Welcome to the GCWA Year-In-Review Awards for the year 2000. I am your host, the Accelerator. As you can see, a few changes have been made since last year. The main change, of course, is that the awards have a different name this year, although I know many of you will still refer to them as the Ace Awards. I don't mind, trust me. These awards were put together to showcase some of the great wrestlers of the GCWA, as well as give another way of seeing what actually happened during the year. Read on, and find out who the big winners of the year were.

The Consistency Award: This was not an easy award to hand out, since the GCWA hasn't really been consistent in its own right. After looking through the records, I really only found a few wrestlers who stayed with the GCWA throughout the year. The main one, who did not take any time off, was Shannon Shag-Nasty. He may have been dispicable this year, but you have to admit, he's been involved in angles the whole time, from starting the year working without a contract in bouts against Napalm to finishing it as the President of the federation.

Runner-Up: Another guy who has stuck around most of the year has been "The Star" Steven Mysterio. Mysterio, as Shorty, won the award in '99, and continued his usual pattern of wrestling lots throughout 2000. It earned him multiple title reigns during the year, making his HOF stock grow ever greater whenever he decides to retire.

The Bobby Heenan Award: Who was the most devious during the year? That sounds like a trick question, doesn't it? The award goes the way of the first one, to Shannon Shag-Nasty. Shag-Nasty worked many angles for the Bastards of Oblivion, continuing the streak that won him the Bobby Heenan Award in '99. With his tricks as Vice-President and, eventually, the top dog, Shag-Nasty deserves the award more than anyone else, especially after his efforts at Wreck the Halls made Kevin O'Connor a champion.

Runner-Up: I should give this to myself. After all, I tricked Titan 3 out of the World Title, didn't I? I screwed with Gilbreth, Shag-Nasty, and others. But, nah, I don't want it. I have enough awards. Back to the actual winner. No one won more matches due to trickery or interference than Dynamic Dynamite. That's right, the Runner-Up of '99 gained the award again. How can you go against a man who made it all the way to the Heavyweight Title because of devious tactics?

The Living Legend Award: There's only one man who should obviously win this award, which is given every year to the most respected wrestler in the GCWA. He did what no man had done before him, holding the Heavyweight Title for 5 months without anyone taking him down. Titan 3 is possibly the only wrestler in the GCWA that would be a sure thing if he entered the HOF elections right now. No one else shaped this federation as much as he did.

Runner-Up: After Titan 3, there is a large grouping of wrestlers. Guys like Michael Breaker, Punisher, and Nightmare were considered for the award. In the end, though, I opted to go with X-Dog. True, the Dog has not been much of a factor in the later months of the GCWA this year. But with his victory over Nightmare at Blood On The Battlefield 2000, both earning the IC Title and ending Nightmare's career (temporarily), X-Dog reached something that no one else, in 2 years, has managed: the Circuit Championship.

The Prime Time Award: This award goes to the wrestler who could make his way through any division throughout the year, with the same success. The man who did it all in the GCWA in '00, possibly due to his Consistency, was Steven Mysterio. Mysterio, over the year, won the Intercontinental Title, the Tag-Team belts twice, and earned two more Cruiserweight Title reigns. By my math, Mysterio's 5 reigns were more than anyone else in the GCWA.

Runner-Up: It gets a little close here, with possible consideration given to Dynamic Dynamite. But the winner turned out to be the man who has taken the GCWA by storm in the past few months, "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor. O'Connor, in only a few months' time, has won the Cruiserweight, Tag-Team, and Heavyweight Titles. Who knows where the youngster is going to go next.

The "Mr. PPV" Award: This award goes to the best PPV wrestler, the one who always does better when the spotlights are brightest. More than half of his wins came at one PPV, but they still count. "The Real Deal" John Steel had a grand career during 2000, going 5-1 in GCWA PPVs. He defeated wrestlers like Animal Thug, Napalm, X-Dog, Michael Breaker, and Dynamic Dynamite, and only took that one loss to Breaker in the finals of the Warriors of the Ring 2000 tournament. Steel also went out with a bang, winning the World Title at his last PPV, Crescendo 2000.

Runner-Up: In four pay-per-view matches, this man is undefeated. Then again, he's undefeated currently anyway. "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor first appeared in a GCWA PPV at Crescendo 2000, where he defeated both Johnny Wonder and Phat Edie. At Knockout in November, O'Connor got a free victory over the Dopeman. O'Connor did wrestle at Wreck The Halls, defeating Punisher to become the World Champion. Although other wrestlers who were here longer won more (see Mysterio, Breaker, etc), O'Connor's 4 victories with no defeats pushed him to the front.

"Why Can't I Get A Break?" Award: The opposite of the Mr. PPV Award, this grants an award to the stars who have had the worst luck at PPVs, while having all-star careers the rest of the year. In this case, there was one main pick: Nightmare. The potential Hall-of-Famer had a horrible year in the PPV scene. With losses to X-Dog, Michael Breaker, and Iceman, a forfeit loss to Richter, and being eliminated in the Righteous Rumble, Nightmare's only saving grace was the victory over Michael Jannetty at the Warriors of the Ring 2K PPV. He ended the year 1-5 in PPV matches.

Runner-Up: He may have just made a big-time return, and have many people talking about another potential 2-time World Champ, but it really wasn't Blade/Garrett Jax's year. He was only around for a short time during the year, but it was enough for him to be upset in two different pay-per-views, once by the Dopeman and the other by Adrian Rockwell. His 0-2 record for the year does not show his skills at all, especially since he won the Internet and Tag-Team Titles during the year.

The Purple Bruise Award: There were many lumps taken throughout the year, and it's my duty to hand out who took the worst of them. Who was the worst-injured during 2000? Well, although I do lean towards myself, I think I'll have to give the award to Adrian Rockwell and Michael Breaker, for the fall they took off of that balcony at Wreck The Halls. The two men definitely took the term "Last Man Standing" literally.

Runner-Up: Who can forget where they were when the historic main event of Warriors of the Ring 2000 was on? I wish I could. I'm giving this award to, well, myself, as well as Andy Gilbreth, since I took the plunge off the top of the Hell in a Cell, and he dived off after me. I tell you, if you ever think about being a Mick Foley impersonator and go to jump off of a cage, you might want to rethink your strategy. It hurts. Trust me.

Best Feud: There are so many to choose from, really, but only a few that got truly nasty between the two. The one I picked as #1 during the year is Napalm vs. the Iceman. These two really hated each other, and both ended up bloodied at least once during their battles over the summer. With the European Title at stake and Titan 3's treatment by the Presidential Stable hovering between them, violence was sure to follow. Their match at Crescendo 2000 blew the roof off of the place.

Runner-Up: Nothing wrong with something rather current. It's been pretty exciting watching the feud build between Punisher and Shannon Shag-Nasty. These two have had numerous wars since Shag-Nasty became the President, and even before then, since Shag-Nasty was the cause of Punisher departing the GCWA early in his career. It took me a lot of smooth-talking to get Punisher back in here, but what cinched it was telling him he could destroy Shag-Nasty night after night. The feud continues into the new year, with Punisher titleless and Shag in the hospital. What's going to happen next? I can't wait!

Best Match: It's hard to dispute the battle between John Steel and Michael Breaker at the Warriors of the Ring 2000 tournament. It was the final match of the tournament, with both fighters tired after three matches before it. It was a Hell in a Cell match, with the vacated Heavyweight Title at stake, and the European Title for the loser of the match. It had battles on the outside between Shannon Shag-Nasty & Steven Mysterio, and the memorable (and unfortunately unforgettable) fight between myself, the Accelerator, and Andy Gilbreth. Breaker and Steel went to the greatest lengths to win the match, giving all they had and more.

Runner-Up: The Righteous Rumble brought 28 wrestlers into one match, each one interested in what was at stake: the European Title, and the shot against the Heavyweight Champion, Titan 3. Legends returned to the GCWA just for their shot. Separate battles broke out all throughout the very long match between feuding wrestlers. Almost everything that could happen in a rumble did happen. In the end, it was a magical moment when GCWA lifetime wrestler Marty Jannetty came away with the upset victory, getting the win for his retired partner, as he said he would.

Best Pay-Per-View: Again, you have to go with Warriors of the Ring 2000. 16 wrestlers fighting in an unprecedented 15 matches, with the Heavyweight Championship of the World given to the man who can survive four fights. The matches themselves were memorable, with many twists and turns throughout the night, and the final match, in the Hell in a Cell, pushed this PPV into heavy contention as the greatest PPV ever.

Runner-Up: Wreck The Halls rocked the joint with some stunning matches, and really shook up the GCWA through December. Five titles changed hands, some through victories, some through vacated belts. We had major upsets, shocking turns, interference, THREE returning wrestlers, and an explosive main event. Punisher/O'Connor, Rockwell/Breaker, and Morse/Fitzgerald/Ice Breaker could all be considered possibilities for the Best Match of the year.

Best Stable: Hmmm, can't say there have been that many choices over the year. Number-one would have to be the Bastards of Oblivion 2000, who have been here the entire time. Shannon Shag-Nasty has really kept the stable alive, and you can expect more where that came from in 2001.

Runner-Up: I considered a few stables, including the reformed Fatal III (which only lasted a month). I decided, though, to go with a stable that affected the GCWA for half the year. The Presidential Stable. With John Steel, the Iceman, Punisher(briefly), Victor D'Amor, Neo, and others, you have a strong line-up that had many title reigns among them. Besides, their leader was pretty smooth, as I recall.

Best Internet Champion: The belt survived long enough to be mentioned here, the last time it'll appear in an awards show since X-Dog torched it. Talk about retiring a belt! One man truly deserves the honor of best champion. He held the belt for more than half the year, officially, and logged 15 defenses total, at least a dozen of those during 2000. Andy Gilbreth reshaped the Internet Title into his gold, and no one was ever able to take it away from him. If Gilbreth had not left the GCWA, the belt might still belong to him.

Runner-Up: It really is a tough call between the Dopeman and Garrett Jax. Both defeated the other to become the champion. Both had one defense. Both held the belt about the same amount of time. Really, their reigns are identical, so I don't see any reason to separate them here. The co-runners-up for the Best Internet Champion are Garrett Jax and the Dopeman. After all, I'm the CEO, I can do that.

Best Women's Champion: It didn't last long, but hey, why not mention the short-lived Women's Division? Eva Barnes helped keep the division alive as long as it did, stealing the belt from Passion and Angel at Blood on the Battlefield 2000, then defending it multiple times. Considering the state of the division, she did quite well.

Runner-Up: Uh, considering only one other person held the belt, there's only one answer. But that doesn't degrade the award, right? Chloe Barnes was given the belt by Shag-Nasty when her sister, Eva, failed to show up to an event. Chloe, I believe, still has the title, so who knows when, in the future, she will bring it back. Hopefully not that soon, though. I mean, the lady is pregnant! Oh, and in case any of you are wondering, no, Ace isn't the father.... er, at least, I don't think so...

Best Television Champion: Once again, the choices are few. But since one has more defenses than the other, you have to go with Adrian Rockwell as the top Television Champ of 2000. He earned the belt by beating Garrett Jax for the Internet Championship, then, after it was destroyed, was the main force behind the Television Title's creation. Rockwell helped to make the TV strap something to work for, calling it the best belt in the GCWA. He exaggerates somewhat, but it's definitely a belt worth having.

Runner-Up: The Man who dethroned the Main Man deserves a mention here. In a brutal Last Man Standing match at Wreck The Halls, Breaker finally managed to get himself some more gold, defeating Rockwell to become the second-ever TV Champ. While Breaker has not had much time to defend the gold yet, he did get one against Steven Mysterio at the end of 2000, and will be looking to defend the belt more in the future.

Best Hardcore Champion: In a two-month span, he defended the belt 6 times, tieing with Nightmare for the most ever defenses of the Hardcore Title. Phenomena's winning of the belt was extraordinary, as he won over Dynamic Dynamite despite interference from his manager, OG Thug. Phenomena then went on to put the belt on the line nearly every week, against some memorable opponents. You also can't forget that Phenomena finally lost the belt in a tag match, due to outside interference.

Runner-Up: Only Nightmare held the belt twice in 2000. The legend became the only 3-time Hardcore Champion before his departure from the GCWA after its closure, bringing the title in from 1999, then regaining it in the middle of the year by defeating three other individuals. It's unknown how long the veteran could have held the belt if not for the GCWA's fluctuations.

Best Cruiserweight Champion: Steven Mysterio not only had the most defenses during one reign in 2000 (5), he also held the strap twice this year, becoming the only wrestler in ANY division with 4 reigns of a belt. Mysterio's accomplishments in the Cruiserweight Division make him the undisputed star of the lighter wrestlers in the GCWA.

Runner-Up: Although the Dopeman was looked at carefully, the award goes to "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor, who won two matches at Crescendo 2000 to become the Cruiserweight Champion, then went on to defend multiple times before moving up to a higher division, never officially losing the belt.

Best Tag-Team Champions: The division that's been hurting throughout 2000 did have some major tag-teams come through it. The one that most made an impact, however, was the duo of Andy Gilbreth and Titan 3, the Soldiers of Fortune. No other team struck such fear in the competition, since both of these men were very hard to stop. It's been said that the reason the division crumbled was because of these two men getting the belts, because no one saw the point in trying to fight them. The Soldiers of Fortune definitely were a force to be reckoned with.

Runners-Up: The team that helped revive the division somewhat were 2 Xtreme, Phenomena and the Dopeman. These two wrestlers, long-time friends/foes, joined up and cleared a path through the tag-team division, defeating Rage is Reality to move into the top spot with the belts. Injuries to Phenomena and the departure of the Dopeman, temporarily, from the GCWA cost them the belts to Point Break. But there's no doubt that the division was given a boost from 2 Xtreme.

Best European Champion: "The Real Deal" John Steel was the only wrestler in 2000 to hold the belt twice. He first earned it by defeating a former Living Legend, Ace Thug, then had a good feud with Punisher, before his adversary departed the GCWA. Steel then regained the belt in amazing fashion, with 3 victories at Warriors of the Ring 2K. Steel later vacated the belt for a shot at the World Title, but his reigns are still respected in the GCWA.

Runner-Up: You have to like what Marty Jannetty did to get the belt early in 2000. The Rocker had what could possibly be considered his greatest moment, surviving the Righteous Rumble and earning the European Championship, his second reign of the belt. Jannetty defended the belt twice before losing it to Ace Thug, one of Jannetty's last runs before leaving the GCWA and getting into the Hall of Fame.

Best Intercontinental Champion: Dynamic Dynamite's second reignas IC Champ, from the end of '99, brought us into 2000. Dynamite would lose the belt to Napalm in January, but he would return to the division in April to join Heavy P as the only wrestlers to win the belt 3 times. Dynamite's two reigns in 2000 came out to about 7 defenses total, far and above the defenses of anyone else.

Runner-Up: X-Dog not only won the Intercontinental Title, he also both ended Nightmare's career (again, temporarily) and became the first and only wrestler to hold all 7 GCWA belts. Although his reign was not a long one, since he was ambushed by a masked man (later revealed as Napalm), X-Dog's major victory earned him the place here.

Best Heavyweight Champion: The award that everyone's been waiting for, and that everyone knows who will win it. After winning the title at the end of '99, Titan 3 went on a rampage for 5 months, defending the belt 10 times in '00. He beat such legends as Animal Thug, Marty Jannetty, and others to stay the champion, and only finally lost it to a little ol' screwjob that *ahem* someone handed out to him. Titan 3's accomplishments easily make him the Best Heavyweight Champion of the year 2000.

Runner-Up: Although I did lean towards Michael Breaker at first, due to his 3 defenses, I decided to take another approach, and give the award to Punisher. In a rough time for the GCWA, when the doors to the fed seemed to be revolving, Punisher provided a strong champion for everyone to look up to. He became the focal point of the GCWA, and helped bring it back to the level it is at today.

Well, that has been your Year-In-Review, folks. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope not too many of you are pissed off about not getting one of the awards, either. You have to earn these awards, that's for sure. No Pain, No Gain, No Fame. Believe it.

The 1999 Ace Awards