*The picture of the ordering screen fades away, one of your favorite sights. After all, you paid a good deal of money for this show (but still a fair and reasonable amount, especially if you’re sitting in a bar somewhere with other rabid GCWA fans). The picture slowly comes up on what appears to be a deserted island. It’s a lush landscape, filled with green palm trees and sandy beaches. We fly over the island, and then come down on a shot of a single man standing in the middle of one of the beaches. We then get a different shot from the ground level, showing it to be… Jeff Probst! The main commentator on the hit CBS show “Survivor” walks towards the camera, smiling that familiar half-smile.*

Jeff Probst: Survival. One of my favorite subjects. It’s something that I, personally, know a lot about.

*Probst starts walking through the sand, making his way towards an unknown destination.*

Jeff Probst: In a way, my show and this pay-per-view are pretty similar. After all, there are many ways to ‘survive’. You can out-wit your opponent.

*We see a shot of Mario Maurako and his group, after the betrayal of Silver Cyanide rocked Derek Mobley’s squad, leaving them a man short.*

Jeff Probst: You can out-play your opponent, winning the match in the physical sense.

*We see shots of Ataxia and Lorenzo Demarco going at it, as well as a shot of Chris Cortez injuring Robert Santana in the back-stage area.*

Jeff Probst: The key, though, is to out-last your opponent. You want to be the last man standing.

*Shots roll of Jaiden Rishel’s CWF team coming together, as well as seeing the Danger Boiz and Bucky Johnson standing next to the CWF’s Angel.*

Jeff Probst: All that matters, really, is to be the sole Survivor.

*Probst walks around a turn into the trees, and comes out the other side… into an island paradise. It’s the side of “Survivor” you never see, where Probst and the rest of the crew spend their time in luxury, while the contestants suffer in the elements. Probst walks over and sits in a plush-looking chair, and then looks around, clapping his hands together.*

Jeff Probst: Excuse me! I need some service over here! That margarita isn’t going to mix itself!

*A man walks over, coming in with the sun behind him. Probst smiles and reaches for the drink, only to have the man throw it in his face!*

Jeff Probst: Agghhh!!! What the hell??

*The tray comes down at a high arc, shattering across Probst’s head!! He collapses to the ground, out cold, as we finally get a good look at the man holding the remains of the tray. It’s the Stranger, mask and all! He stares towards the camera, breathing heavily, as the shot bursts into a display of the name of the pay-per-view!*

*The shot fades to black, but then reopens, taking us instead to a live shot of the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida!!! The place is going wild, screams coming in from all directions, as the place appears to be completely sold out for this once-in-a-lifetime event! Fans of all types are shown, with some having their custom-made Stranger masks on their head, while others are sporting GCWA merchandise like Danger Boiz and House of Pain t-shirts. Posters range from “Bifford’s Fall Will Shake The World!” to “I Want To Survive Triple P!! (555) 253-0203!” We fly across the crowd, then go downwards to join the two broadcast colleagues, Adrian Rockwell and Edward Jones.*

Jones: Welcome, everyone, to one of the biggest shows of the GCWA year! It’s time for Ultimate Survival 2!!

Rockwell: Oh, this is gonna be a hell of a night, Edward!! And I’m damn happy to be here next to you, instead of out there in the danger zone with all these freaks!

Jones: This is guaranteed to be a historic tournament here tonight, as 23 wrestlers will be competing for a chance to walk out of here as the 2010 Ultimate Survivor, earning him or her a GCWA World Heavyweight Title shot!

Rockwell: It’s hard to pick a true favorite for this one, but after thinking about it, I’m going to say Jaiden Rishel goes all the way.

Jones: You’re just saying that because the Accelerator is backing him.

Rockwell: Isn’t that a good enough reason?

Jones: … Fair enough. But Rishel’s got a lot of strong competitors to go through. There are several guys in this tournament that have been to the top, and would love an opportunity to get there again! Speaking of, we also can’t forget that The Big Bifford is defending the GCWA World Title tonight against the Stranger!

Rockwell: You mean The Lost Soul. Damn cheater.

Jones: Well, according to the announced matches, it’s The Stranger, Adrian, which means that we can’t be sure that The Lost Soul will be the one under the mask.

Rockwell: I still say this is ridiculous. TLS lost his chance, he shouldn’t be here tonight! Ace should have just fired him!

Jones: I believe Ace has tried that before, and TLS just shows up again later on.

Rockwell: I blame Commissioner Lurrr for this. The Big Bifford should be fighting a true challenger. Someone like, say, Mr. Itt!

Jones: I don’t think even Ace would be ok with Mr. Itt main-eventing a pay-per-view.

Rockwell: Yeah, probably not. But there has to be someone better than the Stranger!

Jones: Well, we’ll find out later tonight, as the tournament goes into high gear! It’s going to be an exciting night, and we shouldn’t waste any more time before getting to it!! Let’s send it to…

*Suddenly, over the PA system, we hear a familiar voice...*

El Linchador: Hold on, hold on, hold on!

*The crowd goes wild as El Linchador runs out ringside in his street clothes clutching a microphone.*

Jones: Our first El Linchador sighting of the night!

Rockwell: The guy's slacking already - he's not even dressed for his match!

El Linchador: I'm sorry to interrupt you guys in the ring there... with... whatever's going on in that ring, but I need to see Ace. Where's Ace? ACE! Can we get him out here, get him a mic? Tear him away from that make-up chair!

Jones: Ho-ho! El Linchador calling out GCWA's very own President Accelerator.

Rockwell: He wears make-up??

*Ace slowly walks out, looking slightly annoyed, also clutching a microphone.*

Jones: Apparently not!

The Accelerator: Linchy, what are you doing? This is a Pay-Per-View, we have matches to do. You’re threatening to cost me money!

El Linchador: Hey, big guy, well, I told you I needed to bring in my special skybox before our match. You said a deal's a deal, since we're short a man.

Accelerator: I did, but -

El Linchador: It's not even set-up yet. The guys have been standing at the loading dock and you have this annoying PA who keeps talking about Glee -

Accelerator: OK, Linchy -

El Linchador: And I don't even watch that show, although that Lea chick is pretty cute, but I'm married, right? So it doesn't matt -

The Accelerator: El Linchador GO!

El Linchador: - er because - GREAT! HEY FELLAS!

*Two large cranes bringing large wooden lofts head down to the ring. The cranes drop the lofts off right at ringside - they are about 15 feet off the ground and have a few rows of comfortable seats on them. They're like portable bleacher seats, but positioned to watch the action in the ring without any interruption. There clearly needs to be portable staircases put in before anyone could get on top of them. Linchy's workers finish securing the base of each loft so that it doesn't tip over.*

Jones: Wow, those look... interesting.

Rockwell: I'm not sure how secure they are - I think Bifford would go right through it!

Jones: Well let's hope that's not who's sitting up there!

El Linchador: Now I'm happy, Ace! OLE!!!!!!!!!!

*The crowd answers "OLE!” in response. The Accelerator, though, has already walked away, shaking his head in annoyance. El Linchador leaves the ring, going to personally check on the new ‘seating’, as we jump backstage. We find ourselves inside the locker room of “The Franchise” Ryan Rage. There we see Ryan already in his wrestling gear. He stands there confidently gazing into the mirror at himself as he slides on his elbow pads. Once they are on he gives them a good smack to ensure they are on tightly. He puts his hands on his hips and turns his head slightly. He then begins to talk to himself for a moment. *

Ryan Rage: How could Shayde and his cronies believe I use steroids?! I hear that everywhere I go. Roid Rage! Pfft!

*Ryan scoffs as he flexes his right arm still looking in the mirror. *

Ryan Rage: Come up with something more original kid. This is all natural, … pure perfection!

*In the distance we can hear the television playing. Ryan turns and walks over to a table where GCWA has set up some snacks for him. Above the table is the TV playing promos from the week in GCWA. Playing now is a promo from Ataxia as Ryan reaches into a bowl of ice and grabs a bottled water. Ryan takes a drink and shakes his head as he watches the promo. He begins talking to himself again.*

Ryan Rage: And this guy. I can’t wait to get a hold of this cocky bastard. All he has done has talked shit about me all week. 1980 wants their promo back. Kiss my ass!

*About this time he gets a knock at his door as he reaches up and turns off the television. In walks Mr. Excitement dressed in his normal suit and tie. He stops shutting the door almost all the way behind him and says.*

Mr. Excitement: I got a surprise for you champ.

Ryan Rage: What would that be?

Mr. Excitement: Turn around and wait for me to tell you, then turn back around.

Ryan Rage: Come on man.

Mr. Excitement: JUST DO IT!

Ryan Rage: Fine.

*He turns around as he mumbles.*

Ryan Rage: This better me good man!

*Mr. Excitement smiles as he opens the door back up and motions for someone else to come in. Behind him walks in rather tall and large man. Almost as big as Ryan! This man dressed in a similar suit and tie and sunglasses. He removes his sunglasses and put them in his jacket pocket with a smile on his face. The man stands beside Mr. Excitement as he says.*

Mr. Excitement: Okay Ryan. You can turn around.

*With a not so thrilled look on his face he slowly turns around to see the big man standing in front of him. This look quickly changes into a smile. He then steps forward as both men are smiling now. They exchange a quick hug as the two catch up.*

Ryan Rage: Royal Powerhouse, what the hell are you doing here?! Where did you find this guy?

*He turns to Mr. Excitement.*

Mr. Excitement: He wasn’t too hard to find.

Royal Powerhouse: I’ve come to see the look on GCWA’s faces when you come out in your second match and win this contendership! They have no idea who they are messing with.

*Powerhouse laughs.*

Ryan Rage: Well, thanks man. Appreciate the support.

Mr. Excitement: Just got out of Ace’s office. Just negotiated his contract.

*Ryan eyes grow wide. As Powerhouse smiles.*

Ryan Rage: GREAT MAN!

Royal Powerhouse: You know I got your back. But, that isn’t all.

*Ryan looks puzzled.*

Royal Powerhouse: Just call me legion. Cause with me are many!

*Ryan looks at him with an evil grin. All three men smiling from ear to ear as the cameras set on them. We then slowly fade out of the scene and go back to ringside.*

Jones: So Ryan Rage has back-up tonight in the form of a new signee, Royal Powerhouse! I can’t say I know much about this man…

Rockwell: I believe he’s a former World Champion in Gfed, which means we’re bringing in another championship-caliber competitor!

Jones: We can never have enough of those! But what did he mean, many are coming with him?

Rockwell: No clue.

Jones: Alright, well, Minos is still waiting impatiently in the ring, so I guess we should jump to… wait, wait. We're getting word that there is something going on backstage.

Rockwell: A shower cam in Angel's locker room?

Jones: No, why would you even say that?

Rockwell: To get the nerds at home to fall over.

*A shot to the back is shown with Ataxia being held up against a wall by Lorenzo Demarco who is attempting a double hand choke! Ataxia gets a knee between his legs breaking the choke. Lorenzo releases and stumbles away as Ataxia charges and hits a forearm, another forearm, another forearm. He goes for a fourth one but Lorenzo Demarco blocks it and then hits a closed fist right to the chin. Ataxia stumbles a little bit as Lorenzo grabs him by the head and attempts to bash the back of his head into the wall. Before he can though Ataxia is able to rake his eyes blinding him. Lorenzo grabs his face as Ataxia clotheslines him down to the ground. Ataxia begins to lay the boots down on Lorenzo Demarco.*

Jones: Ataxia and Demarco aren't waiting for the match they're going now!

Rockwell: This is stupid it's going to cost them in the long run if they exert themselves like this.

*Lorenzo Demarco is able to grab one of the stomp attempts and pull Ataxia down on the ground. They wrestle on the ground with Lorenzo end up on top and he begins to reign down blows on Ataxia is who is attempting to cover up. Ataxia takes this for a few seconds before being able to roll over and knocking Lorenzo Demarco off of him. They both stand up and charge and grapple each other as referees, security, and other officials try to break it up. The feed goes to static as we cut to the announcer table.*

Jones: These two men in less than a week are almost in a blood feud.

Rockwell: Well what do you expect. That freak overstepped the line, according to Lorenzo. He's getting what he deserves. Let's hope the guys in the back can get them separated while they get ready for this match.

Jones: Well they are up next. As a matter of fact right now!

Rockwell: Ok, finally, Minos, it’s your turn!

*Minos is seen, controlling his annoyance at having been given ‘false starts’ several times already tonight.*

Minos: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the opening contest of the evening! It is time to began Ultimate Survival!

*The crowd is seriously energized here in Miami, cheering their heads off at the beginning of the tournament.*

Minos: Introducing first, coming down to the r...

*Minos is interrupted as Ataxia falls out from behind the curtain and lands on the entrance ramp. Lorenzo Demarco appears and he starts kicking Ataxia down the ramp.*

Minos: OH COME ON!!!!

Jones: Somebody separate them!

Rockwell: Hell. Let 'em fight. These people paid for a fight and that's what they are getting.

*Ataxia is trying to stand back up and finally does and when he does he gets an elbow into Lorenzo's gut. Lorenzo hunches over as Ataxia grabs him and attempts to throw him face first into the barricade. Lorenzo blocks it and delivers an elbow of his own into Ataxia's gut. He then attempts the same thing with Ataxia who also blocks it. They both then grapple and are getting closer and closer to the ring as they try to get control of each other. Finally they are near the ring and Ataxia gets control and slams Lorenzo Demarco head first into the outer apron. Lorenzo Demarco is slightly dazed as Ataxia throws him into the ring. Ataxia slides into the ring and dives on top of Demarco who attempts to fight him off from the bottom. Both men have each other by the throats, with Ataxia on top as Santana, Shayde, and Xtreme are running in.*

Jones: And here is Team Santana!

Rockwell: I guess they figured not to wait for the entrances. Finally.

*Lorenzo gets control and ends up on top as all three get in and begin to beat down Demarco helping their team mate out. The crowd gets really excited as Cortez, Rage, and Riot also run down and attempt to even the odds.*

Jones: Team Cortez to the rescue!

Rockwell: About time! Come on beat the freaks!

*Cortez and Santana tie up and start pummeling each other. Xtreme goes immediately for Riot with a violent headbutt sending him to the mat. Rage and Liam Shayde tie up and Rage overpowers the much smaller man and sends him to the mat. Rage isn't paying attention as Ataxia hits him square in the nuts with a dropkick sending the big man to the ground. Demarco runs up and hits Ataxia from behind as Shayde bounces off the ropes and superkicks Demarco into the other ropes. Xtreme hits Cortez from behind and Santana judo kick's Cortez in the gut on the rebound. DDT! Riot starts to get up and is met with a German suplex into the turnbuckle post from Ataxia. Demarco charges for Shayde. Shayde ducks but Demarco grabs him from the back of the neck and hits a neckbreaker on him. Santana grabs Cortez and tosses him out of the ring as Xtreme does the same to Riot. Rage is starting to get back up as Demarco is walking over to Ataxia who flips him off. Demarco charges. Ataxia drops...DROP TOE HOLD INTO THE TURNBUCKLE POST!*

Jones: Has the match even started yet?

Rockwell: No. The ref hasn't even got in the ring. Damnit, Mitchell, can’t you do anything right? Hell, screw this!

Jones: Wait, Adrian, you’re leaving already??

*Rockwell gets up and goes to help Mitchell keep Team Cortez from getting back into the ring and trying to get Team Santana to stop. Demarco rolls out of the ring and Ataxia, along with everyone else on his team glare at Rage. Rage looks at the odds. Four on one. He gets out of the ring as Team Santana walk over to their corner. Mitchell finally gets in the ring and yells at Team Santana as Rockwell helps make sure Team Cortez doesn't start up again.*

Jones: Ok, I think we’re finally getting back under control. Looks like we’re about ready to begin!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As the wrestlers debate on who’s beginning the contest, Rockwell makes his way back over to the announce table, grabbing his headset.*

Jones: That was freaking anarchy.

Rockwell: Damn right. Mitchell was getting his ass handed to him there. Sure, he’s been around a while, but there was no way he was gonna be able to handle that. Who’s starting off?

Jones: Well it looks like they’re still working that out, Adrian.

*It appears that almost everyone wants to start things out for Team Santana, but the captain takes charge, sending the others back and stepping through the ropes. On the other side, Cortez points to Demarco, trying to use his authority as well. But Demarco, seeing that it’s not Ataxia, shakes his head, refusing to go in. Cortez, annoyed, turns towards the other two men. Rage stares right back, almost daring Cortez to say something to him. Instead, though, Cortez says something to Jimmy Riot. He nods his head towards the ring, and after a second, Riot steps in, following orders. Riot and Santana lock up, with Santana quickly getting the headlock, as the ‘official’ wrestling finally begins.*

Jones: Santana’s showing his leadership by starting things off!

Rockwell: And Cortez is showing that he’s a hell of a lot smarter by letting others take the abuse. This isn’t about being courageous, this is about lasting to the finals!

*Riot pushes himself out of the headlock, taking Santana to the ropes. He shoots Santana to the other side, and then charges him, trying for a flying forearm. Santana does a front roll, however, going underneath Riot, who does his own roll upon landing. Both men are back up, with Riot staring angrily at the risen Santana. Santana, in return, raises a hand, beckoning him on. This is all it takes, as Riot rushes forward again with abandon, apparently going for a football tackle. Santana’s ready, though, side-stepping and extending his leg with a sweep, sending Riot crashing down throat-first onto the ropes!! Riot, gasping, tries to stand up, but Santana is already charging him, leaping into the air and scoring the Sensei-Tion!!!! Riot collapses to the mat, as his teammates all turn away in disgust. Santana is immediately in for the pin attempt, with Referee Mitchell doing the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Jimmy Riot has been eliminated!

Jones: Talk about a short night for Riot!

Rockwell: Yeah, that was incredibly fast. It’s clear the guy just had no chance to win here tonight. What a let-down.

Jones: So Santana strikes early for his squad, and they now have a 4-3 advantage! Still think he was stupid for starting things, Adrian?

Rockwell: Yep.

*As Santana turns towards the crowd, celebrating the quick elimination, Cortez slips into the ring behind him. Before Santana can react, Cortez charges forward, smashing his shoulder into Santana’s leg brace!!! Santana does a flip and crashes hard to the ground, grabbing at his leg, as Cortez gets back to his feet, a sadistic smile on his face. The crowd is booing heavily, but it doesn’t bother Cortez at all. He grabs Santana by the leg and gives it a couple of leg twists, continuing his assault on Santana’s limb. He then drags Santana backwards to the corner, with Santana achingly trying to pull himself away. Cortez answers by putting Santana’s leg on the ropes, and then jumping into the air and stomping on it!!! As Santana writhes in pain, Cortez tags in Ryan Rage, earning a surprisingly strong cheer from the fans in attendance.*

Jones: Cortez, ever the opportunist, struck when Santana wasn’t expecting it!

Rockwell: Everyone knew that Cortez and his team would be gunning for Santana’s injury, and yet he put himself in harm’s way. Now Rage is going to show him what a real wrestler can do!

*Rage immediately goes back to the leg, twisting Santana over and applying a half Boston crab to really tweak the pressure. Referee Mitchell stays close, watching, as Santana struggles to find a way free of the hold. His teammates are shown, with Shayde looking concerned, while Xtreme just seems to be enjoying the punishment being dished out. Ataxia, of course, is unreadable behind his mask, although he doesn’t look that interested in coming in to help out his ‘leader’. After a few more seconds in the hold, Rage releases it and gets up, turning back towards Santana and pulling the man to his feet. He lifts Santana in the air and scoop slams him to the mat, and then drops a heavy elbow before making a cover… 1… 2.. but Santana kicks free before Mitchell’s hand can come down again. Not too concerned, Rage pulls Santana up and throws him hard into Rage’s corner, where his two partners are waiting.*

Rockwell: Rage is too damn big for someone like Santana to take down.

Jones: It’s amazing that the fans are really supporting him, when they clearly hate Cortez.

Rockwell: The guy’s a hometown favorite. They love him here in Miami.

*After stomping several times into Santana, driving him further down in the corner, Rage turns and reaches out towards Cortez, who gladly tags himself back in. Cortez continues to work over Santana, getting some aggression out. He then leans down and grabs Santana’s legs, lifting him up into the air out of the corner. Gravity takes its course, dropping Santana back down hard on the back of his head. As Santana rolls, dazed, Cortez latches onto his legs again, this time preparing to twist Santana into the Roots of Envy!!! But Santana, feeling the grip, immediately reacts, pulling one limb free long enough to kick Cortez away and get to the ropes, clinging to them with one arm. Cortez angrily gets the legs again, still prepared to cinch in his submission, but a warning from Referee Mitchell scuttles that plan.*

Jones: There’s a lot at stake between Cortez and Santana. In Santana’s case, if he outlasts Cortez, he gets a Unified X Division Title shot. If Cortez lasts longer, he’s getting a cash prize of $100,000!

Rockwell: It’s no wonder that Cortez is so intent on not letting Santana escape, now that he’s hurting. The thought of that prize is a major motivating factor for Cortez tonight!

*Cortez, more than a little frustrated that he didn’t get his finisher locked in, drags Santana up, slapping him across the face a couple of times before moving towards his corner with the man in tow. But Santana suddenly breaks free of Cortez’s grip and lashes out, landing three sharp chops across the chest in rapid succession! Santana then turns and dives towards his corner, crawling for the outstretched hands, only to have Cortez recover and jump on his legs with a tackle, keeping him from escaping! Cortez punches Santana repeatedly in the side before pulling him back up, mocking the other teammates for a second before taking Santana to the ropes. He shoots Santana across, and then sets in place for him, hands on his knees. He springs up for a clothesline, but Santana ducks under it and goes to the other side, returning, with Cortez twisting around with his arm extended, but so does Santana!! The two double clothesline each other, laying themselves out, as the place goes wild.*

Jones: Both team leaders are down! This could be the moment that Santana’s been desperately needing!

Rockwell: He’s got three relatively fresh guys sitting over there, now’s the time to get to crawling and get the hell out of there!

*The audience is still wildly cheering as Santana begins to move, dragging himself across the mat towards his corner. Shayde, Xtreme, and Ataxia are all waiting, reaching out towards him. Cortez struggles to recover, shaking his head. He starts towards his own corner, reaching out towards the closest person to him. Demarco hesitates, though, watching Santana for a moment as he reaches out desperately… and tags in Ataxia!! Demarco immediately slaps Cortez’ outstretched hand and jumps through the ropes, charging forward… and the brawl is back on!! The two hated rivals start slugging each other repeatedly, with the crowd nearly taking the roof off of the arena! Demarco takes control, driving Ataxia back with punches. He gets him to the corner and tries to drive Ataxia’s head into the turnbuckle pad, but Ataxia blocks it, and then knocks Demarco back away from him with an elbow shot. As Demarco staggers back, Ataxia quickly leaps up onto the ‘buckle and flies backwards with a moonsault press, crashing into Demarco and taking him to the mat! The ref is there… 1… 2.. but Demarco kicks free in time.*

Rockwell: It really is refreshing to have two wrestlers just hate each other, don’t you think? No politics, no titles, no “you slept with my girlfriend’s brother”, just simple fury.

Jones: Wait, who did that last one?

Rockwell: I’m sworn not to tell.

*Ataxia brings Demarco up, clearly happy to have his hands on him again. He pummels Demarco with a couple of short right hands before shoving him back into the corner. Ataxia then attacks, driving Demarco down with a series of kicks, delivering the Learn Your Lesson!! Demarco’s hurt, as Ataxia looks towards the crowd (probably scaring a few of the kids in attendance). He then comes and drags Demarco back up, swinging him towards the ropes, no, Demarco puts on the brakes, and then turns and drops Ataxia with a DDT!! Ataxia rolls painfully to the side, dazed, as Demarco works his way back up to his feet. He latches onto Ataxia and whips him to the side, with Ataxia rebounding off the ropes… as Xtreme makes the blind tag! Demarco, not seeing this, throws Ataxia over with a hip toss, putting him on the mat. Demarco then steps back, grinning, as Ataxia’s in the perfect position for the Paid In Full!! But before Demarco can jump forward, Xtreme clobbers him in the back of the head with a running double-fist shot!! Demarco falls, as Xtreme turns and decides to charge the other two men! Xtreme throws his weight into a startled Cortez, sending him off the apron, and then turns and blocks a Rage punch, sending Rage flying with one of his own!*

Jones: Xtreme is going after all of his opponents at once!

Rockwell: He should be concentrating just on Demarco if he knew what was good for him!

Jones: Maybe, but you’ve got to admit, Adrian, Xtreme’s wild style might actually be a benefit in a match like this!

*Demarco is back on his feet now, angrily storming over towards Xtreme. But the hardcore wrestler is ready for him, suddenly spinning himself around and catching Demarco with a discus clothesline! Xtreme gets back on his feet and stomps away on Demarco, grinning madly as he dishes out the punishment. Ryan Rage, meanwhile, is back up on the apron and steps through the ropes, clearly pissed off about being struck. He attacks Xtreme from behind, slugging him, as the referee vainly tries to back Rage off. But now Ataxia’s back in the ring, attacking him!! Cortez joins in, with Santana and Shayde happy to meet him, as we break down into an all-out war once again! As the fighting continues, Xtreme, recovering, turns and goes after Rage, joining in on the assault. He also swings once at Ataxia, causing the masked man to have to back off, as apparently Xtreme wants a piece of Rage all to himself. But Rage kicks towards him, catching Xtreme in the lower regions, causing him to fall to his knees! Ataxia steps back into the right with Rage, but Demarco, seeing the opportunity, doesn’t waste it. He runs forward, nailing Xtreme in the side of the head with the Paid In Full!!!! Xtreme topples over, with Demarco immediately yelling for the ref as he makes the cover… 1… 2… Cortez stops Santana from making the save… 3!!!*

Minos: Xtreme has been eliminated!

Jones: The teams have been evened up again!

Rockwell: Xtreme looked pretty strong at first, but he couldn’t resist going after the man who attacked him. He’s got to find a way to control himself!

Jones: Unfortunately now, we’ve got everyone going after everyone! I guess Demarco’s still legal, but who’s the legal man on the GCWA team?

*Santana and Cortez are now still going at it, with Cortez fighting dirty by going to the eyes. They stumble away, while Ataxia hits the ropes and comes back, throwing himself at Rage, only to get caught by the throat and thrown overhead, sending Ataxia out of the ring! Rage turns, laughing at the man on the outside, only to have Shayde come running in with a dropkick from behind, knocking Rage out of the ring as well! Shayde gets back to his feet, with Demarco meeting him with a running knee, and another man is out of the ring!! Demarco looks back, where Cortez is still going after Santana with lefts and rights. He then looks back out of the ring, towards where Ataxia is pulling himself up painfully. Demarco grits his teeth, knowing what he really wants out of this match. Nearby, Rage has grabbed the ropes, attempting to get back on the apron. Seeing this, Demarco walks over to him and slaps Rage’s hand hard, almost causing him to lose his grip. Demarco then steps out of the ring and heads over to Ataxia, intent on getting in a few more shots!*

Jones: For everyone else, this match is a chance to fight your way to a World Heavyweight Title shot. For Ataxia and Demarco, it’s been all about personal grudges!

Rockwell: Well, Demarco was able to put it aside long enough to eliminate Xtreme, but I don’t think his focus is going to be straightened out until either he or Ataxia are out of this contest!

*In the ring, Cortez sets Santana against the ropes, setting him up for another maneuver. Referee Mitchell is there, though, ordering Cortez to back off, since he’s not the legal man anymore. Cortez doesn’t care, shoving the referee backwards, knocking him down. Mitchell, angry, gets back up, screaming about a disqualification. Realizing what he’s done, Cortez immediately apologizes, ‘dusting’ off Mitchell’s shirt and telling him that it was an accident. Mitchell doesn’t look like he believes it, but Cortez’ quick apology has the desired effect. Cortez smiles at him, then turns… and Santana’s there, leaping up with the Sensei-Tion!!!! Cortez drops to the ground, with Santana, aching, making the cover… and not getting anywhere, as Mitchell knows not to count! Instead, Rage, seeing an opportunity, comes in quickly and starts stomping on Santana, and then pulls him up, lifting him onto his shoulders with a torture rack submission!!*

Jones: Cortez is down, with Santana being so damn close to winning that title shot he wants!

Rockwell: It means nothing if Cortez isn’t the legal man! Thank God Mitchell finally got something right!

*Rage keeps the pressure on, with Santana desperately looking for any way to escape the agony he’s in. Unfortunately for him, Demarco has Ataxia busy on the outside, while Shayde is still pulling himself up after flying from the ring earlier. Rage crushes Santana a few more times, then throws him violently down, stunning him enough for Rage to make a pin… 1… 2… but Santana refuses to go away, kicking free. Rage, angry now, lifts Santana back up again and flips him overhead, setting Santana up for the Career Ender! Santana, though, is frantically kicking his legs and manages to free himself, landing behind the man! Rage spins around, but Santana is ready for him, twisting around with a super kick that knocks Rage to his knees! Santana then straightens out his leg for a second before heading to the ropes… and then stumbles and falls hard, as a man on the outside just tripped him!!! Santana pulls himself back up, dazed, but Rage is back to grab him and lift, delivering the Career Ender!!! Santana’s out, with Rage making the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Robert Santana has been eliminated!

Jones: Santana’s gone!!! That means that Chris Cortez just picked up a cool $100,000!!!

Rockwell: That dude on the outside… he’s the one Rage was talking to earlier, right?

Jones: Yes, that’s the man known as Royal Powerhouse, one of Rage’s old allies! He just cost Santana multiple title shots with one move!

Rockwell: Gotta admire Rage’s craftiness, working out for Powerhouse to give him a hand tonight!

*Rage is back up now, grinning as he remorselessly pushes Santana out of the ring. Some fans seem thrilled that he got a pin, while others have turned on him, if only because of his ‘associate’ helping out. Royal Powerhouse is applauding on the outside, enjoying himself. Rage gives him a nod and turns back, but suddenly, Liam Shayde is there, landing a fist across Rage’s face! Unfortunately for Shayde, Rage immediately shakes it off, glaring at the smaller wrestler. Shayde, surprised, is shaking his hand as if having hurt it against Rage’s jaw. He tries an innocent smile towards the wrestler, but Rage doesn’t bite, instead slugging Shayde and knocking him on his back! Rage leans over and pulls Shayde back up, lifting him overhead, and then gorilla pressing him down to the mat, with Shayde rolling in agony.*

Rockwell: This is where Shayde’s inexperience might cost him. His team’s now outnumbered, and Ataxia’s attention seems to be elsewhere, so Shayde’s got to find a way to survive.

Jones: Well, on the plus front, it seems like Demarco and Ataxia have been separated again by security, so maybe Shayde will have someone to tag in later.

*We see a shot of Demarco angrily going back to his corner, where a recovering Cortez meets him. The two have words, with Cortez wanting his orders followed. Meanwhile, Ataxia, seemingly relaxed now, is back on his side, climbing onto the apron. He watches as Rage has Shayde up on his shoulder. Rage takes a couple of steps and spins down with a powerslam, then makes the cover… 1… 2… but the young wrestler manages to kick out in time. Cortez, seeing this, shouts for Rage to bring him over. Rage scowls at Cortez, but shakes his head and lifts Shayde up, throwing him bodily into the corner. Cortez raises his hand happily and tags in, stepping through the ropes and putting the boots to Shayde. He brings Shayde out and snaps him over into a sitting position, then gets behind him, applying a rear chin lock while smirking towards Ataxia. Shayde grabs at the man’s arm, trying to free himself, but Cortez has it expertly applied.*

Jones: Shayde’s in serious need of a tag right about now, as the three men are really working him over.

Rockwell: It doesn’t look like Ataxia really cares one way or another. I’m willing to be he’d be perfectly find with a 3-on-1 if it meant getting to Demarco again.

Jones: I’m not sure anyone could overcome a 3-on-1 advantage, Adrian, not considering how strong these wrestlers are.

Rockwell: Oh, I didn’t say he’d overcome it. He’s just be fine with it, the sick bastard.

*After wringing Shayde for a few more moments, Cortez decides to release him. He brings the tired Shayde up to his feet, leaving him dazed as Cortez goes to the ropes and comes back for a clothesline, no, Shayde ducks under it, taking a knee. Cortez, surprised, turns around and runs back, but Shayde twists him into a back slide!! Cortez has his shoulders on the mat, as the ref counts… 1… 2… and Cortez just barely kicks out in time! He rolls away, checking with the ref to make sure he’s legal. As Shayde tries to jump up, Cortez grabs him by the head and gets a facebuster, leaving the man down. Cortez then goes to tag in Demarco, wanting to get out of the ring. Demarco, though, shakes his head no with a smile. Cortez, angry at more dissention in the ranks, attempts to force the tag by swiping at Demarco, but Demarco ducks under it, then grabs Cortez by the head and drops off the apron, snapping Cortez’ throat off the top rope!!! Rage, in shock, steps down to argue with Demarco, only to get shoved backwards over the stairs!! Meanwhile, Shayde, realizing that something happened, dives onto Cortez for the cover… 1… Demarco reaches through the ropes, holding onto Cortez’ legs… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Chris Cortez has been eliminated!

Jones: Oh my gosh!! Lorenzo Demarco turned on Cortez and helped get the Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion eliminated!!

Rockwell: What the hell was that fool thinking??

Jones: I think Cortez just got in his face once too often, Adrian!

Rockwell: Demarco wasn’t willing to work with his team throughout the match, but he’s just hurt his own chances at moving forward!

*On the outside, Demarco is laughing hard at what just happened. He turns towards the crowd, jawing with them about what just happened, as an angry Cortez rolls out of the ring. Rage, joining him, points over at Demarco, and the two men advance on him, spinning him around. Before Demarco knows what’s happening, Cortez and Rage both start nailing him with rights, knocking him into the railing!! Rage then pushes Cortez aside and lifts Demarco up, carrying him to the ropes and dumping him through!! Demarco sluggishly gets up in the ring, still trying to fight back. He looks at the two men, confused why they’re staying outside, but then his mind finally clicks into what’s going on. He turns, but Shayde is already there, giving Demarco a kick to the stomach, then taking him over with a fisherman’s suplex pin attempt!! Referee Mitchell drops to the mat to count… 1… 2… Demarco barely escapes in time!*

Jones: It’s now Demarco and Rage vs. Shayde and Ataxia, but you have to wonder, will any of these four be able to work together??

Rockwell: Rage and Demarco? Not a chance. Shayde and Ataxia, maybe, although it’s hard to see Ataxia working well with anyone.

*Shayde has Demarco in a lotus lock submission currently, keeping Demarco in a great deal of pain. Rage is watching from the apron, showing no inclination to make the save for his ‘partner’. Demarco’s not tapping, though, so Shayde releases the draining hold and gets up. He pulls Demarco over and tags in Ataxia, who looks pleased at Demarco’s current state. He runs to the ropes and comes back, doing a spring off of the other side to flip over and drop Demarco with a springboard leg sweep. Ataxia then makes the cover, hanging on… 1… 2… but Demarco’s still not quitting. Ataxia is immediately up again, pulling his opponent up with him. He goes for an ace crusher, but Demarco’s able to push him away, avoiding the maneuver. Ataxia comes back at him, but Demarco reaches up and grabs the mask, yanking it sideways!! Ataxia, blinded, struggles to get his mask back into position, as Demarco backs up, setting up the Paid In Full!! But suddenly, Rage reaches out and slaps Demarco on the back, making the tag!!*

Rockwell: Ah, hell, this team is just falling apart!

Jones: Looks like Rage wants to deprive Demarco of the main reason he’s wrestling tonight!

*A furious Demarco turns towards Rage, who has already stepping into the ring. But Rage just pushes past him and rushes in, giving Ataxia a running boot to the head!! Rage then drops to make the cover, with referee Mitchell there… 1… and Demarco pulls back on Rage’s legs, losing it!! Rage gets up snarling, shoving Demarco back, and the two ‘teammates’ are about to come to blows. Shayde, sensing opportunity, comes into the ring and runs forward. Rage, sensing his coming, dodges to the side, causing Shayde to splash into Demarco… and the referee!! Mitchell’s down, as Demarco rolls out of the ring in pain. Shayde struggles back to his feet, but Rage quickly grabs him by his trunks and launches him over the top rope, clearing the ring!! Rage smiles and turns back to Ataxia, who meets him with several punches, driving the big man back. Ataxia then runs to the ropes for momentum… and then flips over the ropes and to the outside, courtesy of Royal Powerhouse yanking them down!! Ataxia struggles to get up outside, but Powerhouse steps in, landing a sweet superkick that lands perfectly, crashing Ataxia to the ground!*

Jones: Once again, Royal Powerhouse is getting involved where he has no business!!

Rockwell: It’s all part of the game plan, Edward!

*Rage moves over to the ropes, looking out with glee at the downed Ataxia. He climbs through the ropes to the outside, picks Ataxia up, and then throws him back inside. Referee Mitchell, meanwhile, is leaning on the ropes, shaking his head. He pulls himself up, as Rage spots him and drops a quick knee on Ataxia. He then makes the confident cover, wanting to put Ataxia away. However, Mitchell doesn’t come over for the count. Instead, he walks away towards the side of the ring, where the timekeeper’s table is located (as well as the ring announcer, Minos). Rage looks up in puzzlement as Mitchell signals, and the bell is heard, signaling an elimination!*

Jones: Hold on, what’s happened??

Rockwell: Maybe the ref decided that Ataxia couldn’t continue?

Jones: I don’t know, but Minos is getting up, so we’re about to get the official word.

*Rage walks over towards the ref, as Minos stands, raising up his mic.*

Minos: By referee’s decision, Ryan Rage has been disqualified!

*The crowd reacts in both excitement and anguish as the hometown favorite has been DQ’ed! Rage can’t believe it, arguing furiously with Referee Mitchell, but the referee is pointing over towards Royal Powerhouse. The wrestler on the outside is trying to say that he hadn’t done anything, but it doesn’t seem to be very successful.*

Rockwell: Damn, that’s a travesty of justice right there!

Jones: We all thought that Mitchell was down and out, but apparently he was coherent enough to see Royal Powerhouse’s attack on Ataxia! He just made a major decision in this contest!

Rockwell: It’s 2-on-1 now!

*Rage’s bitter argument with Mitchell is stopped as Demarco comes hurrying into the ring, seeing that Ataxia’s still down. He drops his weight onto Ataxia for the cover, signaling to the referee to come over for the count. After pulling himself free of Rage, Mitchell complies, dropping down… 1… 2… and Rage kicks Demarco in the back, stopping the cover! Demarco rolls away, rubbing his head, and then pulls himself up, only to get blasted by a running clothesline from Rage!! Rage then pulls Demarco back to his feet and sets him, lifting him into the air… Career Ender lands!! Demarco is out next to Ataxia, as Rage, getting the cheers from the biased crowd, turns and leaves, completely disgusted with how things went.*

Jones: Rage gets some revenge on his way out!!

Rockwell: As if the odds weren’t already stacked against Demarco, he was once again denied his pin on Ataxia, who might very well have been worth covering! Ataxia and Shayde are damn lucky!

*With Rage and Royal Powerhouse leaving together, Ataxia starts to pull himself up in the ring, shaking his head and making sure his mask is still in place. Shayde has moved back to the corner area now, trying to inspire Ataxia to get up and make the tag. After a few seconds, Ataxia rolls over, looking at Shayde. He then struggles back to his feet, refusing to tag in the youngster! Instead, Ataxia steps over and pulls the dazed Demarco up. He shoots Demarco into the ropes, and then jumps up on him for a leapfrog hurricanrana… only to have Demarco instinctively turn it into a powerbomb!! Ataxia’s down, with Demarco trying to hang on for the pin… 1… 2… but Ataxia kicks free in time! Demarco, still out of it from the finisher he took earlier, takes a few moments to recover. He drags Ataxia up to his feet, cursing the man, and then goes for a cutter, but Ataxia is free, kicking Demarco in the gut! Ataxia then dashes to the nearby corner and leaps off of it, getting the Peaceful Tolerance!!! He makes the cover, with Shayde jumping for joy in the background… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Lorenzo Demarco has been eliminated!! Thus, the survivors of this match… Liam Shayde… and Ataxia!!

Jones: Shayde and Ataxia are moving on to the finals!

Rockwell: Damn, first Demarco cost Cortez his shot at moving on, then Rage basically cost Demarco his shot! Where’s the fucking priorities here??

Jones: Some guys just don’t work well with others, Adrian.

Rockwell: Yeah, but I wouldn’t say Shayde and Ataxia worked well together, either, but at least they didn’t hit each other!

Jones: So Cortez wins $100,000 for the night by outlasting Santana, but he won’t be in the finals. That has to be seen as a major upset, not having one of our top champions move on!

Rockwell: Yep, that’s a wild one, alright. What’s even more wild is that two newcomers have a real shot at becoming the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Title! Who could have seen that coming?

Jones: Well, congrats to the two men moving on. We’ll have to see what they have left later on in the night.

*Shayde is in the ring now, happily congratulating Ataxia. The masked man doesn’t seem to be in the mood to listen, though, as he suddenly gets in Shayde’s face, apparently laughing maniacally!! Shayde backs off, startled, as Ataxia then just as quickly turns and leaves the ring, heading towards the back, with a shaken superstar watching him go. We cut back to the arena's loading zone, where mass chaos is happening. Team Mobley, and all of El Linchador's other cohorts, are running around trying to bring in people! Linchy is ordering everyone around, including his teammates Derek and Warrick, as mass groups of people file in from limos that just arrived.*

El Linchador: Derek, I need you to bring in group A, they're very tired and need some fruit.

Derek Mobley: Why do I --

El Linchador: Thanks, bud, you are the BESTEST.

*Derek shakes his head before waving the first group of older gentlemen along behind him. Warrick is seen looking confused as large men are talking with Pedro.*

El Linchador: WARRICK, for god's sake help Pedro, he can't deal with those guys alone. Thanks for coming from camp, fellas, really appreciate it.

*Linchy gives a wave and one of the big guys waves back.*

Warrick Hill: Linchy, is this really -

El Linchador: You're a champ, bud, a CHAMP. Oh, Grace! You and Guanny play nice with Dean and get those ladies ready. I think our match is coming up soon so we have to move, people, MOVE!

*A group of women are walking with the rest of the guests, as Guanny passes by carrying a large box. El Linchador smiles to himself. Derek walks back into frame, up to Linchy.*

Derek Mobley: This doesn't distract you from wrestling? We have a big match coming up!

El Linchador: Distract me? This game is a both a physical and a mental one. I'm waging a new mental war.

Derek Mobley: I think you've lost it.

El Linchador: That's a good thing, friend. A very good thing.

*We leave El Linchador and The House of Pain behind and head down the hall towards the cafeteria area. Bucky Johnson is seen walking towards the food table. Once he gets there, he sees that there is no more chicken fingers or ribs left. *

Bucky Johnson: Aw! Who ate all the good stuff!

Crew Member: Oh, that was Biff. He came, he poured all the chicken and ribs into these giant bags he had, and then he left.

Bucky Johnson: Damn! That must have been some big doggie-bags!

*Robert Santana then walks over to the food table. He grabs a plate, and puts some strawberries on it. He looks pretty upset after his recent loss, missing out on a title opportunity. Bucky walks over to him.*

Bucky Johnson: Hey! What’s up, Robert?

Robert Santana: Just, don’t talk to me right now.

Bucky Johnson: Ooh, grouchy! Come on, cheer up! Just because you didn’t make the finals, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Robert Santana: You talk like you’ve been there before. But you haven’t, and you won’t tonight, I guarantee it.

Bucky Johnson: I’m sure I won’t, but I’ll try my best!

Robert Santana: Try your best? You think that’s all you need? You naïve little… just, leave me alone.

Bucky Johnson: Um, okay?

*Robert walks away, with Bucky shaking his head and watching him leave. He grabs a couple of pieces of fruit and walks away, eating them on his way towards the ringside entrance. We then cut to the back, putting us in the office of the President, The Accelerator sitting at his desk with a smile on his face as he converses with Jaiden Rishel. Jaiden himself looks a little worse than Ace, his long hair draped into a ponytail and looking like it hadn’t been washed in days. Quarter inch thick bags hang from both of Jaiden’s eyes, but still he forces a smirk before looking up at the boss.*

The Accelerator: Tonight’s the big night Jaiden, Ultimate Survival is finally here. It’s time to prove yourself that you are worthy of leading my team out there and destroying the rest of the competition. Are you ready?

Jaiden Rishel: I think so, I mean…

*Immediately Ace shoots his right hand up, stopping Jaiden in his tracks before he can continue speaking.*

The Accelerator: Stop right there. After everything your father has put you through, after all the sick and twisted games he played to get you prepared for night…you only THINK you’re ready?

Jaiden Rishel: With all due respect sir, I don’t have any understanding at all of why my father chose to have a mysterious group kidnap me, beat me down, start a damned conspiracy…all so I could be prepared for a wrestling match?

*The Accelerator shakes his head at Jaiden Rishel, running his right hand across his forehead in frustration.*

The Accelerator: Listen Jaiden, we’re going to have to have this discussion another time because I already have more than enough on my plate tonight with Ultimate Survival two. But there is one thing I want you to remember out there. Don’t let your mind get caught up in everything going on in your personal life, that would be the biggest mistake you could make out there. You’ve been telling the world how you’re the best thing to hit GCWA in years, don’t go out there and prove yourself wrong. And most importantly, don’t go out there and embarrass me.

Jaiden Rishel: You can count on me sir, there is no one stopping me from achieving greatness in front of the thousands of fans here tonight. Lurrr made a huge mistake by picking a bum like Crazy Chris to lead his team into Ultimate Survival, because when it comes down to me and him as the final two men in the ring, it’s going to be payback time for The Prodigy. I really hope Chris brought his deranged family with him like I asked, because they’re going to be making funeral arrangements after tonight!

*Finally a smile comes across the face of the Accelerator, he nods his head while getting up from his desk.*

The Accelerator: That’s exactly what I wanted to hear from you. Now go out there and pick up the win, I’m counting on you and Team Invincible to bring the number one contendership back to me.

*The Accelerator shakes the hand of Jaiden Rishel, turning around and picking up some paperwork as he walks out of his office. Jaiden closes the door behind him and begins to stroll down the hallway, looking around with his head up for a refreshment stand. He continues walking down the hall and takes a left, going past a few stagehands that wish him good luck later, finally coming to a soda machine. Jaiden pulls two dollars out of his wallet and slips it into the machine, grabbing a mountain dew out and taking a swig just as he feels someone approaching him from behind.*

Justin Rishel: Jaiden…we need to talk.

*Swiftly the son of the CWF president zips his head around, his face turning a brighter shade of red by the second. His eyes stare unblinkingly into those of his father’s, as if contemplating knocking him down with a right hand. Instead Jaiden spits on the ground beside his father, muttering a few words under his breath before walking away towards the ringside area, infuriated. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: So some interesting events happening backstage, including a confrontation between Bucky Johnson and Robert Santana, and another one between Jaiden and his father!

Rockwell: I wonder why J Rish is here tonight. Is he just here to support his son? Or did he have some secret meeting with Ace?

Jones: With Justin Rishel, you can never be sure what you’re going to get.

Rockwell: As for Santana and Johnson, I have to say I’m on Santana’s side. The guy just had a bad night, and doesn’t want to be ‘cheered up’.

Jones: It’s not like Bucky was cursing him out, Adrian. He was trying to be helpful.

Rockwell: Clearly, Santana wasn’t wanting any help.

Jones: We’ve got a long way to go yet, so let’s go back to the ring, as it’s time now for our second of three qualifying contests!

Minos: The next match is the second of our Ultimate Survival Qualifying matches! Introducing first, they are a team heavily backed by the President of the GCWA, here are Mark Carlton… Ian King… Carlton Mace… and the team captain, Jaiden Rishel… Team Invincible!

*The crowd is already booing heavily as Rishel leads his team out to his theme music, “The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria. The team looks extremely confident, although Carlton and Mace still seem to be arguing about something. King is quick to get between them, as Rishel is already walking far ahead of them, his eyes only on the ring. He looks like he’s definitely in a bad mood for tonight’s contest.*

Jones: Rishel went to the CWF to form a team to represent the President tonight. We’ll soon find out if his gamble pays off or not.

Rockwell: Man, if looks could kill, we’d all be nuked by now. The stuff with his father really has him ticked off tonight.

Jones: J Rish said he only set up the kidnapping to help his son succeed in the GCWA.

Rockwell: He either unleashed Jaiden’s inner beast, or has his mind completely off-track. I guess we’ll find out which soon enough.

Minos: Their opponents are a team formed to battle against the presidential forces, unified against their adversaries… here are Angel, Dangerous Dan, Bucky Johnson, and the team captain, the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris!

*As “Mental Health” by Zebrahead starts up, the fans begin cheering wildly. The first two to appear are the Danger Boiz, each racing to a different section of the stage to pump up the crowd. Bucky Johnson comes out next, turning and holding open the curtain as Angel steps through, smiling. She starts up the aisleway first, watching the men she’s known for a long time stare back at her. Bucky and the Danger Boiz soon follow, having the energy of the crowd behind them.*

Jones: There’s no question that the Danger Boiz have had issues with the President’s actions as of late. That’s led to Crazy Chris leading a team against men that the Accelerator has personally endorsed.

Rockwell: Call it what it really is, Jones. Career suicide.

Jones: Well, to be fair, Adrian, Crazy Chris has made some good points about the Accelerator’s…

Rockwell: Nope, he’s lied about each and every thing he’s ever said about our great President.

Jones: I wouldn’t say lies…

Rockwell: Well, I would, and I’d be telling the truth! Now shut up and quit contradicting me!

Jones: …

Rockwell: There, that’s better… c’mon, Team Invincible!

*The Bell Rings.*

*After a brief discussion, Carlton Mace steps out for Team Invincible, waiting impatiently for the faces to make up their minds. Crazy Chris appears like he wants to go, but he’s talked out of it by Dangerous Dan, who nods that he’ll take the start of this one. The young wrestler comes forward to face Mace, who is immediately laughing at Dan’s facepaint. He points at Dan, making comments about his look and name. This all changes as soon as Dan grabs his arm and twists, tossing Mace over him with an armdrag takedown! Mace is back on his feet, surprised, as Dan flies in at him, giving Mace a hard hip toss back to the center of the ring! Mace rolls and gets to the ropes, getting up on a knee. Dan then points to his chest, demanding respect, as the crowd cheers for him. Mace shrugs his shoulders, as if acknowledging a little skill. He gets up and offers a handshake, but as soon as Dan reaches for it, Mace kicks him in the gut, then drops him with an x-factor, banging Dan’s face off the mat!! Mace then goes to work on the young man, keeping him down by getting a headlock on the mat and punching away.*

Jones: Dangerous Dan started things strong, but Mace suckered him in with that handshake offer.

Rockwell: If someone offers you a hand inside the ring, you break it. That’s the way this business works.

Jones: Remind me never to offer to help you up when you’ve been knocked down.

*Mace brings Dan up, then immediately takes him back down with a dragon suplex, banging Dan’s cranium off the canvas. He makes the cocky cover, with referee Trixie in position… 1… 2.. but Dan is able to kick out. For a second, Mace smiles towards Trixie, admiring her, uh, outfit, before getting back up. He pulls Dan to his feet and takes him into the corner, tagging in his usual partner, Mark Carlton. The Fearless Atlantic Gentleman comes in swinging, smashing Dan with a sharp right hook. He then waits for a few seconds for Dan to start to get up before rushing in and getting the Marquess of Queensbury, putting Dan on his back once more! Carlton, though, opts not to go for a cover. Instead, he signals to Mace to raise his boot and lifts Dan up, whipping him towards it. But Dan drops into a baseball slide instead, catching Mace on the leg and knocking him off the apron! Dan then jumps up, with Carlton belatedly trying to grab him. Dan, though, does a quick roll and gets to his corner, quickly tagging in Bucky Johnson! Johnson immediately steps over the ropes and rushes forward, catching a charging Carlton and spinning him around with a huge side slam!! He makes the cover… 1… 2… but Carlton kicks out!*

Jones: And now the Retarded Beast takes on the Fearless Atlantic Gentleman!

Rockwell: So it’s a retard vs. a FAG?

Jones: Damn, Adrian, don’t be so insensitive!! You’re going to get the FCC on us again!

Rockwell: This is pay-per-view, Ed, that means I don’t give a fuck!

*Carlton struggles to his feet, dazed, not realizing that it’s exactly what Bucky was waiting for. He charges, leaping into the air and getting a flying shoulder block that sends Carlton crashing to a heap on the canvas!! Johnson’s feeling the power now, slapping his chest to get the crowd riled up before going to where Carlton’s trying to get up. Carlton responds with a couple of shots to Bucky’s side, staggering the larger wrestler. Carlton then starts dishing out the knife-edge chops, trying to drive Bucky back enough so that he can go make a tag. As soon as Johnson steps back, Carlton makes his move, only to have Bucky grab him from behind by the hair! Before Carlton can pull free, Johnson delivers the Bowling Pin, knocking Carlton out!! Johnson then turns and goes to the corner, climbing up and immediately leaping into the air with the Bucking Bronco!! He lands it perfectly, and then grabs the legs, hanging on as Angel & the Danger Boiz quickly come in to keep Team Invincible from interfering… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Mark Carlton has been eliminated!

Jones: And one member of Team Invincible is already gone!!

Rockwell: Damnit!!!

Jones: I have to say, the choice of Mark Carlton doesn’t appear to have worked out for Rishel tonight, as he seemed to be off his game.

Rockwell: It’s probably the difference in our rings or something. Or maybe Crazy Chris drugged his water. I could see him doing that. He’s crazy, you know…

*With Referee Trixie backing off the other teammates, Bucky waits in anticipation for the next competitor. He points towards Jaiden Rishel, wanting the son of his boss in the CWF. Rishel, smirking at the thought of being called out by Johnson, nods and steps through the ropes. He stays close to them as he moves away from his corner, staring down Johnson, who wants to get started. However, Rishel then turns and steps back out onto the apron. Before Johnson can react, Ian King is behind him, leaping up and dropping Johnson with a bulldog!! Apparently King is actually the new legal man, as he kicks away at Johnson, even while Rishel walks back to where Mace is standing, his plan having worked. King continues to attack Johnson, getting him back into the corner. King then runs forward and gets a Yakuza kick that drops Johnson to his knees, barely able to keep his eyes open. King pushes him over the rest of the way, and then goes partially up the turnbuckle, before springing off with a forward-flip splash! He makes the cover… 1… 2… Bucky kicks out!*

Rockwell: This King guy, he looks like he’s got a lot of potential.

Jones: Word has it he used to have a severe case of autism, keeping him from an active life. Recently, though, he underwent a controversial medical procedure, and now is looking to follow in his brother Jarvis’ footsteps.

Rockwell: I just wish he’d stay in the GCWA as Rishel’s partner. He’d be a tremendous acquisition for the Accelerator!

Jones: Somehow I doubt Rish will let him out of his current CWF contract. Remember all the trouble we had when Angelica tried to come over?

Rockwell: Right, right… damn.

*King takes Johnson over to his corner, shoving him in hard. He then reaches over and tags back in Colton Mace, who gladly steps into the ring. Mace punches away at Johnson, keeping him dazed, then backs off for a second, looking to the booing fans and showing off. He then turns and runs back, getting a corner clothesline! He’s not done, though, as he continues through it, getting a running bulldog that puts Bucky back on the mat! Mace hangs on, trying for the cover… 1… 2… but Bucky won’t stay down. Mace backs off, waiting, as Bucky struggles to get back to his feet. He then leaps in, going for the Director’s Cut!! But Johnson’s able to deflect Mace off, turning and picking Mace up and over with a desperation shoulder toss! Mace lands on his back, wincing, and starts to get back up, rubbing his spine. Meanwhile, Johnson moves over to the side and reaches out, tagging back in Dangerous Dan!*

Jones: Here comes the Dangerous one!

Rockwell: Dan’s sure getting a lot of action in early tonight. The guy should be keeping himself away from tags, but he’s just too damn headstrong.

*Mace is back up now as Dan rushes in, leaping into Mace with a flying splash that drops him to his back!! Mace’s legs kick frantically as Dan hangs on, trying to get the cover… 1… 2.. and Mace is able to kick free. Both men get up, with Dan getting in some forearm shots to drive Mace into the corner. He then jumps up for a monkey flip, only to have Mace hang onto the ropes, causing Dan to fly backwards on his own, landing hard! Mace steps back forward, running the back of his hand across his face, as if checking to see if he’s been bloodied. Finding nothing, he heads towards Dan, who tries to meet him with a punch. But Mace blocks it, and then goes to the eyes, raking across Dan’s vision!! As Dan stumbles back to the ropes, Mace turns and tags King, who immediately goes up onto the turnbuckle. Mace then grabs the blinded wrestler and takes him down with the Great American Dream!!! King barely wastes any time before jumping, coming down on Dan with the Eclipse I!!! He makes the cover, hanging onto the legs… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Dangerous Dan has been eliminated!

Jones: We’re evened up again, as one man from each team has fallen!

Rockwell: Looks like Dangerous Dan’s decision to take all the heat from his brother didn’t pay off, as he’s out of the contest.

Jones: True, but Crazy Chris is still here, and he’s still fresh as a daisy!

Rockwell: I never liked that expression. Most of the girls named Daisy that I’ve known haven’t exactly been “fresh”, if you know what I’m saying.

Jones: … And on with the match!

*Crazy Chris is in the ring now, checking on his brother and helping him get to the side. King is waiting patiently in the corner, apparently not willing to attack Chris from behind. This seems to bother Mace, who reaches over and tags himself back in, stepping through the ropes. King is surprised but doesn’t let it bother him, as he shrugs to Rishel and steps back out. Mace, meanwhile, advances on the oblivious Chris, but suddenly stops as Angel is there, stepping in front of him! Angel wiggles a finger at him in a “Don’t think it” gesture, as Mace backs off, his hands in the air as if he never planned to do anything. He smiles at Angel, asking how she’s been, with Angel smiling back… before rearing back and letting him have it with a series of punches, driving Mace backwards towards the corner! Angel then climbs up quickly on the ‘buckle around him, getting a couple more shots before leaping up and getting on his shoulders, sending him flipping over with a hurricanrana!! The crowd is loving every minute of it, as Angel continues to work.*

Jones: Angel’s the only woman we’ve got in tonight’s competition, but she’s a definite dark horse favorite for the guys!

Rockwell: I still say she has no reason to be here tonight. How’d she even get a one-night contract? I can’t see Ace issuing that to her, and the Commissioner shouldn’t have that power.

Jones: Apparently he does, Adrian, because she’s here competing, isn’t she?

Rockwell: *grumbles under breath*

*Angel appears to be in full control, running hard into Mace with a Lou Thesz press and punching away on him. Referee Trixie offers a gentle warning, apparently enjoying seeing Angel run rampant over the ‘boys’. Angel hops back to her feet and goes to the turnbuckle, quickly climbing up and getting in position for a moonsault. However, Rishel, standing nearby on the ropes, starts shaking them as hard as he can, causing Angel to almost lose her balance! As Trixie warns Rishel not to interfere, Angel regains her footing and takes flight, flipping over towards Mace… who rolls out of the way, avoiding the strike! Angel slams heavily into the canvas and wraps both arms around her midsection, stunned from the impact as Mace starts to work his way back to his feet.*

Jones: Did Rishel really need to involve himself there?

Rockwell: Hey, Rishel’s a smart kid, Jones. He saw that Mace was in trouble and looked out for him. You can’t blame him for that!

Jones: So far, Rishel hasn’t even wrestled in this match!

Rockwell: Like I said, he’s smart! There’s no reason for Rishel to get in there until he absolutely has to!

*Mace has Angel back up now, lifting her up and inverting her before tossing her into the corner. Angel hangs from the tree of woe, stunned, with Mace immediately taking advantage by climbing up and delivering the 5 Seconds of Fame!! Both men and women in the audience are hurt by that one, and even King seems uneasy. Mace drops back down, making sure to shove Angel’s feet off so that she falls straight down to the canvas. Mace looks back at his partners, smirking at how well things are going. He then pulls Angel back up and sets her for the Red Carpet Treatment, lifting her up, no, Angel blocks it. A second attempt is equally unsuccessful. But Angel’s reversal works, as she turns and drops with a twirling neckbreaker, driving her opponent into the mat!! Mace, stunned, crawls away for a second, looking for a tag, but going to a neutral corner. He drags himself up as Angel moves towards him, fire in her eyes. She gets hold and, in a bold show of strength, lifts Mace up, before dropping with the Sinner’s Redemption!!! Mace is out, with Angel making the strong cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Colton Mace has been eliminated!

Rockwell: Damn, the boy just got beat by a chick!!

Jones: I think many words apply to Angel, but I don’t think “chick” quite fits. She’s a very tough opponent, one who’s nearly won the CWF World Title on occasion.

Rockwell: C’mon, King! C’mon, Rishel! Turn this damn thing around!

*Angel waits, not taking her eyes off of either competitor. After a few seconds, Rishel nods to King, who steps through the ropes. Angel’s face softens slightly at the sight of a man she’s known for a long time, yet has never gotten to truly know since his operation. The two lock up, with King managing to twist behind her with an arm wringer. A couple of somersaults later, though, and Angel’s now got the move locked in. King, though, does a standing flip, and then lashes out with a sharp kick, catching Angel in the stomach! Angel staggers away, with King immediately jumping into her from behind with his legs, twisting her around and getting a Yoshi Tonic!! He makes the cover, holding on tight… 1… 2… but Angel gets her shoulder up in time! King immediately brings her back up and gets behind her, locking his arms around her waist, no, Angel reverses and gets behind King, bridge suplex! Referee Trixie counts for both… 1… 2… and the count ends as both escape the maneuver!*

Jones: Two very strong CWF wrestlers are really putting on a show for the fans here tonight!

Rockwell: Yep, and the GCWA owns the broadcasting rights! Oh, Ace, you are a genius in every sense of the word!

*Both wrestlers are back up, with Angel stunning King with a shot under the chin. As King stands stunned, Angel runs to the ropes and comes back, grabbing hold of King and spinning him around with a cartwheel bomb!! She hangs on for the cover… 1… 2… and King is able to kick out! She brings King back up again and sends him into the ropes, leaping up in the air to meet him with a dropkick. But King grabs the ropes and hangs on, with Angel dropping under her own power to the mat. After a second, Angel kips up to her feet, but King comes flying in with a death roll, knocking her hard back to the canvas, as the crowd gasps from the maneuver! Angel’s pretty stunned, with King hauling her back up to her feet and taking her to the corner. A few seconds later, they take flight, as King drops hard with the Eclipse II!!!! Angel’s not moving, with Rishel clapping his hands to the side. King makes the cover, hanging on… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Angel has been eliminated!

Rockwell: That’s right, take them all out, King! Man, this guy is good!

Jones: Angel put up a great fight, but King seems to have something tonight that took him just a little bit farther. But can King continue this with the two men facing him off? King’s logged a lot of minutes already tonight.

Rockwell: Yeah, but Rishel is completely fresh, and that’s going to make all the difference in the world!

Jones: Isn’t Crazy Chris fresh as well? He hasn’t been in yet, either.

Rockwell: … Yeah, but he’s coming in now, so, uh, that counts!

*King is waiting for his next victim, as Angel is helped from the ring. Crazy Chris steps in to face him, earning a nice recognition roar from the audience. He and King do a quick circle around each other, and then lock up, with Chris getting the headlock. King, though, immediately lifts, throwing Chris overhead, only to have Chris land behind him. The Unified X Division Champion then shoves King into the ropes for a roll-up, but King hangs on, sending Chris rolling on his own and getting back to his feet. King uses the ropes again, springboarding into the air towards Chris, but Chris moves, as King lands on his feet. Chris then leaps up and gets a Pele kick to land perfectly, sending King sprawling!! As Chris presses his advantage, the crowd continues to stay firmly behind him.*

Jones: Crazy Chris is looking in top shape tonight, as he’s really wanting to reach the finals for the second year in a row!

Rockwell: The guy’s good, I admit that, ok? But he’s not going to get past King and Rishel. These are two of the best in the world.

Jones: Crazy Chris, though, is the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, and he actually holds a win over Rishel at our last pay-per-view, Blood On The Battlefield!

Rockwell: … That was a fluke… that surely won’t happen tonight… right?

*Chris whips King hard into the corner, causing him to stumble backwards from the impact. Chris then waits and catching King from behind with a schoolboy, looking to get King out of the way so that he can get to Rishel… 1… 2… no, King is able to escape in time. Chris, shaking his head, turns and drags King with him over to the corner, tagging in Johnson, who looks pleased to be coming back in. He turns King around and gets him into the corner, then grabs him from behind, lifting King into the air and getting the Buck Off!! Johnson then covers, but once again, King kicks free, showing remarkable stamina. Johnson pulls King back up, thinking things over, with Chris calling to him to bring him over. Johnson does so and tags back in Chris, with Chris stepping in next to Bucky. The two men whip King into the ropes, then catch him on the way back, getting a double spinebuster!!! Bucky then turns and leaves, even as Chris makes the cover… 1… 2… but Rishel’s there, breaking up the pin attempt!*

Jones: Rishel makes a critical save there, keeping him from having to fight two men on his own!

Rockwell: The guy knows what he’s doing. Unfortunately, so does Chris, who has been part of one of the most successful tag-teams in GCWA history. He knows how to work a 2-on-2 match… I just hope King can find a way to make a tag and get the fresh man in.

*Crazy Chris is up now, looking annoyed in the direction of Rishel, who has already retreated back to the safety of his corner. He shouts a couple of taunts Chris’ way, with Chris responding by pulling King back up and taking him around with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, sending King sprawling to the canvas!! Chris then heads for the top rope, climbing up and waiting for King to recover. As the wrestler hauls himself up, Chris takes flight, coming in with the Crazy Man’s Suicide!! But King surprisingly ducks under it and rolls out of the way, with Chris crashing and burning instead!! King then charges forward, grabbing the stunned Chris from behind and picking him up, before dropping with the Omegadriver!!! The fans are screaming loudly as King locks in the pin… 1… 2… NO! Chris kicks out!*

Jones: The captain of Team Danger Boiz almost went down there!!

Rockwell: Man, that would have been… great!

Jones: Can Crazy Chris recover, or will King and Rishel make it 2-on-1 against Bucky?

*King has Chris back up, seemingly considering taking him over to Rishel, but Rishel is already shaking his head. At the same time, Rishel’s shouting encouragement, telling King to keep at it. King, nodding, gets Chris by the head and takes him up, dropping with a Michinoku driver! Chris is down, with King wiping sweat out of his eyes before getting up. He looks towards the turnbuckle and starts to climb, getting himself up to the top. He then sets himself and leaps as high in the air as he can, coming down with a double rotation moonsault… and landing square on Crazy Chris’ knees!!!! King lets out an audible groan as he rolls away, his guts in disarray from the maneuver. Chris, meanwhile, works his way back up. As King tries to stand, Chris is there to pull him up towards him. With one motion, Chris gets King airborne as he lands the Crazy Bitch, smashing King into the canvas!! Rishel is immediately starting to come in, but he’s knocked from the apron by a charging Bucky, as Chris makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Ian King has been eliminated!

Rockwell: Son of a bitch!!

Jones: It’s now just Jaiden Rishel vs. Crazy Chris and Bucky Johnson!! Can he win an uphill battle against these two superstars?

Rockwell: I say again… son of a bitch!!

*Crazy Chris is smiling underneath the edge of his mask as he leans on his knees. He’s breathing heavily, showing the strain of the match, but he’s also glad to have eliminated a competitor. Jaiden Rishel, shaking his head, slowly steps back through the ropes, considering the two men waiting for him. He doesn’t look concerned as much as annoyed that his plan hasn’t worked out as well as he was hoping. Chris waves him on again, with Rishel stepping forward in response. As Chris starts to come forward, though, Rishel takes a step to the side, getting behind Referee Trixie! Chris, surprised, has to stop his forward momentum, with Trixie raising her hands to protect herself from a possible collision. Luckily, Chris stops in time, but Rishel is quick to take advantage, jumping around Trixie and nailing Chris with a diving clothesline, knocking him hard to the mat! Rishel’s immediately on top, slugging away, as Trixie moves backwards, happy to be back out of harm’s way.*

Jones: We almost had another referee injury!

Rockwell: Yeah, almost…

Jones: You sound almost wistful there, Adrian. You thinking of jumping in and taking over the duties?

Rockwell: Hey, I go where I’m needed… as long as freaks like Ataxia and Xtreme aren’t waiting for me…

*Rishel has Crazy Chris back up now, shooting him hard into the ropes and then catching him on the way back with a flying forearm, knocking Chris onto his back! Rishel then dives on top for the cover… 1… 2… but Chris is able to kick out before the third drop. Rishel is back up quickly, showing how rested he is compared to the other opponents. He grabs Chris’ arms and drops back with a surfboard submission, wearing Chris down, while resting himself. Referee Trixie moves in to check on Chris, as Rishel tightens his grip. But now Bucky’s in the ring, kicking at Rishel and causing him to break the hold! Rishel rolls and gets to his feet, angrily studying Bucky, who returns the glare before Referee Trixie orders him back to his corner. Rishel shakes his head and goes back to Chris, all the while trying to keep an eye out on his other competitor.*

Jones: There’s the numbers advantage in full view, as Bucky can break up submissions. Rishel has no way of doing so.

Rockwell: Doesn’t that mean that, if Rishel can’t do it, Chris & Bucky shouldn’t be able to, either?

Jones: I’m pretty sure that’s not a rule…

Rockwell: I don’t know, I could swear I read it somewhere. I should tell Trixie about it.

*As Jones makes sure that Rockwell doesn’t leave his seat, Rishel positions Crazy Chris in the corner, and then climbs up with him onto the turnbuckle. After a couple of well-placed punches, Rishel gets hold of Chris and lifts, preparing for a superplex! But Chris starts fighting, landing a couple of good shots that drive Rishel back, causing him to lose his grip and fall down to the mat! Crazy Chris rights himself, recovering, and then sees Rishel already getting back to his feet. Chris tense and leaps, with Rishel already dodging to his right to get out of range. But it wasn’t an offensive maneuver. Instead, Chris dives most of the way across the ring, and then rolls the rest of the way, reaching out and tagging in his partner!! Johnson immediately hops over the ropes and charges, catching a rising Rishel with the Buckeroo!!!! The impact is severe, with Johnson then pulling himself on top for the cover… 1… 2… and Rishel gets his shoulder up!!*

Rockwell: Whew!! C’mon, Rishel!!

Jones: You’re not even trying to act unbiased, are you?

Rockwell: Screw being unbiased!! Rishel has to win!! C’mon, Rishel!!!

*Johnson brings the hurting Rishel back up and takes him back to his corner, shoving Rishel in and tagging Crazy Chris. Johnson then lifts Rishel out of the corner with a vertical suplex, throwing him back hard. With Rishel down, Chris springs over the ropes with a senton, crashing down onto the man! Chris then makes another cover… 1… 2… but Rishel kicks free once again. Chris shakes his head and gets up, turning towards Bucky and tagging him again. Chris leaves the ring, as Bucky heads up the turnbuckle, positioning himself. As Rishel slowly climbs to his feet, Johnson leaps high towards him, putting all his weight into a flying body splash! He lands on top of Rishel… but then they both keep rolling, with Rishel using Johnson’s own momentum against him! He gets on top, hanging on desperately to Johnson’s trunks as Referee Trixie counts from the other side… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Bucky Johnson has been eliminated!

Rockwell: Brilliant maneuver from Rishel there!!

Jones: The reversal, or the holding of the tights?

Rockwell: Both!

Jones: With Bucky gone, it looks like we’re down to the two team captains! Who’s going to survive and move on?

*Rishel tries to back away, motioning to Crazy Chris for a little leniency to let him recover. Unfortunately for him, Chris decides to take the offensive, jumping past the still-stunned Bucky and diving into Rishel with a spear!! Rishel’s down, with Chris immediately turning to the ropes and springboarding backwards off of them with a springboard shooting star press!! He lands perfectly on Rishel, with Referee Trixie sliding over to make the count… 1… 2… but Rishel continues to be resilient! Chris immediately has Rishel back up, trying to keep up the fast pace he’s initiated. He shoots Rishel into the ropes, then jumps towards him with a spinning high kick, only to have Rishel go underneath it and stop behind Chris. He immediately twists and grabs Chris’ head, locking him into the Suffering!!! Chris is immediately kicking with his feet, trying to get them towards the nearby ropes, only to have Rishel drag him backwards, away from safety!*

Jones: Rishel’s trying to make Crazy Chris tap out!

Rockwell: The champion’s in deep trouble! Rishel’s going to make him scream like a bitch!

Jones: Crazy Chris needs to find an escape quickly!

*Rishel has a weak grin on his face as he continues to work the Suffering, cutting off all circulation to Crazy Chris’ head. Referee Trixie is keeping close for signs of a tap out, but Chris isn’t done yet. He suddenly starts driving his feet hard backwards, taking Rishel by surprise and causing both to fall back to the mat! It most likely hurts Chris more than Rishel, but the submission hold is broken. Rishel gets up first, annoyed. He reaches down and grabs Chris, pulling him up into position for the Neverender!! But as he spins, Chris breaks away, staggering back towards the ropes as Rishel spins hard to the mat! Rishel, stunned, gets back up, but Chris is there now, giving him a boot… and then picking him up with the Danger Zone!! The backbreaker lands, with both wrestlers down!! With the crowd in a frenzy, Crazy Chris comes to and starts crawling, managing to put his arm across Rishel’s chest. Trixie is ready… 1… 2… NO!!! Rishel kicks out!*

Jones: Man, I thought that was it!

Rockwell: Oh man… my heart….

Jones: Keep breathing, Adrian, keep breathing!

*Both wrestlers struggle up, clearing sweat from their eyes. Chris comes in first, kicking at Rishel. But Rishel blocks it and throws his own kick, bending Chris over, and then double-underhooks him and drops with a double-arm DDT!! Rishel tiredly rolls Chris over… 1… 2… No, Chris is out in time! Rishel, looking up at the sky for a moment in exhaustion, finally pulls himself up, grabbing Chris as well. He gets behind Chris and goes for a backstabber, but Chris pulls away, and Rishel drops on his own! Chris then heads over to the turnbuckle, climbing up in a smooth-yet-unsteady motion, as Rishel pulls himself back up. Chris is airborne, though, coming in with the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! But the kick misses, as Rishel is able to dodge it in time!! As Chris gets back up, Rishel’s there, picking him up and dropping him with the Delirium Trigger!!!! Chris is down, and as Trixie slides into position, Rishel gets his feet up on the middle rope for more leverage… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Crazy Chris has been eliminated!! This means that the winner of this contest and moving on to the Ultimate Survival Finals… Jaiden Rishel!

Rockwell: Yes!! I knew he’d get it done!! I just knew it!!

Jones: It was a great contest for Crazy Chris, as he almost made it all the way once again! But tonight, Rishel found a way to win in the end, as he’s the sole survivor of Team Invincible!

Rockwell: We ought to just call him “The Invincible” Jaiden Rishel from now on!!

Jones: Of course, he still needed his feet on the ropes to win…

Rockwell: Hey, that was just a precautionary measure, it was clear that Rishel had Crazy Chris beat.

*Rishel pumps his fist in excitement, glad to have achieved the first part of what he came for. He slides under the ropes and slowly starts heading for the back, sore all over but feeling the thrill of victory. Crazy Chris, meanwhile, is slumped on the ropes, trying to pull himself back together. We cut away from the masked wrestler and go to the backstage area, where a meeting is apparently being held in the President’s office. On one side, The Accelerator is standing along with the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Big Bifford. On the other, Commissioner Lurrr is pacing, apparently upset about something.*

Lurrr: We had a deal, Ace, and you’re breaking it.

The Accelerator: I don’t know what you’re talking about, Lurrr. I’m just following the letter of the contract.

Lurrr: You know what I mean, Ace. It was going to be an Ultimate Domination match, with Bifford and The Stranger fighting inside a steel cage! Now, all of the sudden, you’re changing the stipulations in the contract?

*Bifford slides over a note to the Accelerator, who nods and picks it up. He hands it across to Lurrr, who reads it with increasing incredulity.*

Lurrr: A doctor’s note? You got a doctor to actually say that you can’t be in steel cage matches??

The Big Bifford: I get claustrophobic. It’s bad for my health.

The Accelerator: So you see, Lurrr, I really had no choice but to remove the stipulations. After all, the health of our wrestlers has to be the biggest concern, right?

*Lurrr looks at the bottom of the note, and then looks back at Bifford.*

Lurrr: Your doctor is a Dr. Enhcara?

The Big Bifford: That’s right. He’s a specialist in his field.

Lurrr: Isn’t that just “Arachne” spelled backwards?

*Bifford’s eyes widen, as if he can’t believe that Lurrr just figured that out. He works hard to come up with a suitable explanation.*

The Big Bifford: No it isn’t.

Lurrr: Yes it is!

The Big Bifford: Nope. You’re reading it wrong.

Lurrr: You stupid mother…

The Accelerator: Hey now, both of you, calm down! What matters, Lurrr, is that Bifford gave me a doctor’s note, and I have to follow the rules. The World Title match tonight will be fought with regulation rules. The Stranger will have to deal with no steel cage or weapons to use on our World Champion.

*Lurrr crumples up the doctor’s note and tosses it in a ball onto Ace’s desk. He then turns and storms out of the room, as Bifford reaches over and straightens the note back out.*

The Big Bifford: He didn’t have to crumple it up. We worked hard on this! Can I sue him for destruction of public property?

The Accelerator: Don’t worry about Lurrr, Bifford. I’m working on a way to get him out of our hair. You need to just focus on The Stranger, and maybe tracking him down before the match…

*The Accelerator and The Big Bifford continue to talk, although the camera feed shuts down, denying us the privilege of seeing their plans. We cut to the backstage area where Team Mobley are all talking in the back beside some show equipment. El Linchador is making sure that the final preparations for his ‘surprise’ are complete. The Great One appears on camera walking by. Team Mobley pass dirty looks off to TGO who smiles and stops in front of them, particularly in front of El Linchador.*

The Great One: Call me when you want to come back and join a real team. You’re better than this Linchy. I remember when you hung out with people who actually got you places and made you excel, not people who make you a second rate star. Keep it in mind…

*TGO hands Linchy a card and walks away with a smirk on his face. El Linchador shakes it off, joining Mobley and Warrick as they begin to head towards the ringside entrance. Notably, though, he puts the card into a pocket instead of throwing it away. We go back to ringside.*

Rockwell: So the World Title match is going to be fought under normal rules? Hey, sounds perfectly fair to me!

Jones: Yes, but The Stranger was training for one type of match, and is only now finding out about the change! That doesn’t seem right to me…

Rockwell: Hey, The Stranger’s already cheating to get his title shot. Ace might as well play at the same level!

Jones: I suppose so… at the very least, he’s still getting his title shot. Well, we’ve already got three survivors so far. How many men will join them? Let’s go to Minos and find out!

Minos: The next match is the third and final qualifying match for the Ultimate Survival Finals! Introducing first, Team #1… they are three of the most recognizable veterans in the wrestling world, and are looking to show the world that they can be victorious as a team… accompanied to the ring by the former OCW owner, Dean… here are El Linchador and the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Warrick Hill & Team Captain Derek Mobley… Team House of Pain!

*As “Shipping Down To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys starts up, the three men walk out of the back, side by side by side. They each stop on the lip on the rampway, with the crowd adulation pouring over them. Dean is standing behind them, his arms crossed, clearly still a little conflicted about this contest. Warrick flicks away a ‘cigarette’, while El Linchador takes a moment to raise a fist and give an “Ole” shout. Mobley, in the center, is all business, pounding his fist in his hand before turning and nodding to the others. As one, the four men turn and head down the ramp towards the ring.*

Rockwell: These three are almost like brothers, and it looks like they can’t wait for this one to get started!

Jones: All three feel like they were stabbed in the back by Silver Cyanide, Adrian. I wouldn’t want to be him in this contest!

Rockwell: Hey, Cyanide made a clear choice, the one he felt worked for him the best. Was it the right one? Well, I guess we’ll find out here shortly.

*The three wrestlers each slide into the ring and head to different corners, getting the cheers of the crowd for each one. Dean stays on the outside, watching the action from the side. El Linchador asks one of the guys on the outside for a microphone. He's handed one and gives it a tap.*

Rockwell: They’re letting El Linchador talk?

Jones: This could be interesting…

El Linchador: Why me oh my oh me oh my! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL-O!

*The crowd answers HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL-O!*

El Linchador: Tis I, El Linchador, joined here tonight by Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill - THEE House of Pain - to show this team of dummyheads what it means to wrestle! Hey-hey!

*The crowd erupts in more cheers. Linchy's crew from earlier are quickly installing the portable staircase to the lofts.*

El Linchador: But, before we get started, Derek, Warrick and I felt like we got the short end of the stick, with Silver Cyanide running over to Team Mario Brothers, for reasons I still don't understand. I guess Silver Cyanide likes to lose. So, technically, this is 3 against 4. We wanted to even the odds a little bit and graciously Accelerator obliged. Cue the music, DJ college intern!

*"Watcha Want" by the Beastie Boys plays throughout these introductions. First, Pedro is the first out of the entryway, leading a group of people down to the ring. First behind him is a bunch old men in one piece wrestling suits.*

El Linchador: We have some special audience members tonight. First, as you see Jack, these are old wrestlers. REALLY old wrestlers. Since you were busy tracking down some old legends, I figure I'd one up you and bring the entire group of pro wrestlers from the world famous AWA promotion from 1957! Raving Randy, Gary Igloo, Lyle the Ladder, Yom Kicker, Wendall Tealowski and of course, Queer Stan!

*The old timey wrestlers wave to the crowd and slowwwly climb the stairs to sit in Linchy's make-shift loft.*

Jones: Wow, the AWA! I'm surprised they're still with us.

Rockwell: Even as old as they are, Jones, I'm sure those guys could put you out with one hold!

El Linchador: And you all know this next group of 54-some odd fellas. It's the Dallas Cowboys!!

*Henry Tippyunder leads the Cowboys down to ringside. They're all here, even the big names: Romo, Witten, Ware, Barber, Felix Jones, Roy Williams... not surprisingly, this gets a bigger reaction from the fans than the AWA guys did. Most are cheers, although some are booing (this is Dolphin’s territory, after all).*

El Linchador: I know Triple P had some fun running around Texas telling everyone how perfect he is. Well, PPP, I'll let the Cowboys watch from above and have them decide after the match.

Rockwell: How the?

Jones: No clue!

*Miss Grace leads the next group out. Women. Attractive women all wearing revealing dresses.*

El Linchador: These are women. That's it. Just to distract you fellas. Why lie?

*Finally, Guanilles Pena brings up the rear, dressed as Super Mario.*

El Linchador: And that's Guanny dressed as Super Mario. Get it? He's going to mascot one last time up in the skybox, as of course, all these people will be rooting for.... TEAM MOBLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with that, world, say hello to Team Mobley's... 4th man!

*The crowd cheers and laughs as Guanny begins waving his arms in the front of the bleachers, getting these special VIPs cheering and warmed up.*

Rockwell: What the heck is this nonsense? And how is that "4"? That's more like 35th man?

Jones: Welcome back, El Linchador... welcome back.

*As El Linchador hands back the mic to the outside and starts to get himself prepared, Minos steps back up to do his duties as the ring announcer.*

Minos: And now, their opponents in Team #2… they have represented themselves as outsiders, looking only to destroy the glory that is the GCWA… joined by their ally, The Great One… here are Perfect Paul Paras, Silver Cyanide, Jack Sullivan, and Team Captain Mario Maurako… Team Marvelous!

*”Ego” by Element Eighty leads the way out for the five individuals, who seem to be universally hated by the crowd in attendance. A shot picks up a fan holding up a sign, saying “Benedict Cyanide!”, and a lot of hatred seems to be coming his way. Triple P and Sullivan are the first ones down the ramp, intent on taking care of business. Cyanide stumbles after, possibly having imbued a little in the back before the match. Maurako and TGO are at the back, having an apparent argument as they head for the ring.*

Rockwell: This all started when Maurako first appeared last month in the GCWA to face off in a great one-time match against Lurrr. I just wish Maurako would have put the man in traction.

Jones: It’s definitely gotten more intense lately, as Maurako’s team is a definite threat to ruin Team House of Pain’s chances to reach the finals. Maurako really placed the team in a hole when he pulled a major swerve, having Silver Cyanide switch teams last week on Inferno!

Rockwell: Yeah, that was beautiful, I’ve gotta admit. Now it’s basically 5-on-3, with The Great One on the outside.

Jones: Still, you’re not rooting for Maurako, are you? He’s threatened to tear down the GCWA and ruin the show for everyone!

Rockwell: Oh, I don’t want him to succeed… but I still have to admire him…

Jones: Well, I don’t. I’m GCWA all the way!

Rockwell: Don’t get your panties in a knot, Jones. Of course I’m for the GCWA. But things aren’t looking that great to begin with…

*The Bell Rings*

*Team HoP is waiting with determined expressions. Mobley’s eyes aren’t leaving Silver Cyanide, glaring at him with a great intensity. The Great One starts to advise a plan of attack, but the team leader shrugs him off and instead orders his men forward for the attack! But the intensity seems to be fully on the side of Mobley and his crew, as they attack ferociously as soon as Team Marvelous is in the ring!! Mobley downs Maurako with a hard right to the face, then turns and starts trading blows with Sullivan. Triple P and Warrick are rolling on the mat, now, swinging heavy shots at each other, while El Linchador has Silver Cyanide in a headlock and runs forward, dropping him with a bulldog. He doesn’t let go, though, punching away at Cyanide’s forehead, as the brawl continues to expand!*

Jones: We have utter chaos right from the first minute!!

Rockwell: What did you expect? There’s a lot of built-up rage between these guys, some of it going back nearly a decade in the business! There’s not going to be any pussy-footing around tonight, these guys are going to try to hurt each other as much as possible!

*Referee Mitchell is standing in the middle of the ring, looking completely lost at the chaos all around him. El Linchador and Silver Cyanide have already gone to the outside, fighting it out, as El Linchador’s “4th Man” fans cheer him on. Triple P now has control of Warrick in the corner, delivering strikes on the man to keep him subdued. Meanwhile, Mobley is slamming Sullivan’s head into the corner, trying to weaken him, only to have Sullivan block one and throw an elbow back, freeing himself. Mobley stumbles back, and now Maurako is there, grabbing hold of Mobley’s arms! He shouts to Sullivan, who nods and runs forward with a clothesline… only to have Mobley duck under it and cause Sullivan to clothesline Maurako instead! Sullivan looks shocked for a second, but then turns and goes back after Mobley, charging him, only to have Mobley sidestep and add his own momentum in, sending Sullivan over the ropes to the outside!*

Jones: Even with the numbers advantage, Mario Maurako’s team is struggling to get focused early on!

Rockwell: I don’t know what the gameplan was coming in, but I don’t think this could possibly be what Maurako and the rest had in mind.

*Maurako’s at the ropes now, working to pull himself back up. On the outside, The Great One is there, advising Maurako to get his team out of the ring and get things re-focused. But Maurako smacks away TGO’s hand, looking seriously pissed off. He’s not going anywhere. Maurako gets back to his feet and turns, but Mobley’s already there, delivering lefts and rights! With Maurako rocking, Mobley leans back for a haymaker… and then Triple P is there, grabbing Mobley’s arm! He spins Mobley around and rocks his jaw with an uppercut, sending Mobley back against the ropes. Triple P then starts towards him, but Warrick Hill comes flying back into the picture, smashing a shoulder block into Paras’ right knee!! Triple P falls to the mat, in agony, while Maurako, seeing Warrick starting to get back up, comes in to try and apply the Marvelosity!! As Maurako locks in his hands, Warrick kicks wildly with his legs, trying to break free. But now Mobley’s back, hammering Maurako from behind and getting him to let go! Maurako turns towards Mobley, but the veteran grabs him and lifts him in the air, keeping him a few inches up, even as Warrick goes to the ropes and returns with the Joint!!! It lands perfectly, with Warrick getting on top for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Mario Maurako has been eliminated!

Jones: WOW!!! The leader of the team goes out first!! What a shocking development!!

Rockwell: The rest of Maurako’s team needs to get organized, because the odds just got evened by the World Tag-Team Champions!!

*Dean can be seen on the outside, applauding, as Maurako, completely stunned, rolls out of the ring, trying to figure out what happened. The Great One is there waiting for him, shaking his head in disgust. Maurako turns to him, and the two argue again for a minute, as security works to escort Maurako out of there. Meanwhile, in the ring, Hill has started going at it with the returning Triple P, while Mobley heads for the corner. Order finally seems to be getting restored. El Linchador and Silver Cyanide move to their respective corners, as does Sullivan. In the ring, Hill shoots Triple P towards the ropes, and then goes for a hip toss, but Triple P surprisingly reverses into a beautiful counter, taking Hill down with a reverse DDT! Triple P gets on top for a quick pin attempt… 1… 2.. and Warrick kicks out strongly. Triple P, undaunted, pulls Hill up and immediately takes him over to his team’s corner, as Mobley & El Linchador watch on with concern.*

Jones: It looks like Triple P’s stepping in to take charge of the team, now that Maurako is out.

Rockwell: Someone had to do it, and I guess Triple P nominated himself. After all, he’s perfect, you know.

Jones: So I’ve heard.

*After kicking away at Warrick to keep him subdued, Triple P reaches over and tags in Sullivan, who gladly steps through the ropes. “The Sinister Superman” immediately gets to work, pounding away on Hill with several strikes. He then pulls the lighter wrestler out of the corner and gets him up on one shoulder, before turning and dropping him across the top ‘buckle with a snake-eyes!! Warrick drops hard to the mat, with Sullivan immediately turning and tagging in Silver Cyanide. The wrestler still looks a little bit out of it, but he quickly heads up the ‘buckle to the top, where Sullivan grabs hold of him and gives him a toss, causing Cyanide to come down with a high frog splash on top of Hill!! Cyanide stays on top, working to keep his opponent’s shoulders down, as Referee Mitchell makes the count… 1… 2… but Hill manages to kick free, surviving for now.*

Jones: Hill’s taking some big hits now, as the entire team is working him over.

Rockwell: It’s déjà vu all over again for Hill, after getting himself tortured this week.

Jones: Kids, remember Warrick’s example, and don’t get into vans with strangers… even if they’re offering sex!

*We see The Great One on the outside, watching with a mixture of annoyance and tentative interest. Dean’s on the other side, concerned about one of the men he trained. Inside, Cyanide drags Warrick up, turning and shoving him back into the corner once more. He smacks Warrick in the face, then tags back in Triple P, continuing the quick tags. Warrick looks dazed as Triple P works him over, dragging him out and snapping him over with a nice-looking belly-to-back bridge suplex, attempting to keep him down for the count… 1… 2… but Warrick manages to kick out in time, with Triple P being sure his own shoulder is up as well. Mobley is yelling support to his partner, with Warrick sitting up and trying to reach for him, only to get kicked in the back by Triple P. The veteran pulls Warrick back up and takes him over with a sit-out side driver, leaving him laying as Triple P goes back to the corner and tags in Cyanide, who immediately goes up again on the top turnbuckle. He sets himself and leaps for the Overdose, dropping down towards Warrick… who rolls away from it, causing Cyanide to hit nothing but mat! The crowd reacts, as both Mobley and El Linchador hop up and down, extending their arms.*

Jones: This is Warrick’s chance to get a fresh man in there, as Cyanide went for the Overdose too early!

Rockwell: You can say that, Edward, but if Cyanide had hit that move, Warrick would be history!

Jones: Yes, but he didn’t hit it, did he, Adrian?

Rockwell: Hindsight’s 20/20.

*Cyanide rolls in pain as Warrick crawls towards his teammates, trying to get the tag. Seeing him, though, Cyanide reacts, grabbing Warrick by the leg. He hangs on, starting to get up, as Warrick continues to try and lunge forward, not getting anywhere. He’s just inches away. Suddenly, Warrick twists himself around and kicks out with his free leg, catching the off-balance Cyanide with a n enziguiri kick!! Cyanide topples over, as Warrick turns and makes one final dive, managing to tag in El Linchador!! The American Airlines Arena goes crazy, even as El Linchador springboards himself over the ropes and drops on Cyanide as he stands up, taking him down with a snap hurricanrana!! Cyanide hops back to his feet and charges, but El Linchador sends him flying with two hip tosses in a row, and then gets a stiff dropkick that knocks Cyanide hard back into a neutral corner. El Linchador then runs towards him, jumping up on the ‘buckle and giving a quick “Ole!” before dropping back and monkey flipping Cyanide across the ring!*

Rockwell: Wow, this is the most fired up I think I’ve seen El Linchador since he came to the GCWA!

Jones: The guy’s got many of his old friends in the audience, rooting him on, as well as several new ones.

Rockwell: Remind me, I need to ask El Linchador after the match if he can get Tony Romo’s signature for me.

Jones: Sure, Adrian, I’ll try and remember that…

*Cyanide tries to find a way back to his corner, but El Linchador cuts him off with a set of forearm shots, moving him away. El Linchador then gets Cyanide by the head and twists, taking him to the corner and coming back off of it with a tornado DDT! But Cyanide counters it, throwing El Linchador off and causing him to fall in a seated position to the mat. El Linchador, wincing, gets back up, with Cyanide popping him with a couple of punches before sending the wrestler towards the ropes. As El Linchador returns, Cyanide leaps up, going for the Lethal Injection!! But El Linchador does a baseball slide to avoid it, ending up behind Cyanide, who tries to spin around on one leg. He can’t do it fast enough, as El Linchador grabs his head and gets a twisting neckbreaker, laying Cyanide out!! El Linchador then hurries to the nearby turnbuckle and climbs up, waiting for Cyanide to recover before leaping into the air with his 360 flip into a Cross Body Block, smashing Cyanide to the mat!! Referee Mitchell is there… 1… 2… Mobley prevents Triple P from making the save… 3!!!!*

Minos: Silver Cyanide has been eliminated!

Jones: And just like that, now Mobley’s team has the numbers advantage, with two strong eliminations!

Rockwell: And I think Triple P and the rest are losing one more, because The Great One is headed up the aisle!

*The cameras focus on The Great One as he walks up the aisle, looking completely disgusted with everything that’s happened. He’s apparently washing his hands of the whole thing. El Linchador watches him go, with a confused expression on his face. Unfortunately, the distraction proves to be a dangerous thing, as Sullivan, seeing El Linchador’s back turned, comes in and attacks, smashing him hard from behind with a running clothesline!! Sullivan immediately has El Linchador back up and gets him onto his shoulders, before snapping him over with a backbreaker, sending the cruiserweight to the mat in devastating fashion!! Sullivan then makes the cover, hanging onto El Linchador’s legs to keep him from getting leverage… 1… 2… and Mobley is there, breaking up the cover! The fans cheer, while Sullivan glares towards Mobley, the hatred between the two men painfully obvious. Sullivan shakes his head and hauls El Linchador up again, launching him hard into the corner and tagging in Triple P.*

Jones: Sullivan and Triple P may have lost their teammates, but they might also be the best conditioned wrestlers on the team, anyway. This is not going to be a walk in the park just because it’s 3-on-2 now.

Rockwell: The big question is, who here has the most stamina? I mean, let’s face it, none of these guys are spring chickens. How much can their veteran bodies take?

*Triple P works over El Linchador some in the corner, landing several closed-fists punches. Referee Mitchell steps it, giving Triple P a warning, and the man backs off, raising his hands as he talks with the ref. Meanwhile, behind him, Sullivan wraps the tag cord around El Linchador’s throat, getting in an extra bit of choking! When Referee Mitchell finally turns back around, though, Sullivan’s already let go, doing his best “innocence” act for the man. Meanwhile, Triple P comes back in and lifts El Linchador onto the ‘buckle, then goes up with him, taking El Linchador off with a superplex!! El Linchador appears to be in a bad way, with Triple P making the cover, keeping his eyes out for Mobley or Hill. Referee Mitchell slides into place… 1… 2… but no, El Linchador continues to kick free in time.*

Rockwell: Right now, El Linchador’s taking a major beating. I don’t know how much more he can endure.

Jones: Maybe the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are here somewhere, and can start encouraging him!

Rockwell: You wish.

*Triple P has El Linchador up again, sliding him over to his corner once again. He tags in Sullivan, who steps in and gets a free kidney shot as Triple P holds El Linchador up, causing him to slump over to the mat clutching his side. Sullivan considers his long-time rival for a moment, and then, grinning, reaches down and grabs El Linchador by the throat, preparing to lift him up for the Downfall!! He gets El Linchador up, but something goes wrong, as El Linchador clubs at Sullivan’s arms, managing to get free! He grabs Sullivan’s head on the way down and gets an RKO, smashing Sullivan into the canvas!! After a few seconds of breathing, El Linchador pulls himself up and staggers over to the turnbuckle, pulling himself up on top. As Sullivan rights himself and turns, shaking his head, El Linchador takes flight, spinning towards him… and Sullivan readjusts himself, catches the wrestling in mid-air, and drops him with the Sullivan Solution!!!! The burning hammer variation knocks El Linchador senseless, with Sullivan making the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: El Linchador has been eliminated!! Four men left!

Jones: El Linchador falls, courtesy of Sullivan! What a move that was!

Rockwell: El Linchador had the chance to tag out, but I guess he thought he could take Sullivan down and make things even better for his team. Unfortunately for him, reality proved to be a bitch.

Jones: It’s too bad, because El Linchador really seemed to be doing well in there. But the competition in this one is definitely fierce!

*As El Linchador painfully gets himself out of the ring, getting a helping hand from Dean, Sullivan waits with a smile for his next opponent. The smile fades slightly, though, as he sees Derek Mobley step through the ropes. The two rivals come nose-to-nose, each saying something to the other. Whatever was said, it wasn’t apologies, as the two men start slugging away at each other! Mobley starts to take advantage driving the larger Sullivan back with three right hands. But Sullivan’s able to stop the momentum with an eye rake, blinding his foe. He then steps in and locks Mobley up, taking him over with a snap suplex! Sullivan makes a quick pinfall, but it barely gets a 1 count before Mobley kicks out, showing how much strength he’s got left. Sullivan smirks, enjoying a challenge as he pulls Mobley back up and gives him a series of knees to the stomach.*

Jones: It’s hard to say exactly why there’s so much animosity between Mobley and Sullivan, but it most definitely exists!

Rockwell: Yeah, it’s almost as intense as Mobley/Maurako, as we’ve clearly got some history between them. I wonder what happened. Did it involve a girl, you think?

Jones: Probably not.

Rockwell: I don’t know, there always seems to be a girl involved somewhere.

*Sullivan is on the move again, dragging Mobley over to Triple P. The two tag, with Sullivan then setting Mobley in a powerbomb position. As he lifts, Triple P grabs Mobley’s head, dropping with him for a dominating combination!! Mobley’s down, with Triple P making the cover… 1… 2… and Warrick’s there for the save, stopping the pinfall! Referee Mitchel admonishes Warrick, backing him up, while Triple P, smiling, simply pulls Mobley up again and tags Sullivan back in. The two men throw Mobley into the ropes, then go for the double clothesline… but Mobley runs underneath, hits the other side, and then dives out of the corner with a flying clothesline to both men!!! All three are down, as the fans pop huge for the maneuver. Mobley shakes his head clear and starts to roll, apparently knowing exactly where his corner is. Hill’s reaching for all its worth, as Sullivan, shaking it off, turns and starts to grab at Mobley to stop him. But he’s too late, as Mobley’s able to make the hot tag!*

Jones: Here comes Warrick!

Rockwell: He’s the freshest man in the match, which really isn’t something you say very often about Warrick Hill!

*Right after the tag, Sullivan tries to get quickly to his feet, but Warrick’s already sling-shot over the ropes. He crashes into Sullivan with a flying shoulder, knocking him on his back! Triple P rushes in, trying to regain the advantage, but Warrick quickly gets a drop toe hold, putting Triple P on his face! Warrick then nails Sullivan with a dropkick before he can get all the way up, and then leaps in the air and drops all his weight onto the wrestling, making the cover… 1… 2… but Triple P breaks it up, hammering on Warrick from behind! Things are falling apart, as Referee Mitchell struggles to get control back on the match. But now Mobley’s back, grabbing Triple P from behind and suplexing him over to the mat! Warrick staggers after his partner, but Sullivan’s back up, lifting up Warrick from behind into the Sullivan Solution!! He starts with the torture rack position, cranking on Warrick’s back, but Mobley rushes forward, getting a boot to the stomach! Sullivan is forced to drop Warrick, gasping, and Warrick immediately takes advantage, pulling Sullivan back into a victory roll!!! Mobley moves to keep Triple P from interfering… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Jack Sullivan has been eliminated!

Jones: We’re down to Triple P vs. the House of Pain!

Rockwell: Man, I honestly thought Sullivan might be going the whole way!

Jones: Unfortunately not. As I said earlier, the competition in this one is absolutely fierce!

Rockwell: So to move on, Triple P has to beat both of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions? Talk about an uphill battle!

*As the referee makes sure that Sullivan leaves the ring, Mobley and Triple P are going at it, with Warrick recovering. But Mobley’s quickly down, thanks to a low blow from the former OCW World Heavyweight Champion!! Mobley rolls away in agony, as Triple P turns to face Warrick, who sees him coming. Warrick comes at him hard with a few shots to the chest, and then grabs Paras by the head and runs forward. But Triple P stops the momentum and throws Warrick into the ropes instead, and then blasts him with a shoulderblock as soon as he returns. Paras then dives in on Warrick, striking while the iron is hot, as he applies the Messianic Complex submission!!! He has it locked in tight, wringing Warrick out, as Referee Mitchell checks for the submission. Warrick’s yelling in pain, trying to fight through it, but he has nowhere to go! His hand slowly rises, coming close to tapping out… and then Mobley is back, stomping Triple P on the back to free his partner!*

Rockwell: Get Mobley out of there, this is supposed to be between Warrick and Triple P!

Jones: Mobley’s just being a good teammate, which has helped the two men become one of the most decorated tag-teams in wrestling history!

Rockwell: Yeah, but that means that Triple P can’t use his finisher, putting him at even more of a disadvantage!

Jones: Blame Triple P’s teammates for putting him in this position.

*With the hold broken, Triple P nonetheless tries a cover, knowing that Warrick’s in a bad way… 1… 2… but Warrick gets out at the last second, staying alive. Mobley almost came in again, but goes back to his side of the ring, as Referee Mitchell again points to him. Triple P pulls Warrick up, in full control now. He gets the lighter Warrick up on his shoulders for a second, then steps to his side, dropping him with a death valley driver!! Warrick’s barely moving, as Triple P makes the cover again… 1… 2… but Warrick’s able to get his feet on the ropes, stopping the pin! Triple P grumbles to the ref for a second, then pulls Warrick up and shoots him into the ropes. As Warrick comes back, Triple P lowers his shoulders for a toss, but Warrick is able to jump right over him!! Warrick then hits the ropes and comes back hard, leaping up with the Joint!!! But Triple P avoids it at the last second, barely ducking low enough, and instead Warrick crashes incredibly hard into the ropes!!! He rolls in agony, as Triple P is back up and grabbing him, twisting him around and getting a huge crucifix DDT!!! The pin is made, with the count coming quickly… 1… 2… Mobley can’t get there in time… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Warrick Hill has been eliminated!

Rockwell: We’re down to one on one!

Jones: Warrick nearly got Triple P there, but it can just take one move to decide things, and now it’s all on Mobley to keep Triple P from advancing to the finals and possibly ruining the World Title shot!

Rockwell: Man, I’m torn. I don’t want either of these guys to advance.

Jones: Huh?

Rockwell: Either of these guys will be major competition for The Big Bifford. I mean, he’d still win, but it’d be nice if it wasn’t these guys…

Jones: You’re assuming The Big Bifford, and not The Stranger, is the champion after tonight.

Rockwell: I have not yet lost faith in the Accelerator nor Bifford. But that match is later. Now we need to decide our final survivor!

*Mobley and Triple P are already going at it, with neither wishing to waste any time. They fight back into the corner, with Mobley in charge with a series of punches. He seems even more motivated now that his partner has fallen. On the outside, Warrick’s on one knee, holding his head, with Dean making sure he’s able to start making his way back. As Warrick leaves, Dean turns back, watching the match even more intently. He seems to be having trouble deciding which of the two men to support: a former World Champion of his, or quite possibly the greatest wrestler he ever trained. In the ring, Mobley picks Triple P up and gets a double-knee gutbuster, with Paras grabbing his midsection and shuddering. Mobley pulls himself over and makes the cover, hanging onto the legs… 1… 2… but Triple P manages to kick out, keeping the match going.*

Jones: Mobley’s been here before, being the first winner of the GCWA Ultimate Survival tournament. Will that experience help him survive, or will he fall in the qualifying round?

Rockwell: Right now, he’s in control, but it only takes a second or two for things to shift in a new direction. He’s got to keep on Triple P and work him over as hard as possible if he wants to move on!

*Mobley has Triple P back up now, kicking him in the gut and double underhooking his arms. But Triple P rises up, throwing Mobley over him to the mat! As Mobley recovers and stands up, Triple P is there, grabbing hold and taking Mobley over with a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker!! The leg is hooked… 1… 2… but Mobley escapes before the hand can come down again! Both men struggle back up, as the acids begin to build in both men’s muscles. Triple P’s still in charge now, though, locking up Mobley and setting him for a pumphandle suplex! He does the first step on it, but suddenly Mobley breaks free, sliding behind Triple P! As the wrestler turns, Mobley grabs him, setting for the Thriller!! But Triple P swings a knee up, catching Mobley from below, and then twists him down to the mat, applying the Messianic Complex!!! The fans gasp in horror as Mobley strains against the hold, in deep trouble!*

Jones: Oh no!! Mobley’s going to have to tap out!!!

Rockwell: It doesn’t look good, but Mobley’s not that far from the ropes. They’re only a foot or so away. It’s his only hope at this point!

*Triple P keeps working the hold, keeping Mobley from moving that much as Referee Mitchell again checks on the wrestler. But Mobley refuses to submit, and as the fans begin to chant his name over and over, he starts to rock back and forth. Triple P fights against it, but Mobley’s not giving up, fighting hard to start rolling them to the side!! With one final twist, Mobley gets an arm under the ropes, causing Mitchell to call for the break!! Triple P, though, doesn’t want to, continuing to hang on!! The ref starts a 5 count, seriously threatening a disqualification, and Paras finally lets go with a sigh, angrily glaring at the referee.*

Jones: He did it! Mobley got free of one of the most devastating submission holds in wrestling!

Rockwell: Yep, and now he’s a wreck… that escape might have been the last-ditch effort for Mobley.

*Triple P pulls Mobley up again, this time setting him in place and throwing him over with a perfectly-executed belly-to-belly suplex. Mobley’s hurting badly, as Triple rolls on top of him for the cocky cover, expecting to win… 1… 2… but Mobley gets his shoulder off the mat! Triple P can’t believe it, as he glares at Mitchell before standing up. He gets Mobley up again, this time grabbing Mobley around the neck and preparing for an STO. Mobley, though, suddenly starts throwing elbows, managing to free himself! Triple P, stunned, shakes it off and comes back in, blocking an attempted Mobley punch and throwing his own, sending Mobley staggering back into the ropes. As Mobley returns, Triple P goes for a boot to the gut, but Mobley grabs his leg instead, throwing the man off-balance! He then spins Triple P around and steps in, grabbing him around the neck for the Thriller!! But Triple P immediately fights free, instead grabbing Mobley for a Russian legsweep! No, Mobley reverses that one, grabs Triple P… THRILLER!!!! The arena erupts as Mobley makes the exhausted cover, with Referee Mitchell making the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Perfect Paul Paras has been eliminated! Your sole survivor… Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

Jones: He did it!!! Out of nowhere, Mobley’s able to put Paras out and move on to his second finals match!!

Rockwell: He looks absolutely spent after this wild war of attrition. You have to wonder how he’ll be able to compete again later tonight.

Jones: I’m betting Dean and Warrick will help him get ready. So we’ve got our four finalists, in Ataxia, Derek Mobley, Jaiden Rishel, and Liam Shayde! One of those four is the next #1 Contender to the GCWA World Title!

*The crowd is cheering wildly as Warrick reappears and comes into the ring, congratulating Mobley. Dean’s also in there, raising Mobley’s hand, as Mobley works on getting his breathing regular again. Triple P has rolled out of the ring and looks steamed, smacking the side of the ring. With Warrick’s help, Derek leaves the ring, with the two tag-team partners moving up the aisle and out of the arena. Dean finds himself alone in the ring…the crowd notices this as well and they start to chant his name. Dean nods along with the chants and begins to raise the roof…the crowd goes wild at Dean’s signature pose.*

Jones: What a great moment for wrestling fans around the world!

Rockwell: Yup, ICWF Hall of Famer and former OCW President, Dean really knows how to get this crowd fired up.

Jones: I can honestly say, there never will be another Dean…wait a minute…what is this!

*Dean is about to head to the corner to climb to the top rope to continue posing when he notices the defeated members of Team OCW have re-entered the ring. Sullivan, Maurako, Paras and Cyanide have Dean surrounded. The fans quiet down with a nervous silence, worried for Dean’s safety. The four men move closer and closer to Dean and are about to pounce on him.*

Jones: It’s Team OCW! What are they doing in the ring?!

Rockwell: I’m no rocket scientist, but it looks as though they have some unfinished business with their former owner.

Jones: But they lost, their time is up…they shouldn’t be out here! This time is dedicated to the winners!

Rockwell: Judging by last Friday, these guys have a serious axe to grind with Dean…not sure why, but they are out for blood and it looks as though, one way or another, they are determined to get it.

Jones: Somebody needs to stop this!

*Suddenly ‘Cocky’ by Kid Rock hits the PA system! The crowd erupts and turn to face the entrance way. GCWA 2009 Wrestler of the Year, former World Champion and current GCWA Commissioner, Lurrr makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring. The four men in the ring turn and face Lurrr…they, arrogantly, invite him inside.*

Jones: Yes!! Lurrr is out here to save his longtime friend and ally!

Rockwell: Team OCW doesn’t seem to care…I have a feeling they’d like to take Lurrr out as well…

Jones: It’s no secret, there’s never been a more controversial alliance in all of wrestling than Lurrr and Dean…

Rockwell: And, apparently, these four individuals have some major issues with how OCW was ran…I guess they feel it’s time for payback and, well, with Lurrr out here, we have a two birds, one stone situation.

Jones: Maybe, or, maybe not…

*Lurrr stops short of the ring and flashes his signature, cocky smile at the four men in the ring. They each look confused, wondering why Lurrr is so confident. Suddenly, the crowd begins to rise...the camera pans wildly, trying to catch what is happening to cause such a reaction. We see someone hop over the guardrail…we quickly recognize him as former OCW Champion and Hall of Famer, Scorpion, the crowd goes nuts.*

Jones: Oh My Gosh!! It’s Scorpion!! The OCW Legend himself is here!!

Rockwell: Holy crap!! I can’t believe it!!

*Scorpion points inside the ring as the four men start to talk trash back at him…then, we see another man hop over the guard rail behind the ring…we zoom in and recognize him as OCW Hall of Famer and Hardcore Legend, Silverfreak!! The crowd goes wild once more.*


Rockwell: Where are the midgets?? He has to have his midgets!!

Jones: Silverfreak was, arguably, the backbone of OCW!! What’s he doing here?!?!

*Finally, there is one more rise from the crowd…we pan to the final guardrail that has yet to be jumped. We see an individual kick the guardrail as hard as he can…the force of his kick causes the guardrail to bust open and he steps through, placing himself at ringside. A final, massive ovation is heard when we recognize this man as Scott Syren.*


Rockwell: The man that personified OCW’s Spirit and Attitude!!

Jones: This is unbelievable!!!

*All at once, Lurrr, Syren, Freak and Scorpion enter the ring…the four members of Team OCW seem to have lost their confidence…they hold their hands up, trying to get a word or two in with the OCW legends. Scorpion strikes first! He kicks Cyanide in the gut, lifts him up on his shoulders and drops him with the Venom!!! The crowd shouts “Oooohhhh!!” as Cyanide’s head hits the mat!!! Cyanide is out on the mat as the fans go wild and chant “Scorpion! Scorpion!”*

Jones: The Venom!! Scorpion’s patented maneuver!

Rockwell: Night, night Cyanide!

*Sullivan goes after Silverfreak, however, Silverfreak kicks him in the gut, grabs him by the neck and delivers the Sideshow Strangala!!! The crowd cheers wildly at the impact and chants “Freak! Freak! Freak!” as Silverfreak gets to his feet and throws his arms up towards the crowd.*

Jones: Sideshow Strangala!! Takin it old school!!

Rockwell: Yes, Silverfreak won the OCW Hardcore Title with that move!

Jones: Yup!

*We zoom in on Syren as he stalks Paras. Paras tries to talk Syren out of harming him, but Syren just flicks him off. Paras, out of anger, goes after Syren, Syren, however takes Paras down and locks him in the Block Burner!! Paras screams in pain from the hold as the fans chant “Tap! Tap! Tap!” Paras begins to tap as the fans go wild!! Syren gets to his feet and he stomps on Paras a few times before kicking him out of the ring…the chants then turn into “Syren! Syren! Syren!”*

Jones: Several years later and Scott Syren still knows how to fight Perfect Paul Paras!

Rockwell: Some things never change, Jonesy.

*All five men now turn to face Maurako…Maurako, realizing he’s the last man standing, tries to run out of the ring, Syren, however, grabs him and hurls him towards Dean. Dean lifts him up for the Razorback! As he’s up in the air, Lurrr delivers a vicious Wake Up Call!! Dean then drills Maurako into the mat with the Razorback!! He lands with a tremendous impact as the fans go nuts!!! Together, the five men in the ring dump Sullivan, Maurako and Cyanide over the top rope…they then pose for the crowd as the crowd chants “OCW! OCW!”…Dean nods with the chants, asks for a mic, gets it and speaks.*

Dean: See this?? You guys see this!?! This, is what happens when you send the B Team to do the A Team’s job! Paras, Maurako, Cyanide and the other guy…you may have been solid OCW contributors, but you in no way, shape or form represent what OCW was about. The four men with me are the true representatives of OCW. Scorpion, the most badass wrestler that ever stepped into an OCW ring! Lurrr, the first ever OCW World Champion, the pioneer who helped build OCW from the ground up! Silverfreak, the most charismatic OCW superstar ever…the backbone of OCW! And, finally, Scott ‘Mother F*ckin’ Syren…Mr. OCW himself!

*The crowd chants continues to chant ‘OCW! OCW!’ as the four men give signature poses to the crowd, Dean speaks once more.*

Dean: You never send boys to do a man’s job and you never, ever try to pass off a cheap imitation as the genuine article. These four men are and forever will be the embodiment of OCW! Thank you so much, GCWA fans…enjoy the rest of this awesome broadcast and see you guys around…SUCKAS!!!!

*Dean and the OCW legends pose a few more times as mixed chants of “OCW!” and “GCWA!” fill the arena…we then cut backstage, where we see the Accelerator on the phone at his desk.*

The Accelerator: You still haven’t tracked him down? Seriously, where can the guy be hiding that you can’t find him? He’s either wearing a freaky-ass spotted mask, or he’s walking around with clown make-up on! I pay you guys to do your jobs well, or else I don’t pay at all! So find him, damnit!

*Ace slams down the phone and angrily stands up, rubbing his aching head. Suddenly, though, there’s a knock at the door. Before Ace can even respond to it, though, the door swings open, and The Great One walks in! The boos are heavy as TGO walks over to Ace, with the two doing a cold staredown of each other before speaking.*

The Great One: Ace, Ace, Ace. The years have not been kind to you, have they?

The Accelerator: TGO. What brings your ‘glorious’ self to my office?

*The two men seem to have a strange energy between them. They clearly both respect each other, and yet, there’s a wave of hatred underneath the surface. It’s hard to tell if that hatred simply comes from the similarities between the two men in their wrestling careers.*

The Great One: I see you’ve got yourself a few problems nowadays, namely that Lur-r-r guy running around.

The Accelerator: Don’t worry, I’m going to make sure he’s not running around for long.

The Great One: And yet, he has the backing of the board, who owns a majority stock in the GCWA.

The Accelerator: Damn board members…

The Great One: You know, though, that I’ve approached some of those board members. A few seem like they could easily be ‘convinced’ to sell their stocks.

*This interests the Accelerator, as he’s also looked into buying back some of his company. Of course, a lot of his money has been tied up in the GCWA, keeping him from having the funds to really do what is needed. The Great One, though, is well-known for the fortune he currently possesses.*

The Accelerator: So if you buy up enough stock… then I take over the majority again. Which means that “Commissioner Lurrr” would be answerable to me. But what’s in it for you? I know TGO doesn’t act without thinking every angle through. Why help me out?

The Great One: Who says I’d be helping you?

*The Great One smiles, and then straightens up, turning to leave the room.*

The Great One: I’m sure they’ll let you know of any assets I ‘acquire’.

*The Great One walks out of the room, with the Accelerator sitting down in his chair and leaning back. He’s thinking hard about what’s apparently to come. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: Is TGO insinuating that he’s going to try to buy up stock?

Rockwell: That’s what it sounded like to me. Which, in a way, is good news for Ace, because he needs to become the majority stockholder again!

Jones: Yes, but… what if TGO buys up more than Ace?

Rockwell: Nah, can’t be done… can it?

Jones: I don’t know, Adrian. But I know The Great One is always a threat where wrestling organizations are concerned.

Rockwell: At the very least, for now, TGO’s going to be helping Ace out, which can only be bad for our ‘wise’ and ‘fair’ Commissioner.

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall. It is for the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger... he is a former World Tag-Team Champion... and his height and weight are unknown... here is the #1 Contender... The Stranger!

*As "Every Breath You Take" by the Police plays, the Stranger walks out of the back and onto the stage. The fans, of course, aren't fooled, as they start up a "TLS" chant. The Stranger doesn't seem to deny it. He doesn't do much of anything, other than to walk down the aisleway towards the ring.*

Rockwell: This is a complete waste of time. Everyone knows that this man is actually The Lost Soul!

Jones: Yes, but there's room for doubt, as the Stranger was also portrayed, once upon a time, by Titan 3, among others.

Rockwell: Oh, come on! This is just a ploy by Commissioner Lurrr to sneak TLS into his title shot! The Lost Soul blew his opportunity when he struck The Big Bifford despite the fact that the Accelerator ordered him not to!

Jones: The Big Bifford attacked him first!

Rockwell: Irrelevant!

Jones: Well, either way, this match is going to take place, as the Big Bifford has to defend his championship here tonight!

Minos: His opponent is a long-running legend in the business... he is one of only a few individuals to claim World Title reigns in both the GCWA and OCW... standing 6'4" and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World... The Big Bifford!

*The fans are already booing heavily as The Big Bifford walks out to "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio. He has the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. Apparently it's been super-sized to be able to fit. He smiles despite the negative reaction, and then moves to the front of the stage, staring towards the ring. The Stranger can be seen, standing there, watching him.*

Rockwell: It's great to have our World Champion in action here tonight! Did you catch his wild series this week?

Jones: You mean the one about the bard making up crazy tales against the gods? Or the one where Godzilla was involved?

Rockwell: Either one, they were both great!

Jones: One can say for sure that The Big Bifford is always a crazy experience to watch.

Rockwell: And tonight, we get to watch him rise victorious once again!

*As The Big Bifford makes his way down, The Stranger calmly waits for him in the ring with Head Referee Bell. Suddenly, though, five security men come from all sides into the ring, sliding in and around the man! The Stranger spins, seeing the attackers coming, and immediately fights back, knocking down the first man in. But soon, all of them are overwhelming him, punching and kicking away.*

Jones: Wait, why are GCWA Security guys out here??

Rockwell: It looks like Ace is taking things into his own hands! If they can reveal TLS' identity before the match, Ace can void it, and Bifford has the night off!

*Bifford gets down to the ring now, looking like he knows exactly what's going on. Although The Stranger is still struggling to get free, the security guards have his arms pinned. Bifford enters the ring, walking confidently over to the men.*

Rockwell: Pull the mask off, Bifford, and then we can get back to business and find out our Ultimate Survivor!

Jones: Where's Commissioner Lurrr? You think he'd be out here to prevent this!

*Bifford waves his hand, sending a couple of the security guards out of the ring. Two stay behind, holding onto The Stranger's arms. With a grin, Bifford steps over and knocks The Stranger's hat off. The masked wrestler tries to break free, but the security is not letting him go anywhere. Bifford confidently reaches over and yanks off the mask, and then walks away, holding it high in the air.*

Rockwell: He did it! The Stranger is revealed as..... Anthony Logan?

Jones: Wow! It's my former broadcast partner and current GCWA referee!!

Rockwell: But... but I... he....

*Bifford, not realizing at first the man's identity, seems to enjoy the cheering of the crowd. He finally turns back, realizing that it's not the man he's expecting. Logan smiles at him, with the two security guards, confused, loosening their grip. Logan then suddenly spins, sending one of the guards out of the ring with a clothesline!! The other guard, surprised, dives at Logan, trying to drag hiim down, only to roll out of the ring with him. Meanwhile, Bifford stares out at them, then looks back at the mask in hand... not seeing the man coming out of the crowd and sliding in behind him!*

Rockwell: I don't under... hey, who's that? Oh, crap, Bifford look out!!

Jones: Somehow I'm betting that that's the REAL Stranger!

*The crowd is roaring as The Big Bifford turns around too late, with The Stranger attacking him with a series of rights and lefts!! He pummels Bifford backwards, backing him into the corner with every shot! Head Referee Bell, rubbing his head for a second, finally turns and waves to the timekeeper's table. Apparently this one's a go!*

*The Bell Rings.*

Rockwell: What?? Damnit, Bell, what are you doing??

Jones: The match is now official! The World Title match is underway!!

Rockwell: I tell you, this isn't fair!!

*The Stranger is up on The Big Bifford now, landing a set of ten punches, as the fans count along with him. On the outside, we see Anthony Logan pulling himself up, with security 'escorting' him away from the ringside area. There's nothing more they can do. Logan has a large smile on his face as he departs, having done his job for the Commissioner. In the ring, The Stranger drops off of the corner and pulls the dazed Bifford out, grabbing him by the head and getting a snap DDT to the mat! The Stranger then immediately gets to his feet and goes to the ropes, coming back and dropping both knees onto Bifford's large stomach!! Bifford gasps, all the air driven out, as The Stranger twists around and makes the cover... 1... 2... The Big Bifford kicks out in time.*

Jones: If the Stranger really is The Lost Soul this time, then we have a man attempting to become the first GCWA Grand Slam Champion!

Rockwell: Of course it's TLS! Damnit!

Jones: No man yet has held the GCWA World Title, GCWA Intercontinental Title, GCWA X Division Title, and GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. The Lost Soul is only one belt away!

Rockwell: Yeah, well, so is Bifford! And he's going to get there first, just you wait!

*The Stranger brings Bifford up again, continuing to work him over with punches and kicks, while getting him into the ropes. The Stranger then backs off, waiting for a second before running forward and getting a clothesline! Bifford's legs go in the air, but he doesn't go over the ropes, managing to stay in. The Stranger heads off again and comes back, returning for another clothesline... but this time Bifford gets a boot up, smacking The Stranger hard enough to knock him backwards! The Stranger recovers and comes back again, but Bifford answers by catching The Stranger in mid-charge, lifting him up and getting a spinebuster!! He makes the cover... 1... 2... but The Stranger is able to kick out!*

Rockwell: Here we go! Despite the trickery and deception, The Big Bifford is taking charge!

Jones: Bifford's always displayed great talent inside the ring, you definitely can't underestimate him.

Rockwell: There's no wrestler who can fight like Bifford, and now "the Stranger" is going to learn that lesson again!

*The Big Bifford hauls The Stranger back up, looking like he's pretty angry at this point. He grabs The Stranger around the throat with both hands, choking the wrestler! Head Referee Bell, seeing this, threatens Bifford with a disqualification, but Bifford doesn't care, since that would mean he'd keep the title anyway. He dares Bell to do it, as he keeps the choke hold on... and then The Stranger kicks upwards, catching Bifford in-between the legs!! Bifford collapses to the side, in agony, as Bell, who had been arguing with Bifford, tries to figure out what happened. He completely missed the low blow. The Stranger rolls to his side and gets up, regaining his breath, as the World Champion continues to be in pain.*

Rockwell: Are you blind now as well as senile, Bell??

Jones: He was at a bad angle there, Adrian, trying to convince Bifford not to cost himself the match!

Rockwell: Damnit, I need to tell Ace to appoint someone else as the Head Referee. It's time for a change!

*The Stranger is the first man up, stomping heavily on The Big Bifford's back. Bifford struggles to get up despite the assault, working his way to his feet. The Stranger then lashes out with a couple of chops to the side, and then grabs Bifford by the arm, attempting to whip him to the other side. But Bifford puts the breaks on, and then pulls The Stranger in, catching him with a head butt!! The Stranger drops to his knees, dazed, with Bifford shaking his head as well. He pulls the Stranger up and lifts him into the air, getting him on his shoulders and walking forward. Before Bifford can drop him, though, the Stranger drops off behind him and gets a foot-sweep takedown, sending Bifford surprisingly down to the mat!! The Stranger's then on top, applying the Stranger At The Door!!! The fans are cheering as the submission hold is applied, keeping The Big Bifford down!*

Jones: We haven't seen this move in a long while, but it might be the perfect move to take down the World Champion!!

Rockwell: No!! Bifford, don't give up!

*The Big Bifford is desperately struggling to get free, trying to drag his bulk across the ring, with The Stranger tightly gripped around his neck, along with the leg scissors. Head Referee Bell is doing his job, checking to see if the man is willing to tap out, but Bifford is not submitting yet. He's weakening, though, with his head drooping to the mat. The Stranger keeps his grip on, with Head Referee Bell checking the man's hand. But after a couple of ticks, Bifford's arm raises back up, and he struggles to get to the ropes once more, finally reaching out and grabbing hold. Bell signals for the break, forcing The Stranger to release the hold, albeit reluctantly.*

Rockwell: I knew he'd get free! Bifford would never tap out!

Jones: It was close, but Bifford was able to escape. The Stranger will have to find another way to win!

*The Stranger is back up now, pulling Bifford to his feet. He starts to set Bifford up for a double underhook maneuver, but Bifford readjust and lifts the Stranger up into the air on his shoulders, before dropping back with a Samoan slam!! Both wrestlers are down for a few moments, having the air knocked out of them. Bifford rolls first, going to the ropes and getting to his feet. As The Stranger stands up as well, Bifford latches onto him from behind and tosses him with a fallaway slam! The Stranger’s down again, with Bifford moving himself over for the cover, while getting a handful of tights as well… 1… 2… but The Stranger kicks out in time! The Big Bifford gets to his feet and complains to Head Referee Bell. But when the ref won’t budge, Bifford reaches down and picks The Stranger back up, and then puts him on his shoulder. He takes a few steps, then drops forward, crushing The Stranger with a powerslam!! Bifford’s on top for the cover, with Bell there quickly… 1… 2… but somehow the Stranger kicks out again!*

Rockwell: Now we’re seeing the dominating champion! Bifford’s through letting this masked fool take advantage of him!

Jones: He’s certainly taken charge now, although so far, he still hasn’t been able to put The Stranger away!

Rockwell: It’s only a matter of time now!

*Bifford’s up again, dragging The Stranger with him over to the corner. The Stranger’s head gets flung violently into the ‘buckle, causing him to sag over the pads. Bifford then backs off, lines up his shot, and runs forward for an avalanche!! But The Stranger moves in time, darting to the left, as Bifford hits the pads under his own momentum!! Bifford stumbles back out of the corner, hurting, as The Stranger goes to the ropes and comes back… catching Bifford with an STO!!! The World Champion is down, and the fans are cheering loudly as The Stranger makes the cover… 1… 2… No, Bifford kicks out! The Stranger shakes his head and looks around, deciding to head towards the turnbuckle. He goes up quickly and balances with precision on top. With no hesitation and no fear, The Stranger leaps into the air, coming down with the Souled Out!!! But Bifford moves just in time, and The Stranger crashes into the canvas!*

Jones: A big gamble doesn’t pay off for The Stranger!

Rockwell: That was the Souled Out!! We’ve got proof, it’s The Lost Soul!!!

Jones: Maybe The Stranger got taught that move from TLS, Adrian.

Rockwell: Oh, come on!!!

*As The Stranger rolls from the bad landing, The Big Bifford works his way back up. He, too, recognized the move, and is nodding, happy that his suspicions have at least been confirmed. He walks over and pulls The Stranger up, lifting him into the air and dropping back with a brainbuster!! The Stranger is badly stunned, but Bifford isn’t through. He runs to the ropes and comes back, going for a big splash on the canvas!! Fortunately for The Stranger, he dodges in time, with Bifford pancaking the canvas instead!! With Bifford, wincing, struggling back up, The Stranger uses the ropes to pull himself up. He comes in, punching Bifford three times, and then pulls him up, only to have Bifford stun him with a shot under the chin!! The Stranger stumbles, off-balance, allowing Bifford to grab him by the head and drop quickly with all his weight, going for a DDT! But as Bifford drops, the mask comes off in his hands, causing Bifford to lose his grip!! He lands in a sitting position, looking up at the face of The Lost Soul!!! The place explodes, as TLS, his smile painted on as always, kicks Bifford in the chest, knocking him back!*

Rockwell: THERE!! He’s unmasked!!! Call the match off!!

Jones: It’s too late, Adrian, this match is already running!

Rockwell: The Lost Soul needs to be punished, punished I tell you!!

*The Lost Soul, not even concerning himself with going back to the mask, brings The Big Bifford up. He hammers away at Bifford’s midsection, trying to do as much damage as possible, and then runs to the ropes and comes back with a flying axehandle… only to have Bifford catch him in mid-flight in a bear hug!! All of the sudden, TLS is being crushed, with Head Referee Bell stepping forward to check for any signs of submission!! Bifford squeezes as tight as he can, trying to break TLS’ ribs in his large grip! But as the fans chant for TLS, the wrestler responds, slamming his knees up, and then swinging his head forward, beating away at the World Champion!! Bifford has to release, staggering back, which allows TLS to shake off the abuse and charge him… only to get a back body drop!! TLS is down, with Bifford throwing himself on top for the cover… 1… 2… No! TLS escapes!*

Rockwell: It’s over!!

Jones: No it’s not! It was only a two count!

Rockwell: No, I distinctly saw Bell’s hand hit 3. The timekeeper needs to ring the bell!

Jones: No matter what you say, Adrian, this match is continuing!

*The Big Bifford peels The Lost Soul off the mat, looking for what to do next. He hangs TLS over the middle ropes, and then goes to the ropes on the other side and returns, leaping up to bring the back of his leg down on TLS’ neck. But TLS is out of the way in time, and Bifford does nothing but rack himself, causing the World Champion to groan and fall to the mat! He rolls out of the ring, gasping, as The Lost Soul follows him out. Bifford seems to be thinking about leaving, as he heads up the aisleway. But TLS isn’t letting him get away, grabbing him from behind and twisting him around. He punches away at Bifford, even as Head Referee Bell counts away, The Lost Soul doesn’t seem too concerned, as the fighting continues on the outside!*

Jones: These two are willing to brawl throughout the arena!

Rockwell: No way, that’s not legal! TLS is breaking the rules, damnit!

Jones: Bifford went outside first, Adrian.

Rockwell: I Don’t Care!!!!

*As the count continues to go up, The Lost Soul bangs Bifford into the guardrail. He then grabs Bifford by the head and starts to bring him back towards the ring, only to have Bifford reach up and jab a thumb in his eye, blinding him!! Bifford then bangs TLS’ head against his knee, causing TLS to lean over in agony. Bifford looks around, and then grabs TLS by the head, bringing him over towards the ring post. He grabs TLS by the arm and whips him towards the post, no, TLS reverses, and Bifford hits the post instead!!! The World Champion slumps against the post, as TLS backs up, preparing to charge him… only to get spun around from behind by the Accelerator!!!*

Rockwell: The President’s come out here to support Bifford!!

Jones: What’s he doing, getting physically involved??

*The fans are booing as the Accelerator curses out The Lost Soul, staying right in his face. Ace is yelling at TLS, telling him that he doesn’t deserve this title shot, and how he is a disgrace to his wrestling legacy. Ace then rears back and spits right in TLS’ face!!! The Lost Soul wipes the spit off, and then glares back at the President, who suddenly realizes he might have gone too far. Before the President can back away, TLS kicks Ace in the stomach, then locks him up and spins, dropping him with a variation of the Soul Buster on the floor!!!! The President is out cold, with his arms splayed out around him, as the arena cheers madly for the impact of the maneuver. The Lost Soul doesn’t spend much time looking down on the Accelerator. He turns and heads for the ring, where The Big Bifford has already rolled inside. However, Head Referee Bell raises both hands, and then waves to the timekeeper, signaling the end of the match!!!*

Minos: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this bout, due to countout… and STILL the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion… The Big Bifford!!

Rockwell: YES!!! I knew it!!!!

Jones: The assault on the President cost The Lost Soul too much time! He got counted out!! The Accelerator basically just cost TLS his title shot… again!!

Rockwell: Yeah, and he’s not getting another, no matter what character he wears!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Jones: Man, this match was really looking competitive, too!!! What an ending!! Bifford retains, but TLS is apparently robbed!!

*The Lost Soul can’t believe it, as he enters the ring, arguing with Head Referee Bell. But Bell’s adamant that he didn’t do a fast count. TLS shakes his head, furious, and he turns to The Big Bifford, who is rolling his way out of the ring. TLS tries to grab him, but Bifford’s already out, hurrying over to get his World Heavyweight Title. He’s smirking as he heads up the aisle towards where security is already surrounding the wounded Accelerator, working to get him to the back. Bifford looks back, still smiling, as TLS watches him from the ring, utterly powerless at this point. Bifford then turns and follows the guards and Ace out of the arena, ecstatic to still be the champion.*

Jones: It’s been an insane night, and we’ve still got one more… wait a minute. We're getting word from the production truck that someone just delivered a tape.

Rockwell: Also the paramedics have been called for something that's happened backstage.

*We cut to the tape on black and white film. It's of a locker room we see Mario Maurako walk into very upset about his elimination from the match. As he walks in from behind the lockers someone locks the door. He's wearing a helmet, gloves, black leather jacket, blue jeans, and what look like boots. Mario gets his gym bag out of his locker and turns. The man goes behind the lockers. Mario reaches into the bag and pulls out a phone. He starts to call someone when suddenly he is hit from behind with a crowbar. He slumps down and the man takes the crowbar and starts pounding away on his left knee over and over and over again. He keeps doing this. The crowd watching this as it's overlaid to the arena is dead silent as the man puts Mario into a leg submission hold and keeps twisting that knee until we see the joint dislocate. He gets up and slams Mario's head into the lockers. He walks over and grabs the camera. He points it at Mario and we watch the blood seep from the back head wound.*

???: You watching. Of course you’re watching. You always watch. See this. This is a pile of trash. A pile of OCW trash that is not allowed in GCWA. I just snapped his leg and I will one by one take out anyone else who tries to be this OCW faction. You want a war. You got one. I don't like traitors, I don't like federation cancer, and ,most of all, I do not like any of you fools trying to disrupt our federation. Triple P. Sullivan. Cyanide. I would seriously consider going on a impromptu vacation for the rest of your damn lives from this place. One of you three. This is personal. This is beyond just cleaning house. That one. Is going to end up getting the worst of it. The answer is in OCW I promise. Starting tonight I'm cleaning house and you are all going to feel it. You'll wish I took mercy on you like Mario here. He's getting a few month vacation out of it. He's the lucky one. He's going to sit and watch everything that's going to happen to you all and realize he can't do anything about it. I am a man of some human kindness though. I let him possibly be able to come back. The rest. No. Such. Luck.

*The feed stops as we cut back to Jones and Rockwell.*

Jones: That was beyond brutal.

Rockwell: Somebody just screwed up big time. He just took out one of our superstars. Ace is going to make him pay when he finds out who that is!

Jones: Who do you think it is.

Rockwell: It's gotta be Team Mobley! Who else had a problem with Maurako?

Jones: It could be anyone. Heck it could even be the Accelerator, for all we know.

Rockwell: What?? Why on earth would Ace do something like that, when he can pay someone to do it for him?

Jones: Good point. Well, all we know at this point is that Mario Maurako has been taken to the hospital, and we’ll keep everyone appraised on his current status.

Rockwell: Yep, too bad for Mario. Ok, then, on with the show! I want to know who the final survivor is to face Bifford!

Jones: And with that, I suppose we can send it over to…

*”Here We Are Juggernaut” by Coheed & Cambria blares over the PA system, an unfamiliar anthem, but a familiar face steps out from behind the curtains, TGO wearing the suit that we saw him in earlier and a pair of Ray Ban Aviators on.*

Jones: The Great One?? Why is he coming out now?

Rockwell: With this guy, you can never predict what he’s going to do next!

*Trevor has a microphone in hand as he slowly makes his way out to ringside. He climbs the steps and ducks in between the ropes, careful not to wrinkle any of his garments. He stands in the middle of the ring as boos reign down from the audience as TGO soaks it all in. He puts the microphone to his lips and starts talking.*

The Great One: So my second week in the GCWA and already I’ve caused a rumbling in the locker room. It’s no secret, I’m the most hated man in this industry, these posers in the back think that they are the end all and be all of this sport, but they have no idea what I’m capable of.

*The crowd reacts with a “Mobley” chant as TGO laughs at the thought of what possibly Mobley could do to him.*

The Great One: Really guys? You honestly think that that jabronic is actually someone who could hurt me in any way? You idiots need to get over the fact that Mobley and his team of ass-kissers aren’t even in my league and I pity them for thinking that they are. But I’m not out here tonight to talk about them or anything to do with their opponents tonight. I’m here because I’m going to make an announcement to the people in the back.

*This whole time Trevor has been standing in the middle of the ring facing the cameras out in the crowd. He now turns towards the entryway obviously showing the guys in the back that he’s being serious.*

The Great One: So my announcement to all of you low class jackasses is this: I’m currently look for guys who want to make a name for themselves to join me in my quest to take over the GCWA. I’m sure you all know that I’ve done it before with the OCW and the other federations in the past, now the GCWA is my next venture and for those of you who want to be part of something that’s revolutionary come see me in the back and we’ll see if we can work out a deal.

Now I know that you all may think that I’m a scumbag and the fact of the matter is that I am, but I’m not new to this game and I’m not going to back down from Ace, Lurrr, or anyone else here that think that they can control me and my actions in this company. And Bifford, just so you know…I made you! You were nothing before I shaped and molded you into the lard ass champion that you are today! So just know that when the time is right the piece of shiny metal that you wear over your shoulder, because it’s sure not big enough to fit around your gargantuan ass, will be mine!

*”Here We Are Juggernaut” blares over the PA again as TGO look at the crowd one last time as the boos start to pour in and TGO steps out of the ring strutting up the ramp to the back.*

Jones: Holy crap! The Great One’s going to lead a takeover of the GCWA??

Rockwell: So THAT’S why he was talking about buying up stocks!

Jones: There’s no way anyone would willingly join The Great One in this endeavor, right? I mean, they’re all strong followers of the GCWA…

Rockwell: With the kind of money that TGO can put on the table? Damn, this could be bad…

Jones: … Well, we can’t sit and worry about things to come, until we’ve dealt with the issues of today. In other words, let’s get to our main event!

Minos: The next match will be the finals of the GCWA 2010 Ultimate Survival Tournament!! Four men have made it this far, each seeking to scale the mountain and claim their prize. But which will it be? Introducing first, he is one of the most mysterious men in the GCWA, seeking to earn his first chance at a title in the company, standing 5’11” and weighing 215 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Ataxia!

*As “Die Die Die My Darling” by Metallica plays, the masked man makes his way out of the back. He earns a few cheers from fans in the audience, but others don’t seem to be on his side, booing away. Either way, there’s no reaction from Ataxia, who walks down the aisle. He turns towards a kid still sadly wearing a Stranger mask and lets out his wild laugh, causing the kid to jump backwards, before the wrestler goes to the ring.*

Rockwell: My lord, can you imagine Ataxia taking on The Big Bifford for the World Title? How insane would that be?

Jones: In a way, it’s be similar to what Bifford had to face tonight. After all, we still don’t know Ataxia’s true identity.

Rockwell: Hopefully, history repeats itself, and one of these bozos fighting him manages to yank the mask off. People want to know the truth!

Minos: Entering second, he is still currently undefeated in the GCWA, and is looking to climb the mountain all the way to the top tonight, standing 6’1” and weighing 227 lbs, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, here is Liam Shayde!

*The cheers are louder as Shayde comes out to “I’m Bad” by The Last Vegas. Some fans are seen in the audience, sporting merchandise of Shayde’s father. They’re also carrying signs reading “Like father, like son!” Shayde seems a little on edge, not expecting to be in such a high-profile match so soon. But he walks quickly down the aisle, doing his best not to show his anxiety.*

Jones: It would be the thrill of a lifetime for Shayde’s father if his son was able to win a #1 Contendership to the GCWA World Title only a month or so of entering the company.

Rockwell: It might even set a record, and I’ll admit the kid’s got something. But will his naturally-channeled skill be enough to get him through this match and become the Ultimate Survivor?

Minos: Third, he is a man who has been personally backed by the President, and has fought all the harder to get here in the finals, standing 6’0” and weighing 221 lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, here is Jaiden Rishel!

*Rishel steps out into the spotlights, looking like he’s cleaned himself up since the earlier contest. As “The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria plays behind him, the wrestler walks confidently towards the ring, set for action. The look of determination from earlier is still in his eyes.*

Rockwell: Here he is, my pick to win it all tonight!

Jones: Although he had to use deceitful means to do it, Rishel did find a way to win earlier, scoring pins on both Bucky Johnson and Crazy Chris. Now, though, he won’t be able to avoid the conflict. He’ll be fighting just as hard as everyone else.

Rockwell: Just you wait, Edward. Rishel’s going to prove to the world that he’s the true #1 Contender… and then he’s going to hand it right over to Ace to make the call on who Bifford really has to fight!

Jones: You really think Rishel would not use a chance to become the World Champion?

Rockwell: Ummm, yeah, that’s why the Accelerator chose him, after all. He knows what it means to be loyal!

Minos: Finally, our fourth entrant is a man who has been here before and triumphed. Tonight, he looks to become a multiple Ultimate Survivor champion, earning his second ring… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, here is one half of the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*Shipping Off To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys hits, immediately bringing some heavy cheers from the audience in attendance. As Mobley walks out of the back, the crowd ovation gets louder, causing him to nod in respect towards the fans before heading down the aisle. He cracks his knuckles and enters the ring, set for a fight.*

Jones: Mobley is going for a singular honor here tonight. With a win, he would not only become a 2-time Ultimate Survivor, but he would also finally get another shot at the World Heavyweight Title, a belt that he once held.

Rockwell: Yeah, but Mobley hasn’t even gotten a title shot since June of ’09. The guy’s not the same wrestler he used to be.

Jones: Maybe not, but everyone changes in life, Adrian. And Mobley’s got a 1-in-4 chance of winning it all here tonight, same as the other contenders.

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And here we go!! Who will become the Ultimate Survivor??

Rockwell: C’mon, Rishel!!

*All four men are in separate corners, studying the others. Mobley looks cool and collected, having the experience of being here before. Shayde is the exact opposite, looking to be on edge as he looks back and forth between the other three wrestlers. Rishel is barely moving, looking like a coil set to spring at the slightest provocation. And then, there’s Ataxia, who glances around at the other wrestlers, leans his head back, and releases a wild scream that causes all of the wrestlers to jump! Ataxia then rushes forward, attacking Mobley with hands outstretched!! Ataxia and Mobley go at it, as Shayde, distracted, doesn’t seem Rishel charging him. Rishel hits a flying splash into the corner as the brawl begins in earnest!*

Jones: This is where it all breaks down!! Anyone can be eliminated at any time by pinfall, submission, countout, or disqualification. The last man standing wins it all!

Rockwell: This is where we separate the men from the boys!

*Ataxia really is hammering Mobley in the corner now, taking advantage of the fact that Mobley had less rest than the other competitors. He kicks away with the Learn Your Lesson, stomping away on Mobley in the corner. Meanwhile, on the other side, Rishel brings Shayde hard out of the corner now with a running bulldog, planting the young wrestler on the canvas! He rolls over for the cover, with Head Referee Bell there for the count… 1… 2.. and Shayde easily kicks out, showing he’s still got a lot in the tank. Rishel immediately pulls him up and takes Shayde to the corner, popping him a few times. He looks over at Ataxia, and the two men seem to nod at each other. Rishel then whips Shayde towards Ataxia, who sends Mobley in that direction as well!! But Shayde and Mobley surprisingly manage to sidestep, grabbing each other’s arm along the way. They slingshot around each other and fly back at their startled opponents, with Shayde landing a crossbody into Rishel, while Mobley spears Ataxia hard back into the corner!!*

Jones: Wild teamwork there, which can really happen at any stage during one of these matches!

Rockwell: Yep, because these guys are willing to do anything to win, even if it means teaming up with somebody to beat the hell out of somebody else!

*Shayde has Rishel on the mat now, twisting him into an STF submission, as Rishel desperately tries to block it. Head Referee Bell is keeping a close eye on them, while also trying to watch for Ataxia and Mobley on the other side. Mobley’s back in control, lifting Ataxia up and dropping him backwards with a side slam. Mobley then goes off the ropes and comes back with a double knee drop, crashing down onto Ataxia’s rib cage! The veteran makes the pin, with Bell, after a slight hesitation, coming over for the count… 1… 2… but Ataxia is able to kick out. Bell then heads back over to the other side, where Rishel is fighting hard to get his free foot outstretched. He touches underneath the bottom rope, so Bell calls for the break, telling Shayde that he has to release the hold. Reluctantly, Shayde does so, as the conflict continues.*

Jones: We’re seeing some great moves out there, as these guys have really paired off against each other!

Rockwell: It’s almost like we’re seeing two different matches going on at once! But that can’t last, because eventually, all of these guys have to fight each other. We aren’t looking for four Ultimate Survivors, just one!

*Shayde brings Rishel up, only to take a rake across the face, causing him to stumble back. Rishel then grabs him and drops with a DDT, allowing himself some breathing room. Meanwhile, on the other side, Mobley got caught by a short-arm clothesline from Ataxia, and is now down, with Ataxia on top landing a series of closed-fists punches. He doesn’t seem to be worried about Head Referee Bell’s warning. Instead, he stands up and says something to him, causing Bell to reel backwards in horror! With a laugh, Ataxia goes back to work, dropping an elbow on Mobley and making a cover… 1… 2… but Mobley is able to kick out in time. Ataxia shakes his head, and then looks back towards Rishel, as the young man pulls Shayde up and lifts him into the air with an atomic drop!! Shayde’s down on the ropes, as Rishel moves back to get some distance, possibly to jump on the man’s exposed back, or maybe for a 619. Either way, none of those happen, as Ataxia reaches up and grabs Rishel from behind, pulling him down with a surprise side neckbreaker!!!*

Jones: Did Ataxia just save Liam Shayde??

Rockwell: Hey, those two were partners earlier tonight. Maybe they can still work together to make it to the final two!

*Shayde pulls himself up and turns, seeing Rishel on the ground. He smiles gratefully at Ataxia and nods to him, and Ataxia nods back… and then steps in and grabs Shayde around the waist, suplexing him over to the mat!!! Shayde has the breath knocked out of him, as Ataxia makes the cover… 1… 2… but Shayde fights free! Ataxia, laughing, climbs on top and starts swinging away, even as the crowd starts to boo away at him. Meanwhile, Rishel is working back to his feet, rubbing the back of his head. He turns, seeing Ataxia, and starts to step towards him. However, he then sees Derek Mobley getting up with his back turned, and decides to head over there instead, hitting Mobley in the back of the head! Mobley falls to his knees, and Rishel grabs hold from behind, driving him to the mat with a rear chin lock to work him over.*

Rockwell: I could’ve told you that Ataxia was going to turn on Shayde. Partnerships never last!

Jones: But you just said… oh, never mind…

Rockwell: You can do it, Rishel!! Take out that old bastard!!

*Ataxia has Shayde back up now, punching him again and again. He then goes off the ropes and comes back with a rolling clothesline, knocking Shayde to his back!! Ataxia tries another cover, with Head Referee Bell sliding over… 1… 2… but Shayde continues to fight out! Meanwhile, Rishel has been forced to abandon the rear chin lock, as Mobley was fighting to his feet. Rishel instead backs off and kicks Mobley in the back of the knee, dropping him down. Rishel then goes to the ropes and comes back, only to have Mobley spring back to his feet and turn, catching Rishel and taking him over with a spinebuster!! Mobley stays on top, hanging on… 1… 2… Rishel gets his shoulder up in time!*

Jones: The falls are coming fast and furious!

Rockwell: Of course they are! Remember, all of these guys went through the wringer earlier tonight! None of them came into this one feeling that great. Hell, the fact that all four are still fighting is a testament for all they’ve been through!

*On one side, Ataxia has Shayde in trouble, lifting him up onto the top turnbuckle. Mobley, meanwhile, has Rishel to his feet. He sees what Ataxia is doing and opts to do a whip of Rishel, sending him flying in and hitting Ataxia just as he was starting to climb up the ‘buckle!! Ataxia falls over the side of the ropes and drops to the apron, laying there as Rishel tries to pull himself together. Mobley comes in from behind, lifting Rishel up, and Shayde has no problems taking him up on the ‘buckle. Mobley then steps aside, as Shayde double-underhooks Rishel, preparing to take flight with him off the ‘buckle!! However, Rishel suddenly raises up, lifting Shayde upside-down for a second before leaping backwards off the top rope, landing a devastating suplex combination!!!! Mobley, surprised, starts to move forward, but Ataxia grabs at his ankle from the outside, pulling the man out of the ring! Meanwhile, Rishel tiredly turns for the cover, hanging on tight… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Liam Shayde has been eliminated! Three men remain!

Jones: Despite a great fight from the youngster, Shayde’s night has ended!

Rockwell: Whew! I thought he might actually have Rishel there for a second, but the man can pull reversals like no one else!

Jones: So now, will we see 2-on-1? Or will it still be everyone for himself?

*Rishel painfully pulls himself up, feeling every ache and pain from the war he’s been in tonight. He looks to the outside, where Ataxia and Mobley are still fighting it out. Seeing it, Rishel decides to take advantage, running to the ropes and leaping over with a suicide plancha!!! He crashes into both men, sending everyone sprawling, and the crowd lets loose with a great cheer for what they’re watching. A “This is awesome” chant starts to flow throughout the arena, as the fans are really getting their money’s worth tonight. Rishel is the first one back up, grabbing Ataxia by the arm and rolling him into the ring. Rishel then follows, waiting for Ataxia to stand before springing himself over the ropes and getting a headscissors takedown!! Rishel then turns and goes to the turnbuckle, immediately springing himself up on top and catching his balance. He takes a flying leap, going for the Black Rainbow!! But Ataxia gets his knees up, sending Rishel painfully rolling away with his guts jumbled up inside!!*

Rockwell: Damnit, not Rishel!! Mobley, get your butt back in there and help him!!

Jones: Mobley seems to be taking time to recuperate outside, rather than rush back to the action, Adrian. He’s playing a long-term game in there!

Rockwell: That’s against the rules, isn’t it? I mean, he should be saving Rishel right now! Mobley, get moving!!

*Outside the ring, Mobley is down on one knee, taking a few extra moments to get his breath back. He’s keeping an eye on things in the ring, as Ataxia has gotten to his feet, limping slightly. He walks over to the aching Rishel, who is struggling back to his feet. That all ends as Ataxia spins into a heel kick, knocking Rishel back to the mat!! Ataxia throws in a springboard knee to the face, and then makes the cover, trying to hold Rishel down… 1… 2… Rishel grabs the nearby ropes with one hand, saving himself! Ataxia, annoyed, grabs Rishel by the arm and drags him back a foot or so, before turning towards the ropes. He jumps up onto the middle one and gets a spring, enough to take him to the top one. Ataxia then flips around, going for the Revivifier!! But Rishel moves in time, and Ataxia hits nothing but canvas!! Ataxia immediately tries to get back up, only to fall back to the mat, stunned. Rishel rolls away, trying to recover, as Ataxia again struggles to rise, shaking his head. He turns… and Mobley’s there, grabbing him around the neck and taking him hard to the ground with the Thriller!!!! Ataxia’s out, as Mobley makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Ataxia has been eliminated! Two competitors remain!

Jones: Mobley was just waiting for the right time to come in, and damn, did he pick a perfect one!!

Rockwell: So it’s either going to be one of the greatest wrestlers in all the wrestling universe, or it’s going to be Derek Mobley?

Jones: …

*Mobley is back on his feet now, watching as Ataxia rolls out of the ring. Surprisingly, Ataxia doesn’t seem to disturbed, as, after shaking his head clear, he turns and heads into the audience, causing many of them to dart back in fright. Mobley shakes his head and turns… and Rishel is there, grabbing him by the head and dropping with a diamond cutter!!! Mobley’s down, with Rishel scrambling to get on top, hanging onto Mobley’s legs… 1… 2… but Mobley kicks out!! Rishel slaps the mat in frustration, thinking that he had it. He turns and pulls Mobley up, taking him over near the corner and then dropping him with a neckbreaker, putting Mobley in perfect position. Rishel then heads up, getting to the top of the ropes, and then coming down with a split-legged moonsault!! Once again, Rishel makes the cover… 1… 2… but Mobley won’t stay down!*

Jones: Rishel’s never been so close to fulfilling a dream, but can he manage to put down a legend like Derek Mobley?

Rockwell: Are you blind, Ed? He’s dominating in there! Rishel’s a shoo-in to win the #1 Contender for the Accelerator!

*Rishel is back on his feet now, although his legs look a little shaky. Both men have probably used up their fair share of energy for this contest. Both will be feeling the effects of this contest for weeks. With Mobley still down, Rishel decides to go outside onto the apron. He waits for Mobley to slowly struggle up, and then springboards in, grabbing for Mobley’s head. But Mobley takes a step over and catches Rishel in mid-air instead, shifting him onto his shoulders, and then spinning him off with an F-5!!!! After a few second’s recovery, Mobley rolls himself over for the cover, trying to hold Rishel down… 1… 2… No, Rishel fights free! Mobley, showing a little frustration himself, moves away, using the ropes to balance himself as he heads up the turnbuckle! As soon as he gets high enough, Mobley turns, seeing Rishel trying to rise. Mobley takes flight, dropping a double axehandle onto the younger man’s skull!!! Rishel crumples downwards, with Mobley again grabbing hold for a cover… 1… 2… and Rishel’s shoulder shoots up again!*

Jones: This one’s truly a toss-up!! Which one of these great and talented wrestlers will find a way to win? There can be only one!!

Rockwell: Man, this is getting hard to watch!! I might have a heart attack right here and now!!

Jones: Please don’t, Adrian. I don’t need to be breaking in yet another broadcast colleague!

*Mobley pulls Rishel up, with sweat dripping down the faces of both men. Mobley grabs Rishel’s arm and whips him towards the ropes, no, reversed, and then reversed again, sending Rishel in the opposite direction. He hits the ropes but hangs on, keeping from running back towards Mobley. In response, Mobley charges forward, but Rishel meets him with a dropkick, knocking Mobley onto his back! As Mobley tries to get up quickly, Rishel’s there, grabbing him and twisting down with a reverse swinging neckbreaker!! He wraps up Mobley, hanging on tight… 1… 2… No! Mobley kicks out! Rishel, trying to figure out what to do next, waits as Mobley struggles back to his feet. Rishel then jumps him from behind, wrapping his arms around Mobley’s head with a sleeper!! Mobley stumbles from the added weight, barely able to breathe as Rishel keeps the grip tight around the veteran’s head. As the lights start to fade for Mobley, he opts for a sacrificial maneuver, pushing himself backwards into the ropes and sending both men toppling over and off the apron, to the outside!!!! The crowd is roaring from the fall, as Head Referee Bell looks on in amazement!*

Rockwell: JESUS!!! Can either man recover from such a fall??

Jones: That was an enormous plunge!! I think they both also hit the apron on the way down. On one hand, that might have saved them from impacting the outside mats harder. But on the other hand, that sharp corner might have decimated both of them!!

Rockwell: Maybe I’d better go help Rishel back into the ring…

Jones: Sit down, man!

*Head Referee Bell has already started his count, although he seems to be keeping it deliberately slow, knowing that another countout tonight could be disastrous. The first man up on the outside is Rishel, crawling achingly over to the apron and pulling himself to his feet. Mobley, who took a rougher landing, is just starting to rise up, as Rishel, seeing him, turns and gives him a kick right to the head, dropping the man back to the ground!! Rishel then climbs through the ropes and signals to the referee to count faster, wanting to get the win any way he can! Head Referee Bell counts higher, getting to 8. But Mobley’s struggling back up now, with the crowd rallying behind him. At the count of 9, Mobley thrusts himself forward, sliding under the ropes and beating the count! Furious, Rishel stomps away on the man, trying to put him down completely.*

Rockwell: So close!! If only Mobley could have stayed down one more second!

Jones: This match continues onwards, with both men determined to do their best to keep from missing out on this great opportunity!

*With Mobley down on the mat, Rishel stands over him, glaring downwards at the man who stands between him and his goal. He pulls Mobley up and positions him near the corner, looking to suplex him into it and begin the Neverender!! But as Rishel starts to lift, Mobley blocks the suplex, and then reverses it, throwing Rishel overhead instead!! Rishel hits hard, but absorbs as much of the landing as he can on his hands and feet. He struggles back up, turning, as Mobley steps into him, grabbing him around the head for the Thriller!!! But Rishel fights free, twisting it around and spinning Mobley around into a dropping version of the Suffering!!!! The crowd gasps, realizing that this could be it, as Rishel grabs for the legs and hangs on for dear life. Head Referee Bell is in position… 1… 2… NO!!! Mobley kicks out!!*

Rockwell: Damnit damnit damnit!!

Jones: What’s it going to take for Rishel to be able to put Mobley away? The guy just won’t stay down!! He’s got the heart of a lion!

Rockwell: I don’t care what kind of heart he’s got! Rishel just needs to rip it out of him and get the victory!! C’mon, Rishel, hit him again!! Don’t give up!

*Rishel’s hands are on his face right now, as he slowly shakes his head back and forth. He recovers himself, though, lifting his fatigued body off the canvas. Mobley’s still down, so Rishel turns and heads for the turnbuckle, climbing up to the top. He aims himself perfectly, waiting for Mobley to slowly work his way up to his feet. Mobley is staggering, barely able to tell where he is, as Rishel leaps into the air towards him, landing on his shoulders for a flying hurricanrana!! But Mobley immediately reacts on instinct, shoving Rishel off of his shoulders and causing him to land right in front of him! Before Rishel can react, Mobley then steps in and gets a grip around Rishel’s head and snaps him down, landing the Thriller!!! The place explodes, with the fans roaring as Mobley drops on top of Rishel, putting his weight on the man. Head Referee Bell counts away, as the fans count along with him… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Jaiden Rishel has been eliminated!! Here is your winner, and the 2010 Ultimate Survivor, Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!!

Rockwell: Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Jones: Amazing!! Despite a massive beating dished out from Rishel, somehow Mobley’s instincts were enough to get him a victory!! But damn, this was clearly one that could have gone either way!!

Rockwell: *cursing loudly while throwing away his headset*

Jones: Ok, looks like Adrian’s already checked out for tonight. It’s been a hell of a night, folks, and one that has gone on for FAR too long!! We’ll see you next week on Inferno!!

*Mobley is clinging to the ropes now, completely spent, but loving the cheers that are coming his way. Warrick Hill and Dean both slide into the ring and rush over to him, celebrating with the now two-time Ultimate Survival champion. Rishel has already rolled out of the ring, holding his head, realizing that he came within inches of his goal. He knows that he and Mobley will no doubt meet again. In the ring, Warrick and Dean lift Mobley up on their shoulders in triumph, with Mobley, barely able to move, just going along for the ride. The picture fades out on his celebration, with the cheers echoing through your speakers.*

OOC: Seventy-six pages in Word later, and the pay-per-view is up!! Whew!!

I gotta say, this was one of the hardest shows I've ever had to grade, as a lot of you wrote some incredible roleplays. I struggled mightily on deciding several of the match-ups, just showing how much talent was in play this week! You should all be happy with what you've done, and trust me, those who did the best will be rewarded in future weeks!

Here's the card for this Friday:

- Jimmy Riot vs. Xtreme vs. Bucky Johnson vs. Robert Santana, Fatal Fourway Hardcore Match

- Ryan Rage vs. Arachne

- Liam Shayde vs. Ataxia vs. Lorenzo Demarco, Unified X Division Title #1 Contenders Match

- Dangerous Dan vs. El Linchador

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