*As the commercials end, we go into a shot of the Warriors of the Ring III banner, fluttering in the wind. Dramatic music begins, as we see shots from the pay-per-view. We see the surprise appearance of the Big Bifford, Jobe Severity winning the #1 Contenders spot, Marcus Ka’Derrion surviving the Fatal Fourway to become the new GCWA Intercontinental Champion. The revealing of the Lost Soul (formerly known as El Phantasmo) is given special attention, as is Lurrr winning the X Division Title due to Rick Mathis’ involvement. The tone of the music changes, as the GCWA World Heavyweight Title appears, held within the glass case that protected it at the pay-per-view. The announcer, Minos, can be heard, talking about how tonight is about the World Title. Shots flash by, letting us see Derek Mobley taking down Arryk Rage with the Thriller. Shane Donovan’s brutal beating of Annie Alvarez is shown in black and white, since her blood loss is too severe for regular television. We see some of the biggest moments in the main event of the evening, from the brawl to the back to Donovan flying over the top rope and threw a table. The final maneuver, with Mobley giving the Thriller to Donovan off the ring apron, isn’t completely shown. It freezes in mid-air, fading away to the screams of the announcers. We end the run-through with a shot of Titan 3 handing the World Title to Mobley, and Mobley celebrating, to the chants of “GCWA, GCWA, GCWA!”. The screen fades to black.*

*Seconds later, the Global Championship Wrestling Association logo flashes across the screen. As it disappears, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, with the final shot now showing Derek Mobley, with the World Title around his waist, smiling at the camera. The screen explodes into flaming shards, then fades to black for a moment. The picture comes back up with the crowd noise in the background, as we’re shown a hallway in the backstage are of the GCWA Arena. The fans start to erupt as the new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Derek ‘The Thriller’ Mobley, is seen turning the corner and walking down the hallway. He has a huge smile on his face with the GCWA World Title hanging over his shoulder. Derek begins to hum his entrance theme as he continues his stroll through the arena. His whistling begins to slow down, however, when something catches his eye. His whistling slowly dies down to nothing as he walks ever so carefully in a certain direction. Our view pans that way and we see the Head of GCWA Security, Titan 3, standing, arms crossed, looking at Mobley. The crowd somehow gets even louder. Derek walks right up to him and looks Titan 3 in the eye. Titan 3 looks back at Mobley, then glances down at Mobley’s World Title. Titan 3's head then turns further downward as we see Mobley extend his hand.*

Derek Mobley: Man, we go back along way and, to be honest, our history is a little less than ‘friendly’. The battles we’ve been through against each other are legendary and not for the faint of heart...but, tonight, I come to you with a different agenda. Tonight, Titan 3, I want to extend my gratitude for the job you did at Warriors of the Ring III this past Sunday.

*Titan 3 takes in a deep breath and then reaches out and shakes Mobley’s hand.*

Titan 3: Well, we can't change the past, but we can certainly change the present....and the future. I was just doing my job. Congrats, "Champ".

*Derek nods and looks over at the GCWA strap over his shoulder and then back at Titan 3.*

Derek Mobley: I know this title means a lot to you...you wore it proudly for the better part of a year...and I just want you to know, I’ll be taking good care of it.

Titan 3: I know you will. Take it easy, and see you around, man.

*Titan 3 nods as they both withdraw each other’s hand. Derek then turns around and walks away, continuing to whistle his theme song. Titan 3 laughs quietly to himself, then goes in the other direction, getting back to business. As both depart, the shot changes, going inside the arena, as the GCWA rock theme starts up! Pyro goes off on the stage, as the cameras pan back and forth, letting us see all of the screaming fans in the GCWA Arena! The place is hotter than it has been since opening night, as the fans are energized for an exciting evening of action. One sign, “The Roman Empire Is Lost!”, is particularly focused on. We cut to the announcers at ringside, Edward Jones and Anthony Logan.*

Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a new era for the Global Championship Wrestling Alliance! We have three new champions, and none bigger than Derek “The Thriller” Mobley as our new World Champ!

Logan: It was great to see a guy I’ve wrestled against earn the honor of being the first champion of the new run. Derek Mobley is the guy who truly deserved to be champion, going through hell in order to earn that right!

Jones: It was a wild night for the GCWA, and it was, unfortunately, fraught with injuries. First off, Warrick Hill, fortunately, is said to be doing ok after the assault he took from the Payne Killers. I’m not sure if he’s here tonight or not, but he’s said to be already inquiring about when he’ll get his chance to go after the Payne Killers personally.

Logan: Yeah, I’m glad he’s alright. He’s fun to hang out with. Unfortunately, our other two weren’t quite as lucky. Sadly, Annie Alvarez is still in the hospital, although she is expected to be released within the week. She suffered a major concussion, as well as unknown damage to her 4th vertebrae. There are concerns that she might never wrestle again. It’s a sad, sad day.

Jones: It’s ok, Anthony. You’ll be alright. Our other major injury, Shane Donovan, is a lot less clear. While Donovan only spent the night in the hospital, he announced that his records were confidential. We don’t know what injuries Shane suffered, but we do know that he is not here tonight. Who knows when he’ll be back?

Logan: I have no problems with that. It’s called karma, Jonesy.

Jones: I suppose so. Still, it was a costly pay-per-view.

Logan: This isn’t no kiddie league football league, Jonesy. Injuries will frequently happen. We just have to deal with them.

Jones: As long as it’s not me, I’m sure we can handle it. So let’s talk about what’s going on tonight, Anthony. We’ve got three official matches tonight, pitting some of our youngest and newest wrestlers going against each other. It’s a show where any one of them can place themselves into position for higher things.

Logan: We’ve also got the Lost Soul and Rick Mathis, don’t forget about that one!

Jones: True, but that’s not an official match, Logan. From what we can ascertain, The Lost Soul approached the Accelerator and demanded a match against Rick Mathis tonight. The President, though, refused the request, instead saying that this one shouldn’t be handled in the ring. The Lost Soul has since called out Mathis, with the two set to have an “Unsanctioned” bout somewhere here in the GCWA Arena. As far as we know, it might already be ongoing.

Logan: I hope not. That’s one vengeance kick I’ve been wanting to see!

Jones: It’s time to get the action started, so let’s go to the ring!

Minos: Our first match of the evening will bring two veterans of the sport against each other. Currently, they both sit at the bottom of the power rankings, which means a victory today may very well be what propels them up the ladder to future success! First, we have a wrestler who wrestled in his first match at the pay-per-view. Sadly, the match did not go in the path that he may have wanted, leaving him badly needing to show that his time has not past here tonight. He’s held world titles all over the country, and is seeking his first win in his run with the GCWA. Standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, from Nashville, Tennessee, he is Chad Vargas!

*Vargas comes out, guitar in hand, as “Cowboy” by Kid Rock plays through the loud speakers. He comes confidently down the ramp, as the crowd gives him a lukewarm welcome at best. After all, in the wrestling business, it’s not what you’ve done in the past, but what you’ve done in the now.*

Logan: I had high hopes for this guy when I heard we had signed him, but he looked pretty overwhelmed at Warriors of the Ring III against Jobe Severity.

Jones: Well, Anthony, there’s definitely a learning curve in place for wrestlers who have been stars elsewhere coming to the GCWA. Look at Annie Alvarez. Everyone thought she’d be huge here, but one match with Shane Donovan may have ended her wrestling career.

Logan: Hopefully Vargas can avoid the same fate here tonight.

Minos: His opponent is recognized around the world for both his abilities in the ring and his size outside of it. In years past, he has shown that he can compete inside the squared circle, including reigning once as the OCW World Heavyweight Champion. He is one of the largest wrestlers in the GCWA, standing 6’4” and weighing 411 pounds. From Columbus, Ohio, here is the Big Bifford!

*As “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio plays, the Big Bifford pushes the curtain aside and walks out. His arm is in a thick cast, protecting his injury. As the crowd gives respect to the very large man, he makes his way slowly towards the ring.*

Logan: Too bad about Bifford’s injury.

Jones: Yes, from what I heard, he slipped on the ice and broke his arm. I’m not even sure he’s medically cleared to wrestle here, but then, I wasn’t sure about that as soon as I heard the big man was signed to the GCWA.

Logan: I remember watching this guy years ago. It’s amazing to me, but I think he’s actually larger now!

Jones: There’s no denying that he’s a lot of beef.

Logan: And pork, and chicken, and who knows what else! This guy eats anything! Did you see him earlier, cleaning out the buffet table? I’m betting that’s the end of Ace’s all you can eat deal for the wrestlers!

Jones: Too bad, I liked being able to get some food before the show. Oh well.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Vargas stands in the corner, sizing up his opponent. He looks disgusted that he’s being forced to wrestle someone as large as the Big Bifford. The man in question, meanwhile, is on the opposite side of the ring, scratching at the skin around his cast. Vargas walks towards Bifford, saying a few things in a mocking tone. He points to the cast on Bifford’s arm and laughs, asking if the ice survived the fall. Bifford ignores him, concentrating on reaching the itch. Vargas, still laughing, gets closer, mentioning something about the trees near the ice. This grabs Bifford’s attention. Vargas mockingly turns away, pretending with his arms to be a moving tree. This turns out to be a mistake, as Bifford suddenly yells and lunges forward, smashing Vargas on the back of the head with the cast! Bifford grimaces and grabs at his injured arm, but Vargas is down and out!*

Logan: What a hit! Hey, is that legal?

Jones: I’m not sure, but the ref’s not going to do anything about it, so I guess he’s not worried about it.

*The Big Bifford, now even more annoyed, reaches down and peels Vargas off the mat. He throws the man into the ropes, then simply steps forward, using his weight to send Vargas crashing backwards. Vargas struggles to get up, grabbing at the ropes. A thin trickle of blood is running down from the back of his head. Vargas struggles into the corner, but Bifford uses that to his advantage, coming in back-first and crushing him! Bifford rears back multiple times, smashing into Vargas, as the fans wince in pain for the Confederate Icon.*

Jones: He’s getting squashed flatter than the pancakes his mamma made him this mornin’!

Logan: Er, leave the southern twang to other announcers, Jonesy. It just doesn’t fit you.

Jones: Awwww…

*As Jones sulks, the action continues, with Bifford bringing Vargas out of the corner and bodyslamming him in the middle of the ring. The big man then comes off the ropes, slowly, and walks back, dropping his entire weight onto Varga’s chest!! The ref moves as if to count a pin, but Bifford is already up, rubbing his injured arm. He looks a little distracted for a second, peering into the crowd, but then turns back to his downed foe. Vargas isn’t moving. He’s in too much pain. Bifford carefully pulls Vargas up with one arm. He braces him, apparently setting him up for the Biff End! However, Bifford’s arm seems to be hurting too much to lift, as he stops attempting to lift Vargas. Bifford shakes off his arm, then looks back at Vargas, whose eyes are glazed over. Bifford shrugs, then tries again, this time managing to get enough of a grip around Vargas’ middle to lift him up and land the finisher, spiking Vargas into the mat!! Bifford makes the casual cover, as the ref makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, the Big Bifford!!

Jones: Well, talk about a disappointing showing from Chad Vargas!

Logan: Ok, I’m calling it now. I think Vargas tampered with his records and just pretended to be a star to get into the GCWA. He sure has tanked in his run here.

Jones: Well, it’d be hard to lie about so many titles, Anthony, but no matter what he’s done elsewhere, Vargas has not done anything worthwhile here, which is where it counts.

Logan: I hope Ace throws the bum out of here. He could just use that guitar to play on street corners for food or something.

Jones: As for the Big Bifford, it was a pretty successful debut, considering his injured arm.

Logan: Oh yeah, I’m seeing big things in the future from this man, no doubt. I just hope he allows that arm to heal, so that he can continue to wrestle in the GCWA.

*We leave the ringside area to go out back, in the alley behind the arena. The garage is nearby, where most GCWA wrestlers park their vehicles. It’s a cold, blustery night in Dallas, with clouds keeping the stars from shining too brightly. The moon pokes through one of the holes in the cover, showing us a man standing in the darkness. He’s carrying a large pipe in one hand, twisting it back and forth as he waits. The man turns towards the cameras, showing us that unmistakable painted face.*

The Lost Soul: Soon. Soon the cancer will be extracted. Soon Rick Mathis will faced the power of the light. Soon.

*The Lost Soul swings the pipe to his right, clanging it hard enough against a metal sign that sparks fly. As the sparks fade, so does the moonlight, as The Lost Soul is once again covered in shadow. The screen fades to black, as we go to a commercial break.*

*As we return from commercial, we find ourselves in the backstage area of the arena. The camera pans to look into one locker room, where Tommy Crimson can be seen, working on something. He puts down a pair of scissors and lifts up something black, placing it on his shoulder and admiring it in the mirror. He looks to the side and sees the cameraman, then steps forward, shutting the locker room door in his face. The cameraman, used to having that happen, turns and walks further down the hall to another locker room, which says “Dangerous Dan” on the front. He heads inside, to where Cynthia Hall is already positioned, waiting for him. She smoothes out her outfit, making sure she looks presentable, then turns to the camera.*

Cynthia Hall: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is Cynthia Hall, once again getting the scoop on your favorite GCWA wrestlers. Tonight, I’ve been granted the chance to speak with a man who nearly walked away with the GCWA Intercontinental Title this past weekend, Dangerous Dan!

*The camera zooms out slightly to include Dangerous Dan in the shot. He smiles and nods to the camera, apparently having no problems sitting in for an interview.*

Cynthia Hall: Dangerous Dan, thanks for this time. This past Sunday night at Warriors of the Ring, you were involved in the fatal four way elimination match to crown a new Intercontinental Champion. You survived two eliminations, but fell short to Marcus Ka’ Derrion. How have you been, since losing to Marcus?

Dangerous Dan: Well, Cynthia, first off I want to say that it is a pleasure to finally meet you. I just want to say that I am sorry for not talking with you at Warriors of the Ring. I just wanted to be alone with no distractions. Now I did lose against Marcus, and was very disappointed. But, I am doing better now. Congratulations Marcus on beating me to win the Intercontinental Championship. Enjoy it while you can. I will soon be coming after you, and claiming that title. Now as far as tonight goes, I do have a chance to redeem myself by beating Scott Caine tonight and claiming the number one contendership.

Cynthia Hall: Since you’ve brought it up, what are your thoughts going into your match tonight?

Dangerous Dan: Well Cynthia, I have had a crazy week by far, but I am focused and ready to go out there and give these people the show of their lives. I will beat Scott, claim number one contendership, and go on to become Intercontinental Champion.

Cynthia Hall: Speaking of Scott Caine, you did eliminate him in the fatal four way elimination. He says that you beating him was a fluke. What do you have to say?

Dangerous Dan: My winning was definitely no fluke. I beat Scott fair and square. Scott let his guard down, and I capitalized on that. I am pretty sure that if the shoe were on the other foot, he would have done the same thing to me. And just like Sunday, after I apply the Danger Zone, I will beat Scott again. Then go on to claim the Intercontinental title.

Cynthia Hall: I do have one more question for you. There is word that your brother Crazy Chris has signed a contract. If indeed he has, will he be in your corner tonight?

Dangerous Dan: Well Cynthia, all I can say right now is that I am excited about the possibility of Chris joining. It will be wonderful to have my brother in my corner. It has been three years since the Danger Boiz wrestled. It could be tonight, it could be next week, or even a month from now, or possibly never, but you and everyone else, will just have to wait and find out.

Cynthia Hall: Well I am sure there will be great things in store from the both of you. Thank you Dan for taking the time out to speak with me. Back to you guys!

*We cut away from Dangerous Dan’s smiling face to go back to the announce table, where Jones and Logan are waiting.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan seems pretty confident that he’s winning tonight, considering that he hasn’t had a win yet in the GCWA.

Logan: Hey, he’s had a bad string of luck, Jonesy. He almost took out Derek Mobley, the man who went on to win the World Title, and then he almost won the IC Title last Sunday, only to have Marcus get that last maneuver in to stop him. Sometimes that’s the way it goes. Tonight might be his night.

Jones: Or he might come up short again.

Logan: That’s a possibility, I admit. Caine’s no pushover, after all.

Jones: Of course, there’s one other guy we need to remember from the IC Title Match. Mr. Excellent. It’s still unclear why Mr. Excellent was left out of the #1 Contenders Match, but he still gets to wrestle tonight, against a man who we know little about, after several weeks. Let’s go to the ring, where Minos is lurking about!

Minos: The next match pits two young stars against each other, with the winner taking one step towards a brighter future. Coming down first, he is a man who needs redemption after a tough loss on the last Inferno to Scott Caine. He is said to be a bronze medalist, an amateur wrestler who is finding out how hard the transition is from amateur to professional. Standing 6’6” and weighing in at 283 lbs, from the Philippines, he is Makorpal!

*”Dead” by My Chemical Romance plays as Makorpal stomps out on the ramp. Pyro flies up around him, sparkling in the darkness. He walks towards the ring, ignoring the tepid reaction from the fans.*

Jones: This could very well be Makorpal’s last chance in the GCWA. He looked terribly over-matched against Scott Caine. Now he’s got to prove himself against Mr. Excellent.

Logan: If there’s one thing Ace isn’t fond of, it’s losers. I mean, it’s not like they sell pay-per-views, do they?

Minos: His opponent is a man whose personal and professional lives are both in turmoil. After failing to acquire the Intercontinental Title this past weekend, he is now on the road to redemption, working to earn the financial stability needed by his family. Standing 6’3” and weighing 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*Mr. Excellent walks slowly out to “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D., getting a semi-nice reaction from the crowd. One fan in particular is focused on, holding up a sign with Mr. Excellent’s son, little Rob, pictured on it. The caption below reads “Have you seen me?” Mr. Excellent notices the sign, shakes his head, then heads on down to the ring.*

Jones: It was announced earlier on the GCWA website that Mr. Excellent’s son has gone missing. Police do seem to suspect foul play, and from what I hear, suspicion seems to be focused on the man here tonight.

Logan: Did I mention that Mr. Excellent’s wife is a bitch?

Jones: *sigh* Yes, I believe you did mention that at the PPV, Anthony.

Logan: Ok, just checking.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as the bell sounds, Makorpal lets out a yell, pumping himself up. He races towards Mr. Excellent, trying to spear him immediately. Mr. Excellent sees him coming, though, and quickly dodges, with Makorpal getting tripped up and sent throat-first into the ropes! He grabs at his neck, coughing, as Mr. Excellent sizes him up. He runs in, sticking out a leg and sliding inbetween the ropes, driving Makorpal back down onto the rope! Mr. Excellent lands safely outside the ring, turning back, as Makorpal rebounds off the rope and lands on the canvas, clutching at his injured windpipe. Mr. Excellent turns and re-enters the ring, sliding in, to go back on the attack.*

Jones: Doesn’t Makorpal ever learn? That’s the same thing he did in his first match!

Logan: Yeah, you can’t charge like that, or else you’re immediately in trouble! And this guy’s supposedly a bronze medalist? Who finished ahead of him, Cheech and Chong?

*As Makorpal struggles to rise, clearly having trouble getting air through his throat, Mr. Excellent sets himself above him. He grabs Makorpal’s head between his legs, then wraps his arms around Makorpal’s middle, lifting him up for a piledriver! Makorpal can’t get free, as Mr. Excellent spikes him in the middle of the ring! With the wrestler down, Mr. Excellent opts to make a pin attempt, but Makorpal kicks out after a 1 count, showing that he’s still got some fight left. Both men get up, with the fresher Excellent making it up first. Makorpal tries a wild swing, hoping to catch Mr. Excellent off-guard, but Excellent blocks it, then shoots a sharp hand inside, again adding damage to Makorpal’s throat! As Makorpal gags, Mr. Excellent wraps him up with a reversed Russian legsweep, dropping Makorpal face-first to the mat.*

Logan: Makorpal’s looking like crap again! Is our talent just this good, or is he just that bad?

Jones: Don’t sell Mr. Excellent short, Anthony. It’s clear he knows what he’s doing in that ring.

Logan: Oh, I know that, Jonesy. I just don’t have much respect for the big, bald doofus in there.

Jones: Understandable.

*Mr. Excellent moves away from Makorpal, leaving him laid out on the mat. Instead, Mr. Excellent opts to raise the risk factor, as he climbs part-way up the turnbuckle. He aims for a second, then leaps off, landing a flying elbow on the downed wrestler from the Philippines! Makorpal shudders from the impact, but doesn’t roll over. He’s still down, in a perfect pinning position. But Mr. Excellent doesn’t look willing to do that just yet. He leans over the downed Makorpal, glaring at him. With a short bark of anger, Mr. Excellent starts punching away, releasing some pent-up aggression! The referee, Mark Bell, is surprised. He steps in, trying to stop the punches, as Mr. Excellent has lost control. After a few more shots land, the ref manages to pull Excellent back, getting between him and Makorpal, who is now lying on the mat with what looks to be a fat, bloody lip. The ref admonishes Mr. Excellent, who’s breathing hard, as if just now realizing what he has done.*

Jones: That was somewhat unexpected from Mr. Excellent.

Logan: Think he was seeing his wife’s face?

Jones: Possibly. He certainly had some anger to get out of his system.

Logan: Well, what else is wrestling good for other than releasing your frustrations on other guys?

*Mr. Excellent says something to the referee, possibly assuring him that it won’t happen again. He steps towards Makorpal, who has finally rolled over, trying to figure out his bearings. Mr. Excellent doesn’t give him a chance to go far. He steps in, grabbing Makorpal’s left leg and lifting him up in the air by it, before driving him back into the mat knee-first. Makorpal grimaces in pain, reaching back, but Mr. Excellent doesn’t release his leg. Instead, he twists Makorpal around and steps through his legs, locking on his Cloverleaf submission finisher, the Execution!! The crowd cheers as Excellent sets the hold in stone, applying a lot of pressure, as Makorpal starts screaming in agony! He’s yelling out something to the ref, but the ref has no idea what he’s saying, since he doesn’t speak the language. As Makorpal screams, Excellent sits down hard, intent on getting himself his first win. There is no mercy showing on his face. Finally, after scrambling his arms out looking for help, Makorpal starts slapping the mat repeatedly in desperation. The ref sees it and calls for the bell, ending this one with a submission.*

Minos: Here is your winner, by Submission, Mr. Excellent!

*Mr. Excellent drops the hold, releasing Makorpal’s poor, brutalized legs to the mat. He goes to the ref, who raises his arm. As the fans clap in respect for the victory, Mr. Excellent smiles. Makorpal, meanwhile, rolls himself out of the ring, falling off the apron to the outside.*

Jones: That was a statement victory by Mr. Excellent. He was desperately needing a victory, and he sure earned it tonight.

Logan: Yep, good for him. Every new kid needs that first big victory to really get him going. Hopefully, this is just the start for Mr. Excellent. You can bet it’s the end for Makorpal.

Jones: Bronze medalist or not, he sure looked terrible out there.

Logan: Not a great start to tonight, is it? Two squashes?

Jones: Well, we still have Caine vs. Dan for the IC Title #1 Contendership, as well as The Lost Soul and Rick Mathis, if Mathis ever shows up! So don’t give up on us yet, GCWA fans! We’ve got a lot more to come!

*As the announcers start talking amongst themselves about what’s happened so far tonight, we shift to the backstage area, where the Big Bifford is seen walking down the hallway. He’s breathing hard, possibly from the exertion of his earlier match. He spies an open chair sitting in the hall, and with a sigh of relief takes a seat, leaning back. He has a pencil in hand, using it to reach inside the cast to scratch at the itch. He starts to close his eyes in relief, when suddenly there’s a loud yell next to the camera!*

Tommy Crimson: I’m the real OCW World Champion, you fat *bleep*!

*Bifford starts to turn, looking shocked. Out of nowhere, Tommy Crimson leaps in, dropkicking Bifford in the face!! Bifford falls to the floor, smacking the back of his head on the concrete, as Crimson continues the assault, landing several punches and kicks. Finally, a worn-out Crimson stands back up, leaning over to pick up what he dropped on the floor as he attacked. It is a cardboard version of the OCW World Heavyweight Title. Crimson looks at it, then stares back at the floor, where Bifford is groggily moving.*

Tommy Crimson: So I wasn’t good enough to wrestle you for the title, huh? Well, look at me now! I am the WORLD CHAMPION OF OCW, HOW YA LIKE YA BOY NOW?!?!?!

*Crimson holds the ‘belt’ in front of Bifford’s glassy eyes, then spits in his face. Crimson then uses the Velcro ends of the ‘belt’ to fasten it around his waist. He walks away, humming the song “Head Up”, as Bifford lays on the floor, still mostly out of it. He rubs at his face as the picture fades, sending us to commercial.*

*As we return from commercial, we’re still in the backstage area, where the Big Bifford is being checked over by the medics. He seems to be doing ok, as he answers a few of their questions while rubbing his sore head. One medic goes to check his blood pressure, only to find the cuff isn’t big enough to go over Bifford’s arm. We return to the announcer’s table, where Jones and Logan are patiently waiting for their next chance to speak.*

Jones: Just as we were going to break, we got to see a violent assault in the backstage area. Tommy Crimson basically ambushed the Big Bifford, leaving him laying on the floor.

Logan: Yeah, man, and it made no sense! Crimson was going on and on about the OCW World Title, like that federation was still open or something! That belt is long gone, Tommy, as is any chance of you winning it!

Jones: Apparently, sometime in the past, when Bifford was champion in that federation, he must have denied Crimson a title shot. Apparently Crimson hasn’t forgotten. Of course, his ‘belt’ isn’t the true title.

Logan: Duh, Jones! It was made out of cardboard, for pity’s sake!

Jones: Medics are checking on Bifford now, but he seems like he’s alright. We’ll give you more details as we… *static* them.. *static* Wait, we’re having… *static* difficulties…*static*

*Static fills up more and more of the screen, blanking out Jones and Logan. Their voices break in every once in a while, but the picture is static. When the picture finally clears up enough for you to see it, its Arryk, sitting in what seems like a padded room. He's curled up in the corner, rocking back and forth, his arms wrapped around his knees. He's wearing what seems like a pair of White Scrubs. The picture is very grainy, had to see at points, but you can tell that there is nothing in the room. No bed, no nightstand, nothing, just Arryk and the four padded walls. You start to hear Arryk saying something.*

Arryk Rage: He did it again. Thats the second time. He said it was alright, he said I would be fine. Nothing ever goes as planned. Now where am I? He promised. He gave me his word.

*Arryk rocks back and forth, talking with himself.*

Arryk Rage: Words. Words are meaningless. Words lie. Actions. Only actions work now. Actions have Reactions. Chaos. The world is Chaos. Chaos is Anarchy. Pain. Pain is The Truth. The Truth is Pain. Sanity. Sanity is Relitive. Insanity is Reality. Faith. Faith is False. Honor. Honor doesn't exist.

*The static gets worse for a second, then clears up again. The signal’s still not the best, though, threatening to fade out within seconds.*

Arryk Rage: It’s all coming back to me now. Who I am. Why I am here. It’s all so clear, but it’s so cloudy. Light can only come from darkness. The Darkness breeds fear. Be Ready. I Will Be Back.

*Arryk's head snaps up, to apparently look into the camera that he shouldn't know is there. The static blurs and interrupts the picture, when it comes back, Arryk is gone. The static comes back, and after a few seconds, you're returned to Friday Night Inferno. The announcers are sitting quietly, both with their jaws open.*

Logan: What the hell was that?

Jones: I’m not completely sure, Anthony. All I know is that we just saw Arryk Rage inside of a padded room somewhere.

Logan: Oh, man, the dude’s gone off his rocker. GCWA fans, buy your Spongebob toothbrushes now! I’m betting they’re about to become collectibles!

Jones: Ok. As we said at the beginning of the show, we had a historic night last night. Nothing, though, comes close to the main event of Warriors of the Ring III, a match that will surely live on long beyond the pay-per-view.

*We cut away to a video montage, this one focusing completely on Derek Mobley vs. Shane Donovan for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title. We see the opening moments of the contest, with Mobley bringing a baseball bat to the ring, to get revenge for the assault on Annie Alvarez. The two men are shown brawling into the crowd and heading up the stairs, fighting back to the snack bar, where Mobley’s head was nearly dipped in a vat of hot grease. The dispatching of the referee is shown, flying down the tunnel, followed by his replacement, Thomas Mitchell, taking an errant shot from the baseball bat. Mobley hits the Thriller on Donovan, but there’s no ref to make the count… until Titan 3 comes down wearing the striped shirt. We see a few of the close calls, including Donovan’s use of the cuffs as brass knuckles, as well as to handcuff Mobley to the top rope. Mobley, though, catches Donovan in a charge, sending him up and out of the ring to crash through a table on the outside! The final moments are then shown, with Mobley fighting off the Vertabreaker and delivering a Thriller off the apron onto the exposed concrete for the victory. Titan 3 is shown giving him the World Title, ending the montage.*

Logan: It’s time to hear from Da Champ!

*'Shipping Up to Boston' by The Dropkick Murphys begins to play as the fans go wild upon the emergence of new GCWA World Champion, Derek Mobley! Mobley, with the title draped over his shoulder, smiles at the crowd and makes his way down to the ring. Mobley enters the ring to a wild applause. He climbs one of the corners and raises his title up high, the crowd goes crazy! Mobley gets back into the middle of the ring, his music stops, the crowd dies down...he is handed a mic and begins to speak.*

Derek Mobley: Thank you, Thank you…

*The crowd erupts in more cheers with several "Mobley" chants breaking out...Mobley smiles and tries to quiet them down, but it is proving to be tough. Finally, Mobley speaks with a little more authority in their voice and the crowd quiets so they can listen.*

Derek Mobley: Thank you so much...I just gotta say that it's GREAT to be on top of the mountain again! Five long years have passed since I last wore a World Heavyweight Title! I, honestly, began to doubt myself...I began to think this would never happen again...and, well, I've never been happier in my life to have been proven wrong.

*The crowd cheers Mobley as a semi-emotional moment is quickly averted with Mobley manning up and fighting back the emotions.*

Derek Mobley: This obviously means a lot to me...it was no easy task, let me tell you. Dangerous Dan, who I thought would be a cake walk, turned out to be much better than we all anticipated. Arryk Rage is a legend in this sport, so defeating him is no easy task whatsoever. Shane Donovan, albeit extremely young, is very talented...a bit troubled and, well, not someone I'd like to be seen with in public...but a great competitor, nonetheless. That final match this past Sunday was one of the most grueling contests I've ever been involved in, so major props to Shane for testing my limitations. Also, I can't continue any further without giving GCWA legend, Titan 3...

*The crowd goes wild with 'T3!' chants throughout the arena. Mobley smiles and nods his head along, taking a step back for the respect the crowd is showing for a GCWA Hall of Famer and current head of security. Mobley decides to speak some more.*

Derek Mobley: Titan 3, you called the match down the middle...I know that, in the past, I've given you every reason to try and derail my success, but, this past Sunday, you proved a man of your word and you performed a great service to the GCWA. Much respect coming from me, Titan 3...good job and I promise to uphold the prestige of this title that you and so many other GCWA greats had set. So, now...we go, to the list...with all due respect to copyright infringement laws, I just have to ask, who's next?

*The crowd begins to boo when they think of who is the #1 contender.*

Derek Mobley: If you happened to catch the early part of the show, and didn't just TiVo yourself straight to the Mobley matches, like my mother does...you might have seen this newcomer to GCWA, Jobe Severity, manhandle his opponent en route to becoming the number one contender. Well, Jobe, congrats on your win...you earned it. However...

*As Derek continues to talk, the sound of clapping is suddenly heard. It’s very distinct, echoing inside the GCWA Arena. Derek stops and looks around, trying to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. On the ramp, a man pushes through the curtains and walks out. It’s Jobe Severity. Behind him is Tommy Crimson, still wearing the ‘OCW World Title’, as well as Jobe’s manager, Jay Simms, and Jobe’s feed mill hooker girlfriend, Mary. The fans boo as Mobley watches them carefully. Jobe is the one clapping, with a mic in his hand. The crowd continues to boo, throwing various items of trash at the group. A small "Crimson" chant can be heard somewhere in the arena. Crimson fades back towards the backstage, as Jobe rubs the lines in his face and smiles briefly before speaking.*

Jobe Severity: Mobley, I can read the look on your face, I know what you’re thinking. These guys are going to beat the *bleep* out of me right here on "MY" night. However, you are very mistaken. I don`t believe in most wrestling clichés and won`t be taking part in one such as that. At the PPV I won, yeah I beat Chad Vargas. You’re thinking wow, I beat two people and won the World title. I can see fear in your eyes Mobley... You’re the hero, I’m the villain, that`s how this is supposed to work right? I’m new, bare with me. You have no idea what a villain I truly am, Mobley. Is your soul pure, Derek? Are you really...the Hero? If you think your soul is really pure, Mobley...Pick up this rattlesnake and handle it. Dance, Speak in tongues, prove to me your what you say you are. What these people say you are. If you can do that, you may not have to look over your shoulder anymore...

*Mobley, who had been intent on Severity’s speech, suddenly hears the excitement level rise from the crowd. What he doesn’t hear is Tommy Crimson coming in right behind him! Crimson grabs Mobley’s head and yanks him back, delivering The Fury! Mary hands Jobe`s bible to him, as they walk down the ramp. Mobley is laying on his back, facing up after the devastating DDT at the hands of Crimson. Crimson puts his sunglasses back on, rolls out of the ring. He makes his way back up the ramp with Simms and Mary to wait on Jobe. The former preacher, now in the ring standing over Mobley, picks up the World title. No smile, no emotion at all as his reflection looks back at him from the polished World title. He drops the belt, and speaks.*

Jobe Severity: Mobley, I lied. A man of god just lied to you. Maybe a wrestling cliché` is what I needed to get a point across to you. Like others before me with this name, I, Mobley, am not patient. You may have the shortest reign of your career this time. Congratulations on behalf of Organized Chaos on your recent win to gain the title. I have no water to cleanse your soul, so I’ll leave you with this. There will be blood, Mobley..There will be Blood...

*Severity puts down the mic and turns his back on Mobley. He reaches in a bag that Mary left in the ring. Hissing and rattling can be heard from the bag. The crowd gets more intense, bringing an electric feel to the arena. Mobley senses it, too, as he’s suddenly up, wobbling on his feet. Jobe notices the moving shadow suddenly appearing on the canvas. He swiftly turns around, but Mobley is grabbing him around the throat, delivering the Thriller!! Mobley, still trying to shake the cobwebs out, picks up his title and rolls out of the ring. Crimson is nowhere in sight, Organized Chaos in missing in action. Jobe, now laying on his back, has a trickle of blood coming from his nose. There already is Blood. The cameras focus on Jobe’s eyes as the picture fades out, sending us to a commercial break.*

*As we return from commercial, we cut backstage where we see the House Of Pain's Warrick Hill, sitting in his locker room, doing massive damage to a bag of Ranch Doritos. Warrick is slouched back in his chair, watching the GCWA show. Derek walks in, breathing heavily.*

Derek Mobley: Dude, where were you?? I nearly got my ass beat by Jobe Severity and his group of...well, weirdos.

*Warrick smiles and slowly slaps his hands together, removing them of the chip grease and crumbs. He stands up and shrugs.*

Warrick Hill: Sorry, bro...I've just been taking it easy tonight, you know baseball bat shots to the skull tend to make a guy a bit woozy, didn't want to ruin my Friday night by spending it in the hospital, you know? There's this great hooka bar down the road that hooks you up with more than great tasting tobacco, if you know what I mean.

*Mobley shakes his head, blocking out Warrick's comments and notices Warrick has a bit of a gut going.*

Derek Mobley: DUDE! You're getting fat!

Warrick Hill: Huh? No I'm not, I'm just filling out.

Derek Mobley: No man, that's a gut...you need to get some exercise.

Warrick Hill: Well, if GCWA would book me in a match, maybe I would get a little cardio every now and then.

Derek Mobley: Warrick, it's up to you to exercise...not them.

Warrick Hill: Derek, man, you know I wrestle my way into shape, it's how I am...I don't do anything strenuous unless a paycheck is involved.

Derek Mobley: How did I ever end up becoming best friends with this guy...seriously?

Warrick Hill: Because I'm the most addictive drug there is, hehe.

Derek Mobley: Whatever, listen, I'm gonna go take care of some business, try to get some jogging in or something, okay?

Warrick Hill: I can run to the hooka bar tonight, instead of taking a cab.

Derek Mobley: I don't care, just do SOMETHING!

*An annoyed Mobley turns and grabs some aspirin from his bag, as Hill contemplates what he wants to do. The cameraman goes outside, staying in front of Mobley as he slams the door and heads off in search of something to drink. The camera zooms in on what Mobley completely misses: a silver skull, hanging now in the center of the door. The skull seems to glint in the light, as the camera gets close to it. The picture changes to the GCWA Arena, where we go back to the action.*

Jones: We’re back, after some startling interaction between Mobley and Severity here in the ring. Mobley’s got his hands full next week, Anthony.

Logan: I don’t know why he’s getting onto Warrick, though. The guy’s not in any worse shape than I am.

Jones: No comment.

Logan: What? I could get in that ring right now if I wanted to! I just… don’t want to, is all.

Jones: We’ve got more wrestling to get to, so let’s go ahead and send it to Minos!

Minos: The next match is very important to the careers of the two young superstars involved in the bout. The winner of this match will be moving on to a chance at the GCWA Intercontinental Title, held by Marcus Ka’Derrion! Our first competitor managed to eliminate Mr. Excellent from their Fatal Fourway match, and almost took care of Marcus as well. He was stopped, however, by the Danger Zone, and is now seeking vengeance from the man who cost him the title. Standing 6’3” and weighing 227 pounds, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*”Automatic” by American Pearl begins to play, as Scott Caine pushes through the curtain to the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd. Caine has a few bandages on his face, but otherwise is in good condition as he comes down to the ring.*

Jones: Caine had a very rough week, dealing with the death of the person whose car smashed into his. It was a scary accident, but fortunately he and his friend, Ricky, were alright.

Logan: I was a little worried that Caine was going to be added to our injured reserves, considering how bad that wreck was. I mean, he spent a couple of days in the hospital! How was he medically-cleared to wrestle tonight?

Jones: Probably Ace bribed the inspectors.

Logan: Yeah, that makes sense.

Minos: His opponent came within a hair of becoming the first new GCWA Intercontinental Champion. Unfortunately, he came up short, due to Marcus Ka’Derrion taking him out with his finisher and pinning his shoulders to the mat. Now, to get another chance at beating Marcus, this man needs to get past Scott Caine here tonight. Standing 5’11” and weighing 220 lbs, here is Dangerous Dan!

*As “Gives You Hell” by the All American Rejects plays, Dangerous Dan comes out of the back, energized and ready to go. Following him out are two men: Crazy Chris and Mr. Excellent. The three walk down the ramp and head for the ring, showing strength in numbers, as Scott watches from over the ropes.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan has brought his allies with him, although I hope they won’t get too involved in this one other than supporting Dan in his attempt to get the title shot.

Logan: Yeah. Ok, I have to ask: what was up with Dangerous Dan seeing a tombstone with his name on it, with today’s date? That was freaky!

*Just as Dangerous Dan enters the ring, with Chris & Excellent staying on the outside, the music stops, then suddenly “Whatever” by Godsmack starts to play. The crowd, surprised, gives a good cheer as Marcus Ka’Derrion appears from behind the curtain. He starts to take a step back, but four hands can be seen, coming out from the curtain, shoving him forward. Ka’Derrion takes a deep breath and starts walking down the aisle, towards the ring.*

Logan: I guess the IC Champ decided he wants a closer look at this one!

Jones: It looked more to me like someone decided that for him, Anthony.

*Marcus reaches the ringside area, where he grabs a steel chair from an empty area. He folds it up and turns, causing Crazy Chris & Mr. Excellent to back off slightly, watching him carefully. But Marcus just moves to the aisleway and unfolds the chair again, taking a seat.*

Jones: Ok, Marcus is settled in, we’ve got our competitors, what are we waiting for?

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: So who will be the #1 Contender to the IC Title? I guess we find out now!

Logan: Nice sell, there, Jonesy. Way to bring in the audience.

*Dan and Scott come together in the middle of the ring, trash-talking to each other for a minute. They lock up, with Caine’s superior height allowing him to get a headlock put on. Dan quickly shoves him towards the ropes, then whips Caine in the other direction. As Caine comes back, Dan flattens out on the mat, letting Caine leap over him. Scott rebounds again, this time with Dan grabbing him and sending him overhead with a back drop! But Caine lands on his feet, running back to the ropes! As Dan turns, Caine comes back in, grabbing him and attempting a hip toss! But Dan is able to twist in mid-air, landing upright as well! The two stare at each other, then both run to opposite sides of the ring, building up momentum. They charge each other, with Dan doing a leap into the air while Caine suddenly slides, going underneath him! They both get up, sizing their opponent up again, as the crowd gives them a short round of applause. Marcus is shown briefly, nodding his head, almost as if he’s taking mental notes.*

Jones: These guys are both so fast inside that ring! I get the feeling that this match is going to set an impressive pace!

Logan: Both of these guys are high flyers, so you know they’ll be taking the risks while racing around. Right now, I can’t tell who is faster.

*With Crazy Chris and Mr. Excellent both trying to bulk up Dangerous Dan’s confidence on the outside, Dan and Scott circle each other in the ring, each looking for an opening. Caine dashes in at one point, reaching for Dan’s leg, but Dan backs off with one bounce, staying out of range. The two men finally lock up, testing each other’s strength, and Caine’s training pays off as he pushes Dan backwards into a corner. The ref calls for the clean break, and surprisingly Caine does so, smiling as he backs off. Dan, though, finds something he doesn’t like in the smile, as he pushes off the ‘buckle and dashes in, catching a surprised Caine around the middle and twisting him around with a roll-up! The ref’s a little surprised, too, but he gets down to make the count… 1… Caine gets free and gets quickly to his feet. As Dan gets up as well, Caine jumps over him, trying a sunset flip variation! 1… Dan kicks out. As they both get up, Dan grabs Caine around the middle from behind, but Caine reverses it, getting behind Dan and lifting him up with a German suplex! He lands it, and for a few seconds, Dan stays down.*

Logan: These guys are almost too quick for their own good.

Jones: But Caine finally was able to capitalize on Dangerous Dan’s mistake, which means that he’s got control for now.

Logan: Yeah, dude’s looking pretty good for a guy who was in a car accident a few days ago. Are we sure that wasn’t staged? Did you see any ‘police footage’ of the crash or anything?

Jones: Of course not, Anthony. That would just be silly.

*Caine brings Dan up, not bothering to try a pinfall. He gives Dan an Irish whip into the ropes, then nails him on the way back with a dropkick, causing Dan’s neck to snap backwards from the impact. Dan hits the canvas, clutching at his face, as Caine gets back to his feet. He goes to the ropes, spring-boarding off the middle one to flip upside-down, before splashing onto Dan! The ref is right there… 1… 2… Dan gets out! Caine, unperturbed, brings his foe up. He gets a good grip around Dan’s skull with a headlock, then heads to the turnbuckle, apparently to try a tornado bulldog maneuver. However, as Caine comes around, Dan suddenly lifts up, throwing him off-balance and causing Caine to land across the top rope instead!! Caine’s face contorts, earning the sympathy of every man in the audience. As he hangs there, Dan regains his equilibrium and comes back, slamming a forearm into Caine’s side that sends him toppling off the ropes and bouncing off the apron to the outside mats! He lands on the ground near Marcus, who simply stares down at him, not getting involved.*

Jones: With one move, the feel of this match has completely turned upside-down!

Logan: Can’t… talk…. hurts… too much…

Jones: Suck it up, Anthony! It’s not like you were the one who landed on those ropes!

Logan: What… doesn’t it hurt you, too, Jonesy? A crash like that hurts us all! Or does your wife keep yours in a safe place, so you don’t have to worry about it?

Jones: No, no, they’re still mine. I think.

*As Caine lays on the outside, sprawled on the floor, Mr. Excellent starts to head in that direction. However, Crazy Chris is also there, grabbing Excellent’s arm and shaking it off, pointing first to Marcus, who is now watching them, and then to the alert referee. Chris doesn’t want to see his brother lose the shot by getting disqualified. Excellent understands, backing away, as Dan steps through the ropes onto the apron, looking down at Caine. As Scott reaches up, trying to get back into it, Dan starts running along the apron, somersaulting off of it and landing legs-first onto Caine’s shoulders, toppling him back to the floor! Fortunately, Marcus moved out of range, having anticipated the leap. He watches, standing, as Dan pulls himself back up and reenters the ring. The ref, doing his duty, starts to count Caine out. As Dan waits, taking the opportunity to get his breath back, Caine slowly starts to get himself back up. The ref reaches 7, then 8, but before he can get any higher, Caine slides himself under the ropes, keeping the match alive. Of course, Dan’s right there waiting for him, getting a few stomps in before getting back to work.*

Logan: Glad to see Caine made it back in. We don’t want to have a #1 Contender just because of a countout or a DQ.

Jones: I just hope Mr. Excellent remembers that. I know he wants to support Dangerous Dan in his quest to get the belt, but he needs to rein in his excitement.

Logan: Yeah, sometimes all you can do is root for the guy. He has to do the rest by himself.

*In the ring, Dan waits as Caine again has to expend energy getting vertical. As soon as Scott is upright, Dan comes running in, grabbing Caine by the head and spinning around him, forcing Scott into the mat with a spinning facebuster! With Caine down and in trouble, Dan looks towards the sky, hurrying over to the turnbuckle. He climbs up quickly, as his crew cheers him from the outside. Without wasting a beat, Dangerous Dan takes to the air, landing a senton bomb onto the downed Caine!! Dan shakes his head to recover from the strike, then moves over to make the pin, as the ref dives in… 1… 2… Caine kicks out! On the outside, Chris yells to his brother, telling him to grab the legs. Dan complies, twisting Caine up and hanging onto both legs to add more leverage…. 1… 2… Caine just barely kicks out again! Dan looks a little upset at being unable to pin his opponent, as he takes a second to talk to Chris and Mr. Excellent on the outside, getting a few more pointers.*

Logan: Those guys are turning into huge distractions for Dangerous Dan!

Jones: I don’t know about that, Anthony. What I see is that they’re giving Dan some encouragement, helping him keep his head in the game.

Logan: I suppose, but Dan needs to be careful. He shouldn’t be giving Scott Caine any chance to recover, if he wants that #1 Contenders spot.

*Caine rises up in the background, holding his ribcage, but Dan is quick to turn and sweep his legs, flipping Caine back to the mat. Dan then steps in, putting his feet around Caine’s knees. He hooks Caine in, slapping his back to make Caine raise his arms into the air. Dan grabs hold and hangs on, falling backwards to place Caine into a surfboard submission hold! The ref moves in, watching, as Dan keeps the pressure on. Caine struggles against the hold. He doesn’t have a hand to tap out with, but he does shake his head when the referee asks. Dangerous Dan rocks back and forth, increasing the pain. Unfortunately, he also leans a little too far back, so the alert referee starts making a count for Dan’s downed shoulders… 1… 2… Dan rocks back forward, getting a shoulder up, avoiding the accidental defeat. He releases the hold, sending Caine flopping face-first to the canvas.*

Logan: Close one there.

Jones: That’s the risk of the surfboard maneuver. You get into torturing your opponent so much, you end up losing your focus. That’s not a problem with most submission holds. But when your shoulders are on the mat…

*Dan waits for a moment, stretching out his right arm, which apparently was feeling the strain of the submission maneuver. He picks Caine up off the mat, no, Caine rolls him up! 1…. 2…. Dan barely gets his shoulder up! Both men rise up, with Dan swinging a wild strike at Caine, but Scott blocks it, then kicks out at Dan’s stomach. Dan catches the foot with one hand, but Caine immediately twists into an eniziguiri, popping Dan in the mouth! Dan falls back into the corner, only staying up because of the turnbuckle ropes. Caine pushes to his feet, slightly off-balance, but he moves immediately anyway, dashing in. He jumps up on the turnbuckle, placing his boots into Dan’s chest, then leans backwards, monkey-flipping Dan across the ring! Dan crashes hard, landing badly. Caine struggles to his feet, then hops up on the turnbuckle again. He flies off, landing a frogsplash on Dan’s downed body!! Chris and Excellent are screaming, hitting the apron, as Caine makes the cover… 1... 2… NO! Dan kicks out!*

Jones: Yes, and Caine gets the… wait, he didn’t win?

Logan: It was an inch between winning and losing, not much margin for error. We’re still going, though.

*Caine slowly gets back to his feet, not believing that the match is still going. Marcus, on the outside, seems to be enjoying this one in spite of himself. He’s looking on as Caine brings Dangerous Dan up, grabbing his neck and landing a spinning neckbreaker. Dan’s down, holding the back of his head, as Caine looks up again at the turnbuckle. He’s ready to finally put this one away. He heads towards the ‘buckle, grabbing the ropes to help haul himself up. He positions himself, preparing to unleash the Sugar Caine! On the other side of the ring, Crazy Chris starts to get up on the apron, anxious to help his partner. The ref quickly is there, ordering Chris back, as he frustratingly kicks the bottom rope and steps back down. However, while the ref is distracted, Mr. Excellent is suddenly up on the apron on the other side, shoving Caine from behind!! Caine flips off, out of control, crashing next to Dangerous Dan!! The crowd starts booing fiercely as Excellent slips back down, looking a little shocked at what he decided to do. The camera shows Crazy Chris, who seems to have completely missed the interference. He looks into the ring, shocked, then starts to cheer on Dangerous Dan, trying to get him to start moving.*

Jones: What a dirty move from Mr. Excellent! Just as this match was becoming a classic!

Logan: Mr. Excellent did say he would do whatever he could to insure that he and his family gets more money. I guess that includes cheating to help an ally win!

*Marcus, standing up from his chair, looks annoyed, but doesn’t move towards the ring to tell the referee what happened. He simply watches as Dangerous Dan pulls himself up, not knowing what happened to Caine. He sees his foe trying to rise, obviously dazed from the bad impact he took off the ‘buckle. Dangerous Dan steps in, letting his instincts guide him, as he locks up Caine and lifts him up, landing the Danger Zone!! Caine is out cold now, not moving, as a weary-looking Dan makes the pin. The ref is right there… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW #1 Contender to the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title, Dangerous Dan!

*Crazy Chris heads into the ring, helping up his brother and celebrating with him, as Mr. Excellent slowly enters as well. Caine, meanwhile, rolls to his stomach, completely out of it. He leaves the ring, trying to get his bearings. In the aisleway, Marcus has folded up his chair and thrown it to the side, before walking up the aisle, not looking back.*

Logan: Man. It sucks that Dangerous Dan got to win that way, but I guess I can’t blame him. He probably still doesn’t know what happened. You think he’ll be angry when he sees it?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony. I mean, realistically, if Mr. Excellent hadn’t gotten involved, Scott Caine could have very well put this one away with the Sugar Caine.

Logan: Yeah, but it’s also possible that Dan could have avoided the move and gotten the win anyway. Now, we’ll never know. Still, we’ve got to give credit where credit is due. We now know that Dangerous Dan will be facing Marcus Ka’Derrion for the Intercontinental Title at the next pay-per-view.

Jones: That’s right, Anthony. We may not know the name of the show yet, but we know we’ve been booked for Sunday, March 1st, so that’s the day that Dangerous Dan is working towards. That’s the day he gets another opportunity to wear the belt!

*Crazy Chris loans his brother a shoulder, helping him walk out of the ring, with Mr. Excellent nearby on the other side. They head for the back, still celebrating Dangerous Dan’s first GCWA victory, as we switch shots and go to the back of the arena. In the darkness, a car is seen pulling up. It’s a very fancy limo. The door opens, and the chauffer gets out, heading to the back door. He opens it up, and Rick Mathis steps out, confidently observing the area. With a smile, he nods to the driver and starts to walk towards the building. However, before he gets far, a sudden yell is heard. Mathis back-pedals in surprise, but he can’t get away as The Lost Soul is there, tackling him! The two men fall over the hood of the limo to the other side, as a brawl begins! Unfortunately, we still have one more commercial break, so stay tuned!*

*We come back from the commercial break to the scene of a massive fight going on. Rick Mathis is seen, stumbling down a hallway, holding his head. Right behind him is The Lost Soul, who looks like he’s taken a few shots during the break as well. The face paint is still on, though, for the most part. The Lost Soul grabs Mathis and sends him into the wall, spiraling out from the blow. Mathis falls to his knees, but immediately gets back up, throwing a punch backwards at TLS before again starting to move away, trying to reach a safe distance. The Lost Soul continues to follow, still intent on taking Mathis out.*

Jones: During the break, this two men have been going at it with abandon! I’m not sure Mathis’ limo will ever be the same!

Logan: Well, that’s what he gets for arriving here so late! The Lost Soul had been waiting for him for hours, so obviously he couldn’t wait any longer to get his hands on the man who cost him his debut match!

Jones: Of course, this is a completely unsanctioned match, which means that we have no referee, we have no timekeeper, and we really don’t have any way for this to end!

Logan: It’s all about pride now, Jonesy. First man to not get back up loses!

*The two men turn a corner, still fighting back and forth. Mathis scores a couple of good shots on TLS and shoves him into a doorway, knocking the door open. Mathis heads into the room as well, feeling like he’s in control. It lasts about two seconds, before The Lost Soul slams a vase over Mathis’ head! Mathis stumbles back, stunned, allowing The Lost Soul to grab him and send Mathis head-first into a mirror! The mirror develops a large spider-web crack, but doesn’t shatter, which is a ‘lucky break’ for Mathis. The Lost Soul starts hammering Mathis’ back with punches, as a voice can be heard, coming out of the back. It’s Chad Vargas. This is his dressing room. Vargas walks out wearing only a towel, complaining about the noise. He grabs at The Lost Soul, but TLS just turns around, clocking him in the mouth! Vargas falls back, but the distraction is enough for Mathis, as he kicks The Lost Soul low, causing him to gasp in agony. TLS staggers away, as Vargas comes back, intent on doing some damage himself. But as he comes forward, slipping past Mathis, the big man reaches back and grabs Vargas’ guitar, smashing it over Vargas’ head!!! Vargas lays in a heap on the ground, with the towel fortunately still covering enough of him to keep this a family show, as Mathis heads back out of the room, after TLS.*

Jones: This hasn’t been Chad’s night!

Logan: When two guys are in a blood feud like this, you don’t get between them!

*The cameras catch up to Rick Mathis and The Lost Soul as they fight near the entry area, with various crew members being sure to get out of the way. Mathis is in control, bouncing The Lost Soul’s head off of a speaker. Mathis then uses a cable from the speaker to choke The Lost Soul, wrapping it tightly around his neck. TLS struggles, trying to get some breath through his closed windpipe, as Mathis mercilessly strangles him. Fortunately for TLS, there is a wrench sitting nearby. TLS grabs at it, grasping it with his fingers, then swings it backwards, stunning Mathis long enough for The Lost Soul to pull the cable off his throat. He turns and gives the wrench a mighty swing, smacking the metal surrounding the entryway as Mathis frantically ducks, avoiding a dangerous shot. He stumbles out the entryway, shoving the curtain aside, as The Lost Soul heads off in pursuit.*

Logan: Here they come!

Jones: I hope they stay away from our area! Mathis already wrecked one of our tables!

Logan: Yeah, I’d hate for them to get too close, if only because I’d be tempted to get involved…

*As the two men fight it out on the ramp, the crowd cheers, starting up a “TLS” chant to support the fan favorite. Mathis gets control on the ramp, though, managing to knock away the wrench and score a headbutt on The Lost Soul. Both men look a little stunned from the noggin-knocker, but Mathis recovers first, grabbing TLS and whipping him into the metal side of the entryway. He comes up behind TLS and starts banging the Soul’s head against the metal, doing some damage. With TLS stunned, Mathis brings him back over towards the edge of the stage, where several tables have been set up, for reasons that are only becoming clear right now. Mathis, proud of where things are going, makes a quick hand signal and positions The Lost Soul, preparing to send him down off the ramp with the Oil Spill!*

Logan: If he lands this, the fight is over!

Jones: The Lost Soul’s career might be over!

*Mathis tries once, twice, to lift The Lost Soul up for the powerbomb attempt. However, TLS is blocking it, shifting his weight while hanging onto the legs. As Mathis tries a third time, TLS slips free, dropping to his knees. He punches out, scoring pretty close to a low blow, sending Mathis reeling backwards, away from the stage edge! The Lost Soul climbs to his feet and runs forward, grabbing Mathis by the head and spinning him down with a running DDT, sacrificing himself to injure the larger man! Both men hit the metal stage pretty hard, letting off a huge clang, earning the roar of the audience in attendance.*

Logan: Someone call to the back and have them buy some aspirin and an ice pack for Rick Mathis! Don’t worry, he can afford it.

* The Lost Soul slowly pulls himself up, looking at Mathis, who is still struggling to regain his bearings. The painted smile on The Lost Soul’s face is fading from all the exertion, but his actual smile is showing through, as he looks at his fallen opponent. He reaches down and drags Mathis up by the hair, looking him right in the eyes. He slaps Mathis across the face with a hard shot, then pulls him towards the edge of the stage, setting him up for the Soul Buster!! Mathis tries to struggle free, but a few more punches leave him stunned. However, as The Lost Soul starts to position Mathis for the blow, a man suddenly comes out from behind the curtains. It’s Lurrr! The GCWA X Division Champion heads up behind The Lost Soul, bottle in hand. TLS, sensing the change in the crowd, turns and tries to go after Lurrr, but Mathis wraps him up, holding him in place just long enough for Lurrr to smash what looks to be a bottle of whiskey across TLS’s face!! TLS collapses to the ground, holding his now-bloody face, complete with alcohol filtering into the wounds.*

Jones: Oh my god!! What a hit TLS just took! What the hell is Lurrr doing here??

Logan: It shouldn’t be that surprising, Jonesy, considering this isn’t a real match. There are no rules, which means that Lurrr can do whatever he wants. Sure, it’s deceitful and unfair, but this is Lurrr we’re talking about!

*As the crowd boos heavily, Lurrr helps Mathis back up, dusting off his friend. Mathis nods to Lurrr, who goes and grabs The Lost Soul off the ground. TLS starts to fight back, swinging blindly at his foe, but Lurrr is able to get in a knee to the gut, before feeding TLS to Mathis, who quickly lifts the man up and lands the Oil Spill on the metal stage!!! TLS spasms, his back on fire, as Lurrr laughs at the crowd reaction, flipping off several fans who are close to charging the stage. He reaches down and pulls TLS up, mocking him. TLS responds by spitting some blood into Lurrr’s eyes, temporarily blinding him, then starts swinging again, getting the crowd excited again as he starts to drive Lurrr back! But Mathis is right there behind him, grabbing TLS’s arms and keeping him from moving. This allows Lurrr to wipe his eyes clean, then come back in with a vengeance, pummeling the defenseless Soul!*

Jones: This is horrible! The Lost Soul needs help out here!

Logan: I don’t think anyone’s around, though, Jonesy! He’s on his own!

*With The Lost Soul dangling from Mathis’ grip, having taken so many shots to the face, Lurrr starts directing traffic, pointing towards the edge of the stage. Mathis complies, bringing TLS over. He spins The Lost Soul around, grabbing him by the throat, as Lurrr comes in to get his own grip. Both men bodily lift The Lost Soul in the air, tossing him off the edge by the throat and sending him through one of the tables!!! The Lost Soul lays in the debris, not moving, as the crowd is sending a lot of hatred the way of the Roman Empire.*

Logan: Oh, man, that wasn’t a great landing, was it?

Jones: The Roman Empire has taken out TLS tonight! Wait, Lurrr’s getting a microphone from our GCWA staff. Now what? He’s going to gloat?

*Lurrr looks down at the fallen TLS, as Mathis rubs a towel given to him over his face. Lurrr’s face couldn’t be filled with any more contempt.*

Lurrr: This is a lesson to all of you other guys out there, you will not interfere with any business that we have. It would be wise to stay out of our way, or else Mathis and I will leave you laying in your own blood, like this. I thought I would use TLS as an example. The next time you decide to put your nose in my business and cost me a World Title shot…

*Lurrr hands the mic over to Mathis, who takes a moment to look down at the Lost Soul before speaking.*

Rick Mathis: I will do whatever my boss tells me to do. If that means I am told to completely wipe you out of the picture then I will do that. But all of you wrestlers should be taking important notes, because the next time you want to get in my boy’s way, remember you will be dealing with “The Big Man” before it’s over.

*Lurrr takes the mic back, while also lifting up the X Division Title, which he has just taken off his waist.*

Lurrr: It’s pretty obvious who the cream of the crop is when it comes to the GCWA, you’re looking at it. I will make it a promise that I will hold this title and not let it go to some punk like the TLS. This guy is a freak who paints his face because he is embarrassed of who he is. When he looks in the mirror every morning he wishes he was me. I don’t even know why we are even wasting our time with him now, I mean I already took care of business last Sunday, don’t you have anything else better for me Ace? This guy doesn’t deserve another shot he never will in my mind.”

*The crowd is chanting ass-hole over and over again.*

Lurrr: On second thought Ace you may want to be careful when you decide who you put in the ring with me. Because the more guys we leave a bloody mess, the more money you will have to spend to hire new guys to put in the ring. The bottom-line is that there is no mistaking this example, if you get in our way we will make an example out of you, plain and simple. And boss if you don’t like how ‘The Big Man” and I work, well…. I really don’t care, you better be careful too, you might be the next example.

*Lurrr throws the mic down as “The Roman Empire” walks up the ramp with the crowd littering them with trash.*

Jones: Disgraceful. The Roman Empire just basically threatened Ace!

Logan: Somehow I don’t think saying you might make an example out of the President of the GCWA is the best way to get yourself that World Title shot you think you deserve.

Jones: Still, while it was a completely horrendous event, the Roman Empire did do what they said they were going to do. They took out the Lost Soul here tonight.

Logan: For now, Jonesy, for now. But I don’t care what Lurrr seems to think. If The Lost Soul can earn his way back into the title hunt, he gets a title shot. The champ isn’t the one who decides his opponents.

Jones: Yes, but he can arrange how the contender is decided. I guess we’ll see what happens next week. For now, we’re out of time, so we’ll see you all next Friday at the same time on the same channel! Good night, GCWA fans!

*As the music begins to play, signaling the end of the show, the cameras refocus on the downed Lost Soul. However, suddenly, the lights starts to flicker around the arena. As the crowd cheers, the power goes out for a second, plunging the arena into darkness. The lights slowly come back up, focusing on the ruined table at ringside. The Lost Soul is no longer there. As the camera pans around, looking for any sign of the mysterious TLS, the picture slowly fades out to black, ending the night.*

OOC: That's another Friday Night Inferno in the books! Always a good feeling to have one written. Ok, guys, here's the card for next week:

"The Warrior" Aaron Hedrick vs. Rogie Nocturne

The Payne Killers vs. Jay-Mack Youth & Makorpal

Scott Caine vs. Marcus Ka'Derrion(c): Non-Title Match

The Lost Soul vs. Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, & Mr. Excellent: Handicap Elimination Match (winner gets an X Division Title shot)

Jobe Severity vs. Derek Mobley(c), GCWA World Heavyweight Title Match

A quick note: For the Handicap Elimination Match, I expect everyone involved to roleplay for this one, with the person who rp's the least getting eliminated first. However, since the match is basically TLS vs. a group, if TLS gets pinned, everyone on the other side will be credited with a win (and the person who gets the pin gets the title shot).

The roleplaying window will be from Saturday, January 31st until Wednesday, February 4th. Three roleplay limit, 1 roleplay posted per day, 150 lines max. Let me know if you have any questions.