*As the commercials finish up, showing a nice car worth purchasing if you have any money in the current economy, we fade to a blank screen. Slowly, a grey mist seems to start covering the area. It floats through the screen, as images can almost be seen in the smoke. They grow clearer, as we start to hear noises in the background, as well as a dramatic theme. In the smoke, you can see a quick shot of Jobe Severity nailing Chad Vargas with the Blasphemy, then locking him into the King James Version. Vargas taps out as the bell rings. The voice of the announcer can barely be heard. It has a ghostly quality to it.*

Minos: Here is your winner, the new #1 Contender for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship, Jobe Severity!

*As that patch of smoke fades back out, another, near the top right corner of the screen, forms, showing Derek Mobley taking Shane Donovan off the apron and sending him crashing down with the Thriller to the outside.*

Minos: Here is your winner and the NEW GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!!!

*As the smoke gets thicker, a crackling noise can be heard. It’s the beginning of a roaring fire, which is building up to a massive conflagration. Both Derek Mobley and Jobe Severity’s faces appear on the screen, seemingly looking at each other. Jobe has a peaceful-yet-sinister smile, while Derek is looking seriously at the newest threat to his title reign. The World Title can be seen, shadowed in the background. A word flashes across the screen: “Tonight”. Both faces come closer together, as if to start fighting it out right then and there. Suddenly, though, a blast of static flickers over the screen. It gets more intense, blocking out the pictures. When it clears, a figure can be seen in the camera’s view. It is in the darkness, so you can’t make out who it is. The person whispers in a gravelly voice:*

Shadow: Tonight….

*The picture fades out. As it disappears, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, the final shot showing Derek Mobley, with the World Title around his waist, smiling at the camera. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us see all of the screaming fans in the GCWA Arena! The crowd has an electric intensity about it tonight, in anticipation of almost PPV-like matches. We zoom over the audience to head over to Jones and Logan, who are waiting at their usual positions.*

Jones: Hello, folks, and welcome back to the GCWA Arena! I’m Edward Jones, your humble broadcast announcer, here with my partner-in-crime, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: Partner-in-crime, huh? What crime could you have possibly committed? Littering?

Jones: Actually, I’ll have you know, Anthony, that I once did time in a federal prison!

Logan: Really?

Jones: Well, ok, so I was only there a few days after Killer Kali stuck some drugs in my briefcase, but still, hard time, baby!

Logan: Oh yeah, I remember that. Your wife threw that party, ummm, to raise funds for your bail…

Jones: Man, I love that woman.

Logan: So let’s talk about tonight, one of the biggest GCWA cards ever to be offered on free television!

Jones: It’s going to be a great night, Anthony! We’ve got the debut of several new wrestlers, a Handicap Match to determine the #1 Contender for the X Division Title, a match-up between two of the hottest new wrestlers in our sport, and, of course, our main event!

Logan: That’s right, man, Derek is putting his World Title on the line for the first time against the #1 Contender, Jobe! While a lot of people believe that Jobe is too new to the wrestling scene to be able to win the big one, anything can happen in the GCWA!

Jones: Indeed, Anthony. It wouldn’t be the shortest World Title reign on record, since that one’s still held by Steve Austin’s 6-day reign. But Mobley definitely doesn’t want to see his reign only last a few weeks if he wants to continue working on his Hall of Fame credentials.

Logan: Definitely not. Well, he’s got the belt for at least a few more hours, because we have a lot more to get through!

Jones: With that being said, let’s get started!

Minos: Welcome once again to the hallowed halls of the GCWA Arena! It is time to let loose some aggression! Our first match of the evening pits two unknowns against each other, in a bid to become a wrestler to watch in the new regime. First, he considers himself a warrior of the ring, claiming title reigns in the EHW, he stands 6’7” and weighs 280 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is “The Warrior” Aaron Hedrick!

*Hedrick walks out of the back with purpose as “Warrior” by Kid Rock plays over the loudspeakers. The crowd only reacts slightly, giving him a small cheer, as he storms down to the ring.*

Logan: Can’t say I know much about this kid. Then again, I don’t really know anything about either guy.

Jones: That happens sometimes with rookies, Anthony. Until they’ve proven themselves, there’s not much reason to get to know them.

Minos: His opponent tonight has been praised for his speaking talents. Now he’s seeking to test the more physical skills that he possesses. Standing 6’3” and weighing 252 lbs, from Makati City, Philippines, here is Rogie Nocturne!

*”Valhalla” by 30 Seconds To Mars plays as Rogie comes out, waving to the crowd. He comes down to the ring with a large smile on his face.*

Logan: Well, at least he’s happy to be here.

Jones: At least now we finally get a chance to find out what these two guys are all about, after such a quiet week from them.

Logan: Yep. I was starting to wonder if either was going to show up tonight to wrestle!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Let’s see what the rookies have to offer!

*Rogie finishes taking off his shirt and turns to go back to the center of the ring, where Hedrick is already waiting. The two men lock up, with Hedrick’s strength allowing him to push the smaller Nocturne backwards. They go into the corner, with Hedrick leading the way. The ref calls for the clean break, and Hedrick complies, no, he comes back with an elbow, cracking Nocturne in the head! Hedrick brings Nocturne back up and whips him off the ropes, sending him to the other side. As Nocturne comes back, Hedrick grabs him and lifts, spinning him around and landing a powerslam! The first pin attempt only gets a 1 count, though, as this match is still very young.*

Jones: So far, it looks like Hedrick’s got the advantage.

Logan: At least we heard from him this week. It was only a single statement, but still, that’s something. Rogie’s supposed to be such a great speaker, so where was he?

*Hedrick pulls Nocturne back up to his feet and puts him in a headlock, getting a few punches in on his opponent’s cranium. Nocturne slowly fights back, though, pushing Hedrick into the ropes. Nocturne sends Hedrick running across the ring with a shove, then positions himself for a backdrop. Hedrick hits the other side of the ring…. and goes flying over the top rope!!*

Logan: What the hell? How’d that… wait a second….

Jones: Look who’s getting into the ring!! It’s Rick Mathis of the Roman Empire!!

Logan: What’s he’s doing here??

*Mathis enters the ring with a big, evil grin on his face, as Nocturne stands up in shock. The referee looks completely bewildered, not sure if he should call for the DQ or not. In the meanwhile, Mathis laughs at Nocturne and points behind him. Nocturne spins around…. and gets nailed with the Wake-Up Call!!! Lurrr nearly takes Nocturne’s head off, laying him out, as the referee quickly signals for the bell to be rung, sending this one to a No-Contest.*

Jones: What a kick! Nocturne never even saw it coming!

Logan: I don’t think the Roman Empire is done yet, though, Jonesy!

*As the bell rings, frantically trying to summon security, Lurrr pulls the nearly-unconscious Nocturne up, handing him over to Mathis. The big man lifts Nocturne up, delivering the Oil Spill! As Nocturne lays in a heap in the ring, the cameras show Aaron Hedrick on the outside, still down after his horrible fall that bounced his head off the apron. The crowd boos heavily as Lurrr & Mathis raise their arms, proud of what they’ve accomplished. Suddenly, security comes running to the ring, with Titan 3 leading the charge. The three security guards enter the squared circle, with Lurrr looking like he could care less. Mathis steps forward, locking eyes with the Head of Security, but Titan 3 doesn’t blink. Mathis, looking a little unsure for the first time tonight, follows Lurrr as the X Division Champion lazily steps out of the ring. The security starts checking on the injured, as the Roman Empire makes their way up the ramp. Along the way, Lurrr gets himself a microphone.*

Lurrr: This is just another example to you *bleeps * out there that the Roman Empire is in charge here in the GCWA. Ace, you just got two more *bleeps* to add to the injured reserves.

*Lurrr & Mathis, laughing, leave through the curtain, ignoring any of the verbal abuse being sent their way by the GCWA fans.*

Jones: So this was all just a message to the President?

Logan: Seems that way, Jonesy, and it’s a message that’s hard to misinterpret. Damn.

*Titan 3 steps back from the fallen Nocturne as the medics arrive, intent on doing their job. One goes to check on Hedrick on the outside, who’s trying to rise, holding his head. We slowly fade out to commercial.*

*We come back from the break to a shot from the President’s office. The Accelerator is sitting behind his desk, trying to look calm. The fact that several items seem to be missing from his desk, possibly due to a swipe of Ace’s angry arm, probably dispute that fact. Ace lets a small smile loose as he addresses the camera.*

The Accelerator: Hi there, GCWA boys and girls! The Accelerator here, making another official Presidential address. I just watched as the Roman Empire decided to get involved in the match pitting two of our newest wrestlers against each other. They decided to make another example for me to see. Well, Lurrr, Mathis, I decided I should probably let you know something. If I see another ‘example’ like that tonight, or in the coming weeks, you’re going to learn all about the Presidential powers I control.

*Ace takes a second to straighten out the suit he’s wearing, running his hand over the sleeves.*

The Accelerator: I may not be a vindictive man…… oh, who am I kidding, of COURSE I’m a vindictive man! But I also know what’s good for business, which is why I’ve allowed the Roman Empire some leniency. Mark my works, though, if this becomes personal, I’m more than willing to do what it takes to get my own message across to you, boyos.

*The crowd gives a cheer, endorsing Ace’s words as their own. There’s no love lost there between Lurrr and the fans.*

The Accelerator: One other thing for tonight. The Roman Empire’s outside interference got me thinking about tonight’s main event, which is our main ticket seller. Since I’m not a fan of unsatisfactory endings, I’m going to make a quick rule change to tonight’s World Title Match. Severity, you may have your followers, but they won’t be following you to the ring tonight. Any involvement from Crimson, Mary, or Simms will cause their immediate firing from the GCWA, as well as cause Severity to be suspended. There will be no Organized Chaos tonight! And, to be fair, Derek, your partner Warrick is also banned from ringside. It will be one-on-one all the way. Enjoy the rest of the show.

*Ace looks away from the camera and reaches, as if to grab the next piece of paper in his in-box. Of course, the in-box isn’t there anymore. With a smirk of realization, Ace calls for his secretary to come in and get to work, as the picture switches back to the arena floor.*

Logan: Ace is not a happy man right now, is he?

Jones: The Roman Empire is really starting to get under his skin, I think. Still, the fact that it led Ace to ban Organized Chaos from ringside is undeniably a good thing.

Logan: Yeah, I was worried that Crimson would try to sneak-attack Mobley with the Fury again. Actually, I’m still worried.

Jones: Why? Ace said they would be fired if they interfered.

Logan: True, but I could almost see them doing it anyway, if it meant Severity became the champ.

Jones: From what I recall, though, Severity didn’t want them at ringside anyway, so it may be a moot point. Good to have the stipulation in place either way.

Minos: Our next match will be the first bouts for three of the competitors. It is also the first tag-team match of the new GCWA! Our first competitors are looking for some respect from the GCWA fans. Entering the arena, weighing a combined 542 pounds, from the Philippines, here are Jay-Mack Youth and Makorpal!

*The crowd barely reacts as the two men from overseas come out. They both give an angry yell to the nearby camera, then start to head towards the ring. “Dead” by My Chemical Romance is playing in the background.*

Logan: Makorpal? Again?

Jones: I know, Anthony, I know, but this one’s different. He’s done poorly as a singles wrestler, but now he’s going to attempt to dominate in the tag-team division. With Jay-Mack Youth at his side, we may see a different Makorpal here tonight.

Logan: Somehow I doubt it.

Minos: Their opponents are one of our brotherly tandems. They have been tag-team specialists in the past, and are now looking to get themselves to the top of the tag-team ladder. Weighing in at a combined 458 pounds, from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, here are Jason & Lukas Payne, the Payne Killers!

*As “Self-Destructive Pattern” by Spineshank plays, the crowd starts to boo, remembering the Payne Killers’ assault on Warrick Hill not that long ago. After a few seconds, Jason Payne steps through the curtain, giving a cocky pose to the crowd. He walks straight down the aisle, as his eyes search the audience for another ‘notch’.*

Jones: The Payne Killers have been a terror to… wait, where’s Lukas?

Logan: Strange. You know, Lukas did mention possibly making Jason fight both men here tonight, but I didn’t think he was serious.

Jones: So Jason’s fighting in a handicap match here? That doesn’t seem right.

Logan: Hey, brothers do strange things, Jonesy. You should have seen the brawls Andrew and I had at times.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Jason moves back and forth in his corner, not looking at all concerned that his brother’s not actually there. Makorpal, meanwhile, decides that the third time might be the charm, as he charges forward. Jason reacts, throwing his legs through the middle ropes and sliding out of the way, as Makorpal crashes into the turnbuckle. As Makorpal staggers backwards, Jason grabs the top rope and springs upwards, using the ropes to nail Makorpal with a missile dropkick! Makorpal hits the mat and rolls away, in pain, as Jason takes a second to turn and pose to the fans, pointing to his hand. As he does so, though, Jay-Mack steps in, pushing past the ref and clobbering Jason from behind with a running forearm! Jason collapses to the mat, stunned, as Jay-Mack goes to get his partner.*

Jones: Not a great beginning from Jason Payne, as he turned his back on his opponent.

Logan: Sometimes being too cocky can be just as bad as having no confidence, especially in a handicap match.

*Jay-Mack pulls his partner over to the corner and tags himself in, then goes after Jason, hitting him behind with several shots. Jason leans on the ropes, hurting, as Jay-Mack lets out a wild yell. He pulls Jason off the ropes, no, wait, Jason suddenly grabs the larger man’s head and leaps over the top rope, stringing his throat across the rope! Jay-Mack stumbles back, grabbing at his windpipe, as Jason gets back onto the apron. He steps through the ropes and smacks Jay-Mack under the chin with a European uppercut, then quickly spins on his feet, tripping Jay-Mack and sending him to the mat! As Jay-Mack rolls aside, though, Makorpal comes back in, having gotten his breath back. He swings at Jason, but Jason blocks it, delivering a punch of his own. He follows through by grabbing Makorpal by the head and pulling him back, going off the ropes with a flipping reverse cutter! Makorpal’s down, as Jason makes the pin…. 1… 2…. Jay-Mack breaks it up.*

Jones: C’mon, ref, you need to get one of those guys out of there! This is supposed to be a tag-team match!

Logan: I gotta admit, he is being lenient, isn’t he?

*Jason tries to get up, but Jay-Mack drops a double elbow on his back, stunning him. Makorpal uses the ropes to get up, as Jay-Mack waves him over. They set Jason up, both grabbing an arm, as they lift him in the air and land a double suplex! Jason rolls in pain on the mat, having fallen a long way from these two big men. Jay-Mack signals again to Makorpal, ironically looking like the brains of the bunch. The two men advance, picking Jason up, as the referee finally starts to signal that one of them needs to get out of the ring. They’re not listening, as they go to position Jason for a spike piledriver! Makorpal goes to lift Jason, as Jay-Mack moves away so that he can get leverage. However, as he does so, he’s suddenly attacked from behind, as Lukas enters the ring and drops him with a backbreaker variation!*

Logan: Ok, now we’ve got a match!

Jones: I guess Lukas couldn’t stay away, seeing his brother in trouble.

Logan: He’s just trying to teach Jason that they need each other. It’s not an easy lesson to learn. After all, I proved I didn’t need Andrew.

*With Jay-Mack down and out of the ring, Makorpal tries to attack Lukas, but Lukas takes control, punching away. Jason gets himself up, actually looking a little annoyed that his brother is there. But he’s also mad at Makorpal, so he joins up with his brother in the assault. The two men pound on Makorpal, doing a lot of damage, then Jason signals to the crowd, earning a few more boos. Lukas shakes his head, but he’s already got Makorpal positioned for a powerbomb. He lifts the big man up, showing some definite strength, as Jason grabs Makorpal’s head in mid-air for his twist of fate! The two men drop, delivering the Overkill, and Makorpal is done! Lukas goes to make sure that Jay-Mack can’t get back in, as Jason gets a cocky pin on the downed wrestler… 1… 2…. 3!!*

Minos: Here are your winners, Jason & Lukas, the Payne Killers!

*Jason walks over to the ref, getting him to lift his arm, as Lukas keeps an eye on Jay-Mack, who doesn’t look like he wants to try entering the ring again. Makorpal is still out.*

Logan: A good start for the Payne Killers, but will it lead to the tag-team titles?

Jones: We’ll see soon enough, I’m sure, Anthony. Those belts can’t remain vacated forever. We’ve got to take another break, but we’ll be back soon! Don’t forget, we have three more unbelievable matches coming up!

Logan: Word.

*As the Payne Killers start to leave the ring, we cut to the back, where a hallway is apparently cloaked in darkness. It’s hard to tell what’s happened to the lights in this part of the arena. Out of the darkness, a white face can be seen. The Lost Soul walks out of the darkness to the cheers of the crowd, on his way to the ring.*

* We return from the break in the backstage area. Marcus Ka'Derrion is seen walking down the hall with his wrestling gear already on and the Intercontinental title strapped tightly around his waist. Behind him are the two men we now know as Santiago and Brutus. As they make a turn, Marcus is ambushed by Cynthia Hall, who jumps on him, giving him a heartfelt hug.*

Cynthia Hall: I am so sorry Marcus! I had no idea!

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Uh, it's OK. You didn't know, no one knew, but now you do. So I hope this means that you are going to stop with all the questions right?

Cynthia Hall: Well, not exactly.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Oh Come on Cynthia! Him dying is not enough for you?

Cynthia Hall: For me? Yes. But not for the wrestling world. You have to understand that him passing away gives people even more reason to want to know who he was! They want to pay their respects! They want to celebrate him, his life, his career. You have to tell us who he was.

*Marcus is clearly annoyed, and ponders his answer for a good minute but finally gives in. *

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Fine, fine, I will tell you.

Cynthia Hall: You will!?!

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Yes, but not now. I have something to do.

Cynthia Hall: When then?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: A couple of weeks from now, when I'm ready.

Cynthia Hall: At the next pay per view?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: No, the Inferno before that.

Cynthia Hall: Are you just playing with me? With the fans?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: No Cynthia… "I promise" I will tell you his name. I have to go now, excuse me.

*Marcus moves past Cynthia who is excited about the news she just received. The camera stays with Marcus as he arrives at his destination, Scott Caine's locker room. He knocks and Scott Caine from the inside asks who it is.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: It's Marcus.

*The door swings open and out steps Scott Caine followed by his brother Samuel. Caine comes face to face with Marcus, ready for anything.*

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Look Scott, relax. I don't want any trouble before our match, but I do want to talk to you about it.

Scott Caine: I'm listening.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Well, I believe you got robbed last week Scott. As I sat there watching your match with Dan, I knew that you had the match won. If it wasn't for the interference, you would have beaten Dangerous Dan, clean.

Scott Caine: I know that, you know that. The whole world knows that. Tell me something I don't know Marcus.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Well, what you don't know is that I feel you deserve the title shot more than Dangerous Dan. So I spoke to the President and he has agreed to make our match tonight, a title match.

Scott Caine: You are going to put your title on the line against me? Are you sure you want to do that?

Marcus Ka'Derrion: All I am sure about is that you deserve a title shot and who knows, maybe you even deserve this title more than I do. I guess we get to find out tonight.

Scott Caine: Fine, but if you lose that title, don--

Marcus Ka'Derrion: IF I lose this title, than I know you will give me a rematch right?

*Marcus extends his hand out to Scott Caine. Scott looks puzzled and then looks at his older brother Samuel who nods. Scott turns back to Marcus and shakes his hand. *

Scott Caine: Right.

Marcus Ka'Derrion: Good. See you in a few then.

*Marcus turns around and heads back the way he came. Scott and Samuel smile at each other as the camera cuts back to the announcers.*

Jones: So, wait, the Intercontinental Title is being defended tonight??

Logan: Hey, it’s the right of the champ to decide if he wants the belt on the line. He just has to defend it every 30 days.

Jones: Yes, but how will that affect Dangerous Dan? I mean, he DID win the right to be the next #1 Contender!

Logan: True. I’ll have to think about that one.

Jones: Amazing! We’ve got TWO title matches tonight then, as well as the X Division Title #1 Contenders match which is next!

Minos: Our next match was arranged to decide who will be the next GCWA X Division #1 Contender! It was personally created by the leader of the Roman Empire, Lurrr, to choose who will face him next for his championship. This match will be a 3-on-1 Handicap Elimination Match!

*The fans, who aren’t happy even to hear Lurrr’s name, send out their anger at the thought of the upcoming match, pitting one of the fan favorites of the GCWA in almost a no-win scenario.*

Minos: First, on team #1, coming out first, he earned his first victory of his GCWA career last week by taking down Makorpal, standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago Illinois, he is Mr. Excellent!

*”Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. plays as Mr. Excellent makes his way out with a smile on his face. Some of the crowd sends negativity his way, while others seem to be at least partially on his side. One person has a sign that states “Excellent son, bitch for a wife!”. Mr. Excellent heads for the ring, warming up as he goes.*

Jones: A lot of people were upset with Mr. Excellent after his actions last week. He personally interfered in the Intercontinental Title match, helping Dangerous Dan win that title shot.

Logan: Yeah, well, Mr. Excellent’s always said that he’ll do whatever it takes to win, even if it’s not the most popular decision.

Jones: Mr. Excellent at least can celebrate the fact that he managed to win custody of his son this week from his wife, so no matter what happens tonight, he’s had a good week.

Logan: I’m sure he wouldn’t mind stacking an X Division Title shot on top of that, though, Edds.

Minos: His teammates for today are making their debut as a tag-team, although one has already wrestled in several matches in the GCWA. They weigh a combined 448 pounds, from Smithville, Tennessee, they are Dangerous Dan and Crazy Chris, the Danger Boiz!

*The Danger Boiz get a few more cheers as they make their way out to Dan’s theme music, “Gives You Hell” by the All American Rejects. The two wrestlers make their way confidently to the ring, where the immediately engage in a discussion with Mr. Excellent.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz are making their first appearance together since 2006, and rumor has it there is already a little friction there.

Logan: Yeah, but I think those are just that, rumors. I mean, sure, both men would love to have that X Division Title shot, but I don’t think they’ll let it come between them. Now, Mr. Excellent, on the other hand… we’ve already seen what he’s capable of.

Jones: It will be interesting to see how the alliance between Mr. Excellent and the Danger Boiz holds up tonight. After all, Dan was heard saying that he thought Mr. Excellent could be the third member of the squad, which didn’t seem to sit well with Crazy Chris.

Logan: Tonight will be a major test of that partnership, that’s for sure.

Minos: And now, their opponent tonight, wrestling all on his own for a shot at his rival, standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is The Lost Soul!

*The Friday the 13th Theme plays and the fans get on their feet as The Lost Soul walks out of the back. He’s in his usual wrestling gear, although it’s clear that he’s got some extra wraps around his ribs after the assault he took last week. Still, he shows no fear at the confrontation awaiting him. He walks steadily towards the squared circle.*

Logan: Look, it’s Thomas Leviticus Samson!

Jones: I’m still not convinced that’s his real name, Logan, but TLS fits either way.

Logan: Yeah. Good to see that TLS is still standing after getting sent through a table off the stage last week.

Jones: He took a very bad bump, but the man is resilient to say the least. But I don’t know if even The Lost Soul can survive the fight that Lurrr has set up for him to ‘prove’ he deserves a title shot.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: The rules for this one are pretty simple. If Excellent or the Danger Boiz pin TLS or make him submit, this one’s over, and the person who gets the pin wins the title shot. However, for TLS to win, he has to eliminate all three men in front of him.

Logan: I still think The Lost Soul has a shot, just because it’s going to be very hard for the three wrestlers to work together in eliminating him. That title shot is just too big a lure to allow someone else to make the pin.

*The Lost Soul stands in his corner, watching with a straight face as confusion seems to be occurring on the other side. Chris, Dan, and Excellent are in the ring at the same time, arguing about who’s going to start the match. It’s clear that all three want the chance to begin things. Mr. Excellent tries to walk forward, but Chris stops him with his arm, not happy with the choice. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, comes towards the trio. All three stop arguing as The Lost Soul reaches them, looking each other in turn. They all look ready to fight, but The Lost Soul isn’t attacking. Instead, he points at Dangerous Dan. Dan smiles and nods, starting to come forward, but TLS then switches his aim, pointing instead at Mr. Excellent. Excellent grins, as Dan looks over at him in annoyance. A second later, TLS finishes his pointing, aiming his finger at Crazy Chris. All three men look confused now, as nothing has been decided. But then TLS raises both hands, pointing at all three men, then charges in, swinging punches!! He nails Chris with a right hook, scores a straight left jab to Excellent’s jaw, then takes a few hits on Dan! The crowd loves it, cheering away as he fights all three men!*

Logan: Trust TLS to start the mind games early!

Jones: This guy may be at a major disadvantage in this one, but he’s starting things off the right way, in control!

Logan: At least for now…

*While the ref convinces a disgruntled Chris and Excellent to go back to their corner, TLS brings Dangerous Dan to the center of the ring. He bends Dan over with a quick kick, then strings his arm through Dan’s legs, lifting up the smaller wrestler with a pumphandle slam! TLS immediately goes for the pin, but Dan is quick to kick out. The Lost Soul moves around the younger wrestler, applying a reverse chin lock to drain out some of his energy, as his teammates look on. After a minute of pressure, though, Dan finally starts to make it to his feet, trying to get free, only to have TLS use his hair to send him back to the mat. He does a couple of Garvin stomps to Dangerous Dan’s sides, doing some more damage.*

Logan: Very smart. If you’re in a situation like this, you have to wear down at least one of your opponents so that they’re less of a threat. TLS is playing this game to perfection thus far.

Jones: You know Lurrr can’t be very happy with what’s happening. He wanted The Lost Soul destroyed.

Logan: Well, it’s pretty early in this one, Jonesy. He may get his wish yet.

*In the ring, The Lost Soul starts to drag Dangerous Dan up, smacking him across the face at one point. Crazy Chris looks ticked off in the corner, pacing back and forth. Mr. Excellent, in contrast, looks oddly calm. As they look on, The Lost Soul twists Dan into an Abdominal Stretch, continuing to work around his ribcage area. The ref moves in a few steps, asking the wrestler if he wants to give up, but Dan’s quick to shake his head no, grimacing at the effort. The Lost Soul increases the pressure… and Crazy Chris and Mr. Excellent are in the ring, attacking him!! TLS drops the hold and tries to protect himself as the two men swing away, with the ref trying to get between them, ordering Excellent and Chris back to their corner. As the ref pushes at Chris, moving him back, Mr. Excellent kicks out, landing a low blow!! The Lost Soul topples over, aching, as Mr. Excellent quickly retreats back to the corner along with Chris.*

Logan: Ooooooo, the great equalizer! It’ll stop anyone in their tracks, even a veteran like The Lost Soul!

Jones: It was a dirty move, but Mr. Excellent has said again and again that he’s willing to do anything to win. Suffice to say he just helped out Dangerous Dan in a big way.

*With The Lost Soul on his knees, trying to recover, an aching Dan, not knowing about the hit, goes on instinct, heading to his tag-team partner and tagging him in! Crazy Chris immediately rushes in before TLS can get his bearings, getting the Shining Wizard kick! The Lost Soul goes down hard as Crazy Chris falls on top of him, frantically waving to the referee. The ref gets there and starts the count… 1… 2… TLS kicks out! Crazy Chris pulls on his mask for a second, readjusting it, then gets up, bringing TLS with him. He is moving at a quick pace, as he sends The Lost Soul into the corner. He runs in, delivering a high knee to the trapped veteran, then brings him back off the ‘buckle with a bulldog! He hits hard, staying on the mat, as Crazy Chris continues to use up energy like a madman, racing over to the corner. Chris jumps up onto the turnbuckle, then comes off with a corkscrew splash, landing perfectly on the downed TLS. Chris again makes the cover, grabbing the legs this time…. 1… 2… and Mr. Excellent makes the save!!!*

Jones: Wait, what? Mr. Excellent broke up the cover!

Logan: Hey, Jonesy, only one man gets the title shot, remember?

*Crazy Chris looks up in shock at Mr. Excellent, who shrugs his shoulders. He starts to step back, but he bumps in Dangerous Dan, who immediately starts arguing with him. The ref tries to get the two men out of the ring, but it’s a wasted effort. Chris, meanwhile, shakes it off and starts to bring The Lost Soul back up, but TLS grabs him and drops, snapping Chris’ jaw onto his own skull! Chris flies backwards, with a few loose fillings, as TLS gets himself up. He sees the argument and runs forward, surprising both Dan and Excellent with a double clothesline!! With both men down, The Lost Soul goes back to Chris, picking him up and putting him onto the turnbuckle. The crowd gets pumped as TLS goes up as well, scoring several hard forearms to Chris’ head. He then brings Chris back off the ‘buckle with the Soul Buster!!! TLS recovers from the fall and makes the cover… 1… 2…. Dangerous Dan makes the save, breaking up the pin!*

Jones: That was damn close! I thought Crazy Chris was about to be eliminated!

Logan: It looks like title shot or not, Dan’s still backing his brother in this one.

*The ref struggles to get Dan out of the ring, where Mr. Excellent is already waiting on the apron. The threat of a DQ is very imminent. In the meantime, The Lost Soul brings Crazy Chris up. He drags Chris’ face across the top rope, adding a few new grooves to Chris’ mask. TLS then whips Chris across the ring. As Chris hits the other side, Mr. Excellent quickly tags his back, with the referee noting it from his position nearby. The Lost Soul, though, completely misses it, as he goes ahead and catches Chris back in with a release belly-to-belly suplex, sending the masked man flying! TLS then gets himself up and goes to attack Chris again, but Mr. Excellent comes in from behind, quickly rolling him up!! The ref drops…. 1… 2…. NO! TLS barely escapes!*

Logan: This one was almost over!

Jones: Think what you like about Mr. Excellent’s methods, but the guy is a very smart wrestler! He nearly pulled that off!

Logan: Yeah. Did you notice that Dangerous Dan started to come in? I wonder, was he coming in to break up the pin?

*Whatever his intentions, Dan quickly goes back under the ropes, to be in position for a tag if needed. Crazy Chris also moves his way back to the corner, looking like he’s feeling a lot of pain. In the ring, though, it’s Mr. Excellent vs. TLS, with Mr. Excellent, the fresh man, on the offensive. He pulls The Lost Soul over and lifts him up, pummeling the pugilist with a picture-perfect piledriver (try to say that five times fast). Mr. Excellent quickly tries another pin, but The Lost Soul just won’t stay down. Excellent looks a little frustrated, knowing that the title shot is still slightly out of reach. However, he has a perfect solution. He grabs The Lost Soul’s legs and starts to put him into the Execution!! The Lost Soul struggles, trying to block the hold, but he just doesn’t have the strength, as Mr. Excellent turns him over into his finishing submission hold!!*

Logan: The Lost Soul is in desperate straits now!

Jones: Yes, the last person to feel this hold, Makorpal, submitted pretty quickly to this one! Will Mr. Excellent earn the title shot?

*The Lost Soul fights to get free, clawing at the mat with his fingers to try and get enough purchase to move towards the edge of the ring. But Mr. Excellent clamps down on the hold, increasing the pressure! The Lost Soul’s head falls to the mat, as he’s in agony. You can see that a lot of the face paint has melted off of TLS’ face due to the perspiration caused by so much exertion. The ref stays close, asking again if TLS wants to give up. He shakes his head no, but it’s a weak shake, as TLS doesn’t have much left. Mr. Excellent cinches the hold even tighter, yelling at TLS to tap out. But as he pulls, suddenly Crazy Chris has come into the ring, grabbing Mr. Excellent and pushing him off-balance! Mr. Excellent releases the hold, surprised. He looks back at Crazy Chris, who is already walking back to his corner, rejoining Dangerous Dan.*

Jones: Et tu, Crazy Chris?

Logan: Like I said before, Edds, there is a lot of stress between teammates when a title shot is on the line! I think Crazy Chris decided TLS was getting close to passing out from the pain, which would give Mr. Excellent the X Division shot.

Jones: So how is this going to end? Are these three going to start fighting it out once TLS can’t move anymore??

*As Crazy Chris steps through the ropes, rejoining his brother, Dangerous Dan asks him why he did that. The two start talking, as Mr. Excellent walks over as well, complaining about the interference. Chris points to Dan, as if reminding Excellent about his own breaking up of pins earlier. Mr. Excellent shakes his head and turns around, going back to the still-down TLS. He’s barely moving, as the hold obviously took a lot out of him. Mr. Excellent sizes him up, then grabs his legs again. He looks back at Crazy Chris and Dangerous Dan, as if daring them to come in again, as he starts to reapply the Execution!! Wait, TLS suddenly reaches up, grabbing Excellent’s hair and rolling him over into a pinning predicament!! The ref was already right there…. 1…. 2…. 3!!!!*

Minos: Mr. Excellent has been eliminated!!

Logan: One down, two to go!

Jones: Amazing! I was starting to think The Lost Soul wasn’t going to get anyone! But he’s still got to defeat a tag-team on his own in order to win that title shot!

*A furious Mr. Excellent pounds on the mat and yells at the referee, who’s quick to show him how the count went. Excellent, though, believes it was a quick count. As the two argue, The Lost Soul starts to pull himself up, trying to prepare himself for more action. As he does so, though, both Danger Boiz come in, going on the attack! They knock TLS against the ropes, with the two alternating chops across TLS’ chest. As Mr. Excellent finally leaves the ring, still upset, Dangerous Dan lifts TLS up so that Dan has his legs while his armpits are around the top rope. Crazy Chris then runs to the other side and comes back, leaping over Dan and landing square on TLS’ back!! The Lost Soul falls to the mat, as Crazy Chris immediately goes for the pin… 1… 2… Dan pushes him off! Dan then goes for the pin himself! 1…. 2… no, Chris breaks it up! The two partners get nose-to-nose, arguing, as the crowd becomes excited.*

Jones: Uh oh! The first friction we’ve seen from the Danger Boiz!

Logan: It’s all heat of the moment, Jonesy. Still, I don’t see how they’re going to decide this.

*As the ref intervenes, trying to figure out which brother is legal, The Lost Soul somehow pulls himself up again, using the ropes as leverage. Dan sees him up and immediately stops the arguing, pointing to their foe. Chris nods, and they go back on the attack, as Chris runs in. But The Lost Soul ducks his shoulder, sending Chris spiraling to the outside!! Dan, shocked, comes in as well, kicking out at TLS, but the veteran catches his leg, allowing him to keep Dan off-balance! Dan waves his arms futilely, trying to keep upright. TLS, moving in, throws Dan’s leg to the side, causing Dan to turn around. TLS then grabs him from behind, lifting him up and landing an atomic drop! Dan walks awkwardly, feeling the flare of pain up his spinal cord. As he turns, TLS clotheslines him down, then makes the pin… 1… 2… NO! Dan’s shoulder gets up!*

Logan: Dan’s still fighting, which is bad news for TLS. He’s only got a little more time before Crazy Chris recovers from his fall and returns.

Jones: He definitely needs to put the IC #1 Contender away now, if he can!

*The Lost Soul slowly brings both men up, trying to continue his assault despite the pain he’s got to be feeling all over his body. He sends Dangerous Dan into the corner, but Dan leaps up at the last second, landing on the middle turnbuckle. However, before he can do anything, The Lost Soul is there, knocking his legs out and causing Dan to straddle the ring post!! Dan, hurting, has no defense as The Lost Soul steps in underneath him, lifting him up and coming out of the corner with Dan on his shoulders. The Lost Soul shows his strength, bringing the smaller wrestler out and dropping him with an electric chair driver!! Dan’s down and not moving, as The Lost Soul starts to maneuver to make the pin. However, he sees something out of the corner of his eye and spins, but it’s too late! Crazy Chris, who had climbed the turnbuckle, comes in out of nowhere with the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!!! The Lost Soul isn’t moving, as Chris makes the cover…. 1…. 2…. 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here are the winners, Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan, the Danger Boiz!!!

Jones: And that does it! The Lost Soul just couldn’t survive the numbers game!

Logan: He almost had Dangerous Dan put away, too! But Crazy Chris gets the pin, which means he gets the X Division Title shot!

Jones: That means that both Danger Boiz members are going to have title shots in the near future! Wild!

Logan: So this means that Mr. Excellent gets a win too, right?

Jones: Yes, because even though he was eliminated, his team still got a win.

Logan: I guess so. Too bad for The Lost Soul. If he wants another crack at Lurrr, he’s going to have to come up with another tactic to get there.

*As Crazy Chris helps Dangerous Dan get up, the two brothers talk, with Dan ruefully grinning about his brother’s success. The Lost Soul is already moving as well, grabbing the ropes and getting himself up. He looks exhausted, but there is still a fire in his eyes. As he looks towards the camera, we switch to a TV monitor shot of him. The camera zooms out, as we see the Roman Empire watching. Lurrr is laughing, while Rick Mathis eats some popcorn, happy with the result. We head to a commercial break.*

*As we return from the break, we find ourselves in the backstage area, or, more specifically, the dressing room of Organized Chaos. Jobe Severity is praying with Mary on one side of the room, while Tommy Crimson and Simms are talking on the other side about the match tonight, and how they’re not allowed to interfere. Suddenly, Crimson’s cell phone rings.*

Tommy Crimson: Yes? Yes, this is he. What? What do you mean my home alarm has gone off?? Well, no one should be there! Send your security guys over there, isn’t that what I pay you for??

*Crimson listens for another few seconds, as Simms looks on with interest. Neither Jobe nor Mary seem distracted by the conversation.*

Tommy Crimson: So someone’s already there? Ok, what’s missing then, did they get into the safe? Wait, what? The…. the fridge?? Someone took the fridge??

*Crimson’s face turns a fiery red, as he realizes who must have been in his place of residence.*

Tommy Crimson: Just… lock up the place again. Oh, and be on the lookout for the Big Bifford. What do you mean, what do you look for? A humongous fat guy carrying a refrigerator, you moron!!!

*Crimson hangs up the phone, furious. He reaches over and grabs his faked OCW World Heavyweight Title, holding it closer, as the picture fades back to the stage area. Jones is waiting like always, but Logan is laughing his ass off.*

Logan: Oh, boy, leave it to the Bifford to steal a fridge!

Jones: The Big Bifford is currently on medical leave due to his injured arm, as well as other injuries given to him by Crimson last week. Do you really think he would be able to lift up and carry off a fridge?

Logan: Knowing Bifford, I’m betting he found a way!

Jones: Crazy. Ok, folks, it’s time to get ready, as we have the first of two title matches, starting….. now!

Minos: Our next match was originally scheduled as a non-title contest between two worthy foes. However, earlier tonight, it was decided that this match shall indeed be for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship!!

*The crowd cheers its approval, always happy to see a high-level match take place.*

Jones: I still wonder how Dangerous Dan feels about this? After all, he won the title shot, not Caine, no matter who got involved.

Logan: If I was Dangerous Dan, I wouldn’t be that concerned. Heck, I’d be happy!

Jones: Happy? Why?

Logan: Because if I’m Dangerous Dan, I’ve pinned Scott Caine twice now. So if Caine pulls off the upset here against Ka’Derrion, that means that it’s Dan vs. Caine at the PPV for the belt.

Jones: I see your point, Anthony, but I think Dan’s looking forward to his chance at redemption against Marcus.

Logan: Well, he’ll have to wait in line!

Minos: First, our challenger. While uncertainty has plagued him over the recent week, he now has a chance to bring himself back to glory. Coming to the ring, standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, he is Scott Caine!

*As “Automatic” by American Pearl plays, Scott Caine makes his way out, followed by his brother, Samuel. Scott looks around at the cheers he’s still getting from the crowd, then makes his way down, with Samuel staying close next to him, saying words of support.*

Logan: I was worried about Caine this week, Jonesy. From what I hear, he went missing for a few days.

Jones: Well, it was more like he was off trying to get himself motivated again, Anthony. He’s had a few rough losses as of late. Hopefully the presence of his brother tonight will help him stay inspired.

Logan: The kid’s got to realize that he has a ton of potential, but wins don’t come over night. It’ll take work. He’s getting better and better, though.

Minos: His opponent wrestled in his very first match at Warriors of the Ring III and proved that he truly is a ‘legacy’, earning a championship immediately. Standing 6’1” and weighing 210 pounds, he is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!!

*The fans give a cheer as the Intercontinental Champ walks out to “Whatever” by Godsmack. Marcus still looks a little unsure about being in front of the crowd, but at least he didn’t have to be pushed through the curtains this time. He walks down to the ring.*

Logan: It’s been another week and we still don’t know who Marcus Ka’Derrion’s father is! The suspense is killing me, man!

Jones: The only new fact that has been added to the mix is that Ka’Derrion’s father has indeed passed away.

Logan: You don’t think it’s Kevin O’Connor, do you? I mean, he passed away a year or two ago and was a former GCWA Heavyweight Champion.

Jones: O’Connor didn’t die of a heart attack, though, Anthony. He had that fatal mishap with the wood chipper.

Logan: Oh yeah.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Scott finishes saying something to his brother, then turns towards Marcus, who has moved to the center of the ring. The two face each other, sizing the other one up. A small competing chant goes up from the crowd.*

Crowd: Let’s go Marcus/Let’s go Scott! Let’s go Marcus/Let’s go Scott!

*The two wrestlers look around at the audience cheering both of them on. Each wears a face of slight astonishment, showing how both are still battling confidence issues. After a few seconds of the chant, Marcus extends his hand, offering a handshake to his opponent. Scott considers it for a moment, then reaches out in return. The two shake, then break apart as the fans cheer. They start to circle each other, looking for that first opening.*

Jones: Glad to see some good sportsmanship in this contest. It’s sure to be a terrific match!

Logan: I just hope Samuel can avoid getting involved. You never know what to expect when someone’s at ringside.

Jones: From what I hear, Samuel signed a legal agreement with GCWA Management in order to be out here. If he does anything to influence this match, he’ll face some serious fines.

Logan: Yeah, but he’s a lawyer, and if anyone can find a loophole in one of our contracts, it’s a lawyer.

*As Marcus and Scott start to lock up, they’re suddenly distracted as “Gives You Hell” by the All-American Rejects begins to play! They both turn and look up the ramp, where, still sweaty and wearing a towel around his shoulder, Dangerous Dan walks out. He moves gingerly down the ramp towards the ringside area, then veers to his right, going to the broadcast table!*

Jones: What on earth? What is Dan doing back out here?

Logan: I guess you can ask him yourself, Jonesy. Here he comes!

*Dan pulls himself around to the empty seat at the table, sitting down and putting on a set of headphones that were there.*

Logan: Hey there, Danny, this is a surprise.

Dangerous Dan: Hi, Logan, hi Jones. Good to have ringside seats, isn’t it?

Jones: What brings you down here, Dan? You just had a tremendous match against TLS, after all!

Dangerous Dan: I know, but I couldn’t resist sticking around to watch this one and see who I’ll be facing at the PPV. As long as I’m down here, I might as well contribute!

Logan: If you say so….

*Marcus and Scott seem a little concerned about Dan’s presence at ringside, but neither sees anything they can do about it. They finally lock up, testing each other’s strength. Caine moves first, spinning behind Marcus and locking his arms around his opponent’s waist. Marcus struggles against the grip for a second, then reverses it, ending up behind Caine. But Caine fights free of the hold as well, turning and giving Marcus a legsweep! Scott reaches down to grab the champ, but Marcus is already moving, pushing himself up and sweeping Scott’s legs as well! Scott hits the mat, but bounces right back up. He rushes at Ka’Derrion, but Ka’Derrion’s ready, catching Caine and throwing him up into the air behind him! But Caine readjusts as he’s going up, managing to land his feet on the second turnbuckle! He jumps back off with a blind splash as Marcus is still turning, taking the champ to the canvas! The referee, Thomas Mitchell, is right there, but Scott only manages a one count.*

Logan: I knew it, I knew this one was going to be fast and furious!

Jones: Just like “Fast & Furious”, which is coming to theaters April 3rd!

Logan: Oh, man, I hate it when we have to shill like that.

Dangerous Dan: Part of the job, Anthony, part of the job.

*Caine and Marcus both get to their feet, with Caine taking charge by Irish whipping Ka’Derrion into the nearby corner. Caine runs in after him and jumps up, putting his feet onto Marcus to do a monkey flip. But the champion holds onto the ropes, causing Caine to fall backwards on his own, smacking into the mat! Caine holds his head in pain, as Marcus moves in, positioning himself and jumping up with a standing shooting star press! Marcus grabs the legs and tries to hang on as the ref makes the count… 1… 2… Caine kicks free. Ka’Derrion stands up, waiting, as Caine gets to his feet. Marcus then moves in, locking Caine up with a full nelson! Caine jumps up with his feet, trying to get free, but this works fine for Marcus, as he lifts Caine over and gives him a full nelson suplex! Caine’s down and hurting as Marcus makes another pin attempt… 1… 2… Caine gets his shoulder up.*

Jones: I was expecting a lot more back and forth action, Anthony. So far, Ka’Derrion’s looking pretty good.

Dangerous Dan: There’s a reason he’s the champion. He’s going to be hard to take down, but I guarantee that I will win the IC Title from him.

Logan: It’s still way early in this one to be talking about a squash, Danny. All it takes is one misstep by the IC Champ and momentum will swing.

Dangerous Dan: Whether it’s Caine or Ka’Derrion, it doesn’t matter. I will be the champion.

*Samuel Caine is shown on the outside, trying to rally his brother, as Marcus pulls Scott to his feet. He goes to send Scott into the ropes, but the challenger manages to reverse it, sending Ka’Derrion in instead. As Ka’Derrion returns, Caine flattens out on the mat, letting Marcus go over-top of him. Marcus tries to come back fast, going for a clothesline, but Caine, back on his feet, ducks under it. Marcus rebounds one more time, as Caine charges towards him, jumping up with a high knee assault that sends Ka’Derrion sliding on the mat! Ka’Derrion gets himself back up, holding his chest, as Caine comes in behind him, running. He clips Ka’Derrion’s left leg with his shoulder, flipping the champ over painfully to the mat! As Marcus tries to drag himself towards the ropes, Caine starts stomping on his leg, causing Ka’Derrion to yell out! Caine grabs the leg and drags it, along with the champ, to the center of the ring. He twists the leg and yanks back on it, adding to the damage, before turning Marcus upside-down and applying an Argentine leglock!! The ref checks on Marcus, who looks to be in serious trouble.*

Logan: Look at the way he’s contorting the champ’s leg!

Jones: This might be part of the Caine’s strategy, Anthony. Marcus will be a lot less effective with only one leg!

Dangerous Dan: If you want to ground a high-flyer, that’s definitely the way to go. I’ll have to remember that move.

*Ka’Derrion refuses to submit, despite the pain. He reaches out, trying to get a grip on Caine’s leg to get some leverage, but before he can manage it, Caine suddenly releases him, causing Marcus to fall face-first to the mat! Caine, using the opportunity, runs over to the turnbuckle and climbs up, quickly leaping off with a flying elbow that lands perfectly on Marcus’ chest! Caine makes the cover… 1… 2…. No, Marcus kicks out. Caine looks a little frustrated, but Samuel yells something to him about focusing, and Scott nods, getting back on the attack. He gets a grip on Ka’Derrion’s left ankle, while putting his foot near the knee joint. With one motion, Caine lifts up the leg, then stomps it back down! He hits this repeatedly, as Marcus yells, trying to get free. Caine releases his grip after three shots, allowing Marcus to roll on the canvas in true agony, his leg feeling like it’s on fire. As Marcus gets to his hands and knees, still badly favoring his injured limb, Caine comes in, dropping a leg across Marcus’ neck to send him crashing back to the mat! Caine makes another pin… 1… 2…. No!*

Jones: Ka’Derrion is really taking some hits out there!

Logan: Caine looks like a man on a mission, Jonesy. His whole career is resting on this match, at least in his mind.

Jones: By the way, Dan, you never said who you’re pulling for in this one.

Dangerous Dan: I’m not rooting for either man. I respect both of their abilities. I just think I’m going to be better, no matter which one wins tonight.

Jones: So you don’t have a favorite, one you’d rather face at the pay-per-view?

Dangerous Dan: I didn’t say that. But whoever it is, they’re going down in a few weeks.

*Caine pulls Ka’Derrion up, with Ka’Derrion barely able to stand. This isn’t a problem for Caine, who picks up the champion and bodyslams him in front of the turnbuckle. Caine then goes up, bouncing on the second ropes of the ‘buckle, then hopping up to the top with an attempted springboard moonsault! At the last moment, though, Ka’Derrion rolls out of the way, sliding under the ropes, causing Caine to faceplant himself! Ka’Derrion stays on the outside for a few seconds, wincing as he puts weight on his leg, then crawls back in, stopping the ref’s count before it can even really get going. Caine is already getting back to his feet, shaking his head, as Marcus limps over to him. Caine sees him and kicks out, with Marcus catching the foot. Caine immediately goes for his Enziguiri, but Marcus appears to have been expecting it, ducking under the strike and throwing Caine’s foot away, causing Caine to do a somersault to the canvas! Marcus then stumbles forward, putting himself on top of Caine and setting him into a Fujiwara armbar! He yanks away at Caine’s arm, as referee Mitchell watches closely.*

Jones: We are seeing some tremendous wrestling out there tonight!

Logan: Yeah, man, these guys are well-versed, aren’t they? Neither one is just a ‘high-flyer’. They have skills!

Jones: Whoever walks out of here tonight with the Intercontinental Title will have truly deserved it.

Dangerous Dan: I’ll agree to that. I can’t deny that they’re both impressing me tonight.

*Samuel, looking nervous, is in the background, leaning forward, as the referee asks Scott if he wants to submit. Scott almost looks like he wants to give up, feeling the pain, but he suddenly says no and shoves upwards, ignoring the pain and causing Marcus to have to release the hold. Caine moves to get to his feet, but Marcus gets a lock on him on the way up and bulldogs him back to the mat, before trying another pinfall… 1… 2… Caine raises his arm, staying in it. Ka’Derrion slowly gets up, trying to balance himself as he brings Caine up, too. As he does so, though, Caine sends a clubbing forearm into his mid-section, doubling Marcus over! Caine pushes off and runs to the ropes, coming back for an attack, but Marcus dodges to the side and pushes Caine, increasing his momentum. Caine rebounds off the other side and runs back as Marcus comes towards him, going for a splash! Unfortunately, Caine opts to try the same maneuver, and both men collide in mid-air!!! The two wrestlers collapse in a pile on the mat, next to each other, as the ref starts up a 10 count.*

Jones: What a tremendous impact!! I don’t know if either man is going to be able to continue this match!

Logan: Someone’s gotta get up, Jonesy. We don’t take kindly to draws around these here parts!

Dangerous Dan: So if neither man gets up, Marcus stays the champion, correct?

Jones: Yes, that’s right, Dan.

Dangerous Dan: Good. I’d love another shot at him.

*The referee counts upwards, as the audience tries to cheer either man to his feet. Samuel is yelling into the ring, shouting Scott’s name, and it seems to be helping, as Scott starts to rise first. As Marcus starts struggling up as well, Scott responds, delivering a Cutter! Marcus hits head-first and rolls to his back, stunned. Caine flops on top of him, tiredly trying another cover… 1… 2… Ka’Derrion rolls a shoulder up, staying the champion for now. Caine gets himself up, staggering a little to his left. He re-balances, going off the ropes and coming back to drop an elbow onto Ka’Derrion’s breastbone, doing some more damage. Caine then gets up, listening as his brother shouts encouragement to him. Caine turns and looks to his side, at the nearby turnbuckle. He goes and starts to climb, as the energy level in the arena reaches another notch.*

Jones: He’s going for the Sugar Caine! This could be all she wrote!

Dangerous Dan: I’ve got to see this closer up!

Logan: Danny, wait, where are you going? Come back!

*As Caine climbs up the turnbuckle, working on his balance, Dangerous Dan slides from the announce table and goes to ringside, watching intently. He moves a few steps closer to the turnbuckle Scott’s on, prompting Samuel to come over that direction. Samuel and Dan start to argue, with Dan pleading innocence, saying he wasn’t going to try anything, but Samuel’s not buying it. Meanwhile, Scott, noticing the commotion, looks down on the two men, as if reconsidering his target. But he decides to stick with it, aiming instead for the IC Champion. The crowd cheers as he takes up his position for the Sugar Caine, raising his arms. He leaps off, sticking his legs out in front of him. But at the last second, Marcus sits up, dodging the assault! Caine’s hipbones crack on the canvas, causing him terrible pain, as Marcus pulls himself up. He manages to get over to Caine and snaps him over with the Cradle Brainbuster!! The champ makes the pin…. 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, STILL the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Jones: What a finish! If Caine could have just gotten into the air in time…

Logan: Yet another distraction costs Caine a victory! I don’t think Marcus has any idea what happened, but then, Dangerous Dan doesn’t seem to be sticking around. He’s walking towards the back, leaving the scene!

*Referee Mitchell gets the IC Title and hands it to Marcus, who takes it while leaning on the ropes. He takes the gold and puts it on his shoulder, holding it tightly. In the meantime, Scott has pulled himself into the corner, looking dejected. He sits there, not moving, as Samuel enters the ring to talk with him.*

Jones: Caine doesn’t look like he’s handling this loss very well.

Logan: He put up a thrilling effort, but tonight just wasn’t his night. Dangerous Dan caused just enough distraction to ensure that Marcus Ka’Derrion would still be his opponent come March 1st!

Jones: I just hope we didn’t just see the last match of Scott Caine’s wrestling career. He was considering leaving the GCWA even before tonight’s loss.

*The crowd starts up a “Please Don’t Go” chant as Samuel helps the depressed Scott up to his feet. The two start to head towards the back, with Scott not even looking at the fans. One fan leans far over the railing, holding up her “Scott Caine Is #1” sign, but Scott pushes past it, just trying to get backstage. As they leave, the camera fades out, taking us to the back garage. A Hatchback Honda Civic has just pulled up and parked, right in front of the entrance. It’s the parking space reserved for the GCWA World Champion. The crowd starts to cheer loudly as Derek Mobley climbs out of the driver’s seat, getting his equipment out with him. He shuts the door and locks it before turning and head into the arena. As he does so, he fails to see the silver skull that has been attached to the “reserved parking” sign in front of his space. The camera zooms in on the skull, then the picture fades out to our final commercial.*

*As we return from the break, we go backstage where the GCWA World Champion is seen heading down a hallway with his World Title draped across his shoulder. The crowd once again goes wild with cheers! Derek has a gym back over his left shoulder as he stops in front of the ‘HOP’ locker room door. He opens it up and spots Warrick Hill inside. Hill is seated on a bench eating a NutriGrain bar and drinking a Diet Coke. Derek smiles at Warrick’s healthy approach to snacking and shuts the door behind him.*

Derek Mobley: There ya go! Eating healthier, I see…good news, something tells me you’re gonna have a match soon and, well, we don’t need two Big Biffords running around here. Also, props to you on getting here before me, starting to show some real dedication!

Warrick Hill: Don’t get too excited over the health food, just thought I’d give it a shot…and the getting here early thing…well, I spent the night here without anyone knowing…didn’t feel like throwing down on a hotel room, plus, they hotel I would stay at had a pool outside and I’m staying away from the water for awhile.

Derek Mobley: Okay…done any training today?

Warrick Hill: Nah man, just woke up…but the show has already started, the opening music started to wake me up, sucks too, cause I was about to drill Mr. Excellent’s ex-wife…she’s about to be back on the market you know?

Derek Mobley: Wonderful, Warrick…let’s piss everyone off on the roster MINUTES before I defend my title.

Warrick Hill: Oh yea, that’s tonight…well, I’m there for ya , bro…we aren’t losing that title tonight!

Derek Mobley: About that…Ace has laid down the law, no more organized chaos…ringside needs to be cleared for matches…so, sorry bro, I gotta do this alone.

Warrick Hill: Are you serious? That’s so gay! We’re the ones that have been getting attacked…I was just simply gonna go out there and watch the match…that’s all…however, if Jobe were to look at me wrong, I might get involved…BUT THAT’S IT…what’s wrong with that?? Can you talk to him?

Derek Mobley: Set in stone, bro…just chill, I’ll be okay, I’ve done it by myself before, I’m a big boy…you just keep sipping on your Diet Coke.

*Warrick shakes his head and sucks down some Diet Coke…there is a knock on the locker room door. Derek and Warrick both look at each other…Derek slowly opens the door and has the GCWA Title in his hand, ready to nail whoever is on the other end with it…the door flies open and we see GCWA X-Division Champion, Lurrr! He’s standing there with an arrogant smile on his face, X-Division title over his shoulder…he looks at Derek and holds his hands out, cautiously…Derek slowly lowers his World Title.*

Lurrr: Easy there, Mobley…I’m not here to fight, I’m here to offer you the Roman Empire’s assistance in tonight’s Main Event…

Derek Mobley: Well, that’s a nice gesture and all, Lurrr…but Ace has already banned organized chaos, so I don’t see as how that would be a possibility…thanks anyways.

*Derek goes to shut the door, but Lurrr extends his arm, keeping it from being shut…he speaks.*

Lurrr: Hold on there, champ…you think I listen to what that old man has to say? You think he can stop The Roman Empire?? His rules mean nothing to me, haven’t you already seen that? Just say the word and you’ve got insurance tonight that, no matter what, you walk out as World Champ…

*Derek looks over at Warrick, Warrick urges him to do it…Derek thinks and speaks.*

Derek Mobley: No thanks, Lurrr…I’m going to defend this title on my own…my way, I don’t want any outside interference. Good luck with whatever else it is you’ve got to do tonight…but, as far as House of Pain goes, we don’t any help.

*Lurrr nods.*

Lurrr: Fair enough…don’t come crying to me when you lose…

*Lurrr turns around and walks off as Derek slams his locker room door shut and looks over at Warrick.*

Derek Mobley: The nerve of that guy…the arrogance…can you believe what he just said??

Warrick Hill: Dude, you should’ve said yes.

Derek Mobley: Huh? Why do you say that??

Warrick Hill: Think about it…he helps YOU out and who takes the fall?? HE does…we stay clean, it’s the perfect plan…plus, with the way we’re getting bashed around here by Jobe’s group and those gayass Payne Killers, we could use the added muscle.

Derek Mobley: Thanks, but no thanks, Warrick…we don’t need him…we’ve always done just fine on our own and here, in GCWA, will be no different…now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start getting prepared for my match.

*Warrick nods as Derek walks out of our view…we cut back to the announce table.*

Logan: I’m glad Derek said no. I’d hate to see him have to side with the devil in order to keep his belt.

Jones: Warrick did have a good point, though, Anthony. While Derek and Warrick are a pretty good team, they have a lot of guys after them. It never hurts to have support behind you.

Logan: While that’s true, Edds, Derek could never trust Lurrr. Remember, what Lurrr wants most of all is the title that’s currently around Derek’s waist.

Jones: You think he might be trying to set Derek up? I don’t see that happening, Anthony.

Logan: Well, I see it as a definite possibility.

Jones: With that being said, let’s get to the biggest match in Inferno history! It’s the first time the World Title has been defended in many years, and the first and only time it’s been seen on Friday night! Let’s get to it!

Minos: Ladies and gentlebeings, the next match is our main event of the evening! Tonight, you will see a coveted bout that few get the opportunity to witness live. Tonight, you will see one of the greatest titles in the land defended in this very ring! Tonight is for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship!!

*The crowd is standing-room-only. No one’s leaving the arena for snacks or bathroom breaks. That time has past.*

Minos: First, the challenger. He earned the right to this match with a successful victory at Warriors of the Ring III, and now seeks to become the newest champion in GCWA lore. Standing 6’4” and weighing 223 pounds, from Beaver Creek, WV, he is Jobe Severity!

*”Day That Never Comes” by Metallica plays over the loudspeakers, although it’s almost covered up by the hatred being shown by the crowd. Jobe Severity walks out alone, a bag over his shoulder. He smiles penitently to the audience and heads to the ring. A patch can be seen covering his shoulder where the snake had bitten him.*

Jones: We almost didn’t have Jobe here to compete in this one, Anthony.

Logan: Damn straight! His crew attacked a living legend in Dolly Parton! I still can’t believe that Dolly didn’t want to press charges!

Jones: Well, it’s her right…

Logan: Yeah, but they stabbed nails through her hands and stuck her on a cross!! They ripped off her hair and put a barb-wire halo on her head!! She passed out from the pain!! And now she’s not pressing charges?? Seriously, man, that makes no sense!

Jones: I don’t know what to tell you, Anthony. The point is, he’s here to wrestle.

Logan: *grumbles under his breath*

Minos: And now, his opponent, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, he is the man on top of the GCWA mountain after his performance in the Warriors of the Ring III Tournament. He is the current GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World…. Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!

*The crowd goes berserk as Mobley comes out to his favorite song, “Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys. Mobley has the gold firmly attached around his waist. He walks slowly down the aisle, watching for any possible attacks, but none occur as he enters the ring, where Severity is patiently waiting.*

Jones: Earlier this week, Mobley and his partner, Warrick Hill, went off on a quest for the Great Beast.

Logan: If you ask me, Mobley’s staring down the Great Beast right now.

Jones: Hopefully Severity doesn’t have the Great Beast in that bag of his.

Logan: That’s not what I…. oh, never mind.

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: It’s time to rumble!

Jones: The belt is officially on the line!

*Mobley and Severity walk towards each other, with Severity speaking to him in a prayerful tone. He says a few words, with Mobley responding back in his usual style. The two men jaw at each other, getting more and more heated, until finally the punches start flying! Both men start pounding away on the other, getting the crowd cheering at the violence. The champion manages to take control, punching Severity back into the ropes. He gives Jobe an Irish whip across the ring, then goes for the hip toss, flipping Severity over onto his back. Severity almost immediately gets up and rushes Mobley again, but this leads to a second hip toss, which is enough for Severity to roll himself out of the ring, stopping the momentum from continuing to build.*

Jones: The champ is looking good so far!

Logan: Yeah, but Severity’s showing his smarts by taking a moment to regroup. There’s never any shame in taking a breather, if it means you can get back into a match.

*As Mobley impatiently waits in the ring, Jobe Severity turns to the angry fans at ringside and seems to do a quick prayer for them, with a penitent smile on his face. He turns and pulls himself back into the ring, as the referee makes sure Mobley stays back. The two men lock up again, no, Severity rakes the eyes, blinding the champ! As Mobley steps away, blinking away, Severity leans in and grabs him, lifting Mobley up into a fireman’s carry, then slamming him down to the mat, stunning him. The champ starts to pull himself up, but Severity meets him halfway, wrapping his arms around Mobley’s neck with a modified sleeper! Mobley fights, trying to get himself free, as Severity squeezes his throat, cutting off the circulation. Severity’s lips are moving and his eyes are closed as he applies more pressure.*

Logan: What is he doing, trying to baptize Derek or something? I swear, this guy is nuts!

Jones: He’s definitely unique, Anthony, but you would be, too, if you went through what he did. Six years in prison for a crime you didn’t commit can change any man.

Logan: All I know is, out of everyone on the roster, this guy probably creeps me out the most.

*Mobley slowly fights his way up to his feet, thanks in part to the cheering of the fans who support him. Severity tries to maintain the hold, but he can’t hang on as Derek starts shooting elbows into his side, breaking free. Mobley then runs to the ropes and comes back, ducking under a clothesline attempt, then leaping back with a flying forearm! Severity goes down to the mat, as Mobley takes a moment to get some air back into his system. He pulls himself up, going over to Severity and lifting him up from behind, before spinning him into a sidewalk slam! Mobley quickly makes the first pin of the match… 1… 2.. and Severity easily gets a shoulder up. Mobley brings both men back up, then sets Severity between his legs and lifts him, as if to deliver a powerbomb. However, Mobley continues to move, falling backwards to give Severity an Alley Oop! Mobley makes another cover… 1… 2… no, Severity kicks out.*

Logan: Derek’s going for a lot of pins early on here, isn’t he?

Jones: He hasn’t forgotten that this match is for his World Title. He wants to end this one as soon as possible, in order to make sure that belt stays around his waist.

*The champion moves over, bringing up his challenger, but once again, Severity goes to the eyes, getting a thumb in. This allows Jobe to throw a forearm into the back of Mobley’s head, staggering him, before grabbing him and lifting him up with a German suplex! Severity doesn’t let go, though, instead taking Mobley back up and over with 3 more German suplexes, each one looking more devastating than the last one! On the final hit, Severity turns it into a pinning predicament, lifting up his own shoulders while trying to keep Mobley’s down… 1… 2… Mobley barely gets a shoulder up off the mat. Severity, unperturbed at the non-pin, rises up, waiting as Derek expends energy pulling himself to his feet. He then steps in from behind, picking Mobley up while hanging onto his leg. He then brings Mobley’s leg down on Jobe’s knee, landing a shin breaker! Mobley falls to the ground, hurting, but Jobe’s already moving, pulling Mobley over and bending him into a Boston crab!*

Logan: Uh oh! Severity’s threatening to ship Mobley off to Boston!

Jones: This is a good move for Jobe in many ways. Not only is he weakening Mobley’s back, he’s also starting some damage that will be huge in the long run if he can apply the King James later on!

Logan: That is, if Mobley doesn’t have to tap out now!

*The ref hovers nearby, asking his usual questions, as Mobley shakes his head and painfully fights his way to the ropes. He reaches out, almost grasping it, as Severity tries to pull him back. But with one final lunge, Mobley reaches the ropes, to the relief of the crowd in attendance in the arena. The ref calls for the break, but has to count to 4 before Severity finally drops it. The ref admonishes Severity, warning him about following orders, but Severity just nods and goes back to work, landing a few stomps on Mobley’s exposed back. Mobley crawls away, reaching to the ropes, but as he starts to use them to get up, Severity kicks him again, laying him out on the bottom rope. Severity then steps up, actually standing on Mobley’s back as the rope chokes him! Severity’s arms go out in either direction, in the sign of the cross, and he looks serene as he stands there amidst the loud boos, choking Mobley while the ref starts his count.*

Logan: Damn. That’s just spooky!

Jones: Severity has the champ right where he wants him. We could really be seeing the World Title change hands tonight!

*As the ref once again gets on Severity, threatening a DQ if he doesn’t start behaving himself, Jobe brings Derek upright and sets him up for a suplex. He picks Mobley up off the ground and uses the ropes, bouncing Mobley’s legs on the top rope to get a springboard effect. However, Mobley manages to catch his leg partially in-between the ropes, slowing his momentum enough to turn the suplex attempt into a DDT!! The crowd cheers, as both men are down for a few seconds, recovering. Mobley reaches out above him, clutching at the ropes, allowing him to get up first. As Severity regains his footing, Mobley is quick to come in, giving Severity a snap suplex! Mobley, looking very fatigued, rolls over to get an arm across Severity’s shoulders… 1… 2… Severity lifts his arm, stopping the pin attempt.*

Logan: Man, I’m not sure who’s winning this one.

Jones: It really is too close to call, Anthony. Either man can still win the belt at this stage.

Logan: Derek needs to step it up!

*Mobley and Severity both pull themselves up, two weary warriors continuing the good fight. Severity tries a quick punch, lunging at Mobley, buy Mobley catches him, setting him up in the position of the Thriller!!! But Severity frantically elbows his way free, escaping what could have been a certain loss. He strikes the stunned Mobley in the throat with a quick chop, then picks him up and delivers a gutbuster drop! Mobley falls to the mat, holding both arms around his middle, as Severity tiredly reaches for him, making the cover… 1… 2… Mobley kicks free. Severity pulls himself up again, speaking under his breath as he brings Mobley up. He starts to bring the champ over to the corner, but as they get close, Mobley suddenly yanks on Severity’s arms, reversing the momentum and sending Severity hard into the corner. Severity hits at such speed that he goes over the turnbuckle pads, cracking his head on the ringpost!! As the challenger hangs there, not moving, Mobley falls to one knee, wiping the sweat out of his eyes.*

Jones: What a blow! I don’t know if Severity’s even conscious now!

Logan: Derek needs to capitalize, but he’s letting precious moments get away!

Jones: It’s been a hell of a match, Anthony, and neither man has much left in the tank.

Logan: This is where we separate the champions from the chumps!

*Mobley, feeling the energy that thousands of fans are sending his way, gets back up and moves to where Severity is hanging. Another camera angle shows Severity’s face, as he has blood running down in a trickle from a deep cut on his forehead. Mobley climbs partially up the turnbuckle, reaching around Severity and bringing him around to face him. Mobley then comes off the turnbuckle with Severity in tow, delivering a super swinging neckbreaker from the top rope!! Mobley, spent, slowly gets over onto the pin, trying to reach out to grab a leg as well. The referee is in the perfect position… 1… 2… Severity somehow gets out, raising a shoulder off the mat at the last second. Mobley almost begs the referee, trying to figure out how the hand didn’t hit for that 3 count, but the ref is adamant that the match is still continuing.*

Logan: I’m not sure what it’s going to take to end this. Neither man has much left, but neither man is willing to stay down, either.

Jones: Eventually, though, one of these guys is going to hit empty. No one can keep up this pace for too long!

Logan: Yeah, but it could be another hour before that happens! And we’ve only got a few minutes of television time left! I hope we don’t run out of time before this one’s over! That would suck, not showing the ending to the match!

Jones: Don’t worry, Anthony, we’ve got a special deal with the network. They’re going to stick with us no matter how long this match takes, even if that means the “Everybody Loves Raymond” re-run starts late!

Logan: Sweet!

*Severity Is on his hands and knees now, as blood drips onto the canvas, staining it a bright red. In a way, the sight of the blood appears to be giving Severity energy, as he rises up off the canvas. Mobley steps in, grabbing Severity’s arms as if to put him in a full nelson, but Severity pulls away, then turns back, scoring an uppercut under Mobley’s chin. The champ drops backwards, as Severity falls against the nearby ropes, which are the only things that keep him from landing on the mat. Severity runs a hand across his eyes, clearing out some of the blood, then, grinning, comes forward, grabbing at Mobley’s legs in order to turn him into the King James Version submission!! He yanks at Mobley’s legs, slowly twisting him around… until Mobley grabs at his foe and drags him down into a roll-up! 1…. 2…. NO!*

Logan: I thought that was it!

Jones: Mobley nearly snuck away with this one! Was he playing possum there, or just reacting on instinct?

Logan: Probably a little of this and a little of that, Jonesy. This late in a match, you do whatever it takes to survive.

*As the crowd gets more excited by the minute, both wrestlers work their way up, although it looks like neither one is standing very well. Severity reacts first, slugging Mobley once across the jaw. But Mobley comes right back with his own punch. Four more punches follow, as the fighters exchange shots, each one taking a little bit more out of their opponent. Finally, Severity throws the final punch, but Mobley blocks it, scores another shot, then reaches in and lifts Severity up with a belly-to-belly suplex, planting him on the canvas! Mobley again makes the cover… 1… 2… Severity STILL won’t stay down! A frustrated Mobley slowly gets up, holding his head as if the kick-out itself hurt him. The referee flashes two fingers, making sure he knows that the match is still ongoing. Severity has rolled over onto his stomach and is basically crawling away as he’s pushing up, trying to gain altitude. Mobley grabs him from behind, lifting him up, but Severity kicks out behind him, ‘inadvertently’ getting a low blow!!! The ref doesn’t see it, as he was maneuvering around!*

Logan: Oh no! Not now!

Jones: Severity got in a pretty lucky shot there that could turn the tide in his favor!

Logan: You think?

*With Mobley aching, nursing his family jewels, Severity has moved to the turnbuckle. In a highly unusual move, he starts climbing, trying to keep his balance as he goes up. As Severity reaches the top, looking through blood-soaked eyes at his opponent, Mobley gets himself to his feet. He looks around for his opponent, finally turning the right direction as Severity jumps off, extending his legs and nailing the champion with a perfect top-rope missile dropkick!! The crowd lets out an audible gasp, knowing that this could be it. Severity struggles to recover from his landing, as he moves on his hands and knees towards the downed Mobley. He gets there, grabbing at Mobley’s legs, as the referee moves in to make the count… 1… 2…. NO!!! Mobley kicks out!*

Logan: Unbelievable!

Jones: Nothing is keeping Derek Mobley down! How important is that World Title to him??

Logan: I gotta admit, I’m starting to wonder if the President should make a ruling here. These guys aren’t going to give up until one man kills the other!

*As Mobley lays on the canvas, his rapidly moving chest the only sign of movement, Severity leans back on his knees, looking skyward. The look in his eyes is almost terrifying, as he seems to be having a private conversation. Mobley, meanwhile, finally starts to shift his shoulders, trying to figure out his bearings. The movement catches Jobe’s eye, as he grimaces and starts to move in, once again going for Mobley’s legs. He turns Mobley, trying to cinch him into the King James Version!! Mobley struggles, but he doesn’t have enough left to fight free, as Jobe sits down on the hold! But as he does so, Mobley desperately scrambles, reaching out his long arm and getting his fingers around the nearby ropes! The ref calls for the break, as Jobe drops the legs, almost looking like he wants to celebrate. But the ref is quick to inform him that it wasn’t a tap-out, it was a break. Severity looks like he wants to argue some more, but he sees Mobley getting up, so he moves in, grabbing him and trying to bring him down with the Blasphemy, no, reversal, THRILLER!!!! Out of nowhere, Mobley hits his finisher, falling on top of Severity!!!! 1….. 2….. 3!!!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!!

Jones: My god, he did it!!!

Logan: What a thrilling ending!! It’s amazing how that Thriller can literally come out of nowhere!!

Jones: I really thought Severity had Mobley a couple of times in this one, but the champ shows why he won the belt!

Logan: I tell you what, Jonesy, Severity earned my respect today. Sure, he’s a creepy ghoul who stakes country celebrities to crosses, but he’s also a hell of a wrestler for a rookie! I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets himself a rematch not that far down the line. There’s gold in this guy’s future!

Jones: Maybe so, Anthony, but right now, Derek Mobley is still the face of the Global Championship Wrestling Association!!

*The ref gets Derek the World Title, as he hangs on the ropes, almost completely spent. The bloodied Jobe Severity has moved painfully to the side, trying to figure out what happened. As Derek celebrates, barely able to raise the title over his head, his music suddenly fades out. On the Titan Tron, static starts to appear, as a confused Derek looks on. All of the sudden, the picture clears, showing the House of Pain locker room. It’s a mess, as we see furniture flipped over and trash flung everywhere. Sounds of fighting can be heard, as the camera pans around, showing Warrick Hill trying to fight off both Payne brothers!! He’s in a bad way, though, as the numbers are starting to get to him.*

Logan: Warrick’s in trouble! Damn those Payne Killers, they’re such deceitful opportunists!

Jones: They waited until they knew Mobley was out of the picture before going after Hill 2-on-1!

*An agitated look crosses Mobley’s face, followed quickly by fury. He starts to head towards the ropes, in order to step out of the ring, when suddenly the lights in the arena go out!!! The crowd, as always, lets out a roar in the darkness, not sure what’s going on. Suddenly, with an explosion, the pyro around the stage goes off, looking eerie in the dark. “Bring The Pain” by Method Man begins blasting over the speakers, echoing throughout the arena, as the lights suddenly come back on! Mobley, looking towards where the pyro went off, doesn’t even see the masked man standing behind him!*

Logan: Oh, *bleep*! Derek, man, look out!!

*Derek, either hearing Logan or just sensing danger, starts to turn around, but it’s too late, as the masked man ko’s him from behind with a huge double axehandle! As Derek falls to the ground, the masked man steps in, grabbing his legs and twisting him around into a very familiar submission hold!*

Jones: What on earth? Wait a second…. Is that the Painkiller???

Logan: Oh my god, you’re right, Jonesy! …. Does that mean… I mean, the music playing… the skulls… the submission hold…. Has he returned???

*Mobley is nearly passed out from the pain, as the masked man finally lets him go. The World Title is laying on the ground, a sight that is almost haunting, as Mobley’s closed eyes and face can be seen in the background. The masked man steps over, almost reverently picking up the belt. He reaches up to pull off his mask.*

Jones: It’s…. it’s….

*The mask comes off, hanging in the man’s right hand.*

Jones & Logan: Arryk Rage?!?!?!

*Arryk Rage holds up the belt, still staring hard at it, as the crowd is completely speechless. This only lasts a few seconds, though, as the boos and the trash start to rain down on the former fan favorite.*

Jones: But…. I thought…. I mean, he used all of the Punisher’s old moves, music, everything!!

Logan: I think we’ve been had, Jonesy! I think Arryk was playing a mind game this whole time!

Jones: But why? Why’d he do it?

Logan: Whatever the reason, Arryk and the Payne Killers have made a major statement today! The House of Pain just went through an earthquake, and we’ll have to see what comes out of the ruins!

Jones: We are way out of time, so we’ll see you next week!

*As the credits roll on the bottom of the screen, we get a shot of Jobe Severity walking away from the ring. He seems to have a smile on his face, although it’s hard to tell due to the blood. In the ring, Arryk Rage still holds the World Title, as he stands there, clad in the black outfit he used to make his ‘entrance’. Derek Mobley is face-down in the ring, not moving. We see it as almost a television screen, being viewed in someone’s home. For a second, you almost catch a reflection of someone staring at the screen, as the picture fades out.*

OOC: Hope you enjoyed the card, one of the hardest ones I've had to decide finishes for yet! Deep respect goes out to everyone in the three main matches, as they were all very exciting (the Payne Killers get their own respect for rp'ing against a non-existent opponent, heh). Here's next Friday's card:

- Tommy Crimson vs. Aaron Hedrick

- Scott Caine vs. Rogie Nocturne

- Mr. Excellent vs. The Lost Soul, Grudge Match

- Marcus Ka'Derrion(c) vs. Jay-Mack Youth, Non-Title Match

- Lurrr(c) vs. Crazy Chris, GCWA X Division Title Match

- The House of Pain vs. The Payne Killers, GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match

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