*The commercials end, but instead of going straight into the intro, we instead find ourselves in the parking garage of the GCWA Arena. A symbol at the bottom-right corner of the screen informs us that this is taking place earlier in the day. A car pulls up, parking in its designated spot. Out of the car comes Arryk Rage, a smile on his face. He’s already got on his wrestling gear, apparently ready to go for his first match in the new GCWA. As he gets out of the car, a bag can be seen held in his right arm, wrapped tightly shut with what looks to be a combination lock and chains. As Arryk starts into the building, a sudden yell grabs his attention.*

Security Guard: There he is! Hold it right there!

*Arryk turns and looks behind the camera, his facial expression dissolving from excitement to shock. He mutters a curse word (which is, of course, bleeped out by your friendly neighborhood censor), then dashes in the other direction, racing for the garage entrance. Before the cameraman can even turn around, four security guards fly past him, in hot pursuit of the Dark Star. Seemingly unfazed by the turn of events, the cameraman spins the camera around to focus on a poster that’s displayed on one of the garage columns. We get a good look at the poster, which shows a grinning Arryk Rage, with the caption underneath: “Bring in by order of the Head of Security. Pursue at all costs.” The shot fades to black.*

*Seconds later, the Global Championship Wrestling Association logo flashes across the screen. As it disappears, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, with the final shot displaying the Accelerator grinning down from above, with his arms crossed in front of him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us see all of the screaming fans in the GCWA Arena! We get a quick panoramic view of the crowd, including one guy’s ‘colorful’ poster that says “I will submit to Annie Alvarez!” After a few more passes of the cheering fans, we go to the announce position, where the commentators are waiting to begin.*

Jones: Hello, and welcome back to Friday Night Inferno! I’m Edward Jones, and with me as always is my good friend, Anthony “Lightning” Logan!

Logan: Well, I wouldn’t say “good” friend. After all, I don’t know you that well, Jonesy. I mean, I knew your wife…

Jones: Yes, you guys took a cooking class together, right?

Logan: ….. right, that’s what it was. Cooking. By the way, how’s your son, Matthew, doing?

Jones: Matthew? Well, he’s doing pretty well. He just turned 8 last month.

Logan: Yep. That sounds about right.

Jones: Huh?

*Jones, confused, looks over at Anthony, who places an innocent look on his face. It makes you wonder which commentator might actually be the one to have Matthew’s picture in his wallet. Jones, though, is still oblivious, so Anthony opts to move things along.*

Logan: Never mind, we’ve got a lot of stuff to talk about, after all.

Jones: Oh, right, right. Last week, the GCWA began its return with the first two matches of the GCWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament, and we had some serious action go down!

Logan: That’s affirmative, Jonesy. First, we had Derek Mobley fend off a challenge from newcomer Dangerous Dan to advance, only to have Derek get bloodied up by an assault from Lukas Payne.

Jones: It was retaliation from Lukas, whose brother, Jason Payne, was assaulted in the back earlier in the show by Derek’s partner, Warrick Hill. Word has it that Derek’s doing alright, all things considered, after the assault. While he had lacerations and a mild concussion, he was released from the hospital and has been recuperating at his house. Tonight, he’s scheduled to make an appearance to make a statement regarding the attack.

Logan: I can’t wait to hear what the Thriller has to say!

Jones: Even more chaos took place in our second match, when Shane Donovan and Lurrr went at it. Lurrr was prepared to use whatever means he could to win, including preparing to hit Donovan with a chair shot while the ref was down. But he was stopped from his assault by El Phantasmo, which inevitably led to Shane managing to handcuff Lurrr to the guardrail, causing him to lose via countout. While Shane has moved on in the tournament, it wasn’t the most courageous of victories.

Logan: Hey, I say that, since both men were willing to cheat, everything should be considered equal. Lurrr’s just upset because he didn’t think of the handcuffs.

*Anthony pantomimes being locked to the desk, as Jones shakes his head.*

Jones: So you say, Anthony. In any case, Lurrr has reportedly been besieging the GCWA offices with phone calls and e-mails, demanding that Ace make a ruling and give him a title shot. We’ll see if anything comes of that tonight.

Logan: Yeah. So what about Arryk? Did you see how fast he was running there?

Jones: Well, I imagine having a large group of security guards chasing after you is enough to give anyone a little more boost in their step. The word’s gone out from the security office that Arryk Rage is to be immediately apprehended, which is going to make it tough for Arryk to make it to his scheduled tournament match tonight.

Logan: So, really, Titan 3 wasn’t kidding when he said he and Arryk would be playing Tag tonight!

Jones: Apparently not. If Arryk doesn’t willingly give up that X Division Title he stole, I don’t know how he is going to be able to move on towards the GCWA World Title.

Logan: Maybe he can trade it for his Spongebob Squarepants toothbrush.

Jones: If it was actually stolen.

Logan: Didn’t you see the anguish in his face? There’s someone out there right now, a devious thief, enjoying the Spongebob tunes while getting rid of plaque.

*Suddenly, an idea strikes Anthony, as his lights narrow just slightly.*

Logan: Hey, do you think Titan 3 is holding the toothbrush for ransom?

Jones: Somehow I can’t picture Titan 3 having anything to do with Spongebob Squarepants.

Logan: Yeah. Yeah, you’re right, he’d just destroy it and move on.

Jones: So, back to tonight, we’ve got 3 thrilling matches for you fans to watch!

Logan: Oh yeah, man! We’ve got 6 debuts, actually! No big surprise there, since it’s only our second wrestling show.

Jones: First off, in non-tournament action, we have two rookies, Scott Caine and Makorpal, who are going to be showing off their skills. This is the time to impress, with the pay-per-view only a week away! Following them, we’ve got the final two spots to fill in the semi-finals of the GCWA World Title Tournament! We’ve got a woman, Annie Alvarez, taking on an unknown in Axl Rhude, and we’ve got Arryk Rage, if he can make it, taking on Mr. Excellent.

Logan: Yeah, man, we could be seeing the start of the first woman World Champion in GCWA history! Wouldn’t that be wild?

Jones: Yes it would, Anthony. I can’t wait to see what Annie brings to the table. Er, that is, I really want to see her moves, no wait, I mean I want to see what she can do…

*Jones looks flustered, trying to figure out how to say what he means. Anthony’s just having a good time watching him suffer.*

Logan: Dude, your wife’s gonna kill you now.

Jones: I didn’t mean it like that!!

*As Jones continues to defend himself, ”Cocky” by Kid Rock begins to blare over the PA system. The crowd begins to boo as Lurrr is seen walking out down the ramp. Coming out behind Lurrr we see a very large man who is dressed in a very nice suit. Lurrr turns around and points, with a cocky smile on his face, to his buddy Rick Mathis.*

Jones: Hey, what’s Lurrr doing out here?

Logan: I guess he’s tired of the runaround Ace is giving him, so he’s going to give it the personal touch.

*As Lurrr walks down the ramp he sees a fan holding a sign that reads “Lurrr is Overrated!” Lurrr stops looks at the middle-aged man and smiles. He then acts like he is going to continue to walk towards the ring but immediately turns toward the man and spits on him. He then flashes him a certain finger that we’ve seen all too many times from him (blurred out, of course). The two men finally get to the ring. As Lurrr comes around, he grabs the mic from the announcer’s table, taking a moment to scowl at a worried-looking Jones before entering the ring with Mathis.*

Lurrr: Okay, cut my music. We all know why I am out here tonight. First of all I would like to congratulate Shane Donovan on his win. Donovan did what he needed to do to get the job done. He had to coward his way towards a win. Yeah I know…. I was going to use a chair until some jackass with a mask came down and stopped me, but handcuffs, come on man those are used in the bedroom not in the ring. So please Donovan don’t get any ideas. So I don’t think I will be able to put this out there any easier for our owner to understand….. I WAS NOT PINNED I WANT MY SHOT AT THE WORLD TITLE!

*The crowd begins to boo loudly. We begin to hear a collective chant that continues to get louder, and louder. The crowd begins to chant “ass-hole, ass-hole, ass-hole.” Lurrr cracks that familiar smile and looks at “The Big Man”*

Lurrr: Okay so we know how you feel about me, but let me introduce you to a new face. I like to call him “The Big Man,” but you guys know him as Rick Mathis. We love to drink, gamble, and piss you guys off! “The Big Man” has agreed to stand side by side with me while I work my way to the top. I guess you could call him my personal assistant. He knows what his role will be here in the GCWA and he has promised to take care of any trash that gets in my way. You see I was screwed twice in my match last week and “The Big Man” is basically an investment to assure that I won’t have to deal with these in-ring distractions.

*Lurrr hands the mic over to Mathis, as the announcers talk for a second during the pause.*

Logan: I didn’t realize it so much from the videos, but that Mathis guy really is a big dude.

Jones: At the very least, Mathis will make guys like El Phantasmo think twice before interfering.

Rick Mathis: You know I have seen a lot of trash around here just by looking in the stands. The GCWA and its management better have a plan for me. I am here to protect the Hall of Famer from all of these distractions. You can basically look at us as a plan to destroy whatever decided to get in our way. There will be no question’s ask, we won’t give you a chance to explain, you will just become a statistic.

*Lurrr nods his head and the crowd continues to boo loudly. Lurrr grabs the mic from Mathis.*

Lurrr: What you’re looking at can simply be known as an “Empire.” And the greatest “Empire” to have ever existed was the “The Roman Empire.” We are the greatest empire in the sports entertainment world today. So you can call this “The Roman Empire.” And as for the other night, I want to send out a message to The Accelerator and anyone else who belongs to the GCWA management…. We will bring total havoc on this company until I get my World Title shot. That’s about as plain and simple as I can put it. I will not be satisfied with any other decision unless it puts me in a match for the World Title. In fact I think we should give you an example of what might happen if I do not get what I want.

*Lurrr and Rick Mathis climb out of the ring and walk towards the announcer’s table.*

Jones: I’m definitely interested in Ace’s ruling on this new ‘empire’.

Logan: Yeah, Ace can be a prick sometimes, but he never likes being told what to do.

Jones: Indeed….. wait a second, are they coming… here???

*Jones and Logan both stand up as Lurrr & Mathis approach. Logan quickly removes his headphones, getting ready for anything, as Jones starts stepping backwards, against the guardrail. Lurrr & Mathis don’t bother with the announcers, though. They just concentrate on destroying the announce table! The TV monitors are thrown to the ground and shattered, while the table is broken into various pieces of splinters. The crowd boos heavily as Lurrr & Mathis destroy the entire announcing area. They then both turn to look at the announcers. Logan meets Lurrr’s stare head-on, while Mathis causes Jones to flinch back in fear with a fake attempt at a punch. Lurrr & Mathis both laugh at the announcers as a few security guards appear, running down to the ringside area. The two men, now known as the Roman Empire, begin their slow walk back up the ramp, as the fans let them have it with boos, jeers, and assorted items from the snack bar. The two men depart, as Jones and Logan start to take stock in their destroyed announce area. Not surprisingly, we cut to another shot, going to the President’s office, where the Accelerator has been watching the action with disbelief and frustration.*

The Accelerator: Damn it! We’re one show in, and I’ve already got to deal with *bleep* like this??

*The Accelerator paces across the room, muttering to himself, as his assistants stand in the background, waiting for orders.*

The Accelerator: “Controversy sells, Ace. Sign Lurrr and you’ll make the corporation money, Ace.” Yeah, and probably die of a stroke while I’m at it! I knew I should have fought harder on that….

*Ace stops suddenly in the middle of the room and takes a deep, cleansing breath, calming himself. He thinks for a second, then starts pointing at attendants.*

The Accelerator: You, go and find this “Empire” and get them here. I want to settle this mess tonight, so that these bozos control themselves at the pay-per-view. You, tell Monty to get that replacement announcer desk out there, if they haven’t already, and to order us a few more. I get the feeling it’s going to be a long year. As for you, get Titan 3 over here as well. I know he’s busy playing games with Rage, but I want some back-up in case things get physical over here. Well? Get going!

*The assistants all nod and push each other to get out the door. Ace sighs and goes back to his desk, looking at the paperwork stacked on top of it. You’d think he wasn’t expecting this much work this time around. He sits back down, as the picture slowly fades out to our first commercial break.*

*We return from commercial, heading into a hallway somewhere in the arena. Wrestlers are going here and there, as well as other members of the GCWA staff. Coming down the middle of the hallway is a snack cart, complete with a strange, hunched-over man in a blue cap running it. He walks past a couple of security guards, who are talking on their cell phones, trying to get their orders from the Head of Security. One of the nearby doors opens, and Warrick Hill walks out. He looks around, then notices the snack cart moving away from him. He hurries to catch up.*

Warrick Hill: Hey, wait up! Man, I’m glad you’re here, I’ve got such a case of the munchies! Oh, hey, Arryk! How’s life?

*The security guards suddenly rise up, having heard the name. The man in front of the cart curses, then turns and starts running down the hall, his hat flying away to show that it was, indeed, Arryk Rage underneath! The security guards, yelling into their phones, give chase, as Warrick watches them go. He runs his hands through his head, then realizes that the snack cart is still there. With a smile, Warrick starts going through it, looking for some ‘munchies’, as we fade away. We go back to the ring area, where roadies are already installing the new equipment for the announcers to use. Logan is taking it all in stride, having been chatting it up with the fans while waiting, but Jones still looks a little flustered.*

Logan: Oh, hey, welcome back! We’re almost done here, so we’ll be starting the next match momentarily. Right, Jonesy? Hey, Jonesy?

Jones: Huh? What?

Logan: Hey, man, chill out, ok? They’re long gone, everything’s cool now.

Jones: Yes… yes, I know… I guess I just didn’t think about the…. possible dangers to taking this job.

Logan: Hey, you’ve got me here to protect your scrawny butt, so don’t worry about it. And hey, you’ve got that injury clause in your contract, right? The one where Ace pays us time and a half if we get injured?

Jones: What?

Logan: Oh… hadn’t heard that one? Ummmm… nevermind, then. Here comes Minos, I guess we’re ready to begin!

Jones: …. I tell you, this guy, Minos, he still freaks me out.

Logan: Don’t let all the pomp and circumstance fool you, Jonesy. Underneath it all is just a man, just like you, sort of, and me.

Jones: I’m not entirely sure of that, Anthony. I passed him in the hall last week, and I could swear he was looking at me like he would for a blood sacrifice or something!

Logan: Well, stop looking like a sheep then!

Minos: It is time to bring out the gladiators for our first contest of the evening! This… is…. The GCWA!!

*The crowd reacts, loving the theatrical way the intros are done nowadays.*

Minos: Our first match involves two brave souls who are attempting to prove their worth inside the squared circle. This is their first chance to show this audience what they are capable of! In fact, it may very well be their only chance, for if they do not impress, they could easily be dispatched! First, coming out to the ring, he is said to be a bronze medalist in the amateur rankings, making him a fearsome competitor, if this is true! He stands tall at 6’6” and weighs 282 pounds, coming to us from the Philippines, here is Makorpal!

*As "Dead" by My Chemical Romance plays, the powerful Makorpal makes his way out. He’s all business, stomping his way to the ring, as the crowd gives him a minor reaction, only really reacting to his size and build.*

Jones: I’ve tried to do some research on this guy for tonight, but I still don’t know much about him. He’s been awfully hard to track down this week.

Logan: I know, right? I feel like this is the first time we’re even getting a chance to see this guy. Did he just get here from the Philippines or what?

Minos: His opponent comes to us from the gang streets of Los Angeles, California. He is an unknown, like much of the GCWA roster, yet he is here to fight, to prove himself worthy of the fan’s trust. Standing 6’3" and weighing 227 pounds, here is Scott Caine!

*Caine comes out to “Automatic” by American Pearl, getting a more noticeable response from the crowd. He does a few boxing maneuvers, getting a cheer from some of the GCWA groupies that have started returning to the fold. Fortunately, most of them are younger replacements for the other groupies from years gone by, who have moved on to other things. Caine jogs down to the ring, ready to go.*

Logan: Here’s a kid I think I’m going to like. He may be young, but he’s got a lot of promise.

Jones: You can tell that he’s got some discipline about him, that’s for sure, Anthony. That coach of his found a diamond in the rough.

Logan: Hey, did you ever catch that coach’s name?

Jones: Now that you mention it, no, I didn’t.

Logan: Oh well. I’m sure he’ll be mentioned again.

*The bell rings.*

Logan: It’s time to wrassle! Hey, I wonder if Makorpal speaks English. Did anyone check on that? Because if he can’t understand the ref’s instructions…

Jones: He’ll have to make do, if he wants to be successful in the GCWA, just like other guys with that situation.

Logan: Yeah, like El Phantasmo. I still can’t understand a word of what that guy says, and I took Spanish in high school!

*Caine starts the match by circling around his larger opponent, looking for an opening. Makorpal, though, just stands there, unimpressed. He lets out a yell, then charges forward at the surprised Caine, who quickly uses the situation to his advantage, giving Makorpal a drop-toe hold to the mat! Caine then jumps over Makorpal’s body and applies a headlock, immediately in control. Makorpal, struggling, pushes himself up against the hold, trying to get free. But Caine isn’t letting go, wrenching on his opponent’s head like an overweight man trying to open a jar of pickles.*

Jones: That was a bad mistake by Makorpal there. I guess he thought he could just run the smaller Caine over and be done with it.

Logan: Yeah, you’ve got to feel out your opponent first, because the first move could be your last.

*Back in the ring, Caine continues to hold the headlock, even as Makorpal finally fights to his feet. He shoves Caine into the ropes and whips him to the other side, then lowers his head for a backbody drop. Caine’s too quick, though, spinning over top of Makorpal and landing behind him. As Makorpal straightens up and turns, Caine plants a dropkick in his face, sending the big man staggering backwards into the ropes. Caine’s quick to take advantage, running forward and clotheslining the larger man to the outside!! Makorpal manages to get his feet underneath him as he lands, limiting the damage. He angrily pounds both hands on the apron in frustration, then turns and vents to the fans sitting nearby. As he does so, though, Caine runs to the other side, getting momentum by using the ropes. He comes back and takes flight, clearing the top rope and landing a plancha onto Makorpal!! Both men tumble to the ground outside, as the crowd gets on their feet, loving the daredevil maneuvers.*

Logan: Cool! I love it when they take risks like I used to!

Jones: Caine certainly made that risk pay off. He’s got Makorpal badly off-balance already in this one.

*Caine celebrates briefly with the fans at ringside, before going back to the downed Makorpal. He picks the big man up and attempts to whip him towards the ringpost, but Makorpal stands his ground, blocking the attempt. He reverses it, sending Caine instead. However, Caine grabs the post and spins himself around it, sliding back into the ring. He waits in there, unhurt, as Makorpal stares at him with his mouth open, starting to wonder what he can do to actually land a shot on the speedster. He reaches up and pulls himself up onto the apron, just as Caine again moves forward, moving quicker than Makorpal anticipated. He smacks Makorpal in the ribs with a knee, almost sending him falling back out, but the big man hangs onto the ropes. This doesn’t faze Caine, as he jumps OVER Makorpal, grabbing his lower body on the way down, and snapping the wrestler down to the outside with a powerbomb!! The crowd goes crazy, as the ref, Mark Bell, starts his count.*

Jones: What a maneuver! Scott is extremely fast in there for his size!

Logan: I’m finding an awful lot to like about this guy! Hey, do you think he also does that thing with the sunglasses, right before the dramatic music hits?

Jones: That’s Horatio Caine, not Scott Caine.

Logan: Yeah, I know that, but maybe he can do it, too! Wouldn’t it be a cool addition to his personality?

Jones: Whatever you say, Anthony.

Logan: Remind me to send him a pair of glasses…

*Back to the action, where Caine has pulled the hurting Makorpal up. He rolls him into the ring, then follows, breaking the count and letting the match continue. Makorpal pushes off the ground, trying to get his equilibrium back, but Caine isn’t letting up. He charges in, grabbing Makorpal from behind and rolling him up… 1… 2… Makorpal kicks out. Caine’s right back at it, though, jumping up and doing another complex spin to get Makorpal’s shoulders back to the canvas… 1… 2… and again Makorpal barely escapes. Makorpal angrily gets up, swinging his huge fist at Caine, but Caine ducks it, throwing Makorpal off-balance and allowing Caine to wrap him up with a crucifix pin attempt! 1… 2…. at the last second, the shoulder gets off the mat. Both men again get to their feet, with Makorpal looking completely bewildered. He moves towards Caine, but gets a foot jammed in his midsection, followed up by a facebuster! Makorpal’s down, holding his head in pain, as Caine stands and points towards the turnbuckle, getting a good reaction from the audience.*

Logan: Time to take flight!

Jones: We’re about to enter high-risk territory!

*Caine runs to the turnbuckle and climbs up with just a step or two, as Makorpal again attempts to regain his footing. He gets up, looking around, with no idea where the smaller cruiserweight is. He turns, as Caine’s already in mid-air, taking Makorpal down with a corkscrew splash, landing on top! But Caine doesn’t attempt a pin, as he immediately pushes himself back to his feet and again signals to the heavens that he’s going up! He leaps back onto the turnbuckle, looking below at the fallen Makorpal. For a second, Caine raises an invisible medal around his neck, taunting his opponent. He then jumps high off the ‘buckle, landing the Sugar Caine!!! Makorpal isn’t moving, as Caine makes the easy cover… 1… 2…. 3!!!

Minos: Here is your triumphant winner, via pinfall, Scott Caine!

*The crowd is ecstatic as Caine celebrates his victory, placing one foot on the bottom rope and leaning forward, letting out the last of his steam with a yell. He leaves the ring, slapping some high fives with his fans on the way out, as Makorpal is checked over by the referee.*

Logan: This wasn’t so much a match as it was a coming out party for the young Caine. He impressed me with his agility and his maneuverability, Jonesy.

Jones: True, but he also got an edge by facing Makorpal, who obviously wasn’t on the top of his game tonight. Honestly, he was closer to the basement level.

Logan: I still think Caine’s got a bright future, man. He may not be the greatest wrestler in the world yet, but it’s never bad to start off with a “W” in the books. I can’t help but expect to see him with some gold around his waist in the future, as long as he sticks with it.

Jones: Wait, Anthony, we’ve just gotten a report from one of our backstage cameramen. Let’s head back there now, and find out what’s going on with the President and Lurrr!

*We go to the backstage area, where the cameraman is standing in front of the office door of the President. Some loud yelling can be heard within. The cameraman starts to move forward, heading for the door, then suddenly steps back and angles to his right, focusing instead down the hall. A loud commotion can be heard, coming this way. Coming from around another hallway, Arryk Rage flies out, running as fast as he can! He’s still carrying his brown bag on his back, as he huffs his way down the hall, covered in sweat from so much exertion. Right behind him, some fresher-looking security guards, probably having replaced the original ones who had spotted the disguised Rage, continue the chase. As Arryk runs closer, he has just one thing to say.*

Arryk Rage: Move it! Move it! Move it!

*The cameraman makes sure to listen, standing back out of range, as Arryk flies by, desperately searching for another path to take that will get him away from security for a little while. He races down a side passageway, as the determined security guards continue their pursuit, disappearing after him. The cameraman shrugs, then goes back to where he was supposed to be, going into the President’s office. Inside, pacing on the far side, is an obviously furious Lurrr. On the other side, behind the desk, the President is seated on the edge of his chair, not much happier. Both men look ready to explode. Behind Lurrr stands Rick Mathis, with his arms crossed. Titan 3 is seated on the couch, looking relaxed but ready to uncoil from his seat in an instant if needed. This argument has apparently been going on for several minutes now. Lurrr, frustrated, continues the conversation, turning back to the Accelerator.*

Lurrr: So are you going to place me back in the tournament or not?? I want my title shot!!

The Accelerator: Hell no, you’re not getting put back in! It’s already past, Lurrr! Deal with it!

*Lurrr angrily slams a fist on top of Ace’s desk, but Ace barely flinches. Titan 3 is watching things carefully. Although he’s got a casual look about him, he’s clearly ready to intervene if necessary. Rick is keeping an eye on Titan 3, as if debating making the first move. But he knows that several security guards are close by on orders from T3.*

The Accelerator: Do you know how many times I got screwed out of matches in my career? It happens, Lurrr. The refs have already been reprimanded for not noticing the handcuffs, but that’s as far as I can go. You’re just going to have to earn another opportunity down the line.

Lurrr: So that’s it, then? You bring me in here to get your restart some name recognition, promise me all sorts of benefits to being a wrestler here, then you do nothing when some snot-nosed pompous *bleep*hole gets in my way during my match, while another *bleep* cheats me out of my World Title??

*The Accelerator, now on his feet, stares across at Lurrr, who looks ready to once again go on a destructive rampage.*

The Accelerator: You know what, Lurrr? You want something done about this? Fine. I’ll do something. I’m putting you in a match at the pay-per-view next week, but it isn’t going to be in the tournament. It will, however, give you a chance to get rid of some of that anger. It’s going to be you… vs. El Phantasmo.

Lurrr: That masked jackass?

The Accelerator: More than that, Lurrr. You’ll also be facing an old friend of mine. A former multi-time World Champion.

*Lurrr takes a moment to look to his side, glaring at Titan 3. But Ace just smirks and shakes his head. Rick is watching closely, intrigued.*

The Accelerator: No, Lurrr, not Titan 3. He’s got his hands busy with something else. Speaking of, how’s that going, T3?

Titan 3: Oh, don’t you worry, Ace. I’ll have Arryk or the belt in this office by the end of the night. I hope he’s enjoying the game I set up for him.

The Accelerator: Good, good. With that in mind, Lurrr, I’ve got even more incentive for you, since I’m such a nice guy. I’m going to put the X Division Title up in your match. What do you say to that?

*Lurrr continues to look pissed off, but a gleam of interest has definitely appeared in his eyes.*

Lurrr: A three-way for the X Division Title, huh? Ok, I’ll play. But you still owe me a World Title shot, Ace, and once I beat the hell out of whoever you put in front of me, I’m getting it.

*The two men glare bullets at each other, before Lurrr turns and leaves. Rick stays a moment longer, making eye contact with Titan 3, before departing as well. Titan 3 lets out a chuckle and sits back down, going back to monitoring the security pursuit of Arryk. He tells one guard unit to head to a specific location, to be there to take over the chase for the tiring security guards running after Rage. He tells them to keep him moving, don’t let him rest. Ace, meanwhile, takes a second to calm down, and then starts going through some more paperwork, looking over what seems to be a contract for Jobe Severity, as the cameraman takes his leave. We go back to the ringside area.*

Jones: So it’s going to be Lurrr vs. El Phantasmo vs. a friend of Ace for the X Division Title?

Logan: Wow, that’s going to bum Arryk out, considering that he won’t be going for the belt that he stole.

Jones: Unless Arryk is the friend Ace is talking about!

Logan: Nah, I doubt that, man, Arryk and Ace don’t get along very well, ever since they had that match in the ICWF. No, it’s someone else, someone we don’t know about yet, I’m sure of it.

Jones: Let the speculation commence!

*The picture fades out from ringside, going backstage again. Derek Mobley is seen walking down the hall, heading for his locker room, getting some cheers from the fans, who are happy he’s mobile. Just like last week, he sees smoke coming from his door and immediately shakes his head. As he gets closer, he sees something else though, blood on the floor. He stops, and looks around, spotting some chairs stocked against the wall. He grabs one and then barges into his locker room door, looking around for something to swing at. The smoke is thick, but you can make out a body laying on the floor. Derek, realizing no one is there, tosses the chair to the side and heads for the body on the floor. Derek kneels in front of what he thinks is Warrick but then jumps back, clearly startled. The smoke clears, exiting through the door and we can now see what Derek sees, a mannequin, dressed in his wrestling gear and with a picture of his face pasted on the head. *

Derek Mobley: What the f…

*As he stands up, he notices as do we, the writing on the wall… literately. Written in the same liquid we originally thought was blood, are the words: “Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it…. You want PAIN? I’ll give you PAYNE!” *

*Derek grabs the chair and slams it against the bloody wall… He then begins stomping on the mannequin before picking it up and putting him between his legs, setting him up for who knows what. Just then, Warrick Hill walks into the room, holding a Snickers bar. *

Warrick Hill: Oh dude, that’s just sick!

*Derek, startled, shoves the mannequin away from him, as the scene fades to commercial.*

*We come back from commercial in the backstage area, where new comer Marcus Ka’Derrion is seen walking down the hall followed by two men dressed in suits. One is way over 6 feet tall and wears a black wrestling mask while the other is barely past 5 feet, with long red and black hair. They arrive at their destination, President Ace’s office. Marcus doesn’t appear to be too happy, and seems to think twice about knocking. He decides not to and starts to turn around but the big man stops him and shoves him against the door. Marcus takes a deep breath, turns around and knocks on the door before getting in and closing it behind him. The two men ‘stand guard’ on the outside. We cut back to the announcer’s desk.*

Logan: Cool, the new guy’s here!

Jones: Yes, but what for? Does he just have some extra paperwork to sign, or is there another reason?

Logan: Hey, if you want to make it here in the GCWA, you need to make yourself known to Ace. Maybe he’s just getting himself that early edge.

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, he didn’t look that excited to be going in there. Well, maybe we’ll find out later. Right now, we’ve got another match to get to!

Minos: Our next match is the third bout in the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament! The winner of this match will face Shane Donovan at Warriors of the Ring III next week, in the semi-finals of the tournament. This is a match worth fighting for! Our first competitor is here to destroy the stereotype that a man is the only one who can take the fight to new levels. She is the first female signee of the new association, and has immediately given a chance by the President to soar to the top in only a few matches. She stands 5’5” and weighs 125 pounds, from Hollywood, California, she is Annie Alvarez!

*”Cuz I Can” by Pink hits the speakers, bringing the fans to their feet. The women are excited for the woman wrestler breaking the gender barrier. The men are just interested to see what she wears to the ring. Annie steps out in her usual wrestling attire, earning a few wolf whistles. She heads down to the ring, as the music continues.*

Logan: I love my job.

Jones: Sometimes it does have its perks, Anthony.

Logan: Hey, Jonesy, remember your wife’s watching…

Jones: Er, yes, well, Annie can’t hold a candle to her….

Logan: Hey, Christina! Say hello to Matt for me, will ya?

Minos: Her opponent is a man who has already faced much hardship in his young life. After years spent in a coma after a brutal assault, this wrestler has got energy to burn. He’s here to show off that energy for you fans. From Houston, Texas, weighing in at 160 pounds and standing 5’11”, here is Axl Rhude!

*The lights dim for a second, then “Coma” by Guns & Roses plays, bringing Axl Rhude out of the back. Some of the guys next to the aisleway toast Axl with their beers as he walks by, either not seeing them or not caring. He rolls into the ring, a disgusted look on his face as he looks over at his opponent.*

Jones: It’s got to be tough, being in Axl’s situation. He signs up here at the GCWA to let out his aggression, then gets signed for his first match against a woman! It’s really a lose/lose situation, Anthony. Either he beats up on a ‘girl’, or he gets pinned by a ‘girl’.

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy, that looks like a fun position to me! Of course, I’m kinky that way. Still haven’t found a woman that can keep up with me!

Jones: Maybe you should get Annie’s phone number.

Logan: We’ll see, Jonesy, we’ll see.

*The bell rings.*

Jones: Which newcomer will move on in the tournament?

Logan: Of all the tournament matches, this one’s the most interesting. Could one of these two be our next World Champion? Wild.

*Annie comes out of the corner, ready to fight. She bounces from foot to foot, wanting to get the action started, but for some reason, Axl still hasn’t come out of his corner. The referee, Thomas Mitchell, steps in and tells them to get started, but Axl instead starts talking to the ref, shaking his head angrily. The two start arguing, as the fans, wanting some action, begin to boo.*

Logan: What’s this about? C’mon, I paid to see a fight!

Jones: Paid?

Logan: Well, ok, maybe not paid, but I still came here to see a fight!

Jones: Well, Axl doesn’t seem to be as into this match as Annie does. I think he’s still arguing about fighting her tonight!

Logan: Well, ref, tell him to suck it up, because it’s Ace’s decree, which means it’s happening!

*Referee Mitchell is shrugging his arms, letting Axl know there’s nothing he can do, as Axl turns his back to an annoyed-looking Annie, still wanting a change to be made. Annie, meanwhile, looks like she’s had enough. She walks up behind the distracted Rhude, tapping him on the shoulder. As he turns towards her, clearly saying “What?”, she twists, nailing him with a spinning heel kick!! Rhude falls backwards, taking a seat on the ground, as Annie stands over him. She reaches down and brings the stunned Rhude up, giving him an Irish whip into the ropes. As he comes back, Annie gives him a hip toss, sending him flying. Rhude hits hard, rolling to his side. He reaches for the ropes, looking for something to grab hold of. A small trickle of blood is now oozing out from his lips.*

Logan: We’ve got blood! Already!

Jones: I think it happened when she nailed him with that kick, Anthony. Axl might have given his tongue a large bite!

Logan: Ugh, I hope nothing was bitten off…

*With Axl completely on the defensive, Annie moves in, locking up with him. She lifts him partially in the air, showing some muscle to power up even a lighter wrestler like Axl. Annie then sticks out her knee and lets go, getting an inverted atomic drop!! Every man in the audience winces, as Axl stumbles away, in complete disarray. He achingly heads into the corner, with Annie right behind him, on the prowl. She jumps up, kneeing him in the back and sending him crashing into the turnbuckle pads. Axl collapses in the corner, sitting down, the blood now more visible on his face. Alvarez steps back, taking in the sight, then runs forward, getting a Bronco Buster on Axl in the corner!*

Logan: Wooohooo!

Jones: I believe she calls that the Naughty Girl!

Logan: Works for me!

*After taking a quick bow to an enthusiastic crowd, Annie goes back to work, pulling up the bloodied Rhude. She brings him a little further in, but he breaks free, shaking her loose. He gives her an elbow shot to the face, stunning her and causing a few boos to ripple through the arena. Axl doesn’t care, driving Annie back into the ropes. He whips her across the ring, then goes to clothesline her as she comes back. But Annie’s already leaping up, surprising him with the Annieranna!! Rhude hits the ground and stays there, barely moving, as Annie gets back to her feet to the roar of the crowd. She hustles over to the corner, climbing up to the top turnbuckle. With no hesitation, Annie jumps off, flying high in the air before landing a frog splash on her downed opponent! The referee is right there to make the count… 1…. 2…. No, Axl somehow kicks out.*

Logan: I thought that might be it!

Jones: So did I, Anthony, but maybe the thought of being pinned by a woman gave Axl the strength to get that shoulder up.

Logan: Well, if he doesn’t want that to happen, he needs to do something soon! I think Annie’s ready to end this one!

*Inside the ropes, Axl starts pulling himself up, spitting a few times to try and clear the metallic taste from his mouth. Strangely, Annie is patiently waiting, knowing that she’s in complete control. Axl, hanging onto the ropes, slowly turns, looking right at her. There’s definitely a touch of fear in his eyes now. There’s nothing but confidence in hers. With a strangled yell, Axl tries to come forward, preparing a punch. Annie, though, doesn’t move, instead getting a foot up into Axl’s bread basket! Axl doubles over, and Annie’s quick to cinch his arms, keeping him in place. She lifts him up and drops him with a variation of the pedigree, otherwise known as making him Kiss The Mat!!!! Axl’s unconscious, as Annie rolls him over and crosses his arms on his chest, as if comforting him. The referee makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!

Minos: Here is your winner, going on to face Shane Donovan in the semi-finals of the GCWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament, Annie Alvarez!

*The crowd is abuzz with excitement as Annie casually walks away from the downed Axl Rhude, looking like she’s barely broken a sweat.*

Logan: Incredible! That’s my kind of girl right there, Jonesy!

Jones: She sure was dominating… er, not that I’m in to that sort of thing…

Logan: Ok, Eds, at least try to look at her as more than a sex symbol! She just destroyed Axl, a guy who looked to have tremendous upside, with minimum effort, after all. I wonder how Shane feels, knowing that he has to take on a woman in the next round?

Jones: Knowing Shane, I’m betting he’s thinking about those handcuffs.

Logan: Man, Jonesy….

Jones: No, no, no, I mean, he’s thinking about cheating!

Logan: You hearing all this, Ms. Jones?


*We leave Annie to her celebrating and go backstage, where we’re once again in front of the President’s office. I think the cameraman is just stationed there permanently now. We see Marcus Ka’Derrion coming out of Ace’s office. As he does, he stopped by GCWA Reporter Cynthia Hall.*

Cynthia Hall: Marcus, let me be the second, as I’m sure President Ace was the first to welcome you to GCWA.

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Thanks, excuse me.

*Marcus tries to get past the interviewer but he is cut off by the little guy who whispers to him to “just do the f’n interview.” Marcus shakes his head and turns back to face Cynthia.*

Cynthia Hall: Is everything OK Marcus?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yeah, yeah. Everything is just perfect.

Cynthia Hall: I see, would you mind telling me who these two men are?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Yes I would mind.

Cynthia Hall: Hm, OK. You are not making my first day easy you know?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Well it’s my first day too, and believe me, it’s nowhere near easy for me either. (whispers) At least you want to be here…

Cynthia Hall: I’m sorry?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Nothing.

Cynthia Hall: Very well. Can you tell us what we can expect from you in the GCWA?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Uh, look, I don’t know what to say at these things OK? I have never done one of these.

Cynthia Hall: Ah, so you are a rookie in every sense of the word then?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Pretty much.

Cynthia Hall: Well, then I think it’s safe to say that we can expect a lot of surprises from you then?

Marcus Ka’Derrion: Oh, you’ll be surprised alright.

Cynthia Hall: Really? Can you tell us more?

*Before Marcus can answer the big man puts his hands on Marcus’ shoulders and shoves him past Cynthia, who is left there confused. She watches them leave, as we fade back to ringside.*

Logan: Was it just me, or did Marcus seem a little stressed out?

Jones: I think there might be more to him than meets the eye, Anthony. Maybe we’ll find out in the coming days.

Logan: Maybe, maybe not. Oh well. According to my watch, it’s time to hear from one of the greats!

Jones: Indeed.

*"Miseria Cantare" by AFI begins to play and the fans start to cheer as Warrick Hill emerges from behind the curtain. He has a cigar hanging from his mouth, shades on and a backwards bandana. In his left hand is a half eaten Snickers bar, he takes a huge bite out of it, smiles and points towards the curtain as Derek Mobley emerges to the crowd’s delight. Chants of "Mobley! Mobley!" echo throughout the arena as The Thriller meets Warrick’s outstretched arms for a double high-five. We see Derek wearing a black ‘GCWA’ T-shirt with a pair of jeans. He has a pair of black and purple lense Oakleys on and a few bandages on his forehead. Together they make their way down to the ring side area and climb in through the ropes. They each take a corner, climb to the top and hold their arms up as chants of "HOP! HOP!" break out. They climb down and Derek is handed a mic from a GCWA staff member. He removes his shades and we see a partially blackened left eye. Mobley cracks a half smile to the warm response he is receiving, he waits for the cheers to die down and begins to speak.*

Derek Mobley: Last week was my return to the wrestling ring and, as usual, there was a little good mixed with a little bad. The good news is that I was able to defeat Dangerous Dan and move on to the Semi-Finals of the Warriors of the Ring Tournament. The bad news...well, just take a look at my head and hospital bill and do the math yourself.

*The fans start to boo as Derek eludes to the sneak attack he suffered at the hand of Lukas Payne. Derek nods and continues speaking.*

Derek Mobley: I’m not going to get into all of that...it was just a situation of a young, up and comer wanting to get some exposure at the expense of a veteran. Warrick can wax on about this if he chooses...or, he can just continue to ignore his tag partner in times of vulnerability too, if he chooses.

*Derek turns and glares at Warrick as Warrick scarfs down the remaining piece of his Snickers bar. He tosses the wrapper outside of the ring and shrugs towards Derek. We read his lips as he says "Dude, she was hot, what do you want me to do?" Derek plays it off and continues to speak.*

Derek Mobley: No, I’m out here to address my injuries and standing in regards to the Warriors of the Ring Tournament which takes place next Sunday! I’m sure you all read the injury report and saw the name ‘Derek Mobley’ residing next to the word ‘Concussion’ and most of you probably freaked out a bit. Well, let me tell you, I plan on being at Warriors of the Ring, I plan on competing at Warriors of the Ring and, damnit, I plan on winning Warriors of the Ring. Aside from my debut match in this sport, I don’t think I can remember a time when I didn’t have some ailment bothering me heading into a match...so, this time isn’t going to be any different. No excuses, no ifs, ands or buts...Derek Mobley is as ready as he could ever be to run through the remaining competitors and take home the GCWA Title and...That’s Just The Way It is!

*Crowd cheers with a few ‘Mobley!’ chants breaking out. Derek then shows a different kind of smile, one of mischief, as he continues to speak.*

Derek Mobley: Now, if you don’t mind...I’m going to hand over this LIVE microphone to my buddy Warrick and let him address our OTHER issue.

*The crowd cheers as Warrick receives the microphone. He looks out to the crowd and smiles.

Jones: Is he crazy?? Giving Warrick a live microphone?!

Logan: Censors, be ready!

*Warrick begins to speak.*

Warrick Hill: I’m a big fan of Pain Killers, you know? Like after a long, hard night of partying...the whiskey is flowing, the kegs are tapped, the weed is extra strong and, hey, the chicks are banging...the next day, you’re bound to pay a price. That’s where these nifty little white...or gelatin, depending on your preference...pills come in handy. They alleviate all or most of the pain and allow you to prepare yourself to do it all over again. So, I, in theory, like pain killers...however, I must say, I’ve recently encountered a pair that has become more of a pain than relief.

*Crowd boos at the mention of Jason and Lukas Payne.*

Warrick Hill: Jason and Lukas Payne...jerk offs. Yea, so maybe I trashed your locker room and maybe I stole your cigarettes...but, hey, shit happens. Deal with it, douche bags. If you two were any kind of badass, you would’ve come after me...not Derek. But, no, you wait until I start to throw my game down on an incredibly gorgeous woman...you wait until Derek is fatigued and unaware of his surroundings and then you strike. Add in the fact that I think you were possibly a little jealous at the fact a girl was talking to me and you’ve got all the ingredients which point to the Payne Killers being a couple of Stooges.

*Crowd cheers at the dissing of the Payne Killers.*

Warrick Hill: Tell ya what, Lukas and Jason...Derek’s a little busy at the moment...you know, he’s competing for something you two will NEVER sniff. But, how about when he’s done, we settle the score...after all, there is a Tag Division here in GCWA and the House of Pain has just been dying for an opportunity to refresh the fans memories on just how great of a team we were and still are. So...you guys got the guts to take us on, face to face? You have until Warriors of the Ring to give us an answer...and, if we don’t hear from you by then, we’re taking matters into our own hands.

*The crowd cheers as Warrick looks a little exhausted.*

Warrick Hill: From now on, Derek...I’m leaving the long winded rants to you...I’m out of *bleeping* breath...

*Warrick, instinctively, reaches into his pocket for...something...Derek quickly grabs his arm and stops him from pulling the contents of his pocket out for all the world to see. "Miseria Cantare" by AFI starts to play as Derek smiles and throws one arm up to the crowd’s delight. Warrick, on the other hand, hurries off to the back to take care of some business. Derek leaves the ring and exits the ringside area as well, as we fade to another, different camera shot. We’re somewhere in the back, possibly a storage closet of some sort. It’s dark, so the night vision has been turned on. In front of the cameraman is Arryk Rage, looking completely spent, as sweat drips off his nose. He looks towards the camera, moving in close.*

Arryk Rage: I… am so…. startled…

*Arryk says the line with a tiny smile on his face, parodying the recent South Park episode (that was a parody itself of Cloverfield and the Blair Witch Project). Noises are heard at the door, along with scratching sounds, enough to make Arryk get up and head out a side exit from the room, once again on the run. We slowly fade into commercial.*

*We return from break with the Accelerator sitting in front of us, in his office. He looks tired but confident, having dodged a few bullets tonight, at least so far. He smiles at the lens, looking at professional as he possibly can be.*

The Accelerator: Hello, everyone. Just a few brief announcements before we get to our final match of the evening. Next week, we’re going to be having our first GCWA pay-per-view in years, Warriors of the Ring III, as I’m sure you were aware. We’ve already got the tournament set up, which will decide our World Champion. We also have the special match now arranged for the X Division Title, assuming my head of security does his job.

*Ace says the last part under his breath, but it’s still quite audible. He takes a deep breath and continues.*

The Accelerator: There are, however, two more matches of which you may not be aware, which will bring our card to six glorious fights. First, let me be the first to announce that, as of this evening, Jobe Severity has officially signed his contract, making him eligible for the PPV! Part of his signing bonus, though, was that he would have a match at the PPV: for a World Title shot.

*The crowd can be heard reacting to the news with shock at the announcement that a newcomer would be given a #1 Contender’s Match.*

The Accelerator: This also helps me out, as another recent signee also had a clause about a title shot in his contract. So I’m going to give him that opportunity. At the PPV next week, it will be Jobe Severity vs. Chad Vargas, with the winner getting a World Title shot two weeks later at Friday Night Inferno!

*The audience’s reaction is loud, but it’s hard to tell how they feel about this announcement. The Accelerator, meanwhile, continues his speech.*

The Accelerator: Finally, we’ve got the Intercontinental Title match. Using what I’ve seen tonight as well as last week, I’ve come to a conclusion that the only way to handle things is with a “Fatal Fourway Elimination” Match! This will involve four men: Dangerous Dan, Scott Caine, Marcus Ka’Derrion, and whoever loses in the Mr. Excellent/Arryk Rage match later tonight. One of these four men will be a champion by the time the pay-per-view is over!

*Ace gives a big, showy grin to the cameras, happy to make the announcement. He then turns away, but then looks back.*

The Accelerator: Oh yes. One more thing. Considering what’s happened in previous tournament matches, I’m making this ruling: in the main event of Warriors of the Ring III, there will be no countouts and no disqualifications. Anything goes, as long as we crown a champion. Believe it, boyos!

*We cut away from Ace’s grinning face to go back to ringside, where Jones has been furiously writing notes about Ace’s match announcements. Logan just looks pleased to have heard them.*

Logan: Man, is that gonna be a fun night or what? Three tournament matches, two other title matches, a #1 Contenders Match, whew! It’s going to be crazy!

Jones: Definitely, Anthony. I did notice one thing, though. Why did Ace place Marcus Ka’Derrion in the IC Title Match? The man hasn’t even had a match here. It makes you wonder what actually went down in that meeting with the President.

Logan: Well, Jonesy, either Marcus will prove he deserves to be here, or he’ll just be easily taken out by the other wrestlers. It won’t make a difference either way.

Jones: Well, we’re still not through here, as we’ve got one more match on the horizon! Oh, and I see we’ve got some company down at ringside!

Logan: A lot of black-shirted security guys around here, isn’t there?

Jones: We know who they’re waiting for…

*Security guards are flanked around the entryway and nearby the crowd, with the second-in-command of Security having moved to the center of the ring. Minos pays him no attention, instead going about his usual business.*

Minos: It is now at the appointed hour for our final World Title Tournament Match, which will decide who joins our other three warriors in the next round of battle! First, we have a young man who only recently began his journey into the wrestling world. He is a fierce competitor, ready to make his mark on the GCWA battlefields. He stands 6’3” and weighs 255 pounds, from Chicago, Illinois, he is Mr. Excellent!

*”Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. plays, as Mr. Excellent makes his way out. The crowd starts to boo, possibly because of his cocky attitude as he walks down the aisle. Mr. Excellent takes a moment to shoot a glare at the security, then enters the ring and heads to his corner.*

Jones: Mr. Excellent truly does look like he’s got a future here in the GCWA, but I think he’s turning the crowd off some with his high opinion of himself.

Logan: I don’t think it’s just that, Jonesy. He also mentioned that he would do whatever it takes to win here tonight, which probably has the fans remembering the handcuffs from last week. I think our audience wants to see more clean falls and less chicanery in the ring.

Minos: His adversary stands at 5’10” tall and weighs in at 212 pounds. He made his name in the FWA, the ICWF, and the OCW, and now tries out the waters of the GCWA. He is known the world over as the Dark Star, as well as for his recent pilfering of one of the GCWA’s newest championships. From Detroit, Michigan, he is Arryk Rage!

*As “Victim of Reality” by Pennywise plays over the loudspeakers, the security guards nearby tense up. Mr. Excellent and the second-in-command stand in the ring, watching, but no one appears in the entryway at first.*

Jones: Where is he? Did he get too winded, racing around the arena? Or is the X Division Title more important to him than this tournament match?

Logan: Wait, there he is!

*Slowly, Arryk Rage walks out of the back, watching the security guards standing nearby. He is dripping sweat, due to his exertions earlier in the night. He makes no further moves towards the squared circle, even as Mr. Excellent can be seen waving him on. The second-in-command, meanwhile, talks with referee Mark Bell, who nods and walks to the side to signal for the start of the match.*

*The bell rings.*

Jones: And, well, I guess here we go!

Logan: Looks like Arryk’s got 10 seconds to make up his mind here…

*As the ref counts towards ten, Arryk seems to make up his mind. He starts towards the ring, ignoring the security guards who watch him go past. He gets to near the ring, staring down at the bag in his hands. He reluctantly starts to drop it… but then pulls a chain off and wraps it around the ringpost! With one smooth motion, Arryk locks the bag in place with a Masterlock, even as the second-in-command comes out of the ring towards him. Arryk smiles at him, then goes under the ropes and into the ring, beating the count. Of course, as he enters, Mr. Excellent is waiting, immediately putting the boots to Arryk’s back! Mr. Excellent continues to stomp away, as the rest of the security guards come close and start to work on freeing the bag from the post.*

Logan: Man, look at Excellent go!

Jones: I think he’s ticked off that all the attention’s on Arryk and security, instead of him. He’s here to prove that he belongs in the GCWA!

*Mr. Excellent pulls Arryk to his feet, only to take him right back down with a Russian leg-sweep. Excellent then goes after Arryk’s legs, twisting the left leg around and wrenching it backwards, almost as if he was trying to dislocate it. Arryk struggles in pain, trying to get his other foot under him so that he can escape, but Excellent is ready, sweeping that leg and putting Arryk back on the mat. He takes a quick step off of Arryk’s ankle, causing Arryk to shout out, as the ref stays close. Mr. Excellent takes a moment to look out at the unhappy crowd, then goes back to work, dropping a knee on the leg.*

Jones: So far, this one’s been a total surprise. Mr. Excellent is really focusing on one body part, which, of course, will pay off if he can lock in the Execution!

Logan: Don’t forget, Arryk spent the better part of the last few hours running around this arena, trying to avoid the security sweeps. His lower limbs were already pretty beat by the time he came down to the ring.

Jones: By the way, it looks like security’s not having much luck working that bag free. That chain is keeping it securely fastened.

Logan: From here, it looks like a dense fabric, which is probably why they haven’t just ripped it up yet. I’m betting that one guy we just saw run off is on his way to get some tools to help free it. In the meantime, Arryk needs to get something going here!

*In the ring, Mr. Excellent has Arryk on his feet in the corner. He’s kicking away at the Dark Star’s midsection, bruising up his ribs. Excellent then grabs Arryk’s arm, whipping him out of the corner. Arryk’s leg is so painful, though, that he stumbles to the mat instead of going across the ring. Excellent smiles, not bothered at all by the change, as he approaches Arryk. But as he gets close, Arryk suddenly rears up, landing a punch to the breadbasket! Excellent coughs hard as the air is slammed out of his lungs. Arryk adds in a few more punches, before pulling himself up, using Excellent for balance. He dodges an attempted strike from Excellent, causing Excellent to spin around. Arryk is quick to grab his head from behind, bringing him backwards with a scorpion deathdrop! Arryk quickly makes the cover… 1… 2… Excellent kicks out.*

Logan: Close one there!

Jones: Yes, but it will take a lot more than a single move to put Mr. Excellent away!

Logan: Wow… you’re really buying into the hype, aren’t you?

Jones: Well, I mean, he IS Mr. Excellent, after all.

Logan: Yeah, ok, whatever, man.

*Both men start to get up, with Arryk still in control. He wraps Excellent around, dropping him again with a DDT, then hops over to the corner. He climbs quickly, then springs off the ropes with a split-legged moonsault, landing it perfectly on the downed Excellent! Arryk quickly makes another cover, but again only gets 2, as Excellent refuses to stay down. Arryk looks a little bit anxious, as he can see the security guards still working to get the bag free. He tries another pin, grabbing both of Excellent’s legs, but he can’t keep him down. Shaking his head, Arryk gets himself up. He waits as Mr. Excellent claws his way to his feet, then jumps up, getting his feet around Excellent’s head! He brings Excellent down to the mat with a hurricanrana variation, but this time opts not to try the pinfall. Instead, he goes to the ropes, as Mr. Excellent works to get himself up to his hands and knees. As soon as he does so, Arryk bounces off the ropes and comes in, jumping over the larger wrestler and rolling him up! 1… 2…. Mr. Excellent barely gets his shoulder off the canvas in time.*

Jones: Rage is doing everything he can to put Mr. Excellent away and move on in the tournament.

Logan: Man, this is almost like a “Race The Clock” Match or something, isn’t it?

Jones: Never heard of it, Anthony. The GCWA doesn’t do matches like that.

Logan: Oops. Right. Go GCWA!

*Arryk gets himself upright, shaking out his aching leg. Mr. Excellent rises to meet him, with Arryk setting him up for a suplex attempt. However, Excellent gets his foot out, blocking the hold, then is able to snap Arryk up into the air instead, dropping him with a vertical suplex! Both men stay down for a second, then Excellent rolls over, painfully putting an arm across his opponent. The ref drops to count… 1…. 2… Arryk’s up again, keeping the match going. After taking a couple of deep gulps of air, Mr. Excellent brings both men to their feet. He positions Arryk into an atomic drop, lifting him into the air. Somehow, though, Arryk is able to shift his weight, throwing Mr. Excellent off-balance. As they come back down, the move changes from an atomic drop to a bulldog! With Mr. Excellent down and in pain, Arryk heads for the turnbuckle, climbing up and bracing himself for a big-time maneuver. As he does so, a man can be seen running down the aisle. It’s a security guard from earlier, now carrying a professional-grade slicer and other tools to get the bag open.*

Logan: Uh-oh. Looks like Arryk is almost out of time in this one.

Jones: It’s not like he was getting the belt back anyway, Anthony, not with security surrounding it the way they are.

*Arryk is standing at the top of the turnbuckle, ready to leap off. However, he seems very distracted by the progress security is making on his belt bag. He moves, almost as if considering doing a dive onto them, but then notices that Mr. Excellent is struggling to his feet. With one smooth motion, Arryk dives off, preparing to splash Excellent into the mat. Somehow, though, Excellent is able to leap into the air himself, scoring a mid-air dropkick on the Dark Star!! Arryk hits the mat in severe agony, bouncing in pain, as Excellent tries to shake off the cobwebs and get to his feet. He slowly rises, as Arryk grabs for the ropes, trying to beat Excellent to his feet. Arryk seemingly wins out, but as he comes towards Excellent again, Excellent boots the smaller man in the stomach, then grabs him and sets him up for a piledriver! With one smooth motion, Excellent drops, smashing Arryk’s head into the canvas! A tired Mr. Excellent then makes the cover, reaching out to grab a leg… 1…. 2…. No, Arryk barely gets a shoulder up!*

Jones: I’m amazed at the fight in this young man!

Logan: Mr. Excellent didn’t come here just to be a stepping stone for Arryk Rage, man, he came here to win some gold!

*The cameras show the security guards again, with one now painstakingly cutting through the bottom of the bag, being careful not to damage the cargo within. In the ring, meanwhile, Mr. Excellent stands up, looking to end things. He reaches down, grabbing Arryk’s legs, and starts to position him for the Execution!! The crowd is cheering but undecided, now split closer down the middle in this one, as Arryk desperately struggles to fight off the hold. But it’s too late, as Mr. Excellent sits down in the cloverleaf position, locking it in!! With a yell of pain, Arryk begins to fight, knowing that if he doesn’t get free, this one’s over.*

Jones: The Execution is applied! I think this one’s almost over!

Logan: Don’t count Arryk out yet, Jonesy! Arryk’s not that far from the ropes!

*As Logan mentioned, when Mr. Excellent applied the hold, he didn’t take into account where he was located. Arryk struggles, slowly yanking himself and Excellent along, only a few inches from the ropes. Mr. Excellent tries to pull him back to the middle of the ring, but Arryk makes one last frantic grab, clutching the bottom rope and causing referee Bell to call for the break! The fans are cheering, and even many of the security guards seem to be watching the match more than working on retrieving the X Division Title. A frustrated Mr. Excellent says a few choice words to the referee, who warns him to watch his tongue or risk a disqualification. Ignoring the ref, Mr. Excellent comes up behind Arryk and applies a rear choke, trying to cut off his air supply.*

Jones: That’s a blatant choke, ref!

Logan: Mr. Excellent is doing like he said, Jonesy. Anything goes!

*Referee Bell gets in Mr. Excellent’s face, yelling for him to release the hold, as Excellent continues to choke the life out of Arryk. When the ref gets to 4, Excellent drops it, sending Arryk tumbling to the nearby turnbuckle post, out of breath. The referee continues to berate Mr. Excellent, but the man doesn’t seem to care, as he shoves the referee back! The ref stumbles, then looks to the side, as if considering a DQ. One of the security guards at ringside also takes offense, shouting at Mr. Excellent to obey the rules. Mr. Excellent yells a few things back, then turns to Arryk, going for a punch. Arryk blocks it, though, then swings through, striking Mr. Excellent instead! Excellent reels backwards, but then tries another punch, but nothing’s getting through Arryk’s defenses. He peppers Mr. Excellent with several right-left combinations, then grabs Excellent and throws him into the corner. He follows it up by giving Mr. Excellent a running facewash!!*

Jones: What a hit! That was the Star Struck, which means that Arryk’s ready to finish things here!

Logan: Just in time, too, because the guy looks to have the bag open.

*Security clusters around, as the second-in-command starts to pull the belt from the bag. In the ring, Arryk pulls the stunned Mr. Excellent up and places him on the turnbuckle, positioning him. Mr. Excellent tries to fight him off, but Arryk nails him with a few more shots, leaving him ripe for the Fallen Star off the ‘buckle!!! Mr. Excellent lays on the canvas, not moving, as Arryk yells in agony, grabbing at his aching legs. After so much abuse, his finisher might have been the last straw. Still, Arryk sucks it up and crawls over, making the cover, as the referee is right there for the count… 1… 2… 3!!!

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on in the GCWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament, “The Dark Star” Arryk Rage!

Jones: And he does it! Arryk Rage is moving on to face Derek Mobley at the Warriors of the Ring Pay-Per-View!

Logan: Yeah, man, I just hope his legs are alright. At least he’s got a week or so to recover.

Jones: But he doesn’t have the X Division Title anymore. Security’s gotten it out of the…. Wait, someone zoom in! That doesn’t look right!

*The cameraman, who was already focused on the cluster of shocked-looking security guards, does as he’s told. We can see that the second-in-command is holding the belt that was inside the bag. However, it is clearly not the X Division belt, as the GCWA doesn’t have any official connection to Spongebob Squarepants! The famous cartoon character is pictured on the front of the fake belt, holding a toothbrush in one happy hand. The security guards turn almost in unison and look back at Arryk Rage, who is quickly limping his way up the aisle with a grin on his face!*

Jones: Oh my god, he did it again! I can’t believe it!

Logan: Arryk must still have the X Division Title hidden somewhere else. Boy, he’s a shrewd one!

Jones: Once again, Arryk Rage has tricked GCWA Security and gotten away with it!

Logan: Oooooo, wait, I’m not so sure about that, Jonesy!!

*As Arryk reaches the top of the ramp, still favoring his right leg, he looks back at security with a smile and a shrug. Behind him, though, he fails to notice the Head of Security, Titan 3, coming out of the back!! The crowd cheers loudly at the sight of one of the legends of GCWA, causing Arryk’s face to slowly turn pale. He starts to turn around, but it’s too late, as Titan 3 grabs him in a Full Nelson!! Arryk struggles, trying to break away, but Titan 3’s grip is locked, so there’s no escape! Another security guard comes down, grabbing Arryk’s legs, and the two men start to carry Arryk into the back.*

Logan: There’s my man, T3!! He ALWAYS has a back-up plan!

Jones: I had almost forgotten about the Head of Security, but you’re right, Anthony! That’s probably why he’s stayed in the back for so long! Where are they taking him?

Logan: I don’t know, but it can’t be good for Rage!

Jones: Thanks for tuning in with us, folks, and remember to call your cable and satellite providers to get set up to watch GCWA Warriors of the Ring III next Sunday, January 25th!! Good night!

*The cameras move away from our two announcers, showing a few more shots of the cheering crowd. The image switches to backstage, where we see Titan 3 & the security guard still carrying Arryk down the hall. Arryk’s saying something that we can’t quite pick up, although it sounds like he’s trying to find something he could give Security to let him go. The two men suddenly stop, right in front of the President’s office! The door opens, and the Accelerator walks out, with a tired grin on his face.*

The Accelerator: Looks like you’ve had just as much fun today as I have, Arryk, old buddy, old pal. Glad you could stop by. We have a lot to discuss, including your World Title hopes, your future employment here in the company, and how all that connects to some stolen property. Bring him in, guys.

*The one security guard puts Arryk’s feet down, allowing him to walk into the office. Titan 3 keeps a tight grip on him, as the office door shuts. The other security guard blocks the way, making sure that the cameraman can’t go in as well. The picture fades out on the face of the guard, ending the show.*

OOC: Two cards down! Thanks to everyone who roleplayed, and "nuts" to everyone that didn't. We've got the pay-per-view set for next week, Sunday January 25th. Here are the official matches:

Jobe Severity vs. Chad Vargas, GCWA World Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match

Scott Caine vs. Dangerous Dan vs. Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Mr. Excellent, Fatal Fourway Elimination Match for the vacated GCWA Intercontinental Title

Lurrr vs. El Phantasmo vs. "Ace's Guy", Three-way Match for the vacated GCWA X Division Title

Annie Alvarez vs. Shane Donovan, GCWA World Title Tournament Semi-Finals Match

Derek Mobley vs. Arryk Rage, GCWA World Title Tournament Semi-Finals Match

GCWA World Title Tournament Finals

The roleplaying window will be a little longer, running from Saturday, January 17th to Friday, January 23rd, It will be the same rules, though, as it's 3 roleplays max with a 150-line limit. I'm expecting great things from you guys, so don't let me down! Let's put on a pay-per-view for the ages!