*After the last commercial airs, the screen slowly fades to black. Seconds later, the Global Championship Wrestling Association logo flashes across the screen. As it disappears, a fire begins blazing from the bottom of the shot, eventually overtaking everything. With a rush, a hard rock theme begins to blast through your speakers, as the inferno gets even higher. Inside the flames, various images start to appear, displaying the different wrestlers of the company. We switch rapidly from shot to shot, as the music reaches an epic climax, with the final shot displaying the Accelerator grinning down from above, with his arms crossed in front of him. The screen explodes into flaming shards, letting us see all of the screaming fans in the GCWA Arena! The camera pans around the crowd, where we see everything from a guy carrying a Warrick Hill life-size bong to a girl showing off how tight her Shane Donovan t-shirt fits. Not surprisingly, the camera hovers on the girl for a minute, before finally switching over to the men sitting at ringside in the announcing area.*

Jones: Hey there, wrestling fans! Welcome to the rebirth of the Global Championship Wrestling Association!! It's the first Friday Night Inferno of 2009, as well as the first wrestling show put on in years for the GCWA! I'm Edward Jones, and with me on this historic night is my good friend, former ICWF Champion, Anthony Logan!

Logan: Man, I never thought I'd live to see the day!

Jones: You didn't think you'd see the GCWA return?

Logan: No, I never thought you would be given the shot as the lead announcer for any promotion! Seriously, Jones, how many federations have you been in as an interviewer?

Jones: Er, that's not really important, Anthony. What matters is that I'm finally here, and I'm looking forward to calling the action in our two exciting bouts tonight!

Logan: Oh, yeah, man, it's an exciting night. We've got the first two tournament matches for Warriors of the Ring III, so we've got a 50/50 shot of seeing our future World Champion in action tonight!

Jones: That's right, Anthony. First, we get to see our veteran, Derek Mobley, going against newcomer Dangerous Dan. Could we see a major upset? After all, Mobley has to be considered one of the favorites to go all the way.

Logan: Yeah, I don't know much about this Danny guy. He could be good, he could be bad, he could just be a fan who's gotten too close to the action and is going to get his ribs broken, his guts stomped, and all his teeth knocked out.

*Jones looks over at Logan, who delivered that violent description with calm eyes and even a slight announcer's smile.*

Jones: Wow. That was graphic.

Logan: I say it the way I see it, Jonesy.

Jones: Ok then. Our second match tonight has a lot of people excited, as it pits two men who both can be considered serious threats to Mobley's dreams of a title run. Thanks to the luck of the draw, one of these guys isn't getting out of the first round.

Logan: That's gotta suck for one of them. But hey, you're going to have to beat the good wrestlers at some point to win that gold. You might as well do it early, right?

Jones: I don't know, Anthony, because the winner of this one is probably going to be feeling the pain tomorrow morning. You do run the risk of burning yourself out early.

Logan: Really? I would think it'd just be added motivation. I know I got pumped up after moving on in the ICWF Ultimate Survival tournament. You take down a major contender, you've just gotten a major boost to your confidence.

Jones: Either way, it will be interesting to see how the winner of this match does later on in the tournament., after expending so much here tonight to move on.

Logan: So what match is first, Jonesy? I’m ready for some wrasslin’!

Jones: Patience, Anthony. First, we’ve got to go to the backstage area, where the GCWA cameramen are standing by…

*The cameras cut away to backstage, where we see the door leading to the House of Pain locker room as evidenced by the giant “HOP” letters taped to the door. Our view takes a downward turn and we see some smoke filtering out of the locker room from underneath the door. We then turn to our immediate left as the sound of heavy footsteps can be heard heading towards us. Derek Mobley marches quickly towards the locker room. He is wearing a pair of jeans without a shirt on and has his ring attire in his left hand, fist clinched tightly. Mobley is also carrying with him an angry expression as he bursts into the HOP locker room. He startles Warrick, causing Warrick to flinch back and bang the back of his head against the wall.*

Warrick Hill: Damnit Derek! You scared the shit out of me…

*Warrick begins coughing profusely, having inhaled some smoke down the wrong pipe due to Derek’s entrance.*

Derek Mobley: Well, you shouldn’t be smoking in here anyways, it’s not like GCWA doesn’t have a drug policy or anything. I just can’t BELIEVE my new tights didn’t make it in time for tonight. It’s a new era and I wanted to ring it in with some brand new Derek Mobley attire…instead I gotta wear the tights I wore when I beat Titan 3 back in the day.

*Warrick manages to control his coughing long enough to utter a few words.*

Warrick Hill: So? *cough* at least you can say those tights bring you luck *cough* besides, quit acting like a woman, who cares what you’re wearing, it’s ‘Dangerous’ Dan for f*cks sake…you could go out there dressed as a banana.

Derek Mobley: Banana?

*Warrick coughs, shakes his head and points to the joint in his hand.

Derek Mobley: Living proof that drugs do, in fact, kill brain cells. But, hey…this is a big match tonight, make sure you’re sober enough to watch my back.

*Warrick reaches over to grab something to drink, to ease his coughing. We see him grasp an Aquafina water bottle. He picks it up and hurls it out of the way. Behind it is a 40 of Schlitz. Warrick picks it up and starts to chug. He downs half the bottle and places it, neatly, back on the ground.*

Warrick Hill: Ahhhhh…that’s better. But man, what a *bleep* hit I took on accident…maybe you should surprise me mid-puff more often, haha. No worries, bro, I’ll be out there…just calm down, put your ‘I beat T3’ ring attire on and do your thing. Dangerous Dan doesn’t stand a chance.

*Derek nods and starts to unzip his pants.*

Warrick Hill: HEY! What the f*ck are you doing??

Derek Mobley: I’m changing, this is our locker room.

Warrick Hill: I don’t want to see you naked! Warn me next time before you start to go all Richard Simmons on me.

Derek Mobley: Well, would you get out of here, then? I need to get ready.

*Warrick stands up and rubs his head.*

Warrick Hill: All that coughing gave me a headache…I need some Pain Killers.

*Warrick’s eyes open wide as if an imaginary light bulb were flashing above.*

Warrick Hill: That gives me an idea…

*Warrick turns and exits the locker room, leaving behind a confused-looking Derek. He starts to head down the hall, turning the corner… and bumps right into the Head of Security, Titan 3! Warrick stumbles back, as Titan 3 looks down at him. He sniffs the air for a second, as Warrick suddenly looks anxious.*

Warrick Hill: Hey, umm, sorry about that, no worries, right?

*Titan 3 doesn’t say a word. Instead, he walks right around Warrick and resumes his journey down the hall, as Warrick can be seen leaning against the wall with a sigh of relief that he wasn’t busted. Clearly, Titan 3 is focused on other matters. Warrick darts down the opposite direction, as the cameraman turns and follows the Head of Security. Titan 3 walks purposefully towards his destination: another locker room, this one with “The Dark Star” Arryk Rage’s name on it! The big man reaches out, as if to knock, then changes his mind. Instead, he simply grabs the doorknob, swinging the door open and storming in. He looks around, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the room. There is, however, a table centered in the middle, with a large folder placed on it. The cameraman zooms in, showing the label of the folder: GCWA X Division Title. Annoyed, Titan 3 reaches over and opens the folder, as the cameraman makes sure to get a shot of what it says. While it’s done up like a ransom note, complete with letters cut out of magazines, it’s clearly written by Arryk Rage.*

Arryk Rage: Hi, Titan 3! Welcome to my game. If you ever want to see the X Division Title, you’re going to have to figure out the clues! Remember Bill & Ted? Start there!

*After reading the note, Titan 3 wads it up in one hand, then drops it (and the folder) into the nearby trash can.*

Titan 3: So, you want to make it a challenge, Arryk? Fine. I hope you’re ready for the consequences.

*Titan 3 turns past the cameraman and leaves the room, removing his walkie-talkie as he goes, as we shift back to ringside.*

Jones: Arryk is really taking a risk, I think, playing games with the Head of Security.

Logan: Yeah, man, if Titan 3 does find him, we could see some excessive police brutality! That would suck for Arryk, considering he’s got his tournament match next week.

Jones: It’s even worse than that, Anthony. If Arryk keeps messing around with a belt that doesn’t belong to him, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the President step in and sanction him.

Logan: What, kill him? Nah, Ace doesn’t do stuff like that. Although there IS still suspicion about how Kevin O’Connor died….

Jones: No, I’m not talking about a contract kill, Anthony! I mean Ace could punish Arryk by, say, taking away his tournament shot or something.

Logan: Oh. Well, Ace is unpredictable like that. I guess it just depends on if Ace finds it humorous or not.

*Suddenly, “Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm hits the speakers, and the crowd gets on their feet, as the Accelerator’s Titan Tron starts to play! The President of the GCWA appears in the entryway, complete with a fine-looking suit and well-polished black shoes. He starts on his way to the ring, as a small series of fireworks goes off behind him.*

Logan: Hey! It’s the Prez!

Jones: Great timing by the President. Maybe he can answer any questions about Arryk!

*Ace steps through the ropes, mic in hand, as the music slowly fades away. He starts to speak, but is forced to wait, as the crowd builds up a chant.*


*With a big grin on his face, Ace waits patiently for the cheering to die down.*

The Accelerator: Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, and every little boyo out there, welcome back to the GCWA!

*This elicits another round of cheers from the fans in the GCWA Arena.*

The Accelerator: I decided that, since it’s the first Friday night show after so many years, I had to at least come out here and say hello to the fans that made this possible! Y’know, I’ve always gotten a high from those cheers. And I’m not talking about a Warrick Hill high, either. This is a pure, natural, all-American high from seeing so many people so greatly entertained!

*Members of the crowd start up a “Thank you Ace” chant, but it doesn’t really carry around the building, as the President continues speaking.*

The Accelerator: Last year, I found myself sitting around, thinking what could have been, and what could be again. The GCWA just kept floating around in my head, bouncing around my skull, tormenting me. It got to the point that I would have sold my soul to bring the GCWA back. And now, feeling the energy in this place, and the passion of all you GCWA fans, it’s made all the effort worthwhile!

*The camera focuses on a fine-looking woman holding up a poster, which reads “Believe It!!! GCWA!!!” She jumps around, happy to be on camera, and quite frankly, we’re glad to be watching her jump! But all good things come to an end, as we go back to the Accelerator in the ring.*

The Accelerator: Now, before I let the action tonight continue, I wanted to address a couple of items that have been going on backstage. First off, let’s talk about Arryk Rage.

*The crowd has a mixed reaction to the name of Rage, as some of them seem to like his entertaining ways, while others dislike the fact that he’s stolen a championship.*

The Accelerator: Mr. Rage apparently decided to do some breaking and entering one night, as he managed to talk his way into the GCWA Headquarters and make off with our newest championship, the X Division Title. As many of you know, our new Head of Security, Titan 3, has vowed to bring that title back to its rightful place, so that it can be competed for correctly. After all, Arryk has failed to beat anyone for that belt, so it wouldn’t be right to declare him the champion. Now, some have suggested that I punish Arryk by removing him from the GCWA World Title Tournament. Well, that’s not my way. After all, I want to see how far Arryk can get! But let it be known now: I will have that title back in my possession by the pay-per-view, Arryk, if not sooner. Or else, well, let’s just say that I might no longer be amused.

*Ace gives a tight-lipped smile to the camera, then starts pacing again.*

The Accelerator: Second, my little tournament has had a surprising development. Due to personal issues, the Judge has had to pay the hefty “release clause” fee in his contract. This means that Axl Rhude currently does not have an opponent for next week’s Friday Night Inferno. Well, I’ve got a solution for that. Next week, Axl Rhude will indeed be in a match, and it will be against a former multi-time champion!

*As the crowd reacts to this startling news, the voices of the announcers can be heard.*

Jones: Wow! Who did Ace sign now?

Logan: Do you think Animal Thug or Nightmare is coming back?

The Accelerator: That’s right, folks, this one’s a great competitor and a worthy entrant into the World Title Tournament. Trust me, she will make an impact!

Jones & Logan: She???

The Accelerator: Facing Axl Rhude next week on Inferno for a spot in the semi-finals of the World Title Tournament will be...... Annie Alvarez! She’s held gold almost everywhere she’s gone, so I have complete faith in her ability to shine in the tournament! Who knows? Maybe it’s time for a woman to hold the GCWA World Heavyweight Title!

*The audience is electric at the news, making next week even more of a can’t-miss show.*

The Accelerator: One other thing before I go. We already know, at the upcoming Pay-Per-View, Warriors of the Ring III, we’re going to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. Well, I’ve also made another decision. There will be a special match that night, featuring several of the men not involved in the tournament, where we will also find out who the first new GCWA Intercontinental Champion is going to be!

*The crowd likes that announcement, giving a small roar at the thought of another title match being added to the card.*

The Accelerator: Who’s going to be in the match, you ask? Well, that will be revealed once we’ve decided who’s moving on in the tournament. You can bet, though, that we’re going to find ourselves a good champion to continue the run of greatness in the GCWA!

*Ace pauses with a smile, as the crowd knows what’s coming…*

The Accelerator: Believe it, boyos!!

*The fans chant along with the infamous slogan, as Ace delivers it with a big grin. The President then turns and leaves the ring, using the stairs, as the crowd buzzes about what just went down. Meanwhile, we return to a shot of the announcer’s table.*

Jones: So there you have it! In a shocking announcement, one of our newest signees, Annie Alvarez, will be taking the Judge’s place in the World Title Tournament!

Logan: That one blew me away, Jonesy. Ace must have some serious faith in this lady to give her this opportunity.

Jones: Definitely, Anthony. We’ll see how other recruits like Scott Caine or Makorpal feel about this. We also learned that the Intercontinental Title will be decided at the Warriors of the Ring III, which means that we’ll have two champions by the end of January.

Logan: Yeah, but Ace left it pretty vague, didn’t he? I mean, we don’t even know what type of match it could be. Will it be a Fatal Four-Way? A Six-Way? Or maybe even a battle royal?

Jones: Any of those are possible, Anthony, when it comes to Ace. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Ace just come out and award the belt to someone, instead of having a match.

Logan: Really? You think I’m eligible? It’s been a while since I’ve held some gold!

Jones: Somehow I doubt you’re on his list, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, but you just said anything’s possible when it comes to the President!

Jones: Well, yes, but that’s not what I…

Logan: Woohoo! I’ve got a shot!

Jones: Ok, then, let’s move on…

*We shift directions to the backstage area again, where the camera highlights on a door: the entrance to Mr. Excellent’s dressing room. The door is currently open, as security guards can be seen, going through every item in the room. One lifts up Mr. Excellent’s bag and proceeds to dump all of the contents onto the ground, before sifting through them. Another is removing the couch cushions, peering behind and inside the furniture. Titan 3 stands by the doorway, watching the action in silence. Finally, a triumphant voice is heard, as one of the guards stands up, holding an envelope marked “Warmer”. He brings it over to Titan 3, who wastes no time opening it up.*

Arryk Rage: Nice job, T3, you’re smarter than I thought. If you want that title, though, you need to head to the square and reach for the sky!

*Titan 3 again crumples up the note, sending a few of the barely-attached letters flying, as the puzzled guard stands next to him.*

Security Guard: Reach for the sky? Who is he talking about this time?

Titan 3: It’s not talking about someone. It’s talking about a location, like maybe the top of the arena.

Security Guard: Makes sense. Y’know, this guy, Rage, he sure is making this difficult. The guy’s got guts.

Titan 3: If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll go ahead and be a good little monkey and return that belt. Otherwise, he’s going to be Scavenger Hunting my boot out of his rectum.

*With that painful-sounding comment, the group heads out, leaving the now-trashed dressing room. Mr. Excellent, meanwhile, is seen walking up. He notices security leaving, and, puzzled, turns and looks into his room. The look on his face surely warms Arryk Rage’s heart. As the camera turns, following Titan 3’s departure, we get a glimpse into the nearby medical area, where we can see Warrick Hill talking to a nurse. She has a small bottle in her hand and is working on opening the top. Warrick has his hand outstretched, looking for a handout.*

Warrick Hill: Would ya hurry up? My head is killing me.

Medical Chick: Calm down, these bottle caps can be tricky…

*Warrick begins to bounce up and down anxiously. The medical staff member stops and notices his fiendish behavior. She starts to stare into his eyes. Warrick notices this and reaches into his pocket, he pulls out a pair of shades and quickly slaps them on.*

Warrick Hill: Whoa? Who opened the sun roof, it’s f*ckin bright in here!

*The medical chick rolls her eyes and goes to hand Warrick two aspirin.*

Warrick Hill: Two?! I’m an athlete, I need at least four!

*The woman groans and produces two more. Warrick snatches them up and tosses them into his mouth. He then goes to wash them down with his Schlitz. The medical chick freaks and yanks the bottle out of his hand. She then takes a few steps to the right and grabs a water bottle off of a generic, backstage catering table. Warrick frowns.*

Warrick Hill: Argh…thanks

*The medical chick walks off, tossing Warrick’s Schlitz into the trash in the process.*

Warrick Hill: Bitch

*Warrick downs his aspirin and begins to walk down the hallway. He finishes off his water and looks for the Schlitz in the trash can. Unfortunately, the bottle was shattered by the impact of being tossed in the trash. Warrick frowns, upset at the loss. He then looks up, seeing some activity in front of him. The cameraman turns, showing us a dressing room down the hall. Lukas Payne is seen coming out. He says something that can’t quite be made out, possibly telling his roommate where he was heading, then walks in the opposite direction from Warrick & the cameraman. The shot moves back to Warrick, who now is smiling again. Warrick goes to the side of a hallway, where a folded steel chair is sitting. He picks it up, then walks, slowly, to the door. The label on the door says ‘Payne Killers’. With one hand holding the chair, Warrick uses the other to knock.*

Warrick Hill: With a ‘Y’…seriously? Douchebags…

*Warrick continues to knock on the door. Inside, another voice, Jason Payne, can be heard as he comes over.*

Jason Payne: What? Who is it?

*Warrick didn’t plan for this…so he has to think…taking him longer than it would a normal person, he finally comes up with something.*

Warrick Hill: Medical Staff, time for your physical.

Jason Payne: We already did that, before they signed us.

*Warrick curses under his breath, but tries again.*

Warrick Hill: Umm…referee Scruff McDougal…I’m new here, wanted to introduce myself.

Jason Payne: Get lost, we’re busy!

*Warrick scratches his head, then speaks again.*

Warrick Hill: Catering service, would you like a cold beverage?

Jason Payne: Huh? Get out of here, whoever the hell you are!!!

*Warrick sighs…then just shrugs.*

Warrick Hill: Uhhh…Landshark?

*We hear Jason say “what the f*ck” and the door opens. Jason comes out, angry at the constant disruptions, but Warrick is ready, swinging the chair into Jason’s skull!! Jason stumbles backwards, falling to the ground, as Warrick follows him into the locker room. The door shuts, keeping the cameraman out, as we hear a few more sounds of violence from within. The cameraman, showing some initiative, reaches forward and opens the door, heading inside, where Jason Payne is laid out on the floor. Warrick comes out of the back room, holding a gym bag. He starts digging through it.*

Warrick Hill: Hmm, wonder what they got in here…

*Warrick reaches in and pulls out a pack of cigarettes and a magic marker from a side pocket.*

Warrick Hill: Camel lights? That’s kind of a chick cig, but who cares, I need one…

*Warrick pulls his trusty lighter out of his pocket and lights a cig up. He takes the marker and walks over to the largest wall of the Payne Killers locker room. He then, in big, black letters writes ‘HOP’ a number of times. He then rolls Payne over and writes “HOP” on his forehead as well. The magic marker begins to run out of ink. He tries to rejuvenate it by smacking it against the head of Jason, but to no avail. He tosses it aside and takes his cig out. It’s nearly finished. He flicks it in Jason’s direction, then gets to his feet and goes to the exit. He looks back at the downed Payne Killer.*

Warrick Hill: Next time pack some liquor, fags.

*Warrick slams their door shut and heads back down the hallway, where, at the end, we can see Derek Mobley, apparently looking for him. The two have words for a second, before Derek shakes his head and heads out, presumably for the ring, as Warrick amiably follows from behind. The two disappear, as, from the other direction, Lukas can be heard returning.*

Lukas Payne: Hey, Jason, they didn’t have any of the…. What the…

*Lukas steps past the suddenly nervous cameraman and goes through the open locker room door, immediately charging to his brother’s side. He glares at the cameraman, who promptly steps back, as the picture fades back to the announcer’s table.*

Jones: What a vicious assault from Warrick Hill! Out of nowhere, too!

Logan: Oh, c’mon, Jonesy, you knew this was coming. The House of Pain? The Payne Killers? There was no way these two teams weren’t going to match up.

Jones: Yeah, but it was such a spur of the moment attack!

Logan: You haven’t spent much time around guys like Warrick, have you? It’s something about the addiction, man, it leads to some crazy *beep*.

Jones: I guess so. I wonder what Derek thought about the attack?

Logan: Who says Warrick told him? Derek could have just been anxious about getting out to his match on time.

Jones: Speaking of, it looks like we’re about ready to… wait… where’s the ring announcer?

Logan: Hmm?

Jones: Where’s the guy in the ring who announces the wrestlers? Like Penzer, the Fink, one of those guys?

Logan: Oh, you didn’t hear? Ace made another signing for that position. I think he was tired of the little announcer guys, like, say, you, getting bullied.

Jones: So who did he sign?

*The arena lights suddenly darken, causing the crowd to roar in excitement. A single beam of light appears, illuminating the entryway, as “Our Solemn Hour” by Within Temptation begins to blast through the speakers. A massive man, dressed in white robes, walks out of the back, heading towards the ring.*

Jones: Who on earth is that?

Logan: His name’s Minos. I heard a rumor that he used to wrestle in the northwestern territories, until someone got killed.

Jones: Killed?? Wait, he’s the ring announcer??

Logan: Yeah, man, there ain’t going to be any more messing around with what the guy’s going to say, that’s for sure!

*The robed man, Minos, enters the ring and pulls a mic from beneath his sleeve. He stares around at the crowd, as the spotlight on him gives way to the lights coming back up. The crowd’s not completely sure what to make of such a large man as the ring announcer, or what effect this will have on the matches taking place tonight.*

Minos: Brothers and Sisters, Believers and Heathen, it is now time for the blood to be spilt inside this squared circle. It is time to decide who will be righteous men, and who will be worthless castaways. It is time to begin the quest for the Heavyweight Championship of the World!

*The crowd cheers, if only because of that announcement.*

Jones: He’s got a seriously creepy voice, doesn’t he?

Logan: Quiet, Jonesy, I’m listening here!

Minos: Our first battle of the evening pits a respected veteran competitor, a man who has entertained the world, against a fledgling warrior, looking to earn his place in GCWA lore. First, coming to the ring, he stands 6’3” and weighs 235 lbs. He has staked his claim in other organizations, working his way to the top, and now returns to former hunting grounds in search of gold. He is Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*”Shipping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys plays, as Derek steps out, wearing his older wrestling gear. He walks confidently towards the ring. Behind him, Warrick Hill steps out, following his partner to the squared circle. The two talk for a second at ringside, with Derek then turning and entering the ring. He stands up on the turnbuckle, earning the loud cheers from the crowd that remembers him so fondly.*

Jones: Looks like Warrick’s actions from earlier haven’t hurt Derek’s fan base any.

Logan: Nah, the fans know what the House of Pain is all about. Derek, in particular, always seems to be a favorite.

Jones: I know one person who isn’t a fan, Logan. That Shapiro guy. Warrick nearly kept Derek from being here tonight, due to his antics with Shapiro’s wife.

Logan: Yeah, ain’t Warrick great? He’s always so damn entertaining. “Bros Before Hoes”, man, “Bros Before Hoes”, hah hah hah.

Minos: His opponent, making his GCWA debut tonight, was one of the first draftees of the new company initiative. He is said to be a tremendous risk-taker, putting his well-being on the line in order to vanquish his foes and stand tall as the conqueror. Standing 5’11” and weighing in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, he is Dangerous Dan!

*Dangerous Dan walks out to the tune of “Gives You Hell” by the All American Rejects. The audience throws out some more cheers, but they are noticeably less behind the new star, as he’s going against a crowd favorite in Mobley. Dan comes bouncing down to the ring, looking a little bit surprised at the decrease in support.*

Logan: Dangerous Dan’s a guy I want to know more about, Jonesy. I mean, I’ve heard that he trained at the Dungeon of Doom in Tennessee, but I don’t know much more than that.

Jones: Word has it that his brother, Crazy Chris, has also shown interest in signing with the company. For now, though, Dangerous Dan is on his own tonight, here in the tournament.

*In the ring, Derek leans in one corner, smirking, as Dangerous Dan enters in and points out to the crowd. Once again, the crowd doesn’t react as much as he seems to expect, which appears to be bothering him.*

*The bell rings.*

Jones: And here we go!

*The two wrestlers start circling around, each looking for that early advantage to be exploited. However, Dangerous Dan’s mind doesn’t seem to be focused, as he stops again to look out at the crowd. They’ve started a “Welcome Back” chant for Derek, the former GCWA champion.*

Jones: Wow, they really are showing the love here, Anthony.

*Derek takes a moment to pose to the crowd, earning a good reception, as Dan watches on. He turns and flashes his own hand signals to the crowd, but doesn’t get nearly the response that Mobley did. Dan kicks at the ropes for a second, then turns back, as Derek looks over at him with a sad grin and a shrug.*

Logan: Boy, it looks like Dangerous Dan wants some support behind him. That ain’t gonna be easy with a guy like Derek Mobley as your opponent.

Jones: The crowd is pretty much strongly behind Mobley at this point, but Dan needs to just focus on the action and give the fans something to respect him for.

*Mobley surprisingly steps towards the younger wrestler, gesturing to him and saying something, possibly telling him not to worry about the crowd reaction. He then puts out his hand, with Dan somewhat carefully opting to take it. The two shake, earning a minor cheer from the crowd and a nod from Derek. On the outside, Warrick is clapping and rallying some of the ringside fans to throw out some cheers, especially the brown-haired vixen nearby. In the ring, Derek raises Dan’s hand and points to him, giving the younger wrestler some props.*

Jones: Ok, wait, what is this, a love fest or a wrestling match?

Logan: Either way, we’re probably going to see some action…

Jones: Ok, that’s gross, man.

Logan: Huh? Sorry, man, I was barely paying attention. Did you see the girl in the front row??

*Back in the ring, with Warrick’s support from the outside, Dangerous Dan climbs up on the turnbuckle, once again flashing some hand-signs. This time, he gets a small roar from the crowd, although that could also be because of Mobley flashing his own sign. He leaps up onto the turnbuckle beside Dan, grabs him, and delivers a Super German Suplex!!*

Jones: It was a set-up!!

Logan: Wow! Mobley played him right into that!

*Mobley quickly recovers from the impact of the maneuver, rolling over and trying the pin… 1… 2.. and Dangerous Dan kicks out. Mobley doesn’t look too surprised, as he gets up, bringing Dan with him. He lifts the smaller wrestler up onto his shoulder, then lands a running powerslam, adding to the punishment. A second pinfall attempt does no better as the first, so Mobley grabs Dan around the head and applies some pressure, trying to take away more of his resolve.*

Jones: So far, this one’s been all Derek Mobley.

Logan: Yeah, but this one’s still early. Dan still has time to turn things around.

*As Dan struggles against the hold, Derek suddenly lets it go, then stands up. He picks Dan up, in preparation for another move, but Dan surprisingly drops, smacking his own head into Derek’s chin! Derek stumbles back against the ropes, as Dan pulls himself up to his feet, trying to shake loose some of the cobwebs. He charges at Mobley, but Mobley lowers his shoulder, sending Dan flipping over him. Dan somehow manages to use his momentum, though, springing off the ropes and coming back down into a DDT! Dan reaches an arm over Mobley, but the veteran quickly lifts his shoulder after a 1 count.*

Logan: Now this is more like it! It’s so much better when it’s competitive!

*Dan gets up on his feet, looking down at his competition, as Warrick Hill can be seen on the outside, looking a little concerned for his buddy. Dan kicks Mobley a couple of times, getting him up on his hands and knees, then goes to the ropes. He runs back, delivering a low dropkick to Mobley’s side. As Derek lays on the ground, the Dangerous One heads for the turnbuckle, apparently willing to take the risk in order to put his opponent out. He gets to the top, poses for a second, then leaps off, going for a moonsault! But Mobley moves out of the way just in time, and now both men are on the mat, in pain.*

Jones: Ouch! Certainly a miscalculation there from Dangerous Dan!

Logan: Well, dangerous is just another term for risk-taker, Jonesy. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes not.

*Despite the miss, Dangerous Dan pulls himself up first, using the nearby ropes. He has a look of pain across his face, as he keeps one arm protectively around his mid-section. As Mobley gets up as well, Dan moves in, but Mobley greets him with a series of elbow shots to his side, keeping him off-balance. Mobley then steps into him and lifts, landing a sidewalk slam! Mobley quickly rolls on top for the pin… 1…. 2…. No, kickout by Dan, as the fight continues. Mobley gets up, as Warrick shouts encouragement from the outside. Mobley decides to move over Dan and grabs his legs, stepping through to lock in a Figure Four submission hold! Dan winces in agony as his legs are contorted in ways they were never meant to go.*

Logan: Woooooo! Mobley’s got him in trouble now!

Jones: It’s a smart strategy from the veteran, as even if Dan doesn’t submit to the Figure Four, taking away his legs will deny him a lot of his weapons in the ring.

*After a lot of time in the hold, with the referee hovering over him, Dangerous Dan finally manages to pull himself, as well as Derek, over to the ropes, forcing the Thriller to break the hold. A group in the audience gives a cheer, as they apparently have been converted over into Dangerous Fans. Mobley gets to his feet, taking a moment to stretch out his left knee, then reaches down to grab Dan off of the mat. Dan catches him, though, flipping him into a roll-up! But in the process of twisting into the pin, Dan’s too close to the ropes, so no count takes place. Both men get up, but Dan’s quickly back down, as Mobley delivers a short-arm clothesline. Mobley then goes back to work on Dan’s legs, lifting Dan up by his left ankle, then slamming him back to the mat.*

Logan: It’s like Derek Mobley wants to take that limb home with him!

*After adding in a few more hits to Dan’s legs, Derek pulls him back up, almost having to hold the man up due to Dan’s obvious pain. Derek is grinning, but it’s no happy-go-lucky smile; he’s completely focused now. Mobley smacks Dan under his jaw with an elbow, forcing Dan to stand up, then grabs him and goes for a swinging neckbreaker. However, somehow Dan stays on his feet through the spin, instead dropping Mobley with a facebuster!! With Mobley down, stunned, Dan struggles to his feet, badly limping on one leg. He’s still got some energy to spare, though, as he pushes off the ropes and drops an elbow on Mobley, before making a cover… 1…. 2… Mobley kicks out! Dan pushes himself off the mat with his arms, grabbing the nearby top rope for balance, as he waits for Mobley to get up.*

Jones: I think Dan’s preparing for something big! This could be it!

Logan: Wow, man, upset city coming up!

*The camera focuses briefly on Warrick Hill, who is yelling loudly to his partner, trying to warn him. As Mobley reaches his feet, staggering, Dan moves in, booting him in the gut! Dan then grabs Mobley in a pedigree-like hold, preparing to lift him up for the Danger Zone!! However, Dan’s leg is just hurting too much, as he can’t keep Mobley’s weight in the air. Both come back down, with Mobley instinctively using the break to grab Dan and snap him over with the Thriller!!!! The crowd erupts, and Warrick is leaping up and down on the outside, as a tired Mobley rolls over and pins Dan, this time making sure to grab his opponent’s legs… 1…. 2…. 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on in the World Title Tournament, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

Jones: And Mobley gets the first victory of the GCWA in 2009!

Logan: Wow, that was actually more intense of a match than I was expecting, I gotta admit. Dan may have fallen behind early, but he still put up a fight there at the end and almost stole this one.

Jones: Yeah, but Derek Mobley has once again proved that his ring intelligence is just as important as his wrestling prowess. His assault on Dan’s legs throughout the match really worked to his favor there at the end.

*On the outside, Warrick has moved closer to the vixen, giving high-fives around her while not changing where he’s looking. Derek, meanwhile, gets up near the ropes and celebrates, enjoying the sound of the GCWA crowd cheering him once again. He looks down at Dan, who is still trying to recover from the shot he took, then turns away, happy with the victory. He starts to climb the turnbuckle to pose.... and the lights go out!*

Jones: Hey!! Someone tell Minos to get those lights back on!

Logan: I'm not sure this one's his fault, Jonesy! Look at the Tron!

*As the crowd rumbles in response to the darkness, an image slowly appears on the big screen. It's a silver skull, flickering in the darkness. Just as quickly as it appears, it's gone, and the lights come back up. Mobley is standing in the middle of the ring, looking like he's seen a ghost, while Warrick, incredibly, is still talking with the girl at ringside! Nothing distracts this man. Mobley scratches his head, then shrugs and turns... only to get clobbered over the head with a glass object by Lukas Payne!!!! Glass flies everywhere, as Mobley drops like a stone.*

Jones: Jesus!! Where’d Lukas come from??

Logan: Oh, man, he just shattered that… was that a bong??

Jones: I’m not sure, Anthony. All that matters is that he broke it over Derek’s head, and I think the Thriller is busted open!!

*Mobley is writhing on the mat in pain, blood dripping down his face from a cut above his eyes. Warrick, having heard the crowd reaction, finally turns away from the girl and sees what happened. He charges into the ring, as Lukas quickly slips out the other side. Warrick’s no longer smiling. Lukas walks away from him, pointing and yelling about how payback is a bitch. Warrick glares in Lukas’ direction, and then leans over Derek, for the first time noticing the glass shards. He starts picking a few up, and a dark shadow comes across his face. The medics come down to the ring, checking on Derek’s head wound. The cameras show Dangerous Dan on the outside, holding his head and looking in. It’s hard to tell what his reaction is to the fact that the man who beat him was laid out.*

Jones: A cut like that is serious business. Obviously, Lukas decided to get some revenge for his brother, Jason. He saw his opportunity and took it.

Logan: Yeah, if I were Warrick, I’d feel at least a tad guilty. He started all this, but his friend Derek took the retaliation. And, of course, Warrick was too busy with other interests to notice Lukas’ approach.

Jones: Well, none of us actually saw Lukas, except for some of the crowd along the ramp. The guy has some speed!

Logan: Or he just used the darkness to his advantage. What was that symbol, anyway? I know I've seen that somewhere before...

Jones: All that matters right now is that Derek needs to get some stitches, after that brutal attack from Lukas Payne.

*Warrick slowly helps Derek up to his feet, with one of the medics making sure to keep a patch in place to help stop the bleeding. They start to move Derek out of the ring, as the image shifts to backstage, where we see the Accelerator walking down to the hall. Following him are two other wrestlers: Mr. Excellent and Axl Rhude. Both seem pretty upset.*

Mr. Excellent: Your security trashed my locker room! They destroyed the property of the best there is, was, and ever will be!! I want my stuff replaced before the night is out!

Axl Rhude: A girl?? Seriously, I’m wrestling a chick? What the *bleep*, Ace!

*Ace reaches his office door, then turns back to the two men.*

The Accelerator: Ok, first off, Mr. X, stuff like that happens in the GCWA arena. Get used to it, and be sure and take your losses out of the hide of the guy who caused it, Arryk Rage. Second, Mr. Axl, you’ll wrestle when and where I say, if you want to be under contract. Hey, if it’s “just” a girl, you shouldn’t have any problems, should you?

*Ace starts to head into his office, then seemingly has a thought, looking back at them once again.*

The Accelerator: You guys ever think of forming a tag-team? The X-Men or something? Think about it and let me know.

*Ace then turns and goes inside, already pulling out his cell phone to make some calls, as the two guys glance at each other, as if sizing up the idea. Both men shake their heads, then head off in different directions, putting that to rest. The camera switches back to the arena, only it’s a shot of the ceiling, way up above. The fans can be heard, chanting “Please don’t fall” with shades of both humor and fear in their voices, as Titan 3 appears in the shot, making his way across the set-up to where the center light fixtures are.*

Logan: That is a LONG way up there. I hope my bro watches his step!

Jones: Leave it to Arryk Rage to put something, possibly the X Division Title, in such a hard place to find!

*After a few more seconds of looking along the edges of the platform, Titan 3 suddenly straightens up, pulling in a rope that was hanging above the fans. On the end of that rope appears to be a large, bulky bag of some sort.*

Logan: Hey! I think Titan 3’s got the title!

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, I don’t see Arryk giving it up that easy.

Logan: You call THAT easy?

*The cameras capture Titan 3 opening the bag, only to find some sort of red outfit inside, along with an envelope. He starts to read, although there’s no possibility of us reading it as well at this distance.*

Jones: What is that?

Logan: I think it’s that Santa outfit Arryk wore a while ago. That’s probably where that bag came from, too. Bummer. No title for Titan yet, just another clue.

*Once more, Titan 3 crushes the note into a little ball. He then takes the red outfit, looks at it a second, then drops it. Luckily, it’s not that heavy, as it flitters down to a lucky fan below. Titan 3 carefully heads back off the platform, as the fans give him some cheers to go out on.*

Logan: I wonder where Arryk has him heading now?

Jones: It’s anyone’s guess. I just hope Arryk doesn’t disappoint the Head of Security at the end of this little treasure hunt. Well, we’ve got one more match here tonight, we might as well get to it!

Logan: Yeah, hopefully it’ll be even more exciting than our first one!

Minos: We now come to the second match-up in our tournament to decide the new king of this massive organization! We begin with a young man with tremendous potential. While he has achieved success in other organizations, he’s yet to challenge the greats… until tonight. He brings with him a willingness to do whatever it takes to prove he is the future of the GCWA. Standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 236 lbs, from Norfolk Virginia, he is Shane Donovan!

*As “God In Extension” by Jack Daw plays on the speakers, the lights focus on Shane Donovan’s entrance into the GCWA Arena. He walks confidently down the ramp, no sign of any nerves in his first GCWA match, despite the boos that are coming his way from the old-school GCWA fans.*

Jones: This kid’s really been gaining a lot of attention from the other wrestlers in the GCWA. In fact, I believe, in the official GCWA betting lounge, I hear that Donovan is currently being picked as the Dark Horse in this tournament.

Logan: Yeah, so I hear. Although I lot of people hadn’t heard about him before the GCWA reopened, I know he’s the talk of the town now. I don’t see El Probador with him, though. I guess his trainer stayed behind in Mexico, although you’d think he’d be here to support his new trainee! After all, El Probador has trained some great wrestlers like El Linchador. Think what benefits he’ll give to Donovan!

Jones: Yeah, but he also almost got Donovan killed and buried in an unmarked grave in Mexico! And he basically put Donovan into deep debt with Dame Fortune!

Logan: Details, details…

Minos: His opponent is a name known and reviled across the land. He revels in his image as a gambling, drinking, smoking ruffian. Now he brings his Hall of Fame career to the GCWA, ready to add a few more accomplishments to his reputation in the business. He stands at 6’5” and weighs in at 235 lbs, he is Lurrr!

*”Cocky” by Kid Rock plays, as Lurrr struts out onto the ramp. He smiles at the boos coming his way from the crowd, flashing a quick ‘hand signal’ to one person who’s holding a “Lurrr Sucks” sign. Fortunately, the censors were ready to block it out. Lurrr rolls into the ring, more confident than ever.*

Jones: This guy’s a real piece of work.

Logan: Hey, you may not like the guy’s attitude or antics, but you have to respect the wrestling ability. This guy was huge in OCW, after all, including multiple title reigns.

Jones: I’ll give him that. When you consider how much alcohol and other dangerous substances that have gone in his body over his long career, you have to be impressed with the shape he’s still in. He could very well find a way to once again get to the top of the mountain.

Logan: Hey, if the guy’s willing to sleep with an elderly woman, he’s willing to do anything to win.

Jones: Please, don’t remind me.

*The bell rings.*

Logan: Awright!! LET’S DO IT!!! *in best Joe Swanson (from Family Guy) impersonation*

*Donovan and Lurrr immediately get things started, quickly locking up in the middle of the ring. Lurrr wins the first battle, catching Donovan in a head-lock, but Donovan’s quick to shove both men into the ropes, forcing Lurrr to break the hold. Donovan backs off, a little more wary, as Lurrr shoots him a mean grin. The two go to lock up again, no, Donovan catches his foe under the chin with a shot to the throat! Lurrr staggers back, as Donovan comes after him, going on the attack. He delivers a knee to Lurrr’s gut, then whips him off the ropes. As Lurrr hits the other side, Donovan sets for a maneuver, possibly a dropkick. But Lurrr stops his momentum by wrapping his arm in the ropes. The two stare each other down, as a slow murmur goes through the audience.*

Jones: So far, we’re looking evenly matched.

Logan: Yeah, but it only takes one move to change all that.

*The two wrestlers circle around each other, each looking for an advantage in the early parts of this match. They move in towards each other, but this time it’s Lurrr who makes a move, thumbing Donovan in the eye, blinding him. Lurrr moves in, locking his arms around Donovan’s shoulders and snapping him to the mat with a Russian legsweep. The veteran then stands up and starts booting Donovan in the side, ignoring the warnings from the referee. He drives the toe of his boot into Donovan’s ribs, possibly trying to injure him early. Donovan, in return, starts rolling away, eventually leaving the ring to take a moment to catch his breath. Inside the ring, Lurrr gives the crowd a sarcastic pose, earning a few more boos.*

Logan: Smart move by Donovan. When you find yourself in trouble, there’s no shame in getting out of harm’s way.

Jones: Some would see it as cowardly, Anthony, running away from the fight.

Logan: So says a man who’s never been in there getting his ribcage knocked in.

Jones: Good point.

*Shane stays on the outside for a minute, getting back his composure, as the referee continues to count him down. Lurrr, seeing this, walks to the ropes and, with a sarcastic smile, separates the top and middle ropes, inviting Shane back in. But then, as if reconsidering, he instead parts the middle and bottom ropes, a clear insult to the size difference between the two men. Donovan, annoyed, says something to the ref, who obligingly asks Lurrr to move back. He has to push the veteran, moving him backwards. As he does so, Donovan suddenly runs and jumps onto the apron, then uses the ropes to slingshot himself in! The ref barely gets out of the way, as Donovan nails a shocked Lurrr with a flying forearm! Donovan then dives on top of Lurrr, making the quick cover, complete with a leg grab and some tights… 1… 2… Lurrr kicks out!*

Logan: We almost had a quick ending to this one!

Jones: Yeah, because Shane used the referee as a distraction. Lurrr needs to stay on his guard, because this youngster obviously will do whatever it takes to win here and fulfill his promise to become the new face of the GCWA!

*In the ring, Donovan continues the punishment to Lurrr, planting an elbow into the veteran’s chest. He then opts for a chin lock, looking to wear his opponent down. After a struggle, though, Lurrr starts to fight his way up, using his superior bulk to get himself to his feet. Donovan, realizing that his move’s not working, lets go and instead pushes Lurrr into the ropes, trying to whip him to the other side. Lurrr gets in a reversal, though, and as Donovan returns, Lurrr picks him up and delivers a thunderous powerslam! Lurrr is quick to try a cover, but Donovan kicks out after 1. Now a little more serious, the older wrestler grabs Donovan by the hair, yanking him to his feet despite the referee’s complaint. He takes Donovan to the corner and starts slamming him, face-first, into the turnbuckle cover, with some of the fans chanting along to the count. Once Lurrr reaches 9, he stops, grabbing the lighter man and lifting him onto the turnbuckle, apparently for a belly-to-belly suplex attempt. But as they’re going back, Donovan reverses it, landing on top of Lurrr! Another count takes place, with Lurrr barely managing to kick out.*

Jones: You have to give Donovan some respect, Anthony. The guy’s surprised Lurrr, a true all-star in the business, a couple of times now, and nearly got away with a victory.

Logan: The guy’s a future star, there’s no doubt. We just don’t know how far in the future it is!

*Donovan stays in control after the pin attempt, trying to keep the larger wrestler on the ground by wrenching his arm behind him, twisting it. Lurrr, in pain, fights to get free, but he can’t quite get his other elbow around enough to catch Donovan. The ref checks to see if Lurrr wants to give up, but the veteran says something that has to be bleeped out by the censors, which probably means a “no”. Donovan opts to release the hold, instead using his knee to hammer Lurrr’s spine with repeated shots. Lurrr stretches his back in pain, but still works to get up, getting to his hands and knees. This was just what Shane was waiting for, though; he runs in and nails Lurrr in the head with a shining wizard kick!! Lurrr’s down and out, as a cocky Donovan loosely covers him…. 1… 2…. No, the veteran’s still in it.*

Logan: Weak cover there, he should have grabbed the leg, at least.

Jones: That just shows the lack of respect felt between these two wrestlers. Donovan would love getting a pinfall like that on the OCW Hall of Famer, just so he could rub it in his face from now on.

*Donovan slowly picks up the hurting Lurrr, giving an evil grin to the fans. He wraps his arm around Lurrr’s head and falls backwards, DDT’ing Lurrr into the canvas. Lurrr rolls over, his eyes clenched tight from the pain, as Shane, rather than covering, decides to walk over to the turnbuckle. He hops up to the top, looking down with contempt at his fallen foe. He positions himself, then leaps off, trying for the Phoenix Stomp! Somehow, though, Lurrr sees it coming and dodges, rolling out of the way and causing Donovan to stomp the mat, instead, before doing a flip and sprawling on the mat. Donovan grabs at his legs, feeling them burn from the impact, as Lurrr pulls himself up. Surprisingly, a few of the audience have chosen to get behind the veteran, and they cheer as he moves in, blocking an attempted Donovan punch and hitting one of his own. Lurrr rains down several punches, leaving the young challenger stunned, then gets in close and hooks him, snapping him over with a suplex. Lurrr’s not done yet, though, as he pulls Donovan back up and positions him, lifting him up and body-slamming him.*

Logan: Lurrr’s starting to take charge now.

Jones: Amazing, the amount of endurance you can build up just by smoking, drinking, and gambling.

Logan: Hey, don’t knock it until you try it!

Jones: Yeah, but you’re retired, Anthony. Lurrr, well, let’s face it, he shouldn’t be going along this well!

Logan: From what I hear, Lurrr’s always been like that. He’s never going to change.

*While the announcers were talking, Lurrr was delivering more punishment to Donovan, including a fireman’s carry slam that’s left Donovan on the mat. Lurrr, sensing his own opportunity, heads over to the turnbuckle, making the climb. He gets to the top, possibly thinking about trying for The Last Call. But Donovan is already up, staggering over to the turnbuckle as well. He climbs up, and the two start punching it out on the ‘buckle, with Donovan getting control. He sets himself in the corner, then jumps up, putting his legs on Lurrr’s shoulders, attempting another of his maneuvers, the Falling Star hurricanrana! But Lurrr blocks it, somehow hanging onto the ropes with his legs. He lifts Donovan back up, trying to take him off with a powerbomb, as Donovan struggles against it. Frantically, Donovan grabs for the ropes himself, shifting the already-precarious balance, and both men go toppling to the outside!!!*

Jones: Oh My God!! What a fall!

Logan: Geez, it’s hard to tell who got the worst of that one! Hey, Jonesy, it may be a little late to ask, but what happens here if we have a double count-out?

Jones: I suppose the President would have to make an official ruling on it, but let’s hope that’s not what’s going to happen. At the very least, the referee seems to realize the seriousness of this. He’s not delivering the count yet, he’s just checking on them.

*The ref is, indeed, on the outside of the squared circle, doing a quick check to make sure neither man is dead. The first man to move is Lurrr, as he clutches at the ring apron to get himself vertical. The ref comes over to him, asking him a few questions. It’s clear that Lurrr’s hurting, because he doesn’t throw any verbal abuse at the guy. Nearby, an aching Shane Donovan is also rising, holding his left arm, which is trembling. Lurrr, seeing his opponent come back, pulls himself back into focus, shoving the referee out of the way and going on the attack again. Donovan, seeing him coming, tries to back off for a second to recuperate, but Lurrr’s not going to let him get away, grabbing him and shoving him, injured shoulder first, into the turnbuckle post! Donovan yells out in pain, as Lurrr stays with him. The referee tries to follow, ordering both men back into the ring to continue the match, but neither is listening right now. Lurrr follows Donovan, who has stumbled a little further up the ramp. But Donovan suddenly turns and swings, punching Lurrr in the face! Lurrr steps back, shaking his head, as Donovan moves a little further away, then rushes forward, trying for a splash! Lurrr ducks to the ground, and the referee, behind him, doesn’t stand a chance!! He’s crushed by Donovan’s flight, landing hard on the unforgiving floor mats.*

Logan: Scratch one referee.

Jones: That guy just got plastered! I don’t think he’s getting up any time soon!

Logan: It just goes to show, Ace also needs to hire some buffed-up referees, so that this doesn’t happen. Titan 3 would already be back on his feet, ready for more!

Jones: He’d also probably be tearing into Shane Donovan for daring to touch him, Anthony.

Logan: Well, there is that. Either way, we still need a new ref down here!

*Lurrr barely gives the ref a second glance. He grabs Donovan, who was already getting up, and throws him back-first against the apron. Donovan bounces off, in pain, right into a clothesline that puts him back on the ground. Now in control, Lurrr takes a moment to look around, sizing up what’s nearby. He walks over to the apron and lifts it up, looking around down there, then pulls out a steel chair! With the referee down, there’s no one to argue, as Lurrr aims his weapon, daring Donovan to get back up. Donovan’s on his stomach, apparently reaching for something, as Lurrr steps in, preparing for a big shot. He lifts and swings… no, someone is there, snatching the chair from his grasp! Lurrr, surprised, turns around, to see a masked man there: El Phantasmo!*

Logan: What the? What’s the Spanish dude doing out here?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, but the way he’s pointing at the chair and shaking his head, I guess he’s here to keep Lurrr from using an illegal weapon!

Logan: Weird. Then again, he DID call Lurrr a puta.

Jones: I still don’t know what that means!

*Angrily, Lurrr approaches El Phantasmo, demanding his weapon back, but the masked man simply turns and runs away, almost mockingly. Lurrr can’t believe it, having lost his opportunity for a quick victory. El Phantasmo stops on the ramp, striking a semi-familiar pose, as a secondary referee runs past him and out to the ring, surely sent on the orders of the Accelerator. Lurrr, seeing the ref, doesn’t bother to look for another weapon. Instead, he goes back over to Donovan, who’s still sprawled out on the ground. The new ref takes a second to check on the still-injured first ref, as Lurrr pulls Donovan up…. and takes a shot straight to the head!! Lurrr goes down hard, crashing against the guardrail, as Donovan slowly gets up, with something shiny in his hand.*

Jones: Hey! Shane just hit him with something!

Logan: Yeah, and it really sent Lurrr for a loop! Wait, what is that? That looks like… handcuffs?

Jones: I think you’re right, Anthony, and he’s not done with them yet!

*While the new ref, not knowing what’s going on, rolls back into the ring to start the count and try to get the wrestlers back in, Shane is leaning over Lurrr, attaching the handcuff to his arm, then putting the other part on the rail! He takes a few more kicks at Lurrr’s unprotected side, while taking care to keep Lurrr’s new handicap invisible to the ref. With the count already at 5, Shane turns and rolls into the ring, as if he was being chased. The ref keeps counting, not realizing the situation. Lurrr, meanwhile, starts to move, pulling himself up with the rail. He registers that the count has reached 8, so he takes a step in that direction, only to discover the handcuffs! He struggles with them briefly, angrily yanking on it, but it’s too late! The ref waves his arms, despite Lurrr’s vehement protests about his incarceration, and calls the match!*

Minos: Your winner, moving on in the World Championship Tournament, via Countout, Shane Donovan!

*The fans, not exactly pleased with the ending to such a great match, boo as Donovan starts to celebrate, as if he had pinned Lurrr cleanly in the center of the ring. Lurrr, meanwhile, is spewing out a variety of curse words as he struggles to free himself from the handcuffs. An assistant comes running down, having seen the predicament on the backstage monitors, carrying a cutter. She hands it to Lurrr, who nearly clobbers her with them in his anger. She backs off, scared, as Lurrr uses the tool on the handcuffs, working them free, as Donovan continues to enjoy his victory. Lurrr finally gets free, then turns and runs into the ring, still wearing half a bracelet. Donovan, though, was ready for it, as he slides himself out and heads towards the back, still as cocky as ever. Lurrr pounds the mat in frustration, as the referee is quick to run for it as well.*

Jones: These guys were putting on such a great match, to have it end like that really feels cheap.

Logan: Yeah, I wanted to see one of them land something big for the victory, but I guess Shane had other plans. What a way to win, using handcuffs.

Jones: You know Lurrr’s not going to take this lying down. Of course, he would have taken Shane out, had it not been for the interference of the mysterious El Phantasmo.

Logan: I don’t know if he just wanted to keep Lurrr from doing something illegal, or if he has some kind of deal going with Donovan. I bet, though, that we’ll soon find out!

Jones: Be sure and join us next week, when the other two tournament matches will be taking place, setting the score for the semi-finals at the pay-per-view! Good night, America!

Logan: And anyone else watching!

*As we fade away from ringside, the cameras go to what looks to be somewhere in the basement of the GCWA Arena. It’s a musty old room, complete with rotting boxes that appear to have old leaflets and posters inside of them. In the room stands Titan 3, who is standing silently, watchful for any traps to embarrass him or his staff. He slowly walks forward, to where something is hanging in the center of the room, covered in cloth. Titan 3 reaches up, again being careful to watch out for any surprises. He pulls the cloth off, revealing a hanging picture, showing Arryk Rage with the X Division Title! The note beneath the picture says it all:*

Arryk Rage: Oh, sorry, Titan 3, I forgot, I’m not at the arena tonight! Enjoy this picture, and thanks for playing! Signed, the Dark Star.

*Behind Titan 3, the security guards can be seen inching backwards, expecting something potentially lethal to happen. But Titan 3 just smirks, before looking upwards in thought.*

Titan 3: Cute, Arryk. Real Cute. So you wish to play games huh? Okay then. How about next week you and I play a little game of....*the camera zooms in on his face as he smiles...*..."Tag"?

*Titan 3 continues to smile as the picture fades out, showing only the GCWA credits before heading on to the next show.*

OOC: Hope it read as a good card for you guys and girls. Again, congratulations to everyone who roleplayed, as I didn't have a dud match during the first card. That always makes it more fun. Here's the card for the January 16th show:

Arryk Rage vs. Mr. Excellent, GCWA World Title Tournament Match

Annie Alvarez vs. Axl Rhude, GCWA World Title Tournament Match

Scott Caine vs. Makorpal

The roleplaying window will be from Saturday, January 10th to Wednesday, January 14th, 1 roleplay allowed per day, 3 roleplays max with a 150-line limit. Again, any questions, let me know, and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.