*As the credits roll, you get yourself ready. You know what’s coming next. The GCWA symbol flashes across the screen, intensifying the excitement. The screen changes to shots of last week. We’re shown Lurrr, Jobe Severity, Scott Caine, and Crazy Chris coming to the ring, each looking unsure of what’s happening next. The President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, comes down as well, talking with them about the future.*

The Accelerator: I had a conversation earlier tonight with our World Heavyweight Champion, Derek Mobley. We had a pretty serious discussion about next month’s pay-per-view, and who he would be defending the title against. I had my own ideas about how his opponent would be decided. I admit he wasn’t particularly thrilled, pardon the pun, but I made him see it my way. Earlier tonight, I delivered several authorized letters to very specific wrestlers.

*Each of the four wrestlers is shown, in varying degrees of activity. Lurrr lands the Wake-Up Call. Severity locks on the King James’ Version. Scott Caine flies high and delivers the Sugar Caine. Crazy Chris gets the Crazy Man’s Suicide. All four are shown at their best, having just achieved victory.*

The Accelerator: Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to have a series of wrestling matches leading up to the pay-per-view. I suppose we should call them what they are: #1 Contender matches. Each week, we’re going to have another #1 Contenders match, until three have taken place. Once that has happened, the three winners will move on to face our champion, Derek Mobley, in a “Fatal Fourway” Match at one of my favorite all-time pay-per-views: Blood On The Battlefield III!! It will be winner takes all, with the winner walking out with the biggest prize in the land!

*All four men are smiling, although the most noticeable smile is on Lurrr’s face. His smile falters, though, as the President looks towards him.*

The Accelerator: Oh, but I’m not done yet. If you guys happen to be able to count, you might notice there are three matches, which means we need six competitors. Well, I’m here to tell you that the other two men in your match? They’ve been chosen. You’ll find out about them later, trust me. Now, for the last bit of information: next week, we’re getting things started. And you know what, Lurrr? I just have this feeling you’re aching to get this chance, so I’m going to have you start things out… and I know just the guy to face: Scott Caine.

*Lurrr stares across at Caine, who looks happy at the thought of getting his hands on the man who attacked him a few weeks before. The two men continue to size each other up as the picture begins to fade out, ending the video.*

* After a few seconds of blackness, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, with the World Title around his waist, smiling at the camera. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The place is packed to the rafters with screaming GCWA fans. Signs range from “Caine Lurr-y!” to “It’s Time For Excellence!”. The cameras focus on the front row, where a small contingent of hardcore Lost Soul fans are sitting. They’re dressed in dark clothes and have on the hugely-popular TLS facemasks. We pan away from them and go to the announce position, where Jones & Logan are faithfully waiting.*

Jones: Welcome to another edition of Friday Night Inferno! I’m Edward Jones, with the legendary Anthony Logan, here to see you through the action of another great show!

Logan: The excitement is thick in the GCWA Arena, Jonesy. The fans can’t wait for the first #1 Contenders match here tonight!

Jones: Yes, folks, tonight we start the President’s #1 Contenders Series with a sensational match! Young superstar Scott Caine is getting his opportunity to take on the GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr, with the winner to walk out with not only the X Division Title but the first spot in the Fatal Fourway main event match at Blood On The Battlefield III!!

Logan: I know Lurrr’s been dying for this chance for months now, but he’s still got to get past a very stiff challenger in Scott Caine. Tonight could make Caine’s career, Jonesy!

Jones: That it could, Anthony, but that’s not all we’ve got for you tonight! It’s been announced that Marcus Ka’Derrion’s GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship will be on the line against Mr. Excellent! You have to expect a great match when it comes to those two!

Logan: And those are just the tip of the iceberg! I can’t wait to kick things off tonight!

Jones: First off, we have a couple of announcements to make regarding some matches that took place before the television portion of the show.

Logan: The dark match people? Why don’t we just leave that up to the Internet desk jockies to report?

Jones: Because we were told to announce them, Anthony, as well as show a few pictures. First, in our opening contest, we had Twiztid taking on newcomer Ty Fierce. It did not end well for Fierce, who was dominated throughout the match and was soon beaten by the scary veteran.

*Pictures are displayed across the screen, showing Twiztid taking out the larger wrestler with the Star Struck and the Fallen Star, completely knocking him cold before pinning him. Another shot shows Twiztid not satisfied, as he kicks away at the fallen Fierce, bloodying him, as referees try to move him off.*

Jones: As you can see, Twiztid left Fierce in a bad way, and it may have been the last time we ever see him in the GCWA. Our next dark match involved another newcomer, Tripp Matthews, taking on Warrick Hill. This one had a little more competition, but only a little, as Warrick was unusually serious as he dismantled Matthews for the pinfall victory.

*The pictures are running again as Jones talks, showing Warrick in mid-air as he connects with the Joint to knock Matthews out. Warrick is shown in another shot leaving the ring without giving any contact to the fans at ringside.*

Logan: Something’s really weighing Warrick down. I gotta say, I’m worried for my boy!

Jones: I know, there has been a lot of…

*Before either man can say anything more, ‘Miseria Cantare’ by AFI begins to play! The fans stand, cheering, expecting to see the House of Pain…instead, all we see is the GCWA World Champion, Derek Mobley. He makes his way down to the ring, noticeably alone with the GCWA strap absent.*

Jones: The champ is here! Well, sort of. I wonder what Mobley’s doing out here?

Logan: I’m betting it has something to do with us seeing Warrick Hill enter the Roman Empire locker room last week, Jonesy.

*Mobley enters the ring a bit somber, rather than play to the crowd, he simply marches across the ring and grabs a mic. The fans, who had started cheering, are now quieting down, not sure what to make of what’s going on. The camera focuses in on Mobley as Mobley begins to speak.*

Derek Mobley: Tonight, I come to you not as Derek ‘The Thriller’ Mobley…not as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion…no, tonight I come as a member of the most elite group in wrestling history, the House of Pain. HOP, one of the most elite wrestling fraternities ever assembled has seen more than its fair share of legendary names, who have contributed to its iconic status. Names like Dean, Lurrr, Scott Syren, Silverfreak, Kylo and so on…including myself and, my lifetime friend, Warrick Hill.

*An ‘HOP’ chant breaks out into the crowd, Mobley smiles with appreciation, as he continues to speak.*

Derek Mobley: As with any brotherhood, HOP has seen its fair share of turmoil. Backstabbing, jealousy, rough times…you name it, we’ve been there…but HOP has always persevered. However, I saw something last week that, in my mind, puts this legendary group is serious jeopardy. You see, the originator of HOP, Dean, told me that I was the man to carry the name…when I signed up to join GCWA, he signed over the House of Pain name to me…letting me know that it was mine now and it was up to me to preserve the integrity and prestige of this great faction. And, like everything else, recently…I had been doing a great job…I chose to keep the group to a minimum, myself and the one person in this world I can trust above all others, Warrick.

*Derek stops speaking, lowering his head, it’s obvious he’s having a hard time coming up with the right words to say…however, he continues speaking.*

Derek Mobley: Warrick, what are you thinking, man? Seriously? We’ve been through EVERYTHING together…college parties, women issues…family matters…all of that and now, you’re willing to let a little run of bad luck cloud your judgment? Dude, we beat Titan 3 and Killa Kali together…we took on Andrew and Anthony Logan and defeated them for the ICWF Tag Titles…we’ve been through it ALL…I can’t believe you’re willing to do this…I can’t believe you’re willing to throw it all away…

*Suddenly ‘Tom Sawyer’ by Rush begins to play and Warrick Hill emerges from behind the curtain. Derek turns and sees Warrick, he flashes a cautiously optimistic look...however, all optimism is dissipated when Rick Mathis appears from behind the curtain, following Warrick. They march down to the ring and enter. Derek goes to hand Warrick the mic, so he can speak…Warrick shoves the mic away, choosing not to speak. Derek doesn’t know what to make of this as Warrick stands there, staring at Derek with Mathis backing him up…Derek speaks.*

Derek Mobley: What the hell is the matter with you?? Why is HE out here? This is between us, not some stooge that follows Lurrr around backstage. I just don’t get it with you, man…is it my World Title…is that it? Just say it, man…I’ll give you a World Title shot, right now…just say it and the shot is yours!

*Warrick simply shakes his head ‘no’ ...he mouths the words ‘you don’t get it…you never have and you never will’....Derek looks in shock, almost as if he doesn’t know what to do next to convince Warrick…he continues speaking.*

Derek Mobley: If you wanted back up…all you had to do was ask, man…we have the Danger Boiz…we have Mr. Excellent…there are guys willing to sacrifice themselves to help fight the good fight…you didn’t have to do THIS. But, look…Warrick, I know you better than anyone…I’ve seen you at your best and, most importantly, I’ve seen you at your worst. I know the true person behind all the smoke that is the Warrick Hill persona. You won’t do this…you can’t do this…and, to prove it…I’m gonna turn my back on you, right now…if it’s over, leave no doubt ,man…but, if it’s not…if you’re still with me, do what I know you’re gonna do…

*Derek drops the mic and slowly turns around, with his back to Warrick and Mathis…the crowd begins to work into a frenzy, anxious to see what Warrick does…a small ‘Don’t do it!’ chant breaks out…Warrick looks extremely conflicted. He begins to ball up his fist and cocks his arm back, ready to explode with a ferocious right hand…Mathis encourages him to do it…Warrick starts to bite his bottom lip, as if he’s fighting off the confliction from within. Warrick then, slowly, shakes his head and exits the ring with the fans booing…Mathis looks angry and blurts a few obscenities as he follows Warrick out of the ring. Warrick marches up the ramp, head hanging with Mathis following…Derek catches Warrick walking up the ramp out of the corner of his eye and turns to watch…we see Mobley with a bit of sadness in his eyes, however, a slight ray of hope, knowing that his buddy couldn’t bring himself to hit him…Warrick and Mathis head backstage as we get one more shot of Mobley, standing in the ring, before cutting away to a quick commercial break.*

*We return from the break in the backstage area, where the Accelerator is seen walking through the halls. As he heads up to his office door, though, he’s intercepted by GCWA investigative reporter Cynthia Hall. With a sigh, Ace stops and looks down at the woman.*

The Accelerator: We can’t keep meeting like this, Cynthia. My wife might get annoyed.

Cynthia Hall: Look, Ace, you’ve kept us in the dark for weeks about the mysterious signing that took place at Darkness Falls. You’ve yet to reveal the other two participants in the GCWA #1 Contenders Series. You’re keeping secrets left and right!

The Accelerator: Yes? And your point is?

Cynthia Hall: The people want to know, Mr. President. They want some answers, and I’m bound and determined to give it to them! I’ve researched, and I know that you’ve committed some serious money to a ‘blank’ contract. Whose name is going on that contract, Ace?

The Accelerator: Why would you want to go through life without surprises, Cyn? Seems like it would be a boring existence to me.

Cynthia Hall: C’mon, Ace, give us something! Anything!

The Accelerator: Alright, fine, fine. You want something to tell the viewers? Tell them to stay tuned in tonight, because the mystery will be solved and Jobe Severity’s opponent for next week WILL be announced.

Cynthia Hall: Tonight? The person will be here tonight?? But when? When will we know, Ace?

*The Accelerator doesn’t say another word. He just smiles with a smug look and goes into his office, closing the door behind him. Cynthia looks completely blown away by the news.*

Cynthia Hall: C’mon, Carlos, let’s get to the parking garage! Maybe we’ll pick the person up coming in!

*The two run off, as we lose the camera shot and instead jump back to ringside.*

Jones: So we’re having a new wrestler debut tonight?!

Logan: Well, I expected as much. How else would we know what match to expect next week?

Jones: True, but I’m still glad we’re going to find out! I wonder if the wrestler’s already here in the building?

Logan: I haven’t noticed anyone strange… ok, I take that back. I haven’t noticed anyone I didn’t already know.

Jones: Neither did I. Well, in order for us to find out, I bet we need to get some matches out of the way first! Bring ‘em on, Minos!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will have a 10-minute time limit. Coming down the aisle, he’s a wrestler making a lot of waves as he makes his way up the proverbial ladder, standing 6’4” and weighing 274 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is “The Widow Maker” Caid Austin!

*Caid walks out of the back with Mercedes beside him. The two are arguing a little, with Caid looking more confident than Mercedes. They head down, with “Deuces” by Achozen playing behind them.*

Jones: Mercedes seems pretty concerned about her wrestler’s state of mind.

Logan: She should be. From all accounts, Caid is seriously underestimating The Lost Soul. He’s going just by TLS’ record, which is very misleading. After all, TLS has a 3-on-1 Handicap Elimination loss on there, as well as several cheating victories by Lurrr.

Jones: Well, we’ll see if Austin’s over-confident, or if he’s actually right on the money. He’s done pretty well over the last few weeks, after all, even if he has trouble controlling his temper.

Minos: His opponent is a legend in the business who is still working his way back up to prominence, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, he is The Lost Soul!

*As “The Friday the 13th” Theme plays, The Lost Soul walks out of the back to the cheers of the crowd. It’s clear that they’re behind TLS, even though Caid is the ‘hometown favorite’ for some. The Lost Soul makes his way down to the ring, stopping in front of the group in the front section that are all wearing “The Lost Soul” gear, including facemasks. The Lost Soul takes a moment to talk to them, earning more cheers, before going into the ring.*

Jones: Good to see the TLS fanatics are in full force tonight!

Logan: I think TLS needs all the support he can get. Did you hear about him being arrested for ‘disturbing the peace’ this last week? The guy nearly jumped off a bridge!

Jones: Well, The Lost Soul lives a complicated life, Anthony. I doubt any of us truly know what’s going on inside that head.

Logan: Yeah, well, all I have to say is, I don’t see how anyone can mistake him for a clown. Those poor kids.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The two wrestlers walk towards the center of the ring, with Austin wearing a confident smirk. They stare eye-to-eye, as they’re the same height. Austin sizes The Lost Soul up, then, grinning, smacks him across the face! The Lost Soul takes a step or two back, as Austin looks out towards Mercedes, shrugging his shoulders. Mercedes does not look amused. Austin turns back, with TLS looking right at him. Austin’s smile falters a little, as TLS nods to him, as if suggesting he take another hit! Austin obliges, swinging away, knocking TLS a little off-balance. Once again, though, The Lost Soul comes forward, that weird grin painted into his face. He waves on another, with Austin looking around in confusion. Austin shrugs and takes another swing, but this time TLS catches him, grabbing him under the armpit as he goes by and flips him over to the mat!*

Jones: Looks like The Lost Soul’s working on the mind games early in this one!

Logan: Few wrestlers can throw off their opponents like this guy!

*Austin’s right back on his feet, charging forward in anger. But The Lost Soul catches him again, flipping him over to the canvas! Austin furiously pounds on the mat, his temper getting the best of him. He jumps up and takes a huge swing, but once more he gets caught, as TLS takes him to the floor with an armbar! The Lost Soul wrenches away on the arm, even as referee Mark Bell circles the action. In pain, Austin fights his way over to the ropes before the hold can fully be locked in, grabbing them to force the break. Austin pulls himself up, steaming, as The Lost Soul backs off, ready for more. Austin starts to rush him again, but Mercedes is up on the apron, whispering to him. Referee Bell moves in, telling her to get down, which she does. Austin, meanwhile, takes a few deep breaths while rolling his arm back and forth, restoring circulation.*

Logan: It’s hard to see how Austin could ever be competitive without Mercedes in his corner. She’s apparently the only one who can calm him down.

Jones: Well, either that or unleash him. Remember how she turned Austin loose on Cowboy Tom Hookum?

Logan: Yeah, and she’s not afraid to get involved either. The Lost Soul better keep an eye on her.

*Visibly shaking in his efforts to control his rage, Austin starts moving towards The Lost Soul, with the two men locking up. It’s a test of strength that Austin wins, enabling him to push TLS into the corner. Referee Bell calls for the break, but Austin doesn’t let TLS out, instead chopping him across the chest. The Lost Soul swings back, but this time Austin’s ready, as he blocks it, then starts landing his own punches, keeping TLS in the corner. He brings The Lost Soul out of the corner with a rapid T-bone suplex, slamming him down as hard as he can. With TLS stunned, Austin goes to work on him on the mat, banging his knees into TLS’ back to start weakening him.*

Logan: See, it’s amazing how dangerous Caid Austin can be if he can control his anger.

Jones: The Lost Soul’s definitely going the wrong direction in this one. He needs to get back his control, pronto!

*The TLS fans at ringside are shown, looking very concerned, as they’re watching their hero take some abuse. Austin, however, is having a good time ‘expressing’ himself right now, as he winks at Mercedes before taking The Lost Soul over with a Northern lights suplex! Austin goes for the pin, as the referee slides into position… 1… 2… TLS kicks out with authority, showing that he’s still got plenty left. Austin, a little annoyed, pulls him up and drags the face-painted man to the ropes, where he lays him throat-first on the bottom one. Austin runs to the other side, then returns, jumping high and planting his knee across the back of TLS’ neck, thrusting his throat into the rope! Austin doesn’t let go right away, keeping his leg in place to choke TLS, until referee Bell’s count finally gets through to him and he releases it.*

Jones: Once Austin gets in control of a match, it isn’t easy to get back on track. The guy’s tenacious!

Logan: Yeah. Mercedes looks extremely pleased at ringside. She’s enjoying the beating her boy’s dishing out.

*Mercedes is smiling outside the ring, looking in as Austin brings TLS up off the ropes. He seems to be getting a little cocky again, now that he’s got all the momentum, as he wiggles TLS around, almost showing him off to the TLS fans in the front row. Austin then places The Lost Soul into a full nelson, trying to make the veteran submit. He can’t get his hands locked, though, as TLS immediately starts struggling against it, pulling his arms down to prevent the hold. Austin fights to get it locked, but in his haste, he goes a little off-balance, allowing TLS to shove backwards and slam him back-first into the corner! Austin gasps at the hit, then loses his air again as The Lost Soul rams back one more time, making sure the hold is broken. Austin, coughing, has no defense as TLS turns around and locks him up, dropping him out of the corner with a neckbreaker! The Lost Soul makes the pin attempt… 1… 2… Austin kicks out.*

Jones: This is The Lost Soul’s best chance to put this one way.

Logan: He’s taken some abuse, Jonesy, but truth be told, I think that’s how TLS likes it. He always did seem to enjoy the more extreme types of matches.

Jones: I just don’t get that. I have enough trouble picturing myself in a match, let alone in a match involving barbed wire or explosions.

Logan: That’s why you’re not in The Lost Soul’s league, Jonesy, my boy.

*The Lost Soul pulls Austin off the mat, grabbing him by the back of his head. He launches Austin forward, slamming him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle post! Austin slumps, although he’s still held up by the ring ropes. The Lost Soul moves backwards, getting some room so that he can run forward, jumping up and planting his knees into Austin’s back, adding to the damage! Austin falls out of the corner, with some help from TLS, who tosses him aside. TLS then climbs up the turnbuckle himself, looking for the Souled Out! As he goes up, though, Mercedes is there, reaching through the ropes and grabbing at his feet! Referee Bell moves in, ordering Mercedes away and threatening a disqualification. The Lost Soul kicks her away, sending her off the apron to the floor! TLS then turns and tries to leap off quickly, but Austin’s already on his feet, grabbing TLS in mid-air and landing a sit-out powerbomb!! Austin makes the pin as Bell rushes back to where he can count… 1… 2… TLS gets his shoulder up!*

Jones: I thought that was going to be it!

Logan: Austin almost walked away with another huge victory, no doubt, but The Lost Soul’s still got something left in the tank.

*Austin takes a second to look out of the ring, where Mercedes is getting up. She waves that she’s ok, but it’s clear that she’s favoring her back. Austin, fury in his eyes, turns back to The Lost Soul, aiming for a kick to the head! As he comes in, though, The Lost Soul blocks the kick, tripping up Austin and sending him falling into the turnbuckle pads! Austin comes back out, dazed, but TLS puts him right back in with a running dropkick! He pulls Austin up onto the ‘buckle, then brings him off, landing the Soul Buster!!! The TLS fans at ringside are going crazy. Mercedes’ emotions are slightly different. She looks on, screaming, as The Lost Soul goes back up the turnbuckle, preparing himself. He leaps off, landing with perfect precision on Austin with the Souled Out, then makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Lost Soul!

Jones: Another victory for The Lost Soul on his comeback trail!

Logan: A few more wins like this one and he’ll certainly be back in contention for whatever titles he has his eye on. Too bad for Austin, but sometimes the veterans are just too tough to overcome.

*The Lost Soul walks back up the aisle, wasting no time departing, as Mercedes gets into the ring to check on Austin. The fans are cheering, as we cut away to the outside of the arena, where we see someone digging a hole in the ground. It looks like he has been here for quite a while as the hole is already two feet deep. He wears no shirt, just some black jeans and a bandana around his head to hold his hair back. He digs very vigorously, as if he was determined to finish whatever he is doing tonight. He stops to wipe his brow and that is when we notice that the man is the Intercontinental Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrrion. He continues digging for a few more seconds before being stopped by GCWA Reporter, Cynthia Hal, who had been outside, trying to catch footage of the mysterious new wrestler. She approaches him.*

Cynthia Hall: Marcus what are you doing?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Isn’t it obvious?

Cynthia Hall: Well, yeah, but why are you digging a hole in the backyard of the arena?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: So it’s not obvious. Tell you what, I’m going to go get something that should make you understand exactly what this is.

*Marcus jumps out of the hole and disappears from our view. Cynthia is left there confused but when she sees Marcus coming back, and what he’s carrying, it all becomes clear. *

Cynthia Hall: Is that a tombstone?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yup.

*He places it at the end of the hole, making sure that it lines perfectly. Once he gets out of the way, we can see what is engraved on it, but even if we can’t, Cynthia reads it for us.*

Cynthia Hall: Here lies Arryk “Twiztid” Rage. Another failed experiment of human nature. So you are digging Twiztid’s grave? Why here?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yes I am and because it is here, where I plan to bury him… alive.

Cynthia Hall: What?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Still not obvious huh? Well, I’ll just come out and say it then. I am challenging Twiztid to a match next week, right here, on Friday Night Inferno!

*The crowd inside the arena cheer loudly.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: But not to any match… Since Twiztid likes to hang out at cemeteries… Since he likes to deface tombstones and desecrate people’s graves, then I think it’s only fitting that we settle this once and for all in a Buried Alive Match!

Cynthia Hall: Oh my God Marcus, that is huge!!

*Once again the crowd cheers loudly. *

Cynthia Hall: But Marcus, are you sure you want to do that? You have never been in a Buried Alive match, actually, you haven’t even been in a hardcore rules match before. Are you sure you can handle it?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Cynthia, look at me, I’m a wreck. I couldn’t handle my debut matches… I couldn’t, actually, still can’t handle being my father’s son. I can’t handle the pressure I’m under, yet, I am still here. Can I handle a Buried Alive match? All I have to do is bury Twiztid right here, sounds simple enough to me.

Cynthia Hall: But Twiztid is a great veteran. I’m sure he’s had dozens of hardcore matches and a handful have probably been Buried Alive matches. Marcus I’m sorry to tell you this, but I think you’re digging your own grave…

Marcus Ka’Derrion: That may be the case, but Twiztid has to pay for what he did last week. He has to and whether I win or lose next week, it doesn’t matter, but I will make sure that he regrets ever disrespecting my father’s memory. Now if you excuse me, I have work to do…

*Marcus begins digging again, completely ignoring Cynthia Hall who moves back so she doesn’t get hit by the dirt. The camera zooms in slowly on the tombstone, illuminating Twiztid’s name, even as the sound of the shovel breaking new ground continues to be heard. We fade out to a commercial.*

*We come back from the commercial break in the backstage area, where Derek Mobley can be seen in the House of Pain locker room…his lackey sidekick, Eugene, is standing across the room watching a television set which is replaying the Mobley/Warrick confrontation from earlier. Derek notices this and yells at Eugene.*

Derek Mobley: Damnit, Eugene…cut that shit off…

Eugene: Sorry, Derek…I just can’t believe Warrick is acting this way…I’ve always known he was an asshole, but to be a double crossing backstabbing asshole, well that’s unexpected.

Derek Mobley: Don’t say that about him, man…there’s still hope for Warrick…and I know just what to do to bring that hope out…the one man who was able to turn our lives around.

Eugene: Jerry Garcia?

Derek Mobley: What the hell kind of guess Is that Eugene? I don’t even smoke, you idiot…that guess made no sense…I wonder why I keep you around, you know that? Listen…I made a call to Dean…I told him what’s been going on and he’s going to be here NEXT WEEK to help straighten this shit out. House of Pain is on life support, Eugene…it’s time to bring in the one man who can bring it back to life…

Eugene: I can dig it…

*Derek flashes a coy smile as we go back to ringside.*

Jones: So the ICWF Hall of Famer, Dean, is going to be here next week, too? My god, next week’s shaping up as a super show!

Logan: It really is coming together that way, isn’t it? I mean, we've got Dean, we've got the "#1 Contenders Series" Match, and we've got Marcus Ka'Derrion challenging Twiztid to a "Buried Alive" Match!

Jones: Yep. That tombstone was really fitting, considering it's Friday the 13th.

Logan: It added that spooky touch to the evening, didn't it? I'm just glad that the President isn't into doing specialty matches just because of the day. We probably would have had two guys fighting it out in a "Jason's Mask On A Pole" Match in some other federation.

Jones: That would have sucked. I hate pole matches.

Logan: Well, we have way too much more to do tonight before we can start worrying about next week, so let's get to it!

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, representing Organized Chaos, he stands 6’4” and weighs 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, he is Tommy “The Fury” Crimson!

*The crowd is still split on Crimson, although the boos are starting to outweigh the cheers. “Head Up” by the Deftones plays as Crimson walks out of the back. He looks confident, although he also notices a small group of fans chanting “Flamer, Flamer” as he walks by. He doesn’t look pleased.*

Jones: Tommy Crimson has had a pretty good run in the GCWA, including his major victory over the Big Bifford at Darkness Falls.

Logan: Yeah, but he wants to put that win behind him, Jonesy, and concentrate on the future. Really, I’m a little surprised that Crimson isn’t involved in the “#1 Contender Series”. Do you think Severity black-balled him from the list?

Jones: Unknown, Anthony. All I know is that if Crimson keeps winning, he’ll get to run at any title he wants soon enough.

Minos: His opponent had his biggest moment yet in the GCWA last week when he and his brother won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, representing the Danger Boiz, he is Dangerous Dan!

*The audience lets out a sizable cheer as “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead plays over the speakers. Dangerous Dan comes out with a flair, shoving through the curtain and pumping up the fans by raising his Tag-Team Championship over his head. Smiling, Dan brings the belt down and puts it around his waist before making the long trek down to the ring.*

Jones: The House of Danger is here!

Logan: The House of Danger?

Jones: Yeah, that’s what Crazy Chris called the union between the House of Pain and the Danger Boiz. The House of Danger!

Logan: Dude, I don’t think Mobley or Hill will go for that.

Jones: No? I thought it was catchy…

Logan: Whatever. The big news is that Dan finally has some gold around his waist, as the Danger Boiz won the tag-team titles a week ago. I wonder who their main challengers for the belts will be, since they’re allied with the House of Pain?

Jones: Well, depending on how this match goes, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Organized Chaos take a run at the belts. Either that or the Roman Empire. Trust me, the Danger Boiz will have opposition for those belts.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Dan hands off the title to the referee, who happens to be ref Thomas Mitchell. Dan, as if noticing this for a first time, looks with suspicion at Mitchell as the referee walks away from him. This, though, leaves Dan open, as Crimson is suddenly coming into Dan’s corner, throwing punches! Dan covers up the best he can, while Crimson fires shot after shot, trying to get the early advantage. He grabs Dan’s arm and whips him to the other side of the ring, then charges in after him, Dan manages to hit back-first and comes out of the corner, but he’s not ready for Crimson’s charge, as Crimson leaps high in the air and splashes Dan to the mat, going for the surprising pin attempt! Mitchell is right there… 1…. 2… Dan barely kicks out!*

Logan: Geez! That would have been a complete shocker!

Jones: Crimson knows that it doesn’t matter how long or short the match is. It only matters who gets the pin!

Logan: Yeah, but he only got that advantage because of the distraction of that referee, Mitchell. I’m really starting to wonder if he’s on Organized Chaos’ payroll, Jonesy!

Jones: But he really didn’t do anything, Anthony, from what I saw. It wasn’t his fault that Dangerous Dan was watching him instead of Crimson.

Logan: It wasn’t, huh? So you think it’s a coincidence that Mitchell is in charge of this match?

*In the ring, Mitchell is staying back out of the way, as a good referee should, while Crimson pulls Dangerous Dan up, only to bodyslam him. Crimson goes over to the ropes, stepping out onto the apron, then springboarding himself over for a leg drop. But Dan moves aside, dodging the hit! Crimson, rubbing his back, stands up, trying to get back in control, but Dan is ready, bouncing off the ropes and nailing the taller wrestler with a clothesline! Crimson, stunned, gets right back up, but Dan’s coming back from the opposite direction, clotheslining Crimson from behind! Crimson doesn’t rise as quickly this time, only making it to one knee before Dan returns once more, hitting an aimed dropkick that plants Crimson on his back! Dan dives for the cover… 1… 2… Crimson makes it out ahead of the count.*

Jones: If there’s one thing that Dangerous Dan always brings to the ring with him, it’s his blinding speed. The guy can fly all over that ring!

Logan: Y’know, we need to have a footrace.

Jones: Huh?

Logan: What I mean is, we have so many guys who are unbelievably fast in the GCWA. We need to have a race between them, so that we can start saying “this guy’s the fastest guy here”, y’know?

Jones: Somehow I don’t see that ever happening, Anthony.

Logan: Probably not, but it would still be cool. You ever read that issue where Superman raced the Flash? Awesome stuff.

*Both wrestlers are back on their feet, with Dan whipping Crimson towards the ropes. Crimson, though, manages to stop his momentum, grabbing the ropes with both arms to keep himself in place. Dan rushes in, changing up his plan, but Crimson is ready, ducking a shoulder and sending Dan to the outside! Wait, Dan corrects himself and lands on the apron instead! Crimson, happy with himself, turns and sees Dan behind him still. Dan throws a punch, but Crimson blocks it, then throws one of his own, hitting Dan and almost sending him off the apron! Dan gets his balance back, as Crimson reaches over to grab him, setting him up. He lifts, suplexing Dan back into the ring and dropping him to the mat with authority! Crimson rolls himself over, making a cover… 1… 2… No, Dan gets his shoulder up.*

Jones: Lots of back and forth action to start out here.

Logan: These two guys are both becoming seasoned GCWA wrestlers, Jonesy. The longer they stick around, the more tricks of the trade they learn.

Jones: Remember when Dan took on Derek Mobley and people were wondering if he was going to show up? Look at the guy now!

Logan: Trust me, I remember when “Tommy Flamer” was in a similar boat. Now you look at him and think, He’s got a chance to become a champion. Wild.

Jones: A win here is very important to the careers of both men.

*Crimson, still in control, brings Dan over to the turnbuckle. He begins pounding Dan’s head into the ‘buckle, as if trying to get the fans on his side. Very few people are counting along, however, as Crimson looks out at the audience, perplexed. His distraction proves costly, as Dan shoves him off with an elbow, then grabs Crimson’s head and starts doing the same thing to him! This time the fans are counting along, all the way to 10 and beyond, as Dan adds a few more for good measure. He then grabs Crimson by the hair and goes up on the turnbuckle, coming off with a spinning DDT! Dan makes the cover, as referee Mitchell moves to get into position, sliding into place… 1…. 2…. Crimson kicks out! Dan gets up, staring over at Mitchell, who signals that it wasn’t quite close enough to end the match. Annoyed, Dan walks towards him, but Crimson grabs Dan from behind, rolling him up! Mitchell, though startled, immediately drops to the mat… 1… 2… Dan barely gets out in time!*

Jones: That was close! Crimson almost walked away with that one!

Logan: Was it me, or did Crimson have some tights there? Why didn’t Mitchell say anything about it?

Jones: He was already down counting, Anthony, he couldn’t see it from where he was.

Logan: I don’t know, man. I just don’t trust him when it comes to Organized Chaos matches.

*Whether trustworthy or not, Mitchell did not end the match, as he displays a “2” count to the representatives at ringside. Both wrestlers are now back up, looking noticeably wearier than they were at the beginning of this one. Crimson is in charge first, catching Dan with a forearm to the jaw. Dan staggers away, turning around, but this allows Crimson to jump up over Dan’s shoulders and catch his head, using the ropes to bounce off of in order to land the High Rise!! Crimson tiredly rolls over, making the cover, with Mitchell ready to slap the mat… 1… 2… Dan gets a foot on the ropes! For a second, Mitchell hesitated, almost as if holding the count in mid-air. But he pushes himself up, pointing out the foot to Crimson, stopping the count! Crimson, looking aggravated, reaches over and grabs Dan’s foot, wrapping up his legs with another pin attempt… 1… 2… NO, Dan gets a shoulder up!*

Jones: Dangerous Dan continues to survive in this one!

Logan: Yeah, but with Mitchell as the ref, Dan’s in a lot of trouble!

Jones: But Anthony, Mitchell stopped the count when he easily could have pretended not to see Dan’s foot. In my mind, that throws a lot of the conspiracy theory out the window!

Logan: Not if he decided it was too obvious to ignore, Jonesy. This guy’s not stupid! He doesn’t want to get indefinitely suspended by the President!

*Crimson tiredly brings Dangerous Dan up. He gives a quick shout out to the crowd, still trying to curry favor, then grabs Dan by the neck and twisting him around for the Fury! But Dan struggles free, almost doing a Matrix-like maneuver to do so, then turns around and punches a stunned Crimson right in the mouth, knocking him backwards! Dan is a little bit off-kilter, his sense of balance struggling with the beating he’s endured, but he goes after Crimson anyway, giving him a couple of European uppercuts! Mitchell is right there, keeping track, as Dan bends Crimson over and sets him for the Danger Zone!! But as he tries to lift, Crimson manages to reverse out of it, spinning up and hitting the Buzz-Kill!!!! Dan, caught on the side of the head, falls back against the ropes, then falls forward to the mat. Crimson falls on top of him, wrapping up the legs and getting more than a little tights as the referee makes his count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Tommy Crimson!

*The fans don’t seem very happy with the conclusion of the match, as Crimson stands up and raises both arms in the air. He looks over at referee Mitchell, then gestures, waving him over to seemingly reluctantly lift Crimson’s arm as the winner. Dangerous Dan is already moving to the side, trying to figure out what happened and why he was unable to kick out.*

Logan: Did you see that?

Jones: Yes, I saw it, Anthony. Crimson’s Buzz Kill is certainly an effective secondary weapon to his finisher, the Fury!

Logan: That’s not what I’m talking about, Edds! I’m talking about Crimson holding the tights and getting away with it!

Jones: Did he? I’ve got to admit, I didn’t really see that, Anthony.

Logan: Are you blind or just stupid?

Jones: Is there a third option?

Logan: Never mind. Just… never mind.

*As the fans boo Mitchell as he exits the ring, we go to a backstage shot, where he’s seen on the monitor. The camera expands out to show the Accelerator watching the show, looking a little bit frustrated.*

The Accelerator: I swear, I’ve got to start monitoring the referee drawing better. There’s no way Mitchell should keep coming up with these matches. But you see, right? You see why I needed to make some hires?

*There is no response from the two other people sitting in the room with the Accelerator. They can only barely be seen.*

The Accelerator: That’s why I’m taking this risk and giving you two jobs. I know neither of you have much experience, but I have every faith that you’ll help decrease my stress in the referee department. You, get ready. Your match is next. You, don’t go anywhere, you’ll be out later tonight, too.

*One of the people can be seen leaving, passing by the camera. Her blonde hair is extremely visible, even in the darkness. The other person stays hidden as the camera fades to commercial.*

*We return from the break to see Cynthia Hall, moving through the hallway and placing herself in front of the Accelerator’s door. She’s smiling, ready for her big spot backstage, possibly looking to get a shot of the new referees. Suddenly, though, Harvey Danger interrupts the shoot and walks between her and the camera, ruining the shot. Cynthia, annoyed, looks after him, even as the cameraman, sensing a story, forgets about Cynthia and turns to follow Harvey Danger as he ambles down the hall. Harvey glances over his shoulder at the camera while he walks.*

Harvey: Oh, hey. You all might remember me, I'm Harvey Danger, everyone's favorite wrestling superhero. Now that I'm back, I've found out that right here in the GCWA there happens to be certain tag team champions that share my name. So I thought I'd introduce myself and congratulate them on their title win last week.

*Harvey stops at a door in the hallway where we see "Danger Boiz" has been hand written on a piece of paper and taped to the door. Harvey knocks on the door and straightens himself out in preparation for his grand entrance. The door opens slightly and we see half of someone’s face and one eyeball peering out of the door.*

Harvey: Hello there. I'm Harvey Danger, and I just wanted to introduce myself to fellow... Dangers! Perhaps I could come in?

*The door doesn't budge, and the eyeball rolls up and down sizing up Harvey Danger.*

Harvey: No? Well, maybe another time. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm wrestling Big Bifford tonight and I thought I'd make you guys proud to be Dangers! It's a name that has a certain ring to it and we're lucky to be a part of it. It takes on a life of its own, doesn't it? Are you guys sure I can't come in? I'm a real party animal. No really, I am. Babes love me!

*The person once again looks Harvey up and down and then closes the door. Harvey glances around for a second or two trying to hide his disappointment. "No Rain" by Blind Melon starts up inside the arena and Harvey's face perks up and he heads for the ring...*

Logan: I get the feeling I’m going to like this Harvey Danger. He’s a true character.

Jones: Character only takes you so far in the wrestling business, though, Anthony.

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. It sure seems to help!

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall and has a 10-minute time limit. Coming down the aisle, he’s making his GCWA debut, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from New York City, New York, he is Harvey Danger!

*”No Rain” by Blind Melon is already playing as Harvey comes out, making his way happily down the aisle. He gives a few high fives, even to those who don’t seem to be interested, before entering the ring.*

Jones: Danger is looking like a nice addition to our roster, after wrestling previously in the ICWF and the NLW.

Logan: Yeah, I guess so. I got a kick out of him trying to deport Earl the Popcorn Salesman.

Jones: For some reason, I doubt we’re going to see Mr. Smith here looking for Earl.

Logan: I’d be surprised.

Minos: His opponent, returning from a recent engagement on Sesame Street, he stands 6’4” and weighs 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, accompanied by Earl the Popcorn Salesman, he is the Big Bifford!

*As “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio blasts out, the Big Bifford walks out of the back, looking happy at having accomplished so much the past week. His much maligned manager, Earl, comes with him, walking slowly behind the big wrestler.*

Jones: I hear the GCWA got sent a pretty hefty bill in order to replace a Snuffleupagus head.

Logan: I expect a lot here in a professional wrestling federation, but that one was definitely a new one to me. I mean, who foresaw Bifford trying to take an axe to an imaginary creature?

Jones: Crazy times, my friend. Crazy times.

*Bifford enters into the ring, looking at his foe with some delight. Harvey, meanwhile, is trying to surreptitiously point out Earl, expecting him to get tackled by Homeland Security agents at any time. He coughs, then points again, but nothing happens. Suddenly, a slow, jazzy tune starts playing over the speakers, causing both men to look towards the entryway. After a few seconds, the curtain parts and a female referee walks out, clad in a short skirt and the stripes. She waves her blonde hair back and comes forward, smiling at the cat-calls that immediately begin to come her way.*

Minos: And now, introducing our new referee, from San Diego, California, here is Trixie Anderson!

*The crowd, or at least the male portion of it, gives a raucous cheer as Trixie steps nimbly through the ropes. It’s a nice shot, indeed. Trixie moves towards the center of the ring, as both Bifford and Danger follow her with their eyes, both looking shell-shocked. She signals to the timekeeper and steps back.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Suddenly, I have an urge to get back into the ring as a wrestler, Jonesy.

Jones: Wow!

Logan: The Accelerator sure does know how to pick them, doesn’t he?

Jones: Wow!

Logan: Ok, Jonesy, put your tongue back in your mouth. We’ve got work to do!

Jones: Wow!

*Referee Trixie smiles at both men, then waves them forward, telling them to get started. Harvey moves, approaching her. He smiles, saying something to her while shifting his feet back and forth. A second later, though, Bifford is there, using his bulk to knock Danger to the ground, out of the way. Bifford grins at Trixie, who has that “let’s just be friends” look already on her face. Bifford starts talking to her as well, but Danger comes back, seeing a chance. He grabs Bifford from behind, rolling him to the ground and going for the pin! Trixie is fast, dropping down for the count… 1… 2… Bifford escapes, avoiding one of the quickest losses on record.*

Logan: You can already tell that Trixie Anderson is going to give a whole new dynamic to this match!

Jones: Wow! Ow, hey, what was that for?

Logan: Sorry, Jonesy, but I needed to snap you out of it. Remember your wife, dude!

Jones: Oh… ok, let’s get back to the match!

*Referee Trixie moves aside as both wrestlers get up, finally getting down to business. Harvey grabs Bifford in a headlock, squeezing away. He tries to hold it, but Bifford manages to shove him away, sending him into the ropes. As Danger returns, Bifford stands there, giving him a bodyblock that knocks Danger backwards. Bifford then comes forward, hammering Danger with a few hard rights before whipping him back in the other direction. As Danger comes back, Bifford goes for another body block, intent on just using his bulk for the victory. But he goes to the well one too many times, as Danger comes back with an elbow to the skull! Bifford staggers back but doesn’t fall down, even while Danger shakes his arm in pain. He dropkicks Bifford once, twice, and finally Bifford drops to a knee, stunned. Danger steps in, grabbing Bifford’s head and kneeing him several times, causing Bifford to fall to his back. Danger then makes the cover… 1… 2… Bifford kicks out.*

Jones: A good strategy so far by Harvey Danger. He’s really taking it to Bifford in there.

Logan: The best way to beat a super-heavyweight like Bifford is to keep him on the mat. When the weight is not a factor, he can be taken out.

*Danger takes a moment to grin again at Trixie, who looks pretty focused on doing her job and showing that she is a worthy GCWA referee. As she moves away from Danger, he goes back to work, getting in some stomps on the fallen Bifford. He then goes to the ropes and comes back, swinging his leg into Bifford’s side. However, Danger finds he can’t get his foot back, as Bifford has trapped it with his large arm! Danger, off-balance, has no recourse as Bifford stands up, still holding his leg. Danger raises his arms, as if asking for a break, but Bifford doesn’t see that happening. He spins Danger around and grabs him from behind, lifting him into the air for a hard-hitting atomic drop! Danger walks painfully away for a few steps, then turns back, only to be clotheslined to the mat! Bifford comes in, dropping his weight on Danger, then waves to Trixie to make the count… 1… 2… Danger gets his shoulder up.*

Jones: The Big Bifford’s got the momentum back on his side. He’s got to use his large size advantage in this one.

Logan: Yeah. I’m just glad he’s not wearing high heels tonight.

Jones: Agreed.

*The Big Bifford gets himself back up, rubbing his sore head. Earl is on the outside, watching and rooting Bifford on. No one has shown up yet to try and send Earl back to ‘Europe’ or wherever. Bifford pulls Danger back to his feet and delivers a double-arm DDT, banging Danger’s head off the mat. Bifford then goes for another cover, trying to win the match. Trixie comes in for the count, bending over… 1… she stops counting, as Bifford has moved off the cover, too intent on seeing down her referee shirt! Trixie stares at Bifford, breaking his trance, and Bifford immediately goes back to the pin attempt. The referee starts it over… 1… and Danger raises his arm, having had enough time to recover. Earl just looks embarrassed. Bifford, not worrying about the pin attempt, brings Danger back up. He picks the smaller wrestler up, going for a bear hug! Danger fights against the hold, managing to get his arms free. He rakes at Bifford’s eyes, causing the break, as well as a few words from Trixie. Danger runs to the ropes and comes back towards the large man, diving low and taking out Bifford’s legs! Bifford drops to the mat in pain (with Danger barely dodging the falling wrestler), clutching at his right knee.*

Logan: Nice move by Danger! Bifford’s in some serious pain right now!

Jones: You have to figure Bifford’s knees are probably one of his weakest areas, due to the weight he carries around. That one move could allow Danger to get the victory!

*Bifford rolls on the ground in pain, with referee Trixie checking on him to make sure he can continue. Danger pulls himself up, coughing, feeling his own body aches from the way this match has gone. He walks over to Bifford, grabbing the big man’s injured leg and kicking away at it, doing more damage. He lifts Bifford’s leg in the air, pointing straight up, then drops with it to the mat, banging it hard enough to get a yelp from Bifford. Danger then stands back up and drops a knee on the leg, doing more damage. With Bifford unable to stand, Danger goes off the ropes and comes back, going up high and splashing the downed wrestler for a pin attempt… 1… 2… Bifford gets his arm up, barely in time for Trixie to stop her count. Danger stands back up, trying to figure out his next move, as Bifford struggles towards the ropes inch by inch.*

Logan: The biggest problem I found whenever I took out a heavyweight’s legs is that it limits your moveset. Then again, it’s not like Danger was going to be pulling off suplexes and powerbombs on a 400-pound wrestler.

Jones: You don’t know that, Anthony. Harvey could be a lot stronger than he looks!

Logan: I respect that he’s in good shape, Jonesy, but I’m not sure there’s anyone in the GCWA right now that would be able to suplex Bifford on their own.

*Danger is waiting, watching Bifford slowly use up his own energy by pulling himself up on the ropes. Danger also can’t help glancing over occasionally at the referee when she’s not looking, enjoying the view. He is intent on a victory, though, as Bifford is back up. Danger comes in, hitting Bifford from behind with both fists to stun him. Danger then turns Bifford around, grabbing his head and preparing for the Danger DDT! He starts swinging, then drops to the mat, but Bifford still has a hold on the ropes, allowing him to avoid going with him! Danger hits hard, shaking him up, but it gets even worse, as Bifford pushes off the ropes and manages to get a little bit of air before crashing down onto the wrestler with all his weight!! The referee darts in to make the count… 1… 2… NO! Trixie waves it off, even as Bifford starts to get up, surprised that he didn’t win. As Bifford gets up, though, you can clearly see Danger’s hand wrapped around the nearby ropes, saving him.*

Logan: Ok, score one for Trixie! She must have had the perfect angle to see that one.

Jones: She’s definitely a great-looking woman, but she also clearly has what is needed to be a GCWA referee. The match continues!

*The Big Bifford stands up, putting weight on his hurting leg. He limps for a couple of steps along the ring ropes, trying to get to where he can walk around despite the pain. Danger, meanwhile, is struggling to pull himself up as well. He’s holding an arm across his chest. Bifford slowly comes back to Danger, grabbing him from behind, no, Danger shoots an elbow back into Bifford’s face, stopping him! Danger then turns back around and grabs him, dropping quickly to the mat with a code breaker!! Bifford drops to the side, not moving, as Danger rolls in pain for a few seconds due to the impact to his own knees. He manages to get back over to Bifford and rolls him over, then makes the cover, as Trixie is already right there… 1… 2… NO! Bifford’s arm is up! Danger gets himself up, running out of patience. He comes off the ropes and comes back, dropping a leg across Bifford’s throat, then tries again… 1… 2… NO! Bifford continues to kick out!*

Jones: I think frustration is starting to set in. Danger’s hitting the Big Bifford with a lot, yet he can’t manage to keep him down.

Logan: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean he won’t eventually. He just needs to find that one move that will make him the victor.

*With a couple of grunts, Danger pulls at Bifford, bringing the large man back up to his feet. Bifford’s eyes are glazed over, as he’s definitely taken a lot of punishment. Earl looks in from out of the ring, thinking quickly. He starts shouting to Bifford, deliberately increasing his accent. Danger, hearing him, turns back to him, his eyes opening up further. He staggers in that direction, pointing frantically as if to say there’s the proof! However, no one comes running, as Earl is still located at ringside. Danger, running an irritated hand through his hair, goes back to the Big Bifford, but Bifford kicks him in the stomach, startling him. Bifford then quickly locks Danger up, and with a mighty heave, gets him up in the air, delivering the Biff End!!! Bifford’s leg is still clearly bothering him, as he didn’t get very far off the canvas, but it’s still enough to plant Danger upside-down into the mat! Bifford rolls him over, as Trixie is there to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, the Big Bifford!!

Jones: Bifford pulls out a big victory! Wow, Danger fought him pretty hard, didn’t he?

Logan: It was a good debut for Danger, but Bifford, thanks in part to his man Earl, managed to pull it out in the end and get a good rebound victory after Darkness Falls. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for both of these men.

*Still celebrating his victory, the Big Bifford goes and gets a mic, even as a suddenly worried Earl tries to wave him off. Bifford, though, doesn’t care, as he brings the mic up to his lips.*

The Big Bifford: I just want to say to everyone out there, continue the fight against trees and things that look funny! I…

*Suddenly, as Bifford continues to talk, the lights start to flicker, and static begins to cut across the Titon Tron. Bifford, startled, reacts.*

The Big Bifford: NO! It’s the ghost of that elephant! It followed me!!

*Bifford starts feverishly looking through his pockets for his Ghostbusters toy as the static gets worse. It covers the screen, before starting to fade back to a picture. You hear a slight laughing, sinister, corrupt, demented. The scene comes forth. The camera is spanning down a dark alley way, apparently next to the Friday Night Inferno arena. You see a quick movement, in the dark, down in the alley. The camera moves closer. As the camera reaches the end, it quickly turns left, towards a light. Standing there, in front of a barrel with a fire, is Twiztid. He is holding something. He glances up at the camera, looking deep, almost into your soul.*

Twiztid: The world mourns. It mourns because one of its favorite sons has departed. The GCWA mourns. Last week, there was a show dedicated to this man. There were tears. People cried, people remembered. It was a sad sight. And I took pleasure in it. A son lost his father. The wrestling world lost a hero. It’s amazing really. Such distress over the loss of this man.

*Twiztid takes what he has in his hand, showing it to the camera. It is a photograph of The Punisher. He grins slightly, as he drops the picture into the fire. A black smoke comes from the barrel.*

Twiztid: Now his son wants revenge for what I did. He claims it was uncalled for. Uncalled for? You provoked me, boy. You set this in motion. Attacking me. So, now you request a match. A possible career ending match, for either of us. Marcus, are you positive this is what you want? Are you positive you wish to be buried alive? Because, if I accept this match, you will be. They will search the ends of the world for you. There are forces against you that you don't understand yet. So, if this is the match you want, so be it. I grant your request. Next Friday, be prepared for the battle for your life.

*Twiztid pulls out another picture, showing it to the camera. This one is of Marcus Ke'Derrion. He chuckles sadistically as he drops the picture into the fire. The static starts to come again, breaking up Twiztids maniacal laughter. We fade to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break inside the GCWA Arena, where the cameras are surprisingly pointed upwards. A few technicians can be seen, working on getting something attached to the ceiling rungs. They’re all safely secured to security ropes, but the fans seem a little antsy anyway.*

Jones: We’re back, and it’s about time for our first title match of the evening!

Logan: I wonder what those guys are putting in up there. I can’t really tell from down here. Maybe if someone zoomed in, though, we could find out.

Jones: Whatever they’re working on, Anthony, I doubt it will have any impact on our next match.

Logan: Hopefully not.

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship!! First, introducing the challenger, he was given this opportunity due to the controversial finish of the “#1 Contenders Gauntlet” Match at Darkness Falls, standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, he is Mr. Excellent!

*Mr. Excellent comes out of the back, pushing the curtain aside. He’s got a big grin on his face. Behind him, “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. blasts out, getting the crowd excited. Mr. Excellent comes down towards the ring, stopping only once to talk to his son, Little Rob, and his friend Mick, who are both sitting in the front row.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent was fortunate this week in winning the custody battle over his ex-wife.

Logan: The bitch went down!

Jones: Yes. Yes she did. The good news is that Mr. Excellent is now living here in Dallas with his son, little Rob.

Logan: I saw the little guy earlier. He’s pretty excited about his dad’s chances tonight. We’ll have to see if his father can make his kid smile later on.

Minos: His opponent is currently undefeated in his run with the GCWA. Standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, he is the reigning Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The crowd is excited as “No More Sorry” by Linkin Park plays. Marcus moves the curtain aside and walks out onto the stage. The IC Title is tightly wrapped around his waist. Marcus’ pants are still dirty from his earlier digging. He walks down the ramp and heads for the ring, not taking his eyes off of his foe.*

Jones: Marcus is dead-set on getting revenge on Twiztid, isn’t he? That hole he’s dug is truly remarkable.

Logan: I just hope he hasn’t wasted all of his energy digging that hole. I mean, he’s got his title to defend here tonight!

Jones: I’m sure he’s saved up some energy. The guy’s got a lot of anger fueling him.

Logan: Yeah, but he’s angry at the wrong person. Mr. Excellent just might be able to make the most of this!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Mr. Excellent takes off his gear and prepares to fight, as Marcus removes the Intercontinental Title and goes to hand it to the ref. But there’s a problem. There is no referee. Marcus looks around in confusion as Mr. Excellent starts to head towards him. Excellent quickly realizes the problem and moves back, looking towards the timekeeper as if to ask what’s going on?*

Jones: Uh oh. Are we down a referee already?

Logan: This might have been another one of Trixie’s slots. I wonder if the boss called her in…

*As the two men wait, “Red Velvet” by Outkast starts to play over the speakers, gaining everyone’s attention. Out of the back, wearing a referee’s uniform, a man steps out. He’s grinning from ear to ear. He walks down the ramp and heads for the ring, strutting like a big shot.*

Logan: Who’s that? He looks familiar for some reason.

Jones: Wait a second, is that… Adrian Rockwell??

Logan: Rockwell? The former GCWA Television Champion?

Minos: And now, introducing our second new referee, from New York City, New York, here is Adrian Rockwell!

Logan: Wait, so he’s another of the new referees??

Jones: Last I heard, Rockwell had retired due to back injuries. I guess, with the economy the way it is, he found himself a new job!

*Rockwell slides into the ring, still smiling. He nods to both men, then signals for them to get going, as he leans back on the ropes.*

Jones: I guess we have our referee, so it’s time to get the Intercontinental Title match underway!

Logan: Hold on, Jonesy. Can we trust this guy? Last I heard, he was a deceitful cheater who only won the belt due to someone else attacking his opponent! Is that who we want as a referee?

Jones: Clearly the President is ok with it. That means so am I.

Logan: *mutters something under his breath that shouldn’t go out on live television*

*While both Excellent and Marcus seem a little unsure of their new referee, they start to circle, preparing to go at it. Marcus comes in, trying to lock up, but Excellent surprisingly moves out of the way, darting to the right. He waits, as Marcus, confused, tries to come in again, only to have Excellent slide under the ropes and go to the outside! Referee Rockwell immediately steps forward and starts his count, going a tad quicker than most refs would. He looks annoyed that the fight hasn’t started yet. Excellent, though, isn’t planning on staying out for long. He comes back through the side, moving around as Marcus follows, trying to figure out what to do with an opponent he can’t get his hands on.*

Jones: This was already strange with Rockwell coming down, but now what’s going on? What’s Mr. Excellent doing?

Logan: From what I remember, Mr. Excellent mentioned that his game plan would be to try and tire Marcus out. Excellent seemed to believe that he has a lot more stamina than the champion.

Jones: Well, at the very least, he’s certainly bewildering him. But Excellent won’t get the win by running around.

Logan: No, but he’s also got the advantage that Marcus has already tired himself out by digging that plot earlier. Frustration and fatigue is a nasty combination.

*Mr. Excellent moves back into a corner, running out of options, as Marcus approaches him. The champion takes no chances, keeping both arms outstretched to prevent Mr. Excellent from escaping him again. But Excellent is not planning to run. With one smooth motion, Excellent puts his foot back on the 1st turnbuckle pad and pushes off on it, allowing him to get enough altitude to come down on Ka’Derrion with an axehandle! Marcus, stunned, steps back, but Mr. Excellent stays with him, locking him up and twisting Ka’Derrion around with a sideslam, before going for the first cover. 1… and Marcus immediately kicks out, not wasting any time. Excellent, not surprised, lifts Marcus up and puts on a chinlock, trying to take the energy away from him.*

Logan: So far, Mr. Excellent has put together a flawless game plan. He’s got the champ in trouble!

Jones: It’s going to take a lot more, though, to put Marcus Ka’Derrion away, Anthony. The man comes from some good stock!

Logan: So you’re going to treat him differently now that you know who his father is?

Jones: How can you not? He’s the Punisher’s kid, after all!

*Referee Rockwell circles around as Marcus works his way free of the chinlock, rising back up to his feet. He puts an elbow into Mr. Excellent’s ribs to get loose, then runs off the ropes and comes back, but Excellent meets him with a shoulder block, putting Marcus on his back. Excellent reaches out, grabbing for the champ’s legs. He starts to step into a figure-four leglock, trying to weaken Marcus’ legs for later on when he tries the Execution. Marcus kicks him off, though, sending Excellent into the ropes. As Excellent comes back, trying to get back on the champion, Marcus rises up, picking Excellent into the air as he charges and delivering a spinebuster!! Excellent bends his back in pain, as Marcus puts himself on top for a pin cover… 1…. 2…. Excellent beats the count by a good 6 inches.*

Logan: Is it me, or is Rockwell’s count a little slower than most?

Jones: Well, he is a rookie referee, Anthony. You have to give him some time to get the rhythm going.

Logan: True. As long as he’s consistent with both wrestlers, it shouldn’t be a problem.

*Referee Rockwell steps back, grinning as he signals to Marcus how far away the count was. He seems to be enjoying watching the other two wrestlers beat themselves up in front of him. Marcus, ignoring the referee, pulls Excellent to his feet, locking him up and delivering a double underhook suplex! With his opponent down, Ka’Derrion goes for more punishment, standing over Mr. Excellent and locking in a camel clutch! Rockwell, smiling, bends his knees and ‘sits’ in front of Excellent, looking for the submission. Mr. Excellent is fighting the hold, though, trying to get free. He squirms his way to the side, dragging Marcus with him, eventually managing to reach out and grab the ropes! Rockwell considers the hold, looking thoughtful for a second, then finally steps forward and tells Marcus to break it. He does a slow count, with Marcus letting go at 3.*

Jones: Rockwell sure does things differently than other referees, doesn’t he?

Logan: Hey, did Rockwell and the Punisher ever wrestle each other?

Jones: I’m not sure, Anthony. I know that Rockwell was a member of the Bastards of Oblivion, who had a major war with the Punisher back in the day.

Logan: Interesting. You would think that would make him biased against Marcus, but it seems to me he’s actually favoring the young wrestler.

Jones: I don’t think so, Anthony. It looks more to me that Rockwell is enjoying both men feeling some pain. If that means he’s got to stretch the match out a little longer, then that’s what he’ll do!

*Ka’Derrion brings Mr. Excellent up, pushing him against the ropes. He grabs Excellent’s arm and gives him an Irish whip, preparing to back body drop him as he comes back. Excellent stops in place, though, booting the bent-over Marcus in the chest! Marcus straightens up in pain, as Excellent steps in, delivering one of his trademark Russian legsweeps! Excellent rolls on top, grabbing the legs, as the referee gets down next to them… 1…. 2…. Marcus kicks out. Excellent spits to the side, clearing his throat, then pulls Marcus back up. He bodyslams the champion near the corner, putting him in a specific position, then goes to the turnbuckle. He aims and fires off, dropping an elbow across Marcus from the second turnbuckle! Excellent makes another pin, as Rockwell continues to do his job, albeit slowly… 1…. 2…. Marcus kicks free again, staying alive.*

Jones: Excellent’s doing very well here against the champion. I really think he’s got a shot at winning this!

Logan: Of course he’s got a shot! Mr. Excellent has come a long way since his first match against Arryk Rage back in January. He’s a contender now!

*As referee Rockwell stays out of the way, keeping an eye out for any trouble, Mr. Excellent yanks Marcus back up to his feet. He sets the champ into the corner, putting him up onto the turnbuckle, then follows him up, looking for a superplex that might just end the contest. He lifts, but Marcus is hanging on, blocking the attempt! He kicks Excellent’s legs out from under him and tosses him down, sending Excellent chest-first to the canvas! Excellent pushes himself back up, feeling the pain radiate through his chest. He stands, but Ka’Derrion is already airborne, smashing into Excellent with a flying clothesline! The fans are on their feet as Marcus goes for the pin, holding onto one of Excellent’s legs for more leverage… 1…. 2…. And Excellent kicks out! Marcus can’t believe it, as he tries again, grabbing both legs this time… 1.... 2.... Excellent kicks out again! The champion stares over at the referee, who shrugs his shoulders.*

Jones: Marcus sure seems a lot more intense tonight. Twiztid really triggered something in this kid.

Logan: Yeah, Twiztid has a way of doing that to people. He’s certainly helped channel some much-needed rage into Ka’Derrion’s arsenal.

*Ka’Derrion drags Excellent to his feet, using his hair as a guideline. He pulls Excellent to the ropes, using them to choke Excellent’s strength away! Rockwell looks like he has no problem with it at first, but he eventually starts counting, calling for the break. Ka’Derrion almost doesn’t let go, though, as Rockwell has to actually get physically involved, knocking Marcus back. The two come nose-to-nose, with Rockwell finally losing his smirk. He waits, as Marcus finally backs off, almost as if coming back into focus on what he had been doing. Mr. Excellent is still working air back into his lungs, crawling to the side. The champion comes up behind him, pulling Excellent up, wait, Excellent twists it into a crucifix pin! Rockwell’s startled, but manages to get into place rather quickly… 1…. 2…. Ka’Derrion barely kicks out in time!*

Jones: We almost had an upset there!

Logan: Yeah, that would have been Marcus Ka’Derrion’s first loss in the GCWA! Mr. Excellent is sure turning out to be a worthy opponent for the Intercontinental Title!

*Both weary warriors get up, with Excellent managing to stun Ka’Derrion with a forearm shot, followed by a whip into the ropes. As Ka’Derrion comes back, Excellent gets a shoulder-block, knocking the champ down. Excellent then immediately grabs for the legs, looking for the Execution!!! The fans are cheering wildly as Ka’Derrion fights, trying to get free before Excellent can lock the intimidating submission maneuver in place! Excellent steps through, trying to turn Marcus over, but at the last second, Marcus reaches out, getting to the ropes! Rockwell points this out to Excellent, who reluctantly lets it go just as he was starting to deliver some pain to the champion. Annoyed, Excellent grabs Marcus’ legs, dragging him back to the center of the ring! With a flourish, Excellent starts to go for the hold again, but Marcus gets a foot free, kicking Excellent in the face!*

Jones: There’s a different kind of counter for the Execution!

Logan: Yep, once it’s locked on, it’s all but over, so you have to make sure it doesn’t get locked on!

*Excellent is hurting as he holds his nose, looking for any blood. Marcus is still down, so Excellent steps back towards him, a dark look in his eyes. As the challenger gets close, though, Ka’Derrion suddenly kips up, regaining his feet in one motion! Mr. Excellent has no time to react, as the champion grabs him and lifts him off his feet, snapping him over with the Punisher!!!! The crowd explodes at the suddenness of the move, the quickest that Marcus has ever applied it! Rockwell drops to his knees as Ka’Derrion twists over for the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

*Ka’Derrion slumps on his knees, breathing heavily at the hard fight he just had for his IC Title. Mr. Excellent rolls to his side, almost as if kicking out, but it’s too late. Rockwell goes and gets the belt, bringing it back over and dropping it on Ka’Derrion’s shoulder. He doesn’t bother raising Ka’Derrion’s hand, though, instead just leaving the ring.*

Logan: He’s still undefeated, Jonesy! This kid continues to impress!

Jones: I know he doesn’t want to be compared to his father and all, but I’m betting that he could be in the main event picture right away if he truly wanted to be! Mr. Excellent gave it all he had, but in the end, Ka’Derrion proved to be just a little better on this night.

*Ka’Derrion leaves the ring with the belt in hand, possibly already thinking about the war set up for next week against Twiztid. We cut away, going backstage one more time, as we see the Accelerator watching Ka’Derrion depart.*

The Accelerator: Hell of a guy, ain’t he? Chip off the old block. I’m going to make so much money off this kid!

Titan 3: Whatever you say, Ace.

*Titan 3 moves into camera range, already hanging up the phone he was talking on earlier. Ace takes note of the phone and looks towards his Head of Security.*

The Accelerator: So, any word?

Titan 3: Oh, he’s here, Ace. Not to worry.

The Accelerator: Good, good. And he’s ready?

Titan 3: He can’t wait.

The Accelerator: Alrighty then. This should be interesting.

*Ace turns back to the television, studying what’s playing, as we go out for more advertising goodness!*

*When we come back, we’re at ringside, where Jones & Logan are waiting for the final match of the night.*

Jones: It’s been a wonderful night of wrestling action, but we’ve still got our main event!

Logan: Yeah, man, Scott Caine finally gets his shot at revenge on Lurrr for throwing him out of the ring a few weeks ago. I’m glad he’s getting this opportunity, Jonesy. He really looks like a major part of the future of the GCWA.

Jones: To get into the main event of Blood On The Battlefield III, though, Caine is going to have to get through one of the most legendary dirty players in the game! It’s a match made in GCWA fanboy heaven!

Logan: Damn straight! I just hope Mathis keeps his nose clean this time, although frankly, I doubt it.

Jones: Well, one good bit of news. For our next match, we’ve got head GCWA referee Mark Bell in the ring.

Logan: Ahhh, good. This one’s too important to trust to anyone else. Mark’s been around for a while, I’m sure he’ll call it down the middle.

Jones: As long as he doesn’t miss something, like he did in the Gauntlet match.

Logan: The man made one mistake, cut him some slack! He’s much better than Mitchell, that’s for sure!

Minos: The next match is our main event of the evening! The winner of this match will earn two honors. First, the winner of this match will leave with the GCWA X Division Championship! An even greater honor, though, is that the winner of this match will become the first of three #1 Contenders to the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship!!

*You can feel the electricity from the crowd. After the last match, they’re primed and ready to explode with every move.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger, he is seeking his first gold in the GCWA and his biggest victory to date, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, he is Scott Caine!

*Caine comes out of the back as “Automatic” by American Pearl plays behind him. The fans are cheering as he makes his way down, confident.*

Jones: I heard earlier that Caine was part of the winning team of a paintball tournament. That’s a sport I’ve never gotten into myself.

Logan: You ought to try it sometime, Jonesy, it’s a blast! It tests your reflexes, your agility, your stamina… oh. Nevermind, Jonesy, we’ll find something else for you to try.

Jones: Thanks a lot, Anthony.

Minos: His opponent has been reigning terror on the GCWA since he first appeared here back in January 2009. Representing the Roman Empire and joined by his ally, Rick Mathis, he stands 6’5” and weighs 235 lbs, the current GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

*The fans’ attitude couldn’t change any faster as they turn heavily on Lurrr & Mathis. “Cocky” by Kid Rock is blasting overhead as the two men walk down the aisle, smirking.*

Jones: Lurrr has to be really excited about his chances tonight. If he can get past Caine, he’ll finally have that World Title opportunity he’s been complaining about for months.

Logan: Which is why I can’t wait to see him get pinned to that mat.

Jones: Still bitter about their attack on you, huh?

Logan: That’s not the kind of thing you forget, Jonesy.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Lurrr slides into the squared circle and takes up a spot in the corner, leaning on it while looking over with contempt at Caine. On the outside, Mathis is exchanging some words with the Lost Soul fans in the front row. He’s mocking them, even doing a pantomime powerbomb through a table. He looks at Lurrr, who’s laughing from ringside. Mathis then looks back… and gets shot in the face!!! Mathis stumbles back, blinded and in pain, as the three Lost Souls open fire with paint guns!!! The pellets splatter all over Mathis, leaving welts where they hit unprotected skin, as Mathis desperately tries to protect his face! He falls to the ground, in agony, as the three people remove their masks.*

Jones: What the hell?

Logan: Hey, that’s Caine’s girl and his two teammates on the paintball team! They said they were going to be at ringside, didn’t they??

Jones: Yes, Scott said he had a plan to deal with Rick’s interference! They may have just taken him out of this one!

*A furious Lurrr, seeing his man down on the ground unable to see, starts to come out of the ring, yelling at the fans. He probably would have moved towards them, but Caine is already racing over, leaping over the ropes and catching Lurrr’s head, bulldogging him to the outside!! The fans are up and going wild as both men are down for a second from the crazy move. Caine gets up first, grabbing the X Division Champion off the ground and throwing him into the apron, then slapping him across the chest! The crowd wooo’s as Lurrr staggers away, trying to get things figured out. But Caine is on constant attack, kicking and punching at Lurrr, then sending him shoulder-first into the ringpost! Caine stays on the attack, as medics come out to check on Mathis.*

Jones: Rick Mathis is in pretty bad shape, Anthony. Those paintballs hurt, and taking some to the face? Who knows what kind of damage that has done to his vision!

Logan: Yep, ain’t it great?

Jones: Seriously, Anthony, you’re happy about this?

Logan: First off, Jonesy, you know Mathis would have interfered sooner or later. Now this one’s going to be much cleaner. Also, don’t forget that Mathis blinded Dangerous Dan last month during Lurrr’s match with Crazy Chris. This is just some much-needed payback! A brilliant plan by Scott Caine and his friends!

*Caine rolls Lurrr into the ring and follows, while his friends cheer him on. He comes in, stomping away, trying to keep Lurrr down. He reaches over to pick him up, lifting Lurrr to his feet. Caine locks up Lurrr’s head, setting him in place, then lifts him part-way into the air before dropping him on his head! Caine covers, as referee Bell moves into position… 1… 2… Lurrr kicks out, refusing to stay down. Caine, still full of energy, heads over to the turnbuckle, jumping up to the top rope. He leaps off, going for a splash, but Lurrr moves out of the way! Caine crashes and burns, as the X Division Champion moves to the ropes, pulling himself back together.*

Logan: Damn. Caine got a little overzealous there, wanting to put Lurrr away quickly. But it was way too early to be going up to the top rope.

Jones: This will give Lurrr the chance to get back into this one, even without Mathis at his side.

*Caine pulls himself up, with an arm over his stomach. He starts to turn towards Lurrr, but the champ is already there, putting a foot right where Caine was already hurting. Lurrr has nothing but fire in his eyes now, infuriated by Caine’s actions. He hits Caine again and again with a swinging arm to the back, eventually driving Caine to his knees. Lurrr then stomps him the rest of the way down. The fans are booing, but Lurrr doesn’t care about anything they’re saying to him. He’s intent on doing some damage to his adversary tonight. He picks the hurting Caine up and lifts him onto his shoulders, then spins him down with a death valley driver, before making his cover… 1… 2… Caine gets his shoulder up.*

Logan: I have to admit, Lurrr’s looking pretty fired up in there. If he can win tonight without Mathis’ help, it might actually gain him some of his old credibility.

Jones: It might be just the kind of motivation that Lurrr needs to get to the World Title against Derek Mobley. Ironically, he would owe it to Caine.

Logan: Yeah, well, don’t hold your breath waiting for Lurrr to thank him.

*Lurrr brings Caine back to his feet, making sure to send a few mocking words in the direction of Caine’s new girlfriend. He snaps Caine down with a DDT, then makes the cover, demanding that Bell get over there quicker. The referee drops… 1… 2… Caine kicks free again. Lurrr curses at referee Bell, before pulling Caine back up. He sets Caine up, looking for a suplex. But as he lifts, Caine blocks it with his foot, then reverses it, snapping Lurrr over instead! With Lurrr down, Caine pulls himself to his feet, trying to focus. He goes off the ropes and comes back, delivering a flipping legdrop to the downed champion. Caine then makes the cover… 1… 2… Lurrr kicks free, making sure to get his arm far off the mat. Caine struggles to bring both men up, sending Lurrr into the ropes, no, reversal, Caine rebounds off the far side and comes back… with both men going for the clothesline!! They both crash and burn, with neither man moving, as the fans are on their feet!*

Logan: Whoa!

Jones: What an impact! I’m not sure either man can continue after a hit like that!

Logan: Someone’s got to suck it up and try a pinfall! I mean, we can’t have a double countout here! That would screw up everything!

*Referee Bell continues his count, although he does seem to be trying to stretch it out, knowing the hell he would face if he managed to get to 10. Around 6, both men start to stir, with Lurrr being the man to move first, putting an arm weakly across Caine… 1… 2… Caine’s up, easily shoving Lurrr’s arm aside. The two wrestlers each struggle to their feet, with Lurrr using the ropes. He turns, sees Caine nearby, and suddenly darts forward, swinging his leg up for the Wake Up Call!!! Caine ducks under it at the last second, though, instead picking Lurrr up between his legs and surprisingly lifting the larger wrestler up with a short version of a powerbomb!! Caine makes the cover, trying to hold down Lurrr’s arms with his legs… 1… 2… Lurrr barely gets free!*

Logan: That close to a new champ! C’mon, Caine, you can do it!

Jones: Lurrr doesn’t have Mathis here to change the momentum! It’s one-on-one all the way!

*Caine lifts himself up, heading immediately to the turnbuckle. He climbs up, facing away from his opponent, then leaping off with a great-looking moonsault! He hits it, landing right on top of Lurrr! Caine rolls in pain for a second, then finally manages to focus long enough to try another cover… 1… 2… Lurrr kicks free again, somehow staying in this one! Caine has a disbelieving look on his face, as he tries to get himself back up. His girlfriend is cheering from the outside, working to get the crowd fully fired up at the prospect of Caine winning the title tonight. In the ring, Caine reaches down, bringing Lurrr up. But Lurrr lashes out, scoring a shot to Caine’s adam’s apple!! Lurrr then grabs Caine by the head and rolls him up, grabbing a huge handful of tights…. 1… 2… NO, referee Bell notices the tights!! He angrily gets up, breaking the count and chewing Lurrr out for trying to cheat!*

Logan: Way to go, Bell!

Jones: He wasn’t going to let Lurrr get away with that one!

Logan: I think he’s pissed Lurrr off, though if Lurrr hits him, he loses his title shot!

*Lurrr is incensed, arguing with Bell, who almost seems to be goading him to try to hit him. Lurrr, though, shakes his head, as if realizing that a DQ loss could be just what the President wants. He turns around… and Caine nails him with a spinning heel kick, knocking Lurrr to the ground!! Lurrr, stunned, lays on the mat, trying to figure out what’s going on, as a shaky Caine heads for the turnbuckle, looking to put this one away! He climbs up, setting himself high in the air for the Sugar Caine maneuver! The crowd is cheering, trying to will him even higher, as he takes flight! But Lurrr pushes himself back to his feet just in time, catching Caine on the way down with the Wake Up Call!!!!! Caine is out cold, as Lurrr falls on top of him… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

*The audience is completely shocked at the turn-around as Lurrr moves to his side, trying to recuperate. He pulls himself to his feet, stepping back and forth until he reaches the ropes for balance. A welt can be seen on his cheek from that last kick he received from Caine. Lurrr gets the title handed over to him, which he quickly puts on his shoulder. He looks to his side, at the downed Caine, who is already moving back to his knees. Lurrr watches him, as if acknowledging how close Caine came to beating him, then turns and leaves the ring without any other attacks.*

Jones: What a fantastic ending! So Lurrr is the first #1 Contender to Derek Mobley’s World Heavyweight Championship!

Logan: Damnit, Caine was so close!!

Jones: I know, Anthony, this one could have gone either way. But those legendary instincts of Lurrr paid off tonight.

Logan: This one really puts a lot more interest on Dean’s appearance next week, doesn’t it? I mean, if Warrick’s working with Lurrr now, that could have a major effect on the main event of Blood On The Battlefield!

Jones: Don’t go anywhere, folks, we’re not done here yet!

*Lurrr is already out of the ring, heading towards the back while holding his side, happy to have escaped with the X Division Title once again. Caine is being looked over by his new girlfriend. He looks frustrated with himself. We go a little ways backstage, where Lurrr’s seen walking through the back, apparently trying to track down where they took his partner, Mathis. He turns a corner and almost walks into Jobe Severity, who is grinning at him. Lurrr, frowning, pushes past, as Severity watches him go. Severity then turns and heads for the ring, with his own quest in mind. We go to our final commercial break (yep, one more, but it’s a good one!).*

*We come back from the break as the arena turns bright blue. Lights flicker all over the arena, and the fans grow silent. Suddenly "The man comes around" by Cash hits the arena. From the shadows and smoke out comes Jobe Severity. The fans immediately begin to boo Severity and throws various items in his direction. Severity is wearing a solid white cloak and has the hood of the cloak over his head. On his feet he wears sandal`s to simulate something the fans just are not the mood for tonight. Severity walks up the steps and guides himself between the top two ropes. A ref from the outside tosses a mic into the ring to Jobe. The lights comes back on as Severity stands and looks around the arena at all the fans chanting "Jobe Sucks, Jobe Sucks". This makes him give a grin that all wrestling fans have grown to hate. He snarls at the fans one last time before he begins to speak...*

Jobe Severity: I do not have much to say. Do not fret I am not here to take much of your time. Last week I was given a note by my boss, that said come to the ring. That is exactly what I did, had a little run in with the Lurrr in the hallway. We all saw what happened, and we all know what was promised. Mystery opponents, ahhh such a twist. A possible match between Lurrr and Severity? Sounds like great entertainment to me, and ratings should be through the roof this month. However, I was promised a match in all of this with someone, Ace. I held up my part of the deal and came down here, and here I stand without knowing what match I will have this week. Mystery opponents is a tactic, or so I take it to put the talent in fear mode or standby. I am in no way frightened by this, do I look frightened? I have had three matches, and lost one. I beat Warrick Hill for one, two, and a three. No matter how he moans and complains about it. "He cheated!" he says over and over, drop it Warrick your career is heading nowhere so fast you don`t have time to think about it.

*Jobe moves around the ring, as the crowd continues to harp their displeasure on him.*

Jobe Severity: Why I am out here, and even talking to you people is this. I want to know who I will be facing next week. I want to know who the person is that stands in my way to get that much closer to Derek Mobley. I don`t care if it is Lurrr, Its about time he had to fight someone with some balls. It doesn`t matter who it is. Ace throw your best men at me, and ill beat them. One day I will be recongnized not just as a man the man of god around here, but what I deserve. I am the best wrestler in this place, and I came from nowhere. I created what you see before you, so you can boo and throw all the garbage you want my way. My revenge against what you all scream and throw at me is actually very simple. I may have to cripple a few more of your heroes on the journey im on. The next time I face Mobley for the World title it won`t be like last time. No trips to Dollywood, no crucifictions of country legends, nothing like that. I don`t just want to win that World Title, I want to end Derek Mobley, The Thriller. It may be a thrill in his coma while his small children look at they`re daddy and wonder if he will ever wake up. They will sit by his side and pray, and God will not answer. My all seeing God will not answer your wife and children. God does not talk to demons, or mortal men. I talk to God on any occasion I get the chance, and Mobley your final verdict is swift and severe. Our next encounter will be nothing short of obscene and cruel. Now you may have lost your partner. The beating he took at my hand was just a prelude to his own greatness. Now he can step out from your shadow just to maybe be covered by another in Lurrr.

*The crowd is openly hating on Severity, letting out a “Shut the *bleep* up” chant. Severity doesn’t seem bothered by this in the slightest. He’s preaching his own sermon.*

Jobe Severity: How great would that be for Lurrr to get another play thing to hide in his mothers closet. I hope God goes easy on you Mobley, I will have no remorse for what happens to you when I get my hands on you again. I nearly finished it at the conclusion of Darkness Falls before I was rudely interrupted. Your only choice is to bow before me before it is all said and done. Bow before me and proclaim jesus as your savior. If not Mobley your life will change...Your children will be without a father, your wife a widow...

*As Jobe Severity begins to exit the ring, still denouncing the World Champion, the sound of small engines can be heard from above. Jobe, along with everyone else in the arena, begins to look upward in an attempt to find the source of the noise. Moments later, much to everyone's surprise, snow begins falling to the floor and loud, generic Christmas music begins to play.*

Jones: What on earth? Have we flashed back to the Christmas Special?

Logan: Seriously weird, man. Why’d they install snow-blowers earlier?

*As the snow begins to reach the floor, the sound of a needle scratching a record interrupts the music and all the lights go out, except a spotlight focused on the entrance. The crowd falls silent as the anticipation builds when suddenly "Cold as Ice" by M.O.P. begins to play over the loudspeakers. The crowd erupts as a large man steps out from behind the curtain, wearing a deep blue Armani suit and sunglasses.*

Logan: Hey… hey! That’s the Ice Man!! That’s the former NLW World Heavyweight Champion!!

Jones: I think that IS him, Anthony! Isn’t he also still holding the NLW Anarchy X Championship?? And now he’s here in the GCWA!!

Logan: So is he the mysterious signee from Darkness Falls??

*Looking very well-dressed, the Ice Man steps through the ropes, carrying a microphone in his right hand. The music slowly fades out and Ice motions for the crowd to calm down and let him speak. Severity, looking like he’s seen a ghost, has left the ring and gone to the outside, keeping an eye on the newcomer.*

The Ice Man: Now Jobe, you can hold it right there. Before you go calling for security you should know that I am not here to attack you. I mean I would hate to mess up this suit. And before you go making an ass of yourself by claiming I have no right to be here I should probably tell you that as of Darkness Falls, I am under certain contractual obligations to GCWA.

*The crowd roars once again as The Ice Man confrms what they had hoped was true.*

The Ice Man: That's right Jobe, you have the opportunity to be the first to shake the hand of the GCWA's newest superstar. But before we start celebrating my arrival here I would like to address something you were just talking about. Now correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you were saying something about a number one contenders series? That sounds like my kind of ball game, so if that's the case then you can count me in.

*The Ice Man drops the mic to the mat, as he looks out at Severity. Severity is shaking his head, realizing the challenge that now sits in front of him.*

Jones: So the Ice Man DID get signed at Darkness Falls! And he’s in the “#1 Contender Series” match next week against Severity? What a blockbuster match!

Logan: Iceman vs. Severity, Ka’Derrion vs. Twiztid, Dean coming here, and who knows what else!! What a show!

Jones: We’ll see you guys and gals next week! For god’s sake, don’t miss it!!!

*Severity is making his way up the aisle, not looking back, as the snow continues to fall from the ceiling. The crowd is cheering for the Ice Man as he stands up on the second rungs of the turnbuckle, looking out at the fans and enjoying his first night in the GCWA Arena. The picture slowly fades out.*

OOC: Congratulations to all the winners tonight! Several of these matches were tough decisions for me, showing how good the competition level is here in the GCWA. I imagine it's only going to get worse and worse as we move on! Here's next week's card:

- The Danger Boiz(c) vs. Brick Stevens & Brent Stevens, Non-Title Match

- Caid Austin vs. Harvey Danger vs. Mikey Willis, "Three Way Dance" Match

- Warrick Hill vs. Lukas Payne, Hardcore Match

- The Big Bifford vs. The Lost Soul vs. Scott Caine vs. Mr. Excellent, Xscape Match (first person to escape the cage wins an X Division Title shot at the next card)

- Jobe Severity vs. The Ice Man, "#1 Contenders Series" Match

- Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Twiztid, "Non-Title Buried Alive" Match

I'll base any dark matches on roleplaying. If everyone roleplays a lot, I may just have to write six matches (unless I'm running behind, then my lazy ass will only do five, *lol*).

Roleplaying will be from Saturday, March 14th to Wednesday, March 18th, 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count. Good luck!