himself, then starts after his partners. However, his journey changes directions, as suddenly he gets smashed in the back with a chair!! Mathis topples over, grunting in pain, allowing us to see Scott Caine standing behind him! Caine drops the chair, then jumps on top of Mathis, punching away!*

Scott Caine: You mother *bleeping* son of a…

*Scott appears to have completely lost it, swinging away at the man who struck him from behind at Ultimate Survival, screwing him out of the competition. Suddenly, Warrick is there, slamming into Scott and knocking him off of Mathis! The two men are swinging at each other now, fighting hard, with Derek Mobley now wading into it, attacking as well! The two House of Pain teammates soon take over, with Warrick holding Derek as he whales away on Scott. Lurrr appears as well, having placed his beer onto the precarious perch of Julio’s cooler. He gets in his own strikes, with the Empire quickly working over the wrestler!*

Jones: No! They’re too much for Caine, he’s getting taken apart!

Logan: Caine usually is into the sneak attacks, but he just went insane, going after the Empire like that! No one man can stand against a stable like these guys!

Jones: Where’s some help for him? What about his partners, Bifford or TLS?

Logan: They were partners for only one night, Edds! Now Caine’s got no one to back him up!

*With Derek and Warrick holding up a bloodied Caine, Lurrr taunts him, slapping him across the face.*

Lurrr: You deserve every bit of this, you little *bleep*.

*Lurrr steps back as Caine suddenly rises up, struggling to get free, if only to get his hands on the X Division Champion. He’s no match for Mobley and Hill, though, who hold him in place long enough for Lurrr to snap off the Wake Up Call, knocking Caine out!! Suddenly, security starts pouring in, trying to break things up, coming just a little too late to help the downed Caine. The Roman Empire seems to leave willingly, helping Mathis and moving away, while security calls for help for the beaten wrestler. We go off, heading for another wonderful commercial.*

*We come back from the break, hopefully after you got in that bathroom break you were needing. The scene cuts backstage, where Cynthia Hall is standing with the now former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion Shane Donovan.*

Cynthia Hall: Alright, I'm here with the former champion Shane Donovan. So, Shane, can I get your thoughts on new champion Marcus Ka'Derrion.

*Shane is silent for a moment, as if searching for the right response.*

Shane Donovan: Well Cynthia, I'm not sure there's a whole lot for me to say that whole lot of other people haven't already said. Marcus is smarter than I thought. The Iron Man match was a stroke of genius on his part, and I congratulate him for it. He knew he couldn't beat me in a normal match, and the fact that I jumped so far ahead of him to start should illustrate that fact pretty clearly. So, he instead picked a match where he just needed to get that last pin. Bravo champ.

Cynthia Hall: Well Shane, he did--

Shane Donovan: Cynthia, I'm going to only ask you nicely once. Please don't interrupt when the adults are talking.

*The fans boo loudly at this, but Shane ignores them.*

Shane Donovan: All comments aside, the fact of the matter is that Marcus now has the title, and I don't. What Marcus doesn't realize is that he inherited a whole new set of problems when he won that belt. If he thought people dogged him while he had the Intercontinental Championship he will learn the true meaning of the word "hunted" as World Champion.

Cynthia Hall: "Hunted"?

Shane Donovan: Yes Cynthia, "hunted". The Roman Empire knew enough to stay out of my business because I would just slap them down like I've done since I joined this company, but Marcus? Marcus doesn't have that going for him. Much to my chagrin, Derek Mobely is the #1 contender and he gets first crack at Marcus. That means Derek is probably going to sic his Roman Empire cronies on Marcus every chance he gets.

*Shane picks up a nearby chair, holding it up.*

Shane Donovan: This is where I make you an offer you cannot refuse Marcus. I want my title back Marcus, don't get me wrong... But I want to win it back from you. I want to end your streak, not the Roman Empire. So to make sure I get what I want, I'm offering my services to you Marcus, and you can choose to either accept my help willingly or I can let them kick you around a bit before helping you out, but I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you keep that belt until I'm ready to take it back. I don't need it having the bengay smell of the Roman Empire locker room when I get it back.

*With that, Shane walks away from Cynthia, carrying the chair, as the scene cuts back to ringside.*

Logan: Wait, so after Donovan got refused his title shot, now he’s backing up Marcus?

Jones: I can see his point, Anthony. He wants to beat the man who took the belt away, not have to go after some other guy.

Logan: Yeah, but still…. Marcus and Shane, working together? I can’t see that turning out to be a good thing.

Jones: Anything can happen, Anthony, although I have trouble with it as well. Anyhow, back to the ring!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and has been given a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is making his in-ring debut here tonight after a startling appearance at Ultimate Survival, standing 6’2” and weighing 230 lbs, from Brentwood, Tennessee, here is Seth Eldritch!

*Eldritch walks out of the back as “Be Aggressive” by Faith No More blasts out behind him. He looks extremely confident in himself, even if the crowd is not on his side, still remembering the beating he gave out to Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn.*

Jones: Seth Eldritch has a chance to really make a strong impact here tonight. He has already shown the wrestling world that he’s willing to do anything to get noticed. Now he needs to prove he can actually wrestle.

Logan: Yes, which won’t be an easy feat, against someone like Santana.

Jones: Did you get a chance to read Eldritch’s Facebook page?

Logan: Nah, I don’t get into that “tell everyone where you are and what you’re doing” mumbo-jumbo.

Jones: Oh, it’s quite informative. Many of the wrestlers actually have their own pages set up.

Logan: Huh. And they let you look at them, eh?

Jones: Well… I mean…

Logan: That’s what I thought.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he put up a strong fight at Ultimate Survival, and now seeks to begin once again climbing up the ladder to success, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*As Santana’s theme, “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas, plays behind him, Santana walks out of the back, taking a moment to bow to the crowd, then heading for the ring. He has a bandage around his head, but appears to otherwise be in good condition.*

Jones: Sports rage nearly got the best of Santana this week, when a couple of baseball players attacked him after he was the umpire at their game.

Logan: Sports rage? Roid rage is more like it. But Santana showed those kids not to mess with GCWA wrestlers.

Jones: Yes, but he took some lumps, too, which could affect his performance here tonight. I hear he’s got a few stitches in his head, which almost kept him from wrestling tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Santana comes forward, sketching off a quick bow to the referee, Thomas Mitchell. He then does a bow towards Eldritch, who doesn’t seem too thrilled. Instead, Eldritch slaps Santana across the face in mid-bow, causing a long string of boos to fill the arena. Santana steps back, refusing to rub his jaw. Instead, Santana comes forward, lashing out with a serious chop that smacks Eldritch back! Eldritch, now the angry one, comes back with a fist, and suddenly we have a brawl! The two men hit the floor, punching away at each other while rolling, each trying to take control of the match!*

Logan: You get the feeling these two don’t like each other?

Jones: I believe Santana requested this match, so that he could get some revenge for his ally last week, Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn.

Logan: Well, clearly it’s started something, as these two youngsters are really fighting it out!

*Eldritch is now in control, having gone to the eyes to get the advantage on the Sensei. He follows it up with a few more jabs to the jaw, turning Santana around from the hits, then grabs Santana and takes him over with a belly-to-back suplex. Eldritch is quickly back on his feet, going off the ropes and coming back with a running kick to Santana’s side, probably bruising a rib or two with the impact! Santana falls to his side, hurting, while Eldritch laughs, enjoying himself. He leans over Santana and punches away, as referee Mitchell immediately begins a five count, forcing Eldritch to break before he gets a disqualification loss for his first match. Eldritch ignores the referee’s admonishments, intent on dishing out more damage, as he grabs Santana’s leg and plants his own knee into it, ramming it repeatedly to take away some of Santana’s favorite weapons.*

Jones: We are seeing some brains behind Eldritch’s violent tendencies, as he is focusing on Santana’s striking leg.

Logan: Yep, won’t be as easy to hit the Sensei-Tion if Santana can’t put weight on that foot.

*Eldritch continues to attack the leg of Santana, turning him over into a half Boston crab to increase the damage. Santana doesn’t yell out, but his lips are clenched, showing the pain he is in. Mitchell checks on him, but Santana’s not quitting yet, as he starts to work himself towards the ropes. Eldritch lets him, enjoying the struggle of the wrestler. Just as Santana is almost to the rope, Eldritch suddenly starts pulling him back, dragging him towards the center. But Santana is able to shift his weight suddenly, causing a surprised Eldritch to stumble and fall forward. Santana capitalizes by grabbing at Eldritch’s leg, and suddenly the half Boston crab has been reversed! The fans cheer as Eldritch is suddenly the one in trouble, struggling to get free, with Mitchell moving in to ask him if he wants to give up. Eldritch, fighting the strain on his leg, shakes his head no, then pulls himself to the side, managing to reach out and grab the ropes there, ending his predicament.*

Logan: Santana is so smooth in that ring! That counter was a beautiful maneuver, almost impossible to prevent.

Jones: A lot of people like to chalk up Santana as a modern-day karate kid, but he’s got a lot of other skills inside that ring.

Logan: Yeah, he’s more than a martial artist, and it seems like every match, he’s improving. If he keeps adding to his skill set, he definitely could be a future champion in the GCWA!

*Both men get back to their feet, with Santana rocking Eldritch back with a stiff chop. Santana’s limping slightly, but his leg doesn’t seem completely compromised yet. Santana moves in, knocking Eldritch back into the corner, then climbs up on the ‘buckle, getting the customary 10 shots in, with the fans cheering him on. Santana steps back down, gingerly favoring his right knee. Eldritch, dazed, still tries to come out of the corner with a swing, but Santana answers that by flipping Eldritch over with a hip toss. He comes in behind Eldritch, applying a dragon sleeper hold that has Eldritch struggling desperately to get air back into his lungs! Mitchell is nearby, not expecting a tap out but there if one occurs. Santana keeps the hold locked on for a few more seconds, keeping Eldritch at bay, then drops down, banging Eldritch’s head off the canvas. The wrestler then makes the cover, calling Mitchell over… 1… 2… and Eldritch kicks out.*

Jones: This one’s looking like a pretty even contest, although Santana’s experience inside the GCWA ring does seem to be giving him a slight edge.

Logan: I’m just glad we have a good match-up tonight. I was starting to wonder if any of these rookies would show us what they’ve got.

Jones: Santana and Eldritch, along with Joey Truxell, could very well be that next generation of GCWA rookies that we’ve been looking for, Anthony. Great to have them here!

*Santana hauls both men up, still tentative about fully using his right leg, but willing to fight through the pain to continue to land shots on Eldritch. He pulls Seth over to him, locking him up, then attempts a suplex, but Eldritch manages to block it with his leg. Eldritch then responds with his own snap suplex, taking Santana over instead. Both men are down for a second, but Eldritch soon recovers, pulling himself up. He grabs Santana by the head and takes him into the corner, viciously banging Santana’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly. It is a serious series of shots, with Eldritch putting a lot of force behind it. When he’s done, Eldritch lets Santana slump out of the corner to the floor. The camera focuses in on the bandage on Santana’s head, which is now starting to turn blood-red. A small trickle begins to come out from under the bandage, showing that the sutures have been at least partially torn.*

Jones: Santana’s bleeding, Anthony!

Logan: Damn, that’s not good. I was worried that the stitches wouldn’t hold together, after Santana got cut up in that crash he was involved in.

Jones: If the bleeding gets any worse, Mitchell may have to seriously consider stopping this match.

*Eldritch, noticing the blood for the first time, immediately seems to change his focus, leaning in and punching multiple times at the bandage, trying to open up the wound some more. Santana’s face is developing a crimson mask, even as Mitchell leans in, trying to figure out what to do. Eldritch shoves Santana’s face into the ground, then moves off, laughing. He sets up in the corner, lining up a strong boot to Santana’s head, even as Mitchell tries to ask him not to do it. Eldritch won’t be stopped, though. He runs forward and kicks, but Santana raises up at the last second, getting out of the way! Eldritch, though surprised, doesn’t lose his balance. He turns back and comes at Santana, trying to clothesline him as he gets up. But Santana ducks under the clothesline, and as Eldritch returns, Santana spins around with a Pele kick, knocking Eldritch to the mat!! Santana then stumbles away from Eldritch, trying to clear his vision, which has been obscured by some blood in his eyes.*

Jones: Nice kick by Santana! Both men are down!

Logan: Exhaustion is starting to set in, as these two are really taking it to each other! Damn, how much time is left? I don’t want another non-decision, man!

Jones: These guys need to hurry up if they don’t want the 10 minutes to expire! Can Santana put Eldritch away despite losing so much blood?

*Santana wipes the blood away, then comes back, as Eldritch starts to rise. Santana manages to hop over him, though, going for a tricky roll-up! Mitchell’s right there… 1… 2… Eldritch barely manages to kick free, staying alive. Santana gets back up, with Eldritch right on his heels. Santana, though, immediately puts Eldritch back down with a fameasser, then goes for another pin… 1… 2… Eldritch kicks out again! Santana, a little frustrated, as well as dazed, moves to the ropes, again wiping his arm across his face, leaving streaks of blood on his elbow. Santana takes a deep breath to calm himself, then aims for the Sensei-Tion, coming in as Eldritch rises up. But Eldritch shoves off the ground, suddenly managing to stand in time to catch Santana on the run and spin him around with a modified powerslam!! Eldritch falls to the side, trying to catch his breath. He gets himself up, moving quickly to get behind the downed Santana, who has rolled to his stomach. Before Santana can prevent it, Eldritch grabs his arms, puts his boot into his back, and sends him crashing into the ground with the Eldritch Abomination!! Eldritch then makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Seth Eldritch!

*The fans don’t seem pleased at the conclusion of the match, but Eldritch certainly is, making sure that the referee raises his hand in the proper way, several times. Santana is still down, leaving a bloody faceprint on the canvas.*

Jones: Well, Santana put up a great fight, but I think that blood loss was just too much to overcome!

Logan: Yeah, he needs to take some time off and get that cut healed, or else not only will it spoil his good looks, it’ll continue to be a hindrance in matches like this.

Jones: Congratulations to Eldritch, who won his first match in the GCWA. We’ll have to see if this is the start of a trend for him.

*Eldritch continues to celebrate as the shot leaves ringside. We return to the backstage area, where we find Harvey Danger sprawled out on the hallway floor, next to the Ladies Restroom door! His head is wrapped in white gauze bandages, splattered with crimson red blood stains. Footsteps can be heard approaching from off camera, and Harvey begins moaning for help. While writhing in pain Harvey reaches outwards silently towards the approaching person. The footsteps get closer until Cynthia Hall appears on screen, quickly kneeling down to come to Harvey's aid.*

Cynthia: Harvey! Harvey! Are you ok? What happened to you? Can you hear me, Harvey? Someone... HELP! Anyone? Harvey, stay with me now...

*Harvey's right eye slowly opens and focuses on Cynthia. After seeing Cynthia Hall, both of his eyes pop open quickly. Frowning, Harvey gets himself to his feet.*

Harvey: Huh... oh, it's just you. Nevermind, I'm fine. You’re not the person I was looking for.

*Cynthia looks Harvey up and down, then sighs in disgust. Harvey watches as she turns and walks off down the hallway in the direction she came from. Harvey's cell phone begins ringing with this week’s ring tone being "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. Digging in his pocket, Harvey flips open the phone and places it against his bandaged ear.*

Harvey: Hi, Ma. Yeah, I'm doing it right now. No, Trixie hasn't come down the hall yet. Yes, just like you said Ma... I used the red dye to make it look like blood. Yep. Bandages all over my head and I've even put a cute little Jay Jay the Jet Plane bandage on my elbow. Yes, I know! This is so going to work! Thanks for the idea, Ma! Heehee... She'll be putty in my hands once she sees how hurt I am.

*Harvey covers the phone with his hands and looks off down the hallway. Footsteps can be heard approaching from around the corner.*

Harvey: Ma! Ma! Here she comes! I have to go! What... no, I have to go! This is it! *Sigh* Yes... I love you too. What? No! Ok, fine... I'll leave the phone on speaker so you can hear. Be quiet.

*Harvey gently lays the phone on the ground and sprawls himself out across the hallway floor. The camera turns and looks down the hallway as the footsteps approach. From around the corner, referee Thomas Mitchell appears. Seeing Harvey, he quickly backpedals and runs the other direction. Harvey opens his eyes slowly and cranes his neck to look down the hallway.*

Harvey: False alarm, Mom. Must not have been anyone important... oh wait, here comes someone! It sounds like they are humming! A woman's voice!! This has to be it... ok, wish me luck!

*Harvey hangs up the phone and tosses it down the hallway before laying down again. He spreads himself out wide and begins moaning softly to himself. The camera turns back to the hallway, just as referee Trixie rounds the corner. She's got her iPod in her ears and she's reading the latest issue of the GCWA Magazine. We catch Harvey peeking out of the corner of his eyes and he moans even loader and Trixie doesn't seem to notice. She just keeps on walking down the hall towards where Harvey has laid himself out, head buried deep in the magazine. Stepping right over Harvey, she keeps on going without missing a beat. After a few seconds, Harvey pops up off the floor and stares down the hallway at Trixie's back. As his lower lip begins to quiver, his face shows the telltale signs of his little heart breaking. He turns and races with a large wail down the hallway away from the camera as we head to another commercial break.*

*We come back from that lovely commercial (I have got to get me one of those remotes!) to the backstage area. The GCWA Rookie of the Month, Draco, can be seen talking on his cell phone. A mixture of boos and cheers come from the crowd when he's spotted, illustrating the conflicting feelings they have for the Ultimate Survival runner-up.*

Draco: So I was talking to Ace and--

???: And what? You asked for an Intercontinental title shot?

*Draco turns around, coming face to face with Tommy Crimson. Crimson is wearing a pair of sunglasses with his hair tied up in a big bun to the side of his head. He slowly brushes off his shirt, a vintage "The Lost Soul" one that from the looks of it was purchased during one of his stints in ICWF. Draco takes notice of it, as Crimson takes a moment to look down at it.*

Tommy Crimson: Tsk...Tsk...Tsk... Like my shirt? You seem to like it. I've had this shirt for years. TLS, ah a true champion in his prime. Ever watch Ultimate Survival 3? He won the whole *bleep*ing thing.

Draco: ...Your point?

Tommy Crimson: You made me look like an *bleep*hole when I had to pay you to do your job...That being quote on quote "wrestling". Yeah, you didn't have to team up with me, but who the hell were you going to team up with and make it as far as you did? Bifford? The Roman Empire? Harvey Danger?

*Draco shakes his head, closing his cell phone and pocketing it.*

Draco: Maybe I wouldn't have needed to carry them then.

Tommy Crimson: Ha, cut the *bleep*ing crap. I bet you're drooling about the Intercontinental Championship. Last I checked, I was next in line to get that title. I didn't get the memo about you jumping in front of me with that fine record you have... three and one isn't it? Your kinda new around these parts to be wanting a title. I mean sure you have been around the sport for many years, really not that bad of a wrestler. I don't think honestly you have what it takes to beat Tommy Crimson one on one. You have ambition and that is something I do admire. Just this early in the game, I think you would be more suited for maybe the Television Title. I'm not saying that based on your talent what so ever, you're decent. You're no Tommy Crimson, you sure as hell aren't a Lurrr, or a Ka'Derrion for that matter. I mean things around here work differently if you haven't noticed. You have to earn what you get, nothing is given around here. I have new scars to prove it, all over my body.

*Draco looks Crimson over as Crimson finishes his lecture, stifling a chuckle over Crimson's shirt.*

Draco: I guess you didn't get the memo there Tommy boy. Since you seem to be all about talking about your cred, why don't we talk about my cred. Why don't we discuss the multiple World titles I've won. Or how about the fact that I've been a main eventer in every company I've stepped foot in the past five years? Or more recently, how about we discuss how I outlasted you at Ultimate Survival? Don't give me crap about not having earned my stripes, I was born with the damn things.

Tommy Crimson: Yeah you did really really well in Ultimate Survival, but lasting a tad bit longer than myself was a fluke and you know it.

*Tommy Crimson removes his sunglasses, glaring right at Draco.*

Tommy Crimson: Look into my eyes Draco... I am the Main *bleeping* Event. So, you know I'm talking from experience when I say you cannot carry a card. Before you can even think about getting your hands on that Intercontinental title you're looking at the VERY MAN who is going to stop you. I will put you out of wrestling for good. This isn't just some two-bit wrestling federation, this is the GCWA, where the best are, and the best rule. Not men like you.

*Draco pauses, looking Crimson over again before shrugging and lunging forward, catching Crimson in the jaw with a solid right! Crimson immediately responds, throwing his own punches. The two men start to whale on each other in the hallway, with GCWA Security showing up almost immediately to pull them apart, maintaining order in the hallway.*

Draco: You're the Main Event?! You're a *bleep*ing joke! You want a fight though, you're on! Oh, and before I forget...

*Draco reaches into his pocket, pulling out the same wad of cash that Crimson had given him weeks ago. Draco chucks it at Crimson, who is being pulled away by security.*

Draco: Keep the change!

Tommy Crimson; I'm going to enjoy tearing you apart!

*Draco smiles as another security guard pushes him out of the view of the camera, and security pushes the cameraman away, and the feed cuts back to ringside.*

Jones: Clearly some bad blood has come about from the teaming of Crimson and Draco at the pay-per-view.

Logan: Yep, but hey, if it leads to a match between the two, I’m all for it!

Jones: Agreed. Hey, uh, Anthony?

Logan: Yes, Jonesy? What’s up?

Jones: Was tonight a “Stranger Mask” Night or something?

Logan: Er, not that I know of. What do you mean?

Jones: Look at all the people with Stranger masks in that section over there.

*The camera pans the audience and shows lots of people wearing the Stranger masks, throughout the arena, including a large group centered in one section.*

Logan: Strange indeed. What the hell?

*Logan turns back from the crowd, not realizing that Jones has put on a Stranger mask himself. Logan considers him for a second, half-smiling.*

Logan: Don’t tell me. You’ve been the real Stranger all along.

Jones: What if I was, Anthony? What if I was?

Logan: *laughing* Yeah, right, and I’m Ace’s son.

*The laughter abruptly stops, and the two men share a brief awkward moment of silence. Suddenly, the tv monitors begin to blink, as words start to appear on the screen:*

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow-
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;

Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand-

How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep- while I weep!

O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?

*The monitors clear, with the last words fading away.*

Jones: A dream with a dream? What the heck?

Logan: It’s a poem, Jonesy, by Edgar Allen Poe. Funny that I know that, and you don’t.

Jones: But what does it mean?

Logan: I don’t know, but I think it has to have something to do with the Stranger.

*Many of the masked people in the audience with risen up, wearing the Stranger masks. The ones in the one section have all stood up as one, moving out towards the exit, as the rest of the crowd is totally dumbfounded, having no clue about what’s going on.*

Jones: Looks like a lot of people need to go use the bathrooms now.

Logan: Will you be serious? Why are the Strangers leaving? What does it mean?

Jones: I don’t know, but suddenly I feel the urge to get up and start following them.

*Jones starts to get up, but Logan immediately grabs him on the shoulders, making him sit down. He also reaches up, grabbing the mask from Jones’ face.*

Logan: You aren’t going anywhere, Edds! We’ve got a Television Title match to call, and I’ll be damned if I’ll be doing it by myself! Unless, of course, you want me to call Paco…

*Jones shakes his head, the thought of Paco taking his job enough to get him re-focused.*

Jones: No, it’s cool, Anthony, I’m ready for it. Is Minos, ok, good, let’s get it rolling, then!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, looking for his first singles gold… standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!

*Mental Health” by Zebrahead leads the way for Crazy Chris, who comes out, mask fully on his face, ready to compete. He gets a wave of pyro that he runs through, before heading to the ring.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz had a rough week, as one of their close friends, Riley Anderson, passed away. It makes you wonder how much time either had to train.

Logan: Did they really need to train, though, Jonesy? I mean, these two guys have literally been wrestling all their lives against each other. I’m betting this one’s going to be decided by whoever makes the last counter!

Minos: And now, his opponent… he is also a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, having partnered with the man he’ll be facing tonight, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

*Dangerous Dan storms out of the back with “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory hitting the air, getting a sizable amount of cheers, just like his brother. It’s hard to tell just which one is more popular. Dan raises the TV Title in the air, then points to the sky with his other hand, in a quick tribute to his friend, Riley. The TV Champion then goes down the aisle.*

Jones: Would you consider this Dangerous Dan’s toughest test to date as the champ?

Logan: Yeah, I think I would. While some of his other competition has put up a good fight, Dan’s never had to face someone who knows every one of his moves, as well as the way to reverse them. The good news for Dan is, he has the same knowledge about Crazy Chris.

Jones: So which brother do you predict winning out here?

Logan: Wow, tough question, man. I think it could go either way, although, in these kinds of matches, you always have to give the advantage to the reigning champion.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The two brothers approach each other, meeting in the center of the ring, as referee Mark Bell moves out of their way. They start talking, maybe throwing in a playful jibe or two at each other. Dangerous Dan then extends his hand, bumping fists once again in a sign of unity with his brother, Crazy Chris. The fans cheer, enjoying the camaraderie being displayed in the ring.*

Jones: It’s good to see that these guys are working not to make this match personal. It’s just going to be a great sparring match between them, with the winner getting a prize at the end.

Logan: A lot of the matches with my brother started with fists, too, just not quite in that way.

*The two brothers begin to dance around each other, each looking for an opening in the armor of their opponent. They lock up, struggling against each other, with Dangerous Dan able to get the advantage, whipping Crazy Chris into the ropes. Chris comes back, though, and ducks under the clothesline attempt, then bounces off the other side and runs towards Dan with a shoulder block. But Dan takes the hit, smiles, then waves Chris to try again. Chris obliges, but as he comes back, Dan drops to the mat, letting Chris jump over him, then gets back up. Chris returns, with Dan leapfrogging him, dodging conflict again. Chris returns one final time, with Dan catching him with a backdrop, only to have Chris do a 360 and land on his feet! Dan turns, surprised to find his brother standing there, and Chris responds with an attempted boot. Dan grabs it, then ducks the Enziguri attempt, but Chris manages to pull off a trick move, pushing back off the mat and coming back with another kick that knocks Dan down!*

Jones: Crazy Chris lands the first shot in this brotherly battle!

Logan: My lord, he’s quick! It’s not often that either of these men don’t have the speed advantage, but I’m not really sure which one’s the quickest going at each other!

Jones: Really, I think it’ll be the guy who changes up his style that will take control here. Both guys are fast, but who can out-think the other?

*Crazy Chris pulls up his brother, now in control. He grabs Dangerous Dan by the head and runs with it, carrying him over to the corner and attempting a tornado bulldog off the turnbuckle! However, Dan reacts, throwing his brother off to the outside!! Chris, though, manages to re-balance himself at the last second, landing with his feet on the apron. When Dangerous Dan turns, realizing what he did instinctively, Chris grabs him by the head and drops off the apron, clotheslining Dan’s throat across the top rope! Dan staggers away, holding both hands to his throat, while Crazy Chris climbs back on the apron. Chris opts to head up, climbing the turnbuckle. He waves his hands, inspiring the fans to cheer louder, before he turns and leaps off towards his brother. But Dangerous Dan immediately responds by jumping up, dropkicking Crazy Chris out of the sky!!! Chris crashes and burns, with Dan crawling over rapidly to try for the pin… 1… 2… Crazy Chris kicks out!*

Logan: It’s like Dangerous Dan knew he was coming towards him!

Jones: This is exactly what I said, Anthony! These guys know each other way too well to be using the same usual strategies. To be a tag-team champion, you almost have to know what your partner is thinking. When that turns into facing off against your partner, something has to change, or else the counters will be numerous!

*Dangerous Dan brings Crazy Chris up to his feet, locking up his arms and taking Chris right back down with a Juvi driver! Dan then makes another cover, wanting to find a way to get out with his title intact… 1… 2… no, Crazy Chris kicks out again. Dangerous Dan looks a little annoyed, but also with a little smile, knowing that Chris would not be an easy win. He pulls Crazy Chris up again and throws him into the corner, clearly reluctant to really punch away at the guy he’s known all his life. Instead, Dangerous Dan lifts Chris into the corner, preparing for a top-rope maneuver. He doesn’t get to it, as Chris suddenly starts striking him with forearms, staggering him on the ropes. Another hit sends Dan falling into the ring, landing on his back, and Crazy Chris is immediately airborne, splashing Dan before he can get up! Crazy Chris grasps at the legs and holds on as referee Bell dives in… 1… 2… Dangerous Dan kicks out!*

Jones: We almost had a new Television Champion!

Logan: Yeah, I thought Chris was about to pull it off! Has this ever happened before in the GCWA? Two brothers fighting it out for a single belt?

Jones: We’ve had partners go at it and friends, but I don’t think we’ve ever had true flesh and blood allies in this kind of contest!

Logan: Yes! A first in GCWA history!

*While the announcers were discussing history, Crazy Chris is attempting to add to history, as he has his brother back up again. Chris uses his legs to scissor Dangerous Dan over, placing him on the middle rope, chest-first. Chris then races to the ropes and comes back, attempting the 619! But Dan ducks at the last second, leaving Chris to spin over him, then gets up, grabbing Chris before he can react and taking him over with a back suplex! The Television Champion painfully rolls over and makes the cover, trying to put his brother away… 1… 2…. Crazy Chris kicks out. Dan, already feeling the exertion from such a frantic match, lifts himself up, looking towards the turnbuckle. He climbs up, gaining some cheers from the crowd for the high-risk attempt, as he waits for Crazy Chris to rise up. Dan then leaps, coming at Chris from behind! Chris has no idea what’s coming until Dan nails him with a huge missile dropkick, toppling the #1 Contender to the canvas!! Dangerous Dan takes a moment to recover, then rolls over, making the pin… 1… 2… and Mark Bell stops counting, spotting Chris’ leg sticking through the ropes!*

Jones: Crazy Chris just saved the match for himself there, I think!

Logan: That’s good in-ring strategy for Chris, although Dangerous Dan could have prevented it by hanging onto the legs. I guess Dan didn’t think of it in time.

Jones: Both men are tiring quickly, Anthony, which means it’s going to be more about instincts than intelligence very soon.

Logan: Yeah, I’m glad this one doesn’t have a time limit! I want it to go as long as it has to!

*The Television Champion painfully gets up, really feeling the effects of this epic brotherly duel. Crazy Chris has crawled away, looking towards the ropes for leverage. As he starts to get up, though, Dangerous Dan is there, grabbing his head and dropping back with an inverted DDT! Dan makes another cover, this time making sure that Chris’ legs are away from the ropes… 1… 2… but Chris fights free, getting his shoulder up in the air. Dan struggles back up, breathing heavily. But he has enough left to signal for the Danger Zone! The crowd is roaring as Dan waits for Chris to bring himself up, apparently muttering something under his lips about how he loves him. Dan then comes in, locking onto Chris and lifting him into the air… but Chris spins around, reversing himself out of the maneuver and coming down with a neckbreaker, sending Dangerous Dan bouncing off the canvas and onto his back! Both men are down, with referee Bell standing over them!*

Jones: Crazy Chris countered the Danger Zone in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen before!

Logan: Damn, you were right, Jonesy, Dan should never have attempted that with someone so familiar with the move!

Jones: Who is going to get up? The Television Title is still up for grabs!

*Referee Bell starts his count, watching both men to see if they can pull themselves back up off the canvas. As he counts, the fans start up a chant for both men, saying “Let’s go Crazy / Let’s go Dan!” It echoes throughout the arena, inspiring both wrestlers to start moving. Dangerous Dan struggles to the side, reaching for the ropes, while Crazy Chris rolls over, holding onto his mask as if making sure his head’s still on straight. They both start to get up, with Bell halting his count, waving them to go at it once more. However, as the two men start to move in towards each other, the crowd starts booing them heavily.*

Jones: What? Why did the fans turn on the Danger Boiz?

Logan: They didn’t, Jonesy, they’re booing those two guys running to the ring… the Malvados are here!!!

Jones: What the *bleep*??

*Before the startled referee Bell can do anything, the Malvados leap into the ring, striking both Danger Boiz from behind! Hector Malvado smashes Chris with the side of his arm, banging him into the corner, while Victor kicks away at Dangerous Dan, doing his own damage. The referee, with no choice, signals for the bell to ring, as everything has broken down here tonight.*

Minos: Due to the referee’s decision, this match has been ruled a No-Contest!

Logan: No, damnit, no!! It was so good!!!

Jones: Two No-Contests in one show?? Damn, talk about a rough wrestling night!!

*The Malvados start to work together on one man, Dangerous Dan, while the crowd boos, angry at the ruining of such a great main event match. The Malvados don’t seem to care, though, as they pick Dangerous Dan up and deliver the No Mas on him, laying him out!! Crazy Chris tries to come to his brother’s rescue, attacking both men, earning a small cheer, but that’s quickly snuffed out, as the numbers are too great for him, especially after so much exertion. The Malvados pick Chris up and give him a double powerbomb variation, then each goes to a turnbuckle, climbing up. Hector leaps off with a frogsplash on Chris, while Victor nails Dan with the same move, landing the El Fin!!!*

Jones: The Malvados are sending a statement today, Anthony! I think they’re making sure to take out the Danger Boiz before they have their World Tag-Team Titles match next week against Stranger Danger!

Logan: I don’t care about their reasons for doing this, Jonesy, only that they ruined such a wonderful contest! I really wanted to see who was the better member of the Danger Boiz!

Jones: That’ll have to wait for another day, Anthony, as Dangerous Dan retains the TV Title due to the interference of some tag-team rivals!

*Both Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris are hurting in the ring, with referee Bell checking over them. As the Malvados walk away from ringside, done with their work, we switch to a shot outside the arena, where a car can be seen pulling up to the entrance. The door opens, and after a few seconds, Marcus Ka’Derrion steps out, dressed in his usual clothes. The only difference is the fact that he’s got two titles with him, the World Title and the Intercontinental Title. The audience begins to cheer loudly as the current heavyweight champion walks towards the building, a hard-to-read expression on his face. We go to our last commercial.*

*After the final break, we come back to the GCWA Arena, where the crowd is hyped up, starting a “Marcus” chant. The cameras focus on Jones and Logan.*

Jones: Welcome back to Inferno everyone and as you saw before the break, Marcus Ka’Derrion has arrived in the arena finally!

Logan: Alright, party time!!!

Jones: Yes, but before we get to that, the President prepared a special surprise for the son of Blake Ka’Derrion. Roll the tape!

*The video begins to play, showing a few video clips of the Punisher, wrestling in the GCWA. The announcers are talking about him being one of the greats in the GCWA’s history, as he is pictured, raising up the GCWA World Heavyweight Title. Various pictures are inter-spliced, clearly having been given over by the Ka’Derrion family. They are shots of a young Marcus, standing next to his dad, watching him wrestle, growing up in the business. We switch to a much more recent shot of Marcus, seen making his debut at Warriors of the Ring III, looking reluctant as he approaches the ring. The announcers can be heard speaking over the clip.*

Jones: Now THIS guy’s got the wrestling blogs going into overdrive. Everyone wants to know who his father is!

Logan: Well, we know his father’s a former GCWA champion of some sort, so that should narrow it down.

*Despite his clear inexperience inside the squared circle, Marcus survived in the match, avoiding trouble again and again before the end, where he was able to knock out Dangerous Dan with the Snap Cradle Brainbuster for the victory, becoming the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion.*

Logan: The rookie did it! In his first match, Marcus Ka’Derrion is a champion!

*The video continues to run, showing Marcus’ growing skill in the ring as he defended the Intercontinental Title against Scott Caine, as well as winning matches against Jay-Mack Youth and Caid Austin. We see him going into a furious battle once again with Dangerous Dan at Darkness Falls, with Marcus narrowly managing to get the victory, retaining the title. It was also the night that Marcus came down to save Derek Mobley from a double-team of Jobe Severity & Twiztid, revealing his true heritage.*

Jones: Wait a damn minute!! That’s not Punisher!!!

Logan: It’s… it’s… it’s Marcus Ka’Derrion!!!!!!

Jones: Wait… He came down to Punisher’s music…. HE CAME DOWN TO PUNISHER’S MUSIC!!!

Logan: So that means…… Marcus is Punisher’s son??

*We see Marcus raising Mobley’s arm in the air after his successful World Title defense, with Mobley looking completely lost, staring at Marcus’ face. Clips are shown next of Marcus’ war with Twiztid, leading up to a Buried Alive match, where Marcus learned new methods of pain from his father’s partners in order to survive, burying Twiztid alive. Brief shots are shown of Marcus’ matches with Mr. Excellent and Harvey Danger, continuing to stay the Intercontinental Champion, despite all of the challengers. His next feud, with Tommy Crimson, is illustrated by Marcus putting Tommy through a flaming table to win their match at Blood On The Battlefield III. With the victory, Ka’Derrion found himself available for another position that he had never before, as the President of the GCWA made the announcement on the next Inferno.*

The Accelerator: Shane, you decided to run your big mouth earlier and call a few people out. One of those you mentioned is the undefeated Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion! *cheers* Well, I talked to Marcus earlier tonight, and after thinking about it, Marcus accepted my offer. Which means I’m making Marcus Ka’Derrion the #1 Contender to the World Title as of tonight!!

*Brief clips are shown of the contract signing between Marcus and Shane, as well as Shane trying to get under Marcus’ skin by refereeing his match against Mikey Willis. Ka’Derrion answered by attacking Shane on various occasions, while trying to select a match for their encounter at Ultimate Survival. It all came down to the 60-Minute Iron Man match, with which we’re once again treated to some shots from that epic battle. The final shot is of Marcus winning out with the Punisher, then getting his hand raised, with the World Title in his grasp. The video slowly ends with triumphant music, as the fans are once again cheering for Marcus in the Arena.*

Logan: It’s amazing how far Marcus Ka’Derrion has come over the last five months! He has become a true wrestling superstar, on the same wavelength as his father, the Punisher!

Jones: It’s been a great ride, and you have to think it’s just beginning!

* “No More Sorrow” By Linkin park blasts out of the speakers and the crowd jumps to their feet and cheer loudly, possibly the loudest of the night as they have been expecting the new champion all night.*

Jones: Listen to this ovation Anthony!!!

Logan: What!?!

*Marcus Ka’Derrion steps out from behind the curtain and the cheers get even louder. He steps up to the ramp and flashlights go off throughout the arena, making the belts, yes, belts, shine even brighter. The Intercontinental title is tightly wrapped around his waist and the World Heavyweight Title is draped across his right shoulder. He looks up and raises his arms, pointing up to the sky briefly before making his way down the ramp.*

Jones: Who would have thought that this was going to happen Anthony? Here is a guy who a few months ago didn’t want a single thing to do with the sport and now, look at him. He is the undefeated, undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.

Logan: It’s so surreal Jones. I can’t even begin to imagine what is going through Marcus’ mind right now.

*Marcus gets inside the ring and right away he gets handed a mic… the lights die down and a spotlight hits the center of the ring. Marcus tries to speak, but the crowd still going wild. Marcus seems very touched by the reception and doesn’t really know how to react.*

Jones: They sure love Punisher Junior don’t they?

Logan: They sure do, part of it is because of who his father is, but part of it is also for what he has done in this federation. Add the fact that he beat one of the most hated guys in the federation and well, people are just going to love you for that alone.

*Marcus looks up and whispers something before pointing up… The crowd continues to cheer, and seeing Marcus reaction, a ‘King of Pain! King of Pain!” chant gets started… Upon hearing this, Marcus takes the title off of his shoulder and lays it across the ring, aligning it perfectly with the spotlight. This seems to get the crowd to quiet down. Marcus brings the mic up to his lips, but never takes his eyes off of the rafters… *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Dad… this one is for you…

* “Bring the Pain” by Method Man begins to play as the crowd cheers, though some appear confused by his words. So is Jones. Marcus points to the sky one last time and then heads out of the ring, leaving the title in the middle of the ring, with the spotlight right on it.*

Jones: What the? What does that mean?

Logan: it’s a tribute Jonesy! He’s dedicating his World Title win to his father.

Jones: Bull*bleep*, look, he’s leaving the ring! I think he just quit!

Logan: What? Are you insane? No he didn’t quit!

Jones: Well then he’s retiring or something.. Maybe vacating the title!? Why is he leaving it behind?

Logan: It’s a damn tribute Jones, calm down! We were expecting a party but instead we got a tribute. That’s ten times better if you ask me.

Jones: I don’t buy it… “His Legacy” remember? Marcus said that this was all about his father… So now that he won the World Title, he is done with his father’s legacy. He made sure it continued, that’s all he promised his dad he would do! Now he’s leaving GCWA!

Logan: Man you really need to take a chill pill.. You’re reading way too much into this. Folks, we’re out of time. See you next week!

*Marcus disappears behind the curtain and we get one last look at the World Title in the ring, a spinning silver skull makes it shine even brighter. The scene fades to black.*

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- James Thrash vs. The Big Bifford

- Shane Donovan vs. The Lost Soul

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