*The screen fades out from the last tv show, taking us to darkness. As it disappears, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, with the World Title around his waist, smiling at the camera. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us see all of the screaming fans in the GCWA Arena! The crowd is hyped up at the thought of this being the final show before the pay-per-view. Signs range from “Danger Boiz Rule!” to “Lurrr is the Anti-Christ!” We go to the announcing table, where Jones and Logan are set to begin another great addition to the GCWA’s history!*

Jones: Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to Friday Night Inferno! As you should all know by now, I’m Edward Jones, and with me is my broadcast colleague, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: Good to be here, Jonesy. I’ve always loved the show before a pay-per-view. It was always so unpredictable!

Jones: So far, we know of three announced title matches at Darkness Falls, including the much-anticipated World Title match between Derek Mobley and the man formerly known as Arryk Rage, Twiztid! That still leaves a lot of room, though, for other matches. Hopefully at least some of them will be decided on tonight!

Logan: Yeah, it’d be terrible if some of our other guys don’t get a pay-per-view match. I mean, that’s a great bonus to your pocketbook to start off March! Hell, I’ve got a house payment I need to be able to take care of!

Jones: Don’t worry, Anthony, I’m sure we’ll get paid. The GCWA is scoring record ratings right now for our network, after all!

Logan: I know, but I also know the Accelerator is a self-professed tight-wad who won’t let go of a penny if he doesn’t know where it’s going.

Jones: True. Still, he’s paid us well so far.

Logan: Yeah, I gotta admit, that incentives contract he gave out IS pretty sweet.

Jones: I can see why the wrestlers might get a contract like that, Anthony. They earn bonuses for winning titles and headlining PPVs. But why would you have one?

Logan: I get a bonus for every time I get in a good burn on you, Jonesy. *Jones turns and looks at Logan, surprised. Logan, for his part, looks proud to be admitting a clause in his contract that allows for insulting his broadcast partner.*

Jones: What? Wait, why wasn’t I given that option?

Logan: Because Ace knows that making you a joke is good for business! By the way, how’s your wife? Oh, wait, I already know how she is. *singing* I’m in the money! I’m in the money!

Jones: Wait, how is that funny? My wife’s got a cold right now that keeps coming back.

Logan: Does it come back every time you get ready for bed?

Jones: Yes, actually. I’ve been meaning to test the sheets to see if there’s anything in the bed that’s irritating to her.

Logan: Ok, man, even for money, that’s too easy. Let’s just get to the matches tonight.

Jones: Sure, sure. We’ve got some great action tonight, including the debut of two new wrestlers, a great match featuring two popular stars, and our main event, a “No Holds Barred” Match between Warrick Hill and Tommy Crimson! And, of course, we also have our contract signing between Derek Mobley and Twiztid, where we’ll find out what match we’re going to see at Darkness Falls!

Logan: It’s going to be a great night, I can just feel it, Jonesy! Plus, we’re finally going to find out who Marcus Ka’Derrion’s father is!

Jones: Yes, Marcus did promise to reveal his father’s name here tonight, on the show before the Pay-Per-View.

Logan: So let’s get to it! Start the first match, Minos!

Jones: Well…. we can’t.

Logan: …. what?

Jones: Well, we had Marcus Ka’Derrion vs. Caid Austin scheduled as our first match of the night. But apparently we’ve got a little problem concerning Marcus’ whereabouts, or more appropriately, his flight out here to Dallas.

*The camera image switches for a second, taking us to the back. GCWA intrepid reporter Cynthia Hall is seen on the parking lot area, impatiently waiting for Marcus Ka'Derrion. She keeps looking at her watch and shaking her head at the same time. The camera cuts back to Jones and Logan.*

Jones: Well, fans, as you can clearly see, Marcus Ka'Derrion is once again late.

Logan: Can't blame him this time though, he couldn't find a flight in time.

Jones: He could have found one if he just tried harder, or even called GCWA and asked for our staff to help.

Logan: Give the guy a break Jones, geez.

Jones: I can give him a break, but I'm not sure if Ace is willing to give him more. I mean, his match was the opening bout, but now we're going to have to skip it for now and move on to the next match.

Logan: I don't have a problem with that. What's the IC champ doing opening the show anyway?

Jones: You are just going to keep taking his side aren't you?

Logan: For now at least. He's a rookie man!

Jones: Alright, alright, let’s just get to the ‘new’ first match, and we’ll worry about Ka’Derrion’s whereabouts later.

Minos: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall. It is a battle of a newcomer and a growing star in our sport, two men that could use a victory to catapult their careers. First, he’s looking to add to his victories here in the GCWA, standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*”Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. plays as the fans give out a cheer for the growing superstar. After a few moments, Mr. Excellent walks out from behind the curtain. He seems to be talking with someone, before letting the curtain drop and heading out to the ring.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent has had his ups and downs lately, but a win tonight would definitely help to get him back on track.

Logan: Yep. Hey, wasn’t Mr. Excellent’s son, little Rob, supposed to be here tonight?

Jones: I think he’s in the back with Mick. After all, we don’t know much about this cowboy guy, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Logan: I guess so. I hope the kid’s got a good view!

Minos: His opponent, making his first appearance inside a GCWA ring, standing 6’7” and weighing 280 lbs, from Amarillo, Texas, he is “Cowboy” Tom Hookum!

*The fans don’t react much, not knowing that much about Hookum. He comes out to “Chemical Slow” by Finger Eleven, raising his hands in the air before ‘moseying’ down the aisle towards the ring.*

Logan: So is this guy a real cowboy? He looks more like a redneck to me.

Jones: Most cowboys are rednecks, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, true. I thought, being from Texas, Hookum would get a few more cheers from the crowd here, but they seem pretty dead.

Jones: The GCWA fans are some of the smartest in the business, Anthony. If they haven’t heard of you, they aren’t just going to give you applause just based on your hometown.

Logan: Yeah, yeah, be sure to say that again when Caid Austin, from Dallas, Texas, walks down here later on.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Hookum takes a moment to shed his hat in his corner, then turns to face Mr. Excellent. As the two men get closer together, Hookum’s size advantage becomes more obvious, as he looks down with a cocky smirk at his opponent. Hookum and Excellent lock up, with the Cowboy using his strength to shove Excellent backwards, sending him rolling towards the corner. Hookum shows off his ‘guns’, then waves Excellent back towards him, as the crowd lets out some displeasure. Mr. Excellent dusts himself off then comes back, locking up with Hookum again. No, it’s a fake, as Mr. Excellent instead twists around the Cowboy, grabbing at the legs and sending the startled man to the ground! Before Hookum can get his wits back together, Mr. Excellent is on top of him, grabbing at his legs to set in the Execution!!*

Logan: Whoa! Mr. Excellent’s not wasting any time!

Jones: He wants to impress his son, Anthony, and clearly, I think it’s going to work! Hookum was completely unprepared for that takedown, which might just be all that Mr. Excellent needs!

*Hookum tries to pull away, realizing finally that he’s in a very dangerous predicament, but Mr. Excellent tenaciously works over his legs, weakening them with stomps and stretches. Finally, after a little more effort, Mr. Excellent locks on the Execution, causing Hookum to start yelling out in pain! The rookie struggles against the hold, as the referee, Mark Bell, moves in, keeping track of how much agony Hookum can stand. The Cowboy drags his nails into the mat, working to pull himself towards the ropes, inch by inch. As he fights, Mr. Excellent moves with him, making sure to keep the hold locked in place despite the change in location.*

Jones: Hookum needs to do something right now, or else this one might be over in record time!

Logan: I’ve give him this, he’s lasted longer in the Execution than a lot of other people have, but that could just be because he hadn’t had any punishment dealt out to him yet.

Jones: Well, he’s definitely feeling the burn now!

*The ref stays close as Hookum desperately reaches out his hand, coming closer and closer to the bottom rope. As he reaches out for one last grab, though, Mr. Excellent looks down with a smile. He suddenly pulls forward, dragging Hookum back towards the center of the ring, showing that he’s been toying with the Cowboy! Hookum tries to stop their movement, but there’s nothing he can do. Mr. Excellent gets him far away from the ropes, then sits down harder, doing more damage to Hookum’s legs! The ref asks again if Hookum wants to give up. Hookum starts to shake his head no, but he’s barely thinking straight, as it feels like his legs are slowly being torn from his body! He finally shakes his head yes over and over, as the ref stands and signals for the bell!

Minos: Here is your winner, Mr. Excellent!!

Jones: This one’s over! Already!

Logan: That was a horrible start to young Tom Hookum’s career, wasn’t it? It’s almost like the guy didn’t even show up!

Jones: Well, Anthony, the Execution is possibly the greatest submission finisher we have here currently in the GCWA. So while Hookum shouldn’t have let it get applied so early, once it was locked in, it’s definitely hard to escape.

Logan: Yeah, I hope Mr. Excellent’s son is happy. That was simply domination.

*Mr. Excellent finishes celebrating on the turnbuckle and leaves the ring, heading for the back. He surely is looking forward to holding his son in his arms again. Hookum, in the meantime, is not able to stand up, due to the damage done to his legs. As Mr. Excellent departs, we fade from ringside and go to a pre-taped segment. Ominous music plays, as a wisp of smoke comes across the screen. A shot of Lurrr and Rick Mathis is shown, with Lurrr raising up the X Division Title as if mocking the fans. A second later, we see a shot of the Lost Soul, looking towards the camera, his eyes shining in the darkness of the shot. As both pictures fade, a metal structure replaces them: a large cage, covering a ring. A low voice begins speaking, covering the heavy music.*

Voice: The indecency of evil men must be cleansed from the shores of the GCWA. To do this, a special match will be required. The X Division Title will be decided inside the confines of a steel cage, sealed from all others. All that will be inside the cage is the champion, the challenger, and a heavy-duty ladder. For the title will not be decided by pinfall or submission. It will be decided by who is able to locate it.

*Inside the cage, four boxes can be seen, almost floating above the ring. Each has different markings on it.*

Voice: The quest shall be undertaken at Darkness Falls, where four boxes will decide the fate of the championship. Two boxes hold what will be needed to succeed: one the X Division Title, the other the key that will allow the competitor to escape the cage. Both will be needed to get this victory. The other two boxes are not as forgiving. Their contents will be discovered at Darkness Falls, when the Lost Soul brings the nightmare of the BLC to the GCWA.

*The images fade away, as does the music. We head to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break by going outside the arena, where Cynthia Hall is still waiting, slightly impatient now. She breathes a sigh of relief as she sees a taxi cab pulling up with Marcus in the back. Cynthia signals to the camera and they move forward. Marcus throws some money at the cab driver and then jumps out of the cab, bag and championship in hand.*

Cynthia Hall: Marcus! We have been wa—argh!!!

*Marcus pushes her out of the way as he rushes to the inside of the arena, appearing to be changing in the process. A very upset Hall watches him go, crossing her arms.*

Cynthia Hall: A*****e, you promised me an exclusive!

*We cut back to the announcers, who look a little surprised at her use of language. Fortunately, the censors were ready for her.*

Jones: Uh, thank you Cynthia. Well Marcus is finally here, what do you think Ace will say to him?

Logan: No idea, Edds. We might as well keep going, though, right?

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall and will be pitting two pairs of wrestlers against another in combat. First, pairing together for the first time tonight as both are seeking their first wins in the GCWA, weighing a combined 539 pounds, here are Jay-Mack Youth and “The Warrior” Aaron Hedrick!*

*The two men walk out to “Warrior” by Kid Rock, neither really looking at the other as they make their way down. The crowd is pretty quiet, although a few of the ladies still ooh and ahh over Hedrick’s physique. Youth doesn’t even get that, as he just scares the women here.*

Jones: A few weeks back, Youth was teaming up with Makorpal. Now that Makorpal is gone from the federation, though, Youth is instead being partnered up with another newcomer, Aaron. It will be interesting to see what they can do together.

Logan: Especially since they haven’t been able to do anything separately.

Minos: Their opponents have been a team since birth, two brothers wrestling as one inside the squared circle. Weighing a combined 448 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here are Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

*As “Hell Yeah!” by Zebrahead plays (a new tune), the Danger Boiz come out. Crazy Chris looks pumped to be out there, but he also looks concerned for his brother. Dan is wearing sunglasses to help against the glare from the bright entrance lights, but he also looks ready to let out some aggression here tonight.*

Jones: I can’t believe that no sanctions have been handed down against Rick Mathis! The guy nearly blinded Dangerous Dan for life!

Logan: Don’t worry, Jonesy, I’m sure Mathis is going to get what’s coming to him. But Dangerous Dan looks like he’s doing ok to me. After all, it was just a little blindness.

Jones: Just a little blindness??

Logan: Hey, I’m just quoting Riley, man. Dan must have been cleared by the docs, or else he wouldn’t be wrestling tonight.

Jones: Maybe so, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Crazy Chris do a lot of the wrestling here tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*To the shock of no one, Crazy Chris starts things out, making sure his brother stays on the apron. On the other side, Jay-Mack growls at his competition, then looks back, where Hedrick has already moved safely to the apron. The two men start to look for an advantage, when suddenly “Whatever” by Godsmacks plays! The fans start to cheer as Marcus Ka’Derrion storms out of the back, hurrying towards the ring!*

Jones: What the heck? What is Marcus doing out here?

Logan: Hey, you think he’s going to reveal his father’s name right now?

Jones: Now? He’s doing that now??

Logan: Or, wait, maybe he’s here to scope out how serious the damage is to Dangerous Dan! I mean, Marcus IS defending the Intercontinental Title against Dan next week at Darkness Falls, after all.

Jones: That one makes a little more sense, since Dan has done that before, coming down during the Ka’Derrion/Caine bout a few weeks ago.

*Marcus is almost to the ring, slapping a few hands on the way, when he suddenly realizes that there are several people waiting for him. Crazy Chris has moved back to his corner, making sure that Dangerous Dan knows what’s going on. The Danger Boiz don’t look pleased that the man Dan’s supposed to face at the pay-per-view has appeared at the start of this match. Jay-Mack Youth is standing in the middle of the ring, as if ready for yet another guy to fight, while Aaron Hedrick looks completely lost. Marcus stops in the aisle, just staring at the guys already inside the ropes.*

Jones: Is it me, or does Marcus not look pleased with the four men standing in front of him?

Logan: Wait, was Marcus… was he coming out here for his match against Caid Austin? That’s not scheduled until after this one!

Jones: We could be seeing another mistake from our youngest champion, Anthony!

*Marcus turns and confers with one of the attendees at ringside, who informs him of the match that’s taking place. He looks again at the ring, then looks down, his hair momentarily covering his face. Dangerous Dan has moved along the ropes, squinting over at the Intercontinental Champion. He’s still trying to decide Ka’Derrion’s reason for being there. Without another word, Marcus turns and walks back up the aisle, heading for the back. The crowd laughs some, but that is quickly overridden by Marcus’ name being chanted. The chant echoes in the arena, as Dangerous Dan looks on, looking a little upset.*

Jones: Ok, well, now that that’s over, can we get this match going?

Logan: Hey, the bell’s already rung, these guys could be fighting already if they wanted to. It’ll be interesting to see how Marcus’ appearance affects this match.

*Crazy Chris talks to his brother for a second, getting him back in the correct corner, then turns back to where Jay-Mack is impatiently waiting to begin. The bulky man is centered in the ring, as if claiming it as the top of the mountain. The two opponents come together, with Jay-Mack having the slight height advantage. Jay-Mack looks down at his opponent and hits his chest, goading Chris into an attack. Chris responds, going off the ropes and coming back with a shoulder block, but Jay-Mack is too heavy, knocking Chris backwards without even moving. Jay-Mack laughs at the attempt and calls for another, so Chris again heads to the ropes. This time, though, as he comes back, Chris suddenly leaps up, throwing both legs around Jay-Mack’s head! Before the big man from the Philippines can react, Chris twists backwards, taking Jay-Mack down with a hurricanrana! Chris immediately gets back up, attacking Jay-Mack as he tries to defend himself, as the fans cheer the Danger Boiz on.*

Logan: Smart move by Crazy Chris. He’s got the definite speed advantage against a monster like Jay-Mack Youth.

Jones: He’d better stay elusive in there, since he’s almost fighting a handicap match.

Logan: Dan will be there if needed, Jonesy. Hell, I think the guy’s wants to show Marcus Ka’Derrion that he can still go.

*Chris comes off the ropes, leveling Jay-Mack with an axehandle to the back. As Jay-Mack struggles to regain his feet, Chris heads to the turnbuckle, climbing up to the second step. He waits, watching Jay-Mack get up and look around. The big man turns towards Chris, who leaps forward, grabbing Jay-Mack’s head and delivering a flying neckbreaker! Jay-Mack is down, as Chris makes the quick pin… 1… 2… Jay-Mack kicks free, barely staying alive. Chris gets himself back up and pulls Jay-Mack up as well. He lashes out with a quick kick, but Jay-Mack catches the kick, tossing Chris’ leg away from him. Chris just reacts, though, turning the maneuver into a dragon whip, spinning around to smash his opponent with a spinning heel kick!*

Logan: What a move! Crazy Chris just might beat these two bozos by himself!

Jones: I’m not sure that’s what Dangerous Dan wants, Anthony, but it may very well go down that way!

*With Aaron Hedrick watching on from his corner, barely moving, Crazy Chris climbs up on the ‘buckle and jumps off, landing a diving fist drop to Jay-Mack’s skull! Crazy Chris shakes out his hand, which is apparently hurting from punching such a thick skull, then makes the cover… 1… 2… Jay-Mack gets a shoulder up at the last second. He’s almost out of it, though, so Crazy Chris heads back over to his corner, climbing up to get maximum altitude. As he does so, though, Dangerous Dan tags him! Chris, shocked, comes off the turnbuckle and faces his brother, who obviously wants to get in on some of the beatdown. He steps through the ropes, but Chris is there, talking with him about it. In the meantime, a desperate Jay-Mack pulls himself up and goes crawling over to his corner…. but Aaron Hedrick isn’t there anymore! Jay-Mack looks around with bleary eyes, trying to figure it out, as the camera shows Hedrick hurrying up the aisle, earning some severe boos from the GCWA audience in attendance.*

Jones: Where’s Hedrick going in such a hurry?

Logan: Maybe the dude needs Pepto Bismol or something.

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. It looks to me like he just didn’t want any part of the Danger Boiz!

Logan: Really? Damn. I hate cowards.

*As Jay-Mack pulls himself up in his corner, still trying to figure out why he doesn’t have anyone to tag, Dangerous Dan pushes past his brother and runs forward, splashing Jay-Mack from behind! Dan then drops into a hands-and-knees position, waving his brother on. Crazy Chris, with a rueful grin, sets himself and runs forward, jumping off of his brother’s back to enable a huge splash into Jay-Mack! The larger wrestler hangs on the ‘buckle, looking completely spent. But the Danger Boiz aren’t done yet, as Dan, with some help from Chris, grabs Jay-Mack from behind and lifts him up, delivering the Danger Zone!! Dan props the barely conscious Jay-Mack up and rolls away, as Crazy Chris climbs the turnbuckle, setting himself. He jumps off, hitting a unique variation of the Crazy Man’s Suicide that leaves Jay-Mack flat on the mat. Dan comes back to make the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!

Logan: Congrats, Jay-Mack Youth, you just got pinned by a blind man!

Jones: A very impressive showing by the Danger Boiz, especially when you take Dan’s injury into account. Of course, it might have gone a little differently had Hedrick not ran for it.

Logan: Nah, I think it would have gone about the same, except there would be two bodies in the ring instead of one. Somehow I’m betting that’s the end of Hedrick’s career here in the GCWA. It might be the end of Youth’s, too, considering he’s lost yet again.

Jones: We’ll have to see what kind of momentum this gives Dangerous Dan as he heads towards his title match against Marcus Ka’Derrion.

*Crazy Chris helps his brother through the ropes, as the two men continue to celebrate. Jay-Mack Youth is still down in the ring. He may need medical attention, or just a good shove out the door. One or the other. The Danger Boiz move up the aisle towards the back, as we switch to a shot in one of the locker rooms. Tommy Crimson walks in through the door, looking like he’s been off preparing for the challenge of Warrick Hill tonight. He tapes up his hands, then ties his long red hair back, getting ready for war. As he does so, though, he notices that the cardboard “OCW World Title” he had made is now sitting on the nearby desk, next to Jobe’s gear. Crimson walks forward, gasping when he notices that something is different about the ‘belt’. There is now a large bite that has been taken out of the belt. Crimson holds it, enraged, then storms out of the locker room, as we fade to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break to the ringside area, where “Head Up” by the Deftones is already playing and Tommy Crimson has come to the ring. He gets a mic, so that he can get his point across.*

Tommy Crimson: Crimson: What the *bleep* is that about Bifford? Taking a bite out of my OCW cardboard title! I came out here for one reason, and I might as well stop beating around the bush on this. Bifford, I challenge you to a match at Darkness Falls. This ends at the pay per view, and I’m going to show you a preview tonight of what to expect, you sick looking *bleep*. So if you’re not busy around the PPV, I`ll be there waiting for you. Oh what fun this will be Biff, don`t you remember all the great times we had in OCW? I can`t wait to tear into your fat ass one more time.

*The fans are booing, as they’re firm supporter of the Big Bifford revolution that’s been taking place. Crimson moves back and forth in the ring, his anger getting the better of him.*

Tommy Crimson: I want you to watch tonight and see what happens to Warrick Hill. What a joke. Wants Respect? Join the army or do the unthinkable, like beating me. I’m wearing my outfit just for you tonight Hill, However I may just have to show up in it at Darkness Falls. Hill, tonight my focus will not waver. I have my eyes straight on you for this match. Next week I can start to deal with this fat bastard. Tonight it’s just me and you. One on One.

*As Crimson finishes speaking, “Copperhead Road” by Steve Earl hits the speakers and Jobe Severity walks out of the back, followed by a few other big guys (one of them wearing a pink dress). Severity has a mic in his hand.*

Jobe Severity: Ah, Crimson, don`t forget about us all being here for you brother. I have a little announcement I would like to make as well dealing with this PPV. Since the World title match is without the brightest star in the GCWA, I guess I’ll just have to deal with that and the Lord on my own time. I am here for an open challenge, anyone not in a match come get you some. I will take on anyone, and I do mean anyone. House of Pain, watch your back tonight...

*As Severity finishes, Crimson, who was already walking down the aisle, reaches him. The entourage of people heads out, leaving the ringside area, as we go back to the announcers.*

Jones: That was wild. So Crimson has challenged the Big Bifford to a match at Darkness Falls, while Severity has issued an open challenge? I wonder who’s going to take him up on that?

Logan: You never know, Jonesy, but it will be interesting to see. Still, know what would be more interesting?

Jones: What’s that?

Logan: Seeing an actual match. I’m tired of all this talking, I want some action!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be fought as a non-title match. First, coming down to the ring, with his valet, Mercedes, he lives here in Dallas, Texas, standing 6’4” and weighing 274 lbs, he is “The Widow Maker” Caid Austin!

*Caid gets a surprising cheer from the crowd, considering that he’s never wrestled in the GCWA before. “Deuces” by Achozen plays behind him as he looks around the crowd here in Dallas. He walks down with his valet, Mercedes, at his side, ready to do some damage.*

Logan: Looks like we’ve got a hometown hero. Told ya so, Jonesy.

Jones: The fans may be behind him, but I know some of the wrestlers in the back were concerned, given his violent history. I mean, this is the guy who once attacked a referee during a rugby match due to a bad call!

Logan: My kind of guy, Jonesy, my kind of guy.

Minos: His opponent is currently undefeated in his run with the GCWA. He is also currently the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, standing 6’1” and weighing 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*”Whatever” by Godsmack plays for the second time tonight. After a few seconds, Marcus walks out from the back. He moves down the ramp and goes towards the ring, looking as if he’s making sure only one man waits for him when he gets there.*

Jones: It’s been a rough week for Marcus, hasn’t it?

Logan: It sure seems like he’s having trouble adjusting to life without his two ‘allies’ helping him out.

Jones: Well, once he gets in that ring, I think we’ll see the focused Marcus again that has already won 3 matches in a row.

Logan: Yep. I just hope he didn’t have to make a deal with the devil to get there.

Jones: Huh?

*The Bell Rings.*

*Marcus starts to come forward, ready to begin the fight, when the referee steps in front of him, shaking his head. Marcus, confused, stops in his tracks, as the ref points at his waist. Marcus looks down, noticing for the first time that the GCWA Intercontinental Title is still around his waist. Ka’Derrion unbuckles it and hands it to the referee, even as Austin sees his chance, coming forward and clotheslining the distracted champion!! The crowd boos, but Austin doesn’t care, as he’s getting a chance to get rid of some of his rage. He leans over the stunned Ka’Derrion, landing several punches to get this match started off at a fast pace!*

Logan: Man, Marcus got Pearl Harbor’ed there! He didn’t see that coming at all!

Jones: Well, if he would have remembered the belt, maybe he wouldn’t have been distracted.

Logan: Geez, Edds, you’ve got a problem with Marcus or what?

Jones: I just feel that he needs to get himself focused if he wants to be a true star in the GCWA! No playing around with mysterious women, no showing up late to matches, and no taking the last donut out of the employee trailer!!

Logan: He’s trying, Jonesy, and I… wait, last donut?

Jones: Yeah, sorry, that wasn’t Marcus, I was just venting.

*With Ka’Derrion in trouble, the larger Austin pulls him up. Austin then sends the IC Champion flying with a t-bone suplex, sending him bouncing off the mat. Ka’Derrion struggles to get up, a little dazed, as Austin comes running in, scoring a running double knee strike that puts Ka’Derrion back on the mat. Austin then makes the cover, as Mercedes cheers him on… 1… 2.. Marcus kicks out, showing that he’s still got a lot left. A little irritated, Austin locks on a reverse chin lock, looking to wear down his opponent. He wrenches on Ka’Derrion’s neck, adding to the punishment that Ka’Derrion has already received. Marcus pushes up against the hold, trying to relieve as much pressure as he can, so that he’ll be able to stand up and break free.*

Jones: So far, Caid Austin is looking pretty good in there, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, he’s impressive. But can he keep it up against the IC Champion?

*With Marcus on the verge of escaping, Austin gives up the chin lock, instead stepping back and booting Ka’Derrion in the mid-section. As Ka’Derrion bends over in pain, Austin locks him up, preparing for a northern lights suplex. He starts to lift, but Ka’Derrion blocks it, then instead falls backwards, getting a DDT to land on Austin! With Mercedes looking on from outside, Ka’Derrion pulls himself up, winded but still moving. Austin rises up as well, but he walks right into Ka’Derrion’s grasp, as the champion knees him in the gut, hooks his arms, and gets a double underhook suplex! With Austin down, Ka’Derrion scrambles for the quick cover… 1… 2… Austin kicks out!*

Logan: There’s some of that championship offense we’ve seen out of Marcus!

Jones: Yes, now he just needs to keep the pressure on and keep the Widow Maker from making a comeback.

*Both men get to their feet, with Marcus planting himself in position. He waits for Austin to get fully upright, then spins, delivering a spinning heel kick to the back of Austin’s head! “The Widow Maker” collapses to the mat, holding his head as if to keep his brains from rattling around anymore. Marcus, now fully in control, steps over Austin, locking him into a camel clutch submission! The ref circles both men, looking for any sign that Caid is willing to give up on this match. But Austin’s still fighting, trying to channel some anger in order to get free. Marcus pulls back on his foe’s head, while applying stress to Austin’s spinal cord. As the ref leans in to check again, asking his usual questions, he notices that Mercedes has gotten up on the apron, yelling at him. The ref goes over, ordering Mercedes to get down, but she refuses, shouting curses towards Marcus, who releases the hold. He walks over, talking back to Mercedes, with the ref trying to stay between them. Finally, Mercedes drops down, still shouting at Marcus. It’s all a distraction, though, as Austin grabs him from behind and gets a roll-up… 1… 2… Marcus barely gets his shoulder up!*

Logan: Close one!

Jones: Austin nearly upset the IC Champion right there, which pretty much would have guaranteed him a title shot against either Ka’Derrion or his opponent at Darkness Falls, Dangerous Dan!

Logan: I bet everyone would have been talking about Austin if he had pulled that off, and there’s still a chance that he might!

*Austin and Ka’Derrion both are up again, with Austin in control thanks to a quick eye-rake. He follows it up by lifting Ka’Derrion into the air with a brainbuster, holding him there for a few seconds and showing his power, before snapping down, bouncing Marcus’ head off the canvas! Austin makes the cocky pin, laying over Ka’Derrion, as the ref moves in… 1… 2… Marcus is still alive, kicking out! Austin looks pretty surprised, as does his valet, Mercedes, on the outside. Austin bitterly complains to the referee, then reaches down, getting a handful of hair to bring Ka’Derrion up to his feet. Austin taunts the younger star, then locks onto him, preparing for his finisher. However, before he can get fully set, Marcus drops, giving Austin a jawbreaker!! Austin falls back against the ropes, stunned, having missed his opportunity.*

Jones: While it hasn’t been a flawless match for Ka’Derrion, his instincts are still there, as he’s coming out with some great reversals in this one!

Logan: The guy got some heavy-duty training, Jonesy. It’s obvious that he’s been taught well. The problem is, the training only goes so far. You have to be able to use the right move at the right time, and no amount of training can teach you that.

*As Marcus stands back up, rubbing the back of his head, Mercedes climbs back up on the apron, trying the same trick again by taunting Marcus. Unbelievably, Marcus turns towards her again, looking like he’s once again distracted by the woman on the apron. Austin, seeing his opponent’s back turned to him, smiles and comes forward, trying for a wicked clothesline. However, this time Marcus was ready, as he ducks under the hit and shoves Austin as he goes by, sending him crashing into Mercedes! The valet falls to the outside, hurting, as Austin looks on, shocked. He turns around, but Marcus is there to lock him up, delivering the snap cradle brainbuster!! Ka’Derrion makes the tired pin, locking up the legs… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, the current GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Jones: Another victory in the books for Ka’Derrion, who remains undefeated!

Logan: Yeah, who would have thought a guy with no experience could do this well in the GCWA?

Jones: Well, I would think his background might have had a little bit to do with it, too. Speaking of, are we finally going to learn the secret??

Logan: God, I hope so! It’s been killing me!

*The ref hands Marcus his Intercontinental Title, as Caid Austin rolls out of the ring, still stunned by his loss. Marcus throws the belt over his shoulder and then starts to head out. The crowd begins to boo and a chant gets started… "Who's your daddy?! Who's your daddy?! Who's your daddy?!" *

Jones: The fans are not letting Marcus leave the ring just like that. He made a promise Anthony!

Logan: Oh? That chant is for Marcus? I thought your kids were in attendance.

Jones: Huh? What do you mean?

Logan: Uh, nothing. Look, Marcus is getting back in the ring.

*Marcus, who had jumped out of the ring, stops at the beginning of the ramp and looks at the crowd with disdain. He shakes his head and then slides back into the ring. He asks for a mic as he hands his IC title to the GCWA attendant. He walks over to one of the corners and sits on the top turnbuckle. The crowd quiets down and he speaks.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: You are just not going to let this go are you?

*The crowd gives a mixed reaction.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Well, a promise is a promise. Fine, I will tell you the name of my father. But before I do, I have to ask you one simple question. Are you sure you are ready to hear the name?

*Crowd cheers.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: You do realize what this means right? What me revealing who my father was means. Do you realize it?

*Crowd gives a mixed reaction.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: You sound a bit confused… Well let me explain to you what it means.

*Marcus jumps down from the top turnbuckle and walks over to the middle of the ring. He looks around at all the fans who are patiently waiting for the name. Marcus makes them wait just a little longer.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: It means that one of your heroes is DEAD. It means that one of the GCWA Icons is DEAD. It means that one of this federation's Hall of Famer's is D-E-A-D… DEAD. Are you sure you are ready for me to break your heart? Are you sure you want to go into shock, into disbelief? This man, my father, was loved by all of you. His legacy is held in the utmost high regard not only by you, but by the President, by every single wrestler… Not only in GCWA but in the world. Do you understand now? I think you do, and I don't think you're ready for his name.

*Marcus lowers the mic and starts to head for the ropes. The crowd once again begins to boo. He stops, hanging his head and bringing the mic up to his lips.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Fine… His name was…

*The crowd awaits, you could hear a pin drop a mile away.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Bla…..

Jones: Oh my God! Marcus' is really Blade's son after all!!

Logan: Damn, you guys didn't let him finish!

*The crowd erupts in cheers and a "BLADE! BLADE! BLADE!" chant gets started. *


Jones: What?

Logan: OH MY GOD JONES! His father is BLAKE KA'DERRION! Wait, who the hell is Blake Ka'Derrion!?!

Jones: Exactly!

*Marcus drops the mic and then jumps out of the ring, grabbing his title from the GCWA attendant and heading to the back… The crowd is stunned, not knowing what to think… Some begin to boo but Marcus has already disappeared behind the curtain.*

Jones: He can't leave, he didn't tell us who Blake Ka'Derrion was!!!!

Logan: I feel cheated, but then again, Marcus did say he was going to give us his name only. I guess, in a way, he did keep his promise.

Jones: BULL CRAP! He lied to us! He tricked us! He gave us his real name! Nobody knows who the hell Blake Ka'Derrion is! That last name can't be found anywhere! He knew that, we all knew that. We wanted to hear his ring name, you know, like The Thriller, The Widow Maker, The Lost Soul…

Logan: Or… Lightning!

Jones: Anything… he… he cheated us. This only brings up more questions Anthony!

Logan: Calm down Jones… Let's just go to break, I think we all need one.

*Jones looks frustrated as he looks off at the departing Ka’Derrion. The fans don’t seem to know what to think, as they’re mostly quiet. You can almost hear keyboards around the world typing up the name “Blake Ka’Derrion”, looking for any clue of who the father really was. We slowly fade to commercial.*

*We return from the commercial break with the cameras still following Marcus Ka’Derrion as he makes his way through the arena towards the back exit. Marcus is seen heading for the parking lot where a cab is waiting for him. The crowd boos loudly now. Marcus is still wearing his wrestling gear and looks like he just wants to get out of here. He opens the door, gets in, but before he can close it, a hand grabs the door, preventing him from doing so. Marcus looks up to see the President looking down at him with a concerned look on his face.*

The Accelerator: Hold on a second kid.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: I gotta get out of here Mr. President.

The Accelerator: I understand, but before you do, hear me out. You can't keep hiding his name Marcus. You have to tell the fans who Blake really was.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: I can't… I just… couldn't bring myself to do it.

The Accelerator: I think you have hid it long enough. We have hid it long enough. I can't take it anymore. The fans, the wrestlers, everyone has a right to know.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: I tried Mr. President! I was going to tell them just now, but, the name just wouldn't come out. Why don't you just tell them? I just can't say his name.

The Accelerator: No, it has to be you who says his name… Well, then again, maybe not. We have smart fans. They understand what you are going through. They can respect you not wanting to say his name… But what if, I don't know, maybe you come out to his old theme music at the pay per view?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: What?

The Accelerator: Yeah… His theme song is a classic and everyone in the whole wide world knows it. You don't have to speak his name… Not until you're ready… But the fans are ready to know who he is. You really do owe them that…

Marcus Ka'Derrion: I, I guess…

The Accelerator: Don't mind the boos now… Once they know who Blake is… They will embrace you like they have never embraced a rookie before. Trust me.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: I do. Alright, I'll do it. At the pay per view, I'll come out to my father's music.

The Accelerator: Good, I'll see you then…

Marcus Ka'Derrion: OK sir.

*Ace closes the door but then knocks on the window… Marcus rolls it down.*

The Accelerator: Oh and Marcus?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: yes sir?

The Accelerator: Be on time for crying out loud!!!

*Marcus nods as the Accelerator heads back inside the arena. Marcus sits in the cab afterwards, thinking, as the cabbie turns to ask him where he wants to go. The car doesn’t move away, though, as we return to the arena.*

Logan: There you go, Jonesy, we’re going to find out for sure at the pay-per-view!

Jones: I’ll believe it when I see it.

Logan: C’mon, man, the Prez got him to agree to it!

Jones: Yeah, well, I’m still a little bugged we got a bait-and-switch tonight. I really wanted to have the mystery solved!

Logan: It will be, Jonesy, just hang in there.

Jones: Alright, alright. On to more important matters. We have a contract signing to take place! Minos, bring them out!

Minos: This will be the final preparations for the main event match at Darkness Falls. First, introducing the challenger, he has gone through many changes as of late, standing 5’10” and weighing 210 lbs, he is Twiztid!

*As “I Am Hated” by Slipknot plays, Twiztid walks out of the back. He is alone, per the stipulations put in place for this contract signing by the President. Twiztid silently makes his way down, ignoring the boos from the crowd. One fan’s sign is focused on, saying “Twiztid killed Rage!”.*

Jones: Twiztid first appeared after attacking Derek Mobley in the aftermath of his match against Jobe Severity. He used to be known to us, though, as Arryk Rage.

Logan: Yeah, but the guy’s got that personality disorder going, I think. I mean, look at him! He’s like a completely different person!

Jones: Whether as Rage or Twiztid, though, Anthony, he’s definitely a threat to Derek Mobley’s World Title reign.

Minos: And now, introducing the new face of the GCWA, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, he is currently the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*The place is rocking as “Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys plays. Derek walks out of the back, title around his waist, with a big smile as he makes his way down. Warrick is somewhere in the back, as he’s not allowed to be out here.*

Jones: Mobley’s already impressed the world with his recent run at the top of the GCWA. After winning a tough tournament by beating three men, and defending the belt against a strong contender like Jobe Severity, you have to start to wonder if he will ever lose that title.

Logan: Yeah, but when a champ starts to think like that, he’ll start to lose, guaranteed. Mobley needs to take every challenge seriously, especially from a veteran like Twiztid.

*Mobley steps through the ropes and looks over at Twiztid, who is standing on the other side, quietly observing the champion. Minos steps forward with the mic in hand.*

Minos: As the champion, Derek will get the chance to speak first, as well as to sign his name onto the contract if satisfied.

*Derek Mobley sits down, across from Twiztid…the contracts for each participant lies between them. Mobley, places a small, white cardboard box in front of him, on top of his contract. He then grabs a microphone, which was lying to his left, on the table…he begins to speak.*

Derek Mobley: Twiztid, good to see ya buddy…looking cheerful as usual…listen, I’m stoked for this match…always fun to take on a legend…even though, well, I kinda already fought you about a month ago and won, pretty easily…but still, this is Twiztid…not Arryk, so I’m jazzed, man.

*Derek reaches his other hand up and places it on the cardboard box and begins to open it up, he speaks as he’s doing so.*

Derek Mobley: You know, Twiz…can I call you Twiz?

*Twiztid says nothing.*

Derek Mobley: I’ll take that as a yes…a lot of people have been asking me…what’s the difference between Arryk Rage and Twiztid…why should we pay to see you defend your title against a guy you could’ve taken out with one hand tied behind your back? Well, at first, I had a difficult time responding to their questions…I mean, the argument that some cheap face paint purchased at a local arts and crafts store is merely what differentiates the two is not, exactly, the best selling point, you know?

*As Derek says this, he removes the contents of the box…it is a small, mannequin head…the head has short brown hair and a plain, flesh toned face…Derek pulls another thing out of the box…it’s a small paint brush and some water colors…Derek begins to paint on the face…once he’s finished, we see the same paint pattern on the fact that Twiztid is currently sporting…the crowd emits a slight collective laughter as Derek displays the painted face to Twiztid…Twiztid has no reaction.*

Derek Mobley: See what I mean, Twiz? Not quite the definition of riveting…doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of anybody…just a cheap parlor trick, in my opinion…so, I looked a little deeper and, well, I found it! I found your secret…the main difference between Arryk and Twiztid…the HAIR! I mean, dude…how were you able to grow your hair, completely out, in less than a month…that, my friend, is pure magic!

*Twiztid, not looking amused, sits there as Derek pulls out a small glass of water…he pours it on the head of the Twiztid doll…suddenly, the hair starts to grow, like a Chia pet…Derek displays this shocked expression.*

Derek Mobley: Twi…Twi…Twi…Twi…Twi…TWIZTID!!!

*The crowd bursts out into laughter at Derek’s imitation of the old Chia pet commercial while the Twiztid doll’s hair grows out in front of Twiztid.*

Derek Mobley: There it is! That’s the magic that is TWIZTID! I mean, if you can grow your hair out in less than a month, there’s no telling what you’ll be able to do with those weapons in the ring…I gotta tell ya, Twiz…I’m not taking you lightly this time…I just hope that by the time our match rolls around, your hair hasn’t grown out so long that you trip on it…don’t want any more excuses this time around, Twiz…

*With that, Derek grabs the pen and signs his name on the contract, making his part of it official. He ends it with a flourish, picks up the clipboard, and tosses it in front of Twiztid, showing that he’s not scared to defend his title against him.*

Minos: And now, it is time for the challenger’s signature.

*Twiztid stares down at the contract, then glances up at Mobley, then Minos. He slowly reaches into the pocket of his black leather trench coat. A sadistic grin etches across his face, as he pulls out a switch blade knife, and pops it open, the lights glimmering off the blade. He drags the blade deep across the finger tip of his index finger. Twiztid’s eyes roll back into his head, apparently enjoying the feeling, as the blade rips his finger open, and blood starts to drip out. He reaches his bloody hand down, and drags his fingertip over the line where he is supposed to sign the page, smearing the red liquid across the line. The crowd is no longer laughing.*

Twiztid: Mobley, it is signed in blood, your fate is final. As if you were stolen away in the dark of night, you will vanish. It is time for the fear to consume you. You are just like everyone else. Looking down on me, putting me down. NO MORE! At Darkness Falls, Derek Mobley will fall. Do you realize what you have gotten yourself into? This isn't just an ordinary match, no, it is so much more than that. Can you feel it? The blood pouring down your face, the pain consuming every bit of your being.

*Twiztid now has the blade grasped in his hand, squeezing, you can see blood trickle out of his fist, as the frustration grows in his eyes.*

Twiztid: Do you understand me? Are you hearing me? This is not going to be for the weak stomached. There will be flesh torn from bodies, there will be blood covering the ring. There will be so much blood. *Twiztid chuckles slightly* Mobley, your wrestling, your training, when it comes to this match, it means nothing. How much pain can you take? How much can you stand before your body gives in?

*Gripping the handle of the knife with his other hand, Twiztid starts to twist the blade, digging it more into his flesh.*

Twiztid: I'M SICK OF IT, MOBLEY. Everything you stand for, everything that these people stand for. It’s disgusting. It makes me sick to my stomach, your fake realities. You are all Flawed. So perfectly flawed. Open your eyes, this will be the end of you. You are nothing more than another victim..... aren't we all though?

*Quickly Twiztid yanks the knife from his clinched hand, breathing a sigh, as the blood pours from his hand. His chuckle starts filling the arena, as he takes his bloodied hand, and drags it across his pale painted face. Smearing the make up with the blood. Mobley has stood up, partially in response to the appearance of the knife. He looks horrified at what Twiztid has done to himself.*

Logan: Jesus! He just signed the contract in his own blood!

Jones: There is something just not right about that man.

Logan: You said it, partner.

*As Twiztid stands, still laughing, blood covering part of his face, Mobley moves towards the ropes, as if debating whether he needs to defend himself or not. Suddenly, though, the lights go out in the arena!! The fans scream as they almost always do, reacting to the change. After a few seconds, a flash appears, pyro goes off on stage, and a bright light beams into the ring, showing the shape of a scorpion! It flashes through the ring, then disappears, as the lights come back up. Mobley has moved outside the ring, in a defensive stance, as if expecting the assault, but no one is there. Twiztid is still in the ring, but he looks a little surprised himself. We leave both men behind, heading out to another commercial break.*

*We come back from the break in the backstage area of the arena, or more specifically, the lounge where wrestlers can come to get some food. Mr. Excellent and the Danger Boiz walk in, with Mr. Excellent carrying his son in his arms. As they move towards the buffet table, though, one of the attendants steps forward.*

Attendant: Ummm, hi, guys. I’m sorry, we’re all out of food.

Mr. Excellent: You’re out?? But you never run out!

Attendant: Yes, well, I don’t know… I haven’t quite figured out… I mean, I only left the room for just a second, I swear!

*The Danger Boiz move over towards the table, where you can see that several platters have been overturned and cleaned out. A few rolls are laying on the floor, either having been thrown there or dropped. Crazy Chris laughs, admiring the sight, as little Rob tells his father that he’s hungry. We cut back to the arena area where Logan is laughing.*

Logan: Oh, man, that’s funny! I guess we need to chalk up another Big Bifford ‘event’, huh, Jonesy?

Jones: That definitely could mean that Bifford is here, Anthony, although it could have been anyone, really.

Logan: Nah, it was Bifford. Hey, you think he’s the one who finished off the donuts you wanted?

Jones: Y’know, I didn’t think about that until now, but that’s certainly a possibility.

Logan: I just want to know how he’s getting around here without anyone seeing…

*Suddenly, before the announcers can say any more, “Cocky” by Kid Rock starts to play! The fans begin to boo heavily even before the Titon Tron starts to show the images of the Roman Empire. Rick Mathis comes out first, looking around, as Lurrr walks around him, enjoying the ambiance. The two men strut down the aisle towards ringside.*

Logan: Oh, great. What are these guys doing there?? Lurrr wasn’t even booked in a match this week, probably because Ace didn’t want to deal with them tonight!

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, but the next match scheduled does involve Lurrr’s opponent at the PPV next week, The Lost Soul. Maybe they want a closer look at their opposition.

Logan: Or maybe they just want to take The Lost Soul out of the equation before Darkness Falls.

*As the two men reach the ring, they start to circle around it, heading straight towards the announce table. Jones, remembering what happened the last time the Roman Empire approached them, immediately throws off his head-phones and backs away from the desk, with fear in his small eyes. Logan, meanwhile, stands up, watching them approach.*

Logan: And what, pray tell, can I do for you two boys? Don’t you have someone waiting for you to flush their head or something?

*Lurrr moves face-to-face with Anthony, with the two men sizing each other up. Jones is practically around to the other side of the ring, keeping an eye on the action. Lurrr reaches over, plucking at Logan’s shirt. Logan knocks his hand away, earning a few cheers from the crowd. Lurrr says something, leaning towards Anthony…. then Mathis suddenly attacks from the side, punching Logan in the ribs! Logan fights back, swinging at both men, but there’s little he can do, as the two men start to pound on him unmercifully! A security guard stationed nearby comes over to help, but Lurrr is ready, snapping off The Wake Up Call and knocking the guard out! Jones watches, helplessly, from the side, as Mathis manages to lift Anthony into the air, powerbombing him through the table!!! With a smirk, the Roman Empire shoves Logan to the side, out of the way, then sits down in the chairs, grabbing up the equipment, as Jones heads up the aisle, possibly in search of help, possibly in search of clean britches.*

Lurrr; We are sorry to interrupt this broadcast but we just thought we would go ahead and take over the announcer’s table for this very pivotal match.

Rick Mathis: Yeah let’s send it to the freak standing in the ring for the introduction’s. Man that guy needs to put some color in his hair.

*Despite the chaos, Minos is still ready to do his job, entering the ring with the same expression he always wears. In the meantime, medics come down to tend to Anthony Logan, being very careful to stay out of the range of the new ‘commentators’. They get the announcer away, up the aisleway, as Minos raises up his mic.*

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall. First, he has been touted as a future star in the business, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*”Automatic” by American Pearl plays as Scott Caine slowly falls out of the back. He still looks unsure as he heads down the aisle, even as the fans cheer as he walks past them.*

Lurrr: And here comes the guy who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. I mean this guy really acts like anybody cares if he leaves this company? He needs to wake up and learn that until you’re relevant to this business nobody cares where you are the next day.

Rick Mathis: I really never understood the whole idea of the conflicting conscious making the decision to stay here in the GCWA, I guess we will find out, actually we probably won’t because it’s more than likely not to make any headlines.

Minos: His opponent, he is the #1 Contender to the GCWA X Division Title, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The fans seem to be fully behind The Lost Soul, especially since the Roman Empire has taken over the broadcast area. He steps out to the “Friday the 13th” Theme, almost gliding down the aisle. He takes a moment to stare over at the Roman Empire, watching them, before finally turning and entering the ring.*

Lurrr: Oh man what a stare. I really think he just made me *bleep* my pants. I love it when guys think they can strike fear in a man by just staring at them. Hell he almost looks half retarded when he stares like that.

Rick Mathis: Well like we have been saying the guy really should be in the circus. He dresses like a clown and puts make up on like a clown, so they might as well sign him up the next time they come through town.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Caine walks forward first, coming face-to-face with The Lost Soul. The two men stare at each other, sizing the other up, as the fans start an alternating chant for them. They’re mostly split, although a face-painted crew in one section is pretty clearly on the side of TLS. Suddenly, Caine raises up a fist, pointing it towards The Lost Soul. TLS watches him, as he keeps the fist in the air in front of him. After a second, Caine lowers his show of respect, as it’s clear that the Lost Soul isn’t returning it..*

Lurrr: Are we going to call a match or just watch a couple of candy asses throw their fists in the air. Let’s get this going.

Rick Mathis: Well certainly they aren’t thinking they will earn respect over here?

*The two wrestlers start to circle each other, looking for an advantage. Caine seems to see something he likes, as he darts forward, grabbing at The Lost Soul’s leg. But as he latches on, TLS drops his weight, landing a short axehandle onto Caine’s back. Two more shots force Caine to let go, as The Lost Soul immediately pulls him up. He aims and takes a big swing with a clothesline, but Caine surprisingly ducks under it, then grabs The Lost Soul as he spins, lifting him into the air and getting an atomic drop! As TLS moves away, feeling the pain radiating in his spine, Caine gets a running start and leaps up, grabbing The Lost Soul by the head and bulldogging him to the mat. Caine, moving quickly, then hurries to the turnbuckle, preparing an aerial assault. But The Lost Soul rolls away, moving to the other side of the ring, out of range. Caine, with no other choice, comes back down off the turnbuckle in pursuit.*

Lurrr: Well now it seems as if we have a running around the ring contest. These two competitors really seem to be going at it. Hopefully I can get a beer down here.

Rick Mathis: Oh yeah good call we need to find the beer vendor.

*As The Lost Soul gets up in the corner, Caine meets him, snapping him back with a few chops across his chest. But as Caine goes for another, TLS reaches out and manages to reverse it, putting Caine in the corner for a few chops instead! With Caine wincing in pain, The Lost Soul steps back, then charges in, getting a corner clothesline that lifts Caine’s feet in the air for a second, before he falls back to earth. The Lost Soul then gets a grip on Caine and puts him up onto the middle turnbuckle pad, allowing him the leverage to get behind and toss Caine over his head, sending him crashing to the canvas! The Lost Soul looks again to the outside, obviously still distracted by the ‘guest commentators’, then goes back on the attack.*

Lurrr: Hey clown will you please pay attention to your opponent, we promise we aren’t going to interfere. Mathis you seen that beer vendor yet?

Rick Mathis: No but he has to be around here somewhere, man why does this match seem so boring from the announcer’s table?

*Caine tries to get himself up, but he doesn’t recover in time, as The Lost Soul grabs his arms from behind and rocks him backwards, applying a bow & arrow submission hold! The ref monitors the situation as Caine struggles, unable to reach for the ropes due to the hold. He continues to shake his head no to the ref’s requests, refusing to submit. After a minute in the hold, The Lost Soul releases it, causing Caine to fall back to the mat. The Lost Soul stands, bringing Caine up with him. He leans down, picking Caine up on his shoulders, then drops sideways, getting a side death valley driver! The Lost Soul quickly grabs Caine and twists him over, allowing TLS to make the pin… 1… 2… Caine kicks out.*

Lurrr: Oh man so close, TLS almost continued his reign of terror….. on the mid-card talent Ha, Ha!!!

Rick Mathis: Yeah close cover there could have well been the last pin on Scott whatever. We could have seen GCWA history.

*The Lost Soul, oblivious to the commentary going on, pulls the hurting Caine back up. He gets under Caine, lifting Caine up in an electric chair position, then looks towards the turnbuckle, looking to give Caine a nasty case of the snake eyes. But Caine starts to fight on top of TLS’ shoulders, punching away. With TLS stunned, Caine throws his weight downwards, managing to spin his opponent around into an electric chair pinning predicament! 1… 2… TLS barely gets his shoulder out in time! Both men get to their feet, with The Lost Soul trying to get back on the attack by moving quickly towards Caine. But Caine’s got the superior speed, as he catching TLS coming in and lifts him up, delivering a wicked Samoan driver!! The Lost Soul’s breath flies out of his body in a great gasp, as Caine rolls over, trying another cover… 1… 2… NO! TLS kicks out!*

Lurrr: Hey did you catch that episode of that weird show on FX the other night?

Rick Mathis: Oh you mean that Nip Tuck show, yeah man that show is getting weird.

Lurrr: Yeah I don’t know man may have to stop watching it….. oh yeah we have a highly contested match going on.

*Caine is pressing his attack back in the ring, as he has climbed up the turnbuckle, facing away from his opponent. He comes off quickly, barely taking a second to get his balance before he takes flight with a diving back elbow drop that scores right on The Lost Soul’s pectoral region! Caine pulls himself back together from the impact, then makes another cover… 1… 2… TLS kicks out again. Caine looks a little frustrated now, as he’s throwing a lot at his opponent so far. He walks away, as TLS gathers himself and rolls to the ropes, pulling himself up. Caine sees him and charges forward. TLS sees him, lowering a shoulder to toss him out, but Caine has no intention of attacking. Instead, he slides, going between TLS’ legs and landing outside the ring! He grabs TLS by the feet and drags him out with him, taking the match to the outside!*

Lurrr: Oh yeah here we go we get to see how these two guys fight on the outside. It should be noted that when TLS gets on the outside of the ring he is usually being left in the rubble of a broken table or lying in his own pool of blood….. Courtesy of you know who.

Rick Mathis: Well thank you kind sir.

*With the ref starting up his count from the safety of the squared circle, Caine bounces The Lost Soul’s skull off the apron. The young wrestler then grabs TLS by the arm and whips him towards the steps, no, TLS reverses, and Caine takes an awful flip over the steel!! The fans gasp, and even TLS looks a little taken aback, having gone with his instincts. He doesn’t waste time, though, moving over to Caine and picking him up. He lifts the smaller wrestler bodily into the air, bodyslamming him on the outside mats. Caine arches his back, shuddering on the mat, as The Lost Soul looks over to his left, where Lurrr and Mathis are sitting in front of the destroyed announcers’ table. Lurrr stands up, looking happy to oblige TLS if a fight is what he wants.*

Lurrr: Man he took a page out of the Roman Empire book. Hey clown get back in the ring if you know what’s best for you. I will not hesitate to wipe that paint off your face.

Rick Mathis: Easy Lurrr he just likes staring at us…. Let him be. If he needs to know what greatness looks like let him continue to stare.

*With the ref’s count nearly expired, The Lost Soul turns away and grabs Caine, who was still struggling to get up. He rolls Caine back into the ring, then follows, keeping the match going. Caine moves away, pulling himself up and moving awkwardly towards a corner. The Lost Soul follows, grabbing him from behind. He drives Caine headfirst into the ‘buckle multiple times, as the fans count along. With Caine suitably subdued, The Lost Soul lifts him onto the ‘buckle, setting him up for the Soul Buster! But as TLS climbs up next to him, Caine starts struggling, launching a few elbows behind him in desperation. He manages to unbalance TLS, and before the veteran can get his footing back, Caine stands up and leans back, grabbing TLS’s head and coming off the turnbuckle with a Shiranui!!! The maneuver plants TLS headfirst into the mat, leaving him flat. But Caine is too out of it to make the cover, instead instinctively crawling away to the side of the ring.*

Lurrr: Oh man that’s going to hurt tomorrow morning. I hope he brought a bottle of advil with him.

Rick Mathis: Should be an interesting finish…. Hey is that the beer vendor guy? Hey we need two beers over here… Hey beer guy over here!!!

*Caine drags himself up, looking back at his opponent. The Lost Soul is slowly rising, a lot of his face-paint now history thanks to the amount of sweat going down in this contest. Caine moves over to him, quickly diving over him for a roll-up… 1… 2… The Lost Soul raises his shoulder in the air, stopping the ref’s hand from hitting. Both men rise up, with Caine moving in again. But The Lost Soul blocks his punch and delivers one of his own, then another. Caine staggers back, bouncing off the ropes. As he comes back, he tries to surprise TLS with a dropkick, but The Lost Soul is able to twist, causing the shot to glance off. Caine hits the mat without the ability to turn, landing hard but immediately struggling to get back up. TLS comes up from behind, though, grabbing Caine and snapping him over with a bridge, putting BOTH men’s shoulders on the mat! The ref is quick to count… 1…. TLS raises his arm… 2… Caine fights free, and the match continues!*

Lurrr: Man is this fight going to ever end… I have a reservation with the hot MILF in row 4. Let’s go someone finish this thing so I can get my buzz going again.

Rick Mathis: No worries Lurrr I found the beer vendor guy we are saved.

*Both wrestlers are up now, with the Lost Soul moving towards Caine. But Caine lashes out with a sidekick, doubling TLS over. Caine follows it up by grabbing TLS’ left arm, twisting it, then landing a short-arm clothesline that puts TLS on the mat. Caine stumbles away, looking towards the turnbuckle. He climbs up slowly, getting to the top in position for the Sugar Caine. However, as he turns, the Lost Soul climbs up to meet him, getting in punches to stop Caine from going anywhere. The Lost Soul preps Caine, trying to throw him from the turnbuckle, but Caine hangs on, fighting back. The two duke it out on top of the turnbuckle, with Caine managing to get the upper hand, knocking TLS from his perch. As the Lost Soul falls to the mat, back-first, Caine almost immediately leaps after him, not giving the veteran a chance to react before he lands the Sugar Caine!!! The weary younger wrestler makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Scott Caine!

*Caine pulls himself up, extraordinarily pleased with the outcome. He looks like he almost can’t believe it. Normally there would be commentary here, but Lurrr and Mathis are too busy laughing as they stand up, enjoying TLS’ loss. They drop the headsets and come to the ring, climbing in behind Caine’s back. As Caine turns, Mathis charges, clotheslining Caine right out of the ring!! Caine falls to the outside, hurt, as Lurrr takes a moment to set himself. He waits for the Lost Soul to rise, then comes in for the Wake-Up Call… but the Lost Soul darts forward, tackling him instead!! The crowd gets pumped as TLS lays on top of Lurrr, throwing punches, but this soon ends as Mathis comes back, punting TLS in the head!! Mathis helps Lurrr up, who shrugs him off, then starts putting the boots to his PPV opponent. The two men beat on the downed Soul, trying to do as much damage as possible. The boos turn to cheers as GCWA Security finally comes out, lead by Titan 3. Mathis sees them coming and pats Lurrr on the shoulder. He almost has to pull Lurrr out of the ring, as Lurrr didn’t want to stop. The Roman Empire departs the other direction, as security comes in, checking on TLS (as well as Caine). Titan 3 watches the Roman Empire go. On the outside, Scott Caine is already standing. He looks furious, shrugging off any attempts to help him. We slowly fade to the final commercial break.*

*As the lovely commercial finishes up, we go backstage where House of Pain can be seen discussing something…Derek is in street clothes, holding his GCWA World Title while Warrick looks dressed out and ready for his match later in the evening…the crowd erupts with cheers when they see the dynamic duo…*

Warrick Hill: I’m tellin’ ya, man…it was just some random dude that Eugene hit…you need to get that fool to wear glasses or something…or, preferably, to never come around us again, he’s not exactly the coolest guy, you know…ever heard of the expression, No Chicks For Us…NCFU?? Yea, that’s what happens when Eugene is around…

Derek Mobley: I know he’s a bit, socially awkward, but he’s brought me good luck over the years, so he stays, I’ll just make sure he doesn’t get behind the wheel of a car again…besides, why do you care, you have ‘Kelli’ now…what a bitch dude, seriously…I can’t believe the attitude she gave me

Warrick Hill: Yea, well…

*Both men stop talking, as they realize someone else is there. Warrick and Derek’s attention turns to the Danger Boiz! Who have approached both Hill and Mobley! The crowd cheers at this…Derek looks them both over, but it’s Warrick who speaks.*

Warrick Hill: Can we help you?

Dangerous Dan: Listen…I know you guys have had it rough here lately, with people attacking you from behind and stuff…basically being outnumbered…

Warrick Hill: Yes, and…

Dangerous Dan: I just want you guys to know that we’ve got your backs…rather than sell your soul to Lurrr and the Roman Empire for help, all you have to do is ask and the Danger Boiz will be there to back you up.

Derek Mobley: I really appreciate that guys…very nice of you and, don’t worry, if we need you guys, we’ll let you know…same goes for us, if you guys find yourselves in any kind of a mess you can’t get out…let us know…

Warrick Hill: Let Derek know.

Derek Mobley: Okay, fine, let me know and I’ll be there.

Dangerous Dan: Cool.

*Mobley and Dan shake hands…Warrick just tosses a nod Dan’s way…Chris stands there, looking at Warrick.*

Warrick Hill: What do you want?

*Chris turns around and walks off with Dan.*

Warrick Hill: Hey! Nice mask! Ha!

*Either Chris and Dan don’t hear Warrick or they chose to ignore his outburst…Derek punches Warrick in the shoulder.*

Warrick Hill: Owww, dude…right before my match??? It’s kinda hard to win a match when you have a separated shoulder going into the damn thing!

Derek Mobley: Don’t be a baby…and try not to be so rude…those are good guys just trying to offer some help, there’s no agenda there.

Warrick Hill: NCFU, man, NCFU.

*Derek rolls his eyes as Warrick walks off. We go back to ringside, where a new announcers’ table is being installed. Jones is also standing there, trying to get his equipment on right.*

Jones: Is this working? Yes? Ok, good. Hello, everyone, this is Edward Jones back on scene. Unfortunately, my broadcast partner, Anthony Logan, is not here and he won’t be here. I believe he’s being taken to the local hospital, although I don’t know that for sure. Quite frankly, I don’t really know anything for sure. But we still have one more match to go tonight, and since I’m the only guy left, I’ll will strive to give you all the announcing I can…

*Jones gets cut off, as “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm blasts over the speakers! The fans erupt as the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, makes his way out! He comes confidently down the aisle to the broadcast area, as Jones sputters and tries to think of something to say.*

The Accelerator: Spit it out, Jones. Glad to see me or not?

Jones: Mr. President, I, I, I didn’t expect to see you down here! Oh, sorry for the mess…

The Accelerator: Look, Ed, this will go a lot better if you’re not kissing up to me the whole time, ok?

Jones: Yes sir.

The Accelerator: Now, with Anthony unfortunately put out of commission, we need a color commentator. I thought about just throwing someone else in here, but I always enjoy watching a good “No Holds Barred” match, so I decided to come down myself.

Jones: You’re… You’re going to be commentating with me??

The Accelerator: Believe it, boyo.

Jones: It’s, well, it’s truly an honor…

The Accelerator: Enough, Ed. Let’s get to the match! I don’t have all freaking day, you know?

Jones: Yes sir.

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening! This match is scheduled for one fall, and is set up as a “No Holds Barred” Match! This means that anything goes and nothing is illegal. The only rule is that the pin or submission must be made inside the squared circle. Let us begin!

*The crowd cheers, ready for some excitement after the last match’s conclusion.*

Minos: First, coming down the aisle, he is a former OCW Hardcore and United States Heavyweight Champion, having made his successful debut last week, he stands 6’4” and weighs 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, he is Tommy “The Fury” Crimson!

*The crowd is pretty split on what to do about Crimson. Some boo heavily, while others are cheering for an icon. Crimson walks out of the back to “Head Up” by the Deftones, wearing his special suit. He heads for the ring.*

Jones: Tommy Crimson looked good last week against Aaron Hedrick. It will be interesting to see how he fares against a veteran like Warrick Hill.

The Accelerator: I suspect Crimson will do a pretty good job. The guy’s been around almost as long as I have, after all.

Minos: His opponent, he’s one-half of one of the most infamous tag-teams in professional wrestling history, standing 6’1” and weighing 220 lbs, he is Warrick Hill!

*The place goes wild, showing that even Tommy Crimson fans are still fans of Hill’s, too. “Tom Sawyer” by Rush plays, as Hill walks out of the back with a smile on his face. In one hand is the lead pipe that decked Lukas Payne last week. He drags the pipe behind him as he comes towards the ring.*

The Accelerator: I know I made this match, but I’m still unsure about it. I might need these guys to sell the pay-per-view, after all.

Jones: Warrick’s clearly coming for a fight. He’s got a weapon before this one has even started, and there’s nothing Crimson can do about it.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Crimson is watching Warrick intently, keeping his eyes on that lead pipe Warrick’s got. Warrick swings the pipe back and forth like a baseball bat, grinning. He walks towards Crimson, who backs up, looking for a place to go. But Warrick suddenly puts one of his hands up, telling Crimson to stay where he is. He lifts the pipe up with one hand, basically holding it out to his opponent! Crimson doesn’t move towards it, not buying the ‘gift’, so Warrick steps forward, reaching it out towards him. Before Crimson can decide to grab it, though, Warrick drops it in front of him, sending it banging onto the mat. Crimson’s eyes involuntarily follow it down, allowing Hill to step in and start nailing Crimson with punches, as the crowd roars in approval!*

The Accelerator: I do so love it when a plan comes together.

Jones: Wait, so Warrick is the one doing the mind games? Stop the world, I want to get off!

*Warrick, in charge, drives Crimson into the corner. He steps up onto the turnbuckle and starts pounding away to the count of the fans, getting all the way to 10 before stepping back off. Crimson is more than a little dazed, which basically puts him where Warrick spends about 75% of his time. Warrick is quick to capitalize, grabbing Crimson by the head and running up the turnbuckle, before spinning back down with a tornado DDT! Hill expertly goes for the pinfall, but only gets a 1 count, as Crimson has a lot more fight left in him. Hill brings Tommy up, opting to set him up for a snap suplex. However, Crimson manages to fight him off, reversing it so that Warrick feels the suplex instead! Crimson quickly rolls over, but Warrick just as quickly gets his shoulders off the mat.*

Jones: A surprising amount of pinfalls early on in this one.

The Accelerator: Don’t worry, Edward, I’m sure the violence will get going very soon.

*Crimson brings Warrick up to his feet, lifting him up into a fireman’s carry. Warrick struggles, but can’t get free, as Crimson is able to toss him up, then drop down, getting a gutbuster!! Warrick rolls in pain, while Crimson gets himself up. As Warrick goes to the ropes, apparently trying to not be sick, Crimson comes in behind him, putting a knee onto Warrick’s back and choking him against the ropes! The ref wants to do his normal count, but there’s really nothing he can do, due to the stipulations of the match. Crimson releases the knee, but then moves to stand right on Warrick’s back, using the ropes for balance! Warrick is fighting to breathe, his face turning more and more red, as Crimson grins out at the crowd from his new ‘perch’.*

Jones: I don’t know if this was Crimson’s plan or not, but so far it’s working successfully!

The Accelerator: This was the risk Warrick took by signing this contract. I just hope he doesn’t get too badly hurt in this one. The interest payments on our medical care are high enough as it is!

*Crimson finally steps off of Warrick, walking away with a content look. Warrick pushes himself off the ropes, gasping for air, but pushing the referee away when he tried to check on his condition. Crimson, meanwhile, is working on getting more of the fans to get behind him in this one. He comes back over towards Hill, who is struggling to get up. Crimson comes in, grabbing Warrick’s head and leaping up onto the ropes for a springboard DDT! But Warrick doesn’t allow him to twist around. Instead, Warrick shoves him off, sending Crimson flailing outside the ring to the mats below!!! Hill takes a knee, still trying to get himself feeling like his lungs are working properly. Crimson can’t even been seen in the camera angle we currently have. Hill slides out of the ring, going back in pursuit of his opponent, as the crowd is getting more and more into this match.*

The Accelerator: I was starting to wonder whether or not these guys would be fighting outside the ring.

Jones: Now the only question is how long will it be before they’re back in it?

*The ref waits in the ring, wanting to issue the count-out but knowing that everyone in the arena would come after him if he did so. On the outside, Hill pulls a badly-hurting Crimson up, whipping him into the guardrail. Warrick drags Crimson’s face along the ‘rail, taking him towards the aisle-way. The fans are trying to get involved, too, but security is making sure to keep them back. Hill locks up Crimson in the aisle, then snaps him over with a suplex, which has to hurt. Hill pulls himself back up, looking like he’s enjoying himself. He reaches over and takes a plastic cup handed to him by a happy fan, taking a quick drink, before spitting it into Crimson’s face! Hill downs the rest of the possibly-alcoholic drink, throwing the cup away, then goes back on the attack.*

Jones: So, Mr. President, is there any such thing as a post-match drug & alcohol test?

The Accelerator: Well, yes, there can be. It’s randomly done at different times. Fortunately, I believe Warrick had a test done earlier this week and passed, so I think he’ll be ok now.

Jones: Warrick passed a drug test? Are you sure?

The Accelerator: Of course I’m sure. I’m the President.

Jones: So you didn’t rig the results so that Warrick can keep wrestling? I hear that happens a lot in other organizations, where only unknowns and rookies flunk the tests.

The Accelerator: That’s not how we operate, Edward. Oh, by the way, did you know that Jay-Mack Youth failed a test? Too bad for him, huh?

*As the announcers have been talking, the action has continued, with the fighting going all the way to the stage area. Crimson is now in control, striking away at Warrick’s face with several shots. He steps back, waving wearily to the crowd, then turns and runs in, but Hill catches him, tossing him backwards onto the stage!! Warrick follows, pulling himself up, then gets behind Crimson and locks in a sleeper hold! Crimson fights to get free, but his air supply is limited. As Warrick tightens his grip, though, Jobe Severity and another man, the one wearing a pink dress, come out and attack, breaking the hold! The two men viciously assault Warrick, as the crowd boos mightily, shaking the arena with their anger.*

Jones: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Severity would get involved in this one. It’s not like Crimson can be disqualified!

The Accelerator: I believe his partner there is the guy known as sEizure. Strange guy, but I’ve known a few wrestlers who wear dresses and still can go at it.

Jones: I don’t think I want to comment on that, Mr. President.

*Warrick is trying to fight back, but he’s still taking a beating from sEizure and Severity. This changes, though, as Derek Mobley comes out of the back, charging in and nailing sEizure with a World Title shot!! sEizure topples off the stage, falling backwards, as Mobley turns and goes at it with Severity, the two rivals going toe-to-toe against each other, as Crimson staggers over to grab the hurting Warrick, kicking at him. He pulls Warrick up, looking like he’s planning to throw him off the stage, but Warrick puts on the breaks, coming back with a clothesline that lays out Crimson! Both men stay on the stage, as Mobley and Severity continue to brawl.*

Jones: I think we’re starting to lose control of this one!

The Accelerator: Yes, isn’t it wonderful? Think of the ratings!

Jones: Ratings aren’t everything, Mr. President.

The Accelerator: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that… uh oh, here comes more trouble!

*As Mobley takes control of Severity, snapping him back with repeated European uppercuts, he’s suddenly attacked from behind, as Jason & Lukas Payne have come out!! The World Tag-Team Champions both attack the World Champion, beating him down, as Severity takes a moment to recover. On the other side, Warrick pulls himself up, seeing what’s happening to his partner. He starts to head that direction to help, but Crimson grabs him from behind, dropping him on the stage with an inverted DDT! Warrick is down and out, with Crimson tiredly making a pin, before realizing that he has to get Hill down to the ring. The Payne Killers, meanwhile, continue their assault, pulling Derek up and bodily tossing him into the metal pylon next to the stage! Mobley collapses, hurting, as Severity walks past, a smile on his face. He goes over to Crimson, shouting some orders, as Crimson drags Warrick up.*

Jones: I’m sensing bad intentions here.

The Accelerator: The numbers are really destroying the House of Pain right now. I guess I could call out security to help them, but damnit, that would end the tension!

*As Crimson brings Warrick down the ramp, Severity goes and gets a table, setting it up on the floor. He has an evil yet pious grin on his face. On the other side, Mobley is continually getting double-teamed, as the Payne Killers give him a double suplex on the steel! Standing nearby, so quiet that you almost wouldn’t see him, is Twiztid. He has a bandage wrapped around his hand to contain any bleeding. Strangely, Twiztid isn’t getting involved. He’s just watching. The Payne Killers pull Mobley back up, preparing him for an Overdose on the hard floor below. However, suddenly the fans have more to cheer about, as the Danger Boiz are out! Crazy Chris attacks Lukas, while Dangerous Dan goes after Jason, creating even more of a brawl!!*

The Accelerator: Man! A guy assigns one little “No Holds Barred” Match and everyone feels like they need to be involved! Who’s next? Makorpal? Hedrick?

Jones: We’ve got a rapidly deteriorating situation here! Fights are going on all over the place!

*As Mobley sits up, trying to recover, his partner seems to still be in serious danger, as Severity has him positioned flat on the table, holding him there. sEizure is also up, although he has a nasty cut on his forehead from the hit he took. At the top of the stage, Crimson is standing, looking down at his opponent. He is dousing himself with some kind of liquid, as fans are now getting to their feet, excited. Severity shouts encouragement, telling his ally to be brave, as Crimson prepares himself for his infamous maneuver. He has a protective mask that covers his head, as well as sealing off his hair. He lights a match, and seconds later, his suit is on fire!*

Jones: Holy *bleep*!!!

The Accelerator: The Flaming Ball From Hell lives again!!

Jones: I say again, Holy *Bleep*!!

The Accelerator: Now he’s just got to take out Warrick and I bet this one’s over… wait, who’s that?

*As Crimson, now glowing in the darkness from the flames around his body, sets himself to leap off the stage, a figure appears behind him, carrying a very large weapon. Severity sees him and shouts a warning, but Crimson, on fire, can’t hear him. The figure steps forward and swings his weapon: a refrigerator door!!! The door smashes into Crimson, sending the man flying off the stage towards Severity & sEizure!! Severity reacts, diving to his right, while sEizure heads left, both saving themselves from severe burns as Crimson crashes down! The fans are going insane, but one chant is heard about them all: “Bifford! Bifford! Bifford!:*

Jones: The Big Bifford has returned in a big way! What a hit!

The Accelerator: Someone put Crimson out before he sets this whole place on fire!

*The attendants, who were already waiting nearby, spray Crimson’s area with a fire extinguisher, helping to put him out. Medics are close as well, pulling off Crimson’s mask and checking on his condition, as Bifford stands at the top of the stage. He drops the refrigerator door to the side and walks away, leaving through the curtain. Severity pulls sEizure up and points, with the two heading out after the big man, leaving Crimson behind. In another part of the arena, the Danger Boiz are still brawling with the Payne Killers, heading out into the crowd. Up on the left side of the stage, Mobley is standing, staring over at where Twiztid was. The face-painted man is no longer there, having faded into the darkness. Mobley shakes his hurting head and walks down the ramp, where Warrick is slowly getting to his feet. Warrick waves away Mobley’s attempt at help, as he goes and shoves aside a medic. He grabs Crimson and lifts him up, bodily dragging him down towards the ring!*

Jones: Wait, this one’s not over?? What the hell?

The Accelerator: It’s “No Holds Barred”, Edward! This match doesn’t end until we have a pinfall or a submission! I don’t care if Crimson is dying, he owes me an ending to this one!

*With Mobley following behind, Warrick rolls the devastated Crimson into the ring, then follows. He goes for the pin… 1… 2… Crimson somehow kicks out!! Hill looks shocked, as he painfully sits up on his knees, looking at the referee. Despite his condition, Crimson is still fighting in there. Hill raises up, stumbling back into the corner to allow him to stay up, as he watches his opponent. Crimson rolls to his stomach, showing his old fight, as he crawls to the ropes. His suit is charred, but it looks like it did its job, protecting Crimson from the flames. Crimson slowly gets to his feet, barely knowing where he is. Hill braces himself, then runs forward, going for the Joint! But Crimson dodges/falls out of the way, causing Hill to crash into the mat, nearly sliding out of the ring!*

The Accelerator: He missed! Warrick missed! That could be all that Crimson needs!

Jones: I’m not sure if he saw that coming or not, but Crimson definitely dodged a bullet there!

*Crimson gets to his feet, looking around for his opponent. He brushes his red hair back out of his face and approaches Hill, yanking him up. He grabs him around the neck, setting Hill up for the Fury!!! He starts to drop back with it, then hesitates, letting go of Hill as he sees Derek Mobley coming in towards him! Crimson, though, reacts too late, as Mobley grabs him around the neck and snaps him down with the Thriller, knocking him out!!! Mobley rolls out of the ring as the crowd cheers wildly, enjoying how turn-about is fair play! With Crimson out, Hill pulls himself up. He sees the downed man and climbs quickly up the turnbuckle, before leaping off with a flying elbow! He connects, then makes the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Warrick Hill!

The Accelerator: Shocking ending there, but it was great to see the House of Pain have the numbers edge for once!

Jones: My god, what a war! That one involved at least half the GCWA roster! I have no idea what condition Crimson is going to be in for his match against Bifford at Darkness Falls, but I bet he shows up after what Bifford did here today!

The Accelerator: Bifford certainly robbed this one from Crimson, but then so did Mobley. Incredible! I can’t believe I gave this one away for free!

Jones: It’s been a long night, so we’ll catch you all on Sunday, March 1st! Good night!

*Inside the ring, Mobley has helped Warrick up. The two are celebrating the massive victory, as medics are again checking on Crimson to make sure he’s ok. Mobley is bleeding from a small cut above his eye, possibly opening a wound from an earlier assault, but he still looks happy. That is, until he looks towards the aisleway, where Twiztid has again reappeared. Twiztid raises his cut hand, with a few drops of blood still coming out. He’s got a wicked smile on his face. Mobley and Twiztid stare at each other as the picture fades out, going to black.*

OOC: We're on our way to the pay-per-view!! Hope you enjoyed this show. I survived a car wreck to get it to you, so make sure you give it a second read, just for the hell of it! Here's the PPV Card:

Caid Austin vs. Scott Caine vs. Kevin Conner vs. Crazy Chris vs. Mr. Excellent vs. Ty Fierce vs. Amazing Lee, #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match (winner gets to face champion of their choice, and each pin counts as a win for each wrestler)

Warrick Hill vs. Jobe Severity

Tommy Crimson vs. The Big Bifford, Grudge Match

Marcus Ka'Derrion(c) vs. Dangerous Dan, GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title Match

Lurrr(c) vs. The Lost Soul, GCWA X Division Title "BLC" Match

Derek Mobley(c) vs. Twiztid, GCWA World Heavyweight Title "Twiztid's House of Terror" Match

Roleplaying will be from Saturday, February 21st to Friday, February 27th, 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count. Good luck!