*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, with the World Title around his waist, smiling at the camera. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The camera moves over the crowd, an excited bunch that are screaming their heads off. Several can be seen in “TLS” gear throughout the audience, as a possible homage to the legendary wrestler. Signs are everywhere, from “Die Deano Die” to “Danger is my Middle Name, Can I Join The Danger Boiz too?” We zoom in to the announce table, where Jones & Logan are ready to begin the live broadcast.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to GCWA’s Friday Night Inferno! We’re only a week away from Blood On The Battlefield III, which is guaranteed to be one of the greatest pay-per-views in this company’s history!

Logan: Yeah, man, especially due to the main event of the show! After weeks of contendership matches, we now know our four competitors, as Derek Mobley will be putting the GCWA World Title on the line against three other men: Shane Donovan, Lurrr, & The Ice Man!

Jones: That would be a hell of a test on its own, but Mobley’s also still dealing with the betrayal of many of his allies here in the GCWA, including his long-time partner, Warrick Hill. What mindset is Derek in? Will he be able to walk out of BOTB with the championship, or is his long reign finally over?

Logan: Tonight, we’ll get a little taste of what’s to come, as the four men are involved in a tag-team match, pitting Mobley & The Ice Man against Donovan & Lurrr. I doubt any of the four truly trust their partners, but they’ll have to get along tonight if they want the victory!

Jones: But what’s more important, Anthony? Winning tonight, or making sure your partner gets so injured that he’s not 100 percent at the PPV?

Logan: That’s the question those guys have to answer. No matter what happens, it’s got to be a very intriguing match!

Jones: We’ve also got a few other exciting matches for you tonight, including Marcus Ka’Derrion, the Wrestler of the Month, taking on the Rookie of the Month, Harvey Danger, in a “Non-Title” Match. I believe this will be the first time the two award winners for the previous month have faced off. Who will come out on top?

Logan: Don’t forget Scott Caine vs. Dangerous Dan, Jonesy. That has the potential to steal the show!

Jones: That it does, Anthony. First, before we begin the night, we wanted to address what happened last week during our broadcast.

*A quick replay from last week runs, showing The Lost Soul wrestling against Derek Mobley. The clips show The Lost Soul’s winces from obvious pain, as he continued the match, finishing up with TLS’ collapse from the top turnbuckle. Mobley is shown waving for medics to come down, with Anthony Logan entering the ring as well. TLS is taken to the hospital, as the clip fades out.*

Logan: That was a seriously scary situation, man. I’ve known a few older guys who have actually died while trying to wrestle a match. I was afraid the same thing was happening last week. Fortunately, it looks like The Lost Soul pulled through.

Jones: Yes, all reports seem to state that TLS is doing fine, having recovered from his health scare. However, for all intents and purposes, you can bet that he’s not going to be signed to wrestle at the PPV, or for any other matches, for at least a while.

Logan: Which is a good thing. I mean, I’m a huge fan of The Lost Soul. We’ve gone at it in the past. But sometimes you just have to know your limitations, step back, and let others take over, y’know?

Jones: With that being said, we’ve got a lot of action to get to here tonight, as we continue to head towards Blood On The Battlefield! Let’s get to our first…

Logan: Hold on, Jonesy. I’m being told by one of our cameraman that there is a celebrity in the audience tonight!

Jones: There is? Who is it? Tom Hanks? Donald Trump? Oh, please say it’s Scarlett Johansson!

*The camera pans around the audience, finally focusing on the man sitting near the front row.*

Jones: Wait a second, that’s…

Logan: Paco! Paco’s here!!

Jones: Paco Perez, the former ICWF color commentator? What on earth is he doing here? And, wait, who listed him as a celebrity??

Logan: Hey, man, don’t knock “The Drinking Time Bomb”, man! The dude’s my idol! Every time I’m preparing for a show, I think, what would Paco do?

Jones: I still am interested to know why he’s here, but oh well. Hope he enjoys the show! Let’s get to it!

Minos: Our first match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is still seeking his first victory inside a GCWA ring, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, here is Mikey Willis!

*Mikey comes out of the back as “No 5” by Hollywood Undead plays behind him. He still has bruises across his face as well as a black eye from what he has endured this week, earning him a few respectful cheers from the crowd. He enters the ring, looking determined to come through.*

Jones: Willis continues to have bad weeks since he joined the GCWA. First, he lost his mother, apparently to a murderer. Now his best friend, Kenny, has been kidnapped.

Logan: They kidnapped Kenny!?! You bastards!!

Minos: And now, his opponent, making his GCWA debut, standing 6’1” and weighing 205 lbs, from Portland, Oregon, here is Jeb The Male Cheerleader!

*The audience stands up and looks, curious as to who this new addition to the federation is. They continue to wonder, as no one seems to be coming out, even as the theme music to “Bring It On” blasts through the speakers. The music continues to play without any wrestlers appearing, as Mikey watches carefully for any signs of ambush.*

Logan: Everyone’s been wondering about this guy, if he’ll be worth anything.

Jones: He won’t be if he doesn’t even show up! Where is this guy?

*The music stops, as an attendant runs down to talk to Minos. Minos does not look pleased, although Mikey Willis looks estatic.*

Minos: I have just been informed that Jeb The Male Cheerleader never showed up for tonight’s match. Therefore, due to his disappearance, the winner of this match, via forfeit, Mikey Willis!

Logan: Damn. That just sucks.

*Minos, disappointed, steps out of the ring, allowing Willis to celebrate his first official victory in the GCWA. Willis is jumping around like he just won a World Title.*

Jones: Willis sure looks happy.

Logan: Well, I mean, didn’t I hear Andy Halerman say that if Mikey wins and Crimson wins, Halerman will let Kenny go? So, I mean, Mikey won. He didn’t do much for it, but he definitely got the victory.

Jones: How ironic is it that Mikey Willis now has to depend on Tommy Crimson to help him?

*As Mikey Willis starts to leave the ring, content to have a night off AND a free financial boost, we head backstage, to one of the wrestling locker room hallways. People are going back and forth, as usual, in the midst of a live television show. The camera moves down the hall, focusing on one specific person: Harvey Danger. He is decked out in his usual clothes, with one exception: the home-made Danger Championship around his waist. As he walks, it slides around, nearly coming loose at one point, with Danger having to re-secure it in back. He’s got a handful of flyers in his hand, as he moves by each doorway, sliding the piece of paper under the door. He also hands them to a couple of ladies walking by, earning some strange glances as they read the notes. Danger leans over to place another one under a door, when it suddenly swings open. Standing there, looking down at Danger, is the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator.*

The Accelerator: Harvey? What the hell are you doing?

*Harvey tries a small grin, trying to think of something to say. He doesn’t come up with anything, so he throws the flyers into the air and takes off, racing down the hall. He bangs into several people, saying “Excuse me” as he does so, trying to make the quickest exit he can. The Accelerator shakes his head, then reaches down and picks up one of the flyers.*

The Accelerator: I can’t believe he’s still wearing that piece of trash around his waist. *sigh* Let’s see what we’ve got here.

*The Accelerator starts reading the flyer. You can see from the side that the flyer has a big grinning picture of Harvey Danger on the front, with his Danger Title prominently displayed. It looks like it’s been touched up by Photoshop, making it look like more of a real championship.*

The Accelerator: “Looking to win a title? Join me, the world-famous GCWA Danger Champion, Harvey Danger, at Blood On The Battlefield!” Good grief.

*Ace crumples up the flyer and tosses it to the side, leaving the clean-up crew something else to pick up after the show. He goes back into his office, thinking about the Danger Title, as we fade to our first commercial break.*

*We’re back from the commercials, heading into the backstage area once again. Cynthia Hall is standing by.*

Cynthia Hall – Hello I am Cynthia Hall and I have a special guest with me tonight. He is the new manager of Scott Caine. Benji Sampson.

Benji Sampson – Thank you Cynthia I’m glad to be here.

Cynthia Hall – I was hoping to talk to Scott Caine himself but Benji insisted that he was the one to talk to tonight.

Benji Sampson – Scott’s got a big match tonight against Dangerous Dan. I didn’t want him to be distracted from that match. But you can ask me whatever you want gorgeous.

Cynthia Hall – Everyone is talking about Caine hitting Bifford with a chair shot last week. Does Caine have any explanation for why he did that?

Benji Sampson – Its easy Cynthia. He hit Bifford because the man was in his way of getting to Lurrr. Scott knows that Lurrr will want the X title back. If Scott can get it from Bifford before they fight Lurrr will have to face Scott for the belt instead.

Cynthia Hall – Is Scott going to challenge Bifford for the X title at the payperview?

Benji Sampson – I have already talked to the president to get him to agree to the match. Caine will beat Dangerous Dan tonight. He will beat the Big Bifford at the payperview. And I will be managing a champion again.

Cynthia Hall – People are saying that by you managing Scott Caine he’s becoming a worse person. Do you think you are a bad influence on Scott Caine?

Benji Sampson – No I am not. With my help Caine is on his way to a championship match. Why would that make me a bad influence? Caine is just learning his potential from me.

Cynthia Hall – So there is no truth to the rumor that you have been training him to cheat?

Benji Sampson – Look Cynthia I would love to stay and chat about meaningless things but I need to get back to Scott and talk about more strategy for his match against Dangerous Dan. Thank you.

*Benji turns and leaves Cynthia going back to his locker room. Cynthia looks at the camera.

Cynthia Hall – That was Benji Sampson the new manager of Scott Caine. Back to you guys.

*Cynthia fades away, to be replaced by Jones. Scary, I know, but you get used to ol’ Jonesy. The camera zooms out to allow us to see both Jones and Logan seated at the broadcast desk.*

Logan: I tell you, I don’t like that sniveling pencil-neck geek. He has really warped Scott Caine’s mind.

Jones: He does have a good point, though, in saying that if he got Caine a title fight at the PPV, he’s doing a good job.

Logan: Hey, Caine could have done it without Sampson’s help! He’s a great up-and-comer! But if he keeps taking the shortcuts instead of the long road, he’s going to miss out on his own greatness!

Jones: Well, we’ll have to keep an eye on that, Anthony. For now, we’ve got more matches on tap!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will have a 10-minute time limit. First, making his debut in the GCWA tonight, he stands 5’11” and weighs 150 lbs, from parts unknown, he is Andy Halerman!

*The audience doesn’t really know Halerman, but that doesn’t stop them from ruthlessly booing him as he walks out. Halerman flexes his arms back and forth, stretching, while whipping the hair back out of his face. He’s joined by two other men, known only as Andrew and Aaron. They walk to the ring with confidence.*

Jones: We really don’t know much about Mr. Halerman, other than that apparently he has a connection with Mikey Willis. Hey, do you think Halerman was the man who killed Mikey’s mother?

Logan: Who cares? I just want to see if he can wrestle!

Jones: Dude, that was cold. The guy’s mother died, for crying out loud!

Logan: Alright, alright, sorry, man. I’m just pumped up for the main event, I guess. I want to get to it as fast as possible!

Minos: His opponent has won three matches in a row and is planning to continue that streak heading into Blood On The Battlefield III. Standing 6’4” and weighing in at 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is the leader of Organized Chaos, Tommy Crimson!

*Crimson comes out as always to “Head Up” by the Deftones, ignoring the reaction of the crowd. He is flanked by Super Creep and sEizure as he comes to the ring, staring straight at Andy Halerman’s face with disrespect.*

Jones: Crimson put another star in the hospital this week, as he delivered the Fury to Conan O’Brien on live television. We’re lucky he thought ahead this time and got a signed statement saying that the GCWA could not be sued, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah. I’ve always been more of a Letterman fan, anyway.

Jones: Crimson made a huge impact last week on Inferno. First he put Caid Austin through a table with the Flaming Ball From Hell, putting him out indefinitely. After that, Crimson took his Organized Chaos partners over to the hospital, putting a beating down on Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Y’know, the more I look at these guys, the more I see that they’re a major threat to this federation. Organized Chaos really could break out as a danger to everyone as the days go by.

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Good to see that Mark Bell’s been put in charge of refereeing this one.

Jones: Are you still concerned about Thomas Mitchell’s affiliation with Organized Chaos, Anthony? It’s been weeks now since we’ve had any incidents, and the official GCWA investigation came up with no evidence that Mitchell works for Crimson or Severity.

Logan: So it still can’t be proved. That doesn’t mean that he’s not guilty.

Jones: Ever hear of innocent until proven guilty? It’s kind of a standard in these parts…

*Referee Bell waves the two men forward, signaling the beginning of the bout. Crimson walks forward out of his corner, approaching Halerman with no fear in his eyes. Halerman matches his gaze, clearly not intimidated. Crimson points at Halerman’s chest, talking to him, apparently offering him one more chance to join up with Organized Chaos. Halerman looks down at the finger poking him, then seems to be thinking. He then lashes out, slapping Crimson across the face!! Crimson takes a step back, not bothering to rub at his jaw, as Halerman, laughing along with his two partners-in-crime on the outside. Crimson laughs, too, causing Halerman’s humor to fade slightly. Crimson turns away, still laughing… and then continues to spin, snapping a kick into Halerman’s gut! Halerman bends over in shock, allowing Crimson to wrap his leg around Halerman’s neck and spin him down, rolling the dice!*

Jones: Ouch! Looks like Crimson’s going to show Halerman what a mistake he has just made!

Logan: Well, Crimson did offer Halerman a spot in his stable earlier this week, but Halerman said he was sticking with his guys instead, calling them the Suicide Gods.

Jones: Sounds like a perfect name. I think a lot of people would deem slapping Tommy Crimson in the face as a form of suicide.

*Crimson pulls the smaller wrestler to his feet, looking him in the face before returning the earlier slap, leaving a large red mark on Halerman’s face. Halerman stumbles away, then comes back with a right hand, but Crimson blocks it. The veteran then smacks Halerman in the jaw, stunning him, before stepping forward and locking him up. Crimson lifts, taking Halerman over with a vertical suplex, doing some more damage. He gets up, seemingly enjoying himself. Behind Crimson, though, Aaron has gotten up on the apron, reaching for him! Referee Bell is alertly keeping an eye out, though, as he steps forward, yelling for Aaron to get down or else he’s going to end the match right then and there! Aaron argues with him, trying to claim some illegal tactics on Crimson’s part. Crimson goes back over to Halerman, ignoring the complaints. He reaches down, trying to pull Halerman up, but Halerman lashes out, scoring a low blow!! Crimson folds to the ground, all thoughts of the match driven from his mind in one flash of agony.*

Logan: Yeow! What a punch!

Jones: Nothing evens up the playing field quicker than that! If Halerman can take advantage of this, we might have an upset on the way!

Logan: We’ll see. Right now all I’m thinking about is that we need to re-introduce the thought of always wearing a cup when you’re inside a wrestling ring…

Jones: Indeed.

*Halerman is back on his feet, already going on the attack by stomping on Crimson a few times. He pulls his opponent back up, sending Crimson into the ropes, then taking him down with a dropkick to the face, putting Crimson on the canvas. Super Creep is watching from the outside, as usual showing little to no emotion, while sEizure tries to get her, I mean, his boss fired up and back in it. Halerman isn’t letting Crimson get any momentum back, though, as he brings him into the corner and bangs Crimson’s head against the ‘buckles. He lets Crimson fall backwards to the mat, then starts to climb up, heading to high-risk territory. Halerman looks down at everyone from above, standing like he’s on solid ground instead of two narrow ropes. He springs off the ropes, spinning around with a corkscrew splash, but Crimson gets out of the way! Halerman rolls on the canvas as Crimson works to get back up, even as the fans continue to struggle on who to cheer for in this one.*

Logan: Rookie mistake by Halerman there, as he went up top way too early against a veteran like Crimson. Odds are Tommy was playing possum, waiting to see what Halerman was going to do.

Jones: Crimson always knows how to work the mind games in a match like this. He knows when to stay in place and when to keep moving. Still, I doubt he faked the pain from that low blow he took.

Logan: Nope, that would be impossible to fake. Crimson’s going to be hurting all weekend from that shot!

*Halerman is back on his feet, trying to find Crimson to get back in control, but Crimson’s already charging him, hitting a spinning flying forearm to the head! Halerman drops to his knees, then his back, bent out of shape from the strike. Crimson gets himself up, still walking a little gently, but he’s definitely not laughing now. He grabs Halerman by the roots of his hair and yanks it up with little remorse for the pain he’s causing. With Halerman’s head in hand, Crimson starts smashing him with his knee, bashing Halerman’s skull again and again! He finally lets go, shoving Halerman back. The dazed wrestler comes off the ropes and stumbles forward, as Crimson leaps up, getting the Buzz Kill!!! Halerman is down and out as Crimson makes the cover…. 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

Jones: Another victory by Crimson, which really has him on a roll going into the pay-per-view! Could he be the first man to beat Marcus Ka’Derrion and win the Intercontinental Title?

Logan: It’ll take a lot to beat Marcus, Jonesy, and assuming he’s recovered enough to win tonight against Harvey Danger, I’m sure he’ll be more than ready to take the fight to Crimson.

Jones: Well, it’s definitely a match to look forward to… wait a second, what’s going on? I thought we were done!

*On the other side of the ring, a brawl has broken out, as Super Creep has thrown Aaron bodily into the turnbuckle post, while sEizure is punching away at Andrew. In the ring, Crimson is grinning, watching as Andy Halerman tries to pull himself up. Crimson is ready for him, grabbing Halerman by the head and delivering the Fury!! Halerman is out cold, laying out on the floor. Referee Bell tries to argue with Crimson, but quickly retreats when Crimson threatens to lay him out as well. Super Creep & sEizure enter the ring, as Crimson starts to shout orders, pointing towards Halerman. Super Creep immediately moves towards him, picking up Halerman and holding the smaller wrestler on his shoulder. Super Creep& sEizure head out, carrying Halerman towards the back, as Crimson goes to get himself a mic.*

Jones: Where are they taking Halerman?

Logan: I can guarantee it’s not going to be a good place, Jonesy. Halerman better wake up and try to escape soon, or we may not see him again!

*As the rest of Organized Chaos departs, Crimson starts to speak in the ring.*

Tommy Crimson: I warned Andy Halerman of the consequences, did I not? But he decided to fight back. Fine. The decision has been made and he’s now another casualty of the Organized Chaos Hit List. But I want to talk about the man at the top of our list. Marcus, you’ve already gotten a taste of what it means to be against Organized Chaos. Next week at Blood On The Battlefield, you’re going to get more than a taste. I will be taking you out myself, ending your miracle streak of victories and putting you off the active wrestlers list! Your legacy as the Punisher’s son will not be enough to save you, Marcus.

*Crimson turns away from the crowd, continuing to speak about Marcus Ka’Derrion’s destruction. As he looks away, though, someone jumps over the railing on the outside of the ring. *

Jones: Did a fan just jump the railing?

Logan: No, it’s Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*Marcus slides under the bottom rope carrying a red can of some sort. He waits for Crimson who has his back to him, just now realizing that the fans are cheering too much to be anything related to what he is saying. He turns at the same time Marcus moves, smacking Crimson upside the head with the can, knocking him down. *

Jones: Marcus took down Crimson with a vicious shot! What is that he hit him with?

Logan: Looks like a gasoline can, but I could be wrong…

*Marcus drops the can down and quickly slides to the outside. He looks under the ring and pulls out a table! The crowd cheers loudly as he sets it up and places it right next to the ring. Crimson starts to come around and Marcus slides back in the ring and then waits for Crimson to get to his feet. He does, stumbling right unto Marcus who lifts him and drops him with The Punisher! *

Jones: Marcus drops Crimson a second time and you have to wonder what kind of plans he has with that table on the outside.

Logan: Whatever they are, they can’t be good for Crimson!

*Marcus grabs the can and the raises it up in the air, causing the fans to cheer loudly as they see that the word “gas” is written on it. Marcus walks towards the ropes, opens the can and then begins to pour the gasoline all over the table. *

Jones: Oh no!

Logan: I was right! It is gasoline!

*Marcus then jumps to the outside and ask the fans for a lighter. A woman has one but she won’t give it to Marcus, instead, she puts it between her cleavage and asks him to get it. He looks around at the crowd and they all cheer him on. Marcus reaches for it, with his mouth! The crowd goes wild but some are taken back, not having seen this side of Marcus before. The woman of course goes wild and Marcus just laughs it off. *

Logan: Uh, I need a light too!

Jones: Settle down Logan!

*Marcus flicks the lighter at the table and it catches on fire right away! The fans cheer loudly and are all on their feet, expecting something big. Marcus then gets inside the ring and brings Crimson to his feet but Crimson surprises him with a thumb to the eye. Crimson then grabs Marcus and whips him to the ropes. Marcus bounces off, no, he hangs on to the ropes. Crimson stumbles towards him but Marcus gives him a kick to the mid section. Crimson doubles over and Marcus quickly hooks him between his legs, lifts him up and holds him in a crucifix position! He then turns towards the burning table and sends Crimson crashing through it!! *

Jones: Pain-bomb! Pain-bomb on Crimson through the burning table!!

Logan: And he doesn’t have his protective jacket on, so he’s going to get seriously burned there!

*The fans start the classic “Holy *bleep*!” chant as Marcus looks down at Crimson who is being hosed down by the ref who had the fire extinguisher ready. Marcus jumps out of the ring, and looks like he wants to do more damage, but Organized Chaos comes running down the ramp, having left Halerman behind, prompting the Intercontinental Champion to make an escape through the crowd. *

Jones: Well Marcus Ka’Derrion gets some payback on Crimson for his attack last week!

Logan: He sure did and are we really watching the evolution of Marcus Ka’Derrion or what? He’s taking on the big dogs and not afraid to mix it up.

Jones: I thought that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a sound technical wrestler, but Marcus is going down another path. An extreme path!

Logan: He’s definitely taking on the hardcore Jones. First Twiztid and now Crimson. I don’t know if the youngster is biting more than he can chew though.

*Super Creep and sEizure check on Crimson, who is obviously hurting from the strike he just took. Crimson’s been through more than enough burning tables, though, having developed a thick skin. He is already trying to move towards the back, hurting with every step, as the medics run down to try and check on him. Crimson angrily tries to push past them, prompting Super Creep to take action, sending a medic flying backwards! The other medics don’t push their luck, darting away, as we slowly fade to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break and go backstage where Cynthia Hall can be seen standing in from of Derek Mobley’s locker room. She has a mic in her hand and is waiting for Mobley to emerge.*

Cynthia Hall: Hey everyone, I’ve been granted an exclusive backstage interview with GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Derek Mobley tonight! The charismatic, fun loving superstar has had a rough time over the past month and, as a result, has avoided all interviews...until tonight...

*Suddenly, the door to Derek’s locker room opens and the champ emerges, dressed out and ready for his match. His World Title is fastened, securely, around his waist. Mobley sees Cynthia and stands next to her, ready and willing for the interview. Cynthia speaks.*

Cynthia Hall: Hey there, champ...big win last week against one of your long time rivals, The Lost Soul. Tonight, you will be in the ring with your three opponents at Blood on the Battlefield III...two will be your opponents while one will be your ally. Any thoughts as to how this might prepare you for next week?

Derek Mobley: Oh, I don’t know, Cynthia...this isn’t my first time in a wrestling ring with Shane Donovan or Ice Man...so I pretty much know what to expect as far as they’re concerned. Lurrr, on the other hand, will be competing against me for the first time in our careers...so, it’ll, I guess help to get into the ring with him and try to learn a bit about his style, attitude and so forth.

Cynthia Hall: What about the Empire? In recent weeks they have really taken their toll on you, emotionally...wrecking the only real wrestling friendships you’ve ever had. Do you see that coming into play tonight and, more importantly, next week at Blood on the Battlefield?

Derek Mobley: I’d be an idiot to not expect it to come into play, Cynthia. You don’t go out and recruit the likes of Dean and Warrick Hill unless you’re planning on it to pay off sometime down the road. And, I know a lot of people are freaking out, thinking that Warrick or Dean is going to be at ringside, distracting me, maybe interfering a little bit in order to give Lurrr the upper hand...and, that may very well be the case. But, what people don’t understand, Dean and Warrick know me better than anyone else...they know what I’m thinking every step of the way. You better believe that Lurrr is learning everything there is to learn about me through those two sources for Blood on the Battlefield. It’s the mind games, Cynthia...the mind games are what causes the most unforeseen conflict in matches. Lurrr’s got a superior hand dealt to him in this mind game...it’s going to be hard to overcome...quite possibly the hardest challenge of my entire career...

Cynthia Hall: Are you focusing more on Lurrr than your other two opponents...cause that’s kind of the vibe I’m getting.

Derek Mobley: I wouldn’t say that...I respect Ice Man and Shane Donovan is what he is. Ice Man has come a long ways since I last faced him and I’m anxious to tag with him tonight to see how much he’s really improved. I know he’s won a few World Titles in other federations, but, to me, I need to see it to believe he’s really come that far. As for Shane Donovan...well, let’s just say this guy needs to start putting his money where his mouth is before I put any stock into what he has to say.

Cynthia Hall: Okay, and last question...the outcome of this tag match, you think it might be a foreshadowing of Sunday’s result?

Derek Mobley: Not really, tag matches are much different from singles matches, let alone Fatal Four Ways. In a tag match, you could lose based on the fact that your partner couldn’t handle the competition despite the fact that you were more than good enough to pull out a win. Especially in a situation like this where we are forced into a team and didn’t have the luxury of choosing our opponents...we’re kind of at the mercy of each other. This match will be a nice treat for the fans and a good opportunity to feel each other out...but I wouldn’t go placing any heavy bets in Vegas based upon the results.

Cynthia Hall: Okay...now this is the last one, I swear! On the record...are you gonna walk out of Blood on the Battlefield III as GCWA World Champion?

Derek Mobley: These days, Cynthia...there’s nothing I’m sure of...all I can say is that I’m going to give it my best shot...

*Derek walks off with Cynthia holding her mic. She turns back to the camera, a little surprised at how the interview went.*

Cynthia Hall: Ok, guys, you heard it here first! Back to you!

*We leave Cynthia behind and rejoin Jones & Logan at the front, next to the ring.*

Jones: Some candid opinions from Derek Mobley there. It’s good to see he’s coming out his shell a little bit, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, maybe he’s had just enough time to partially recover from the betrayal of Warrick Hill and Dean. But he’s still going to have to deal with them come Sunday, you can almost bet the bank on it.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. It will be a battle between two men who have faced each other many times in the past. Now they face off again. Introducing first, he stands 6’3” and weighs in at 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, he is Scott Caine!

*As “Automatic” by American Pearl starts to play, Scott Caine shoves through the curtain, apparently in a heated argument. For a brief second, you see Benji Sampson behind the curtain, but he stays in the back as ordered. Caine marches down the aisle towards the ring, ignoring the small layer of boos coming his way.*

Jones: A few weeks ago, Caine would come out here with a great cheer from the fans. But when he decided to hit the Big Bifford with that chair, he lost a lot of the crowd.

Logan: It’s all that Sampson’s fault! The guy’s got Caine messed up in the head!

Jones: I must say, though, that Caine looks more intense than I’ve ever seen him.

Logan: Well, Sampson put him through the wringer this week. It’s hard to believe, but Caine’s actually looking, well, a little scary now!

Minos: His opponent, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, representing one-half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, the Danger Boiz, here is Dangerous Dan!

*The crowd’s still behind Dangerous Dan, as he makes his way out to “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead. He has the World Tag-Team Title around his waist, shining in the lights of the arena.*

Jones: From what I hear, the Danger Boiz had a close call this past week, as they were caught up in a bank robbery!

Logan: I’m still shocked that they didn’t take the robbers down with a Danger Zone / Crazy Man’s Suicide combination!

Jones: Anthony, the robbers had guns, and I’m sure the Danger Boiz didn’t want to put any civilians at risk.

Logan: Yeah, I know, but it still would have been cool, not to mention great advertising for the GCWA!

*Dangerous Dan approaches the ring, sliding in as he always does. However, Caine is waiting for him, stomping on Dan as soon as he enters! The crowd starts booing as the referee, Adrian Rockwell, has no problem signaling for the match to begin.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Scott Caine isn’t waiting any time! He attacked as soon as he saw the opening.

Logan: I’m sure that’s part of his recent brain-washing by Sampson, Jonesy.

Jones: Don’t you mean training, Anthony?

Logan: Nope.

*Caine grabs Dan as he fights his way up, with Caine sending Dan into the ropes. Caine charges after him, meeting him at the ropes and landing a clothesline that sends both men spilling to the outside!! Rockwell, impressed at the aggression being shown, applauds, then remembers to start his count. Caine gets up first, angrily glaring at Dangerous Dan. He grabs Dan and sends him back-first into the apron, then chops him across the chest. Dan responds, though, chopping right back and knocking Caine backwards towards the guardrail! Dan grabs Caine’s arm and whips him towards the apron, with Caine diving into the ring instead. Dan is quick to follow, leaping up onto the apron. Caine tries to knock him off by sweeping at his legs, but Dan hops over the sweep, then springboards over the ropes and into the ring with a flying splash! He lands on Caine, with Rockwell right there… 1… Caine’s quick to kick out.*

Jones: I can already tell this is going to be an exquisite contest, Anthony!

Logan: Yeah, made all the better by no guys being at ringside.

Jones: It’s true, then, that Caine and Dan agreed to not have their respective allies here to watch the match?

Logan: It’s the only way to keep that snake in the grass, Benji Sampson, from interfering, Jonesy.

Jones: But isn’t it true that the last time these guys fought, Caine lost because of interference?

Logan: Long in the past, Edds, and it wasn’t the Danger Boiz who did the interfering. Mr. Excellent’s not here tonight, so we know that’s not going to happen.

*Dangerous Dan stays in charge, leaping up high to get a dropkick into Caine’s chest, sending him stumbling into the corner. Dan gets up and follows him in, splashing Caine with all his weight. Dan keeps on the pressure, bringing his foe out of the corner with a monkey flip, shooting Caine over 360 degrees around before hitting the mat. Dan then climbs up on the turnbuckle, planning to take flight. He heads off with a moonsault, perfectly executed except for the fact that Caine has moved, causing Dan to crash to the mat! Caine pulls himself up, running his hand across the top of his head as if checking for any blood. Dan starts to get up as well, but Caine darts in, slamming a boot into his ribs! Dan rolls to his side in pain as Caine looks around at the crowd, who are firmly aligned against him at this point.*

Logan: Caine’s certainly not earning any new friends here tonight.

Jones: Well, the way I hear it, Caine’s not interested anymore in what the fans think. He wants to do whatever he can to get another crack at the man he hates: Lurrr.

Logan: Hey, I applaud hatred of Lurrr. The guy’s scum! But Caine’s becoming that which he hates, which can’t be healthy for him!

*Caine steps over Dan’s aching body, strapping his arms in and leaning back, applying a variation of the bow & arrow submission hold! Rockwell seems to be enjoying the look of pain on Dangerous Dan’s face, although he’s still doing his job, checking to see if the wrestler wants to submit. Dan struggles to free his arms, even as he tells the ref that he’s not quitting. Caine finally drops Dan back to the mat, pushing himself up. Caine pulls Dan to his feet, opting to pick up the smaller man and bodyslam him on the canvas. Caine then looks towards the turnbuckle, starting to walk over for a high-risk maneuver. He climbs up, aiming for his opponent, but Dan’s back on his feet, using a splash of adrenaline to run towards Caine, leaping up onto the turnbuckle! Before Caine can react, Dan jumps himself off the top ropes, locking his feet around Caine’s head and giving him a super hurricanrana!!! Caine’s down, as Dan pulls himself together and scrambles over to make the cover… 1… 2… Caine kicks out!*

Jones: Dan almost got him again!

Logan: As much as Caine complains about how things ended up, Dangerous Dan is a superb athlete who has taken it to everyone he’s fought. He can come at you from almost every direction. I know people like to talk about Crazy Chris as the ‘more exciting’ brother, but Dan’s proven himself here in the GCWA.

Jones: No argument from me. That title he wore to the ring is enough to convince me that he’s the real deal.

*Dangerous Dan’s back on his feet now, pulling Caine towards the ropes. Caine starts to struggle, trying to get free, but Dan just uses it to his advantage, tossing Caine off-balance into the ropes. Dan’s right there with a knee to the midsection, securing Caine in place. Dan then climbs over Caine, reaching behind him for his legs and applying a tarantula submission lock!!! Caine’s yelling out from the pain of his entire body being stretched, as Rockwell watches from the side, reluctant to call Dan off. He looks to the back for a second, though, as if thinking about his boss, the President, then steps in, starting to count to 5 and calling for the break. Dan releases it at 4, letting Caine slide to the ground, hurting. Rockwell gives Dan a brief token admonishment, with Dan nodding before heading to the turnbuckle, doing a split-legged moonsault onto the downed Caine! He makes the cover, with Rockwell down to slap the mat… 1…. 2…. Caine kicks free, surviving!*

Jones: Caine barely got his shoulder up there. I think he might have gotten a little bit of saving grace from Adrian Rockwell, who’s still doing that long count of his.

Logan: Rockwell’s a guy that loves seeing others get hurt, Jonesy. At least he’s still doing the same count for everyone. It’s not like he’s favoring anyone like some other refs I know.

*Dan reluctantly gets up off the pin, disappointed that Caine didn’t stay down. He sends Caine towards the ropes, no, reversal, Caine shoots Dan instead. Dan returns trying for a clothesline, but Caine uses Dan’s arm for leverage, spinning around him into a crucifix pin!! Dan drops to his back, his shoulders on the mat, as his legs desperately try to find some leverage… 1…. 2…. NO! Dan gets free at the last second, as Caine angrily hits the mat. Rockwell doesn’t care, so Caine doesn’t waste time complaining. He grabs Dan on his way up and takes him back down with a neckbreaker, then achingly moves towards the ropes, climbing up the turnbuckle. He flies off, getting some major air before landing a frog splash, squashing Dan into the canvas! Caine makes another pin, grasping at his opponent’s legs as he does so. Rockwell moves over, dropping his large body into position… 1…. 2…. And Dan raises his shoulder, despite Caine’s every effort to prevent it!*

Logan: I will admit, even though I don’t like Caine’s new attitude, and I HATE his new manager, I still enjoy watching him wrestle. That frog splash was a thing of beauty.

Jones: Not too long ago, people were talking about Dangerous Dan and Scott Caine as the future of the GCWA. I think that future is a lot closer than people expect.

*Caine is looking more and more ticked off as the time passes by. He pulls the weary Dan over to the bottom rope, choking him on it, trying to take away all of Dan’s oxygen. Even Rockwell doesn’t think this is cool, as he immediately starts his 5 count, nearly getting all the way there and having to shove Caine back. Caine angrily glares at Rockwell, who despite his size advantage backs off just a bit. He tells Caine to watch himself, as Caine goes right back to work, tugging Dangerous Dan to his feet. Caine moves just a touch, lifting Dan up onto his shoulder in position for a Juvi driver! He prepares to drop Dan on his head, potentially ending the match, but Dan starts moving around for all he’s worth, managing to fall behind Caine onto his feet. Caine can’t turn around in time, as Dan shoves him into the ropes, then rolls him up backwards, keeping his feet braced… 1… 2… at the last milli-second Caine kicks free, with both wrestlers checking to make sure Rockwell didn’t get his hand down in time.*

Jones: That was so close! These younger guys are so amazing, Anthony! They can do the high-flying maneuvers and shock the world with their risks, but they also know a lot of ground-based moves that offer quick-pin opportunities!

Logan: Good to see they’re so versatile. You can’t always have enough left in the tank to hit a 450 corkscrew splash or what not.

*Both wrestlers, though clearly feeling the stress of the ongoing match, are back on their feet now, with Dangerous Dan taking charge by jumping up on Caine, twirling around him, and coming back down with a bulldog variation! Dan tries another pin… 1… 2… Caine kicks out again, refusing to take another loss. Dan pushes himself up, considering his options. He grabs Caine as the wrestler tried to rise, double-underhooking him and lifting him up in the first stage of the Danger Zone! Caine is squirming, trying to get free, as Dan lifts him higher. But something goes wrong, as Dan drops Caine back to the canvas, stumbling against the ropes for support. He’s bleary-eyed, desperately rubbing at his face. Rockwell starts to go towards him, trying to figure out what’s going on, but Caine darts in-between the two, getting Dan from behind and dropping him with a Backstabber! Caine makes the cover, as Rockwell dives into place… 1… 2… Caine puts a foot on the ropes… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Scott Caine!

*The crowd is booing heavily now, upset at the outcome, as Rockwell goes and lifts Caine’s arm in the air. Rockwell takes a second to talk to him, apparently discussing that he knows something happened but not what, as Dangerous Dan rolls out of the ring, still blinking his eyes.*

Jones: I don’t get it, Dangerous Dan had him just where he wanted him! What happened?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. I thought for a second maybe Caine used that spray again, but surely we would have seen that, right? Did he rake Dan’s eyes, perhaps?

Jones: It was so fast. Do we have a replay? Can we queue that up?

*A quick replay runs, showing Dangerous Dan looking down at Caine. Caine’s hand can clearly be seen going into the pocket of his pants, as he starts to get up. Dan kicks at him, then double-underhooks him, lifting him up and bringing Caine’s hand out of his pocket. The hand is empty, although it seems to shimmer a little too much in the light. As Caine goes up, he starts to move around, directing his one hand into Dan’s eyes! Dan immediately turns his head away in pain, dropping Caine back to the ground.*

Logan: Damn! Caine had something on his fingers! He deliberately put something into Dangerous Dan’s eyes!

Jones: I don’t think it was anything serious, Anthony, as Dan already looks like he’s ok, albeit a little pissed.

Logan: It doesn’t matter how serious it was, it still affected a great match! Damnit, now Caine’s cheating to win! What the hell has happened to this world?

*Caine is celebrating as he moves towards the backstage area, where Benji Sampson is already standing with a smile on his face. He follows Caine out, as we cut to the backstage area. We’re in the President’s office, where the Accelerator is getting some stuff stacked up in his office. Ace looks like he’s preparing for something, possibly a live broadcast from his desk, as he’s making sure everything’s straight. Suddenly, there’s a loud bang that shakes the wall, sending one of Ace’s many photos off-kilter. The Accelerator, appropriately startled, heads around the desk and out the door, with the cameraman following him. In the hallway, laying on the ground in front of the Accelerator’s office, is a young man. He is out cold, with the pieces of a broken camera set-up nearby. Standing over him with a very confident smile is Titan 3! The Accelerator looks at the man, then Titan 3, then the dent that is now in the wall.*

The Accelerator: What… what is this, Titan 3?

Titan 3: This *bleep* was disobeying my rules, Ace. So I took care of it.

The Accelerator: What? He disobeyed a rule? Which one?

Titan 3: He doesn’t have a press credential to be in here, but he was trying to get photos inside people’s locker rooms. I saw him trying to peer into Cynthia Hall’s dressing room. The pervert was probably going to steal some panties.

The Accelerator: You’re sure he didn’t have a press credential? Where’d he say he was from?

Titan 3: He didn’t say anything, Ace. He tried to run. He has no pass. He got what he deserved. Now I’m going to have my security guards take his *bleeping* ass out of my hallway.

The Accelerator: But, you bloodied the kid up! He’s sure to sue!

Titan 3: He’s a trespassing son of a bitch. He has no rights.

The Accelerator: Look, you can’t just… I mean… if it’s a wrestler, I’m willing to give leeway, but this… Titan 3, we’ve known each other a long time. You’ve got to chill out, man!

Titan 3: Whatever you say, Ace. Any wrestlers you want fired tonight? I can take care of it.

The Accelerator: NO! No, we’re… we’re good tonight. Look, just get out of here, ok? My assistant will handle things from now on.

*Titan 3 shrugs, having better things to do with his time than throw out a pimply-nosed loser. He walks off, as Ace turns to his Asian assistant.*

The Accelerator: As if I don’t have other stuff to worry about a week before a major pay-per-view! Ok, just take this kid to the medics, get him looked over, see if you can arrange for him to get some autographed t-shirts from Mobley or something. If he’s as geeky as he looks, he’ll probably take pride in having been taken out by Titan 3. Make him happy. Got it?

*Ace’s assistant nods and leans over to start helping the hurting man up. The Accelerator looks down and shakes his head, then checks his watch. He goes back into his Presidential office as the picture slowly fades to commercial.*

*We return to the live broadcast of the GCWA, with the cameraman appearing in front of Jones & Logan once again. Fans can be seen behind them, screaming and raising their arms, acting like fools in front of the camera. But then, don’t we all?*

Jones: It’s been a crazy night, par for the course here in the GCWA, and we’ve still got two more tremendous matches to take place.

Logan: If you’re thinking about going to the restroom now, you blew it, bucko! You should have gone during that last commercial!

Jones: Indeed. It’s time for our next match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and has been given a 15-minute time limit! It will be a non-title match between two of the brightest stars in the GCWA. One is the winner of the GCWA Rookie of the Month for March ’09. The other is the winner of the GCWA Wrestler of the Month for March ’09. Which award-winner will prove supreme here tonight? Introducing first, he is the self-proclaimed holder of the Danger Championship, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Harvey Danger!

*Danger gets a semi-nice cheer as he comes out the back, from one or two of his major fans in the audience. He’s still wearing his homemade “Danger” Title around his waist, as well as having a few flyers still in his hands. He walks along, studying the crowd and giving out a few of the flyers to some of the larger men he sees. Unfortunately, a lot of these men look closer to the Big Bifford then Harvey.*

Jones: Harvey has been searching all over the United States to find himself a suitable partner for his GCWA Tag-Team Titles match against the Danger Boiz. So far, he seems to have been unsuccessful.

Logan: Yeah, strange, isn’t it? I mean, it’s for a title. You would think someone would step forward for that opportunity, even if you do need to partner with Harvey.

Jones: Well, if worst comes to worst, he could always bring his mother in as his partner.

Logan: What are you, nuts? What kind of a wrestling company would we be if we brought a mother into a tag-team titles match? That would be just stupid.

Minos: And now, his opponent, he is the son of a legend, yet is on his way to surpassing that legend the more wins he gains during his career. Standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is the undefeated GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The crowd cheers a good bit louder for Marcus, as he walks out to his normal tune, “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park. Marcus smiles and flicks a lighter over his head, getting even louder cheers, before he makes his way to the ring.*

Jones: We’ve already seen Marcus once tonight, and he made a major impact in the life of Tommy Crimson. What will happen in this match?

Logan: I do think Marcus is becoming more and more unpredictable. When he first came in, the guy was stiff as a board. He didn’t know how to talk to reporters, and he barely seemed comfortable between the ropes. But now he’s growing in talent and proving that his wins aren’t just a fluke. He’s truly a great wrestler, as he continues to prove again and again.

*Ka’Derrion steps through the ropes, making sure to keep his eyes on Harvey as he enters. Of course, Harvey’s eyes are elsewhere, as he seems to be scanning the curves of referee Trixie Anderson, who has her attention elsewhere, listening to something through a hidden receiver in her ear. Harvey finally turns back, apparently startled at seeing Marcus already in the ring. He starts to quickly try to prepare himself, stretching, as Marcus watches with a tinge of disbelief.*

Jones: We’ve got both men in the ring, so what are we waiting on? Trixie’s here already, after all!

Logan: Oh, yeah, she sure is… never thought a zebra shirt could be sexy…

*As both wrestlers come forward to begin their match, the Titan Tron behind them can be seen coming on. On the big screen sits the Accelerator, positioned behind his desk. He’s combed what’s left of his hair back, trying to look a little more professional in his expensive suit. He clears his throat, making sure that he’s caught everyone’s attention. Both Harvey and Marcus turn towards the screen, clearly puzzled by the appearance of the President.*

The Accelerator: Sorry, boyos, but I’ve got a couple of quick announcements to make, and then I’ll let you get back to your important match-up. Hello, GCWA fans! How are ya??

*Ace smiles at the camera, as he gets a few extra cheers from the crowd, before he continues.*

The Accelerator: I hope you’ve already bought your tickets for next week’s pay-per-view, Blood On The Battlefield III, because it’s going to be a hell of an event! You already know about our main event, but I wanted to confirm a few other matches for the card. First off, Harvey… I hope you’ve found yourself a tag-team partner for next week. But if you haven’t, well, you’ve got the rest of the week to find one, or else on Sunday, you’ll be facing the Danger Boiz in a “Handicap” Match for the belts.

*The cameras show Harvey’s face, as he looks just a tad bit worried about the prospects of fighting two men at once. Harvey then looks to his right, seeing the camera focused on him, and immediately breaks out a smile that’s much too wide, trying to look confident for the audience at home.*

The Accelerator: Now, for a few other matches. I decided, after much discussion with that Sampson character, that I did need an X Division Title Match at the PPV. Therefore, it will be the Big Bifford defending his belt against Scott Caine. And since it’s for the X Division Title, why don’t we make it an “Xtreme” Match? As in, anything goes, boyo.

*The crowd cheers loudly, hoping that the Big Bifford is able to get some revenge on the man that hit him with a chair last week.*

The Accelerator: The other announcement has to do with you, Marcus. I saw what you did to Tommy Crimson earlier. I have been informed that Crimson’s condition is alright, although he seems to be refusing our medical attention. Since he’s not claiming that he’s badly hurt, I’m assuming that means he’s good to wrestle this next week. I’ve had two weeks in a row of burn victims, you know? So, hell, why not make it three? Therefore, at Blood On The Battlefield III, we’re going to have Marcus Ka’Derrion defending the Intercontinental Championship against Tommy Crimson… in a “Flaming Tables” Match! First man to put his opponent through a burning table wins!

*The audience is more than pumped now with that announcement. The camera focuses on Marcus, who actually seems pleased with the match. Behind him, Harvey can be seen, shaking his head at the dangerous matches being proposed.*

The Accelerator: Oh, I’ve got one more announcement before I go. I decided to make an execution decision for tonight, in light of certain events. So, Harvey, I noticed that you’re wearing that silly Danger title you created. I told you what would happen if I saw you wearing it again.

*Harvey nervously starts looking around, watching for a surprise attack from the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3. Ace laughs, apparently able to see what he’s doing.*

The Accelerator: Don’t worry, boyo, Titan 3’s not coming out there. I don’t have enough liability insurance to cover him ‘dealing’ with the fans at ringside. No, I came up with a different solution. Tonight, since we have two ‘champion’ wrestlers in the ring, it’s time for a Unification match! It’s Marcus Ka’Derrion’s Intercontinental Title vs. Harvey Danger’s Danger Title, tonight! Ring the damn bell!

*The Bell Rings.*

*The Accelerator disappears from the screen, as the cameras move to cover both wrestlers. Danger looks to be shocked, glancing down at the Danger Title currently sitting in his corner. Referee Trixie has already gotten the IC Title and given it to the men at ringside. She reaches down and gets the Danger Title as well, with Harvey stepping forward, grabbing it on the edge. Trixie says something to Danger, possibly an apology for having to do her job, and Danger reluctantly lets it go, staring at his pride and joy. Even Marcus seems a little moved, as he doesn’t immediately attack Danger while he’s distracted. Of course, Marcus has his own thoughts going through his mind, as his own belt is now up for grabs as well.*

Jones: I can’t believe it! The Intercontinental Title is on the line in this one!

Logan: As well as the Danger Title!

Jones: Yes, sure, but the important thing is that Danger can become an actual champion tonight!

Logan: He’s already a champion, did you not see his belt?

Jones: But he… oh, never mind.

Logan: Yes! Anthony wins again!

*The two wrestlers move towards each other, with Marcus having the very slight height advantage in this one. Harvey looks to be psyching himself up, not wanting to lose his ‘gold’ here tonight. The two men lock up, with Marcus applying a headlock to Harvey, wrenching at his neck. Harvey shoves him off into the ropes, sending Ka’Derrion running to the other side. Harvey flattens out on the mat as his opponent comes back, letting Ka’Derrion head over top. As Marcus rebounds again, Harvey gets back up, trying for a dropkick, only to have Marcus grab the ropes and hang on, avoiding the strike. Marcus immediately darts in, grabbing Harvey before he can recover and locking him up for the Punisher!! But Harvey yanks himself free before anything can happen, immediately rolling himself out of the ring. He looks back in, breathing hard, as Ka’Derrion lifts one hand with a smile, using the universal sign for “I was that close”.*

Jones: Wow, Ka’Derrion’s not wasting any time today! If he would have hit that, Harvey would have lost in record time!

Logan: Yeah, it’d be a shame for the Danger Champion to go out that quickly!

Jones: Ok, seriously, Anthony, you’re just playing with me, right?

Logan: Hey, it’s fun, man! You’re taking this way too seriously! Relax!

*Referee Trixie moves to the ropes, starting her count out, as Harvey stares at her, transfixed for a second. He shakes his head clear, then rolls back into the ring, ready to continue the match. Marcus is waiting for him, as the two men lock up again, this time with Harvey taking control with the headlock. Ka’Derrion tries the same tactic to get free, pushing Danger into the ropes and then trying to shove him off. But Danger hangs on to Ka’Derrion’s head, turning the push-off into a bulldog! Ka’Derrion kicks his feet, feeling his brain rattle around in his skull, as Harvey immediately gets up, hurrying towards the IC Champ and flipping over him to try a roll-up… 1… 2… Ka’Derrion gets himself free at the last second, as Trixie lets Danger know that the match is continuing.*

Jones: Whew! Both men are going for the win quickly in this one!

Logan: Well, if you think about it, both want to make sure they’re in good shape for next week’s pay-per-view. Danger has the Tag-Team Titles to worry about, while Ka’Derrion has that “Flaming Tables” Match with Crimson. This isn’t the time to get yourselves injured.

Jones: Still, they can’t look past this match, especially since the Intercontinental Title is on the line!

Logan: And the…

Jones: Yes, the Danger Title too, fine.

*Danger brings Ka’Derrion to his feet, preparing for his next move. He sends Marcus running towards the corner via an Irish Whip, then follows him in. But Marcus immediately springs himself upwards, trying to get himself up and over Harvey. But Danger moves like he’s expecting it, catching Marcus on his shoulder and immediately snapping him down with a powerslam, showing a little bit more strength than most would expect from him! With Ka’Derrion down, Harvey goes towards the turnbuckle, only going up one pad before jumping off with a falling fist, smacking it against Ka’Derrion’s skull! Harvey makes the cover, anxiously waving over Trixie, who makes the count again… 1… 2… and Ka’Derrion continues to kick out, causing Danger some more grief.*

Logan: The rookie of the month is looking pretty impressive in there, Jonesy.

Jones: I think a lot of people would consider Harvey Danger being the one to end Ka’Derrion’s undefeated streak as a major upset, but I wouldn’t put it past him! It could happen here tonight!

*With referee Trixie making sure to stay back out of the way, Harvey slowly pulls Ka’Derrion back up, trying to decide his next move. He decides to go the way of the suplex, locking Ka’Derrion up and attempting to lift him. Marcus blocks the maneuver with his foot, though, keeping himself on the ground. Instead, the IC Champ reverses the suplex, getting Harvey airborne and, after bouncing him off the edge of the top rope, spins and drops him hard to the canvas! Ka’Derrion tiredly makes the pin… 1… 2… Harvey raises his arm with a gasp, avoiding the loss of his belt. Marcus moves away, grabbing at the ropes for support, as Harvey rolls onto his stomach. He gets to his hands and knees, causing Ka’Derrion to immediately react, coming in behind Harvey and working on wrestling him to the canvas with an amateur wrestling maneuver! Harvey struggles, completely thrown off, but Ka’Derrion manages to get him over, trying for another cover by holding onto the half-nelson! 1… 2… Danger manages to escape again.*

Logan: Where’d Marcus get that amateur wrestling knowledge?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, I don’t remember seeing any mention of it in my notes.

Logan: Well, wherever he got it, it’s clearly adding a new dimension to his skill set.

*Both wrestlers are back up now, with Marcus in control, keeping behind Harvey by locking in a full nelson. Danger struggles to reach the ropes, then reaches out to Trixie, who alertly stays out of range. With no way of stopping it, Danger gets lifted into the air, as Ka’Derrion lands the full nelson suplex! Ka’Derrion makes yet another cover… 1… 2… but Danger won’t give up on his belt! A little bit frustrated, Marcus pulls himself up, heading for the turnbuckle. He climbs up with steady feet, before looking back down, waiting for Danger to get vertical. As soon as Danger is standing, Marcus leaps, going for a flying clothesline! But Danger drops to a knee, either on purpose or due to exhaustion, and Ka’Derrion goes flying overtop! Harvey looks over in surprise at Ka’Derrion, who is rolling in pain from the impact. Danger immediately pulls himself over, making a cover… 1… 2… and Ka’Derrion raises his arm!*

Jones: Both men have tried hard, but neither can put the other away just yet!

Logan: They’re both wearing down, though, Edds. Sooner or later, one of them will make a mistake that they can’t come back from. Heck, that missed clothesline might have been it!

Jones: I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

*Danger, back to his feet, slowly brings Ka’Derrion up. He sets him in position and lifts Marcus up for an attempted atomic drop, but Ka’Derrion rolls off of his shoulder and drops behind him, feet-first. Ka’Derrion wraps Danger around the waist and shoves him towards the ropes, trying to roll him up, but Danger hangs on, sending Ka’Derrion rolling on his own. Danger turns and charges back, seeing his best opportunity yet. He grabs a still-reeling Ka’Derrion by the head, trying to get the Danger DDT!! But Marcus pushes him off, sending Danger running into the ropes. Danger rebounds, coming back and lowering his shoulder, trying to knock Marcus down. The IC Champ answers by jumping high in the air, leap-frogging over the stunned Danger Champion. As Harvey comes back from the rebound, Marcus kicks him in the gut, then quickly locks him up and lifts, landing the Punisher!!!! Ka’Derrion drops himself over Danger, spent, as referee Trixie makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The audience cheers loudly as Ka’Derrion pulls himself up, clearly tired from the match. Referee Trixie goes and gets both ‘titles’, handing Ka’Derrion both the IC and Danger belts. Harvey, trying to recover, sees the action and puts his face in his hands, covering up. He doesn’t want to see anymore.*

Logan: Another great victory for Marcus Ka’Derrion, although Danger nearly had him a couple of times there!

Jones: Yes, I don’t think anyone anticipated that this one would be as close as it was. For a minute there, I thought Danger might manage the monumental upset!

Logan: Instead, Ka’Derrion now holds two belts, while Danger will have to be content to be going after the World Tag-Team Titles next week.

*Ka’Derrion considers the Danger Title, apparently trying to decide what to do with it. He takes it with him, even as he has the Intercontinental Title strapped around his waist. As the champion leaves, Harvey Danger continues to keep his head low, hiding his face from the world, as Trixie leans over him, trying to comfort him. The fans rally, giving Danger a minor chant, trying to inspire him. It’s still impossible to see Danger’s face from the angle we’re at, as he slowly moves himself towards the ropes to depart the ring. We fade out to our final commercial break.*

*As we come back from the break, the front door of the Presidential office is shown. It’s currently shut, as a hand appears, knocking on the wood. The Accelerator’s voice can be heard.*

The Accelerator: What is it now? Alright, enter!

*The hand reaches down and opens the door, and the person walks into the office. It’s only now that we see the person is The Lost Soul!! The crowd starts to cheer, seeing the man who collapsed last week in attendance. He is clearly moving gingerly, with a bandage wrapped around part of his head, as well as taped-up ribs that can barely be seen underneath his loose shirt. TLS steps up to the Accelerator’s desk, as the President considers who just walked through his door.*

The Accelerator: Good to see you up and about, Soul. I wasn’t sure they would have let you out of the hospital yet.

The Lost Soul: They didn’t. I checked myself out.

The Accelerator: You did? Ok… so what brings you to the show? Talking to your old friends?

The Lost Soul: I heard your announcements earlier, Ace. It sounded like you forgot somebody. I’m putting out an open challenge. I’ll beat whoever the *bleep* wants to take me on.

*Ace sighs, looking down at his desk for a second, before locking eyes with The Lost Soul.*

The Accelerator: Listen, man. You and I, we go way back. I was excited when you decided to sign with the GCWA to give it one more run. But let’s face it. You’re heading towards disaster. Last week, the medics nearly lost you due to your damaged insides. Now you want me to book you in a match only a few weeks later? No. It’s not happening.

The Lost Soul: Don’t do this, Ace…

The Accelerator: You know the liability I would face if you died in that ring? You know the trauma that it would put all of our younger fans through? I’m going to do you the biggest favor of your life, Soul. I’m not going to let you wrestle. As of this moment, I think you should start seriously considering retirement, for your own sake.

*The Lost Soul does not say another word. He turns and heads out the door, slamming it hard behind him. The Accelerator shakes his head, thinking about the past.*

The Accelerator: It’s for the best, man. It’s for the best.

*The President, a little more depressed now, goes back to work on whatever it is he has in front of him. It’s a contract stipulating one of the matches at the PPV. We head away from the Accelerator, going back to ringside.*

Jones: Hold on, so the President is RETIRING The Lost Soul?? Can he do that??

Logan: Well, technically, no, Jonesy. But he can keep The Lost Soul from wrestling in any matches for the GCWA. It’s the right move, in my opinion. TLS is just too hurt, right now at least. Maybe later, down the line, he can make a comeback, but he needs to take Ace’s advice and work on getting his own health in order first.

Jones: I’m still in shock. That’s a big loss for this upcoming PPV.

Logan: Yeah, the GCWA ain’t going to be the same without The Lost Soul lurking around.

Jones: Well, we’re not done with tonight’s activities, so let’s put TLS behind us and get to our main event! Minos?

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening! Each of these four proud wrestlers coming to the ring will be involved in the GCWA World Heavyweight Title Fatal Four-way encounter at Blood On The Battlefield III! However, tonight, they are forced to rely on each other, partnering with a man who may very well be their worst enemy in a week’s time. Who can trust their partner and who will find themselves betrayed?

*The crowd is excited, although some of their energy seems spent after cheering so hard for the previous two matches. They’re still on their feet, waiting to see the top contenders for the World Title.*

Minos: Introducing first, he made his stunning return last week, earning his spot in the main event by taking down Crazy Chris, standing 6’0” and weighing 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, he is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*The audience certainly isn’t happy to see him, but Shane doesn’t care, moving out towards the ring as “God In Extension” by Jack Daw plays behind him. He gets a good display of pyro, standing in the middle of it, before walking down the aisle.*

Jones: Donovan really impressed last week, showing very little ring rust on his return to the GCWA.

Logan: He also showed that he’s still willing to use those handcuffs of his to get victories. I tell you, I wish the referees would search him!

Jones: They do, Anthony, but he always manages to hide it. I don’t know how he does it, but he does.

Logan: Wow. That’s a scary thought. Where does he keep those handcuffs?

Minos: Introducing Donovan’s partner for the evening, he is the leader of the Roman Empire, having moved into this match after a successful win over Scott Caine, standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, the former GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

*Lurrr, along with Rick Mathis, walks out of the back, with Lurrr still looking ticked off about what happened the week before. The fans, in reaction, start up a “Bifford” chant, angering Lurrr even more. Mathis keeps him focused, though, pointing him towards the ring, and then looking behind them, as if watching out for another Scott Caine ambush. They get to the squared circle without incident.*

Logan: Can I just say that I drank a lot of champagne last week, celebrating Lurrr’s loss of the X Division Title?

Jones: C’mon, Anthony, there’s no reason to rub it in. It was a rough week for Lurrr, as he has been very forceful in his protests about the interference of Scott Caine in his title match against the Big Bifford. However, unsurprisingly, the President has not commented on the matter.

Logan: Hell, Ace hates Lurrr more than I do! I bet he’s still got a smile on his face!

*Lurrr enters the ring, taking a moment to consider his tag-team partner. Donovan walks towards him, apparently wanting to talk about some strategy, but Lurrr simply walks away, not caring to listen to anything his ‘partner’ has to say. There is already tension between the two men.*

Minos: And now, team #2! First, he recently came to the GCWA after a successful run in the NLW, he defeated Jobe Severity to already be a #1 Contender to the GCWA World Title, standing 6’4” and weighing 275 lbs, from Portland, Oregon, he is The Ice Man!

*Sprinkles of snow fall from the ceiling, sent out by well-constructed snow blowers, while “Cold As Ice” by M.O.P. begins to play. The Ice Man shoves the curtains open, making a powerful entrance to the GCWA Arena. The fans are cheering as he approaches the ring, opting not to enter just yet due to the two men clearly waiting for him.*

Jones: I don’t know how The Ice Man does it.

Logan: Huh? What are you talking about, Jonesy?

Jones: Well, apparently someone is gunning for The Ice Man. He or she has been tracking him for weeks, nearly taking The Ice Man out by cutting his car’s brakes, leaving behind surprises in his house, and more! I don’t think I could come out here and wrestle, or even announce, if I was continually getting death threats.

Logan: It just tells you the kind of man The Ice Man is. He isn’t going to let anyone stop him on his path to the top of the GCWA!

Minos: And finally, The Ice Man’s partner, he stands 6’3” and weighs 235 lbs, a legend in this business and the current undisputed GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, “The Thriller” Derek Mobley!!

*The crowd is even more excited now, getting ramped up with “Shipping Up To Boston” by The Dropkick Murphys. Mobley takes a second to appear, but when he does, there is no smile on his face. He walks down the ramp, passing by many fans who are trying to reach out to him without success. Mobley hands the World Title to referee Mark Bell outside the ring, then looks at The Ice Man. The two guys jump up on the apron and enter together, with Donovan & Lurrr making no move towards them, instead waiting for the action to begin.*

Logan: I hope Mobley’s holding up alright. I know he at least got to have some fun this week at Texas Christian University, setting up that geeky internet reporter.

Jones: What’s wrong with being an internet reporter?

Logan: Oh, I forgot. You used to be one of them.

Jones: Yes, and we worked hard at our jobs! Sure, we had a lot of trouble confirming our stories, but if it was newsworthy, we reported on it!

Logan: Good for you, Edds. Now call the damn match, will ya?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Mobley and The Ice Man discuss things, trying to be civil, with Mobley stepping forward to start things for his team. Donovan looks back to consult with Lurrr… who has already gone to the apron, laughing about something with his ally, Mathis. Donovan looks annoyed, but doesn’t let it get to him. He moves forward, talking with Mobley instead. The two men come together, jawing a little bit, as the crowd gets a little more excited, energizing the arena.*

Jones: We’re starting off strongly here! The two stars who faced off in the finals of the Warriors of the Ring III Tournament going nose-to-nose!

Logan: This is their first meeting since that fateful night, that left Mobley the World Champion and left Donovan out due to injuries. Hopefully Donovan isn’t looking for payback here tonight, because we need Mobley for the PPV!

Jones: Let’s face it, Anthony, nobody involved in this match would be too upset if Mobley had to forfeit the belt.

*The trash-talking done, Mobley and Donovan start to circle each other, eventually locking up. Mobley manages to push Donovan back a few steps, trying to get him into the corner. As he does so, though, Donovan releases his grip and rakes at Mobley’s eyes, blinding him. This allows Donovan to reverse Mobley into the corner, chopping away at him as the referee tries to call for the break. Donovan ignores Bell’s warnings, grabbing Mobley by the arm and sending him to the other side. Mobley hits the corner back-first, but he sees Donovan coming back in at him, dodging to the left and avoiding the attack. Donovan puts on the brakes, keeping from injuring himself, but as he turns back, Mobley is there, returning the chops with interest! The fans are hyped as Donovan covers up, trying to protect his chest from the abuse. Mobley’s not done, grabbing Donovan by the arm and bringing him out with a hip toss, sending Donovan rolling back to a neutral corner, trying to regain his bearings.*

Jones: So far, the champ’s coming out fighting!

Logan: I know the odds-makers in Dallas have already started taking bets on whether or not Derek Mobley will retain the title at Blood On The Battlefield III. The odds aren’t the greatest for the champ, but looking at him here tonight, I may have to put a wager down!

Jones: Anthony, you know GCWA staff isn’t allowed to bet on matches!

Logan: Oh, c’mon, who’s going to care about a measly $10,000 bet?

Jones: *shakes head*

*Donovan slowly brings himself to his feet, as Mobley stays close, watching him intently. Donovan moves back in, going for a lock-up with the World Champion again, before twisting behind Mobley with an arm lock. Mobley works to try the reversal, but Donovan’s ready for him, kicking him in the leg and making the champ kneel on the mat, his arm still in Donovan’s wrenching grip. Donovan moves closer, turning the arm lock into a full-on abdominal stretch, using his free arm to pound on Mobley’s stretched-out side. Referee Bell moves around the two, clearly not expecting a submission this early in the game but watching for one nonetheless. Mobley struggles, trying to get himself free. The Ice Man is shown standing in his corner, making no motion of coming into the ring.*

Jones: The Ice Man’s showing very little concern for his partner right now. What if, for some reason, Mobley had to submit to save himself for next week’s match?

Logan: I don’t think The Ice Man wants that, Jonesy. I believe he wants this win, just like he wanted the last one, and just like he’ll want the next one. He’s a competitive dude. But at the same time, it sure doesn’t hurt him any to have Mobley get worn down by the competition. If I were The Ice Man, I would seriously consider leaving Mobley in there for the duration of the match.

*Mobley slowly gets himself back up, struggling to get himself free of the submission hold. Donovan strains against it, then tries to reach backwards to where Lurrr is, either for a tag or for some leverage. He gets neither, as Lurrr is once again focused on a conversation with Mathis. He doesn’t seem to care at all about this match, as he’s more interested in the World Title match next week. With no recourse, Donovan tries to maintain the hold, but Mobley scores an elbow to the face, stunning him and causing him to let go. Mobley straightens up and grabs Donovan’s head, dropping with a stone cutter variation that plants the young wrestler on the canvas! Mobley rolls to the side, stretching his back in pain left over from the hold. He keeps rolling all the way to his corner, reaching out. After a second, The Ice Man slaps the hand, tagging himself in!*

Jones: Here comes the former NLW World Heavyweight Champion!

Logan: Man, this is wild! Donovan just saw the World Champion tag out, yet it might be even worse with the massive Ice Man in there now! Which do you want, the gun or the knife??

*Donovan tries to beg off, while surreptitiously crawling backwards towards his corner. The Ice Man doesn’t let him get there, slugging Donovan a couple of times in the face before pulling the man up, lifting the lightweight into the air with a gorilla press! He heaves Donovan up and down a few times, to the thrill of the fans, before arching him over and slamming him back-first to the mat! Donovan winces in pain, sitting up, with an arm across his lower back as if to hold it together. The Ice Man smiles as he reaches down, pulling Donovan up again. He sets the man and lifts him up into the air with a suplex, only to turn it into a jackhammer suplex, slamming Donovan into the ground! The Ice Man makes the cover, with Lurrr barely stirring on the apron. Bell drops down to make the normal count… 1… 2… no, Donovan kicks out.*

Jones: What moves from this guy! No wonder the President was excited to get him signed, death threats or not!

Logan: He may be new, but The Ice Man is a serious threat to Derek Mobley. They are partners tonight, but The Ice Man could be taking away Mobley’s World Title next week. That’s never a good way to stay friends.

*The Ice Man pulls Donovan up, intent on ending things immediately by picking him up for the Ice Pick! The crowd roars, but Donovan’s legs are kicking wildly, throwing The Ice Man off-balance. Donovan drops down behind him, shoving off the larger wrestler. The Ice Man takes a few steps, then turns around, as Donovan snaps a kick towards his chest. The Ice Man catches it, but Donovan’s already leaping with his other leg, hitting the enziguri! The Ice Man doesn’t fall, but he stumbles against the ropes, stunned. Donovan adds a dropkick, then a second, finally getting The Ice Man to fall to his knees. With his opponent down, Donovan takes a deep breath, sizing up his situation. With one fluid motion, he turns… and dives at his corner, tagging Lurrr on the back! Lurrr, surprised, turns around and glares at Donovan, who glares right back. Lurrr slowly steps through the ropes, as the two men continue their stare-down.*

Logan: Uh oh, we might be about to have a break-down here!

Jones: It can’t be too surprising to anyone that these guys don’t get along. Are they going to go at it now, or save it for Blood On The Battlefield?

*The stare-down is interrupted as The Ice Man comes charging in at both men. The two immediately react, getting a double-crescent kick to The Ice Man’s throat, sending him reeling backwards! Lurrr, now motivated, steps past Donovan. He goes on the attack, slamming his elbow into the back of The Ice Man’s head. Lurrr keeps The Ice Man on the ground, not letting him use his strength against him. He kicks away with several stomps, all the while mockingly laughing towards Mobley, who looks none too thrilled. Rick Mathis moves to that side of the ring, joining in the fun by insulting the champ. He’s moving his hands under his eyes as if crying, making Mobley out to be a baby. However, as he continues the motions, he fails to notice that Mobley has spotted him. The champion angrily leaps off the apron, tackling Mathis to the ground with a huge impact that gets the fans on their feet!*

Logan: Look out! Mobley unleashed!

Jones: The champ is getting some payback for what’s happened lately! He’s whaling on Mathis!

*Instead of leaping to Mathis’ aid, Lurrr points it out to the referee, who runs over and leans out of the ring, trying to stop it. Lurrr, meanwhile, grabs The Ice Man and takes him over to their corner. The Ice Man comes alive, stopping in his tracks and punching Lurrr in the ribs. He tries to get a grip on Lurrr to do more damage, but Donovan reaches from outside the ring, grabbing The Ice Man’s arm! Before The Ice Man can get free, Lurrr cracks him on the side of the head with two closed fists. Stunned, The Ice Man falls to his side, against the ropes, with Donovan immediately grabbing his head and dropping off the apron, stringing the big man throat-first across the ropes! The Ice Man tumbles to his back, with Lurrr quickly going partially up the turnbuckle and coming back with a flying elbow drop, landing it with perfect accuracy! On the outside, referee Bell has managed to get GCWA Security involved, getting Mobley off of Mathis. He turns towards the ring, seeing Lurrr quickly gesturing for someone to count the pin, so the ref dives back in. He slides next to the pinfall attempt and starts… 1… 2… The Ice Man shoves Lurrr off of him, showing he’s still got more in the tank!*

Jones: That was close, as Mobley’s distraction with Rick Mathis nearly cost his team there.

Logan: It’s funny that Donovan and Lurrr worked so well together there. They may not like each other, they may downright hate the other guy’s guts, but they’re both well-versed in using an opportunity like that to their advantage.

*Derek Mobley is now back up on the apron, his aggression spent, as Mathis has crawled to the side, trying to get his bearings back. The crowd starts to chant for The Ice Man, trying to inspire him to get to the corner for a tag, as Lurrr pulls him up. He tags in Donovan, who joins Lurrr in landing a double suplex on the big man! Donovan makes the cover… 1… 2… The Ice Man kicks out again, refusing to stay down. Donovan stands back up, immediately tagging Lurrr back in, who looks a little annoyed at the quick tag. He comes into the ring, with both of the heels pulling The Ice Man up and whipping him into the corner. Donovan grabs Lurrr’s arm, whipping him around for a second and sending him towards The Ice Man for a high-momentum maneuver. As Lurrr comes in, though, The Ice Man reacts, spearing Lurrr out of his shoes!!! Lurrr’s down, as Donovan, shocked, looks on. He moves towards The Ice Man, trying to grab him on the way up, while referee Bell tries to order Shane out of the ring. Donovan shoves the ref away, then latches onto The Ice Man, only to take a huge punch to the chin! Donovan staggers back, tripping over the downed Lurrr, as The Ice Man lunges to his right, barely managing to tag the outstretched hand of Derek Mobley!!!*

Jones: The hot tag is made and here comes the World Champion!

Logan: Things are about to heat up!

*Mobley rushes into the ring, immediately clotheslining Donovan, who rolls to the side, out of the way. Lurrr, recovering, tries to grab Mobley from behind, but the champ immediately reacts, spinning around and knocking Lurrr away. The two lock eyes, with the crowd exploding at the intensity of the moment, before Mobley charges, tackling Lurrr with a flurry of punches!! Lurrr returns the shots, as the two men fall to the ground, brawling out of control!!*

Jones: Finally, the World Champion gets his hands on the man who caused a lot of his grief over the past month!

Logan: Get him, Derek!

*Mobley takes control of the brawl, slugging down on Lurrr as the Roman Empire leader tries to protect his face. Referee Bell seems unsure what to do about the situation, trying to get Mobley off. Donovan’s back up now, as he runs over, pulling Mobley up from behind. He gets Mobley in a full-nelson lock, dragging him backwards as Mobley fights to get free. He has some help, as The Ice Man comes in, slamming both fists into Donovan’s exposed back!! Donovan shudders from the impact, wrapping a hand around his back. The Ice Man then grabs Donovan by the neck and sends him flying out of the ring, over the top rope! With Donovan temporarily out of the picture, Mobley goes back to Lurrr, who is trying to get up. Mobley wraps an arm around Lurrr, preparing for the Thriller!! Lurrr fights free, though, shoving himself away from the champ… and into the arms of The Ice Man, who lifts Lurrr up and delivers a thunderous Ice Pick!!!! Lurrr isn’t moving on the ground, as The Ice Man and Mobley stare at each other. Mobley comes over, putting his arm across Lurrr, as the referee makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, The Ice Man and the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!

*Donovan, on the outside, looks completely disgusted at the loss, cursing. Lurrr is trying to roll from the ring, dazed from the hit he just took. In the meantime, Mobley and The Ice Man are still staring each other down.*

Jones: Derek Mobley, our World Champion, gets the pin! Is this what will happen at the PPV? Can he possibly retain?

Logan: I don’t know what you were watching, Jonesy, but what I saw was The Ice Man basically being the one to put Lurrr down! If he hits that Ice Pick at Blood On The Battlefield III, we might very well have a new World Champion!

Jones: It’s been a long, crazy night, and we’re out of time! Don’t forget to call your cable providers to get the PPV! Good night!

*We focus once more on the ring, where Mobley has stood up, continuing to study The Ice Man, who has a grim smile on his face. The referee comes back into the ring with the World Title, catching The Ice Man’s eye. Both wrestlers stare at the gold as the referee hands it to Mobley. On the outside, Donovan seems to have controlled himself, as he is already calculating his next move. The picture slowly fades out, taking us to a late-night rerun of “Night Court”. It’s the episode where Dan Fielding goes crazy and becomes the Phantom of the Courthouse. Don’t miss it, it’s a classic!*

OOC: And with that, the Blood On The Battlefield III pay-per-view line-up has been set in stone! Hope you enjoyed the show, and are ready for a truly exciting pay-per-view! Here's the complete card:

- Mikey Willis vs. Andy Halerman, Grudge Match

- The Danger Boiz(c) vs. Harvey Danger & Partner, GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match

- The Big Bifford(c) vs. Scott Caine, "Xtreme Rules" Match for the GCWA X Division Title

- Marcus Ka'Derrion(c) vs. Tommy Crimson, "Flaming Tables" Match for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title

- Derek Mobley(c) vs. The Ice Man vs. Shane Donovan vs. Lurrr, Fatal Fourway Match for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title

Roleplaying will be from Sunday, April 5th, to Friday, April 10th, giving you 6 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count. Let's make this another great pay-per-view and see some tremendous matches take place!