*The previous television show comes to an end, fading out as always with the final credits. The GCWA symbol then appears, soaring across the screen, reminding you of the excitement soon to come. The shot shifts to an image, taken long ago, of the ICWF Hall of Famer, Dean, from his wrestling days. He’s holding a World Championship in the picture, with lots of screaming fans all around him As the picture moves closer to filling the screen, Dean’s voice from last week can be heard.*

Dean: GCWA… WHAT’S UP!!!! *cheers* Thanks for that… it’s been awhile, nice to know you guys still remember the old man.

*The picture shifts to another shot of Dean, showing him talking to an up-and-coming wrestler who’s training with him. It’s a youthful Derek “The Thriller” Mobley.*

Dean: Let’s get one thing straight, there is nothing that I would enjoy more than to stand here, with my boy, Derek and reminisce about the past…however, I’m here for business. Business concerning a former protégé of mine and, someone, I used to call a good friend….

*Another picture comes into focus, showing three men standing together: Derek “The Thriller” Mobley, Warrick Hill, and the ICWF Hall of Famer, Dean. The three look extremely happy, posing for the camera, the unified members of the House of Pain.*

Dean: Warrick, you were headed for disaster…everyone had given up on your sorry ass…your parents, siblings, cousins, high school friends…EVERYONE…that is, except for one person. Your college roommate, Derek Mobley. Derek walked into my training facility, eager to learn how to wrestle…I saw immense potential in him and agreed to train him…but he said he would under one condition…if his best friend, Warrick Hill could be trained alongside him.

*A video clip runs, in slow motion, showing Derek Mobley celebrating at his home with the GCWA World Heavyweight Title. Behind him, Warrick Hill and Dean are against the wall, with a look of pride seemingly on Dean’s face. He speaks, talking to his man, Derek.*

Dean: Derek, aside from the night I defeated Johnny Hunter to claim my first ICWF World Title…this is the happiest and proudest wrestling moment of my wrestling career. That match you put on tonight, against Titan 3, to retain your World Title…was tremendous. You’re everything I could’ve hoped for as a protégé…c’mon, Sucka, let’s go celebrate!

*The video clip ends, switching to a picture of Warrick Hill, standing all alone in front of a wall. The music changes to a darker tone. Warrick has his trademark grin on his face.*

Warrick Hill: Dean, everything you say is true…Derek did help me out when I needed him. The only thing is, I don’t need him anymore. I’m tired of wrestling in Derek Mobley’s shadow.

*Warrick and Derek are shown, side by side, holding up the ICWF World Tag-Team Hardcore Titles together. They look at each other with bright smiles, having just fulfilled a lifetime dream of becoming champions together.*

Warrick Hill: Allow me to fill in the blanks for you, Derek. We’re done…it’s over, Derek and Warrick are no longer the greatest tag team in professional wrestling. Go find yourself another lackey…cause, quite honestly, I’m tired of filling that position.

*The picture tears apart, leaving the two champions on opposite sides. As the pieces float away, we go to a video shot from last week, showing Mobley stopping Warrick from leaving the ring.*

Derek Mobley: That’s right, walk away…run away from your problems like always. You say you’ve matured, you say you’re a new man…well, I don’t see it, Warrick. All you’re doing running from one organization to another to help deal with your issues.

*Warrick’s face is shown, full of contempt for his former ally. Lurrr is smirking in the background. Dean, though, is staring at Derek’s back.*

Derek Mobley: You mock people like the Danger Boiz and Eugene…but, you know what, when the chips are down, you know where their loyalty lies. They’re stronger than you could ever be, Warrick…it’s evidenced by this decision you’re making…nobody supports it, only the ‘Empire’ but, hell, why wouldn’t they? Good luck ruining whatever kind of career you might have had in GCWA…

*The music hits another level, apparently building to an explosion, as Warrick Hill lifts the mic up one last time. The music suddenly goes silent while he speaks.*

Warrick Hill: Oh, I wouldn’t say nobody supports my decision, Derek.

*Derek backs away from Lurrr, who threatens the Wake Up Call, but bumps into Dean. Dean spins Derek around and surprisingly attacks him, eventually landing the Razorback on his protégé! Deeply dramatic music blasts through your speakers as this takes place. Replays are shown from different angles, showing the impact of the maneuver on the World Champion. As they take place, Dean’s voice can be heard from an earlier clip.*

Dean: You’re everything I could’ve hoped for as a protégé... everything I could’ve hoped for... everything I could’ve hoped for...

*As the voice fades away, Dean is seen leaving with Warrick Hill & the Roman Empire, leaving Derek to lay on the mat, staring after him. He looks devestated, as we fade away…*

*After a few seconds of silence, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, with the World Title around his waist, smiling at the camera. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd is energized as always, although some of that energy was clearly drained away by the opening scene. Various people have signs saying “Why Dean Why??” and “The Razorback Became The Backstabber!”. There are also a few expertly drawn pictures showing a tombstone with Arryk Rage’s name on it, as well as “RIP”. We cut away to Jones & Logan at the announce table.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Friday Night Inferno! We’re two weeks away from the historic third edition of Blood On The Battlefield, which is shaping up to be one of the most dramatic pay-per-views we’ve ever had!

Logan: Yeah, man, what with Derek Mobley taking on three men, while also losing his best friend and mentor beforehand, the World Champion is in dire straits!

Jones: The wrestling world is still reeling from the effects of last week’s Inferno, both due to Dean’s shocking betrayal of Derek Mobley and because of the ending of the “Buried Alive” Match!

Logan: Marcus Ka’Derrion and Twiztid beat each other into bloody pulps last week, that’s for sure. And then, after Marcus wins out, Titan 3 goes ahead and buries Twiztid in the burial plot, apparently with the full permission of the President, the Accelerator!!

Jones: We have some exclusive footage from after that event later on in the show, as well as a scheduled interview with Marcus Ka’Derrion, who of course is not in action here tonight, so stay tuned! You don’t want to miss it!

Logan: There you go, Jonesy, give them the hard sell. All I need to say is that we have some terrific matches tonight, including Lurrr vs. Bifford for the X Division Title and the final #1 Contenders Series match! That should be all you need to know!

Jones: Well said, Anthony. First up, we’d like to show you guys a few clips from a match that took place earlier tonight, before we came on the air. In a dark match, we had Mr. Excellent taking on Harvey Danger in a much-publicized match. However, it seemed that Mr. Excellent wasn’t himself on this evening.

Logan: Yeah, I hope he’s alright, as well as his son, little Rob. I don’t remember seeing the guy around tonight.

Jones: Roll the footage!

*A clip runs, showing Harvey Danger making his entrance, followed by a strangely-dejected looking Mr. Excellent. The two went at it with several maneuvers from each man, but in the end, Harvey was able to capitalize on an Excellent mistake, taking charge of the match and not letting it go. At the end, the Danger DDT sealed the victory for Danger, keeping him on a winning streak. We go back to the announce table.*

Jones: Too bad for Mr. Excellent. A win over Danger might have helped propel him back up the ladder.

Logan: He’s certainly struggling as of late. Hopefully the man can turn things around and get his wrestling career back on track. As for Danger, he gets another big victory. Maybe now Ace will give him a better dressing room.

Jones: Doubtful, Anthony. Doubtful.

Logan: Yeah, yeah, I know. Well, we’ve got a lot of action to get to here tonight, so I guess we should get moving!

Jones: Minos, take it away!

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he is a man still trying to control his powerful temper, standing 6’4” and weighing 274 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is “The Widow Maker” Caid Austin!

*Austin and his valet, Mercedes, make their way out from the back to the pulsing sound of “Deuces” by Achozen. Mercedes is talking with Austin, apparently trying to warn him of some Tommy Crimson gossip that has been going around, but as usual, Austin doesn’t want to hear it. He just wants to beat Crimson senseless.*

Jones: It’s been a quiet week for Austin, not like his usual self. For some reason, he’s avoided the cameras.

Logan: Hey, I have no problem with that. Sometimes you need some time off from the press, y’know? Still, I hope he spent some time training, because he’s certainly got a very tough test in his competitor here tonight.

Minos: His opponent is a former OCW United States and Hardcore Champion, representing Organized Chaos, he stands 6’4” and weighs 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

*”Head Up” by the Deftones hits the air, along with a sizable amount of boos. Of course, there are a few ‘Flamerheads’ out there still cheering for their idol. At first, no one appears in the entryway, as Austin looks on with a smirk on his face. The fans wait, as the music starts to play again. Finally, Crimson pushes his way through the curtain and comes out on the stage, glancing around at the sizable crowd in attendance. Behind him steps sEizure and Super Creep, both looking towards the ring with evil intentions. They move as a group, heading for the squared circle.*

Jones: From what I hear, no one’s been able to track down Jobe Severity’s whereabouts this week. In fact, his mobile home was said to be smashed up, including some bullet holes!

Logan: Yeah, I’d like to know what happened there. Not cool, man, not cool.

Jones: Rumor has it that Tommy Crimson has already taken over the leadership mantle of Organized Chaos. From the looks of things, he certainly appears to be in charge here tonight.

Logan: Yeah, I was wondering if they were going to be here tonight. I heard someone say that they were off looking for Jobe.

Jones: Apparently whatever you heard was a red herring, Anthony, because they’re in full force tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Good to see Trixie Anderson back in the ring.

Jones: Yes, she’s done a great job as one of our newest referees.

Logan: Her job? Oh, right, yeah, that’s what I meant, too.

*Austin doesn’t seem impressed by the numbers coming to the ring against him. He waits as Crimson enters the ring, smugly sitting with his back against the corner. Mercedes’ warnings fell on deaf ears. He walks cockily forward, wanting to lock up with Crimson, but Crimson has other ideas, raking a hand across the man’s eyes. Austin, blinded, stumbles back, as Crimson comes in on the offensive, picking Austin up and dropping him with a snap suplex. Crimson doesn’t let up, immediately rolling on top of the stunned Austin and pummeling him with shot after shot, despite the warnings of Trixie. Austin does all he can to cover himself up, as Crimson does some major damage.*

Logan: Wow. You get the feeling Crimson’s here to make a point?

Jones: If he’s really and truly replacing Jobe Severity as the leader of Organized Chaos, this is his coming out party. Austin needs to get himself together in a hurry if he wants to survive this!

*sEizure is smiling on the outside, wearing what looks to be a new dress, while it’s impossible to tell Super Creep’s emotions underneath the hood. Mercedes, for her part, looks very concerned as Crimson brings Austin up to his feet. Crimson goes off the ropes and comes back, ducking under a weak clothesline attempt from Austin. He returns, leaping high in the air and splashing Austin back to the mat, going for the first pinfall of the match… 1… 2… Austin gets his shoulder up at the last second, buying himself a little more time. Crimson looks happy to get in a little more abuse. He moves to the turnbuckle, pulling himself up, as Austin tries to get himself to his feet. Crimson is already airborne as Austin rises, flipping around with a moonsault and landing on Austin’s shoulders, then spinning around and dropping him with a legscissors takedown!! Austin sprawls on the ground, in bad shape, as Crimson stands over him.*

Jones: That was a great move from Crimson, showing that he’s still got it in the ring!

Logan: The veteran can still get airborne, no doubt. He’s got the moves to back up his mouth. As for Austin, well, I’m starting to wonder…

*Mercedes tries to shout instructions from outside the ring, but she’s forced to back up as sEizure comes near her, still smiling that weird smile of his. Inside, Crimson brings the wounded Austin to his feet, as if studying him. He suddenly jumps up on Austin, grabbing his neck and taking him off the ropes and down with the High Rise! Austin is kicking at the mat, in a lot of pain, as Crimson gets back to his feet, ‘dusting’ himself off. He grabs Austin by the hair, pulling him up one more time, saying something to the man before twisting him down with the Fury!!! Austin isn’t moving, as Trixie moves close, expecting the pinfall. After a few seconds pass, Crimson finally obliges her, confidently putting his arms across his downed foe’s body… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Fury” Tommy Crimson!

Jones: A rather easy victory for the veteran in this one!

Logan: I don’t know where Caid Austin’s head was at, but he did not look prepared at all for this one. It’s like he was overlooking Crimson or something.

*Mercedes is in the ring now, checking on her downed man, as Crimson stands in the corner, conferring with his allies. Super Creep goes and reaches underneath the ring, as sEizure hands Crimson something. It’s a jacket. Crimson locks the jacket around him, zipping it up, as sEizure enters the ring and grabs Mercedes from behind, sending the shrieking woman out of the ring with a shove! In the meantime, Super Creep finds what he’s looking for, pulling a table out from under the ring!*

Jones: No, wait a second, what are they thinking of doing??

Logan: When Crimson brings out that protective jacket, it can only mean one thing, Jonesy!

Jones: Oh… oh no…

*Crimson begins to climb the turnbuckle, as sEizure and Super Creep get the table set up, placing Austin’s unconscious body on it. Mercedes looks like she’s trying to get back into the ring, but referee Trixie is wisely holding her back, knowing that Mercedes would most likely join Austin on the table if she reentered. As the other two wrestlers watch, Crimson pulls out a match and lights up, setting his jacket on fire!! The fans are screaming in both terror and happiness as Crimson stays on the turnbuckle, looking down at his opponent through the flames. He takes flight, delivering the Flaming Ball From Hell that sends Austin right through the table to the floor!!! Crimson rolls around, putting the jacket out, then stands up, looking down at the destruction he has caused.*

Jones: We need some help out here!

Logan: Austin just got cooked!!!

*Mercedes finally pulls free of Trixie and enters the ring, even as Crimson and the rest of Organized Chaos leave. Crimson walks past the camera, seemingly enjoying what the group has accomplished so far. He looks towards the lens, sending a signal out to Jobe Severity, wherever he may be, then walks on, telling his guys that they need to get going to their next ‘appointment’ of the evening. They depart, as medics start to arrive, checking on the condition of the burned Austin. We cut away from this scene to go to the back, where The Big Bifford and Earl the Popcorn Salesman have just arrived at the arena. Bifford is still dressed in the ancient Roman battle armor that he has been stuck in all week, however Earl has changed out of his dress and is in his normal popcorn selling attire. Bifford, who has a large bucket of popcorn, laughs out loud.*

Bifford: Man, that was some adventure this week. We managed to escape ancient Greece though without being arrested, you being deported, me being taken hostage by the FBI or us being killed by that loser who spells his name with too many Rs. Not Lurrr, the other one: Loser-rr. Tonight, however, we have to thwart a different man who spells his name with too many Rs: Lurrr. I mean, I've beaten Lurrr before, so this should be no different.. but something feels a bit 'off' tonight. Any idea what it is?

*Suddenly the door bursts open and Loser-rr (a man who looks almost identical to Lurrr but wears bifocals) runs at Bifford with a knife. Bifford, thinking quickly, drops him with a drop-toe-hold. Bifford looks down at Loser-rr and shakes his head in disgust.*

Bifford: Didn't you learn from this week that you can't take us down?

Loser-rr: uhhh....ohhh....so much pain... my god needs my help... Lurrr..... Lurrrrrrrrrr.

*Earl and Bifford just shake their heads and walk away with their bucket of popcorn, as we fade to a break, the last shot showing Loser-rr trying to get himself up to go after them and failing.*

*We slowly come from the commercial break into an upscale, private gym. We are looking at the exterior as it’s made of black stucco and surrounded by many windows overlooking a beautiful, plush estate. There is a giant, Red ‘D’ on the side of the gym…we slowly enter through the main entrance and see a long hallway leading to a main area with water fountains, a Powerade machine, dressing room and a staircase. To our left is a small, but very nice basketball court. Straight ahead, beneath the staircase is a racquetball court and to our right is an entrance into a state-of-the-art weight room. We take a right…we enter into the weight room and find Dean and Warrick Hill inside. Warrick is sitting on a bench, working out his biceps with various isolated curl exercises. Dean has a clipboard in his hand and is monitoring Warrick’s progression. Dean quickly notices the GCWA camera crew and turns his attention to them…walking towards them, he orders Warrick to ‘keep going’…Dean is now facing the camera crew and begins to speak.*

Dean: What’s up, suckas! Glad yo punk asses could finally make it, took ya long enough. Imma make this short and sweet, so listen up. This past week I have had my house literally flooded with fan mail…I’m tellin ya, I haven’t seen this much fan mail since I beat Johnny Hunter for the ICWF World Title at the first King of the Ring. It’s been insane. So, as one, last courtesy to the fans, I thought I’d give all of you MY side of the story…since I’m sure Derek ‘The Cryer’ Mobley will be working the sympathy card from here on out.

*Dean turns around to check on Warrick’s progress…Warrick has finished his curls and is standing up, stretching his arm out…Dean nods with approval before turning back, facing the camera. As he does, Warrick sneaks behind the bench and pulls out a small joint and lighter, he quickly lights it and takes as many puffs as he can with Dean not paying attention.*

Dean: When GCWA opened back up, Derek came to me with an idea of bringing the House of Pain back. So, I agreed to let him use the name, with Warrick…I also knew Lurrr was going to be signing up and I assumed the three of them comprising the House of Pain would be a no-brainer. I assumed they’d bring back the luster and glory that the name House of Pain is truly worth…I assume this to be the case. Well, sucka, wouldn’t ya know, I tune into Inferno and see my two boys being laid out week after week by chump suckas like Tommy Crimson?? Unacceptable! On the flip side, I see Lurrr and this Mathis sucka running wild on GCWA…kind of what I expected Derek and Warrick to do with House of Pain…so, right then and there, I knew a change had to be made.

*Dean catches a whiff of something suspicious. He quickly turns around to find Warrick smiling, giving Dean a thumbs up as he’s doing some pushups on the floor, next to the bench. Dean rolls his eyes and faces the camera crew again…as he does, Warrick stops the pushups and grabs his joint again.*

Dean: A change had to be made…and when an organization is in shambles and there is time for a change, where do you go? You go to the leader, the man in charge…that man was Derek Mobley. Mobley simply forgot his priorities…he forgot why he is here, he forgot who made him…he forgot his sole purpose for being in GCWA. Mobley, in his mind, became bigger than GCWA and, thus, drug the House of Pain name through the mud. Well, no more, Sucka! I have taken the name back, tossed it on the shelf and retired it for the time being…when is that time, you ask? That time is Warrick’s time…what you see behind me…uhh…hey, sucka! Put that shit down!

*Dean turns around and catches Warrick with his joint…Warrick quickly tosses it aside and walks towards Dean, shrugging. Dean seems extremely angry, but manages to squash the anger to finish his promo. Warrick is standing by his side, Dean puts his arm around Warrick…Warrick’s hair is sweaty…he’s wearing a ‘HOP’ tank top and looks ripped, Dean speaks.*

Dean: This is my NEW protégé…this is THE man who will take House of Pain into the new era…not that other chump sucka we left lying in the ring last week. As you can see, I’m turning Warrick Hill into the wrestler he should’ve been years ago…I’m tapping into that wealth of potential and, soon, we will see the NEW Warrick Hill…the Warrick Hill that will finally carry the gold he was BORN to carry…

*Dean pats Warrick on the back and then heads off leaving Warrick alone…Warrick looks into the camera and speaks.*

Warrick Hill: Feels good to finally hear someone have total, complete faith in my abilities. It feels great to no longer be just another rung to a ladder used for another’s success. Derek, now that I’m away from you…I can finally see how truly pathetic you really are. This realization is long overdue…the sleeping giant has finally opened his eyes…I have learned more in this last week than I did in the years I palled around with you. Oh…and as for this other matter…

*Warrick reaches over towards a table and grabs a cell phone and an envelope containing a letter…he has a cocky smile on his face.*

Warrick Hill: Kelli mentioned that she bumped into you in Providence…so, as a real man would, I flew down there to check on my investment. Luckily, she didn’t speak much about you…you apparently didn’t make a memorable impact on her…what a surprise, haha. I did find this, though…I gotta say, it brought a tear to my eye…

*Warrick shows the letter Derek had written for Kelli but accidentally left at her grandparents doorstep…he begins to rip it up in front of the camera.*

Warrick Hill: I just lost control with laughter…this is probably the most pathetic thing I’ve ever read, you are a real loser, Mobley. You think a hottie like Kelli would actually go for you? What? You think because she sat down at a picnic table to say ‘hi’….which, ultimately was about me anyways…you think that meant she saw something in you? *Bleep* no, Mobley. She didn’t even read this damn thing and she had it with her for over a DAY. She doesn’t even know your first name you stupid piece of *bleep*.

*Warrick tosses the ripped up pieces of Derek’s letter to the gym floor. He flips his phone open and begins to scroll through it.*

Warrick Hill: Me, on the other hand…I get sweet, sexy text messages…late night phone calls…emails while she’s at work asking how my day is going…yea, I get all of that. You know what else I get? Hot, hot sex…and it’s good too. So, you continue spending time with that waste of life they call Eugene and go on telling yourself that your pathetic life is okay because, after all, you’re GCWA World Champion. I’ll see ya soon…

Dean: SUCKA!

*Dean and Warrick share a laugh as we fade back into the arena.*

Logan: Damn, man, that’s just cold!

Jones: It seems pretty clear that a reunion of the House of Pain won’t be happening any time soon.

Logan: Ya think? I mean, I have to admit, I could agree with some of what Warrick had been saying, but to turn completely on Derek this way, the guy who got him into the business in the first place… and then to have Dean do the same… this could be something that destroys our World Champion, Jonesy.

Jones: Which works right in the favor of the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr. Mobley’s vulnerable now, which is just what Lurrr wanted. The odds are overwhelmingly against Mobley walking out as the champion at the PPV.

Logan: I’m curious to see if he can walk out after his match with The Lost Soul later tonight. The dude’s gotta be mentally totaled right now.

Jones: Well, before we get to that, Anthony, we’ve got another match to showcase. Let’s go to Minos, who is already in the ring, along with referee Mark Bell.

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, he’s one of our youngest wrestlers, looking for his time to shine in the lights of our grand arena, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, here is Mikey Willis!

*The fans don’t seem to react too much as Mikey Willis comes out of the back, a serious expression on his face. He heads to the ring as “No 5” by Hollywood Undead plays, still intent on his business of finding out the truth about what happened with his family.*

Jones: Word came out this week about Willis’ mother being murdered, throwing some suspicion on the membership of the GCWA roster.

Logan: Seriously? Someone punked out Mrs. Willis?

Jones: From what I’ve heard, her dead body was found dumped in a lake with a bullet wound in the head.

Logan: Man… well, we’ve got some despicable guys here in the GCWA, but I don’t know that any of them would opt to murder a competitor’s family, especially someone like Mikey, who hasn’t quite hit his stride yet.

Minos: His opponent made his GCWA wrestling debut last week when he won a “#1 Contenders Series” Match over Jobe Severity, standing 6’4” and weighing 275 lbs, from Portland, Oregon, here is The Ice Man!

*The fans start cheering as the Ice Man walks out of the back, moving stiffly but still ready to wrestle here tonight. The snow blowers run from the ceiling, sprinkling the crowd with pieces of ice. “Cold As Ice” by M.O.P. continues to play while the Ice Man makes his way to the squared circle.*

Jones: It was nearly a tragic week for the Ice Man as well, Anthony, as he was involved in a serious car accident.

Logan: Accident? I heard the brakes to his limo were cut. The Ice Man’s lucky he walked away without any broken bones! His FBI bodyguard was not as fortunate.

Jones: People’s mothers getting killed, brake lines being cut, houses burning down, mentors turning on friends, people getting buried alive…. My god, what’s happening to this place??

Logan: Welcome to the wrestling world, Edds. It ain’t pretty, but it’s what we’ve got.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The Ice Man stretches out his arms and back on the ropes, preparing for the match, as Willis walks steadily towards him. Willis says something to the Ice Man while pointing at him, as if questioning the larger man where he was two weeks ago. Of course, the Ice Man was at Inferno to make his debut, making him a less likely suspect. The Ice Man seems to take it all in stride, realizing that Willis is dealing with some grief. But when Willis pokes him one too many times in the chest, making his point, the Ice Man opts to move, grabbing Willis’ hand and twisting it around, causing Willis to drop to his knees in pain! The Ice Man then pulls Willis up and lifts him bodily in the air, throwing him down hard into the center of the ring. The Ice Man pops his neck back and forth, still feeling some of the pain of whiplash, but continues on with the fight.*

Jones: I remember I got in an auto accident a few years ago. I was so sore, I couldn’t get out of bed for weeks! I can’t believe the Ice Man is wrestling here after that!

Logan: In all fairness, Edds, I can’t really compare you and the Ice Man. It just isn’t close.

Jones: *sigh* I know.

*Willis looks off-balance as the Ice Man pulls him up. The Ice Man gets Willis in the air, carrying him over to the corner and dropping him face-first onto the top turnbuckle with the Snake Eyes! Willis stumbles away, hurting badly from the strike, as the Ice Man calmly comes up behind him. The Ice Man grabs Willis’ arm, apparently deciding that there’s no reason to continue the match. He lifts Willis up, setting him for the Ice Pick!!! Willis is struggling, but the Ice Man seems to have a tight grip. However, as the big man goes to throw Willis into the air, Willis readjusts, managing to land behind him! The Ice Man, thrown off, turns around, only to take a dropkick to the face from the young wrestler! The Ice Man doesn’t go down, and a second dropkick doesn’t do it, either. But Willis has another attack up his sleeve, as he goes off the ropes and comes back with a flying forearm, finally putting The Ice Man on his back!*

Logan: I didn’t know if we’d get to see any offensive maneuvers from Mikey tonight, considering his competition. But Mikey’s not backing down!

Jones: He might be motivated by what happened to his mother, Anthony. I’m sure almost anyone would be in a fighting mood if they found out someone did that to them.

Logan: Yeah, you’re right, Edds. I’d be ready to tear apart anyone and everyone in my path. But I’d also be having trouble focusing in there. Willis has to keep himself on target and go for the victory whenever he can, if he wants a chance to win tonight.

*Willis looks towards the sky, a tear leaking out from his right eye as he goes towards the turnbuckle. The Ice Man is pulling himself up, already starting to recover, but Willis is already in the air, leaping over the Ice Man and landing behind him with a sunset flip!! The Ice Man fights, but the momentum is too much, as Willis rolls him up! Referee Bell dives in to make the count, looking just as surprised as everyone else… 1… 2.. and the Ice Man cleanly kicks out, showing his power by throwing Willis off of him. The lightweight takes this into account, immediately heading back to the turnbuckle. He positions himself and leaps into the air, going for a splash. However, the powerhouse is ready, catching Willis, then giving him a fallaway slam, chucking Willis across the ring!!*

Jones: Nice reversal by the Ice Man, who continues to prove he deserves to be in the GCWA!

Logan: Yeah, man, the guy’s looking pretty good. A lot of people are wondering if he’s going to walk out of Blood On The Battlefield with another World Title around his waist.

Jones: It would be a shocking win, considering how new the Ice Man is to the GCWA, but it could definitely happen, especially with Derek Mobley the way he is.

*The Ice Man is already back on his feet, shaking his head as if checking to see if anything’s been loosened up. He goes towards the rising Willis, giving him a hard fist to the back of the head to stun the cruiserweight. The Ice Man then picks Mikey up from behind and delivers a devastating death valley driver, laying him out. The Ice Man makes the cover, with the alert Bell ready as always for the count… 1… 2… Willis puts a foot on the ropes, barely managing to do it time for Bell to see. The Ice Man looks a little thrown off, but doesn’t argue the decision. He brings Willis to his feet, then whips the smaller man towards the turnbuckle. Willis hits, but then uses the ropes to spring himself up, soaring over the charging Ice Man! The Ice Man turns, with Willis landing a few punches, keeping him in the corner. Willis climbs up on him, trying to bring The Ice Man up with him. However, The Ice Man responds with a European uppercut, rocking Willis back on his heels. Before he can topple off the post, though, Willis is grabbed by The Ice Man. It’s not for any altruistic reason, as The Ice Man sets Willis up and comes off with the Hail Storm, knocking him out!!*

Jones: What a move!! I think that’s the first time the Hail Storm has been seen in a GCWA ring!

Logan: That could be it right there, if The Ice Man chooses to make the cover!

*Referee Bell waits expectantly, but The Ice Man apparently isn’t through. He wants to send a message to each of the other contenders for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title. The Ice Man reaches down, grabbing at one of Willis’ legs and twisting it around The Ice Man’s neck. With a few more motions, Willis is now pinned in the Frostbite!!! Referee Bell watches as Willis frantically moves around his arms, looking for any possibility of release, but The Ice Man sits down, making sure that there’s nowhere for the lightweight to go. After a few more seconds of agony, Willis taps out, causing the referee to signal for the bell!*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Ice Man!

*Referee Bell waits for The Ice Man to release the hold, dropping Willis back to the mat, then raises the wrestler’s hand. The Ice Man looks happy with the win, although he’s certainly not gloating about it. He walks away, already looking to leave the ring, as the referee checks on Willis’ condition.*

Jones: The Ice Man stays undefeated in the GCWA!

Logan: Yep, another good victory on his way towards main event status. I just hope whoever’s gunning for the guy doesn’t take him out before the PPV.

Jones: He certainly needs to watch his back, especially with Lurrr out there. We all know what Lurrr is capable of.

*As The Ice Man leaves the arena in triumph, we cut away to a backstage shot, where medics are moving a burned Caid Austin through the hallways on a stretcher. Mercedes is staying close by, watching over her man. Austin’s already got some bandages on, having been worked on during the last match, but now he’s on his way to the hospital. The medics bring him out a doorway to the garage, where the stand-by ambulance is already waiting. Next to it, with his arms crossed, is the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3. He steps up, motioning to Mercedes to back away from Austin.*

Titan 3: Sorry to delay you, lady, but I have a message to pass on from the President. Tell your boytoy there that he doesn’t have to worry about coming back any time soon. He’s gone from the GCWA.

Mercedes: But that’s not fair! He deserves another opportunity!

Titan 3: *Bleep* him. He’s done.

*After all she’s been through tonight, Mercedes apparently has had enough, as she slaps Titan 3 across the face! It doesn’t seem to faze the former wrestler, as he lets out a small smile from the impact. Mercedes takes a few steps back, suddenly worried for her safety. But Titan 3 has other ideas, turning around and grabbing Austin, releasing the restraints holding him on the stretcher! Mercedes tries to intervene to get him to stop, but Titan 3 shoves her away, sending her sliding, as he lifts up the barely conscious Austin. With one motion, Titan 3 has the man in the air, delivering an A-Bomb through the stretcher!!!! Austin is groaning in horrible pain as Titan 3 looks down at his handiwork. He walks away, pleased, as Mercedes gets up and comes back in, freaking out at Austin’s condition. The medics wordlessly go back to work securing the new injuries and preparing a second stretcher from the ambulance as we fade to another commercial break.*

*We return from the break to find ourselves in the President’s office, where the Accelerator looks slightly perturbed. Across from him sits Titan 3, still looking like he’s in a good mood now.*

The Accelerator: Do you realize the liability you may have just caused the company? I mean, taking out Lukas Payne last week was one thing. He put his hands on me, and I had no problem with that. And burying Twiztid? Hey, all part of the end of that match, right? Hell, I was happy to see Rage go. But tonight’s assault… all I wanted was for you to tell Austin he was suspended due to his poor performance lately!

Titan 3: You also told me I could do whatever I felt necessary if I was provoked.

The Accelerator: Provoked? Because the girl slapped you?

Titan 3: Would you rather I A-Bombed her instead?

The Accelerator: No, no… that would have definitely been worse… ok, man, just… just get back to work. I’ll get our lawyers busy on the paperwork.

*Titan 3 walks out of the room, obviously seeing himself as the winner of the exchange, as the Accelerator shakes his head and gets on the phone, making a few calls. We head back to the GCWA Arena and Jones & Logan.

Jones: Can anyone say “excessive force”? There was no need to do that to Caid Austin, Anthony.

Logan: Hey, my boy Titan 3, he can get a little rough, no question. But it’s all part of the job. You think anyone’s going to be breaking the rules around here when an A-Bomb could be your punishment?

Jones: I’m still concerned. Titan 3’s got that old gleam in his eyes now.

Logan: Whatever, Jonesy. Worry about the matches in front of you. Titan 3 will be fine, you’ll see.

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. It will be a non-title battle between two seasoned competitors, nothing on the line but pride and ambition. Introducing first, he is a former ICWF World Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, he is The Lost Soul!

*As the Friday the 13th theme plays, the fans react, standing to try and catch a glimpse of one of the legends of the industry. The Lost Soul comes through the curtains to their ovation, a look of pain on his face for a split-second. It quickly disappears, as he moves towards the ring for another match in his historic career.*

Logan: I’ve gotta say, I’ve known The Lost Soul for a long time, and I’m really starting to think he shouldn’t be competing here tonight.

Jones: Why’s that, Anthony? He doesn’t look that bad off to me.

Logan: Dude, he had to break out of a hospital in order to compete here tonight! Who knows what kind of shape he’s in? I can’t believe the Accelerator gave him $500 to help him get here for this match!

Jones: Hey, the President knows a good investment when he sees one. Besides which, Ace always likes to deliver the match as promised. He hates letting the fans down, because he wants them here to spent their hard-earned cash!

Minos: And now, the challenger, he is arguably the biggest name in the GCWA, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, he is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!

*The crowd gets even more pumped up than before, as “Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys hits the speakers. After a few seconds, the curtain opens, with Eugene appearing. He’s holding the curtain open and gesturing. Finally, the World Champion appears, his head down as he makes his way towards the ring, not at all like he has done in the past.*

Logan: The champ’s in a pretty bad way right now. He’s still trying to deal with the betrayal of both his best friend and his mentor, which obviously isn’t something you get over quickly.

Jones: Well, at least he found the girl of his dreams from his past, Anthony!

Logan: Yeah, he found that his old flame is now Warrick Hill’s girlfriend. Somehow I don’t think it cheered him up that much, especially since Hill intercepted the letter Derek wrote for her.

Jones: Too bad she doesn’t watch this show. We could have let her know.

Logan: Yeah. Too bad.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The assigned referee for this match, Adrian Rockwell, signals for the fight to begin, but neither man moves. The Lost Soul leans into the corner, as if contemplating the future. On the other side, Derek Mobley looks to be trying to pull himself together long enough to compete in tonight’s match.*

Logan: On any other week, this would be a dream match, Edds. You’ve got SEVEN World Heavyweight Title reigns between these two! It’s a different field tonight, though.

Jones: I’m curious to see how Derek Mobley responds in this match. If he struggles here, will he be any better in a few weeks at Blood On The Battlefield III?

*The two wrestlers finally come out towards the center of the ring, where a slightly-ticked off referee is waiting. Rockwell again signals for them to go at it, wanting to see some violence in his assigned match. Mobley and The Lost Soul lock eyes, as a cheer grows and grows from the audience. Each man turns and looks in the other direction, towards the crowd, feeling the energy in the arena help boost both wrestlers. They look back at each other, with Mobley giving TLS a respectful nod. It’s a gesture The Lost Soul returns. The two veterans lock up, testing their strength, with Mobley managing to take the first advantage by forcing TLS back. The Lost Soul takes a knee to stop the momentum, then tries to push himself back up, but Mobley’s ready, stepping in and quickly taking TLS down with a Russian legsweep! Mobley gets right back up and goes to work, no joy showing on his face from the maneuver.*

Jones: This is a very different Mobley here tonight. He’s usually showing a lot more emotion at this point in a match, be it excitement or fury.

Logan: I admit the the champion’s not showing the pearly whites, but if he can remain on the offensive, he could score himself another victory here in short order. The Lost Soul is most likely too hurt to put up a great fight.

*Mobley waits as The Lost Soul pulls himself up, then moves in, grabbing TLS by the head and taking him down with a spinning neckbreaker! Rather than try a pin, Mobley goes after the right arm of TLS, dropping his legs on it to add some pain. The Lost Soul works to shield the now-hurting arm, putting it underneath him as he tries to get up. Mobley again waits, letting The Lost Soul expend energy while standing. He comes back in, grabbing TLS from behind for a belly-to-back suplex, but TLS blocks it with his legs, then snaps an elbow around, surprising the champion. TLS then switches around behind Mobley, giving him the suplex instead! The Lost Soul pulls himself up, wincing a little at a stitch in his side, but he’s not slowing down. He grabs Mobley, shoving him into the corner, then grabs the side of the ropes and starts ramming his shoulder into Mobley’s gut, doing some damage.*

Jones: For a badly injured man, The Lost Soul’s putting up a good fight in there.

Logan: He’s a master of covering up the torture he’s in, Jonesy. But let’s face it, he’s already got that metal chip in his head. Now he’s suffering the after-effects of a horrible car accident. Just the fact that we see him showing some of the pain is enough to scare me.

Jones: By the way, what’s up with all these car accidents lately? First the Ice Man, then The Lost Soul, I mean, who’s next? Bad things always come in threes, Anthony.

Logan: We already had a third. Remember Harvey Danger?

Jones: Oh yeah! Did Harvey ever pay that woman back?

Logan: You’re joking, right?

*The Lost Soul pulls Mobley out of the corner for a few steps, but then whips him back in, using the turnbuckle as a wall to slam him against. Mobley, hurt, staggers out of the corner, right into TLS, who uses an over-the-shoulder arm drag to flip the World Champion to the mat. The Lost Soul then steps over the champion, getting a toehold placed onto him, before locking in an STS! He’s got his arms wrapped around Mobley’s head like a sleeper hold, keeping him on the mat in tremendous pain as he tries to get his opponent to submit! Referee Rockwell, enjoying seeing the World Champion struggling, lays down on his belly next to him, repeatedly asking when Derek wants to give up. Derek fights, struggling towards the ropes, as TLS continues to drain his stamina.*

Logan: The Lost Soul’s really got him locked in there! And the best thing about this move is that it doesn’t take that much out of TLS to apply it!

Jones: TLS is showing that knowledge that he’s picked up from overseas again. The Stepover Toehold Sleeper is a favorite in Japan!

*After much struggling, Mobley manages to reach the ropes, causing a reluctant Rockwell to call for the break. The Lost Soul doesn’t look like he’s going to let go, though, so Rockwell starts to count, eventually getting to 4 before TLS finally drops it. The two men argue for a second, with Rockwell yanking on his referee shirt, making sure that The Lost Soul recognizes his authority. TLS reaches past him, grabbing Mobley and bringing him up. After a couple of closed-fist punches, The Lost Soul positions Derek for a fireman’s carry, perhaps for a death valley driver or another maneuver. However, Derek fights his way free with elbow shots, causing TLS to put him back on the mat. Mobley then hangs onto his foe’s neck as he plants him with an implant DDT!! After a second of recovery time, Mobley makes the pin, with Rockwell pounding the mat in response… 1… 2… TLS kicks out, avoiding the loss.*

Jones: Wherever Derek Mobley’s head is at, he’s still putting on a good show for the fans.

Logan: Yeah, but I bet anyone can tell that he’s running on auto-pilot right now. His instincts are still great, but he’s taking way too long to get anything accomplished.

*After sitting for a couple of seconds, Mobley pulls himself up, grabbing at the Lost Soul as well. TLS responds with a roll-up, dragging Mobley to the mat! 1… 2… Mobley barely kicks out. Both wrestlers get up, with Mobley kicking TLS in the side to slow him down. TLS grimaces, feeling a lot of pain from the kick, allowing Mobley to take control again. He brings The Lost Soul to the center of the ring, taking him over with a belly-to-belly suplex, adding more agony to TLS’ already-injured side. Derek makes the cover, as Rockwell drops to his knees for the count… 1… 2… TLS raises his shoulder, refusing to stay down. Mobley brings The Lost Soul up by the hair, looking around expressionlessly for a place to throw him next. He takes TLS towards the corner, preparing to slam his head into the turnbuckle, but TLS blocks it, then elbows his way out, shoving Mobley back. TLS then comes out of the corner, jumping and hitting a flying clothesline! TLS painfully makes the cover… 1… 2… no, the champ fights free of the pinfall attempt.*

Jones: Both guys are going for pinfalls all over the place, aren’t they?

Logan: Neither one wants to be out here longer than necessary. They want to get the win and go back to recuperating. However, the time’s starting to run out. We’re heading towards that 10-minute deadline.

Jones: Crap. I forgot about that.

*The Lost Soul rises to his feet, still wincing from the waves of pain coming from his side. Referee Rockwell, for once showing a little sympathy, asks if the man is ok, but TLS waves him off, going back to work. He picks up Mobley, managing to bodyslam him in front of the corner. The Lost Soul then starts to climb up, making his way to the top of the turnbuckle, as the crowd starts to cheer. Some are cheering for TLS to hit the Souled Out, while others are chanting for Mobley to get out of the way. The Lost Soul reaches the top, trying to keep his balance, as the World Champion starts to move, pulling himself up to try and get out of range so that he can recover. The Lost Soul, though, doesn’t move, hovering on the turnbuckle. Suddenly, without warning, he falls forward, collapsing down to the mat with a flip!!!*

Jones: What the hell?

Logan: Hey, man, something’s seriously wrong!

*Derek Mobley pulls himself up using the ropes, then looks back, surprised to see The Lost Soul on the ground. He looks towards referee Rockwell, as if wondering if he did anything, but Rockwell looks as stunned as he is. Mobley moves carefully over to TLS, who landed on his back and isn’t moving. With sudden clarity, Mobley puts himself gently over The Lost Soul and signals to Rockwell to make the count. Rockwell eventually does so, hitting the mat… 1… 2… 3!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Derek Mobley… medical personnel to the ring, I repeat, medical personnel to the ring…

Jones: What happened? What’s wrong with The Lost Soul? Hey, Anthony, where are you going?

*Anthony Logan has already left the announce table, heading into the ring to check on his long-time buddy. Mobley is up and showing his first real emotion of the night, as he waves for the medics to hurry up. The Lost Soul still isn’t moving, other than a few leg spasms, as something is clearly VERY wrong. The medics come out with a stretcher, rushing to the ring to start working on the legendary wrestler. The fans are quiet, stunned into silence, as everyone is waiting to see what’s going to happen. We fade out to a commercial break.*

*As we come back from another lovely commercial break, we arrive back in the GCWA Arena, where Jones & Logan are once again featured. Logan looks very solemn.*

Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night Inferno. We just had a scary situation regarding The Lost Soul, who collapsed during his match with Derek Mobley just a few minutes ago. Anthony, you got a close-up view of what was going on. What can you tell us?

Logan: Well, The Lost Soul came to while they were working on him, but he wasn’t saying much, other than showing more of the agony he was in. I tell you, that was one of the scariest moments I’ve had as a professional wrestler. Right now, they’re rushing TLS to the hospital. Hopefully, we’ll have updates later on regarding his condition.

Jones: I know you’re a little shaken, Anthony, but the show must go on, as they say. You alright?

Logan: Yeah, yeah, man, I’m ok. I’m a professional, after all. Let’s move on.

Jones: Ok, then. Last week on Inferno, we had one of the most insane matches ever held on free GCWA Television. It was a match that left one man in the hospital and the other man, well, we’re still working that part out.

Logan: Yeah, dude, it was an insane match, it really was.

Jones: Roll the clip!

*The picture changes to a shot of two men: Marcus Ka’Derrion and Twiztid. Their animosity is shown through various interactions, starting with Ka’Derrion’s save of Derek Mobley at Darkness Falls and continuing with Twiztid’s destruction of Blake Ka’Derrion’s tombstone. We see a shot of Marcus, standing over the burial plot he had been digging, looking towards the camera while resting his arms on the shovel. His voice is heard, echoing over the clip.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I realized what I was not afraid of, and that is you, Twiztid. Nothing about you scares me. The only feeling I have for you is sickness. You make me sick, everything about you gets me nauseous. I cannot stand you. The reason why I came out to make the save on Mobley was because I have had enough of your antics. I am tired of it. Everyone is. We are sick of you, and I am the one to rid GCWA of this sickness.

*Marcus’ face seems to change through a great editing job, morphing into Twiztid’s painted visage. He’s hanging out in a cemetery, looking like a spirit who has risen out of his grave. As Twiztid stands, silent as a corpse, the voice of the little girl is heard.*

Girl: Marcus, you cannot escape this. No, it is inevitable that you will get hurt, and he promises you, that you will feel it. He will not protect you from it, he won't make it easy for you. No, Marcus, you will feel every bit of it. You will watch every drop of blood spew from your face. You want to redeem the name of your father? Avenge what Twiztid did to his grave? Good luck. He wishes you all the luck in the world, Legacy. This will be a new adventure for you. A whole new style. When he is done with you, when you are buried six feet under the ground, you will be closer to your father than you ever have been before.

*Twiztid’s face disappears into the blackness, as we switch into a shot from last week’s Inferno, where Marcus and Twiztid are both shown coming to the ring. Their furious fight is highlighted with a heavy rock beat, as they battle out of the ring and down the aisleway, using whatever weapons they can find. The first major highlight is when Twiztid smashes a glass bottle over Ka’Derrion’s head, then cuts him across the chest. As predicted, we go to black-and-white shots from now on. Jones’ voice from the show echoes in the background.*

Jones: God, Marcus is really bleeding badly!

*The fight continues, with Marcus shattering the rest of the bottle into Twiztid’s hand, cutting him up. They fight up the ramp and through the back, with the cameraman following. Ka’Derrion is shown smashing Twiztid with a trash can, as well as using a table as a stationary weapon, slamming Twiztid on it. They fight up the hallway, with Twiztid getting control just in time to send Ka’Derrion flying out the door and down the steps, taking a horrible fall.*

Logan: Geez! What a tumble from our young champion! I don’t know what he could possibly have left, Jonesy!

Jones: Don’t worry, Anthony he’s got the blood of the Punisher running through his veins!

Logan: Edds, he’s got the blood of the Punisher running across his face right now!! Heart and determination only get you so far!!

*Twiztid’s revealing of weaponry is shown in slow-motion, with so many lethal weapons sitting on the ground for his use. He is shown grabbing Ka’Derrion with the garrotte, in order to choke him out (or worse), but Ka’Derrion fights him off by throwing Twiztid face-first into the front loader window! Ka’Derrion also uses some of Twiztid’s weapons against him, using a whip across his unprotected back. He drags Twiztid to the grave, but Twiztid manages to reverse it, putting Marcus into it instead.*

Jones: Marcus is in!! All Twiztid has to do is get some dirt and toss it on top of him, and this one’s over!!

*There’s a slow-motion shot of Twiztid approaching with the shovel filled with dirt. A few clips are spliced in, showing the terrified fans of Marcus crying out “No!”. As Twiztid goes to dump his dirt, though, Marcus reappears, scoring with a shovel shot! As the fans can be heard, screaming like crazy, Ka’Derrion picks up Twiztid and gives him the Punisher through the tombstone!! Twiztid falls into the pit and Ka’Derrion adds the dirt, which gives him the victory. Afterwards, we’re shown the Accelerator toasting Twiztid from his Presidential office, as Titan 3 dumps a full load of dirt on the grave, burying Twiztid alive!*

Jones: Holy *bleep*!!! Twiztid just got entombed!!!!

*As the clip starts to finish up, we’re shown some footage that did not make air the week before. Marcus is helped up by the medics, intent on walking away from the destruction despite his blood loss. He’s maneuvered towards the nearby ambulance, getting loaded in. It pulls away, lights flashing, as other members of the GCWA staff move in, working to dig up the fallen wrestler. But no matter how far they did, they are not able to locate Twiztid, as he seems to have vanished from sight. A shattered piece of tombstone is focused on. It says “Here lies Arryk “Twiztid” Rage”. The rest of the statement has been broken away.The review ends, taking us back to ringside.*

Logan: Man, I still get goosebumps watching that! That match will certainly go down in history as one of the greatest free TV matches of all time!

Jones: Well fans we’re going to take you live now via satellite, to the hospital where Marcus Ka’Derrion is staying at here in Dallas, Texas.

Logan: He's still in the hospital? Man his injuries must have been more serious than I thought.

*The screen splits into two, with Logan and Jones being on one side and Marcus Ka’Derrion appearing on the other. On the big screen though, you only see Marcus and the crowd start cheering upon seeing him. He is sitting at the edge of the hospital bed, but already has street clothes on, looking ready to go. As he hears the crowd cheering he can’t help but smile. *

Jones: Hi Marcus, thank you for joining us.

Logan: What’s up Marcus?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: How you doing guys?

Jones: We’re doing fine and clearly, so are you. Are you leaving the hospital now?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yeah I was just cleared about an hour ago but I decided to stick around for you guys.

Jones: Well we appreciate that, so can you tell us what your current health condition is and why you had to stay in the hospital for a whole week?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Well, percentage wise, I say I’m about 90% right now. I did suffer a concussion in the match last week but the main reason why they had me stick around here was because I had some internal bleeding and some bruising and swelling in some organs. They wanted to make sure they got that under control and they did. The bleeding stopped four days ago, and the swelling has gone down.

Jones: That sounds really serious Marcus, have you been cleared to wrestle?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Sounds more serious than it actually is. I’m fine really. If I had to wrestle next week, I could, but I don’t know if I’m on the card yet. We’ll see.

Logan: Let me steal the mic from this spotlight hugger here. Hey Marcus, tell me, how do you feel knowing you beat one of the all time greats at his own game?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Oh I can’t even begin to describe it Logan. I mean yeah, Twiztid is a sick bastard that nobody really likes but at the same time, he is a hell of a wrestler and brawler. I feel really honored to have been able to wrestle and beat him at his own game. Not many wrestlers can say they beat Arryk Rage. I gotta tell you though, Twiztid was right.

Logan: Right about what?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: That I wouldn’t be the same after that match. I feel different. Having been in that kind of match, so brutal, so exhausting, so violent, so, hardcore, I… I don’t know… I liked it.

Logan: I can definitely see where you are coming from Marcus. Those matches are all of that you said, that’s true, but they are a lot of fun. I had my share of violent matches, and the more I had, the more I loved it.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: They sure are, I can’t wait for my next one.

Jones: Speaking of your next one, any ideas who you will face next? Maybe finally challenge Derek Mobley for the World Title? The fans have been asking for that more and more.

Logan: I would definitely love to see that one.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Oh thanks for bringing up Mobley, I wanted to thank him for all the phone calls, for all the visits he has paid me to the hospital. He is a hell of a friend.

Jones: Wow really? He’s such a good guy.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Actually no, not really. I haven’t seen or heard from Mobley since our face off where we cleared the air. You know, you would think you would show some sort of appreciating for the man who saved your ass at Darkness Falls. But I guess that’s just the kind of man he is. No wonder everyone is bailing on him, I’m starting to see Warrick’s side of things now.

Jones: You don’t really mean that do you Marcus?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: The proof is in the pudding. I save him from being nailed to a cross. Now I’m at the hospital for a week and not even a single call? Screw him. Clearly it’s all about him, Dean, Warrick and hell, even Lurrr were right about him. But let’s move on, as for facing him? Nah, not yet. Maybe I'll challenge for the X-Division title since I'm liking the hardcore title, but I have every intention of continuing to defend the Intercontinental Title against all comers first..

Voice: Good.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: You!? What the hell are you doing here!?

*The camera pans out, rather quickly, to show the man standing in the doorway. It’s Tommy Crimson!*

Jones: What is Tommy Crimson doing at the hospital!?

Logan: This ain’t going to be good.

*As Ka’Derrion stands, focusing intently on Crimson, he fails to notice the motion coming from his other side, as sEizure has come from the other door in the room. He grabs at Ka’Derrion, who immediately reacts, knocking sEizure away with a strong right hand. Before he can do any more, though, Crimson’s in there, kneeing Ka’Derrion hard enough to put Ka’Derrion’s future family in jeopardy, bending him over. Crimson then takes Ka’Derrion down with the Fury, knocking him out on the cold, hard floor of the hospital!! Angry voices can be heard from outside, as people are trying to get into the room, but Super Creep’s back can be seen in the doorway, preventing any interference. Crimson bends down, leaning over Ka’Derrion, who is now bleeding again from one of his many still-healing cuts.*

Tommy Crimson: Did you not hear, Marcus? I told everyone that Organized Chaos wasn’t here to earn respect back. We were simply going to take it. Now, taking out Caid Austin? That doesn’t do anything for us. He deserved to be burned. No one’s out there crying over his destruction. But you, Marcus? You’re what we need. You thought you had your hands full with Twiztid? You don’t know *bleep* about hardcore until you’ve faced the Fury. Get ready to burn, Marcus. Get ready to burn.

*sEizure can be seen in the background, flicking a lighter with glee, as Crimson stands back up. Ka’Derrion’s eyes are fluttering, as he’s trying to pull himself back together. He rises up to his hands and knees, grabbing at the nearby bed to get some support, glaring towards Crimson with dazed eyes. Crimson seems to be relishing the man’s pain. sEizure raises up what looks to be a bottle full of some sort of flammable liquid, preparing to throw it at Ka’Derrion, but Crimson surprisingly reaches over, stopping him. Instead, Crimson lashes out, punching Ka’Derrion in the head and sending him backwards to the ground. Crimson looks at his hand, now with spots of blood on it… and smiles.*

Tommy Crimson: We’ve got some blood on the battlefield now, *bleep*…

*Crimson moves to the doorway, with sEizure right behind him. They leave with Super Creep, as medical personnel finally get into the rope, checking over Ka’Derrion. Security guards have shown up, trying to figure out what’s going on. Since it’s a public place, attacks like this are definitely not that frequent. Marcus is helped up onto the bed, with a guy checking his eyes with a light to see if the concussion has been made worse or not. We fade out to commercial.*

*The break ends, as we return to GCWA television. We go to the backstage area, where Cynthia Hall is currently standing by, having recovered from the hard fall she took last week courtesy of Shane Donovan.*

Cynthia Hall: I'm backstage now with the man everyone loves to ignore... Harvey Danger! Harvey, this week we witnessed you... Harvey? Where in the hell...? He WAS right here just a second ago.

*The camera pans over and Harvey is hunched over, holding his box of Cheeze-It's, with his cheeks puffed out. He's covered in bright orange crumbs and his own slobber, while the deer in the headlights look shows his surprise. He hurries to quickly swallow his mouthful.*

Harvey: Mmmphh!

*Harvey tries to squeak out a hello, but manages to do nothing but spit soggy half-chewed orange bits of cracker into Cynthia's face. As Cynthia wipes the mess from her face, Harvey manages to swallow the last of his snack. *

Harvey: Heh heh... sorry. Didn't realize we were ready to go on air. As this young lady here started to say, you followed me this week to the savior of our current economic crisis, Walmart. I know some of you have been on the message boards and chat rooms, Mean Gene's 1-900 Hotline, and the old faithful paper dirt sheets trying to figure out what I've been up to. Well, I'll tell you. I made a promise. A promise to my mother, a promise to my fans...

Cynthia: The one or two...

Harvey: I'll ignore that... Anyway, a promise to myself most importantly. I told all of you that I would walk out of Inferno last week a number one contendor for something. I won my match... a match against TWO other people mind you. And this week when they update the rankings... I fall as the number two contender. Well thats just fine. If the world and GCWA doesn't want me to succeed I'll...

Cynthia: We don't.

Harvey: You know? Your not very nice. Anyway, if I'm not going to fulfill my promise to myself, I've decided to do something about it. You know what I'm going to do? Right here!

*Harvey pulls up on camera... a home-made title belt! His Walmart purchases have all been crafted into his very own championship title! The weight lifter's belt has been duct taped to the lid of the garbage can, which Harvey had covered in poster-board paper. On the paper, he had written in Magic Marker and glitter. Harvey is beaming, his smile ear to ear.*

Cynthia: Oh...my...God. Does that... does that say? GCWA "Danger" Title?

Harvey: It sure does Carol! I am officially announcing myself as the GCWA Danger Champion. I couldn't be a number one contender, so now I'm a champion! And how better to be the Danger Champ, then... me! Harvey Danger! Get it... Danger!?

*Harvey turns and runs down the hall, title held high above his head screaming like a lunatic.*

Cynthia: Ace isn't going to like this...

*As Cynthia shakes her head and signals for a wrap, we cut away to the Presidential office, where the Accelerator can be seen, head in his hands. He appears to have a beaut of a headache. He reaches over and grabs the phone for the hundredth time today.*

The Accelerator: Hello, security? Yeah, this is the President. Uh huh. I need you guys to do me a favor. Go and find Harvey Danger. It shouldn’t be that hard, he’s running around yelling, after all. Once you find him, bring him to my office. I guess I’ve got to discuss a few things about his future.

*The Accelerator starts to hang up the phone, then hesitates, hearing the voice on the other end of the line saying something.*

The Accelerator: What? Oh… no, no, don’t tell Titan 3 to get him. He’d probably knock Harvey unconscious first. Just get the guy here in one piece, got it? Good.

*Ace hangs up, then goes back to rubbing his head. It hasn’t been a fun day to be the President. He reaches into his desk drawer and pulls out a bottle of Ibuprofin as we cut back to ringside.*

Jones: Uh oh. Something tells me Harvey Danger may have just made a big mistake.

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, but I doubt that “Danger” Title will become an official GCWA Title. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a bonfire in Ace’s office later on tonight.

Jones: We’ve got a few more great matches to get through, so let’s get them going! It’s time to decide the last contender!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall. It will determine the final entrant into the Fatal Fourway Match at Blood On The Battlefield III! One of these men will move on with a chance at immortality. They will earn the opportunity to become the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion!

*The fans are all about this announcement, as they cheer on Minos. They’re excited to see who the last person will be.*

Minos: Introducing first, making his return after two months away from the GCWA, after coming so close to becoming the first champion of the new era, he stands 6’0” and weighs 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, he is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*They say absence makes the heart grows fonder. The GCWA fans are looking to bust that myth, as they still seem to hate Donovan with a fiery passion. They boo heavily as he comes through the curtain, “God In Extension” by Jack Daw playing behind him. The fans aren’t bothering Donovan, who makes his way to the ring.*

Logan: I was starting to wonder if we would ever see this young man in the GCWA ring again.

Jones: We still don’t know how badly injured he was after that loss to Derek Mobley in the finals of the Warriors of the Ring tournament. All sorts of rumors floated around about his condition, but whatever the case, he’s back with us again here tonight.

Logan: Yeah, I saw a lot of blogs talking about him being a potential surprise favorite, if he can get past his opponent tonight. After all, he’s got the experience against Mobley, as well as being a lot more rested than any other competitor.

Jones: Rested or rusty? We’ll see here tonight.

Minos: His opponent, coming down the aisle, sees tonight as the first step of his path to soon add more wealth around his waist. He is one half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!

*There is no doubt about who the fans are cheering for here tonight. As “Mental Health” by Zebrahead plays in the background, Crazy Chris walks towards the ring, enjoying the wave of support from the fans in attendance.*

Jones: Crazy Chris took a little bit darker turn this week in the interviews he gave.

Logan: Yeah, but I loved the intensity. Crazy Chris is quite simply one of the brightest young stars I’ve seen come through the GCWA so far. He is already a champion alongside his brother, and he has proven hard for anyone to beat. In fact, I’m willing to bet that Derek Mobley is worried that Crazy Chris will win here tonight.

Jones: Why’s that, Anthony?

Logan: Well, disregarding the fact that it would mean Derek’s fighting another friend, Crazy Chris has a lot more fire than some of the older wrestlers involved. Derek’s got the championship. Lurrr and the Ice Man have both been there before. But Crazy Chris? He still wants to get there. Badly.

Jones: Yes, but couldn’t the same thing be said of Shane Donovan?

Logan: True.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as referee Mark Bell makes the gesture for the match to begin, Crazy Chris is on the move, coming in quick on Donovan. He swings, but Donovan ducks the shot. He grabs Chris from behind, catching the off-balanced wrestler and lifting him into the air with an atomic drop, only to have Chris shove himself off and land behind Donovan feet-first! Chris grabs Donovan and shoves him forward, into the corner, then tries to roll him up backwards, but Donovan hangs on, staying in the corner while Chris goes back. He turns and runs forward at Chris, trying to clothesline him down, but Chris matrixes himself out of the line of fire, then bends himself back up! The fans are cheering wildly at the rapid action, even as both wrestlers study one another, neither one having landed a blow yet.*

Jones: That’s a way to start the main event! Donovan’s crafy, but Chris is so quick!

Logan: Yeah, these two believe in different styles of wrestling, but I think it’s going to mesh well in this one, especially since they’re about the same size. I just hope Donovan left the handcuffs at home!

*The two wrestlers move to the center of the ring, with referee Bell making sure to stay far back out of the way. They lock up, with Donovan using his knee to take control. He sends Chris into the ropes, and then drops his head to try and throw him in the air. Chris rolls over his back and lands behind him again, though, showing his amazing agility. Donovan turns around, but Chris is in the air, locking his legs around Shane’s head and taking him to the mat with a hurricanrana! Donovan scrambles for the ropes before Chris can continue his assault, with referee Bell keeping him back for a second. Donovan pulls himself up, trying to regroup, but as he does so, Chris spins around the referee and charges in, grabbing at Donovan, who calmly lowers his shoulder, sending Crazy Chris over him to the outside! But Chris once again redirects himself, landing on the apron. Donovan, however, seemed to be expecting it this time, as he is already leaping up, scoring a dropkick that sends Chris backwards off of the apron to the floor!!*

Jones: Geez! A devastating fall for Crazy Chris, as he smacked hard out there!

Logan: As fast as you are, sometimes the competition can still think a little quicker. Donovan got one step ahead of Crazy Chris and made him pay.

Jones: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this one’s going to head outside the ring. There’s too much at stake for these guys to worry about count-outs!

*Donovan slides out of the ring, grabbing at Crazy Chris as the masked man tries to get up. Referee Bell waits in the ring, starting a very slow count. He knows how important this match is. Ending it via count-out might very well send Bell to the unemployment line. On the outside, Donovan takes a moment to lock Chris up, lifting him into the air and delivering a northern lights suplex on the hard floor! Chris arches his back, feeling every bit of the impact despite the thin mats covering the concrete floor. Donovan pulls himself up, having felt some of the pain himself, but he’s definitely in much better shape. He grabs Chris and, after getting him up, sends him into the ring by grabbing his trunks, rolling him in. Donovan follows, stepping through the ropes with a slightly cocky attitude.*

Logan: I just can’t get myself to like this guy, Jonesy. He’s just too full of himself!

Jones: A lot of wrestlers are that way, Anthony. I think it kind of goes with the territory.

Logan: Yeah, but there aren’t many around who would be ‘apologizing’ for allowing Derek Mobley to be our champion. That’s pretty low, man.

Jones: And yet I can tell that Donovan believes every word of it. He truly thinks that things would be ‘better’ with him as the World Champion instead of Mobley.

*Donovan has the hurting Crazy Chris up by this point, giving him a few shots to the chest. He sends Chris into the ropes, then goes off the other side, coming back and landing a flying forearm that nearly knocks Chris out of his laced-up boots! Donovan makes the cover, not bothering with the legs, as referee Bell is there… 1… 2… Chris raises his shoulder with authority. Donovan, looking perturbed for the first time, grabs at the legs and tries again… 1… 2… Chris kicks out, even stronger this time. Donovan glares at the referee, but instead of wasting time, he brings Chris up, looking for another way to place him on his back. He shoots Chris into the ropes again, then tries to grab him for possibly a spinebuster. But Chris again moves quicker than the eye can see, flipping over Donovan and going to the other side. He jumps up on the ropes and catches some sky, coming back with a splash that knocks the surprised Donovan to the mat! Chris tries to hold him down… 1… 2… Donovan kicks out!*

Logan: Close one! I almost thought we had the upset!

Jones: I still don’t understand why people see Donovan as the favorite in this one, Anthony. Sure, he had a good tournament run, but he’s been gone for months, while Crazy Chris’ only defeat was his controversial loss to Lurrr.

Logan: I guess, in a lot of people’s minds, Edds, Donovan was here first and seemed like a genuine threat to take over the GCWA. Now that he’s back, they seem to think he’s going to step right back in to where he was. However, if Crazy Chris does pull off the win here, I think everyone’s going to see him in a different light. A championship light.

*Both wrestlers are back up, with Crazy Chris stunning Donovan by grabbing his head and dropping him headfirst onto Chris’ knee. Donovan stumbles back to the ropes, hurting, as Chris lines up his next attack. He runs, jumping up to the ropes next to Donovan and springboarding up, using the added height to land a stiff kick to the back of Donovan’s head! Donovan falls forward to his knees, his head now ringing from two different sides. Behind him, Chris steps out to the apron, taking a second to rub his sore back before grabbing the top rope and propelling himself into the air again, doing a senton drop onto Donovan’s back, knocking him to his stomach! Chris immediately shoves Donovan over for a pin attempt… 1… 2… Donovan gets his shoulder up, keeping the match going.*

Logan: Chris is throwing everything at Donovan right now. It looks like he’s trying to win on sheer volume!

Jones: If he can keep up this assault, Anthony, he’ll surely wear Donovan down enough to put him away. It’s hard to defend yourself when the attacks are coming so suddenly, one after another!

Logan: Yeah, but Crazy Chris has to watch his own stamina as well. He’s moving so fast, he might in danger of tiring himself out just as quickly as he is Donovan!

*Chris yanks Donovan back to his feet, his expression unreadable behind the blood-red mask. He lifts up Donovan, preparing to bodyslam him in front of the turnbuckle, but Donovan goes to the eyes, blinding his opponent. Chris sets him down, trying to clear his vision. Donovan doesn’t give him the chance, lifting Chris up and delivering a backbreaker, bending Chris’ back over his knee! Donovan makes the pin, using the nearby ropes for some leverage… 1… 2… Chris still kicks out, despite the cheating attempt! Referee Bell gets up, then notices the moving ropes. He confronts Donovan about it, but Donovan shrugs, saying he didn’t do anything. He then turns and comes at the recovering Chris, giving him a shining wizard kick to the head!! Chris flops to the mat, as Donovan goes to the turnbuckle, pulling his way up one step at a time. He leaps off, aiming himself perfectly as he lands the Phoenix Stomp to Chris’ back!! After a few steps of stretching out his hurting leg, Donovan comes back, making the cover… 1… 2… NO! Chris is still in it!*

Jones: I wasn’t sure Crazy Chris was kicking out there, Anthony!

Logan: He’s still got some fight left, Jonesy, although who knows exactly how much!

*Frustrated, Donovan lifts Crazy Chris up, carrying him over towards the corner, where he sets Chris up in the Tree of Woe! Donovan stands up on the turnbuckle, placing his foot in a painful position, as Chris struggles to get free, obviously hurting quite badly. Referee Bell shouts a warning, as Donovan steps back off, dropping to the ground and leaving Chris hanging in the corner. Donovan steps away, telling referee Bell to get out of his face, then comes running in for a baseball slide to Chris’ head. One problem, though, as Chris raises himself up, avoiding the strike and causing Donovan to slide straight into the ringpost!! Donovan shudders from the shot he just took, as Chris rights himself on the turnbuckle, then drops, planting a falling fist into Donovan’s head! Chris has to drag Donovan back away from the corner, getting him into a legal pinning area… 1… 2… Donovan kicks free!*

Logan: Another close one! These guys are really putting on a great match for us!

Jones: Hey, these were the guys the President chose for the “#1 Contenders Series”. Should we expect anything less?

*Crazy Chris drags himself up, working to catch his breath, as Donovan slides to his side, apparently still hurting. Chris pulls Donovan up, looking to whip him into the nearby corner, no, Donovan reverses it, sending Chris straight into referee Bell!!! Bell flops backwards, stunned, as Chris staggers from the impact. Donovan immediately grabs Chris from behind, picking him up in a pumphandle position for the Breakdown! No, Chris reverses, spinning around Donovan and landing a bulldog-like maneuver!! He makes the cover, but Bell is still trying to recover from the impact! Chris pulls himself up, moving over to the referee and lifting him up, trying to get him on his feet. With Bell holding his head in pain, Chris goes back to work, grabbing Donovan… and getting punched in the jaw with the handcuffs!!! Chris drops to his back, out cold, as Donovan quickly hides the cuffs and applies the Clincher submission hold!!! Referee Bell comes over, still partially out of it, and notices that Chris isn’t even struggling. Confused, he lifts Chris’ hand three times, then signals for the bell, ending this one!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on to the main event of Blood On The Battlefield III, Shane Donovan!!

Logan: Damnit! Just when I thought we were going to have a great finish to this one, Shane has to cheat his way to victory again!!

Jones: I’m not surprised, but I am disappointed. He just robbed Crazy Chris of his opportunity!

*Donovan quickly moves away, sliding out of the ring, as he pumps a fist in the air, enjoying his victory. Crazy Chris is checked on by referee Bell, as he’s already sitting up. The crowd gives a short roar as Dangerous Dan comes running in from the back, sliding into the ring and checking on his brother.*

Jones: Well, whether we like it or not, the “Fatal Fourway” is now fully complete, meaning that Derek Mobley will be defending his World Title against Shane Donovan, the Ice Man, and Lurrr.

Logan: Man… I’m a huge fan of Derek Mobley, as you well know. But I don’t know if he’d come out the winner against those three even when at 100 percent. Considering that he’s all messed up over the Warrick Hill / Dean situation, he’s definitely not in top condition, so I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to predict a title change.

Jones: Anything’s possible, Logan, that’s for sure. Right now, we need to start thinking about another possible title change, as we’ve still got Lurrr defending his X Division Title against the Big Bifford! Stay with us!

*As Dangerous Dan helps Crazy Chris head to the back, the scene changes to a wrestling locker room where, again, Bifford and Earl are just standing around eating popcorn and chit chatting. Bifford's head is red and bruised, and the helmet that was stuck to his head is sitting on a table. He's wearing his typical overalls rather than the Roman armor this time.*

Earl: Man, I can't believe we finally got that helmet off. I thought you were going to be stuck in that costume forever. I'm not even sure the referee would have let you compete in that helmet.

Bifford: Thanks for the idea of using popcorn butter to lube it up and help me get it off.

*Suddenly, again, the door bursts open and this time Smokey The Bear runs at Bifford with a knife in his hand. Bifford sees his arch enemy, the protector of trees, and drops him with a drop toe hold similar to the one he took Loser-rr down with earlier in the evening. When Smokey hits the ground he knocks the leg of the table and the popcorn is tragically spilt all over the floor. Bifford lets out a wail of pain when he sees the amount of popcorn that was wasted.*

Bifford: You *bleep*! Not only do you protect the evil trees, but also you attack me every time I have a chance to win a Championship Belt! And NOW you have wasted popcorn! For that, my arch enemy, you must die!

*Bifford jumps onto Smokey the Bear's back and applies a camel clutch. The over sized head of the bear comes off, though, and it's just Loser-rr in a costume again trying to save his god, Lurrr, from having to wrestle Bifford. Bifford lets go of the hold when he sees that it's not the real Smokey the Bear.*

Bifford: Earl, tie this loser who spells his name with too many Rs up in the closet. I have another loser who spells his name with too many Rs to take care of. It's time for me to be a champion again, Earl. It's time for me to show that it wasn't all a fluke!

*As Earl begins to bind the arms and legs of Loser-rr (dressed as Smokey the Bear), Bifford walks for the entrance to the arena. About halfway there, a loud noise is heard and a door swings open. As Bifford turns to see what the noise is he sees Smokey the Bear again running towards him. Bifford grabs a nearby steal chair and nails Smokey over the head with it.*

Bifford: Now, are you really my arch enemy or are you just that Loserrr who escaped Earl?

*Bifford grabs the head of the costume and starts pulling on it hard. When he sees that it doesn't come off, he smiles, knowing it's his arch enemy and not Loser-rr. Earl comes running to the scene, seeming confused as to how there could be another Smokey.*

Bifford: I told you he'd come.. he always comes when I have a chance to win a title.. Now it's time for me to take care of him... where is my battle axe?

Earl: It's somewhere on the Sesame Street set, stuck in the head of Snuffleupagus.

Bifford (thinking): ermm.. ohh yeah.. That evil elephant did have to die... Oh well, just tie this guy up and put him in the closet with Lurrr. AND KIDS AT HOME - REMEMBER, ONLY YOU CAN HELP START FORREST FIRES!

*Bifford kicks Smokey the Bear in the head as hard as he can and then takes off in the other direction as Earl begins dragging Smokey's body away. We go into our final commercial break of the evening.*

*We come back from the break in the office of the President, where the Accelerator has apparently had Dangerous Dan & Crazy Chris brought to him. He looks haggard, and the bottle of Ibuprofen on his desk signifies what kind of day it has been. It’s almost an advertisement in itself. The President addresses the two men, knowing that Crazy Chris is in no mood for small talk.*

The Accelerator: Thanks for coming, guys. I’m sorry for what happened out there, Chris. Rest assured that I’ll remember this for when I consider you for title opportunities in the future. But right now, I want to talk about your own belts, the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles.

*Dan looks down at the belt around his waist, as well as the one Chris is holding. They’re clearly still proud of their accomplishment, earning the gold the way they did over the Payne Killers.*

The Accelerator: I know it was a big moment for you two, winning those belts, but that was back at the beginning of March. We’re heading into April, and the Danger Boiz have yet to defend the titles. Now, now, don’t get worried about it, I understand that there’s not much competition right now, what with the House of Pain and the Payne Killers breaking up. But I do like to see the belts defended at least once a month.

Dangerous Dan: Anyone, anytime, anyplace, Ace. We’re ready.

The Accelerator: Glad to hear it. Because I had a situation in here earlier that I needed to work out, and, well, I’ve made a decision. At the pay-per-view, you’re going to be facing a new tag-team. It’s one that will be put together soon, I’m sure. But I can at least reveal to you one of the competitors you’ll be facing.

*Both Danger Boiz look a little confused, as the Accelerator gets up from his desk and goes to the back door. He knocks on it, waits a second, then opens it. Outside, in the hallway, is Harvey Danger! Danger sheepishly waves at the Danger Boiz, his “Danger” Title still around his own waist. It doesn’t quite compare to the belts Chris & Dan have on. The Accelerator sighs, then speaks to Danger.*

The Accelerator: There you go, Danger. They’ve agreed, so you’re the #1 Contender to the tag-team titles. You’ve got two weeks to find yourself a partner for the pay-per-view. Oh, and if you walk into my office with that… thing… around your waist again, I’m going to leave it up to Titan 3 on how you should be punished. Trust me, you don’t want to go there, boyo. Now, everybody out. I’ve got a headache.

*Harvey raises his hand, as if to start saying something, but the Accelerator slams the door closed in his face, before walking back to his desk. Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan seem surprised but not overly concerned, turning and leaving the room as we head back to ringside.*

Jones: Just like that, Harvey Danger is the #1 Contender to the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles!

Logan: Yeah, but man, he doesn’t have a partner, which is going to be a big issue, I bet. I mean, who would want to team with Harvey?

Jones: For a chance at some gold? I think there might be more interest than you would expect, Anthony.

Logan: True. I wouldn’t mind getting a title back around my waist….

Jones: That being said, we’ve got our main event to get to! The GCWA X Division Title is on the line, right now!

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening! The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA X Division Title!! First, the challenger, a former OCW World Heavyweight Champion, he’s seeking his first gold in the GCWA. Accompanied by Earl the Popcorn Salesman, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is the Big Bifford!!

*The crowd is pumped as the Big Bifford makes his way out to “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio. Earl the Popcorn Salesman is with him, looking tired out due to the jet lag from their recent adventures in Greece. Bifford heads for the ring, looking confident as always.*

Jones: I was starting to wonder if Bifford was going to make it here tonight for his match. It was looking like they might stay in Greece, due to the deception of their ‘friend’, Loser-rr.

Logan: Yeah, and he kept trying tonight, didn’t he? I can’t say I’m a fan of a guy trying to cut his opposition, but he sure was persistent.

Jones: Thankfully, Bifford’s here, helmet-less, with a shot at earning his first GCWA title.

Minos: His opponent is currently on a 4-match winning streak, and is looking to add yet another title defense here tonight. He is the leader of the Roman Empire, standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, accompanied by Rick Mathis, here is the current GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!!

*The crowd doesn’t need to hear “Cocky” by Kid Rock to start booing away. Lurrr and Rick Mathis step out of the back, Mathis clapping as always for his leader, the champion. Lurrr strikes a quick pose, as the fireworks go off in front of him, blindingly bright.*

Jones: Wow, someone tell the pyro guy to cut back next time!

Logan: Wait, who’s that coming out from the curtain?

*Lurrr and Mathis start to walk down the ramp, both trying to clear their vision after the explosion. Neither sees the man coming towards them at a sprint, carrying a steel chair! Scott Caine flies off of the top of the stage, soaring down the ramp and scoring a direct hit to Lurrr’s vulnerable back!!! Lurrr falls forward from the impact, as Mathis spins around, in shock. Caine takes a wild swing at him as well, with Mathis dodging backwards. Mathis stumbles, though, off the edge of the ramp, falling backwards. Caine immediately turns back to his true target, diving forward at Lurrr and tackling him to the ground, fists flying!!!*

Logan: Whoa!! Caine’s lost it!

Jones: His rage has completely got the better of him here! Where’s his manager at?? We need some order here, we’re supposed to be having a title match!!

*The Big Bifford is leaning on the ropes, watching the action with a confused yet happy look on his face, as GCWA Security starts to pour out of the back. They race in, even as Mathis, recovered, grabs Caine from behind, yanking him up. Mathis starts to punch away, with Caine giving it right back, as Lurrr grabs for the railing, trying to recover. Of course, no fans along the railing are willing to help out. Security works to separate Mathis and Caine, not an easy task.*

Logan: This is wild! But the fans seem to be eating this up!

Jones: Caine better hope this leads to a spike in the ratings, because the President won’t be happy about a disruption in his X Title match!

Logan: You really think Ace is going to have a problem with someone attacking Lurrr? I bet Ace is raising another glass of wine in the back, saluting the guy!

*Lurrr tries to get through the security, furious at what has happened. He has a clear welt on his back from that huge chair shot he received, and appears to have a bloody nose as well from one of the shots he took. Security is working to keep everyone separated, as they move Caine up the ramp. Caine still wants more, having picked up the chair from where it fell earlier. He waves it in the air, causing the security guards to back up slightly, raising their arms and telling Caine not to do it. Mathis has moved to the side, looking for a way around to get another piece of the young wrestler. Meanwhile, no one has noticed that Earl has gotten Bifford out of the ring, telling him about the opportunity that’s passing by. Bifford nods and moves up the aisleway at a good pace for a large man, coming up behind Lurrr. Before the champion can turn around, Bifford grabs him, lifting him up with a full nelson slam!! Lurrr hits hard on his already-injured back, yelling out. Bifford pulls him back up and starts dragging him towards the ring, even as Mathis, suddenly realizing what’s going on, has turned back, shoving his way through security.*

Jones: This is really starting to not look like Lurrr’s night!

Logan: I admit, it’s not really fair to have him get attacked twice from behind in only a few minutes, just before his belt is on the line. But you know what? I’m not too concerned about it. C’mon, Bifford!

*Bifford picks up Lurrr, showing his strength as he tosses Lurrr into the ring through the ropes. He follows, as referee Thomas Mitchell, shrugging, signals for the match to begin.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Wait, we’re having the match anyway?

Logan: This is the GCWA, Jonesy, of COURSE we’re having the match! The fans want to see it, Ace wants to see it, and so do I!

*Bifford pulls the hurting Lurrr up, picking him up in a bearhug. He immediately carries Lurrr to the corner, smashing him into it, with all of Bifford’s weight hitting on the other side! Mathis, by now, has reached ringside, grabbing at the ring ropes and pulling himself up as if to enter the ring. Referee Mitchell gets in his way, threatening a disqualification if Mathis gets in. It’s unclear whether Mathis would really consider this a bad thing. He steps over the ropes, into the ring, but Earl’s there, grabbing his legs from behind! Mathis angrily shakes off the popcorn salesman, but the hesitation allows Bifford to run forward, clotheslining Mathis over the top and to the outside! Referee Mitchell still looks unsure, but he opts not to call for the bell already, as Bifford goes back to the X Division Champion.*

Jones: You can tell that Mitchell is really tempted to throw this one out, Anthony. A lot has happened in only a short period of time.

Logan: That’s no justification for stopping this one, though, Jonesy. I mean, this could be Bifford’s only opportunity at the title. To have it end in a DQ win won’t be enough for him, I’m sure.

Jones: Still, if Mathis stays involved, referee Mitchell might not have a choice. He’s already on a hair trigger right now.

Logan: He did seem to be really thinking about it, didn’t he? Hmmm. Y’know, we already suspect Mitchell has connections with Organized Chaos. How much of a stretch is it to wonder about the Roman Empire?

*Bifford brings Lurrr towards the center of the ring. He picks Lurrr up again, as if planning the same plunge back into the corner that hurt Lurrr the last time. As he starts to move, though, Lurrr repositions himself, kicking out at Bifford’s knee. Bifford stumbles forward, allowing Lurrr to grab his head and drop, DDT’ing the big man! Lurrr takes a second or two to recover, wiping blood and snot from his nose. He grabs at the ropes to pull himself up, as a recovering Mathis cheers him on from the outside. Bifford raises up, moving his head back and forth. Before he can get to his feet, though, Bifford goes back down, his knee becoming the target of a Lurrr charge. Lurrr continues to assault the leg, dropping down into a leglock to try and bend it the wrong direction, as Bifford feels the pain.*

Jones: Lurrr’s trying to take that limb home with him!

Logan: He’s letting loose some of that rage he’s feeling. It’s powering him right now, but will it continue to last throughout the match, after the hits he’s already taken?

*Bifford struggles to pull his weight towards the ropes, fighting to get free of the torture that Lurrr is dishing out, even while the X Champion is able to take the time to rest himself up. Earl is watching anxiously from the side, although he’s also keeping an eye out for Rick Mathis, making sure to stay on the opposite side of the tall wrestler. Bifford finally reaches the ropes, as Mitchell waits for a second, sizing things up. He finally calls for the break, with Lurrr releasing his grip. He doesn’t go far away, though, making sure to stomp a few times on the already-sore limb to do a little more damage. He brings Bifford back up to his feet, although the big man’s clearly having trouble standing. Lurrr has no problem having him lean in the corner, as Lurrr starts working over his front, using him like a large punching bag.*

Logan: Damn. I was hoping that Lurrr would be off his game. But I swear, the guy just doesn’t get thrown off!

Jones: Veterans fight through the pain, Anthony. Lurrr’s taken worse than this before. He wants to make an example of the Big Bifford, show him that the OCW is in the past. This is Lurrr’s territory now.

Logan: I know, I know. Lurrr expects to win here tonight, then move on and unify the X Division Title with the World Title at Blood On The Battlefield. Let’s just say I’m hoping for a different outcome.

*Lurrr steps back, wiping the blood off his face again. He uses the same hand to slap Bifford across the face, adding insult to injury. Mathis seems to enjoy it, but Earl’s eyes have gone wide, knowing that Lurrr’s made a critical mistake. Bifford, touching his hand to his face, sees the blood. His eyes narrow. As Lurrr comes back in, looking for another shot, Bifford blocks him, then reaches out, grabbing Lurrr by the throat!! He lifts Lurrr up, using the corner to balance him, then sends Lurrr flying backwards with a chokeslam!!! Lurrr’s down, as Mathis is looking on, speechless. Bifford pushes off the corner, limping as he comes out, but he doesn’t have far to go as he drops his weight down, landing on top of Lurrr!! Mitchell is right there, trying to make sure he can actually see Lurrr’s shoulders before making his count… 1… 2… Lurrr raises an arm at the last second, saving his title reign.*

Logan: Man, if only Lurrr had responded a quarter-second later, we’d have a new X Division Champion!

Jones: Bifford may be a strange guy, no question. But he’s got a temper, just like anyone else. You don’t want to mess with a pissed-off Bifford.

*Bifford gets up, trying to get some feeling back into his leg. He grabs the ropes for support, shaking it out, as Lurrr rolls onto his stomach, breathing through tight ribs. Bifford looks towards him and, smiling, starts to stomp his leg, getting the blood back into it, but also as if preparing for the Wake Up Call! But as he does so, Mathis reaches through and grabs his downed foot! Bifford struggles free, even as referee Mitchell, having seen the grab, admonishes Mathis, who seems to be waving on a disqualification. Bifford turns to Mitchell, almost pleading with him not to do it, knowing it would get him a meaningless win. Mitchell steps away, shaking his head, as Bifford continues to talk to him. Mitchell waves him away, so Bifford, with a sigh of relief, turns back… and gets hit by the Wake Up Call from Lurrr!!!! The impact’s so severe, Bifford falls and rolls out of the ring, even as Lurr desperately tries to grab him and keep him in. You might as well try to stop the rain. Bifford crashes outside, not moving, as Lurrr smacks the mat in tired frustration.*

Logan: Damnit, I hate Mathis!

Jones: I know, Anthony, now calm down. The big news here is that Lurrr could have had the victory, but with Bifford on the outside, that pin isn’t happening. We might need a forklift to get Bifford back into the ring.

Logan: Yeah, but Lurrr doesn’t need that, man! Bifford needs a pin or submission, Lurrr just needs a win!

*Lurrr yells at referee Mitchell, demanding that he start counting immediately. The champion rests in the corner, showing his fatigue, even as he tries to speed the ref up. Mitchell starts counting, waving his hands in the air, as Bifford is barely stirring out of the ring. Earl has moved over there, talking with Bifford and trying to get him up. Mathis also moves that direction, but Mitchell is quick to warn him away, not trusting him. It also slows down the count. Earl continues to talk with Bifford, who has now sat up, rubbing his head. He brings himself up, even as Mitchell gets up to 7, then 8. Earl yells that it’s about up, even as Lurrr frantically waves his hands. Mitchell yells out 9, watching, as Bifford suddenly slides himself up and in, beating the count!*

Logan: Whew!

Jones: Looks like Lurrr doesn’t get to put this one away just yet.

*Lurrr angrily shoves Mitchell backwards, almost causing the DQ right there, but Mitchell doesn’t want to give him the satisfaction. Lurrr takes out his anger on Bifford, stomping away on him and keeping him down. He goes off the ropes and comes back, snapping a leg down onto Bifford’s neck. Lurrr then signals that he’s ready to end it, heading for the turnbuckle. He climbs up, getting positioned, as Mathis cheers him on, apparently having stolen a beer from a fan at ringside. Lurrr aims himself and comes off, going for the Last Call! But at the last second, Bifford shoves himself to the side, out of range, causing Lurrr to smash into the mat without protection! Both men are down, as Earl tries to raise a cheering brigade from the fans. Bifford struggles up, as Lurrr, clutching at his ribs, does the same. The champion reaches out to try and grab Bifford… who goes on instinct, taking Lurrr down with the Biff End!!!*

Jones: The champion is down!! Lurrr is down!!

Logan: Make the pin, Bifford, now’s your chance!

*Earl’s going ballistic on the outside, while Mathis is trying to figure out what he should do, as Bifford struggles to catch his breath. He finally rolls over, putting his arm onto Lurrr’s chest to make it legal. Mitchell moves into position… 1… 2… NO!!! Lurrr kicks out at the last second, stunning the crowd!! Bifford sags back, his face a mask of disappointment, as Lurrr rolls over, his instincts leading him.*

Logan: Man… what does it take to keep Lurrr down?

Jones: It just took the Big Bifford a little too long to make the pin attempt, Anthony. If you give a champ like Lurrr any breathing room, he’ll use it.

*Bifford slowly gets up. His stamina, which was never great to begin with, is still shorter than it used to be. He drags Lurrr up, trying to figure out what else he can do to put the X Division Champion away. He sets Lurrr into position, trying for one of his favorites, the double-arm DDT. But as he tries to bring him down, Lurrr breaks free, shoving Bifford away, then landing a spinning kick to the gut, bending Bifford over. Lurrr then goes off the ropes, coming back as Bifford leans back up and jumping in with a flying elbow!! Bifford’s down, as Lurrr drags himself over to make the cover… 1… 2… Bifford kicks out! The fans are biting on every count now, knowing that any of them could be the end of this one. Both wrestlers tiredly pull themselves up, with Lurrr trying the simplest way out, grabbing Bifford from behind and rolling him to the mat! Mitchell’s there again… 1… 2… another kickout!*

Logan: Neither man is willing to give it up!

Jones: This is truly what a championship match is all about, Anthony! What a battle!

*Lurrr leans over the ropes, looking almost completely spent, the blood drying now around his nostrils. Referee Mitchell is watching Bifford, who is struggling to get his large mass off of the ground despite the pain. Mitchell checks on him, showing some concern for the man’s health, as Mathis comes over the conference with his boss. He reaches into his pocket, pulling something out and handing it to Lurrr while the ref’s back is turned. Lurrr clutches it tight in his fist, making sure it’s hidden, as he keeps himself oriented away from the referee. The Big Bifford, not realizing the danger he’s in, pulls himself up, looking around for his opponent.*

Logan: Wait, ref, he’s got something in his hand! Ref! REF!!

Jones: He can’t hear you over the crowd, Anthony! Wait, sit down, we’re not allowed to leave the booth!

Logan: EARL! Do something!!

*Anthony is on his feet, yelling over to Earl and pointing. Remarkably, Earl gets the message, as he comes running over from the side, finding out from Anthony what’s going on. As Bifford slowly approaches Lurrr, Earl starts yelling out close to the ring, trying to tell the referee what’s going on. Mitchell, hearing the complaint, seems to think about it for a second before approaching Lurrr before Bifford can get there, wanting to see Lurrr’s fist. The champion, acting innocent, moves away, trying to keep his body between the ref and the object in his hand. Bifford, unconcerned with such matters, steps in, grabbing at Lurrr, who immediately spins and swings!! But at the last second, Bifford dodges, then grabs the out-of-control Lurrr from behind, twisting him into a version of a victory roll!! Lurrr struggles frantically against the weight on his legs, as Mitchell is already down to make the count…. 1… 2… 3!!!!!

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion, The Big Bifford!!!

*The GCWA Arena is going insane at the title change, with so much energy flying through the fans. Earl is jumping for joy, hopping around like mad and hugging fans at ringside, even as Lurrr pulls himself up, arguing fiercely with referee Mitchell, trying to claim that Bifford was holding his trunks. Mitchell ignores Lurrr, though, going to grab the X Division Title and handing it to Bifford, who takes the gold with almost religious respect.*

Logan: I can’t believe it!! Bifford did it! He defeated Lurrr and got the championship!!

Jones: Someone call the title makers, we need an extension!

Logan: What a glorious moment! The Big Bifford has made himself a champion once again, after so many years!

*Mitchell quickly departs the ring, not wanting any part of the fury that’s building in the Roman Empire. Mathis comes into the ring, even as Lurrr continues to let loose his temper, hitting the turnbuckle pads. Earl, meanwhile, has come into the ring, talking with Bifford about making their way out. He’s obviously noticed Lurrr’s mood. But Bifford’s having none of it, wanting to celebrate. He slowly climbs onto the turnbuckle (with the ropes sagging in response), getting the cheers of the crowd. Earl tugs at Bifford’s leg, then turns back… and eats a Wake Up Call!!!! Earl is down and out, as Lurrr and Mathis go on the warpath, pulling Bifford off the ropes and attacking him!*

Jones: You had to know the Roman Empire wasn’t going to leave it like that!

Logan: Damnit, Lurrr, take your loss like a man! Walk away!

Jones: The Empire wants vengeance, Anthony, and sadly, it looks like they’re going to get it!

*An exhausted Bifford is no match for the double-team, as Mathis holds his arms while Lurrr sizes him up for another strike. Before he can land it, though, Mathis shoves Bifford aside, urgently pointing behind Lurrr. The former champion turns, seeing Scott Caine racing to the ring, the steel chair back in hand! He enters, brandishing his weapon, as Mathis gets Lurrr out of the ring, keeping him safe. Caine makes a wild swing over the ropes, missing both by a mile. Mathis moves Lurrr backwards, making sure they’re out of range, as Caine stands nearby Bifford, who is trying to get up. Bifford reaches out towards Caine, about to thank him… and Caine turns and clocks him with a chair to the head, knocking out the new champion!!!!*

Logan: What the fetch??

Jones: Caine just took out Bifford!!! I don’t get it!!

Logan: Neither do I! I thought this was all about Lurrr!!

*Lurrr and Mathis move towards the aisleway, both with confused looks on their faces. Caine, meanwhile, has dropped the chair to the side, ignoring the boos that are now coming his way. He picks up the X Division Title, looking at it, then looking at Lurrr, then Bifford. Caine taps the title with his finger, then points to Lurrr, before throwing it down next to the unconscious champion. The picture slowly fades out on the shot of the utter hatred forming on Caine’s face and the angry voices of the GCWA fans.*

OOC: We've turned up the heat heading towards the PPV! Hope you enjoyed the card! Remember to get in any storylines/segments/etc early this coming week, as I want to be able to arrange the best "Pre-PPV" card I can! Here's the match listing for next week:

- Jeb The Male Cheerleader vs. Mikey Willis

- Tommy Crimson vs. Andy Halerman

- Scott Caine vs. Dangerous Dan

- Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Harvey Danger, Non-Title Match

- Derek Mobley & The Ice Man vs. Shane Donovan & Lurrr
(Each wrestler posts one roleplay)

Since there are only five matches, I'm betting on no dark matches this coming week, but I guess we'll see how roleplaying goes. The reason the card's a little shorter is because 1) four people are involved in one match; 2) Several people asked for this week off; and 3) I felt like it.

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