*The previous show finishes, as the ratings immediately start to go up. Who wants to see re-runs when you can see live action excitement? We open cold, showing a shot of the GCWA Arena’s underground parking lot. The fans can be heard, cheering, from inside the arena, as they see the footage. From around the corner, an automobile appears. A black Hummer with red trim pulls around, into the parking lot. The fans who recognize the car start to cheer, knowing who must be inside. It comes to a stop and the driver’s side door opens. A huge ovation can be heard as the ICWF Hall of Famer, Dean, emerges from the Hummer, looking around. He grabs his stuff and starts to go in, as we cut away. After a few seconds of blackness, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, with the World Title around his waist, smiling at the camera. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The fans are packed in as tight as possible for this historic night, as the pyro goes off around the stage area. Signs are all over, from “The GCWA is cooler with Ice!” to “I Want To Be Dangerous!”. One sign is specifically looked at, showing a “Rest In Peace” tombstone with a moving bottom piece, that can either say “Twiztid” or “Ka’Derrion”. We go to ringside, focusing on Jones & Logan.*

Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a monumental edition of Friday Night Inferno!! I am Edward Jones, here with Anthony “Lightning” Logan, letting you know that you’ve chosen the best night possible to tune in to our free broadcast!

Logan: Damn straight, Jonesy! It’s almost a pay-per-view atmosphere tonight, as we have several matches that would have looked just as good taking place at Blood On The Battlefield III!

Jones: In our main event tonight, we are seeing the end of a major feud, as Marcus Ka’Derrion and Twiztid put their bodies on the line in a “Buried Alive” Match! Someone’s not coming back from that one!

Logan: That’s the match to watch, because we might see the sudden end of Ka’Derrion’s ascent to greatness!

Jones: As if that match wasn’t enough, we’ve got the debut of the Ice Man, taking on Jobe Severity for the chance to go to the main event of Blood On The Battlefield III in the “#1 Contender Series”. We’ve also got an “Xscape” Match featuring four of the top contenders to the X Division Title, with the winner getting their shot next week! Added to that, though, is what we saw at the opening of the show: the legendary Dean is here tonight!

Logan: I can’t wait to see Dean again! Even when I was getting into the business, I was watching Dean wrestle in classic matches against guys like Johnny “The Big Game” Hunter and the Accelerator in the ICWF. For anyone who’s too young to have seen him wrestle live, you need to at least check out some of the old tapes!

Jones: Yes, but Dean’s here for another reason tonight, Anthony. The House of Pain has been collapsing over the last few weeks, as Warrick Hill has apparently left his partner, the GCWA World Champion, Derek Mobley, and joined up with the Roman Empire. It will take someone like Dean to negotiate this mess between the two friends.

Logan: I hope he can do something about this. Warrick and Derek have been friends for so many years. I hate to see it falling apart like this.

Jones: Speaking of Warrick, though, he is in our first match here tonight! Let’s go to the ring, where Minos is standing by!

Minos: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, making his way to the ring, he is a former GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, standing 6’2” and weighing 238 lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Lukas Payne!

*The audience boos heavily even before Lukas Payne is clear of the curtain. He comes out to “Self-Destructive Pattern” by Spineshank, looking strangely alone without his brother at his side. Lukas walks down the aisle, focusing on what’s to come.*

Jones: We haven’t seen Lukas since he and Jason Payne lost the GCWA Tag-Team Titles to the Danger Boiz and Lukas turned on his brother, taking him out. Now Lukas is looking at a potential singles career here in the GCWA.

Logan: We’ll see how that works. Some guys can adjust better than others to the singles bracket. You get used to tagging in and out. I remember it not being that easy for me to switch over when Andrew and I went our separate ways.

Minos: His opponent, he held many titles in the ICWF during his run there, standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, joined by his new ally, Rick Mathis, here is Warrick Hill!

*The crowd wants to cheer Warrick. They really do. But as “Tom Sawyer” by Rush plays and Warrick comes out next to Mathis, the crowd can’t decide. A small “House of Pain” chant starts, that Rick quickly distracts Warrick away from. They talk and joke all the way down to the ring.*

Logan: It still sickens me a little bit to see Warrick palling around with Rick Mathis. I wish I knew what was going through Warrick’s head.

Jones: Who’s a worse guy to partner around with, Rick Mathis, Corey Haim, or Corey Feldman?

Logan: That’s a tough one. I’ll get back to you.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Warrick finishes his conversation with Mathis, then turns, noticing for the first time that the referee in the match is Trixie Anderson! Warrick, now grinning even larger, walks over and starts to talk with her, smiling. Trixie talks back, but it’s unclear what she’s saying. Meanwhile, Lukas stretches his arms out on the ropes, preparing for the match. He comes over towards Warrick and Trixie, yelling at Warrick to pay attention to the beating at hand. Warrick, annoyed, goes towards his long-time rival, Lukas. These two clearly don’t like each other, as they start shouting insults back and forth. Warrick gets in a good one, earning a little applause from Mathis, so Lukas spits in Warrick’s face, ending the ‘polite’ conversation and leading us into a brawl!! Both men start rolling back and forth, throwing several punches, as the crowd starts to get into this one.*

Jones: Here comes the hostility we were expecting!

Logan: Yeah, these guys have a long history in the GCWA. It all started when Hill opted to ambush Jason in the backstage area, leading to a long-running feud between the House of Pain and the Payne Killers. The last time these guys faced, the Payne Killers ‘stole’ away the Tag-Team Titles thanks to a DQ victory, one of the worst ways to get a belt.

Jones: Yep, but they still got the belts, as well as a win over the HOP.

Logan: True. As much as I hate to say it, the Payne Killers will be recognized as the first GCWA Tag-Team Champs of the new era, even if they don’t exist anymore as a team.

*Warrick is now in control, bringing Lukas up and putting him into the corner. He chops away at Lukas, earning a few “Woooos” from the crowd, then grabs Lukas’ arm and sends him across the ring, no, reversal by Lukas. Warrick goes into the corner back-first, with Lukas charging in after him. Warrick, though, springs himself upwards, jumping over Lukas and landing behind him. Warrick grabs Lukas around the waist and lifts him up, throwing him over with a release German suplex, but Lukas manages to land on his feet, sliding only briefly to his knees before getting back up. He goes for a legsweep, but Warrick hops over it, reacting quickly to avoid the fall. Both men are up, with Warrick finally getting the offense by dropkicking Lukas, sending him falling backwards!*

Jones: Whichever guy you like in this one, you have to admire the speed of both men.

Logan: Warrick’s still got the edge there, though, Jonesy. Lukas can move pretty fast, but he’s still more of a technician than a high-flyer. He’ll be looking to ground Warrick as this match continues on. Warrick, in contrast, will be looking to keep to the sky as much as possible.

*Warrick has Lukas up, giving him a few knees to the gut before dragging him towards the center of the ring. Warrick suplexes Lukas over, then rolls over for the first cover of the match, with Trixie bouncing her way in for the count… 1… 2.. and Lukas kicks out. Warrick smiles at Trixie, then goes for another cover, just to see her count… 1… Lukas again gets his shoulder up. Warrick brings Lukas up, then starts to lift him for an atomic drop, but Lukas rakes the eyes, stopping him. Referee Trixie orders Lukas to behave himself, but the former tag champ doesn’t care. Instead, he grabs Warrick from behind, locking him into a dragon sleeper to take away some of his energy. Warrick struggles in the grip, trying to figure out a way to get free, as Mathis watches with a little concern from the outside.*

Jones: Lukas Payne has really mastered that dragon sleeper. It makes you wonder if he’s spent a lot of time overseas training in Japan.

Logan: Possibly, although it’s just as easy to knock out guys here in the states with it. The problem now is that this is when Lukas would normally tag in his brother. Now he’s all on his own. Can he keep Warrick off-track the rest of the way?

*Warrick is definitely in trouble, as Lukas turns the dragon sleeper into a dragon DDT, bouncing Warrick’s head off the mat. Warrick rolls to his stomach, trying to shake off the cobwebs, as Lukas moves to the side. He grins, seeing a chance to take out Warrick with a boot to the head. He waits for a perfect moment, then starts to come forward… only to get tripped up by Mathis! Lukas stumbles to a stop, then turns back around, angrily cursing at the smiling Mathis on the outside. Meanwhile, Warrick is pulling himself up using the ropes. He turns, expecting an attack, but only sees Lukas facing away from him. Warrick times it and runs forward as Lukas turns… and hits the Joint!!! Lukas collapses to the mat, as Warrick scrambles on top of him for the pinfall… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Warrick Hall!

Jones: Man, I thought this one would be a lot longer!

Logan: Well, you can thank that damn Rick Mathis for screwing Lukas Payne over! I can’t believe Warrick took advantage of that!

Jones: I don’t know if he even knew what happened, Anthony. It was hard to tell from here, though.

*Warrick gets his hand raised by Trixie, earning another smile from him, especially as Rick Mathis enters the ring, clapping for him. Mathis takes a moment to say something to Trixie. Whatever he says causes Trixie to angrily stomp off, getting away from him. Mathis laughs and goes back to Warrick, who seems to be asking him about what happened. They talk about it as they walk away, leaving the ring. To the side, Lukas Payne has rolled under the ropes, smacking the mat in frustration as he tries to pull himself back together. He glares after the two men, knowing exactly what just happened to him. We cut away from the action to backstage, where we’re right outside of Harvey Danger's locker room. The door opens and the camera sticks in to give us a better view... and we find out that it's a janitor's closet. Between mops and brooms, we find Harvey sitting on a folding chair with his gym bag in front of him. He's got his cell phone in his hand, dialing with his thumb.

Harvey: Yeah, Mom! You'll never believe it! I've got my own personal locker room! It's... uh... nice! Yeah, I just went right up to one of the road agents and said someone who has been doing this as long as I have, and as good as I have, deserves their own dressing room. And here I am! Yeah, I know, can you believe it?!

*Harvey stretches out his arm as if to show the wide open "space" of his closet, knocking over a broom. The broom bounces off the cement floor with a loud crack and Harvey's eyes widen with fright.*

Harvey: What noise? Oh, uh... I didn't hear it. I...

*As Harvey is speaking, he reaches forward to grab the broom off the floor, only to knock over a metal mop bucket. The bucket is even louder then the broom, and rolls across the floor. Harvey lunges at it and makes even more noise knocking over a tool box. With hammers and wrenches everywhere, Harvey pulls the phone back to his ear and cringes.*

Harvey: Oh, that noise? The catering people must have dropped something outside. What?! I'm not lieing! I swear, I would never... oh, right. Live Television. Mom, please stop laughing. I'm going to make it nice, you'll see next week. It's going to be the nicest locker room in the whole building! And after my match this week I'm sure I'll be a number one contender... I don't know, for something! I'll show you! I'll show everyone!

*Harvey throws his cellphone into his gym bag and sulks for a moment. All of a sudden he jumps up with a smile on his face.*

Harvey: Hey! I wonder what the other "Danger's" are up to?

Harvey pushes past the confused camera crew and turns the corner down the hallway. He heads away, as we fade to a commercial break.*

*We come back from the break on a shot that earns a lot of cheers from the audience in attendance. It’s a camera image of a tombstone sitting in front of a deep burial plot. The tombstone has a very specific phrase on it: “Here lies Arryk “Twiztid” Rage. Another failed experiment of human nature.” The camera pans out, showing the person standing nearby. It’s Marcus Ka’Derrion. The crowd lets out another roar, saluting the man brave enough to challenge Twiztid to such a match. Ka’Derrion’s nose still has a bandage across it after his training over the last week. He stands, simply staring at the tombstone, preparing himself mentally for what is to come. The picture cuts off of him and goes back to ringside.*

Jones: Think Marcus is having any second thoughts about his challenge, Anthony?

Logan: Y’know, I don’t think so, Edds. In a match like this, sure, you get some jitters as it comes closer, but you don’t back down. Marcus was courageous enough to put this match into play. He’s going to be man enough to take it on, no question. I can’t wait to see what he’s learned from all of his dad’s legendary friends.

Jones: I’m just glad he survived him. That “Buried Alive” match is coming up later tonight, but we still have several matches before then. First off, we have a great three-way match between some of our newest stars!

Logan: Yeah, can’t wait to see what they bring to the table here tonight.

Jones: So Thomas Mitchell is the referee for this one? Seems like of low on the card, considering how many matches he’s done in the past for the GCWA.

Logan: Clearly there’s a trust issue right now between Mitchell and the Accelerator. I guess he’ll be working near the bottom of the card for a while until that gets worked out.

Jones: He doesn’t look very happy to be there, does he?

Logan: Hey, if he’s working this one, does that mean he won’t be in charge of the Ice Man / Severity match later on?

Jones: No, most likely someone else will be in charge of that one. There have just been too many ‘coincidences’ for Mitchell to be allowed to work an Organized Chaos match.

Minos: This next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. It will feature three of the rising superstars of the new generation of GCWA wrestlers. Coming to the ring first, he has achieved success in other wrestling organizations, and is still looking to make some head-way here in the GCWA, standing 6’4” and weighing 274 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, he is “The Widow Maker” Caid Austin!

*Austin gets his usual ‘hometown’ cheers from the crowd as he comes out to “Deuces” by Achozen. Mercedes is right beside him, cheering on her man.*

Jones: For once, Austin doesn’t look like he’s about to lose control, Anthony. In fact, he looks positively laid back.

Logan: That’s either the sign of a lot of confidence or a lot of overconfidence. I know he feels pretty good going against two guys who haven’t done much yet in the GCWA. In fact, of the three, only Austin has managed victories here so far.

Jones: Yes, but if Austin doesn’t take things seriously tonight, that could easily change.

Minos: Entering the arena next, he made his debut last week in a strong match against a former World Champion, he stands 6’0” and weighs 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, here is Harvey Danger!

*”No Rain” by Blind Melon plays as Harvey comes out of the back, looking ready for some more action. He comes down the ramp and starts to go for high-fives from the crowd, only to have many of them step away, not wanting what he’s offering. Harvey keeps his hand raised as he moves towards the ring, hoping for some love from the audience.*

Logan: Harvey had a little ‘automotive’ trouble this week, from what I’ve heard.

Jones: If you mean that he crashed his car into a parked automobile, then tried to leave the scene before getting caught, yes, he had some auto troubles.

Logan: The guy cracks me up, Jonesy. I can’t help myself, I’ve gotta laugh!

Minos: Finally, the third opponent, he wrestled his first match a few weeks ago against Mr. Excellent, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 215 lbs, from Racine, Wisconsin, he is Mikey Willis!

*Mikey comes out of the back as “No 5” by Hollywood Undead sounds out behind him. He keeps his head down on the way to the ring, barely responding to the weak reaction from the audience in attendance.*

Logan: Damn. That’s $10 I owe you, Jonesy. I guess the guy did show up after all.

Jones: Yes! I finally win something!

Logan: Mikey Willis sure hasn’t had the greatest start to his wrestling career thus far. Still, this would be a match that could put him on the map, if he does well in it.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as the bell rings, Willis charges at Austin, tackling him. The two men start going at it, tooth and nail, as Harvey Danger steps back and watches. Austin takes control, pulling the smaller Willis up and head-butting him in the corner. He starts giving Willis elbows and other punches as he controls him. Referee Mitchell is watching, although he doesn’t look very pleased. He says something to Danger, who immediately shakes his head and puts a finger to his lips, moving away and trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible. He seems to have no problem with the fact that Austin and Willis are doing all the fighting.*

Jones: I think Austin’s temper is starting to come out again, Anthony. He looks ticked off that Willis decided to go after him like that.

Logan: I’m more interested in Danger’s strategy. I swear the guy’s even trying to walk softly in the ring, as to not make any vibrations the other two might notice!

*Danger continues to watch the action, as Austin brings Willis out of the corner, lifting the wrestler up and giving him a t-bone suplex. He stands, giving the younger Willis a couple of boots to the back, then turns, noticing Danger standing there for the first time. Danger’s whistling and walking away, as if trying to show that he’s just a spectator, but Austin comes towards him anyway, grabbing Danger and spinning him around. Danger blocks Austin’s punch attempt, though, then starts landing some of his own, driving the Widow Maker back. Austin then trips over Willis, who was still on the ground, sending Austin to his back! Danger pumps his arms in the air, acting like Rocky for a second, as the fans give him a minor cheer. This only lasts a second, as Austin gets back to his feet, supremely ticked off now. He runs, jumping off of Willis’ back and spearing Danger to the canvas!*

Logan: Ouch! Danger’s strategy was working pretty well, but now Austin’s lost all control!

Jones: Someone get Mercedes to calm him down, or else this one could easily end in a disqualification!

*Austin, in a rage, brings Danger back up, lifting the man and bodyslamming him hard on the canvas. He kicks a few times at Danger, as Mercedes, on the outside, tries to shout in some instructions, to help him get a little more focused. Austin, though, doesn’t seem inclined to listen. Instead, he goes back over to Willis, picking him off the mat, only to have Willis rake the eyes, blinding him! Austin stumbles back, trying to clear his vision, as Danger gets up behind him. Danger lets out another whistle, causing Austin to turn his way, swinging a roundhouse that doesn’t come close to landing. Willis takes the opportunity, dropkicking Austin from behind! Austin flies forward from the hit, with Danger lowering his shoulder, flipping Austin to the outside! Mercedes barely dodges what would have been a nasty impact, flopping to the side. She goes to check on her man, who isn’t moving.*

Jones: Someone get Austin some aspirin! I think he’s going to need it after that plunge!

Logan: This is the opportunity for one of the other two wrestlers to capitalize and put this away, while there’s no one else left to make the save.

*Willis moves quickly, charging at Danger and rolling him up for a 1 count. Danger easily kicks out, but Willis is right there to take him back down with a hurricanrana! Willis then tries to position himself in front of Danger, looking for his standing shooting star press. He leaps up in the air, even as Danger reacts, doing a quick somersault out of harm’s way. Willis hits the mat face-first, stunning himself badly. He starts to get up, clutching at his injured mouth, but Danger is already grabbing him, twisting him down with the Danger DDT!! Willis isn’t moving as Danger quickly makes the pin, while looking over to make sure Mercedes isn’t shoving her man into the ring. Austin, though, still isn’t up from the impact he took. Mitchell drops down to make the count… 1…. 2…. 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Harvey Danger!

Jones: Wow, that was a lot shorter than I expected!

Logan: Sometimes matches go that way, Jonesy. Willis just looked out-matched in there, and Austin wasn’t focused, allowing him to get tossed over the ropes and take a painful trip to the outside. Amazing as it sounds, Harvey Danger was the best wrestler in the ring by far on this night.

Jones: This could just be the start of great things for Harvey Danger. We’ll just have to see.

*Harvey is celebrating like he won a title, having gotten his first GCWA victory under his belt. Mitchell reluctantly holds up Danger’s arm, then walks away, heading out of the ring. Danger heads for the back, most likely to give his mother a call, as we flash to the backstage area. A large pickup truck pulls up to the loading dock of the arena. The driver door opens and Earl the Popcorn Salesman jumps out. He hurries to the back bed of the truck and opens the door. The Big Bifford, who was sitting in the bed of the truck holding onto the fish tank full of toilet-cleaning-supplies, stands up and walks out onto the concrete floor. He walks up to the nearest stage hand, who is enjoying a cigarette.*

Bifford: I'm here, and I've got The Lost Soul's soul. Where is he located at?

*The stagehand points in a general direction and Bifford and Earl both walk that way. After entering the dressing room area, Bifford and Earl walk up to a table and Biff puts down the fish tank. He puts a big sign, written in crayon, on it that reads: THE LOST SOUL'S SOUL. PRESENT FOR LOST SOUL PLEASE DO NOT LOSE IT AGAIN. SEE YOU IN THE RING. BEST WISHES, T.B.B." Bifford and Earl look at the present for a moment, Earl with a displeased look on his face and Bifford with a huge grin. Then they walk away to get ready for tonight's match. We fade to the commercial break.*

*We come back from commercial to blackness, which leads you to believe your television might have lost the signal. It’s not a mistake, though. It’s really that dark. We’re somewhere in the lower reaches of the GCWA Arena. One item can be seen in the darkness. Twiztid. He is standing to the side, doing his own method of focusing for his upcoming match. He ignites a lighter, sending a little bit more light into the darkness. In his hands is one of the new “Marcus Ka’Derrion Punisher Legacy” t-shirts. Twiztid moves the lighter across the bottom of the shirt, moving it back and forth until the shirt is ablaze. Twiztid drops the shirt to burn out in front of him, clearly enjoying the flames. We head back to the ring, where Jones & Logan are once again waiting for the upcoming action.*

Jones: Who knows what Twiztid has planned for Marcus Ka’Derrion tonight?

Logan: I have to be honest here. If I had my choice of who I would face in a “Buried Alive” Match, I think Twiztid would be pretty low on my list. This is not a guy who’s going to stop with just a little dirt. He’s going to entomb Ka’Derrion if he can.

Jones: He is truly a sick individual.

Logan: Agreed.

Jones: So let’s continue our trek towards the action. Looks like Adrian Rockwell drew the referee assignment for this one.

Logan: Great, at least he’s not in position to affect any of the big-time matches we have tonight.

Jones: I thought he did a pretty good job last week, Anthony. Maybe you need to give him a chance. He seems like a whole different Rockwell.

Logan: We’ll see, Jonesy. We’ll see.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be a “Non-Title” Match. Coming to the ring first, they’re making their debut in the GCWA here tonight in an effort to secure a permanent contract with the GCWA, weighing a combined 502 lbs, here are Brick and Brent, the Stephens Brothers!

*”Right Here Right Now” by Van Halen plays as Brent and Brick come out from the back. Brick looks a little dazed and unsure where to go, but Brent helps him out, moving his brother along as they make their way to the ring.*

Jones: So these guys are brick-layers?

Logan: That’s what I heard.

Jones: And his name’s Brick?

Logan: Yep.

Jones: Wild.

Logan: We’ll see tonight if they have what it takes to get a permanent contract, as well as allowing them to finish building the home of their dreams.

Minos: Their opponents have been on a roll, leading them all the way to the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles! Weighing a combined 448 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here are Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

*The Danger Boiz come out sporting the gold, getting the chance to show it off for the first time in a tag-team setting. “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead plays behind them while the duo comes to the ring, sizing up their competition for the evening.*

Logan: It really is great to see these young guys wearing some gold. It shows how great their careers really might turn out to be.

Jones: Yes, it wouldn’t surprise me to someday see one of them in the GCWA Hall of Fame.

Logan: Of course, which one will be the interesting part.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Crazy Chris starts to head towards the center of the ring, but Dangerous Dan gets in his way, talking with him. Dan clearly wants to start things off, possibly remembering Chris’ comment about how Dan hasn’t been ‘carrying his weight’ lately. Chris allows it, going back to the corner, as Dan turns to face off against Brent Stephens. The two lock up, with Dan immediately flipping Brent over with a hip toss into an arm bar! Brent looks a little surprised as he struggles to get up, grabbing at Dan’s hair, only to have referee Rockwell bat his hand away! Rockwell grins, glad to have had a chance to intervene, if only to stop a rule from being broken. Dan pulls Brent up to his feet, giving him a couple of shots before pulling him over to the corner, where Crazy Chris gets tagged in.*

Jones: Looks like the tag-team champions are going to try to isolate Brent early on in this one.

Logan: Hey, there’s a reason they have the belts, Jonesy. It’s Tag-Team 101: if the guy can’t tag, he’s fighting a losing battle in there.

*Dangerous Dan holds Brent’s arms behind him, keeping the wrestler from moving as Crazy Chris ascends the turnbuckle. Chris comes off, getting high in the air while dropping his fist into Brent’s skull! Brent crumples to the ground, as Chris looks over at Brick, who looks unsure about whether to come in or not. It’s pretty clear that Brick relies a lot on Brent for advice. Chris pulls Brent up, snapping him over to the ground. He lands a sharp kick to Brent’s spine, causing him to twitch from the sensation. Chris lifts Brent back up and tags in Dan, who is already climbing up the turnbuckle. He leaps off, scoring a missile dropkick to Brent’s chest, sending the competitor flopping backwards to the canvas. Dan quickly makes the cover… 1.... 2.... and Brick is there, stomping on Dan’s back! He quickly retreats back to his corner, satisfied with breaking up the pin, as Rockwell admonishes him.*

Jones: That was a much-needed save from Brick, as his brother is taking a lot of punishment in there from the quick tags.

Logan: Yeah, but did he really save his brother, or is Brent now in for even worse treatment? If he doesn’t make a tag soon, this one’s history.

*Dan brings the hurting Brent back to the corner. He knocks Brent’s head into the turnbuckle a couple of times, then tags in Chris, who jumps over the ropes and flips over Brent, rolling him up! Rockwell drops to the mat to make the count… 1…. 2…. Brent kicks out at the last second, keeping the match alive. Chris gets up, a little disappointed, but waits, as Brent tries to get himself upright. Chris comes in, going for a shining wizard kick that will leave Brent unconscious. But Brent manages to block the kick, tripping Chris up and sending him out of control into the corner! Chris hits hard, stunning himself, which enables Brent to start rolling towards his corner. He desperately reaches out… and makes the tag! Brick steps over the ropes, grinning madly at finally getting into the ring. Chris sees him coming and tries to charge out of the corner, leaping up, but Brick catches him in mid-air, then spins around, spiking Chris into the mat head-first!*

Logan: Yowsas! This Brick is a huge guy, ain’t he?

Jones: He’s definitely a different foe for the Danger Boiz to take on. It won’t be near as easy to get this behemoth off his feet.

*Brick, grinning to himself, lifts Crazy Chris back up, treating him like a new favorite toy. He lifts Chris into the air, giving him a couple of gorilla presses, while looking over at Dangerous Dan, who wants to come in but is being closely watched by referee Rockwell. Suddenly, Brick walks towards Dan, while simultaneously tossing Chris into the air, sending him falling a great distance to the mat below! Chris crashes hard, as Brick says a taunt over to Dan, causing him to start coming through the ropes. Rockwell’s right there, though, securing Dan with his arm and threatening a disqualification. In the meantime, Brick pulls Chris up and goes to tag in his brother, who has gotten his wind back. With Brick holding Chris, Brent runs off the ropes and returns, driving both arms into Chris’ mid-section as he passes! Chris slumps in pain, but since Rockwell’s not back yet, Brick doesn’t let go, allowing Brent to get in a few more shots on Chris’ unprotected chest!*

Logan: C’mon, Adrian, get your eyes back on the action at hand!

Jones: It’s his job, Anthony, to keep this from breaking down into a melee. Dan’s the one who should be staying in his corner, so that Rockwell can pay attention to what’s happening in the ring.

Logan: Whatever you say, Jonesy. It’s a well-known fact that referees tend to favor keeping the nice wrestlers back, because they’re scared of what the heel wrestlers will do to them!

*Dan is still protesting as Brick leaves the ring, allowing Brent to get in a little more abuse. He takes Chris down with a DDT, then waves to Rockwell, who leaves Dan behind to go make his usual slow count… 1…. 2…. Chris kicks out with authority, showing he’s still got a lot left. Brent looks a little discouraged by this, as he pulls Chris up and tags Brick back in. The two men opt to go for a double suplex, lifting the lighter Chris up high into the air. But as they bring him down, Chris manages to re-correct his angle, landing with his feet down and his arms around both men’s heads, dropping them to their backs at the same time! With both Stephens brothers down, Chris pulls himself to his feet and goes quickly to his corner, knowing that a tag will make all the difference. Dan reaches out, as Chris avoids a desperate grab from Brick and slaps his brother’s hand!*

Jones: The hot tag is made!

Logan: Now all the momentum will be on the Danger Boiz’ side! This is where it gets dangerous for teams like the Stephens Brothers!

*Dangerous Dan flies into the ring, immediately attacking Brick Stephens with a series of punches and kicks. The big man falls backwards from the assault, as Dan turns his attention to a charging Brent, picking up the smaller wrestler and bodyslamming him on top of Brick! The two brothers are down, hurting, as Dan runs off the ropes and comes back, doing a double stomp on top of Brent which radiates down to Brick! Brent rolls to the side, hurting from the hit, as Dan tags back in Chris, pointing to the turnbuckle. Chris nods, as Dan positions Brick, landing the Danger Zone!!! Chris waits as Dan props Brick up, allowing Chris to leap off himself and land the Crazy Man’s Suicide!! The fans are on their feet as Chris makes the pin, while Dan runs over with a baseball slide on Brent, ensuring that he’s out of the way. Rockwell makes the count… 1…. 2…. 3!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

*The fans are pumped up as Dan gets back into the ring with the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, handing one off to his brother. The two go to opposite corners, standing up and posing, as Brick is painfully helped from the ring by his brother, Brent.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz are still undefeated as a tag-team! Who can beat them for the belts, Anthony?

Logan: Well, I know that Dan’s mentioned a dream match between them and the House of Pain, but things are pretty shaky currently between Hill and Mobley. I don’t know who else is around to challenge them right now, as the Danger Boiz are definitely one of the toughest teams in the GCWA.

*Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris are shown putting the titles around their waists as they head out from the ring, still enjoying the cheers from the packed audience in attendance. We switch to a backstage view, where a person can be seen, watching the Danger Boiz on the monitor. He’s nodding his head, as if taking something into account. The man turns, revealing Benji Sampson, the new manager of Scott Caine, who leaves the room while talking to himself under his breath. We cut to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break going into the President’s office, where the Accelerator and his Head of Security, Titan 3, seem to be discussing the future.*

The Accelerator: So what do you think? You think he’s ready for this?

Titan 3: I expect nothing but the best from him, Ace.

The Accelerator: Of course you do, T3…

*The conversation is shaken up when the door slams open, showing Lukas Payne! Payne immediately confronts Ace, leaning over his desk.*

Lukas Payne: I got screwed, Ace, and I want to know what you’re going to do about it!!

The Accelerator: Calm yourself down, Lukas. You aren’t going to get anywhere by getting in my face like this.

Lukas Payne: I don’t give a *bleep*, Prez! I am your biggest rising star! But your bimbo referee messed up my match and that *bleeping* Mathis stole my match! If you don’t do something, then I’m going to!!

The Accelerator: Lukas, I’ll warn you one more time to lower your voice…

*In response, Lukas reaches over the desk, grabbing the Accelerator by the shirt and yanking him up!! Lukas gets into Ace’s face, but Titan 3 immediately responds, landing a kidney punch to his side! Lukas drops his hold on Ace and tries to turn around, but now the Head of Security is fired up, kicking Lukas low, then lifting him up and delivering the A-Bomb through the desk!!!! Lukas lays in the debris, not moving, as the Accelerator readjusts his outfit. Titan 3 is looking down at what he’s done, an unreadable expression on his face.*

The Accelerator: Damn. I liked that desk. Give a call to the clean-up crew, will you, Titan 3? I’ll add the bonus to your paycheck. Oh, and Lukas? In case you watch this footage later on… you’re suspended. Nobody puts their hands on the President.

*Ace leaves the room, dusting himself off. Lukas still isn’t moving. Titan 3 continues to look down on him. A smile has appeared on his face, showing that he did enjoy doing some physical violence again. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Oh, man! What was Lukas thinking?

Jones: He was still pretty agitated about what happened earlier in the night against Warrick Hill, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, but you control yourself when you’re dealing with Ace! ESPECIALLY when Titan 3’s in the room! I admit, Ace isn’t the fighter he used to be, but it doesn’t look like Titan 3 has lost a step!

Jones: We may not see Lukas Payne around here for quite some time after that hit. He’s going to be pulling splinters out of painful places for a while.

*‘Vodoo Child’ by Jimi Hendrix begins to play and the fans jump to their feet as we see Dean alongside Derek ‘The Thriller’ Mobley emerge from behind the curtain, standing atop the ramp. Dean throws his arms up as a few ‘old school’ fans raise the roof, remembering the old days. Derek raises his GCWA Title up high and the fans cheer for the champ as well, you could argue that the cheers for both fan favorites rival each other’s intensity. Dean and Derek quit posing and head down the ramp and promptly enter the ring. Dean grabs a mic, some ‘Dean! Dean!’ chants break out as the fans are excited to hear from the wrestling Icon. Dean smiles, looks at Derek, who is enjoying the moment as well, and speaks.*

Dean: GCWA…WHAT’S UP!!!!

*The crowd explodes at the sound of Dean’s voice and cheers echo throughout the arena…Dean poses for a second, eating it up, but then waits for the cheers to calm down…they do and he continues speaking.*

Dean: Thanks for that…it’s been awhile, nice to know you guys still remember the old man. Let’s get one thing straight, there is nothing that I would enjoy more than to stand here, with my boy, Derek and reminisce about the past…however, I’m here for business. Business concerning a former protégé of mine and, someone, I used to call a good friend…I’m speaking, of course, about Warrick Hill and the X-Division Champion, Lurrr.

*Boos ring loudly as the fans despise the name of GCWA’s X-Division Champion.*

Dean: It’s really disheartening to see a former member of House of Pain and, more importantly, friend…attempt to infiltrate and destroy the stable that helped put him on the map. Even worse, though, is someone that I looked at as a son…a homegrown protégé of mine turn his back on everything that helped define who he is today. Warrick, bro, do you not remember all those years ago, when you were a good for nothing drug addict. A drug addict who owed more bills than you could count. A drug addict who was going nowhere in life…a drug addict who held a one way ticket straight to the gutter of society.

*A ‘Please Come Home’ chant can be heard from a group of fans, urging Warrick to return to his home, the House of Pain…Dean nods and continues.*

Dean: Warrick, you were headed for disaster…everyone had given up on your sorry ass…your parents, siblings, cousins, high school friends…EVERYONE…that is, except for one person. Your college roommate, Derek Mobley. Derek walked into my training facility, eager to learn how to wrestle…I saw immense potential in him and agreed to train him…but he said he would under one condition…if his best friend, Warrick Hill could be trained alongside him. I, of course, agreed…Derek paid for your bills, he picked up the tab…he single handedly lifted you out of the gutter and into stardom. And, how do you repay him? You stab him in the back when he needs you the most. Warrick, bro…you’re better than that…I’ve seen it…I know what’s inside of you…now, get down here and let’s set things straight, sucka!

*Dean and Derek stare towards the ramp as ‘Tom Sawyer’ by Rush begins to play…the fans remain curiously quiet as they see Warrick Hill emerge from behind…they start to boo heavily, though, when they see Lurrr and Rick Mathis accompanying him…they approach the ring, Warrick and Lurrr enter as Lurrr motions for Mathis to remain outside of the ring, perhaps wanting to avoid any unnecessary confrontation. Lurrr grabs a mic from a GCWA employee and begins speaking as Derek and Warrick stare each other down.*

Lurrr: Dean, bro…great to see ya…it’s been awhile.

Dean: Yea, it has…I see you still have ‘it’

Lurrr: Yup, no matter how many generations come and go, they just can’t get rid of Lurrr. By the way, I see you’re still sucking up to these white trash pieces of crap who are contributing to our flailing economy.

Dean: Heh…you know, Lurrr, we invited Warrick out here…

Lurrr: Warrick’s with the Empire now, Dean…you of all people should know how that works.

*Warrick reaches and yanks the mic from Lurrr. The X-Division champ looks a bit surprised…Warrick begins to speak.*

Warrick Hill: Don’t worry, Lurrr…I can handle this. Dean, everything you say is true…Derek did help me out when I needed him. The only thing is, I don’t need him anymore. I’m tired of wrestling in Derek Mobley’s shadow. Oh, sure, he tosses me a few crumbs here and there…but he’s always held me back from realizing my true potential. In fact, if you want to be honest here, the only reason he has me around is to make himself look better. You see, Derek has always looked at me as ‘beneath’ him…someone to make him look better. And, well, it’s worked…up until now…I’m sick of it, I’m ready to leave MY mark on professional wrestling…

*Dean sees Derek Mobley is getting worked up, he calmly hands Derek his mic, Derek takes it and begins to speak.*

Derek Mobley: Man, I don’t know where you’re coming from with this…you had every opportunity available to you that I had. Nothing ever held you back other than yourself and your damn addiction. You think I enjoy seeing my best friend destroying his health and career by always doing drugs? No, I don’t, but I put up with it, cause you’re my friend, Warrick. You’re the only person, aside from Dean, who had never and, presumably, would never turn their back on me…loyalty, Warrick, you had it and I appreciated it…I just…now…now, with what’s going on…man, I just can’t believe this…I’m at a loss for words.

Warrick Hill: Well, allow me to fill in the blanks for you, Derek. We’re done…it’s over, Derek and Warrick are no longer the greatest tag team in professional wrestling. Go find yourself another lackey…cause, quite honestly, I’m tired of filling that position.

*Warrick starts to leave, but says one more thing.*

Warrick Hill: Oh and consider yourself lucky, Mobley…anybody else and I would’ve allowed the Empire to lay them out…however, I’m going to let you walk away from this.

*Warrick turns his back to Mobley, Mobley speaks, causing Warrick to stop in his tracks from attempting to exit.*

Derek Mobley: That’s right, walk away…run away from your problems like always. You say you’ve matured, you say you’re a new man…well, I don’t see it, Warrick. All you’re doing running from one organization to another to help deal with your issues. As long as things were going good in the House of Pain, you were cool…the minute things got rough, you show your true colors and run. You mock people like the Danger Boiz and Eugene…but, you know what, when the chips are down, you know where their loyalty lies. They’re stronger than you could ever be, Warrick…it’s evidenced by this decision you’re making…nobody supports it, only the ‘Empire’ but, hell, why wouldn’t they? Good luck ruining whatever kind of career you might have had in GCWA…

*Warrick cracks a smile and turns to address Mobley, Mobley has handed his mic back to Dean, as he’s said his peace.*

Warrick Hill: Oh, I wouldn’t say nobody supports my decision, Derek.

*Warrick looks at Lurrr, Lurrr goes for the Wake Up Call!! Derek backs away to dodge it, but is confused as he see Lurrr pull back without going through with the move. By pulling back, Derek finds himself up against Dean…Dean quickly turns him around and smacks him in the head with the mic!! Derek is dazed…Dean then picks Derek up and Razorbacks him to the ground!!! Derek is knocked out with Dean standing over him…the crowd begins to boo heavily, with trash being thrown into the ring. Dean smiles and slowly picks up the mic. He puts it up to his mouth to offer an explanation, however, he just shakes his head and drops the mic to the ground. Dean then gives Derek one more stomp and walks over, shaking Lurrr’s hand and high fiving Warrick. Mathis, on the outside, is laughing. Dean and Warrick exit the ring…Lurrr, meanwhile, grabs the GCWA World Title…he puts it around his waist and nods, approvingly, liking the look and fit…he then drapes it over the fallen body of Derek Mobley as ‘Cocky’ by Kid Rock begins to play. The Roman Empire, along with Dean and Warrick Hill head to the back to a chorus of boos.*

Jones: No, no, Dean has turned on Derek too??

Logan: Oh, man, this is terrible!! The Roman Empire is even stronger now!!

Jones: But why would Dean do it?? Derek’s his protégé!

Logan: I guess we’ll have to wait for that explanation, Jonesy, until another time…

*The Roman Empire departs, even as Derek slowly raises his head in the ring. The look on his face cannot be described. The picture fades out to another commercial break.*

*We come back from the break to see a somber Jones and Logan standing in front of the cameras, near the broadcast location.*

Jones: It’s been a crazy night, with much more guaranteed over the next hour, but I felt we should talk a little more about what happened before the break. The crowd here is still trying to deal with the shock of what transpired involving our World Heavyweight Champion.

Logan: Seriously, I’m still not sure I understand any possible reason why Dean would do this to the man he helped make a champion.

*Video footage replays, showing Derek Mobley dodging what appeared to be a Wake Up Call from Lurrr, only to get attacked from behind by his mentor, Dean, who delivered the Razorback. Footage was taken from during the commercial break, where Derek is seen despondently leaving the ring and going to the back. The fans were quiet, knowing the heart break that had just taken place. We return to a live shot.*

Jones: After tonight, Derek Mobley may never be the same man.

Logan: I still wonder how much of this is just a mind-warp by Lurrr, to make Mobley more susceptible to losing the World Title to him at the pay-per-view. How he’s gotten Warrick and Dean to go along with it, though, blows my mind. The Roman Empire is truly becoming a threatening presence in the GCWA.

Jones: Well, we still have three major matches to take care of here tonight. The crew worked tirelessly during the break and our review, getting the cage lowered into place. Now it’s time to see who can Xscape that cage!

*Minos stands inside the cage, looking even more ominous with the bars around him. It almost feels like a place where Minos would feel… at home.*

Minos: The next match is the “GCWA X Division #1 Contenders Xscape” Match! Four competitors will enter inside this sinister structure with only one goal: to be the first to escape! Whoever manages to touch both feet to the outside mats first once the match has begun will be the #1 Contender to the GCWA X Division Title. Introducing first, he’s a former OCW World Heavyweight Champion getting his first chance at moving towards a championship here in the GCWA, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, he is the Big Bifford!

*The Big Bifford comes out with Earl towards the ring, as “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio plays behind him. Bifford looks excited to be in the match, although Earl looks less enthused. His eyes wander to the top of the cage, and you can almost feel his concerns about Bifford ever managing to scale that high.*

Jones: Bifford is the one factor everyone’s been talking about in this match. You have to think the odds are stacked against him in this one, as all three of his opponents will be able to climb a lot quicker than he will.

Logan: I just want to know one thing: how could anyone mistake Bifford for a homeless person? Did they think he was feeding on fellow street-walkers or something?

Minos: Coming down next, he is a former ICWF World Heavyweight Champion as well as a multi-time IEW World Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, he is The Lost Soul!

*The fans cheer as the Friday the 13th theme starts playing. The Lost Soul makes his way out through the curtain, rubbing his head as he approaches the cage. He studies the steel, as if looking for the best way to escape.*

Jones: So this week, the Lost Soul went shopping for, well, an interesting item for Bifford. He then was kidnapped but was released, then was arrested. All while worrying about the chip imbedded in his head.

Logan: Sounds like a typical week in the life of The Lost Soul.

Minos: Our third participant has yet to hold any gold in the professional wrestling business. He’s looking to change that starting tonight. He stands 6’3” and weighs 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, he is Scott Caine!

*As “Automatic” by American Pearl plays, Caine walks out of the back. He’s joined, surprisingly, by his new manager, Benji Sampson. Sampson continues to talk to Caine about what to do in the match as they head for the cell door.*

Jones: Caine’s really been walking a thin line this week, thanks to his new manager. The fans are still cheering for him, but a few certainly seem unsure.

Logan: I haven’t made up my mind yet about this Sampson guy, but he at least is right about one thing. This match has no rules, which means there’s nothing illegal about it. Anything goes!

Jones: But will Caine be willing to go that far, just to get another shot at the man he hates, Lurrr?

Minos: Our final participant just recently came very close to becoming the Intercontinental Champion. Now he’s seeking a different title. Standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois but now living here in Dallas, Texas, here is Mr. Excellent!

*Mr. Excellent walks out of the back, talking to someone as he does. He turns back to the aisleway, taking a moment to wave to the fans who are cheering him, before heading towards the cage.*

Logan: I heard Excellent got himself a date this past week. Good for him. Now that’s he’s done with that bitch of an ex-wife, he should get out more.

Jones: Whatever you say, Anthony. Yes, Mr. Excellent went out on a date with a beautiful lady by the name of Cynthia.

Logan: Cynthia? You mean Mr. Excellent is getting it on with Cynthia Hall, our roving reporter?

Jones: No, wait, Anthony, that’s not who I …

Logan: Way to go, dude!

*All four participants enter the cage, each taking up a different corner. They stare across the ring at each other, sizing up who would be the best to go after right away.*

Jones: This is going to be a hell of a contest! You can bet whoever manages the win here truly does deserve to take on Lurrr next week!

Logan: I just hope some of them are in shape to do so! This match could really take out a couple of superstars if they’re not careful!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as the bell sounds, all four men start to move… towards the cage! The Lost Soul, Scott Caine, and Mr. Excellent all turn and start to climb, making progress up the side wall, as the fans immediately start cheering! It’s a race! The Big Bifford turns towards the cage as well, but quickly realizes that he’s not going to make much progress. He turns, seeing Earl frantically pointing over at the competition. By now, the wrestlers are most of the way up, threatening to end this one abruptly. Bifford, though, thinks quickly about his options. With a yell, Bifford runs forward, slamming his weight into the cage on the other side!!! The entire structure sways, but somehow doesn’t fall, showing how much it’s been reinforced for this match. It’s enough, though, to shake a couple of guys loose, as the Lost Soul and Mr. Excellent both fall back into the ring, landing on the mat. Caine hangs on with one hand, having been the furthest away from the impact. He pulls himself back up and starts to climb again, but Bifford is already coming to his area, grabbing at his feet to hold the man from escaping.*

Jones: For a second, I thought we were going to have a quick ending to this one!

Logan: Hey, there’s no need to hang around and take abuse when all you have to do is escape the cage first! There’s no pinfalls here, no submissions, it’s all about whose feet land outside.

Jones: The Big Bifford’s got his work cut out for him!

*Caine tries to kick Bifford away, struggling to make his way to the top of the cage, as Sampson yells at him from the outside. Caine almost gets free, but the Lost Soul is now over there, joining with Bifford in grabbing his legs. They yank, pulling Caine off the wall and dropping him on his back. TLS and Bifford stomp on Caine as he tries to get up, containing the speedster. With Caine down, holding his back, the two men look at each other, preparing for a confrontation many years in the making. However, this gets broken up by Mr. Excellent charging in, clobbering TLS from behind with a double axehandle! TLS falls, as Excellent continues his momentum, punching at Bifford. He grabs Bifford’s head and bounces it off the cage wall, working to stun the largest man in the competition.*

Jones: Out of all four of these guys, I think Mr. Excellent has the most to prove. I don’t think too many people were giving him a chance of getting out of this one as the winner.

Logan: Well, people better start keeping their eyes on the action, because Mr. Excellent is definitely the dark horse in this one!

*As Excellent and Bifford continue to go at it, The Lost Soul pulls himself up and takes in the situation. He heads to the cage wall, starting to climb up. But before he can get far, Caine is there, slamming a few forearms into TLS’ back. He pulls the face-painted wrestler off the wall and takes him over with a belly-to-back suplex, knocking the wind out of the veteran! Caine gets back up, continuing the assault. On the other side, Excellent grabs Bifford’s arm and works to send him towards the cage wall, but Bifford puts on the brakes, using his sizable bulk to keep himself in place. Excellent, not letting himself get distracted, boots Bifford in the gut, bending him over, then tries again. Bifford heads towards the wall, but reverses the whip, sending Excellent instead! Excellent crashes into the wall at full-speed with a sickening thud, before flopping back to the mat.*

Jones: What a collision!

Logan: That’s just the beginning, Jonesy. I’ll be shocked if this cage is still fully standing by the end of this match!

*With Mr. Excellent down for at least a short time, Bifford sizes up what’s happening on the other side. Caine has been turned around in the corner, where TLS is landing some heavy shots. Bifford comes from behind them, running towards them for a splash. Somehow, The Lost Soul senses him coming, diving out of the way at the last second. Unfortunately for Caine, this leaves him no time to do anything, as Bifford squashes him into the corner of the cage!!! Caine slides to the ground, immobile, as Bifford turns back, locking eyes with the Lost Soul. They come towards each other, with the crowd cheering on the two veterans. The Lost Soul responds first, swinging a haymaker against Bifford’s head! Bifford steps back, shaking it off, then comes in with one of his own! The two men start clubbing at each other, fighting it out, as the heated atmosphere reaches another notch!*

Logan: We are seeing some heat between these two wrestlers, aren’t we?

Jones: Well, they DID focus on each other during the week, seeing the other as their biggest threat. I’m just glad that The Lost Soul has apparently left his ‘gift’ for the Big Bifford at home.

Logan: Yes, I don’t think we need a *bleep* here in this match. Wait, I can’t say *bleep*? That sucks!

*The Big Bifford manages to take control, knocking The Lost Soul back. He grabs TLS and lifts him into the air, twisting him around and slamming TLS back-first into the cage! Bifford adds in a couple more shots into the cage, then throws TLS down. Bifford takes a deep breath, then looks up at the lights above. He heads to the cage wall, looking for places to put his feet. He starts up the corner, clawing his way higher and higher, as the fans start to cheer, wondering if he can actually do it. Bifford gets about half-way up the cage when Mr. Excellent comes stumbling over, coming up behind Bifford and giving him a low blow!!! Bifford sags on the cage, as Mr. Excellent tries to get underneath him, working to yank him off the cage. Excellent’s having trouble, though, dealing with the bulk. Suddenly, Caine’s there, joining in, as the two men strain, somehow picking Bifford off the cage! The Lost Soul steps in, adding some more muscle, as the three send Bifford down, powerbombing him to the center of the ring!!!!*

Jones: My god!! That was incredible!!

Logan: I’ve never seen Bifford take a move like that!! Even with three guys, that was an incredible feat of strength!

Jones: Can Bifford recover, or is he out of this one? It’s still anyone’s to win!

*Bifford is flat on the mat, not moving. Fortunately, pins are not possible in this match. The Lost Soul doesn’t waste any time gawking, as he grabs Excellent from behind and gives him a reverse DDT, taking him down. The Lost Soul stands back up, but here comes Caine, knocking TLS into the cage with a shot. He knees him a couple more times, then reaches down, pulling Mr. Excellent up. The two men are slammed headfirst into each other, with TLS falling head-first against the cage! Caine looks up, seeing his chance. He starts to climb, struggling up the cage wall, as all three opponents are still down. Caine’s manager, Sampson, looks intent on keeping it that way, as he’s reaching through the wall, trying to lock handcuffs around TLS and Excellent! He handcuffs TLS’ hand, then grabs Excellent’s arm, struggling to get them close enough together!*

Logan: Hey! HEY! Get that guy out of there, he’s going to ruin the match!

Jones: There’s nothing security can do, Anthony! There are no rules, remember?

*As Sampson starts to handcuff Excellent, he’s suddenly pulled from behind, away from the cuffs. He turns to see Excellent’s friend, Mick! Sampson puts up his hands, backing away and trying to plead his innocence, as Mick angrily approaches him. Sampson retreats… right into Earl the Popcorn Salesman, who saw them coming and dropped to his hands and knees. Mick shoves Sampson, sending him flipping over Earl to the ground! The two other men lock eyes and nod at each other, then start kicking away at Sampson, who’s whining in pain! Heedless of what’s happening to his new manager, Caine climbs most of the way up the cage, trying to work his leg around the side. However, before he can get over, Mr. Excellent is there, grabbing at him! The two men fight on the side of the cage, trying to keep their balance, as both The Lost Soul and the Big Bifford work to pull themselves back up.*

Logan: I think Caine would have won if Sampson had managed to get those handcuffs locked!

Jones: There is definitely an advantage to having someone on the outside helping out, but I still don’t like it. Caine has done pretty well working on his own, after all!

Logan: Well, he still might get the victory here, if he can just get free of Mr. Excellent!

*Caine and Excellent are both fighting on the edge of the cage, one step away from beginning their descent. Excellent bangs Caine’s head into the steel, stunning him and almost sending him on a bad plunge back into the ring, but Caine hangs on. On the other side, Bifford grabs at The Lost Soul, apparently to throw him into the cage. TLS reacts, though, kicking Bifford repeatedly in his shins, causing him to hop in pain. The Lost Soul grabs Bifford by the head and starts raking him across the steel face-first, causing some blood to come out from a cut on his forehead. TLS starts to walk away, the damage done… and finds he can’t, as Bifford has managed to lock the other side of the handcuffs onto the bar!!! The Lost Soul angrily yanks at the cuffs, but can’t get free. He looks to his side, seeing Bifford stumbling away, looking back with a bloody smile.*

Jones: The Lost Soul has been contained! What a move by Bifford!

Logan: Bifford’s considered TLS his biggest threat in this match from the beginning. With him out of it, in Bifford’s mind at least, he’s got a great chance of winning this one!

*The Big Bifford looks up, seeing the two guys fighting out of his reach. He wipes some blood out of his eyes and moves towards the door to the cage, signaling for the guy to open it up. That’s not the way it works in this kind of match, though, as the door stays locked. Bifford starts kicking out at it, putting a lot of his weight behind the strikes, as The Lost Soul struggles with his handcuffs, pulling something from one of his pockets. It looks like a lock pick of some sort. TLS goes to work, no stranger to having to escape from tough situations. Up above, Mr. Excellent starts to swing himself over the cage, looking down at the floor. He looks back up… and Caine sprays something into his eyes, blinding him!!! Excellent yells out, grabbing at his face, and almost topples all the way to the ground, only to have Caine grab at him, keeping him from falling, mainly because it would mean Caine lost the match!*

Jones: Caine resorted to dirty tactics, Anthony! He’s definitely becoming a changed man!

Logan: I can’t believe it! He must desperately want to win this match, Jonesy, because he’s tossing everything he believes out the window!

Jones: I don’t know what was in that spray bottle, be it mace or some other concoction, but Mr. Excellent’s in a lot of pain right now!

*Mr. Excellent dangles from the cage, his legs stuck into the bars by Caine, securing him. Mick, Excellent’s friend, watches with deep concern from below, as a tired Caine works to extract himself and begin his descent. Inside the cage, Bifford has re-doubled his attempts at breaking down the door, kicking at it wildly, with a small bend starting to appear. On the other side, the camera focuses on the handcuffs, which are now dangling, unlocked, from the cage wall! The camera pans up… to show The Lost Soul making his way up the cage, heading for freedom!*

Jones: My gosh, any of them could potentially win this one right now!

Logan: It’s a race, no doubt! Who will get out first?

*As The Lost Soul climbs higher, looking to get out, Caine starts on his way down, trying to hustle to get to the floor first. But as he goes, the blinded Excellent reaches out, grabbing Caine by the neck to hold him! He struggles, trying to break free, as Excellent works to free himself. On the outside, Earl has hurried over, talking to the referee at ringside about Bifford. The ref, Thomas Mitchell, shakes his head no, then turns and moves away, still watching the action. Earl shrugs, then turns to the cage… having palmed the key from Mitchell’s belt! Earl goes to the doorway, quickly working on the chain, unlocking one of the locks! Mitchell turns, hearing the noise, and comes over to try and stop him, but it was all Bifford needed, as he kicks out again, this time knocking the cage open! Bifford pushes himself through, as Caine strikes out, hitting Excellent… and they both fall!!! On the other side, The Lost Soul can be seen, jumping halfway from the top, as the bell starts ringing!*

Jones: It’s over! We have a winner!

Logan: Yeah, Jonesy, we do. I think. I mean, who won?

Jones: The refs are conferring about it, discussing what they saw. I hope we don’t have a tie situation or something!

Logan: That would be awful! Then again, that might mean Lurrr has to face more than 1 person for his belt, which wouldn’t bother me at all.

*The refs talk things out, as the wrestlers slowly move around. Earl checks on Bifford’s cut, applying a rag to it, while Caine is helping up a hurting Benji Sampson. Mick is using some water a fan gave him to splash it into Excellent’s eyes. The Lost Soul, the only one out here alone, is simply standing against the fenced wall, watching. The refs make their decision, judging by Mitchell’s nod. He walks to the side and talks to Minos, who gets his mic ready.*

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, and the new #1 Contender to the GCWA X Division Title…. The Big Bifford!!

*The crowd roars, reacting to the decision, although some still clearly think either Excellent or TLS may have made it first. Strangely, there isn’t much for Caine, as he angrily kicks at the cage, pissed off at having come so close to winning.*

Jones: The Bifford gets his title opportunity! That was a close one, Anthony!

Logan: Yeah, replays show that Bifford managed to get his feet down half a second ahead of Caine’s feet. Hard to see The Lost Soul from this replay, but it sure looks like he’s still on the way down as well. Very, very close!

Jones: A truly great finish to a rough-and-tumble match! But we now know for sure that the Big Bifford is going to take on Lurrr next week for the gold!

*Bifford walks in front of Earl, celebrating his victory. He seems to have forgotten all about Earl helping him unlock the cage, but Earl doesn’t have a problem with it. He’s just glad the last-minute training seemed to pay off. Caine glares after both men, with Sampson holding his chest nearby, yet for some reason smiling. We cut away to a commercial.*

*We return to the backstage area, where Cynthia Hall can be seen, waiting outside of the trainer’s room. The door suddenly opens and we see Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan on either side of the GCWA Champ, Derek Mobley. Mobley looks beaten, both physically and emotionally. Dan sees Cynthia Hall standing there and puts his hand up, trying to send the message, Cynthia persists.*

Cynthia Hall: Derek, I know you must be feeling pretty awful…but, can you give us a comment or anything? The fans are wondering how their champ is doing…

*Derek stops and looks at Hall and the Camera…Derek then shoves the camera away, causing the camera man to fall down, hard. Cynthia backs away…another camera view is shown as Derek Mobley is escorted by the Danger Boiz to the exit…we see Derek shake both Dan and Chris’ hand before opening the exit and leaving the GCWA arena with his head down. The Danger Boiz seem to be uncertain whether they should follow or not. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: This isn’t good, Edds. This really isn’t good.

Jones: It’s going to take some time, Anthony. A deep wound has just been made. Mobley’s going to need some time to heal.

Logan: I hope it doesn’t take too long, man. We’re getting closer and closer to Blood On The Battlefield III, after all.

Jones: Well, whether the champ is here or not, we’ve got to find out who his next #1 Contender will be. It’s time for the second match of our three-bout #1 Contenders Series, representing an old foe of Mobley and a brand-new competitor. Minos? It’s all yours.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with NO time limit! This will be the second of three matches in the “#1 Contender Series”, deciding who will be given an opportunity at Blood On The Battlefield III to take on Derek Mobley and Lurrr for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship!!

*The crowd is understandably enthused, cheering the announcement.*

Minos: Introducing first, he has been with the GCWA for several months, earning his place in the organization, standing 6’4” and weighing 223 lbs, currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, he is the leader of Organized Chaos, here is Jobe Severity!

*”Day That Never Comes” by Metallica plays as the pious Jobe Severity comes out of the back. The crowd is not showing him any sympathy; they’re trying to boo him out of the building. As always, it doesn’t seem to bother Jobe that much. *

Jones: The blogs are buzzing out there out of the special announcement that Jobe Severity might have cancer. This would be a huge blow to his wrestling career, if it’s true.

Logan: While I’m not a big fan of Organized Chaos, I can at least say that I don’t wish bad health on anyone. Well, maybe Lurrr, but other than him, no.

Jones: The odds seem to be against Severity, especially since word went on this afternoon that Organized Chaos was banned from this contest. It seems that the Accelerator is looking for a fair contest tonight.

Logan: Good for him! Severity’s a damn good wrestler anyway, he doesn’t need Crimson or that dress-wearing freak to interfere for him!

Minos: His opponent, making his debut inside a GCWA wrestling ring here tonight, is a 2-time NLW World Heavyweight Champion! He’s now here in the GCWA, looking to start up a new chapter to his already legendary career. Standing 6’4” and weighing 275 lbs, from Portland, Oregon, here is the Ice Man!

*Fans jump to their feet and cheer as the snow begins to fall from the ceiling again, lightly floating down. “Cold As Ice” by M.O.P. hits the speakers, bringing out the Ice Man from behind the curtain. He goes towards the ring, intent on taking care of business here tonight.*

Logan: I’ve got to admit, I don’t know much about this guy. I guess I should have followed the NLW a little more.

Jones: Well, the big news with the Ice Man is that it appears someone is trying to take him out, which has led to him having the FBI keep an eye on him.

Logan: Really? This guy needs to partner up with The Lost Soul. They’ll have so much in common! TLS and TIM!

Jones: TIM?

Logan: Ok, so it needs some work.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: We’ve got our head referee, Mark Bell, down here for this one.

Logan: I’m not surprised. Sure, he normally works the main event, but it’s not like we really need a referee for a Buried Alive match, do we?

Jones: Yes, which makes this the highest match Mark could work.

Logan: True. I’m sure Mark will do a good job. I was worried that Mitchell would find a way to sneak himself in here. Thankfully, that’s not the case, giving Severity one less weapon.

Jones: We still have no proof that there’s any sort of deal between Mitchell and Organized Chaos, you know.

*The two wrestlers meet in the center of the ring, locking up in a test of strength. After a few seconds, the Ice Man is able to push Severity back into the corner, causing referee Bell to call for the break. The Ice Man does so, walking back, as the crowd cheers him on. Severity, unperturbed, comes back forward, locking up with the Ice Man again. They struggle, with Severity getting pushed back to the same corner. But Severity reverses them at the last second, using leverage to get the Ice Man in there instead. Again, referee Bell calls for the break, and Severity steps back. But just as it seems he’s going to break cleanly, he throws a punch, only to have the Ice Man block it! The Ice Man comes out of the corner, firing away with shot after shot. With Severity a little bit stunned, the Ice Man throws him to the ropes, looking to knock him down with a big boot. But Severity grabs the ropes like a life preserver, allowing him to slide out to the floor for a short breather.*

Jones: So far, the Ice Man is looking exactly like we expected, Anthony. You can just tell he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in the GCWA!

Logan: Yeah, Severity needs to try another tactic, because trying to match strength with this guy isn’t going to work!

*With referee Bell counting up to 5, Severity finally slides back in, watching the Ice Man carefully. The former NLW champion looks very confident, as he waits in the center of the ring. The two men lock up again, no, Severity spins around the Ice Man with an arm lock. He kicks hard at his foe’s knee, hitting it right at the joint from behind and causing the Ice Man to drop to the mat. Severity then applies a sleeper on the ground, using his new leverage to try to take some of the fight out of his opponent! Referee Bell immediately begins watching for any signs of submission, although he doesn’t seem to expect anything this early on. The Ice Man tries to fight his way out, but it’s not easy, as Severity is keeping his right foot on top of the Ice Man’s leg, keeping him from rising.*

Logan: That’s just what I was talking about, Jonesy. Severity’s got the Ice Man down, now he just needs to wear him out!

Jones: Stamina is definitely going to be a question whenever Jobe Severity is in a match now. After all, he’s 44 years old, making him one of the older wrestlers we have here at the GCWA.

Logan: Yeah, that plus his doctor telling him he has cancer this past week makes me wonder how long he’ll be wrestling with us.

Jones: This could be Jobe’s final shot at the title, realistically, so he needs to make the most of it!

*Slowly but surely, the Ice Man is using his strength to fight his way up, trying hard to get free of the crushing grip around his windpipe. He gets to his feet, about to start attempting to knock his way free, when suddenly Severity releases his grip! The Ice Man, off-balance, can’t do anything to protect himself as Severity locks him around the waist instead, taking him over with a German suplex! Severity doesn’t let go, following things up with another suplex, then another, tossing the large Ice Man around the ring impressively. Winded after the effort, Severity rolls on top, trying to get himself a quick pinfall… 1… 2… the Ice Man kicks free. Severity sits back on his knees, a position he’s had a lot of practice with over the years, as he studies his opponent’s efforts to rise back up.*

Jones: So far, it’s been a feeling out process for these guys, seeing as how they’ve never wrestled against each other before.

Logan: Yeah, it’s always a lot harder to be prepared for reversals and counters when the only way you’ve ever witnessed your opponent’s skills is via video.

*Severity greets the Ice Man when he gets up with a couple of weakening forearm shots, putting the big man into the ropes. Rather than giving him an Irish whip, though, Severity simply uses the ropes, pushing the Ice Man’s throat against them! Referee Bell is immediately there, calling for the break, as he counts down. He pushes Severity back, breaking the illegal choke, and admonishes Severity for his actions. Severity just nods with a knowing smile, before turning back and grabbing the Ice Man again. However, the Ice Man immediately shakes his off and turns, putting an arm under Severity’s and flipping him up and over the ropes!!! Severity crashes to the outside, as the Ice Man sags on the ropes, using the time to recuperate.*

Logan: Game changer right there, Jonesy! Severity just crashed and burned!

Jones: Severity certainly landed badly out there, giving the Ice Man a good chance to get back in control. Of course, he could just leave Severity out there. I’m not sure he’ll be able to beat the count!

Logan: That’s true, Edds. If Severity can’t get into the ring in time, that would give the Ice Man a free path to the GCWA World Title match. The question is, would he want a victory like that?

*Referee Bell continues his count, as Severity is moving on the outside, albeit with a lot of pain. The Ice Man is back on his feet, looking like he’s getting his second wind. He steps through the ropes and to the outside, grabbing Severity by the hair in order to drag him up to the apron! Severity tries to fight back, but he’s hurting too much, as the Ice Man lifts him up into the air on his shoulders, then tosses him bodily back over the top rope and into the ring! The Ice Man follows, allowing Bell to kill his count, keeping the match going. Severity struggles to his feet, his back to the Ice Man, who steps in and clocks him from behind in the head, knocking Severity back down. The Ice Man then grabs at Severity’s feet, attempting to twist him around for the Frostbite!! Severity kicks free, though, smacking the Ice Man in the jaw with a boot as he does so. With the Ice Man staggered, Severity gets up and goes off the ropes, coming back… right into a spinebuster!!! The Ice Man makes the cover… 1… 2… Severity kicks out!*

Jones: That was a close one!

Logan: The thing about the Ice Man is that he can beat you in so many ways, Jonesy. He’s got that devastating Frostbite submission hold. He has the Ice Pick, that will knock anyone completely out. He’s even got a frog splash variation he can pull out of his hat, the Avalanche!

Jones: I shudder to think what the impact would be of a guy like the Ice Man landing a frog splash on someone.

Logan: I know, right? Squash city!

* The Ice Man hauls Severity back to his feet, looking for a way to put him out of this match. However, as they rise up, Severity suddenly drops back down, landing the Blasphemy!!! The Ice Man springs off the shot to his jaw like a jack-in-the-box, plummeting backwards to the mat. For a second, both men are down, as referee Bell circles the action. Severity is the first man up, holding his head. He reaches down, grabbing at the Ice Man’s feet, in order to get him placed into the King James Version submission hold!!! The fans are desperately chanting for the Ice Man to get up, as he fights against being turned over by Severity. He’s flexing his powerful leg muscles, managing to throw Severity off! But Severity comes right back in, grabbing for the legs again, knowing that victory is only a few seconds away once he gets it set!*

Jones: Severity is not taking no for an answer! He’s determined to get the King James Version locked in!

Logan: For good reason! The Ice Man is an amazing athlete, but few people can fight their way out of Severity’s agonizing submission maneuver!

*Apparently angry that he can’t force the Ice Man over, Severity drops an elbow on his foe’s right leg, then stretches it out, trying to do some damage. He hits it again and again, causing the Ice Man to wince from the impact every time. Severity then decides to get up, pulling the Ice Man up and grabbing him by the head, going for a neckbreaker. The Ice Man shoves him off, though, sending Severity stumbling away towards the ropes. Severity decides to use the momentum, hitting the ropes and coming back with a leap, going for what could be a flying forearm variation. However, the Ice Man ducks his shoulder, catching Severity in mid-air and getting him on his shoulders!!! Severity tries to fight free, sensing disaster, but it’s too late, as the Ice Man uses his large arms to spin Severity around and land the Ice Pick!!!! Severity is unconscious as the Ice Man makes the cover, grabbing at the legs for good measure as referee Bell makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on in the “#1 Contender Series”, the Ice Man!

*The Ice Man pulls himself up, bathing in the waves of support coming his way from the fans. Jobe Severity rolls to his side, in obvious pain, both from the impact of the Ice Pick and the anguish of the loss of another opportunity.*

Jones: The Ice Man takes one step closer to being the first NLW superstar to win gold in the GCWA!

Logan: It was a very impressive performance, man. That main event we have set up now? Derek vs. Lurrr vs. the Ice Man? That on its own is a tremendous bout! I still want to know who #4 will be, though!

Jones: That will come next week, Anthony. For now, the Ice Man has made his first impression on the GCWA faithful, and it’s clearly favorable!

*The Ice Man heads off towards the back triumphantly, already thinking about winning another World Title, as we jump away towards the backstage area. Cynthia Hall is still back there, having helped her cameraman to his feet. She directs him over to one specific area, where Crazy Chris has reappeared, carrying his bag as well as his brother’s.*

Cynthia Hall: Chris, just a word, please.

Crazy Chris: I’m not sure now’s a good time, Cynthia. My brother and I are about to head out.

Cynthia Hall: This will only take a few seconds, Chris, I swear. I know you saw the Ice Man just win the second spot in the Fatal Fourway match at the upcoming pay-per-view against your friend, Derek Mobley. You are scheduled to face an unknown opponent next week for the third and final slot. Do you have any thoughts on this match?

Crazy Chris: Whoever it turns out to be, I know I’ll be ready for them. I’m the current Rookie of the Month, Cynthia. I’m a co-holder of the World Tag-Team Titles. My brother and I are definitely the hottest up-and-comers in the GCWA today. There’s nobody who can dispute that. So whoever I end up fighting next week, they will not stand a…

*Before Crazy Chris can complete the sentence, a chair smashes down from behind, sending him sprawling into Cynthia! Both fall down, with Cynthia letting out a shocked scream. The camera follows them to the ground, with Cynthia hitting her head on the ground as she lands, injuring her. As she and Chris lay there, the camera pans back up over the wrestler who did this. It focuses on his face: showing Shane Donovan!!! “The Man Made Monster” drops the chair to the ground, looking down on Crazy Chris without mercy. He turns and walks away, as the cameraman sets down his camera in order to try and help Cynthia and Chris. We fade out to our final commercial break.*

*We return to the ringside area, where Jones and Logan are sitting back in their chairs, looking thoroughly exhausted from the events of the day. You would think they had been wrestling the matches, not everyone else!*

Jones: It has been quite frankly one of the most stress-filled shows I think we’ve had so far, with returns, betrayals, and more startling moments than I think anyone ever expected when they tuned in tonight!

Logan: Definitely, man. So Shane Donovan is back now, too? Is he the final participant in the “#1 Contenders Series”??

Jones: It sure looked that way, Anthony. I think he took offense to the fact that Crazy Chris was calling himself the best up-and-comer in the GCWA, a title Donovan once held before the devastatingly brutal match he had with Derek Mobley at Warriors of the Ring III.

Logan: As if Derek Mobley needs another threat to his championship reign!

Jones: We’re running down to the wire, which means it’s time for our final match of the evening! It will be a match that many of you will remember for a long time to come! Roll it!

*The tape starts spinning, bringing us back several months ago, when Derek Mobley, the new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, was beginning to see signs wherever he went. Silver skulls were seen near him in different locations. The Punisher’s theme music played during one of his matches. The signs kept appearing until one night, when Mobley successfully defended the World Title against Jobe Severity. The music hit again, leading to a multi-man assault on the champion, perpetrated by the man dressed like the Punisher, revealed as Twiztid! Another shot is shown, one mostly forgotten about by wrestling fans: a shot of a man watching the events unfold on tv, frustrated that he can do nothing about it. The camera pans a little farther back, revealing for the first time that this person is Marcus Ka’Derrion! At Darkness Falls, Twiztid & Severity are shown preparing to crucify Mobley, only to have Ka’Derrion come to the ring dressed as his late father, finally revealing who Blake Ka’Derrion really was. Ka’Derrion’s interference, though, is remembered by Twiztid, who interrupts the following week’s Inferno by destroying the Punisher’s tombstone with a sledgehammer. This led to Ka’Derrion digging a burial plot the next week, the foreshadowing of challenging Twiztid to a Buried Alive match, which Twiztid accepts. We end the video and return to the ring, where Minos is ready for his final introductions.*

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening! It is a match that will shake the very foundations of the GCWA, as one of these men may very well not return from the depths they will be placed! Prepare yourself, as one of these two courageous competitors will be Buried Alive!!!

*A massive roar goes up throughout the standing-room-only crowd, showing that there is still plenty of electricity left. The energy even seems to be reaching Minos, who looks more animated than usual.*

Minos: The rules to this match are extremely simple. Both wrestlers will start out here inside the squared circle. They will fight to the destination outside: a deep grave. The winner will be the first person to put their opponent into the grave and begin piling the dirt on top of them, burying them alive! Up until that point… anything goes!

*Another cheer erupts from the faithful fans in the audience, followed by a brief “GCWA” chant. As it fades away, Minos gets down to business.*

Minos: Introducing first, he has been a champion in many other organizations, and now seeks to end a champion’s career here tonight, standing 5’10” and weighing 212 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Twiztid!

*The audience is certainly not happy to see Twiztid, as they boo him mercilessly as he comes out to “I Am Hated” by Slipknot. The song truly does fit the man. Twiztid makes his way to the ring, an evil look in his eyes. He appears to be dwelling on the carnage ahead.*

Jones: This guy just freaks me out, Anthony. Why would anyone challenge someone like Twiztid to a “Buried Alive” match?

Logan: I admit, even I would be having second thoughts right about now. This match is not for the weak at heart. But then, we’re not even sure Twiztid has a heart anymore, are we? The guy lives up to his name. He truly is twisted.

Minos: And now, his opponent, coming to us from Miami, Florida and standing 6’1”, weighing 210 lbs, he is currently the undefeated, unstoppable GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, here is “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The place couldn’t be any louder, as the fans are screaming their heads off. “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park blasts over the speakers as Ka’Derrion pushes his way through the curtain. The bandage on his nose is very obvious, as are a few other bruises. The Intercontinental Champion focuses himself and marches down the ramp, heading for his destiny.*

Jones: Marcus Ka’Derrion has had a hell of a week!

Logan: Yeah, from what I hear, several legendary wrestlers put their spin on training Ka’Derrion this week in the art of the hardcore match.

Jones: It was training that Ka’Derrion sorely needed, as he has never been in anything other than a regulation match before, Anthony. We’ll have to see if that training pays off here tonight, or if the pain stemming from the training itself turns out to be the deciding factor here tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as the bell sounds, Marcus is coming forward, ready to fight. Twiztid seems to be waiting for him, a slanted smile on his face. Marcus moves in, punching Twiztid in the face, then again, as Twiztid is just taking it. The fans are loving it as Marcus rears back, smashing Twiztid across the face again, nearly knocking him down, but Twiztid steps right back up. Marcus hesitates, trying to figure out Twiztid’s game plan. He glances at the crowd, then moves to come back in again, but before he can, Twiztid kicks out, scoring a shot between Marcus’ legs!! Marcus drops to his knees as his ‘family jewels’ scream in protest, as Twiztid slowly wipes a hand across his stinging lips and grins. Ka’Derrion tries to get up, aching, but Twiztid grabs him by the head and plants him with a facebuster, keeping the man down.*

Jones: Was Twiztid enjoying that beating, or was there a plan in there somewhere?

Logan: I’m not sure, Jonesy, but remember, Twiztid would have heard about Ka’Derrion’s training. But I doubt any of the legends could prepare him for facing a man who won’t fight back. It threw Ka’Derrion’s strategy off-track, allowing Twiztid to take control.

Jones: That’s a painful way of taking over a match, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, well, I suppose if you’re facing the prospect of getting put under the ground, you’ll do whatever it takes.

*While the announcers are talking, Twiztid has gone out of the ring, reaching under the apron. He pulls out a steel chair and comes back in, taking careful aim at the recovering Marcus. Twiztid brings the chair down onto Marcus’ back, causing it to bend from the impact. Ka’Derrion collapses, his spine tingling from the hit. Twiztid is enjoying himself now, raising the chair up again and bringing it back down for a second shot. Ka’Derrion is in agony, with a huge welt appearing on his exposed back. Twiztid, apparently happy with the results, drags his opponent to the side and rolls him under the ropes, sending Marcus falling to the outside mat. Twiztid follows, stepping through the ropes. He picks Marcus up, attempting to throw him into the guardrail. The crowd scatters, as Marcus desperately spins it into a reverse, sending a shocked Twiztid knee-first over the rail into the crowd!!*

Logan: Nice reversal! Marcus’ instincts served him well there!

Jones: I was starting to think that Twiztid was going to completely dominate this one!

Logan: Not anymore, Jonesy. Now Twiztid needs to worry about that crowd tearing him limb from limb!

Jones: What? Hey, Anthony, the crowd isn’t allowed to get involved.

Logan: You kidding me, Edds? Look how riled up these people are! Anything can happen now!

*In the crowd, Twiztid has started swinging at some of the fans, trying to keep them away. Security has also waded in, trying to hold the mob back, many of whom were faithful fans of “Arryk Rage” only a few months ago. Betrayal is a powerful motivator. Twiztid pulls away from the fans, only to get nailed by Marcus, who comes flying in with a spinning dropkick!! Both men are down for a second, as Ka’Derrion’s back is still a mess from the abuse he took earlier. He gets to his feet first, though, reaching down and starting to drag Twiztid by his hair towards the aisleway!! Twiztid’s feet kick out in torment, as Ka’Derrion is most likely yanking some of his hairs out by the root!*

Jones: There’s something you don’t see that often.

Logan: Ka’Derrion’s giving him a manual haircut! That’s gotta hurt!

Jones: Don’t worry, Anthony, it will grow back.

*The two men are now at the ramp, with Marcus positioning Twiztid. He lifts his rival up, dropping him with a vertical suplex onto the metal ramp! The clang is painful-sounding on its own. Ka’Derrion slowly pulls himself up, as Twiztid is starting to crawl away, looking for any place to take a break. Ka’Derrion follows him, watching as his hated foe moves on his hands and knees away from him. Marcus steps in, grabbing Twiztid by the back of the head to pull him up… and Twiztid lifts his arm, hitting Marcus in the head with the glass beer bottle he had been crawling towards!!! Marcus falls back, his face cut in several places, as Twiztid takes a moment to breathe. He turns, looking back at the bloodied Marcus, then looking at the end of the bottle still in his hand. He grins and moves towards Ka’Derrion, slashing the bottle edge across Marcus’ chest, cutting him!! Marcus stumbles away, up the ramp, trying to clear his eyes of the blood running into them, as Twiztid follows intent on taking him out.*

Jones: Jesus! How much of this can we show on national television, anyway?

Logan: Hey, Ace has a way with the tv people, Jonesy. This one’s been ok’ed, since it comes on late at night. What, did you not see the “Mature Audiences” warning that went out before this one?

Jones: All I know is that I’m betting next week any clips we show of this match will be black and white! God, Marcus is really bleeding badly!

*The two are on top of the ramp now, as Twiztid is standing behind Marcus, considering him. He raises the bottle edge, as if to bring it down across Marcus once more. But Marcus suddenly is in mid-air, spinning back with a Pele kick that accurately smashes Twiztid on the hand, breaking the remains of the bottle in his fist!!! Twiztid staggers back, his hand a bloody ruin, as Marcus lands on the ground, still hurting. A furious Twiztid shakes the glass out of his hand, pulling out a couple of good-sized pieces. He moves back towards Marcus, grabbing at him and getting him up, but Ka’Derrion was ready, hitting Twiztid with a European uppercut that stuns the veteran. Ka’Derrion then grabs Twiztid by the head and tosses him forward, sending him flying through the curtain head over heels!! Marcus follows, leaving the crowd behind.*

Jones: And here’s where it gets dangerous! Who knows what’s going to happen in the backstage area, as they make their way to the burial ground?

Logan: After the “Chad Vargas” debacle, I heard the Accelerator instituted a rule that all GCWA employees should keep their locker rooms sealed during matches like this, just to prevent someone else accidentally falling prey to the violence!

Jones: Thank goodness! I think we’re already going to have a couple of badly hurt wrestlers after this one! We need to keep the devastation to a minimum! So the cameraman’s following them, right?

Logan: But of course! The fans want to see what’s happening, after all!

*We go backstage, showing the fight continuing through the hallway. Marcus takes a second to balance himself, putting a hand on the wall. It leaves a bloody print as he moves away, heading back towards Twiztid, who is once again dragging himself away, looking for another weapon. Marcus finds one first, grabbing a nearby trash can and lifting it over his head, bringing it down on Twiztid’s back! He hits him again, knocking Twiztid to the ground, then overturns the trash can, dumping out the garbage that was left all over Twiztid!! It’s not a pretty sight. Ka’Derrion throws the trash can behind him, then steps carefully through the trash, yanking Twiztid up by his hair again. He pulls him down the hallway, aiming him towards a table set up for unknown purposes. The table is currently empty. Ka’Derrion is happy to see it, as he has other uses for it. He grabs Twiztid and picks him up, flipping him overhead and onto the table, which doesn’t give!*

Jones: What brutality! It’ll be amazing if either wrestler doesn’t spend the next week in the hospital after this, and we haven’t even reached the burial grounds yet!

Logan: And may I say, whoever designed that table, nice job, man! It just took a serious impact, yet look at it, still standing!

*Twiztid rolls off the table, his arm bent in a bad way. He’s now bleeding from several places as well, showing how violent this match truly is. Marcus is still on him, dragging Twiztid further and further down the hall, towards the backstage exit. He goes to bounce Twiztid’s skull off the wall, but Twiztid pushes away, dodging the strike. He puts a foot on the wall and uses it to push himself up, catching Marcus off-guard with a spinning heel kick to the head!! Ka’Derrion collapses to the ground. He’s barely moving, as Twiztid almost looks to be considering a pinfall. He fights off the instinct, instead, dragging himself up and grabbing Ka’Derrion’s arm, pulling the IC Champ to his feet and giving him a whip towards the exit door, sending Marcus smashing through it to the outside! Unfortunately for Marcus, there is a series of steps leading into the building. Marcus tumbles down all of them, hitting the railing there as well, before landing at the bottom!*

Logan: Geez! What a tumble from our young champion! I don’t know what he could possibly have left, Jonesy!

Jones: Don’t worry, Anthony, he’s got the blood of the Punisher running through his veins!

Logan: Edds, he’s got the blood of the Punisher running across his face right now!! Heart and determination only get you so far!!

*Twiztid uses the slightly beat-up railing on his way down the stairs, showing that he’s not in great condition, either. He gets to the bottom, where Marcus is gamely trying to rise, despite how fatigued he surely is. Twiztid grabs hold of Ka’Derrion’s head, pulling him along to where the burial site is set up. There are some fans being held back by security, having ventured outside so that they can watch the finish of the match up close. Twiztid pulls Ka’Derrion over to where a front loader is sitting, apparently with its carrier full of dirt. Twiztid rams Ka’Derrion’s head into the metal side of the vehicle, sending him falling to the side, almost out of it. Twiztid stumbles away, using the loader for balance, as he goes to the back side of it. He grabs at something, pulling up a brown blanket from the ground that was barely visible in the darkness. Underneath the blanket are a series of weapons, from which Twiztid selects a thick-looking garrotte!!*

Jones: Oh my god, Twiztid brought weapons!!

Logan: He must have had them stashed here earlier! How much more abuse does he plan to do to Marcus Ka’Derrion before planting him in that hole??

*Marcus is slowly getting up, leaning on the front loader, as Twiztid comes up behind him, wrapping the garrotte around his foe’s neck!! Marcus reacts instantly, blocking the strand from cutting into his rope and choking him with one of his hands, fighting against it! Twiztid tries to twist the garrotte behind Marcus, tightening it against Marcus’ hand, causing some bleeding. But Marcus yanks himself forward and drops his shoulder, sending Twiztid into the loader headfirst! Stunned, Twiztid releases his grip, allowing Ka’Derrion to throw the weapon aside. Marcus looks even angrier now than before, as he realizes what could have just happened. He grabs Twiztid by the hair and pulls him to the driver side of the front loader, then furiously throws Twiztid’s head forward, sending him through the glass window!!!! Twiztid slumps, hanging from the loader, as more blood is lost.*

Logan: That could be it right there! Get him in the ground, Ka’Derrion!

Jones: Twiztid’s face is now painted a different color! What a bloody match we’ve got here tonight! I hope the censors aren’t watching!

Logan: It’s one for the ages, Jonesy! And I know we’re going longer than our allotted time, but we’ve already been told that the network is going to stick with us until the end!

*With Twiztid incapacitated, Marcus goes to the weapons stash, picking up what looks like a whip of some sort. He brings it back, moving almost like a drunk due to the loss of blood he’s endured in this one, then aims, whipping Twiztid across the back!! Twiztid’s fingers close into his hands as he shudders from the pain, as Marcus hits him again! Ka’Derrion then wraps the whip around Twiztid’s neck, dragging him backwards towards the hole! He shoves Twiztid forward, getting him closer and closer to the edge, as the fans nearby start to cheer, albeit weakly. Some of them look green around the gills, as neither wrestler looks very pretty right now. With one more shove, Marcus sends Twiztid forward, but the veteran has one last trick, as he drops down, stopping himself at the edge and sending an off-balance Ka’Derrion over him, into the pit!!!*

Jones: Marcus is in!! All Twiztid has to do is get some dirt and toss it on top of him, and this one’s over!!

Logan: No! C’mon, Marcus, get up! Don’t let your career end this way!!

*Twiztid, hurting badly, lifts himself up, reaching back for the nearby shovel. He struggles to get a shovel-full of dirt, wiping blood out of his eyes as he does so. He brings it back, with a sick smile on his face as he limps towards the hole, even as the crowd screams for Marcus to do something. As Twiztid leans over, ready to dump out the dirt, Marcus does: he stands up in the hole, holding what looks to be another shovel!! He smashes it forward, into Twiztid’s face, breaking it across the wooden handle!!! Twiztid falls backwards, in bad shape, as Marcus pulls himself back out of the burial plot.*

Jones: Where did that shovel come from??

Logan: Obviously Twiztid wasn’t the only one to think ahead, Jonesy! Suicidal Juvenal told Marcus to expect the unexpected. Marcus must have placed that shovel there just in case he needed it!

*Twiztid tries to get up, pulling on the last of his reserves, but Marcus is already there, lifting the veteran up. With a blast of adrenaline, he picks Twiztid into the air, sending him into the tombstone with the Punisher!!!! The tombstone shatters into pieces, eerily reminiscent of when Twiztid destroyed Blake Ka’Derrion’s! Twiztid, looking completely out of it, slides head-first into the hole, disappearing from sight. Painfully, Marcus reaches down, picking up the shovel that’s still in one piece, dumping the dirt sitting in it into the hole. He adds a few more scoops for good measure, as referee Mark Bell, watching from nearby, calls in to the ring, getting them to ring the bell inside the building.*

Minos: Here is your winner… “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

Jones: What a victory for Marcus!! Incredible!!

Logan: I really wasn’t sure he had it in him, Jonesy, but damn, he proved me wrong! Marcus Ka’Derrion is now still undefeated, and he has passed the toughest test of his career thus far!!

Jones: Now can we get some medics down there?? Both Marcus and Twiztid could really use some aid!!!

*Marcus moves away from the plot, towards the nearby fans, who are now chanting Marcus’ name. He drops to a knee, as a medic comes running over to start checking on him. Another medic starts to head for the burial plot, but a noise stops him in his tracks. Marcus looks up and watches, spell-bound, as the front loader is suddenly moving, positioning itself in front of the hole! A hand appears out of the hole, as Twiztid almost starts climbing out, but he falls back in, even as the front loader drops its heavy load, filling the plot!!!!*

Jones: Holy *bleep*!!! Twiztid just got entombed!!!!

Logan: What in the hell??? The match was over!! Who did that, and why??

Jones: I don’t know, I can’t see from here! All I know is that the veteran couldn’t get out of the way in time!!

Logan: Hell, this one WAS called Buried Alive!! I guess someone took that notice seriously!!!

*The dirt settles into place, as Marcus Ka’Derrion can be seen, looking on from the side. He isn’t smiling, but he doesn’t look that upset, either. We cut to a television monitor shot, where someone is watching the action, as well as Ka’Derrion’s response. The camera pans out to show the Accelerator, standing in the middle of his office, since his desk is still in a state of disarray. A shot crosses the tv screen, showing the filled-in plot. The Accelerator raises a glass of wine towards the tv.*

The Accelerator: Sleep well, boyo.

*The Accelerator takes a long drink from the glass, as he turns away from the television. On the screen, you can see that the cameraman has now focused on the front loader, as the door to it has opened. A few seconds later, the person behind the wheel gets out, showing the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3!!! He steps out to the ground, looking at his handiwork, as he thinks about everything that once took place between himself and “Twiztid” Arryk Rage. The last shot we have before fading to black is his satisfied smile.*

OOC: Some great matches tonight, guys. I appreciate all your roleplaying this week, as there were a couple of matches I really wasn't sure about the winners on. Good job! Here's the card for next week:

- The Ice Man vs. Mikey Willis

- Tommy Crimson vs. Caid Austin

- Mr. Excellent vs. Harvey Danger

- Derek Mobley vs. The Lost Soul, Non-Title Match

- Lurrr(c) vs. the Big Bifford, GCWA X Division Title Match

- Crazy Chris vs. Shane Donovan, "#1 Contender Series" Match

The first two matches may be dark matches, depending on roleplaying (since two of the competitors are now on GCWA Probation) and how I'm feeling.

Roleplaying will be from Saturday, March 21st to Wednesday, March 25th, 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count. Good luck!