*As the pre-order screen fades, the excitement begins to build, as you know what’s coming next. The darkness dissipates, allowing us to see what appears to be a giant chess board. Figures can be seen on either side of the board. The 16 pieces are of all different shapes and sizes, and although each is garbed in various types of armor, it’s clear who each is supposed to represent.*

Voice: Throughout the history of the world, there has always been two firm rules in life: Survival of the fittest, and to the victor goes the spoils.

*The pieces begin to move around the board, with different figures beginning to face off. Soon, figures begin to fall, as the board appears to be becoming smaller.*

Voice: We started with sixteen brave warriors, each believing that they were destined to continue the journey to the end. They had confidence, ambition, and talent. For twelve of them, this was not enough, as their dreams were dashed, and their hopes crumbled like wet sand.

*As the board continues to shrink, only four pieces remain. The rest are shown plummeting off the edge and into the darkness beneath the structure. Some were favorites. Some were dark horses. All have fallen.*

Voice: Now, tonight, there are four men standing. All have sacrificed to get to this point, and have invested their hearts and souls into the journey. Three of these men will try their utmost, give it their all… and still fall. For their can only be one… Warrior of the Ring…

*We see the final four pieces turning towards each other. A youthful-looking Dangerous Dan, his arm in the air, faces off against a leaning representation of The Lost Soul. The largest piece on the board, the Big Bifford, seems to challenge the man in the martial artist post, Robert Santana. The four pieces come together, on the last four blocks left of the board. The final battle has begun.*

*The picture cuts away, taking us to The Pit in Albuquerue, New Mexico, where the fans are screaming their heads off in anticipation of the first GCWA pay-per-view in 2010! Pyro goes off all along the stageway, from streamers to screamers, smoke drifting towards the top of the arena due to the explosions. This just fires up the crowd even more. The cameras fly along the aisleway, taking in the exuberant fans cheering wildly. As usual, a group near the front has become The Lost Soul’s fanbase, all wearing his face paint and clothing. Another grouping is holding up a large sign, which says “Dangerous Fanatics!” Supporters for The Big Bifford and Robert Santana are pictured, with one woman holding up a sign saying that she loves Bifford, while a young boy’s cut-out of Santana is plastered on his sign. The atmosphere in the Pit is electric, as we head towards ringside, joining up with Edward Jones & Anthony Logan.*

Jones: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Warriors of the Ring IV!! For weeks now, the tournament has been underway, and now we’re down to the final four!

Logan: I don’t know if, when this tournament began, anyone could have predicted our four finalists. We’ve got The Big Bifford and The Lost Soul, two veterans of the sport who have won World Titles in other companies, but are still looking for their first reigns in the GCWA. We’ve got Dangerous Dan and Robert Santana, two young guns who only began their careers a year ago, yet now sit on the cusp of greatness! These four are the very best the GCWA has to offer, Jonesy!

Jones: Honestly, a case could be made for all four being the most worthy of victory here tonight. But we don’t decide things on worth, we decide on winners, and tonight, one of these four will win two matches to take over Derek Mobley’s crown as Warrior of the Ring!

Logan: But that’s not all we’ve got tonight!

Jones: Oh, no, Anthony. We’ve also got some great grudge matches for the enjoyment of our fans! Our World Heavyweight Champion, Draco will be facing off in a “Non Title” Match against his former best friend, Shane Donovan! That one’s going to have a lot of hatred behind it!

Logan: Yeah, and then we’ve also got the settling of the feud between Arryk Rage and Grimm, one that’s sure to be a great one, since it’s a “Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification” Match! I’ve always been a fan of those, since it almost guarantees bloodshed!

Jones: And with all that, we’ve also got our opening match tonight, which is going to be for the GCWA X Division Championship! The cage is being set up now, ensuring that we’re going to start things off with a bang!

Logan: Before that, Jonesy, we need to head to the back, as I’ve just gotten word that we’ve got cameras running in The Big Bifford’s locker room!

Jones: Oh boy…

*We go into the backstage area, where The Big Bifford is standing with Arachne and Barry, Martin Ka'Berryon's father, stirring a glass of red liquid.*

The Big Bifford: This is some of the most poisonous stuff in the world, mixed together and turned into a delicious drink! It's the perfect way for us to end this forever with Dangerous Dan. He'll drink this and then he'll be dead. I will have won the war forever.

*Bifford pulls his stirring straw out of the poison and turns as there is a knock at the door. *

The Big Bifford: Who's there?

Martin Ka’Berryon: (outside the room): It's Martin Ka'Berryon.

The Big Bifford: Martin Ka'Berryon who?

*As Bifford has fun with Martin, Barry accientally picks up the poison instead of his diet coke that is sitting in a glass next to it. He takes a drink and immediately falls over, foaming at the mouth, dropping the poison and spilling it all onto the carpeted floor. He stops breathing and Bifford's eyes grow huge. Arachne seems calm, and probably high on several drugs. *

The Big Bifford: Martin, meet me out by the ramp! I'm having some stomach problems and don't want you to see me like this.

Martin Ka’Berryon: (outside the room): Okay! But have you seen my father? He said he'd be here.

The Big Bifford: NO! He called me and told me that he was going to Africa for a long trip.

Martin Ka’Berryon: (outside the room): Why would he do that?..... Oh well, I'll meet you by the ramp.

*Bifford looks at Arachne with a look of panic. Arachne looks cool and calm. *

The Big Bifford: Arachne, hide this corpse, then after I've got Martin out of the arena, take it someplace and burn it. Understand?

Arachne: Yup.

*Arachne begins dragging the corpse away as Bifford walks out into the hallway to find Martin. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Wait… did we just see…

Logan: Nope. We didn’t see anything, Jonesy, you hear?

Jones: But, I mean… Martin’s father…

Logan: Remember, everyone thinks wrestling is fake, right? So, uh, yeah, that didn’t happen.

Jones: …

Logan: Let’s just move on. It’s time to see who can win inside the cage!

*The video begins to run, showing Harvey Danger battling Scott Caine during Thanksgiving. Danger got one of the biggest wins of his life, winning away the GCWA X Division Championship. Since then, several contenders have come forward to challenge him, including Mr. Excellent, who defeated Danger and Robert Santana at Wreck The Halls for the vacated IC Title. Now, tonight, multiple wrestlers will face off again, this time with only one goal in mind: Xscape. We see shots of each of the competitors in the match, preparing for the bout in their own way. The final shot is a live one of the steel structure, hurriedly being locked into place, as we get ready for action!*

Minos: The next match is the “Xscape” Match for the GCWA X Division Championship! The rules of this match are simple. The first person to escape the cage and have both feet touch the outside floor will be declared the winner, and the X Division Champion!

*The cage has already been set up around the ring, with only two obvious exit points: the roof, which has a hole in the center, and the cage door.*

Minos: Introducing first, he is the largest competitor in this contest, and is seeking his first championship title reign in the company, standing 6’8” and weighing 285 lbs, from Westerville, Ohio, here is Aaron Styles!

*Styles marches out of the back to “New Divide” by Linkin Park, giving the fans a fist in the air as he walks towards the ring. The cage walls do not appear to intimidate the large wrestler at all.*

Jones: Styles had one of his usual weeks, working out and preparing for this contest. He’s definitely going to have the power edge in this one. The main question is, will power be enough?

Logan: Yeah, a match like this usually benefits the quicker, more agile wrestlers, especially the ones who can head out that top hatch. I have trouble seeing Styles heading up that direction.

Jones: Then again, you never know. With gold on the line, we may see moves out of Styles that we never thought we’d get to see!

Minos: Now entering the arena, he has earned praise as the last GCWA Newcomer of the Month for 2009, also looking to earn his first GCWA championship, standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*The crowd gives a small pop for Johnson as he comes out to “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem. He looks like he’s gotten some sun after celebrating his honeymoon this past week. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s burned, or else this match could be a whole lot worse. The wrestler heads for the cage, taking in its height before heading inside.*

Logan: From what I hear, Johnson was involved in several strange incidents, including an apparent murder spree on his cruise ship!

Jones: Yes, reports say that Johnson himself stopped the attacker from stabbing anyone else. It was fortunate he was there!

Logan: A few weeks ago, Johnson came within a three count of taking down Robert Santana and getting the Television Championship. Will tonight prove to be his night to get gold?

Minos: Coming out next, he is a former GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, now looking to add another piece of hardware to his collection, standing 6’3” and weighing in at 255 lbs, from Chicago, Illinois, here is Mr. Excellent!

*The crowd turns hostile, booing heavily and drowning out “Youth of the Nation” by P.O.D. as it plays over the loud speakers. Mr. Excellent soon emerges from the back, a confident strut in his step. Next to him is his manager, Mick. The two are talking heatedly as they approach the ring, each apparently with their own preferred method of winning the upcoming match.*

Jones: We haven’t heard much from Mr. Excellent since he lost the Intercontinental Title to The Lost Soul in the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament.

Logan: Yeah, he’s been laying low, probably out of embarrassment. But you have to put losses behind you and move on, and tonight could be his opportunity to add a third championship to his resume.

Jones: Mr. Excellent is primarily known as a submissions specialist. Unfortunately, that won’t work well in this environment, since it’s usually when you’ve got the hold applied on one wrestler that another one is slipping out the exit.

Logan: Technical wrestling can be a sound strategy in most bouts, but here, it’ll just cost you the match. You have to find ways of wearing down your opposition quickly, rather than in long, drawn-out maneuvers.

Minos: Our next wrestler has earned many accolades in the GCWA, including two reigns as the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight, he looks to earn a title he has never held. Standing 6’1” and weighing in at 210 lbs, from Miami, Florida, here is “His Legacy” Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*”No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins the play, earning the adulation of the audience here in the Pit. After a few moments go by, the curtain finally moves aside, with Marcus Ka’Derrion walking out. He barely spares a glance for the fans who are reaching out to him, instead opting to walk straight towards the cage.*

Logan: Interesting. I wonder where Paco is tonight? I thought he’d be out here, fulfilling his duties as Ka’Derrion’s manager.

Jones: Well, with the cage set up and all, it’s not like a manager can do that much.

Logan: Yeah, other than shout about someone trying to escape, which can be extremely valuable. Well, for whatever reason, Ka’Derrion’s working on his own tonight. We’ll see how that goes for him.

Minos: Finally, our last competitor in the match, he has made waves in both the tag-team and singles ranks, representing D & D, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 215 lbs, here is the current GCWA X Division Champion… Harvey Danger!

*The crowd pops loudly for Danger, some even singing along as “No Rain” by Blind Melon starts to play out. Danger walks slowly out of the back, the X Division Title on his shoulder. He seems unfocused, as he stops in the entryway, as if thinking about turning back. However, someone from behind the curtain gives him a nudge, and Danger starts walking towards the cage, almost mechanically.*

Jones: It’s not a good night to be Harvey Danger. First, he’s got to defend his championship against FOUR other individuals, all of whom are dangerous competitors. After that, he’ll have to be the special guest referee for a match between two guys who used to be his best friends in the whole wide world, Shane Donovan and Draco!

Logan: Yeah, you can read Harvey like a book right now. He still hasn’t recovered from Shane Donovan’s shocking betrayal of D & D. That means he’s in trouble tonight, because in a match like this, you really need to be focused.

Jones: It’s all about getting yourself out of the cage! Who will find a way out first?

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as the match starts, both Bucky Johnson and Aaron Styles make a move towards the door, where Harvey Danger is standing, having just entered. Danger, thrown off by the sudden charge, decides to stand his ground… which turns out to be a painful decision, as both Johnson & Styles lower their shoulders, plowing the man over! Johnson then grabs at the doorway, trying to get it open, only to have Styles grab him from behind and throw him against the cage, keeping him from trying it. Meanwhile, on the other side, Mr. Excellent immediately turned and started to climb up the side of the cage, his eyes on the escape hatch at the top. He didn’t get far, as Marcus Ka’Derrion ran over, jumping up on the cage and clinging to Excellent for a second, before yanking him off with a high belly-to-back suplex off the cage wall!! Ka’Derrion gets back up after the move and heads to Excellent, straddling him and landing punches, as the fighting continues around the ring.*

Logan: Not surprisingly, several guys were thinking of making an early escape. Unfortunately, that rarely ever happens in a match such as this!

Jones: Everyone in the ring is still pretty fresh, which will keep anyone from easily sneaking out. It’s only when guys start to get tired that we’ll see some serious escape attempts.

Logan: Mr. Excellent definitely paid for attempting a quick climb out of the structure. Ka’Derrion’s laying into him like a man possessed!

*Mr. Excellent has turned over on his side, trying to protect his head, as Ka’Derrion continues to swing away at him, landing several shots. On the other side, Styles has Johnson pinned against the side of the cage, grinding his face into the steel. Johnson’s struggling, but is unable to get free. However, he gets a surprise helping hand from Harvey Danger, who jumps on Styles’ back, wrapping his arm around the big man’s throat!! Styles struggles to dislodge the X Division Champion, swinging him back and forth, without success. Johnson then joins in, kicking away at Styles’ unprotected midsection, with the two men taking Styles down to the ground. Danger releases his grip and grabs the side of the cage, using it to get up higher so that he can stomp downwards with greater effect. Styles takes the hit, but tries to get back up anyway, only to take a running boot from Johnson, knocking him onto his back. Johnson and Danger share a quick nod, then go back to work, kicking away at the downed Styles.*

Jones: You never know who is going to team up in matches like this.

Logan: Yeah, and it won’t last. Clearly, Johnson and Danger saw Styles as the biggest threat, and they’re making sure that he can’t make a quick exit. But as soon as Styles is taken care of, this alliance will fall apart.

Jones: We’ll see. After all, Danger has had numerous partnerships in his GCWA career, from the Stranger to Peter Vaughn to D & D. What’s one more?

*On the other side of the cage, Marcus Ka’Derrion has Mr. Excellent in the cell corner, kicking into him. Excellent is slumping, having taken several good shots in a row. Ka’Derrion climbs up on part of the cage, preparing to pull off a potential hurricanrana on his opponent. However, as Ka’Derrion tries to balance himself, Mr. Excellent’s manager, Mick, is suddenly up on the border, reaching through and grabbing at Marcus’ foot! Ka’Derrion, thrown off, still manages to kick Mick’s hand away, but the distraction is long enough for Excellent to reach up and grab Ka’Derrion, pulling him off the cage and getting a modified powerbomb!! Ka’Derrion writhes in pain, as Excellent slumps to his side, using the opportunity to pull himself back together. Meanwhile, Styles has been pulled up by Danger and Johnson, who are still working together. The two men set to lift Styles up, wanting to go for a double suplex. However, Styles breaks free, giving a throat thrust to Johnson to send him staggering away. Danger tries to grab him again, but Styles quickly stops that, sending Danger flying into the side of the cage! The X Division Champion falls to the side, as Styles turns back to Johnson, going after him.*

Logan: Most of the guys in the ring make their living with speedy attacks. Styles’ brute strength approach really makes him the wild card in this one.

Jones: It’s clear that no one is going to be able to match him in power. Can he utilize that to his advantage in this contest?

*Styles has grabbed Johnson now, taking the wrestler towards the center of the ring with a grip around his throat. Johnson tries to break free, swinging against Styles’ arm, but Styles responds by driving a knee into the lower regions of the man, then lifts him, delivering a sidewalk slam! Johnson rolls away in pain, as Styles gets back up, only to have a running Harvey Danger jump on his back again. Styles, though, immediately throws himself forward, causing Danger to topple overtop to the mat. Styles then grabs hold of the X Division Champion, punching away at him. Behind the two, Mr. Excellent has managed to get in some stomps on Ka’Derrion, keeping him down. Excellent turns, seeing that Styles and Danger are busy. He limps towards the doorway, trying to use the distraction as cover. Mick is already there, but he can’t seem to get the door open. He’s grabbing at a chain that has been wrapped around the door, with an angry Excellent coming over to kick at it.*

Jones: Wait a second… the cage door has been padlocked??

Logan: That’s how it looks, Jonesy!

Jones: But then, that makes sure that no one can use the door to escape!

Logan: I guess Ace didn’t want a quick ending to this one, so he made sure that the escape hatch at the top is the only way to go!

Jones: Looks like Mr. Excellent’s got to go another direction!

*Mick’s already pointing upwards, telling Mr. Excellent what he needs to do. Excellent doesn’t seem very happy about it, but he starts up the cage again, climbing up the wall. Ka’Derrion, behind him, is just starting to right himself, not seeing Excellent’s movements. But Bucky Johnson, recovering, does spot it, hurrying over to attack Excellent before he can get too high. He grabs Excellent from behind, pulling the man onto his shoulders in a seated position! Excellent, his mouth wide open, realizes that he’s in a bad place, which is soon proven as Johnson drops with an electric chair slam!! Excellent is flat out, as Johnson starts to get up, only to get attacked by Ka’Derrion, who drives Johnson back into the corner. On the other side, Styles appears to be choking Harvey out, wrapping both hands around his throat! The current champ is struggling against the hold, unable to escape, as his lungs scream for oxygen!*

Jones: Coming into this one, I know a lot of people had picked the former World Champion, Marcus Ka’Derrion, as the favorite. But all of these wrestlers are facing the same odds of getting out. Anyone can really succeed here.

Logan: Yeah, the person I feel the worst for is Harvey. He’s the one with the most to lose, especially with the odds stacked against him. He’s got to find a way to get into this to retain his championship!

Jones: Not to mention that he’s going to be the special referee later on tonight!

Logan: Assuming that he’s not in the hospital, the way Styles is working him over!

*Danger’s almost out now, barely able to even struggle against Styles’ grasp. Across the ring, Mr. Excellent has pulled himself to the side, using the opportunity to ‘hide’ from the other wrestlers and recuperate. Ka’Derrion, meanwhile, tries to bang Johnson’s head into the steel, but Johnson blocks it, then elbows Ka’Derrion in the mouth. Marcus staggers back, with Johnson turning and grabbing his arm. He suddenly, violently shoots Ka’Derrion across the ring, causing him to crash into Styles and Danger!! The three men fall into a heap, as Johnson turns and starts to pull his larger frame up the cage!!! Nearby, Mr. Excellent, seeing this, decides to climb as well, pulling himself up the wall. The two men start to climb higher, even as Styles and Ka’Derrion start to extract themselves. Styles angrily pushes Ka’Derrion away, then realizes that two men are making their move. He goes towards Excellent’s side of the wall, trying to grab the wrestler, while Ka’Derrion, taking in what’s happening, goes after Johnson.*

Logan: We’ve got ourselves a race!

Jones: Haven’t I seen this on American Gladiators before?

Logan: Hey, yeah! We’ve got two men going up the wall, with two men chasing them! Will either man make it?

*Excellent has gotten towards the top portion of the cage, but he’s in trouble, as the taller Styles is on his heels. Johnson’s already having to deal with the quicker Ka’Derrion, trying to kick him away from his ankle. Ka’Derrion persistently goes after the leg, keeping Johnson from pulling himself towards the escape hatch in the roof. The four men continue to struggle, with Ka’Derrion winning out first, managing to pull Johnson off and cause both to fall back to the canvas. Excellent, though, has managed to get his legs up as he starts to move along the roof, closing in on the exit! Styles, unable to make the climb, angrily drops back down, where he’s met by a recovering Harvey Danger! But Danger isn’t there to fight. He signals to Styles, pointing towards Excellent. Styles, suddenly smiling, nods, and Danger steps away, taking a deep breath… then runs forward, jumping up towards Styles, who catches him and springs him into the air! Danger flies upwards, grabbing at the upside-down Excellent, who didn’t see him coming until it was too late. Danger wraps his arms around Excellent’s middle, adding a sudden increase of weight that causes the two men to plunge back to the canvas, with Excellent taking the worst of it!!*

Logan: Geez! Danger just destroyed Excellent with that one!!

Jones: That was a plunge and a half!

Logan: So we continue, with no winner in sight yet! That escape hatch must seem miles away from these guys!!

*Danger, hurting from the fall, rolls out of the way, as Styles comes over towards them. He goes after Danger with his boots, the teamwork already gone between the two. Meanwhile, Johnson is limping, having banged his ankle upon landing earlier. He tries to move away, possibly considering trying another wall, but Ka’Derrion runs up behind him and jumps, landing a bulldog that lays out his foe! Ka’Derrion then struggles to get himself up, the pace of this one taking a toll on all of them, especially considering the number of times each of them have tasted steel. On the outside, Mick is yelling towards Mr. Excellent, wanting him to get up and get moving. Excellent surprisingly stirs, still showing some fight. He sits up, even as Styles kicks away at Danger in the corner. Unfortunately, Excellent’s rising does not go unnoticed by the massive wrestler, as he turns and walks over. Excellent raises his arms protectively, but there’s nothing he can do, as Styles grabs him by the neck and lifts, pulling him off the mat. He lifts Excellent up into a gorilla press, and then launches him with full force into the cage… which collapses, falling to its side!!!*

Logan: Damn!! The cage is coming down!!

Jones: God, were any fans hit by it??

Logan: The only one I see underneath it is Excellent’s manager, Mick! Talk about standing at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Jones: Yes, but… Excellent’s out of the cage, right? So is he our new X Division Champion??

Logan: He’s out, Jonesy, but look at his feet! He’s still laying on what’s left of the cage, which means that we’re not done yet!

*Excellent isn’t moving, even with victory only a few feet away from him. The refs correctly note that his feet have not touched the floor, so no bell is signaled for. In the ring, both Danger and Ka’Derrion realize what’s happening. They pull themselves up and make a dash for the new ‘exit’, trying to be the first one out. But suddenly, Styles is there, catching both men by the throat!!! The crowd roars as Styles lifts both men, delivering a massive double chokeslam that lay both of them out!! Styles pulls himself back up, turning towards the exit… and gets speared by a rushing Bucky Johnson, running him over!!! Johnson rolls in agony for a moment after the maneuver, having put all he had into that attack. But he soon rights himself, his goal in sight. On the fallen cage wall, Excellent is stirring, trying to figure out which way he needs to go. But Johnson’s moving quicker, as he staggers himself through the hole, avoiding the last, desperate grab from the hurting Styles. Johnson falls past Excellent and hits the outside mat, with the refs immediately ending the contest, as the crowd cheers the surprise winner.*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion… “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!!

Jones: Holy crap, Johnson did it!! A month after making his debut in the GCWA, Johnson is already a champion!

Logan: A shocking ending, to be sure! Out of all the former champions in this contest, who saw Johnson making it out first??

Jones: Incredible! What a way to start the show!

*Referee Mitchell, one of the men who had been watching from outside the cage, brings over the GCWA X Division Title, presenting it to the ecstatic Johnson. He starts moving up the aisle, still limping slightly but feeling the rush of victory in his veins. In the ring, an annoyed Styles slaps at the mat, knowing how close he came to the gold. Ka’Derrion is in a seated position to the side, brooding, while Mr. Excellent is still down, along with his manager. The former champion, Danger, has his hands covering his head, either upset or feeling a severe headache… possibly both, considering the match he was just in. We leave the ringside area behind and head backstage. Inside the Danger Boiz locker room, Dangerous Dan is seated on the couch lacing up the last of his boots. Sitting next to him is The View co-host Sherri Sheppard. Appears she meant what she said about coming to the show. Sherri and Dan are enjoying themselves, when suddenly we hear the sound of a door opening. Standing in the shot is Dan’s brother, Crazy Chris.*

Dangerous Dan: Look I don’t have time for this right now. I’m tired of fighting with you.

Crazy Chris: I’m not here to fight anymore. I have had some time to think and I realized what an ass I have been. We both wanted this badly and I fell short. It wasn’t your fault, it was mine. I’m sorry for taking it out on you.

*Dan stands to his feet and is now face to face with his brother.*

Dangerous Dan: I spent the past three weeks in misery because of you. You barely came home, and I have been dealing with Mom being worried sick. Not to mention that Elias is sick. I have had a very rough three weeks. But, you are my brother and I understand where you are coming from.

Crazy Chris: I didn’t mean to take any of this out on you. I have the same goal as you and that is to be champion. I want back in the title picture and this was my only opportunity. However, I will just have to earn my next title match. Tonight it’s all about you winning Warriors of the Ring.

Dangerous Dan: I am going to prove everyone wrong. TLS, Bifford, and Santana have all been talking smack about me. Well tonight, I am going to show them who they have been messing with. I am going out there and I am going to demolish TLS. Then when I get to the finals, I am going to wipe the floor with Santana or Bifford.

Crazy Chris: Well I am behind you one hundred percent. I am over whatever I was tripping on. I am going to have your back. Tonight, Dangerous Dan will become the 2010 Warrior of the Ring. The Danger Boiz are taking over the GCWA!

Dangerous Dan: With the Danger Boiz back on the same page, no one can stop us. This is our year. You and I are going to prove once and for all that we ARE the present and future of this company. Our destiny begins tonight with Warriors of the Ring!

*Dangerous Dan turns and faces the camera. There is look of rage and determination in his eyes. We can see that he really wants to win the tournament. But there also seems to be something deeper.*

Dangerous Dan: Bifford, I hope it’s you that I face in the finals. For months you have been trashing my name and quite frankly, ITS PISSING ME OFF!!! You want to get your hands on me so badly, well tonight’s your chance. After I beat TLS, I will be waiting for you. I am going to wipe that smirk off your face, and beat that fat ass of yours all over the ring. You want to end my career and get rid of my existence. Well sorry to disappoint you, but tonight I am going to end your career and shut that fat mouth of yours once and for all. See you out there Biffy!!

Crazy Chris: And if you’re not down with that, we got three words for you…DEAL WITH IT!!!!

*Dan turns and escorts Sherri Sheppard out of the locker room. Chris follows right behind. With the slam of the door, the scene fades back to ringside.*

Jones: The Danger Boiz are reunited! I was worried there that the brothers were going to be going separate ways.

Logan: Yeah, well, blood is thicker than water, and all that. I mean, I fight with my brother all the time, but we still watch out for each other.

Jones: Dangerous Dan certainly has a major opportunity tonight. Out of 16 wrestlers, he’s made it to the final four. We’ll see later on if he can continue his momentum against The Lost Soul.

Logan: All four guys have sacrificed a lot to get to this point. It’s a shame that only one of them can win, but then, it wouldn’t be that great of a tournament if we just finished out with four winners.

Jones: True. Before we can get to the tournament semi-finals, Anthony, we have another match that’s been brewing for a while. It’s all about a grudge between the two wrestlers that has led to numerous attacks the last few weeks, complete with unsubstantiated rumors.

Logan: The problems with the President, Jonesy, and you know it!

Jones: Just… roll the clip…

*The video segment begins to play, showing us a shot of Arryk Rage from a few months ago. Rage is seen, dejected, after losing the X Division Title to Scott Caine. Rage announces to the world that he’s going to retire, only to have the President, the Accelerator, declare that he’s holding Rage to his contract. In response, Rage began laying down for matches, giving free wins to men like Derek Mobley and Mr. Excellent. The President booked an “I Quit” Match between Rage and himself at Wreck The Halls ’09, determined to get Rage back on the right path. But Rage screwed himself again by giving Ace the win, quitting right away. We switch to shots of Grimm, the noble wrestler, attacking Rage and stopping him from going after GCWA security. Rage responded by ambushing Grimm the next week, locking him inside his own car’s trunk. The feud has grown to tonight, with the two men ready to go at it. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: …. What the hell was that??

Jones: What? It was just one of our normal recaps, Anthony.

Logan: Yeah, but… what about GCWA Security attacking Rage after the match at Wreck the Halls? Or what about the deal reached between Ace and Grimm after Grimm missed out on his tournament match? That video was a smear job of Arryk!

Jones: Hey, the facts are the facts, Anthony. I mean, everything you saw in the video happened.

Logan: But it was changed… I mean… oh, damn it!

Jones: Minos, take us to the match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall. It will be fought under “Falls Count Anywhere, No Disqualification” Rules!! First, coming to the ring accompanied by the Hitmen, he is a growing star in the business, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 226 lbs, from Fort Worth, Texas, here is Grimm!

*Grimm walks out of the back with Lucky Leon and Git‘Em Gotti, with “Soul Survivor” by Young Jeezy playing behind them. The three men look extremely confident as they make their way towards the ring.*

Logan: So Ace is just going to let Leon and Gotti be part of this, too?

Jones: Well, technically, there are no rules in this sort of match, Anthony. Grimm can’t be disqualified if he gets help.

Logan: And yet you still believe that Ace isn’t doing this on purpose to try and take out Arryk Rage?

Jones: His hands are tied, Anthony! He put this stipulation in because it’s one of Arryk’s favorite type of matches! Who knew that Grimm would use it against his opponent?

Logan: Yeah, right. Well… whoa!

Jones: Incoming!

*As Grimm & the Hitmen reach the ring and start to climb up on the apron, a man suddenly gets up from a seat along the aisleway and jumps over, bringing the chair he was sitting on. He throws his coat and hat aside, revealing Arryk Rage! As the crowd roars, Rage charges towards the three men, immediately swinging and smashing Gotti in the back of the head!!! Gotti tumbles to the ground, as Lucky Leon spins around to come to his defense. He runs at Rage, but Arryk ducks under his attack, turning and swinging again to smash the chair into Leon’s spine!!! Leon goes down, even as Grimm, who had gone into the ring, slides back out to engage. Arryk’s ready for him as well, jabbing the chair forward into Grimm’s midsection, doubling him over! Rage then rears back and swings, bringing the chair down hard on Grimm’s back and knocking him to the ground! Rage raises the chair, letting out a wild yell, which is returned by the fans in attendance. Inside the ring, referee Rockwell, with a smile on his face, turns and signals to the timekeeper that the match has begun!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: That’s the way to even the odds, Arryk!

Jones: He just decimated all three men! And look at that chair! I don’t think it’s ever going to be used again!

Logan: Throw it in the scrap pile with the rest of the chairs we’ve destroyed over the last year, Jonesy!

*Git’Em Gotti is still down next to the ring, a bloody mark showing on his forehead. Lucky Leon and Grimm are moving, though, so Rage goes back into action, grabbing Leon and throwing him into the guardrail. Leon hangs there, trying to recover, as Rage signals to the fans to hang onto him. Surprisingly, the fans there do as they’re told, grabbing Leon’s arms. The surprised wrestler is suddenly being held by several hands, and struggles to pull away from them. Before he can fully escape, though, Arryk comes rushing in, spearing Leon into the railing!!!! Leon collapses into a ball, holding onto his stomach and groaning loudly. Arryk gets back up, getting congratulated by the fans near him. He is smiling as he turns and goes back around the ring… and Grimm springs out from where he was crouched over, landing a springing clothesline that takes Rage down!!! Rage rolls away to recover, as Grimm leans on the apron for a second, still aching from the chair shots he took.*

Jones: It looks like Lucky Leon and Git’Em Gotti are down for a while, but they took long enough to let Grimm back into this contest!

Logan: Grimm positioned himself well, there, I have to admit. Even with his friends down, he’s still got a chance to win this one.

*Grimm looks over at the downed Hitmen, shaking his head in anger. Rage is getting to his feet by this point, but Grimm doesn’t let him recover, instead grabbing him and picking up the smaller wrestler. He then drops, getting a backbreaker onto his knee, before rising back up with Rage still in his arms, dropping one more time! Rage falls out of his arms, hurting from the blows, as Grimm straightens back up. He looks around, grabbing at the protective mat covering the concrete. He pulls it away, leaving the white floor exposed. Grimm then moves over to Rage, picking him back up. He brings Rage over to the spot and lifts him again, this time in a bodyslam position! Rage’s legs kick, but he can’t get away, as Grimm bodyslams him onto the concrete!! Sheer pain crosses Rage’s face from the hit as he lays on the floor, stunned. Grimm looks towards the ring, where referee Rockwell is already sliding out to do his duties. Grimm then falls onto Rage for the cover, with Rockwell moving into position… 1… 2.. and Rage kicks out, staying in the bout.*

Jones: Rage looked strong early on, but Grimm’s experience is starting to show through. You can tell that this isn’t his first hardcore match!

Logan: Nope, far from it. Rage has his work cut out for him if he wants the victory here tonight, which apparently he does. I’m glad to see he’s out here fighting, considering how, in his last few fights, he had simply allowed his opponent to win.

Jones: Well, it’s definitely gotten personal for Rage and Grimm, after what’s happened between them the last few weeks. Tonight, hopefully, that grudge will be dealt with.

*Grimm is back up now, bringing Arryk with him as they start to head up the aisleway. Grimm is eying the stage area, thinking about where he can toss his rival so that he stays down. However, as they get halfway up the aisle, Rage comes to life, getting a couple of elbows into Grimm’s ribs. The wrestler staggers away, a hand protectively covering where he was just hit, as Rage comes after him. He grabs Grimm by the back of the head and sends him flipping over the railing, into the crowd! The audience is cheering as Arryk follows, hopping easily over the rail. Grimm gets up to try and meet him, with the two men exchanging a series of punches, the fans around them excited yet alert, knowing that at any moment, they could become part of the action. Rage manages to take control, dragging Grimm closer to the fans. He signals, and three fans obediently get out of his way. Rage then gives Grimm a hip toss, sending him falling backfirst into the row of chairs!!! The chairs slide away as Grimm falls back to the ground, with Arryk jumping on top of him. Referee Rockwell, just now making it through the pumped-up crowd, makes a count… 1… 2… but Grimm kicks out.*

Logan: Damn, now those fans have nowhere to sit the rest of the night!

Jones: Who sits at a GCWA pay-per-view?

Logan: Oh, yeah, good point.

*Grimm’s still down, as Rage moves in, grabbing one of the fallen chairs and putting it over Grimm’s head! Rage then grabs another chair, folding it up. He shows it to the crowd, then comes back, attempting a single Conchairto!!! As Rage rears back to swing, though, Grimm reaches up and grabs the chair on his head, throwing it up into Rage’s face!!! Rage drops his own chair as he staggers away, knocked for a loop. Grimm gets up, holding his side where he hit one of the chairs at an awkward angle. It’s not enough to stop him, though, as Grimm grabs hold of another chair and swings it sideways, clipping Arryk across the side of the head!!!! Rage tumbles to the ground, nearly taking out a couple of GCWA fans who were too intrigued by the action to dodge. Grimm moves in, but stops for a second, realizing something. He smiles evilly, then reaches down, pulling up Arryk and yelling for the fans to take it all in, as Rage is bleeding hard now from where the chair hit!!!*

Jones: Rage is busted open!

Logan: You just knew someone was going to be bleeding by the end of this one!

Jones: Someone call the medics, tell them to have a needle and thread ready!

*Grimm seems to be enjoying showing off the bloody Rage, even trying to get one woman to get some ‘souvenir blood’ for her son. She isn’t interested, moving away, so Grimm starts dragging Rage back towards the ringside area. He throws Rage into the railing, causing him to fall over the top. Near the ring, Lucky Leon has sat up, although he’s clearly in a lot of pain. Git’Em Gotti is being checked on by medics, to see if he needs to be carted out or not. Grimm isn’t concerned himself with them, though, now set on finishing Rage off. He takes Rage over to the ramp and sets him in place, taking him over with a suplex onto the metal ramp!! Rage slides painfully down the ramp, in a bad way, while Grimm takes a moment to get up as well, having clipped himself on the edge of the metal. After a few seconds, though, Grimm is up and making another cover, with referee Rockwell right there for the count… 1… 2… but Rage won’t stay down. Grimm, annoyed, pulls him up again, planning another toss, but suddenly Arryk grabs his head and drops, catching Grimm with a surprise DDT on the steel!!! Both men are down, with Rage not having enough to make the cover.*

Logan: These two guys are beating each other to pieces!

Jones: Thankfully, at pay-per-views, the Accelerator makes sure that a full complement of medics are on hand. You can bet they’re preparing in the back.

Logan: No, they’re not. They’re over dealing with Git’Em Gotti’s injury!

Jones: Oh, yeah. Well, there are more back there who can help, once this match is over.

Logan: The way Arryk’s losing blood, I don’t know if it can continue much longer!

*Rage is the first one up, although he’s heading quickly towards a crimson mask of blood covering his face. He’s not dwelling on it, though, as he grabs a recovering Grimm, giving him a knee to the face that staggers the wrestler. Rage then grabs at Grimm’s head, getting a handful of hair as he pulls him up the ramp towards the stage. He whips Grimm hard into the steel entryway, causing it to shake slightly from the impact as Grimm sprawls to the left, hurting. Rage follows him, looking almost demonic with the blood-red visage bathed in the lights of the stage. He grabs at Grimm, dragging him towards the edge, setting him up for the Fallen Star off the stage!!! The crowd is going wild as Rage sets Grimm into place… and then lets him go to deal with a charging Lucky Leon!! Leon takes a wild swing, but Rage has already dodged, tripping up Leon… who flies off the stage, crashing hard to the ground below!!!!*

Jones: Ouch!! Lucky Leon didn’t live up to his name there, as he took a bad plunge!

Logan: Yeah, the padding there is basically nonexistent. Leon just basically did a backflip down 10 feet to concrete!!

Jones: His distraction might have been enough, though, Anthony! Grimm’s back up!

*Grimm grabs Rage from behind, spinning him around and kicking him in the stomach, driving him to his knees. The kick takes a lot out of Grimm, but he pulls himself back together, pulling Rage back up and locking him into position for the Grimm Reaper!!! But as Grimm lifts up, Rage fights back, raking away at Grimm’s eyes, blinding him! Grimm lets go of the attempted finisher, staggering away, his vision badly compromised by his opponent. Rage drops to a knee, shaking his head, sending drops of blood in multiple directions. He stands back up, though, and follow Grimm towards the other edge of the stage, near the electrical set-up! Rage punches Grimm repeatedly, with each shot causing Grimm to inch closer towards the edge. However, Grimm manages to block the last punch, saving himself by stunning Rage with a shot of his own. The two men both rear back to try another shot… and then both get hit from the side, stunning them, as a third person enters the fray!!!*

Jones: Who the heck is that?? Is that… a woman??

Logan: Damn straight it’s a woman!! And I know who that is!! That’s Angelica, a wrestler from the Championship Wrestling Federation!!!!

Jones: But, what’s she doing here???

*The fresh Angelica quickly has Arryk Rage and Grimm on the defensive, both taking a few strikes from the strong female competitor. Rage tries to come back, shoving Angelica away from them, only to take a shot from Grimm, who seized the opening to nail his true competitor. This proves to be a mistake, though, as Angelica suddenly runs back towards the two off-balance men, leaping into the air and scoring her finisher, the Shadows Whisper, into both men, sending Grimm and Rage both flying off the stage edge and into the electrical servers!!!! Sparks fly, arching into the air, as the crowd goes ballistic!!!! Angelica stands up above the two downed wrestlers, looking down with a pleased expression. She turns and walks away, disappearing as quickly as she appeared, as the fans start up a “Holy S**t!” chant!!!*

Jones: My god, Arryk Rage and Grimm just got electrocuted!!!!

Logan: Man, thank goodness we have back-up equipment, or else our broadcast would be going dark right about now!!

Jones: You’re worried about the broadcast??? After what we just saw??

Logan: Hey, no broadcast, no paycheck, my friend!

*The cameras move around as referee Rockwell anxiously moves in, trying to get a clear view of both wrestlers. Arryk Rage is laying with his feet in the air, his head cradled by a broken operator panel. Fortunately, the operator himself was able to dive out of the way in time. Grimm is face-down, surrounded by wiring, some of which is still active. Neither man is moving. Referee Rockwell, knowing that it’s a no disqualification match, decides to start counting on both men, not wasting much time in his count. Some of the fans seem displeased by this action, but it’s clear that neither wrestler is going to be able to return to action anytime soon. Rage’s arm moves slightly, as if instinctively trying to pull the wrestler up, but he’s unable to rise, as is Grimm. Finally, Rockwell reaches 10 and waves his hands, calling for an end to the contest.*

Minos: By ruling of the referee, the result of this match is a No-Contest, as neither wrestler can continue!

*More boos echo in from the crowd, although many are still marveling at the devestating finish to the match.*

Logan: I can’t believe that Angelica from the CWF showed up here, and took out both men!!

Jones: That really came from nowhere, Anthony! Why would she even be in the building?

Logan: I don’t know, but hopefully we’ll be finding out soon enough! Man! They might as well drive the ambulance out here, because we’ve got bodies down all over!!!

*Medics have flowed out of the back, heading over to the various wrestlers. Git’Em Gotti is already being helped up, still dazed but at least able to move. Lucky Leon is in a seated position, cradling his right shoulder as a doctor looks him over. A medic starts to go towards Rage, but is stopped by referee Rockwell, who is on a radio, trying to make sure that the power is cut before they pull out the two men. Grimm and Rage are both still not moving, having taken a violent jolt of electricity, as well as a plunge off the stage. Finally, the power issue is resolve, with the medics darting in immediately to try and help the two wrestlers. We switch to a shot in the back, where we see the Accelerator watching what just happened. A slow-motion replay shows Rage on his way down towards the electric breakers below. Ace smiles, then pauses it, keeping the shot in view. Behind him, the door opens.*

Peter Vaughn: Ace!

*The Accelerator’s smile falters as he turns to see the man walking into his office. It’s Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn, a man who began as a true janitor who worked backstage at GCWA events. However, a quirk of fate led to Ace spontaneously naming Vaughn a participant in the Ultimate Survival tournament the year before. Since then, Vaughn has continued to try to become a wrestler, without too much success to his name. The Janitor moves towards Ace, dressed in his usual wrestling gear.*

Peter Vaughn: Ace, I’m here and ready for my match!

The Accelerator: Your match, huh? Funny thing here, Pete. I don’t remember booking you in a match.

*Vaughn looks confused, as the Accelerator moves back to his desk.*

Peter Vaughn: But, Ace… I can’t let my streak die! I’ve wrestled at seven straight pay-per-views!

The Accelerator: Yes, and how many of those matches have you won, Pete?

Peter Vaughn: Well, I mean… that’s not the point… it’s going to happen sooner or later…

The Accelerator: No, Pete, it’s not. You see, I let you stay with the GCWA for two reasons: one, you were cheap and doing double duty as a janitor and a wrestler; and two, I thought the fans might get behind an underdog. But it hasn’t worked out the way I thought it would for you.

Peter Vaughn: … Well, the fans still cheer for me, and I don’t want to let them down by not wrestling tonight…

The Accelerator: They’ll live with it, Pete. Because you’re not wrestling tonight. As a matter of fact, you’re not wrestling again. You’re fired.

*Vaughn gasps in shock, stepping backwards away from the desk as if burned. The Accelerator, meanwhile, leans to his left, pressing a button on his phone.*

Peter Vaughn: But, Ace… you can’t do this! I’ve got a family to support! I’ve given you all I’ve got!

The Accelerator: Yep. Too bad it wasn’t enough to put butts in the seats. But don’t worry, the GCWA will get along fine without you.

*Security comes through the door, with two men getting on either side of the Janitor. He’s speechless, not knowing what to say in regards to this unexpected development. Ace makes a note on the pad in front of him, then looks up, as if surprised to see them still there.*

The Accelerator: You can take him out now, boys. Oh, and let him keep his favorite mop, if he wants.

*With Vaughn sputtering, still trying to figure out what he can say to avoid this, security drags him away. The Accelerator doesn’t bother with any more glances his way. He ‘s turned back towards the monitor, looking at the still-frozen shot of Arryk Rage falling. We go back to the ring.*

Logan: No way! Peter Vaughn’s been canned?

Jones: Ironic, really, a janitor getting ‘canned’.

Logan: This isn’t a laughing matter, Jonesy! Vaughn’s been a major part of the GCWA roster for nearly a year now!

Jones: Well, apparently the President decided that his services were no longer required. I guess he found a cheaper janitor elsewhere?

Logan: Man… that’s just… I don’t know what to make of that!

Jones: Focus yourself, Anthony. I know Vaughn was your friend, but we need to think about more important things, namely the beginning of the semi-finals of the tournament!

Logan: Alright, I’ll do my job… but damnit, I’m not happy about this!

*The footage begins to roll, showing a shot of The Big Bifford standing next to his tag-team partner, Arachne, both wearing the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. Across from them stands Robert Santana, the GCWA Television Title on full display. We see video clips from some of their matches, including Bifford destroying Penance and winning, via countout, over Arachne, and Santana surviving encounters with Bucky Johnson and Warrick Hill. The two men face off, ready to go, as the video fades out.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be the first of two Semi-Finals matches tonight in the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament! Making his way towards the ring, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion, having defeated Bucky Johnson and Warrick Hill to reach this point, standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is the current GCWA Television Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The crowd is pumped as Santana comes out to “Sandstorm” by Darude. He stops on the ramp, doing his customary bow. He’s got a few bandages on his face and a wrap around one of his arms, but otherwise he appears to be in fighting condition. He makes his way towards the ring, holding the Television Title in one hand.*

Jones: Santana has amazing held it together despite some major difficulties in his personal life. I’ve heard rumors that he actually had a battle with an international super spy this week!

Logan: Yeah, Santana may be a little bruised up, but you should see the other guy!

Jones: I believe, if you want to see him, you have to go to the morgue.

Logan: Exactly!

Minos: His opponent is also a former GCWA X Division Champion, one of the few things that these two wrestlers have in common… he reached this point after victories over Penance and Arachne, and now seeks to continue on his journey… representing Biffarachnephobia… standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is one-half of the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… The Big Bifford!

*The fans stand and watch as “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio hits the speakers. The Big Bifford makes his way out of the back, a grin on his face as he walks down the aisle towards the ring. Martin Ka’Berryon is with him as well, tightly locked into his grape costume once again.*

Jones: We learned a lot about the past of Martin Ka’Berryon, as well as one of the secrets that everyone wanted to know: why he wears his grape costume.

Logan: Yeah, and I get it’s, like, a psychological issue, but still… the guy thinks he’s fat, and he thinks wearing a grape costume will make him skinnier?

Jones: Well, at the very least, hanging out with someone like The Big Bifford has to help his morale.

Logan: True. Sumo wrestlers look petite next to Bifford.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Santana walks out of the corner, ready to begin, as Bifford finishes off his last-minute instructions to Ka’Berryon. Bifford turns back as Santana bows, giving a sign of respect to the referee, Trixie. Bifford, confused, looks at the ground in front of Santana, as if trying to figure out what he’s ‘looking’ at. Meanwhile, Santana straightens up. He moves towards the big man, taking Bifford off-guard and attacking him with a series of punches, keeping him in the corner. Santana then leans back and lets loose with one of his slicing chops across Bifford’s chest, to the sympathetic “Woo’s” of the audience. Bifford himself has a look of shock on his face at the pain, which is only increased as Santana lashes out twice more with his chops, adding more to the blows. After the second one, though, Bifford reaches up and pushes Santana away, then pulls himself out of the corner, rubbing at his chest. Santana’s right back, though, hitting a side kick into Bifford’s belly! Although Santana rebounds from the blow, almost falling down, it does its job, as Bifford slumps onto the ropes, sucking in oxygen.*

Jones: This one’s going to be all about if Santana can stay out of The Big Bifford’s grasp, Anthony.

Logan: Yep, if he wants to win this one, Santana needs to just keep striking and landing every shot he can. With someone Bifford’s size, Santana’s usual wrestling arsenal is cut in half. We aren’t going to be seeing any suplexes or bodyslams from the Sensei tonight!

Jones: Nope, but Santana’s still got all of his martial arts training, which may be enough to keep Bifford on the defensive.

*Martin Ka’Berryon is shown on the outside, pacing back and forth as he watches the action inside the ring. Santana’s back on the attack now, using an open-handed fist to smack Bifford underneath his chin. Bifford shakes his head, stunned but still on his feet. He walks away, as if trying to get some space to pull himself back together, but Santana isn’t buying it, coming in from behind and kicking Bifford in the back of the left knee! Bifford drops to one knee, agony crisscrossing his face from the blow. He goes to stand back up, but Santana’s in again, this time kicking the other knee!! Bifford drops back to the mat, an aggravated look appearing on his large features. As Bifford grabs at the nearby ropes, starting to get up once more, Santana runs to the ropes and returns, jumping up to try a flying punch to the chest. But this time Bifford’s able to move in time, catching Santana in mid-air with both arms. He immediately begins to squeeze, crushing Santana in a bear hug! Referee Trixie moves in as Santana is suddenly in dire straits.*

Logan: Uh oh! Bifford has him, and he may not let him go!

Jones: Bifford’s got his two powerful arms locked tight around the wrestler. He might crush the life out of him!

Logan: Remember, Bifford wants to end this one early. After all, if he wins here, he’s still got another match later on tonight that he has to get through to be the Warrior of the Ring!

*Referee Trixie is circling the two men, checking on Santana, who is refusing to give up as of yet. Bifford now has a smile on his face, content to simply wear down his opponent now that he finally has a hold of him. Trixie checks again, but Santana suddenly straightens up and gets his arms free, using them to box Bifford’s ears! Bifford releases the hold, grabbing at his ears to try and stop the sudden ringing sensation. Santana stumbles away, a hand on his injured back. He moves to the side, as Bifford clears his head, shaking it back and forth. With Ka’Berryon yelling at him to get back into it, Bifford looks around, spotting Santana against the ropes. Bifford immediately starts running, an incredibly frightening sight to see coming at you. Santana, seeing it out of the corner of his eye, suddenly drops, hanging onto the top rope, causing The Big Bifford’s own momentum sending him toppling over the ropes and out to the floor!!! Fortunately for Bifford, he was able to spin around on the way down, taking most of the impact on his legs and knees, but he still takes a stiff bump off the apron.*

Jones: A great maneuver from Santana there, causing Bifford to eliminate himself!

Logan: Eliminate? Hey, this isn’t the Rumble, Jonesy. The match is going to keep going!

Jones: I know, I know, but it was still an impressive maneuver, and ‘elimination’ is the best way to think of it.

Logan: Whatever you say, Edds.

*Bifford is already pulling himself up on the outside, looking more annoyed than hurt. Martin Ka’Berryon comes over to check on him, with Bifford assuring him that he’s ok. Inside the ring, Santana plans out an attack, hitting the ropes on the other side and coming back with a baseball slide kick! But Ka’Berryon sees him coming and pulls Bifford out of the way, causing Santana to simply land on his feet next to him instead. Bifford reacts, punching Santana before he can move, then grabbing Santana by the head and bouncing it off the apron! Santana falls to his knees, stunned, with Bifford immediately pulling him back up and rolling him back into the ring. Bifford follows, managing to get himself through the ropes and back in. As Santana works to stand up, Bifford grabs him from behind and lifts, getting a Samoan Slam! Santana shutters from the move, with Bifford turning himself over to make the first cover of the match, with Trixie right there for the count… 1… 2… and Santana shoots an arm up, keeping the match alive.*

Logan: This is definitely sizing up as a great back-and-forth battle, as both men really want to move on in the tournament!

Jones: Surprisingly, despite the many championships both of these men have won, neither one has gotten a World Title opportunity in the GCWA. Tonight could be the chance for one of them to rectify this.

Logan: Man, Bifford’s never had a GCWA World Title shot? Crazy.

*Now fully in control, The Big Bifford pulls up his opponent from the mat. He hangs onto Santana’s head, immediately taking the Television Champion back over with a back suplex, throwing him easily across the ring. Santana rolls with the hit, grabbing at the ropes when he stops to get himself back up. As soon as Santana reaches his feet, though, The Big Bifford is there again, reaching around him and locking on a cobra clutch submission!! He bends back, keeping Santana’s feet slightly off the mat to add more pressure to the hold, as Santana frantically struggles to get free. With the ropes right in front of him, Santana gets a foot out, managing to touch the middle rope. Referee Trixie, seeing it, immediately calls for the break, but Bifford instead spins himself, turning it into a cobra clutch spinning slam!! Santana crashes hard to the mat, looking like a crash test dummy in an impact survival test. Bifford doesn’t stop there, coming over and dropping his weight onto Santana for more emphasis as he makes another cover… 1… 2… but Santana kicks out again, much to Bifford’s surprise.*

Logan: Santana’s got a great fighting spirit. He refuses to give up, no matter how much pain he’s in.

Jones: I think The Big Bifford came into this bout thinking that he had an easy ride to the finals. So far, though, he hasn’t been able to put away Santana, which has to be eating away at Bifford’s energy reserves.

Logan: We need to have a weigh-in after this fight, see if Bifford lost any pounds during the match! I mean, if anyone’s going to drop weight during a battle, it’s Bifford!

*With Referee Trixie moving back out of the way, The Big Bifford pulls himself up, looking like fatigue is catching up with him. He leans down, dragging Santana upwards to his feet. Bifford lifts Santana up onto his shoulders, getting him in a fireman’s carry. Santana struggles, trying to get free, but Bifford has too good a grip, as he tosses Santana up and off of his shoulder with a fireman’s slam! Santana’s down again, as Bifford turns towards Ka’Berryon, giving him a quick thumbs up. Ka’Berryon looks puzzled, but it was actually a sign that Bifford’s going for his finisher! He grabs hold of Santana, pulling him into place for the attempt at the Biff End!!! But before Bifford can lift, Santana drops to his knees, managing to pull himself free! Santana does a roll to the left, getting away from the outstretched hands of his foe and hopping up. As Bifford turns towards him, Santana spins his body into a great-looking superkick, catching Bifford in the side of the head!! Bifford’s eyes roll up in his head as he slowly topples backwards, crashing to earth with a thud!! An exhausted Santana painfully crawls over for the cover… 1… 2… No! Bifford gets a shoulder up!*

Jones: That kick nearly put Bifford’s lights out!

Logan: It was out of desperation, but it was still flawlessly executed! What a kick! That just turned the tide in this one!

Jones: But it didn’t keep Bifford down long enough, Anthony! Santana’s got to try something else!

* Martin Ka’Berryon is leaning heavily on the apron, an intensely nervous expression on his face. He’s calling to The Big Bifford, trying to get him back up. Santana has already gotten to the ropes, using them to help him stand. Bifford, for his part, has rolled over onto his stomach, his lips moving as if carrying on a conversation with someone we can’t see. Either that, or he thinks he’s talking to Ka’Berryon, who couldn’t possibly hear him from his vantage point. As Bifford gets onto his hands and knees, Santana, seeing him, takes a couple of steps and jumps, dropping his leg across the back of Bifford’s neck!! Bifford collapses again, with Santana grabbing at him and barely managing to get the big man turned over for a pin attempt… 1… 2… and Bifford gets out again! Santana sits on his knees for a second, sweat plastering his hair to his forehead. The Television champion then gets himself up, with his fans cheering him on as he goes over to Bifford’s legs. Bifford, still dazed, can’t protect himself as Santana grabs hold of his leg… applying an ankle lock submission!! Referee Trixie stays close as Bifford yells, feeling the tendons in his foot stretched beyond normal limits!*

Jones: Santana’s pulling out his own submission holds!

Logan: Smart move from the man, as once you get someone like Bifford on the mat, you need to keep him there! But can he make The Big Bifford tap out?

Jones: Bifford may be many things, Anthony, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him quit!

*With Ka’Berryon trying to shout instructions to him, The Big Bifford starts digging into the canvas, trying to use his bulk to take him towards the ropes. Santana, seeing what’s happening, suddenly drops with the ankle, snapping it into a grapevine to dramatically increase the pressure on the submission hold! The crowd is going wild, half of them wanting to see Santana get the win, while the other half are heavily cheering for Bifford to escape. Bifford’s head is down on the canvas, showing how bad things are for him right now. For a second, Bifford’s hand raises up, as if he’s about to tap out, causing another explosion from the audience. But Bifford’s hand, shaking, doesn’t come down. Instead, more determined than ever, Bifford looks back up, yanking hard on the mat to pull himself, and Santana, towards the side. It takes a few more seconds of effort, but finally, with one final lunge, The Big Bifford reaches the ropes, causing Referee Trixie to order Santana to release the hold. Reluctantly, Santana does so, letting Bifford’s leg out of his grasp.*

Logan: Man, it didn’t seem like Bifford was going to make it!

Jones: He managed to get himself out of the hold, prolonging this match. But how much weight can that ankle support now? Can Bifford make a comeback?

*Santana is back on his feet, sighing heavily at the continuation of the bout. He’s wincing from all his own aches and pains, but he’s still in better shape than The Big Bifford, who seemingly is not able to get himself up. He’s on the ropes, trying desperately to stand despite the pain. The Television Champion moves in behind Bifford, giving him a knee to his side to weaken him even more. Santana throws in a couple more shots to the ribs, keeping Bifford doubled over, then steps back, waiting. After a few seconds, Bifford painfully looks back up, trying to straighten himself. This was what Santana was waiting for, as the wrestler darts in, going for the Sensei-Tion!!! But as Santana comes in, Bifford is able to push himself up even higher, somehow managing to stand long enough to greet the surprised wrestler, getting a shoulder lift that sends Santana over Bifford and to the apron!! Santana, showing remarkable agility, lands on his feet, and he immediately adopts a new game plan, grabbing the ropes and springboarding over towards Bifford. But the co-Tag-Team Champ turns and catches him, turning it into a powerslam to the canvas!!!! Bifford lays on top, keeping an arm on Santana for the attempted pinfall… 1… 2… No, Santana raises his shoulder!*

Jones: Man, and this is just the semi-finals?? I’m not sure either of these guys will have much left in the tank after this fight!

Logan: Well, at least they’re going to get a longer rest than the other semi-finalists, but still, yeah, the tanks have to approaching empty!

Jones: Surely, these two can’t go on much longer! But which one is going to see his dream go up in smoke?

*The Big Bifford is crawling away, looking to get himself back on his feet. Behind him, Santana is on his side, breathing heavily through his crushed ribs after that powerslam. Referee Trixie is watching, but not counting out either man, knowing that there has to be a winner making it to the finals. Bifford gets to the ropes and hauls himself up, although he can still barely move around on his injured ankle. He limps along the ropes, watching as Santana finally starts to stir, sitting himself up. By this point, Bifford’s gotten himself close by. He reaches out and grabs the wounded Santana, pulling him in for the Biff End… no! Santana knocks Bifford away, stopping the attempted finisher, and kicks out into Bifford’s midsection. Bifford catches the leg, though, and ducks the attempted enizguiri, causing Santana to faceplant on the canvas! As Santana tries to get back up, Bifford locks him in again, and this time there’s no stopping it, as Bifford hauls the wrestler up with basically a one-legged Biff End, piledriving Santana into the mat!!! Bifford falls on top, as referee Trixie slides in next to them… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on to the finals of the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament, The Big Bifford!

Jones: What a battle!! The Big Bifford and Robert Santana really gave us a match to be proud of here!

Logan: Yeah, Santana fought pretty hard in this one. Unfortunately, be it the injuries he brought into this one or just bad luck, Santana’s miracle run in the tournament has finally ended!

Jones: So The Big Bifford is moving on to the next round… but will he be able to continue? He’s really favoring that ankle still!

Logan: That’s got to be a concern. Martin needs to get him backstage quick to get some ice on that, cut down on the swelling. Bifford definitely took a beating, but as he and Aaron Styles are fond of saying, there’s no rest for the wicked!

Jones: Well, technically, there’s a little rest, at least until the finals.

Logan: Semantics. What matters is that The Big Bifford, injured or not, has one more man to beat!

*The Big Bifford has already rolled himself out of the ring, although he nearly falls down, using the apron for support. Martin Ka’Berryon has gone to get the Tag-Team Title, making sure that it comes back with them. The crowd gives a small pop as Arachne comes running out, heading over to Bifford’s side and lending him a shoulder. Bifford takes it, with Arachne’s face going white at trying to support his weight while helping him to the back. In the ring, a disappointed Santana is already sitting in the corner, a hand covering his face as he tries to recover. The fans give him a good ovation as he stands, knowing that he fought hard to get to this point. He gives them a dejected nod, moving himself out of the ring.*

*The scene switches over to the locker room of the arena. Deep in the catacombs of the building where all the wrestlers are preparing for their matches. The camera is already in a locker room focused primarily on a wrestling boot. The boot is being laced up by bandaged and taped hands. The camera slowly zooms up to reveal the World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, in the middle of his ritualistic preparation for his match. He looks a bit better than the past few weeks. He still smells like he had fallen into a distillery, but the effects of the alcohol seem to have mostly worn off. He is as ready as his pickled body will allow him.*

*Draco finishes lacing up his boots good and tight when a knock comes at the door. Draco is immediately up to his feet as the door opens slowly. Draco moved to the side of the door just before it opened entirely expecting his former tag partner to barge in with some trick up his sleeve. Draco didn’t give Shane the chance to enter the locker room. Draco threw his hand out and wrapped it around the neck before spinning around and slamming him against the wall.*

Voice: Hey…Draco…old pal?

*The voice didn’t belong to Shane Donovan, but the special referee in the D vs. D match, Harvey Danger. It took a moment for Draco to release his grip, but eventually his hand left Harvey Danger’s throat. Draco seemed to just want to release all this pent up emotions and sense of destruction. He had to hold it on just a few moments longer.*

Draco: Hi, Harv.

*Draco sat back down trying to calm himself before he had another outburst. Harvey Danger shrugged off the treatment from his good friend Draco. He knew there was no harm intended. *

Harvey Danger: Like the shirt? Huh, do you? Got it custom made just for the match.

*Harvey Danger turned around to reveal that the striped shirt had a few alterations to it…done by marker. The name Danger was written in red, orange, and yellow flame looking letters. Draco shook his head for a moment. Harvey Danger turned around and gave a thumbs up. *

Harvey Danger: And with this shirt comes great responsibility. You know, like Spiderman, but without all the sticky webs and crazy costumed men trying to steal my Mary Jane…or my mom.

*Draco hasn’t been in a very good mood lately and he was doing his best to have patience with his self proclaimed number one fan. *

Draco: What are you saying Harv?

*Harvey Danger leaned in and looked around the room. Nothing had changed, but Harvey feared he could get in trouble for what he was about to say. Big trouble. It was nearly an unthinkable action. *

Harvey Danger: I can make sure you win. Wink wink.

Draco: First off, Harv, you are supposed to actually wink not say it.

Harvey Danger: Oh. Darn it all to heck.

*Harvey Danger snapped his fingers. He looked back at his bestest friend in the world and saw that he had a rather serious look on his face. *

Draco: You are going to just wait for a pin count, Harv. That’s it.

Harvey Danger: What about if Shane tries to cheat?

Draco: I said you are only there to count? Do you understand?

*Draco stood up and made sure that Harvey Danger understood. Harvey nodded in agreement before backing away from Draco slowly. He had a few more alterations on his ’custom attire’ before the match. It might bring his bestest friend out of this case of Mondays he was having. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: I can’t believe that Harvey was offering to cheat!

Logan: I can. Both Harvey and Draco feel betrayed about Shane Donovan’s actions. I guess Harvey has officially chosen his side in this fight. But I have to admire Draco, not wanting the easy way out.

Jones: Still, can Harvey possibly call that match down the middle, with such strong feelings on the matter?

Logan: I guess we’ll see soon enough, Jonesy. For now… it’s time to decide our final tournament finalist!

Jones: Alright!

*The clips begin to play, showing shots of both Dangerous Dan and The Lost Soul, side by side. We see some footage of Dangerous Dan’s victory over Marcus Ka’Derrion from last week, followed by shots of The Lost Soul winning the Intercontinental Title with a successful win over Mr. Excellent. Some comments from both men are interspliced in, showing the intensity growing between the two wrestlers. One from the new youth movement, and one from the old school. The clips end, taking us back to Minos, who is waiting in the ring.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a Semi-Finals match for the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament! Introducing first, he is a former 2-time GCWA Television Champion and a former 2-Time GCWA World Tag-Team Champion… he received wins over Grimm and Marcus Ka’Derrion so far in the brackets… representing the Danger Boiz, standing 5’11” and weighing in at 220 lbs, from Smithville, Tennesse, here is Dangerous Dan!

*As “Kill The Headlights” by Rev Theory begins to play, the crowd cheers loudly, showing that they support their wrestlers here in Albuquerque. Dangerous Dan comes out of the back, confident and well-rested as he hops up and down, displaying some energy. He points to the crowd, trading hand signals with them before he starts jogging down the ramp towards the ring.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan seemed to be all over the media outlets this week. He did various radio shows, he showed up on the View, and he even appeared on Ellen!

Logan: Not exactly the usual places for a wrestler to be seen, but hey, at least he went for all the women hosts, right? That Ellen DeGeneres, she’s got a certain something that just grabs your interest!

Jones: Isn’t she openly gay?

Logan: Well, yeah, but, I mean… I’d still…

Jones: Yes, yes, we know what you’d do, Anthony.

Logan: Hey, can I help it if the ladies love me?

Minos: His opponent has held numerous championships in the GCWA, and has had numerous personas… he reached this plateau by winning matches over Mr. Excellent and Crazy Chris… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the current GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

*Another large pop echoes through the building, as “The Friday the 13th” Theme begins to play. After a few seconds, the lights dim everywhere except around the entryway, where The Lost Soul steps out into a spotlight. The crowd is cheering for the legendary wrestler, even as he walks down the aisle towards the ring, shedding his jacket along the way.*

Jones: The Lost Soul was working all week on a new movie, which is looking like it’s going to be a tremendous trip, Anthony!

Logan: Yeah, I guess he’s got a new nickname now: The Smiling Ghost. Eh, it fits him, although we’ll have to see if that Fist of Shadow helps him out any tonight.

Jones: A few months ago, The Lost Soul was in the main event, challenging Draco for the World Heavyweight Title. A few wins tonight, and he’s right back in the hunt. But can he get past a great young wrestler?

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: Last week, The Lost Soul eliminated Dangerous Dan’s brother, Crazy Chris. The question is, can he do the same thing to this Danger Boy, or will Dan avenge his brother and realize his dream of main-eventing a GCWA pay-per-view?

Jones: Dan’s definitely been on one of the best runs of his career, including a huge upset victory over former World Champion Marcus Ka’Derrion in the last round. Now, he faces off against the veteran TLS, with his long-time rival, The Big Bifford, waiting in the wings to for whoever makes it out. Two more wins would definitely show that this year belongs to the younger generation of wrestlers!

*Referee Mitchell signals for the action to begin, with Dangerous Dan already moving forward towards The Lost Soul. He moves as if to dash in, and TLS sets himself, ready for it. But Dan then backs up, knowing better than to be reckless in a match such as this. TLS seems to approve, as he comes forward to meet the wrestler in the center of the ring. The two men speak for a second, either clearing the air or adding more fuel to the fire. It’s hard to tell, as neither shows much of a reaction. They start to circle each other. They lock up in a quick test of strength, which is won by TLS, who shoves Dangerous Dan backwards towards the corner. At the last second, though, Dan turns it around, putting The Lost Soul’s back against the pads instead. Mitchell calls for the break, and Dan does it, backing away and bouncing on either foot, as the crowd cheers him on.*

Jones: I think the crowd’s even more split on this one than they were for Bifford vs. Santana, Anthony!

Logan: For his entire run, Dangerous Dan has remained a fan favorite. But the same could be the said of The Lost Soul, at least in his time here at the GCWA. It’s impossible to get a clear winner in fan support when it comes to these two!

Jones: No matter how things end up, you can guarantee that some fans are going to be both pleased and disappointed at the outcome. It’s matches like these that can cause a fan to feel bipolar!

*The two wrestlers lock up again in another test of strength, this time with The Lost Soul winning out, getting Dan into the corner. When the ref calls for the break, TLS steps back… but then lashes out, landing a sharp blow to the side of Dan’s head!! This takes the crowd by surprise, but TLS doesn’t stop, punching away at his foe! He then drags Dan out of the corner, taking him to the center of the ring and getting a scoop slam on the smaller wrestler, throwing him down. The Lost Soul then drops his knee across Dan’s stomach, causing him to painfully gag from the blow. TLS doesn’t stop there, grabbing at Dan’s legs and starting to take him over into a scorpion deathlock!! But Dan manages to block it, kicking away with his feet and knocking TLS away. Dan then does a backwards roll to get to his feet, even as TLS returns, trying to grab him. All TLS gets is a pair of boots to the face from a dropkick, knocking him down!*

Logan: It’s a battle of speed vs. skill, youth vs. experience!

Jones: Regular face vs. painted face!

Logan: …

Jones: Sorry, Anthony. I just thought it’d be funny.

Logan: Leave the humor to the professionals.

*As The Lost Soul gets himself back up, Dangerous Dan comes in, racing towards the veteran and grabbing for his head. But TLS reacts, dropping just low enough to be able to grab Dan instead, tossing him towards the ropes! Dan reaches out, grabbing the ropes as he goes through them, and nimbly lands on the apron, saving himself. TLS, seeing this, comes towards him to grab him, but Dan ducks and sends his shoulder through the middle of the ropes, into TLS’ gut. TLS steps back, as Dan repositions himself and springs over the ropes, landing on TLS’ shoulders. He snaps his back, sending him downwards for a hurricanrana that sends The Lost Soul through the ropes and to the outside!!! The crowd roars in approval, even as Dan gets himself back up, judging where TLS is. He runs to the ropes and rebounds, coming back and taking flight over the ropes with a suicidal plancha that takes TLS down!! Dan even manages to land on his feet after the shot, celebrating for a few seconds with the fans in the front row before getting back to business.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan is in incredible shape, Anthony! He’s really firing on all cylinders today!

Logan: Dangerous Dan’s run in this tournament has been remarkable, lending credence to his opnion that 2010 will be his year. The Lost Soul’s got to come up with a counter to the incredible quickness factor of the man.

Jones: If this continues, we might see another historic victory for the young man!

*Inside the ring, referee Mitchell is continuing his count, probably hoping that the wrestlers react to it. Who knows what’s being said to him over the small ear piece he’s got, but you know that nobody wants to see a non-final tonight (other than Bifford). It’s not going to happen, as Dangerous Dan pulls The Lost Soul up and rolls him back into the ring. Dan follows, but stays on the apron, waiting as TLS once again pulls himself up. Dan snaps himself over the ropes, this time going for a flipping DDT, but TLS dodges to the side. Although Dan lands on his feet, he’s off-balance long enough, as TLS grabs his head from behind and yanks him backwards to the mat, causing him to bang the back of his skull on the canvas! Dangerous Dan rolls away, stunned, but TLS follows, not letting him escape. He drags the younger wrestler upwards, taking him up onto his shoulders, and then snapping him over with an F-5!!! Dan’s in a lot of pain as The Lost Soul drops on top, making the cover… 1… 2… and Dan kicks out.*

Jones: This is where The Lost Soul starts to become more threatening, as his experience edge begins to take hold.

Logan: Yeah, in his long wrestling career, you know that TLS has wrestled all sizes. No wrestler’s style is intimidating to him.

Jones: Factor in also that, just last week, The Lost Soul was able to get a victory over Dan’s brother, Crazy Chris, and you have to think he has a good feel on how to react to Dan’s moveset!

Logan: When that happens, all you can do as a wrestler is improvise, and try to throw TLS off his expectations.

*The Lost Soul hauls Dangerous Dan up, hanging onto his arm with one hand even while hitting him with his right, both keeping Dan from getting away and keeping him on his feet to take more punishment. With Dan badly stunned, The Lost Soul takes him to the ropes and sends him across the ring. He waits for Dan to return, then goes for a big-time clothesline, only to have Dan instinctively dodge underneath it. Dan hits the other side and immediately leaps upon the rebound, flying back towards a startled TLS with a flying forearm!! He connects fully, sending TLS spiraling to the ground. Referee Mitchell moves in, but Dan’s working to recover, not going for a pinfall just yet. He gets up at the same time as The Lost Soul, both looking a little unsteady on their feet. But Dan capitalizes first, jumping over to TLS and, grabbing his neck, taking him down with a diamond cutter!! The crowd pops for the maneuver, even as Dan gets on TLS for the pin… 1… 2… TLS pushes his shoulder up, staying alive in the tournament.*

Logan: The crowd is starting to jump on every pinfall attempt, Jonesy!

Jones: Yep, there’s definitely a feeling in the air that either of these men could make it to the finals!

Logan: Who’s going to hit the big maneuver to move on?

*The crowd starts up a “Dangerous/TLS” fighting chant, with each person supporting the wrestler he or she is going for. In the ring, Dangerous Dan is pulling himself back up, using the ropes for assistance. He looks over at The Lost Soul, who is dragging himself upwards once again, refusing to stay down. Dan waits for him to get to his feet, then comes running towards him, jumping up for another hurricanrana attempt. But TLS is ready this time, catching Dan and throwing him overhead towards the ropes. Dan just barely manages to catch himself from taking a nasty bump, landing on his feet next to the ropes. He pushes off of them and runs forward towards his foe, even as The Lost Soul spins, swinging his arm around. Dan, though, had the same idea, with disastrous results, as the two men clothesline each other, sending them crashing to the canvas!! Both are lying on their backs, breathing heavily, as referee Mitchell stands over them, beginning his count.*

Jones: Geez! They just beheaded each other!

Logan: Sometimes wrestlers have the same thought at the same time, Jonesy, and it rarely works out well for either competitor!

Jones: But, surely someone’s going to get up! We need a finalist!

*The referee continues his count, although, to be fair, he seems to be going a little slower than normal, probably wanting to ensure that someone rises in time. At 6, Dangerous Dan starts to sit up, with The Lost Soul following at 7. Both make to their feet in time, although both are wobbling. Dan, using the ropes, stabilizes himself first. He looks over at The Lost Soul and heads towards him, trying to use the advantage he has by going for the Danger Zone! But the weight appears to be too much, as The Lost Soul fights his way free, avoiding the maneuver. TLS then kicks Dan in the gut and locks him up, going for a version of the Soul Buster! But Dan doesn’t allow it, spinning out of the hold and grabbing TLS’ head for a neckbreaker! He drops, banging TLS’s skull, which never has a good effect on the brain! Dan then desperately jumps on top, trying for another cover while holding the legs… 1… 2… No! The Lost Soul gets out of it!*

Jones: These two are giving a battle worthy of the GCWA!

Logan: Definitely, Jonesy! I’d love to see these guys go at it more often! But for now, all that matters is that someone still needs to win to move on!

*Frustration is evident on Dangerous Dan’s face, as he continues to try to put The Lost Soul away. He gets to his feet, dragging TLS with him as he takes him towards the corner. Dan kicks away at the man, trying to really wear him down. He even gets an armbar locked in on the ropes, but the ref is quick to do a 5 count to break it up. Dangerous Dan shakes his head towards the referee, not wanting him to get involved. He goes back to TLS, pulling him out of the corner… and The Lost Soul gets a shot to the throat, stunning Dan! TLS then pulls Dan in, going for the Soul Buster again! No, Dan breaks out of it, spinning and grabbing TLS by the head for a twist of fate, but TLS is able to toss him out of it! Dan drops to his knees from the fall, but hops right back up and turns… into the Soul Buster!!!!! The Pit explodes as the fans are screaming their heads off!! TLS falls on top for the cover, with referee Mitchell right there… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, moving on to the finals of the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament, The Lost Soul!

Jones: The veteran pulls it off!

Logan: I wasn’t sure The Lost Soul was going to have enough to put Dangerous Dan away, but in the end, he succeeded! What a battle, though, by Dangerous Dan!

Jones: Let no one say that Dan didn’t deserve to get as far as he did. But unfortunately, here at the end, he just came up a little bit short.

*The Lost Soul, as per his usual style, barely displays his celebrations, as he rolls out of the ring, already thinking about the upcoming competition with The Big Bifford. In the ring, Dangerous Dan is recovering, looking deeply disappointed in the result. Suddenly, Crazy Chris is there, sliding into the ring to check on his brother. The two talk for a moment, with Chris saying that it’s all good. He helps Dan up, who gets a strong ovation from the audience in attendance. The two Danger Boiz nod to the crowd, with Crazy Chris encouraging Dan to climb the turnbuckle, with the crowd showing their respect for the young man. We cut away, heading to the Presidential office. The Accelerator is making a note on the board set up behind him, officially displaying the tournament contenders. We see The Lost Soul and The Big Bifford listed in the finals. The Accelerator seems pleased, as he turns and comes back to his desk, where someone is surprisingly waiting for him.*

Angelica: So are you going to sign this or what?

*Angelica slams down a contract on the desk and stares at Ace. He casually takes it off the table and begins to flick through it clearly not reading it as she begins to pace around the room. *

The Accelerator: Angelina, on paper you are quite the…

Angelica: Angelica.

The Accelerator: Pardon?

Angelica: My name.

* She cuts in, he flashes her a smile and she sarcastically smiles back. *

Angelica: Its Angelica.

The Accelerator: Angelica, we both know why you are here.

Angelica: I am here…Ace…to help us both out.

* Placing the contract down on the table he leans forward on his desk listening intently to her, nodding along as she talks. *

Angelica: Tonight is going to be the start of something special. Something bigger than titles and bravado, bigger than anyone here can imagine. Arryk was just the beginning, if I have to take out every member on your roster to get where I deserve to be I will do it.

* Ace smirks at the mention of the earlier attack. After a second, though, perhaps realizing that the cameras are on him, he clears his expression.*

Angelica: I will pick them apart and destroy them one by one, they won’t know what hit them. I won’t be made to look a fool again.

The Accelerator: If I didn’t know any better, I would think you were making threats Angelica.

Angelica: Don’t be silly Ace. I don’t do threats.

* She answers smiling at him sweetly. She abruptly stops by the window pulling open the curtain and attempts to look outside even though it is already dark. *

Angelica: This isn’t a one sided deal you know. You finally get a female on your testosterone filled roster and I get to prove to that idiot Justin Rishel that CWF is nothing with out me.

The Accelerator: CWF? Is that place even still running?

Angelica: It was running until I was screwed out of a win, I won’t be held down in a company of failures. I walked out on him and it will signify the beginning of the end of CWF It will crumble without me. You want to talk about a joke, that guy couldn’t run to the shop. I am tired of his idle promises, his see through threats. I am not going to be used to up his ratings again. He can look for another monkey, I am done.

The Accelerator: One company’s loss, another one’s gain.

Angelica: I am the only female member in the Hall of Fame, I have held almost every single title in CWF, I helped to resurrect his dying Tag division and what thanks do I get? He doesn’t know how to look after his talent.

* Ace opens his mouth to respond but Angelica doesn’t give him the opportunity, slamming her fists down on the table, making him jump back into his chair. *

Angelica: All I asked for is ONE world title shot. But that’s too much for him, why push someone with talent when a no hoper will do. But then when things get bad, when it all hits the fan, where does he crawl looking for help? He looks to the people he knows will always be there, the only difference is, I am not there this time. I won’t help him out of this hole. As far as CWF goes it’s over. If I never see J.Rish and his slimy, lying, good for nothing face again it will be too soon.

* Angelica looks at Ace dead on in the eyes, he again smirks at her. *

Angelica: Now are you going to sign me over here or what?

The Accelerator: After tonight…Gladly.

* Ace picks up a pen and scribbles his signature on the bottom, he hands the pen to Angelica who signs her name next to his, a broad smile creeping across his face. He extends his hand out to her. *

The Accelerator: Welcome aboard.

* Reaching out she grabs the contract from the desk. *

Angelica: One step at a time.

*Angelica takes the contract and turns, departing and leaving the Accelerator to lower his hand, still smiling. He seems to like where things are headed. The picture cuts out, taking us back to ringside.*

Jones: My lord, so Angelica from the CWF is jumping to the GCWA?

Logan: That’s a pretty big surprise, Jonesy! You can bet J. Rish won’t exactly be pleased to hear about this!

Jones: After what Angelica did to both Arryk Rage and Grimm earlier tonight, you can bet that some of the wrestlers in the back will have taken notice. We haven’t had a female wrestler under contract here since Annie Alvarez back at the LAST Warriors of the Ring!

Logan: Could Angelica be the one to break down the gender barriers, and become the GCWA’s first ever female champion?

Jones: She’s definitely got a shot at it! That’s in the future, though, and what concerns us now is the present. This next match is one that many people thought we’d never see.

Logan: Oh, I knew eventually they’d be going at it, Jonesy. Draco’s a respectable guy, while Donovan’s a son of a bitch!

Jones: That being said, let’s see what has brought us to this fight between former tag-team champions!

*The video rolls, showing us a clip of Shane Donovan and Draco, standing together with smiles on their faces. It was soon after their winning of the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, as Harvey Danger is standing behind them, also smiling. The three seemed like an inseparable trio, but warning signs began to appear after Draco won the GCWA World Title, a belt that Donovan once held. We see some of the moments from late last year, where Donovan seemed to be jealous of his partner. We cut to early January, where we see Draco, possibly inebriated, wrestling against Peter Vaughn. Although Draco won the match, it wasn’t pretty. Later on, we see shots of Donovan using this to his advantage, campaigning behind Draco’s back to the President about Draco being unfit to be champion. When Draco found out from an eavesdropping Harvey about Donovan’s comments, he called Donovan out to the ring to confront him. At first, Donovan seemed to explain everything away, getting Draco to trust him again. But it was all a ruse, as Donovan attacked Draco afterwards, laying him out. The two ex-partners are shown again, this time facing off against each other, with Harvey apparently in the middle. We fade out.*

Minos: The next match is a “Non-Title” Match, scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the special referee for tonight’s contest. Representing D & D, here is Harvey Danger!

*As “No Rain” by Blind Melon hits, Harvey Danger walks out, wearing the special outfit he put together for tonight’s match. A few more touches have been added to it, making it even more visible. Danger is moving stiffly, still feeling the effects of his earlier match, but he seems determined to do the right thing here tonight and stand up for his friend.*

Jones: I still don’t know how Danger’s going to be able to effectively call this one, Anthony. He’s clearly a Draco supporter!

Logan: Yep, and wouldn’t it be a shame if Danger gave Draco all the breaks?

Jones: Now, come on, Anthony, this is supposed to be a clean contest!

Logan: No, this is a grudge match, Jonesy. In my opinion, that means that anything goes when it comes to the referee!

Minos: Now coming to the ring, he is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, and has been with the company since it first reopened its doors, standing 6’0” and weighing in at 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, here is “The Man Made Monster”, Shane Donovan!

*“Monster" by Skillet hits and the crowd immediately starts to boo as Shane Donovan walks into the entrance ramp. They certainly are not going to support his side in this feud, a fact that doesn’t appear to bother Donovan that much.*

Logan: Here he is, the big coward!

Jones: Now Anthony…

Logan: What? He attacked Draco from behind, and tried to get him stripped of the belt rather than fight the guy!

Jones: Well, technically, he was just trying to get himself a title shot, I think.

Logan: Yeah, well, that doesn’t make it any better. I’m just glad Ace didn’t put the title on the line for this one, saying that Donovan had to prove himself to get a title shot.

Jones: A win tonight, though, would definitely give Donovan more credibility as a contender.

*Donovan is still on the stage, taking his time before heading down. A smirk is plastered on his face as he stands on the top of the ramp, sneering at the crowd a bit before... Draco leaps out from behind the curtain, clubbing Shane from behind with a forearm shot! Shane stumbles forward down the ramp, with Draco in pursuit, grabbing Shane and whipping him into the barricade that separates the fans from the ramp. Fans reach out and pat the champion on the back as he delivers a solid right that sends Shane further down the ramp to ringside, looking like a man possessed as he walks down to continue the assault.*

Jones: Draco couldn’t wait for his entrance, he was dying to get a piece of Donovan tonight!

Logan: The dude’s anger is out of control! I bet Donovan’s starting to regret his actions right about now!

*Harvey calls for Draco to get Shane into the ring so he can start the match, but Draco is having none of that, grabbing a chair and setting it up in the corner where two of the barricades connect before bouncing Shane's head off of the barricade and sitting him in the chair. Draco backs up, the crowd cheering as he raises his arm before charging forward, catching the seated Shane with a running boot to the jaw! Draco then pulls Shane up and rolls him into the ring before following suit himself. Harvey immediately calls for the bell to officially start the match. *

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: We’ve officially begun, and Donovan is definitely starting at a major disadvantage!

Logan: Yep, the World Champion is getting his revenge!

*Draco yanks Shane to his feet by his hair, the crowd egging him on as he drills Shane with a right. He goes for another one, but this time Shane cuts him off at the pass with a right of his own before Shane rakes at Draco's eyes, forcing the champ to release his grip on Shane's hair. Draco backs up a bit, giving Shane a moment to shake some of the cobwebs before grabbing Draco's arm and whipping him into the ropes. Draco bounces off and ducks under Shane's clothesline attempt as he charges back, bouncing off of the ropes on the other side and taking flight, leaping up as if for a dropkick but instead driving his knee into Shane's face! Shane drops like a box of rocks as Draco goes for a quick pin attempt: 1... 2... No, Shane kicks out!*

Jones: We almost had one of the quickest matches in PPV history, Anthony!

Logan: Unfortunately, it’s going to take a few more good hits to knock out someone like Donovan.

Jones: That almost sounded like a compliment.

Logan: Oh, hey, I hate the son of a bitch, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect his tenacity inside the squared circle. The man is a tough bastard!

*Draco stands up, walking over to the ropes and leaning against them, taunting Shane to get up. Shane gets himself into a seated position when Draco strikes, bouncing off of the ropes and catching Shane flush in the chest with a dropkick. Shane immediately rolls onto his back to keep Draco from going for another pin attempt, leading Draco to pull Shane to his feet. As Shane stands up he catches Draco in the ribs with a hard elbow before sinking an uppercut right into his jaw, knocking the champ over. Shane looks over at Harvey, sneering a bit before stomping on Draco's ribs. Grabbing Draco's arm, Shane applies an armbar, berating the champ as he wrenches his arm around.*

Jones: We’re finally seeing some offense from the challenger, keeping this from being a one-sided affair.

Logan: Harvey doesn’t exactly look happy, but he’s under strict orders from Draco not to interfere except for pin counts.

Jones: Yep, and since Draco’s basically the only true friend Harvey has left, he’s not going to disobey!

*Shane continues to apply pressure on the arm as Draco struggles to grab the ropes. After a few moments Draco is able to grab the bottom rope, causing Harvey to immediately try to break the hold. Shane lets go, shoving Harvey away in the process and again drawing the crowd's ire. Turning his attention back to Draco, Shane delivers a back suplex followed by a gutwrench suplex, hooking Draco's leg afterwards for a pin: 1... 2... Draco gets a shoulder up! Undaunted, Shane whips Draco into a corner before delivering a knife edge chop across his chest. A small but audible "wooo" can be heard from the audience as Shane delivers another chop. A third one follows suit before Shane changes gears and delivers a back elbow, snapping Draco's head back.*

Jones: Donovan has the World Champion in trouble!

Logan: It’s still pretty early, Jonesy, and Draco’s used to taking some hard hits and coming back. He’s got a major winning streak going in the GCWA, going all the way back to July ’09.

Jones: Ironically, that winning streak was started with Draco & Donovan winning the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, a belt that Draco never lost. Donovan & Danger were the ones who were beaten for them.

Logan: So D & D started the streak. Will D & D end it?

*Shane steps back, smirking as he taunts Draco to come out of the corner. Draco stumbles out, sticking to the ropes as he walks to the middle, with Shane waiting until he's about dead center before charging him. Draco manages to see Shane coming, ducking down and delivering a back body drop that sends Shane tumbling to the outside. Draco walks to the opposite side of the ring as Shane gets to his feet, bouncing off of the ropes and running back towards Shane, rotating his body at the last second to do a back flip over the top rope, catching Shane in the head with a knee that sends both men into the barricade. Both men are down for a few moments, and Draco recovers first, driving his boot into Shane's chest before pulling him up and bouncing his skull off of the barricade. Draco then climbs onto the ring apron, measuring Shane before taking to the air again. This time Shane's prepared, and he catches Draco mid-air, holding him up for a moment before shifting him and dropping him rib-first across the barricade! Shane stumbles back, leaning against the ring for a moment before grabbing Draco and hooking him, lifting him and delivering a vertical suplex on the floor. *

Jones: We’ve taken this fight to the outside!

Logan: Yeah, and it looks like Harvey’s just going to let the two men go at it, not bothering with any sort of count out.

Jones: Well, no one would want to see a double countout in this contest, anyway.

*With Draco temporarily out of commission, Shane reaches under the ring, pulling out a paper bag and setting it onto the ring apron before turning his attention back to the champion. Shane quickly pulls Draco up and into a standing scissors before lifting him into a powerbomb position, charging the corner before throwing him, sending the champ onto the chair he set up earlier. Draco slams hard into the barricade, his back crashing into it as Shane measures him for a moment before delivering a superkick that knocks him back again before he falls face-first onto the mat. Shane then turns his attention back to the paper bag on the apron, pulling out a rag and a bottle with a liquid of some kind in it, pouring the liquid onto the rag. Harvey yells at him for it, telling him to stop but Shane merely shakes his head before reminding him that Draco asked him to stay out of it. A look of anger crosses Harvey's face briefly before it's replaced by one of resignation, stepping back. Shane smiles as he rolls Draco into the ring, going for a pin: 1... 2... Draco somehow gets his shoulder up! *

Logan: I should have known Donovan would try some of his dirty tricks here!

Jones: Donovan’s never been shy about trying to find the ‘quicker’ way to victory. And unfortunately, Draco’s own words are coming back to haunt him, as Danger felt that he couldn’t get away with calling for the disqualification. Honestly, Draco should have already won, considering that Donovan did that right in front of the referee!

Logan: Danger doesn’t feel like he has a choice in the matter, but damnit, Donovan has to be stopped!

*Shaking his head in frustration, Shane heads over to the apron where he left the rag, but Draco grabs his leg. Shane turns back to face him, but Draco catches him with an uppercut below the belt! Shane drops to the mat, doubled over in pain as Draco takes the opportunity to get himself back into the match. It takes a small bit of time, but both men get to their feet, with Shane going for a right hand. Draco blocks, countering with a right of his own. Another connects right after before Draco knees Shane in the gut and DDTs him to the mat. Draco then moves over to the corner, favoring his back a tad before climbing to the top turnbuckle. Once Shane gets to his feet Draco leaps off, flipping and grabbing Shane's head, delivering a flipping neckbreaker! Draco goes for a pin: 1... 2... Shane kicks out!*

Jones: Donovan somehow escapes the cover! I thought that might have been it!

Logan: Amazing how Draco can fly, even after being given chloroform! That’s what a true World Champion is made of, Jonesy!

*Not wanting to stop the pace, Draco yanks Shane upwards, lifting him onto his shoulders with a fireman's carry. The crowd cheers a bit, not used to seeing Draco use a move like this so they are anxious to see what comes of it. Draco throws Shane's legs forward, bending his own knees as he drops down, driving them under Shane's chin as both men hit the mat. He contemplates going for a pin for a second before rolling out of the ring. Reaching down, he lifts up the apron and pulls out a chair, sliding it into the ring before grabbing a trash can and throwing that into it as well. Draco then slides back in, picking up the chair and bringing it down with a loud CRACK across Shane's back! Shane writhes in agony as Draco delivers another shot before throwing the chair down and grabbing Shane by the hair, pulling him up and hitting a snap suplex with Shane landing back-first onto the chair. Draco then rolls Shane over, grabbing his legs and putting him into a Bost--Err, New York Crab!*

Jones: Now it’s Draco getting away with tactics that would normally lead to a DQ!

Logan: Hey, if Donovan can get away with it, why not Draco?

Jones: You can bet that Draco would love to hear Shane shout the words “I Quit”!

*Harvey checks with Shane to see if he taps, but Shane tells him to scram, his face contorted in pain as he reaches out for the ropes. Draco cranks back, trying to apply as much pressure onto the back as possible, but Shane continues to resist, knowing full well that if he does then his chance at getting a title match would go up in smoke. Finally, he's able to grab the ropes, causing Harvey to make Draco break the hold. Draco reaches over and grabs the trash tan, shoving it onto Shane's head when he stands before jumping and delivering a pele kick to the can, knocking Shane back to the mat. Yanking the can off, Draco pulls Shane up and drags him to the corner, lifting him and setting him up on the top turnbuckle. Draco climbs up as well, signaling to the crowd that he's about to go for the Hellacious. He jumps onto Shane's shoulders and snaps himself backwards, but Shane is able to hook the ropes with his legs and hold onto Draco's legs with his arms, holding himself in place. Shane then pulls Draco up before falling backwards, delivering an electric chair drop that leaves both men lying motionless in the center of the ring.*

Jones: This match is really taking it out of both men!

Logan: They’re powered by rage and hatred, but let’s face it, they’re both still human. Exhaustion is bound to set in!

Jones: Now it’s all about stamina, and who’s able to call on the greatest amount of reserves!

*They both are slow to their feet, with Draco seeming to recover first, having used the ropes to pull himself up. He lunges at Shane, only for Shane to catch him with an exploder suplex, planting him right on top of the trash can! The can buckles under the weight, leaving Draco flat in the ring as Shane finishes recovering, still favoring his back as he hauls Draco up, delivering a brainbuster before going for a pin: 1... 2... Draco gets his shoulder up. Shane goes to pick Draco back up, but Draco catches him with an inside cradle! 1... 2... No, Shane manages to power out of it!*

Jones: Two close falls back to back!

Logan: Damnit, Harvey, you need to count faster! Remember, this is for your friend!

Jones: Harvey’s not a trained referee, Anthony, but he’s doing the best he can!

Logan: I know, I know…

*Shane delivers a forearm shot to Draco, looking to keep control in this match as both men get to their feet. He whips Draco into the ropes, catching him as he comes back with a spinebuster. A double underhook suplex later and Shane's not firmly gotten control of the match, walking over to where Draco had discarded the steel chair and unfolding it, setting it in the middle of the ring. Shane then talks some trash to Harvey, who's pretty much been a hapless bystander to this thanks to his promise to Draco, before grabbing Draco and pulling him over, setting him up for a piledriver, looking to put his head through the chair. Draco fights back, countering with a back body drop before shoving the chair to the side. A "Draco" chant starts up in the crowd as the champion tries to pull himself together, but Shane gets back into the groove first, hitting a clubbing blow across Draco's back.*

Jones: Surprisingly, Donovan seems to be the fresher man at this point in the contest.

Logan: Yeah, well, Shane hasn’t had a taste of chloroform, has he? That chemical will mess anyone up!

Jones: True, but you have to admit, Draco hasn’t exactly been a model of training excellence the last few months, with all that’s been happening with him and his family!

Logan: He’s still the World Champion, Jonesy, and he’ll pull it together!

*Shane whips Draco into the ropes, but instead of bouncing back Draco jumps, bouncing himself off of the middle rope and flipping over, grabbing Shane and spiking him with a flipping reverse DDT! Both men lay motionless on the ground for a moment before Draco crawls over, draping an arm over Shane for a pin attempt: 1... 2... No, Shane manages to barely get his shoulder up! Draco rolls onto his knees, pulling himself up waiting for Shane to do likewise, drilling his opponent with a superkick! Draco once again goes for another pin: 1... 2... A kickout denies the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion once again!*

Logan: What is it going to take to keep Donovan down??

Jones: Considering that Donovan hasn’t wrestled in a match in months, he’s putting on an incredible performance tonight. He has to have been in full training for this contest.

*Looking quite worn out at this point, Draco grabs Shane's legs, looking to flip him onto his stomach. Shane struggles a bit, but Draco stomps him in the gut before flipping Shane over, locking in a sharpshooter. Draco then attempts to bridge over to catch Shane's head, leading Shane to reach out to try to break the hold. He can't reach the rope, but he is able to grab the rag he soaked earlier. He takes it and shoves it over Draco's nose and mouth, holding it there as Draco tries to fight him off. After a second or two Draco releases the sharpshooter, falling limp to the mat as Harvey stares on in shock. The crowd starts to boo as Shane pulls himself to his feet, holding up the rag before throwing it to the mat and wrapping Draco up in The Clincher. Shane then yells at Harvey to check to see if Draco's awake, which Harvey reluctantly does. Holding up Draco's arm, Harvey lets go, the arm falling limply to the mat. He does this two more times before having to call for the bell. The crowd's roar becomes almost deafening as they boo Shane for once again pulling out the underhanded victory. *

Minos: Here is your winner… “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

Logan: Damnit! That cheating bastard!

Jones: Using that soaked rag, Donovan has done what no one over the last six months has been able to do. He has a victory over the World Champion, Draco!

Logan: Harvey, man, what were you thinking?? How could you let this happen?

Jones: Well, you know, Anthony, we’ve all been assuming that Harvey is fully on Draco’s side. But he certainly partnered enough with Donovan, as well.

Logan: Wait, you think… no, it can’t be. Harvey was just stuck because of his promise to Draco to not interfere…

Jones: If you say so. To me, it looks suspicious that he did nothing to stop Donovan from using that rag, and then allowed Draco to lose.

Logan: …

*Donovan is in some pain, but it’s a good feeling, after getting the triumph here tonight. Harvey’s already working on trying to revive his friend, as Donovan mocks him for a second for his actions, then turns and leaves, laughing. Danger looks after him, a hurt look in his eyes, before going back to the World Champion, who is starting to regain consciousness. We leave the ringside area behind and head to the back, where we are in a hallway inside the arena. Moving aggressively along the hallway is a familiar face to GCWA fans: the former World Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr! The live crowd is booing at the sight of the man, even as he turns and heads into a side room, where another well-known face can be seen: “The Thriller” Derek Mobley!*

Lurrr: Derek, I’ve been looking for you…

*Derek turns, staring at his former partner in the Roman Empire. He’s still got a card in his hand, the business card of the man who stands before him.*

Lurrr: I got your message about tonight. About time you made your decision. Trust me, Derek, it’s all for the best. Reforming the Roman Empire will allow us to tear down this corporate wall around us, and finally get what we deserve: championships! I think our first goal should be going after that fat shit Bifford and the skinny drug pusher Arachne.

Derek Mobley: … No.

*The negative response takes Lurrr by surprise. After a second, he responds to Derek’s comment.*

Lurrr: No? What do you mean, no? We’d be tag-team champions for sure!

Derek Mobley: Lurrr… the reason I called you isn’t to reform the Roman Empire. It’s to tell you that I’m not going to do it.

*The crowd gives a good pop at this announcement, although Lurrr does not look happy.*

Derek Mobley: You made a tempting case, Lurrr. We could be champions again, and we could tear down the GCWA. But I’m not into that anymore. I’m here to keep the GCWA safe from guys like you.

Lurrr: Guys like me? Fuck, Derek, I seem to remember you doing a lot of the shit that the fans hated the Empire for. Don’t give me this “high and mighty” bullshit!

Derek Mobley: I know what I’ve done in the past. I haven’t forgotten it, which is why I’m not going back there. Find yourself another partner. I’m done with the Empire.

*The crowd is cheering now for Mobley, as Lurrr slowly shakes his head.*

Lurrr: Of all the people, Derek, I figured you would at least have some common sense.

*Derek lowers his eyes for a second, the decision having been weighing on him. Unfortunately, this was what Lurrr was waiting for, as he suddenly steps in, landing the Wake Up Call!!!! The kick sends Derek crashing backwards into the wall, where he falls back forward, out cold. Lurrr stands over him, still shaking his head.*

Lurrr: I never thought you’d become such a loser.

*Lurrr adds in a final kick, smacking his ankle against the side of Derek’s head. He then turns and walks off, leaving Derek laying on the ground, unconscious. We head back to ringside.*

Logan: We need medical back there!

Jones: On the good news front, Derek came to his senses and isn’t rejoining the Roman Empire! But he definitely paid the price for that decision!

Logan: Yeah, Lurrr laid his former friend out! The guy’s always been a sneaky opportunist.

Jones: Hopefully, Derek will recover from the shots he just took. For now, though, we’ll just have to trust in the medics to help him out.

Logan: I wonder where Warrick was? I know he wasn’t invited to the reformation of the Empire, but I’d still think he would be there to back up his friend!

Jones: Who knows? I don’t know that I’ve even seen him in the building tonight.

Logan: Well, while they work on Derek in the back, we’ve got one final match to get to!

Jones: That’s right! It all started fifteen matches ago, with sixteen competitors. Now, we’re down to the final two, and the winner will be named the 2010 Warrior of the Ring!

Logan: I can’t wait! Let’s get to it!

*A video begins to run, complete with dramatic music, as we once again see a representation of the sixteen wrestlers involved in tonight’s tournament. We see shots of The Lost Soul and The Big Bifford as they walk towards the ring, each looking ready for battle. The Lost Soul is displayed, showing off some great maneuvers as he takes on Mr. Excellent, Crazy Chris, and Dangerous Dan. The Big Bifford’s power and strength flow from his clips of wrestling Penance, Arachne, and Robert Santana. The two men are shown locking eyes with each other, a clip from an earlier match the two had in 2009, and we see some of the moves flash by between them, before the video ends on a clip of both men standing proudly in the squared circle.*

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening! This match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the title of Warrior of the Ring! First, entering the arena with his manager, Martin Ka’Berryon, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is one half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, The Big Bifford!

*”Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio hits, with Martin Ka’Berryon leading out The Big Bifford. Bifford is still limping slightly from the earlier match, but he still seems pleased as he’s talking to Martin on the way down. Ka’Berryon responds, nodding to him at times, as they approach the ring.*

Jones: Bifford had a huge victory earlier by beating the Television Champion, Robert Santana. Now, though, he’s facing another champion in the Intercontinental Champ, The Lost Soul!

Logan: I wonder if Bifford’s disappointed or relieved that he’s not facing Dangerous Dan in the finals?

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, but either way, he’s got a tough chore taking on the veteran.

Minos: His opponent is one of the most mysterious wrestlers in GCWA history, and is seeking to earn his greatest honor yet for the company. Standing 6’4” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

*The Lost Soul appears out of the back to the “Friday the 13th Theme”, moving slower than normal, but still with confidence. He hasn’t replenished his facial make-up, which is partially faded after his earlier match with Dangerous Dan. TLS heads for the ring, knowing that only one obstacle remains in his journey towards Warrior of the Ring.*

Jones: The Lost Soul has had a great 2010 so far, winning gold against Mr. Excellent, and then making it all the way to the finals! But can he get past The Big Bifford?

Logan: These two wrestlers have an incredible history between each other. They’ve fought as tag-team partners, battled in “Xscape” matches and “Fatal Fourway” matches, and have always seemed evenly matched!

Jones: It’s almost fitting that they’re facing off again, here at the beginning of a new year, renewing their rivalry!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And here we go! Time to take the last step in determining our Warrior of the Ring!

Logan: Choose your favorites, America, because we’ve got two of the all-time greats going at it tonight!

*The Big Bifford and The Lost Soul face off against each other, two men who have seen it all in the wrestling business. Both seem content with who they’re facing in this final round. As they start to come together, however, a clearing of a throat is heard. Both men turn towards the big screen, where the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, has suddenly appeared!*

Jones: What the… it’s the President!

Logan: What’s he doing? They were about to start fighting!

Jones: Maybe he wanted a better view of the fight?

*The Accelerator’s still at his desk, smiling, as he looks out towards all the people watching.*

The Accelerator: Sorry for the brief interruption, but I just realized I neglected a certain announcement that needed to be made. You see, this one’s for it all, the finals, the match people will really remember from tonight, and I’d hate to see it end in a disqualification or countout. Wouldn’t you?

*The fans seem to agree with this, albeit reluctantly. Ace isn’t exactly their favorite guy right now.*

The Accelerator: So, Bell, you listening? I’ve decided to change things up a little. This match? It’s now no countout, no disqualification. Pinfall or submission only, and we’re not stopping it until we have a winner, you hear? None of these “neither guys can continue” bull. We will have a Warrior of the Ring, you understand? Have at it, boyos!

*The Accelerator disappears from the screen, his smile seemingly lasting longer than the rest of him.*

Logan: No countout AND no disqualification? This match has just taken a major twist!!

Jones: Well, both men are well trained in hardcore bouts, so I doubt this’ll affect them too much. But damn, what a change at the last minute! We’re guaranteed a winner now!

Logan: Ace has made some rough decisions as of late, but this one, I applaud! Just let ‘em fight!

*The Lost Soul is the first to react to the announcement, immediately turning and attacking The Big Bifford before he can fully get turned back around. He punches away at the large man, driving Bifford back towards the ropes. The Lost Soul then spins himself around with a discus punch, hitting it hard enough to send Bifford into the ropes and causing his arms to get wrapped up!! Ka’Berryon, surprised, tries to get up on the apron to help free him, but the grape suit, as always, makes that difficult. As Bifford strains against the ropes, The Lost Soul seizes the opportunity to go to the outside, getting himself a steel chair! He brings it back in, even as Bifford gets one arm free. Before he can pull himself away, though, Bifford takes a nasty shot to the side of the head, sending him crashing to the ground!! The Lost Soul tosses the chair away, and then, after a second, makes the cover, trying to end things at a rapid pace… 1… 2… and Bifford gets his shoulder up in time!*

Jones: The Lost Soul has immediately adapted to the new situation, and he’s really taking it to Bifford!

Logan: TLS has always been able to change gameplans on the fly. In a way, the changing of the rules might work more to his advantage, as he doesn’t have to worry about just using his fists against his mammoth foe. Weapons are always better against a heavyweight!

Jones: Can The Big Bifford come back after that head shot he took? I think I’m already seeing blood!

*Bifford slumps over, a thin line of blood running down the side of his face from where he got hit. The Lost Soul has already moved past him, going back to the steel chair. He brings it back over, locking the chair around Bifford’s already-hurting ankle. He takes a step back, then kicks, smashing the chair inwards!! Bifford lets out a yell, grabbing at the agonizing pain in his leg. TLS, though, is already removing the chair and turning Bifford over, applying a one-legged Boston crab!! Bifford shudders at the hold, feeling every ache from his burning nerves. He reaches out, grabbing at the ropes in front of him. Unfortunately, Head Referee Bell simply shrugs his shoulders, knowing that there’s nothing he can do with the No DQ rule in effect. The Lost Soul twists himself, trying to work over the ankle more even while holding it in the submission hold, wearing down The Big Bifford’s limbs one by one.*

Jones: The Lost Soul is keeping Bifford grounded!

Logan: You just know he was watching earlier when Santana went after that leg. TLS saw a weakness and he’s capitalizing on it perfectly!

Jones: How can Bifford get out of this one, without the use of the ropes!

*The Lost Soul continues to increase the pressure, as Head Referee Bell circles around Bifford, wanting to know if he wants to submit. But Bifford is instead pulling himself forward, now moving under the ropes and grabbing at the apron for better purchase. The Lost Soul fights to keep him in, but now Martin Ka’Berryon is on the outside, grabbing Bifford’s arm and giving him that extra energy needed to pull himself through the ropes. Gravity does the rest, with TLS having no choice but to release the hold as Bifford slides over the apron and outside the ring, escaping the maneuver! Bifford is laying on the outside mat, his ankle obviously killing him, as The Lost Soul immediately moves to step out of the ropes to join him. He moves towards Bifford, but now Martin’s in his way, trying to put on a brave face (and failing). TLS doesn’t hesitate; he kicks Martin right between the grapes, sending the manager toppling to the side. TLS then grabs for Bifford, but the heavyweight instead catches TLS by the head and bounces it off the apron, sending TLS reeling!*

Logan: Martin just sacrificed himself, but it may have been worth it, as he bought Bifford enough time to recover!

Jones: He can barely stand now, though, Anthony! Can he possibly come back after the damage done to his leg??

Logan: I don’t know, Jonesy. With Bifford’s weight, he needs his legs a lot more than most wrestlers!

*Bifford struggles to get up, clinging to the apron as if using it for a crutch. The Lost Soul, meanwhile, shakes his head clear and comes back, only to take a backhanded swing from Bifford to the side of the head! TLS staggers, stunned by the shot, which allows Bifford to grab him by the arm and shoot him hard into the steel steps, sending TLS spinning over them to land in a heap!! The fans are cheering every move, knowing that these wrestlers are giving everything they have to continue onwards. Bifford continues using the apron as he hobbles over towards TLS, trying to maintain the advantage. He pulls the hurting TLS off the ground and bangs his head into the ringpost, twice, three times!! The Lost Soul is badly dazed, but Bifford’s not through, as he holds onto TLS’ arm and twists it around the post, rearing back and hammering it in with all his might!! The Lost Soul spins away, his right arm in a bad way now as he collapses to the outside!*

Jones: Damn!! That really could have just broken TLS’ arm, or at the very least, dislocated it!!

Logan: So we’re one ankle and one arm down, with a long way to go!

Jones: Will either of these guys be able to compete after this one’s over??

*Ka’Berryon is shown for a moment, trying to sit up. He has to ask for help from the security nearby, who seem less than interested in helping. Back on the other side, The Lost Soul has rolled painfully back into the ring, his right arm hanging loosely to his side. The Big Bifford follows him, having to use the ropes for stability as he gets up. The leg is definitely not in the best of shape, but he’s moving slightly better on it now. He moves towards TLS, picking him up off the mat and grabbing for the injured arm, trying to wrench it around behind the Intercontinental Champion. But TLS is able to pull away, landing a twisting kick to the side of Bifford’s leg, once again causing him to hop up and down from the injury. The Lost Soul then punches Bifford with his left arm, landing a couple of good shots before latching onto Bifford’s head and taking him down with a lefty version of a DDT! With Bifford down, TLS is quick to make the cover… 1… 2… and Bifford kicks free, refusing to stay down.*

Jones: I don’t know if these two can keep going at this rate!

Logan: They have to! As the President declared, we must have a winner!

Jones: Yeah, I know, but, these guys could have their careers on the line in this one as well!

Logan: All part of the risk of making it this far in the tournament!

*The Lost Soul is back on his feet now, trying to work out the kinks in his hurting right arm. He knows that, to land some of his finishers, being able to use his arms will be crucial. The Big Bifford is already over on his stomach, instincts fighting to get him back up despite the pain. The Lost Soul moves in behind him, having picked up the steel chair once again. He rears back with it, using his left arm for the power, as he brings it down onto Bifford’s vulnerable back! Bifford drops fully to the mat, but then starts to try to rise again, causing TLS to raise the chair and slam it down again, doing more damage! Bifford starts crawling away, hurting badly, with TLS raising it up once more, this time aiming for the back of Bifford’s head. Suddenly, though, a wild yell is heard, as Arachne appears, leaping off the ropes and flying into the air!! The Lost Soul turns, but fatigue makes him just a hair slow, allowing Arachne to splash into him, taking him down!!!*

Jones: Whoa! Arachne is here!!

Logan: The other member of Biffarachnephobia, the World Tag-Team Champions, has gotten involved!!

Jones: But this is supposed to be Bifford vs. TLS for the finale, Arachne already lost his opportunity thanks to Ka’Berryon!

Logan: Yeah, but there’s no DQ, remember? Which means that Arachne can legally get involved in this one and help his partner!!

*Arachne is going wild, punching away at The Lost Soul, who is covering up, trying to fend off as many attacks as possible. It’s clear that Arachne’s running high on something, as only a few of his shots are getting through. He pulls TLS up, taking him over to the corner as he continues to swing wild shots against him. Arachne punches away at the midsection like a hyped-up boxer, his own knuckles most likely bruising up from the savage blows. With TLS slumping in the corner, Arachne backs away, letting out another intense scream towards the crowd. He then races towards The Lost Soul, leaping into the air for an avalanche… only to have TLS catch hold of his middle, wrapping his arms around him, and then tossing Arachne to the side with a modified suplex, sending Arachne out of the ring and to the floor below!! Arachne takes a hard landing, disappearing from sight as TLS slumps for a second, trying to get his breath back. It’s a mistake, as The Big Bifford is suddenly there, leaping up and splashing TLS in the corner, crushing him!!! Both men fall to the mat, with Bifford pulling himself on top for the cover… 1… 2… No! TLS kicks free at the last second!!*

Jones: Arachne’s appearance has given Bifford an opening, and he really capitalized on it!

Logan: That maneuver may have just crushed most of the life out of the Intercontinental Champion, although he’s still in the fight! But just barely!

Jones: Too bad TLS doesn’t have a tag-team partner to come even things out, but his allegiance with Harvey Danger ended a long time ago!

*The Big Bifford is pulling himself up painfully, a smear of blood now covering the right side of his face from his own wound. It’s strangely almost in the shape of Arachne’s facepaint, actually, giving a different perspective on the wrestler. On the outside, Arachne is struggling back up, hurting himself from the fall he took. Bifford gives a shout towards him, and Arachne responds, reaching under the ring and pulling out a small ladder! He slides it into the ring, as Bifford grabs hold, lifting it up and turning back towards The Lost Soul. As TLS tries to get up, Bifford limps over, using the ladder itself as a crutch. He gets close enough to where he can raise it up, putting it around his neck for more purchase. He swings, slamming the top of the ladder straight into TLS’s face!!! The veteran falls to the ground, already starting to bleed down his white facepaint, the two colors mixing together in a sickly portrait that you can only see in wrestling.*

Jones: The Lost Soul has been busted open, and now we’ve got blood coming from both wrestlers!

Logan: You had to know that these guys would do anything to win this match, and if that means bleeding out their opponents, then that’s what’s going to happen!

Jones: The Lost Soul is now in a bad way! He needs to find an opportunity for a comeback!

*The Lost Soul is moving slowly on all fours away from The Big Bifford, trying to clear his view of all the blood and paint now in his eyes. The Big Bifford follows him with the ladder, raising it up and simply throwing it down on top of the wrestler, cracking it on TLS’ back!! The Lost Soul slumps over, with Bifford dropping down to roll him over and make another cover… 1… 2… and TLS kicks free, finding some energy. Bifford, annoyed, argues with Head Referee Bell for a second, wanting it all to be over. He even points to his cut, saying that the ref needs to show him some extra compassion, although TLS’ bloody face certainly looks a little worse. Bifford achingly pulls himself up, grabbing the ladder and setting it up in the corner. He grabs TLS by the arm and drags him up, throwing him into the ladder, no, TLS reverses it and Bifford goes in instead!! He splashes the ladder, shuddering badly from the hit. As the big man stumbles back, TLS catches him from behind, rolling him up!!! The referee is there… 1… 2… No! Bifford gets out of it!*

Logan: They’re going back and forth now! With all they’ve been through, any pinfall could be the last one!

Jones: They’re really giving us a tremendous battle in this one! Both men are deserving, but who’s got the final move hidden up their sleeve to win it all??

*Both wrestlers drag themselves up. They’ve both had much better days, but neither has lost that look of determination, tired though they might be. The Lost Soul is up first, moving in on Bifford and landing a couple more punches. He leaves Bifford leaning on the ropes and staggers away, looking for a weapon. He finds it in the steel chair that’s been used repeatedly in this one, lifting it up. He turns and starts to run towards Bifford, wanting a big impact, but suddenly his feet go out from under him as Arachne reaches through the ropes, grabbing his leg!! TLS topples forward, falling face-first on the chair!!!! The Lost Soul is flat on the ground, as Bifford limps over to him. Even as TLS tries to rise back up, leaving a bloody imprint on the chair, Bifford grabs him and quickly sets him into place, taking advantage of Arachne’s actions. He lifts, taking The Lost Soul into the chair with the Biff End!!!! The place is going wild, with a surprising amount of boos coming Arachne’s way for his actions. It doesn’t faze Bifford, as he makes the cover, with Head Referee Bell having no choice but to count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the 2010 Warrior of the Ring, The Big Bifford!!!

Jones: The Big Bifford does it!! Out of 16 competitors, he alone is standing at the end!

Logan: Yeah, but damnit, did he have to use Arachne’s help so damn much? The Lost Soul was handicapped in this one!

Jones: Well, tag-team partners work together if allowed, Anthony, and the rules clearly gave The Big Bifford that advantage!

Logan: The Lost Soul came devastatingly close to winning this one. Who knows what would have happened if the original rules had been left in place?

Jones: All that matters, Anthony, is that we have a tournament winner! Congratulations to The Big Bifford! We’re way out of time, so we’ll see you this Friday!!

*Arachne and Ka’Berryon have already come into the ring, celebrating with The Big Bifford, who still needs help standing. The Lost Soul has rolled out of the way, holding a hand to his bloody forehead, which is clearly killing him. Ka’Berryon has a happy smile on his face, holding up Bifford’s arm, having no clue what happened to his father earlier in the night. Arachne, for his part, is smiling as well, although it could be because of different reasons. The Big Bifford, triumphant, leads the men towards the ropes, wanting to head out and replenish his energy with a good meal, as well as a few stitches. The Lost Soul watches him go, knowing that the battles between them are not over. We fade out, ending the show.*

And there you have it! The first PPV of 2010 is in the books! It's been a great tournament, and I want to again congraulate all the finalists, as you made my job really tough at the end. Hopefully, we've all got a lot more to come this year!

Here's the card for this Friday:

- Aaron Styles vs. Justin Hale

- Angelica vs. Mr. Excellent

- Arryk Rage vs. Arachne

- Crazy Chris vs. Robert Santana, GCWA Television Title Match

Roleplaying will be from Sunday, February 7th to Thursday, February 11th, giving you 5 days to post 3 roleplays max, 1 per day, 150-line limit. Due to the shortened rp window, feel free to make deals regarding how many rp's to post. Remember, each must be in before 12:00am CST to count.

Good luck to all!