*The previous show, a re-run of CSI: New York, finishes running, You, of course, knew who the killer was within the first few minutes. Good for you. After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Shane Donovan confidently holding the GCWA World Heavyweight Title in his hands, a grim smile on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are ramped up as always, cheering wildly as the pyro explodes on the stage. The camera takes a moment to focus on a few of the signs, including “Marcus Ka’Derrion, Destiny Wants You!” and “I Can Dance The Santana!” We zoom in, focusing on the announcers, Jones and Logan.*

Jones: Good evening! I am Edward Jones, with Anthony “Lightning” Logan, and you have found the wildest wrestling action on the planet, GCWA’s Friday Night Inferno!!

Logan: Things keep getting more and more exciting, don’t they, Jonesy?

Jones: The closer we get to Ultimate Survival 2009, the higher the energy levels! We hope everyone in Houston has been purchasing their tickets for this event, which will be held at the Toyota Center!

Logan: Yeah, man, the home of the Houston Rockets is going to get a taste of the GCWA!! Hey, wait a second… what if the Rockets are playoff-bound that night? I mean, we don’t know that schedule yet, do we?

Jones: Oh, the playoffs will get out of our way, I’m sure.

Logan: Uh, no, they won’t.

Jones: Don’t worry about it, Anthony. I believe the Accelerator has Reliant Stadium as a back-up.

Logan: Reliant Stadium? That place is huge!

Jones: Which just means more tickets sold! C’mon, people, out to Houston and give us your support! It’s going to be a tremendous show!!!

Logan: Well, that’s great, but let’s talk about tonight! We’ve got one of the most anticipated rematches I think we’ve ever had!

Jones: That’s right! Tonight, the Big Bifford puts his GCWA X Division Title on the line against the man he won it from, Lurrr, in our main event! It will be fought inside an “Xtreme Cage”, which will be an incredible free match!

Logan: Also tonight, the Television Title is being defended for the first time by the champion, Dangerous Dan! He’s facing a tough first foe in Robert “The Sensei” Santana! Also tonight, the IC Champion and one-half of the Tag-Team Champions will be in action, showing how incredible a night it’s going to be!

Jones: Before we get to that, though, Anthony, I’m being told that we need to cut to the back! Something’s happening at the President’s office!

Logan: Already??

*We cut away from the ringside area to the Presidential office, where arguing can be heard. The door is partially open, so the camerman’s hand appears, pushing it open further. As it opens, we can see three men: the President, the Accelerator, is standing in front of his desk. The Head of Security, Titan 3, has moved off at an angle, as if sizing someone up. And in-between them is the World Heavyweight Champion, Shane Donovan! Donovan is holding a clothes bag in one hand and a sheet of paper in his other, raising the paper towards the President.*

Shane Donovan: Look, Prez, it is in black and white. I have the right to do this! It’s in the contract!

The Accelerator: I don’t care what loophole you’ve created, I am not allowing that tonight!

Shane Donovan: Say what you want, but you don’t have a choice.

The Accelerator: You think I’m going to let you sabotage my PPV main event??

Shane Donovan: If you’re worried about that, I’ll promise not to do anything to him. But I am invoking my contractual right, and if you want to fight that, feel free to call my lawyer.

The Accelerator: You son of a…. hey! Who the hell authorized a camera in here? Titan 3, do your job and get him out of here!

Titan 3: With pleasure.

*Titan 3 moves towards the door, as the cameraman, now fearing for his life, beats a hasty retreat. He scrambles down the hall, the camera pointed at the ground, as you can hear sounds of pursuit. Suddenly, there is some sort of impact, with the camera flying away. The last thing we see is a wall approaching, then the picture goes to static. We cut back to the announce table.*

Logan: Chalk another one up to Titan 3’s tally! Now a cameraman’s down!

Jones: I’m more interested in what he was taping, Anthony. What’s the deal with Shane Donovan demanding something tonight? What does the devious World Champion have planned?

Logan: I don’t know, but I’m afraid we’ll find out soon enough, if he gets his way.

Jones: Well, we’ve got a very large card to get to tonight, so large that some of it actually took place before we went on the air! Let’s go to the dark match footage!

*We go to the video tape, with Mon-E making his usual flamboyant entrance, while James Thrash comes down for his debut fight. Surprisingly, Thrash dominates the rich wrestler, throwing Mon-E around the ring with a lot of painful-looking hits. He eventually picks Mon-E off the canvas, landing the Go To Sleep and causing Mon-E’s nose to bleed. The referee, Thomas Mitchell, goes to make the count, but Thrash shakes his head. He’s not done yet. He brings Mon-E to the turnbuckle, lifts him up, then follows. With a quick yank, Thrash gets Mon-E into position, then comes off the turnbuckle with the Thrashed maneuver, knocking Mon-E out to allow Thrash the easy pinfall victory. The video tape ends.*

Jones: Too bad about Mon-E. He looked completely beaten out there. This James Thrash might have a lot of potential!

Logan: Yeah, but I want to see what he’s got when he’s facing someone who will fight him back!

Jones: True. Hopefully that will happen soon enough, Anthony. Until then, let’s get to our first live match of the night!

Minos: This match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Now entering the arena, he has been wrestling with the company since it reopened in January ’09, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*Caine walks out with his manager, Benji Sampson, to the tune of “Automatic” by American Pearl. He looks more confident than ever, stretching his arms on the way to the ring. Benji glances around at the crowd, scoping things out before moving down the aisle. The crowd is almost completely split, many still remembering some of Caine’s actions over the last month.*

Logan: I heard Caine had a pretty good week of shooting guns and drinking beer. That’s my kind of week!

Jones: Yep, but he also screwed up an official Civil War Re-Enactment, angering a lot of the older veterans who have been part of it for years.

Logan: So what? The GCWA isn’t for old farts, it’s for the next generation! Hoo-Rah!

Minos: And now, his opponent… he recently returned from a short absence from the ring due to health issues, but has retaken control of the Organized Chaos stable, standing 6’4” and weighing 223 lbs, from Atlanta, Georgia, here is Jobe Severity!

*Severity walks out alone from the back, having left his followers behind. He walks slowly to the ring, with “Day That Never Comes” by Metallica playing behind him. The crowd is booing, but not quite as harshly as they will later on with other hated stars.*

Jones: You can’t help but feel some sympathy for this man, who is facing his own mortality.

Logan: Ummm, Jonesy, this is the guy who tried to crucify Dolly Parton.

Jones: Well, yes, but he’s still dying from…

Logan: Dolly Parton, Jonesy! Dolly Parton! I can’t forgive him for that!

Jones: Alright, alright, Anthony, chill out!

Logan: Sorry. I get passionate about my country music.

Jones: Really?

Logan: Hell no, I just like the big breasts, man! Woohooo, puppies!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Caine finishes a conversation with his manager and comes out of the corner, bouncing on his heels. Severity, though, stays in his corner, on his knees. He appears to be saying a prayer. Caine, a little bit thrown off, moves over to head referee Bell, asking him what to do, but Bell just shrugs. After a few more seconds, Severity pulls himself up out of the corner and turns, apparently now ready for action. He comes forward to meet Caine in the middle of the ring.*

Jones: It’s strange that no one else from Organized Chaos is out here.

Logan: Well, I know there is some tension between Jobe and Tommy Crimson, who took over leading Organized Chaos while Jobe was gone.

Jones: Didn’t Crimson put out a death note on Severity or something?

Logan: Yeah, well, that explains the tension, doesn’t it?

*The two men talk for a minute, although their words can’t be heard due to the distance and the crowd. Caine doesn’t seem to like what Severity is saying. He suddenly rears back and slaps Severity across the chest, moving him back. Severity takes the hit, then comes back with one of his own, slashing his hand across Caine’s exposed skin. Caine shakes off the hit, coming back and locking eyes with the former preacher. Severity smiles and raises his arms in a classic pose, showing that he wants to do a test of strength. Sampson can be heard on the outside, telling Caine not to do it, but Caine goes ahead and locks up. The two men struggle against each other, trying to get the upper hand. Severity manages it first, pushing Caine down to his knees and twisting his fingers! Caine grimaces in pain from the hold, while Jobe begins to quote bible verses while holding him down.*

Logan: So far, Jobe has the upper hand. He’s really tweaking the fingers of Caine!

Jones: This isn’t Caine’s usual gameplan. He needs to move fast and keep on the attack. Otherwise this may turn out to be a quicker match than many of us would expect.

*The crowd starts to chant Caine’s name, trying to fire him up, as he fights to regain every inch he can, loosening the pressure. Severity’s face is turning red from the strain of trying to hold the younger wrestler down. Slowly, Caine rises, getting to his feet and beginning to reverse the fingers so that Severity is the one in trouble. The leader of Organized Chaos reacts, though, stomping quickly on Caine’s outstretched foot! Caine winces and releases his grip, allowing Severity to move around him and lift the smaller wrestler with a German suplex! Severity continues the motions, flipping Caine over again and again in the suplexes, finally releasing the chain after 4 maneuvers. With Caine stunned, Jobe opts to go for the cover, with referee Bell right there for the count… 1… 2… and Caine raises his shoulder quickly, not willing to go down that easily.*

Jones: This is a battle of youthful exuberance vs. older experience. Which will prevail?

Logan: If Severity can keep Caine from taking flight, he can control the pace of the match. It’s the strength of a mat wrestler that he can keep things from getting out of control.

Jones: It won’t be easy to keep Caine grounded, though. He’s proven time and time again that he’s always a threat to pull off the upset.

*Caine tries to stand up, his back a mass of pain. Severity immediately steps in, picking Caine up and bodyslamming him right where he was already hurting. Severity then grabs Caine’s legs, lifting him and trying to twist him over into a Boston crab submission hold. Caine fights, though, straining his shoulder muscles to keep from being turned over. Severity keeps trying, but he gets a little too close in his efforts, allowing Caine to grab him by the hair and roll him up! Bell, caught off-guard, dives over to make the count… 1… 2… and Severity gets free. Both men spring up, with Caine blocking a Severity punch and lashing out with his feet. Severity catches the foot, always a mistake when facing Caine, who leaps up with the enziguiri, taking the preacher down! Caine pushes himself off the mat, obviously still having pain from his back, but he’s on the move, going off the ropes and coming back with an aimed dropkick right into Severity’s face as he tries to rise, knocking him back down! Caine goes for the pin… 1… 2… Severity barely kicks out!*

Logan: Caine’s got to keep pouring it on and wear Severity out. That’s a great way to win this one.

Jones: You have to think that Severity doesn’t have near the stamina that Caine does. He needs to finish this match quick. Caine might just outlast the older wrestler.

*Caine goes back on the attack, pulling Jobe up and lifting him in the air with a Juvi driver, once again going for a pin attempt… 1… 2… no, Severity will not stay down. Caine, rather than letting himself lose focus, rolls back and heads for the turnbuckle, preparing for something big. He climbs up, then turns around to jump, but Severity, sensing the threat, has rolled to the other side of the ring, far outside the range of the high-flyer. Showing a little annoyance, Caine lets out a deep breath and comes back down the turnbuckle, hiking over to where Severity is pulling himself up. He grabs Severity from behind, but Jobe reacts by elbowing Caine in the face, sending him staggering back. Severity turns and comes at his foe, grabbing Caine by the head and delivering the Blasphemy jawbreaker!!! Caine drops to the ground, his fillings rearranged by the preacher, as Jobe slumps against the ropes, rubbing his sore head.*

Jones: That could be the start of it! The Blasphemy is usually the set-up for the King James Version submission hold!

Logan: If he gets that locked on, this one’s over. That move is nearly impossible to break free of. If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in it, you have one option: reach the ropes.

*Severity rises up, moving towards the downed Caine. Sampson is on the outside, screaming at Caine to get himself up. He climbs up on the apron, hoping to distract Severity, but it only succeeds in bringing over the referee, who is ordering the manager down from his perch. Severity never loses focus, grabbing the legs of Caine and starting to bring him over. However, before he can lock in the hold, Caine gets his legs free, kicking Severity away from him. Severity falls into the ropes, slashing his throat across the middle one. He clutches at his Adam’s apple, coughing, trying to get some air in his already weakened lungs. The referee comes over, worried about Severity’s condition. At the same time, Caine brings himself up, a little off-balance but still moving. He comes over and moves the referee out of the way, grabbing the injured Severity and lifting him up like a suplex. He bounces Severity’s legs off the top rope, giving him more spring as he flips Severity over, smashing him into the mat! Caine, though, doesn’t go for the pin. He looks up at the lights instead, thinking about flying.*

Logan: Is he going to go for his finisher? Could we be seeing a major upset in the making?

Jones: Severity is down! This is where he needs the members of Organized Chaos to help him out, but they’re still not around!

Logan: Yep, Caine’s going to fly!

*Caine is climbing up the turnbuckle, step by step, with Sampson urging him to hurry. Despite themselves, the fans seem to be cheering Caine on, wanting him to take the leap. He positions his feet and springs off, aiming his body perfectly at Severity, who is still down! Severity starts to sit up, but it’s too late, as Caine’s leg lands across his throat, delivering the Sugar Caine!!! Severity isn’t moving, but Caine is, rolling to his side in pain from the landing. He moves back over, putting his arms across Severity to complete the pinning attempt. Referee Bell is right there to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Scott Caine!

Jones: He did it! Caine pulls off a surprising win here today!

Logan: Man, first Dangerous Dan becomes a singles champion, and now Caine is beating established veterans! They’re growing up, man. *sniff* They are growing up.

*Caine goes to the side, celebrating with Sampson, as Jobe pulls himself to his feet, looking discouraged. His head is hanging low after the very brutal match with Caine. Suddenly all people in the ring stop in their tracks as “Head Up” by the Deftones begins to play! The crowd reacts with boos as “The Fury” Tommy Crimson comes out of the back, marching down the ramp! Jobe begins to smile knowing Caine is going to get it now. sEizure and Super Creep arrive after Crimson, staying on the stage at Crimson’s urges. Crimson goes towards the ring and rolls in, going past Caine, who is working to watch both men at the same time.*

Jones: Why is Crimson out here now, instead of earlier?

Logan: I don’t know, but it’s probably not good news for Caine that he’s there!

*Severity looks pleased that his ally is out there to help him with getting revenge on Caine. Crimson, though, turns and slides back out, surprising both men. He walks around the ring, for some reason going to the timekeeper. He shoves the man out of the way, gets the ring bell and comes into the ring, now with a heavy weapon in his hands.*

Logan: Not good. Caine, get out of there!

Jones: Run! It’s never cowardly if it saves your hide!

*Caine braces himself for an assault, as Jobe advances on his position. Crimson, though, uses the bell.*

*The Bell Rings.*

*Severity looks back, confused, as Crimson drops the bell to the side and moves towards him. He never takes his eyes off of Jobe. Suddenly he begins punching Jobe. He throws Jobe into the ropes, knee smash! Severity falls to the mat. Caine, realizing that this doesn’t concern him, quickly vacates the ring, even as the other two men are hurrying down, coming to save Severity! Super Creep is now in the ring followed by sEizure. Super Creep is getting off his knees from sliding in the ring. Crimson waits until he stands to his feet, BUZZKILL! The spinning wheel kick makes a loud noise. Creep is out before he hits the mat. sEizure sees this and gets back out of the ring. Severity comes back after Crimson, but the ‘betrayer’ turns and hits The Fury!!! Severity hits the mat almost as hard as Creep did previously. Crimson falls on top of him. He smacks the mat 1...2.. Crimson stands up and walks out of the ring. The crowd is chanting “Holy *Bleep*”, surely giving the censor a headache as he tries to keep up. Crimson walks backwards up the ramp looking at all the destruction he has just caused in the ring. Crimson turns and is handed a mic by a ring hand.*

Tommy Crimson: This is a historic moment in professional wrestling. Severity you are dead in the water. Maybe all of you are wondering why I did this? What Jobe laying there knocked out doesn`t know is yesterday I went to speak with his doctor. Knowing the friendship he and I share, he confided in me exactly what was wrong with Jobe. His knees are shot, his back is going, and the cancer? There is no fucking cancer. You have lost your *bleeping* mind Jobe, and I’m going to the top of this company. No one is going to hold me back, especially a crazy *bleep* way past his prime.

*The crowd is getting rowdy, with many unsure how to take Crimson’s comments.*

Tommy Crimson: Ask Marcus how past my prime I am. I nearly beat him, someone nearly a decade and a half younger than myself. I fell on the table pretty much, he didn`t even beat me honestly. Anytime he wants to tie it up again, I would be very willing to do so. I`ll dig up his dead *bleep* daddy, yes I said it fans. Everyone knows backstage he and Scott Syren would dress in drag and play games like that. Sick *bleep*s... Anyways anytime you want a real fight, you know which door to knock on.

*Now the crowd is decided, fully booing Crimson. Anyone bad-mouthing the Punisher is hated by the audience at large. Crimson doesn’t listen to them. He goes back to talking to Severity, glaring at the ring.*

Tommy Crimson: Jobe, im taking over Organized Chaos. This is my time, not yours. If you fans don`t like these comments you can suck my *bleeping* *bleep*. You wanted me to lose my mind, well you got it. I’m going to take over this mother*bleep* before too long!

*Crimson drops this mic, and walks out. The fans are now booing beyond belief. Crimson disappears into the back, laughing, as sEizure works to revive Severity and Super Creep in the ring.*

Jones: I think Crimson went off the deep end, Anthony. Damn, what a mouth on that guy!

Logan: Yeah, the censor was hitting the button every other sentence, wasn’ t he?

Jones: So Crimson takes out most of the membership of Organized Chaos, then says he’s taking it back over? So is Severity the one out of Organized Chaos? Or is Crimson?

Logan: I have no idea, Jonesy, other than that Crimson is a dangerous man right now.

*The camera focuses on Jobe Severity, who is now sitting up in the ring with the aid of sEizure. His eyes are closed, though, either in pain or in sadness. We fade to a commercial break.*

*After the commercial airs, we come back to the backstage area, where April White, the substitute interviewer for the still-medically-uncleared Cynthia Hall, is standing. She raises up her mic.*

April White: Ladies and gentlemen, here with me at this time is the former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion and the current GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

*A cheer erupts from the audience as Dangerous Dan steps into view, his title prominently displayed on his shoulder.*

April White: Dangerous Dan, on behalf of everyone here in the GCWA, congrats on winning the GCWA Television title last week in the six-man battle royal. How are you feeling being the first Television Champion in almost a decade?

Dangerous Dan: Well April, I am feeling wonderful. Last week was one of the greatest nights of my life. I finally captured my first singles title. I feel on top of the world.

April White: Well now that you are the Television Champion, the new rule is that you must defend the title each week. Can you handle the difficult task? After all, no other champion has to defend their title that many times.

Dangerous Dan: This is the title that marks a true champion. You see anybody can be ‘A’ champion, but it takes a ‘true’ champion to defend the title every week. I have worked my butt off to get this title. I will wear it proudly, and show all the fans and all the GCWA superstars exactly why I am the Television Champion. So, yes, I do think I can handle the difficult task.

April White: Speaking of title defenses, you will make your first title defense here tonight against Robert Santana.

Dangerous Dan: Ah, good ‘ol Robert Santana. Only been around for a couple weeks now, eh? Easily eliminated from the battle royal and now the number one contender. With all due respect, Robert, enjoy the spot while you can. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Others are waiting in line. One shot. One chance. One mistake, and it all goes downhill. Robert, get ready. You will be the first man to experience the new Dangerous Dan. Bring all you got, Robert. See you in the ring.

*Dangerous Dan raises the TV Title, showing it to the camera as it zooms in. We fade back to the ringside area.*

Logan: I love Dangerous Dan’s new confidence! The man is acting like a true champion!

Jones: He’s certainly in a tough spot, being forced to defend the title every week.

Logan: That’s just going to make him that much better of a champ, Jonesy. You watch, he’s going to be a World Title contender before you know it!

Jones: Maybe so, Anthony. Maybe so. Let’s get back to the ring for some more great GCWA action!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. No titles will be on the line in this bout. Introducing first…

*Minos’ intro is interrupted by a blast of music, followed by an explosion of pyro. The fans, thrown off, soon recognize “God In Extension” by Jack Daw and begin to get riled up, booing as Shane Donovan, the World Champion, walks out of the back! Donovan, wearing a cut-off referee uniform, heads to the ring, with a sarcastic smile planted on his face.*

Logan: No way! How the hell did Shane manage this??

Jones: Well, he said earlier he had to talk to the President about a specific clause in his World Title contract. I guess that clause deals with being able to be a referee!

Logan: Man, how’d he slip that past Marcus, not to mention Ace? Crazy, man, just crazy. You realize what this means? Marcus’ undefeated streak is in serious jeopardy!

*Donovan enters the ring, still wearing the World Title around his waist, as he parades in front of the booing fans. He signals to Minos to continue the announcements, then settles into a corner.*

Minos: Our first competitor, coming down the aisle accompanied by Brutus, Taz, & Dan, he stands 6’0” and weighs 215 lbs, from Racine, Wisconsin, he is Mikey Willis!

*The crowd continues to boo when Mikey makes his appearance, complete with his ‘assistants’ at his side. Willis approaches the ring to “No 5” by Hollywood Undead, looking even more confident now that he knows who the referee is.*

Jones: Willis has been talking a lot of trash this week, mainly towards how he was going to defeat Ka’Derrion here tonight.

Logan: Yeah, from what I’ve heard, his ‘buds’ Brutus and Taz have basically guaranteed to help Willis win over Ka’Derrion. I wasn’t worried about that until I heard who the referee is for this one. Now I wonder if history is going to be made here tonight.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he is the undefeated GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami Florida, here is “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The crowd finally gets to cheer, screaming out for Marcus Ka’Derrion as he makes his appearance. “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park is playing behind him while he makes his way towards the ring, his eyes never leaving the new referee ‘assigned’ to the match.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion was said to have been plagued by nightmares this past week, all dealing with the World Title that’s around Shane Donovan’s waist.

Logan: I wonder if any of his nightmares featured Donovan showing up to referee his match.

Jones: It’s a true living nightmare for Marcus, no question.

*Ka’Derrion steps into the ring and immediately goes nose-to-nose with Donovan, who seems to enjoy the tension he’s causing. Donovan suddenly turns and walks away from Ka’Derrion, deliberately showing his back as he calls for the match to begin.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Ok, I’ve been informed by the back that a deal was reached between the President and the World Champion. The President is going to honor the contract, giving Donovan the opportunity to referee the match tonight. But Donovan has promised not to lay a hand on Ka’Derrion tonight unless in self-defense, and he has to follow the rules, or else he’ll be penalized by forfeiting the belt!

Logan: Really? So if Donovan attacks Marcus without cause, the belt is stripped? Crazy!

Jones: Tell me about it! This match just got a lot more exciting!

*Donovan sits up on the turnbuckle, still looking to be in a very good mood as he signals for the guys to go at it. Marcus, annoyed, is almost too distracted to notice Willis coming in, charging at him. At the last second, though, Marcus turns and blocks Mikey’s attack, then starts dishing out jabs, driving Willis back! He rears back for another punch… and Donovan steps in-between, raising his arms! Ka’Derrion barely stops his punch in time, avoiding a disqualification by the slimmest of margins. He angrily glares at Donovan, who shows him a closed fist, enforcing one of the weakest rules in the book. Donovan moves aside, shrugging as if to say “follow the rules”. As he moves, Willis comes back in, leaping up with a splash that catches Marcus off-guard, taking the champion to the mat! Willis stays on top, going for a pin, as Donovan is quickly down… 1.. 2.. no, Ka’Derrion kicks out.*

Logan: Extremely fast count by Donovan there, but then, you have to expect that.

Jones: Yes, Donovan isn’t exactly an unbiased referee.

Logan: God help me, but I’m wishing Thomas Mitchell was in there instead.

*Donovan backs away, not exactly displeased in the fact that the match is continuing. Willis brings Ka’Derrion up, hitting him with a couple of shots. Strangely, Donovan doesn’t seem to notice the closed-fist this time. Willis gets Ka’Derrion into the corner, then gets onto the middle turnbuckle, hitting him a few more times before coming off with a bulldog, knocking Ka’Derrion’s head into the canvas! Willis makes the pin and Donovan quickly dives down… 1.. 2.. once again, Marcus beats the count, staying in the match. Willis looks a little annoyed, but Donovan shrugs, as he’s doing all he can within the rules. Willis moves away, going back to the turnbuckle and climbing up. As Ka’Derrion sits up, getting himself to his feet, Willis preps himself and jumps, going for another high-flying move. The IC Champ immediately reacts, dropkicking Willis in mid-air!! Willis crashes and burns, with Ka’Derrion diving on top of him for the pin… 1…… and Willis kicks out.*

Jones: How is Ka’Derrion going to win, with his rival, Donovan, counting like that?

Logan: I think that’s the point, Jonesy.

*Ka’Derrion lifts himself up, furious at Donovan, who is mockingly showing the two fingers as if to say Ka’Derrion was close. Marcus decides to take it out on Willis, who is already getting back up. Before Willis can get away, Ka’Derrion grabs him from behind, locking Willis’ arm down between his legs and getting a pumphandle slam! Marcus covers again, daring Donovan to make the count, as the ‘ref’ yawns and comes over… 1….. 2….. and Willis easily gets a shoulder up. Ka’Derrion really looks like he wants to take a swing at Donovan, and the World Champion is almost inviting it, wanting to ruin Marcus’ attempt at 10 victories without a loss. Instead, though, Ka’Derrion focuses back on Willis, heading to the ropes and rebounding. But as he does so, Brutus reaches up, grabbing Ka’Derrion’s legs and causing him to fall to the mat!*

Logan: And now Brutus and those thugs at ringside are getting involved!

Jones: I know that Donovan saw that! He had to have! But, of course, he’s not going to give Ka’Derrion the win like that.

*In a pure show for the fans, Donovan steps forward, apparently saying something to Brutus about the involvement. Brutus raises his hands, saying he didn’t do anything, and Donovan seems to agree with him. Donovan turns back, as Ka’Derrion, back up, runs past him, leaping over the ropes and falling onto Brutus, Taz, and Dan!!!! All three men fall, in a heap, as Ka’Derrion gets in some extra punches, trying to keep them down! Willis gets up, rubbing his head, and starts to go to his friends’ aid, but Donovan stops him, telling him to stay in the ring. Donovan then turns and starts his countout, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Ka’Derrion dives in, barely beating the count!!! Willis immediately starts stomping away on the IC Champion before he can get up, taking back the advantage.*

Logan: The thugs are down for now, but it very nearly cost Marcus Ka’Derrion the match!

Jones: What a terrible ending for Ka’Derrion’s run, to be counted out! He’s lucky Donovan just didn’t keep counting! In fact, what’s stopping Donovan from DQ’ing Ka’Derrion the next time he uses a closed fist?

Logan: Probably whatever Ace talked to Donovan about backstage. You can bet the President is watching this one VERY closely.

*Willis is now on top of Ka’Derrion, grabbing at his right arm. Willis applies a crossface submission hold, enjoying the fact that he’s doing some damage. He looks up at Donovan, expecting the World Champion to immediately call for the bell, but Donovan instead has walked away, looking out of the ring at the crowd. Willis, puzzled, keeps on the pressure, with Ka’Derrion struggling to get free. Donovan is still not even checking for a submission. He glances towards the ceiling, then looks at his fingernails, anywhere but at the wrestlers in the ring. Willis, meanwhile, is struggling to keep Marcus down, as the IC Champ starts fighting to his feet. He gets up, knocking his way out of the hold, then goes off the ropes, but Willis manages to catch him on the way back with a knee-lift, flipping Ka’Derrion over to the mat! Willis makes the cover, with Donovan finally getting back to his job… 1.. 2.. Marcus barely gets free in time!*

Jones: Another close one! Willis has been within milliseconds of victory multiple times in this match!

Logan: Ka’Derrion better think of something fast if he wanted to continue to be called undefeated!

*Willis brings Ka’Derrion up, making sure to get a good handful of the IC Champ’s hair in order for him to retain control. Donovan, naturally, has no problem with this. Ka’Derrion tries to fight free, but Willis takes him back to the mat with a yank, probably pulling out a few hairs by the roots! Willis kicks Ka’Derrion around the shoulder area a couple of times, then brings him up, prepping him and landing the Anarchy Slam!! Donovan does some weak-looking applause, even as Willis pumps his arms in the air, signaling that it’s the beginning of the end! He goes off the ropes and comes back, jumping up and going for the standing shooting star press!! Before he can land, though, Willis rams straight into Ka’Derrion’s raised knees!!! Willis falls to the side, holding his mouth, as Ka’Derrion rolls onto his stomach, regaining his breath.*

Logan: Whew! Ka’Derrion’s still got some fight in him!

Jones: Do you think he can come back, despite these odds, Anthony?

Logan: Hey, the bell hasn’t rung yet and the fat ladies are staying in their seats in the audience, so this one’s still going!

Jones: “Fat Ladies”? Nice, Anthony, offend the fans.

Logan: What, I can’t call some of them out there fat? Have you taken a look, Jonesy?

Jones: Hey, that just means there’s more of them to love, Anthony.

Logan: …. Right… so does your wife still watch this show?

Jones: *gulp*

*Willis tries to get up, his teeth a little looser then they were a moment ago. He’s met by Ka’Derrion, who picks him up with a full nelson suplex, driving the competitor into the mat! Ka’Derrion then heads for the turnbuckle, climbing up with a determined look on his face. Donovan, for his part, is staying back, watching the action. Ka’Derrion gets ready to fly, but has to take an extra moment to boot away Brutus, who tried to come up after him. Willis comes over, using the distraction to catch Ka’Derrion on the ‘buckle, but Marcus fires multiple punches, driving Mikey back to the ground on his back! As Willis gets back up, trying to recover, Ka’Derrion takes to the sky with a flying clothesline, sending Willis head over heels! Ka’Derrion makes the cover, with Donovan sauntering over for the count… 1…… 2…… and Donovan stops counting! Ka’Derrion angrily gets up, but Donovan points to the side, where Willis is clutching at the ropes with one hand, saving himself.*

Logan: I thought for a second there that we were done, but Willis was just too close to the ropes.

Jones: I wonder what Donovan would have done if Willis hadn’t done that? Would he have counted three and given the win to his new rival? Or would he have screwed Ka’Derrion over?

Logan: I think the latter would have been more likely. I still don’t see how Ka’Derrion can win.<

*With frustration written across his face, Ka’Derrion leans over, pulling Willis up. As he does so, though, Willis grabs Ka’Derrion and shoves him, sending the IC Champ out of the ring! Ka’Derrion manages to grab the ropes, keeping himself from falling, but before he can get back in, Taz is there, hammering him with a big fist!! Marcus drops through the ropes, back into the ring, rolling away from the surprise assault. Taz, for some reason, decides to follow, entering the ring!! As he does so, though, Donovan steps into his path, ordering him back out!*

Jones: What’s Shane up to?

Logan: Forgotten already, Jonesy? Remember, Donovan’s World Title is on the line if he doesn’t follow the rules, and I think Taz coming in is a little too blatant!

*Taz protests, not understanding why Ka’Derrion’s biggest enemy right now is preventing him from getting in a few more shots. Donovan looks annoyed, as Taz tries to push past him to grab the IC Champ. But Donovan reacts, kicking Taz, then nailing him with the Breakdown!!! Donovan then kicks Taz out of the ring, sending him flopping to the floor, as a recovering Willis looks on in shock! Willis runs up, arguing with Donovan about his actions, and threatens to punch him, but Donovan grabs his referee uniform, making sure to show it to the challenger that punching him is an automatic DQ. Donovan then flips off Willis, laughing. Willis, furious, grabs at his hair, restraining himself. He shakes his head and goes back over to Ka’Derrion… who kicks him, locks him up, and lands the Punisher!!! Donovan, in shock, watches as Ka’Derrion makes the tired pin. He reluctantly steps over, dropping to the ground…. 1……. 2……. 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*Brutus and Dan reenter the ring, looking shocked, as Ka’Derrion pulls himself up and quickly gets out of the ring, holding his side. Willis has moved to his side, as if retroactively raising his shoulder, but it’s too late. Donovan, meanwhile, is leaning on the ropes. It’s hard to tell if he’s disappointed or pleased with what just happened.*

Jones: I would have bet you $1,000 that Donovan was going to cost Ka’Derrion the match tonight!

Logan: Well, then, pay up!

Jones: What? I didn’t bet!

Logan: Hey, you just made a verbal agreement, and I need some money for Paco and I to go out later and par-tay!

Jones: Paco?? Seriously??

Logan: No, Jonesy, I’m just messing with you. Lighten up!

Jones: Argh. Anyway, Ka’Derrion is now still undefeated, although Willis almost managed to sneak in a victory here tonight. That would have been a tremendous upset. But the #1 Contender is still going strong, no matter what is put into his way.

*Ka’Derrion walks up the aisle, recovering. He’s made sure to grab the IC Title, carrying it in one hand. He looks back, staring daggers at Donovan, who has stepped out onto the apron. Ka’Derrion turns and departs, with a destination already in mind, as we cut away, going to the backstage area. Near the garage entrance, three men can be seen coming in: Lurrr, Rick Mathis, and Warrick Hill, otherwise known as the Roman Empire! Warrick is taking a last drag on a joint, having finally gotten his fix, while Lurrr and Mathis are busy discussing the tornado they saw earlier in the week, as well as what’s going to happen tonight.*

Lurrr - I can feel it. This is going to be my night, Rick.

Rick Mathis - You are going to look great as a two-time X champion Lurrr. You will kick that fat *bleep* all over the place.

*As the three make progress down the hall, a door shutting is heard behind them. All three turn, looking, to see if anyone is there. They are not. But Lurrr has seen enough.*

Lurrr - I am tired of being followed. Rick, Warrick, go and teach whoever that is that you do not bother the Roman Empire!

*The big Mathis goes to the door and kicks it in with one large boot. He goes in. Warrick follows him. They can be heard shoving stuff around while Lurrr waits. Rick looks back out.*

Rick Mathis – There is nobody here.

Lurrr – There has to be. Look harder.

*Rick Mathis turns back into the room to look more. Lurrr walks in that direction but hears a noise behind him. He turns and sees Scott Caine running towards him! Scott hits Lurrr with a chairshot! Lurrr goes down. Rick Mathis and Warrick Hill run to help Lurrr. Scott leaves running down the hall. Warrick goes after him trying to catch the fast runner, while Rick checks on Lurrr, who rolled with the shot. Lurrr slaps the ground with the palm of his hand, in pain, but also ticked off. We leave them behind for another commercial break.*

*We return to the backstage area, where The Big Bifford and Kenny the Psychologist are patiently waiting outside the President's office. The crowd gives a strong cheer for Bifford, who seems entirely distracted as he has a large bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken that he is eating, piece after piece. Kenny knocks on the door, apparently not for the first time. Noise can be heard within, and finally the Accelerator comes to the door. He looks out, seeing Kenny & the Big Bifford, and grimaces, shaking his head.*

Kenny: Mr. President, please listen to me... The Big Bifford is injured... He was stabbed... His mortal enemy was killed this week when Earl the Popcorn Salesman shot Loser-rr... but they also used to be friends.... Bifford is very distraught about the death of Loser-rr. Can we maybe just cancel this match?

The Accelerator: Ummmm…. No.

Kenny: Mr. President, my friend, listen.... Bifford's best friend and manager Earl the Popcorn Salesman has been deported to Jamaica... We need to reschedule this match for next week...

The Accelerator: Nope, the match is on.

Kenny: Mr. President, I don't think you understand! Bifford's been through so much this week! He was hypnotized! I know hypnotical therapy is only seen as a crazy excuse to many people, but it is now a valid and normal part of psychology and Loser-rr executed it so well. What if we just make it a non-title match?

The Accelerator: Non-Title? No.

Kenny: Okay, but Mr. President.... What about fining Lurrr some money? In his last promo he said that Earl the Popcorn Salesman was dead! Bifford heard this and was freaked out until we got ahold of the government and they told us he was fine! The mental trauma that Lurrr's error costed Bifford should be worth some sort of money for my client.

The Accelerator: Nada.

Kenny: Okay... well... Mr. President.... Can I borrow $10? I'm a little short...

The Accelerator: Not happening, Kenny.

*The Big Bifford stands up and walks over to the doorway, shoving the bucket of chicken in Ace's direction.*

The Big Bifford: Would you like some chicken?

*The President doesn’t say a word. He does, however, slam the door, leaving Kenny and Bifford out in the hallway. They start to move away, as we go back to ringside.*

Jones: Something tells me the President is not in an agreeable mood.

Logan: Well, he already had the Donovan “referee” stuff forced on him by a loophole in the contract. I’m sure Ace wants to keep everything else the same for now.

Jones: In other words, it’s a bad time to go asking the President for a raise. Gotcha.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. He stands 6’3” and weighs in at 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., he is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans give a small cheer for the newcomer to the GCWA, as “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas plays over the speakers. Santana walks out of the back and nods to the audience, a confident smile on his face. He heads towards the ring.*

Jones: Santana bulked up with some extra training this week, working with another sensei on his skills.

Logan: Yeah, did you see him do those leg splits? Ouch, man! Serious ouch!

Jones: In all seriousness, though, Anthony, Santana seems to be coming into this one as a massive underdog, yet could prove to be a major challenge to the new champion.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion as a member of the Danger Boiz. He stands 5’11” and weighs in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, TN, here is the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!

*”Dangerous Dan’s new song, “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory, plays as the fans let out a raucous cheer for one of the favorites in the GCWA. Dangerous Dan triumphantly comes through the curtains, raising up the newly-won TV Title in one hand as he poses on the ramp, with fireworks shooting around him. He heads down the aisle, in search of a successful title defense.*

Logan: This guy’s got a lot of work ahead of him over the next few months.

Jones: Possibly so, Anthony. After all, the Television Title will be defended at every single television taping, which means that it’s not going to be an easy belt to hang on to. In fact, Dan’s reign may end tonight.

Logan: That would suck, surviving a battle royal, getting your first singles championship, and then losing it the next week? Here’s hoping Dangerous Dan rises to the challenge.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Dangerous Dan hands over the Television Title, reluctantly, to the referee, Trixie. She takes the belt and deposits it with the timekeeper, as Dan does a couple of stretches on the ropes, limbering up. Santana has his head down in the other corner, focusing himself. The two men move towards the center of the ring, with Dan looking ready to go. Santana, though, stops short of him, instead bowing to the champion! Dan, a little puzzled, steps back, not sure what to make of the show of respect. Santana throws in a bow to Trixie, who blushes, then moves backwards, positioning himself to begin the match.*

Logan: This Santana is an interesting dude. I still don’t know quite what to make of him.

Jones: From what I’ve heard, he seems to have a very balanced philosophy about life. It’ll be interesting to see if that continues during his GCWA run.

Logan: Yeah, if anything’s going to screw something up, it’s time spent as a professional wrestler.

*Dangerous Dan and Santana lock up, shoving back and forth in an attempt to get the first advantage of the match. They go to the ropes, rolling along them, with Trixie watching them closely. They go into a corner, Dan taking the advantage by putting Santana back-first. Trixie calls for the break, so Dan backs off, doing his own little bow towards Santana, although it’s hard to tell if it’s done as a joke or not. Santana opts to take it at face value, smiling as he comes out of the corner unscathed. The two men lock up again, this time with Santana surprising Dan by twisting out of the lock-up and getting behind him with a wristlock. He twists on Dan’s arm, working to do some damage, but Dan quickly does a flip, reversing his way out of the hold. He lands on his feet, twisting Santana’s arm instead, but Santana responds by dropping his weight to the side, sending Dan sprawling onto the mat. Santana gets right on top of him, putting on a chinlock, as Trixie hovers nearby.*

Logan: I gotta say, I was expecting a bit of a faster pace in his one.

Jones: I think we’re seeing part of Santana’s game plan, Anthony. He’s not going to be able to match the champion in quickness, so he’s working on slowing the match down to keep Dangerous Dan from taking off.

Logan: Pretty smart move, actually. Dan’s not a ground-based kind of fighter, after all.

*Dangerous Dan struggles towards the ropes, looking for any way to get free. The crowd starts to cheer, pumping him up, getting Dan to raise himself off the mat. He drags himself to his feet, with Santana trying to maintain the hold. But Dan breaks free with a few elbows, then goes off the ropes, coming back. He ducks under a spinning kick attempt from Santana, then immediately turned himself around, dropkicking the man! Santana falls forward, then tries to get right back up, but Dan is there, leaping up and taking Santana back down with a hurricanrana! Dan scrambles in to make the pin… 1… 2.. and Santana gets his shoulder up. Dan springs up to his feet, already on the move. He rushes off the ropes and comes back, grabbing Santana’s head on his way up and taking him back down with a spinning neckbreaker! Once again, Dan makes the cover… 1… 2… and Santana kicks free again.*

Jones: NOW we’re seeing the pace that Dangerous Dan likes!

Logan: Santana’s got a lot of discipline, but it’s nearly impossible to stop a guy like Dan when he can hit you so fast in succession.

*Dangerous Dan brings Santana back to his feet, while Trixie moves out of the line of fire. Dan sends Santana into the corner with an Irish whip, then follows him in, running in hard with a splash that crushes the challenger into the turnbuckles. Dan then sets Santana onto the corner, before following him up. He’s looking for a Frankensteiner or a superplex, but neither comes to realization due to Santana catching Dan with a chop under the chin, stunning him. Dan falls off the turnbuckle, landing on his feet. He takes a knee, working to get air into his lungs through an injured windpipe. Santana, meanwhile, raises himself up on the turnbuckle, getting his balance. He leaps off towards Dan, snapping out a flying side kick, but Dan manages to dodge at the last second! Santana manages to roll, avoiding a nasty landing. But as he gets up, Dan is already flying in, clotheslining Santana to the mat and rolling him up… 1… 2… no, Santana kicks out!*

Logan: Every time Santana starts getting something going, Dan shuts him down!

Jones: The challenger is going to have a tough time putting down the champion here tonight.

*The champion brings Santana to his feet, keeping him bent over. Dangerous Dan then locks up his arms, preparing him for the Danger Zone! He lifts, trying to get Santana off the ground, but Santana struggles, keeping his feet set. He lifts up, sending Dan over-top of him! Dan falls to the ground, then starts rolling, as Santana turns, trying to stomp on him. Dan dodges, though, catching Santana’s leg and tripping him up. Before Santana can recover, Dan gets up and drops Santana with a DDT! Santana’s down, so Dangerous Dan heads for the turnbuckle, wanting to put things away. He climbs up, easily maintaining his balance, as Santana starts to pull himself up. The martial artist reaches his feet, his back turned, while Dan takes off, springing off the top rope and flying towards him. At the last second, though, Santana reacts, getting a Pele kick!!! Dan tumbles to the mat, as Santana lands hard as well. He pulls himself together, rolling over and getting the cover, with Trixie right there to make the count… 1… 2… and Dan raises his arm at the last second!*

Jones: We just came a second or less away from having a brand new champion!

Logan: How did Santana even know that Dangerous Dan was incoming? What a move!

*Santana is slow to get up, after all the abuse he’s taken in this match. He still manages to beat Dangerous Dan to his feet, though, grabbing Dan and taking him back down with a spinning Russian legsweep! Trixie is there in case a cover is attempted, but Santana gets up instead, apparently deciding that more work is necessary for a victory. He slowly goes off the ropes and comes back, lifting his leg high in the air and dropping it down across Dan’s neck, causing the champion’s legs to bounce up off the mat in pain. Santana immediately rises to his feet and goes off the ropes again, using the same maneuver to do more damage, then finally opts for a cover… 1… 2… and Dan kicks out, staying alive. Santana doesn’t waste time with concerns, instead moving around the downed Dan and grabbing his wrist. He twists Dan around, putting him into an anaconda vice! The champion immediately yells out in pain from the hold, as he starts to scramble for any way out!*

Logan: I think Santana might have him with this one! He’s got him near the center of the ring with a great-looking submission hold!

Jones: The Anaconda vice is a Judo-inspired compression choke that’s perfectly legal inside those ropes! The Television Champion is in a lot of trouble!

Logan: If he doesn’t reach the ropes or find another way out, we could have a new champ before the night is out!

*Referee Trixie watches with a trace of concern as Dan struggles against the hold. Santana isn’t letting up, trying to keep the pressure on. Slowly, Dan fights upwards, getting his body off the mat with one arm. He twists himself, rolling forward to try and force the break, but Santana anticipates the move and comes with him, continuing to apply the submission! Trixie comes in again, checking on Dan’s condition and whether or not he wants to tap out. Dan’s eyes are half-closed from the agony, as he slowly raises his free hand in the air, earning a lot of screams from the audience. Some want to see him submit, others are begging him not to. Santana tries to make the hold tighter, sucking away Dan’s oxygen and making his head droop. It looks like it’s all over, but suddenly Dan is fighting again, clawing at the mat for every inch he can muster. Santana tries to hold him in place, but Dan can’t be stopped, finally reaching out and putting his fingers on the bottom rope! Trixie calls for the break, as the crowd lets loose a spontaneous release of breath.*

Jones: Somehow, Dangerous Dan found it within himself to make it to those ropes.

Logan: Amazing! I thought this one was over with for sure!

*Santana has released the hold as ordered, sitting back on his knees with his arms at his side. The first signs of frustration have appeared in his face, but he quickly re-focuses himself, grabbing Dan and lifting him up. Dan grabs at the ropes, as if trying to hang on, but his grip is broken when Santana brings him over with a high-angle belly-to-back suplex! Santana rolls over to make the cover, as Trixie, having moved back out of the way, jumps back in… 1… 2… and Dan still kicks out! Santana gets to his feet, ignoring Trixie’s signals of how close it was, and goes to the corner. He stays there on the ground, waiting, as Dan moves to his stomach, using his arms to push himself up. As soon as Dan reaches the correct height, Santana comes in, nailing him with the Sensei-Tion!!!! The kick is so powerful that Dan rolls a couple times from the impact, to the edge of the apron! Santana dives, trying to stop his momentum, but it’s too late, as Dan falls out of the ring!*

Logan: What a bad stroke of luck for Santana! He hits his finisher, but Dan is now out of pinning range!

Jones: Trixie has already started her count, but if Santana’s smart, he won’t let her complete it, because the title does not change hands on a count out!

*With Trixie counting away, Santana slides out of the ring, going to where Dangerous Dan is still down. He pulls the TV Champion up enough to roll him back into the ring, then follows. Santana immediately tries a pinfall, hoping for the best… 1… 2… but Dan kicks out at the last second, having had enough time to recover! Santana, distressed, grabs the ropes to get up, then opts to head for the turnbuckle. He climbs up slowly, getting his balance as he reaches the top. Dangerous Dan is still flat on his back, as Santana sizes him up, jumping off with an attempted flying knee drop! But Dan manages to move aside, seeing the wrestler approaching, causing Santana to bang his knee into the hard mat instead! Santana does a flip in pain, grabbing at his already-hurting knee, while Dan starts dragging himself towards the ropes. He pulls himself up, shaking from exhaustion, then comes in at Santana, leaping over him and rolling him up! Trixie drops to count… 1… 2…. NO! Santana kicks free!*

Jones: What’s it going to take for a winner to be crowned here?

Logan: These guys are just so evenly matched! But considering that Santana’s knee was already banged up because of The Lost Soul’s attack last week, Dangerous Dan has a chance now to take control!

*Both men struggle to get up, the match having worn both down. Dan takes charge first, coming in and driving a shoulder into Santana’s leg, taking him to the mat. The champion then grabs at the leg, uncharacteristically putting on a leg submission hold! Santana is hurting badly, but he is quickly shaking his head as Trixie asks about a submission. Dangerous Dan keeps the pressure on for a minute, tweaking the knee to a bad angle, but Santana won’t submit. After a few more seconds, Dan releases the hold, then tries a quick pin attempt with the legs… 1… 2… but Santana raises his shoulder. The champ pulls both men up, with Santana noticeably having trouble standing. Dan brings his opponent over to the corner, banging his head once into the turnbuckle, then lifting him onto the top!*

Jones: We’re going into the high-risk district!

Logan: This could be the deciding move of the match! What’s Dangerous Dan going to attempt??

*With Santana sitting on the corner, Dangerous Dan climbs up next to him, planning something big. He grabs Santana’s head, trying to set him for what could be a superplex variation. However, Santana starts fighting back, punching and chopping away to Dan’s side, nearly knocking him from the turnbuckle. Santana raises himself up, barely able to stand on the ‘buckle with his bad knee, then locks Dan up, apparently for a rock bottom off of the top rope!! He tries to lift, but now Dan’s fighting, smashing a few elbows into the side of Santana’s head. The fans are all standing, as both men struggle for control. Suddenly, Dan gets a knee up, bending Santana over and nearly toppling both men. Dan follows it up by locking Santana up and coming off the turnbuckle with the Danger Zone!!!!! Santana isn’t moving, and even Dangerous Dan seems to have knocked the wind out of himself. After a few seconds, though, as the crowd continues to cheer, Dangerous Dan rolls over and gets the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL the GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!!

*Dangerous Dan starts to get up, then falls back, taking a seat. He looks completely spent. Trixie moves in, helping Dan get to the ropes and giving him the TV Title. Crazy Chris suddenly appears, eliciting a few more cheers, as he moves to hug his brother, giving him something to lean on. Santana has moved to the side, still trying to pull himself back together.*

Logan: What a match!! Dangerous Dan got a surprisingly tough challenge from Robert Santana, but he manages to walk out with the belt still around his waist!

Jones: And it was only his first defense, Anthony! Who knows who Dan will be facing next week?

Logan: I will say this, Robert Santana impressed me tonight, and that’s not an easy thing to do. But he’ll have to wait for another day to get his first GCWA championship!

*Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris start to leave the ring, still happy about the victory. We cut to backstage, where we see the World Heavyweight Champion, Shane Donovan. He is still wearing his referee shirt from earlier in the night. The crowd, as expected, starts to boo. Next to him stands the guest interviewer, April White. She clears her throat and begins to speak.*

April White: I’m here with the World Champion. Shane, what do you have to say about your actions earlier…

*Before April can finish asking the question, someone shouts at Donovan from behind. *

Voice: Hey Champ!

*Donovan turns to see who it is, along with April. We see Marcus Ka’Derrion holding a folded metal chair. The crowd cheers loudly. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I figured out what kind of match I want us to have, catch!

*Marcus tosses the chair at Donovan but Donovan is much too quick for that, catching it in mid-air. But Marcus’ purpose wasn’t for the champion to get hit with the chair. Instead, it was to get Donovan to hold it for a second, allowing Marcus to charge at him and deliver a drop kick right into the chair, smashing it against Donovan’s face!*

Jones: What a shot by Ka’Derrion!!!

Logan: Sure was and I guess this is his way of telling the Champ that he wants to have a chairs match!?

*Donovan drops to the floor but Marcus quickly brings him back up, and throws him over his shoulder. He then turns towards a table that has some papers and fliers stacked on it. He smiles, takes a running start and then delivers a power slam, putting Donovan through the table! *

Jones: Ka’Derrion with a power slam that would make the late Davey Boy Smith proud!!

Logan: OK, so Marcus wants a chair and tables match?! Even better!!!

*Marcus stands up and walks away, not saying a word to Donovan. Thinking he’s done, April moves in to check on him but then quickly gets out of the way as Marcus comes back with a ladder! He holds it so the top of the ladder is facing down, then he stands over the knocked out Donovan. The IC Champ then begins to drive the top of the ladder into Donovan’s chest! Titan 3 and his security crew finally arrive and are able to get the rookie sensation off of The World Champion, moving him backwards. Marcus cooperates with security, backing away. He then sees April with the mic still in her hand and asks her for it. She gives it to him and Marcus walks back over to Shane. Security won’t let him get closer to him but he gets close enough to deliver his message.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Shane Donovan, I have five words for you… Tables, Ladders, and Chairs…. OH MY!!!!

*The crowd cheers loudly as Marcus walks away leaving the World Champ in a world of hurt.*

Jones: So our main event at Ultimate Survival will be a Tables Ladders and Chairs match, Anthony!!

Logan: Oh my indeed! Marcus Ka’Derrion is showing the champ that while he was hesitant last week, this week he means business. He will not let the champ intimidate him!

Jones: You have to wonder if Marcus would have let his ‘growing hardcore’ side come out if Donovan wouldn’t have struck him with the belt last week?

Logan: Good point. As I look at Marcus’ short history, he reminds me a lot of the Hulk.

Jones: The Hulk?

Logan: Yeah, you know, the guy is pretty cool and calm but if you attack him or piss him off he transforms into this green monster that destroys everything in his path. With Marcus, it’s the same, if you cross him, his ‘growing hardcore’ side as you put it, comes out. We saw it against Twiztid, we saw it against Crimson and we’re seeing it now against Donovan.

Jones: Both of those did not end well for Marcus’ opponents. One was put through a burning table and one was buried alive, and never seen again!

Logan: I think Ace was right, Donovan might have bitten more than he can chew, but at the same time, he’s no push over. He’s done his share of damage here in GCWA.

Jones: He sure has and this attack by Marcus on him will only escalate things.

*Shane Donovan is slowly helped up by the medics, who definitely seem worried about his condition. They have a stretcher nearby, prepped to place Donovan on it, although the World Champion is already trying to shove the help away. April White watches nearby with round eyes, wondering what she’s gotten herself into. We fade to a commercial break.*

*The entrance screen flickers to life showing the backstage locker room area. There is a door in the center of the shot, but not just any door. This door belongs to Marcus Ke’Derrion, the Intercontinental Champion, the number one contender to the World Title, the man everyone wants to take down. The view widens to show the back of a man. The man is quickly recognized as Draco, the new comer to CGWA. Draco’s top reason for coming to GCWA was to come after Marcus Ke’Derrion because of unsettled business with his father, Punisher.*

Draco: Knock, knock, there Marcy. Uncy Draco wants to have a little…chat.

*Draco raises his hand to knock on the door, but before he can make contact his hand stops. Not by his own will, but by the physical force of the head of the security team, Titan 3. Draco looks over his shoulder not just seeing Titan 3, but the entire security team as well.*

Draco: A welcoming party for little old me? I didn’t think you cared T.

Titan 3: Trust me, I don’t. Especially not for you. But Marcus Ka’Derrion isn’t open for communication right now, not after what he just did to the World Champion. Consider him under house arrest.

*These two men had a history, a history that started when Draco first started wrestling. Titan 3 was the first man to beat Draco in his first federation. Then everywhere Draco went Titan 3 was in the record books; GWO, ASW, ICWF. These two also ran into one another in ICWF, but only as captains of rival stables. There was no love lost between these two.*

Draco: Are you getting that old that you need a group of rent-a-cops to keep me in check? Or is it GCWA trying to protect its golden boy?

*Titan 3 smiles, looking back at the wary security guards who are with him.*

Titan 3: You think these men are here to protect Ka’Derrion from you? Or you from Ka’Derrion? Or maybe they’re here to protect you from me.

*Draco shakes Titan 3’s grip from his arm and turns to face the man. He looks up at Titan 3 without a hint of fear, but Draco is far from stupid. The numbers game is not in his favor.*

Draco: From writing the book on greatness to a has-been lapdog, a Lifetime Movie Network story indeed.

*That wipes any hint of happiness from Titan 3’s face.*

Titan 3: You watch yourself, Draco, or else you’ll be nothing more than a footnote in that book.

*The two men eye one another with the security team standing motionless behind Titan 3. Draco glances over them as if they were nothing more than Titan 3’s shadows. Refusing to bite off more than he can chew, Draco walks straight past Titan 3, never looking away until he’s past him. The head of security does much the same, making sure to let Draco knows what would happen if he stayed. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Y’know, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a time where there was more tension in the back. With Ultimate Survival right around the corner, it seems like everyone is on edge!

Jones: I thought we might see a brawl there between Titan 3 and Draco, but thankfully, they both walked away.

Logan: Who knows where the next brawl is going to occur next? Well, other than in the ring, I mean...

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 20-minute time limit. It will be fought under Handicap rules, for the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles!

Logan: Wait, the titles are on the line? But that’s not right!

Jones: This is the first I’m hearing of this, Anthony. But I guess it makes sense. After all, the contract being worked out was supposed to be for the belts!

Minos: Introducing first, they have recently become a major force in the tag-team ranks, weighing a combined 400 lbs, here are Hector & Victor, the Malvados!

*Si Senor” by Control Machete plays over the speakers, with the crowd immediately booing. There are only a few supporters, holding up the Mexican flag while cheering. The Malvados come through the curtains one by one, immediately heading towards the ring for their match. They both look extremely confident, although it’s always impossible to tell the full expressions of masked men.*

Jones: These two are multi-time tag-team champions from the SWF, and you can bet that they’d love to be the next GCWA Tag-Team Champs.

Logan: Yeah, I’m sure they would… if those are actually the Malvados…

Jones: I admit it’s been hard to tell as of late which men are the ones under the masks, Anthony, but seeing as how this is an officially-sanctioned title match, not to mention a handicap bout, the Malvados would be fools to not wrestle this themselves.

Logan: I suppose so. But I guess we will see when they wrestle. If I see any signs of a jobber, I’m calling foul!

Minos: And now, their opponent, he is a co-holder of the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 215 lbs, here is Harvey Danger!

*The crowd is already cheering while “No Rain” by Blind Melon begins to play. The curtains sway back and forth, but no one walks through. The crowd starts to get nervous, but finally a head pokes through the curtain. It’s a person wearing the Stranger mask! The crowd cheers, but when the “Stranger” comes out, it’s clearly not him. Instead, the mask comes off, revealing Harvey Danger! Danger grins, raising up the mask (that is now being sold at all GCWA locations), before tossing it to the crowd. Of course, it wouldn’t be Danger without a mistake, as he suddenly realizes that he threw away something he paid for. He goes to try and get the mask back without success, then, with security pointing the way, finally makes his way to the ring.*

Logan: Harvey Danger was noticeably quieter this week, Jonesy.

Jones: Well, word has it he was pretty nervous about being put in a “Handicap” Match this week, without the Stranger being able to help him.

Logan: Hey, Harvey’s the man! I have confidence in him! But the belts really shouldn’t be on the line, dude. That ain’t cool.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Danger nervously enters the ring, looking over at the two masked men. Both Malvados start to head his direction, with Danger immediately grabbing at referee Mitchell’s shirt and pulling him in front. He’s pointing over Mitchell’s shoulder, saying that it should be only one guy, and Mitchell agrees, although he angrily pulls himself free of Danger before saying so. He raises one finger to the Malvados, who seem to communicate with each other quickly. Hector nods and moves to the apron, while Victor waits for Danger to come out from behind the referee. Harvey wanders out, now trying to act braver, as he even gives the fans a quick flex from his arm, earning a few laughs. He comes forward, locking up with the luchadore, but Victor uses his larger size to push Danger backwards into the corner. The referee calls for the break, and Victor does… for a second. He gets a cheap shot across Danger’s face, stunning him, then, ignoring the referee’s warnings, steps in, taking Danger out of the corner with a toss.*

Jones: Not surprisingly, Victor takes the early advantage via a cheap shot.

Logan: These guys have made a career so far out of ambushes and assaults. That’s how they got into the TV Title Battle Royal last week. They almost pulled off what would have been considered by many as one of the biggest thefts around. Fortunately, the Danger Boiz kept them from stealing away the belt.

*Victor quickly tags in his partner, pulling Danger along with him. As Victor holds Danger’s arms, Hector goes to work, landing a few good punches until referee Mitchell orders Victor out of the ring with the 5 count. Hector grabs at Danger, yanking him over to a sitting position on the mat, then kicking him in the spine. Danger groans, rolling over to his side, as Hector reaches over to tag in Victor again. The two men pull Danger up and deliver a double suplex, with Victor immediately going for a pinfall afterwards… 1… 2.. and Danger kicks free. It’s still too early in the match. Victor gets up, dragging Harvey up with him. He says something to his partner in Spanish, causing Hector to put his foot up through the middle of the ropes. Victor confidently whips Harvey in that direction, no, reversal by Harvey, and Victor hits the foot instead! Hector, surprised, immediately tries to come in, but Harvey runs towards him, clotheslining Hector over the ropes! Danger then grabs the still-stunned Victor from behind, getting a victory roll! 1… 2… and Victor kicks out!*

Logan: Good speed by Harvey, as he nearly pulls off a quick win despite the odds!

Jones: That’s Harvey’s only chance in this match. He’s gotta keep moving, keeping one of the Malvados out of the ring while he wears out the other. They can tag in and out. He has no such opportunity!

*Hector pulls himself back onto the apron, shaking his head from the landing he took, but Harvey is already back towards him, hitting him with a forearm that knocks Hector back off! Victor tries to grab Danger from behind, but Harvey reacts by latching onto Victor’s head behind him and dropping with almost a Stunner! Victor rolls in pain, as Harvey gets back up, going to the ropes. He comes back and drops all of his 215 pounds onto Victor with a splash, then frantically grabs at the legs… 1… 2… and Victor kicks out. Danger, already looking a touch frustrated, brings Victor up and quickly drops him with a body slam, then adds in a couple of knees to the head, before covering again, waving to Mitchell to count faster… 1… 2… and Hector’s in, stomping on Danger’s back!*

Jones: Get Hector out of there, he’s not legal!

Logan: He has a 5-second window to intervene, Jonesy. Unfortunately for Harvey, he doesn’t have a partner in this one to back him up. Ace should never have booked this match.

Jones: The President needed another bout for this week, Anthony, and since the Stranger couldn’t be found to sign the contract, it became a Handicap match. Harvey shouldn’t have signed without his partner there to join in.

Logan: Maybe not, but this still sucks. At the very least, the belts shouldn’t have been put on the line, but Ace HAD to spike the ratings…

*Hector has brought Danger up during the argument of the announcers, hitting him with a dropkick that sends him into the corner. Mitchell tries to get Hector out, but Victor joins him, with the two brothers going past the referee… and both getting caught by a double-splash out of the corner from Danger! The crowd cheers while Harvey pulls himself up, shaking out his arm. He goes to pin Victor, but hesitates, then goes to pin Hector, but stops again. He says something to the referee about who the legal man is, but Mitchell just shrugs his shoulders. By the point, both Malvados are starting to sit up, so Harvey abandons the pinning option and makes a choice, grabbing hold of one of the men (Victor) and tossing him out. Danger goes back over to Hector and lands a couple of punches, then goes for the Danger DDT! Hector fights him off, getting free, but Danger’s right back in, determined to get his move! Hector shoves him, sending Danger to the ropes, where he starts to rebound, only to have his legs grabbed by Victor on the outside! Danger falls on his face, hurting, as the ref is slowly losing control of this one.*

Jones: The Malvados are definitely working pretty well as a team, not letting Danger get any momentum.

Logan: It sucks that Danger doesn’t have any back-up out here. Where the heck is the Stranger, why’s he not watching Danger’s back?

Jones: Well, I’m sure… wait… ask and you shall receive, Anthony, because here he comes!

*The masked man known as the Stranger hurries down to ringside, as the crowd cheers his appearance. He comes to the side of the ring and jumps up on the apron, pumping up the crowd as he reaches out, apparently wanting the tag! Victor is back in the ring, staring at the man, while Hector pulls Danger up and signals for his partner to join him. They each get on the side of Harvey, pointing him towards the Stranger as they prepare for No Mas! The two men lift Harvey into the air… and he flips himself over, landing behind them and diving forward to tag in the Stranger!!*

Logan: He did it! He got the tag!

Jones: Is that legal? I thought this was a “Handicap” Match?

Logan: Who cares? It’s for the belts, so let them fight!!

*The Stranger steps through the ropes methodically, with both Malvados backing up, their hands in the air. Neither looks willing to advance on the masked man.The two men slide out of the ring, on different sides, as the Stranger advances. Referee Mitchell, meanwhile, is holding his head, looking completely lost. The Stranger moves forward, challenging both men to come back in and fight. Harvey gets up to join him, holding his side. The Stranger then turns… and kicks Harvey in the mid-section, followed by a DDT!!*

Jones: What?? No!!! The Stranger has turned on Harvey!!

Logan: No he hasn’t, Jonesy! We’ve got another *bleeping* imposter!!!

*The Malvados are both laughing hard, as “The Stranger” kicks away at a very confused Harvey, who’s just trying to crawl away. Mitchell looks like he wants to call for the bell, but is it a DQ, or is it really the Stranger? The crowd is in shock at the turn of events. On the outside, Hector, laughing, climbs up on the apron to come back in. Victor, on his side, starts to follow, but suddenly drops from sight instead. Hector doesn’t notice it, as he comes through the ropes, looking to get the easy pin on Harvey and get the tag-team titles. The other masked Malvado suddenly reappears, climbing in as well. He heads over to Hector… and grabs him from behind, elbowing him, then scoop slamming him!!!*

Jones: What… now the Malvados are attacking each other!?! What the *bleep* is going on here??

Logan: Damnit, we need a scorecard out here or something, because I’m getting lost!!

*Hector moves to the side, grabbing the ropes to get up while staring at “Victor” with confusion. “The Stranger” is also now stopped, looking back and forth between the two. The confusion gets worse when ANOTHER Malvado appears, crawling into the ring! Hector moves over to the newcomer, instantly recognizing his partner, Victor. The two stand and start to move towards the third Malvado, who reaches up and pulls off his mask…. revealing The Lost Soul!!!! The two Malvados stop in shock, but The Lost Soul is already moving, clotheslining both men down!!*

Jones: The loose cannon is here!!

Logan: As if this wasn’t confusing enough!!

*The Lost Soul turns back to “The Stranger”, who comes after him, only to get tripped up by Harvey. This allows TLS to nail the man with a few punches, then rip the mask off… revealing Andy Halerman!! Halerman stands no chance, as The Lost Soul sends him flying out of the ring with a heave. Harvey starts to get up, thanking TLS for his intervention, but The Lost Soul is looking for destruction, as he dropkicks Harvey backwards into the corner!! TLS struggles back up, then adds in a running clothesline in the corner, leaving the Tag-Team Champ to fall to the ground face-first!*

Jones: The Lost Soul is attacking everyone! Again! Get security out here!

Logan: Wait… some people are coming out, but I don’t think they’re security, Edds!

Jones: What do you…. Geez!!!

*The audience is going wild as a virtual ARMY of Strangers is now charging to the ring!!! They all pile in, some of them going after The Lost Soul, while others are going after the Malvados and Halerman. Harvey scrambles away from the ring, dropping outside and peeking his head over the apron in shock. The Lost Soul seems to enjoy the battle, knocking down a few of the Strangers, before moving out of the ring to the outside, away from the chaos. The Malvados are fight their way free, rushing away up the aisle. Both are hurting from shots they took, as the Stranger Army stares them down!!*

Jones: I…. I don’t even know what to say here, Anthony. How do we explain this??

Logan: Looks like Mitchell’s at a loss too, Jonesy. He’s talking to Minos over to the side there. Wonder what’s running through his head? Oh, wait, here’s Minos…

*Minos gets on the mic, ignoring the crowd standing in the ring.*

Minos: The referee for this match has ruled this match a No-Contest!

Jones: I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise. This match went way over the top, after all.

*The Malvados are shown, making their way up the ramp. They both look furious at what has just happened. The Strangers are standing together as a unit, with one signaling for Danger to come in. He slowly steps inside, eyeing each man as if trying to figure out which is the real Stranger. The Lost Soul, on the outside, is apparently considering a re-entry, if only to get in a few more shots. The Malvados, on the stage, are pointing in anger, annoyed at the denial of their title shot. As they talk to each other, though, they miss another Stranger coming out of the back! The Stranger smashes Hector first with the Tag-Team Title, knocking him down the ramp!! Victor can’t react in time, taking a hit himself! With both Malvados down, the Stranger heads for the ring, with Harvey looking towards him with a shaky grin.*

Logan: I think we’ve found the real Stranger!

Jones: Incredible! I thought for sure ONE of those guys in the ring had to be him! Man, it’s getting more and more tricky to call these matches, isn’t it??

Logan: I need a drink, man.

*Harvey steps out of the ring to celebrate with the real Stranger, as the rest start to file out of the ring. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, heads up the aisleway, passing by the downed Malvados and leaving without looking back. We cut away from the shot, going to the back, where the Accelerator is apparently watching the scene on his plasma tv. He looks decidedly unhappy.*

The Accelerator: Damnit, Soul. You’re just not going to go away, are you?

*The President taps his pencil on the pad in front of him, thinking things over. He then goes and grabs the telephone.*

The Accelerator: Hey, this is Ace. I need someone to find The Lost Soul and get him over to my office. Right away. Tell him to show up by the end of the night, or else he won’t be allowed into a GCWA event the rest of his life. Got it? Good.

*Ace hangs up the phone, then goes back to looking at the screen.*

The Accelerator: *Bleeping* masked men.

*Ace shakes his head as the picture slowly fades out to the sound of laughing fans.*

*The scene opens up in the parking garage of the GCWA arena. We see an ambulance with its doors open and a stretcher set up. Two EMTs are trying to work on Shane Donovan who is sitting on the stretcher. He’s pushing them away telling them he’s fine, and he doesn’t need them. *

Jones: How come no one wants medical attention, ever?

Logan: Because Jones. You don’t want your attacker to know they got the better of you. You want them to see that you weren’t faced by their attack, no matter how brutal it was.

*Donovan gets off the stretcher and begins to walk away, heading inside the arena. Just then, Marcus Ka’Derrion reappears from behind the ambulance. He pulls a lever on the stretcher so it goes down into the carrying position. He then picks it up and charges at Donovan with it! Before Donovan realizes what’s going on, Marcus slams the stretcher bed against his back! Donovan stumbles forward and Marcus drops the bed and turns him around, only to get a hard right hand to the face! Another, another, and one more! *

Jones: Marcus Ka’Derrion with another sneak attack, but this one looks like it’s not going to pay off Anthony!

Logan: The Champ is nailing him with some hard licks there!

*Marcus stumbles backwards but Shane Donovan pulls him back in and lifts him for a body slam, no, Marcus breaks free, falling behind him. Donovan turns around and Marcus grabs him and whips him towards the ambulance! Donovan slams against the side of it and then stumbles backwards right unto Marcus grasp! Marcus wraps his arms around Donovan’s waist, then drags him towards the back of the ambulance before lifting him up and delivering a release German suplex that sends Donovan flying into the ambulance! *

Jones: Well Donovan didn’t want to get into the ambulance before, but Marcus just made him get in!

Logan: Hell of a move by Marcus, but why is he doing this? He already made his point earlier!!

*With Donovan laid out again, and with all kinds of stuff falling on top of him from inside the ambulance, Marcus closes both doors of the ambulance and dusts his hands off. He then acts like he forgot something and opens the doors back up. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Hey Donovan, I changed my mind. We’re not having a Tables Ladders and Chairs match. Instead, we’re going to have an ICWF classic. You see, I have been studying tapes all week of all kinds of matches… and since the GCWA is holding an event from the ICWF, I checked out some of their matches and stumbled upon a particular match that involves a very unique object… An ambulance! That’s right Donovan, our match, at the PPV is going to be an Ambulance match!! Enjoy your trip to the hospital!!

Jones: What? He changed the match stips! He can’t do that!!

Logan: Yes he can, The President told him he gets to pick the stipulations. I actually like the Ambulance Match idea better. So much potential for mayhem! Nice pick Marcus!

Jones: But is it his last one? Or will he change his mind again?

*The medics move past Marcus, heading into the ambulance to check on Donovan’s condition now, as security once again shows up just a tad bit late. Titan 3 is having trouble keeping his laughter in check, but he still orders security to grab Marcus and lead him away from the carnage. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: We are seeing attacks from all over tonight, and we’re still a few weeks away from Ultimate Survival. I’m scared to think what’s going to happen next week!

Logan: Yeah, me too, Jonesy. But, damn, it makes for good tv!

Jones: And we’re not even done yet! We’ve still got our main event, a rematch a month in the making! Who will walk out of the cage with the championship??

Logan: We’re already running short on time, but as always, we will not go away until this match is complete! So go, Minos, go!

*The cage has already been lowered, locking Minos away. He looks almost comfortable behind the metal.*

Minos: It is now time for the main event of the evening. Two men who have a long history of hatred against each other will meet once again, with gold on the line! They will fight inside this sinister structure, with weapons available to both men if they can reach them at their points around the cage. It is time to decide the X Division Champion, in an “Xtreme Cage” Match!*

*The crowd roars, full of excitement for this one. It’s quite possibly the biggest main event of the restored GCWA’s history.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger. He is a former X Division Champion, and is seeking to become the first man to ever regain the belt. Standing 6’5” and weighing in at 235 lbs, the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr!*

*The audience boos heavily at the start of “Cocky” by Kid Rock. From the back, Rick Mathis comes out first, checking the area out. He’s followed by Lurrr, who has a small bandage now on the side of his head, thanks to the attack from earlier. Warrick Hill is in the back for protection. The three men move down the aisle, a look of furious focus on Lurrr’s face.*

Jones: Earlier this week, the Roman Empire was dealing with a force of nature, chasing tornados.

Logan: I wonder if Lurrr was expecting the whirlwind attack of Caine?

Jones: The last time Lurrr and the Big Bifford faced, Caine’s assault may have helped cause Lurrr to lose. Now, before their next big match, Caine once again got in a shot. Is it a bad omen for the Roman Empire?

Minos: And now, his opponent… he has held various championships over his storied career, making him a legend in the business. Standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, he is the reigning GCWA X Division Champion, the Big Bifford!!

*The crowd lets loose with a massive cheer, shaking the rafters of the GCWA Arena. As “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio plays, the Big Bifford walks out, taking a moment to throw a piece of chicken bone behind him. Kenny comes out as well, making sure to lead Bifford towards the cage.*

Logan: Gotta say, I didn’t see Loser-rr’s death coming at all. He’s been around for so long, I didn’t think he could die.

Jones: The bigger news to me is that Earl the Popcorn Salesman, the man who has helped the Big Bifford out of so many jams, has been deported to Jamaica! I know Bifford still has Kenny at his side, but will it be enough for him to retain against such a tough foe, in such a tough match?

Logan: Plus, of course, Bifford was stabbed in the side. That’s GOTTA have an effect on this match. I mean, how was he even medically cleared for this one?

Jones: Well, it was either that, or forfeit the title, and the Big Bifford isn’t the type to forfeit.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The Big Bifford hands the title off to the referee, Mark Bell, who makes sure that it gets placed outside the ring. The door is locked up with a steel chain and a couple of Masterlocks, which should help to keep it in place.*

Jones: So what are the rules of an “Xtreme Cage” Match? I’ve never seen one before.

Logan: It’s relatively simple, Jonesy. First off, there are three ways to win. Either you pin your opponent, you force your opponent to submit, or you climb out of the cage and be the first to reach the ground.

Jones: Two out of three options for Bifford, then.

Logan: Yeah, well, he made it out the door once more in the “Xscape” match, but I don’t know if Bifford’s getting through the door this time. It looks reinforced.

Jones: And those weapons hanging from the upper levels of the cage?

Logan: Hey, it’s an “Xtreme” match, Jonesy, what do you expect?

*Referee Bell makes sure the door is locked, and then does the sign of the cross on his chest. Sometimes being the head referee doesn’t pay off. The Big Bifford leans over, talking to Kenny through the side of the cage, possibly getting a little more psychological advice. On the other side, Lurrr pulls something out of his pocket and slips it onto his hand. It’s a pair of brass knuckles! He winds up, waiting for the Big Bifford to turn around. Kenny, though, sees it coming, yelling a warning to the champion. Bifford spins, always so fast for someone his size. Lurrr fires off the punch, but Bifford grabs his arm, sending Lurrr into the side of the cage instead! The brass knuckles fall off his hand, dropping to the outside, as Bifford goes on the attack, punching away at the challenger to the roar of the crowd!*

Jones: Lurrr tried for the early advantage, but Bifford managed to avoid it!

Logan: A good start for the champion. C’mon, Biff!

*Bifford takes Lurrr by the head, making sure to grab the bandage on his face, ripping it off. Anyone who has done that before knows that Lurrr’s forehead is stinging right now. Bifford adds to the misery, dragging Lurrr’s face across the steel, cutting him open on his wound! Lurrr struggles, putting his hands against the cage to push himself away, but Bifford responds by landing a couple of kidney punches, causing Lurrr to gasp in agony. Bifford then picks Lurrr up from behind, throwing him overhead with a fallaway slam! Bell stays close as Bifford moves himself over at his usual pace, making the first cover… 1…. And Lurrr doesn’t stay down long. Bifford doesn’t look that surprised. He gets up and moves a few steps away, unconsciously rubbing his side where his wound is. Bifford then comes back, taking some large steps to build momentum before jumping up for a splash! But Lurrr rolls to the side, out of the way, so that Bifford is the only one hurt!*

Logan: Damn, I thought we might have an early end to this one.

Jones: That would probably piss a lot of people off, Anthony.

Logan: What, the matches can’t be short ones? It happens all the time, Jonesy.

Jones: Not here, Anthony. If it’s a main event, it’s going to go the distance!

*Lurrr pulls himself up, wiping some of the blood off his face. He looks pissed, to already be bloody in this one. He rears back, kicking Bifford in the side of the head, putting him down on the canvas. Lurrr then goes to the cage, climbing up. It almost looks like he’s trying to escape, but his true plan is quickly revealed as he grabs a 2x4 that was hanging there, giving him another weapon to use. He comes back down, carrying the lethal object, even as Bifford tries to get himself back up, looking a little dazed. Lurrr moves behind him, taking aim, and smashes the 2x4 across Bifford’s back, causing him to yell out! Bifford leans on the cage in pain, but this just gives Lurrr access to another shot, as he drills Bifford in the spine!! Lurrr then comes up behind the champion, wrapping the splintered 2x4 in front of Bifford’s throat, choking him, as the referee can only watch and wait for a pin or a submission.*

Logan: Lurrr’s going to choke him out!

Jones: If Lurrr is really only interested in the title, he has an opportunity to put the champ down here and escape the cage! I mean, seriously, who here thinks that Bifford could catch him?

Logan: I think it’s more than that to Lurrr, Jonesy. I think he wants to make Bifford suffer! After all, he’s been living with his loss to Bifford for a month now. I’d be shocked if Lurrr tries to escape any time soon.

*With Bifford down to his hands and knees, Lurrr finally releases the 2x4, letting the big man drop to the ground. Lurrr then looks around, seeking another weapon. He climbs up, this time getting a golf club, which had been suspended in the air. He drops back down, taking up a golf stance next to the prone Bifford. Lurrr can clearly be heard, yelling “Fore!” and takes the swing, smashing the club into Bifford’s unprotected side!!! The club bends badly, as it wasn’t made for that kind of use, but it also does the job, as Bifford lies on his side, screaming in pain. Lurrr throws the bent club down on top of the champion, then goes for the cover, trying to hold him down as the referee moves in… 1…. 2…. Bifford kicks out! Lurrr gets up, angry with referee Bell, while Bifford rolls to his side. You can see a dark mark beginning to appear on Bifford’s wrestling gear, right where he is bandaged at.*

Logan: I think Bifford’s stitches have been opened!

Jones: Oh, man! That stab wound wasn’t just a scratch. It was a bad one, and now it’s bleeding again! How long can the champion continue with something like that?

Logan: I don’t know, but I don’t think Bell has the authority to stop this match if it gets much worse. It’ll have to go back to the President, and he NEVER wants matches to end like that.

*Lurrr sees the blood and smiles, while again clearing his eyes of his own bleeding. He boots Bifford right in that same spot, causing another yell from the champion. Referee Bell tries to intervene, telling Lurrr to back off, but Lurrr just shoves the ref back, knowing that he can’t do anything. Lurrr lifts Bifford off the mat, popping him a couple of times with his fist, then goes to throw him into the side of the cage. Bifford hits the breaks, though, stopping his momentum, and when Lurrr comes back to try again, Bifford knees him low!! Lurrr bends over, all the fight suddenly knocked out of him by the assault on the family jewels! Bifford then follows it up by grabbing Lurrr by the head and chucking him into the cage wall, causing the challenger to collapse to the floor! Bifford staggers away, putting an arm protectively over his wound. The referee asks if Bifford can continue, but the champion is quick to nod, as he goes over to the corner. He starts to climb, reaching upwards, to where another weapon hangs. It is a weapon that has been seen in Bifford matches before.*

Logan: Oh, man, I didn’t see that hanging there!

Jones: What is it?

Logan: It’s one of Bifford’s greatest weapons, Jonesy! A fossilized sub sandwich!!

*Bifford gets the ‘weapon’, then comes back down, pretty much just falling back to the ground. Lurrr is already back up, having picked back up the 2x4. He comes forward, swinging the timber, but Bifford blocks it with the sandwich, which holds up perfectly fine from the strike! Bifford and Lurrr strain against each other, with Lurrr trying to drive the splintered edges of the 2x4 towards the champion. But Bifford is able to throw Lurrr off, then nails him when he tries to come back, snapping him backwards from a sandwich hit!! Lurrr collapses to the mat, his arms clenched around his head, as Bifford raises the sandwich as if it was Excalibur! He drops it to the floor, then looks around, going back to the corner he was just in. He starts climbing, but this time there are no weapons above him.*

Jones: Where’s he… wait, is Bifford trying to escape?

Logan: I can’t believe it! Bifford is actually climbing up the cage!! Can he do it? Can he retain without pinning Lurrr??

*The Big Bifford has actually made a lot of progress despite his girth, managing to drag himself near the top of the cage. On the outside, both Mathis and Hall have moved to that side, already thinking about climbing up to stop the champion from crossing over. They’re yelling at Bifford, warning him of what awaits him at the bottom, but Bifford hasn’t stopped. However, before Bifford can get himself over the top, Lurrr is there behind him, slamming a kendo stick between his legs!!!! Bifford’s face loses all color and his mouth opens wide in a silent scream, which almost every man in the audience has to sympathize for. Even Warrick and Rick look away. Lurrr, though, isn’t through. He climbs next to the agony-filled Bifford, putting the kendo stick around him and bringing him off the cage with a Russian legsweep variation, with both men slamming hard into the mat!!! Lurrr shakes off the impact after a few seconds and puts an arm over Bifford, hoping for the win…. 1… 2… no, Bifford raises his arm!*

Logan: Whew! I thought that one might have been it!

Jones: Both men have been losing a lot of blood so far, so it can’t go on forever. Then again, these two are running on rage, which could prolong it for quite a while.

Logan: Keep fighting, Biff! Do it for Earl!

*Lurrr painfully pulls himself to his feet. The blood is starting to dry on his face, giving him an eerie look. Both Mathis and Hill, on the outside, are yelling for Lurrr to start up the cage. They know that Lurrr’s a lot faster, which would give him a great chance to win. Lurrr, however, doesn’t look satisfied with that. He reaches up, grabbing something that looks like a thin rope, bringing it down. Bifford has already rolled over onto his large stomach, trying to push himself up, as Lurrr comes down behind him, choking him with the rope!! Bifford struggles, once again being denied the oxygen he needs to compete, as Lurrr, with a dark look in his eyes, tightens the noose. He starts threatening Bifford, telling him to submit or else face the end of his career. Referee Bell is there, checking on the champion, who is shaking his head no, he won’t give up. But Lurrr is not releasing the hold.*

Jones: Bifford’s running out of steam! He’s gotta find a way to escape this choke, or it’s all over!

Logan: Damnit! It can’t end like this!

*The fans are cheering, trying to inspire Bifford to get back up. An “Earl” chant starts echoing through the arena, apparently inspired by Kenny, who is chanting along with them. The chant grows, as Lurrr looks around, trying to figure out the significance. The Big Bifford’s head comes up, trying to see if his friend has returned. He slowly pushes off the mat, with Lurrr maintaining his hold, but Bifford is rising up, picking Lurrr up as he goes!! Lurrr tightens his grip, causing Bifford to gasp, but Bifford responds by running backwards, almost out of control as he slams into the metal corner of the cage!!! Lurrr, crushed by the weight, sags forward, dropping the rope. Bifford slams backwards once more, then walks forward three steps before falling to his knees, sucking in air like a desert traveler who found an oasis. Lurrr stays in the corner, clearly hurting, as he slowly slides down to the ground.*

Jones: The Big Bifford is free!

Logan: And all it took was tricking him to think that Earl might be back. That Kenny, he’s a shrewd operator!

Jones: Bifford’s got a chance now, but he has to recover soon, or else Lurrr will be right back on him. This match is still undecided!

*Bifford grabs at the side of the cage, shaking it slightly as he pulls himself up. His side is very red now, causing the referee to once again inquire about his condition, but Bifford just pushes him aside. He’s too intent on winning this match to worry about bleeding out. Lurrr, with Mathis talking behind him, is starting to get up, too. As he does so, though, Bifford is there, coming back in with the rope! He returns the favor, wrapping the nylon rope around Lurrr’s throat, choking him!! Lurrr fights to be free, but a lot of weight is keeping him from escaping. Bifford pulls him back, moving towards the center of the ring, as Lurrr’s struggles start to lessen from lack of oxygen. Bifford then bends Lurrr backwards, grabbing his head and dropping with an inverted DDT! With Lurrr down, Bifford slowly makes the cover, wanting the match to be over. The referee is right there, making the count… 1…. 2… No! Lurrr manages to get an arm up!*

Jones: You have to admire the fighting spirit of Lurrr! He just isn’t giving up!

Logan: I don’t admire anything about Lurrr. C’mon, Biff! Kick his *bleep*!

*Bifford takes his time getting up. Both men look completely drained, figuratively and, in one way, literally, if Bifford’s blood loss is any indication of his condition. He’s still in charge, though, as he goes to the cage wall, reaching up with his large hands to grab another weapon, this time pulling down a nasty-looking sledgehammer! It has sharp edges on one end of it, showing that it was clearly built for human damage. Bifford brings the sledgehammer down and goes towards Lurrr, looking to finally end things. On the outside, Kenny can be seen, cheering his man on. What Kenny doesn’t see is Hill coming up behind him, until it is too late! Hill grabs Kenny’s head and starts banging it into the cage wall, taking out the ally of Bifford!! Hill is laughing as Bifford looks over, seeing what’s happening. He angrily changes direction, charging at the wall and swinging the sledgehammer against it!! The cage sways, causing Hill to jump backwards, scared that it’s going to come down, but luckily for all, it holds. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, Mathis reaches through the cage wall, putting something in Lurrr’s hands!*

Logan: Oh, crap! What was that?

Jones: I can’t see from here, Anthony, but remember, in this kind of match, anything is legal!

Logan: Watch out, Biff!

*Bifford goes to the cage door, shaking it, but the locks hold. With no one on the outside available to unlock them for him, Bifford is trapped in the cage. Hill is on the outside, holding up the bloodied Kenny and laughing. Bifford, knowing the only way to help Kenny is to get out of the cage, goes back over towards Lurrr, planning to release his anger on the challenger. But as he picks Lurrr up, Lurrr lets loose, throwing a cloud of white dust into Bifford’s eyes!! The big man stumbles back, dropping the sledgehammer in order to try and clear his vision. He wipes away with his sleeve, but it’s not going away. In the meantime, Lurrr wearily leans down and picks up the sledgehammer, admiring the powerful weapon. Bifford moves back towards Lurrr, reaching out, trying to grab him before he can move away, but Lurrr has no intention of moving. He swings the sledgehammer upwards, catching Bifford right underneath the chin with a stiff shot!!!! Bifford falls backwards to the mat, not moving, as Lurrr tosses his weapon away. He drops, getting the cover, then yells to the referee to make the count. Bell, with no other options, goes ahead and does it, dropping to his knees… 1…. 2…. 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!!

*The audience is beside itself, booing away, as Lurrr raises up on his knees, still working to clear the blood away from his face. The Big Bifford is still down, having taken a mighty shot. The cage starts to rise, with Hill and Mathis quickly entering underneath it, going to Lurrr’s side. Mathis made sure to pick up the title on his way in, placing it on Lurrr’s shoulder.*

Logan: I can’t believe it! Bifford’s not the champ anymore!

Jones: It took a ton of violence, a lot of blood loss, and a big-time sledgehammer shot, but the Big Bifford has been beaten!

Logan: If it wasn’t for Hill and Mathis, though, I think he could have done it! Damn cheating Empire!

Jones: How do you cheat when there are no rules?

Logan: You know what I mean, Jonesy! If Hill hadn’t attacked Kenny outside the ring, Bifford might not have been distracted and gotten taken out!

Jones: Whatever the reasons for the way the match went down, Lurrr has become the first 2-time X Division Champion. What a match!

*With the cage out of the way, Hill and Mathis each give Lurrr a hand up, bringing him to his feet. The crowd is still booing away, very displeased with how things went down. The Roman Empire starts to help Lurrr out of the ring, but he stops them, looking back over his shoulder, where the Big Bifford is awake and trying to get up. Lurrr shakes his head, then says something to Hill and Mathis, who nod with smiles. They head off, going towards Bifford and picking up the large man! Lurrr, smiling, moves forward, clearly in a lot of pain himself, showing Bifford the X Division Title now on his shoulder. He shines it with one hand, while Bifford tries to fight free, angry that his belt is going away. Hill and Mathis hang on, while Lurrr rears back and slaps Bifford across the face with the belt!! Bifford sags in the two men’s arms, but Lurrr says he’s not done yet. He wants to land the Wake Up Call!*

Logan: Damnit, he’s hurt enough, Lurrr! There’s no need for this!

Jones: Wait, Anthony, help’s on the way!

*The crowd explodes as Derek Mobley and Scott Caine appear, rushing to the ring!! Mathis sees them coming, pointing behind Lurrr, who joins the Empire in moving to the side, leaving Bifford to slump to his hands and knees. Caine and Mobley surround the former champion, with Caine taking a long, hard look at the downed Bifford.*

Jones: The last time this happened, Caine made the save, only to hit the Big Bifford with a chair!

Logan: I’m willing to bet Bifford hasn’t forgotten that, Jonesy, especially after the two men had that wild brawl at Blood On The Battlefield III. But right now, they have a common enemy in the Roman Empire!

*Lurrr, Hill, and Mathis lock stares with Mobley, as Caine steps up next to him. Bifford is still trying to struggle up to his feet. The Empire stares at the two upright men, waiting for them to make their move. Caine looks at Mobley, and the former World Champion nods as they make their way towards the Empire. The Empire braces themselves… and Mobley stops moving. Caine doesn’t notice at first, but he soon realizes that Mobley is not at his side. He turns…. And Mobley drills Caine with a stiff right hand!! Caine, off-balance, has no defense as Mobley locks him up and drops him with the Thriller, laying him out!!!*

Logan: No! NO!! It can’t be!!

Jones: Mobley… Mobley turned on Caine!! Does that mean he’s joined the Empire??

Logan: *Bleep* *Bleep* *Bleep*

*Mobley walks up to Lurrr and extends his hand, with Lurrr responding. The two men shake, then Mobley turns to Warrick, embracing him. The Roman Empire then turns back to Bifford and Caine, with two men each beating down one guy, working to destroy them!*

Jones: Dear God, Mobley and Lurrr are united! What does this mean for the GCWA??

*Security rushes out to the ring, with Titan 3 leading the charge, stopping the violence before it gets any worse. The Roman Empire is quick to depart, having done their business. Warrick and Derek are side-by-side, with Lurrr laughing hard as he clutches the X Division Title to his chest. Medics come in to check on the two men, especially Bifford, whose condition does not look very good at the moment.*

Jones: We are out of time, but expect a lot more commentary about what just happened next week! Good night!

*Caine can be seen, sitting up in the ring with a hand pressed against his head. He is shaking his head and saying “No” over and over, clenching his free hand into a fist. The Big Bifford is still down, as the medics are calling on their radios for a cart to drive down, since a normal stretcher won’t do for this kind of emergency. The Roman Empire pauses on the stage, taking a moment for all four men to raise their arms in the air. We cut away to a television view of the shot, with the Accelerator watching from his office. He looks furious, smacking his hand on the desk.*

The Accelerator: Damnit, Derek! You unmitigated fool!

*The President sighs, running a hand where a lot more hair used to be when he was younger. He sits forward at the desk, looking at someone on the other side.*

The Accelerator: Alright, then. With Mobley out, it looks like I need another tag-team partner to join Caine and Bifford against the Empire. I don’t think I’m going to get too many volunteers for that job. So what do you say, man? You ready for one more match?

*The camera pans over to show The Lost Soul, with a security guard on either side of him! The Lost Soul’s eyes haven’t left the television screen, staring at one of his longest GCWA adversaries, Lurrr. He looks back at Ace and slowly nods his head, a smile appearing on his painted face.*

The Accelerator: So be it. Bound by hate, my friend. Bound by hate.

*The Accelerator stands up, nodding to the security guards to leave. He and The Lost Soul have a lot to discuss. The picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: Tremendous week of action, guys, keeping my stress levels high as I have to decide winners, *lol*. I gotta say, I'm very happy with the way things are going. Ultimate Survival looks like it's going to be a kick-ass pay-per-view all the way around. Thanks again for your great roleplaying, and keep it up!

Can you believe that we are going into our fifth month since reopening? It doesn't seem that long, does it?

Here's what I've scheduled for next week:

- Mr. Excellent vs. Robert "The Sensei" Santana

- Derek Mobley vs. Mon-E

- Scott Caine vs. James Thrash

- Organized Chaos(Crimson/Severity) vs. The Malvados

- Dangerous Dan vs. Mikey Willis, Television Title Match

- The final teams for Ultimate Survival will be announced!

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