*The show before Inferno ends, fading out with a shot of its credits. For a moment, the GCWA symbol flashes across the screen. We then are treated to a quick video, showcasing the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. The Impact Wolfpac, the Hit Squad, the Punk Rawk Show, the Ringmasters, and the Soldiers of Fortune are all featured, showing the legacy of the titles. As a voice speaks over the belts, two images are shown: the Payne Killers destroying Jay-Mack & Makorpal, and the House of Pain standing side-by-side, with grins on their faces. The voice lets us know that the belts will be worn once again… later tonight..

The screen blanks out for a second. As it disappears, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, with the World Title around his waist, smiling at the camera. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us see all of the screaming fans in the GCWA Arena! A quick pan of the crowd reveals many House of Pain signs. One person in particular has an old-fashioned House of Pain poster from the ICWF, showing his dedication, or at least his fanaticism, with the sport of professional wrestling. We zoom in to the announce table, where Jones & Logan are ready to go to work.*

Jones: Welcome, sports fans, to another edition of Friday Night Inferno! I’m Edward Jones, your senior correspondent, and with me is my partner, Mr. Anthony Logan!

Logan: Very formal introduction there, Jonesy. I gotta ask, though, when did you become the ‘senior’ correspondent?

Jones: Well, I AM older than you.

Logan: By a lot.

Jones: Yes, well, I figure that makes me the senior member of the group.

Logan: Whatever you say, Edds. Just don’t worry about the “Mr.” part for me. It just doesn’t fit.

Jones: Alright, I’ll remember that. We’ve got some great action scheduled for tonight, including two titles on the line! First, Lurrr will be making his first official defense of the GCWA X Division Title he won at Warriors of the Ring III, taking on the #1 Contender, Crazy Chris!

Logan: Yeah, that’s going to be a wild match! I just hope Lurrr isn’t too overconfident. He seems to think Chris, the rookie, won’t be able to keep up with him. I think he’s in for a rude awakening.

Jones: In our main event, it gets even bigger, as the House of Pain and the Payne Killers will finally meet up, two-on-two, to decide the new GCWA World Tag-Team Champions!

Logan: That one’s going to be interesting, especially since we don’t know where Arryk Rage is going to fit into that. At the end of the show last week, Arryk returned to the GCWA after a week’s absence and attacked Derek after his successful title defense, laying him out.

Jones: Yes, it seems clear that Arryk has been the one behind all of the “Punisher” references of the last month, using it as a way to throw Derek off his game.

Logan: I wonder if we’ll see any more mind games tonight?

Jones: The only way to find out is to get this night started, Anthony! Let’s get to our first match, Minos!

Minos: Our first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall. Coming now to the ring, he debuted last week in a match against Aaron Hedrick, standing 6’3” and weighing 253 lbs, from Makati City, Philippines, he is Rogie Nocturne!

*As “Valhalla” by 30 Seconds To Mars plays, Nocturne comes out, waving to the fans. They don’t wave back. Nocturne walks happily down the aisle, trying to shake a few hands as he heads for the ring.*

Jones: Last week, Nocturne was wrestling against Aaron Hedrick when the Roman Empire decided to come down and assault both men. It wasn’t an auspicious debut for this young man.

Logan: You know, if I got attacked by Lurrr & Mathis, I’d sure be out here cursing them out. Yet it seems like Rogie decided to turn the other cheek. I wonder how his care-free style will work for him today?

Minos: His opponent came within inches of winning the Intercontinental Championship last week. Standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*The fans cheer as “Automatic” by American Pearl plays on the speakers. For a few seconds, though, the curtain doesn’t move. Finally, it spreads apart, as Caine makes his way out. His eyes are down, not looking at the fans, as he walks towards the ring. He climbs in, moving to his corner, still not looking at his opponent.*

Jones: Ok, glad he’s here. I was worried Caine might not show tonight. Earlier this week, Caine had a try-out with a local college to possibly join their football team in the fall. I heard a meeting was held here at the GCWA Arena to try and convince Caine to stay with us instead.

Logan: Not sure how that meeting went, but Caine at least decided to show up tonight. That’s a step in the right direction. I’d hate to lose such a great up-and-coming star, just because he’s had a run of bad luck.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As the ref signals for the two wrestlers to start going at it, Caine stays in his corner. He looks to be deep in thought. Nocturne, meanwhile, looks ready to go. With a smile, he walks towards Caine’s corner, causing Caine to look up, a little surprised. Nocturne sticks out his hand, grinning, and saying something. Caine ignores the hand-shake, focusing his eyes on Nocturne, as the wrestler, his smile fading, slowly lowers his arm. He starts to back up, as if a little startled by the intensity now in Caine’s eyes. Caine follows him out, still staring, so Nocturne tries swinging a punch. Caine blocks it, then starts delivering shot after shot, punching away on the rookie! The crowd cheers as Caine fires away, before grabbing Nocturne’s arm and running off the ropes, spring-boarding into an arm drag!*

Logan: Wow! No messing around by Scott Caine tonight!

Jones: You think this new-found intensity is due to the fact that he just doesn’t want to lose again?

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, I just know that this could be the end of the losing streak!

*As Nocturne gets himself up, almost trying to plead with Caine for a break, Scott jumps in, dropkicking him. Nocturne hits the mat, then tries to get up again, but Caine is right there, grabbing his head and delivering a facebreaker DDT! Nocturne flops on the mat, stunned, as Caine immediately gets back up. He still can’t take his eyes off of Nocturne. It’s almost as if he’s TOO focused on his opponent, not willing to let any distraction take place this time. He runs to the ropes and comes back, using the momentum to leap high in the air and splash the fallen Nocturne… 1… 2… Nocturne barely kicks out. Caine doesn’t seem to care, as he brings Nocturne up and throws him towards the ropes, tripping him as he goes. Nocturne lands on the middle rope, his arms hanging him there, as Caine charges in, spinning himself around the ropes and kicking Nocturne right in the face! Rogie stumbles backwards, as Caine gets himself situated on the apron. He uses the ropes and spring-boards upwards, flying over and scoring a spinning kick, sending Nocturne back to the canvas!*

Logan: Caine dials up a 619 on Rogie! That’s his area code, too, right, Jonesy?

Jones: Actually, Anthony, Caine’s from Los Angeles, not San Diego. I believe Caine’s area code is closer to 424.

Logan: Nah, 619’s a lot better. C’mon, Caine!

*Rogie Nocturne tries to slowly get up. He doesn’t seem to know where he is. As he turns around, he sees the referee and jumps, expecting another attack. The ref just raises his arms, then points. Nocturne, confused, looks behind him, and here comes Caine, giving Nocturne a massive football tackle that smashes him into the mat!! Nocturne’s not moving, but Caine’s not done, charging over to the corner and climbing up quickly. He doesn’t hesitate at all this time, as he takes flight, landing the Sugar Caine!! Nocturne isn’t moving an inch on the mat. Caine rolls over and makes the quick cover, grabbing at the legs for insurance… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Scott Caine!!

*Caine gets to his feet, leaving the destroyed Rogie Nocturne behind, as the crowd cheers his victory. There’s still no sign of a smile on Caine’s face, however.*

Logan: I think I saw the star rookie that everyone talked about last month, Jonesy! That was pure domination!

Jones: Yes, Anthony, but Caine still doesn’t look sure of himself. I don’t know if that victory will be enough to keep Caine here in the GCWA.

Logan: Well, the dude’s gotta make a decision soon. Here’s hoping we get to see a lot more of him!

*As Caine goes out of the ring, heading for the back, the crowd starts up another “Please Don’t Go” chant. It carries throughout the arena as we see Caine’s back, as he walks away from the camera. Even as the images slowly fade to black, the crowd’s chant still echoes through the television speakers. Finally, it too fades out, as we go to a commercial break.*

*We return from the break outside of the GCWA Arena, where a few maintenance workers are walking back and forth. They’re talking to themselves, as if trying to puzzle something out.*

Worker #1: Could it have been beavers?

Worker #2: You’re joking, right? No, it has to have been some of those rabid GCWA fans. They’ll do anything for souvenirs.

Worker #1: Well, yeah, but this doesn’t look like they used a chainsaw or even an axe! Why would they do it this way?

Worker #2: Who knows? Kids nowadays, you can’t explain them…

*The two men walk away, still talking, as the camera zooms in on what they were talking about: two young trees, which were outside of the arena, now laying on their sides, out of the ground! A couple of large footprints can be seen in the soil, around the dying trees. We go back to the ringside area.*

Jones: What on earth?

Logan: Oooo, you know what that means, don’t you Jonesy?

Jones: No, actually, I don’t.

Logan: It means that the Big Bifford is here!

Jones: Bifford? Oh, that’s right, he has a hatred of trees, doesn’t he? I wonder if Tommy Crimson knows that Bifford is around tonight?

Logan: Somehow I doubt it, Jonesy, since he’s been preparing for his first match in the GCWA. Let’s get to it!

Minos: The next match, scheduled for one fall, pits two of the newer GCWA superstars against each other, each looking for a path up the ladder towards championship gold. First, he is a former OCW United States & Hardcore Champion, making his debut here tonight as a member of Organized Chaos, standing 6’4” and weighing 221 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Tommy Crimson!

*Despite his status as a wrestling veteran, Crimson receives nothing but boos as he comes out to “Head Up” by the Deftones. He is alone, leaving the rest of Organized Chaos behind, as he makes his way to the ring.*

Jones: Crimson could be considered another legend in the business today, although I know a lot of people are still unsure why he’s joined up with a sadistic wrestler like Jobe Severity.

Logan: Yeah. I wonder if Crimson ever located his refrigerator?

Minos: His opponent is the master of the Warrior Bottom, standing 6’7” and weighing in at 280 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is “The Warrior” Aaron Hedrick!

*Hedrick steps out from behind the curtain and looks around at the audience, as “Warrior” by Kid Rock blasts over the speakers. The fans give him a couple of cheers due to his opponent, but otherwise it’s pretty quiet as he makes his way to ringside.*

Logan: Hedrick got off lucky last week, as he was only dumped to the outside, while the Roman Empire concentrated on beating up Rogie Nocturne.

Jones: While it didn’t look like that bad a fall, Hedrick stayed outside, which has caused a few people to call him a coward. We’ll see how that holds up tonight, as he goes for his first win against Crimson.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The two men immediately lock up, testing each other’s strength. With his greater size, Hedrick manages to move Crimson back, shoving him towards the corner. At the last second, though, Crimson uses the momentum against his foe, spinning Hedrick into the corner. The ref comes in, calling for the break, and surprisingly Crimson does so, backing away. He does so with a small smile, looking towards the crowd, who don’t know what to make of the gesture. Hedrick tries to take advantage of Crimson looking away, running towards him out of the corner, but Crimson is too quick, using a legsweep to bring Hedrick to the canvas. As Hedrick tries to get back on his feet, Crimson leaps up onto him, holding onto the neck. He uses the ropes, rebounding and hitting the High Rise! Crimson again looks towards the crowd, before getting back into the attack.*

Jones: Crimson seems a little preoccupied with the fans tonight, Anthony, although it’s certainly not hurting his performance.

Logan: Well, Jonesy, for one, he’s an actor who’s making his return to the ring. He can’t help but pander to his audience. And two, he talked earlier this week about how this is all about the fans who buy his merchandise. I’m sure he’s looking for a spike in his sales.

Jones: That’s not exactly a reason a fan would want to cheer for him, especially since he’s still with Jobe Severity.

Logan: Yeah, but I bet the President’s happy, since the GCWA gets a portion of all merchandise sales.

*With Hedrick still down in the center of the ring, Crimson climbs the turnbuckle, showing off to the fans. He ignores the boos and leaps off, scoring with a top-rope elbow! Crimson makes the cover… 1… 2… somehow Hedrick kicks out. Crimson doesn’t seem bothered by this, as it gives him a chance to deliver some more punishment. He waits, as Hedrick painfully tries to get up. Crimson moves in as soon as Hedrick is upright, booting him in the mid-section and lifting him up into the air, dropping him with a corkscrew brainbuster!! Hedrick looks out cold, as Crimson starts to move towards a pinfall. He seems to reconsider it, though, thinking about his options. He goes to the turnbuckle instead, climbing up with a flourish. He looks down at his opponent, aiming, then jumps high, flipping over to hit Hedrick with a swanton bomb!*

Jones: Nice maneuver by Crimson! If he keeps up moves like that, he just might start to earn some fan recognition!

Logan: Yeah, if he’d only been on fire, the fans would be eating it up!

Jones: ???

Logan: Oh, sorry, Jonesy, you don’t know this guy that well, do you? One of his moves is called “The Flaming Ball From Hell”, where he wears a special flame retardant jacket, sets himself on fire with lighter fluid, then hits the swanton bomb on his opponent.

Jones: …Seriously??

Logan: Oh, man, you’ve gotta see it sometime, it’s actually pretty cool. I think you can find a few old clips on YouTube from other organizations.

Jones: Most likely, I mean, you can find anything on YouTube. I’ll have to look for that.

Logan: Yeah, well, do that later. For now, let’s get back to the match!

*The ref is standing, looking a little bit confused, as Crimson has yet to make a cover after hitting the swanton bomb. Instead, Crimson slowly brings the semiconscious Hedrick to his feet, preparing him. It takes a few tries to get Hedrick to stand up straight, but he finally manages it, clearly not sure where he’s at. Crimson watches him with a smirk, moving behind his foe. He grabs Hedrick by the head and signals to the crowd, getting a small wave of recognition in response, before he drops Hedrick with the Fury!! This one’s clearly over, as Crimson finally makes the loose pin, leaning back on his opponent…. 1… 2… 3!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, Tommy “The Fury” Crimson!

Jones: A very convincing win for Tommy Crimson to start off his GCWA career!

Logan: Yeah, although, I mean, it WAS against Hedrick. Still, he looked good. We’ll have to see what the veteran can do here in the future, if he’s not too busy running Severity’s errands for him.

*Crimson celebrates as he’s heading up the aisleway, taking a moment to point out a kid in the audience who has on a vintage Crimson t-shirt. He stops and signs the shirt, giving the kid a grin, then goes towards the curtain. As he does so, though, a large form suddenly appears in the curtain. Crimson stops, immediately moving into a defensive position, expecting an attack. But when the form doesn’t move, Crimson moves forward carefully.*

Jones: What is that shape? That’s not Bifford, is it?

Logan: No, Bifford would have more of a round shape to him. Besides, whatever it is, it’s not moving!

Jones: Crimson may want to call for some back-up, in any case, before approaching whatever that is.

*Ignoring Jones’ warning (since he couldn’t hear it anyway), Crimson moves towards the shape, watching cautiously for any sign of a trap. He reaches out with his hand, grabbing the edge of the curtain, then yanks it away while backing up a step… revealing a refrigerator! Crimson looks at it, shocked, as he recognizes his own fridge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be in the shape it used to be, as the door is now missing! Remnants of food are splattered around the edges, but very little remains inside of the now-destroyed refrigerator.*

Logan: So that’s Crimson’s fridge?

Jones: I guess so, Anthony, but it’s certainly not worth hanging onto, anymore. It’s pretty well trashed!

Logan: Good thing Crimson got paid tonight, because he’s got a new appliance to buy!

*Crimson, with an angry glare, grabs the side of the refrigerator and topples it over, sending sliding part-way down the ramp. He kicks at it, then looks behind the curtain, heading back as if looking for someone. The camera zooms in on the fridge, as the crowd starts a “Bifford” chant. We fade out to commercial.*

*We return to a shot of the back hallways of the GCWA Arena. Down one side of the hallway comes Scott Caine, now changed and carrying his workout bag with him. He’s headed for the parking lot, ready to get out of the building. As he walks closer to the camera, though, Cynthia Hall steps in his way, complete with mic in hand.*

Cynthia Hall: Scott, Scott! Can I have a quick word with you?

*Scott stops moving, shaking off whatever he was thinking about. He looks a little reluctant to talk, but since he doesn’t have the energy to shove past Cynthia, he stands in place, looking at her.*

Cynthia Hall: Scott, tonight, you got your first victory since your debut match in the GCWA. How did it feel, pinning Rogie Nocturne to the mat?

Scott Caine: I’m glad I got a win, but it wasn’t worth much, was it? I was the curtain jerker tonight.

Cynthia Hall: Well, yes, you did go on first, but still, you got a win, which has a lot of fans wondering if you’ve reconsidered your decision to go to college and play football instead of continuing to wrestle in the GCWA.

Scott Caine: No comment.

Cynthia Hall: But, Scott! We need to get an answer from you! Are you going to be a wrestler or a football player?

Scott Caine: I said, no comment. Give me a break, will you?

*Scott seems a little upset from the questions, but he’s rescued as his brother, Samuel, is suddenly there.*

Samuel Caine: My client will not answer any more questions. Now please, let him leave!

Cynthia Hall: Your client?

*Samuel quickly pulls Scott around Cynthia and the cameraman and heads for the garage, where he has the car waiting. Cynthia shrugs and looks back at the camera, signaling for an end to the shot. We return to the ringside area.*

Logan: That didn’t tell us much, did it?

Jones: Well, Anthony, Scott does have the right to his privacy, doesn’t he? For now, we’ll have to wait to find out his official decision in the coming weeks.

Logan: I was looking forward to him competing for a major title at the pay-per-view, too.

Jones: Anything can still happen, Anthony. We just have to wait and see. In any case, we’ve still got four more matches to go, so let’s get them going!

Logan: Yeah, we’re going to run out of time if we don’t keep moving, aren’t we?

Minos: Our next match is a non-title match, as ordered by our President, the Accelerator. Coming to the ring first, he made his debut last week in a tag-team match, standing 6’2” and weighing 259 pounds, from Quezon City, Philippines, he is Jay-Mack Youth!

*Jay-Mack Youth comes out through the curtains, as “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba plays behind him. The crowd is unimpressed, even as he gets into the ring with a yell.*

Jones: Youth didn’t look that great in his debut match last week.

Logan: Dude, he was teaming with Makorpal! Not even Derek Mobley could look good with that guy as his partner!

Jones: True. This match will give us a second chance to see what Jay-Mack offers, as he’ll be going against our Intercontinental Champion!

Minos: His opponent, currently undefeated in the world of professional wrestling, standing 6’1” and weighing 210 pounds, he is the current GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, "His Legacy" Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The crowd cheers loudly, as “Whatever” by Godsmack starts to play. All eyes focus on the curtain… which doesn’t move. The fans keep watching, but there’s no sign of the young wrestler.*

Minos: …. I said, here is "His Legacy" Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

*The music starts again, but Marcus is nowhere to be seen. Jay-Mack Youth looks a little irritated in the ring, as he talks to the referee, wanting the bell to be rang so that he can get a free victory.*

Jones: What’s going on? Did someone take Marcus out in the back??

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, but I haven’t heard about any attacks. Wait, ok, we’ve got a cameraman backstage…

*We cut backstage, where the image shows us a man jogging down the hallway. It’s a member of Titan 3’s crack security team. He runs to one of the locker rooms and pounds on the door. After a few seconds, the door opens, showing Marcus, who was busy taping up his wrists.*

Marcus Ka’Derrion: What do you want?

Security Guard: Marcus, your match!

Marcus Ka’Derrion: What about it?

Security Guard: It’s now, Marcus! They’ve already played your music and everything! Ace said you need to get out there, right now!

Marcus Ka’Derrion: What? Oh *bleep*!

*Marcus, having completely lost track of the time, races past the security guard and runs up the hallway.*

Security Guard: Marcus, wait! It’s the other direction!

*Marcus skids to a stop, as he was already realizing his mistake. He turns around and runs back, passing by the cameraman as he tries to get to the ringside area. We head back to the announcers.*

Logan: Dude, someone get that boy a watch!

Jones: I think the problem, Anthony, is that Marcus has been relying on those two guys, Santiago and Brutus, to help him. Now that he’s let those two go, Marcus is getting a wake-up call about everything you need to do to be a professional wrestler. It’s not just about what goes on in the ring.

Logan: True, I remember once when I… oh, wait, here he comes!

*Marcus comes running through the curtain, looking stressed, as his music starts playing again. He jogs down towards the ring, already sweating, as the fans greet him with some cheers. Jay-Mack looks a little peeved that the ref didn’t give him the victory via countout or forfeit.*

Jones: Did Marcus leave the belt behind? I don’t see it around his waist.

Logan: Crap, I hope he doesn’t lose it again. The President already had to retrieve it once for him. Oh well, it’s not like it’s on the line tonight anyway.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Ok, I take it we’re ready to go now! Let’s see what Jay-Mack can do against a champion!

*As Marcus turns towards his corner, still trying to get the wrist tape on comfortably, Jay-Mack comes up from behind, grabbing Marcus and yanking him over with a German suplex bridge! 1… 2.. Marcus kicks free, escaping the near-record-time-loss. He gets up, with Jay-Mack meeting him with punches, driving Marcus back into the corner. Jay-Mack lands a few knees to keep Marcus in place, then steps back, giving another yell to the less-than-enthusiastic audience. He charges forward for a corner splash attempt, but Marcus dodges to the right at the last second, causing Jay-Mack to crash into the ‘buckles! Marcus scrambles behind Jay-Mack, trying to wrap up his arms for a full nelson maneuver, but he can’t seem to get his fingers locked in time. Jay-Mack manages to shrug him off, then turns around, tackling Marcus to the ground!*

Jones: This is a little more competitive than I was expecting! Could Jay-Mack actually turn out to be an asset to the GCWA?

Logan: I think it’s more Ka’Derrion’s frame of mind than Jay-Mack’s abilities, Edds. Marcus never got a chance to get focused, and it’s really hurting him in this one.

*Now in control, Jay-Mack brings Marcus up and whips him towards the ropes, preparing to grab him for a powerslam. But Marcus avoids it by leaping into a flying forearm, putting Youth on the ground! Ka’Derrion gets back to his feet and decides to go on the offensive, grabbing the downed Jay-Mack and applying a camel clutch! The ref moves in, watching, as Jay-Mack struggles against the hold, trying to get free. He’s nowhere near the ropes, as Marcus sits into it, trying to do more damage to Jay-Mack’s back. But as Jay-Mack fights, Marcus accidentally lets one of the arms slide off his knee, allowing Jay-Mack to twist and break free, shoving Marcus off. Jay-Mack starts to get up, but Marcus comes in, quickly leaping up and giving him a double stomp to the back! Marcus rolls his opponent over… 1… 2… No, Jay-Mack kicks free!*

Jones: Now this is more like it. Marcus is getting things going his way in there.

Logan: Glad to see it, Jonesy. I’d hate to see Marcus’ first loss come to a rookie.

*After a couple of elbow drops, Marcus moves to the side, seemingly psyching himself up. His lips are moving, as if he’s trying to give himself advice on what to do next. He waits as Jay-Mack rises, then slips in, locking him up for the Snap Cradle Brainbuster! However, Jay-Mack is able to struggle free, using an opening to stomp on Marcus’ foot! Marcus hops away, in pain, as Jay-Mack tries to recover. He sees Marcus and comes in, driving a thumb into his throat! Marcus collapses, in pain, as Jay-Mack celebrates above him, back in control. He starts to stalk to injured champion, looking to take him down.*

Logan: Jay-Mack’s looking to end it with that Pinoy Bomb of his!

Jones: Could we be witnessing a huge upset?

*As Marcus struggles to his feet, Jay-Mack slips in behind him, putting the Intercontinental Champion into position for the Pinoy Bomb! He starts to lift, no, Ka-Derrion somehow reverses it, twisting around and dropping behind Jay-Mack. He grabs Jay-Mack’s legs and brings him down into a victory roll!! 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, still undefeated, the Intercontinental Champion, "His Legacy" Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*The fans are still a little shocked at how the match went, but they cheer anyways as Marcus gets his hand raised in victory. Marcus himself looks a little bit off-balance, stepping through the ropes to head towards the back. He seems to have noticed that he doesn’t have the IC Title with him, as he hurries up the ramp. In the ring, Jay-Mack is sitting on his knees, upset at the finish.*

Logan: Alright, Marcus! Another one in the win column!

Jones: Yes, Anthony, but I bet Marcus was expecting it to be a little easier than it turned out to be.

Logan: Hey, a win is a win, Jonesy. Sure, he didn’t get on his finisher, but that victory roll works just as well in the long run.

Jones: I suppose so. Do you think Brutus and Santiago are having a good laugh right about now?

Logan: Definitely.

*We fade away from the main arena floor, going backstage, where a man is seen walking along, talking on his radio. It’s the Head of Security, Titan 3! The fans give a welcome cheer to the legend as he gets closer, allowing us to hear what he’s saying.*

Titan 3: Ok, so you’ve seen Derek Mobley arrive? Ok, good. Did you guys give him the security escort like I ordered?

*Titan 3 listens to the radio for a second, then looks surprised.*

Titan 3: Derek had WHO as his security? Really? I don’t believe it.

*Titan 3 listens again a little longer, a small smirk appearing on his face.*

Titan 3: Ok, ok. So any more news on any Bifford sightings? The guy is huge, so we shouldn’t be having this much… trouble…

*Titan 3 stops, sizing up something standing further down the hall. The camera moves, showing us that Jobe Severity is standing in the hallway! Titan 3 and Jobe stare each other down, neither man moving, as the radio continues to squawk in the background. Jobe smiles and bows his head for a second, as if praying, then looks back up.*

Jobe Severity: Rest easy, good sir. May the Lord follow you throughout your stay here.

*Titan 3 continues to watch, on his guard, but Jobe simply walks past him, heading off down the hall. He looks over his shoulder at one point, as if studying Titan 3, but continues on down the hall. Titan 3 watches him go, thinking. He raises his radio back to his mouth.*

Titan 3: Mitch, the Organized Chaos locker room is in the east wing tonight, right? That’s what I thought. I wonder...

*As Titan 3 looks off into the distance, a sign can be seen behind him, pointing out that the east wing is to the left, while the way Jobe went is listed as the west wing. The picture slowly fades to the next commercial break.*

*We return from the commercials to the backstage area, or more accurately to the inside of the House of Pain locker room. We see Warrick Hill digging through an old, dirty gym back, searching for some desired contents. A smile strikes his face as he yanks out his old wrestling gear…he looks it over and notices that it is quite dusty.*

Warrick Hill: Oh man, not cool…

*Warrick takes in a deep breath and then blows heavily on his wrestling attire, dust flies everywhere, causing Warrick to begin coughing uncontrollably. Warrick winds up having to bend over, hands on his knees, coughing up a lung due to the dust inhalation…as he does, the HOP door opens and Derek Mobley enters. He sees Warrick coughing up a storm and places his hands on his hips and flashes a look of disapproval.*

Derek Mobley: Warrick!

*Warrick looks over his shoulder, still bent over and coughing, and holds up his index finger signaling he’s gonna need a minute. Derek waits impatiently as Warrick is able to cease coughing…he catches his breath, stands up straight and looks Derek’s way…Warrick’s eyes are filled with water from the incessant coughing.*

Derek Mobley: Seriously, Warrick? You’re getting stoned before our big Tag Team Title match tonight? I thought you had learned your lesson!

Warrick Hill: Huh? No way, man…

*Warrick holds up his old ring attire, showing Derek…Derek seems a bit confused.*

Warrick Hill: You know, since I haven’t wrestled in years, this stuff has been sitting in my old gym bag for a long time…naturally, there were a few dust particles nestled ever so nicely in the fabric…so, I took one big blow and it flew everywhere, causing me to cough…get it?

Derek Mobley: I get it…not sure I believe it…but, you’re all I’ve got, so I guess I gotta go with it…

Warrick Hill: Damn straight…but, you know…we could use a little hired muscle for tonight…give anymore thought to Lurrr’s proposition?

Derek Mobley: You know, I did do some thinking about that and, while I’m not going to entertain Lurrr’s proposition, I did go out and find some hired muscle…you think Lurrr’s bad? Check this guy out!

*Derek steps aside and opens the HOP locker room door open even further…behind it, we see Jason Voorhees!! Dressed in his usual black get up…he has an old, dirty hockey mask on and a machete in his right hand…he breathes heavily, standing there, silent. Warrick has a confused look on his face.*

Warrick Hill: What the hell is this??

Derek Mobley: Dude, it’s Jason! Who’s gonna mess with us when Jason is slashing through the opposition, you know?

Warrick Hill: He’s a movie character, Derek.

Derek Mobley: Listen, I spoke with a representative at New Line Cinema and they said we could borrow him as long as he got his ugly mug on television…oh, and that we plugged his movie…

Warrick Hill: Are you going to plug it or should I?

Derek Mobley: Umm, I think we just did…anyways, I’m thinking Jason stands there, all Voorhees-like and intimidates any trespassers who make their way down to ringside, what do you think?

Warrick Hill: What do I think? I’ll tell you what I think…I think this is the gayest idea you’ve come up with yet! I don’t want that joke of a character interrupting my return to the ring…send that stooge back to Camp Crystal!

*Warrick shakes his head in disbelief at Derek’s idea and turns his back to Derek and Jason. With his back turned, Warrick removes his shirt, apparently preparing for his match…Jason, angry at Warrick’s comments, sneaks up behind him and slowly lifts the machete above his head…Derek sees this and yells out.*

Derek Mobley: No, Jason!! NO!!!!

*Warrick turns around, but it’s too late…Jason comes slashing down with his machete at a tremendous rate of speed!! The machete hits Warrick in the head and quickly snaps in half…Warrick stands there, unharmed, as Jason looks down at his broken, plastic machete…Derek looks over at the broken machete and then back up at Warrick in shock.*

Derek Mobley: Huh??

Warrick Hill: What a joke…would you get this clown out of here!!

Derek Mobley: C’mon, Jason…get away from Warrick, he’s in a bad mood, just stand by the door for now…

*Derek escorts a dejected Jason, who’s head is hanging, next to the HOP locker room door.*

Derek Mobley: Just stand here and guard the door…when the time comes, we’ll go out to the ring and you can do your thing down there, got it?

*Jason slowly nods, Derek turns back to Warrick.*

Derek Mobley: Okay, so the machete wasn’t real…but, hey, it’s not like we can have a lethal weapon in the hands of a badass like Jason…think of the lawsuits! He’s still gonna come in handy for the main event though, don’t you worry, Warrick!

*Suddenly, the locker room door swings open, smacking Jason in the head…Jason crumbles to the ground and is out cold. Derek and Warrick stare at the unconscious body of Mr. Voorhees and then back at each other…Warrick rolls his eyes and continues getting ready for the match as Derek looks over at who opened the door, it is GCWA Backstage reporter, Cynthia Hall…Derek has a look of shock on his face.*

Cynthia Hall: Sorry to bother you guys, but I heard you had hired a bodyguard for tonight and was hoping you’d give me the scoop on who it is!

*Derek, realizing his plan is failing miserably, as Jason’s machete was not only horribly fake, but he got knocked out by a woman, turns from embarrassment to anger.*


*Cynthia, frightened by Derek’s outburst, hustles out of the locker room, running down the hallway to get away from a very agitated GCWA World Champ. Our view is in the backstage hallways now as Cynthia has disappeared, our view turns to the open doorway of HOP’s locker room and we see the body of Jason Voorhees tossed out…he goes crashing into the wall across the hallway and lies there, motionless…the door is then slammed shut…our view remains there for a few seconds, before the HOP door opens again…this time, we see the two shattered pieces of Jason’s machete thrown out as well before the door is slammed once again…we then focus in on the unconscious body of Jason Voorhees before heading back to ringside.*

Logan: Man, those guys sure can make me laugh! Jason Voorhees as their bodyguard? Tremendous!!

Jones: I don’t think Warrick quite saw that as funny as you did, Anthony. Believe it or not, I think Warrick might actually be focused tonight.

Logan: Well, considering that the Payne Killers have ambushed him several times over the past month, I bet he’s hoping for some payback here tonight. That probably explains why he’s looking clean and mostly sober.

Jones: Of course, the numbers are now still against the House of Pain, as Rage and the Payne Killers seem to be allied together.

Logan: Yeah, well, the odds aren’t that bad. There’s no reason for Mobley to sign up with the Roman Empire, that’s for sure!

Jones: So you say, Anthony, but remember, all of the longest-running champions had people watching their back.

Logan: Hey, that’s what Warrick is for, after all. So are we ready for our next match?

Minos: Our next match is a grudge match, pitting two men against each other who engaged in combat only a week ago. Coming out first, he is the enigma of the GCWA, a man whose past is shrouded in mystery, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from parts unknown, he is The Lost Soul!

*As, fittingly, the Friday the 13th Theme plays, the Lost Souls steps out from behind the curtain, his usual face-paint in place. He comes down to the cheers of the crowd, getting a great reception.*

Jones: The Lost Soul’s war against the Roman Empire has not really gone according to plan, has it, Anthony?

Logan: Yeah, it seems like Lurrr & Mathis have been winning a lot of the battles, including watching as TLS was denied his rematch against Lurrr due to losing a 3-on-1 handicap match. It was a tough loss, but c’mon, it was 3-on-1!

Jones: It makes you wonder who TLS might be rooting for tonight in the X Division Title match. Does he want Lurrr to retain the title so that he can go after him, or will TLS hope for a victory from Crazy Chris, putting the belt in new hands?

Logan: I don’t think it matters who wins the belt tonight, Jonesy. The Lost Soul will still have his sights set on Lurrr.

Minos: His opponent is currently on a 2-match winning streak, and is hoping to add to that total. Standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*Mr. Excellent makes his way out of the back, with “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. playing in the background. He looks confident as he walks towards the ring, with his very own group of supporters cheering him from one section. One girl’s sign reads “TLS has been found guilty. EXECUTE HIM!!”*

Jones: Mr. Excellent must have been expecting a lot of violence in this match tonight, as he told his son, Little Rob, to stay home.

Logan: It takes a lot for a father to do that, even when he knows his son will hate him for it. Sometimes it’s best not to have your kids at the matches when you know it might get out of control.

Jones: Indeed.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Mr. Excellent and The Lost Soul come to the center of the ring, with Mr. Excellent talking some trash about how TLS would not have pinned him had it not been for the distraction of the Danger Boiz. The Lost Soul is silent, simply listening to his foe. Mr. Excellent raises his fingers in TLS’ face, signifying how close he came to getting The Lost Soul to tap out. However, as he does so, TLS reaches up as well, grabbing Mr. Excellent’s index finger and yanking on it, causing the surprised wrestler some pain! Angrily, Mr. Excellent takes a swing to try and free his arm, but TLS was expecting it, ducking under and picking up Excellent with a side suplex, slamming him down! TLS goes for the quick cover… 1.. Mr. Excellent is quick to kick out.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent has to watch that hostility, Anthony. He almost let it get the better of him there.

Logan: Well, Jonesy, although Mr. Excellent did get credited with a victory last week thanks to The Lost Soul getting pinned by Crazy Chris, he’s still hurting from that roll-up that cost him the chance to be standing there at the end. I think it’s eating him up a little bit inside.

Jones: What he needs to do is forget about that and concentrate on coming back now against his current foe, or else TLS is going to add another pin to worry about!

*As both men get out, The Lost Soul yanks Mr. Excellent over to the ropes, whipping him across, no, Mr. Excellent reverses. The Lost Soul hits the ropes and comes back, right into Mr. Excellent’s hip toss, sending TLS rolling on the mat. TLS is quick to get up, but Mr. Excellent is also moving fast, leaping up and putting a knee into his opponent’s face, so much that a dab of paint appears on Excellent’s pants! The Lost Soul hangs on the ropes, stunned, as Mr. Excellent continues the attack, getting some wicked chops across TLS’ chest, with the fans chanting “Wooooo” with every hit.*

Logan: I always hated chops like that. I must have used gallons of Neosporin in order to pull my chest back together after some matches I had.

Jones: I’m quite happy I’ve never been put in that kind of situation.

Logan: Yeah, you should be. You’d never survive chops like what Mr. Excellent gives. I can see it now: “Chop”, “I QUIT!”

Jones: I’d argue the point, but honestly, you’re probably right. I love being an announcer.

*Mr. Excellent lands one more chop across TLS’ chest, helping the welt there grow a little larger. Excellent then steps in and locks his arm around The Lost Soul’s head, dragging him out into the center of the ring. He drops, as if to do a DDT, but The Lost Soul is able to brace himself, shoving off of Excellent and sending him alone to the mat! Mr. Excellent tries to roll away, but The Lost Soul is too quick, grabbing his leg with a toe-hold and dropping backwards, wrenching at the tendons! Mr. Excellent lets out a small grunt of pain, as The Lost Soul stands back up, then drops again, continuing to make Mr. Excellent’s leg feel like a pretzel.*

Jones: That’s gotta hurt! It’s easy to forget that The Lost Soul has a technical background, since he’s more well-known for his brawling abilities.

Logan: He’s also a smart man, taking away Mr. Excellent’s stronger leg in order to make the Execution that much less effective.

Jones: I never knew mind games could be that painful, Anthony.

Logan: You’ve got to think two steps ahead in this game if you want to come out on top.

*The Lost Soul finally releases his hold, having done enough damage in his opinion. He brings the wounded Mr. Excellent to his feet and starts to set him up for another maneuver, but Mr. Excellent suddenly comes alive, using his uninjured leg for purchase as he shoves TLS hard, sending him teetering over the top rope! The Lost Soul, though, manages to catch himself on the apron, saving himself a rough landing. Mr. Excellent quickly steps in, throwing a hard elbow that nearly sends TLS off to the outside. As TLS regains his balance, facing away from his opponent, Mr. Excellent seizes the opportunity, grabbing TLS from behind and pulling him into an inverted facelock, whilc wrapping his legs around TLS’ body, getting a body scissors as well! TLS desperately struggles, in obvious pain, as the ref starts up a count for the illegal use of the ring ropes. He gets to four before Excellent finally drops the hold, shoving The Lost Soul as he goes. TLS topples to the outside, landing on the floor below.*

Jones: That was an exceptional hold there, although clearly blatantly illegal!

Logan: I believe they call that one the Bite of the Dragon. I’ve seen it used in Japan.

Jones: Whatever it’s called, in a very short time it did a serious number on The Lost Soul! This is Mr. Excellent’s chance to put his opponent away.

Logan: If he even needs to, I mean, the ref is up to a 5 count already!

*As Mr. Excellent watches, anxious, the ref continues his count, nearing the dreaded countout. But at the last second, before the ref can finish #10, The Lost Soul drags himself into the ring, stopping the count. Mr. Excellent, perturbed, drops to his knees and punches away on The Lost Soul’s back, continuing the damage. As TLS rolls, absorbing several hits, Mr. Excellent follows, grabbing TLS’ upper body and twisting one of the arms behind him, forming a chickenwing submission! The Lost Soul reaches out with his other arm, his weary face looking towards the ropes, as the ref watches for any sign of a submission. Mr. Excellent wrenches on the hold, trying his best to make The Lost Soul cry out, but no sound is coming from TLS. He almost looks like he’s staring at someone for a moment, before he redoubles his attempts to get free, dragging with his one free arm towards the bottom rope.*

Logan: Dude, Mr. Excellent’s putting on a technical clinic in there right now!

Jones: I know, Anthony. I guess you can’t just focus on Mr. Excellent’s legs, because he’s got several other submission holds in his repertoire to fire at you. The man knows how to mat wrestle!

Logan: But will it be enough? The Lost Soul is not an easy man to get to submit!

*With one final heave, The Lost Soul reaches out and touches the bottom rope, causing the ref to force the break. Mr. Excellent looks a little upset as he pulls himself up, still limping a little on his hurting ankle. He pulls TLS up, glaring at him. With one push, he sends TLS into the ropes, but TLS hangs on, stopping his momentum. Excellent, seeing this, starts to charge, but TLS steps forward to meet him, catching the surprised Excellent and spinning him around with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!!! Both wrestlers collapse to the mat. The effort to land that move out of nowhere looks to have drained the last of The Lost Soul’s energy. Both men are breathing heavily as the ref circles them both, looking to see whether the match can continue.*

Jones: This one’s going to be a photo finish, Anthony!

Logan: Yeah, I just hope the ending takes place soon. We’ve still got two title matches to get to!

Jones: Patience, Anthony! Enjoy the great match going on in front of you!

Logan: Oh, I am, I am. I just want to see the ‘greater’ matches coming up!

*With the ref watching, The Lost Soul sits up, slowly pulling himself to his feet. Mr. Excellent is also on the rise, holding his back in agony. He turns, right into The Lost Soul’s grip, as TLS snaps him down, face-first, to the mat with a Stroke! Mr. Excellent rolls over onto his back, stunned, as TLS goes for the pinfall… 1… 2… No! Mr. Excellent gets his shoulder up. The Lost Soul immediately gets moving, a destination in mind. He climbs up on the turnbuckle, with the fans cheering behind him. As he turns, looking to nail Mr. Excellent with the Souled Out, his opponent is there, stopping his momentum by punching TLS in the face. Mr. Excellent wearily climbs up next to TLS, setting him up for superplex. He goes to lift him, no, TLS reverses into the Soul Buster!!! The Lost Soul grabs the legs, holding tightly, as the ref lands next to him… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, The Lost Soul!

Jones: The Lost Soul changed things up there and won with the Soul Buster! He can really hit you from all directions, can’t he?

Logan: The dude’s a veteran, so you have to anticipate everything. Mr. Excellent did a good job keeping him off-balance, but it only takes one mistake to allow a guy like TLS to take away the victory.

*The Lost Soul doesn’t spend much time celebrating, as he rolls out of the ring and starts to walk away. Mr. Excellent, meanwhile, is already sitting up, rubbing at his head. He looks pretty upset. As The Lost Soul departs, the scene shifts to the backstage area of the Arena, as the camera pulls back we see Lurrr and Rick Mathis standing in their locker room. They appear to be getting ready for the first ever GCWA X Division Title Match on a Friday Night Inferno.*

Rick Mathis: Well here we are. You ready to take this up a notch, because I firmly believe this can be a night where we finally get our final message across.

Lurrr: You know ‘Big Man’ I was thinking yesterday on our flight here and I asked myself a simple question. Why hurry this plan that we have when we seem to be doing fine with how it’s been going as of late. I know what our goal is and I think we will get there but right now we are just in chill mode and it seems to be working. Tonight history will be made here on Friday Night Inferno, the GCWA X Division Title will be defended for the first time ever and these fans will actually get their money’s worth tonight when they see me in the ring.

Rick Mathis: So what about all this talk about Derek Mobley not seeking our help last week. He really didn’t show any appreciation towards us and I think it was a sign of disrespect.

Lurrr: Well the World Champ feels that he doesn’t need our help, which is fine. Maybe we set him straight in the future and give him some reason’s to add some back up. But I firmly believe that we have been doing basically whatever we want whenever we want the last few weeks and the GCWA management hasn’t done anything about it. So the way I see it, we continue to look for ways to disrupt business.

*Rick Mathis smiles and the camera shows a GCWA employee come through the door. He looks like a helpless camera crew member. Mathis looks at him and begins to wonder why he has come through the door.*

Rick Mathis: What the hell are you doing in our locker room?

GCWA Employee: Hey do you guys mind if I use the restroom real quickly, I have to pee really bad.

*Lurrr and Mathis look ready to run him out but then Lurrr has an idea and smiles.*

Lurrr: Yeah go right ahead the toilet’s off to the left side.

GCWA Employee: Oh man I really appreciate it.

*The GCWA Employee runs over to the toilet and begins to take care of business. He finishes up and begins to buckle up his pants. He turns around and is suddenly staring at the chest of “The Big Man.” The GCWA employee looks up at Mathis and seems a little worried.*

Lurrr: Alright that will cost you $500.

GCWA Employee: What? I don’t make that kind of money!!!

Lurrr: Rick, please show the man what happens when he can come up with the fee.

*Mathis picks up the employee and puts his head in the toilet drowning his face with what he left in the toilet.*

Lurrr: I guess you should have remembered to flush. Ha, Ha!!! Alright let’s go get ready to make another example out of another GCWA wrestler, should be fun.

*Lurrr and Mathis walk out of the locker room and the camera shows the GCWA employee’s head inside the toilet that he had just used. He’s gasping for breath. The scene fades to another commercial break.*

*As we return from the break, we’re in the backstage area, where Cynthia Hall is once again looking for an exclusive. She waves the cameraman to follow behind her as she hurries to catch up to a group walking ahead: the Danger Boiz. Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan turn at her call, waiting as she catches up.*

Cynthia Hall: Crazy Chris, I wanted to be one of the first to welcome you here to the GCWA.

Crazy Chris: Thanks, Cynthia. It feels good to finally be back in the business again. I know the GCWA will have a lot in store for my brother and me.

Cynthia Hall: Well I wanted to ask you a few questions. First off, I want to get your thoughts on your huge match tonight against Lurrr for the GCWA X Division Championship.

Crazy Chris: Well Cynthia, I definitely am excited to be competing in the squared circle again. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for about three years now. As far as my match tonight goes, I am facing one of the toughest and probably best superstars in the GCWA for the X Division title. I only have one concern and that is walking away the new X Division Champion.

Cynthia Hall: Well speaking of Lurrr, he has made some recent comments about respect. How do you feel about his comments?

Crazy Chris: Well Lurrr, I just want to say that I do have respect for you. My brother has respect for you. You are one of the greatest superstars today. I am excited about facing you for the X Division title. However, you have never stepped into the ring with me. You don’t know who I am, or what I am all about. Tonight, I will earn your respect. Tonight, I will beat the odds. I will beat you Lurrr. You may think that just because I am a newcomer, I am not in your league nor have what it takes to be Champion. Well Lurrr, tonight I am going to prove you wrong. But when all is said and done and the sound of that bell rings, Lurrr, tonight I will be the new X Division Champion. And as the saying goes: There’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

Cynthia Hall: Ok, Chris, I know you need to get to your match, so good luck to you. This has been another interview by yours truly, Cynthia Hall.

*As the Danger Boiz proceed down the hallway, the cameraman follows, noticing someone approaching that could lead to something worth filming. Approaching the two men is Marcus Ka’Derrion, now tightly carrying his Intercontinental Heavyweight Title. He’s got it propped on one shoulder, happy just to have it back there. As he walks up, he notices Dangerous Dan watching him. The two come together, as Crazy Chris, smiling to himself, keeps walking, staying focused on his title hunt. Dan and Marcus size each other up for a second, with Dan’s eyes wandering across the title like a man studying another man’s sweetheart. Dan gives Marcus a knowing nod, then points to the belt, signifying that he hasn’t forgotten his chance at the title come the PPV. He then walks on, hurrying to catch up with his brother, as Marcus watches him depart. We go back to the broadcast booth.*

Jones: Good to hear from Crazy Chris regarding tonight’s match, but wasn’t it more interesting to feel the tension between Dangerous Dan and Marcus Ka’Derrion?

Logan: While his brother’s getting the title shot tonight, Dan remembers that his own chance at gold is coming up soon. Those two are going to put on a hell of a match, I just know it!

Jones: Well, speaking of great matches, we’ve got one coming up now, so let’s get to it!

Minos: Our next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA X Division Championship! First, the challenger, he earned this chance by winning a 3-on-1 match over The Lost Soul last week, and is currently undefeated in the GCWA. Standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, accompanied by Dangerous Dan, he is Crazy Chris!

*The fans cheer, getting behind anyone who’s taking on the Roman Empire, as "Mental Health" by Zebrahead plays over the loudspeakers. Crazy Chris comes out, pumped up for his chance, with Dangerous Dan right behind him. The two head down to the ring, through the pyro going off around them. Chris is quick to climb up on a turnbuckle and pose, just as he did at his parents’ house.*

Jones: Crazy Chris is said to be extremely confident coming into this one. Some, including Lurrr, have said he’s overconfident.

Logan: Hey, confidence is needed in this day and age. Besides, did you see how quickly he took down his sparring partner, Dan, earlier this week in an impromptu training session?

Jones: While it’s great that Dan’s been helping him practice the Crazy Man’s Suicide maneuver, I have a hard time believing that Lurrr will be quite that easy. After all, Dan was trying to train him up, so he probably was going easy on him.

Logan: I never went easy on my brother.

Jones: And where is your brother now?

Logan: Touché.

Minos: His opponent, accompanied to the ring by Rick Mathis, he is the leader of the Roman Empire and is the current GCWA X Division Champion, standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, he is Lurrr!

*The boos are deafening for one of the most hated wrestlers in the GCWA right now. “Cocky” by Kid Rock plays as Lurrr and Rick Mathis walk out. Mathis is busy cleaning off his hands, after the earlier ‘toilet’ incident involving a GCWA employee. The two men head towards the ring, with Lurrr quick to grab a kid’s sign touting the Accelerator and rip it apart, leaving the poor kid crying.*

Logan: Lurrr is a great wrestler with a lot of talent. He may even be as great a teacher as he claims he is tutoring Mathis. But I really wish he acted like a true champion.

Jones: Lurrr’s attitude has worked for him for many years now, Logan. It’s a little late to ask the man to change his stripes.

Logan: Yeah, well, here’s hoping Crazy Chris adds a few new marks to those stripes here tonight.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As the match begins, Crazy Chris looks warily over to where Rick Mathis is standing, while Lurrr throws a few taunts towards Dangerous Dan. After a second, the two wrestlers focus on each other, with Lurrr mouthing off as he gets closer to Chris. This lasts about half a second before Chris leaps up, surprising Lurrr with a savate kick to his jaw!! Lurrr falls backwards to the mat, stunned, as Crazy Chris quickly jumps forward, grabbing Lurrr’s legs and wrapping him up for a pin attempt! The ref, while startled, does his job… 1… 2… No, Lurrr gets free, rolling quickly away. He moves to the corner, looking over in stunned amazement, as Chris sits up on his knees, giving him a knowing smile of how close it came to being over that fast.*

Logan: Wow! That would have been the worst night of Lurrr’s life right there! He almost got pinned from one move!

Jones: You still think Crazy Chris’ practices with Dangerous Dan won’t pay off, Anthony? Because that looked like a strategic maneuver right there!

Logan: Gotta give Chris credit, he caught Lurrr off-guard and almost successfully stole away the X Division Title. That doesn’t happen very often with a guy with the experience of Lurrr.

*As Crazy Chris gets to his feet, giving Lurrr a wave of his hand to tell him to approach, Lurrr angrily gets to his feet. He looks ready to charge in, but Mathis climbs up on the apron, saying something and getting Lurrr to calm down. The two talk things out for a second, as the ref complains, wanting Mathis back down. Mathis complies, as Lurrr, now refocused, comes back towards Chris with a little more composure. The two lock up, with Lurrr using his superior size to twist Chris into a headlock. Chris immediately starts pushing Lurrr into the ropes, then throws him off, sending Lurrr to the other side. But as Chris moves forward, Lurrr comes back and nails him with a shoulder block, sending the younger wrestler to the mat. Lurrr flashes a quick pose over the rookie, as Chris scrambles backwards, making sure to stay out of range.*

Jones: That was a little payback there from Lurrr, showing that disrespect he has for Crazy Chris.

Logan: The fans may not like it, but that just inspires Lurrr a little more.

*With Mathis and Dan both looking on from different sides of the ring, Lurrr and Chris lock up again, with Lurrr forcing Chris back into a neutral corner. As the ref calls for the break, Lurrr smirks and takes a swing, but Chris ducks underneath the punch. Lurrr, off-balance, falls into the corner and is unable to dodge as Chris grabs the ropes with both arms and starts driving in his shoulder into Lurr’s mid-section repeatedly! The fans are cheering as Crazy Chris jumps up on Lurrr’s shoulders, giving him a hurricanrana out of the corner! Lurrr rolls away, as if trying to leave the ring, but Chris gets up and follows, dropping a leg on the back of his head, then moving him over for the pin… 1… 2… Lurrr kicks out.*

Jones: Crazy Chris displays so much speed in that ring! He can hit you with a dozen moves before you can finish blinking!

Logan: That’s his chief weapon in this one, Jonesy. If Chris can keep the momentum going like this, he could very well become the new X Division Champion.

Jones: He has the keep the pressure on if he doesn’t want the wily veteran to get back in control.

*As Lurrr struggles to get to his feet, Crazy Chris runs towards him, grabbing his head and driving him down with a facebuster to the mat! It’s almost a sacrificial maneuver, as Chris hits hard himself, but Lurrr definitely takes the brunt of it. On the outside, Mathis is yelling at Lurrr, trying to get him back into it, while Dangerous Dan is pumping up the crowd to cheer for his brother. Inside the ring, with Lurrr down, Crazy Chris goes to the ropes, stepping out onto the apron. He grabs the top rope and steps up, using it to springboard himself into the ring with a body splash! However, Lurrr lifts up his knees just in time, causing Chris to crack his ribs across the knee bones instead of the stomach of his adversary! Chris rolls to the side, hacking, as Lurrr moves off to recover.*

Logan: Like I said, with a guy like Lurrr, any mistake can allow him back in the game!

Jones: Crazy Chris is known for putting his body on the line, but that time it really didn’t work to his advantage.

Logan: Yeah, being suicidal doesn’t always work out. Just ask guys like Sabu!

Jones: Who?

Logan: Oh, uh, never mind. Back to the match!

*As Dangerous Dan looks on in concern, Lurrr moves in on his brother, locking him up and delivering a stunning DDT! Chris lays flat on the mat, as Lurrr cockily puts one foot on him and waves over the referee… 1… Chris rolls himself easily up from the weak pin, as he’s nowhere near that hurt. Lurrr, complaining for a moment to the ref, goes back on the attack, stomping on Chris’ exposed back a few times. He pulls Chris up and sets him, locking him into a standing guillotine choke, then taking him down with a guillotine drop! Chris bounces hard, his spine and neck killing him, as Lurrr opts to make another cover, this time actually laying himself across Crazy Chris’ body. The ref is there… 1… 2… Chris kicks out.*

Jones: An innovative maneuver from Lurrr on that one!

Logan: Lurrr has an encyclopedia of maneuvers locked into that manipulative brain of his. I’m sure he’s pulling out some new ones just for this match, in order to beat some respect out of him.

Jones: Yes, but earlier in the show, didn’t Crazy Chris say he DOES have respect for Lurrr?

Logan: Yeah, but in Lurrr’s eyes, it takes violence to get the point across fully. Nothing’s going to change that.

*Lurrr gets himself up, looking at Crazy Chris with an annoyed glare. He reaches down, grabbing Chris by the mask and hauling him up, nearly tearing the mask off in the process. Lurrr gets into Chris’ face, saying something to him in a bitter tone, then slaps Chris across the face! On the other side, Dangerous Dan climbs onto the apron, shooting a few curse words Lurrr’s way, as the ref moves to make sure he doesn’t try to come in. Lurrr just smirks at him with his infamous look, then grabs Chris by the head, twisting him over into a dragon sleeper position. He points at Dan, still smiling, then drops, knocking Chris’ head into the mat! Dangerous Dan is infuriated, as he leans around the ref. Lurrr walks towards him, ordering the ref to get that ‘trash’ out of here. Meanwhile, Rick Mathis reaches through the ropes, taking his opportunity to get in a few shots on the downed Chris!!*

Jones: C’mon, ref, open your eyes!

Logan: He’s a little busy thanks to Dangerous Dan, Edds. The Roman Empire is just taking advantage, as they’re known to do.

Jones: It still doesn’t make it legal! I hope Ace is taking note as Mathis is getting involved yet again!

*With Dan finally back down outside the ring, frustrated, Lurrr goes back to Crazy Chris, who ‘remarkably’ is still down. The ref looks suspiciously at Mathis, who is leaning on the apron, looking away from the action while messing with his fingernails. Lurrr pulls Chris up and gives him a quick snap suplex before attempting another pin… 1… 2… Chris kicks out. Lurrr looks a little surprised, but he’s more than willing to continue the abuse. He picks Chris up, setting him up for a powerbomb. He signals to Mathis, who nods confidently about Lurrr trying for the Oil Spill. Lurrr lifts Chris into the air, getting him up on his shoulders, but Chris starts fighting, punching away, trying to get free. Lurrr shoves him off, tossing him backwards, but Chris lands on his feet, then runs towards the ropes, springboarding off of them and coming back with a spinning heel kick that lays Lurrr out on the mat!! Chris stays down, refocusing, as Dangerous Dan cheers wildly on the outside!*

Jones: What a move! That could be a game changer!

Logan: He nearly took Lurrr’s head off with that kick! Ole!

*Mathis looks on in shock from the outside, moving around the ring, as Crazy Chris pulls himself up. He charges towards Lurrr, grabbing his head with the back of his leg and face-planting Lurrr into the canvas! Lurrr yells, clutching at his now-bleeding nose, as Crazy Chris moves off, heading for the turnbuckle. He quickly climbs up, as Lurrr gets to his feet, dazed but still angry at the sight of his own blood. He turns, but Chris is already in the air, landing on Lurrr with a seated senton, knocking him to the ground! Chris grabs the legs, with the ref moving into position… 1… 2… Lurrr just barely kicks out! Chris stands up, tried but still running on adrenaline. He goes to the ropes, rebounding and coming back as Lurrr tries to get up again. Chris quickly drops Lurrr with a clothesline, then stands over him, leaping up with a standing moonsault to land right on his foe! 1… 2… Lurrr gets a shoulder up at the very last instant!*

Jones: The champ is in deep trouble!

Logan: Wow, I wasn’t sure before, but now I’m seriously thinking that Crazy Chris has a real shot at this! He’s got Lurrr in a tight spot, and I’m not sure the veteran can get out of it!

*Chris stands up, looking down at his fallen opponent, then glancing towards the turnbuckle. He starts to climb, as the fans cheer him on, wanting to see the Crazy Man’s Suicide land. They want a new X Division Champion. On the outside, Dangerous Dan is pumped, wanting Chris to move even faster. Suddenly, movement on his side catches his attention. He starts to turn, but it’s too late, as Mathis is there, throwing some kind of liquid into Dan’s face!!! Dan blinks, blinded, then starts to yell, staggering away. He falls to his knees, completely helpless, as Mathis, grinning, steps up behind him.*

Jones: What the hell was that?

Logan: Oh, man, I hope that wasn’t oil!!

Jones: All I know is that Mathis just took Dangerous Dan out of this one! But I don’t think he’s done yet!

*As Dan stays on his hands and knees, desperately trying to clear his vision, Mathis approaches him, ready to do more damage. However, Crazy Chris, having seen what’s going on, drops down off the turnbuckle and hurries to the apron. He runs across, startling Mathis, who was too focused on his brother. Before he can do anything, Chris does a backflip off the apron, crashing into Mathis and sending him to the floor! Mathis is down, as Chris pulls himself up and goes to check on Dan, who just waves him away. With an angry expression, Chris turns and enters the ring, heading towards the still-downed Lurrr, but Lurrr suddenly stands up, clocking Chris across the head!! Chris falls hard, as Lurrr immediately hides whatever it is he had in his hand and makes the cover. The distracted referee, who had been looking at the medics already down to check on Dan, comes back over… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA X Division Champion, Lurrr!

Jones: *Bleep*! Lurrr did it again!!

Logan: What was that in his hand? I thought I saw something, but I’m not sure…

Jones: Whatever it was, it helped Lurrr steal this one. Damnit! I thought Crazy Chris had it!

*The crowd boos heavily at the announcement, as Lurrr stands up, grabbing the ropes for support. He yells at the ref to bring him his title, then yanks it away as it’s handed over. He lifts the title, then looks down at Crazy Chris, who is trying to get back to his feet. Lurrr lifts the title, preparing to use it as a battering ram.*

Jones: Oh no! Lurrr’s going to take out Chris! Ref, stop him!

Logan: Wait, coming up behind him! It’s…

*As Lurrr starts to move towards Chris with evil intentions, he gets grabbed from behind and turned around…. by The Lost Soul!! The crowd explodes as The Lost Soul starts punching away, getting in some good shots on the stunned X Division Champion! He sets Lurrr, preparing to drop him with a brainbuster onto the title, but suddenly Mathis is back in the ring, breaking it up! He clubs The Lost Soul from behind, as Lurrr rolls to the outside, taking his title with him. Mathis grabs The Lost Soul, but before he can deliver a power maneuver, TLS hits him low!!! Mathis drops, painfully, to his knees, as The Lost Soul clobbers him in the head with a knee shot, knocking him down!*

Logan: Mathis is paying the price for saving his employer!!

*As Lurrr watches, helplessly, from outside the ring, The Lost Soul picks Mathis up, then signals to the recovering Crazy Chris. The fans root him on, as Chris climbs up on the turnbuckle, balancing himself, then comes off with the Crazy Man’s Suicide, taking out Mathis!!! The ally of Lurrr lies, unconscious, in the ring, as Crazy Chris pulls himself up, locking eyes with the man he pinned a week ago. The Lost Soul doesn’t make a move, other than to glance back at the retreating Lurrr.*

Logan: The big man is down and out! We need a crane in here, I think!

*As Lurrr moves up the aisleway, looking at the fallen Mathis with shock, the Titon Tron suddenly comes on. In the picture is the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator. He looks down on Lurrr, smiling grimly, as the X Division Champion realizes that something has changed and turns around to look.*

The Accelerator: Hello, Lurrr. Congratulations on your ‘lucky’ retention of the X Division Title.

*Lurrr looks to protest, pointing at the belt as if to say he’s earned the gold every time he’s come out with it. His voice isn’t picked up by the microphone of the cameras. Lurrr swipes some of the blood from his nose as he continues to rant about the Accelerator, who doesn’t seem to care about his comments.*

The Accelerator: Also, congratulations on your assault on a GCWA employee earlier tonight. You really showed him a lesson. You also have made sure to cause me a personal grievance lawsuit that will most likely take a few payments to make go away. That costs me money, Lurrr. You know what that means? That means it’s now personal between us.

*Ace leans forward, still with that dark smile on his face, as Lurrr looks up at him in contempt. He looks ready to spit in Ace’s face, were Ace in range.*

The Accelerator: Of course, personal or not, I still have some business to attend to. You see, I have a big announcement to make. Coming up at the beginning of March, we are having ourselves a nice little pay-per-view. It’s going to be called “Darkness Falls”. And the main event will be Derek “The Thriller” Mobley putting the World Heavyweight Title on the line against Arryk Rage.

*This gets some cheers from the audience, although Lurrr looks upset. He yells something about how he should be the #1 Contender, but once again, Ace isn’t even bothering to try to hear him. It’s almost like it’s a taped segment, but that would mean wrestling is fake, and we all know that’s not the case.*

The Accelerator: But one match doesn’t make a pay-per-view, now does it? So I’ve decided to arrange for another match. A match that I know a lot of fans want to see… again. So let’s just go ahead and announce it now: on Sunday, March 1st, 2009, you, Lurrr, will be defending the GCWA X Division Title… against The Lost Soul.

*The crowd erupts, and so does Lurrr, but for different reasons.*

The Accelerator: But this won’t be any ordinary match, Lurrr. Oh, no. It’s going to be, well, to be honest, I don’t know what kind of a match it will be. Because, due to your man Mathis’ interference in the last one, I figure it’s only fair to allow The Lost Soul to choose the stipulations. Good luck, boyo. Peace.

*Ace fades away from the Titon Tron, as a furious Lurrr kicks out at the railing, scaring back some of the fans who were hanging out there. In the ring, The Lost Soul is watching, although as always, it’s nearly impossible to tell what expression is on his face. Outside the ring, Crazy Chris is checking on his brother, as the medics wash his eyes out, checking on the damage. Mathis, meanwhile, has rolled out of the ring on the other side, still pretty much out of it. We slowly fade to the final commercial of the night.*

*We return from the commercial inside the GCWA Arena, focusing on Jones & Logan.*

Jones: That was an amazing moment at the end of the break! It’s great to know that we already have two pay-per-view matches set, with more to come!

Logan: Really, Jones, it’s three, isn’t it? Because we already know Dangerous Dan will be taking on Marcus Ka’Derrion for the Intercontinental Title, assuming that Dan’s eyes aren’t too badly damaged.

Jones: Let’s hope not, Anthony. The Roman Empire has already cost us too many people.

Logan: So we’ve got Mobley vs. Rage, Lurrr vs. the Lost Soul, and Dan vs. Ka’Derrion. That’s a tremendous card right there, and we still don’t know what other matches will be added!

Jones: It’s been a great night of action and excitement, but we’ve still got our main event to get to!

Logan: I can’t wait to see which one of these teams walks out with the World Tag-Team Titles!

Jones: Ever since the beginning of this year, the House of Pain and the Payne Killers have been crossing swords. At different times, each team has worked an ambush of the other, showing that feelings have been running hot between them. We’ve arranged a special... *static* that will…*static* see… *static*

*As Logan and Jones are talking, static starts to fill their head sets. The big screen at the entrance way starts to flicker static. Briefly showing a glimpse of a man, then statics back out. After a few moments of the static in and out, the picture starts to become clear. Sitting in a dark room, lit only by a single candle, is, what appears to be, Arryk Rage, but, not the same. His hair is now long, black, his face is painted white. He has a typical size hourglass sitting next to him, running his fingers along the dirt floor of this room he is in. He turns the hourglass over, as the sand slowly trickles, he looks up at the camera.*

Arryk: The time ticks away. Each second. Each minute. Each hour. Each day. Mobley, your time is slowly coming to an end. The man you knew, the man you beat, gone. He's no more. I appear to you as something you should fear. Some one that you should not look past. Mobley, I am Twiztid.

*Twiztid draws a symbol into the dirt, then brushes it away. For a moment, he gets lost in the sands of the hourglass, watching the time drift away.*

Twiztid: I stand here, a new being. Not the same as I once was. But exactly who I always was. I am that which breeds fear in men. I am the fear that feeds on your soul. Derek Mobley, your time as the GCWA World Champion is going to be short lived. You are the cause of it. This is your fault. Anything, everything, that happens to you, and those around you, will be on your head. Don't hold me responsible. Don't do it, Derek. This is all because of you. Darkness spreads across the GCWA world now. A darkness that no flashlight, candle, nothing can see through it.

*Twiztid pauses for a moment, again glancing at the sand, then back at the camera one last time*

Twiztid: The bodies will start to pile up. The Darkness Rises in the GCWA. Derek Mobley, you will be a victim, but, victims... aren't we all?

*A soft, almost psychotic laugh starts to come from Twiztid, as the static starts again, flickering in and out, showing Logan and Jones, then nothing, then Twiztid, then static, until it finally returns to the show*

Jones: Whoa. That was weird!

Logan: So Arryk Rage is now Twiztid again. I was hoping we’d never seen that guy around again.

Jones: He’s that bad?

Logan: Let’s just say he won’t be showcasing Spongebob Squarepants toothbrushes anytime soon.

Jones: Well, we were going to show a video… but since we’re low on time, Minos, take it away!

Minos: It is now time for our final match of the evening, which will decide the first GCWA World Tag-Team Champions of 2009!!

*The crowd seems pretty happy to be here on this historic night. One fan is anxiously waving his “HOP” sign to the camera. It’s barely readable, although the kid obviously worked hard on it.*

Minos: First, they won their first tag-team match in the GCWA last week by beating Jay-Mack Youth and Makorpal, and joined with Arryk Rage in his quest to earn the World Heavyweight Championship, weighing a combined 458 lbs, they are Jason and Lukas Payne, the Payne Killers!

*As “Self-Destructive Pattern” by Spineshank plays, the Payne Brothers come out to a chorus of boos and screams. A lot of hatred comes their way, as the two brothers head for the ring.*

Jones: This feud between the Payne Killers and the House of Pain has been brewing almost since the GCWA reopened its doors, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, man, but now it’s even more personal, what with the multiple attacks on Warrick Hill by the Payne Killers over the past few weeks.

Jones: Well, Anthony, don’t forget that Warrick was the first one to attack, laying out Jason in the back during our first Friday Night Inferno show.

Logan: Sure, but Warrick fought him one-on-one. The Paynes keep coming after him 2-on-1. They won’t get that chance here tonight.

Minos: Their opponents, weighing a combined 455 pounds, one is making his debut match in the GCWA, while the other is the current GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World!! Here is Warrick Hill and Derek “The Thriller” Mobley, the House of Pain!!

*”Miseria Cantare” by AFI plays as the fans get on their feet, cheering the biggest fan favorites currently in the GCWA. Derek has the World Title under one arm. Warrick takes a drink from a bottle he’s carrying, then throws it to the side. The two men suddenly start moving as one, jogging down the ramp and picking up speed as they approach the ring!*

Jones: The House of Pain have, oh, *bleep*!

Logan: No wasted time here, the HOP is here to fight!

*Hill and Mobley dive through the ropes and charge the surprised Payne brothers, with Hill punching away at Jason while Mobley goes at it with Lukas. Minos moves out of the ring, avoiding the brawl, while the ref waves his hand, signaling for the match to officially begin.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: A lot of pent-up aggression is getting released tonight!

Jones: But this isn’t a no holds barred match, Anthony! The ref needs to get at least one pair out of the ring!

*The ref, Mark Bell, seems content at this point to stay back out of the way, not wanting to get in-between the fighting. On one side of the ring, Warrick has Jason down in the corner, stomping away on him. On the other side, Lukas is fighting back against Mobley, landing a few shots. But as he goes to take a massive swing, Mobley ducks under it, sending Lukas to the outside! Derek moves as if to follow him, but Warrick calls him over instead, bringing Jason to his feet. The two men whip Jason off the ropes, then give him a double boot to the face when he comes back! Jason falls back to the mat, clutching at his injured jaw, as the House of Pain basks in the cheers of the crowd. Lukas manages to reach through the ropes, pulling Jason out, taking a breather as the faces are in full control.*

Logan: The House of Pain are living up to their name! Love it when they do that!

Jones: It’s clear that tonight is about more than the Tag-Team Titles. This is the House of Pain’s chance to show that they can stand on their own!

*The ref is in a deep discussion with the HOP, as Jason & Lukas slowly move around to their corner, regrouping. The ref seems to have convinced the faces to make this a regular tag-team match, as Hill pushes Mobley towards the corner, ready to be the first one in. On the other side, Lukas starts to come into the ring, but Jason stops him, shoving past Lukas, who looks on, annoyed, as Jason and Warrick come together. Jason, though, stops from locking up and instead rakes Warrick’s eyes! As Warrick stumbles back, blinded, Jason moves in, ignoring the ref’s complaints. He gets Warrick into a neutral corner and begins throwing elbows, trying to do some damage to his rival.*

Logan: I think I see a little ring rust clinging to ol’ Warrick.

Jones: What do you expect, Anthony? Warrick hasn’t been in a match since the GCWA opened, more than a month ago.

Logan: Yeah, you think Ace was afraid of Warrick’s drug liability and gave him a few extra weeks to clear it out of his system?

Jones: If that was Ace’s plan, it probably failed royally, knowing Warrick.

*With a stunned Warrick in tow, Jason heads over to his corner, tossing Warrick in and tagging his brother. Lukas steps through the ropes and puts the boots to him, doing some more damage. Derek is in the other corner, trying to get the fans a little riled up, as Lukas lifts Warrick back up. He locks Warrick’s head back with a dragon sleeper, then tags his brother while still applying the pressure. As Warrick’s struggling, defenseless, Jason uses the ropes to springboard himself over, giving a double stomp to his opponent’s exposed ribs! Jason lands comfortably on his own feet, posing for a second, as Warrick tumbles to the mat. Lukas steps through the ropes to the outside, as Jason finally tries a loose cover, but it only gets a 1 count. With a slightly annoyed look, Jason again reaches out, tagging in Lukas.*

Jones: The Payne Killers are sticking with those quick tags.

Logan: That’s the best way to do it, Jonesy. They’ve isolated Warrick, and as long as they keep him separated from his partner, they can keep piling on the damage. It’s textbook tag-team wrestling!

Jones: That’s right, Anthony, you were a tag-team champion in the ICWF, weren’t you? Does this match bring back memories?

Logan: A few, Jonesy, but I’m still content to sit here and watch those guys pummel on each other for my amusement.

*As Derek watches, a concerned look on his face, Lukas brings Warrick back up and immediately locks him into a cobra clutch submission hold! He holds it for a few seconds, as Warrick tries to reach out to the ropes, then moves forward, turning it into a cobra clutch bulldog! Lukas quickly rolls Warrick over to make the cover… 1… 2… Warrick kicks out! Lukas brings Warrick back up and drags him over to his corner again, tagging in Jason. The two men come in together, as the ref warns that Lukas needs to be out of the ring within a five count. The Payne Killers are focused on other matters, though, as they set up Warrick for a double suplex. They lift, no, Warrick blocks it with his feet, then yanks his body weight downwards, turning it into a double DDT!! All three men are down, as Derek stomps his boot on the outside, desperately wanting to be tagged in.*

Jones: Nice reversal by Warrick!

Logan: People may overlook him because he’s the best friend of the World Champion, but Warrick has done some great things inside that ring.

Jones: Yes, but if he wants to be GCWA World Tag-Team Champion, he needs to make a tag!

*Warrick gets to his hands and knees, trying to figure out which way to go. He starts moving towards Derek, pushing himself up as he goes, but before he can make the tag, Jason intercepts him from behind, stopping his momentum. He grabs Warrick’s arms, holding them behind his back, as he taunts Derek. But as Jason starts to bring him back, Warrick drops, giving Jason a modified jawbreaker!! Jason tumbles to the side, as Warrick pulls himself free. Lukas starts to come over, but the ref is there, ordering him back. Derek stretches out as far as he can, getting into range, as Warrick dives forward, and there’s the tag! Derek steps through the ropes to the roar of the crowd.*

Jones: Derek’s made the hot tag! Look out, Payne Killers!

Logan: Yeah, but did the referee see it? He was busy with Lukas, after all.

*As Derek grabs Jason off the mat, the ref comes over, wanting to know if a tag actually happen. Derek pleads his case, slapping his hands together, but the ref is unsure. Jason starts to move towards Warrick, sensing opportunity, but Derek moves, grabbing Jason and throwing him through the ropes to the outside!! The ref looks a little shocked, but Derek has a plan, as he quickly steps through the ropes and signals to Warrick, who goes ahead and tags him again. The ref signals it as a legal tag, as Derek moves off the apron to the outside, fighting Jason on the floor!*

Logan: Quick thinking by our World Champion.

Jones: It takes more than brawn to win in the GCWA.

Logan: Unless you’re facing someone like Makorpal.

Jones: Well, yeah, that’s a given.

*Derek bangs Jason’s head off the apron, then rolls him in, following behind. He picks up Jason and delivers a German suplex, smashing Jason into the mat. Derek is quick to make the pin attempt right afterwards… 1… 2… Jason kicks out. Lukas is now the one who looks worried, as he watches Derek pull Jason up and make the tag to Warrick. Warrick’s had a chance to rest, and now he’s fired up, getting in a few shots as Derek holds Jason up. Derek then obeys the 5 count, leaving to his corner, as Warrick quickly grabs Jason and sets him in place for a piledriver. Warrick takes a second to pantomime smoking something and putting it out on Jason’s back, but he doesn’t take very long to lift Jason up and land the piledriver, dishing out more punishment. He rolls Jason over… 1… 2… Jason gets a shoulder up, keeping the title hunt alive.*

Jones: Jason looked strong early on, but he’s really taking a beating in there now.

Logan: I guess he should have concentrated more on working out and training like his brother told him to.

*Warrick slowly gets up, obviously still feeling some of the abuse he took early on in this one. He pulls Jason over to his corner, gladly tagging in the fresh Derek, who steps in and joins Warrick in giving Jason a double legsweep! Lukas is pacing in his corner like a caged lion, wanting release. As Jason lies in pain, Derek gets back up, sizing up his next move. As he does so, though, the fans start to boo heavily, distracting him. Derek looks around and sees what the fans do: Twiztid making his way to the ring.*

Jones: I think we’ve got trouble brewing!

Logan: Unfortunately, there’s no good reason for the ref to get this guy away from ringside. I bet the ref will watch him closely for any signs of interfering. A DQ would certainly cost the Payne Killers the World Tag-Team Titles.

Jones: Yes, but which is more important to the leader of this group? Winning the belts for his guys or taking out Derek Mobley, the World Heavyweight Champion?

*As Twiztid stands at the entrance to ringside, simply staring and watching, Mobley angrily goes back to Jason. But he was distracted too long, as Jason suddenly kicks out, catching Mobley with a quick Enziguiri! With Mobley down, Jason struggles quickly over to his corner, making a desperate-looking tag to bring in Lukas! The elder brother runs over, intent on doing some quick damage. He starts stomping away on Mobley, going all the way around him with a Garvin stomp, then drops and bends Mobley’s leg, putting on an STF! Lukas yanks on Mobley, trying to do more damage to the World Champion, as the referee moves in, checking to see if the match is going to end this way.*

Logan: Thanks to that distraction, Mobley’s in trouble here! Lukas is a pro at these submission maneuvers!

Jones: Yes, but I don’t think this move is going to work in a tag-team environment, because here comes Warrick!

*Before the ref can do anything, Warrick charges in, kicking Lukas in the back of the head! This breaks the hold, causing Lukas to fall forward, but here comes Jason, tackling Warrick, and the ref is losing control! Warrick and Jason roll back and forth, letting out all of their aggression, as Mobley struggles to get up, grabbing at Lukas. Lukas counters by knocking Mobley’s arm away and scoring a forearm to the chest, pushing Mobley back. Lukas then starts throwing punches, as the referee tries his best to get the illegal men out of the ring! Unfortunately, the ref gets between Warrick and Jason, causing him to get crushed into the corner, knocking him down! Warrick and Jason tumble out of the ring, still fighting. The brawl continues, as the ref tries to recover, holding his injured chest.*

Logan: Damnit, we really need faster refs! He should have been able to dodge that!

Jones: With the ref down, we might just have total anarchy here! Strangely, though, Arryk, I mean, Twiztid is not taking advantage of this. He’s still standing there… wait, who was that? A couple of guys just went by…

Logan: Wait a second, that’s Jobe Severity and Tommy Crimson!!! Organized Chaos is out here!! But why???

*As Mobley fights off Lukas, knocking him down with a short-arm clothesline, he turns, seeing Jobe stepping into the ring. Mobley quickly runs forward, taking a mighty swing, as Severity quickly retreats, dodging the shot. He raises his arms to Mobley, as the champion looks down at his opponent from a week ago. Meanwhile, behind Mobley, Crimson has entered the ring, carrying what looks to be a metal pipe! He rushes towards Mobley, lifting up to swing… and Warrick is there, grabbing away the pipe!! Crimson turns, shocked, as Warrick hefts the metal, swinging it instead at Crimson! Crimson barely dodges, rolling away, as Lukas stands up, trying to grab Warrick from behind. Severity jumps up on the apron, grabbing Mobley’s arm to keep him from interfering, but Warrick has it in control, shrugging Lukas off and clobbering him with the pipe!!! Lukas is down and out… as the bell rings!*

Jones: Wait, what? Who rang the bell?

Logan: Oh… oh no…. the ref, I think the ref saw Warrick!!! And that means….

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen, by the ruling of the referee, your winners, via Disqualification, and the new GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, the Payne Killers!!

*The crowd is booing like never before, throwing garbage at the referee, as Warrick desperately tries to plead his case to the referee. But the Payne Killers are already out of the ring, with Jason helping his injured brother move up the rampway. Jobe and Tommy move with them, smiles on their faces.*

Jones: This is terrible! The House of Pain were only defending themselves from assault from all sides!

Logan: Yeah, but all that matters to the referee is what he sees. Unfortunately, he got up just in time to see Warrick clock Lukas with that pipe!

Jones: You can bet there are going to be repercussions from this one! We’re out of time, we’ll see you fans next week!

*As an upset Warrick throws down the pipe, still ranting at the referee, Mobley leans on the ropes, staring at Twiztid. The man still isn’t smiling, despite the way things went down. He finally turns and walks away, leaving the furious House of Pain members behind him, as the screen fades to black.*

OOC: Another card down, and dang, did it turn out to be a monster! Hope it was worth reading, even despite the squash matches that took place. We're one Friday show away from the PPV, so I hope you're ready for the final match-ups to be announced! Here's next Friday's card:
- The Danger Boiz vs. Aaron Hedrick & Jay-Mack Youth

- "Cowboy" Tom Hookum vs. Mr. Excellent

- Caid "Widow Maker" Austin vs. "His Legacy" Marcus Ka'Derrion, Non-Title Match

- Derek Mobley & Twiztid, Official Contract Signing

- Scott Caine vs. The Lost Soul

- Warrick Hill vs. Tommy Crimson, No Holds Barred Match

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