JR: It's about time to put some titles on the line, ladies and gentlemen. We've had two title matches already, and one of them is now around a different waist. Will others change? Let's find out!

Tenay: First, though, let's watch a tape of events which led to the next bout. Roll the film, boys!

*Images of Kevin Nash being handed the Internet Title are shown... it switches to a shot of Vice challenging Nash, and their title fight, where Vice leaves with the Internet Title in his arms... the tag-team bout is shown, with Nash holding the title then breaking it... the final challenges come on, as well as Shawn Michaels announcing the match in a Steel Cage...*

Tenay: Vice and Kevin Nash look prepped for the next match. Well, Vice does, anyway. Nash has really been acting, well, skiddish recently.

JR: You can say it, Mike. He's been acting scared! I think Vice's mindtricks have done some damage in that cranium of his! Nash was even publicly stating that the Ruff Ryders would not let the title go. Still, Nash has to enter the ring, since the Accelerator threatened him with a forfeiture of the belt, similar to what happened to Scott Hall. I think Nash will have a tough time of it, but he's still a strong, dangerous man.

Penzer: Ladies and gentlemen, the next match will occur in a Steel Cage! *cheers* On the line, as well as on the top of the cage, the GCWA Internet Title! Coming to the ring, the challenger... standing 6'8" tall, and weighing 295 lbs... known for his attitude and conditioning... "Sexy Sweet".... Vice!!

*Some fans cheer as the wrestler comes out of the back and poses... he smiles, then goes to the ring... he starts doing various flexes, in an small tribute to "Ravishing" Rick Rude...*

Tenay: Vice has been a little more serious this week, preparing for his shot at the title, not to mention the death of the original 'heartthrob', "Ravishing" Rick Rude. But Vice looks prepared to me. He's pumped up and ready for a fight, that's for sure.

Heenan: He'd better be. Although the cage may be there to keep the Ruff Ryders out, it also keeps Vice in. After the tricks he's pulled, I'm betting that Kevin Nash can't wait to get revenge tonight!

Penzer: Now coming down the aisle... weighing 367 lbs and standing 7'1" tall... the current GCWA Internet Champ... "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash!

*Boos rise up as Nash comes down the aisle, stretching his arms back and forth... he throws off his jacket to show the red Outsiders suit he's wearing... he makes his way into the ring, stepping over the ropes... the cage starts to descend...*

Heenan: Nash looks ready for a fight! I wouldn't be surprised if other Ruff Ryders made an appearance, either. Wait, who's following Nash down? Is that the Accelerator?? What's he doing at ringside?

JR: I don't know, Bobby. He signals something to Nash, who looks displeased. He then pulls over a chair and has a seat, putting his bag to the side. I guess the Accelerator is watching to make sure that this match stays one-on-one!

Tenay: Well, the Accelerator hasn't been happy with current events concerning Nash and Vice. It's unsure, though, who he blames for the destruction of his office a few weeks back. The cage is in place, so let's get it on!

*The bell rings..*

Tenay: Vice and Nash don't waste any time, locking up and trying to push the other back. Suddenly Vice lets go and shoves Nash over him, dropping him with a leg spin! Nash gets back to his feet, as Vice poses in his face! Oh, and Nash answers with a vicious kick, dropping Vice to his knees in pain!! The ref admonishes Nash, but he just shoves the referee back and throws Vice into the cage, rocking it! Nash is set to do some damage here!

Heenan: I'm sure he is, Professor! Good deduction! Nash picks up Vice and continuously slams him into the side of the cage, stunning him. He brings Vice out and drags him into the corner, where he sizes him up and lands a big elbow! He then positions his boot on Vice's adam's apple, pushing his neck back! The ref is counting, but Nash just increases the pressure for a second, then releases it. Vice sits in the corner, clutching his neck, while Nash walks away. Nash grins, then charges back in, but Vice rolls out of the way! Nash's elbow smash hits the edge of the cage, causing him to grab his arm. Vice then follows it up with a running tackle, knocking both of them into the cage!

JR: This one may not last long, the way these two are taking steel shots! Vice already looks a little dizzy from some of the earlier head hits. But he's in control, whipping Nash into the iron again. As Nash rebounds, still holding his arm, Vice catches him from behind and sends him crashing backwards with a German Suplex. Vice holds on, and gets back up with Nash still locked. He then lands another German Suplex, ala Chris Benoit!

Heenan: With a man Nash's size, that takes a lot of strength! Vice pulls himself back up, grabbing hold of the cage. He stretches for a second, pulling a brief pose, then grabs one of Nash's legs and twists around it. He bends the other one back and sits, turning it into almost the Sharpshooter! He doesn't quite have the ankle locked, but that is still a very painful move! Nash is struggling to reach the ropes, even as Vice intensifies the pressure. The ref is watching Nash, who won't submit.

Tenay: I wouldn't expect him to. I can't say I've ever seen Big Sexy submit. But Vice really has that one locked on! Nash is slowly but surely pulling himself along, despite Vice's best efforts. Finally, he reaches the side of the ring, causing the ref to signal to Vice. Vice drops him and raises his hands! I think he got the wrong idea from the ref! The ref reaches up and knocks his arm back down, telling him that Nash reached the edge. A mistake like that gives wrestlers the chance to recover, guys! Nash is pulling himself up slowly, obviously favoring his right leg now.

JR: Vice looks over and sees him, and comes in, but Nash kicks him in the stomach, then snaps him over, putting a knee into Vice's back and twisting his neck. Now Vice is in the submission hold! Of course, Nash wasn't that far from the ropes, allowing Vice to reach out and touch it with his foot. Nash is forced to break the hold. He gets Vice back up, positioning him, then drops his stomach across his knee, using a Gutbuster! Vice is down now! Nash goes for the pin... 1... 2... NO! Vice kicks out!

Heenan: It looks like Nash is tired of playing around! He gets Vice up, then locks him between his legs! It's time for the Jackknife Powerbomb! Nash lifts Vice up, and, oh, Vice grabs the top of the cage!! All of Nash's momentum, plus Vice's legs, send him headfirst to the canvas!! What a move by Vice! He saved the match right there!!

Tenay: Nash is getting back up, but Vice grabs him around the neck with his legs, then lets go of the top of the cage, turning it into a Frankensteiner!! Nash is down!! Uh, and here come the troops again! Mysterio, the Punisher, and other Ruff Ryders are headed towards the ring! Vice isn't paying any attention to them, though, picking up Nash and throwing him, once again, into the cage. The Ruff Ryders get to ringside, where the Accelerator gets up and waves them back. They're arguing with him, but the Accelerator seems to be keeping them back. I hope the Pres isn't getting himself in over his head!

JR: Meanwhile, in the ring, Vice has Nash in trouble! The big man is staggered, barely on his feet, even as Vice climbs partway up the turnbuckle and leaps, smashing him to the mat! He goes for the pin... 1... 2.... NO, Nash gets his shoulders up. And we've got a brawl on the outside!! DMX and Kidman are out, flying through the crowd of Ryders! Heavy P and LilPun are right behind them, going into war with the Ruff Ryders! Where's the President? I don't see him!

Heenan: You're missing the action in the ring, guys! Vice has got Nash set up... and there's the Breakdown!! Nash is out of it! Vice makes the pin... 1... 2... 3!!! Vice is now officially the Internet Champ!!

Tenay: Vice is signaling for the cage to be raised, while the brawl continues outside. Wait, Shorty is climbing the side of the cage as it's rising! He's going for the Internet Title! No, DMX grabs him from behind, climbing up next to him. The two fall backwards, off of the cage! What a hit! Both of them fell pretty far, but it could have been worse! They could have been higher! Now Vice is climbing back up the cage. He's at the top, standing up. He grabs the Internet Title and holds it over his head as the fans cheer. The cage starts to go even higher, out of the reach of the competitors. Vice climbs off of it, heading onto a scaffolding up there, and heads down it. Meanwhile, security has finally arrived below him, breaking up the melee. I lost track of the President in the confusion. Where is he?

JR: I... I don't see him! Did he head to the back? He's not in the crowd of SOS and Ruff Ryders anymore! Maybe he went through the crowd, or something. I think he can take care of himself, though.

Tenay: Yeah, he probably can. Let's see some replays from the fury of that match. Look for the Pres, see if we can spot him.

*The replay goes, showing the Breakdown and the reversal of the Jackknife... *

Heenan: So another title has changed hands. We've still got two bouts to go, too! This has been a very big night, guys! Let's keep it going! The next match was one of the first signed by Shawn Michaels, and it's a doozy. Animal Thug defeated Giant Milenko, who was later discovered to have been injured in their match. This gave Animal Thug a major title shot against the long-time European Champion, Hawaiian Heat. Both of these guys have been training all week for this event. It should be a clash of titans!

Penzer: The next bout is for the GCWA European Championship! *cheers* First, the challenger... coming to the ring... he stands 6'11", and weighs in at 288 lbs... the leader of Wolfpac 2000, and a former GCWA tag-team champion... Animal Thug!

*Thug comes to the ring with a quiet cheer from the crowd... he looks primed for the match... he enters the ring, pulling on the ropes...*

Tenay: I know that Animal Thug has been more concerned with the World Title as of late, but he has really trained hard for this match-up. If he can win here, maybe he can start getting Wolfpac the respect it deserves.

Penzer: His opponent... weighing in at 285 lbs, and standing 6'5" tall... he's been one of the big superstars of the GCWA since its formation this year, and is currently both one of the tag-team champs and the current GCWA European Title holder... he is Hawaiian Heat!

*Hawaiian Heat comes out to the usual rumbling and pyros, getting the fans excited... he's wearing both titles around his waist... he comes to the ring, looking very intense... *

Heenan: This could very well be Heat's toughest test to date. Animal Thug is ready for a great match, which has had Heat training doubly hard for this match-up. Love him or hate him, and I hate him, you still have to respect the power and skills of Hawaiian Heat.

*The bell rings...*

Tenay: Heat and Animal Thug meet in the middle of the ring, nose-to-nose. They both just keep staring at each other for a second, then lock up, with Heat getting the early advantage. They're straining against each other, neither willing to give an inch, and the fans love it! They haven't broken their stares yet! They both break the lockup at the same time, then start circling each other. They lock up again, but this time Heat wraps around Animal Thug's middle and drives him back into the turnbuckle with his shoulder. Heat then snaps his head up, using it on Thug's jaw!

JR: Heat then starts throwing some forearms, keeping Animal Thug back in the corner. He then tries to whip him out of the corner, but Thug reverses it, sending Heat across instead. He then, rather than charging in, steps after him, not allowing Heat to try anything. Heat comes out of the corner, trying a clothesline, but Thug spins to the right, behind Heat, wrapping him up with a Full Nelson hold. He's applying the pressure as Heat has both arms pinned in the air! Heat's struggling, trying to break the hold with his arms, while Thug cinches it in, getting his fingers together. Heat tries to reach out for the ropes with his foot, but Animal Thug turns and hits a Full Nelson Slam! I haven't seen one of those in a while! He goes for the pin, but only gets a 1 count.

Tenay: Thug pulls Heat to his feet, then sets him up and lands a perfect Suplex. He then comes in with a foot to the chest of Hawaiian Heat, stepping down and using the ropes to balance him. He gets off of Heat, then grabs his arm and yanks him up. Oh, but Heat greets him with a rake of the eyes, then lifts Thug up and gives him a Reverse Atomic Drop! Thug's a little stung now, as Heat grabs his head and DDTs him! It takes him a second, but Heat gets back up, shaking off the cobwebs. He yells to the audience, who answers back. His strength apparently renewed, Heat grabs the Thug and puts him up with a Piledriver, spiking him into the mat! Heat goes for a pin... 1.... Nope, the Thug isn't ready to go just yet.

Heenan: Heat needs to get in some heavy moves. That's the only way he can weaken Animal Thug enough to get the pin. Heat wraps up Animal Thug as he tried to get up, double-underhooking him and somehow lifting him, hitting an Underhook Powerbomb! That one will shake the fixtures in Thug's head! Heat's a little tired after that one, but again goes for the pin... and again gets a one count. Heat's looking slightly frustrated now, but he gets back up and lifts Thug. And the Thug drops with a reverse Jawbreaker, giving Heat's teeth a manicure!

JR: The problem with that move is that it hurts both competitors. Thug slowly gets up, and meets Heat as both wrestlers regain their footing. He lifts Heat with a partial suplex, then drops him gutfirst across the ropes! Heat's just hanging there, even as Animal Thug shockingly climbs the ropes! The Thug is going to take air! He balances for a second, then leaps, going for a Guillotine Legdrop! But Heat leans off the ropes, and Animal Thug hits the mat instead! Heat propells himself over the ropes, but Thug gets his knees up, sending Heat to the mat as well!

Heenan: It just goes to show you that Heavyweights shouldn't try to be Cruiserweights! Both wrestlers are down now, their energy depleted. Animal Thug gets up first, trying to get a second, or third, wind going. He leans over, grabs Heat, and ever so slowly brings him up. He slugs him a couple of times, then locks him up for the Accelerating Thug! He tries, but Heat blocks the first attempt, then the second. He then lifts Animal Thug with a Snap Suplex, reversing the maneuver! That had to have taken the last of Hawaiian Heat's strength!

Tenay: Heat rolls over and makes the cover... 1... 2... NO! Animal Thug kicked out at the last second! This match is devestating to watch! Heat gets back on his heels, rocks for a second, then pulls Animal Thug up and whips him into the turnbuckle. He comes in hard, landing the Shore Break!! The Thug is down, but so is Hawaiian Heat! After a few seconds, Heat rolls over and puts an arm across the Thug... 1... 2... NO!!! The shoulder is up! Heat can't believe it! He stands up, probably aching all over, and drags Animal Thug over to the corner. He starts to lift the Thug up, but Animal Thug grabs the ropes, hanging on. He kicks Heat in the stomach, then leaps off the turnbuckle, nailing Da Killa on Heat!!!

JR: The ref's the only man standing! He's counting down, even as both men lay sprawled out on the mat! He gets to 8...9.... Animal Thug rolls over, making the pin! He drops... 1.... 2.... NO NO NO!! Hawaiian Heat got out of it! He kicked out of Da Killa!! Both wrestlers are still down, utterly exhausted after this one! This one might just be a draw!

Heenan: I hope not, JR! This match has been the best of the night, bar none! Animal Thug grabs the ropes, pulling himself up. He looks to be in shock. Who was the last one to kick out of Da Killa? I don't recall anyone doing it in the GCWA, that's for sure! Heat's getting up very slowly, but Thug gets up first, using the ropes. He grabs Heat and tries to lift him up, but can't do it! Heat catches him with an uppercut, then stumbles slightly before running forward and hitting a clothesline which sends Animal Thug to the mat!

JR: Both of these guys have given it their all and more! Heat hangs on the ropes for a second, breathing hard. The sweat's pouring from both of these guys. Hawaiian Heat lifts the Thug up, then goes for a Fireman's Carry, but Animal Thug blocks it! He kicks Heat hard in the stomach, then grabs him and lifts him up! It's the Accelerating Thug!! He's got him up!!! Unbelievable!! He hit it! He hit it!! The cover! 1... 2.... 3!!!!!

Tenay: That was the best match I've seen in a long time, guys! It took all his strength, but we have a new European Champion!! Animal Thug has finally made his mark in the GCWA!! What a match! How can the Heavyweight title match compare? Here comes Bobby and Thug Capri! They're in the ring, helping Animal Thug up. Here comes the title, brought in by the ref, who hands it to Thug. He looks completely spent in there. Hawaiian Heat's getting up slowly as well. Animal Thug shrugs off Bobby for a second, puts the title on his shoulder, then steps slowly over to Hawaiian Heat and sticks out his hand! Heat looks at it for a second, then looks up at Animal Thug. We may have some tension here, ladies and gentlemen! No, no, I may have been mistaken. Heat shakes Animal Thug's hand, then leaves the ring.

Heenan: Heat's disappointed, but he'll get over it, if he truly is one of the great ones. Let's take a look back at this one. We saw some great moves!

*All of the finishers, as well as some of the heavy hits, are shown... the last shot is of Thug and Heat shaking hands... *

Tenay: If it were any other night, that would be the main event in my book! But we've still got the World Heavyweight Title on the line, between Heavy P and Phoenix! Let's roll another tape!

*The first match-up between Phoenix and Heavy P is shown, including the interference from "Stone Cold"... the screen then shows some of the comments from both wrestlers, with Phoenix challenging Heavy P to an Inferno match...*

JR: They're bringing down the cage once again. This time, though, there will be fire as well, making this a very dangerous match! Let's go to the ring.

Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening... are you ready? *cheers* This match will determine who walks out with the coveted World Heavyweight Title of the GCWA... it will be held inside a Steel Cage... the corners of the ring will be on fire, intensifying the action... the winner will be decided by pinfall or submission.... now coming down the aisle... standing 6'3" and weighing 328 lbs... the current GCWA Intercontinental Champion, and unofficial leader of SOS... Heavy P!

*Heavy P comes to the ring with some cheers and some boos...*

Penzer: His opponent... weighing 269 lbs and standing 6'9" tall, he's the leader of Smoke and Mirrors, and the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion... Phoenix!!

*Phoenix comes out wearing the belt, looking to the world to be ready as ever... the fans boo some, but others are showing respect to the long-time world champ...*

Tenay: This should be a pretty good match! They're lowering the cage and setting the side on fire, keeping the heat going. Phoenix and Heavy P look ready to rumble, so let's get it going!

*The bell rings...*

Heenan: This one could put someone on the shelf with 3rd-degree burns, if they aren't careful. Heavy P and Phoenix lock up, with Heavy P using his bulk to shove the champ back. He charges in, but Phoenix returns the shove, knocking Heavy P on his heels. He then grabs Heavy P and whips him into the bars, causing them to shudder. As Heavy P stumbles back, Phoenix trips him, sending the big man backwards to the canvas! An interesting strategy from the champ!

Tenay: Heavy P gets to his feet pretty quickly as Phoenix waits. The IC Champ comes in, grappling with Phoenix, who twists and again sends him into the cage. But this time Heavy P rebounds under his own power, Spearing Phoenix down! Heavy P gets up and acts like Goldberg for a second, letting out a small yell, then picks Phoenix up and tosses him into the corner. That's a hot spot right there! Heavy P follows him in, landing an Avalanche that shakes the root of the ring over a few inches! He then picks Phoenix up and steps out of the corner, getting a Shoulder Breaker! He goes for the pin, but only gets a one count before Phoenix kicks out.

JR: Heavy P climbs back up, then starts to whip Phoenix back into the cage, but Phoenix reverses it, rocketing Heavy P in. As he hits, he gets a few singe marks, feeling the Heat Wave literally! Heavy P's holding his head, staggering a little. Phoenix comes up behind him, then locks him up and sends him over his back, getting a Bridge combination! 1... 2... Heavy P escapes, barely. Phoenix gets quickly back to his feet and grabs the big man, lifting him and jetting him hard into the corner. Heavy P gets his arms up, blocking some of the momentum, but he still hit pretty hard. Phoenix steps up behind him, spins him around, and chops him, as the fans gasp.

Tenay: Phoenix has some great strength, no doubt about it. He hiptosses Heavy P out of the corner, no, wait, Heavy P hangs on and reverses it, sending Phoenix to the ground! He runs in and attacks, kicking out repeatedly while Phoenix tries to shield his head from Heavy P's boots! That's a good way to get control! Heavy P then lifts Phoenix up, who looks slightly stunned. He picks Phoenix up in his arms, then charges into the cage, slamming Phoenix's back hard into it! Heavy P's got a chance now! If he can keep this up, we may have a new champ!

Heenan: Heavy P is celebrating already, slapping Phoenix across the face a couple of times. Oh, I think he's riled up the champ! Phoenix comes back with a vicious right chop of his own, sending Heavy P back a few steps, then leaps, hitting a standing dropkick that knocks Heavy P into the cage! What a move! I haven't seen that from Phoenix that much! He took air and used the cage at the same time!

JR: Heavy P's hurting now. He's looking pretty singed on his back. Phoenix signals to everyone, then comes in and drops him with a DDT! He doesn't bother with the pin, though, instead lifting the big man into the corner. With the fire silouhetting both men, Phoenix climbs up next to him, ignoring the fire so close to both of them! Heavy P fights back, grabbing Phoenix and pulling him over his shoulder into the flames! Oh, man, part of Phoenix's hair is slightly burned now! But Phoenix uses his knees to kick Heavy P hard in the jaw, getting out of the fire, then leaps, landing the Phoenix Storm!! Heavy P's out of it! The pin... 1... 2... 3!!! Phoenix is still the champ!

Tenay: I guess Heavy P better start training again, 'cause Phoenix continues to amaze, overcoming challenger after challenger! Who can beat this man? The future will tell. It's been a huge night here in Phoenix, Arizona. We have 3 new champions, and a lot of triumphant wrestlers. We hope you enjoyed tonight's activities. Thanks for buying the PPV. Remember: No Pain, No Gain, No Fame! Goodnight!

*Images from the Phoenix-Heavy P fight are shown... after that, while the credits run, still pictures of various moments of the night flash behind them... finally, the credits stop, and the crowd noise fades away, as the PPV Order screen reappears... *