*As the previous show ends, you find yourself settling in your favorite chair. The popcorn is popped and the drinks are icy cold. It’s time for some wrestling! The screen flashes, coming up from the black screen between shows. The shot comes up with The Big Bifford, wearing a tuxedo. The live crowd in the GCWA Arena cheers, excited to see the X Division Champion. He is seated.. as the camera pans out it is revealed that Bifford is seated at the Accelerator’s desk! Bifford smiles at the camera.*

The Big Bifford: As President of this fine federation, I welcome you to GCWA Friday Night Inferno. Tonight we will see a huge match as Titan 3 takes on the champ, Kreller Masters for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Scaffold Match. The first man to hit the mat is the loser and will never see the World Championship again. To make sure that all is fair and balanced in the match, I will be the referee. Should both men hit the mat, then I will become World Champion, right here tonight.

*The crowd is laughing pretty hard, enjoying the surprise. Some are even cheering the match announcement. The door swings open and Earl the Popcorn Salesman runs in and starts pulling on Bifford's arm violently.*

Earl The Popcorn Salesman: Bifford, get the hell out of Ace's chair! If you break it, we're going to be fined thousands of dollars! What the hell are you doing?

The Big Bifford: Ace isn't president anymore, Earl.. Remember, he gave the federation to Dean and then Dean went missing.. and then Cheasy M's plane crashed in the Orient... I'm President now. This is THE BIFFORD ERA~!

Earl The Popcorn Salesman: Bifford, that stuff happened years and years ago! You're not the President! Get up! Get up!!!

*Bifford finally gets out of the chair, but it’s too late, as the door to the office opens. The President walks in, stopping in his tracks at seeing the two people behind his desk.*

The Big Bifford: Well, hello there Ace.. Are you here to become a wrestler in my federation?

*Earl keeps pulling on Bifford's arm, pulling him out from behind the desk. Ace looks at Bifford with a look of confusion and possibly a bit of pity as Bifford is pulled past Ace and out of the office. Earl pops his head back into the office and looks at Ace.*

Earl: I'm really sorry, man. I'll keep a better eye on him in the future...

*Ace nods and slams the door as Earl pulls his head out. The President then looks at his office door.*

The Accelerator: I really do need to start locking up when I’m not in here.

*Ace shakes his head and goes inside, eyeing his chair’s condition. The door shuts behind him and we fade out. After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Shane Donovan confidently holding the GCWA World Heavyweight Title in his hands, a grim smile on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The cameras pan the audience, seeing a lot of excited faces. One kid is raised up in the air by his father, his face painted like The Lost Soul. A few other fans are wearing their limited edition Derek Mobley Enraged t-shirts that were quickly marketed to the people. One camera focuses on a sign that reads “Lurrr = Abuse!”. Another says “I’m The Stranger!”. We cut away to go to the announce area near ringside.*

Jones: It’s another exciting night in Dallas at the GCWA Arena! Welcome to Friday Night Inferno! I’m Edward Jones, and with me as always is my broadcast partner, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: Wonderful to be here, Jonesy! It’s looking like it’s going to be another historic night!

Jones: Yes, especially in our main event, where six top contenders will face off in a Battle Royal, with the winner earning the restored GCWA Television Championship!

Logan: It’ll be an honor and a curse, man. Whoever wins the belt tonight will be defending it next week, and the week after that, and the week after that! This belt is going to get a lot of activity behind it!

Jones: The fans have their favorites to win, but in a Battle Royal, anyone can walk out the champion!

Logan: Even Mon-E?

Jones: Even Mon-E.

Logan: Wild.

Jones: With that being said, we have a little footage to show that occurred earlier today, back in the locker room area.

Logan: We’re really going to show this and embarrass the guy?

Jones: Are you surprised?

Logan: Nah, I just wanted to make sure we were doing it! Roll it!

*We cut to the pre-taped segment, where Harvey Danger stands outside of the locker room belonging to Trixie, the GCWA’s only female referee. The sign on the door is written in bright pinks and purples, complete with flowers and butterflies, and even a little heart over the "i" in Trixie. Harvey Danger knocks gently, and waits. And waits. After not receiving an answer, he tries the door knob. It turns, opening the door slightly. Harvey winces and braces himself for the impending scream, but that too never comes. Opening his eyes, he appears to get a wave of bravado sweep over him, as he puffs out his chest and pushes the door wide open. There, on the other side of the room, is the object of Harvey's desire. Bent over stretching, all we see is a shapely rear end and long flowing locks of blonde hair. Wearing a baggy pair of sweatpants, Harvey's soul mate bounces slightly in time to the hamstring stretch.*

Harvey: Uhh... Trixie? Trixie? It's me. Harvey. I just wanted to come in here, uh... I hope you don't mind. I've been trying to get in touch with you all week, and well, it's been one disaster after another. Story of my life, sort of. Don't you think?

*Harvey cranes his neck over to get a better look at her face, but fails to do so. Still stretching. Or ignoring Harvey, perhaps.*

Harvey: Go ahead and keep stretching. Don't let me disturb you, I'll make it quick. Well, anyway. When I called you from inside the arena last week, my phone cut out. Or yours did. No wait, it's not your fault. It's all my fault. Um, I have a crappy phone. So it got disconnected. Then, when I called you from the truck stop, well... I uh... "dropped" my quarter and was unable to put it in the phone in time. Then, when I finally got home I tore apart my Mom's house looking... I mean, my bachelor pad... for what I thought was your number but it turned out to be this other woman. Not that there is another woman! You’re the only one I like!

*Harvey's face turns beet red and his hands cover his mouth, as if he had just said something so embarrassing he disgraced his whole family.*

Harvey: Oh my gawd, I can't believe I just said that! But, it's... it's true. You see, your just so beautiful. Of course, you know that already... your long blonde hair, your shapely... firm... tight... little...

*Harvey's voice trails off at he stares directly at the rear end pointing up in the air right in front of him. It begins bouncing softly side to side, as we begin to hear the soft humming of a song. Harvey's eyes glaze over as he's deep in fantasy, and his hands instinctively reach outwards pretending to play grab ass. Harvey suddenly shakes his head trying to clear his mind.*

Harvey: Well, uh.. I have to be going. I have a match, you know. Against Draco? Well, I guess now is as good a time as any. I was wondering if you wanted to maybe go out to dinner after the show tonight? We could get to know each other better, and um, well, then get to know each other even better after dinner. I mean, if you want. But, why wouldn't you? We're both adults here... with needs... and desires. Well, uh... you can get back to me. It's a long show. Goodbye, 'cupcake'.

*Harvey takes a step forward, arm extended. He makes a pinching motion with his fingers, but decides better of it and steps backwards, and then softly walks backward out through the door and closes it behind him. Done with the hamstring stretches, Harvey's "cupcake" stands up, appearing to be much more broad shouldered than the last time Trixie was on TV. She turns around and... it's MINOS! ...The Ring Announcer? He seems surprised to see the camera crew in the dressing room and reaches up to pull his iPod earbuds out of his ears *

Minos: What do you want?

*The cameraman apologizes and backs away. You can hear laughter from behind the camera as the picture fades out. We go back to ringside, where even more laughter can be heard.*

Logan: That Harvey, man, he never disappoints!

Jones: I just hope Harvey wasn’t watching as that video rolled.

Logan: Are you kidding? He’s probably congratulating himself on arranging a date for later tonight! Trixie needs to keep her eyes peeled, because Harvey is on the prowl!

Jones: Poor Trixie. This isn’t what she signed up for! Alright, let’s get to the first match of the evening! Someone call Minos and get him in the ring!

Logan: Yeah, get ‘tight buns’ in there! He he he.

*The large Minos steps through the ropes, showing no embarrassment from the previous video. He’s not the type of guy to dwell on meaningless things. Minos raises the mic up, preparing to announce another match in his own unique style.*

Minos: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall and will have a 10-minute time limit. Coming down to the ring first, he is a former OCW United States Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, the leader of Organized Chaos, here is “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

*Crimson comes out on his own, standing on the edge of the ramp while “Head Up” by the Deftones plays behind him. Some of the fans cheer, but most are remembering Crimson’s latest actions against Marcus Ka’Derrion and referee Adrian Rockwell. Crimson walks down the aisle with little regard for the fans reaching out to him.*

Logan: I heard that Adrian Rockwell is still currently in the hospital, although his surgery was successful. It’s still unknown whether or not Rockwell will be returning to the GCWA after that injury he sustained from Super Creep.

Jones: Creep was heavily fined by the President, but I don’t think it bothered Tommy Crimson any. He’s still looking to make a run at the championships.

Minos: And now, his opponent. He most recently competed in the main event of Blood On The Battlefield III, and is a former NLW World Heavyweight Champion. He stands 6’4” and weighs in at 275 lbs, from Portland, Oregon, he is The Ice Man!

*The crowd gets on their feet, cheering, as the snow once again begins to fall from the ceiling. “Cold As Ice” by M.O.P. plays through the speakers. The curtains move, revealing the pumped-up competitor known as The Ice Man! He poses as fireworks go off behind him, in a glorious display that matches the falling snow.*

Jones: The Ice Man was maced during his match for the World Title, enabling Shane Donovan to get the gold. You can bet that loss hasn’t set well for The Ice Man, who never likes tasting defeat.

Logan: Who does?

Jones: Good point.

*The Ice Man approaches the ring, looking straight at his opponent for the night with a ticked-off look on his face. This focused look, though, is a drawback, as The Ice Man doesn’t see Super Creep and sEverity coming up from behind, attacking him!! The Ice Man turns and tries to fight back, but he took some stiff shots without bracing for them. The two Organized Chaos members beat The Ice Man down, with Super Creep bodily throwing the big wrestler against the steel ringpost back-first! The Ice Man collapses to his knees, hurting badly from the strike.*

Logan: C’mon, man, they’re ruining the match!! Can’t Crimson do anything on his own??

Jones: It’s not looking like it, Anthony! The Ice Man is in serious trouble!

*sEverity reaches down with a grin, pulling The Ice Man up, only to get spun over the nearby steel steps! The Ice Man rears up, punching a couple of times at Super Creep, staggering him. As The Ice Man continues to fight, though, Crimson has moved to the apron, coming off with a devastating splash from behind! Crimson joins in the beating, with he and Super Creep stomping away at their opponent. Super Creep lifts The Ice Man up, then chokeslams him into the apron, adding to the damage. Crimson then barks a command and Super Creep pulls The Ice Man to his feet long enough to roll him into the ring. Crimson follows, signaling to the referee, who just so happens to be Thomas Mitchell. Mitchell argues with Crimson for a second, with Crimson ordering him to do his job. Mitchell shakes his head, then suddenly moves to the side, signaling for the bell!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Wait, what?? This match should not be going on, Mitchell, you slimy…

Jones: The attack happened before the match began, Anthony. There’s nothing the ref can do!

Logan: He can do plenty more than just starting this one, damnit!

*The Ice Man struggles to get up, grabbing at the ropes. His back can’t be in good shape after the hits he’s taken over the last few minutes. As he rises up, Crimson is there, grabbing The Ice Man from behind and delivering the Fury!!! The Ice Man is down and out, as referee Mitchell, still looking annoyed at the position he’s in, reluctantly moves in for the count. Crimson isn’t done yet, though, pulling The Ice Man’s head off the canvas. He lifts the big man to his feet, shoving him against the ropes to keep him upright. Crimson moves back, then comes in quickly with the Buzz Kill!!! The fans are booing mightily now, hating how this great match has gone. Crimson laughs in the ring, then positions himself on top of The Ice Man, making the cover… 1… 2… 3!*

Minos: Here is your…. winner…. Tommy Crimson…

Logan: Damnit, man, this is terrible! I was looking forward to this one, yet look how it turned out!!

Jones: The best laid plans of mice and men… unfortunately, Crimson seemed to have a better plan for this one.

*The fans are still harping on Organized Chaos, as Crimson signals to Super Creep that he doesn’t want to end things with just a pinfall. He points outside, so Super Creep heads out, getting a table from under the ring! sEizure gives him a hand getting it into the ring, as Crimson heads to the turnbuckle! The table is positioned, with The Ice Man placed on top by the two thugs. Crimson is intent on doing more damage, as he aims himself carefully. Super Creep and sEizure step back, out of the way, as Crimson leaps off with a spin…. and The Ice Man moves, dodging the attack and sending Crimson through the table instead!!! The Ice Man doesn’t stick around, leaving the ring and stumbling away, still in a lot of pain, as Super Creep and sEizure go to check on Crimson.*

Jones: Wow! That one backfired on Crimson, as The Ice Man got away!

Logan: Serves him right!

*Crimson looks up with disgust, from the hurt coming from his ribs. He seems to be ok, otherwise, as his two allies help him up, checking him over. Suddenly, a fog fills the arena, and a white light shines toward the stage. The titantron begins to scroll words.*

"The Righteous also shall hold on his way, and he hath clean his hands shall be stronger and stronger...

But as for all of you, do ye return, and come now: for I cannot one wise man among you...

My days are past, my purposes are broken off, even the thoughts of my heart.

They change the night into day: the light is short because of darkness.

Book of Job Verse 17:9"

*Crimson, now joined by sEizure and Super Creep, are all focused completely in shock at the screen, now turning black. Suddenly through the crowd comes a figure wearing a cloak, much like the one Super Creep is wearing. Crimson is still looking at the screen in complete disbelief as sEizure and Creeps attention goes to the figure in the crowd. He hops over the barrier and is all that can be seen behind the solid white cloak is two sandal`s with bare feet in them as he walks.*

Jones: Who is this? A new opponent for Crimson?

Logan: You’re kidding, right, Jonesy? After that Bible reference, it could only be one person!

*Crimson jumps up clutching his hurt ribs as he does so. The blondish silver hair is being exposed more now from the lights as the figure approaches the ring. Rolling in the ring, he stands to both of his feet, and throws the hood of his cloak off. Jobe Severity is exposed and the crowd has mixed emotions about this. A man thought long dead by a stable he created is now looking at the leader nose to nose. Super Creep hits one knee to bow to the fallen leader, in which sEizure soon follows. Crimson however, stands nose to nose with Jobe, he pulls a mic from his cloak, and flips it on...*

Jobe Severity: My flock has disappointed me in my absence. I see thee for what you truly are Tommy Flamer. Your eyes grow cold, and mislead these other two.

*Jobe gestures to his two faithful followers, still down on one knee, as Crimson looks on with varying emotions flying across his face.*

Jobe Severity: Things that you could not do in this very ring, I have done. Warrick Hill embarrassed you, I defeated him not two weeks later. You had your shot at the IC Champion, Ka`Derrion. You blew it. Yes I did lose a couple more matches than you have, but look at the opponents I have faced. I lost to Derek Mobley, just so he could hand the belt off to a outsider. Now Marcus and he shall battle to see whom is the best. I have discouraging news for the both of them, look who stands in the ring before you now.

*Jobe looks towards the back, speaking to the rest of the wrestlers as well as the three men inside the ring.*

Jobe Severity: My cancer is not a priority or to make me weak, that doctor and I had a understanding that day. My mind was not in a right state and has not been. I have been to the monks on the hill and thou hath shown me a way of perseverance. A way of life not fraught with pain and destruction as the likes of you Crimson. I am here to take my flock to the righteous path, my path.

*Severity pauses for a moment, considering his next words. The fans are quickly making their decision, as they are booing more and more.*

Jobe Severity: I am also here to destroy some evil men before I rise to the challenge of the World Champion. There is great evil in this company that needs to be purged from our sight. There is Lurrr who has forsaken all in his quest for achievement. Lurrr, I don`t want your title, I want nothing of Bifford. If Crimson can beat him, he has no chance in the presence of true greatness. I know you feel like your loss to Bifford was a fluke, and you want your title back, go get it son.. I challenge you to a future match. It does not have to be on a pay-per-view. You live your life as not the gift you should think of it as. Your life has been a waste, much like that you call ability you have put to waste in this ring. You bet against me as I heard it against Iceman the first match. Wonder if the bets will go my way after a loss from The Big Bifford in our match, should you choose to accept. I will only make you better, Lurrr, only better. I will show you a path you shall not wonder. Your life will not fade, and your fruit of virtue will be found. How can I respect someone, who cannot look themselves in the mirror with an ounce of self respect?

*Crimson has turned away, thinking. He still has not decided to take a knee in front of Jobe like the other two men are doing. Jobe, meanwhile, has another subject in mind.*

Jobe Severity: Next week, I begin my cleansing of the GCWA. I have been given a match against another man who has lost his faith. Scott Caine, we will be fighting next week and I will teach you the words of the good Book. You will have them implanted in your memory for all time. Ready yourself for the Book of Job.

*With that, Jobe lowers the mic. He suddenly seems to realize that Crimson is still standing there, looking back at him. Jobe speaks once more.*

Jobe Severity: Bow, Crimson, and take your place...

*After a second’s hesitation, with some fans screaming for him to leave the ring instead, Tommy Crimson bows before Jobe, reuniting Organized Chaos! Jobe nods his head knowingly, before leading his flock out of the ring.*

Logan: My lord! Jobe Severity is back and I think he’s going to start a Holy War!

Jones: Organized Chaos is as strong as I have ever seen them! The boys in the back have got something else to worry about now!

*Jobe has his arms in the gesture of prayer as he moves down the aisleway, with Super Creep and sEizure flanking him as if an honor guard. Tommy Crimson walks behind them, in Jobe Severity’s shadow once again. We fade to a commercial break.*

*We return from the commercial break backstage in the President's office. The Accelerator is pacing back and forth behind his desk. The GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, is leaning against the wall watching him with a small smirk of satisfaction on his face.*

The Accelerator: We need to step up the security level this week. Things have been getting out of control recently. We have to make sure our wrestlers are safe.

*Titan 3 cracks his knuckles and stands up off the wall.*

Titan 3: Well, you have to loosen some of the restrictions.

The Accelerator: What do you mean?

*The Accelerator stops in place, as he stares over at his long-time colleague.*

Titan 3: By any means necessary.

*Ace looks a little confused.*

The Accelerator: What?

Titan 3: Let me do what I feel is necessary to make sure things are on the up and up. If it means, taking out Derek Mobley when he gets out of hand, or if some guys can't seem to keep themselves away, then I handle it my way. No nicey nicey type stuff. You're too soft Ace.

The Accelerator: Nicey nicey?

*The door slams open, and the crowd give a huge pop as once again, The Lost Soul shows up in Ace's office.*

The Accelerator: Didn't I ask you to lock the door Titan?

*Titan 3 shrugs. He is watching The Lost Soul with a slight gleam of interest in his eyes. It’s almost like he’s sizing up his next target. The Lost Soul returns the gaze.*

The Lost Soul: Am I interrupting something?

*Titan 3 and TLS give each other a once over. The crowd goes crazy, remembering their battles in ICWF.*

The Accelerator: The answer is still no TLS, I can't let you wrestle. You're not physically able to wrestle anymore. Can't you understand that?

*The crowd boos, as it’s not the answer that they want to hear.*

The Lost Soul: No, Ace. I don't understand that. So tonight, I'll show you.

*TLS leaves as Titan 3 turns to Ace, looking for a directive. Not getting one, he clenches his fists and begins to go after TLS but Ace waves him off. Titan 3 looks a bit frustrated.*

Titan 3: You see what I mean? Let me stop him before he does real damage.

The Accelerator: The man's at a bad state right now, just make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

*Titan 3 shakes his head. He appears to be very displeased.*

Titan 3: Yeah you got it. You're the boss. But if I feel he's a threat to my security team or to anyone else. I'm taking him out.

*Titan 3 turns and leaves the room, slamming it behind him. The Accelerator sighs and sits back in his chair.*

The Accelerator: It’s going to be another one of those days.

*Ace turns and looks at the monitor, seeing how things are going, as we switch ourselves back to ringside.*

Jones: The Lost Soul is going to show something tonight about why he should be reinstated?

Logan: Apparently so, assuming that Titan 3 doesn’t take him out first. Man, Titan 3 and I have been friends for a long time, but he’s starting to get that “Power Corrupts” vibe, y’know?

Jones: Don’t let him hear you say that. He’ll likely come down here to ‘talk’ to you about it.

Logan: I’m afraid of no one! But, uh, don’t tell him, ok?

*The crowd in the arena grows quiet in anticipation of the next big occurrence on tonight's edition of Inferno. They won't have to wait much longer as Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass' "Tijuana Taxi" blasts over the speakers. Everyone in the crowd cranes their necks to get a peak at the entrance to see who could possibly be coming down to the ring to this music. To everyone's disbelief, Harvey Danger pushes his way through the curtain followed by The Stranger! Harvey is wearing a comical over-sized sombrero and a brightly covered Mexican blanket poncho. The Stranger is dressed in a black Mariachi outfit, complete with wide brimmed sombrero, tight black pants and bright red tie. They look more like Chevy Chase and Steve Martin in !Three Amigos! than wrestlers.*

Jones: What on earth?

Logan: Oh, man, I can already tell this is going to be good! *laughing*

*They slowly saunter towards the ring, both double fisting bottles of Dos Equis. Climbing into the ring, Harvey slowly sips at the beer and then tosses both bottles out into the crowd, injuring women and children in the front row. He tosses his large sombrero into the center of the ring and begins dancing around it. Meanwhile, The Stranger bends over to pick up the microphone and hands it to Harvey.*

Harvey Danger: Get it? Get it? The Mexican hat dance! Awe, I just crack myself up. Do you get it...mang! Uh, let's see... the only Spanish I know is from Ricky Ricardo. Mira que quiere! Cosa nuevas! No puedo comprarlos!

*The Stranger taps Harvey on the shoulder and shrugs, indicating he (and everyone else) had no idea what Harvey just said.*

Harvey Danger: Oh, uh... no comprende, holmes? What you think, mang. We loco! Loco in the head, Paco! You see, me and Pablo here, we are tired of the little interference from the Maldavidos. Uh... Stranger? What are you doin', holmes?

*The Stranger has started throwing objects into the crowd, pelting the people in the front row with tiny black objects. Harvey pulls open his hand to reveal a bag full of beans.*

Harvey Danger: Ohhhhh! I get it! Mexican jumping beans! Boys, the music please!

*The Mexican Hat Dance song is piped in over the speaker system, and Harvey begins dancing around the ring as The Stranger continues to toss the Mexican Jumping Beans into the cheap seats. Eventually Harvey dances himself out and saunters over to where The Stranger is standing.*

Harvey Danger: Anyway, Muchachos and Senioritas, The Stranger and I are sick and tired of The Malderanna's coming in during our moments of triumph, and stealing our thunder. Well, listen up "holmes!" We're going to take you downtown, downtown to South of the Border. Speaking of which, "You have just past South of the Border! Turn Around!" Ahhh, who doesn't remember those old road trips with Mom and Dad so fondly. Don't you, Stranger?

*The Stranger turns around from his bean throwing and just shrugs at Harvey, as if he has never heard of the South of the Border tourist trap.*

Harvey Danger: Um, yeah. Anyway, the Malvados have another thing coming. If they try to take us down one more time, it'll be worse than Montezuma's Revenge!

Logan: Harvey’s really talking a lot of trash here, isn’t he? Good for Harvey, get that confidence up!

Jones: I’m still trying to figure out who exactly the Stranger is… wait, we’ve got visitors to the ring!

*A slow buzz builds in the audience as two masked men, the Malvados, make their way down to the ring behind the tag-team champions!*

Harvey Danger: They'll see! We are the World Tag Team Champions, and if...

*Harvey doesn't have a chance to finish his sentence as the Malvados slide in under the ropes and take down the Tag Team Champs from behind! The duo picks Harvey Danger up and sends him towards the far ropes. Harvey, blinded by his Mexican poncho, snaps off the ropes and finds one of the masked men waiting in the center of the ring for a vicious back body drop. The other man picks Harvey up by his hair and sends him over the top rope, sprawling to the floor below. The masked luchadors close in on The Stranger, who is now just struggling to get to his feet. They pounce on him, pinning him to the mat and start pulling at his mask.*

Jones: Here we go again! Is that the real Stranger? Are we about to learn his identity??

*The Stranger fights with all his might to keep his identity revealed, but falls to the superior numbers. One of the Malvados holds the mask in his hand high in the air so the crowd can see, and both luchadors back off to expose The Stranger. The man in the Mariachi outfit that had been wearing the mask of The Stranger slowly gets to his feet in the center of the ring, an embarrassed, sheepish smile on his face. Harvey Danger has slowly pulled himself to his feet on the outside and begins to regain his focus. He catches a glimpse of the man in the center of the ring and stares in disbelief.*

Harvey Danger: Cousin Larry? What the... how did... what did... Oh Boy! Momma isn't going to like this!

*The Malvados stare at Harvey's cousin Larry. Larry nervously glances around at both the Malvados and Harvey. Harvey stands still, unable to move. This momentary lapse in concentration by all four men is interrupted as another person joins them in the ring. It's another man dressed as The Stranger carrying a steel chair! He swings high and misses one Malvado, but swings again and connects to the forehead of the other! Harvey Danger has slipped in under the bottom rope and, grabbing the injured wrestler by the back of his mask, tosses him over the top rope. Larry has begun cowering in the corner. The Stranger drops the chair and heads for the turnbuckle and slowly begins climbing to the top, appearing uneasy at the height. Harvey Danger drags the other Malvado over to the corner and looks around the ring, then heads straight for The Stranger! Harvey begins climbing up after him and holds on tight, looking just as uneasy. The Stranger reaches the top turnbuckle the same time as Harvey, and Harvey leans backwards and falls to the mat, bringing The Stranger down with a superplex, right on top of the downed masked luchadore! Harvey is the first to get up and heads to check on The Stranger, who is slow to get up.*

Logan: What a move! The Malvados have been beaten down by the World Tag-Team Champions!

Jones: And once again, the man in the ring apparently wasn’t Harvey’s actual tag-team partner! Man, that mask is deceptive!

Logan: Wait a second, Jonesy… something else might be deceptive. Do you see what I see?

Jones: Hey, did one of the Malvados just remove his mask??

*On the outside of the ring, the Malvado who was hit by a chair has indeed pulled off his cover. He is holding his hand to his head injury, which is now bleeding. The camera gets a good shot of the man, showing it to be Kevin Conner!! The man stumbles off to the side, falling to his knees. In the ring, Harvey and the Stranger have noticed Conner’s unmasking. Harvey helps the Stranger to the corner, allowing him to rest there, then goes over to the other masked man in the ring. Harvey reaches down and pulls off the mask… revealing Axl Rhude!!! Harvey tosses the mask aside in confusion, then goes back, as if to unmask the Stranger, too, but one glance from his partner keeps Harvey from doing anything rash.*

Jones: The Malvados were actually Kevin Conner and Axl Rhude??

Logan: No, of course not, Jonesy. They were imposters, just like the Stranger lookalikes! The Malvados just pulled the same mask trick on the champs, sending down imposters to do their dirty work!

Jones: I’m not sure how successful that was, but it’s not like it cost the Malvados anything, and it caused some pain to the champions.

*Harvey Danger goes over to talk to Larry, as the Stranger shakes his head at the sight of Rhude unconscious in the ring. We cut to a backstage shot, where the real Hector and Victor Malvado can be seen laughing. They say something to each other in rapid-fire Spanish before leaving the camera’s range. We fade to a commercial break.*

*We come back in the backstage area near the garage. The doors nearby push open and the crowd is immediately heavily booing, as they see the Roman Empire entering the building. Lurrr and Rick Mathis are talking animatedly, apparently about some activities that took place for them during the week, while Warrick Hill walks behind them, carrying his bag with a smirk. The three men stop moving as they look forward, noticing for the first time that Titan 3 is waiting for them, along with a few of his larger security guards.*

Titan 3: Evening. I heard you guys were coming, so I decided to give you a personal welcome.

Lurrr: Great. Now get the hell out of our way.

*Titan 3 doesn’t move, staring eye-to-eye with the leader of the Roman Empire. His security is backing him up, ready for another fight with the Empire members after Blood On The Battlefield III.*

Titan 3: You go when I tell you you can go, or else we’ve got ourselves a problem here, don’t we?

*Multiple security guards come in behind Warrick, taking up that side of the room. Warrick’s smirk has faded. He puts his bag down and prepares to fight. Rick Mathis runs a hand through his hair, stretching his neck out. Lurrr doesn’t seem to be backing down, either, but he waits for Titan 3 to make the next move.*

Titan 3: First off, we received all of your fine money, so you’re clear on that. If it happens again, though, it won’t be money I’ll be coming after. Second, Ace wanted to know for sure that you guys are going to stay together as a team for Ultimate Survival.

Lurrr: Of course we are, *bleep*! The Roman Empire is going to dominate the rest of these *bleeps* and show Ace, and you, where the power truly lies.

Titan 3: Looking forward to seeing that, Lurrr. Because it would make me extremely happy to see you the last man standing for your team, in danger of needing a boot surgically removed from your *bleep*!

*Lurrr and Titan 3 come nose-to-nose, breathing hard. A fight seems inevitable. But Titan 3 suddenly leans back, grinning.*

Titan 3: We’re through here. You have yourselves a good night.

*Lurrr immediately moves forward, pushing past the couple of security guards who didn’t get out of the way in time. Rick Mathis and Warrick Hill follow right behind, glaring at everyone around them. Titan 3 watches them go, still smiling. Security disperses, as a door can be seen open down the hallway. It appears someone was watching from within. The door shuts, with the cameraman hurrying over to open it. But it’s just an empty room, with the door beyond wide open. The person who was there is long gone. We leave them behind and go back to ringside, at the announce table.*

Logan: Whew! I thought we were going to have a war break out in the backstage area!

Jones: Don’t think that Titan 3 wasn’t hoping for it, Anthony. I think he planned that confrontation on purpose. He must have had people watching the garage, telling him when the trap needed to be sprung.

Logan: I guess we should be lucky they didn’t go at it. But I doubt Lurrr will forget what just happened here.

Jones: Well, we’ve already got one opponent waiting in the ring, so we might as well get the next match going! Minos?

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. It features two men who have faced off in other organizations, but are meeting for the first time in the GCWA. Introducing first, already standing in the ring, he stands 6’0” and weighs 215 lbs. He is the current co-holder of the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, Harvey Danger!

*”No Rain” by Blind Melon is playing, even though Harvey has been in the ring for a while. He has fully removed his poncho and has placed it, along with his sombrero, outside the ring. When Minos made his announcement, Harvey was in the process of trying to talk to the referee. To her chagrin, Trixie was once again assigned a Harvey Danger match. The Accelerator’s always been known for his strange sense of humor. When Danger reacts to Minos’ announcement, turning around in confusion towards the crowd, Trixie quickly moves away to the other side of the ring.*

Jones: I hope Harvey’s alright for this match, after that incident with the ‘fake’ Malvado brothers earlier.

Logan: He also had a pretty long week, as he had to hitch-hike back across the country to get home, only to fly out from there to head back to Dallas.

Jones: Didn’t seem worth it, did it? Still, the guy loves his mother, can’t fault him for that.

Logan: You can’t? Damn.

Minos: His opponent is making his GCWA debut here tonight. He has held championships around the world during his long wrestling career. Standing 5’11” and weighing 204 lbs, from Whiteboro, New York, he is Draco!

*The fans turn and watch the back entrance as “Indestructible” by Disturbed begins to play. The curtains move aside, revealing Draco, who makes his way towards the ring. He stops for a second to look at the crowd, shakes his head to possibly clear out some bad thoughts, then continues on the path to the squared circle.*

Jones: I’m really interested to see what Draco brings to the table here in the GCWA. He clearly was more interested in wrestling for NLW, but when that fed closed, he decided to give us a try.

Logan: From what I hear, he and Marcus Ka’Derrion’s father had a pretty long history between each other. I think that’s the only reason he’s come here.

Jones: Well, whatever the reason, he’s another great addition to the GCWA roster!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Harvey watches as Trixie signals for the match to begin, then says something to her, possibly trying to compliment her on the ‘move’ she just made. Unfortunately, this leaves Harvey open, and Draco is quick to attack, coming in from the side and clipping Harvey’s right leg with a shoulder! Harvey drops to a knee, in pain, leaving him in the perfect position for Draco to bounce himself off the middle rope and rebound, getting a leaping knee to his opponent’s head! With Harvey down, Draco drops for the cover, and referee Trixie does her job, getting over to make the count… 1… Harvey kicks out quickly. Draco immediately pulls the man up, saying something to him. The words “birthday card” can clearly be heard. Draco shoots Harvey into the corner, then follows him in, grabbing Harvey and giving him a monkey flip! No one is more surprised than Harvey that he lands on his feet, looking around. He grins and turns as Draco runs towards him, trying to take him back down, but Harvey reacts with a hip toss, throwing Draco overhead!*

Logan: Harvey caught Draco by surprise with that one, didn’t he?

Jones: A lot of people only see Harvey Danger as a goof who wrestles. But Harvey does have a lot of talent between the ropes.

Logan: Hey, he’s a champion now. Hopefully a lot of those doubters have been proven wrong.

*Both men are back up, with Harvey catching Draco’s leg as he tries to kick at him. Before Draco can come up with another maneuver, Harvey takes him down with a dragon screw legwhip, then adds in a few knee shots for good measure, working to ground his competition. Draco scrambles away towards the ropes, trying to use them to get himself up and away from the assault. Harvey follows, grabbing Draco from behind and attempting to roll him up. Draco hangs on, though, so Harvey rolls away on his own. Draco then uses the ropes to springboard himself backwards, catching Harvey with a flying back elbow! Harvey falls to the mat, stunned, as Draco shakes out his leg, trying to get the blood flowing again. As his opponent tries to get back up, Draco wraps his leg around Harvey’s neck, then jumps, dropping Harvey to the mat with a fameasser! Draco makes another cover… 1… 2… and Harvey kicks out.*

Jones: So far, I haven’t seen a lot of favoritism by Trixie. She’s calling this one right down the middle.

Logan: Yeah, of course she is. Why wouldn’t she?

Jones: Well, I heard a rumor that Trixie was dating Harvey Danger now, so I was worried about a conflict of interest.

Logan: I’m betting I know who started that rumor, too.

*In the ring, Draco has Harvey back up, only to put him right back down with a DDT. Draco then heads for the turnbuckle, thinking about ways he can end this match. He climbs up, showing his amazing balance on the top turnbuckle, as he looks down at Harvey. With a leap, he comes off, going for a double stomp! But Harvey rolls out of the ring at the very last second, and Draco hits nothing but canvas, causing him to do a flip and land on his back, his arms reaching for his now-shaky legs. Harvey pulls himself up, already looking pretty tired from the shots he has taken. This doesn’t stop him from going over to a recovering Draco and double-underhooking the slightly smaller wrestler, taking him face-first to the mat without his arms to protect him! Harvey then rolls Draco over and frantically waves to his ‘girlfriend’ to make the count… 1… 2… and Draco gets his shoulder off the mat, staying alive.*

Logan: That was a close one, Jonesy.

Jones: Did Trixie count that one a little faster, or was it just me?

Logan: I think it was just you, personally.

*Harvey looks a little disappointed that the match is continuing, but he pulls himself up along with his opponent, not blaming Trixie. He gives Draco an Irish whip into the corner, with Draco limping slightly as he goes. Harvey follows, leaping up and scoring a knee lift into Draco’s side, landing on the second turnbuckle around him. Harvey throws in a few punches, enjoying the fact that the fans are counting along with him, then grabs Draco’s head to bulldog him out of the corner. Draco pushes him off, though, sending Harvey tumbling back to the mat. Harvey rolls through it, recovering quicker than could be expected, and dashes forward. But Draco is ready, snapping off the Momentum Shift super kick!! Harvey collapses to the mat, not moving, as Draco leans on the turnbuckle again, recovering. He shakes his head clear and moves forward, making the cover… 1… 2… Danger kicks out!*

Jones: That is a lethal kick from Draco!

Logan: The more I see of this guy, the more I think he could be a major threat to the champions we have here in the GCWA. He’s sure giving Harvey Danger a run for his money!

*With Harvey still struggling to get up, Draco sits back, contemplating the future. He watches as Harvey pulls himself up, then joins him, grabbing Harvey’s arms from behind and twisting him over with a backslide, surprising Harvey and getting another pin attempt… 1… 2… Harvey gets himself free, dropping back to the mat on his stomach. Draco gets right back up, coming over and locking onto Harvey’s head, preparing for another DDT. Before he can land it, though, Harvey lifts up, taking the smaller wrestler off the ground and suplexing him over him to the canvas! A weary Harvey quickly makes the cover… 1… 2… and this time it’s Draco kicking out from a close pin. Draco rolls over on his stomach, instinctively trying to prevent any more pins. Danger just uses this to his advantage, though, as he moves over Draco, putting both knees into his back and yanking on his head, causing a great deal of pain to the debuting wrestler! Referee Trixie stays close in case of a submission, watching Draco intently.*

Jones: Harvey’s wearing him down!

Logan: He’s also getting a chance to pull himself back together, especially after that super kick he took earlier. That’s never easy to come back from.

Jones: I know I’d still be out if I was hit by it.

Logan: Heck, Jonesy, you’d be out if one of these guys landed a single chop on you.

Jones: I’d argue, but you’re probably right.

*Trixie gets in closer, talking to Draco, who refuses to submit. Harvey notices the closeness and appears not to like it, as he releases the hold, moving himself back off of his opponent. He says something to Trixie, who looks puzzled by the comment. Harvey then goes back on the attack, pulling Draco up and grabbing his head for the Danger DDT!! But Draco fights free with a series of shots to the gut, then goes off the ropes and comes back, only to receive a dropkick that knocks him back down! Harvey covers, with Trixie pounding the mat… 1… 2… Draco kicks out again, with Harvey showing a little more frustration afterwards. The co-Tag-Team Champion gets himself up, bringing Draco up with him. He punches Draco a few times while the man is hanging on the ropes, then sends him back to the other side with a whip. As Draco returns, Harvey reaches out for a double axehandle swing, but Draco runs underneath it, then rebounds and goes airborne with a corkscrew flying forearm that nearly takes Harvey’s head off!!! Both men are down, with Draco too beat to attempt a quick pin after that desperation maneuver.*

Logan: This one is turning into an epic battle! I gotta admit, I didn’t know what to expect coming into this match, but the fans are sure getting their money’s worth!

Jones: These are two of the brightest stars in the GCWA today, Anthony! They’re doing the NLW legacy proud!

*Trixie continues her double count, watching both men for signs of movement. Draco is the first to sit up, dragging himself over to make the cover on Harvey… 1… 2… and Harvey raises his shoulder, stopping Trixie’s hand from hitting a third time. Draco sits himself up, rubbing the back of his head. He pulls himself up and heads for the turnbuckle, climbing step by step upwards towards the top. On the mat, Harvey has moved himself over and is dragging himself upwards, despite the pain he’s feeling. Draco times his leap for when Harvey turns towards him, grabbing him on the way down and landing the Beginning Of The End!!! Draco rolls away in pain, holding the side of his shoulder from the impact. Harvey Danger isn’t moving. After a few seconds of waiting, Trixie watches as Draco finally moves back over, making the cover… 1… 2… and Harvey gets a foot on the ropes!*

Logan: I really thought that was going to be the end of the match. How much more can Harvey have left?

Jones: And all this is after that assault from the fake Malvado brothers!

Logan: Geez, that’s right! What’s it going to take to keep Harvey Danger down?

*Draco angrily gets up, still holding his hurting shoulder. Harvey turns away from him, towards the outside, as if looking to get out of the ring. Draco grabs at him to pull him up, but Harvey’s arms are now wrapped around the bottom rope in a death-lock, not letting go! Draco, frustrated, reaches even lower, finally managing to free Harvey’s hands. But Harvey then reaches up instead, grabbing Draco and, while rolling, sending him off-balance through the ropes to the outside!!! Draco hits the apron and then falls to the floor, out of sight, as Harvey lays on his stomach, breathing in some sweet air. Trixie moves to the ropes and starts the count-out. She doesn’t have a loud voice, but her fingers are allowing the fans to keep up with her, chanting along as she gets to five. Harvey sits up in the ring, almost looking like he’s praying for a successful outcome as he recovers. But it’s not to be, as Draco’s hands appear, grabbing at the ropes. He pulls himself in at the count of 8, continuing the match.*

Jones: That would have been a lousy way of ending this match. I think most of the fans would have seen it as a cop-out.

Logan: Well, it didn’t happen, so they don’t have anything to worry about. We’re going to have a winner here!

Jones: Unless we have someone rush the ring and cause the No-Contest, or have both guys get counted out, or…

Logan: Hey! Don’t tempt fate, dude!

Jones: Oh, sorry, my bad. Let’s see a winner!

*Harvey waves to Trixie as he gets up, apparently forgiving her for not counting out Draco. Trixie doesn’t even see the wave. She’s moving back into position. As Draco stumbles through the ropes, still dazed, Harvey grabs him and uses the ropes to plant Draco face-first into the mat once again, then makes the cover… 1… 2… and Draco gets himself up, still having a little life left in him. Harvey pulls himself up, as the fans start to chant his name, trying to get him fired up. He smiles, loving the attention, and decides that the fans want him to go up the turnbuckle!! Harvey climbs up, working to balance himself. He looks down at Draco and raises his hands in surfing gestures, preparing for a big splash! But Draco somehow jumps up, diving over and hitting the ropes and causing Harvey to fall onto the ‘buckle!! Harvey hangs on, keeping himself from falling any further, but he’s definitely in a lot of pain from that landing. Draco hurries over to him, using up the last of his adrenaline to climb up next to Harvey, spinning him around on the ‘buckle. Harvey struggles, trying to hang on, but Draco manages to pull him off, jumping up and getting his legs around Harvey’s head, then coming off the ‘buckle with the Hellacious!!!! Draco holds onto Harvey’s legs after the landing, making the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Draco!

Jones: What a close contest! But Draco manages to win his debut match over the co-Tag-Team Champion!

Logan: That’s what you call making a statement in your debut!

Jones: There were a few moments where I really thought Harvey had this one, but in the end, Draco moves upwards in the rankings. Great win for the new addition!

*Draco pulls himself out of the ring, already heading for the back. He’s still limping slightly, showing what a war he was just in, but he’s also got a smile on his face due to the victory. In the ring, Harvey Danger is still down, not moving. Referee Trixie, looking a little concerned, leans over Harvey, checking on him. She pats Harvey on the arm to awaken him, then looks off, wondering if she should call for the medics. Meanwhile, Harvey’s head comes up, looking around. He sees Trixie at his side, smiles, then lowers his head back down to the mat. We slowly fade to another commercial break.*

*As we come back to Friday Night Inferno, we’re once again in the President’s office, where the Accelerator is straightening out his desk. He is checking around, trying to make sure that the Big Bifford didn’t take anything valuable, or leave any ‘surprises’ in any drawers. Suddenly, at the doorway, a knock is heard. The door knob turns, but the door has been locked. The Accelerator sighs and moves towards the door, mumbling about needing a doorman for his offices. He unlocks the door and opens it up.*

The Accelerator: Oh, hey guys. C’mon in.

*The Accelerator steps back, motioning the men outside forward. They walk in, showing it to be Mr. Excellent and the Danger Boiz, Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan! The three men take a position near Ace’s desk, as the President moves back to his seat.*

The Accelerator: How are you guys doing? Ready for the battle royal tonight?

Mr. Excellent: I think we are all ready for it, Prez.

The Accelerator: Good. Of course, Danger Boiz, don’t forget that only one of you can compete.

Dangerous Dan: We haven’t forgotten. Only one of us will go out there to wrestle.

The Accelerator: Alrighty then. Let’s get to the main reason I called you here. I am working on putting together teams for Ultimate Survival, and one I have in mind happens to be the three of you. I’ve seen you guys work well together, and I think you’ll form a formidable union. It wouldn’t surprise me to see all three of you reach the finals. What do you think?

*The three men take a second to look each other over. They don’t need to discuss anything.*

Crazy Chris: Consider it done, Ace.

The Accelerator: Great! I’ll pencil you guys in as another team. Now get out of here, I need to get myself to the ring.

*Ace takes one more glance around his desk, still looking for something that he probably doesn’t want to find, as Mr. Excellent and the Danger Boiz shrug and depart. The President then shakes his head and follows them out, this time making sure to lock the door before he leaves. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: It’s great to see some teams coming together for Ultimate Survival, Jonesy.

Jones: Yep, if you want to compete at the pay-per-view, you definitely need to figure out who you’re willing to ally yourself with. The Danger Boiz and Mr. Excellent have been a strong force as a unit. If they manage to work together at Ultimate Survival, they could definitely go far.

Logan: Of course, what if they’re facing the Roman Empire? Or Organized Chaos?

Jones: Anything’s possible at this juncture, Anthony, since no matches other than the main event have been announced. But if I know the President, he has a plan in mind of who he wants going at it.

Logan: Yeah, most likely. Speaking of ol’ Ace, here he comes now!

*”Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm starts to play over the speakers, bringing the fans up to their feet. They’re cheering as the Accelerator walks out, having finished his business with the Danger Boiz & Mr. Excellent. He walks down to the ring, carrying a clip board with him. The clip board presumably has the World Title contract on it. The Accelerator enters the ring, then gets a mic from a helpful staff member, while other attendants are busy setting up a table and two chairs in the center of the squared circle.*

The Accelerator: What’s up, Dallas? Having a good night? *cheers* Good, good. Well, let’s get this show on the road! C’mon out, guys!

*”No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park hits, igniting the crowd. They’re cheering as the undefeated Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion walks out of the back. Ka’Derrion looks a little nervous, taking his time as he walks down to the ring.*

Jones: This has to be a wonderful moment for Marcus. His first World Title contract signing!

Logan: It should be a happy day, but I’ve gotta say, he doesn’t look that happy. In fact, I’d say he’s about this close to turning and leaving the arena!

Jones: Well, he is a pretty young guy, but I don’t think he’ll back down. His genes are too strong for that.

*The crowd’s cheers turn quickly to boos as “God In Extension” by Jack Daw starts up. Shane Donovan, looking confident with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title around his waist, walks out of the curtains and ‘salutes’ the fans before continuing on. He has a smile on his face, while staring right at Marcus Ka’Derrion.*

Logan: This will be Shane Donovan’s first official act as the World Champion, since he stole away the title at Blood On The Battlefield III.

Jones: Anthony, let it go. Yes, it was deceitful how he won, but that’s in the past. The man is the champion, until someone can take that belt from him.

Logan: Well, here’s hoping Marcus is that man!

*Donovan steps through the ropes and immediately approaches the group, cockily taking a seat and putting his legs up on the table. Marcus pulls the other seat back and sits down, looking back and forth from Donovan to the President. The Accelerator steps forward, enjoying being the center of attention as always.*

The Accelerator: Alright, boyos. You know why we’re here. This contract I have in my hand guarantees a GCWA World Heavyweight Championship match at Ultimate Survival. Once your names are on this piece of paper, the belt will be up for grabs! As the champion, Mr. Donovan, you get the right to sign first, if you so choose.

*The Accelerator puts down the contract in front of Shane, who immediately picks it up. He flips through it really quick, making sure that nothing has been added since the last time he saw it. The champion then grabs the pen and signs his John Hancock, not wasting any more time. He drops the clip board to the table, then picks up the mic that had been left for him.*

Shane Donovan: See, this is the kind of champion the GCWA needs. A man willing and eager to put his gold on the line to help this company push forward. None of the politics as usual from the “old men” of this business, just a champion who knows what it means to be a champion.

*The crowd almost drowns Donovan out with their boos, while a small “Mobley” chant starts to build throughout the arena.*

Logan: The man is so conceited, it’s not even funny!

Jones: Well, at least he had no hesitation in putting the title on the line against Marcus. You’ve gotta respect that, at least.

Logan: Don’t tell me what I need to respect, Jonesy. Because that man, I don’t respect.

*The Accelerator picks up the clip board, makes sure that Shane Donovan signed the correct name (rather than trying to trick his way out of it), then puts the clip board back in front of Marcus.*

The Accelerator: And now, if the challenger will sign, we’ll have this over and done with! Marcus?

*The crowd starts cheering for Marcus, excited for him, as he slowly picks up the pen. He holds it tight in his hand, looking down at the contract, but for some reason doesn’t move to sign it. The hesitation is plain across his face, enough to make even Shane Donovan react, picking up his mic again.*

Shane Donovan: What's the hold-up Marcus? Don't you want to do your daddy proud? After all, I doubt he'd be impressed if you just sat back and said "9 down, 91 to go" and settled for facing sub-par talent instead of the best, and Marcus, this title here says that I am the best.

*Instead of motivating him, Shane Donovan’s words seem to have the opposite effect, as Marcus stands up, dropping the pen to the table. Donovan sits forward, expecting trouble, but Marcus walks away instead, pushing the chair aside and leaving the ring! The Accelerator has a complete look of shock on his face, his mouth open, as he watches his main event walking away.*

Logan: What the… Marcus, what are you doing?? Don’t throw this opportunity away!

Jones: The pressure’s too much, Anthony! He can’t take it!

*Shane Donovan starts laughing, enjoying the moment, as Marcus starts walking up the ramp. The crowd is now screaming at him, trying to get him to turn around. Slowly, moving throughout the arena, a new chant begins: “Punish Him! Punish Him! Punish Him!” Marcus comes to a halt, his back still to the ring, listening to the chant. His head lowers in thought, away from the camera. Suddenly, Marcus turns around and starts on his way back, now looking determined! The crowd goes wild! In the ring, Shane Donovan’s smirk is quickly fading away. He watches as Marcus comes back through the ropes, walking up to the table. Without sitting down, Marcus leans over, signing his name on the contract as the place goes wild!! The Accelerator, taking a few deep breaths to slow down his heart rate, gives Marcus a pat on the shoulder, then picks the contract back up.*

The Accelerator: Ok…. Ok…. So we’re set! That just…

*The President stops talking, backing away, as Shane Donovan suddenly springs out of his chair, the World Title in hand! Before Marcus can react, Donovan lunges over the table and smashes the belt into Marcus’ head, knocking him out!! Marcus falls to the ground, as Donovan moves over him, shoving the table out of the way. The Accelerator is already waving his arms, as security starts to pour through the ropes, preparing to stop Shane from any more violence. But Shane appears to be done, only stopping to grab the mic provided for Marcus off the mat.*

Shane Donovan: Welcome to the top of the food chain, Marcus. Let’s hope you don’t become extinct.

*Shane drops the mic next to Marcus’ downed body and turns, leaving the ring. He slings the belt onto his shoulder and brushes it off as he walks up the aisleway, with the crowd throwing any trash they can find at him.*

Logan: Damn it, Shane! What was the point of that?

Jones: The champion has made the first move in the new war, Anthony! Let the mind games begin!

*The Accelerator leans over, checking on Marcus, who is still down, with a dark red welt slowly becoming apparent. The President shakes his head and rises up, looking after the departing World Champion.*

The Accelerator: Shane, hey, Shane! Hold up for just one more second!

*On the ramp, Shane Donovan pauses, looking back with contempt at the ring. The Accelerator lifts up the clip board, showing off the contract to him.*

The Accelerator: You see, Shane, you kind of interrupted me earlier. I was about to give you a choice. Because, seeing as how it’s the main event of a GCWA pay-per-view, I was hoping we would have a few interesting stipulations to go along with it. But, seeing as how you’ve decided to walk away the way you have, I think I’m going to leave this up to the challenger. Next week, Marcus Ka’Derrion here will be the man choosing the match stipulations. I hope you’re ready for whatever he chooses, Shane. Believe it.

Logan: Yes! Ace turns things around on Donovan! Marcus gets to decide what kind of match it’s going to be!

Jones: Will he go with matches he has won in the past, like Buried Alive or Flaming Tables? Or will it be something else unexpected?

Logan: I guess we’ll find out next week, just like the champion!

*Shane Donovan looks a little less thrilled after that announcement. He pats the World Title on his shoulder, turns, and departs without saying another word, leaving the people in the ring behind. Marcus is already being helped up into a sitting position, with a medic checking his eyes for any sign of a concussion from the shot he just took. The Accelerator waits patiently, even as we fade out for our final commercial break of the evening.*

*We’re back at ringside after that commercial, where Jones and Logan are standing in front of the cameras.*

Jones: It’s already been a very entertaining night, especially when it comes to Ultimate Survival! We’ve had our contract signing for the World Title Match, setting Shane Donovan vs. Marcus Ka’Derrion in stone. We’ve also had two teams announced, as the Roman Empire and Mr. Excellent & the Danger Boiz will be working together!

Logan: Yeah, but everybody knew about those pairings. It’s this next one that shakes me up!

Jones: Too true. We received this video earlier this week. Roll the clip!

*We cut to the inside of a luxurious townhome in the heart of Downtown Dallas, TX. A label clearly states that this was pre-taped. We’re in the middle of a state-of-the-art game room featuring a black, leather couch, hardwood coffee table, huge, built in flat screen with HD projector and other gorgeous amenities. Unfortunately, the room is a mess with empty bags of chips, soda and beer cans littered all over the wood floor and rugs. We spot four familiar faces, all feverishly pounding away on some Playstation 3 controllers. They are Derek Mobley, owner of this townhome, Makorpal, Chad Vargas and Aaron Hedrick. They seem to be really enjoying their video game experience...we but to Derek’s front door, as it is slightly ajar. We see a shadow approaching from underneath the crack between the open portion of the door and the floor on the interior of the townhome. A knock is heard...nobody answers...the door the slowly swings open as we see a curious Scott Caine standing at the entrance. He walks through Derek’s townhome before finding Mobley and his three buddies in the game room. Caine stands there for a moment, hoping his presence is felt...however, he goes unnoticed. Caine then clears his throat, loudly, garnering Mobley’s attention. Derek stands up, places the game on pause and escorts Caine into his office. They speak.*

Derek Mobley: Scott, what the hell are you doing here?

Scott Caine: I have admired you Derek for what you have done in GCWA. Why are you playing video games with losers?

Derek Mobley: Man, I’m just relating to my people..for months GCWA co-workers and fans have looked down on me and called me a loser...I finally filled that prophecy...so, as the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. But, nevermind that...why are you standing in my home?

Scott Caine: I am here because I feel your pain. We have things in common. We have both been cheated in matches and kept from titles. We both hate Lurrr who is the main one causing our grief. You were the best wrestler but that got stolen from you. You feel unappreciated. So do I.

Derek Mobley: I see your point...it really sucks being the backbone of an organization, carrying it to new heights, only to be cast aside as yesterday’s news in favor of a fly by night champion who will be gone in the blink of an eye. And...yes, Lurrr has been tormenting me for some time...seems as though everything starting coming apart at the seams whenever Lurrr stuck his egotistical nose into my business.

*Scott pulls a picture out of his bag. It is a picture of Warrick Hill.*

Scott Caine: This man was your best friend. Lurrr ruined him.

*Scott pulls out a picture of Dean and shows Derek.*

Scott Caine: This man was your teacher. Lurrr ruined him.

*Scott pulls out a picture of Scott and Derek when Scott first joined the GCWA and wanted a picture with a hero.*

Scott Caine: This is us in January. Lurrr ruined us too. He made us become this way.

*Scott brings out a picture of Lurrr.*

Scott Caine: This man deserves to be ruined too. I think we are the ones to ruin him.

*Scott tosses the picture of Lurrr to Derek who catches it.*

Scott Caine: We can destroy him if we team up for the payperview. We can destroy the Roman Empire.

Derek Mobley: You make a strong point, Scott...tell ya what, mark me down for Ultimate Survival...I’m not sure how good I’ll be in the ring...hell, I think my days of being a major player in GCWA are over...but I wouldn’t mind helping a young guy like yourself try to reach the top of the GCWA mountain...and, if it means that I can get a little payback in the process...well then, I’m all for it!

*Mobley and Caine shake hands...they become distracted by the sound of bickering taking place in the game room. Mobley rushes to see what’s going on and we see Makorpal, Vargas and Hedrick all fighting over the last can of Dr. Pepper. The heated exchanges escalates to the point where they each clinch a fist...all three unload with a wild punch, at the same time...they all whiff with their punch, lose their balance, hit their head on the floor and are simultaneously knocked out. Mobley walks over, grabs the can of Dr. Pepper, cracks it open and takes a few sips, enjoying the flavor, we go back to ringside.*

Logan: That’s right, man, Scott Caine and Derek Mobley! Who would have called that one?

Jones: Yep, it’s clear that Caine & Mobley are planning to go after the Roman Empire, who announced earlier tonight that, as expected, they’re going to remain a unit for the Ultimate Survival matches. Caine and Mobley both have strong feelings towards Lurrr, the leader of the Empire.

Logan: Strong feelings? That’s like saying I have ‘strong feelings’ about the Yankees.

Jones: It’s clear that the two men, previously unknown to each other, are uniting via the hatred they feel. Will they make a good team, though? And who will be their third member?

Logan: Maybe another of our young stars will step forward into that slot, Jonesy. We’ll just have to see. In any event, we’ve got a Battle Royal to get to!

Jones: You’re right, Anthony, as always. Let’s send it to Minos to announce our main event of the evening!

Minos: The next match will be fought under Battle Royal rules, with the winner earning the GCWA Television Championship! The rules for this match are as follows: all six men will start out inside the ring. Once the bell rings, the goal will be to toss your opponent over the top rope and all the way to the floor. Both feet must touch for the wrestler to be eliminated. The final man in the ring will win the gold and become a champion!

*The crowd is understandably excited at the prospects of getting to see a new champ crowned tonight.*

Minos: Introducing first, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, he debuted successfully last week and is looking to win again this week, from Washington D.C., here is “The Sensei” Robert Santana!

*”Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas plays and the fans begin to search for the martial arts expert. After a second, the curtain blows open, revealing Santana in a pose. He rolls through, ending up on his feet on the ramp, smiling at the crowd. The wrestler then heads for the ring, dusting himself off as he goes.*

Jones: I’ve heard from several people who believe that this kid could really have a future in the business.

Logan: I hope he does, he’s got a wife and child to support!

Jones: Well, it would be a substantial payday for his family if he can walk out as the champion here today.

Minos: Next, he is a growing star in the industry, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*Caine comes out quickly from behind the curtain, with his manager, Benji Sampson, beside him. “Automatic” by American Pearl is on the speakers while he heads for the ring, showing little anticipation for the match.*

Logan: We all know what Caine did this past week. He went and met with Derek Mobley, joining on an “Ultimate Survival” team with the former World Champion!

Jones: If you have to choose, you might as well set your aim high. The question is, though, can Caine focus on this match when all he seems to want is to get his hands on Lurrr?

Minos: Our third participant has been said to be one of the richest competitors ever to enter into the GCWA. He stands 6’2” and weighs 226 lbs, from Denver, Colorado, here is Mon-E!

*”Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson begins to play, as the fans let out a few boos for the rich man. The curtains, however, do not move. After a few seconds, the music fades down, with the crowd looking on, curious.*

Jones: What’s going on? Where’s Mon-E at?

Logan: Did he turn chicken and decide not to show? That would be disappointing, man.

Jones: Wait, we’ve got some footage from the back…

*We go backstage, where the cameras show Mon-E… laying on the ground in the middle of debris, unconscious!! The cameras move upwards, showing the men who did this to the competitor: the Malvado brothers! Hector and Victor laugh some more about what they’ve done, then head down the hall, towards the ring entrance.*

Logan: Wait, they took out Mon-E? What’s their beef with him?

Jones: It’s hard to say with these guys. We don’t even know for sure that those are the real Malvado brothers, after all!

Logan: Well, here they come towards the ring… wait, do you think they took out Mon-E to take his place in this match??

Jones: That makes a lot of sense, Anthony! I think that’s exactly what has happened!

*The Malvado brothers both slide into the ring, with both Scott Caine and Robert Santana watching them carefully for a sneak-attack. The referee, Mark Bell, enters the ring, immediately arguing with the two brothers. The debate seems to be that only one slot is available in the match. After some arguing, one of the masked men stays in the ring, while the other one slides to the outside.*

Jones: So we’ve got… is that Hector or Victor?

Logan: Hell if I know. I have never been able to tell them apart.

Jones: Well, ok, we’ve got a Malvado brother as a surprise entrant in this one! That might affect a lot of strategies, meaning this match just got even more interesting!

*Minos, looking like he could care less about any changes to the members of the match, continues his announcing duties.*

Minos: Next up, coming to the ring, he is still praised for winning his feud with Andy Halerman at the past PPV, now seeking his first gold in the GCWA. He stands 6’0” and weighs 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, here is “The Blaze” Mikey Willis!

*”No 5” by Hollywood Undead plays, with the fans looking to see if another wrestler disappears from the match. But Mikey Willis walks out through the curtains with no problem. He is joined by his crew of Kenny, Brutus, Taz, and Magnum, making an impressive force as they head for the ring.*

Jones: Mikey Willis sure seemed very confident about this match. Of course, with the line-up he’s bringing with him, I’d probably be confident too!

Logan: Yeah, but it still annoys me. This is supposed to be between the six men in the ring, not the six men and all their friends.

*Willis gloats as he shows off the talent next to him, while everyone currently in the ring looks on with concern. This soon changes, though, as suddenly the Head of Security, Titan 3, is out, along with a lot of his security force! The men swarm down the ramp behind Willis’ crew, surprising them.*

Logan: Whoa! Are we going to have a battle royal on the outside before we can even begin the one in the ring??

Jones: Well, I’m not surprised, Anthony. Willis talked openly about arranging his men to attack everyone in the ring, as well as taking out Titan 3. You had to think the security chief would take exception to that!

*Brutus moves to the front of the pack, looking actually happy that this is going down. He walks right up to Titan 3, who is ordering them to leave ringside. Brutus, in answer, shoves Titan 3 back! Security moves in, but Titan 3 waves him back. He walks forward, grinning, and tells Brutus to try that again. Brutus shrugs his large shoulders, then suddenly unleashes a great haymaker to Titan 3’s jaw, knocking him down! He laughs, as Titan 3 works himself to his feet. Strangely, his smile seems even larger now. He lashes out, scoring a shot right under Brutus’ chin…. And the large man collapses to the ground, out cold!! Titan 3 shakes his wrist, removing the brass knuckles he had hidden there. Taz and Magnum dart forward, but security overwhelms them, taking them all down! Willis and Kenny, meanwhile, have retreated, with Willis sliding into the ring.*

Jones: GCWA Security is a force to be reckoned with!!

Logan: Yes! Get rid of their sorry *bleeps*!

*Taz manages to get free from a couple of security guards, but runs right into Titan 3, who quickly boots him in the stomach, then lifts him up, delivering the A-Bomb!!! Taz is gone. Magnum has been subdued as well, with security gathering up all three men and taking them from ringside, keeping it just Mikey and Kenny.*

Logan: What a move! Gotta admit, it was good to see Titan 3 get rid of some of his aggression! Maybe he’ll be a little happier now in the future!

Jones: One person I know who isn’t happy is Mikey, who had his entire plan destroyed before he could put it into play. Now he’s got to win things the old-fashioned way: by out-lasting his opposition.

*In the ring, Minos moves back to the center, clearing his throat to get everyone’s attention and remind them that the announcing hasn’t even finished for the match yet.*

Minos: If I may continue… now making his return to the ring after a short time off for personal reasons, standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, he is Mr. Excellent!

*As “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. airs out behind him, Mr. Excellent walks through the curtains, looking like he had to work his way through a lot of security to get there. He walks confidently to the ring, acknowledging the fans who are cheering his return.*

Logan: Glad Mr. Excellent’s back, although I think he had a rough week.

Jones: Yes, just when it seemed like he was set to train full out for this match, the incident occurred with his son, little Rob, injuring another school child with the Execution.

Logan: Hey, the kid was just imitating his father. It happens sometimes, no matter the profession. Of course, the media has quickly jumped on this as another indication of how ‘evil’ wrestling is.

Jones: It’s going to happen every time there’s an ‘incident’, Anthony. They don’t want to talk about us when things are good. Controversy causes ratings. Heck, it’s one of Ace’s mottos!

Logan: That is true. Maybe we have a few new people tuning in because of what happened. If so, welcome new viewers!

Minos: Finally, introducing our last competitors… they are former GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, and now have an opportunity for more gold for one of them, here are Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

*The crowd is cheering loudly as the Danger Boiz make their way out to “Hell Yeah” by Zebrahead. The two brothers give each other a high five and start to move down towards the ring in tandem.*

Jones: These guys are definitely a threat in this battle royal. But, they can’t both come to the ring, can they?

Logan: Only one can compete, that’s what the ruling was by Ace! I know they had a bowling match to decide the winner, so who is it?

*The two brothers get to the ring, each teasing that they’re going to jump into the ring. Crazy Chris moves in front, as if to get in, then suddenly turns and locks his hands together. Dangerous Dan runs forward, putting his foot into the hands and getting a boost up. He follows that by using the ropes to springboard into the air, coming flying into the ring and nailing the surprised Malvado brother with a flying attack!! Dan starts going wild on the Malvado brother, as the rest of the wrestlers split off, starting to brawl as well! The referee, Mark Bell, quickly signals to start the match, making sure to get out of the way!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: It’s decided! Dangerous Dan is going for the belt!

Logan: I’m surprised, I thought for sure it would be Crazy Chris! He must have missed that final pin!

Jones: So after all that, we know who the six men are with a chance at the gold!

Logan: Well, I know five of them. The Malvado brother is still hard to tell.

Jones: I’m 50% sure that it’s Hector in the ring.

Logan: Fifty percent? Oh, man… ok, fine, let’s go with Hector.

*Dangerous Dan is still concentrating a lot of his energy on Hector, as the two men roll along the mat, fighting it out. In another corner, Scott Caine and Mr. Excellent have renewed their acquaintances, with Caine already in trouble, getting his leg lifted up by his foe. Caine fights, hanging onto the ropes, as his manager shouts advice from the outside. Benji Sampson looks like he wants to intervene, but he’s already being cautious, as the referees are watching him closely. Caine reaches back, managing to get at the eyes and nose of Mr. Excellent, freeing himself. On the other side, Robert Santana is chopping away at the chest of Mikey Willis, leaving some welts across the man’s chest. Willis fights back, smacking Santana on the chin with a stiff right that sends Santana staggering backwards. Willis moves in with confidence, but his confidence is shattered after a quick spinning kick knocks him to the ground!*

Jones: Santana is so fast in there! His kicks are lethal!

Logan: He’s showing Mikey Willis what the “Robert Santana” dance really looks like, isn’t he?

Jones: Huh?

Logan: Trust me, if you saw Willis’ web videos, you would understand.

*On the side of the ring, Caine manages to take down Mr. Excellent with a neckbreaker, laying out his opponent. Caine gets up, considering his options, then goes over to grab Dangerous Dan from behind, pulling him up. Malvado, recovering, comes in, striking with a series of punches to Dan’s ribs, taking away some of his strength. On the outside, Crazy Chris is slapping the mat, trying to root his brother on. Meanwhile, Willis has gotten the upper hand, as he has Santana off the mat, clinging onto the ropes for dear life! Willis struggles, managing to shove Santana over the ropes, but Santana is able to quickly come back through the ropes, staying alive in the competition. Willis goes back to work with kicks and punches, trying to weaken his opponent. The camera moves, showing us Caine and Malvado landing a double DDT on Dangerous Dan! The two get up, smiling. Malvado, though, suddenly slips behind Caine and grabs his trunks, shoving him towards the ropes! Caine goes from happy to desperate in a single second, as he works to save himself from elimination!*

Logan: You can’t trust anyone in battle royals, man!

Jones: Caine is in danger of being the first man out of this one, if he can’t hang onto those ropes!

*As Caine struggles to get free, Mr. Excellent walks over towards them. He and Dangerous Dan share a look and nod to each other, then the two go off the ropes on the opposite side, rushing forward and hitting both wrestlers from behind!! Both Malvado and Caine go toppling over to the outside, with each landing on the apron, clinging desperately to whatever they can get a hold of! Caine manages to slide himself in, where Dan meets him with a series of boots. Malvado, meanwhile, gets a helping hand from Victor, who comes quickly over and shoves at him, pushing his brother back in! Mr. Excellent, not knowing that Malvado has been saved, goes to join Dan in a double-team on Caine, wearing him down. Malvado pulls himself into the ring and smartly rolls to the side, using any available moment to take a breather.*

Logan: It looks like Dangerous Dan and Mr. Excellent are going to try to work this one out as a team early on, Jonesy.

Jones: I thought you just said that you can’t trust anyone in battle royals?

Logan: Oh, you can’t, and I expect if both last long enough, one of those guys will turn on the other. The hunt of the gold cannot be denied by mere friendship!

*Dan and Excellent deliver a double suplex to Caine, continuing to work well as a team. The two men start to move towards Caine, reaching down, but suddenly Willis is there, attacking Excellent from behind with a backstabber maneuver!! Excellent is down, as Willis pulls himself back up, matching up with Dan with a few exchanged punches. Caine struggles to his knees, trying to figure out where he should go next, when Santana comes running in, going for the Sensei-tion!! Caine barely dodges in time, avoiding a hard kick to his head. As Santana tries to turn around, killing his momentum, Caine dives into a full-out spear, taking the martial artist to the mat! The two men fight it out, while Dangerous Dan struggles against near-elimination, as Willis tries to lift his legs over the ropes. Mr. Excellent, having recovered, stops that by getting a double axehandle to Willis’ back, stunning him. Willis staggers away, as Malvado comes running in, trying to double clothesline both Dan & Excellent! But the two friends react as one, dropping their shoulders and sending Malvado over the ropes and to the floor!!! As soon as the masked man hits, though, his brother dives forward, sliding into the ring!*

Jones: And one man is… gone?

Logan: What the, wait, did the refs not see Hector or whoever that was go flying??

Jones: I think referee Bell missed it, Anthony! Hector quickly rolled under the ring, out of range, as Victor went in!

Logan: Well, crap. Wake up, Bell!

*Dangerous Dan, looking a little frustrated, goes over towards the new Malvado in the ring, but this one is completely fresh, catching Dan off-guard with a hurricanrana maneuver! Dan falls into the corner, as Malvado runs forward, getting a baseball slide in-between Dan’s legs that causes every male in the arena to wince in agony! In another corner, Mr. Excellent is preoccupied with Willis, who is trying to throw him out of the ring. Kenny is rooting on his friend, cheering from the outside, as Excellent struggles to survive, hanging on by his fingertips to the ropes. Caine and Santana are still fighting on the far side, each trying to maneuver the other man out. Caine goes for a DDT, but Santana hangs onto the ropes, putting Caine on his back. Santana then starts some quick dropping kicks towards him, but Caine rolls away from each strike, eventually rolling out of the ring!*

Jones: Caine’s on the outside!

Logan: It doesn’t matter, Jonesy, because he didn’t go over the top rope. He’s allowed to take a moment to get his breath back, although he does have to get back into the ring pretty soon or else risk a referee’s special ruling.

*Benji Sampson comes over to talk with his man Caine, while the fight continues at a furious pace in the ring. Willis has given up trying to toss Excellent for now. Instead, he’s concentrating on wearing him out, putting on a chinlock that is closer to a chokehold, since there are no disqualifications in this match. On the other side, the Malvado brother still in the ring is up on his feet, giving Dangerous Dan a few more shots to keep him stunned. He arrogantly points out where he plans to eliminate the man and runs forward, shoving him forward. But Dan reverses it, sending Malvado perilously close to elimination!! Malvado’s legs kick wildly as he tries to regain his balance, with Dan moving in quickly, grabbing at him and trying to give him that extra boost out of the ring! Malvado reaches back, hitting a couple of elbow shots to Dan to knock him away, then drops back to the mat with a sigh of relief. He turns around… and a massive leaping kick from Robert Santana sends Malvado backwards over the ropes and to the outside!!! Malvado lays painfully on the ground outside, as his brother attempts to once again jump back into the ring, only to have Crazy Chris there, smashing his head into the apron and sending him sprawling backwards! Bell makes the signal, having seen the elimination, and Minos gets on the mic.*

Minos: The Malvados have been eliminated!

Logan: There we go!! The Malvados are gone!

Jones: They had some great plans, but it didn’t pay off in the long run! The Danger Boiz managed to stop them from pulling any more shenanigans.

*In the ring, Dangerous Dan takes a moment to recover, but the moment is fleeting as Santana moves in, not wasting any time to continue the attack. He smacks Dan backwards with a few stiff shots, then locks Dan up and suplexes him to the mat. On the other side, Mr. Excellent is struggling to make a comeback against Willis, fighting his way free of the chinlock. Willis struggles to hang onto it, changing it into a headlock for more pressure, but Excellent immediately lifts Willis into the air, putting him sprawled over the top rope! Willis hits hard, his groin taking the brunt of the rope shot. Mr. Excellent steps away, trying to breathe, as Willis falls. Luckily for him, he falls back into the ring, saving him from elimination. Mr. Excellent staggers away, seeing that Dan is in trouble. He once again comes in, surprising Santana from behind and taking him to the mat with a half-nelson facebuster! Santana rolls away in pain, as Mr. Excellent pulls himself up, helping Dan as well. This leaves Mr. Excellent open, though, for an assault, with Scott Caine running back over and knocking Excellent over the top rope and to the floor before he can react!!*

Minos: Mr. Excellent has been eliminated!

Jones: Caine ambushed Mr. Excellent there!

Logan: You have to keep your eyes open from sneak attacks at all times! Excellent took his eye off the ball for just a second to help his ally, and it was all over.

Jones: We are down to four participants!

*Crazy Chris comes over to check on Mr. Excellent, who is already getting up, looking frustrated that he’s out. Caine, meanwhile, goes to work on Dangerous Dan, putting him into an Octopus stretch. Dan works to get free, feeling the intense pressure being placed on his spinal cord. Santana is on his feet and moving forward, planning on breaking up the hold, but Willis comes darting in from behind, landing a bulldog that knocks Santana to the canvas! Willis rolls to his side, feeling the strain from the long match, as Caine releases his hold on Dan, dropping him to the side. Caine pulls himself up, trying to focus, as Willis calls him over. Willis is pointing to Santana, giving out orders. Caine reluctantly agrees, with the two men picking up Santana and lifting him over the ropes! Santana fights hard, trying to hang on despite the two men attempting to eliminate him!*

Logan: Santana is in trouble if he can’t get free.

Jones: It’s wild to see Caine and Willis working together, but then, that happens during battle royals. If they can get rid of Santana, it’s two-against-one on Dangerous Dan!

*Santana is almost completely upside-down now, but he’s managed to wrap his athletic legs around the ring ropes, hanging in there as Caine and Willis both continue to try and work him out. They fail, though, as Santana pulls himself through the ropes, landing back in the ring. Angrily, Willis starts stomping on Santana, even as Caine, for some reason, jumps to the side. He’s getting out of the way of a charging Dangerous Dan, who nails Willis from behind, sending him over the ropes!!! Somehow, Willis barely manages to save himself, clinging to the edge of the apron. Only one foot touches the ground, as he pulls himself back in with the last of his strength, staying alive! In the meantime, Dan goes after Caine, with the two long-time rivals matching each other punch for punch, igniting the crowd into a frenzy!!*

Jones: Incredible energy in here, Anthony!

Logan: The crowd has seen Dan and Scott go at it on several occasions! They are truly rivals in every sense of the word.

Jones: They’d better remember that they’re not the only guys in the ring, though, or else their issues with each other might end their nights prematurely!

*Dangerous Dan takes control over his foe, taking Caine into the corner and hammering his head to the count of the crowd. With Caine stunned from 10 such shots, Dangerous Dan opts to take a risk, lifting Caine up onto the corner, then joining him! The fans are excited at the two men being on the turnbuckle, fighting it out. Caine tries to struggle free, but can’t manage it, as Dan takes him off the ropes with a frankensteiner maneuver, sending Caine flying into the ring! Dan pulls himself up after the strike, holding onto his pants due to fatigue. Everyone is looking blown out in the ring. Dan moves towards Caine, but then gets attacked from the side, as Mikey Willis flies in with a dropkick! Dan falls into the ropes, stunned, while Willis gets back to his feet. Willis, though, gets met by Santana, who drives Willis into the ropes and lifts him over! Willis barely has any control, but he snaps his legs backwards, looping them into Santana’s armpits as he goes over. Santana, unable to stop the momentum, falls over with Willis!! Willis lands on the apron and rolls back into the ring, while Santana hits the floor, out of the match!*

Minos: Robert Santana has been eliminated!

Logan: We are down to three men! Caine, Dan, and Willis!

Jones: Santana put up a good fight, but these matches can end when you least expect it!

Logan: Yeah, I, hey, what is The Lost Soul doing out here??

Jones: What???

*The crowd is on their feet as The Lost Soul shows up on the entrance way, then begins to make his way down. He comes up to a security guard who gets in his way, but The Lost Soul immediately throws the man into the railing, taking him out!!*

Jones: TLS just took out security!

Logan: That’s not going to make Titan 3 happy! And I don’t think he’s done!

*The Lost Soul heads towards the ring, where Robert Santana, still dazed, has worked himself to his feet. Santana starts moving towards the exit with his hands on his hips, working to get his inner peace back. He fails to notice The Lost Soul coming in until he’s already there, grabbing Santana and sending him flipping over the steel stairs to land painfully on the mat!! The crowd gasps at the impact of the young star.*

Jones: Did you hear that smack?

Logan: What's gotten into The Lost Soul? He's gone crazy! I don't like the look in his eyes.

Jones: He's like a deranged beast, destroying anything that crosses his path!

*The crowd is chanting TLS!TLS! The fighting has slowed down in the ring, as Willis, Caine, and Dan are all moved to separate corners, preparing themselves in case another fighter enters the ring. Referee Bell comes down and tries to talk some sense into TLS, and he grabs him and slams his head against the ring post, taking him out!*

Logan: There’s another fine!

Jones: TLS just took out the referee!! Somebody's gotta stop this!

Logan: Earlier, Ace told Titan 3 to take it easy on TLS. Maybe Titan's just following orders.

*The Lost Soul, still looking like he wants more destruction, pulls himself up on the apron to enter the ring. Before he can, though, all three remaining wrestlers rush forward, knocking him backwards! TLS falls off the apron but lands on his feet, angrily looking back in the ring. Kenny gets too close, wanting The Lost Soul to leave, but TLS grabs him and lifts Kenny in the air, giving him a Samoan slam!! The Lost Soul glares at Kenny, then sees a weapon sitting nearby: the Television Title! TLS grabs it and comes forward, smashing it across Kenny’s face and laying him out, much to the chagrin of Willis, who curses The Lost Soul from the ring. Surprisingly, both Caine and Dan are smiling. Crazy Chris and Benji Sampson have made themselves scarce on the other side, watching it all from a safe vantage point.*

Jones: If TLS is trying to show Ace that he's capable of wrestling, this isn't the way to do it. This is just going to piss the President off!


*The crowd is livid, and their chants and cheers echo throughout the arena. Security members begin to pull TLS away from Kenny. They’re able to get The Lost Soul away, but the damage has already been done, as Kenny is down and bleeding from the shot he took. TLS begins to fight off the security members, kicking them away from him.*

Jones: I've never seen this before. TLS just fought off 3 security guys!

Logan: It's as if he's possessed!

*The crowd reacts, and it's deafening as Titan 3 shows up on the entrance ramp and runs down the aisle to get involved.*

Jones: I can't hear myself think, it's so loud in here!

Logan: WHAT?

*Titan 3 squares up next to his old adversary, waving for The Lost Soul to calm down and come quietly, or else it won’t be so quiet. The Lost Soul responds by clenching his fists, staring down the GCWA Head of Security. The match is completely stopped as the fans are more interested in this confrontation.*

Jones: Deadly Revenge 3. Insane Massacre 2. Man this brings back so many memories. These guys have a lot of history!

Logan: And I don't think either guy has forgotten.

Jones: I can't believe this. I don't think the fans can either!

*As The Lost Soul is giving Titan his full attention, security rushes from behind and tackles him to the ground. The crowd boos, upset that the anticipated confrontation has been halted. They show their disappointment as Titan 3 and security drag the still-kicking TLS away from the ring. Titan 3’s doing his best to hold back from striking at the man, following the President’s orders to the letter. The crowd starts up a competing chant: one for The Lost Soul, and one for Titan 3.*

Jones: Wow. What a moment. For a minute there, I thought we were going to see Titan 3 and The Lost Soul go at it one more time!

Logan: Whew. T3 looked like he was all business out there. It probably wouldn't have boded well for TLS if he had been let loose.

Jones: Wait, we’ve still got a match going on!

Logan: Damn straight, we still need to choose a new TV Champion!

*Inside the ring, Dangerous Dan has moved back into a corner, looking on with a worried glance as Caine and Willis move towards him, having worked out a deal. They come at Dan, who braces himself, but Willis suddenly changes direction, tripping Caine up to put him off-balance, then causing him to fall face-first onto Willis’ knee! Caine has both arms around his head after the maneuver, hurting badly. Willis signals to Dan to give him a hand, as he picks up Caine shoving him towards the ropes. Dan responds by flipping Willis off, getting a big cheer from this already-hyped up crowd! Willis, ticked, comes at Dan, but Dan ducks under the attack, then grabs Willis from behind, twisting him backwards to the mat with a backbreaker!! Willis grabs at his spine and rolls on the mat, as Caine, having recovered enough to react, uses the ropes to spring himself high into the air, landing a modified Sugar Caine across Willis’ head!! Willis shakes on the mat, then rolls over to his side, stunned. Dan comes in, grabbing Willis and landing the Danger Zone on him!!! Willis is sprawled out on the mat, not moving, as Caine and Dan lock eyes. They nod at each other in a rare sign of respect, each grabbing a limp arm of Willis and lifting him up. They send Willis toppling out of the ring, dropping him to the floor!*

Minos: Mikey Willis has been eliminated!

*Caine grabs at the ropes for support, breathing heavily, as Dangerous Dan moves away from him. Surprisingly, Caine doesn’t attack, instead watching as Dan turns back his way, looking at him.*

Jones: The final two!

Logan: Somehow I knew it would come down to these guys! The rivalry continues!

*Dan wipes some sweat out of his eyes, as his brother roots him on from outside the ring. On the other side, Benji is doing the same, trying to fire Caine up. The two men start circling each other, once more going at it, but this time for the gold. They lock up, with Caine getting the advantage with a headlock. Dan goes into the ropes and shoves him off, sending Caine to the other side. As he comes back, Dan pretends to go for a dropkick, but then stops himself, as he sees Caine putting on the brakes already. Instead, Dan comes forward at a dead sprint, leaping up and splashing Caine to the mat! Caine reverses the splash on the ground, though, rolling on top of Dan as if to go for the pin, but he quickly releases it, knowing that it won’t work. Both men hop up, with Caine coming in with a shot to the throat, stunning Dan long enough for Caine to grab his head and deliver an x-factor facebuster, keeping Dan down for a minute!*

Logan: These two have endured a lot to get to this moment! Which man is going to walk out with the gold?

Jones: Either man is worthy after all they’ve been through in the GCWA, Anthony! What a match this has been!!

Logan: Yeah, what a match indeed. The craziest one I’ve seen in a while!!

*Caine struggles to get to his feet. Both men look like they’ve been on the verge of empty for a while now, but they continue to fight on. Caine drags Dan to his feet, landing a modified Russian legsweep to take a little more out of him. Caine then grabs the ropes to get up, trying to slow down his breathing somewhat. He reaches down to grab Dan’s hair, then gets him up on his shoulders into a fireman’s carry! He brings Dan to the ropes, heaving him up with one shoulder to throw him out! Dangerous Dan grabs at the ropes, though, struggling mightily to stay in the competition! His feet are kicking out, throwing Caine off-balance as the man tries to get rid of him. The fans are going wild, with Dan taking a huge risk by letting go with one hand and punching backwards, managing to get himself free of Caine’s grip!*

Jones: That close! Caine wasn’t able to seal the deal!

Logan: Not yet, Edds, but he’s still in control!

*Dangerous Dan recovers and comes forward, going for a running maneuver on Caine, but Caine turns it into a spinning slam, knocking all air out of his competitor! Caine pulls both men up, trying to figure out his next move, as Benji is suddenly on the apron, yelling for Caine to come over. He hangs his weight on the top rope, lowering it so that it’s easier to get rid of Dan! Caine, though, surprisingly shakes his head no, then instead takes Dan to the opposite corner! Benji, annoyed, drops off the apron… and comes face-to-face with Crazy Chris, who is grinning at him. Benji gulps and raises his arms in surrender, backing away. Crazy Chris moves towards him, causing Benji to turn and race in the other direction, with Chris following him up the aisleway!*

Logan: I’ll give Sampson this, the little dude can sure move fast when someone’s coming after him!

Jones: He may have just broken 4.0 the way he was running!

*Caine, oblivious of his manager’s struggles, has Dan up in the corner. He pushes off the middle turnbuckle and jumps up, giving Dan a quick kick to the face! Dan sags to the right, nearly toppling over, but he manages to grab the ropes at the last second, dropping back to the apron instead on one knee. Caine, seeing it, tries to kick at Dan through the ropes, but Dan avoids it, then comes up, grabbing Caine’s head and dropping him throat-first on the top rope! Caine staggers back in pain, as Dan takes a moment to size things up. He springs over the ropes with a flip, grabbing Caine’s head on the way around and dropping him with a flipping DDT! Caine rolls to his stomach, already trying to get up despite the pain. Dangerous Dan rises up first, though, almost crawling to the corner, where he climbs up to the top at enormous risk. He leaps off, his body spread in a splash, as Caine turns his way… and catches him!! Caine staggers from the hit, but quickly hurries to the ropes, dropping Dan over them!! Dan hangs on, with both men heading over the ropes to the outside!!! At the last second, Dan manages to catch the apron, hanging on for a split-second, long enough for Caine’s feet to hit the floor first!!! The bell sounds, ending the match!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA Television Champion, Dangerous Dan!!!

*Dan collapses back into the ring, exhausted, while Scott Caine falls to his knees outside in dismay at how close he once again came. He shakes his head and pulls himself up, as Crazy Chris runs by him, rolling into the ring and hugging his brother in celebration! Chris reaches over to the nearby substitute referee, getting the TV Title from him and handing it to his brother, who is only now starting to be clear-headed enough to realize that he’s done it. The two celebrate to the cheers of the crowd, while Scott Caine watches from the outside, shaking his head before turning to leave.*

Jones: We have a winner! Dangerous Dan has survived to become the new TV Champion!!

Logan: That was a tremendous win, probably the greatest of Dangerous Dan’s career! Caine gave it a great effort, but there was just no stopping the Danger Boy from claiming some more gold!

Jones: Congratulations to Dangerous Dan! We are way out of time, so we’ll see you all next week! Good night!!

*The Danger Boiz continue to celebrate, with the Television Title wrapped securely around Dangerous Dan’s hurting waist. He climbs the turnbuckle and salutes the crowd, getting another roar in return from the very happy GCWA audience. As the celebration continues, we leave the ring to go a final shot from the President’s office. The Accelerator is talking to an attendant about the next week’s show.*

The Accelerator: Hey, man, this really won’t do! I mean, yeah, we’ve got Lurrr vs. the Big Bifford next week, that’s great. But I wanted another major match, and it should be the Malvados vs. Stranger Danger! It’s a perfect match-up! What’s so hard about that??

*The attendant is wringing his hands, clearly nervous that he was unable to accomplish a mission set forth by the President. He knows his job may very well be on the line.*

Attendant: I’m sorry, Mr. President. I’ve got the Malvados to sign, I got Harvey Danger to write down his name while he was following Trixie around, but every person I’ve asked has said they’re not the Stranger! How do I get the guy’s signature if I can’t find him?

*The Accelerator pauses, thinking things over. He turns back to the attendant.*

The Accelerator: So you’re saying Harvey’s signature is on that contract?

Attendant: Yes, sir, it definitely is. He writes in pretty big letters, if you want to see it.

The Accelerator: Y’know what? That’s just fine. If the Stranger can’t be found, then I guess we’re just going to have to have a Handicap match next week, won’t we? Harvey Danger vs. the Malvados! Works for me!

*The Accelerator takes the contract from the startled attendant and puts it in the pile, then motions for the guy to head out. Ace laughs to himself, making some notes, as the picture slowly fades out, ending the night.*

OOC: I just want to say again congratulations to all the participants of the Battle Royal, as we got a great number of roleplays from our younger stars! It was a tough decision, but Dangerous Dan deserved to get that championship belt. Wear it proudly, Dan! Here's the card for next week:

- Mon-E vs. Johnny Thrash

- Scott Caine vs. Jobe Severity

- Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Mikey Willis, Non-Title Match

- Harvey Danger vs. The Malvados, Handicap Match

- Dangerous Dan(c) vs. Robert Santana, GCWA Television Title Match

- The Big Bifford(c) vs. Lurrr, GCWA X Division Title "Xtreme Cage" Match

Roleplaying will be from Saturday, April 25th, to Wednesday, April 29th, giving you 5 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count. BTW, I am reserving the right to have a dark match or two, depending on how roleplaying goes (since it's a large card this week). Good luck to all the participants!