*As the previous program ends, the GCWA symbol flashes across the screen, letting you know what’s coming. A few seconds later, dramatic music starts to play. It’s followed by the Darkness Falls banner, and the announcers welcoming everyone to the PPV. Several of the match results are reviewed, including the controversial ending of the Gauntlet Match, the victories of Jobe Severity, Tommy Crimson, & Marcus Ka’Derrion, and the Roman Empire managing to get out of the “BLC” Match with the X Division still around Lurrr’s waist. The main focus of the video, though, was the ambushes of Warrick Hill, Crazy Chris, and Dangerous Dan, seemingly taking away all of Derek Mobley’s back-up support. Mobley’s shown with despair on his face beforehand, throwing away the business card of the Roman Empire. Clips of the match between Mobley and Twiztid are shown, at least the parts that can be shown on television. Many of the clips are black-and-white, due to the blood loss from both men. In the end, Mobley manages the pinfall victory, earning the praise of the announcers.*

Jones: He did it! Mobley did it!

Logan: Damn close one there, and I’m betting that Mobley will be joining Twiztid and Hill and the rest at the hospital tonight, but he’s still got the gold! Wait a second, who… that was Severity that just ran past us!!

*Jobe Severity is seen entering the ring and joining Twiztid in beating down Mobley, laying him out with Twiztid’s Fallen Star. The cross is shown, upside-down, as it drops from the ceiling.*

Jones: Are they going to crucify him upside-down??

Logan: This is insane!

*As the two men prepare to put Mobley on the cross, the lights go out, and a silver skull appears. A man rises from the entrance with “Bring The Pain” by Method Man playing. He heads for the ring, dressed in the garb of the GCWA Hall of Famer, the Punisher, immediately going at it with Twiztid & Severity.*

Jones: Pain-bomb! Pain-bomb! Logan! It’s him! It’s the real Punisher!!!!

*”The Punisher” takes care of Severity and Twiztid, then goes to help the World Champion up. It’s then that the lights rise up on the scene.*

Jones: Wait a damn minute!! That’s not Punisher!!!

Logan: It’s… it’s… it’s Marcus Ka’Derrion!!!!!!

*We see Mobley staring in shock at Ka’Derrion, wearing the garb of his father, Blake Ka’Derrion, the Punisher. We also see Twiztid, heading down the aisle, looking back with pure hatred on his face. The shot fades away…*

* As the previous video ends, catching us up to date on current events, the camera comes up on the GCWA Arena. Normally, there would be lots of cheers and screams here from the fans. However, the fans are mostly quiet, even despite the intro, as they are watching the main stage, where many wrestlers have appeared, standing on the ramp. Almost everyone in the roster is there, although Twiztid & the Payne Killers are noticeably absent. In the front of the pack stand two men: Marcus Ka’Derrion and the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator. Ace has a mic.*

The Accelerator: Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you here tonight to a special edition of Friday Night Inferno. It is being dedicated to a man I knew for a long, long time, as did many of you. This weekend, the truth was finally revealed that my old friend, Blake Ka’Derrion, aka the GCWA Hall of Famer, the Punisher, had passed away due to a heart attack not that long ago. Although it is not a recent death, it is still one that I know has shaken many of the GCWA fans out there, so I believed it was necessary to follow wrestling tradition and send him off properly. Therefore, the bell will sound 10 times, and will be followed by a short tribute video. Let us please all be quiet in honor of a great wrestler and a great man.

*The Accelerator bows his head, as the bell begins to ring. Various shots of the wrestlers around the ramp are shown, including some old friends of the Punisher. Dean, the ICWF Hall of Famer, is standing near Andrew Logan and Titan 3, with all three men showing respect to their fallen comrade. Various allies are making their first appearance in the GCWA, including Scorpion, “Venom” Xavier Lux, Suicidal Juvenal, and Enigma. The former owner of the ICWF, ODJ, is also in attendance, looking solemn. The Danger Boiz & Mr. Excellent appear saddened by the loss, even though they never had a chance to work with the deceased wrestler. Nearby, in a chair put out just for her, sits Ka’Derrion’s wife, alongside his two allies, Brutus & Santiago. The camera refocuses on the Accelerator, who puts his arm around Marcus. Strangely, Marcus just looks uncomfortable at the attention, although there is a hint of sadness in his eyes. The bells finish, and we cut away from the wrestlers to the special tribute video.*

*The video shows the Punisher making his way down the aisle, with his great music blasting behind him. He’s shown defeating Victor D’Amor at GCWA’s Blood On The Battlefield II, then clips run of his victories in the ICWF, including reigns with the ICWF Television Title and the ICWF Tag-Team Titles. The main focus, though, stays on his run with the GCWA, showing him holding up various belts, including the GCWA European Title, the GCWA Intercontinental Title, and finally, the GCWA World Heavyweight Title, after defeating 5 other men. Several shots are shown of the Punisher’s match against Derek “The Thriller” Mobley at the Knockout In November, one of the greatest matches in GCWA history. The clips wind down by showing the Punisher wearing the GWO World Heavyweight Championship, another great victory for the aging veteran. We end with a few shots apparently from a home video, showing Blake Ka’Derrion playing around with his son, Marcus, who looks a lot younger than he is now. Blake smiles towards the camera, as the “Rest In Peace” portion appears next to his face. We return to ringside, where Ace is once again holding the mic.*

The Accelerator: Rest in peace, my friend. You will be remembered.

*The fans start up a “Punisher” chant, which reverberates throughout the arena. The wrestlers begin to file back up through the curtains, knowing that there is a show to prepare for. The last shot before we fade to black is of Marcus Ka’Derrion, looking upwards with a blank stare on his face. It’s impossible to tell what he’s thinking at the moment.*

* After a few seconds of blackness, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, with the World Title around his waist, smiling at the camera. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us into the GCWA Arena! The crowd cheers the intro, although they’re clearly still feeling the emotions from the earlier ceremony. We pan the crowd, then settle down at ringside next to our announcers, Jones & Logan.*

Jones: Hello, everyone, welcome to Friday Night Inferno! It’s going to be an emotional night, Anthony, clearly.

Logan: What would you expect, Jonesy? It’s a night dedicated to the memory of one of the greatest wrestlers around! I’m glad Ace is doing this, even if it is a little late. I think it’s going to give some of the guys a little closure, including Marcus.

Jones: Hopefully so, Anthony. But we have a lot of stuff to talk about, mainly due to the PPV this past weekend! Darkness Falls will go down as one of the most exciting pay-per-views in the GCWA history, so if you didn’t have a chance to see it live, don’t forget to order a replay of it all weekend long!

Logan: Yeah, just don’t do it right now, because who knows what you’ll miss!

Jones: Amazingly, all three champions defending their belts at the pay-per-view managed to walk out with the gold still around their waists. Tonight, the last champs, the Payne Killers, will be defending their World Tag-Team Titles, trying to make it four-for-four! Can the Payne Killers win over the Danger Boiz, Anthony?

Logan: Well, the odds definitely seem to be in the champs’ favor, if only because the Danger Boiz are still recovering from separate assaults at Darkness Falls. I’d say Crazy Chris is probably in worse shape, although Dan’s not much better. Still, there’s a lot of rage and frustration brewing up in those two youngsters, which could allow them to be very competitive here tonight.

Jones: It’s certainly going to be a great main event, either way. We’ve also got several other matches scheduled tonight, so why don’t we get the action started?

Minos: Our first match of the night is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit. Introducing first, standing 6’7” and weighing 280 lbs, coming to us from Amarillo, Texas, he is “The Cowboy” Tom Hookum!

*"Chemical Slow" by Finger Eleven plays as Hookum walks out of the back, in his usual wrestling gear. The fans aren’t exactly excited to see him, though part of it might still be that some of them aren’t in the mood for wrestling action just yet.*

Jones: I would expect a bigger reaction for someone officially from Texas, Anthony.

Logan: Well, it’s not like “The Cowboy” has done anything to differentiate himself from the other rookies in the back. We’re still waiting to see what he brings to the table.

Jones: Yes, but…. But then, we already know what this man brings!

*As Hookum heads down the aisle, oblivious to the sudden rise in attention from the fans, Caid Austin storms out of the back, a furious expression on his face! Rather than waiting for his official entrance, Austin rushes towards Hookum, clotheslining him from behind and knocking him to the ground! Austin repeatedly stomps on Hookum, trying to do as much damage as possible, as his valet, Mercedes, comes out of the back as well with a knowing smirk on her face. She watches as Austin continues to beat down Hookum, destroying him before the bell can even ring.*

Logan: Woooo, we’re getting things off to a violent start, aren’t we?

Jones: Well, rumor has it that Hookum tried to hit on Mercedes a few weeks ago. Austin doesn’t take kindly to stuff like that.

Logan: Do you really think Hookum would have done that, Jonesy? It just sounds like something Mercedes would say to motivate Austin to me.

Jones: Hey, if you want to call Mercedes a liar and get Austin’s attention, be my guest!

*With Hookum crawling, trying to get away, Austin reaches down to pull him to his feet. He angrily tosses Hookum into the ring, then follows, with referee Thomas Mitchell shrugging and signaling for things to get started!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Well, here we go! What odds do you give Hookum in this one, Jonesy?

Jones: Are you serious? Let me put it this way: I give better odds to Lurrr coming out here to cheers and adoration.

Logan: Wow, that’s harsh.

*Austin places the stunned Hookum into the corner, content to punch and kick away at him rather than try any official wrestling moves. This one’s just about destruction. Mercedes is watching from ringside, looking pretty pleased at what her man is doing. After a few angry comments from the referee, Austin finally stops the beatdown, pulling Hookum out of the corner. He mouths off at Hookum, apparently mocking him for trying to hit on Mercedes, then locks him up and delivers another great-looking T-Bone suplex! Hookum looks completely out of it after that impact, but Austin’s not done, as he grabs Hookum and yanks him up, only to take him right back down with a DDT!*

Jones: This one’s looking like it’s over before it’s even begun.

Logan: Hookum needs himself a miracle distraction of some sort to get back into this bout. It is definitely not looking good for the Cowboy!

Jones: Has it ever?

Logan: True.

*Austin again pulls the larger Hookum to his feet, although Hookum’s having trouble staying there. His eyes are glazed over, as he leans back and forth, ready to topple at any second. He probably should have, as Austin steps in, double-underhooking him and delivering the Pain Tolerance! Hookum’s out, an easy pin, as referee Mitchell moves into position. However, Austin doesn’t look satisfied. He stares out at Mercedes, apparently thinking again about the ‘insult’ that Hookum supposedly did to them. He then stands up, bringing the weary opponent with him. Moving smoothly, Austin locks Hookum into the reverse cobra clutch, then takes the big cowboy down with the Violent Outburst, fully knocking him out!! The pin is academic, as Austin simply puts one arm on his foe… 1… 2… 3!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, “The Widow Maker” Caid Austin!

Jones: What a big win for Austin there! He completely decimated his opponent this week!

Logan: Yeah, a win is a win, no matter how lousy your foe is. I can only see brighter things in the future for this guy! I could easily see him as a champion down the line!

Jones: Of course, he’s going to need to control that temper, which isn’t going to be easy.

Logan: If Austin can just learn to channel that anger, to focus it, then we definitely have a rising star in the making.

*Austin brings Mercedes into the ring, celebrating with her for a minute. She looks scornfully down at the unconscious Hookum, then bypasses him without a thought, staying next to her man. We switch backstage, to where we can see a man getting himself taped up for action later tonight. It’s Mr. Excellent. He’s talking with his friend, Mick, when there’s a knock at the door.*

Mr. Excellent: Who is it?

*Both men seem prepared for an ambush of some kind, but the door opens to reveal one of the messengers that have been hired by the GCWA. The lady hands over an envelope to Mr. Excellent, who reluctantly takes it. It’s clear he’s had enough to do with paperwork recently, what with his wife fighting him for custody of little Rob. The messenger leaves, as Mr. Excellent opens up the letter. He reads it, with a smile slowly blossoming on his face.*

Mick: What’s it say?

Mr. Excellent: It says I’ve got my title shot next week, Mick! I knew the Pres was going to do the right thing!

Mick: Against who?

Mr. Excellent: Marcus Ka’Derrion. The Intercontinental Title’s going to be mine!

Mick: WOW! But don’t get too cocky yet. You have to get past Mikey Willis tonight.

Mr. Excellent: Bring him on. I’m ready for him.

*Mr. Excellent starts to read the note again, as if confirming what it says, as Mick goes back to taping him up. We fade out to our first commercial break.*

*We return from the commercials to a pre-taped segment. We know that this is pre-taped, because it says “Taped Earlier” in the corner. We’re in the office of the President, the Accelerator. He’s seated at his desk, as two men are seated in front of him. One is referee Mark Bell. The other is referee Thomas Mitchell. Neither referee looks very happy to be there.*

The Accelerator: So Darkness Falls was a big hit. The fans got what they wanted. The paying customers got what they wanted. For the most part, pretty much everyone got what they wanted. But here’s the thing. It seems like one of the most talked-about items in the blogs out there are how incompetent and/or suspiciously naïve my referees are!

Mark Bell: Mr. President, I’m sorry for what happened, but you know that we did the best job we could.

The Accelerator: Did you, Mark? Let’s look back at it. As I recall, you blatantly missed Mr. Excellent’s shoulder coming up off the mat, didn’t you? Thousands of fans in attendance saw it. Millions watching at home saw it. But you missed it.

Mark Bell: I know, I screwed up on that one, and I’ve already apologized. It was just a bad angle…

The Accelerator: Exactly. You were out of position making the count. Don’t worry, I’ll correct that problem. Mr. Excellent will get his title shot. Just try to watch out for that next time, boyo, or else we might be having a discussion about whether you’re not too old for the job.

*Bell hangs his head, ashamed. Mitchell looks over with a tiny smirk on his face, which doesn’t go unnoticed by the Accelerator.*

The Accelerator: Happy over there, are we, Tom? Let’s talk about your night. You just happened to block Warrick Hill when he was going for his finisher, then stayed ‘distracted’ long enough to miss Severity knocking out Hill with a cross. Later on, you were the ref on the Tommy Crimson – Big Bifford match, where, son of a gun, Crimson got away with choking out Bifford while you were distracted again.

Thomas Mitchell: Wait a second, Ace, things happen in matches, you know that. Maybe I should have paid more attention, but with guys like Seizure and Earl getting up on the apron, I have to deal with them first!

The Accelerator: What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. First off, it’s Mr. President to you, my friend. Remember that.

Thomas Mitchell: …. Yes sir.

The Accelerator: Second, I’m watching you now, Mitchell. If I see any more hint of some sort of allegiance with the Organized Chaos guys, you’re going on indefinite suspension.

Thomas Mitchell: You can’t do that! Besides, how would you operate with only one referee?

The Accelerator: Good point. That’s why I’ve already been in contact with a few other people I know who would love the shot at being the ref. They’ll be here next week.

Thomas Mitchell: What? Replacements?

The Accelerator: Not replacements, just ‘helpers’ who will take some of the load off you two. Now get out of here. I’ve got other stuff to work on.

*The President turns back to working on his computer, as the two referees get up and leave. Thomas Mitchell takes a second to look back, looking angry. He then walks out. We cut back to live tv, where we rejoin Jones & Logan.*

Jones: Looks like our two referees are starting to get into hot water!

Logan: Well, I’ll agree, neither had a very good night. But I’m not sure we can say that Mitchell is part of Organized Chaos or anything.

Jones: It does seem doubtful, doesn’t it? And yet, both members of that stable won over top competition at Darkness Falls. It’s enough to at least take a closer look.

Logan: That’s for Cynthia Hall or some P.I. that Ace hires. We just need to worry about what’s in front of us. And what’s in front of us is another great match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall with a 10-minute time limit! Introducing first, wrestling in his second match in the GCWA, standing 6’5” and weighing in at 276 lbs, from the South Side in California, here is Amazing Lee!

*Amazing Lee comes out of the back to “Final Countdown” by Europe, pointing to the few fans who are actually cheering him. He flexes his muscles before heading down the ramp.*

Jones: Lee didn’t have a very successful run in the Gauntlet Match, as he got chopped down by Scott Caine, despite the fact that Caine had already taken some abuse from Caid Austin.

Logan: Yeah, well, it was his first match. Sometimes nerves get in the way with these rookies. We’ll see what he does tonight, against a veteran of our sport.

Minos: His opponent came within a few steps of walking out of Darkness Falls as the GCWA X Division Champion. He stands 6’4” and weighs 235 pounds, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The Friday the 13th theme plays, getting the fans excited, as they watch the curtain for signs of activity. They aren’t disappointed, as the Lost Soul pulls aside the curtain and steps out, showing very little signs of the war he was involved in just a few days ago.*

Logan: The Lost Soul should be walking out here with the X Division Title! If only Mathis could have been kept away from ringside…

Jones: Well, that’s in the past now, Anthony. Now The Lost Soul needs to concentrate on working his record back up, so that he’s back in contention. Tonight should be a good test for him, as he takes on a stronger, younger opponent.

Logan: How much younger is anyone’s guess. Does anyone know The Lost Soul’s real age?

Jones: However old he is, he’s definitely here to prove a point tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Amazing Lee, showing that confidence that seems to flow out of him, despite his win-loss record, walks forward with a grin. He extends a hand towards The Lost Soul in almost a mocking manner, either trying to show how big a man he is or just showing how the face-paint and mysteriousness doesn’t affect him. The Lost Soul takes a long, hard look at the outstretched hand, considering it. Just as Lee’s about to drop his arm, the Lost Soul reaches out, surprisingly shaking Lee’s hand! Lee grins as the two men shake, as the audience seems, well, speechless is the closest possible word.*

Jones: This isn’t exactly how I imagined the beginning of this match would go.

Logan: Hold onto your hand, Jonesy, I think TLS is just getting himself prepared.

*Lee’s smug grin slowly starts to falter, as he realizes that The Lost Soul isn’t letting go. Annoyed, Lee tries to pull away his arm, but the Lost Soul twists it, causing Lee’s wrist to curve at an unnatural angle! Lee, now feeling it, fights off the pain enough to take a swing at The Lost Soul, who ducks under it, grabbing Lee and lifting him up into a fireman’s carry, straight into a Samoan drop! Lee coughs, the breath knocked out of him, as The Lost Soul stands back up, immediately turning and dropping several knees onto his downed opponent. Referee Thomas Mitchell circles around, watching, as The Lost Soul continues the assault.*

Jones: So much for that sign of sportsmanship.

Logan: Please, Jonesy, you saw as well as I did that Amazing Lee was just joking around. I guess he should have been taking The Lost Soul a little more seriously. The guy’s not a clown, he’s a legend!

Jones: Amazing Lee better get the ball rolling here, or else he’ll have his own nickname soon enough.

*The Lost Soul brings Amazing Lee back up, moving him effortlessly considering Lee’s size. He drags Lee into the corner, leaning him against the post, then starts getting in shot after shot, putting a lot of force behind his elbows. Mitchell warns The Lost Soul back, starting his count, which gets a glare from TLS. He backs away, but then immediately comes back forward, splashing Lee in the corner! Lee sags on the ropes, in a lot of pain, as The Lost Soul continues the punishment, landing a few more boots. Mitchell decides to get involved, moving in-between the two men and ordering TLS back!*

Jones: Whoa, there, Mitchell, watch yourself! The Lost Soul’s in a bad mood tonight, he might just take your head off!

Logan: Yeah, but then he takes another loss, which is really something that TLS doesn’t need right now. Mitchell, chill out in there, let them fight!

*As Mitchell finally gets The Lost Soul to reluctantly back up, Amazing Lee pulls himself up in the corner, having gotten a breather. He sees The Lost Soul and charges forward, nearly nailing Mitchell instead. But TLS pushes the ref back (almost getting DQ’ed for doing so), then grabs Lee in mid-step, lifting him up and giving the large man a huge powerslam!! Lee is barely moving on the mat, as The Lost Soul starts to look towards the heights. He heads to the turnbuckle, making his ascent. With the fans fully behind him, The Lost Soul takes off, going for the Souled Out maneuver! Lee can’t protect himself, as TLS drops his leg across Lee’s throat!!! The Lost Soul recovers and makes the pinfall, as the referee moves in… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Lost Soul!!

Jones: A big victory for The Lost Soul here, possibly helping him get back on track in the GCWA!

Logan: I’m glad to see the former World Champion getting a mark in the win column. Hopefully this is just the start of many wins to come!

*As Mitchell leaves, his job apparently done, The Lost Soul slips from the ring. He leans on the ring for a second, thinking about what he wants to do next. A second later, he grabs a chair sitting nearby and folds it up, before reentering the ring! Lee is trying to recover, pulling himself up, when suddenly The Lost Soul is there, hammering him on the back with a chair shot!!! Lee drops to the mat, in tremendous pain, as the fans are getting behind the beating! Lee starts to pull himself up again, trying to ask for a break, but The Lost Soul doesn’t have it in him, as he nails Lee in the head with a shot that bends the chair!! Lee collapses to the ground, already bleeding, as TLS drops the chair and walks away without looking back.*

Logan: Now that’s what we like to call sending a message!

Jones: Maybe so, but did Lee really deserve that kind of treatment?

Logan: I don’t hear any fans complaining, do you?

*The Lost Soul continues his walk up the aisle, not showing much emotion for what he just did. Lee is already being attended to by the GCWA medical team, who earn high salaries due to their heavy workload. We cut backstage where the fans erupt as the parking lot door opens and into the arena walks the House of Pain!! Derek Mobley has his World Title draped over his shoulder, as always, and is wearing a ‘Twiztid’ T-Shirt with a big ‘X’ duct taped over his picture on the shirt…Mobley appears to be battered and bruised with a few, mended cuts. He, however, appears to be in good spirits…he has his gym back over his other shoulder. Warrick, on the other hand, looks as if he could care less…he seems unenthusiastic, sore and should probably be in a hospital bed somewhere…irregardless, the two, undaunted, enter the backstage halls of GCWA, ready for whatever Inferno throws their way…suddenly, Cynthia Hall rushes into the picture*

Cynthia Hall: Derek, Derek…Mr. Mobley! I have an important announcement for you!

*Derek and Warrick are caught off guard…Warrick rolls his eyes in the background as Derek addresses Cynthia*

Derek Mobley: What are you talking about?

Cynthia Hall: The President needs to see you in his office!

Derek Mobley: Really? What for?

Cynthia Hall: He wouldn’t say…all I know is that he wants you to get over there for a quick meeting as soon as possible!

Derek Mobley: Oh man…I was really looking forward to relaxing and watching the show from my locker room, doped up on meds…oh well, guess I’d better see what the owner wants…Warrick, bro, you mind carrying my bag to our locker room?

Warrick Hill: Haha, nice one, Derek.

Derek Mobley: What do you mean ‘nice one’? I’m not joking, I can’t take my gym bag down to the President’s office with me… it looks unprofessional.

Warrick Hill: Are you serious? Derek, bro…I don’t want to carry your gym bag…I’m not your little bitch like Eugene…get some GCWA staff to do it.

Derek Mobley: Stop acting like a jerk, Warrick…you’re nobody’s little bitch, it’s just a friendly favor…I’ll pay you for it, if you want.

Warrick Hill: Go f*ck yourself, champ…

*Derek stares, intently at Warrick…Warrick looks back at Derek…but, then, grabs Derek’s gym bag and takes it with him to the House of Pain locker room…Derek breathes a sigh of relief and then heads in the direction of the ring entrance…Cynthia, meanwhile, has a look on her face that she might find a scoop tonight and motions for the camera crew to accompany her as she follows Warrick. We cut away to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break backstage, once again, where we see the House of Pain locker room…the door is slightly open as GCWA Reporter, Cynthia Hall is standing outside of it…she motions for the camera man to peek inside and, he does. Warrick Hill is in the locker room, having just arrived inside and is holding Derek’s gym bag. Warrick, out of frustration, hurls Derek’s gym bag against the wall, it hits loudly…the bag was, apparently, not zipped up all the way as some contents fall from it…one of the contents is a familiar looking business card that has been crumpled up…Warrick notices it and picks it up off the floor…he uncrumples it and reads it over, thoroughly…a smile comes across Warrick’s face…he then notices that his locker room door isn’t completely shut and walks over to it, slamming it shut, right in Cynthia’s face…we go back to ringside*

Jones: Strange. What was Warrick doing with that card?

Logan: Hopefully nothing, if he’s smart.

Jones: And I wonder what the President wanted to meet Derek for? Something to do with his big announcement later tonight about who the new #1 Contender is?

Logan: That’s definitely possible. I’m curious about that myself. I mean, we have so many worthy challengers.

Jones: Well, whoever Ace picks, I know it will be the correct choice.

Logan: Geez, man, do you ever get tired of kissing up?

Jones: Nope, can’t say that I do.

Logan: Figures.

*The Intro to “No More Sorrow” By Linkin Park begins to play and the crowd raises to their feet and wait to see who's coming out to this new song. Once the first drum line of the song hits, they begin to cheer as Marcus Ka'Derrion steps out to the top of the entrance. He stands there, Intercontinental Title tightly wrapped around his waist, soaking the cheers in while banging his head slowly as he listens to the song along with the fans. As the break of the song hits, Marcus rushes down the ramp as the song continues to get louder and faster. He slides under the bottom rope, stopping in the middle of the ring, jumping to his feet and raising his arms high in the air. The crowd continues to cheer. He asks for a mic as the music dies down and then waits for the cheers to do so as well. Once he has the fans full attention, he speaks.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Let me begin by saying that I am sorry. I am sorry for holding out on you for so long, and at the same time, I am sorry for being the bearer of bad news.

*A “Punisher!” chant gets started and Marcus pauses, not looking sadden but more like he is very uncomfortable with the whole situation. Once it dies down, he continues.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I know you all loved my father and well, I guess in due time I will learn to love what he did, and maybe love him too… I do respect his wrestling career though. I respect what he did in this ring. On the days prior to my match against Dangerous Dan, I watched his entire GCWA wrestling career on DVD. The last time I saw his matches, I was a kid. Now that I see them as grown man, I must admit, I was blown away by them. The passion and the determination that he brought to the ring was unparalleled. He went toe to toe with all kinds of wrestlers and always managed to pull the win somehow. Big or small, fat or skinny, he took on all of them and beat, most of them, including our current champion, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley.

*The crowd cheers loudly, but it’s hard to tell if they’re cheering the fact that Mobley’s name was mentioned or the fact that Punisher once pinned Mobley.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: So again, I respect what he did in this ring, and that’s why you saw a “new” me at Darkness Falls. A more determined me, a focused me. I will respect his legacy, but as for loving my father… Not now… I can’t love the man for “making” me do this… I can’t love the man for forcing me into this position… Do you all realize the kind of pressure I am under now? It’s unbearable.. Do you know how many people have been telling me that I should challenge Derek Mobley right now for the Championship? “Oh hell boy, if you father did it so can you!” they say to me… NO I CAN’T! I can’t even imagine myself in the same ring as Derek Mobley. That’s also why I wanted to keep my father’s identity under wraps… I just can’t handle.. or I don’t know if I can anyway, being the man that my dad was. So I just ask of you that you understand if I come up short. My father’s shoes are huge, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to come close to filing them… But I will try… No matter how much I hate it… I will try.

*The crowd gives a mixed reaction.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: And to show you that I do plan to honor him, I've decided to give a name to my finisher. From now on, it will be called... The Punisher.

*The crowd cheers loudly, happy to hear that the son is honoring the father in this way.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Now, I----

*Before Marcus can continue, “Shipping Up to Boston” by Dropkick Murphys begins to play as the GCWA crowd nearly blows the roof off of the arena…GCWA World Champion, Derek Mobley, appears from behind the curtain…the Title is draped, over his shoulder…the Champ’s usual smile is replaced tonight with a look of business being on his mind…he begins to make his way down to the ring as Marcus stands inside the ring, looking a bit puzzled as to why Mobley is out here.*

Jones: I guess Mobley’s meeting with the Accelerator is over already!

Logan: He sure looks more serious than he did earlier tonight. I wonder what kind of news he just received?

Jones: I’m more interested in what he’s doing out here facing off against Marcus.

*Mobley walks around the squared circle with Marcus turning around, keeping both eyes on the champ…Mobley grabs a mic from the GCWA crew and slides into the ring…before he addresses Marcus, Mobley holds his title up in the air to a huge ovation…Mobley nods his head accordingly and then turns to face Marcus…the crowd’s roar deteriorates into a low rumble…then, to near silence…Mobley speaks.*

Derek Mobley: What’s up, champ? How ya been?

*Marcus doesn’t respond, still seeming a bit thrown off by Mobley’s appearance and, now, Mobley’s opening address…Mobley stands with his side facing Marcus, his front facing a portion of the crowd…he flashes a brief smile before continuing.*

Derek Mobley: I’m gonna tell you like I have told Ace over the past month…I am sick and tired of people sticking their nose in my business…if you want to be involved in the main event, earn it…don’t sneak your ass down that ramp, slide into the ring when the two main eventers are near exhaustion and THEN exert your will…it’s driving me insane!

*Mobley now turns to face Marcus…the intensity starts to pick up as the tension builds…Marcus can be seen forming a fist with his left hand, ready for anything.*

Derek Mobley: After weeks and weeks of being attacked…jumped from behind…blindsided…I’m sick of it…Twiztid, Jobe Severity, Tommy Crimson…their male prostitute named sEizure…that’s all to be expected…but you? The rookie sensation, Marcus? You, the son of GCWA Hall of Famer and all around, stand up guy, Punisher? How could YOU commit these attacks on me and THEN pass it off on someone else…the skulls, Marcus? Seriously? That’s about as cowardly is it gets and, quite frankly…your father would be ashamed…

*Marcus begins to shake his head, disagreeing with Mobley.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Those attacks weren’t me Mobley, they never were.

Derek Mobley: I don’t buy that for a single second. Every time I got attacked or Warrick got attacked, everyone saw that flashing skull before the attacks. Saw it on the big screen, on papers taped to our doors… We heard the music, everything Marcus.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Exactly Mobley ! Exactly! You saw all those signs BEFORE you were attacked! I was trying to help you all along!

Derek Mobley: What?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: The Payne Killers locker room was always next to mine. I always could hear them planning, so I knew I had to warn you somehow but I knew that if I told ya, you wouldn’t believe me cuz I was just a rookie. So I used the silver skull as warning signs… But you always took them the wrong way. When I played my father’s theme song, was to alert you that they were coming, but they got you anyway.

Derek Mobley: Why couldn’t you just tell me? Why couldn’t you just come out and helped?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I, well I… I just wasn’t ready OK? Too much too soon they say… I was still having my first matches the last thing I wanted was to get involved in the biggest feud of the federation. But on Sunday, as I saw attack after attack, I just had enough. Like The President told me, wait for the right moment… so I did.

Derek Mobley: Well, I appreciate the back-up…there’s no telling what might have happened to me if you hadn’t have arrived…Fine, let’s move on from that. I’m just glad that you were able to deal with your ‘daddy’ issues in time to make an impact…oh, and to tell us all who your real father was, Warrick would’ve been intolerable if you had made us wait another week to find out…

*Marcus sort of does a half chuckle at Mobley’s joke, but not seeming to be all that amused with Mobley’s ‘attitude’. *

Derek Mobley: As far as your father is concerned…he’s dead and gone and, well, that sucks…I was never a big fan of the guy…he did beat me once, back in the Jurassic period…but that’s all…as they say, ancient history…you, however, for now…you seem to be a cool cat…and, in this day and age…when Darkness is Falling all around GCWA, good, solid back-up is hard to find.

*Marcus nods as Mobley looks at his World title, then at Marcus’ IC Belt, he continues. *

Derek Mobley: Now, I know I should be filled with paranoia, that’s the running M.O. with today’s World Champ…but, for some reason, I feel I can trust you…Punisher was always a stand up guy, and you seem to be a chip off the old block. The only thing that worries me is that IC Title I see you carrying around…while I know you are extremely happy and proud to carry that belt…anyone should be…your bloodline, your lineage earns for something more…what does it earn for, you ask?

*Mobley begins to aggressively pat the World Title over his shoulder while staring into the eyes of Marcus. *

Derek Mobley: That’s right.. the title I possess…I’d be a fool to think that one day you wouldn’t want to make that jump to the top of the GCWA mountain…

*Marcus cuts Mobley off. *

Marcus Ka’Derrion: I don’t know if I am going to be around that long to make that jump you speak of Champ. Like I said earlier, the pressure right now, it’s out of this world, and that’s just with me being the Intercontinental Champion. The World Title is nowhere near my radar, I’m just not ready to be at the level you are at, and, I don’t know if that day will ever come.

Derek Mobley: All I’m asking you, is, when that day comes…you be a man, like your father, and give me a heads up…I’m trusting…believing in you, that there is no knife, hidden, behind your back…

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Of that, you can be certain.

*Derek nods and extends his hand. Marcus shakes it. *

Derek Mobley: Awesome. If you got my back, I got your back and that’s just the way it is!

*“Shipping Up to Boston” begins to play and the crowd cheers loudly for the newly formed alliance. *

Jones: So Derek has another ally, and it’s the Intercontinental Champion!

Logan: That’s awfully trusting of Derek, I’ve got to say. I mean, he made some valid points about how skulls and scorpions were following him around for a while.

Jones: Yes, but these two could make an amazing team down the line, along with Warrick Hill and the Danger Boiz.

Logan: That’s another point. What about Marcus and Dan? Those two definitely have issues, if only over the belt, which makes you wonder how this is all going to work.

Jones: I suppose we’ll find out… *static* enough… *static* Oh, c’m*static*…

*Static begins to interrupt the show once again. Through the static, you can see a very irritated Jones and Logan. We also see Derek and Marcus turning towards the big screen in the ring, obviously able to see the same thing. Switching to the new view, you can start to see Twiztid. As the picture clears up a little, you see that he is sitting Indian Style next to a gravestone. The picture isn't yet clear enough to make out any name or date, but Twiztid is running his hand up and down the face of the gravestone.*

Twiztid: Mistakes. Mistakes are made every day. Some are big. Some are small. Each mistake has its own repercussion. A mistake was made this past Sunday night.. Not just a mistake, no. It was a fatal mistake, a grave error. A man... A Boy decided he could interfere in my master plan. He thought he could get away with it. That he wouldn't have to pay for his choice....

*Twiztid starts to trace the letters of the name on the gravestone. The camera focuses in on where his fingers are tracing, when it become ominously apparent what the name is. Blake Ka'Derrion.*

Twiztid: Marcus, your fatal error will cost you. From this point on, our paths are destined to cross. There is a difference between our paths though. After I get my hands on you, that is the moment when your path comes to a dead end. That will be the night that His Legacy will die. With the death of His Legacy, it will bring about a birth. That birth is of My Legacy. And, what a Legacy it will be. Pain. Torture. Violence. From this point on, I will apologize for nothing that will happen, Marcus. You brought this onto yourself.

*Twiztid laughs as he slowly rises to his feet. The camera spans back, and you notice Twiztid is holding a sledge hammer. He pulls the hammer back and swings forward, smashing the gravestone. He laughs as he drops the hammer into the rubble, crushing more. He leans down to the pile, pulling two pieces of stone out, and placing them into his pocket. He turns to the camera with a sadistic grin on his face as the static starts back up. It covers over the screen, then clears up, as we’re suddenly back at ringside. Marcus Ka’Derrion is leaning over the ropes, still staring in shock at the screen. Derek stands behind him, obviously still pissed off at Twiztid. He puts a hand on Marcus’ shoulder, but Marcus shrugs him off, leaving the ring and heading for the back. Derek lets him go, knowing that his emotions are right along the surface right now. We fade to another commercial break.*

*We return from the break straight to the announce table, where Jones and Logan are still talking about what just occurred a few minutes ago.*

Jones: Welcome back, folks. Right before the break, we had a shocking video played by Twiztid, concerning possibly both Marcus Ka’Derrion and the World Champion, Derek Mobley. Let’s review that segment now.

*A quick review runs, detailing Twiztid’s apparent destruction of Blake Ka’Derrion’s tombstone. Marcus’ reaction to it is also shown.*

Jones: So, Anthony, do you think that was really Blake Ka’Derrion’s tombstone?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, I’ve never been there. But I do hope it wasn’t, because I never would want someone’s gravestone desecrated like that. Even for Twiztid, that was pretty bad.

Jones: Definitely. Whether it was real or not, that was a major psychological shot fired at Marcus, in what could the beginning of a pretty nasty war.

Logan: We’ll just have to see, won’t we? But seeing as how this is a wrestling show, why don’t we have ourselves another wrestling match?

Jones: Sounds good to me.

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match is scheduled for one fall and will feature a 10-minute time limit. Entering the ring first, he’s wrestling in his first match in the GCWA, standing 6 feet tall and weighing 215 lbs, from Racine, WI, here is Mikey Willis!

*The cocky young wrestler walks out of the back, head wrapped and looking confident. “No 5” by Hollywood Undead plays behind him as Mikey Willis makes his way down the ramp towards the ring.*

Logan: I don’t think I’ve quite decided what I think about this kid yet. I like his spunk. I mean, he’s already wanting matches against Ka’Derrion and Mobley.

Jones: Yes, but sometimes you should know your own limitations. Willis really does need to work his way up the ladder. If he can beat Mr. Excellent here tonight, he’s definitely on his way.

Logan: I’m just amazing at how much his girl Kelly sleeps. The chick was in bed all the time! Not that that’s a bad thing….

Minos: His opponent, having recently competed in the “#1 Contenders Gauntlet” Match at Darkness Falls, he stands 6’3” and weighs in at 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, he is Mr. Excellent!

*As “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. plays, Mr. Excellent comes out of the back. Despite the bad week he had, he still looks to be in good spirits after the announcement of his title opportunity.*

Jones: I’m still trying to figure out how Excellent’s ex-wife managed to get him locked up due to the actions last week involving his son, little Rob.

Logan: Have I said lately that Excellent’s ex-wife is a bitch?

Jones: You have, Anthony, you have. So we learned earlier tonight that Excellent will be facing Ka’Derrion for the Intercontinental Title next week on Inferno. Do you think that he might be a little distracted thinking about that, instead of thinking about Willis?

Logan: I guess we’ll see if he’s overlooked him or not.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The two wrestlers come forward to meet in the center of the ring. Mr. Excellent looks calm and collected, while Willis is jumping back and forth, ready to get started. The two men lock up, testing their strength. In a surprising move, Willis manages to readjust, tossing Mr. Excellent backwards to the mat with a hip toss! Excellent hits hard, but immediately rolls back to his feet. Willis, with a big smile on his face, steps forward, as if bragging about the maneuver. As soon as he does so, though, Excellent lashes out, kicking Willis in the bread-basket! Willis bends over, allowing Excellent to grab him and flip Willis over with a double underhook suplex! Excellent quickly goes for the cover, but Willis doesn’t waste any time before kicking out.*

Jones: A little rookie mistake there by Willis, as he had the advantage but didn’t press it.

Logan: Did you ever think we’d get to the point of talking about Mr. Excellent as the more senior wrestler in the ring?

Jones: Come to think of it, it is a little strange, isn’t it? But Excellent’s earned his place here in the GCWA with sweat and blood. Now it’s Mikey’s turn to impress.

*Mr. Excellent pulls Willis up to his feet, kneeing him, then twisting him around for a piledriver. However, as he tries to lift Willis up, Willis puts the breaks on, then manages to lift Excellent up instead, flipping him over top! Excellent surprisingly manages to change directions in mid-air, though, landing behind Willis and grabbing his legs, rolling him up! The ref dives into position… 1… 2… Willis kicks free, barely escaping a quick pinfall loss. Both men get up, with Willis managing to move one step quicker, punching Excellent in the side two times to slow him down. Willis then runs off the ropes, coming back and ducking under a clothesline attempt from his foe. Willis leaps up, jumping onto the ropes and springboarding backwards with a flip, landing while grabbing Excellent’s head and dropping with a reverse DDT! Willis makes his own cover… 1… 2… Excellent gets his shoulder up!*

Jones: Wow! It looks like Mikey Willis is here to compete!

Logan: Wait, this one’s not a squash? How’d that happen?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, but be happy we’ve got some competition tonight!

*Willis is back on his feet, bringing Mr. Excellent over to the corner. He hammers Excellent with a couple of shots to keep him dazed, then climbs up to the second turnbuckle. He jumps off, putting his leg over Excellent’s head and drops him to the mat with a calf brand bulldog! Willis falls over him, making another cover… 1… 2… Excellent gets his shoulder up, avoiding the upset. Willis, looking a little annoyed, goes back to the turnbuckle, hopping up in one smooth motion. He takes a second to pose before leaping off, going for a moonsault! Excellent rolls aside, but Willis manages to land mostly on his feet. Off-balance, though, there’s nothing he can do as Excellent grabs him and delivers a Russian legsweep, then makes his own pin attempt… 1… 2… Willis grabs at the ropes, staying alive!*

Logan: This one’s actually turning out to be a competitive match. I think even the fans are shocked.

Jones: Yes, Willis is certainly a raw talent, but he’s fighting hard to stay alive in this match against Mr. Excellent. Wouldn’t it be wild if we’re witnessing two future World Champions fighting it out?

Logan: Anything’s possible in this day and age, Jonesy.

*Mr. Excellent slowly brings Willis up, trying to figure out a way to keep the young wrestler down. He sends Willis into the ropes, then grabs him on the way back, lifting him and nailing a side slam. Excellent tries another pin, but Willis just won’t stay down. Excellent stands back up, looking towards Willis’ legs. He reaches down, grabbing at them, but Willis reaches up at the same time, rolling up his opponent! 1… 2… Excellent manages to reverse the pin, rolling it back so that Willis’ shoulders are on the mat! 1… 2… Willis is free, with neither man pinned!*

Jones: Another close pinfall there! That must have brought back memories for Excellent, as he clearly made sure his shoulder was way off the mat there.

Logan: When you lose a close match the way he did, Jonesy, it sticks with you. However, he still seems to be doing pretty well here tonight against Willis.

Jones: He’s probably running on adrenaline at the thought of facing the IC Champ next week, Anthony.

*Both men are back on their feet, with Willis taking control by kicking Excellent, stunning him. Willis runs to the ropes, then comes back, attempting a splash, but Excellent catches him in mid-air! Excellent holds him for a second, then twists Willis around, going for a Rock Bottom-esque maneuver. However, Willis, in turn, reverses it, grabbing Excellent’s head and taking him to the canvas with a diamond cutter!!! Willis scrambles to make the cover… 1… 2… Excellent gets free! Willis pushes off, getting up to his feet. He puts both arms in the air, before jumping up, going for the standing shooting star press! However, as he spins around, Willis doesn’t notice that Excellent has raised his knees!! Willis hits hard, slamming his guts into Excellent’s knees, then tumbles off to the side, allowing Excellent to get a quick breath of fresh arena air.*

Jones: He almost got Excellent there, Anthony, but Excellent’s still alive!

Logan: Yeah. Y’know, someone may need to work with Mikey about that. I mean, it’s hard to put someone away with a standing shooting star press. The boy needs a much better finisher! Maybe I should teach him a few moves…

Jones: What Willis needs most is a lesson on how to escape the Execution, Anthony, because I think that’s what he’s going for!

*Excellent is back up on his feet, again grabbing hold of Willis’ legs. He twists them around, even as Willis starts to fight, arching his back to try and prevent being turned over. After a short struggle, with the fans excitedly cheering, Excellent manages to get him over, putting Willis firmly into the Execution!!! Willis is fighting, trying to find a way out, as Excellent cuts off all circulation through his legs! Referee Mitchell hovers close by, ready to call the match if Willis taps out. He asks, but Willis is not quite ready yet. He slowly pulls himself towards the ropes, trying to fight free of Excellent’s greater bulk. He reaches out…. and Excellent pulls him back to the center of the ring!! Willis is in agony, with his options getting fewer and fewer. The ref is still asking him, looking whether to ring the bell or not. Finally, Willis, pain flashing across his face, finally nods, slapping the canvas!*

Minos: Here is your winner, via submission, Mr. Excellent!

Jones: Excellent gets himself a big win here! That will give him momentum going into his IC Title match, but will it be enough?

Logan: I guess we’ll find out next week, Edds. What matters now is that, despite Mikey Willis proving that he’s more than a pretty face, Mr. Excellent has gotten himself another GCWA victory!

*Mr. Excellent pumps his fist in the air, happy to have gotten the win. He heads up the aisle, while making the universal signal of a title going around his waist. We cut away from him and go to the backstage area again, where we find ourselves outside of the Roman Empire’s locker room. A commotion can be heard inside. After a few seconds, the door opens, and a GCWA executive comes out of the room, apparently running for his life! He takes off down the hall at a frenzied pace, as the cameraman backs up, getting out of range of an annoyed-looking Lurrr. He stares at the camera for a second, as if ready to come after it.*

Lurrr: And why are you there? Always hovering outside our locker room… you’d better watch yourself.

*Rick Mathis walks up behind Lurrr, putting an arm around his neck, if only to calm him down.*

Rick Mathis: Don’t worry about this *bleep*, Lurrr. Let’s just get to the ring. I’m actually curious to know what our glorious leader wants from us.

Lurrr: I personally could care less what he wants, unless he’s finally going to give me the title shot I deserve.

*Lurrr raises up one hand, showing the piece of paper he’s got clutched in it: an official Presidential summons, directing him to the ring. Lurrr & Mathis start off down the hall, with Lurrr making a mocking step towards the cameraman, causing him to shy back. They walk away, only to bump into Jobe Severity & Tommy Crimson! The four men size each other up, with Lurrr taking note of the similar piece of paper in Severity’s hand. Lurrr doesn’t look pleased to see it. They continue staring as the picture fades to commercial.*

*As we return from the break, “Cocky” by Kid Rock is playing over the loud speakers, earning the loud boos of the crowd. The Roman Empire has made its way down the aisle, with Lurrr already in the ring, waiting. A few seconds after the music stops, it starts up again, this time playing “Day That Never Comes” by Metallica. Jobe Severity walks out, flanked by Tommy Crimson and Seizure. The members of Organized Chaos come down towards the ring as well, eying the Roman Empire carefully.*

Jones: I’m at a loss to explain what’s going on here, Anthony. Why do we have these two hated stables out here? Why did the President summon them to the ring?

Logan: Hopefully we’ll find that out soon enough…

*As the two stables square off, a new tune hits the speakers. It’s “Mental Health” by Zebrahead! The fans cheer as Crazy Chris comes out onto the stage, flanked by his brother, Dangerous Dan, and their ally, Mr. Excellent! Excellent looks a little worn out from his match earlier, but he’s still moving fine as the three men venture down the aisle. They enter the ring, forming their own group and immediately earning the attention of the other two stables. As they watch each other, “Automatic” by American Pearl plays, bringing out Scott Caine! The fans are having trouble containing themselves from all this excitement, as Caine comes down the aisle at a jog, sliding into the ring and glaring at Lurrr, before walking over towards Excellent and the Danger Boiz, possibly looking to reinforce them if there’s a battle soon.*

Jones: Ok, what the hell is going on?

Logan: Maybe Ace is going to have an impromptu battle royal for the #1 Contenders spot?

Jones: Wow, wouldn’t that be wild? Somehow, though, I don’t get that feeling. This feels like something else.

*Finally, the fans hear the music that they’ve been waiting for, as “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm plays! The President of the GCWA, the Accelerator makes his way out, a smirk on his face as the fans are chanting away for him. Neither the Roman Empire nor Organized Chaos look particularly pleased to see him, although curiosity abounds. Ace has a mic with him once again.*

The Accelerator: Hello again, ladies, gentlemen, boyos, and whatever the hell Lurrr is. I hope you’re enjoying “Punisher Appreciation” night. I know I am.

*The fans cheer, letting out their own appreciation.*

The Accelerator: I know we’ve already used up a lot of our tv time tonight, and the Danger Boiz there have a pretty big match, so I’ll make this brief. I had a conversation earlier tonight with our World Heavyweight Champion, Derek Mobley.

*The crowd reacts to the name, while the wrestlers inside the ring perk up, knowing what this could mean.*

The Accelerator: We had a pretty serious discussion about next month’s pay-per-view, and who he would be defending the title against. I had my own ideas about how his opponent would be decided. I admit he wasn’t particularly thrilled, pardon the pun, but I made him see it my way. Earlier tonight, I delivered several authorized letters to very specific wrestlers. By the way, why are there a hundred of you in the ring? I only asked for a few of you, so if you don’t have my notice, then scram.

*Ace stands and waits as, reluctantly, many wrestlers in the ring depart. Soon, only Lurrr, Jobe Severity, Crazy Chris, and Scott Caine are left, with the rest milling around outside the ring. Ace, satisfied, continues.*

The Accelerator: I notice that Twiztid opted to ignore my summons. Sounds just like him. Very well, he’s out. Same goes for Marcus Ka’Derrion. Guess he had better things to do. That leaves you four. So here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to have a series of wrestling matches leading up to the pay-per-view. I suppose we should call them what they are: #1 Contender matches.

*The audience lights up at the announcement. The wrestlers look pleased as well, even Lurrr, who’s been wanting a World Title shot since he came to the GCWA. Severity looks intrigued at the possibility of getting another shot, while Caine and Chris are excited at the possible fame and fortune such a match could bring.*

The Accelerator: Each week, we’re going to have another #1 Contenders match, until three have taken place. Once that has happened, the three winners will move on to face our champion, Derek Mobley, in a “Fatal Fourway” Match at one of my favorite all-time pay-per-views: Blood On The Battlefield III!! It will be winner takes all, with the winner walking out with the biggest prize in the land! Sound exciting?

*The wrestlers look ready to go at it right now, with Lurrr inching closer to Severity, either to use his aid against the two younger wrestlers or to take him out first.*

The Accelerator: Oh, but I’m not done yet. If you guys happen to be able to count, you might notice there are three matches, which means we need six competitors. Well, I’m here to tell you that the other two men in your match? They’ve been chosen. You’ll find out about them later, trust me. Now, for the last bit of information: next week, we’re getting things started. And you know what, Lurrr? I just have this feeling you’re aching to get this chance, so I’m going to have you start things out… and I know just the guy to face: Scott Caine.

*Lurrr immediately looks over at Caine, who is now wearing a slightly sinister smile at the thought of getting his hands on the guy who attacked him a few weeks ago.*

The Accelerator: Oh, yeah, and since he’s ranked high enough, why not put the X Division Title on the line as well?

*That one gets a roar from the crowd, as Lurrr angrily tosses a few curse words the way of the President. Ace pretends not to notice.*

The Accelerator: Alright, guys, I’ve got one more money-making match tonight, so how’s about we clear out of that ring? BTW, if any of you have the itch to fight now, squash it. It won’t help my ratings any to throw away a huge brawl, after all. So no contact, boyos, or else you’re out of the #1 Contenders series. Peace!

*Ace turns and leaves the ringside area, as the wrestlers all still look at each other. Caine is still watching Lurrr, ready for the opportunity to fight the man for his gold. Lurrr has already stepped out of the ring, sharing angry words with Mathis. Severity and Chris have moved to their own groups, possibly discussing who their mystery opponents could be, or if they’ll just end up facing each other. We leave the crowd buzzing as we head to our final commercial break of the night.*

*We return from the break to the announce area, where Jones & Logan are waiting for the final match of the evening.*

Jones: It’s been an exciting night, as we’ve recovered from Darkness Falls and are now on the road to our next PPV, Blood On The Battlefield III!

Logan: The PPV announcement is good, Jonesy, but next week’s looking like it’s going to be a huge show! We’ve got two title matches already signed for Inferno!

Jones: We’re not there yet, Anthony. We’ve still got a title match tonight to take care of!

*A review video begins to play, showing the Payne Killers and the Danger Boiz. The Payne Killers are featured in their war against the House of Pain, including their controversial winning of the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles by getting a DQ win over their rivals. The Payne Killers continue to ambush the House of Pain, leading to the Danger Boiz offering their assistance. The brawl between the two teams is showcased from the final Inferno before the PPV. At Darkness Falls, the Payne Killers are seen attacking first Crazy Chris, then Dangerous Dan, using both superior numbers and ambush tactics. This led to the Accelerator announcing this title match, making sure that the Payne Killers have to defend their belts here tonight. We go back to ringside, where Minos is already standing in the center of the ring.*

Minos: Our next match is our main event of the evening, and is scheduled for one fall. It will be for the GCWA World Tag-Team Championship! Introducing first, the challengers, currently undefeated in tag-team matches, they are getting their first chance at the gold, weighing a combined 448 lbs, from Smithville, TN, they are Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

*The crowd cheers loudly as “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead blasts over the speakers. The two Danger Boiz come out, filled with adrenaline as they get the fans even more riled up. Behind them, coming out as promised, is Mr. Excellent, who will be providing some back-up on the outside just in case. The three men jog down to the ring, energized.*

Logan: If these guys weren’t both dealing with injuries, I’d definitely call them the favorites here tonight. But we really don’t know what condition they’re in after the beatings they took at Darkness Falls.

Jones: While that’s true, Anthony, I still think the Payne Killers may have bitten off more than they can chew. The Danger Boiz are fired up, which will give the Paynes a lot more than they bargained for.

Logan: Yeah, did you see Crazy Chris cutting himself up with barbed wire? That was wild, man!

Minos: Their opponents, also currently undefeated in the tag-team ranks, they stand united with Twiztid, weighing a combined 458 lbs, they were the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Jason & Lukas Payne, the Payne Killers!

*The boos echos throughout the arena as “Self-Destructive Pattern” by Spineshank plays out on the speakers. Lukas comes out first, looking focused and ready to go. Jason, on the other hand, looks unshaven and ready to go out and party some more. Neither brother looks at the other as they come down the aisle, towards the competition that awaits.*

Jones: A very definite difference in attitudes here, Logan. The Danger Boiz look more like a unit than ever, while the Payne Killers seem to be less and less of a team.

Logan: Yeah, I think Jason really has gotten lax lately. Lukas is going to have to carry their team tonight if they want to stay the World Tag-Team Champions.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Dan & Chris quickly confer, with Chris wanting his chance to get thing started. Dan nods and steps through the ropes, letting his brother begin the match. On the other side, it’s not near as friendly, as Lukas starts to head towards Chris, only to get stopped by Jason. The two brothers begin to argue, with Jason basically saying that he wants to take care of this himself. Lukas, frustrated, points out Jason’s physical condition. As the two continue to argue, Chris can be seen, tugging at his mask. He shakes his head, unable to contain himself any longer, and runs forward, hitting Jason from behind with a running knee strike that sends Jason flying forward into his brother! Stunned, Lukas rolls out of the ring, as Chris grabs Jason from behind and takes him over with a neckbreaker, starting the match on the right track for the Danger Boiz!*

Jones: That was a big hit from Crazy Chris, and our tag champs are already on the defensive!

Logan: Well, Chris did say he wanted to give the Payne Killers a taste of their own medicine. He couldn’t resist hitting Jason from behind.

Jones: Chris will have to keep the pressure on, though, because like them or not, the Payne Killers are an accomplished tag-team.

Logan: Yeah, if they can get their heads on straight.

*Chris pulls Jason up, directing him towards the Danger Boiz’ corner. He tosses Jason in, slamming his head against the turnbuckle, then tags in Dan. Chris takes a position on his hands and knees in front of Jason, as Dan moves to the side, then comes running back, planting his foot on Chris’ back to get some altitude as he nails Jason with some Poetry In Motion! Chris gets up and moves out of the ring, per referee Bell’s orders, as Dan continues the assault, flipping Jason over, then giving him a kick right in the spine, causing Jason to clench his mouth to seal in a yell. Mr. Excellent is applauding on the outside, loving the ringside position he’s got for this match. Dan pulls Jason back up, giving him a Dusty elbow shot to stun him some more. With Jason looking almost out on his feet, Dan runs to the ropes, preparing for something big. He doesn’t get there, as Lukas trips him up from the outside, sending Dan sprawling!*

Logan: And just like that, the Paynes manage to turn the tide. Damn.

Jones: You can’t put anything past these champions, although, to be honest, Lukas was just trying to save his brother.

Logan: Either that or save his titles.

*As Dan gets back up, looking Lukas’ direction with rage in his eyes, Jason uses the opportunity, cutting out Dan’s knee from behind with a diving cutblock! Dan writhes on the mat in pain, as Jason crawls quickly over to his brother, sticking out his hand. Lukas, after a second, tags in, slapping Jason’s hand hard. He comes through the ropes, moving towards Dan, who’s trying to get up. Chris, angry, tries to step in himself, but the ref is right there to make sure he stays away. Lukas, seeing this, grabs Dan from behind with a choke, trying to sap more energy from him! Chris complains to ref Bell, who, unlike Mitchell, listens, turning around. Lukas immediately releases the hold, instead grabbing Dan by the neck and getting a modified backbreaker on him! Lukas makes a pin attempt… 1… 2… Dan kicks out, avoiding the loss.*

Jones: Lukas definitely looks more focused in this one than his brother.

Logan: He’s the main threat to the Danger Boiz. If Dan can’t make a comeback, this one might be over quicker than most would expect.

*With Chris looking on, furiously pacing the apron, Lukas stands above Dan, giving a small smile to his opponent. He starts on the Garvin stomp, moving around Dan with a series of stomps to leave him hurting badly on the mat. Jason is back up on his apron, calling for the tag, but it looks like Lukas is ignoring him. Instead, Lukas pulls Dan up and locks him into a dragon sleeper, looking to put his foe away! Referee Bell watches for any sign of a submission, as Lukas cranks on the hold, cutting off Dan’s oxygen. Mr. Excellent, on the outside, claps his hands, trying to get the crowd riled up and get some energy going to his ally. Chris is looking like he’s feeling the pain just as much as his brother is. Dan struggles, looking for a way to get free, but his air is going fast.*

Jones: Lukas might put Dan away all by himself!

Logan: There are only a couple of ways to escape a dragon sleeper. Dan needs to find one of those, and quickly!

*As Lukas cranks his arm again, tightening his grip, Crazy Chris can’t take anymore. He starts to step through the ropes, heading to his brother’s aid. Lukas sees him coming, though, and lets go of the hold, while also pointing it out to the referee. With no choice, Bell stops Chris’ progress, ordering him back. Lukas, meanwhile, kicks at Dan, then points to his brother, slapping his hands together. Jason, grinning, steps through the ropes without a legal tag, exchanging places with his brother. He jumps up on the second turnbuckle and pushes off, getting some air before landing on Dan with a diving elbow! Dan shudders in pain, as Jason makes the cover, calling for the ref to come over. While referee Bell looks a little surprised to see Jason in there, he goes ahead and makes the count… 1… 2… Dan kicks out!*

Logan: I don’t know how Dan’s still going in this one.

Jones: He desperately needs to make a tag. The Paynes have him in dire straits.

Logan: Hey, I always loved that song, “Sultans of Swing”. And “Money For Nothing”? Awesome song.

Jones: No, Anthony, not the band, I mean… oh forget it.

Logan: C’mon, Jonesy, sing along! “I Want My… I Want My… I Want My MTV!”

*Lukas is trying to get another quick tag to happen, but now it’s Jason’s turn to ignore him. Instead, the Payne brother pulls Dan up and shows him to Chris, mocking him. He’s almost moving the hurting Dan like a puppet, making his arms wiggle. Jason laughs at the anger in Chris’ eyes. He stops laughing, though, when Dan suddenly leaps up, hitting a Pele kick!! Jason falls backwards to the mat, stunned, as Dan desperately starts rolling on the ground towards his brother. Mr. Excellent is hopping, now, screaming for Dan to move quicker. You’d think the belts were on the line for him as well. Crazy Chris, excited, reaches out his arm as far as he can. Lukas is yelling at Jason to get up and tag him. Jason pulls himself up and tries to stop Dan, but he can’t make it in time, as the hot tag is made! Chris springs himself over the top rope into the ring, charging forward and nailing Jason with a clothesline! Lukas tries to come in, but Chris is ready, heading towards him and giving him a dropkick that spills Lukas back out of the ring! Chris lets out a feral yell, joining in the energy coming from the GCWA audience.*

Logan: Go, wild man, go!

Jones: Crazy Chris is running full-tilt on adrenaline right now! Jason Payne is in some serious trouble!

*Jason tries to grab Chris from behind, looking for a back suplex, but Chris fights free, reversing himself around and planting another dropkick, this one on Jason’s chin! Jason falls to the ground, hurting, as Chris runs off the ropes and comes back, doing a flip and landing back-first onto Jason’s stomach! Chris seizes the opportunity, knowing that Jason’s brother isn’t around right now. He lifts Jason up and delivers a hurricanrana, planting Jason on the mat. The ref moves in for the pin, but Chris isn’t ready for that yet. He tags in Dan, who comes in and joins Chris in a double suplex for Jason! Lukas, scrambling, slides back into the ring, running at both men. But the Danger Boiz are ready, as they both duck their shoulders, sending Lukas flipping back out!*

Jones: What a tumble by Lukas! This is the best chance the Danger Boiz have to get the gold!

Logan: Take Jason out now, guys! You won’t get a better opportunity to be champions!

*With referee Bell standing back, having lost all control in this one, Chris signals to his brother. Dan nods, grabbing a staggering Jason and twisting him around, delivering the Danger Zone!! Jason reels away, grabbing at his back, as Crazy Chris mounts the turnbuckle. He comes flying off, perfectly aiming his assault, as Jason gets nailed by the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! Chris immediately gets back up to his feet, using the ropes for momentum as he races over, leaping over the top rope and falling outside, in a suicide plunge into the recovering Lukas!! Mr. Excellent makes sure to be out of range, then focuses his attention back on the action inside the ring. In the meantime, Dan moves over and gets on top of Jason Payne, making the cover, with Bell moving in for the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, and the NEW GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World, Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!!!

*The place is going ballistic as referee Bell goes to get the World Tag-Team Titles. Dan looks like he can’t believe it as Bell hands him the belts. Mr. Excellent helps Chris up and pushes him back into the ring. The two brothers give each other a quick manly hug, with Dan passing one of the belts on to his brother. Both men go to separate turnbuckles, climbing up and striking a pose, as the chants for the Danger Boiz increase. In the meantime, Jason rolls to the outside, holding his head in a lot of pain. He staggers around, looking for his brother… and Lukas nails him with the ring bell!!!*

Logan: Whoa! Brothers gone bad!

Jones: Lukas is pissed, and he’s taking it out on his flesh and blood!

*Lukas looks down at his bloodied brother, but he’s not satisfied yet. He grabs the padding surrounding the ring and pulls it back, revealing the cold, hard concrete underneath. The Danger Boiz are watching, not particularly caring to try to make the save. Mr. Excellent actually looks pleased. Lukas lifts Jason up, considering his brother one more time, then locks him into a gringo killer, smashing him onto the concrete!!! Lukas gets up and walks away, as Jason lays in a heap, unconscious and in a bad way.*

Jones: Oh my god! Not only do we have new tag-team champions, I think we’ve just seen the end of the former champs!

Logan: Yep, no rematch clause for them!

*Medics come down to check on Jason, as Lukas disappears through the back. In the meantime, Mr. Excellent has entered the ring, celebrating with the Danger Boiz, who look ecstatic at having the gold. They’re not letting the outside actions bother them. Crazy Chris calls for a mic, and gets one tossed to him.*

Crazy Chris: This is absolutely amazing! Thanks to everyone that’s supported us! We guarantee these belts will be around our waists for a long, long time!

*The crowd cheers loudly, supporting the new champs. Dan has a huge smile on his face.*

Crazy Chris: But this is just the start. I plan to add a lot more gold around my waist! And I’ll be starting with the #1 Contenders spot that I’ve been given. I know my friend here, Mr. Excellent, will be facing Marcus Ka’Derrion next week for the Intercontinental Title. Well, whoever wins that one, be forewarned that Crazy Chris will coming for the winner! The Danger Boiz are going to wear every piece of gold once we’re done. Count on it!

*Crazy Chris drops the mic, still smiling. Mr. Excellent looks a little surprised at the announcement, but he takes it good-naturedly, giving Chris a pat on the back. He raises both Danger Boiz’ hands, to the cheers of the crowd.*

Jones: Great moment there, Anthony! We’re looking at the future of the business, no question about it!

Logan: The future? Seems like they’re already there, Jonesy! We’ve got new champs! Great way to start off the hunt for Blood On The Battlefield III! Good night, everyone!

*As the celebration continues, we cut backstage yet again…and, like once before this evening, we find ourselves staring at the House of Pain locker room…only, this time, we see GCWA Champ, Derek Mobley entering…we watch as he walks into an empty locker room…he sees his bag, neatly placed on a bench…obviously someone, probably Warrick, picked it up off the ground and hid all evidence of it being thrown, carelessly against the wall earlier…Derek looks around for Warrick before showing a sign of frustration*

Derek Mobley: Warrick…where the hell did you go…better not be falling off the wagon again…he was doing so good…and, he was kinda mad…we should probably talk this out…I’ll text him

*Derek pulls his phone out and begins to text…like so many people we know…or, are, he says aloud what he is texting “hey bro…where did you go…call me A.S.A.P….sorry about earlier…” Derek takes a seat on the bench and breathes in a deep sigh…we then fade out of the locker room and then into another area of the GCWA backstage hallways…we see Warrick Hill. He is standing in front of the Roman Empire locker room! He is about to knock when his phone goes off…Warrick looks at it and sees a text from Derek…he clicks ‘cancel’ on the text, sending it to his messages folder without reading it…Warrick then knocks on the Roman Empire’s door…it opens and behind it we see Rick Mathis…Mathis sees Warrick standing there and smiles*

Rick Mathis: Hey, Warrick…good to see ya…hold on, I’ll get Lurrr.

*Mathis turns and walks off, leaving Warrick at the door…a few moments later, we see the X-Division Champion, Lurrr! He has a huge smile on his face and extends his hand to Warrick…Warrick shakes it, smiling himself…Lurrr then catches something out of the corner of his eye while shaking hands*

Lurrr: Hold on one second…need to take care of a little business…

*Lurrr, out of nowhere, snaps off The Wake Up Call! He levels the camera man who had been accompanying Cynthia right underneath the chin, knocking him out cold. Cynthia lets out a scream and takes off…Mathis emerges from the locker room and sees the fallen camera man and his camera….Lurrr speaks*

Lurrr: Rick, take care of that man and his stupid camera…I’ve got some business to discuss with Mr. Hill..once you’re done, feel free to join us…

*Mathis nods and goes to work disposing of the camera man and destroying his camera…Warrick follows Lurrr into the Roman Empire locker room with the door being slammed shut behind them. We lose picture, ending the night on an ominous note.*

OOC: And another new journey begins! A lot of storylines got started in this one, so I hope you enjoyed it! Here's next Friday's card:

- Twiztid vs. Ty Fierce

- Harvey Danger vs. the Big Bifford

- Caid Austin vs. The Lost Soul

- Dangerous Dan vs. Tommy Crimson

- Tripp Matthews vs. Warrick Hill

- Marcus Ka'Derrion(c) vs. Mr. Excellent, GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match

- Lurrr(c) vs. Scott Caine, GCWA X Division Title Match (winner becomes the first #1 Contender for Derek Mobley's World Title)

BTW, since our roster is so large, I've created 7 matches for next week. But I'm letting you know now that the two worst matches may just say who won and that will be it. I'm still debating that, since I want everyone to get a match this week, but I doubt I'll have time to write that much...

Roleplaying will be from Saturday, March 7th to Wednesday, March 11th, 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count. Good luck!