*The screen goes black suddenly as the Cable networks switch to the live feed. Suddenly, a classic style black and white film can be seen, showing Punisher and Derek Mobley facing one another. With a flash, a boxing glove crushes through the picture, shattering it into a thousand pieces. Now, in full color, Shannon Shag-Nasty can be seen standing atop the stage.*

Voice: Some men fight for pride…

*We see shots of Shannon, old and new, backstabbing various men with chair shots, low blows, and other dastardly moves. The shot changes to scenes of Steven Mysterio.*

Voice: Some men fight for reemergence…

*Mysterio performs a variety of finishers, ending with the Short Sensation, the boxing glove flies through again, shattering the screen once more, and we switch to scenes of Kevin O’Connor performing in the ring.*

Voice: Others fight for respect…

*The shots of O’Connor shatter into shots of Michael Breaker and Adrian Rockwell, both performing huge power moves and their finishers.*

Voice: While others fight for revenge…

*Slowly the scene changes to Mobley again as he hits the Thrilla from different angles, intertwined with Mobley’s shots are those of Punisher, performing the Pun-bomb numerous times on his opponents.*

Voice: But in the end, only one will stand. Whose fight is the just one? Only after the Knockout will the answer come. Welcome to the Knockout in November!!!

*The scene fades on a split shot of Punisher and Mobley, both men looking strong and ready. After a few moments, the GCWA theme hits and we find ourselves inside the sold out TWA Dome in St. Louis, Missouri. The stage is set in a brand new fashion, displaying the amount of money Shag-Nasty is willing to spend. Pyros and explosions cover everything as the fans go wild. The camera pans over the audience, showing off Punisher and BOO T-shirts, signs reading things like “Mysterio is my Hero!!” and “Take the Power back, Ace!!!” The camera quickly cuts to our ringside announce table where Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, JR, and Michael Cole sit, dressed handsomely, ready to call the night.*

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first Pay-Per-View for the GCWA in quite a long time. Its also the first time that Shannon Shag-Nasty has been given the honor of making the entire card under his presidential power. Tonight we’re going to see five title matches to decide real champions here in the GCWA. Welcome to St. Louis, home of the Knockout in November, which is brought to you by Sony’s Playstation 2, the future begins now!

Brain: Tonight, folks, I’ll have to admit I am excited. We’ve got five matches, each of them for a belt, meaning this night is going to be huge! Mysterio takes on Ragus and the J.Y. Kidd for the Intercontinental Strap, Dopeman and O’Connor battle it out for the European Belt, and we’ll also see Handyman and Gabriel Morse get Hardcore for the Hardcore title. Who could ask for more?

Cole: They may not want to ask for more, Brain, but there are two more huge matches on the card involving that Cell hanging over the ring. First, the Man, Michael Breaker and Adrian Rockwell are going to put an end to their bickering in a long way down match for Rockwell’s television title. Now remember, Breaker has a history of falling off the top of those cages, one in which he almost lost his wrestling career.

Brain: You think I don’t know that, Cole? You get one announcing job at a Pay-Per-View and you think you’re smart? I’m the Brain.

Cole: I didn’t mean anything by…

JR: Don’t worry about him, Michael, Bobby’s just scared you’re trying to take his job. Are you?

Cole: I hadn’t planned on it, JR.

JR: Too bad. Anyway, besides all the other great matches we’re going to see tonight, we’ve got one hell of main event. The Heavyweight Champion of the World, Punisher, is going to lay his strap on the line inside that Cell against Derek Mobley. Now, originally Shannon Shag-Nasty was to be the special guest referee, but someone put and end to that real quick. The “higher” power here in the GCWA who’s been throwing monkey wrenches into Shag’s gears has done it again, sending out a press release stating that Shag would not be the ref and that a new ref had been named. Who that could be, I haven’t the foggiest idea. What about you, Brain?

Brain: I have a few ideas, mainly that its going to be Ace himself stepping in. There isn’t anyone else around here who has the power to make such a decision, although Ace has promised to keep his nose out of Shag’s business.

Cole: I don’t think its Ace.

Brain: Oh really? Well tell me, Cole, just who do you think it is?

Cole: I’m really not sure who it is, Brain, I just don’t think its Ace. You’ve heard his interviews for the last couple weeks, he has nothing to do with the internal action of the GCWA anymore. He just sits back and collects revenue.

Brain: Well…whatever. I think it is the Accelerator up to his old tricks again. I suppose we’ll find out in just a little while.

JR: I suppose we will, but first…

*The picture shifts to a shot of a limo pulling up into the arena parking lot. The car stops, and the driver gets out and runs to the other side to open the door. After a second, the Chief Executive Officer, the Accelerator, steps out, thanking the guy for a smooth ride and throwing him a big bill. Ace is dressed in a very nice suit for the PPV occasion, and looks very relaxed. This changes, however, when he sees the President, Shannon Shag-Nasty, approaching him at a fast walk.*

Shag-Nasty: Ok, Ace, I have HAD it with your meddling! This Press Release that you talked the Committee into is ridiculous, and I am NOT going to have you undercut my power again, do you hear?

The Accelerator: Are you still babbling about that? I've told you before, Shaggy, and I'll tell you again, I'm not doing anything to you. Whether it's someone on the Committee who wants to pay you back, or whether it's one of your own BOO mind games, I really don't care. Now stop bothering me, I've got a PPV to watch.

Shag-Nasty: *grabs Ace's arm* Oh, no, I'm not listening to any more of that. This press release reeks of your foul cologne. Let's get things straight, Ace, you're old, useless, and mostly forgotten by that audience out there. Your time is up, so stop trying to be Hogan and stay in retirement!

The Accelerator: Retirement? Hell, I'm enjoying it, Shaggy! You're the one who keeps ending up in the ring getting his ass kicked by Punisher, Mobley, and the rest! You've made bad decisions since you forcibly took over this fine establishment. You couldn't even fill my Presidential boots!

*The Accelerator turns to walk away, but Shag-Nasty again grabs his arm, spinning him around and socking him in the jaw! Ace stumbles back, then growls and comes back, throwing his own punch, and we have an Executive battle in the parking lot!!! The President and the CEO are both throwing punches rapidly at each other, in a total brawl, as the fans, who are watching this on the 'Tron, are going berserk!*

JR: Wow! Someone get a ref out there!

Brain: I'll put 10 bucks on Shag, JR.

JR: You're on, Heenan!

Cole: The animosity between Shag-Nasty and the Accelerator is still very strong, despite the fact that they've both moved up in their respective careers. Obviously, as security comes in to try and split them up, things may never be settled between them.

JR: Neither Shag or Ace seems like they have any real idea who this third power is, and it looks like its really tearing the GCWA apart. I still don’t have a clue who it could be. But, onto some very disappointing news folks, neither Handyman or Gabriel Morse has showed up today to the event. We aren’t sure what’s happened to them, in fact, I haven’t heard from either one of them for nearly two weeks. But, Shag-Nasty did say that if either or both men failed to show, their jobs would be taken away. Does this mean the two are fired?

Brain: Don’t jump to conclusions, JR, maybe something personal happened to them. We’ll just have to wait for an official comment on the matter.

Cole: For once, Brain seems to be right, JR. But don’t let the fact that one of our matches has been scraped get you down, we’ve still got four huge matches to go tonight.

*As the Cell begins to lower to the ring, “Red Velvet” by Outkast starts to play, scored with the Oblivion Theme. A nice array of pyros go off, and Adrian Rockwell steps out wearing the Television Title. He slowly makes his way to the cage, watching as it rests around the ring. He begins to climb it, dropping the title to the floor just before he does. The crowd, of course, boos.*

Cole: Here’s a guy that I’m quite impressed with as of late. Rockwell has been on one of the hottest winning streaks of any wrestler’s career, only losing since our rebirth in that Battle Royal for the European contenders.

Brain: Of course he’s been on fire! Rockwell is a great wrestler, and an awesome talent, not to mention he has the backing of Shannon Shag-Nasty and the BOO. This guy could have big things coming his way.

*Rockwell makes his way onto the top of the cage, just as “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit breaks over the PA. The crowd goes entirely crazy, all of them standing and cheering as one gigantic explosion covers the stage. Michael Breaker walks out, his half-mask covering the destroyed side of his face, and raises his arms to the air.*

JR: But I don’t care who you are, when the Man is coming after you you’d better have your stuff together! Michael Breaker, who’s been a little camera shy ever since his accident, is not the kind of man you want on your bad side. And I don’t think Rockwell has a good side.

Brain: Breaker seems to have had quite a few accidents in his time here in the GCWA. He really ought to think about a career change.

Cole: Well, Brain, Breaker actually has been talking about retiring, he just doesn’t want to leave the GCWA in the shape its in. But how much longer can the man go on wrestling with an eye that doesn’t work and his face as damaged as it is. Not to mention, he still has to be feeling the effects of falling off that Cell a year ago at the Bastard’s Ball and breaking his back. Michael Breaker, just might be Michael Broken by the end of the night.

JR: Well, here we go. Breaker is making his way up the side of the cage as the bell rings, and it looks like Rockwell is going to let him up without any interference. Breaker pulls himself onto the top and the two lock eyes. We’re going to have a little smack talking it seems before this one starts up. Finally, Rockwell throws a punch, but Breaker blocks it and returns with a big punch of his own. Rockwell stumbles back, and Breaker follows in again with another shot! This one could be over fast if Rockwell doesn’t watch his step, but no! Rockwell counters in with a nice clothesline, taking Breaker down for a moment.

Brain: Everybody knows that isn’t enough to keep Breaker down though, as the Man gets back to his feet and locks up with Adrian. They struggle for control, and it looks like the Man is going to take the advantage. He lifts Rockwell up now, bringing him down with a big Belly-to-Belly! All of these moves, these powerful drops, could end the match if they have enough impact to send the opponent through the top of that cage and to the ring. Hell, this match could really end at any time.

Cole: Its going to take more then a simple Suplex though to get through that cage, Brain. The Man moves in on Rockwell, who is trying to get back to his feet, and boots him square in the chest. Rockwell falls back down on the cage, and Breaker is on him, slugging away with giant fists into his face. Now he stands, flips Rockwell over, and steps on the back of his head, grinding his face into the steel! What a vicious move from Breaker!

JR: This match isn’t just about the Television title, as everyone well knows. These two have really been at each other over the last couple of weeks, attacking the other whenever they can get the chance. Breaker stands Rockwell up now and grabs him from behind, but Rockwell quickly spins around and has Breaker from behind. He lifts him with a Full Nelson, and slams him right back down onto the top of the cage. Quite a reverse by Rockwell, who isn’t wasting any time on Breaker. He rolls Breaker towards the side of the cage, hoping to spill him over, but Breaker isn’t having it!

Cole: Indeed he isn’t, JR! Breaker pulls Adrian’s legs right out from under him, dropping him. Both men get to their feet now, Breaker charging for a Spear, but Rockwell side-steps it and pushes Breaker’s back! Breaker flies towards the edge of the cage, but pulls up to a quick stop. He’s barely balanced up there, but he is still up there and not on the floor. He turns and goes after Rockwell, who kicks him quickly in the stomach then drops him with a DDT!

Brain: Rockwell definitely has the motivation in there to send Breaker off the cage. He pulls Breaker up again, hooking him, and lifting him into the air for a Suplex. He doesn’t fall back though, instead holding Breaker straight up in the air! What a display of strength from Adrian Rockwell!! Finally he falls, only forwards instead of backwards, dropping Breaker on his chest and face. That did not look too pleasant.

Cole: Breaker is in a bit of trouble now, right next to the edge. Rockwell leans over to shove him off, but Breaker sits up, grabs a hold of Rockwell’s hair, and headbutts him hard with that mask! Rockwell falls backwards clutching his face, and Breaker crawls over to him. Breaker grabs him by the hair now and slams his face right into the cage, again and again and again and…

Brain: Ouch!

JR: You can say that again, Brain! Breaker has busted Rockwell’s nose wide open, probably breaking it. Rockwell’s face is covered in blood as Breaker continues to bash him over and over and over into that cage. Finally Breaker stops, standing to his feet. The crowd is going wild for him! He looks down at Rockwell then quickly stomps on the back of his head, grinding his face into that steel once again! This is really a brutal display from the former Heavyweight Champ!

Cole: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Michael Breaker so enraged in a match before, but it looks as though it just might pay off. He brings Rockwell to his feet now and lifts him up for the Manbreaker! But Rockwell, bloody and moving on instinct, slides off his back and grabs him, lifting Michael up, and falling to the cage with the Stonecutter!!! Both men are out now on top of the Cell!!!

Brain: Great! Now we get to sit back and watch two men just lay there, this match doesn’t end until one of them falls off! Neither man is moving up there besides to twitch. Somebody should just climb up there and push one of them off, Breaker preferably.

JR: What do you have against Breaker, Brain?

Brain: Well, nothing really, he just isn’t the type of man I want representing the GCWA as a champion. I mean, really, he’s a freak!

Cole: Finally they start to move, both men slowly getting to their feet. I think Rockwell has blood in his eyes as he stumbles around the top of that Cell right into the waiting arms of Michael Breaker, who lifts him, and brings him down hard with a Spinebuster! Breaker barely has the energy to stand after that, but he somehow finds a way to get to his feet again. Now the crowd goes wild as Breaker signals for the Manbreaker! He brings Rockwell up again, lifting him up into the torture rack, spinning him, and drilling him to the cage with the Low-Down half of his finisher, ending the Manbreaker!! Rockwell rolls now, halfway off the side of the cage!

JR: If Breaker moves quick he can end this one! He moves in on Rockwell and…look out!!! The center of the cage just gave way and Breaker has fallen through!! My God! He just crashed to the mat with a huge impact! Rockwell, meanwhile, is still on top of the cage and somehow, although he looked beaten, is going to come out of this the winner!!! Breaker is just lying there in a heap, not even moving. I’m not even sure Rockwell knows he’s won.

Cole: Whether he knows it or not, lady luck has just given Adrian Rockwell another title defense and kept him as the Television Champion. Breaker is the one who went a long way down!

*Replays are shown of the match, including Rockwell busting his face open, both men’s finishers, and ending with a few shots of Michael Breaker’s sudden fall. The announcers discuss the fall, JR skeptical that the cage wasn’t rigged, while Heenan tries to convince him it was just an accident. The shot returns to the ring, where Breaker is rolled away on a stretcher, and Rockwell is slowly climbing down. Suddenly, the shot goes backstage to Shag’s office where he watches his television.*

Shag-Nasty: Yes, another victory for the Oblivion, and no freakin’ third power to get in the way. Ace can’t pull every rug out from under my feet.

*Suddenly Kevin O’Connor busts into the office looking quite upset.*

O’Connor: Shag! You seen Dopeman?

Shag: No, But I’m sure he’s here somewhere.

O’Connor: I’ve been training hard all week long for this match, Shannon, and I’d be real upset if he didn’t show up. I don’t think anyone’s seen him.

Shag: He’s here, don’t worry. Dopeman is weird about being seen before his matches. Just go down to the ring and get ready to win yet another belt, Kev.

O’Connor: Fine. But if he isn’t here…

Shag: He is, no go. Your match starts in…right now!

*As O’Connor leaves the office, Shag shakes his head then mutters something else about Ace, quickly leaving his office. We return to ringside.*

JR: As it Dopeman still may not have shown up, but we’re going to start the match anyway. We’ve got Penzer in the ring now ready to call it.

Penzer: The next match is scheduled for one fall. It will be for the European Title! *cheers* First, coming to the ring, he's the current Cruiserweight and co-tag-team champion, wrestling under the banner of the Bastards of Oblivion, here is "The Dragon" Kevin O'Connor!

*Although he's slightly aligned with Shag-Nasty, the fans still cheer loudly as O'Connor comes out, with the usual pyro explosion behind him. O'Connor looks a little upset, rather unlike him, as he comes down the aisle, not bothering to slap the outstretched hands of his fans. He enters the ring and immediately goes to the corner, leaning on it with his arms crossed, waiting.*

Tenay: Is it me, or does O'Connor look a little perturbed?

JR: He’s heard the rumor that the Dopeman may not have shown up tonight, which would mean that O'Connor would not have the chance to win the European Title. O'Connor has been very high this past week, liking his chances in getting the vacated strap, after he and the Dopeman were the two finalists in the Battle Royal. Earlier in the night, O'Connor had managed to defeat the Dopeman in a great Cruiserweight Title fight, so we knew that these two would give this audience exactly what they wanted.

Tenay: This really has been one of the matches that I have really been waiting for. But it's not looking good. Someone just came running out of the back towards the ring. He gets close and waves to Penzer, who moves over to take the note from the young man. Ok, Penzer's going to talk, let's see what's up.

Penzer: I have been told from the back that the Dopeman has still not appeared in the arena. Due to this fact, the match between the Dopeman and the Dragon for the European Title has, unfortunately, been canceled.

*Boos drown out the rest of Penzer's speech. O'Connor turns around in the corner, grabbing the ropes with both hands, and starts kicking the bottom turnbuckle, angrily tearing into it. He spins as Penzer comes closer, talking to him.... and O'Connor brings him down with a Snap DDT!!! Penzer is out in the ring, as O'Connor rolls under the ropes and heads towards the back, smashing anything in his path. The fans decide not to try for a high five this time, as the Dragon disappears in the back.*

JR: Wow. I... ummm.... wow.

Tenay: I'm a little speechless myself, JR. O'Connor just took out a lot of frustration in one shot, and now David Penzer might be unconscious. We need some medical attention in the ring, people. This is just unbelievable. I would never have thought Kevin O'Connor would brazenly attack a defenseless announcer, especially one trying to give him a few words of wisdom.

Brain: I know what you're saying, Mike, and I can't believe it either. What a freebie! We just got to see Penzer get his head taken off! I love it!!!

*We see another replay of Penzer taking the bit hit from O’Connor, then we cut to another backstage scene. The picture shows the office to Ace’s door, padlocked and chained. Someone, most likely Ace, can be heard banging away on the inside, but the door doesn’t even budge.*

JR: Well, I’ll be!! Someone’s put a chain around the CEO’s office, and Ace is locked up inside!

Brain: What’s he going to do if he has to go to the bathroom?

JR: You idiot! Don’t you see what’s happened? This is Shag’s work!

Brain: How is Shag involved with this?

Cole: JR, are you thinking that Shag-Nasty locked the CEO up in his office to ensure no future involvement with the night’s action?

JR: That’s what it looks like to me!

Brain: Come on! Shag wouldn’t…

*A Massive pyro suddenly takes our attention as the lights go to black. “Rage is Reality” begins to play and out steps the J.Y. Kidd and Lan Ragus. While everyone is crazy booing, Rage is Reality give each other a good look then make their way to the ring. They slid in, Ragus kneeling in the corner, while J.Y. plays to the crowd.*

Brain: Love them or hate them, the Bastards of Oblivion have are a well respected group of fighters in that ring. Today, we have a triple threat first blood match, so they won’t be able to team up much, seeing that they’re fighting each other.

Cole: I doubt neither Ragus or Kidd really cares about winning that IC title here, they just want to bust Mysterio open. The only thing is, whichever one of them makes him bleed gets the win. It probably doesn’t even matter.

*Suddenly, another giant pyro covers the stage, the GCWA-Tron reads “The Whole F’N Company”, and Mysterio’s music hits. He enters to the biggest pop so far on the night, the crowd obviously happy to see him again. In his hands he holds a kendo stick. He slaps hands with the fans on the way down, only to be suddenly taken out as he reaches the ringside by a leaping J.Y. Kidd. The two hit the ground hard, the Kidd getting to his feet and stomping away at Mysterio.*

JR: Let’s keep this night going then, shall we? Mysterio has made his return to the GCWA, one of our former legends coming back into ring action. Right now Kidd has his number though, stomping down on Mysterio’s stomach. Steven tries to get to his feet, but as he gets to his knees, Ragus joins in and gives him a nice boot to the chest. Now the duo brings Mysterio to his feet and locks him up for a Double Suplex, lifting him high in the air before bringing him back down on the mats.

Brain: Of course, beating the hell out of your opponent isn’t the point in this match, all you need is a little bit of blood to pour out his mouth and you take home the IC title. The two are brining Mysterio up for another double team, but Mysterio hits them with a double low-blow, standing and dropping J.Y. with a Spinning Heel Kick. He now turns on Ragus, grabbing him from behind and tossing him towards the ringpost! Blam!! Ragus hits head first, bounces off, and falls to all fours by the steps!

Cole: This is exactly what Mysterio is going to have to do. He needs to take one man out at a time and concentrate on the other, He makes back to J.Y., grabbing himself a steel chair on the way. J.Y. stands to his feet, and Mysterio catches him hard from behind with that chair! J.Y. stumbles forwards, then falls flat on his face!

JR: I never thought Mysterio would have a chance in this match up, but he’s proving me wrong right now. He goes back towards Ragus, who is to his feet and leaning on the guardrail. Mysterio lifts the chair for another shot, but Ragus quickly turns with a sharp kick to the jaw! The Star staggers away, dropping the chair, and Ragus follow in quick, wrapping him up, and falling to the mats hard with an STO. Quickly, Ragus rolls over and locks on the Rings of Rage, pulling both of Mysterio’s arms back in a submission move.

Brain: Even if he wanted to tap it wouldn’t matter though, because the point is to bust your opponent open. Here comes J.Y. though, who sees the hold, and takes a few free kicks at Mysterio’s face. If anything can do it, a boot to the nose can certainly draw some blood!

JR: But Mysterio isn’t busting open, and it looks like Ragus and J.Y. are getting a little bored. They bring Mysterio up again, rolling him into the ring. The Kidd is the first to the apron, flipping himself over the top, and coming down on top of Mysterio. Ragus follows in now, using the ropes to leap into the fire, and come down with a big leg over Mysterio’s face. These two certainly have Mysterio hurting.

Cole: They really do, JR. It looks like the teamwork between the two is just too much for the Star. They bring Mysterio up to his feet again, sending him into the ropes. They both drop their heads, and Mysterio answers with a quick kick to the kisser of J.Y. He falls to the mat, but Ragus is up, hurriedly dropping Mysterio with a clothesline to stop his momentum. He moves in quick on Mysterio again, the submission expert that he is, and locks him into a Mexican Surfboard, standing on his back and pulling his torso against the pressure.

Brain: Ragus has always been a master of pain, but this type of wrestling just isn’t going to get the job done today. Ragus needs to get a chair or the ring-bell or something and just beat the cartilage out of Mysterio’s face.

JR: Still, these moves are wearing Mysterio down, which is just what Ragus needs to do. Mysterio came into this match pumped up as hell, and the submission moves help to rid him of that kind of energy.

Cole: Now J.Y. is coming over, helping Ragus bring Mysterio to his feet. He sends him into the ropes, and Ragus lifts him on the return, pressing him into the air. He holds him, allowing J.Y. to climb to the nearest top turnbuckle. Now, Ragus pushes Mysterio and bit higher up, quickly stepping forward and letting him fall to the mat. Halfway down, J.Y. leaps, landing atop him just as Mysterio connects to the mat with a nice Guillotine Drop! That just might have won a regular match, but Mysterio is still not bleeding!

Brain: I’m very surprised that Mysterio’s face is still intact. Ragus seems to be readying himself for the end of this match as he rips the covering off the top turnbuckle in the corner. Take a look at that huge metal ring there. If anything is going to bust some skulls, its that metal ring!

JR: Well, Kidd seems to like the idea, bringing Mysterio over. He tries for the head bash, but Mysterio blocks it, sending J.Y. into that uncovered buckle. Now Ragus charges in, trying to hit a splash, but Mysterio is out of the way and Ragus hits that metal hard! Mysterio follow in with a Neckbreaker, sending Ragus to the mat! He moves quickly, springing off the bottom rope and landing a Moonsault! Now, he gets to his feet again, pulling J.Y. up. He swings, but the Kidd blocks it and swings himself, but Mysterio blocks it and slugs away at the Kidd!!!

Cole: J.Y. is stumbling back now into the corner, and the Star lifts him up. He climbs up after him, lifting, and hitting the Short Sensation! J.Y. rolls to the outside of the ring, as Mysterio celebrates! The crowd is going nuts now, and Ragus is to his feet. Ragus grads Mysterio from behind, lifting him up into the air, and drilling him over his head and to the mat with a nice Back Suplex! Mysterio rolls over, allowing Ragus to move in and lock on the Execution! This is one of the most lethal submission moves in the game, working the neck, the back, and the knees at the same time with little room for an escape.

Brain: Mysterio looks like he’s passing out in there, but any man would. That move causes some of the most powerful shocks of pain I’ve ever seen. Ragus finally lets go of him, letting him slip to the mat. Mysterio isn’t moving now, but for that matter neither is J.Y. Ragus smirks to himself before sliding out of the ring and picking up that Kendo stick. He moves back in, backing up to a corner, and waiting for Mysterio to get to his feet.

JR: Mysterio finally stands, staggering towards Ragus, who takes a mighty swing and connects across the short one’s skull. Being thick headed is usually a bad thing, but today its turning out quite well for Mysterio. Slowly, Mysterio is getting up again, as Ragus marks him, and the J.Y. Kidd starts to climb onto the apron. Ragus swings again, but misses as Mysterio ducks it. Steven backs into the corner, but the Kidd is there, grabbing him from behind, hopping onto the top buckle, and nailing him with the Buzz!! Mysterio has got to be out of it now.

Cole: There’s a lot of celebrating going on in that ring now, JR. The two both stand over Mysterio, screaming down at him. Mysterio doesn’t seem to notice, in fact, I doubt he can notice anything going on around him. J.Y. is asking for the Kendo stick, and Ragus hands it over to him. Now, Ragus helps Mysterio up to his feet and locks his arms behind his back. The Kidd backs away, then charges, taking a huge swing. But wait! Mysterio is out of the way and Ragus takes the blow to the face. He stands there for a moment with a shocked look stuck on him, then falls forward and passes out!

JR: The Kidd is just staring at him! Mysterio snags the Kendo stick, and, as J.Y. turns, hits him not once, but two times quickly in the forehead. J.Y. touches his head, and feels the blood there as it starts to pour! The bell is ringing and the Kidd falls back into the ropes, his face beginning to cover with the flow! Mysterio drops the stick and looks at the ref, who hands him the IC title and raises his hand!! We’ve got a new champion folks, and it just happens to be one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the GCWA!!!

*We go to some replays, including Ragus’ Execution and J.Y.’s buzz, ending with multiple shots of J.Y. smacking Ragus then getting busted open by Mysterio. Finally we pause on a shot of Mysterio standing on the turnbuckles holding his new title.*

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, its now time for our main event, the final match of the evening. One that’s been building up since the GCWA re-opened. As the cell is lowered down to the ring once again, let’s take a look back at how all this got started.

*The shot changes to Shannon Shag-Nasty on the first night of the GCWA’s return. We hear him talking about the vacated Heavyweight Belt. Suddenly, Punisher comes out, and we hear him tell us about how some one else has given him a contract naming him the champ. There’s obvious tension between the two. Later, we see Punisher taking out the BOO. Next we skip to a shot of Derek Mobley demanding Shag to give him a match. “You want a match,” we hear Shag say, “Then you got one!” Now the shot changes again, play by play from JR and the Brain can be heard as we watch Shag hit powerful moves, including his Nasty-Snap, on the Thriller. The music changes though as we see the Thriller hitting his moves back on Shag, ending with the Thrilla from the top rope. Once more the scene changes, showing a very paranoid Shag-Nasty. We see Punisher crush him with the Pun-Bomb and Thriller drill him once more. Finally the shot ends on a powerful chord, holding a shot of both Punisher and Mobley.*

Brain: My only question is, JR, who’s the special ref going to be? We’ve waited all week and there’s been no…

*Suddenly, “Tales of a Scorched Earth” plays and a massive pyro covers the arena. The crowd instantly goes crazy, and Titan 3 enters. He holds his arms up to the crowd, who cheer even louder. He’s wearing a ref’s jersey. He makes his way to the ring and climbs to the top of the cage, posing atop it to the cheering fans and flashing cameras. He descends down through the hole in the top of the cage, hanging on the landing on his feet center ring.*

JR: The GCWA’s greatest Heavyweight Champion ever is back, and he’s our special referee!! Look at him, he seems to be in the best shape of his life!!

Brain: Titan 3 is the third power?

JR: No you dummy, he’s only been appointed to the match by the third power! This is great!

Cole: What a wonderful surprise to help the GCWA get back on its feet! The return of the greatest champion ever has happened!

*”Thriller” plays now, and out steps Derek Mobley. He receives a decent pop, nothing the size of Titan’s, and makes his way to the ring slowly. He looks at the cage for a moment, then shakes his head and enters.*

Cole: We haven’t heard much from the Thriller this week, but he looks ready to become the next champion of the GCWA. The only question is, do you think he can get by Punisher?

Brain: I think he can, Mobley is one of the hottest up and coming fighters in the league, Punisher shouldn’t be any real problem.

*The biggest pop of the night comes now as “Bring the Pain” blares into the house. The crowd starts rapping along and screaming as the champion, the belt around his waist, steps onto the stage. He poses for a brief moment, looking better then ever, before running down the ramp towards the cage. He enters it and listens as Titan 3 explains the rules. Neither Mobley or Punisher seem to be listening. The bell rings, Punisher hands his title over, and the two lock up.*

JR: Forget all the talk, forget all the hype, this is the Knockout match of the month for the Heavyweight Title. The two struggle against each other as the cage closes and locks. Neither man is getting out of there now. Punisher takes the early advantage, pushing Mobley back into the ropes, but Mobley struggles back and pushes himself off of them. Punisher quickly lifts Mobley into the air and falls forward with a nice quick slam. Both men get back to their feet, Mobley charging and getting caught with a drop toe hold!

Brain: You got to wake up pretty early in the morning to try a charge like that on the champ! Both men are to their feet again, this time Punisher charging. Mobley tries to side step him, but its of no use because Punisher catches him with a spear anyway. Now, he beats down quickly on Mobley, really laying into him. Titan 3 isn’t calling for the breakup, knowing that there’s no rules here. Punisher finally gets to his feet, looking over at Titan, who only smiles at him.

JR: Titan 3 is going to call this match fair and square folks. If there’s at least one honest man in the GCWA, its him. But I’m still wondering who had the power to reinstate him?

Cole: Its obviously someone close enough to Titan in the outside world to get word to him, I just don’t know who it could be. What I want to know is, will he back in the ring for some action?

Brain: Enough about Titan 3. Yeah, yeah, he was a great champ once, but not anymore. He’s just there to slap the mat three times and get on with business as usual. Punisher has Mobley up again, sending him into the ropes at top speed, but Mobley ducks a clothesline on the way back. Mobley springs off the other side and tries a clothesline of his own, this time connecting and dropping the champ. He quickly gets on him with a few stomps, keeping Punisher down. Pun tries to get up again, but Mobley kicks him sharply in the knee, keeping him on the mat.

Cole: Its going to take a match of this slower pace to keep Punisher out of it. The only way Mobley has a chance at getting that belt is if he lets Punisher know he means business. He brings the champ up again, setting him up, and hitting a quick snap Suplex. He rolls over for the cover…1…2…and Punisher is out of it with room to spare. That was a fair count from the ref, looks like Titan is going to stick to the middle of this one.

JR: Mobley is brings Punisher up again, this time sending him towards the buckles. Punisher reverses, sending Derek into the buckles, but the Thriller comes back with a wicked forearm, putting the champ down again. Mobley is really looking impressive. He backs off now and comes off the ropes, gaining speed, and coming down with an elbow right into Punisher’s heart! He covers…1…2…and Punisher is out of it again. Mobley brings Pun back to his feet, looking for a Belly-to-Belly, but Punisher blocks it, standing strong and kneeing Mobley in the stomach!

Brain: Mobley can not let too much of that happen to him! Punisher comes in now with a charge, but the Thriller grabs his arm and takes him down with an Armbar! He pulls back adding pressure, and Punisher looks like he’s in trouble. He screams against it, but Mobley is not letting off. Punisher tries to get to his feet, but Mobley trips him back down and applies the lock again, pulling back even harder now!

Cole: This is some great action in the ring! Mobley looks as though he’s ready to rip that arm right out of socket, while Punisher looks as if he might start to scream! Finally Mobley lets off of him, obviously Punisher isn’t ready to tap out, but comes down with a hard knee against that same arm. It looks like he’s going to try and work that arm out and get a submission. He drops down with another big knee, right in the joint of Punisher’s elbow, then locks on another arm wrench.

JR: Punisher looks to be in a great deal of pain, but he’s managing to get to his feet. Mobley lets him, twisting the arm around his back and pulling up on it. Punisher tries a few elbows to Derek’s skull to break the hold, but it isn’t working. Mobley finally lets him go, only to pull on the arm again, and drop Punisher with a sharp chop to the chest. He holds onto that arm though, pulling Pun back up and slapping him down again and again. He is really working that arm out!

Brain: Mobley lets Punisher fall to the mat this time, letting him go and escaping to the outside of the ring. He finds himself a chair and slides back in, placing it underneath Punisher’s arm! He leans back on the ropes and propels himself off, leaping and coming down with a huge leg, but Punisher rolls out of the way!! Mobley hits the chair in pain, but pops back to his feet, holding his leg. Pun moves quick, grabbing Mobley by the hair and tossing him over the top rope into the cage!! What a move!

JR: Mobley hit that unforgiving steel quite hard, really taking a blow before crashing to the floor. Punisher has fallen to on knee in the ring, holding the shoulder of that hurt arm. Mobley really worked on him for awhile. Punisher now climbs out of the ring, moving in on the Thriller. He helps him up and drags him face across the steel of the cage, flinging him to the ground afterwards. Now he works in a few quick boots to the back, keeping Mobley down.

Cole: Punisher, though in a huge amount of pain, really looks upset in there. He reaches down and brings Mobley to his feet, setting him up for the Pun-bomb. Mobley drops to one knee, however, and hits a low-blow on the champ, standing and dropping him with a Fame-Ass-Er on those mats. The floors out there may have padding, but with an impact like that the padding won’t do much. He pulls Punisher to his feet again and slings him towards the ringpost, but Punisher reverses it, sending Thriller into and over the steps with a crash!!!

JR: Punisher isn’t moving too fast though! Both men are really hurt now, Punisher’s arm almost aching and Mobley’s knees most likely on fire with pain. Punisher slowly moves towards Mobley, who is getting back to his feet. Mobley turns quickly though, on Punisher, and connects with a nice uppercut. Punisher backs off, leaning against the cage, and Mobley charges him. Pun sidesteps him, however, lifts, and brings Mobley down right into that cage wall! His face just ripped against that chain link steel!

Brain: Finally, one of these guys is bleeding. Punisher has Mobley again, rolling him back into the ring. He follows in via the top turnbuckle, climbing up a waiting. Mobley stands and Punisher comes down on him with a huge lariat, nearly taking his head off! He covers…1…2…but the Thriller kicks out of it. Punisher brings the bloody challenger up again, sending him to the ropes, but Mobley reverses, pulling Punisher in for the Thriller!!! He tries to lift him, but Punisher hits him with a sharp elbow to the back of the head and another quick drop toe hold. He reaches down and locks on a Boston Crab!!!

Cole: Now its Mobley who looks ready to scream out in pain! Mobley tries to get out of it, but Punisher is not letting go. Titan asks the all important question, but Mobley is refusing to give up. Finally Punisher lets off, only to flip Mobley over and set up for the Pain Killer! He flips Mobley again, locking on his signature submission finisher! Mobley is screaming out, holding one hand in the air ready to slap the mat. But wait…is it just me or is that cage rising?

JR: Is certainly is, Cole, and I’ll tell you why! Shag-Nasty is headed down the ramp with a steel chair in hand! He must not be happy! No-one in the ring notices that the cage is rising, Punisher concentrating on the Pain-Killer, Titan asking for a tap, and Derek trying not to tap. Shag-Nasty slides into the ring now with that chair, lifting it, and slapping it across Titan’s back! But Titan isn’t effected!! He merely stands and turns on Shag, who looks as if he’s going to puke out of fear!!

Brain: This can’t be good! Shag raises the chair again, but Titan kicks him in the stomach. Now Titan lifts him, pulls him into the air, and drops him with a Falling Powerbomb!!! Shag is out! Oh No!!

Cole: And look at Mobley! He’s tapping out, but Titan doesn’t see it! Punisher lets him go to see what’s going on, and starts laughing at the downed Shag! He turns back to Mobley, who turns and kicks him right in the groin! Titan is still screaming down at Shag has Mobley stands and nails the Thriller!! He covers…but Titan isn’t there!!! Derek is screaming over at Titan, who finally turns and drops for the count…1…2…and Punisher kicks out of it at the last moment!

Brain: Thriller is livid!! He stands and screams right in Titan’s face, but he better not touch him! There’s a 100,000 dollar fine for doing that! Titan is holding two fingers in Mobley’s face, shaking them, but Derek still shakes his head. He turns back to Punisher, kicking him before bringing him back to his feet. He sends him into the ropes, but Punisher reverses, lifting Mobley on the return and dropping him with a Spinebuster!!! Both men are down now, neither moving in the ring!! This is any man’s match to win!!

Cole: Punisher is the first to start moving, throwing an arm over the downed Thriller. Titan drops…1…2…but the Thriller finds a way to kick out at the last moment! What a match!!! Both men are getting to their feet again, blood still pouring out of Mobley’s face. Punisher is the first to move in, grabbing Mobley, but Mobley pushes him off and connects on a nice kick to the jaw. Punisher stumbles backwards and Mobley charges him, but Punisher steps out of the way, grabbing Mobley’s hair, and tossing him through the air into the corner!!!

JR: Mobley drilled that corner hard, turning around stunned into the waiting arms of Punisher, who sets him up, lifts him, and drops him with the Pun-Bomb!!! He covers…1…2…3!!! And Punisher has defended his title!!! Punisher deliveries the Knockout in November!!

Brain: Punisher may have won the match, JR, but I think it was Titan who delivered Knockout, Shag still isn’t even moving!! What a night for the GCWA!!! JR: I could not agree with you more!!! Punisher is still our champion, Shag-Nasty got his ass kicked, and Titan 3 came back to the GCWA all in one main event!!! We couldn’t have asked for a better night!!! We’ll see you next Sunday, folks, at Sixpack, where we hope to hear from Titan 3 and get some word on his position in the GCWA now!!! For the Brain and Michael Cole, I’m Jim Ross, saying, that’s all for the Machine tonight!!!

*We end with a shot of Punisher holding his title with Titan 3 holding his arm in the air. They both stand over the knocked out Shannon Shag-Nasty, both men looking awesome as ever. The screen suddenly switches to your cable company, telling you what movies you can buy this month.*