*After a couple of commercials that promised you your hair back and a thinner waist (very unlikely), we fade to a black screen. After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Shane Donovan confidently holding the GCWA World Heavyweight Title in his hands, a grim smile on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The audience is cheering wildly, knowing that this is the “go home” show before the next major pay-per-view event, being held in Houston, Texas next week. The cameraman moves in on a few face-painted fans who are going wild, raising up signs that talk about The Lost Soul’s return. Another person next to them holds up her own sign, showing Derek Mobley’s face with several darts sticking out of it. We go to the announce table, where the usual suspects are in play.*

Jones: Hello everybody, and welcome to another great edition of Friday Night Inferno! I’m Edward Jones along with Anthony “Lightning” Logan, and we are ready for a barn-burner tonight!

Logan: I told somebody to take the matches away from the Big Bifford, didn’t I?

Jones: What? No, Anthony, that’s not what I…

Logan: I know, Jonesy, I’m just messing with you. You’re too gullible, man, we’ve gotta break you of that habit.

Jones: …. Well, anyhow, folks, we’ve got a great show lined up for you, as we’re getting closer and closer to Ultimate Survival! By the end of the night, we should know everyone involved in the Ultimate Survival matches, giving you even more reason to buy! We already know of one change, as it has been announced that Derek Mobley will be taking Rick Mathis’ place on the Roman Empire squad!

Logan: I’m still in shock about that, Jonesy. Mobley was the best of the GCWA for many months. To think that he’s joined the Empire, well, it still feels surreal.

Jones: Tonight we hope to hear from Derek about why he’s betrayed the fans, as well as his partner, Scott Caine. We also have a tremendous main event, as Dangerous Dan is in action yet again, defending the Television Title against another young star, Mikey Willis! Who will leave with the gold, which is becoming more and more prestigious?

Logan: It’s going to be a good contest, Edds. Dangerous Dan is doing all he can to ensure that his reign isn’t a short one, but that’s not easy to guarantee when you’re forced to defend the belt every week!

Jones: We’ve got 5 top-notch matches scheduled tonight, so let’s get down to… wha?

*"God In Extension" starts to play, and immediately the crowd begins to boo loudly, knowing that this can only mean that the GCWA World Champion Shane Donovan was on his way out to the ring. A stage-hand walks out of the backstage area, looking out of the curtains before reaching in and pulling out a gurney. Lying on the stretcher is Shane Donovan himself, a smirk on his face as he props his head up with his right arm.*

Logan: Well, if you’re going to start the last show before a major pay-per-view, you might as well start it with the World Champion!

Jones: I guess we’ll soon find out why Shane Donovan is making a surprise appearance this evening. What’s with the stretcher? Was he hurt worse than we thought by that sneak-attack from Ka’Derrion?

Logan: No, I’m betting this has something to do with Ka’Derrion’s last challenge, wanting an “Ambulance” Match at Ultimate Survival!

*As the stretcher crosses the threshold of the backstage area, it's noticed that another stage-hand is pushing the gurney, and there's a black body bag on the bottom of it. They bring it to ringside, turning and sliding it against the ring. Shane quickly stands up on the gurney, taking in the leers of the fans before entering the ring, the GCWA World Championship strapped firmly around his waist. He calls for one of the stage-hands to give him a microphone, and his request is quickly fulfilled.*

Shane Donovan: Hello GCWA!

*The crowd continues to assault the champ with words that don't need to be repeated.*

Shane Donovan: I can tell you're all so very glad to find out that I'm okay after that unsightly assault by that punk Marcus De'Kerrion.

*The crowd cheers at the mention of the name of the undefeated Intercontinental champion, but Shane shrugs it off.

Shane Donovan: I'm disappointed really, I expected more from someone trying to live up to an inflated legacy, but I guess you can't ignore genetics. At least I had the decency to look him in the eyes before I turned out his lights.

*More boos rain down upon the mention of Shane's attack on Marcus a few weeks ago at the contract signing.*

Shane Donovan: I will give him some credit though, even if he doesn't deserve it. An ambulance match is perfect. The TLC match had me a bit concerned since I'm not a fan of heights, but an ambulance match? Now you're talking!

*Shane slides out of the ring, standing next to the gurney and patting the top of it.*

Shane Donovan: Marcus wants a barbaric match? I'm more than happy to give him the shot. Heck, this match is perfect for the stage-hands here. They won't even need to haul him to the ambulance when I'm done, I'll handle it for them.

*Shane reaches under the gurney, hauling up the body bag and shoving it onto the top of the gurney. Shane then unzips the bag, revealing inside a manniquin that is made up to look like Marcus Ke'Derrion.*

Shane Donovan: Just thought you could use the visual aid here Marcus, since you seem to have a hard time being a man and standing face to face with a situation. Take it in Marcus, visualize your future and start making plans for your career curtain jerking against guys like Mr. Excellent and Crazy Chris. It suits you my man. Trust me on this, you'll be thanking me later.

*The crowd throws random objects in Shane’s direction as he starts to push the gurney back up the aisle. Shane’s stopped, though, when the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, suddenly appears on the Titon Tron! The audience cheers as Ace sits there at his desk, shaking his head. He gives a brief applause towards Shane, clearly not meaning it.*

The Accelerator: It was a good little spiel there, Shane. I like the visual aids. Nice touch. But I’m afraid I have some bad news for you.

*The crowd is cheering, even as Shane glares at the screen. He mouths something that doesn’t get picked up by the camera mics, but it’s pretty clear he wants to know what the change is.*

The Accelerator: Y’see, Shane, I gave Marcus the option of choosing the match stipulations for Ultimate Survival. I told him that I needed a decision pretty quick, so he told the world that he wanted a “Tables, Ladders, & Chairs” Match. Ok, works for me, except that he never came by to put it on the contract. Instead, he changed his mind and attacked you again, apparently wanting an “Ambulance” Match. Well, alright, I can arrange that, except that, you guessed it, I still don’t have a signature from the boy.

*Donovan shoves the gurney aside, realizing the implications of what the Accelerator is saying. He looks pretty ticked off. Ace, meanwhile, is smiling as he talks.*

The Accelerator: So, yesterday, I called and talked to the young man, and wouldn’t you know it? He’s not sure about the match now. Hey, I’m as shocked as you are. But I gave Marcus the right to choose, and until he signs this piece of paper and makes it official, he can change it to whatever he wants. So, I guess what I’m saying is, tough luck, boyo. You still don’t know what match you’re going to be in.

*The Accelerator shrugs his shoulders, grinning, as the Titon Tron fades out. Donovan is furious, grabbing the nearby gurney and sending it smashing up and off of the entry ramp, crashing to its side next to it. The mannequin falls away, its head rolling to the side, Strangely, it looks like the eyes are staring at the World Champion.*

Jones: So, then, it’s NOT an Ambulance match?

Logan: Well, it ‘could’ be an Ambulance match, Jonesy, but we just don’t know for sure right now!

Jones: Damn! Marcus has really got Donovan at a disadvantage, as he could be already preparing for whatever the match is going to be! The World Champion is NOT happy!

*Shane Donovan starts to walk up the ramp, heading towards the back, when he notices the mannequin head that looks so much like Marcus Ka’Derrion laying on the ground. Donovan smirks to himself, regaining a little perspective. He runs forward, giving the head a mighty kick and sending the head flying off into the crowd! Donovan then moves up the ramp, ignoring the boos coming his way. We fade out to our first commercial break.*

*The theme song from the Price is Right cues up as Harvey Danger steps onto your screen wearing an old plaid sports coat, his hair slicked back, and a phony mustache resembling your typical used car salesman. He steps up behind a table filled with an assortment of items, most of which are junk.*

Harvey Danger: (Talking with an exaggerated Brooklyn accent) Uhh.. fine collectibles here from Harvey 'D'! I can find you just about anything folks! I got a beautiful warehouse here, let me tell you somethin folks, this is like buyin' gold here! The prices are only goin' to go up! I can get you some beautiful items for that special little lady, especially with Mother's Day this Sunday! Right here, this fine item, a real rare treasure for those of you with money to burn... an autographed Unicorn horn, signed by Big Bifford himself! ...Uh... borrowed right from his locker! How about this treasure right here? For your own martial art's pleasure, an official Robert Santana "black-belt"!

*Harvey holds up a regular men's black leather belt and quickly waves it in front of the camera, then tosses it over his shoulder behind him.*

Harvey Danger: Beautiful item, that black belt. For an extra 'C' note, I can get you that blackbelt autographed by none other than President Abraham Lincoln. I have three of them, place your order now cause those babies are going to go quickly!

*Harvey then picks up a case of Cover Girl bright red lipstick. Noticing the price tag dangling from the cheap lipstick, Harvey rips it off and tosses it off camera.*

Harvey Danger: Authentic Lost Soul face paint! Get your very own face painted for 'fitty nine, ninety nine! We're out of time folks, but get it right here at Harvey 'D's Wrestling Collectibles. If you don't see it, just ask!

*Harvey smiles at the camera as the picture fades away, ending the commercial.*

*We return from the break in the office of the President. The Accelerator is seated behind his desk, his arms folded in front of him. He’s thinking about the three men standing in front of him. They are Mikey Willis, Robert Santana, and Mon-E! The Accelerator starts to speak, leaning forward in his chair.*

The Accelerator: Here’s the simple truth, guys. I’m wanting to put you in the Ultimate Survival tournament matches, against Mr. Excellent and the Danger Boiz. But I’m just not sure that you guys are ready for this yet. I need some assurance.

*The three men look at each other, with Mon-E quickly stepping forward.*

Mon-E: Ace, you have nothing to worry about. I’m going to show you my worth by beating the hell out of Derek Mobley tonight.

*The Accelerator shakes his head, laughing. It’s not a nice laugh.*

The Accelerator: So, Mon-E, you think you can handle Mobley? Well, then, I want to see it. I want to see it from all of you. So here’s the thing, if you can last more than 5 minutes against your opponents, or if you win in that time, I’ll put you into the match. If not, then I’ll find a replacement during the week.

*Neither Willis nor Santana seem to have a problem with it, although they look at each other warily, considering being each other’s tag-team partner. Mon-E runs a hand across his mouth, apparently realizing he has put himself in deep trouble.*

The Accelerator: So, Mon-E, you’d better go get ready. Your match is coming up next. Santana, Willis, give me some good matches tonight. Prove you deserve to be here! Now get the hell out.

*The three men depart, with Willis mocking Santana on the way out by doing the “Robert Santana”. The Accelerator sighs, then looks towards his friend, the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, who was sitting in the background.*

The Accelerator: You think any of them will make it?

Titan 3: Who cares?

The Accelerator: Very nice, T3. So, let’s talk about you. You’ve been keeping control, and I appreciate that, but you may need to kick it up a notch this week. I’m getting sick and tired of so many masked men appearing on my program.

*The camera pans back over to Titan 3, who is smiling as he cracks the knuckles on his right hand. He looks up towards the President.*

Titan 3: Don’t worry about that. I have a plan tonight for those masked idiots.

The Accelerator: And can I find out about that plan before too many people are in the hospital?

Titan 3: You keep doing your ‘presidential’ duties and leave the rest to me.

*Titan 3 gets up, leaving the room, while the Accelerator takes a deep breath, calming himself. He is the type of guy who hates being out of control. The phone rings, attracting his attention, as we go back to ringside.*

Logan: Man, Titan 3’s going after the Malvados! Or is he going after the Strangers?

Jones: Whoever it is, they better watch their backs! Titan 3 has been wrestling more and more lately, attacking anyone who gets in the President’s way.

Minos: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall. It has been given a 10-minute time limit. Making his way out first, he is fighting for a chance to go to Ultimate Survival, standing 6’2” and weighing 226 lbs, from Denver, Colorado, he is Mon-E!

*The crowd boos as usual for the rich man coming out from the back, complete with “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson playing behind him. Mon-E has even added the glowing panels to the entryway, his feet lighting up each time he touches one, while the pyro goes off behind him. Mon-E shows some cash, teasing the crowd with it, before putting it back in his pocket.*

Jones: Mon-E certainly hasn’t had a great one in the GCWA, but he can make up for it here tonight by competing against Derek Mobley!

Logan: Man, with the way Mobley’s been lately, I don’t think I’d want to have to last 5 minutes with him. Mon-E’s definitely got the hardest job of the three guys here tonight, if he wants his chance at glory!

Minos: And now, his opponent, he is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion who shocked everyone last week, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, here is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*While a small section of the crowd still cheers, many of the fans let loose their rage at the ‘betrayer’ as Derek Mobley appears out of the back. Mobley laughs at the reaction, but doesn’t bother with it, walking towards the ring. There is a noticeable lack of music following him out.*

Jones: Derek Mobley broke a lot of hearts last week when he turned on Scott Caine and joined the Roman Empire.

Logan: It seems like all I’ve heard this week is “Why did Mobley turn? It makes no sense!”

Jones: Well, whatever the reason, we have to deal with the fact that the man the fans loved may be no more. Mobley is looking out for himself now.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Here we go! If Mon-E can last over 5 minutes against Mobley, he wins an opportunity at Ultimate Survival!

Logan: Your watch has a second hand on it, right? Just checking.

*Mon-E, popping his neck, turns out of the corner and walks forward, strutting towards Mobley. He starts talking to the new addition to the Roman Empire, apparently trying to work something out. Remarkably, Mobley seems to be listening. He nods his head, even as Mon-E reaches into his back pocket. Mobley watches him closely, but Mon-E doesn’t have a weapon. He has cash. It looks like a sizable amount of bills clipped together. Mon-E points to the bill, then points to Mobley, as the conversation continues. Needless to say, the fans aren’t happy.*

Jones: Ok, the bell has sounded, where’s the action?

Logan: I’ve never thought much of Mon-E, but I think he actually has a plan tonight!

Jones: What, he’s going to bribe Derek Mobley? That’s insane!

Logan: Last week I would have agreed with you, Jonesy, but this is a whole different week!

*Mobley laughs at something Mon-E says, even as the referee, Bell, tries to get the fighting started. Mobley waves the referee off disdainfully, knowing that he can’t do anything. The fans are booing louder now, not liking the nonexistent pace of the match. Mobley puts out his hand, and Mon-E shakes it, the two apparently coming to a deal! Mon-E then hands over the money to the Roman Empire member, who starts to count it.*

Jones: I don’t believe this! Does this mean that Mobley is going to lay down to Mon-E???

Logan: Hey, Ace said that Mon-E only had to last 5 minutes, he said nothing about him needing to win! I’m betting Mon-E just bought himself those 5 minutes!

Jones: Damn, the man’s found a loophole to get himself into the pay-per-view!

*The crowd throws some garbage into the ring, even as Mobley finishes counting the money and nods. He smiles, happy to have done business with the man. Mon-E, meanwhile, is watching the clock with a smile, as it has already reached two minutes. Two minutes of no wrestling.*

Logan: I can hear televisions being turned off all around the world, man! C’mon, guys, at least throw some fake punches or something!

Jones: This is without a doubt one of the most boring matches I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen a lot…

*Mon-E taunts the crowd, then comes back over to Mobley, still watching the clock. Mobley yawns, putting a hand over his face. He looks very bored. Mon-E, confident, puts an arm on Mobley’s shoulder, giving it a pat before moving backwards. Mobley looks at the spot where Mon-E touched him, laughs to himself, then turns around, saying something. Mon-E turns around with an inquisitive look on his face, which quickly turns into a look of pain as Mobley kicks him in the gut!! Mobley follows that up with a knee lift into Mon-E’s jaw, sending him sprawling backwards! The fans sit up as Mobley moves forward, grabbing Mon-E and picking him up. Without any wasted motion, Mobley brings Mon-E up and back down, crushing him with the Thriller!! Mobley makes the cocky pin, while Bell gets into position for the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, in 2:53 seconds, Derek Mobley!

Jones: Another double-cross from Mobley! He took Mon-E out before he could get his PPV chance!

Logan: Damn, Mobley’s become a serious snake in the grass! I bet he keeps all that money, too, because no one but he and Mon-E know what the deal was!

Jones: So Mon-E is out of Ultimate Survival! But who will be put in Mon-E’s place in the tournament?

*Mobley cockily walks out of the ring, once again counting the money that was given to him. Mon-E, meanwhile, is still out cold. The referee is checking on him, while Mobley moves off with a triumphant look on his face. He stays in the center of the aisle, ignoring the fans who once idolized him. We head backstage, nearby the parking garage of the GCWA Arena. We see a man walking back and forth. It is the Stranger! Or is it? There seems to be a good chance, as he’s holding the tag-team title on his shoulder. The crowd reacts, cheering for the man. He stops at the door leading to the parking lot, checks the time on his watch, then begins to tap his feet impatiently.*

Jones: Who’s he waiting for?

Logan: Shhh.

*The Stranger takes a deep breath, checks his watch again, then begins to walk the other direction. The door to the parking lot slams open and a UPS delivery man is panting and sweating.*

UPS: Excuse me! Excuse me! Mr. Stranger!

*The Stranger turns back and nods at the UPS guy.*

UPS: Sorry, got held up in traffic. I have a delivery for you.

*The UPS guy hands over a small package to the Stranger.*

UPS: if you could just sign here please.

*The Stranger signs off and the UPS guy quickly rushes back out to the parking lot. The sound of the UPS vrooming off is heard as the Stranger begins to unwrap the package. He tears open the box and pulls out 5 Stranger masks. An envelope falls out. The Stranger reaches down to pick up the envelope. He tears it open and inside is a check for $3000 and a note. He slips the check in his back pocket and reads the note. The camera zooms in on the letter and it reads.*

Dear Stranger,

Thank you for doing such a great job. But your job is far from done. Tonight you have to take out the Malvados once and for all. Good Luck.

*The Stranger looks around, quickly tears up the note and rushes off. We head to another commercial break.*

*We return from the break back in the President’s office, where Mon-E is currently having a raging argument with the Accelerator.*

Mon-E: The *bleep* cheated me! He stole from me!! Damnit, I want another chance!! You can’t keep me out, I get everything I want!!

The Accelerator: Hey, you agreed to the stipulations, is it my fault you were too stupid to run around for five minutes? You’re out, Mon-E, and you better watch that tone with me.

Mon-E: I will call my lawyers and they will take care of this like they always do, *bleep*head. Who could possibly replace me in the match? Nobody, that’s who! You *bleeping* old man! I…

*Before Mon-E can say another word, Ace is up out of his chair, grabbing Mon-E’s head and slamming it into the desk!! Mon-E lets out a painful warble, his nose already bleeding from the strike. The Accelerator doesn’t stop there, as he comes around the desk and grabs the spoiled wrestler, bodily launching him into the door and sending him skidding to the outside!! The crowd is cheering as the Accelerator follows Mon-E out, with the man begging, trying to get away. He doesn’t get far, as two security guards step forward. They seem unsure of what to do, blocking Mon-E’s way. Ace gives the thumbs down, so the guards grab the screaming Mon-E and lift him up, tossing him through a drinks table nearby!!!! Mon-E is out cold, covered in Gatorade. The Accelerator puts a hand on his back, stretching his older frame out.*

The Accelerator: Well, that was fun. Mon-E, in case you haven’t realized it yet, you’re fired!

*Mon-E doesn’t make much of a protest, probably because he is still out of it. The Accelerator leans back, thinking.*

The Accelerator: Of course, it is a good question. Who could possibly replace Mon-E in the Ultimate Survival match?

*An alert young man with a mop comes over, having seen messes appear all the time at the GCWA Arena. He gets out the mop and starts working around Mon-E’s feet, cleaning up the punch before it can set in. The Accelerator studies him.*

The Accelerator: Hey, kid, what’s your name?

Man: Sir? Uhh, my name is Peter, Peter Vaughn, sir. Am I doing this too early?

The Accelerator: No, kid, you’re right on time. How would you like to take Mon-E’s place in the Ultimate Survival match?

Peter Vaughn: Me? But, sir, I’m a janitor! I… I don’t…

The Accelerator: Good! We’ll see you Sunday! Here’s $100, go get yourself some wrestling gear.

*The President stuffs $100 into the janitor’s shirt pocket and walks out. Peter looks at the man on the ground, still not moving, then looks back towards the President. His lower lip is trembling in fear.*

Peter Vaughn: But….. but….

*The man looks completely lost, as we head back to ringside.*

Logan: Seriously? They’re going to put poor Petey into the Ultimate Survival matches?

Jones: You know him, Anthony?

Logan: Some of us aren’t so snobbish as to not pay attention to the guys working behind the scenes, Jonesy. Yeah, I know Petey, we play poker together. I need to talk to him after the show, see if I can give him some training.

Jones: I think the best thing you can teach him is to not show up next Sunday.

Logan: Maybe so, but I’ll talk to him anyway…. Hey, what’s going on?

*The bright lights hanging above the ring begin to flash brighter and dimmer, casting shadows throughout the arena. The fans are looking around, trying to figure out what’s happening. Suddenly, a small crash of thunder rumbles through the arena, joining in the flashing of lights! As all of this happens, a small child’s voice can now be heard, coming out of the PA system. It’s an eerie voice, repeating the same phrase over and over.*

Child: A presence can be felt. A presence can be felt. A presence can be felt…

*Suddenly, without warning, the voice stops and all lights in the arena go out!! For a few seconds, nothing can be seen, with the fans in the arena cheering in response to the darkness. The lights then come back on, completely normal-looking, illuminating the crowd. The cameras seem to be looking around, but no one has made an appearance. We go back to the announcers.*

Logan: Well…. that was weird, huh?

Jones: A “presence” can be felt? What does that mean?

Logan: You got me, Jonesy. We might just have another mystery on our hands.

Jones: I hate mysteries. Anyhow, we’ve got more action in front of us, so let’s hand it off once again to our ring announcer, Minos!

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. It will be a tag-team contest between two teams that believe they are due a Tag-Team Titles opportunity. Introducing first, coming to the ring representing Organized Chaos, weighing a combined 444 lbs, here are Tommy Crimson & Jobe Severity!

*”Head Up” by the Deftones plays over the speakers, earning some hatred from the crowd. Tommy Crimson comes through the curtains first, a confident smirk on his face. He is soon followed by Super Creep and sEizure. The three man walk down the aisle towards the ring. Strangely, Jobe Severity is not with them.*

Jones: Crimson has seemingly reorganized how things work with Organized Chaos. The jury is still out whether they are more dangerous with Crimson or Severity as the leader of the stable.

Logan: Uh, Jonesy? Notice who’s missing?

Jones: Wait, where is Jobe? Is he not joining Crimson tonight?

Logan: Well, the last time these guys met, Crimson revealed to the world that Severity had lied about his cancer and beat him down. I guess Severity may have decided not to show!

Minos: And now, the opponents, they have been engaged in one of the most unusual wars in GCWA history on account of their masks, weighing a combined 400 lbs, from El Salvador, Central America, here are Hector and Victor Malvado!

*The two masked brothers come out at the same time, seemingly moving in sync as they jog down the ramp. “Si Senor” by Control Machete plays behind him while they head into the ring.*

Jones: I still can’t quite tell these guys apart, although I think I’m getting closer.

Logan: Victor is the taller one.

Jones: Taller…. They’re the same height, Anthony!

Logan: No, Victor has about an 8th of an inch more height. You just have to be smart enough to be able to see it, Edds.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The two Malvado brothers talk it out, with Hector stepping into the ring first. On the other side, Tommy Crimson is standing all alone. He still has a smile on his face, however.*

Jones: Will Tommy Crimson be going it alone tonight? That’ll put the Malvados in their second Handicap match in a row!

Logan: I wonder if Crimson had anything to do with Severity not being here tonight…

*Hector slowly moves forward, sizing up Crimson. He starts to go for a lock, but Crimson backs up, going into his corner. He waves, and the massive Super Creep walks forward, stepping up on the apron! The referee, Thomas Mitchell, moves in to talk with Crimson, with Crimson apparently making a good point, as Mitchell backs up, no longer arguing. Super Creep stands on the apron, towering over everyone in the match. Crimson, with a grin, reaches out, tagging Super Creep’s hand! The quiet big man steps over the ropes, as Hector backs up, his entire game plan up in smoke.*

Logan: Damnit, there goes Mitchell again! The contract said Severity, man!

Jones: Are you sure, Anthony? It might have just said Organized Chaos, giving Crimson a loophole to exploit!

Logan: How could Mitchell have verified that from where he is? No, he’s just letting it happen, just like he always does with Organized Chaos!

*Referee Mitchell steps out of the way as Super Creep slowly advances on Hector, who is trying to figure out a way to attack the big man. He suddenly comes forward, bringing his forearm across Super Creep’s chest, but the minion of Crimson ignores it, grabbing Hector and pulling him in tight! He crushes Hector in his arms for a few seconds with a bear-hug, then lifts him into the air and delivers a bear-hug slam! Super Creep immediately pulls both men up, dragging Hector towards his own corner. He has Hector by the throat as he tags in Crimson. The leader of Organized Chaos waves to Super Creep, who throws Hector back-first into the turnbuckle, then steps out of the ring. Crimson’s right on the attack, slugging away on the masked man.*

Jones: Super Creep certainly makes this a very different match. The Malvados are going to have to adapt quickly if they want a chance to win.

Logan: Yeah, their best bet is to keep Crimson in the ring. Sure, Crimson’s a veteran who can beat almost anyone, but he’s still a better option for these guys than Super Creep!

*Unfortunately, Crimson has no inclination to make things easier for the Malvado’s, as he bodyslams Hector, then tags Super Creep right back in, wanting him to do more damage. The large man pulls Hector up and carries him towards the center of the ring, delivering an inverted atomic drop that bounces Hector to the canvas in pain. Super Creep then leans over, grabbing Hector by the throat and pulling him up. He doesn’t release the hold, choking away on the helpless masked man, as referee Mitchell begins a warning count. The count is broken up, though, when Victor runs in, dropkicking Super Creep from behind! Unfortunately, the bigger man doesn’t go down, but he does let go of Hector to turn to this new threat. Victor runs off the ropes and comes back, but Super Creep catches him by the throat, preparing for a chokeslam! He reaches over and grabs Hector with his other hand, then starts to lift. But both Malvados escape at the same time, managing to hop back to the mat. Both masked men soar up with a double-dropkick, this time putting Super Creep on the ground!*

Jones: Super Creep is down! The Malvados have him in danger here!

Logan: And I think Crimson is enjoying this, too, Jonesy! I wonder if this is another test, considering that Crimson attacked Super Creep last week for siding with Severity!

*As Super Creep tries to get up, Hector and Victor come at him from both sides, leaping up and splashing the big man between them!! Super Creep drops to his knees, putting him in the perfect position for a tandem boot from the Malvados, knocking him fully down. Victor finally goes back to his corner, under referee Mitchell’s stern warnings, as Hector adds in an elbow drop, then goes for the pin… Mitchell’s a little late, but he gets there… 1… 2.. and Super Creep tosses Hector off of him to stop the count. Crimson does a brief ‘applause’ in the corner, watching his man, while Hector goes to tag in his brother. Victor hops over the ropes and charges, doing a senton splash onto the downed Super Creep! Victor then goes for the pin, but has the same luck that Hector did in holding him down. So Victor goes over and tags Hector back in, using the ropes to allow Hector to fly up and back down, landing on the Organized Chaos enforcer! Victor follows, dropping as well, as the two Malvados try a double pin! 1… 2… and now Crimson is there, breaking it up by kicking both men!*

Logan: About time Crimson got back into this one! Super Creep was taking some hits in there!

Jones: Crimson is all for testing his troops, but I’m sure he doesn’t want a loss on his record, either. It’s in his best interests to stay involved in this one.

*Crimson pulls up Hector, punching away on him, while Victor struggles to keep Super Creep on the ground with a legscissors. It isn’t an easy task, as Super Creep is fighting hard to be free. The other two fight to the corner, all control lost in this one. Referee Mitchell, having been through this last week, simply shrugs and lets them go at it. As the fighting continues, though, “Every Breath You Take” by the Police hits the speakers, shocking the crowd. Crimson backs away from his attack, looking off in the direction of the entryway, but this allows Hector to get a clothesline, getting back in control. Meanwhile, the fans watch as the Stranger walks out of the back, heading towards the ring! More shockingly are the other four men following behind him, all wearing the garb of the Stranger!*

Jones: Oh, no, here we go again! Here comes, uh, the Stranger!

Logan: Not just one Stranger, but a whole bunch of them!

Jones: Well, we saw earlier that someone sent the Stranger a package with money and 5 masks in it! I guess this is what they were to be used for!

Logan: The Stranger’s following orders, and he’s got some friends!

*The crowd is on their feet, cheering as one. In the ring, almost all activity has stopped, with the Malvados angrily speaking to the referee about who is at ringside. The main Stranger, slightly larger, stops the rest of the group before they reach the ring.*

Jones: It looks like they’re going to huddle up and talk strategy before interfering in this one.

Logan: Uh, I don’t think that one guy’s in the mood to talk, Jonesy!

*The larger Stranger is suddenly on the attack, grabbing one of the other masked men and slamming him against the railing! Before the others can react, the betraying Stranger runs forward, clotheslining two of them to the ground! The final remaining Stranger rushes at him, but the man stops him with a massive punch, then a boot. With the man bent over in pain, the larger Stranger lifts him up, giving him the A-Bomb on top of another one!!! The crowd starts to roar, recognizing the move, as the man continues his devastation of the masked Strangers!*

Logan: That move!! Could it be??

*The crowd continues to cheer as the last Stranger standing reaches up, pulling off the mask he was wearing. It’s the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3!!! He stands in the midst of the downed Strangers, holding the mask in one hand as more security guards rush in to take care of the mess.*

Jones: Titan 3 is the Stranger!!! My god!!

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. This seems more like Titan 3’s way of ‘cleaning up’ the masked men problem! What a wave of destruction!

*In the ring, Super Creep and Crimson have moved back to their corner, talking things out, while the Malvados are both standing next to the ropes, laughing at what happened to the ‘Strangers’. Referee Mitchell comes over, talking to the Organized Chaos members, and Super Creep suddenly bends over, getting his attention. As the referee is checking on Super Creep, though, Crimson moves off, preparing a sneak-attack on the Malvados. As he does so, the crowd begins to cheer more, as another man slides in behind Crimson. It’s another Stranger!! He grabs Crimson from behind, dropping him with a reverse DDT!!!! Referee Mitchell, looking back towards the action, sees the strike and immediately waves his hands for the end of the match, even as the Malvados turn around, realizing that something has happened.*

Minos: Here are your winners, via disqualification, they are Tommy Crimson & Super Creep, Organized Chaos!

*The Stranger has already left the ring, heading through the crowd to make sure he’s ahead of GCWA security. Meanwhile, the Malvados are angrily yelling at the referee, although clearly Mitchell doesn’t understand a word they’re saying. Crimson, meanwhile, is sitting up, angrily holding the back of his head. Super Creep comes over to help his guy up, telling him what happened.*

Jones: The Malvados lose because of a disqualification! The Stranger must have done that on purpose to deny the Malvados a victory!

Logan: That’s one way to do it, as Hector and Victor had another one stolen from them! You can bet there is going to be retribution for this one!

*Crimson pushes Super Creep away, assuring him that he’s ok. He still looked pretty furious, though. The duo moves over to where the Malvados are still trying to plead their case in Spanish, apparently wanting to have a conference. Referee Mitchell has already called over Minos, who is fluent in Spanish (who knew?), to help translate. The four talk things out as we head off to commercial.*

*With the commercial finished, we head back to ringside, where Jones and Logan are waiting.*

Jones: Earlier tonight, a special recording was made during an interview with Harvey Danger.

Logan: Yeah, I heard about that. Why were you there again?

Jones: Just watch the footage, Anthony. You’ll understand.

*We cut to the backstage video, where April White stands just outside the door of Harvey Danger's janitor closet "locker room." April holds the microphone up to her face waiting for her cue, which comes a few seconds too late, making for an awkward moment. Harvey slowly opens the door behind her and leans in, smiling proudly. He has his World Tag Team title around his waist, and his Danger title thrown over his shoulder. April White seems not to notice him.*

April White: Am I ready? Is this thing on? Hello everyone! I'm here backstage just outside of Harvey Danger's personal locker room. He had asked me to meet him here, but unfortunately it seems like he hasn't shown up as promised. (Under her breath) That ignorant flake, probably off playing cards with his mother...

*Harvey clears his throat and taps April on the shoulder, having heard the entire thing. He shakes his head and pushes her aside, off camera.*

Harvey Danger: Thanks, Abigail, I'll take it from here. As you know, the past few weeks I've been acting like a sick puppy dog. I know, I may have gotten on some of your nerves, but I do it with the best of intentions, I promise. You have to believe me... you do, don't you? Well anyway, I want to take this time to share what has really, truly, been going on with your favorite wrestling superhero, Harvey Danger. This sick puppy dog is indeed sick. Now, don't worry! I'm not going anywhere! I'm... LOVE SICK! Oh man, oh man! Have I got the hots for Trixie! Shocking, I know! I hid it well, and I made sure not to let it on that she was the apple-of-my-eye. Well, after much deep thinking and soul searching, and a little pressure from Mom, I've decided to let you all know. So... now that you know, I've got a little poem to read.

*Harvey reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a small folded piece of paper. April tries to slide back into the picture and Harvey shoves her back off camera with his free hand.*

Harvey Danger: *Ahem* Roses are red, Ivy is green, Trust me Trixie... I'll never be mean. Daffodils are yellow, Violets are blue, I haven't been the same... since I met you. Apples are red, and oranges are... orange. ... Stick with me babe, cause I'm... uh... I'm... er, this is where I had trouble. What rhymes with orange?

*TV Announcer Edward Jones appears next to Harvey, arms folded across his chest. While Harvey ponders what rhymes with the word 'orange', Jones leans in trying to be menacing. Harvey eventually notices Ed, rolling his eyes upward in his direction. Harvey raises his eyebrows as if to say "What can I do for you?"*

Jones: Harvey, listen to me. I just came dropped by the referee's locker room. Trixie wants you to stop. She doesn't like it, and wants it to end... NOW.

Harvey Danger: You... you talked to Trixie?! About me!? What did she say?

Jones: Yes, Harvey. Yes, I did. She wants you to stop with the poems, the notes, the candy gram, everything. She even wants you to tell your mother to stop calling her as well. Are we clear?

Harvey Danger: My mother? She.. she's been calling Trixie? What for? You mean... Trixie knew I had feelings for her before I came out here tonight with my poem?

*Right before Jones can answer, a small commotion goes on off camera. The camera swings around to show one of the catering people passing by pushing a small ice cream cart, the kind you would see at the Boardwalk or the park in the summer time. The catering personnel has knocked some equipment over, but continues on down the hall anyway. The camera swings around back to where Harvey and Edward Jones had been standing, except this time Jones stands alone. Swinging back toward where the ice cream cart had been, we see Harvey Danger tearing down the hallway screaming.*

Harvey Danger: ICE CREAM MAN!!! ICE CREAM MAN!!!

*The camera slowly pans back to Edward Jones, who can do nothing but shake his head and chuckle. As he turns to leave, he bumps face first into the chest of Minos, our ring announcer. Minos looks on down the hallway towards Harvey and then back at Jones. Minos looks back toward Harvey and raises his eyebrows quickly, in a slightly suggestive manner. Grinning at Jones, who looks nervous. The video ends and we go back to ringside.

Logan: Heh, that Harvey. So you were looking out for Trixie, huh, Jonesy?

Jones: Someone had to. That guy is stalking her, after all!

Logan: How’s your wife feel about your close association with one of our referees?

Jones: What? There’s no… oh, man, you have no idea how much trouble you just got me into.

Logan: Yes I do, and I enjoyed every minute of it, Edds! Hey, look, your ‘girlfriend’ is in the ring for the next match!

Jones: Honey, don’t listen to a word this idiot said. I’m faithful, I promise! There is no cheating in our relationship!

*As Logan struggles to contain the massive amount of laughter threatening to explode out of him, we go into the ring, where Minos is waiting, along with Trixie.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he has engaged in a long-term war against the Roman Empire, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, he is Scott Caine!

*Caine comes out from the back to “Automatic” by American Pearl. He is alone as he makes his way to the ring. The fans give some cheers for the beleaguered wrestler, due to his fight against the Roman Empire.*

Jones: Caine had a pretty bad week, all told, as his brother has gone missing and his manager was injured badly enough that he couldn’t be here tonight.

Logan: Throw in the fact that Caine got betrayed by Derek Mobley last Friday, and you’ve got a man who’s gotta be on the edge. I hope he can get through this match and get himself ready for next week’s pay-per-view!

Jones: Caine has proven remarkably strong in the past, Anthony. The main thing he’s living for these days is getting his hands on Lurrr and the Empire. I’m betting no matter what happens, he’ll be there.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he made his successful debut last week with a victory over Mon-E, and is now looking to continue to earn victories, standing 6’4” and weighing 236 lbs, from Salt Lake City, Utah, here is James Thrash!

*”Smash Your Enemies” by Hatebreed blasts out as James Thrash walks out through the curtains. He’s carrying a bent-up chair with him, raising it to the crowd, which earns a small pop. Thrash then throws the chair aside and comes down the aisle, ready to fight.*

Logan: This is one of our new promising stars, a definite threat for Rookie of the Month honors, Jonesy.

Jones: He definitely knows how to handle weapons, as he showed us this past week. But will he be able to stand toe-to-toe with a speedster like Caine in a match where the rules apply?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Caine turns to his corner, taking off his jacket. As he does so, though, Thrash moves in from behind, running in and smashing Caine into the ‘buckle! Caine, with his arms stuck in the jacket still, can’t defend himself as Thrash goes wild, punching away! Thrash then grabs Caine’s head and bangs him into the top turnbuckle, causing Caine to stagger away from the corner in pain, still trying to fully get the jacket off. He manages it, but as he turns back around, Thrash runs at him, clotheslining Caine hard to the mat. Caine gets back up, but Thrash comes from the other side with another clothesline! Thrash keeps running, coming back for a third clothesline, with Caine finally staying down. Thrash then drops an elbow and makes the cover, with referee Trixie, a little surprised, going down to make her count… 1… 2.. and Caine kicks out.*

Jones: James Thrash has started off strong in this contest, Anthony!

Logan: Caine’s mind is clearly elsewhere, because normally he would have been already prepared to deal with that assault. Take nothing away from Thrash, though, he saw an opening and pounced.

Jones: We’ll have to see if that one mistake is enough to cost Caine the match here tonight.

*Thrash gets both men up, holding onto Caine’s head as he takes aim. He brings Caine towards the turnbuckle, then positions him, preparing for a suplex that will toss Caine back-first into the post! Caine, though, manages to block the maneuver, getting his foot up between Thrash’s, then reverses it, suplexing Thrash over instead. As both men start to get up, Caine kicks out, with Thrash catching the leg as it comes in. Caine immediately twists into an enziguiri, clocking Thrash in the head and causing him to fall into the ropes, dangling his arms over the second rope. Caine turns and runs off the ropes and comes back, hitting a 619! Thrash falls backwards, with Caine going to the outside, springing himself back into the ring with a splash! Trixie counts the pin… 1… 2… and Thrash kicks free!*

Jones: Caine just pulled out a new one there, but it still wasn’t enough to keep Thrash down.

Logan: Nah, it’s too early in the match for either man to get pinned. At least, that’s what I hope. Those short, sucky matches are so boring!

Jones: Well, you’re in luck, Anthony, this is looking like a good one.

*Caine brings Thrash back up, holding onto his long hair for leverage. He shoots Thrash into the ropes, then ducks when Thrash tries to come back with another clothesline. Thrash stops and turns around, but Caine is already airborne with the dropkick, knocking Thrash onto his back. Caine then goes off the ropes and comes back, attempting a double-knee drop, but Thrash rolls to the side, avoiding the strike. As Caine tries to hop back up, despite his hurting knees, Thrash reacts with a snap DDT, laying Caine out! Thrash tries a pin… 1… 2… Caine raises his arm, keeping the match going. Thrash immediately gets himself up, moving some hair out of his eyes. He starts moving around Caine, stomping away on him from every angle, as Caine desperately tries to cover up. Thrash then moves away, going to the turnbuckle, leaving Caine on the mat.*

Jones: Wait, is Thrash going high-risk? I didn’t think that was his style, Anthony!

Logan: Hey, if you’re hardcore, you’re all about taking risks! But somehow I bet we’re not going to see a corkscrew moonsault bomb or anything like that.

Jones: This is where it would be handy for Caine to have his manager outside, shouting instructions to him. Instead, Caine has no idea what’s coming his way!

*Thrash stays perched on the turnbuckle, watching with a grin as Caine works his way up. Caine looks around, holding his arm close to his side, trying to figure out where his opponent is. He turns around, right as Thrash takes to the air, landing a shoulder block from the turnbuckle that sends Caine reeling! Caine drops to his knees, stunned from the hit. It’s a perfect position for Thrash, as he runs towards the ropes, then rebounds, coming back at a full charge. Caine tries to get his arms up to protect himself, but he’s only partially successful, as Thrash delivers a running knee shot to Caine’s head, sending him sprawling onto his back! Thrash shows off to the crowd, as if just having finished another lesson. He points to his downed foe, and then goes for the casual pin, with Trixie doing her job and making the count… 1… 2… and Caine kicks out! Thrash looks up in shock at Trixie, while the crowd gives a decent cheer for the continuation of the match.*

Logan: It looks like Thrash thought the match was going to be over, but Caine had other ideas!

Jones: Thrash made a minor rookie mistake there, failing to grab the legs. He might have won the match had he followed through on the pin.

Logan: Hey, he wanted to beat Caine in a cocky way. I can understand that. But it didn’t work out for him on that attempt. Now Thrash has to regroup and get back on the offensive, so that the next pinfall attempt is more successful.

*Trixie listens as Thrash argues with her for a second, but she stands her ground, signaling that the match is still continuing. Thrash, annoyed, grabs Caine off the canvas and bodily throws him into the corner, sending Caine shoulder-first into the post! Caine sags in the corner, clearly hurting badly. Thrash makes a point to come up behind him, grinding an elbow into Caine’s back for emphasis. He then lifts Caine out from the ropes and onto the turnbuckle, climbing up after him in preparation for the Thrashed finisher! But as Thrash tries to reposition Caine, the young wrestler fires a couple of shots behind him, stunning Thrash and causing him to fall backwards to the mat! Caine quickly turns around, sizing Thrash up for the Sugar Caine! But Thrash immediately starts pulling himself up, knowing that staying on the mat is the best way to lose the match. Caine, not bothered by the change, repositions himself and jumps off, hitting a flying cross-body! They fall to the floor, with Caine staying on top and grabbing the legs… 1… 2… Thrash barely escapes from the pin!*

Logan: So close, but the match keeps going! Caine couldn’t keep Thrash’s shoulders down that final second.

Jones: Thrash is showing good resiliency in there.

Logan: Hey, this is a guy who has gotten used to taking chair shots, ladder shots, and other hits that we can only have nightmares about. It’s going to take a lot of abuse to keep him on the mat.

*With Thrash struggling to get himself up, Caine moves in behind him, grabbing Thrash’s head and running towards the ropes. Thrash attempts to counter by lifting Caine up, but Caine uses this to his advantage, sending himself over the ropes and dropping Thrash across the top rope throat-first!! Thrash stumbles backwards, hacking away, as Caine gets back up on the apron. Thrash turns back towards his direction, and Caine springs himself into the air, flipping over Thrash and pulling him down with a sunset flip! Trixie dives in… 1… 2… Thrash kicks free again! Caine pops back to his feet, looking around for other options in his arsenal. He goes off the ropes and returns, going for a swinging punch, but Thrash suddenly ducks his shoulder, catching Caine off-guard as he’s lifted up into a fireman’s carry! Thrash doesn’t give Caine the chance to reverse the move, spinning Caine into a death valley driver!! Thrash then makes his own cover… 1… 2…. Caine shoots his shoulder up at the last moment!*

Jones: What a back and forth battle! Thrash is showing that he’s a definite competitor for the company!

Logan: He’s hanging in there, but Caine’s still got more experience. We’ll see how much that matters as we get closer to the end of this one!

Jones: They better hurry up. That 10-minute time limit is coming up fast!

Logan: No! I hate draws! C’mon, guys, finish this one!

*Thrash brings Caine back up, looking towards the turnbuckle again. He opts to not try his finisher again, though, instead lifting Caine onto his shoulders for a GTS! Caine fights, trying to get himself free, managing to slide back off of Thrash’s shoulders. He grabs Thrash by the head and runs him forward towards the corner, leaping around it for a spinning tornado DDT! Thrash is down, holding his head, as Caine pushes off the ground. He staggers off-balance for a moment before heading for the turnbuckle himself, climbing upwards. He reaches the top, looking down at his fallen foe, preparing for the Sugar Caine! Before he can jump, though, Thrash suddenly pulls himself up and hits the ropes with both arms, causing Caine to fall across the ‘buckle!*

Logan: Ouch! A painful collapse from Caine!

Jones: This is Thrash’s chance! Caine is perfectly positioned for him!

*With his opponent clearly in trouble, Thrash moves in, punching Caine once before climbing up next to him. He grabs at Caine’s arms, locking him into position for the Thrashed!! Thrash lifts up, preparing to launch off the turnbuckle with the wounded Caine, but somehow Caine hangs on, blocking it! Thrash tries again, but this time Caine reacts by lifting up, sending Thrash over his head with a super back body drop!! Thrash crashes painfully inside the ring, while Caine hangs onto the ropes, almost falling down himself. He manages to pull himself back onto the ‘buckle, then immediately leaps off, soaring high and landing the Sugar Caine across Thrash’s head!!!! Caine, exhausted, makes the cover, as Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Scott Caine!

Jones: Caine gets another victory! He continues to be on a roll!

Logan: Yeah, man, this is a guy who has wins over Dangerous Dan, Mon-E, Jobe Severity, and now James Thrash in the last couple of months! Could we have a dark horse going into Ultimate Survival?

Jones: Thrash put together an impressive performance tonight, but he came up just a little short, showing that Caine’s experience edge actually proved to be the key.

*Caine holds onto the ropes as Trixie raises his arm, earning a cheer from the crowd. There are still a few people booing, remembering some of Caine’s earlier tactics, but he is slowly winning the crowd back over. We leave the ringside area to go to a different camera shot. The scene opens up in the boiler room of the GCWA Arena. It is dark, humid and hot and it is here that we find the Intercontinental Champion and #1 contender to the World Title, Marcus Ka’Derrion. He is checking on some boxes, hiding some weapons behind some while setting up others as if they were traps. He then walks over to where there are some metal pipes and grabs one. He smiles as he thinks of the damage he can cause with them. His smile is swept away as he hears a voice that says: “I don’t think so.” He quickly turns around, holding the pipe as if ready to attack, but he doesn’t as he realizes who is across from him. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Titan 3..

Titan 3: Hello Marcus. Can I ask you what the hell you are doing?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Oh you know, just planning a little something-something. I’ve decided that I don’t want an ambulance match any more.

Titan 3: Oh is that so? So let me guess, you are going to attack Donovan here and make it a Boiler Room Brawl now?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Something like that, yeah..

Titan 3: Like I said, I don’t think so. Look Marcus, while I am enjoying whole heartedly you beating the living *bleep* out of Donovan, I am head of security and I just can’t allow that any more. I’m the one that’s supposed to be crushing skulls, not you.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Look Titan 3, no disrespect. But I’m really the least of your worries when you consider everything else that’s going on in GCWA.

Titan 3: Everyone is a priority to me, especially you.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Why?

Titan 3: Because look, I knew your father. We had some amazing battles but they were all inside that ring unless Ace came up with a crazy stipulation. Your father and I beat the living hell out of each other but again, we did it in the ring. I understand why you are doing what you doing, but you are going about it the wrong way. Your father got sneak-attacked so many times, hell, I even did some on him but he never retaliated this way. He always made us ‘feel his pain’ in the ring, and let me tell you, that hurt more than any sneak attack ever did.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: What are you saying man?

Titan 3: All I’m saying is that you need to take care of business in the ring. You have accepted the burden to try to fill in your father’s shoes, fine, but you yourself have said that they are very big shoes. Don’t make them bigger by trying to come up with an over the top match that you may not be able to win. Say what you will about Donovan but he is a great competitor and your attacks last week have only fueled the fire that was already lit on that man. Trust me, he wants to beat you more than you him. Just go out to the ring at Ultimate Survival and beat him there. Enough of this crap.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: and if I don’t?

Titan 3: fine, suit yourself, but I cannot allow you to continue to run wild in the arena causing mayhem and destruction as if you were Iron Man. If I have to I-

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Ironman? *pauses* Oh man, Titan 3 you’re a genius!

Titan 3: What?

*Marcus hands Titan 3 the pipe he was holding and leaves the boiler room. Titan 3 is left there puzzled for a second or two but then he smiles and nods, apparently understanding what just happened. He tosses the pipe behind him, allowing it to clatter across the floor, as the picture fades out to commercials.

*We return to the GCWA Arena, once again zooming over the fans screaming at the camera. Jones is seated in his usual spot, while Logan is talking to a couple of front-row fans, signing an autograph or two.*

Jones: We're back, and it's been an exciting night so far. Still, it's not going to be near as exciting as next week, when we head to Houston, Texas, for the first time! We hope all of the Houston fanatics have bought their tickets, as it's going to be a great show to attend!

Logan: *coming back over* That's right, man, Houston's going to get a taste of the GCWA! And who knows where we're going to go after that?

*As Jones starts to answer, he's interrupted by a chord coming from the speakers. The Intro to “No More Sorrow” By Linkin Park begins to play and the crowd raises to their feet and cheers loudly. Once the first drum line of the song hits, they go wild as Marcus Ka'Derrion steps out to the top of the entrance. He stands there, Intercontinental Title tightly wrapped around his waist, soaking the cheers in while banging his head slowly as he listens to the song along with the fans.*

Jones: Another surprise visit, this time from our Intercontinental Champion and the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Title, Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Are we finally going to learn the true match stipulations?

*As the break of the song hits, Marcus rushes down the ramp as the song continues to get louder and faster. He slides under the bottom rope, stopping in the middle of the ring, jumping to his feet and raising his arms high in the air. The crowd continues to cheer. He asks for a mic as the music dies down and then waits for the cheers to do so as well. Once he has the fans full attention, he speaks.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: At Ultimate Survival, I get the ultimate chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion. The Accelerator gave me the power to come up with the stipulations for that match and while I said last week that it was going to be an Ambulance match, I have changed my mind again...

*The crowd begins to chant “boiler room brawl!” “boiler room brawl!” *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Well, yeah, that was going to be my new stip but thanks to the genius that is Titan 3, I have decided to skip that one and instead go with a match that would make my father proud. Titan 3 is right, I chose to follow in my father’s footsteps and I would be doing him wrong by continuing to lower myself to Donovan’s level. So I won’t, and instead of focusing on him I’m going to focus on everyone else around the GCWA for a moment. You see, everyone is calling us the young lions in the GCWA 'den' full of old lions. The young lions who have taken over and have great durability… Who are stronger and faster. The young lions who are at the top of the GCWA and can go the distance… I think it is up to Donovan and I to live up to those comments…. I think it is up to Donovan and I to go… the… distance… That is why, at Ultimate Survival, Shane Donovan and I will be battling in an IRONMAN MATCH!

*The crowd goes wild yet again!*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I know I may not be ready to face Shane Donovan. I know I may not be ready for a World Title match. I definitely know I am not ready for that type of match… But since joining the GCWA, I haven’t been ready for a lot of things… But yet, I have stepped up to every challenge and I will step up to this one… The question is Shane Donovan... will you?

*Marcus Ka’Derrion raises his arms high in the air and “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park plays again. He then reaches into his pocket, pulling out what looks to be the match contract! He quickly scrawls something on the bottom of the contract, apparently making things official. The crowd cheers loudly for Marcus as he makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp, shaking the hands of as many fans as he can. *

Logan: An Iron Man match! That’s even better, man!

Jones: Marcus Ka’Derrion has made it official! But how long will the match be? 30 minutes? 60 minutes? How long will they fight?

Logan: Well, however long it is, I’m betting it will push both of these competitors to the limit!

*Marcus reaches the ramp and walks up, turning to the crowd to give them one more salute, enjoying their cheers. The intensity of their screams hits a peak, though, causing Marcus to spin around, but it’s too late, as Shane Donovan has already come out of the back! The World Champion rushes forward, hammering Ka’Derrion with the gold to the side of the head!!!! Ka’Derrion slumps to the side, sliding off the ramp to the floor, as Donovan stands over him, having laid him out!*

Jones: No! A sneak-attack from the World Champion!

Logan: He just got some payback from last week!

*Donovan reaches down, coming back up with the contract that Marcus Ka’Derrion just signed. Donovan, smiling, reads the writing, as if confirming to himself that the stipulations are in place. He drops the contract down on Ka’Derrion and starts laughing. He shakes his head and walks back up the ramp, leaving Ka’Derrion to struggle to get up behind him. We cut away from the stage area, heading into a hallway. A few people are coming and going, but your attention is quickly grabbed by the red-haired man in front: Tommy Crimson! Crimson still looks ticked from what happened earlier with Stranger Danger. He stops in front of one door, which was his destination, and knocks. After a few seconds, the door opens, showing… Draco!*

Draco: Whatever it is, I didn’t order it, so go away.

*Draco attempts to shut the door, but Crimson blocks it with his foot, forcing Draco to open it wider and take in who’s actually there.*

Draco: Well, well, the big-shot leader of the OC. How’s the beach life going?

Tommy Crimson: I’m here for one reason, Draco. I’m putting together a team for Ultimate Survival. The Malvados and Organized Chaos are going to destroy Stranger Danger once and for all. I thought you might be interested.

Draco: Sounds to me like you have enough guys already. I don’t give a *bleep* about the tag-team titles.

*Crimson, having seen this coming, pulls out a thick wad of bills rolled together. He tosses it to Draco, who shows his reflexes by catching it in mid-air.*

Tommy Crimson: That’s Jobe’s retirement fund. He doesn’t need it anymore.

*Draco weighs the money in one hand, apparently not caring much either way about it. Before he can say anything, though, Crimson leans in closer.*

Tommy Crimson: If that’s not enough, then what about the satisfaction of the hunt? You know there’s a chance that Marcus Ka’Derrion could win the GCWA World Title next week. The winner of Ultimate Survival gets a World Title shot. He wouldn’t be able to duck you anymore.

*Draco considers for a second, then slowly smiles.*

Draco: Tell the Prez that I’m in.

*Draco shuts the door, keeping the wad of cash. Crimson isn’t bothered by it. He is smiling himself as he moves away from the door. We slowly fade to another commercial break (a ton of those tonight, I admit).*

*We return from the commercial break to a surprising sight. “Lowrider” by Latin Alliance begins to play and the crowd stands up and cheers as they see Paco “The Drinking Time Bomb” Perez come out and make his way to the ring! *

Jones: Oh not him again. What does he want now?

Logan: Well, I heard he has an announcement to make! Should be good.

Jones: What kind of announcement?

Logan: …

Jones: Tell me Logan!

Logan: …

*Paco gets inside the ring and gets handed a microphone. He then walks over to the ropes facing Jones and Logan and leans against them. He tosses Logan his Tequila bottle which Logan catches with a huge grin on his face. Paco then turns to Jones and the smile he was also sporting is swept away. His music dies down and he speaks. *

Paco: Que pasa mi gente!!!

*Crowd cheers. *

Paco: I am here to make an announcement, some may think it’s huge, some may not think much of it but it’s ok meng. Hey Jones, how’s it going buddy? Comfortable on that chair? It’s a nice chair man… I was sitting on it a couple of weeks ago myself, and man did it feel good to be behind that table again. Having Logan as a tag team partner was a huge bonus too. I bet you love that huh Jones? Yeah you really have it good Jones… Well my amigo, don’t get too comfortable because I am here to announce that I am officially coming out of retirement!!

*Crowd goes wild but Jones does not. He shakes his head and tries to ignore Logan celebrating with the crowd... Paco addresses him again and that forces Jones to look up, and you can clearly see his eyes getting watery.*

Paco: That’s right, I am coming back to the wrestling business… I am joining the GCWA’s ranks as the new……

*Paco pauses to give a dramatic effect, Jones stands up and takes off his headset, hangs his head low and is ready to leave the commentating table. Paco doesn't notice this as he is now in the middle of the ring, facing the main camera. *

Paco: you ready? as the NEW.... MANAGER of the future Tag Team Champions of the World…. THE MALVADOS!!!!

*Jones looks up and then faints. Logan goes to check on him as Paco, who is now addressing the fans completely misses it. The crowd gives a mix reaction, but some booing can be heard. *

Paco: Now, I know, I know… relax my gente. I know they haven’t been your favorites but The Malvados just need a little guidance that’s all.. Just someone who stirs them in the right direction and to show them how to properly do things in GCWA. They had a good match up earlier but came up short… But with me as their new manager, you will see a better Malvados team, and one, you will all eventually learn to love as much as you love me… or at least… my tequila! Orale!

* “Lowrider” blasts again but the crowd is still split on Paco’s decision to manage the hated Malvados. He leaves the ring, never realizing the trauma that he just put Jones through. *

Logan: C’mon, Jonesy, up and at ‘em! It wouldn’t do for the big boss to see you sleeping on the job!

Jones: Ughh… what? What happened?

Logan: You fainted.

Jones: What? No, I didn’t! I, ummm, someone threw a bottle at me! It knocked me out temporarily! But I’m ok now.

Logan: Sure, Jonesy.

Jones: Paco’s not staying?

Logan: Paco’s not staying.

Jones: *lets out a deep breath* Ok, then. On with the action!

Minos: Our next contest will have a 10-minute time limit and is scheduled for one fall. Coming to the ring, he recently impressed many with his match against the Television Champion, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*”Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas plays behind Santana when he comes out of the back. Some fans in the crowd are shown, doing “the Robert Santana Dance” that Mikey Willis has made popular. Santana, shaking his head with a rueful smile, does a quick pose himself, focusing before he moves down the aisle, looking well-rested and tan.*

Jones: Santana apparently took the week to get himself mentally ready for tonight. He went with his family to the King’s Dominion amusement park, getting on several exciting rides there.

Logan: Awwww, I want to go!

Jones: Maybe after the pay-per-view, Anthony, we’ll head up there.

Logan: Nah, that’d be too much traveling. I’m all for Six Flags tomorrow morning, though!

Jones: Alright! Oh, wait, I have, I mean, my wife has a cooking class in the morning. Sorry, can’t do it.

Logan: Your wife, huh? Right. Don’t forget to bring some brownies by the set next week, man. We’re counting on you, heh.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he has been a competitor in the GCWA for many months now, as he works to become more and more experienced, standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*Mr. Excellent appears, stretching his arms behind him, while “Youth Of The Nation” by P.O.D. plays through the speakers surrounding him. Excellent looks cool and confident walking down the aisle, looking at the opponent waiting patiently for him in the ring. Excellent stops, though, in front of a small family, talking with the kid in the front row. It’s Timmy, who was injured by his son, Little Rob. Excellent signs another autograph, takes a picture with the family, then points to the ring and moves on, smiling.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent’s son continued to have problems this week, as he injured a boy badly while using his father’s finishing maneuver. Glad to see Mr. Excellent did some public relations with the family and worked everything out.

Logan: His kid’s a chip off the old block. I wonder when he’ll be joining up with the GCWA?

Jones: I would say it’s going to be several years before that happens, Anthony.

Logan: Hey, maybe we can have a special match, pitting Little Rob against Santana’s son!

Jones: Ummm… no.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: This is the second ‘qualifying’ match of the night, as Robert Santana has to last at least 5 minutes against Mr. Excellent or get the win to make it into the Ultimate Survival bout! In fact, if he wins here, Santana gets to face Excellent again on Sunday!

Logan: I wonder, if Santana loses, will the chef in the GCWA kitchen get a shot next?

Jones: What?

Logan: Hey, that’s a big dude in there, man. He could rival Bifford!

*Mr. Excellent comes out of his corner, set to begin the match, while Santana gives a bow to the referee, Thomas Mitchell. He walks out, nodding to Excellent, showing his usual respect for an opponent. The two men lock up, with Excellent’s superior size allowing him to move Santana back towards the corner. Santana changes things up at the last second, though, putting Excellent’s back against the padding instead. Referee Mitchell calls for the break, which Santana immediately does, stepping backwards. As he does so, though, Excellent moves, coming out of the corner with a stunning right hand! Santana backs away, while Excellent presses his advantage, firing shot after shot. Santana, though, blocks the third one, then launches a chop of his own, scoring it across Excellent’s chest! Excellent doesn’t stop, swinging again, but Santana blocks it again, this time using Excellent’s momentum to flip him over Santana’s shoulder with a judo toss! Excellent rolls quickly over to the side, grabbing at the ropes for support, as the crowd cheers.*

Jones: That Santana is so quick sometimes! You never can predict what he is going to do next!

Logan: He’s got a lot of talent, but he has to keep moving the way he is. The worst thing he could do is give Excellent a chance to grab him on the mat. If Santana can keep moving and kicking, he’s got a shot.

*Santana moves in, trying to grab Excellent on the way up, but Excellent balances one arm on the ropes and punches with the other, sneaking through Santana’s guard and catching him in the gut. Santana bends over, stunned, allowing Excellent to fully regain his feet. He pops a knee up into Santana’s face, standing him straight up, then grabs him and delivers a perfect Russian legsweep! Excellent quickly goes for the cover, with Mitchell right there to make the count… 1… and Santana immediately reaches out to his right, grabbing at the ropes with his free hand to break the count. Mr. Excellent rises to his feet, then grabs at Santana’s legs, yanking him away from the ropes. He locks onto the legs, attempting to twist him around for the Execution, but Santana fights free, rolling himself outside the ring! Santana takes a few steps, knowing the close shave he just had, as Mr. Excellent waits beyond the ropes, watching him.*

Logan: That would have been a quick ending to this match, but Santana managed to escape.

Jones: Guys fear facing wrestlers like Mr. Excellent, because no matter how much confidence you have in your own stamina, you have to know that the Execution will put a quick damper on your night.

Logan: Yeah, man, the Execution can break legs! Just ask little Timmy!

*Santana slowly comes back into the ring, looking warily at his opponent. He moves around, working out his left leg, while Mr. Excellent comes closer, looking for an opportunity. He works in, slowly cornering Santana, who waits for an attack. Excellent makes his move, darting in, but Santana does a quick roll, leaving the corner right past his opponent. He comes up, now with a surprised Excellent trapped, and scores a side kick to Excellent’s chest, knocking him back into the corner. Santana then steps in, chopping away on Excellent, who is forced to put his head through the ropes, causing Mitchell to call for the break. Santana backs up quickly, while Excellent brings himself back into the ring. Mitchell checks on him, but Excellent shakes his head, wanting only to get back to work. Mitchell nods and turns to his right, startling Santana, who was coming in on the attack! Santana barely stops his kick in time, causing Mitchell to stagger out of the way in shock. Unfortunately for Santana, he’s now off-balance enough for Excellent to step in, taking him down with a rock bottom! Excellent makes the pin… 1… 2… Santana barely kicks out.*

Logan: Mitchell nearly cost Santana the match there! He’s got to watch where he’s going!

Jones: It was just bad timing, Anthony. Mitchell stepped the wrong direction. I’m glad he didn’t end up getting his head knocked off.

Logan: Well, yeah, we’re already low on referees due to Rockwell’s injury. We don’t need another!

*Mr. Excellent brings Santana up off the ground, now having the man in a bad situation. Santana tries to struggle free, but Excellent smacks him in the gut with a leg, bending him over, then uses his strength to pick Santana up, giving him a modified powerbomb! Mitchell moves in, looking for a pin attempt, but Excellent has other ideas, grabbing Santana from behind and putting him into a crossface chickenwing submission hold! Santana fights against the hold, trying to pry Excellent’s hands from around him, but Excellent has the hold well applied. He tightens it, causing Santana to gasp in pain, with Mitchell hovering close to watch for any signs of either tapping out or passing out. Santana pushes himself off the mat, getting some leverage, then shoves himself forward. It’s just enough to reach the ropes, getting Mitchell to call for the break.*

Jones: Santana survives, but what’s he got left after being stretched like that?

Logan: If I was Mr. Excellent, I would immediately be thinking about getting the Sensei to the middle of the ring and Executing him. Santana’s in deep trouble right now.

*Mr. Excellent doesn’t look concerned at all at having to release the submission hold. It has done its job. Excellent gives Santana a lift, getting him upright, then locks him up, taking Santana over with a quick snap suplex, aimed towards the center of the ring. Excellent is already up, pointing towards Timmy and his friends in the front row. He runs a finger under his throat and goes around Santana, once again going for his legs. As he does so, Santana reaches up, rolling Excellent to a pinning predicament! 1… 2… Excellent reverses the roll! 1… 2… No, Santana pushes it right back to get Excellent’s shoulders back on the ground! 1… 2… and Excellent gets free! Both men leap up, with Excellent taking a wild swing at Santana that sails over the man’s head. Santana comes out of his crouch with a rolling sole kick, right into Excellent’s skull! Excellent drops, senseless, to the mat, while Santana falls on top of him… 1… 2… and Excellent gets his arm up, staying in this one!*

Logan: Santana’s quick feet nearly got him a victory!

Jones: The man can certainly use his legs to win matches. That was a pretty high kick!

Logan: Santana needs to press his advantage right away, because he’s still taken more abuse than Mr. Excellent. This momentum shift could be pretty short unless he capitalizes on it.

*Excellent struggles up to his feet, but he’s quickly back down thanks to a leg sweep from Santana. The martial arts expert throws in a couple of high kicks, sending them crashing down onto Excellent’s ribs as he desperately tries to roll away. Santana follows him, getting Excellent in the corner and delivering a few more shots, before latching onto the man and putting him into the ropes, applying a Tarantula submission! Excellent is feeling the pain, but the referee, Mitchell, is staying close, already starting his count on the illegal hold. Santana quickly releases it, dropping Excellent to the ground. Santana then climbs up on the turnbuckle, dropping off of it with a double stomp! But Excellent moves, dodging the attack and sending Santana flipping to the side, his legs shaking from the impact!*

Jones: A critical mistake from Santana might have just given Excellent his chance to win! He needs to get moving, now!

Logan: Hey, what time is it? It’s been over 5 minutes, hasn’t it? Santana’s in the PPV!

Jones: I doubt Santana’s thinking about that right now, Anthony, at least not until his current bout is over!

*Mr. Excellent is back on his feet, albeit moving weakly. He grabs at Santana, who was trying to rise. Excellent takes Santana up, delivering a kneebreaker across his legs that adds even more pain to the face of the Sensei. Excellent brings Santana upwards, ‘helping’ him balance. The master of the Execution sets Santana up, preparing for the set-up to his finisher, the pile driver! He lifts up, but Santana starts fighting, managing to get his legs back on the ground long enough to shove off, driving Excellent back into the corner. Excellent hits hard, his head rebounding off the top pad. He stumbles out of the corner and falls to his knees, holding his side from the impact. Santana, though, has already gotten enough energy to turn and charge, catching the surprised Mr. Excellent with the Sensei-Tion!!! Mr. Excellent collapses to the mat, as Santana drops on top of him… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Logan: Santana notches up one of his biggest wins ever, taking down Mr. Excellent!

Jones: I doubt many people predicted that Santana would be walking out with the win, but he has proven himself here today! With the victory, Santana moves on to Ultimate Survival as part of the team that will fight Excellent & the Danger Boiz! These two will meet again!

*Santana leaves the ring, excited about the victory. He walks towards the back, while Mr. Excellent pulls himself up on the ropes, trying to figure out where things went wrong. He rubs his sore head and watches Santana depart, thinking about their next confrontation. We leave the action behind, going back to the President’s office, where the Accelerator has new guests in his area.*

The Accelerator: Don’t bother sitting, boyos, you won’t be here that long.

*On the other side of the desk stands the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Stranger Danger! The Stranger is his (her?) normal quiet self, while Harvey Danger smiles and leans in, trying not to look nervous.*

Harvey Danger: Great to see you Ace… Mr. President… sir…

The Accelerator: Let’s skip the formalities. I have a signed contract here, with Tommy Crimson, Draco, & one of the Malvados to go against your team. However, it appears to me that you guys are short one member.

*The Stranger, not surprising, does not say a word. Harvey suddenly looks very worried, as a flash of déjà vu seems to be coming over him.*

The Accelerator: I suppose you could find a partner before then… or you could wrestle a Handicap match…

Harvey Danger: Not again!

*An anguished Harvey rushes to the door, surprising the other two men in the room. He flings it open, leaning out and looking both directions.*

Harvey Danger: Hello?? Anyone out here want to… hey, you, get over here!!!

*We change to a different camera shot, showing someone coming from the opposite direction. He looks up, surprised, showing that it’s James Thrash! The rookie has showered up after his earlier match, and was on his way out of the building when Harvey spotted him. Harvey runs up, grabbing his arm and tugging him, almost causing a fight to break out. But Thrash reluctantly goes along, to where Ace and the Stranger are watching.*

Harvey Danger: Here you go, one partner!

*Although it’s always hard to tell the Stranger’s feelings on anything, he doesn’t seem displeased at the pick. The Accelerator looks Thrash up and down, with Thrash looking more confused, not knowing what this is all about.*

The Accelerator: Alright, fine. You guys are officially a team for the pay-per-view. Good luck to you, now get out!

*Ace shuts the door behind them, with Thrash looking around at the two champions standing next to him. Harvey steps forward towards him.*

Harvey Danger: By the way, who are you?

*Thrash stares in amazement at Harvey, who is clearly expecting an answer. The Stranger turns away, possibly hiding either laughter or anger from his partner. The picture fades away as we head off to yet one more commercial break.*

*The screen flashes to the backstage area after the break. We see a close-up of The Big Bifford’s face. He smiles at the camera with his eyes full of charisma. Then the camera pans out and it is revealed that Bifford is wearing a giant bathrobe. He waves at the camera and begins to speak.*

The Big Bifford: Well, since Earl the Popcorn Salesman was deported, because he was a dirty illegal immigrant, I’ve yet to find anyone to do my laundry. So I have no clean clothing. So I’m naked. Luckily when I arrived here at the arena our good and gracious President Ace had already heard about my predicament. He had somehow managed to find this giant robe and had some of the stagehands put it on me when I got out of my car naked. Thank you, President Ace!

*The crowd erupts with laughter, obviously enjoying The Big Bifford’s crazy adventures.*

The Big Bifford: So right here tonight, we’re going to have an AMAZING CONTEST to decide who will become my new manager! Due to the popularity of Loser-rr, we will be primarily interviewing those who are just bizarre replicas of GCWA wrestlers! We have for you tonight, Derek Wobbley!

*The camera turns to the side and reveals a man who looks kind of like Derek Mobley, except he appears to be Asian. The crowd again laughs as the Derek Mobley look-alike falls over. He gets up again and immediately falls. After a third time getting up and falling, the camera turns back to Bifford.*

The Big Bifford: Well, you certainly aren’t very stable, Derek.. You seem like you’re kind of wobbling. I’m not sure you’ll win.. but perhaps our next contestant will. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Jobs Severely!

*The camera turns to see a man who looks a lot like Jobe Severity, except he obviously is much older and has gray hair. He runs up to Bifford.*

Jobs: Please, Bifford, pin me! Pin me! I want to job!

The Big Bifford: Get away from me you dirty old man! We had an agreement that I’d pay you 10 bucks to be here if you didn’t touch me. You lose that money.

*Bifford kicks Jobs hard in the stomach and he goes down. Then Bifford turns to the camera and smiles, as though that all just didn’t happen.*

The Big Bifford: Well.. that didn’t work out very well. He loses, whether you like him or not. It’s natural for him to lose. Finally, we have our third competitor.. he is #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship: Martin Ka’Berryon!

*The camera pans out to show a man that looks nothing like Marcus Ka’Derrion, but rather is just a man in a giant Fruit of the Loom Grape costume. Ka’Berryon waves at the camera. The crowd cheers the man in the giant berry costume and Bifford claps for him too.*

The Big Bifford: I think we have a winner! Ladies and gentlemen, my new manager: MARTIN KA’BERRYON!

*Bifford raises the arms of the man in the giant grape costume and the crowd cheers for him. Bifford looks at the guy and then smiles.*

The Big Bifford: Do you like ham, my berry-covered friend? Because if you do, I’ll share mine with you...

*Bifford and the man in the grape costume walk off down the hallway together, providing one of the most disturbing images ever shown on GCWA television. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Y’know, I know this is where we’re supposed to say something witty about what Bifford did. But do we really need to say anything?

Jones: Well, the only thing I can think of is that at least Ace was quick enough to keep too many people from seeing the Big Bifford naked.

Logan: Amen to that, brother!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall. It will be a title match for the GCWA Television Championship!! First, the challenger, coming to us from Racine, WI, he stands 6’0” and weighs 215 lbs, here is “The Blaze” Mikey Willis!

*”No 5” by Hollywood Undead plays through the speakers, earning a few boos from the audience in attendance. Others cheer, though, having become fans through Willis’ internet show (which started the Robert Santana dance craze). Willis comes out of the back, flanked by Kenny and two ladies, Ashley and Stephanie. Willis is talking with a smiling Ashley while they head towards the ring.*

Jones: Willis has been struggling as of late, but his strong performance against Marcus Ka’Derrion last week earned him a title shot tonight against Dangerous Dan.

Logan: I heard that he and Kenny beat up some guy at the gym. Controversy seems to follow this guy around, doesn’t it?

Jones: Well, we’ll see if that helps him here tonight. The good news for Dangerous Dan is that Brutus, Taz, and Magnum aren’t out here. I believe they may be off looking for The Lost Soul, who is said to be hanging out somewhere here at the arena.

Logan: It’s good news for Willis, too. Our referee is Mark Bell, who definitely wouldn’t hesitate to disqualify Willis and take away his opportunity if it came down to that.

Minos: And now, his opponent, coming to the ring with his tag-team partner, Crazy Chris, he stands 5’11” and weighs in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

*”Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory starts going amidst the cheers of the packed audience in the GCWA Arena. The Danger Boiz come out together, both crouching in various poses on the ramp as the pyro goes off around them. Dangerous Dan proudly has the Television Title wrapped around his waist. The duo charges down the ramp, running to the ring and sliding in together, with Willis moving outside out of range. Crazy Chris stands by with a smile on his face as Dan climbs the turnbuckle, taking off the TV Title and raising it high in the air.*

Logan: Dangerous Dan is really getting on a roll, Jonesy! He could hold this TV Title for quite a long time at the rate he’s going!

Jones: Well, I would say at some point, Dan needs to move up the ladder into a higher division, as good as he’s getting. But for now, he’s defending the TV Title as a proud champion.

Logan: Yeah. I’m just glad his brother’s here with us tonight. The dude got shot earlier this week, and then they were involved in a tornado! Hell of a week for the Danger Boiz!

Jones: It would have been a tragedy to lose Chris, but, thankfully, he’s made it to the arena to watch his brother’s back.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: A lot is on the line here for Mikey Willis. He has to last longer than five minutes or the victory to be able to move on and face the Danger Boiz again at Ultimate Survival. He also has an opportunity to become only the second Television Champion since the belt was restored!

Logan: Pressure! Coming down on you, coming down on me….

Jones: You have many skills, Anthony, but a Freddie Mercury you’re not. Please no more singing at the announce table.

Logan: Alright, alright. Everybody’s a critic.

*Willis slides back into the ring, now that Crazy Chris has left. Dangerous Dan, meanwhile, makes sure that the Television Title is carefully placed in a safe spot. You can tell it’s becoming his pride and joy. The two men move to the center of the ring, where referee Bell quickly explains the rules, most of which is unnecessary for these competitors. The ref steps back, with Willis immediately talking trash to the champion. Dangerous Dan comes right back, not afraid to speak his own mind. Willis laughs off a comment, then says something else, waving towards Dan’s brother. Dan responds by raking a shot across Willis’ face! Willis shakes it off, then swings his own punch, landing it on Dan’s jaw! Dan recovers, taking a deep breath as if trying to control himself. He fails, as he jumps forward, tackling Willis and starting a brawl!*

Logan: There we go! Nothing wrong with a little animosity among wrestlers! I always feel this spices things up, makes for better matches.

Jones: These two men have met several times over the last month. The first match had Dangerous Dan win after Willis let his guard down, getting a little distracted by Crazy Chris and Scott Caine near ringside. They met again in the Television Title Battle Royal, with Willis getting double-teamed by Dan and Caine and tossed out.

Logan: Man, so will the third time be the charm for Willis? Or is it three strikes, you’re out?

*In the ring, Willis has taken control, landing a few good shots to keep Dangerous Dan on the defensive. When the champion tries to fight back, Willis manages to spin him around, dropping Dan with a dragon suplex! The challenger immediately tries a pinfall, but Dan is quick to kick out. Willis doesn’t look deterred, as he moves to the side, heading for the ropes. He rebounds and comes back for a running body-block, but Dan flattens on the mat, forcing Willis to go over top. As Willis comes back, Dan waits, going for a hip toss, only to have Willis land on his feet. Willis spins around and grabs Dan, giving him a hip toss as well, with Dan also getting his feet under him. It doesn’t last long, as Willis was already moving, chopblocking Dan’s legs and causing him to crash to the canvas!*

Logan: Willis is bringing it tonight!

Jones: This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Mikey. If he wins the Television Title here today, he will prove a lot of doubters wrong.

Logan: Yeah, man, the guy’s got a rough rep after a couple of tough losses, but if he becomes a champion, all that goes away!

*In the ring, Willis has been on the offensive, keeping Dan on the ground with a series of kicks and axehandle shots to the back. Willis finally lets the champion pull himself up, immediately knocking him into the ropes. He sends Dan to the other side with an Irish Whip, then goes for a dropkick, but Dan hangs onto the ropes, so Willis strikes nothing but air! He hits on the back of his head, stunning himself, but still starts to get up quickly. As he rises, though, Dan comes off the ropes and returns, taking Willis out with a clothesline! Willis, down again, claws his way back to his feet, with Dan again going to the ropes… and getting tripped up by Kenny! The referee missed it, saving Willis from a DQ, although Bell immediately comes over, wanting to know what happened. Kenny is raising his hands, like he did nothing, while Dan is pulling himself up, only to get DDT’ed right back down!*

Jones: So much for a clean contest! Kenny couldn’t help himself, he had to intervene.

Logan: Dangerous Dan didn’t look ready for that at all, which puts Mikey in the driver’s seat.

Jones: I hope Kenny gets whats coming… well, speak of the devil!

*As Kenny walks away from the referee, talking to the two girls instead, Crazy Chris comes out of nowhere, running in and taking Kenny down! The girls get out of range quickly as Crazy Chris punches away at Kenny, although he’s clearly still favoring the arm with the healing bullet wound. The crowd is cheering wildly at the violence on the outside, with Crazy Chris pulling Kenny to his feet, preparing to piledrive him on the floor! But suddenly, Crazy Chris is flying backwards, as Mikey Willis came out of the ring with a baseball slide! Willis goes over, checking on Kenny, then grabs Crazy Chris, trying to get Kenny to hit him. Kenny rears back, but then looks to his right with fear. Mikey does the same, but it’s too late, as Dangerous Dan comes at a full run, leaping over the ropes with a suicide dive!!! Everyone is down outside the ring except for the valets. Referee Bell begins his countout.*

Jones: Jesus! Dangerous Dan threw caution to the wind on that one!

Logan: Yeah, man, even Crazy Chris is down from that one! What a move! Hooray for the Dangerous One!

Jones: But can either guy beat the count?

*Bell reaches five and continues on, although many fans are chanting for him to stop the count. Outside the ring, Dangerous Dan has pulled himself up. He checks on Crazy Chris, who is struggling to recover, then grabs Willis and takes him to the apron, banging his head on it! Dan then slides Willis into the ring, not wanting to win via a countout. He follows, stopping the count at 7, coming up behind Willis and locking him into a sleeper! Willis immediately starts struggling, trying to use his slight height advantage to help him escape. He drags Dan behind him while trying to breathe, eventually heading towards the corner. Dan tries to prevent him from getting to the ropes, but Willis has no intention of that, instead putting his feet up on the ‘buckle and pushing backwards, placing both men in a pinning predicament! 1… 2… and both men manage to get their shoulders up in time!*

Jones: I tell you, I’m not sure who’s going to win this match!

Logan: It’s been a close one so far, but we’re still relatively early. Hey, where are we on the time?

Jones: We’re about to go over 5 minutes, and the action is still intense! If Willis can hang on, he’s going to Ultimate Survival for a chance to be #1 Contender!

*The crowd, seeing the approaching clock, starts the countdown, catching Willis’ attention as he struggles to get up. He smiles, but it’s soon wiped away when Dangerous Dan comes in, grabbing Willis from behind and rolling him up! Bell is right there… 1… 2…. and Willis escapes, saving his PPV opportunity! Both men get to their feet, with an angry Willis grabbing Dan’s head and face-planting him, giving Willis a chance to breathe. The count finishes, guaranteeing Willis’ run at Ultimate Survival, but Willis is now back focused on the Television Title. He pulls Dan up and gets him to the corner, hammering Dan’s head into the top turnbuckle, then the middle one, then the bottom, eventually leaving Dan sprawled in the corner. Willis steps back, takes aim, then runs forward, getting a timed dropkick right into Dan’s chest! Dan slumps even further, so Willis grabs his legs, dragging him out before making a cover… 1… 2… Dan throws a shoulder up!*

Logan: The champ is barely surviving right now!

Jones: I tell you, Dangerous Dan is having to face some stiff competition for that Television Title! The strain of being the champion has to be unbearable!

Logan: Hell, Jonesy, for the gold, you’ll bear it, trust me. That gold becomes more important to you than almost anything else.

*With a recovering Kenny rooting Willis on from the outside, the challenger picks Dangerous Dan up and bodyslams him. He has positioned him right where he wants him. Willis heads for the turnbuckle, climbing up. He gets his balance and leaps, taking flight with a shooting star press off the ‘buckle! Dangerous Dan manages to get his knees up, though, giving Willis a painful surprise landing!!! With Willis down, clutching at his injured midsection, Dan gets himself up and goes to the turnbuckle himself! He is up in a flash, stretching out his arm and leaping off with a flying elbow drop! No, Willis moves, and now Dan is hurting as well!*

Jones: The high-risk zone isn’t paying dividends right now, Anthony.

Logan: Both of these guys like to go for the big, impressive moves, but really, this is a match that could be won with a roll-up, the way these guys are. Who knows how it’s going to end?

Jones: Well, I could call the Psychic Hotline and ask them.

Logan: Seriously?

Jones: Hey, they can be fun to talk to on the road… when you’re lonely…

*Crazy Chris is on the outside, cheering on his brother, but he also seems to be getting some medical attention. The suicide dive might have opened up a stitch or two, but he’s not leaving his brother’s match. Inside the squared circle, Willis is back up, bringing Dan to his feet. Dan fights back, landing a couple of short jabs to back the contender up. He then goes for a big sidekick, but Willis avoids it, moving to the side. When Dan tries to come back, Willis boots him, then lifts the champion up, landing the Anarchy Slam!! Willis tiredly makes the cover, with referee Bell right there… 1… 2…. And Dan raises his arm at the last second, staying alive! Willis can’t believe it, arguing with Bell, saying that he did the same thing last time these two fought, but Bell shrugs it off, sticking to what he had ruled.*

Jones: Arguing with a referee is a tradition in wrestling, although I don’t think it has ever worked.

Logan: Au contraire, Jonesy, I have managed to get a ruling changed before.

Jones: Really? When did that happen?

Logan: Yeah, Rockwell tried to say that I lost a drinking game, but then the other guy collapsed, so he got over-ruled. Man, we have the most wild parties on the road. You really should come to one someday!

Jones: Yeah, but my wife knows you, Anthony. She would kill me if I started hanging out with you outside work.

*Willis struggles upwards, pulling Dangerous Dan up with him. He drags Dan to the ropes, scooting his face across the top rope, adding some burns to his injuries. Willis then knocks Dan into the corner, before backing up to get some running room between them. Willis charges forward, going for a stinger splash, but Dan springs upwards over a startled Willis, then rolls him up with a sunset flip variation! The ref’s right there… 1… 2… Willis escapes! Both men are up, with Willis booting Dan in the stomach, then going for another Anarchy Slam! No, reversal by Dan, who locks in the Danger Zone! No, now it’s time for Willis to reverse out of it, getting behind Dan and going for a jumping bulldog, but Dan shrugs Willis off! The challenger rushes back in, but Dan kicks him again, sets him, and quickly hits the Danger Zone!!!! The crowd finally remembers to breathe, cheering like mad, as Dangerous Dan makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

Jones: A great finish to the match, as Dangerous Dan gets another successful defense in!

Logan: Yeah, Willis looked like he did better this time, showing improvement, but he just didn’t have enough in the end to get the victory. Another time, perhaps?

Jones: Of course, these two will be facing once more, as Willis did earn the right to compete next week at Ultimate Survival! He will be teaming with Robert Santana and that janitor guy against the Danger Boiz and Mr. Excellent, with the winners to move on to the finals!

Logan: One of these guys could seriously shock the world, Jonesy!

*Willis is already out of the ring, departing through the side exit with Kenny and his girls. Willis looks dazed, but also upset. Meanwhile, Dan has joined his brother, Crazy Chris, with both moving towards the back. Dan takes a moment to lift up the Television Title, earning more cheers, before they depart.*

Jones: It’s been a monumental night of wrestling action, but it’s all got to end sometime! We’ll see you…

Logan: Wait a second, Jonesy! I don’t think we’re done here yet!

*”Cocky” by Kid Rock suddenly blares the PA system here in Dallas and immediately the crowd reacts with a rousing ovation of boo’s, littered in with some high pitch screams from the ladies. Out comes Rick Mathis and Warrick Hill leading the charge. They both stop a few feet in front of the entrance ramp and titan-tron. They then point behind them and out comes the 2-Time GCWA X-Division Champion, Lurrr. The crowds boos become even louder than before and Lurrr has the familiar cocky smirk on his face.*

Logan: Oh, man, now what? The show was almost over, and I thought we were going to get to avoid Lurrr tonight!

Jones: Sorry, Anthony, but it looks like the Roman Empire has some business tonight! I don’t know what we should do here. Do we need a final commercial break?

Logan: Nah, screw that, man, let’s hear what they have to say!

* The Roman Empire walks down the ramp towards the ring. As they are walking down the ramp Lurrr stops and sees a fan holding a sign that states, “Bifford was cheated.” Lurrr smiles and then spits in the face of the fan holding the sign. They continue towards the ring as Rick Mathis goes towards Minos and rips the mic out of his hands, he then hands it to the leader of The Roman Empire. The music goes off and the boos continue as the three men stand in the middle of the ring, almost accepting the boos like they are some sort of congratulated rewards.*

Lurrr: I love it, I really do. I did exactly what I told all of you unemployed, white trash hillbilly’s last week. I told you that this ‘fat cow’ who we call a wrestler wasn’t ready or prepared for a rematch with me. I told you that his win over me last month was nothing but a fluke and that I took him lightly. Now you people can see what the result was, I am now a 2-time GCWA X-Division Champion and all you fans can kiss my ass!!!

*Lurrr pointing towards his X-Division title again is showered with boos.*

Lurrr: Now I am sure the boss back there is salivating over Lurrr vs Bifford III but it won’t be happening anytime soon because I am wrapped up with some other business. In fact this business is The Roman Empire. I have been warning all of you including GCWA management and GCWA wrestlers that I wasn’t done. I have made it my mission to put together a force that would leave a long-lasting impression on this company. I have promised to make such an impact that my hand prints will be etched in stone all over this company until the day it dies. And last week I finished this mission.

*The boos, if anything, grow more intense, as the people know what’s coming next. Lurrr doesn’t bother to stop talking, ignoring the fans.*

Lurrr: We needed that one last ingredient, that one last piece to the puzzle. None of you saw this coming; you asked yourselves how could ‘The Thriller’ Derek Mobley side with the evil empire as many of you call us. Well it’s pretty simple; Mobley knows that we can give him that spotlight once again. We can get him back on top of the mountain and he knows he will have the protection he needs. This kind of protection is a lot more intriguing than a Scoot Caine, Dangerous Dan, or Crazy Chris. We actually draw ratings and have done something in this business. So without further or due, let me introduce to you the newest and fourth member of The Roman Empire, the greatest thing going in professional wrestling today, ‘The Thriller’ Derek Mobley!!!

*Derek Mobley emerges from behind the curtain and makes his way down to the ring without any entrance music signifying his arrival. The fans don’t seem to know how to react…there are some boos in thrown around, but, mostly you have confused fans wanting to hear from their former favorite wrestler. Derek enters the ring, Lurrr hands him the mic and Derek begins to speak.*

Derek Mobley: You’ll have to excuse the lame entrance…I’ve been too busy this last week to submit an appropriate theme music to GCWA headquarters…can’t exactly come out to the Dropkick Murphys anymore, can I? Probably a good thing…I’ve never even been to Boston, I don’t think. Anyways, to the point at hand…Derek Mobley and the Roman Empire…The Roman Empire and Derek Mobley…it WAS supposed to be a match for the ages…however, it’s now turned into the team of a lifetime...

*The fans boo at the mention of the Roman Empire’s perceived strength.*

Derek Mobley: You see…right there…those boos…man, how those boos used to bother me. I always felt this undue pressure to please everyone in attendance…I just had to stretch myself, physically as well as psychologically to make sure all of you got your money’s worth. Those boos would echo throughout my head…that is…until the past few months. Ever since Dean and my buddy, Warrick, took a turn on me…I’ve heard static…unbearable static in my head…static I just couldn’t’ get rid of. Cheers, boos…they all ran second to the static…it culminated with Blood on the Battlefield…this static…became too unbearable…

*The fans remain fairly silent, listening to Derek.*

Derek Mobley: Then, there was the Destruction of Dean you all witnessed, in horror…from Sunday night, to Friday…I couldn’t think, I couldn’t sleep…the static was driving me insane…so, I saw Dean out here, running his mouth and I did something I thought I’d never do…I don’t have to go into details, you all have witnessed it over and over again…the only added feature to that horrific beat down was….the static, stopped. I could think clearly again…I was, once again, at peace.

*The fans start to boo with Derek showing no signs of remorse for his actions.*

Derek Mobley: The owner coincidentally banned me from GCWA, costing me my World Title rematch…once again proving who he’s in bed with these days. So, I’m sitting at home, putting the pieces together when I suddenly take a look at my life…I’m playing video games with losers, hanging around with a crazed fan and dating a girl who slept with my best friend before she slept with me…I was suspended, without a championship…an utter failure. Hell, the ONLY person who thought I was worth the trouble in reaching out too was Scott Caine…and, nothing against Mr. Caine, but that just rubbed me the wrong way…so, I did something I thought I’d never do. As people say…when things aren’t going your way, it’s time for a change…and change, I did. I turned on Scott and joined the Roman Empire…the very stable that had put me through such torture over the past few months. Does it make sense? Probably not to you…but it makes sense to me. Why does it make sense, well I’m gonna explain it to you…

*The fans stand back, anxiously awaiting Derek’s explanation for his recent actions.*

Derek Mobley: Ah, who am I kidding, I don’t have to explain anything to you guys…not anymore, so you people just conjure up your own rationale. All I have to worry about…all WE need to focus on is Ultimate Survival. Scott Caine, Big Bifford and TLWho stand in our way from total domination of GCWA. Caine, you’re out of your league, buddy. Bifford, well Lurrr’s already killed your momentum and knows how to beat you, so I’m not too worried about it. TLWho…I guess I can live with my tenth straight win over ya…bottom line is, Ultimate Survival, The Roman Empire is looking to send all THREE competitors to the final match…we will accept nothing less. From Derek ‘The Thriller’ Mobley to Warrick Freakin Hill all the way to the man bold enough to roll with three R’s…Lurrr himself…the three of us will take out Bound by Hate…one by one and there isn’t anything anybody can do about it…

*Derek drops the mic, he shakes hands with Lurrr and Mathis, then gives Warrick a big, long awaited hug as the crowd boos loudly.*

Logan: Man, I still can’t believe it. I was hoping Derek would at least explain why he did it, but for whatever reason, he’s definitely signed a deal with the devil.

Jones: Clearly, it’s not going to be easy for anyone to stop the Roman Empire from taking over the GCWA, Anthony.

*The four men pose in the ring, enjoying the negative attention they’re getting, when suddenly Mathis starts pointing towards the entryway. Coming through the curtains is a massive man wearing a bathrobe and a Stranger mask!*

Jones: What the… who the heck is that?

Logan: Really, Jonesy? You can’t tell you that is?

Jones: Oh, never mind. It’s the Big Bifford, of course! Oh, god, I hope he doesn’t disrobe!

*With the fans screaming, the Big Bifford reaches up and removes the mask, smiling as he does so. He seemed to be expecting a bigger reaction to his unmasking, assuming that no one knew who he was. The Roman Empire is waving him on, happy to oblige a suicide run by the former X Division Champion. But as they’re distracted, they don’t see Scott Caine coming in from the side with a Singapore cane in hand! He smashes Derek Mobley in the back, then swings at a turning Lurrr, who barely gets up his hands to block it! Mathis and Hill start to move over to give them a hand, but Mathis is suddenly down, having had both his legs yanked out from under him… by The Lost Soul! TLS comes in, going after Hill, as the Big Bifford starts on his way down!*

Jones: We’ve got a huge brawl now! The three people who hate the Roman Empire the most are launching a preemptive strike here and now!

Logan: Dare I say we need security out here, or will that just make things worse??

*The Roman Empire seems to be starting to get the advantage due to the numbers, with Mobley managing to knock Caine’s weapon away. Mobley and Lurrr start punching away on Caine, while Hill and TLS are still going at it, with Mathis coming from behind to help. The Big Bifford finally reaches the ring (having a scary moment when his robe almost rises up upon entering), and he immediately starts to turn the tide, giving a couple of haymakers to Mathis! Lurrr goes to intercept his rival, with the crowd roaring at Lurrr and Bifford fighting it out again! Mobley, angry at the distraction caused by the group, picks up Caine’s weapon of choice and goes to hit Bifford from behind, but Caine comes flying in out of nowhere, spearing Mobley to the mat!*

Jones: We are completely out of time! Good night, everyone! See you at the pay-per-view!!

*The brawl continues to intensify, with some of the members on both sides managing to find weapons to use. Security finally comes pouring out of the back, with Titan 3 leading the charge, a smile on his face. The picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: Great week, guys. This card was overflowing with segments, making it that much easier for me to write up a long one! And now... it's time for Ultimate Survival!

I wanted to go over the stips one more time for the guys who are still a little unsure about these matches. An "Ultimate Survival" match is just like a "Survivor Series Elimination" Match, in that to win, everyone from one team must be eliminated. In other words, you start out with 3 vs. 3, but as people get eliminated, you can have 3-on-2, 3-on-1, 2-on-1, etc.

What this means is that if two people on your team put up sensational roleplays that beat the competition, while the third guy barely posts, the third guy will most likely be eliminated but the other two will 'survive' to move on to the final match, which will be an "every man for himself elimination" contest. The final man standing wins a "#1 Contenders" Match against the World Champion.

A couple of official rules:

#1 - I expect each wrestler to roleplay. So those of you with multiple wrestlers (such as Derek Mobley/Warrick Hill or Dangerous Dan/Crazy Chris), if you want both wrestlers to move on, you have to roleplay for each of them. This is simply because if you only did 'tag-team' roleplays, then both your guys would be eliminated at the same time. So if Derek rp's 3 times while Warrick has none in his name, Warrick will quickly be eliminated. Understandable?

#2 - I plan to do a score for each wrestler rp, keeping track as we go. If your score is higher than someone on the other side, you will last longer then them. But if I feel one guy's roleplays are above yours, he will outlast you. That's the way it will work.

If you have any more questions, let me know. With that said, here's the official card:

- Team Danger Boiz (Dangerous Dan, Crazy Chris, & Mr. Excellent) vs. Team Blaze ("The Blaze" Mikey Willis, Robert "The Sensei" Santana, & Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn), Ultimate Survival Elimination Match

- Team Stranger Danger (Harvey Danger, the Stranger, & James Thrash) vs. Team Organized Chaos (Tommy Crimson, Draco, & Hector or Victor Malvado), Ultimate Survival Elimination Match

- Team Bound By Hate (The Big Bifford, Scott Caine & The Lost Soul) vs. Team Roman Empire (Lurrr, Derek Mobley, & Warrick Hill), Ultimate Survival Elimination Match

- Ultimate Survival Finals (Survivors from each qualifying match compete)

- "The Man Made Monster" Shane Donovan(c) vs. "His Legacy" Marcus Ka'Derrion, GCWA World Heavyweight Title Iron Man Match

Roleplaying will be from Friday, May 8th, to Wednesday, May 13th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count. Who will win the cherished Ultimate Survival ring?