*As the credits run on the previous show, letting you know all the people that you don’t really give a crap about, you settle in for another great night of wrestling action. The credits end, and after a quick black screen, we switch to a shot of the GCWA Presidential office. The room is dead quiet, as the only sound is the movement of pieces of paper. The President is seated at his special desk, recently replaced after the actions of a certain head of GCWA Security. The Accelerator can be seen, reading something that’s sitting in front of him. It is a contract of some sort, although nothing can be made out on it. The camera is just too far away. The Accelerator nods his head, seeing all he needs to see. He gets out one of his expensive, hand-made pens and signs his name on the dotted line. He looks up past the camera, towards someone off-screen.*

The Accelerator: Ok, man, that’s my part. If you agree, let’s get down to business.

*A hand appears, grabbing the contract from the Accelerator’s oak desk. The person reads through the contract carefully, as if looking for any additional ‘small print’ that might have been added. Finding none, the person reaches out towards Ace, who reluctantly hands over his pen. The person signs his name, big and bold, on the contract. It is only three letters long: O.D.J. The camera zooms back as the Accelerator stands, reaching out to the owner of the Insane Championship Wrestling Federation and shaking his hand.*

The Accelerator: Alright, then, looks like we’ve got a deal!

*The two men stare at each other, releasing the handshake. The Accelerator takes a deep breath, then sits back in the chair as we fade away from the shot.*

*A short time later, dramatic music is heard, as you can hear the voice of Minos welcoming the fans to Blood On The Battlefield III! Various pictures quickly flash by, showing the entrances of many of the stars of the GCWA. They head down the aisle, either giving high fives to the fans or looking deadly serious as they prepare for war. The music reaches another level, when we start to see clips from the matches involved. We see Mikey Willis defeating his rival, Andy Halerman, with the Standing Shooting Star Press. Harvey Danger is shown, surprising Marcus Ka’Derrion in the hallway with a roll-up to ‘reclaim’ his Danger Title. We see moments of action from the Big Bifford vs. Scott Caine, including the attempted use of a fossilized sandwich. Harvey Danger’s mysterious partner is featured, coming down to help win the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. Marcus Ka’Derrion is shown winning the “Flaming Tables” Match over Tommy Crimson in dramatic fashion (although the picture, of course, freezes before you can see the impact). Finally, we see a series of shots from the main event, with each man involved in the Fatal Fourway coming oh so close to winning it. In the end, Shane Donovan’s deceitful victory using mace is shown, shocking the world. We fade back to blackness.*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Shane Donovan confidently holding the GCWA World Heavyweight Title in his hands, a grim smile on his face. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The roar is incredible inside the building from the fans anxious to learn the fall-out from Blood On The Battlefield III! The camera focuses on one side in particular, showing Shane Donovan hanging from a noose, with the words “Get A Rope!” next to him. The crowd isn’t pretty tonight. We head over to the announce table with Jones & Logan, our faithful announcers.*

Jones: We are five days removed from one of the greatest pay-per-views in our company’s history, and the aftershocks are still being felt at the GCWA Arena today! Welcome to another epic edition of Friday Night Inferno!! I’m Edward Jones, joined by my long-time broadcast colleague Anthony “Lightning” Logan, ready to give you all the play-by-plays of our action here tonight!

Logan: It’s going to be one of those shows, Jonesy. You can feel it in the air. Repercussions from this weekend are on the way!

Jones: On the show following a PPV, anything can and will happen! But could there be anything more unexpected than starting the show by seeing the Accelerator talking with ODJ in the back??

Logan: Yeah, what the hell is that all about? Why is that guy even here??

Jones: Do you think he was the ‘friend’ the President had in his office at Blood On The Battlefield III?

Logan: It wouldn’t surprise me. You don’t think Ace is signing over the company, do you??

Jones: No, of course not. The President loves this place.

Logan: Yeah, but I keep hearing about financial difficulties, man! If anyone could buy out the GCWA, it’s ODJ!

Jones: I… well, I doubt that’s what is going to happen, Anthony. At least, I hope that’s not what’s going to happen. Anyhow, let’s talk about what went down last week at the Pay-Per-View.

Logan: It was a pretty crazy night, wasn’t it? We had two title changes, or three if you count the Danger Title. I can’t believe that Derek Mobley isn’t our World Champion anymore.

Jones: The man was robbed, Anthony. He wasn’t involved in the finish, thanks to his former partner, Warrick. Instead, Shane Donovan used mace to ruin a perfectly good main event, managing to take out The Ice Man long enough for the victory.

Logan: It was a moment that will go down in GCWA history, Jonesy. Just for all the wrong reasons.

Jones: We also had another title change in the tag-team division, as Harvey Danger and his partner, called the Stranger, surprisingly won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles from the Danger Boiz!

Logan: Stranger Danger! Man, they rule!

Jones: No one seems to know who the Stranger is, but he’s definitely struck quickly here in the GCWA.

Logan: You don’t know who it is?

Jones: Uh, no. Do you?

Logan: Of course I do! You just have to see the signs, dude. Well, and read the fan forums on the web.

Jones: Well, with that being said, we know that Stranger Danger has scheduled time tonight to celebrate their victory, so we’ll get to see them later on in the show. For now, we’ve got a lot of action to get to tonight…

*”Cocky” by Kid Rock suddenly blares over the PA system throughout the arena and you can immediately begin to hear the boos from the capacity crowd.*

Jones: What the hell? The Roman Empire? What are they doing here??

Logan: Oh, man, not the way I wanted to begin the night…

*Suddenly we see Rick Mathis and Warrick Hill come through the curtain with the familiar smirks that we have become all too familiar with. The Lurrr follows behind them as the boos become even louder. As Lurrr is walking down to the ring he seems pretty calm considering he didn’t get a sniff of gold at Blood on the Battlefield III. The Roman Empire enters the ring and Lurrr takes the mic away from Minos.*

Lurrr: You know it’s been a long couple of weeks for me and I have to say that it is becoming a little bit irritating. You all love to see myself struggle here in the ring because you don’t like me but the fact of the matter is I am still the draw for this company. It pretty damn simple, you come to not only see me lose but you always want to know what my next step is going to be. The women out in this crowd wish they could leave the white-trash overweight man you are with and go home with me!

*You hear tons of boos with a little scattered high pitch screams from some women in the crowd.*

Lurrr: Now as for last Sunday, I am not really going to whine and complain about losing my shot at the title. No the guy who won…. Probably won’t last very long so I fully expect to be back in the picture before it’s all said and done. My concern as of today is why I haven’t been granted my rematch against the fat cow who took MY X-Division Title away from me several weeks ago. I am calling you out boss!!! I have stayed out of your way for a couple of weeks and now I am going to aggravate you and do whatever I want until I get what I rightfully deserve. The wrestling world knows that what happen to me against Bifford a few weeks ago was a joke and a fluke. This guy is making a mockery out of the X-Division title! The man weighs close to 450lbs and he has a title that is known for wrestlers who can move around the ring at a speed quicker than a rhino, which I am embarrassed to say our current champion cannot.

*Lurrr turns to Mathis and Hill and points them into the direction of the GCWA ring announcer Minos and it looks like Lurrr has instructed them to attack Minos. But Lurrr shakes his head and points towards the outside of the ring. Mathis and Hill jump to the outside and suddenly appear next to the lady who always seems to get the scoop in the backstage area of the GCWA locker-rooms, Cynthia Hall. Lurrr nods in agreement and then gives the signal by a thumbs down. Mathis and Hill grab Cynthia Hall…. Mathis is holding her by the arms and Mathis slaps her upside the head. You can hear Lurrr yelling at Cynthia from the ring by saying ‘your boss let this happen to you.’ Mathis takes Cynthia and pulls her head through his legs as he looks to be setting up for “The Oil Spill.” In the crowd you hear many screams and almost shocked faces at what they are about to witness. Mathis then finishes Cynthia Hall by power-bombing her to the ground. GCWA management comes out to attend to their lovely reporter but it’s too late.*

Lurrr: Ace, GCWA management you need to listen up!!! I am tired of being *bleeped* around by this company. I want my title rematch and I want Bifford’s head on a platter. And this time around I want to pick the stipulations. No more of this bull-*bleep* that you have been setting me up with. A mystery partner, a ‘BLC’ match, none of that *bleep*. I want it my way for MY title. Make it happen Ace or I will continue to come out every night and use the force that I have on anybody or anything. I don't care who you are Ace, I really don't care who your GCWA Head of Security is, and I certainly don't care who we target next. The Higher up's that be need to take their heads out of their *bleep* and realize what needs to be done. Enough of this Scott Caine, Dangerous Dan, Mr. Excellent, and Crazy Chris *bleep*. Put me in a match and let the company be represented by a true champion and not a true chump! By the way she is bleeding pretty bad guys you may want to get some more help out here. Boss, I will be looking forward to your response very soon.

*Lurrr throws the mic down as The Roman Empire walks out of the ring. They are littered with trash as they walk up the aisle and into the locker-room. Before they go through the curtain Lurrr turns to the crowd and gives them one more pose.*

Logan: That son of a…

Jones: We need medical aid at the ring, stat!

*The medics have already made their way down, checking on the badly injured Cynthia Hall. We cut away to a commercial, leaving this ugly scene behind.*

*We return from the commercial break to the solemn faces of Jones & Logan, both of whom are seated at their ringside seats. Logan looks particularly disgusted with what just happened.*

Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, the GCWA would like to apologize for what happened before the break. Not only were there a lot of obscenities that our censors had to catch, thank god for the time delay, but we had a brutal beating of our beautiful female reporter that will surely merit fines, if not more, from the Roman Empire.

Logan: They’re *bleeps*, Jones, pure and simple. How many guys does it take to beat up a non-wrestling woman, anyway? I hope Ace fires all of them.

Jones: Well, although we’ve started the night off on a tragic note, we do still have wrestling matches to get to, so let’s suck it up and do our jobs.

Logan: Right, right. Any word on Cynthia’s condition?

Jones: It’s way too early for that, although the head medic did seem hopeful that most of the damage is temporary. Minos? Get this show moving again.

Minos: The first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall and will be contested under a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, making his debut tonight inside the GCWA ring, he stands 6’5” and weighing 258 lbs, from Montgomery, Alabama, here is Terrell Jackson!

*As “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi hits the speakers, Terrell Jackson pushes himself through the curtain. He rubs at the stubble on his face, glancing around at the fans, who don’t seem that impressed. Jackson moves down the ramp and towards the ring, taking off his t-shirt as he goes.*

Jones: I’ve gotta say, I don’t know much about this man. We don’t even know when he was signed to the company!

Logan: Was he signed? I heard it was going to be a one-shot deal, with it all depending on his performance tonight.

Jones: Well, we’ll see what he can bring against another newcomer.

Minos: And now, his opponent. He’s a master of martial arts, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington D.C., he is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The Sensei comes out in his full white outfit, complete with the black belt around his middle and a headband across his head. He bows to the audience, then moves down the ramp, making his way to the ring as “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas plays behind him.*

Jones: We got to see a little of Santana’s family life this week, as he spent time with his son, Luke.

Logan: It’s great that he’s a family man, as well as an expert in karate or ninjitsu or whatever it is he’s an expert in. I just have one question.

Jones: What’s that?

Logan: “Boom Boom Pow”? That’s his theme song? Does that really sound kung-fu-ey to you?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Santana enters the ring by hopping over the ropes and landing inside the ring. He approaches the center of the ring, where referee Trixie is waiting for the action to begin. Terrell comes from his corner, taking a moment to spit something to the side before continuing. The two meet in the center of the ring, with Santana taking a moment to bow to Trixie, earning a smile from her. Santana follows that with a bow to his opponent. Jackson, though, smugly uses the moment to slap Santana across the face! Jackson laughs as Santana moves backwards, regaining his balance. Santana seems to contemplate the strike, finding some inner peace. Jackson, though, disrupts that peace, stepping forward again and landing another slap! The fans are booing now, while Jackson lets out a heavy belly laugh. Santana once again seems to think about the strike. As Jackson steps towards him again, Santana suddenly steps forward, snapping off a side kick to Jackson’s face that knocks the big man backwards to the mat!*

Logan: That’ll teach Terrell to try to bully a dude with a black belt!

Jones: I’ve been told that Robert Santana is trained in several forms of martial arts, which means he can strike from many different directions.

Logan: Cool, I was worried he bought that belt at a rummage sale or something.

*Terrell pulls himself up, angrily rubbing his sore jaw. He looks around for his opponent, but Santana is already on the turnbuckle, leaping off with a flying chop that knocks Jackson to his back once again! Santana leans over the man, locking both legs around his throat and proceeding to squeeze in a submission hold! Jackson struggles, trying to breathe, while referee Trixie checks all around him. So far, Jackson is refusing to tap, instead trying to force his way out of the hold. He’s unsuccessful, as he’s nearly about to pass out. Without warning, Santana releases the hold, pulling away from the hurting opponent. Santana stands up, doing a quick stretch on the ropes and showing that his discipline is still in good form.*

Jones: It isn’t looking good for Terrell Jackson right now!

Logan: Seriously, man, Santana’s breezing through this! I gotta say, I’m impressed with him so far, although I’m looking forward to seeing him against some actual competition.

Jones: You don’t consider Terrell…

Logan: Nope, a lawn chair could do more offensive maneuvers, Jonesy.

*Jackson reaches out, grabbing at referee Trixie’s outfit to help him. Trixie tries to retreat, but she moved too slowly, with Jackson yanking at her shirt! Before anything unseemly (or worth seeing) can happen, though, Santana comes in, doing a leg sweep from behind! Jackson hits the back of his head, rattling his brains, while Trixie stumbles off, readjusting her outfit. Santana stays on the attack, dropping a leg across Jackson’s neck, adding to the damage. He still seems cool and calm, never letting any anger get loose from him. The Sensei pulls Jackson up and takes him right back down with a facebuster, leaving Jackson fumbling for any help. With referee Trixie watching, Santana moves to the side, then comes back in, hitting Jackson with the Sensei-Tion!! Santana makes the cover, looking towards the referee… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

Jones: We may just have another future star on our hands, Anthony. Robert looked strong here tonight.

Logan: It’s only his first match, so you can only read so much into it, but at the very least, he’s got potential to do great things.

Jones: As for Terrell, it looks like his one shot is over and done with.

Logan: Good riddance. We have enough guys on the roster already, after all.

*Santana moves to the side of the ring, stepping through the ropes. He nods to the crowd before moving off the apron and towards the back, a happy smile on his face due to a strong beginning in the GCWA. We cut away from the ringside area to go backstage, where we see Ace sitting at his desk on the jumbotron with his hands folded. He is talking with someone else in the room.*

The Accelerator: Alright, man, it’s settled. I can’t wait to see you back in that ring, doing what you do best.

*The Accelerator stands up and reaches out, shaking the person’s hand. The camera pans to the side, showing Mr. Excellent!*

Mr. Excellent: I’m glad to be back, sir. Thanks for the couple of weeks off.

The Accelerator: You’re welcome. Just don’t expect me to be nice all the time, heh. Now get out of here and send in the next people waiting.

*Mr. Excellent nods and goes to the door, leaving the room. The Accelerator sits back in his chair, folding his arms again as he knows who is coming in next. The door swings open and Harvey Danger and The Stranger walk in with their tag belts! Harvey grabs a seat while the Stranger stands.*

The Accelerator: Thanks for coming in here guys. First off, I want to congratulate you on the tag title victory.

*Harvey is grinning from ear to ear. He turns to give the Stranger a high five, but the Stranger just stands there. Harvey gives himself a self high five.*

Harvey Danger: Well, I knew I could do it. So what's so important that you called us into your office?

The President takes a deep breath, directing his eyes towards Harvey’s silent partner. He studies the masked man, as he makes his decision.*

The Accelerator: Well, this has more to do with your partner than it does you Harvey.

*Harvey turns to the Stranger who is standing there, somewhat motionless.*

Harvey Danger: What's the problem?

The Accelerator: Well, there is speculation that the man underneath the Stranger's mask is The Lost Soul.

*Harvey takes a look at his tag belt.*

Harvey Danger: And?

The Accelerator: And, if that's true, I'm going to have to strip you of your tag titles or force you to find a new partner. The Lost Soul isn't allowed to wrestle because the doctors won't clear him to wrestle. I explained all this before. And I know how The Lost Soul's mind works. This whole deal about not being able to speak could be a ploy. Don't get me wrong, if he was cleared to wrestle, I'd have no problem, but I don't want a lawsuit on my hands, and I don't want to run the risk of having one of my wrestles collapse in the ring again.

Harvey Danger: (turns to Stranger) You're not TLS are you?

*The Stranger gives no response. The Accelerator sighs and sits forward at his desk.*

The Accelerator: I'm going to have to ask you to unmask. You claim to have an unsightly scar, but, I have to know if it's The Lost Soul or not behind that mask.

*The Stranger begins to unmask slowly, then the door swings open, The Accelerator and Harvey turn to the man walking in through the door. Harvey jumps on his chair.*

Harvey Danger: TLS? (pointing to TLS) See that, The Stranger is not TLS. We still got our belts! You still need to see his face?

*The President rubs his head. Clearly another headache is coming on.*

The Accelerator: No. You guys can go.

*Harvey and the Stranger make their way out. Harvey is heard talking to the Stranger as he goes.*

Harvey Danger: So who are you really?

*As the door shuts, The Lost Soul moves in front of the Accelerator, apparently with documentation from various ‘doctors’ about his ability to wrestle. He puts the file in front of the President, who continues to look at the veteran.*

The Accelerator: I gotta say, you have no idea how relieved I am that you’re not the Stranger. I thought… well, it doesn’t matter what I thought. So I guess you want to talk again about your career? Fine, fine, but don’t expect any different results this time.

*As the Accelerator and The Lost Soul start to talk about the man’s future, the picture fades out, taking us to a commercial break.*

*We return from the commercial break to ringside, where the camera is focused on Jones’ face.*

Jones: Welcome back. We need to talk about an event that took place at Blood On The Battlefield III last weekend after the Marcus Ka’Derrion / Tommy Crimson match. Let’s roll the video tape.

*The tape rolls, showing Marcus managing to heft Crimson up and through a burning table, winning the match. As Ka’Derrion celebrates, he gets attacked by both sEizure and Super Creep, with Crimson, injured or not, wanting to put Ka’Derrion through a plastic table. The referee, Adrian Rockwell gets involved, with sEizure knocking him aside, causing Rockwell to lose his temper and attack sEizure, delivering the Stone Cutter! However, Rockwell was then picked up and chokeslammed onto the table by Super Creep, badly injuring him. We see shots that weren’t shown on the PPV, as Rockwell is carted out on a stretcher, with Marcus Ka’Derrion watching from the ring, still in a little bit of shock. We cut to a different shot, this one of a medical doctor in Dallas.*

Doctor: Right now, it’s unclear whether or not Mr. Rockwell will require surgery. We’re currently working on a variety of techniques to reduce the swelling in his spinal region, which will give us a better indication of what will be necessary.

*Adrian Rockwell is shown in bed, his wife of 10 years by his side. He weakly gives the camera a thumbs up, then lays his head back, still in pain.*

Doctor: Look, I know you want a quote about when he’ll be up and around again, but right now, we just don’t know.

*The picture fades back to ringside, ending on Rockwell’s smiling face from a pre-injury picture.*

Jones: We here at the GCWA would like to wish our colleague, Adrian Rockwell, nothing but the best. We’re praying for you, Rock.

Logan: Yeah, it really sucks that Adrian’s out of commission, right when he was getting his life back together after becoming a GCWA referee. I still don’t get what he was thinking, attacking sEizure like that.

Jones: Some guys don’t let go of the past, Anthony. Plus, remember, Adrian knew Marcus’ father. That might explain why he tried to come to Marcus’ rescue.

Logan: Well, all I can say is I hope he gets better.

Jones: Me too.

*As the two announcers settle back, ‘Voodoo Child’ by Jimi Hendrix begins to play. The fans stand and start to boo when they see Dean make his way down to ringside.*

Jones: Now what??

Logan: Damnit, haven’t the Roman Empire done enough already tonight without another appearance?

*Dean is dressed in a nice suit and has a huge smile on his face. He reaches the ring, steps in through the ropes, grabs a mic and begins to speak.*

Dean: Blood on the Battlefield is in the books, sucka…and while GCWA’s future may be worse off for it, I have to say, it brought a damn smile to my face. I told you, Derek…as I told all of the fans, you are NOTHING without me. You did everything you could to prove me wrong when, in fact, all you did was prove me RIGHT. You suck, Mobley…

*The fans start to boo with chants of “Derek! Derek!” echoing throughout the arena…Dean rolls his eyes and continues speaking.*

Dean: Boy, did I make the right decision, sucka. Would I have lost to the Shane Donovans of this world? Would Warrick? Hell no we wouldn’t, only a weak, lame ass bitch, like yoself, would. The guy can’t even pronounce yo name correctly, Derek…and you still let him beat you…OUCH, sucka!

*The fans boo even louder, some debris makes its way into the ring…one such item is a Coke Zero…Dean picks it up, opens it and takes a sip.*

Dean: Same coke flavor with zero calories…gotta love this shit. Congratulations, Mobley…from now on, when people talk about the biggest choke jobs in the history of wrestling…when they mention Shadow Stalker losing to Special K or Titan 3 losing to The Mozz…they will now mention Derek Mobley choking against Shane…whatever his last name is, he’ll be forgotten by then…pathetic, Mobley…what a joke…

*The fans begin to react in a positive manner and all turn, to face the entry way…this causes Dean to pause in the middle of his speech. He spots former World Champion, Derek Mobley, making his way to the ring! Mobley is in street clothes and has his duffle bag draped over his shoulder. His head is down as he somberly makes his way towards the squared circle.*

Dean: That’s right, bitch…tuck your tail between your legs and run…you lost to Shane Donovan…you might as well have been beaten by a bunch of crippled midgets, sucka!

*Mobley enters the ring and stands there, with Dean staring at him…Dean starts to laugh and turns to tease the crowd, as he does, Mobley lifts his duffle bag up, over his shoulder, it looks surprisingly heavy. He waits for Dean to turn around and Mobley decks Dean in the head with the duffle bag! Dean collapses to the mat and is out. The crowd cheers wildly. Mobley unzips the duffle bag to reveal a large, metal chain! Derek wraps the chain around his fist, goes to his knees and begins to punch away at the forehead of Dean. Dean’s body convulses with each punch, but he’s too out of it to fight back. We start to see blood begin to ooze from his forehead, flowing freely onto the mat. *

Logan: Alright! Let him have it, Derek!

Jones: Ummm, Anthony, isn’t he ‘letting him have it’ a little too much??

Logan: Oh, man, ok, Derek, enough, man!

*The fans stop cheering as they start to express a bit of concern for Dean’s well being. A few GCWA security members rush into the ring to try and get Derek off of Dean…Derek, however, swings his chain, wildly at them, causing them to leap out of the ring for their own safety. Derek, standing, looks down at Dean…his face is covered in blood and battered in…Derek begins to wail away on Dean’s body with the chain, over and over again…fans in attendance grow horrified at what they are seeing…cries of ‘Somebody, stop him!’ can be heard from people…parents are hiding their children’s faces. Derek, finally, ceases the whipping with the chain as Dean’s body is shattered…bones are broken, blood is flowing and he’s not moving. Derek walks over to Dean’s head and kneels over, he takes the chain and wraps it around Dean’s neck…he hooks the chain, securing it with a vice grip around the “ICON’S” neck…Derek then begins to drag Dean out of the ring…Derek yanks him off of the apron and Dean’s body falls, limply, to the ground…Derek then starts to head up the ramp, dragging Dean by the neck behind him…he reaches the top when Titan 3 a plethora of GCWA security guards rush out to stop the situation. Titan 3 goes after Derek, ready for a fight, but Derek doesn’t resist…he lets go of the chain and, surprisingly, complies with Titan 3, stepping away…a medical staff rushes out and begins to look over Dean and remove the chain from around his injured neck…Titan 3, along with other security personnel, usher Derek to the back, presumably, to see the boss…*

Jones: …..

Logan: …. Man….

*A stretcher gets rolled up next to Dean, as we switch to a backstage camera shot of someone watching the violent action. It’s Scott Caine. Hs is still looking unshaven and unkempt since his loss last week. But he also seems pleased with what just happened. He nods and walks away, as we fade to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break in the backstage area, focusing on a woman who hasn’t been seen in the GCWA before. She’s holding a mic in her hands and is standing with the new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion Shane Donovan. A huge smile is on his face as he stands proud, the belt strapped around his waist in full display.*

April White: Hello, I’m April White, and I’m taking over the duties tonight for Cynthia until she’s back on her feet. Alright, I'm here with the new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion Shane Donovan, and I have to ask you Shane, how does it feel to have that title?

Shane Donovan: How does it feel? That's like asking an athlete how it feels to win the Super Bowl, or the World Series, or any number of other things. There's nothing more exhilarating than being at the top of the mountain. There's also a feeling of...freedom.

April White: Freedom?

Shane Donovan: I made a promise to you GCWA, I swore to you that I would liberate this title from the specters of the past and would deliver it to the promised lands and I can now say mission accomplished! GCWA needs a champion like me, and now it has it.

April White: A champion like you? But you cheated to--

Shane Donovan: Shush you! The Roman Empire decided they needed to cheat long before I did what it took to win the match. That is the sort of thing that I intend to put an end to here in the GCWA. I've never seen a stable more aptly named: they're all old and crumbling, and they represent what this company doesn't need to grow. Because of that, I'm making a list of..."requests" for The Accelerator.

April White: Requests?

*Shane nods, pulling out a folded up piece of paper from his pocket. Unfolding it, he holds it up to be read.*

Shane Donovan: Request #1: As long as I hold the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, no member of the Roman Empire should get a shot at this title. I've already beaten Lurrr twice for crying out loud. No one wants to see me slap him around anymore, it's boring to watch and it's boring to do.

*April rolls her eyes. Shane fails to notice this, continuing on.*

Shane Donovan: Request #2: Derek Mobley is not to get a shot at this title until he gets his issues resolved with the rest of those guys. The GCWA doesn't need such pointless non-sense dragging down the prestige of this title. Give me The Ice Man, give me Marcus De'Kerrion, but give me someone who's actually focused.

April White: I don't think--

Shane Donovan: Quit trying to think already! My 3rd and final request is a simple one. Make sure whoever it is you pick is ready. I'll take your company to places you never dreamed possible Accelerator, but I need you to step it up and give me people to face that are better than Lurrr or Derek Mobely. You'll thank me later.

*With that, Shane walks away, with the scene cutting back to ringside.*

Logan: What a smug little *bleep*!

Jones: Well, one would argue that since he’s the World Champion, he has the right to be smug.

Logan: No, Jonesy, he does NOT! I mean, he’s talking trash about the guys he didn’t even BEAT! Let’s face it, he only pinned The Ice Man because of that Mace he used on the guy. He would have lost the match if Derek hadn’t been kept away from the action due to the Roman Empire! Seriously, this due needs an attitude adjustment, in my view.

Jones: Well, I happen to…. What? Um… ok… ok… sorry, folks, I just got a call through my headset that I’m needed in the back to talk to the President.

Logan: Wait, Ace is interrupting the show to call you away?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, but it sounds urgent. I’ll be back, America!

*Jones drops his headset and jogs towards the back, although he’s quickly tiring himself out. He disappears from sight, as Anthony Logan clears his throat, having never called a broadcast on his own before.*

Anthony Logan: Alright, well, I guess we need to keep this show going, right? So what’s the next match again? I always rely on Jonesy for that information…

* As Logan continues to fiddle around, looking for the piece of paper with the schedule on it, “Lowrider” by Latin Alliance begins to play and the crowd rise to their feet to see who’s coming out. To their surprise, it is none other than “The Drinking Time Bomb” Paco! They cheer loudly as he makes his way to the ring raising his tequila bottle high in the air with one hand, and his wrestling mask with the other. He walks around the ring and then takes a seat next to Anthony, who is surprised, but happy to see him. They shake hands and then sit down, Paco putting a head set on! *

Logan: Paco! Good to see you amigo! So this is why Jones got called to the back huh?

Paco: Hola Wolverine! Who? Oh right, Jones! Yeah something about not doing his taxes right, claiming hijos that are not his own.. Weird right?

Logan: Uh, yeah…

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is making his debut in the GCWA tonight, standing 6’2” and weighing 226 lbs, from Denver, Colorado, he is Mon-E!

*The crowd reacts, if only because a massive, expensive fireworks display goes off! After all of the explosions die down, “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson begins to play. Mon-E walks out of the back, making sure that someone holds the curtain for him. He struts down the aisle, looking pleased with himself.*

Logan: That was a hell of an entrance from this guy!

Paco: Wasn’t “Billy Jean” Derek Mobley’s entrances ese?

Logan: I don’t think so, I believe that was “Thriller.”

Minos: His opponent is quickly becoming a veteran of the GCWA, having come very close to winning a championship at Blood On The Battlefield III, he stands 6’3” and weighs in at 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*The fans let out a strong boo when Benji Sampson appears through the curtain, raising his arms to the crowd. As “Automatic” by American Pearl plays, Scott Caine follows his manager out and starts to head for the ring.*

Logan: I really thought Caine was going to pull off the victory this past weekend over the Big Bifford, Paco.

Paco: Compadre, have you seen how big Biff is? No one is going ‘over’ that fatso.

*The Bell Rings.*

Paco: There goes the bell and that only means one thing amigo, time to get our drinkin’ on! You want? Me Got!!!

Logan: Why the hell not, set me up!

*Mon-E finishes taking off his watch and other items that he wore to the ring, handing them off to an attendant at ringside. On the other side, Sampson is giving Scott a pep talk, trying to get him energized, but Scott just appears like he’d rather be somewhere else. He walks forward, grumbling something at referee Thomas Mitchell. Mon-E immediately decides to take advantage of Caine’s distraction, coming in and landing a few stiff shots to Caine’s jaw! Caine moves backwards, trying to protect himself, as Mon-E continues to attack, dancing around and landing the punches. He scores a haymaker, knocking Caine back to the mat! Scott rolls backwards, getting himself out of the ring, as Mon-E jumps around, energized at starting things off so well.*

Logan: Caine doesn’t appear to be himself tonight Paco.

Paco: He needs to stop being a big baby and just deal with the situation. Damn ese, I’m actually doing some good commentating. I’m not drinking enough.

*After conferring for a few moments with Sampson, Caine pulls himself up onto the apron and re-enters the ring. He moves a hand across his sore mouth, angrily glaring at Mon-E, who doesn’t seem concerned. The two lock up, with Caine immediately turning it into a hip toss, sending Mon-E over him. Mon-E gets right back up, but Caine charges in, getting a Thesz press on the rich wrestler and punching away himself, letting loose with some strong hits! He pummels Mon-E for a while, even as referee Mitchell moves in, ordering him to break off the assault. Caine nearly gets himself disqualified, only stopping at the last possible second. He gets up, growling at the referee for giving him a hard time. Caine puts both hands on his head, as if trying to regain his composure, while Mon-E rolls over to his stomach, obviously hurting.*

Logan: Now that’s more like it! Caine getting some hard licks in.

Paco: That’s what I came to see ese! Want more Tequila black compadre?

Logan: Don’t ask senor, just keep on pouring it!

Paco: Logan, you are my kind of drinkin’ buddy! We should do this more often!

*Caine reaches down to grab at Mon-E, dragging the stunned wrestler up to his feet. Scott pulls him towards the corner, knocking Mon-E into it, then slapping away at his chest with a few stiff chops. He then lifts Mon-E up, putting him on the turnbuckle. Caine follows, jumping up onto Mon-E’s shoulders and taking him off the turnbuckle with a hurricanrana! Sampson excitedly jumps up and down outside, as Caine rolls over to make the cover… 1… 2… Mon-E kicks out! Caine looks a little upset, as he decides to try the pin again, grabbing both legs this time… 1… 2… Mon-E kicks out again, keeping the match alive. Caine argues for a second with the referee, almost as if he believes that Mitchell is trying to cheat him.*

Logan: Scott Caine wants this one to be over quickly, but he better be careful not to lose his temper, it may cause him the match.

Paco: He needs to put all that anger towards Mon-E, not the ref.

*With Sampson shouting encouragement from the outside, Caine reluctantly goes back on the attack. He starts to bring the rookie wrestler up, preparing to lift him into the air. But Mon-E comes alive, reaching up and raking his hand across Caine’s face! Caine, blinded, has no defense as Mon-E grabs his head, running forward and delivering a modified bulldog! The fans can’t seem to decide who they want to root for in this one. They want to boo both men, but they have to root for one to win. Mon-E drags himself over to Caine, trying a pinfall, as referee Mitchell is there… 1… and Caine kicks out just as the ref’s hand comes down for a second time. Mon-E says something, possibly seeking to bribe Mitchell, then slowly brings Caine up. The newcomer latches onto Caine’s head and takes a second to pose to the crowd, before going for the Dollar Bomb! But Caine suddenly shoves Mon-E back, breaking up the maneuver by slamming Mon-E back-first into the turnbuckle pads. Caine follows that up by lifting Mon-E over his head, tossing him back towards the center of the ring!*

Logan: Mon-E’s entrance was impressive, but so far in the ring he has not.

Paco: That’s why you shouldn’t worry about the match too much and just enjoy this fine, aged to perfection bottle of tequila! Trust me compadre, the more we drink, the better the match becomes!

Logan: Can’t argue with that logic!

*Mon-E attempts to get back to his feet quickly, while Caine seems to be waiting on him. The wrestler comes in, kicking out at Mon-E, then turning it into an enziguiri kick to the skull! Mon-E collapses to the ground, holding his injured head. Caine, seemingly getting a second wind, runs off the ropes and comes back, corkscrewing down and dropping his full weight onto Mon-E’s back! He rolls Mon-E over for the pin attempt… 1… 2… Mon-E manages to get a shoulder up at the last second. Scott sits up, making his decision. He pulls Mon-E up long enough to land a vicious spinning neckbreaker, laying the man out, then heads for the turnbuckle. The crowd starts to get excited during the ascent, knowing what might be right around the corner. Caine looks down at the injured Mon-E, lining up his shot. He leaps off, dropping the Sugar Caine perfectly onto his foe’s throat!! Mon-E’s legs bounce up and down from the impact, then he lays still. Caine reaches over to make the pin, watching Mitchell carefully for any signs of improper conduct. Mitchell, though, does his job, making the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Scott Caine!

Logan: So then I say.. yeah… two inches… FROM THE GROUND!!

Paco: HAHAHAHAHA! Good one amigo! Oh hey, the match is over!

Logan: Oh, whoops!

*Caine has left the ring, not spending much time celebrating this victory. Sampson congratulates him, but Caine is already moving towards the back, ready to depart. As he’s heading back, Caine passes by Edward Jones, who is moving back towards the announce table with an annoyed look on his face.*

Logan: Oh Look it’s Jones. You should stay and hang out Paco. The three of us would make a… Paco?

*Paco has already left the announcers table, having jump the guard rail and leaving through the crowd. Logan is left there, puzzled, and half drunk. Jones grabs the mic, glaring after the departing Paco.*

Jones: Damn that Paco! The President told me that he hadn’t even tried to summon me, and yelled at me for leaving the broadcast booth during a live show! Paco’s got me in trouble with the boss!

Logan: Heh heh heh, it WAS pretty funny.

Jones: Geez, and now you’re drunk on the job, Anthony? Sober up, we still have a good amount of show left!

Logan: Hey, think about this… we have ODJ signing something in the back, and now Paco, the ICWF announcer, is out here doing a match. It’s an invasion, man, he he he.

Jones: …. God, I hope not.

*We leave the worried Jones to cut away to a shot in the back parking lot of the GCWA Arena. A confrontation can be heard behind one of the closed doors leading to the arena. The door slams open and a guy comes flying out, head over heels. Terrell Jackson rolls on the ground, in a lot of pain, as the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, comes up to the doorway.*

Titan 3: I don’t want to see you in this place again, you hear me? Here’s your damned stuff, now beat it!

*Titan 3 tosses a big bag in the air, aiming it perfectly so that it slams into Jackson’s face! Jackson slumps backwards, the bag on top of him, as a grinning Titan 3 slams the door shut. We slowly fade out to another commercial.*

*As the break ends, we go to the backstage area. The crowd right away begins to cheer as we see April White standing next to Marcus Ka’Derrion who is wearing street clothes, having the night off.*

April White: I am here with Marcus Ka’Derrion, the still undefeated, undisputed Intercontinental Champion. Sounds pretty good right?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I guess so.

April White: You guess? Marcus you are growing as a wrestler before our very eyes. You have gone from defeating the likes of Caid Austin to defeating great veterans like Tommy Crimson. You have to feel excited about that right?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Let me tell you what I feel right now, April, and that is annoyed.

April White: Annoyed?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Annoyed at the fact that Tommy Crimson couldn’t take the loss like a man, sending his goons after me. He tried everything to get me to loose, even putting a curse on me, but nothing worked. So when he found himself in flames yet again, he decides to do what every coward does, get his buddies to jump me. If it wasn’t for Rockwell, I probably wouldn’t be here talking to you right now. So thanks to him, but Crimson, it’s not over between you and I. At Blood on the Battlefield it wasn’t the end, but the beginning.

April White: Mar-

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I’m not finished. I’m also annoyed at the fact that some old has been that had issues with my father back in the day decides to get revenge on me, just because he couldn’t do a damn thing about it when my father was around. I got three words for Draco, GET OVER IT. He beat you, you beat him, move on… But no, don’t move on… Because you decided to kick me when I was down, but let’s see what you do when you are face to face with me. Let’s see what you do Hellacious One, when I’m 100% and ready to punch you back on the face.

April White: Speaking of-

Marcus Ka’Derrion: And lastly, I’m also annoyed at that damn Harvey Danger! What you did was low man, but you were right, I don’t give a damn about your Danger Title… Actually… I didn’t… But now, after what you pulled at the pay per view, all I got to say to you is, WATCH YOUR BACK. That 24/7 rule is going to come back and bite you in the ass… and when I get back MY Danger Title, trust me, you are not going to like what I do with it!

*April takes a step back, never having seen Marcus this intense before. He looks irate, almost ready to explode… Just then, someone places their hand on his shoulder. He is quick to react, expecting another sneak attack. He swings around, swinging his fist as well but is surprised to have his punch caught by the hand of the Accelerator.*

The Accelerator: Woah there, easy kid.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Mr. President! I’m… I’m sorry.

The Accelerator: Don’t worry about it, I understand. Come with me, I need to speak to you in my office right away.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yes sir.

*Ace and Marcus head towards his office and April starts to follow suit.*

The Accelerator: You stay here sweetheart.

*Ace tells the new reporter without even looking back at her. She stops dead on her tracks, crossing her arms. She being the one that’s annoyed now. We come back to ringside, where Logan appears to be drinking a strong amount of black coffee.*

Logan: Good, good. Keep ‘em coming…

Jones: So what could the Accelerator need to talk to Marcus Ka’Derrion about so badly that he left his office?

Logan: I don’t know, man, but Marcus definitely has a lot of enemies in the GCWA right now, doesn’t he? That’s what happens when you’re undefeated, I suppose.

Jones: Next up in our schedule, we have a celebration! Finally, something upbeat! Let's go right down to the ring where World Tag Team Champions Harvey Danger and the man we are told is called The Stranger have set up some sort of celebration party in the ring.

Logan: Kills you to say World Tag Team Champion and Harvey Danger in the same sentence, doesn't it?

Jones: Never mind that, let's go down to the ring!

*We cut away from our announce team to find Harvey Danger standing behind a table in the center of the ring. The Stranger is leaning against the turnbuckles in the far corner behind him with his fedora pulled down low over his masked face. Confetti has been thrown everywhere, and the table is covered with party favors, a stack of paper plates, and a large sheet cake that says "Happy Birthday Leroy" on it. Harvey Danger is also wearing a cone shaped party hat about two sizes too small for his head. Brightly colored balloons fall from the rafters, giving the fans more entertainment than they are about to receive in the ring.*

Harvey Danger: Thank you, thank you! On behalf of The Stranger over there, I just want to say what an honor and privilege it is to stand before you today as your new World Tag Team Champion. And, to celebrate, we've thrown this little party and I've asked the production crew to put together something special. Guys?

*Harvey turns around and we see a montage of still photographs from Blood on the Battlefield III. We start with photos of Harvey looking down and beaten and then move on to images of The Stranger emerging from behind the curtain and taking control of the match. The final image is of Harvey rolling up Dangerous Dan with a wild look of fear and exhaustion on his face as he desperately fought to hold Dan for the pin. We cut back to Harvey's grinning face to polite applause from the audience.*

Harvey Danger: Gosh, that's beautiful. That last image is my favorite. Don't you think so Stranger?

*The Stranger is still leaning on the turnbuckle pads in the corner and his head barely moves to nod in the affirmative.*

Harvey Danger: Anyway, we just came out here to celebrate our win last week at the pay-per-view, and to share it will all of you fans that... what? What are you laughing at?

*The crowd has begun laughing at the big video screen behind him. Soon, the same images fill your television screen as the production crew has begin airing video footage of Harvey receiving the double rock bottom from the masked attackers after his match at the pay-per-view. To add insult to injury, the place the footage of the vicious impact on a continuous loop. We cut back to the ring where Harvey is yelling at the crowd and The Stranger still motionless in the corner.*

Harvey Danger: All right, all right. Just cut it out. That's not very funny. We've got this whole party set up to celebrate the events of last Sunday... our winning the tag team titles! And! And! I even won back the Danger title from Marcus! That was the icing on the cake! Ooooh! I almost forgot, speaking of cake icing, I got us this very special cake to celebrate. Um... if it tastes a bit stale and old... don't worry. It's uh, not. I got it in the clearance aisle at the bakery... Hey! I had to do this party on the cheap since the GCWA wouldn't pay for it... and those balloons you all are enjoying so much were expensive! Wasn't it, Stranger?

*The Stranger barely moves his head in agreement, but makes no other motion.*

Harvey Danger: Which brings me to my next point. We are going to be fighting champions! Those masked men at the Pay-Per-View wanted to take their cheap-shots, that's fine! We are ready for any and all takers, and with my good buddy over there, we can defeat them all and be the...

*The production crew has put the looped footage of Harvey getting slammed to the mat back on the big screen again and the crowd roars in laughter. Harvey doesn't even turn around this time and can tell what’s happening.*

Harvey Danger: Guys, don't ruin my party for me please. As I was saying, we have plans for these titles. We plan on being the longest reining tag team champions in the GCWA, putting us in the record books! We'll be holding them till we retire, won't we Stranger?

*The Stranger doesn't acknowledge Harvey this time, he just settles deeper into the turnbuckles. Harvey doesn't seem to notice as he's too busy staring at the Tag Title gold wrapped around his own waist.*

Harvey Danger: You know, I've dreamed of this moment time and time again. I know my mother is proud, back home in New York... hi Ma! I've got the belt around my waist, feeling the weight of the gold... I've got the Danger title back home. The Stranger over there has his gold around his waist... Um, Stranger? Stranger? Where's your title? Stranger? Hello?

*Harvey wanders over to where The Stranger has stood motionless in the corner for the past few minutes. Harvey tries peeking under the brim of The Stranger's fedora and turns to the crowd and shrugs. Harvey leans in and taps The Stranger on the shoulder. The Stranger's arms flail upward and his head snaps back, obviously having just been startled awake. Harvey falls backward towards the mat in surprise.*

Jones: Was The Stranger asleep? I think he was!

Logan: I got so bored with Harvey I almost fell asleep too! Course, that could be because of the alcohol, he he.

Jones: Wait, Anthony, someone’s… it’s the Malvado’s!

*Hector and Victor slide in from different sides of the ring, earning the boos of the crowd. Before Harvey can turn around, he’s smashed into from behind, clocking heads with the Stranger. While Hector pounds on the Stranger, keeping him out of the fight, Victor lifts Harvey up and drops him with a DDT, stunning him. Hector comes over and the two brothers grab at Harvey, bringing him to his feet and setting him once again for the double Rock Bottom! They throw Harvey down through the table, destroying both Harvey and the cake!! The two men turn back and go towards the Stranger, who is barely moving. They start to yank at his mask, pulling it off!*

Jones: Oh no, they’re going to unmask him! The secret’s about to be revealed!

*The fedora falls to the ground, soon followed by the mask. The crowd gasps, as do the announcers. The two masked brothers step back, shocked by what they’ve found.*

Jones: It’s… it’s….

Logan: Aaron Hedrick??? Seriously???

*The Malvado brothers stand over the downed bodies of Harvey Danger and Aaron Hedrick, with Hector reaching down as if to grab Harvey’s tag-team title. As he does so, though, the crowd begins to come to live. The camera cuts to the entrance ramp as a man comes running out of the back. It’s ANOTHER Stranger!! With mask, trenchcoat, and all, the man hustles to the ring and slides in, carrying the other World Tag-Team Title! He attacks, swinging it at Hector, who only avoids it thanks to Victor grabbing him and dragging him away. The two brothers leave the ring, as the man looks after them, breathing heavily.*

Logan: Damnit, I knew I shouldn’t have drank what Paco gave me! I’m seeing double!

Jones: No, I think what you’re seeing is the REAL Stranger! Aaron Hedrick was just a stand-in!

Logan: I wonder if Harvey even knew about that.

Jones: Who knows? All I know right now is that the Stranger has cleared the ring, saving his partner once again!

*The Stranger kicks Hedrick aside, sending the man rolling out of the ring to the floor. The masked man then goes to Harvey, who is laying in a pile of stale cake. He is muttering something about his mother as the Stranger starts to help him up. We fade to yet another commercial break (been a lot of those tonight, huh?).*

*We’re back in the backstage area as the commercials end. We’re in one of the many hallways of the arena, where Shane Donovan is standing with his championship belt. Bifford walks up to him and smiles, being very friendly. Shane looks at Bifford with apprehension and disgust.*

The Big Bifford: Well, hello there loyal GCWA Fan! Are you back here looking for autographs?

Shane Donovan: What the ---

The Big Bifford: You don't have to be shy!! I carry around pictures so I can sign autographs for lots of GCWA fans like yourself!

*Bifford quickly pulls out an 8x10 photograph of himself and begins signing it.*

Shane Donovan: I'm the World Champion!

The Big Bifford: Aw, it's cute that you have that little replica of a title belt. Almost like Tommy Crimson used to do. I'm World Champion, though, and don't you ever forget it.

*Earl the Popcorn Salesman walks up with a look of shock on his face as Shane Donovan walks away, looking highly irritated by Bifford.*

Earl: What the hell are you doing?

The Big Bifford: Signing an autograph for a fan who has a replica of my World Heavyweight Championship!

Earl (looking very disturbed): Bifford... you're GCWA X-Division Champion. That was Shane Donovan. He is the World Champion.

The Big Bifford: There are other champions in GCWA besides me?

*Earl looks at Bifford with a totally disturbed look on his face. Bifford starts to walk down the hall. In the distance he sees Marcus Ka'Derrion. Ka’Derrion is coming from the President’s office, with a contemplative look on his face. The Big Bifford looks to Earl.*

The Big Bifford: Is that scary looking guy a fan with a replica of my title, or is that another Champion?

Earl: Bifford... that's Marcus Ka'Derrion. He's the undefeated Intercontinental Champion of GCWA.

The Big Bifford: What about him? He couldn't possibly be a real champion. I swear that I've seen him someplace else...

*Bifford points off in the other direction where Harvey Danger is being helped down the hallway by the Stranger, still covered in cake. Danger’s holding his share of the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles.*

Earl: Yeah, he's also really a Champion.

The Big Bifford: Well.. if he's got one, apparently anyone can get one around here... I'm going to have to start making some changes to make the Championships more prestigious around here. I can't have my federation being so low-rent that there's a fan walking around as World Champion.

Earl: Your federation?

Bifford: Yes, I'm President.... right?

Earl: NO! Ace is President.

The Big Bifford: Hmm.. Well, then it's Ace's fault that some fan won the World Championship!

Earl: Bifford.. it might be just better if you went and relaxed for a while..

The Big Bifford: Okay, but I want you to work on a project for me... I have a new and innovative idea for a match that's never been done before... it involves goldfish and a baby turtle...

Earl: We already did that match Bifford! Don't you remember anything?

The Big Bifford: Hmmm...

*Bifford walks off, looking very confused. Earl looks exhausted and pulls on his dreadlocks, noticing several white hairs. He follows after the Big Bifford, as the picture goes back to ringside.*

Logan: I knew it!

Jones: Knew what?

Logan: I knew a Big Bifford interview would be funnier when I’m drunk! Yes!

Jones: Whatever you say, Anthony. Let’s get to the next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is a growing star in the GCWA, having won at Blood On The Battlefield over Andy Halerman, he stands 6’0” and weighs 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, he is “The Blaze” Mikey Willis!

*Willis comes through the curtain with flair as “No 5” by Hollywood Undead plays behind him. He makes his way down the aisle, ignoring a few of the boos coming his way from the fans who didn’t like his actions this week.*

Logan: This dude is hardcore. Did you see everything that happened with him this week?

Jones: Yes, I did, Anthony, and I know for a fact that it was all staged.

Logan: Staged? You mean, the gunfight, the guy getting set on fire, the guy killing himself by jumping off the building, all of it?

Jones: As far I can tell, none of it was real, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah? Well how do you know that? Where’s your proof?

Jones: Mainly that Mr. Willis there isn’t in prison, a hospital, or in the ground after shooting up a police car, not to mention pouring gasoline on a guy and lighting him up.

Logan: Oh, yeah. Good point.

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion and is on a quest to regain his gold, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, from Smithville, TN, here is Dangerous Dan!

Jones: Dan had a rough week. First, he and his brother, Crazy Chris, lost the GCWA Tag-Team Titles. Then he nearly got attacked by a ghost at a haunted house!

Logan: Wait a second, so you’re saying that the shootout was staged, but that the ghost grabbing his arm was not?

Jones: Hmmmm. Hard to say, Anthony. I happen to believe in the supernatural.

Logan: Yeah, yeah. Hypocrite.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as referee Mark Bell signals to begin the match, Willis is moving, rushing in at a surprised Dangerous Dan and rolling him up! Referee Bell, startled, drops for the count… 1… and Dangerous Dan reverses the roll-up, putting Willis’ shoulders to the canvas! 1… Willis kicks free, and both men jump up to their feet. Willis comes in again, but Dan shoves him towards the ropes, then catches him on the rebound, lifting him into the air. Willis changes the maneuver, though, kicking out and landing both boots on Dan’s chest, knocking him back! Willis hits the mat and bounces back up, rushing again at Dan, grabbing his arm and trying to spin him towards the corner, no reversal. Willis goes into the corner and leaps onto the turnbuckle, then leaps right back off, trying for a flying splash! But Dan sees it coming, dropping to his knees and sliding to avoid the hit! Willis crashes to the mat, stunned. Dan gets himself quickly back on his feet and runs forward, trying another pin… 1… Willis again kicks out, as the match is under way at a high pace!*

Jones: We’ve got two speedsters facing off tonight, as they work to prove they deserve this main event slot!

Logan: This is going to be a hell of a match! Hey, Jonesy, do you happen to see another bottle around there anywhere?

Jones: Drinking’s done, Anthony, it’s time for business!

Logan: Damn.

*Dangerous Dan brings Willis to his feet, already thinking through a dozen possible maneuvers in his head. He settles on a bodyslam, banging Willis’ back into the mat next to the turnbuckle. With Willis down, Dan goes to climb, making his way up to the heights of the turnbuckle. He positions himself for a springing maneuver, but before he can leave his feet, Willis yanks himself up and hits the ropes, causing Dan to fall onto the turnbuckle! Dan takes a hard tumble, dropping backwards into the tree of woe and hanging upside-down from the ‘buckle. Willis, recovering, moves in, kicking at Dan a couple of times. He steps back, using his hands to aim his next shot. He comes in, jumping and waiting until the last possible second to shoot his legs out, dropkicking the helpless wrestler! Dan takes the hit and comes off the ‘buckle, falling to the mat in a lot of pain, as Willis scoots over to him and waves for Bell to make the count… 1… 2… and Bell stops counting, seeing that Dan has both grabbed the ropes with one hand and put his foot out underneath them.*

Logan: Willis needs to get Dangerous Dan a little further towards the center of the ring if he wants to get the win here today.

Jones: True, although I understand why he went for the quick cover. You never know what move will be the one that incapacitates your opponent for long enough to win.

Logan: Yeah. Any move could do it. He trips, you should go for the pin!

*Willis is back up now, allowing Dangerous Dan to use his own strength to pull himself up. As soon as Dan gets up, hanging onto the ropes for support, Willis comes up from behind and attempts a roll-up, grabbing Dan around the middle. Dan has the ropes in hand, though, and is able to hold on, sending Willis sprawling back on his own instead. Willis does a quick roll and tries to run right back in to keep the momentum on his side, but Dangerous Dan is ready for him, dropping his shoulder and sending Willis out of the ring. Willis just barely manages to land on the apron, hanging onto the ropes, but this is only a momentary reprieve, as Dan comes in, ramming his shoulder into Willis’ gut through the ropes! Willis hangs onto the ropes but gasps in pain. Dan, sensing opportunity, grabs hold of his foe and locks him in, lifting him back into the ring with a suplex! Dan then tries a pin… 1… 2… and Willis gets his shoulder free.*

Jones: This one has been a good contest so far. It’s strange that I’m looking at Dangerous Dan as a veteran, but after several months of competition in the GCWA, he’s certainly earning that distinction.

Logan: Oh, yeah. So many guys haven’t lasted near as long. Caid Austin, Amazing Lee, Kevin Conner…

Jones: Yes, all of those…

Logan: Rogie Nocturne, Axl Rhude, Ty Fierce, Chad Vargas…

Jones: Ok, that’s enough…

Logan: Jay-Mack Youth, the Paynes, Annie Alvarez, Makorpal…

Jones: Geez, Anthony, give it a rest! Suffice to say, Dangerous Dan is still one of our youngest and brightest stars, but he’s clearly also gaining in experience each and every week he’s here.

*Referee Bell stays back, making sure he’s not in the way, as the fight continues. Willis drags himself up, a little dazed. He turns, as Dangerous Dan comes running in, leaping up with a flying clothesline! Willis drops to the ground, in bad shape, while Dan recovers himself from the exertion. He looks to the ropes again, springing off the middle rope and coming back around with a leg drop, then makes another cover… 1… 2… and Willis kicks out again! Dangerous Dan complains to the referee, but Bell signals that it wasn’t even that close for it to be controversial. Dan shakes his head and reaches down to pick up Willis, but then stops. He’s looking off into the distance, while the crowd begins to heat up. Standing on the top of the ramp is Scott Caine! The man has his arms crossed and is simply staying where he is, a strange look on his face. It’s a mixture of rage and pain. Dangerous Dan walks to the ropes, even as referee Bell tries to tell him to continue the match.*

Jones: Uh oh, we might have trouble here! After all, Caine beat Dangerous Dan a few weeks ago thanks to an illegal tactic, and then Dan cost Caine his X Division Title Match against the Big Bifford at the pay-per-view!

Logan: Well, if they’re going to brawl, one of them is going to have to eventually head towards the other. We can’t have a staring contest as a match. Can we? Damn, that’d be cool, though, wouldn’t it?

Jones: Anthony, don’t forget, you’re still a little drunk.

Logan: Not a good idea, then? Ok, forget I mentioned it.

*Dan shoots a few words Caine’s way, something about “getting even”, then turns around to go back to Willis. He grabs at Willis’ hair, but as he’s bringing him upwards, Willis reaches for Dan’s head, then uses gravity, getting a jawbreaker! Dangerous Dan staggers backwards, his front and bottom teeth having met in a very painful manner. He tries to recover, but Willis is already coming in, getting a running splash into him that takes Dan to the mat for a pin! 1…. 2…. And Dan kicks out, avoiding the loss! Scott Caine is still standing on the rampway, whatever plans he had seemingly faded. He is just watching now. From behind him, Crazy Chris suddenly appears, angrily spinning Caine around! He threatens to punch at Caine, but Caine shakes his head and turns his back, walking away from Chris! He departs through the curtains, as Chris, a little surprised, opts not to follow. Instead, he heads for the ring to root on his brother.*

Jones: What was that about? I thought Caine was going to get involved for sure!

Logan: Maybe he just wanted to distract Dangerous Dan?

Jones: I don’t know, it didn’t seem that way. It’s like he had a change of heart or something. It was definitely strange.

*Willis has Dan back up now, as Crazy Chris reaches ringside, pounding the apron. Willis laughs at the brother arriving ‘just in time’, as he sets to lift Dangerous Dan with the Anarchy Slam. Dan fights against it, though, managing to pull himself free. He grabs Willis’ arm and shoots him towards the ropes, with Willis coming back and ducking under the attempted clothesline. He jumps up as he reaches the other side, springboarding up and coming back with his legs extended, trying for a flying hurricanrana! But Dan manages to readjust as Willis lands on him, flipping Willis back down with a powerbomb variation!!! Crazy Chris yells out, telling his brother to finish it up, as Dangerous Dan pulls himself together. He gets up, grabbing at Willis and positioning him in place for the Danger Zone! Willis can’t get free, as he’s plowed to the canvas!! Dangerous Dan makes the pin, with referee Bell moving in to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Dangerous Dan!

*Crazy Chris enters the ring and celebrates with his brother, giving him a manly hug before raising his tired arm in the air.*

Jones: Good to see Dangerous Dan back on the winning track. This could just be the start on their road back to gold, Anthony.

Logan: Dangerous Dan managed to get past the distraction of Scott Caine and get himself a victory. Pretty cool, man, although tough break for Mikey Willis. I thought the guy did alright in this one, but Dangerous Dan was just too focused on winning.

*The Danger Boiz head out from the ring, their heads held high. They stop to talk to some fans in the front row, as we cut away, going to the Presidential office one more time. The Accelerator is there, taking a deep breath as he lifts up a rather large briefcase.*

The Accelerator: Ok, then. Here we go.

*The Accelerator heads out through the open door, briefcase in hand, where the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3, is already waiting for him. The two head out as we fade to the final commercial break.*

*We come back to ringside, as “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm is already playing. The Accelerator comes out to a nice ovation from the crowd. Titan 3 walks out after him, almost getting a larger reaction, which goes unnoticed by the President. They make their way towards the ring.*

Jones: It’s time for us to learn what’s happening with the company, in the President’s State of the GCWA address!

Logan: Man, I really don’t know how I feel about working for ODJ again. I mean, sure, he paid alright and I did well over there, but…

Jones: Hold onto your emotions just a little longer, Anthony, and maybe we’ll learn why ODJ is actually here.

*The President goes to the center of the ring and raises up his mic, ready to speak as the crowd grows quieter.*

The Accelerator: Hello there, guys and gals. Having a good night?

*The crowd cheers, happy with what’s taken place so far, although they’re always wanting more.*

The Accelerator: Alright, well, let’s get down to business. First off, I wanted to make note of what Lurrr & the Roman Empire decided to do earlier today.

*Boos echo throughout the arena.*

The Accelerator: Lurrr seems to believe that attacking my staff is all it takes to boss me around. Well, Lurrr, first off, I’m issuing a $50,000 fine to you for your blatant attack on Cynthia Hall, a non-combatant. I’m also issuing a $25,000 fine each to Rick Mathis and Warrick Hill for their participation. I expect all three of those fines to be paid before the week is out, because Cynthia will need her medical bills taken care of! If I do not receive the money, well, that’s called a breach of contract, isn’t it? Which means I can fire your *bleeping* asses!

*The crowd is excited. Clearly, they’d love that to be the result.*

Logan: Don’t wait for him to attack someone else, Ace. Fire him, send him packing! Man, I’d LOVE to be here for that! I’d just give him a little wave and watch as he gets thrown outta here!

The Accelerator: Now, as for the ‘demand’ you’ve issued to me… well, I don’t take demands, Lurrr. I am the one who makes all the decisions around here, and I don’t give a *bleep* what power you seem to think you have. Now, with that said, you do have a contract stipulation giving you a rematch whenever you lose a title. Since you seem all fired up about facing the Big Bifford, I’m setting up a match for two weeks from tonight. On that night, the Big Bifford will defend his X Division Title against you. Just to prevent all the outside interference that took place the last time you guys fought, though, I figure we’ll have ourselves a little “Xtreme Cage” Match to keep out the riffraff! So you guys have a week to get the weapons submitted to me to be housed inside the cage. Good luck with your selections, because you will most likely need every single one. Oh, and Lurrr? If you attack another one of my workers next week, consider that title shot gone for good, as will be your job!

Jones: An Xtreme Cage match? Incredible!

Logan: Oh, yeah, man, I can’t wait! Bifford doesn’t have to escape or anything!

The Accelerator: Now, let’s talk about Shane Donovan. *boos cover him up for a second* Ok, ok, guys, calm down. Like it or not, Donovan is in possession of the World Title right now. Of course, that does NOT mean that he has the right to determine who he faces! *cheers* Donovan, I made Derek Mobley, one of the most popular men in wrestling today, wrestle a Fatal Fourway match against the toughest S.O.B.s in the company. Why would you think I’d allow you to make decisions?

*The Accelerator walks to the side, taking a moment to think things through. He has the look of making a tough decision on his face.*

The Accelerator: Earlier tonight, my man Derek lost it a little bit. He really took it to Dean, and while the prick probably deserved it, I can’t be partial to one side or the other. With that said, Derek Mobley is hereby fined $50,000 as well. He’s also suspended until he can show me that he is back in the right frame of mind.

*Now the crowd isn’t very happy, throwing a few items into the ring in protest. The Accelerator waits for them to calm down a little.*

Logan: Derek is suspended? Aw, damnit…

The Accelerator: With Derek out of the race for now, Shane Donovan needs himself a new #1 Contender. And you know what, Shane? You decided to run your big mouth earlier and call a few people out. One of those you mentioned is the undefeated Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion! *cheers* Well, I talked to Marcus earlier tonight, and after thinking about it, Marcus accepted my offer. Which means I’m making Marcus Ka’Derrion the #1 Contender to the World Title as of tonight!!

*The crowd explodes, happy to see Ka’Derrion finally getting his World Title opportunity.*

The Accelerator: I hope you’re ready, Shane, because your mouth may have just bitten off more than it can chew. Alright, next up I’ve got a little business to announce. Next week, we’re having ourselves a special little match. It’s one that a couple of people have been really calling for, and you know what? I like to keep people happy. So next week, we’re going to have ourselves a little “Battle Royal”! *cheers* It will involve many of our younger stars fighting to make a name for themselves, and it will have a very special prize.

*Ace reaches down and picks up the briefcase, popping it open. Inside is a championship title!! The President raises it up for all to see.*

The Accelerator: This here is the GCWA Television Title, last held by Michael “The Man” Breaker many years ago! I’ve decided that the Inferno shows needed an addition, so I am reinstating this belt and giving it to the winner of the Battle Royal! *more cheers* Now, this is NOT an easy belt to hold, as the rule states that this belt will be up for grabs at every television taping. You will have to work harder than ever to hang onto it, but it will also build you as a champion. Good luck to whoever gets it!

*Ace sets the belt back into the briefcase and closes it up, keeping it safe.*

Jones: A new title? A new #1 Contender? We are bursting at the seams here, and we still haven’t gotten to the part I’m most interested about!

The Accelerator: Now, onto the final business of the night. I have an announcement to make, but to do that, I need a special individual out to the ring. You back there, ODJ?

*All of the fans turn towards the entryway, as the ICWF theme song begins to play! ODJ’s image appears on the Titon Tron, as the legendary owner comes out of the back and towards the ring, smiling broadly.*

Jones: Oh dear.

Logan: I knew it! Now the only question is who gets Jonesy’s parking space once Paco takes over!

Jones: Yes, I…. Hey!

*ODJ enters the ring and shakes Ace’s hand, then moves to stand behind him. He acknowledges Titan 3 as well, as the two have their own history. The Accelerator smiles and goes back to work.*

The Accelerator: ODJ is here for one important purpose: he is the one who signed the contract allowing me to make my announcement here today. On Sunday, May 17th, 2009, we will be having our next pay-per-view. This will be where Shane Donovan and Marcus Ka’Derrion officially meet for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship Match. But it is also going to be a very unique night for the rest of the GCWA, because I am bringing back a legacy! I am bringing back a great tradition! I am bringing back Ultimate Survival!!

*The crowd gives a minor roar, as any fans of the ICWF know what this means. Many, though, are a little puzzled.*

The Accelerator: You see, in the ICWF, ODJ here came up with the concept of Ultimate Survival. This will be a series of “elimination” matches between the wrestlers of the GCWA, 3 people on each team, 3-on-3 action. The survivors of each match will then face off in the “Ultimate Survival” final match, where only one man will walk out the winner with the coveted Ultimate Survival ring!

*The Accelerator holds up his hand, showing off the ring that is on his finger. It’s the US ring that he got when he won the “ICWF Ultimate Survival” series in 2000.*

Jones: Ultimate Survival!! Wow!! How must it feel to have one of those gold rings around your finger??

Logan: Ummm, yeah, it feels pretty good, actually.

*Anthony shows off his ring from 2001 to Jonesy, as the Accelerator continues to talk.*

The Accelerator: To go along with this ring, the winner will also receive a substantial monetary reward and will become the new #1 Contender for whoever walks out of the PPV with the World Title!

*The crowd is animated at all the possible winners there could be. ODJ and Titan 3 are now talking, possibly reliving old times, as the Accelerator continues to smile.*

The Accelerator: Your team captains will be announced soon, and will have the next few weeks to assemble your teams! This could be the best chance many of you in the locker rooms have at getting the #1 Contender spot! Believe it, boyos!

*The Accelerator drops the mic and goes over to join ODJ and Titan 3, as the crowd continues to roar.*

Jones: What a series of announcements! The GCWA is on its way to another level, Anthony!

Logan: It’s going to be a great ride, Jonesy! A great ride indeed!

Jones: We are out of time, so we’ll see you all next week!

*The picture focuses on the three hall-of-fame caliber stars in the ring, as the picture slowly fades out. We cut away and head once more to the backstage area, where a person can be seen, watching the festivities. It’s Lurrr, along with the rest of the Roman Empire. Lurrr nods, apparently having gotten everything he could possibly want from the announcements. He shuts off the television and walks away, waving for Rick Mathis to follow him. Hill’s already gone, having headed to the hospital with Dean. The two men walk down the hall, leaving the building, as someone can be seen following behind them. The picture fades out before we can see who it is, and the credits begin to roll.*

OOC: It turned out to be a much harder card than I expected, but there it is, hopefully a success in everyone's eyes! I know I had fun building up some of the storylines. If anyone has any questions for me, let me know. Here's next week's card:

- Harvey Danger vs. Draco

- Tommy "The Fury" Crimson vs. The Ice Man

- 6-Man Battle Royal For GCWA Television Title, involving Crazy Chris/Dangerous Dan (only one Danger Boi allowed), Scott Caine, Mr. Excellent, Mon-E, Robert Santana, and Mikey Willis

- Contract Signing Between Shane Donovan and Marcus Ka'Derrion

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