*The ordering screen has been showing for the past 10 minutes. Impatience is hard to fight, knowing that this will be the last of an era. Finally, the picture starts to fade out, going to darkness. It’s almost time. After a few seconds pass by, the screen starts to come back up. It starts with a single man, standing in silhouette, with a spotlight coming on above him. The camera slowly moves in, allowing us to get a better glimpse of the man. It’s the GCWA President, the Accelerator! He stands calmly, wearing one of his finest suits, as the voice of the GCWA pay-per-views makes himself heard, one final time.*

Voice: It all began as a dream. A dream of a return to glory. A quest to take the Global Championship Wrestling Association back to heights it once easily maintained. This dream has become a reality.

*Other lights begin to come on all around the Accelerator, showing shadowed figures that nonetheless should be familiar to any fan of the company.*

Voice: They say the journey can be greater than the destination. What a journey this turned out to be.

*The camera starts showing shots of the wrestlers in closer form, as the lights get brighter, showing us their faces. We see Derek Mobley, looking up to face the camera, as, in the background, images of Warriors of the Ring III begin to flow.*

Jones: What an unbelievable moment! What a tremendous match! Derek “The Thriller” Mobley, after so many years since his last attempt, has finally done it! He’s the Heavyweight Champion of the World!

*The camera jumps to another shot, showing Marcus Ka’Derrion as he shows the determination in his gaze that led him to success in the GCWA. Behind him, the final moments of Ultimate Survival I are shown, including Ka’Derrion raising up the World Title.*

Jones: The clock is out!!! He did it!!! Marcus did it!!

*We switch to another spot, showing us the cocky attitude of the GCWA Commissioner, Lurrr. He smirks, nodding his head towards the camera, as Heat Wave ’09 clips appear behind him.*

Titan 3: Damnit. Life just got even worse here in the GCWA, now that Lurrr’s our champion. The Roman Empire just gained some serious ground, and I, for one, don’t like it!

*The next image is of The Big Bifford, with a slightly larger spotlight than the rest. He’s looking darkly at the camera, even as images from Warriors of the Ring IV appear behind him.*

Jones: The Big Bifford does it!! Out of 16 competitors, he alone is standing at the end!

*The images start to move quicker and quicker, showing us numerous wrestlers. We see the Danger Boiz…*

Jones: They did it!! The first team ever to win the World Tag-Team Titles three times!!! It’s truly a historic win for the Danger Boiz!!

*The Lost Soul…*

Logan: TLS is now a 2-time Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion!

*El Linchador…*

Jones: El Linchador in the GCWA!! I can’t believe this!!

Logan: There are few ‘greats’ out there that have yet to grace the GCWA… and, well, tonight you can cross one of those names off that list!

*The Great One and the rest of the NFB…*

Liam Shayde: NOBODY’S!

Lorenzo Demarco: FUCKING!

The Great One: BETTER!


Ataxia: Come on little boy. Make mommy proud and take out THE MESSIAH PARIAH!

*Finally, we zoom back out, showing all of the different spotlighted wrestlers, standing in their circles of light. One by one, the lights turn off. The final one that can be seen is once again the Accelerator, who looks around himself for a second at the quiet darkness around him.*

The Accelerator: It’s been a hell of a ride, boyos.

*Ace reaches into his pocket, pulling out what looks like a remote trigger.*

The Accelerator: Time to go out with a bang.

*Ace presses the button, and a massive eruption of fire and flames takes place, covering the entire screen. Out of the fiery wasteland, the words appear:*

*The explosions soon become more realistic, as we see pyro going off on all sides of the GCWA Arena in Dallas, Texas!! The crowd is roaring, packed to the rafters with as many hardcore fans that can fit inside. They’re ramped up like never before, set for one of the biggest shows in GCWA history! We fly along many of the fans, showing as many as possible. They’re of all races and types, from athletes to casual fans, from the young to the old, the rich and the poor. They’re the ones who will always remember the GCWA in the future. We finish our circling of the crowd and head down to the announce booth, where the three men who have become the voices of the company are standing, appreciating the reaction from the fans. We see Edward Jones raise the mic up to his mouth, but he stops, realizing that the crowd is just too loud. The chant builds, raising up throughout the arena.*


*The passion is incredible in the arena, as the people are here to say goodbye to the company they know and love. Finally, as they start to die down, Jones jumps in.*

Jones: What a night this is going to be! You can feel it from the front row to the cheap seats that tonight is going to be a night of history and greatness!

Rockwell: At least we know the fans are going to miss us!

Hood: They won’t be missing me! I’m still going to be around!

Rockwell: We know, we know, you don’t have to rub it in!

Hood: I don’t have to… but damn, it’s fun!

Jones: Tonight marks the end of a 20-month journey for the Global Championship Wrestling Association. Usually, when a federation is closing its doors, it simply ends one day, cancelling the tickets bought by its fans and slinking off into the shadows. But not the GCWA!! The Accelerator is determined to go out with one of the biggest shows of all time!

Rockwell: I’d say he’s got a pretty good one set up, as all FIVE of the GCWA Championships are on the line tonight! We could easily have 5 new champions by the end of the night.

Hood: Five? Are you forgetting the Hardcore Title Invitational? We could have five champs just out of that match alone!

Jones: Definitely true, Hood. The Hardcore Title is going out with a bang, as Harvey Danger has arranged the most chaotic match in GCWA history: a junkyard brawl, with the title up for grabs! Whoever walks out at the end with the belt gets to be declared the final GCWA Hardcore Champion!

Rockwell: After that, we’ve got an epic GCWA World Tag-Team Titles match between Nobody’s F’n Better and their rivals, Jaiden Rishel & The Lost Soul!

Jones: Actually, late programming note on that, Adrian. Rishel is apparently not here tonight, and hasn’t been seen for a week, so The Lost Soul has chosen a suitable replacement: Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn!


Jones: Now, Hood, Vaughn’s changed a lot since he was the admittedly uncoordinated wrestler here in the GCWA. He went on to win a championship in the CWF!

Hood: Yeah, but sending a Janitor against The Great One? C’mon, you guys have GOT to think that’s hilarious!

Rockwell: Later on tonight, we’ve got one match I’m truly looking forward to, as The Big Bifford will seek to become the first and only GCWA Grand Slam Champion of his era! He’s just got to squash the man known as El Linchador!

Jones: If he thinks that beating El Linchador will be easy, he’s in for a very rough time tonight. That match will be epic!

Hood: Of course, then we get back to NFB domination, as Landon Chase goes to take the Unified X Division Title away from Crazy Chris… in a Danger Zone Match!

Rockwell: Chase is going to get destroyed, you just wait and see.

Jones: You’re supporting Crazy Chris, Adrian?

Rockwell: The enemy of my enemy… is still my enemy, but I can root for them!

Jones: Ok… and then, finally, in our main event, we’re set for one of the greatest contests in GCWA history! It’s going to be Derek Mobley defending his GCWA World Heavyweight Title for the last time, against three other men: Chris Cortez, Liam Shayde, and Ataxia!

Rockwell: I can’t wait for Cortez to be champion, ensuring the belt comes home to the Accelerator!

Hood: Dream on, Rockwell! That belt’s going to be in Shayde’s hands when the night is over!

Jones: Really, that one, going in, is looking completely unpredictable. It will be awesome to see how it all plays out!

Rockwell: I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to get it all going!

Hood: Not so fast, Adrian. First off, we’ve got a quick video from one of my favorites: Lorenzo Demarco!

Jones: Uh oh…

*We cut away from the broadcast table, switching to the big screen. A video is shown of earlier today as Lorenzo Demarco arrives several hours before opening bell. As he's walking toward the stadium several young boys walk up to him.*

Boy #1: Mr. Demarco! Mr. Demarco! We are trying to get the autographs of all the GCWA champions and contenders tonight. Kind of a you know a memento to tonight's final show. Can we have yours!

Lorenzo Demarco: Sure kids . .sure . .

*Lorenzo Demarco takes the autograph book from the first kid and begins to write into it as the kids look up hopefully.*

Lorenzo Demarco: By the way, you do have the fifty bucks that this is going to cost right?

Boy #3: Fifty bucks? Aw man, we don't have any money, the other guys signed for free.

Lorenzo Demarco: Don't got the money. Well, that's okay. The lesson I'm about to give you is free.

*Lorenzo Demarco begins to rip out the pages from the autograph book and tear them up as the other three boys begin to protest. Lorenzo Demarco throws the crumpled pieces of paper and the book onto the ground.*

Lorenzo Demarco: Nothing in life is free, and that includes my god damn autograph. Now you snot nose punks get out of here before I back hand all of you!

*The boys run off as Lorenzo Demarco gets a smile on his face.*

Lorenzo Demarco: Won't be as satisfying as kicking TLS's faggot ass . .. but it'll be close . . . real close.

*Demarco turns and walks away, pleased with himself as the video ends. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: What a jerk!

Hood: I know! Thinking he’d get the autograph for free… preposterous!

Jones: That’s not who I was talking about… oh, forget it.

Rockwell: Demarco’s never been a ‘man of the people’. I think he wears that proudly, and, I have to admit, I can admire that about him. But that’s all I admire.

Hood: As long as you admire him a little, that’s enough for me. Score!

Jones: We have one more video to play before we get going… a shot from last night’s historic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony!

Hood: Oh, cool! I haven’t heard the results yet… The Great One got in, didn’t he?

Rockwell: TGO wasn’t even up for nomination, fool.

Hood: So? I thought for sure everyone would write his name in!

Jones: Afraid not, Hood.

Hood: But he’s UNDEFEATED!! What the hell, man!!

Jones: Well, Hood, let’s just go and see who the true inductees are, shall we?

Hood: *grumbling and cursing under breath*

*We switch to another run of a video, showing the Accelerator standing in front of a podium. He has a large smile on his face, always enjoying these events. We see various clips of his speech from the night, cut down to save time.*

The Accelerator: The GCWA Hall of Fame has always been about honoring the true greats that come through the company. It takes a magnificent record, multiple title victories, and a stunning personality, among other things, to even be put up for nomination. This year, I’m proud to say we have seven tremendous nominees, some of the greatest in the world who were voted in by their peers! Five outstanding singles wrestlers and one of the greatest tag-teams in the world today!

*We start to see shots of each of the new inductees to the Hall of Fame as they make their way up onto the stage.*

*The wrestlers are each shown accepting their status and giving their own comments on what it means to get such a tremendous achievement. The fans cheer each and every one, even the heels, honoring them for what they’ve done for the business. We head back to a live shot of the GCWA Arena.*

Jones: Definitely a great class of individuals there! From what I hear, there had actually only supposed to have been five inductees this year, but the voting was so strong that a sixth spot had to be added!

Hood: I still say TGO should be in there.

Rockwell: Hell, I have to wonder why the Accelerator isn’t in there?? Who has done more for the GCWA?

Jones: There are definitely some notable guys who didn’t make the voting this year. Maybe, in the future, they’ll find a way to get in, if the GCWA ever reopens.

Rockwell: It will, Jones. Someday. It took 10 years last time, so let’s hope it doesn’t take another 10 years!

Hood: So, all the pomp and circumstance is good and all… but we’ve had a lot of show so far, and still no matches! Can we, y’know, get started??

Jones: Well, we... wait! We've got word from the back... let's send it to Cynthia Hall!

Hood: Man!

*We cut to the parking lot area. A hummer limo pulls into view. It stops right in front of the camera, we see the initials ‘O.C.W.’ on the hood. The driver’s door opens and a limo driver steps out…he heads to the back of the limo, opens the door. Lurrr steps out first, the crowd cheers loudly for the former GCWA Wrestler of the Year. Then, behind Lurrr, we see former wrestling superstar, ICWF Hall of Famer and OCW owner, Dean. Dean tips the limo driver as he shuts the door…Cynthia rushes up to Dean and Lurrr to get an interview.*

Cynthia Hall: Lurrr! Dean! What are you guys doing here? What’s with the OCW logo limousine? GCWA needs answers!

Lurrr: Well, Cynthia…as you know, GCWA is regretfully closing its doors after tonight’s event. I had a great run in GCWA, possibly the best run of my career and decided to retire from in-ring competition. Now, I’m looking for a new challenge and, with GCWA closing, my good buddy, Dean has decided to reopen OCW. So, when he extended an offer to be Vice President of OCW, I had to accept. So, we are here to honor Ace and GCWA as well as scout out a bit of talent for the opening of OCW.

Dean: That’s right, sucka. Ace and I go way back…we’ve had some good times and some not so good times…he’s one of the fiercest competitors I’ve ever stepped into the ring with and one of the best owners I’ve ever known. No matter what you can say about our past as competitors in ICWF, you know we have a tremendous amount of respect for one another. OCW is a brother fed to GCWA and, when I asked Ace if it was okay for me to come down here and scout out talent, he had no problem letting us in.

Cynthia Hall: Are there any wrestlers, in particular, that you will be keeping an eye on?

Dean: Well, The Great One and Lorenzo Demarco will be competing and I’m extremely interested in that. TGO is a minority shareholder in OCW these days…I guess I paid him too much money back in the day, have no idea how that sucka got so damn rich. And, his partner, Demarco has already signed to compete in OCW…so it’ll be nice to see his talent tonight.

Lurrr: Yup…plus the Danger Boiz, Arachne and Aaron Styles are all headed to OCW…I’ll be scouting them out to kind of get a feel on where we want them to start in OCW.

Cynthia Hall: Any competitors you haven’t signed that you’re going to be interested in?

Dean: Well, I’d like to sign everyone if I could…however, I know that’s not possible. El Linchador is a guy I’d love to see return to OCW. Liam Shayde and Jason Chase could be stars in OCW, I know it. Chris Cortez has so much talent…I’d be ecstatic if he signed on. Johnny Vegas, Ataxia…man, so much talent here…I’d take any of them.

Lurrr: I told ya, Dean…this place is stacked! But, hey, let’s go meet with Ace…Cynthia, if you don’t mind…get the hell out of my way.

*Lurrr brushes Cynthia to the side as he and Dean head off to go meet with GCWA President, Accelerator. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: So Dean and Lurrr are here tonight, in order to scout for the talent for OCW!

Rockwell: I guess we shouldn't be surprised. We've got some great talent that is going to be looking for work after tonight.

Hood: Not me!

Rockwell: *Grumbles under breath*

Hood: So is that it? Can we start the damn matches now?

Jones: Your wish is my command, Hood.

Hood: Oh, hell, don’t make it sound so gay, Jonesy! Just get us to the violence!

Jones: Well, to do that, we’ve got to go back to the video screen…

Hood: *Groan*

Jones: Because our first match is the Harvey Danger Hardcore Title Invitational Match!!

*We switch to a mounted camera shot, apparently hovering above the local junk yard here in Dallas. Either that, or the junk yard has been artificially built. It’s hard to tell, really. The cameras start switching from shot to shot, showing various wrestlers entering into the junkyard. On one side, we see Harvey Danger entering along with Dangerous Dan and Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn. Across the way from them, we see Marcus Ka’Derrion and Aaron Styles entering the area, weapons in hand.*

Jones: This is guaranteed to be one of the wildest matches in GCWA history. We’ve got 11 guys, all willing to pound each other to pieces in order to be the one to walk out with the championship at the end.

Rockwell: Ka’Derrion has to be seen as a major favorite, due to being a two-time World Heavyweight Champion. But will his style mesh with an environment like this?

Hood: Harvey was the one who really pushed for this match and put it together. I wonder if he’s starting to have second thoughts of putting himself here? I mean, if there’s ever been a match that could end a career, it’s this one!

Jones: I know Dangerous Dan has considered the risks inherent in a contest like this, but he’s still willing to go through with it.

Rockwell: Stupid of him. He’s risking not only his own OCW contract, but the contracts of Crazy Chris and Miss Madyson! After all, if he gets hurt, will Dean still want just Chris and Madyson? I bet he wants the complete set!

Jones: Yes, but Dean would also love to see Dan come into his company as a champion, just like he’ll be hoping Chris retains later on tonight.

Hood: Oooh, look, there’s the dark horse, Styles! You think he’s still got it? Can he still compete at a high level after months away? He fought the World Champion, The Big Bifford, not that long ago, remember?

Jones: How could I forget?

*On the other side of the yard, we see Arachne making his way peacefully into the area, considering all the items of destruction around him. He still looks unsure about what he can or cannot do in a contest like this. Behind him, Scott Caine and Johnny Vegas walk in, already glaring at each other. Nearby them, “PIC” Steve Wilson and Desayuno come through a steel gate. Wilson can’t seem to take his eyes off the piece of toast attached to Desayuno’s head.*

Jones: It’ll be great to see Scott Caine back in action. At one time, he was considered a major part of the youth movement of the GCWA, along with the Danger Boiz and Mr. Excellent. Unfortunately, injuries took their toll, making this the first time we’ve seen him in some time.

Hood: I still can’t get over how… idiotic Desayuno looks. Really, who comes up with an idea like that for a mask?

Rockwell: Someone who just likes breakfast, I suppose. The one I’m interested in, though, is the guy who’s going to ultimately win: Johnny Vegas.

Hood: You would say that, Adrian, backing the Cabinet again.

Rockwell: Please, if there was a member of NFB in this one, you’d be rooting for them as well.

Hood: I can’t deny that… but that’s just because the NFB is the greatest stable in the known universe!

Jones: My question is, will Arachne’s recent change in religion cause him to struggle tonight? I know he’s been told to compete at his highest level… but his personal vows are going to be hard to overcome.

Rockwell: This is no match for the timid.

Hood: And there is no rest for the wicked!!

*In the center of the junkyard, apparently already waiting next to a shopping cart filled with more unique items than usual, is the GCWA Hardcore Champion, Xtreme. He’s proudly holding the title on his shoulder as he waits to unleash hell on his opposition, determined to walk out with the championship.*

Hood: Talk about an unlucky break. Xtreme FINALLY wins the Hardcore Title, the belt he feels like he’s deserved for months… and he immediately has to defend it against ten other men!

Rockwell: Yeah, here’s where we normally say that it won’t be easy for him to retain… but I’m thinking it’s more along the lines of impossible.

Jones: Hey, never lose the faith, Adrian. Xtreme believes in himself. We’ll just have to see if that’s enough.

*There are a few referees scattered here and there, none of them familiar to the GCWA faithful. They are men brought in for the one-time payday of the GCWA, hoping that they can survive this match themselves with only a few scrapes and bruises. Xtreme waits in the center as the other wrestlers slowly come around him, taking note of his stance.*

Jones: When this one begins, the rules are clear: you have to pin the current champion to become the champion. The last man holding the belt at the end of twenty minutes will be declared the last Hardcore Champion of the GCWA.

Hood: In other words, everyone’s gunning for Xtreme right off the bat. Still see his belief in himself being enough, Jonesy?

*The wrestlers prepare themselves, each considering what their first attack is going to be. It’s going to break down into utter chaos as soon as the horn sounds, starting the twenty-minute period. However, as the participants get ready to begin the Hardcore Title Invitational, speakers discretely placed around the junkyard turn on, playing music… “Monster” by Skillet! The wrestlers all look around, confused, even as the gate to the back of the junkyard swings open, bringing in one more familiar face.*

Hood: Who on earth put speakers in here??

Jones: Wait, someone’s coming towards the group… is that…

Rockwell: I know that guy! That’s…

*The live crowd can immediately be heard roaring disapproval as their long-time antagonist Shane Donovan appears on the stage, the CWF World Tag Team Championship strapped around his waist as he holds up a microphone, motioning for the speakers to be cut off.*

Shane Donovan: Well well well, what do we have here? Looks like The Accelerator thought he could put on a show without yours truly. Well boys and girls, there was no way I was going to let that particular injustice go through.

Jones: My lord, another former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion has made an appearance, in the most unlikely of places!!

Hood: Hey, he’s a legend, Jonesy, a Hall of Fame nominee! Show some respect! He can appear wherever he wants!

*The crowd continues to make their displeasure felt, as several of the wrestlers roll their eyes at the interruption.*

Shane Donovan: The last show of an era in GCWA, and I can't even get a match? I realize I'm not currently under contract, but let's be honest here, I made this era of the company. Not The Big Bifford, not Draco, not Lurrr, and definitely not Derek freakin' Mobley! I put all the asses into the seats out there when this company opened Ace, and when I left all your problems started happening. Coincidence? I don't think so.

*Donovan smirks to himself as he walks around the circle of wrestlers, looking at the competitors for tonight’s match.*

Shane Donovan: Come on now, look at the men in the ring here. Stuff like this is why your company has gone under Ace. You have men like PIC and Marcus Ka'Derrion languishing in the same ring as guys like Arachne and Harvey Danger. This is an absolute joke and if you had shown the true talents in this business a little more respect you might still be...

Harvey Danger: Uhh, Shane?

*Shane turns to look at Harvey, who has stepped out of the circle, approaching his former tag-team championship partner.*

Harvey Danger: What do you know about respect? You've never shown any for anyone ever. You didn’t even return my phone calls, and then you show up anyway? You could have called me back…

Shane Donovan: I show respect to those that deserve it. This company doesn't deserve it, The Accelerator doesn't deserve it, and most of all...

*Shane walks over to Harvey as he talks, reaching out and poking Harvey in the chest.*

Shane Donovan: YOU don't deserve it.

*WHAP! Harvey answers that remark with an open-hand slap across Shane's face. Shane glares at Harvey for a moment before dropping the microphone and starting to swing, and the two men quickly start to brawl!!*

Rockwell: Tag-team partners explode!!

Hood: Who knew that Harvey actually had a backbone?

Jones: D & D is going at it! But I don’t think they’re going to stay on their own, as the other wrestlers in this Hardcore Title Invitational still look pretty steamed about Donovan’s earlier comments!

*Indeed, the other wrestlers have moved in tighter around the fighting, coming to Harvey’s aid! Donovan is soon under assault from all sides, getting beaten down to the ground!!*

Hood: No!!! Leave the legend alone!!

Rockwell: Oh, this is going to be glorious!!!

*Donovan, hurting, staggers back to his feet, trying to back away from the onslaught. He backs the wrong direction, though, bumping into one of his main foes in the GCWA, Marcus Ka’Derrion!! As Donovan spins, Ka’Derrion lets loose, drilling Shane right in the kisser with a superkick!!! Donovan drops to his back, with Xtreme, Vaughn, Styles, and Vegas immediately encircling him, stomping away on the former World Champion!! Meanwhile, Danger has moved to the side, yelling back over his shoulder for Donovan to be brought over to him.*

Jones: What’s Danger doing?

Rockwell: Looks to me like he’s climbing up a rusted-out Chevy.

Hood: Oh, hell, what’s he planning now??

*Danger gets to the rooftop, as Donovan gets dragged over towards him by Dangerous Dan and Scott Caine, two men who have had numerous encounters with the hated wrestler. They hand Donovan up to Danger, who positions him on top of the car… and then drops, banging Donovan into the top with the Danger DDT!!! The remaining windows on all sides shatter out, as the live crowd can be heard screaming their heads off!! Donovan slides off the edge of the car and collapses to the ground, out cold, as Danger pulls himself back up on the bent-in rooftop, staring downwards at the man who looked down on him for so long. A couple of refs move in to pull Donovan out, getting him out of the junkyard in order for the match to officially begin.*

Jones: Harvey Danger just earned himself some self-respect back, as he gets the final word on Shane Donovan!!

Rockwell: Man, what a DDT!! He put everything he had into that, letting out who knows how many months of frustration!

Hood: Poor Donovan… he didn’t deserve that!

*Suddenly, a horn sounds, grabbing everyone’s attention. Immediately, the brawl begins, as all of the wrestlers who were just working together turn to attack each other!!*

Jones: Here we go!!!

Rockwell: The longest twenty minutes of these guys’ lives just started off!!

*The focus is immediately on Xtreme, as he’s having to fight off a triple team from Ka’Derrion, Vegas, and Wilson. It’s clear that he’s got a major fight on his hands. Across the way, Caine managed to attack Dangerous Dan from behind, grabbing him and tossing him hard into an abandoned refrigerator. Caine bangs Dan’s head into the side of it, and then opens the door, putting Dan’s head and shoulders inside. He slams the door, crushing Dan in-between! With Dan slumping forward, Caine then shoves him fully into the refrigerator and attempts to shut the door!! Seeing this, Arachne’s there, grabbing Caine from behind and telling him not to take things too far. Caine simply spins and spits in Arachne’s face, telling him to butt out. Arachne steps back, wipes the spit from his face… and then turns and launches his own ‘spit’, firing the Green Mist into Caine’s face!!! Caine stumbles back, then gets knocked forward as Dan kicks the refrigerator open from behind! Dan then flies out, tackling Caine, as the violence continues to grow!*

Hood: Did… did I just see Arachne save Dangerous Dan??

Jones: I guess he really has changed, Hood.

Rockwell: He did say he just wanted to be Dangerous Dan’s friend, guys. You should take him at his word!

Hood: After all Arachne’s done in the past? He’s got to stay sober a LOT longer for me to start believing what he says…

*On another side of the yard, we see Aaron Styles, now with a piece of rusty pipe in hand. He hammers Steve Wilson on the back multiple times, driving Wilson into the ground. Styles then picks Wilson up and lifts him in the air, turning and launching Wilson with a gorilla press slam into a stack of boxes, with Wilson disappearing into the debris! Nearby Ka’Derrion and Vegas have started to go at it, breaking off from Xtreme to battle it out. Desayuno slips in to try and take advantage, grabbing at Xtreme from behind… and Xtreme turns and lifts him up into the air onto his shoulders!! Desayuno kicks futilely, even as Vaughn tries to run in from the side. Xtreme manages to get his boot up, kicking Vaughn backwards while still carrying Desayuno. He then turns towards where an old mirror is laying at an angle, leaned against another pile of garbage. Desayuno struggles to get free, and for a moment, we see his terrified face in the reflection… just before Xtreme plummets him into the mirror with the Xtreme Measures!!!*

Jones: That’s seven years’ bad luck, but is that bad luck for Desayuno or Xtreme?

Hood: Man, I think the toast on his head just got cut to shreds!!

Rockwell: Looks like Desayuno may be out of this one, which means Xtreme’s eliminated one adversary for his title, with nine more to go!

*Xtreme pulls himself up, only to again get attacked by Vaughn, who swings a large black bag down on him. Unfortunately for Vaughn, the bag is full of insulation, quickly breaking apart and falling to the side of Xtreme, doing no damage. Vaughn gulps and steps back, only to have Xtreme charge him, taking him down with a hard clothesline. Xtreme then moves over to his shopping cart, pulling out a series of hubcaps out from it. He turns and launches one like a discus, nailing a charging Harvey Danger in the head and dropping him to his back! Xtreme then turns and smashes another hubcap against the forehead of a running Arachne, planting him as well!! For a second, Xtreme stops and lets out a bloodthirsty yell, with the widest smile ever seen on his face. He then grabs more weapons from his cart and comes around, aiming to take out more opposition.*

Jones: It’s incredible! Xtreme is actually holding his own!

Hood: I’ve gotta admit, I expected him to get pinned pretty fast, so it’s amazing that he’s still staying in there. No one’s even been able to get him down yet!

Rockwell: Yeah, but as the time continues to tick down, the attacks are going to continue to increase in number and in desperation. Right now, I think some of the smarter guys are working to conserve themselves, knowing that it’s only the final minutes that really matter in the end.

*To the side, we see that Vegas has his hands gripped around Ka’Derrion, preparing to chokeslam him into a pile of what looks like a pile of glass and shrapnel!! Ka’Derrion, though, manages to break free with a sharp knee to the gut, knocking Vegas back. Ka’Derrion then charges forward, but Vegas catches him in the charge and takes him over, delivering the Pay Day!!!! Ka’Derrion rolls down a short incline, badly stunned from the landing on the dusty ground, as Vegas gets back to his feet, searching for his next target. It turns out to be Xtreme, who smashes a framed picture across Vegas’ head!! Vegas drops to his knees, even as we can see the edges of the picture that had been intact a moment ago: a picture of the Accelerator! Xtreme laughs, then turns, only to get caught by a flying forearm from Dangerous Dan!!! Xtreme falls, with Dan immediately jumping on top of him… 1… 2… but Xtreme manages to kick out!*

Rockwell: The first pinfall is unsuccessful, but we’ve still got a long way to go before Xtreme can escape this one!

Jones: The action is just so furious, I’m having trouble keeping track of where everyone is!

Hood: Just focus on Xtreme, Jonesy. It’s a lot easier that way. The rest of the fighting, well, it’s fun to see blood spilled, but it really doesn’t matter that much!

Jones: A disturbing but accurate way of looking at it, Hood.

Hood: Thanks. There’s a reason OCW is bringing me back and not you guys!

*Dan pulls Xtreme up to his feet, immediately trying to set him in place for the Danger Zone. But now Caine is back, hitting Dan from behind with what might have once been a tray from an oven! Dan staggers forward, then tries to turn and swing, only to have Caine hammer him again across the forehead, leaving charred marks from a long-departed meal!! Dan drops, as Caine spins back around and launches the grate at Xtreme, but Xtreme has already picked up his own weapon, blocking the strike with… a toilet seat!! Xtreme then brings the seat around and slams it onto Caine’s head, causing the open end to ring around his neck!! As Caine stumbles away, Xtreme turns towards Dangerous Dan, grabbing an old, broken-down speaker off the ground and raising it above his head, preparing to bring it down upon his adversary. But suddenly, Xtreme’s yanked backwards, with the speaker falling on top of him, as Peter Vaughn rolls him up, desperately hanging onto his trunks!! The ref dives over… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: With 14 minutes to go, Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn is now the GCWA Hardcore Champion!

Hood: It’s the end of the world, people!!!! Run in fear!!!

Rockwell: It can’t be… tell me this isn’t happening!!

Jones: But it is, guys… Peter Vaughn is now a champion in the GCWA, just like he always dreamed of!!

*Vaughn is back on his feet now, jumping around the junkyard with a look of extreme excitement on his face!! Suddenly, though, his face changes, as his mind catches up with his adrenaline rush, reminding him of how much time is left. He slowly turns, seeing that Dangerous Dan, Caine, Danger, and Vegas are now all standing there, with Arachne walking towards them as well. Vaughn quickly adopts a new strategy, deciding on a different course of action than Xtreme. He runs. The rest of the wrestlers still standing are quickly in pursuit, with Vaughn desperately looking for somewhere to hide inside the junk yard!! Dan nearly catches him, but Vaughn darts to the left, causing Dan and Danger to run into each other trying to follow. Vegas is there at one gap, shoving a large stack of crushed garbage down on Vaughn, but he manages to sprint free in time. Vegas then slips trying to pursue him, causing Vaughn to laugh at the sight of him falling down. Vaughn then turns… and Styles is there, kicking Vaughn in the stomach and dropping him with the Styles Spike!!!! Styles makes the cover on the unconscious Janitor… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Aaron Styles is the new GCWA Hardcore Champion! Twelve minutes remaining!

Jones: First Vaughn, and now Aaron Styles is champion!

Hood: Can you hear it, guys? Millions of Styles’ fans just screamed together in triumph!

Rockwell: And millions more just spit beer out of their mouths!

*Styles is back on his feet now, immediately meeting a charge from Vegas. The two men start to swing heavily against each other, even as they step over the unmoving Janitor. We get a couple more camera shots, showing Desayuno still laying in the debris of the broken mirror, Ka’Derrion laying painfully on his side, and Steve Wilson slowly trying to pull himself free from where he landed earlier. In another shot, Arachne and Caine are going at it, with Arachne banging Caine’s head off of a dust-covered washing machine. Caine takes a few steps away, as Arachne hops onto the washing machine, then leaps, flying through the air to crash into Caine with a somersault splash, knocking him hard to the ground. We cut back to the champion, where we see Styles has gotten the better of Vegas, giving him a toss that sends Vegas flipping over a rusted pick-up truck and disappearing behind it. Styles then turns around, only to find Dangerous Dan & Harvey Danger there. The two men each have garbage can lids in their hands, and they swing at the same time, giving Styles a unique version of a ConChairto!!! Styles falls forward to the ground, with Danger trying to get on top for the cover, only to have Dan pull him up, wanting the cover for himself. The two start fighting again, as Styles struggles to recover.*

Jones: I think Styles got cut open from that last strike! I’m seeing blood!

Rockwell: Are you joking? At least half of these guys are bleeding right now! I’d be surprised if all of them didn’t at least need a few stitches by the end of the night!

Hood: C’mon, Styles! The world is rooting for you!

*As Dan and Danger move off, trying to get the upper hand, Arachne comes in, grabbing hold of Styles from behind and trying to roll him up to get the peaceful pinfall… 1… 2.. but Styles is able to kick free in time. Arachne then gets up, grabbing hold of Styles and twisting onto him. He spins downwards, dropping Styles with a hurricanrana onto a set of trash bags full of who knows what!! Arachne gets to his feet and tries to get over for the cover, but now Caine is back, latching onto Arachne from behind and tossing him overhead with a release German suplex!! Arachne crashes into a skyscraper-like pile of cardboard, causing the whole stack to fall forward, burying both Arachne and Caine underneath!! Of course, it’s cardboard, so Caine is soon rising back up, pulling himself free… and then falling as Styles gets a running boot that knocks Caine on his backside!! Styles takes a second to breathe, leaning on his knees from the exertion. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a mistake, as suddenly Xtreme is back, with an old television in his hands!! As Styles tries to raise his arms in defense, Xtreme brings it down with no mercy, shattering it across Styles’ head!!! Styles is down, with the TV still in place, as Xtreme falls on top for a cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Xtreme is now once again the GCWA Hardcore Champion! Eight minutes remain in the contest!

Jones: And just like that, Xtreme’s a two-time Hardcore Champion!!

Hood: He really roared back with a vengeance in this one, treating Styles like he was another clown!

Rockwell: … Clown?

Hood: If you didn’t see Xtreme’s promos this week, you just won’t understand, Adrian.

Jones: So Xtreme has regained his belt. Can he manage to hang onto it for another eight minutes??

*Xtreme pulls himself up, with the formation of a crimson mask already covering his head. It just makes him look that much wilder, as he grins, his white teeth even whiter in the color difference. Behind Xtreme, though, Johnny Vegas reappears, lifting up a stack of light tubes that he found! He swings for the fences, breaking the tubes across Xtreme’s back!! Xtreme falls forward, his back now covered in shards, sticking out of every part of his t-shirt!! Vegas, smirking, rolls Xtreme over for the cover… 1… 2… but Xtreme somehow kicks out! Vegas can’t believe it, as he pulls himself up, turning towards the referee with fury in his eyes. The referee tries to plead for mercy, saying that he doesn’t make the rules, but Vegas won’t be denied, as he lifts the referee into the air and turns, launching him overhead and into the windshield of a nearby truck!!! Vegas then turns towards the back-up referee, who looks completely stunned. Vegas demands for him to now make the pinfall count ‘correctly’, before leaning down and picking up Xtreme, setting him for the Pay Day!! But Xtreme instead drops backwards, DDT’ing Vegas into the ground!!*

Rockwell: Man, that referee better watch himself! With the others having left to take care of Donovan, and our first ref getting jettisoned into that windshield, we don’t have any more back-ups!

Hood: If Xtreme was smart, he’d quickly take out that ref as well. Hey, if no one can make the count, then he’ll surely leave with the belt!

*The wrestlers still mobile are becoming less and less as this fight continues. Ka’Derrion appears, having recovered, swinging a heavy-looking metal plate into Xtreme’s back, taking him down. Ka’Derrion then lifts it over his head to deliver another blow, only to then get speared out of his shoes by a returning Dangerous Dan!!! Ka’Derrion’s down, with Dan getting to his feet and coming back at Xtreme, dropping a leg, only to have Xtreme sit up in time! Dan rolls away, hurting, as Xtreme rises back up, turning… and getting clobbered by a steel chair from Caine!!! Xtreme topples backwards to the ground, out of it. Meanwhile, though, Caine turns his attention back to Dan, swinging the chair at him, no, Dan ducks under it, then leaps up, dropkicking the chair back into Caine’s face!!! Caine falls, even as the ref suddenly drops to the ground and starts a count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Jones: Wait, did the ref just count on Xtreme?

Hood: Hey, wait, there’s an arm on Xtreme’s chest! It’s sticking out from those cardboard boxes!!

Rockwell: Wait… that means that…

Minos: Ladies and gentleman, the new GCWA Hardcore Champion is now… Arachne! Five minutes left!

*The boxes move aside, with Arachne pulling himself upright. He stumbles away, as if not realizing that he just got the pinfall and is now the champion. Xtreme rolls to his side, a bloody mess, trying to pull himself together. Near him, Dangerous Dan gets up, grabbing his old rival, Caine, and taking him to the side. Caine, though, has grabbed a handful of dirt from the ground and throws it into Dan’s face, blinding him! Caine then gets Dan by the head and goes for a facebuster, but Dan, feeling him, reverses it, twisting Caine around and giving him the Danger Zone onto a wooden pallet!! Caine’s out, surrounded by splinters, as Dan slumps to a knee, working to clear his vision. Behind him, Arachne is fighting off Vegas, trying to pull away from the much-larger wrestler. Vegas pulls him in closer, though, nailing Arachne with a headbutt! It’s hard to tell which man gets the worst of it, though, as they both stagger back… and then both go down as Steve Wilson suddenly reappears, getting a flying double clothesline off of a broken bookcase!!!*

Jones: These guys are really destroying each other! The only ones still standing are the ones with the determination to continue, as any normal man would have quit by now!

Rockwell: Hell, a normal guy would be at the hospital by now, balling his eyes out! This kind of competition is only for real men!

*Wilson is up now, landing shot after shot on Arachne, trying to knock the current champion down. Arachne’s fighting back, though, not backing down. He lashes out with a boot into Wilson’s midsection, with Wilson instinctively catching it. Arachne then immediately snaps off an enziguiri, knocking Wilson to the ground! As Arachne gets up, though, Harvey Danger is there, trying to plant Arachne with the Danger DDT!! Arachne pulls himself free, though, and jumps up, dropkicking Danger backwards! Behind him, though, Vegas has pulled himself up, reaching to his right to grab something off the ground. He lifts it over his head, coming in from behind, as Arachne turns to deal with another threat, seeing Wilson coming back towards him. But Arachne then suddenly darts to his left with a roll, surprisingly avoiding Vegas as he swings downwards with a kitchen sink, slamming it down on the vulnerable Wilson!!!! Wilson falls underneath the sink, not moving, as Vegas, surprised, turns, only to get nailed by a running splash from Arachne, taking him down!!*

Hood: Ok, it’s official, every weapon possible has now been used!!

Jones: Once the kitchen sink is used, everything else is just an add-on!

Rockwell: Only a few minutes left, can Arachne hang on?

*Arachne is struggling to bring Vegas up, but Vegas is fighting back, shoving him away. Arachne stumbles back, only to then be grabbed from behind by Dangerous Dan!! Dan gets a victory roll, twisting Arachne back to the ground… 1… 2… but Arachne kicks out at the last second, escaping the cover! Both men get up, looking like weary boxers who have gone the distance. They each exchange right hands, moving themselves to the side, where a large pit has been dug by a crane, in order to place trash underneath the ground. Dan tries to send Arachne into it, getting a shot that leaves Arachne on the edge of the hole, but Arachne comes back with his own shot. Suddenly, Vegas is back, stepping in and grabbing BOTH men by the throat!! He turns, looking to give them a double chokeslam into the hole!! But as Vegas lifts them up, both men manage to break free, grabbing Vegas’ arms and turning it into a flip, sending Vegas toppling into the hole instead!!!! Vegas is gone from sight, as Arachne looks down, almost seemingly horrified at what he has just done. The momentary distraction is his undoing, as Dan jumps up on Arachne’s shoulders and drops him back with a crucifix pin!!! The ref is there… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: With only 2 minutes to go, Dangerous Dan is the new GCWA Hardcore Champion!

Jones: Dangerous Dan just won himself another championship!!

Hood: It’s now a two-minute drill! Can Dan avoid everyone else for 120 seconds?

Rockwell: Only a few guys are still standing… c’mon, Vegas, get your butt out of that hole and fight!

*Dangerous Dan and Arachne both hop up together, with Arachne shaking off the shock to charge at the new champ. Dan, though, is able to catch him with a hip toss, sending Arachne banging into the side of a towering heap of debris! Dan gets back to his feet and starts to move away, but now Harvey Danger is there, latching onto the man and trying to twist around for the Danger DDT!! No, Dan lifts up instead, throwing Danger over him with a suplex variation that launches Danger into the hole, on top of Vegas!! Dan stumbles away, but now Vaughn is back, leaping off of a nearby relic and coming down for a double axehandle! No, Dan steps to the side and kicks Vaughn in the stomach on his way down, making Vaughn do a somersault to the ground! As Vaughn tries to get up, Dan hammers him, then gets the twist of fate, putting him down!! Now Ka’Derrion’s there, swinging a heavy piece of lumber, but it splinters over Dan as he ducks under the strike, turning into it and lifting the bloodied Ka’Derrion up and sending him crashing down with the Danger Zone!!!*

Jones: Dan is fighting through everyone!

Rockwell: One minute left!

*Dan looks around, trying to watch all sides of him at once. Suddenly, there’s a loud noise, with Dan spinning around… and seeing a huge wall of trash coming his way!! He tries to avoid it, but it’s too large, tumbling over on top of him!! As the debris settles, we see a fork lift truck on the other side… with Xtreme getting out of it! He hurries over, looking for where Dan ended up, trying to clear off the spot so that he can get the pin. Suddenly, though, Dan rises out of the garbage with what looks to be an old ceiling fan panel! He lets loose with it, cracking Xtreme in the back of the head, taking Xtreme down!! Dan stumbles away, holding his arm in pain from the collapse. He then gets nailed by a trash can, courtesy of a returning Aaron Styles!! Styles slams the can down on Dan again, then comes over, reaching in and setting him for the Touchdown!! No, Dan fights free, then gets a cutter, knocking Styles out!! Dan wearily gets up, trying to see how much time is left as he staggers away… and then Arachne comes flying in out of nowhere, having leapt from the top of the heap he was thrown into earlier!!! He delivers a cracking blow with a metal hood, denting it badly on Dan’s skull from the leap!!! Arachne shakes his head, as if ashamed of the move, but he then drops for the cover, as time ticks down… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: The time has now expired!! Here is your winner, and the final GCWA Hardcore Champion… Arachne!!

Jones: Geez, at the very last minute, too!!

Hood: How non-violent was that, Rockwell?

Rockwell: Hey, Arachne’s mentor told him to do whatever he was comfortable with, and apparently that included a suicidal dive off of an unstable mound to get a flying metal hood shot!!

Jones: Dangerous Dan came extremely close, but he just ended up having just too much to deal with, and Arachne was able to take advantage of it! What a battle!

Rockwell: Score one for the President’s Cabinet, with a lot more to go tonight!

Hood: We added several new champions to our list, but in the end, there can be only one… and, god help us, it’s Arachne!

*We see on the video screen as Arachne is handed the belt, considering it carefully as if he should be holding it or not. The action has been intense, as medics move in to check on the most battered contestants. We leave them behind and go backstage where we watch Dean and Lurrr enter Ace’s office. Ace is seated behind a desk, he’s looking at a lineup sheet for tonight’s ongoing show…he quickly looks up as Dean and Lurrr enter.*

Accelerator: Hey guys…glad you could make it.

Dean: Thanks for inviting us, brother. First off, allow me to congratulate you on a great run with GCWA.

Lurrr: Damn straight, man.

Accelerator: Thanks, guys…it’s a bittersweet night, for sure…hasn’t totally hit me yet…

Dean: Yea, when it does, just remember that all good things must come to an end and while other feds are going out with an unspectacular whimper, you’re going out with a bang. This show is fucking amazing, dawg…hold your head up.

Accelerator: I appreciate that…anyways, you guys want to watch the action from my personal box seats?

Dean: Absolutely.

Lurrr: Yea, you guys go ahead and do that…I’m gonna go find The Great One.

*Lurrr heads off as Dean and Ace leave the office to take in some of the action. We then shift to another area in the back. Lorenzo Demarco is backstage on a cellphone talking into it moments before his final match.*

Lorenzo Demarco: Really? That's awesome. That's. . . yes, definitely. When does it start? When? Cool, I'll be there. No sir, thank you. Oh, we'll be doing good business together.

*Lorenzo Demarco hangs up the cellphone and puts it down he turns to the camera and smiles.*

Lorenzo Demarco: People didn't believe me, but now you get to know the truth. GCWA is dying, but the Nasty Nigga continues on. Thanks to TGO I'm going to get a pretty good gig in OCW . .. where unlike this garbage dump of a fed my talents will truly be appreciated. I hope their executives know better than letting faggots like Ataxia, The Lost Soul, and other lesser individuals amongst their ranks. It'll be interesting to see . . now . . .

*Lorenzo Demarco bends down and picks up his tag title. He puts it on his shoulder and pats it . . .*

Lorenzo Demarco: Time to show you all one final time in GCWA, why we call ourselves Nobody's Fucking Better.

*Lorenzo Demarco gets a smile on his face and walks off. We jump away from him and catch up with Lurrr backstage as he runs into The Great One. Lurrr and TGO have a staredown, Lurrr speaks.*

Lurrr: So, you guys got this one?

The Great One: Please, Lurrr…do you know who you’re talking to?

Lurrr: Put that fucking ego aside, Trevor…take care of business and don’t embarrass us tonight.

*TGO stares at Lurrr for a moment, but then smiles, even as Lorenzo Demarco walks up to join him. Demarco glares at Lurrr, but TGO keeps him back.*

The Great One: Don’t worry about it, Lorenzo…Lurrr’s just got a big mouth. He forgets that I own a nice sized chunk of his beloved OCW.

Lurrr: Yea and you forget that I can make your life a living hell.

The Great One: Money talks, Lurrr…Words can only go so far.

Lurrr: We’ll see about that.

*TGO and Lurrr stare each other down for a few more seconds before TGO and Demarco head off to continue preparing for their match. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: A lot of tension in the back, it seems.

Rockwell: It's weird to see Lurrr and TGO even able to talk civilly to each other.

Hood: Yeah, but Lurrr will have to just get used to having TGO as his boss!

Jones: What? I don't think that's the way it is, Hood.

Hood: If it's not yet, it will be.

Jones: Ok, then. Let's get to the match!

Minos: The next match is for the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, and will be a “Tables, Ladders, & Chairs” Match!

Jones: Wait, what??

Rockwell: Did he say this is going to be a TLC Match?

Hood: Oh, sorry, did I forget to mention that? Yeah, The Great One made an executive decision earlier today to make things more, well, interesting.

Jones: Wow! That puts a whole new spin on this contest!

Rockwell: I bet the Janitor just wet himself…

Minos: Coming out first… pairing together for the first time in their history… one is a legendary veteran of the sport, and the other is a man seeking respect from his peers… weighing in at a combined 408 lbs… here are Peter “The Janitor” Vaughn and The Lost Soul!

*The crowd is cheering loudly as Vaughn and TLS come out together. TLS seems more focused on the ring, while Vaughn is limping from his earlier war out in the junkyard. Clearly, he’s not too thrilled about competing in two matches in a row.*

Jones: I don’t see how Vaughn is going to be able to do this. It was bad enough when it was just a tag-team match!

Hood: Yeah, boo hoo, so the Janitor is hurting. It’s his own fault for sticking his neck out there and agreeing to have this match!

Rockwell: I’d say the odds are definitely against the challengers… but The Lost Soul has continually beaten the odds in his life, and it wouldn’t shock me to see him stun the world again here tonight.

Jones: And that would mean that, in one night, Peter Vaughn would have worn two titles.

Rockwell: Moments you never thought were possible in the GCWA…

Minos: Their opponents are two of the most hated men in our business, and seem to take great pride in that status… weighing in at a combined 550 lbs… here are the GCWA Tag-Team Champions of the World… Lorenzo Demarco and The Great One… Nobody’s F’n Better!

*”Eye For An Eye” by Story of the Year plays, leading the way out for the two tag champions. Both men are struggling not to laugh at the sight of the beaten-down Janitor and The Lost Soul waiting for them, joking around with each other as they approach the ring.*

Jones: Demarco and The Great One made a strange trip to Canada this week, with rumors that they actually engaged in illegally smuggling someone over the border!

Rockwell: I heard they actually had a meeting with Wayne Gretsky.

Hood: All ridiculous rumors. Why would The Great One risk himself on something like that? He’s already got tons of money!

Rockwell: Well, then, why did they go to Canada?

Hood: Uhh…

Rockwell: I can’t think of any real reason to go, except for money!

Hood: …

Jones: Now, wait, Canada is a lovely place to visit! My wife and I vacationed up there last year!

Hood: Uh, yeah, so, I guess they were just vacationing, too…

Rockwell: Together?

Hood: … Fuck off, Adrian, I’m not here to be interrogated! I’m here to watch the NFB kick TLS’ ass!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And here we go!

*The NFB goes ballistic before the bell even sounds with Lorenzo Demarco and TGO going for a double dropkick on TLS. TGO goes for the head as Lorenzo goes for the kneecaps sending the GCWA enigma into the mat in a harsh way. Peter Vaughn grabs a steel chair from the outside of the ring and just throws it into the back of the head of TGO as he gets back up. Vaughn gets back in the ring as Lorenzo is putting the boots to TLS. Vaughn grabs Demarco and Russian leg sweeps him into the mat hard. Vaughn grabs Lorenzo and Irish whips him into the corner and follows him. Once Lorenzo hits chest first into the corner he bounces back a bit. Vaughn is right there and comes up with a knee to the back of Lorenzo’s head. “The Janitor” follows up with a falling elbow to the sternum after Demarco falls. TGO gets up at this point and rushes over to help Demarco only to get grabbed from behind by TLS who headbutts TGO!*

Jones: TLS is back up and going after Trevor Kent!

Hood: That backstabbing bastard won’t win this match mark my words!

Rockwell: I’m just surprised that Pete is still standing after that hell of a hardcore invitational we had earlier in the night.

*TLS and TGO are trading punches as “The Janitor” goes to the outside to grab another chair. He gets into the ring and slides the chair to the feet of TGO. TGO ducks as TLS swings at him to grab the chair. As TGO is about to swing the chair at TLS, Vaughn slams TGO in the back of the head again making TGO hobble around. TLS takes his elbow and slams it into the chair that TGO still has up and send the steel chair into TGO’s face. TLS grabs the chair from the fallen TGO and slams it on the mat as Demarco gets up only for him to get Con-Chair-To’d by The Lost Soul and “The Janitor”! The fans go nuts as TLS goes over to TGO and Vaughn goes over to Demarco. TLS slams the chair into TGO. Vaughn responds by slamming his into Demarco. Dueling chairshots start on the fallen NFB! *

Jones: Dueling chairshots? Where’s Ataxia? This sounds like one of his ideas.

Hood: Someone stop this! Those things should be illegal in this match!

Rockwell: It’s a Tables, Ladders, and Chair match!

Hood: So? Doesn’t mean I want to see TGO get beat up and neither do these fans! Listen to the fans Adrian they’re screaming in outrage!

Jones: They’re cheering you idiot!

*After a while TLS yells at Vaughn to go get something from the outside as he picks up TGO and body slams him onto the mat. TLS walks over to Demarco as Vaughn runs to the outside and gets a ladder. As TLS approaches Demarco suddenly Demarco springs up to his knees and low blows TLS! TLS is taken aback by the move and Demarco slowly gets up, busted open from the chairshots, and quickly slams his knee into TLS’ gut sending the bigger man to a DDT position which is what Demarco does. TGO gets up, shaking out the cobwebs, and notices that he is busted open as well. He glares at TLS and grabs one of the chairs that were used in the earlier assault as Peter gets back in the ring with the ladder. Demarco goes off into a sprint as TGO returns the favor from earlier and throws the chair at Vaughn’s face. Vaughn ducks the chair but has the ladder up in front of his face as Demarco body splashes the ladder crushing Vaughn between the ropes and the ladder. *

Rockwell: Oooo…

Jones: Ow!!

Hood: Woohoo!!

* “The Janitor” hits the mat and grabs his ribs in horrible pain. TGO walks over as Demarco recovers and helps up his tag team partner. TLS is up and charges the two NFB members only to get double kicked to the gut for his trouble. Double team suplex onto the ladder from the NFB as the fans are getting livid! *

Jones: The NFB back in charge of this match!

Hood: Wait it go boys. Beat them into submission!

Rockwell: You mean with the chairs, ladders, and tables that are allowed in the match right?

Hood: Adrian…it’s at TLC match of course they are allowed. Are you getting senile?

Jones: Oh I am so glad I bought stock in Tylenol.

*Demarco runs outside for a moment and slides in a table as TGO chairshots TLS in the face over and over again busting open the former NFB member. Demarco grabs a second table and slides it into the ring and yells at TGO. TGO nods and helps set up one of the tables in the corner. Peter gets up and tries to swing at Demarco but falls to the mat out of breath. He is still hurting from the earlier assault in the hardcore title match. Demarco kicks him in the side of the head as TGO finishes setting up the table. Demarco picks up Vaughn and TGO grabs Vaughn’s head doing a spike piledriver variation into the table. Vaughn is moving but he looks to be out cold. The NFB turn only to get his by TLS now wearing the ladder over his head and spinning it around taking out his former stablemates. *

Jones: TLS cleaning house with the ladder!

Hood: That should be ill…

Rockwell: I swear to God! If you don’t stop complaining about this match I am going to rip your throat out and feed it to you!

Hood: …anger management much?

Jones: (breathes) Only a few more matches to call. Only a few more matches to call.

Rockwell: Jonesy! Look! TLS is climbing a ladder!

*TLS plants the ladder and starts heading up to where the tag team titles are hanging. The NFB get up and see what he’s doing and they run to the ladder. TGO drops down to all fours and Demarco leaps into the air off of the boost that TGO just gave him. Demarco hits the ladder and sends it falling. TLS falls off of the ladder and hits the ropes chest first almost heading outside of the ring. TGO gets up and grabs TLS from behind and german suplexs him into the mat as Demarco gets up clutching his ribs. Vaughn is still out cold but is slightly twitching as Demarco goes out and grabs another chair. He puts it into the sitting position as TGO picks up TLS and TLS stands groggily. Demarco and TGO grab the other two chairs and return the Con-Chair-To! TLS falls hard and lands forehead first into the sitting chair. Demarco leaps up into the air and puts his hair under his legs coming down onto the back of TLS’s head! The sandwiched chairs make a sickening sound as TGO goes for the ladder. Demarco goes to help him. *

Jones: This looks like the end as both members of the opposition are down and out.

Hood: I told you that TLS would not…What the hell!

Rockwell: The Lost Soul is up?!

*TLS stands up with his face just spewing blood as he yells at the two NFB members on the ladder. Instead of knocking it over he starts climbing it on the same side as TGO. Demarco keeps climbing as both men on the other side start kicking and scrapping with each other. Demarco gets to the top rung and reaches for the tag titles until…Peter Vaughn charges out of nowhere and diving tackles the ladder. TLS and TGO go falling to the outside of the ring onto the concrete floor below. Demarco leaped up at the last second and is now hanging holding onto both belts. He lets go with both titles in his hands and lands through the other table in the ring! *

Minos: Here are you winners…And STILL GCWA Tag Team Champions…The NFFFBBBB!!!!

Jones: Demarco almost killed himself winning those titles.

Hood: The NFB win. It will be the same in the world title match I garuntee it!

Rockwell: Don’t cash the check your ass can’t pay for Hood.

Jones: It’s not over yet!

*TGO is back in the ring and helps Demarco up. “The Janitor” gets up still holding his ribs as Demarco and TGO nod to each other and double superkick Peter Vaughn over the ropes to the outside. Before they can celebrate though TLS is in the ring and double clotheslines them. He grabs Demarco and hits a brainbuster on him. TGO gets up and TLS kicks him in the gut and then body slams him on the ground. TLS goes up top and hits the “” on TGO! TLS stands up and holds up his arms as he grabs Peter and gets out of the ring before the rest of the NFB show up in the ring. *

Jones: TLS getting a measure of revenge!

Hood: Bastard! You still lost!

Rockwell: Just goes to show you can lose even when you win.

*The rest of the NFB get into the ring and help TGO and Demarco up. They both shake off the assault and hold their titles up high as the fans boo and throw trash in the ring. We cut away and find ourselves inside the Danger Boiz locker room for the last time. We see Dangerous Dan seated on the couch watching his new Jeff Dunham DVD. Madyson is getting her work out on the treadmill before stepping off as Crazy Chris enters the room. He has a bottled water in hand and heads for the couch getting himself pumped up for his biggest match to date. Chris takes a seat on the couch and twists his neck, popping the bones. We can hear the crunch echo through the set. Dan pauses the video and speaks to his brother.*

Dangerous Dan: Big night little brother. One final match for the GCWA.

*Chris reaches down and laces his boots to make sure they are tight as can be. He doesn't want anything going wrong.*

Crazy Chris: You damn right it’s a big night for me. For months now I have been dealing with these NFB losers and I'm fed up with it. Landon has been the thorn in my side for weeks and tonight I get to shut him up for good and end his career. After what he did to me last week, payback's going to be a bitch! So you damn right it's a big night.

*Chris stands to his feet as Madyson enters into view. She stands next to her brother, as she wipes the sweat off her body with a towel.*

Madyson: Landon's not only been a thorn in your side, but he's been one in mine. I'm going out to that ring with you Chris and take ring side seat at watching you beat the living hell out of him. It's called a Danger Zone match for a reason. He's messed with the wrong family for a long time. Tonight marks the end of the NFB, and I'm going to take pleasure in watching you destroy Landon for good.

*Dan comes into view standing in between Madyson and Chris and wraps one arm across both their shoulders.*

Dangerous Dan: I'm going to take pride in watching you demolish Landon Chase...from back here of course.

*Dan smiles as he shakes his brothers shoulders with his arm.*

Dangerous Dan: Who would have thought a year ago, that you would be one of the best superstars this company has to offer. You definitely have earned your name around here. I'm proud to call you my little brother. As far as tonight goes though, Liam Shayde is going to get his championship dream crushed by Derek Mobley and Landon's going to get his crushed by you. Tonight marks another history moment for you. You are walking in and out of Heat Wave as the first, only, and final Unified X Division Champion. You will have your name set in GCWA history for life and I cherish that. I'd say good luck, but you don't need it. Go out there and destroy Landon. Afterwards you and I will have a championship celebration one last time.

* Chris turns and picks up one of the pictures in the room. It shows Crazy Chris soon after he unified the X Division and Television Titles. He stares at it for a moment, knowing that after tonight, he will no longer hold on to the championship. But, yet he knows he has set another record for the final time.*

Crazy Chris: You're right Dan; I don't need luck. Luck is for guys who have no faith in themselves. I have faith in myself and I am confident that I will beat Landon Chase in OUR match. Landon's been a pain our asses since he first came to the GCWA. He and those boyfriends of his have tried to take over this company. Well, tonight, I get to annihilate Landon. I'm walking out to that ring, climbing in that cage, and using every weapon to my advantage. I'm climbing that ladder, grabbing MY Unified X Division title and exiting that cage as the ONLY Unified X Division Champion in history. It's definitely payback time for the Danger Boiz. Nothing is going to get in my way of that either.

*Madyson seems a little concerned about one little flaw that seems to have been forgotten.*

Madyson: You definitely will defeat Landon, but you are forgetting about...ONE...tiny little thing.

Crazy Chris: What's that sis?

Madyson: Uh, the special guest referee...Mr. Excellent.

*Chris and Dan stare at each trying not to crack up laughing. We see s slight smile crack across their faces.*

Crazy Chris: Is there a reason I should be worried about Mr. Excellent? Yes, he once was an ally of ours, but time caught up. Dan and I went to bigger and better things, while Mr. Excellent went off the face of the earth. He did a 'few' good things around here, but he's never defeated me nor Dan. Why he chose to referee this match? Beats me. Maybe, he still thinks he can be a Danger Boiz this time. I don't really know. Maybe..just maybe...he's jealous of my success. It really doesn't matter, Madyson. I have one thing in mind tonight...no two things in mind. One...I'm going to destroy Landon Chase for good and leave him a bloody mess. And two, I'm going to retain my Unified X Division title. Now if you guys will excuse me, I have to hand over my title for the match.

*Chris breaks from the sibling circle and heads over to the side, opening up the cabinet where the Unified X Division Title had been stored. He stares inside for a minute, and then, scratching his head, turns back, thinking that maybe it’s just a joke.*

Crazy Chris: Ok, Dan, fun’s fun, but I need my title. Cough it up.

Dangerous Dan: What are you talking about? Is your belt not in there?

*Madyson hurries over and looks inside, then does a double-take, as Crazy Chris steps away, looking nervous.*

Crazy Chris: Seriously, Dan? You didn’t do this?

Dangerous Dan: Do what? What’s in there?

*Wordlessly, Madyson reaches into the cabinet, and pulls out the ‘belt’ that is in there now. It’s a special edition Spongebob Squarepants belt!! Some fans can be cheering, perhaps remembering when something like this has happened before. Chris takes it from Madyson, looking angry. After a few seconds, though, he shakes his head and turns towards the door.*

Crazy Chris: I remember now… and I remember where to look.

*Chris turns and runs out of the room, as Dangerous Dan achingly sits back to rest some more after the hardcore contest from earlier. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Someone stole the Unified X Division Title??

Hood: Damn, they should have put a lock on that door!

Rockwell: Spongebob Squarepants? I vaguely remember some guy who was always going on about that… something about his toothbrush?

Jones: I’m not sure, but this is definitely a major development, and we’ll keep everyone informed!

*“Die Die Die My Darling” by Metallica starts to play as Ataxia walks out to the ringside area. We see in the ring is a black coffin. He walks down to the ringside area with a handless microphone on his head. He gets to the coffin and holds up his hands cutting off the music.*

Jones: The time has come for Ataxia to become unmasked.

Rockwell: YES!

Hood: Oh goody. Let's see this ugly mug.

Ataxia: Now the moment you have all been waiting for! But first let me introduce to you...the man who made all of this possible. That's right...President...ACE!!

*”Leave You Far Behind” by Lunatic Calm hits, bringing out the Accelerator. The fans seem torn, as many boo the man known for his deceitful tactics, yet many also want to cheer him for his run with the GCWA this time.*

Jones: Here comes the president but I don't know why he's coming out here.

Rockwell: This is a prestigious GCWA event! Of course he's going to be here.

Hood: And our ratings just plummeted.

Rockwell: Shut up!

Ataxia: Also for this glorious event the man who will be helping me unmask...Adrian Rockwell!

Rockwell: Finally! Yes!

*Rockwell runs into the ring like a kid in a candy store with a mic for Ace as Ataxia removes his business suit and shirt but is wearing a “Messiah Pariah” t-shirt underneath. His attire is that of jeans and black wrestling boots along with his black opera gloves. He starts to remove the gloves and we finally see just how scarred his arms are. His bare hands have a massive scar in both palms of his hands.*

Jones: How do you get a wound like that?

Hood: Ugh. That's just disgusting.

The Accelerator: Can we get on with this?

Ataxia: Of course. Lights!

*The lights dim down except for a spotlight on the coffin. Ataxia opens it and smoke billows out disguising all that is inside. Ataxia takes the business jacket, tie, shirt, and gloves and throws them into the coffin. He pulls out a single small black box. He turns and takes a bow.*

Ataxia: All right Adrian. You may proceed.

*Rockwell grabs the back straps of the mask and starts to untie them. As it gets the moment of the reveal the lights go out.*

Jones: What the hell?

Hood: Damn theatrics. No one cares who this guy is!

*The lights come back on and there stands Ataxia unmasked. Long brownish black hair flows unkept from his head that covers his face. He flips up his head and the hair falls back to reveal...black oakleys with red lenses. The discarded small box at the feet of Ataxia were for those shades. The face is...


Jones: Oh my God...It's Trent Steel!

Hood: Ace actually hired that maniac!

*Rockwell holds Ataxia's mask up high like a trophy as Trent turns to the coffin. A chorus of boo's start to come up for the hated “Son of a Bitch”. Fans still remember all the hell he has put many of their favorites through over the years. He pulls out a black trenchcoat with a white ankh on the back of it out of the coffin and black fingerless gloves to cover his hands. Trent pulls his hair back with a hair tie as Ace starts to leave.*

Trent Steel: Where the fucking hell do you think you’re going!

The Accelerator: They know who you are. I do not have any other business in here.

Trent Steel: You got business with me fed head. And it's going to get settled right now.

The Accelerator: What are you talking about?

Trent Steel: You’re the one who hired the Black Helmet to take me out! Why?

Jones: Wait. I thought The Black Helmet was Draco!

Hood: Oh this is getting good.

The Accelerator: I never hired The Black Helmet.

Trent Steel: You know I might just believe you. Why don't we ask him?

*Trent reaches into the coffin and tosses the helmet of the Black Helmet at the feet of President Ace. He looks shocked that Trent has it.*

Trent Steel: I was Ataxia and The Black Helmet! When the camera showed me outside during the brawl when he came back it was prerecorded! When I fought him I paid a friend to stand in for me in that guise while I was in the ring. Oh and before it dawns on everyone else. Yes. I took out Mario with a god damn crowbar!

Jones: Trent Steel just admitted to attacking Mario Maurako!

Hood: Oh he's so getting sued.

The Accelerator: Why the hell did you do that?

Trent Steel: Why did I take out Mario. Because just like everyone else who runs their damn mouth too much he needed to be taken out. I had a thought to hire myself out for what I do best. It's not being a fan favorite...it's hurting people. You didn't take the offer because you’re gutless and that's when I knew that no one was going to win this stable war. See I knew you were gutless a long time ago Ace but that confirmed it for me. See you did something really bad to me. And anyone who knows me knows that I hold a grudge. I aim to have my debt collected from you...tonight!

The Accelerator: What the hell are you talking about? I have never done anything to you.

Trent Steel: You fucked over my best friend.

Jones: What?

Hood: He has friends? Everyone hates this guy!

Trent Steel: Did you really think you could get away with that? Did you really think that you would get away with screwing over someone that has never done anything except actually give a damn about me?

The Accelerator: Who did I screw over that has you so angry?

Trent Steel: I'll give you a hint.

*Trent pulls the headset off and points to the tron. Ace looks up and we hear “Indestructable” by Disturbed kicks in. Ace turns only to get hit by a spear from Trent Steel!!*

Jones: No!! He just took down Ace!!

Hood: Yes! Make him pay for firing Draco, Steel!!

*Rockwell punches Steel when he gets back up and Trent no sells it. He looks at Rockwell and smiles as he grabs Adrian and kicks him in the gut. Trent then puts him in a fireman's carry and leaps to the top rope. Steel hits a DVD maneuver, but instead of slamming him into the mat Steel slams him into the turnbuckle post causing Adrian's head to bounce off of the post. Adrian is out cold as Steel looks at Ace who is starting to get up. Trent walks over and kicks the president right in the ribs. He grabs Ace's mic. Vegas and Cortez run to ring side with GCWA security.*

Jones: The troops are here to save the president!

Hood: Oh but this was just getting good! I think I like this guy.

*Trent grabs Ace and puts him in a headlock.*

Trent Steel: You come into this damn ring and I'll break his fucking neck! You stay out of the ring and let me say my peace and he gets to breathe.

*Everyone stays on the outside of the ring.*

Trent Steel: I could have saved this place but it wasn't worth it! You had no right to do that to my friend! You thought you knew what this federation needed and what did it cause? We're closing and it's all your fault. This is all YOUR FAULT! You should have just accepted that things weren't going to go your way then we wouldn't have had TGO come in and totally cluster everything up. That's why I didn't take him out totally in that match! That's why I let his little punk ass children get away with attacking me! I let them get away with it! Why? Because it didn't solve any problems it just made things worse. If I would have stopped them for you Ace...this place would still be open. If I would have done what I did to Mario to TGO then this place would still be open. Everyone loses except me! So I want you know this. That spear was for Draco. That was not for me. My justice is going to be this. Tonight those doors close. Rather or not I win the World Title. You all lose. Because I didn't stop it. You may have killed your own dream Ace...but I didn't stop you from pulling the trigger. Ahahahhahahaha...Hey Ryan! I hope your enjoying this. Because the expression on this dumbasses face is worth all the weeks and months of having to do nothing. Hey Derek...In just a little while...You get to once more know...THAT YOUR MESSING WITH THE SON OF A BITCH!

*Trent drops the mic and gets out of the ring. Vegas and Cortez ignore him as they go in to check on Ace. Security escorts Steel to the back as the fans either cheer or boo him. He shows no care for either way. Rockwell is now up grabbing his neck still hanging onto the mask of Ataxia. He slowly walks over to the announcer table.*

Jones: Adrian are you all right?

Hood: That looked like it hurt.

Rockwell: I'll be fine. Once they tear him apart in that ring tonight!

*We jump to the backstage area, where Arachne is sitting in his locker room, having recovered from the hardcore match earlier, reading quietly from his breviary. The door to his locker room swings open and Smokey the Bear walks in with a baseball bat. Arachne lifts his head and sees the person in the bear costume.*

Arachne: Peace be with you...

*The bear looks around, looking upset that Arachne is alone.*

Arachne: I assume you're looking for Bifford...

*The bear nods his giant novelty head.*

Arachne: He's not here... He went off to bring Ludwig the Seal some more Cocoa Puffs... We can't get Ludwig in the backstage area anymore... He's almost as big as a Buick.

*Smokey looks disappointed.*

Arachne: Listen, why do you attack Bifford before every title shot? Is it because of his previous hatred for trees?

*Smokey nods.*

Arachne: Well, listen... Bifford walks through forests now with no problem. I don't think he hates trees anymore... Perhaps you could just go now and live in peace....

*Smokey drops his baseball bat and nods his head. Arachne reaches his hand out to shake the bear's hand. As the bear reaches to grab Arachne's hand, the door swings open and Bifford runs inside, nailing the bear in the back of his big novelty head with a steel chair. The bear goes down to the ground hard. Behind Bifford, Plethora the Perilous, wearing a black robe with a large hood that goes from his head to his toes walks in. He lifts up the carcass of Smokey the Bear and carries him away.*

Arachne: Um...that wasn't necessary..

The Big Bifford: Yes it was. It was necessary because that bear never wants me to become a champion... And nobody can stop me from becoming Intercontinental Champion and therefore the only Grand Slam Champion in GCWA history. El Linchador can't stop me, Derek the Mobley can't stop me, Lost Soul can't stop me and Dangerous Dan - that stupid son of a bitch - can't stop me. I will be Intercontinental Champion and I will retire as that champion. Tonight is my last match, Arachne.

*Arachne looks shocked.*

The Big Bifford: I'm hanging up my boots after tonight... Some..err.. information about me has resurfaced and I'm going to have to go into hiding. Don't worry though, I've being training Plethora the Perilous and he'll be a great wrestler someday soon. He's a bit too vicious, but maybe that's a good thing.

*Bifford looks into the camera.*

The Big Bifford: It's been great working for GCWA and wrestling all these years... Tonight, though, is the final chapter. Just let me say one more thing - I've beaten Draco, Derek Mobley, The Lost Soul, Lurrr and everyone else of value. I am The Big Bifford and I cannot be stopped. I took out Smokey the Bear with a steel chair... That's hardcore, not what you did earlier tonight.

*Bifford looks at Arachne with slight disappointment in his lack of violence.*

The Big Bifford: Time to go beat me some El Linchador and get me some Intercontinental gold.

*Bifford leaves the room, where Arachne looks back down at his book and continues quietly whispering the words. We head back to ringside.*

Hood: Smokey the Bear bites the dust again!

Jones: The big news, though, is that Bifford’s retiring after tonight!

Rockwell: Shocking… but then, he’s been around the wrestling business for a long time. Anyone know how old he is?

Jones: Nope, not a clue.

Rockwell: That’s bad news for El Linchador, because Bifford’s going to be more determined than ever to go out tonight with a victory!

Jones: Well, then, I guess it’s time to see if he can pull it off!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger… he is a former GCWA World Champion, World Tag-Team Champion, and X Division Champion, and is seeking to become the only GCWA Grand Slam Champion here tonight… representing the President’s Cabinet… standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, here is the GCWA Hall of Famer… The Big Bifford!

*”Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio starts up, with The Big Bifford walking confidently out of the back. The fans are booing heavily, not happy to see the man who was once a fan favorite in the GCWA. He has a more vicious look on his face than usual, as he prepares for one final battle.*

Rockwell: This is it. The final match of The Big Bifford’s Hall of Fame career!

Jones: If you have to go out, fighting for a championship is the way to do it! That being said, I still don’t agree with Bifford’s recent goal of trying to destroy the Catholic Church. That seems to head closer to terrorism than religious freedom, wouldn’t you say?

Rockwell: Oh, you won’t get me agreeing with Bifford about that. My Catholic momma would kill me!

Hood: Awww, is little Adrian afraid of his mommy?

Rockwell: You would be, too, if you knew her.

Jones: Tonight is Bifford’s final chance to be a Grand Slam champion. He’s determined to make the most of it. But will it be enough against the champ?

Minos: His opponent is a legend in the wrestling universe, notwithstanding what the recent ‘movie’ will tell you… representing the Roman Empire… standing 6’1” and weighing 199 lbs, from La Coruna, Spain, here is the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion… El Linchador!

*The crowd is immediately cheering as El Linchador comes out to “Hey Ladies” by The Beastie Boys. Behind him is Rebel Chick, who is apparently joining him at ringside. El Linchador gives the crowd a hearty “Ole!” on his way to the ring, heading over to the timekeeper’s table to drop off his belt. The Big Bifford is waiting in the ring, almost shaking in his urge to get things started.*

Jones: El Linchador made peace with a lot of his former allies this week, helping them to move on with their lives.

Hood: After so many years, it just seems strange to have him not associated with them anymore.

Rockwell: Hopefully, it will make him more vulnerable for Bifford to get the victory here tonight.

Hood: He’s still got Rebel Chick by his side, though, Adrian, and you know how scary women can be, right?

Rockwell: My mom could take her.

Jones: Enough about your mother, Adrian! Let’s just get to the match!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as El Linchador steps into the ring, The Big Bifford is moving towards him, anxious to begin. He swings at the luchador, but El Linchador ducks under it with a roll, ending up behind the larger opponent. The Big Bifford turns and throws a reverse hook in the swing, but El Linchador ducks it again, and then jumps up in the air, dropkicking Bifford in the chest! Surprisingly, though, Bifford mostly no-sells it, only taking a step back in response. He angrily comes back forward, as El Linchador, surprised, does another roll to get out of range. He goes off the ropes and comes back hard for a leaping elbow shot… and Bifford once again takes it, staggers back, and then comes forward again! Linchador, looking completely thrown off right now, turns and rolls out of the ring to take a second to rethink his strategy.*

Jones: What did the Big Bifford eat before this match? He seems like he’s made of steel!

Rockwell: He’s bulked up for this match, Jones, training with Plethora the Perilous. He’s also dropped a lot of emotional baggage, which I think makes him an even stronger wrestler.

Hood: Everyone knew coming into this one that El Linchador has the agility and speed advantages. But now I’m starting to wonder if those will be enough!

*With referee Mitchell yelling at El Linchador to get back into the ring, The Big Bifford makes a surprising decision, stepping out through the ropes and dropping down to pursue him!! El Linchador does a double-take, then turns and runs around the corner, rolling himself back into the ring. Bifford’s in hot pursuit, rolling into the ring after him and then following him back out the other side. They continue their run around the ring, with the fans not really knowing how to react to this bizarre development. It all starts to become clear, though, as El Linchador once again goes back into the ring. The Big Bifford’s falling behind now, puffing harder as he pulls himself back up onto the ring apron. He steps through the ropes, but El Linchador is coming back now, getting a baseball slide into Bifford’s inside leg! Bifford falls, racking himself on the ropes before dropping back into the ring in extreme pain!*

Hood: Ouch!! Little Bifford’s hurting again!

Jones: I think El Linchador was just trying to tire the big man out!

Rockwell: Damn, Bifford might actually be too determined tonight, as he should have known better than to chase the faster guy!

*In the ring, El Linchador pushes Bifford slightly further away from the ropes, and then goes to them himself, springboarding himself up in the air with a falling splash! He tries the cover, with Mitchell right there… 1… 2.. but Bifford easily throws off the lightweight. Bifford rolls to his stomach and starts to get up, but El Linchador’s already moving again, hitting the ropes and springing off for a double stomp onto Bifford’s back! Bifford flops to the mat, with El Linchador turning and going over to the turnbuckle, using his great speed to his advantage. He climbs up rapidly as Bifford struggles to get to his feet in front of him. As Bifford turns, El Linchador leaps into the air, flying into him with an attempted hurricanrana! But Bifford catches him instead and throws him away with a fallaway slam!!! El Linchador’s down, as Bifford gets back up and comes over, dropping his weight onto the man and working to hold him down!! 1… 2… but El Linchador escapes in time!*

Rockwell: A guy like The Big Bifford can take you out with just one strategically-placed maneuver!

Hood: You mean by dropping his humongous ass on top of them?

Rockwell: … That would work, but it’s not what I mean!

*Bifford is back up now, hauling El Linchador with him. El Linchador tries to fight free of his grasp, getting in a few punches to his gut, but Bifford weathers the hits and gives El Linchador a headbutt to stun the man. Bifford then picks El Linchador up onto his shoulder and turns, nearly clobbering Referee Mitchell, who had gotten a little too close to the action. As Mitchell backs away out of range, Bifford takes a couple of steps and then drops El Linchador onto his knee with a massive shoulder breaker, sending the Intercontinental Champion to the ground, shaking! Bifford then again drops for the cover, hanging onto both legs… 1… 2… but El Linchador kicks out again! Bifford snarls at the referee for his ‘slow’ count, then picks El Linchador up again, looking to punish the champion some more.*

Jones: Bifford is trying as many covers as possible, showing that tonight really is all about the Intercontinental Title to him.

Rockwell: He wants what no one else has, Ed, and can you blame him?

Hood: Bifford’s not a guy I’d want to face in any circumstance. But the way he’s wrestling tonight? If I was El Linchador, I’d start thinking about how to end this via countout or DQ and escape with the belt!

Jones: I don’t think that’s anything that El Linchador would ever do, Hood.

Hood: Well, then, it just proves that he’s an idiot.

*Bifford has El Linchador in the corner now, ramming him again and again into the ‘buckle with Bifford’s own mass. El Linchador is sagging now, clinging feebly to the ropes on either side of him. Bifford’s not done, though, as he pulls El Linchador back towards the center of the ring. He goes to pick El Linchador up, setting him for a death valley driver, but El Linchador surprisingly rolls off behind Bifford, bounces off the mat, and then leaps back up, spinning around the larger man almost like he’s in orbit!! El Linchador then drops Bifford to the mat, finishing off the around-the-world DDT!! Bifford’s down, with El Linchador managing to pull himself together long enough to roll the man over for the cover, with Mitchell sliding in… 1… 2… but Bifford gets his arm up!*

Hood: That was a close one! How do guys like El Linchador pull off moves like that, anyway?

Jones: Practice, athleticism, and a hell of a lot of luck!

Rockwell: Bifford’s still in it, though! C’mon Biff!

*Mitchell steps away as El Linchador pulls himself up, stomping on Bifford a couple of times to keep him down. El Linchador then staggers away, heading for the turnbuckle!! He climbs up, positioning himself up top as he watches Bifford struggling to sit up. El Linchador reacts immediately, springing off with a double jump elbow to Bifford’s back, scoring it perfectly!! The fans are cheering after the high-risk move pays off, even as El Linchador rolls Bifford over for another cover… 1… 2… no, Bifford’s still got enough strength to kick out! El Linchador shakes his head, but Rebel Chick is shouting support for him from the outside to get off his butt and keep going. El Linchador nods and gets up, moving towards the apron. He steps through the ropes and immediately springboards himself over, going for a somersault splash! But Bifford gets his knees up, giving El Linchador a rude landing upon arrival!*

Jones: This one, of all matches we have tonight, is definitely the closest one to call! Two veterans who have had amazing careers in the GCWA and elsewhere are putting on a show-stopper here tonight!

Rockwell: Hey, we knew going in that these two guys are some of the best in the business!

Hood: I may not be officially supporting either of these guys… but I’m enjoying the hell out of this contest!

Rockwell: Just back Bifford… he’s not a goody-two-shoes like El Linchador there.

Hood: Good point. C’mon, Bifford, you can do it!

Jones: *Sigh*

* With El Linchador down, The Big Bifford pulls himself up painfully, favoring one of the knees that the champion landed on. El Linchador rolls to his side and struggles to rise, holding his ribs tightly. Bifford, seeing this, immediately moves in, grabbing El Linchador from behind and crushing him with a bear hug!! The fans are booing, not liking where this is going, as Bifford tries to break El Linchador in two with his massive arms! Referee Mitchell is there, checking to see if the Intercontinental Champion is going to give up. El Linchador is shaking his head rapidly, though, refusing to quit. He kicks backwards frantically, trying to get a lucky shot, and amazingly, he does, catching Bifford in his hurting knee!! Bifford lets go, howling for a second, allowing El Linchador to land on the ground and run to the ropes, charging back… right into a powerslam from the big man!! Bifford stays on top for the count… 1… 2… no! El Linchador’s shoulder pops up at the last second!*

Jones: Linchador almost got splattered there!

Hood: Bifford’s really got him right where he wants him now! How much more can the champ take before he has to quit?

Rockwell: Don’t be an idiot, El Linchador. Bifford may be retiring, but you don’t have to be forced to! Give it up and live to fight another day!

*Bifford pulls El Linchador off the mat once more, with El Linchador’s arms drooping down on either side of him. Bifford sets the champion in place, and then drops him quickly to the canvas with a double arm DDT!! El Linchador’s hurting again, even as Bifford decides to stand back up, rather than try another cover. He instead turns towards the nearby turnbuckle, contemplating it. With the fans gasping and beginning to roar, Bifford starts climbing up the ‘buckle, trusting in it to be able to hold his weight. He gets to the top, bracing himself as he looks down at the collapsed El Linchador below. Bifford then jumps off, flying down towards him with a big splash!!! At the last possible second, though, El Linchador manages to roll out of the way, with Bifford crashing hard enough into the canvas to cause it to buckle slightly!!!*

Hood: Holy shit!!

Jones: The Big Splash misses!!! It’s a move Bifford only brings out for special circumstances, and I guess he felt it was needed to beat El Linchador here tonight!!

Rockwell: Damnit, that one move lands, and we’ve got a new champ!

*El Linchador has sat up, possibly just now realizing that his instincts saved him from certain doom. He slowly gets up, even as The Big Bifford struggles to roll to his side, hurting from the miss. He starts to get up, but El Linchador flies in, grabbing Bifford in a headlock, then leaping forward with him to get a corkscrew neckbreaker!!! Bifford’s down, with El Linchador immediately hopping to his feet and hurrying over to the corner. The crowd is cheering wildly as El Linchador bounces up to the top, almost losing his balance for a second due to his hurrying. He steadies himself, even as The Big Bifford rises up one more time, his eyes glazed over from the exertion. El Linchador flies towards him before Bifford can react, flipping over into the Stampede!!!! Both men are down from the impact, with El Linchador landing on top for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… and STILL GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion… El Linchador!

Jones: Despite The Big Bifford’s tremendous fight, El Linchador retains!

Rockwell: Damn! I knew that Big Splash was a bad idea!

Hood: It was truly amazing, though, but sometimes an inch or two can make a difference between victory and defeat!

Jones: Awfully profound of you, Hood.

Hood: If it was, it won’t last.

Jones: So El Linchador walks away victorious, keeping his belt on the final night of the GCWA! Unfortunately for The Big Bifford, that means that his quest to be a Grand Slam champion is over!

*In the ring, El Linchador’s hand gets raised by Referee Mitchell, as he smiles widely, glad to have gotten the victory. Behind him, The Big Bifford is pulling himself up, trying to figure out what happened. He sees the celebration and his eyes go wide, as he gets back to his feet. Immediately, Bifford charges at El Linchador from behind, hitting him with a double axehandle to the back of the head!! El Linchador, caught completely unawares, falls forward to the mat, as Referee Mitchell turns and yells at Bifford to back off. Bifford answers by saying he raised his shoulder in time, believing that he kicked out, but Mitchell shakes his head, having not seen him do it. Bifford then grabs Mitchell by the front of his shirt and LAUNCHES him over the top rope, sending him flying to the floor for a horrible landing!!!*

Jones: Bifford’s losing it!!

Rockwell: You heard him, Jones, he kicked out!

Jones: I couldn’t see that from where I was sitting…

Rockwell: Open your damn eyes, then!:

Hood: Oh, damn, I don’t think Bifford’s done yet, guys!

*As El Linchador tries to get up, Bifford has lifted the Intercontinental Title from where it fell on the mat. He turns and hammers it into El Linchador’s forehead, dropping the man to the ground!!! The crowd is booing their hearts out, while the timekeeper frantically rings the bell, trying to get help to arrive. Bifford, meanwhile, pulls El Linchador towards the center of the ring, and then positions the IC Title on El Linchador’s right leg. He goes off the ropes, and then comes back, hopping into the air… and bringing all his weight down on El Linchador’s leg!!!!! El Linchador is immediately yelling, almost screaming, as he desperately reaches for his badly-damaged limb. Blood is pouring from a cut on his face, from the title shot. Bifford’s not done yet, though, as he gets up and stomps on El Linchador’s leg, looking to break it off!!*

Jones: Someone stop him!!

Rockwell: Whoa! Yeah, Bifford, c’mon, man, you’re going too far!!

Hood: Jesus, I think we’re seeing the ending of two careers instead of one!!

*As Bifford continues to deliver punishment to El Linchador’s leg, the fans give a minor cheer as a figure can be seen charging down to the ring. He slides in, and we can see that it’s Arachne!! He steps between Bifford and El Linchador, pleading with him to stop, and that violence is not the answer.*

Jones: The Hardcore Champion has come out and he’s trying to stop the carnage!

Hood: Any medics back there? El Linchador could, y’know, use a little help!

*Bifford and Arachne have a staredown, with the two tag-team partners considering each other for a moment. Bifford then shakes his head, reaches down, and picks up the Intercontinental Title off the mat. He stares at Arachne for a moment before turning and departing, taking the gold with him. Arachne shakes his head, watching him go, even as medics come in to check on El Linchador. The true champion can’t even stand, as his leg is definitely messed up at this point. They call for a stretcher, as Arachne watches from the side, saying a short prayer for the man. We leave them behind and cut to the backstage area, where we see Chris Cortez watching the happenings on a big-screen television. Cortez shakes his head, then turns off the TV in order to start focusing on preparations. However, in the reflection, we can see that someone has entered the room behind him! Cortez, seeing the same thing we are, spins around, but it’s too late, as the steel chair impacts him square on the top of the head!!! Cortez collapses to the ground, not moving, as we see Trent Steel standing over him!! *

Trent Steel: Should have kept your guard up, ‘mate’…

*Steel then raises the chair and swings again, and again, smashing Cortez over and over!! Finally, deciding that he’s done enough, Steel throws aside the chair and walks away, leaving Cortez behind, unconscious on his own locker room floor. None of the rest of the President’s Cabinet are around to check on him, although you know the cameraman will call in the medics. We cut to Ace’s reserved seating where he has just finished watching Bifford against El Linchador with OCW owner, Dean seated next to him.*

Dean: I gotta give it to ya, boyo…that was one hell of a match.

Accelerator: Two vets like that, what else would you expect? Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them in OCW.

Dean: That’s the plan…Bifford is a Hall of Famer and El Linchador is damn close…one more Linchy run would solidify it.

Accelerator: Well, I’ve definitely let them all know that OCW is the place to go if they want to continue their career after tonight.

Dean: Sweetness…you thinking about dusting off the old wrestling boots and competing in OCW?

Accelerator: Haha, that’s a good one…tell ya what, you get suited up and compete tonight and I might show up in OCW.

Dean: Well that’s not happening, I’d hate to break a hip out there…damn aging…it’s a bitch.

Accelerator: Yup…you’ll have Anthony Logan though, great job signing him and his brother, Andrew.

Dean: I was very pleased…just hoping to get a few more of these impressive GCWA wrestlers and we’ll be all set. But, yo…let’s quit talking OCW and let’s enjoy the final moments of Heat Wave…where’s that damn waitress at, I want another Gin and Tonic.

Accelerator: Gin and Tonic? You’ve come along way from the ghetto.

Dean: Well, you know, gotta appear all presidential and shit, haha.

*Dean and Ace continue to chat it up as we cut away to a shot apparently in the basement area, near some of the boiler rooms in the GCWA Arena. Walking down the hallway, looking determined, is Crazy Chris. He moves into the back areas, looking around at every doorway and listening intently. At one door in particular, he stops and waits, apparently picking up on something.*

Crazy Chris: I know you’re in there. I figured you’d be down here in one of your old haunts. I need my belt back, and I know you’re the one who took it. The Spongebob belt is a dead giveaway.

*For a few seconds, it’s completely quiet. Shuffling is then heard, as someone slowly approaches the doorway. Crazy Chris braces himself, not knowing for sure what’s about to happen. The figure then steps out of the back, looking straight at Crazy Chris, and the fans quickly begin to cheer in recognition.*

*”Twiztid” Arryk Rage leans against the doorway, smiling at Crazy Chris in his slightly off-balanced way. Around his waist is the GCWA Unified X Division Championship.*

Arryk Rage: Long time no see, Crazy Chris. You can’t blame a guy for trying, right?

Crazy Chris: C’mon, Arryk…

*Rage sighs, then reaches down, unbuckling the belt. He looks at it longingly for a moment, then reluctantly hands it over, exchanging it with the Spongebob Squarepants belt. Chris nods, backing away, as Rage drops the Spongebob belt onto his shoulder, and then slowly backs up, disappearing into the darkness once more. We go to ringside.*

Jones: Man! A "Twiztid" Arryk Rage sighting!

Rockwell: I knew I remembered someone with a Spongebob Squarepants toothbrush!

Hood: I guess that's a nice run of symmetry. Rage stole the X Division Title at the Christmas show, the first one of the new GCWA. It's only fitting that he tried to steal it again here tonight!

Jones: Thankfully, though, Crazy Chris was able to track it down... and now, we're ready for our championship match!

Minos: The next match is the Danger Zone Match for the GCWA Unified X Division Championship!! Introducing first, the challenger… he has proven to have a great wrestling career ahead of him… representing Nobody’s F’n Better… standing 6’0” and weighing 182 lbs, from St. Charles, MI… here is Landon Chase!

*The fans boo heavily, trying to drown out “Your Betrayal” by Bullet For My Valentine as it plays over the speakers. Chase appears, stepping out of the back with a clear smirk on his face as he heads down the aisle. He acts as if he’s already won the championship, turning towards the camera for a second to say something crude about Madyson and what he’d love to do to her in the back. Thankfully, it’s not completely picked up, even as Chase enters the ring.*

Hood: Alright, c’mon Chase! TGO and Demarco already did their part! Now it’s your turn!

Jones: It’s a tall order set in front of Chase, as Crazy Chris has always been a fierce fighter, and this time, he’s got home-field advantage!

Hood: What, the Danger Zone Match? This works perfectly for Chase! No rules, no restrictions, just pure violence! Just wait, we’re going to be seeing a new champion tonight!

Rockwell: Of course, being inside a cage also limits the effectiveness of the dirty tricks of the NFB.

Hood: Did you not see the War Games match where the NFB dominated everyone??

Rockwell: True, maybe the dirty trick abilities know no bounds…

Minos: His opponent has had a glorious GCWA career, including numerous title reigns… representing the Danger Boiz… he stands 6’0” and weighs in at 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee… here is the GCWA Unified X Division Champion and GCWA Hall of Famer… Crazy Chris!

*Crazy Chris comes out to “Mental Health” by Zebrahead, with the place going absolutely wild for the young superstar. He shows off his recently reacquired title before storming down the ramp, heading towards the cage at his usual frantic pace.*

Jones: Fortunately, Chris was able to get his championship back, and not a moment too soon!

Rockwell: I should have known Rage was behind it. He always had a thing for that title.

Hood: Yeah, but it’s good it’s back, as we want to make sure Chase can grab it here tonight.

Jones: Chris is seeking a singular honor tonight. He’s the only wrestler to have ever held the Unified X Division Title. Will his reign wrap up with one more victory?

*Chris enters the cage, with Mr. Excellent already waiting for him. Chris and Mr. Excellent immediately have a staredown, as Excellent points towards the championship belt. Reluctantly, Chris hands it over, allowing Excellent to tie it to the rope that lifts it to the top of the cage. Chase is just watching from the side, captivated with the title heading up top.*

Jones: And the match looks like it’s just about to start. We’re seeing the Unified X division Title defended for the last time.

Rockwell: And an exciting match indeed.

Hood: You know I don’t really understand why Mr. Excellent is the special referee in this match.

Jones: What do you mean? This is the final show, they tried to line up as many former GCWA stars as possible.

Rockwell: Hood may be right. Usually in a ladder match, the referee doesn’t do much but wait to see who grabs the belt.

Hood: and in a cage match the referee is usually on the outside, waiting to see who lands on the outside first.

Jones: So where will Mr. Excellent be?

Rockwell: Well, he’s already in the ring, so I figure that’s where he’s going to be.

*The Bell Rings.*

*The match is underway as both wrestlers look at the belt hanging right in the center of the cage. Chase points to the belt and makes the motion that the belt is going to go around his waist. As he does so, Chris lunges forward at him with a flying elbow. Landon Chase is rocked as Chris follows up with a drop kick that sends Landon Chase reeling against the cage. Crazy Chris comes from behind and begins to rub Chase’s face against the steel cage. Mr. Excellent calls for Chris to stop, but Chris refuses. *

Jones: looks like Crazy Chris doesn’t want to listen to the referee.

Rockwell: Well, we saw the way the two guys looked at each other last Inferno.

Hood: Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of history there.

Jones: The question now is, will that history help or hurt Crazy Chris here tonight, in his final title defense?

*Chris whips Chase against the ropes and follows it up with a clothesline. Landon Chase wobbles a bit then crumbles to the floor. Chris rushes over to the corner where the ladder is resting and lugs it to the center of the ring, but instead of setting it up. He takes a whack at Landon Chase.*

Jones: It’s a good thing Chase rolled out of the way.

Rockwell: Crazy Chris is looking to destroy Landon Chase.

Hood: This match has been all Crazy Chris at the point.

*Chase is up now and ducks as Crazy Chris swings the ladder again, the ladder smacks hard against the steel cage and the vibration causes Chris to drop the ladder. Chase takes advantage and delivers a flying body cross on Chris. Chase follows it up with some kicks to the midsection. Chris cover himself up as Landon Chase grabs him by his hair and picks him up. Chase scoops slams Chris on the ladder. *

Jones: That must hurt.

Rockwell: Bringing the ladder just backfired on Chris.

Hood: Yes! Chase is going to do it!

*Chase lifts Chris up again and this time whips him towards the turnbuckle. Chase grabs the ladder, then rushes towards Chris. He connects right across Chris’ chest. Chase then turns the ladder around and thrusts it at Chris’s stomach. Chase goes to do it again, but Mr. Excellent grabs the ladder! Chase shrugs him off, but Mr. Excellent does not relinquish his grasp on the ladder. Chase mouths something to Mr. Excellent, but this distraction gives Chris enough time to recover. He climbs the ropes quickly and leaps off, kicked the ladder that smacks right across the chest of Chase!*

Hood: What the fuck is he doing?

Jones: Well, we know where Mr. Excellent’s allegiance lies! Referees are supposed to be unbiased, right?

Rockwell: Maybe he was just looking out for the well being of Crazy Chris. Getting hit with a ladder hurts.

Hood: He shouldn’t even be in there! We don’t need a referee, if he’s not going to help Chase!!

*Crazy Chris lays the ladder on top of Chase and then climbs the ropes again. He leaps off with a splash that connects. Immediately Crazy Chris doubles over in pain.*

Jones: I don’t know who got hurt more from that move. Crazy Chris or Landon Chase!

Hood: Dumb move by Chris. I never understood that move.

Rockwell: That’s why they call him Crazy Chris.

*Landon Chase pushes the ladder off himself as Chris is still doubled over in pain. Mr. Excellent checks up on Chris as Chase grabs the ladder and sets it up in the center of the ring. Landon Chase begins to climb the ladder. The crowd begins to roar as Mr. Excellent sees Chase climbing the ladder, Mr. Excellent begins to climb the ladder as well. *

Jones: What is Excellent doing??

Rockwell: You know what, I just think that they are trying to make sure that the NFB doesn’t walk out with another title!

Hood: Those cheating sons of bitches!!

*Chase reaches the top and reaches for the belt. Excellent is telling Chase that he has to wait for Chris to recover before he can grab the belt. Chase mouths ‘what the fuck are you smoking?” as he shoves Excellent. Chris is up now as Chase grabs the belt. Chris runs towards the ladder and drop kicks it, sending both Chase and Excellent crashing down!! The fans begin to cheer as Crazy Chris heads towards Chase. Chris hooks him up for a suplex, Chase lands hard on the ladder. Chris quickly follows that up by a series of consecutive elbows. Chris lifts Chase up and slams him against the ladder again. He then drags Chase to the center of the ring and runs towards the ropes and rebounds off with a legdrop. Chris pulls Chase up and whips him towards the turnbuckle. Chase slams hard against the corner, Chris tries to follow it up with a splash, but Chase catches him, then spins him around and smacks him against the corner. *

Jones: Every time it looks like Crazy Chris has the upper hand, Chase finds a way to come back.

Rockwell: Looks like Excellent is finally up, he’s setting the ladder in the middle of the ring!!!!

Hood: I’m calling my lawyer!!

*Chase puts Crazy Chris in a headlock and then pulls of a reverse DDT into a north/south choke submission. Chase locks it in tight as Chris struggles to get free. Chris begins to tap on Chase’s arm as Chase yells for Excellent to call for the bell. Excellent tells him that he can’t win the match that way. Excellent shoves Chase off of Chris. Chase shoves Excellent, then turns his attention back to Chris. Chase kicks Chris in the gut, followed by a European uppercut, followed by a standing dropkick. Chase grabs Chris ankle and cinches in an ankle lock. Chris squirms to kick him off, but again Chase has the hold locked in. Chris winces in pain as Chase keeps the hold on for a good 30 seconds. Chase finally releases the hold. He turns around a heads towards the ladder. Chris struggles to his feet, his ankle is tender from the ankle lock and he limps towards the ladder. Landon chase turns around and sees Chris. He kicks Chris feet and Chris falls to the ground. Chase grabs the tender ankle and holds it high up before slamming it against the mat. *

Jones: It doesn’t look good for Chris. His ankle is hurt. How’s he going to climb the ladder?

Rockwell: He’s gotta climb with one leg.

Hood: That’s right, break that ankle, Chase!!

*Chase lifts Crazy Chris and places him in a fireman’s carry. Chase runs and throws him at the turnbuckle. Chris lands hard against the post, his feet tangled in the ropes as Chase heads back towards the ladder. Chase gives Excellent the finger as he climbs the ladder, he stops at each rung and poses, jawing at Excellent. Chase reaches the top rung then pats himself on the back. He reaches for the belt and snatches it down. Chase then jumps off the ladder and lands on the mat, holding the belt. He gets up and begins to celebrate. *

Jones: What’s he doing/ he hasn’t won the match yet.

Rockwell: I think Chase thinks he’s won the match.

Hood: You mean he hasn’t?? Damnit, someone tell Excellent to open the damned door and let him out!!

*Chase motions for Excellent to hold his hand in the air. The crowd begins to roar as Mr. Excellent raises Chase’s hand in the air, and then turns him to the turnbuckle where Crazy Chris has perched himself. Chris jumps down and connects with the Crazy Man’s Suicide!!! The belt goes flying towards the cage door as Chris begins to crawl towards the belt. Chase is out cold, and excellent goes to open the cage door. Chris grabs the belt, and then slides out of the cage. Excellent makes his way out and slams the cage door, locking the unconscious Chase inside. The crowd goes wild for Crazy Chris, as he raises the belt over his head triumphantly, with Mr. Excellent raising up his arm.*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Unified X Division Champion… Crazy Chris!

Hood: DAMNIT!!!

Jones: The Crazy Man’s Suicide lands once more, laying out Landon Chase and getting Crazy Chris another definitive victory!!

Rockwell: Looks like Chris stays the only Unified X Division Champ, Hood!

Hood: I tell you, TGO is going to have Chase’s head for this!!

Jones: It definitely slows down the success of the NFB tonight, but it’s also a tremendous moment for Crazy Chris and the Danger Boiz!

*Dangerous Dan and Madyson both appear, running down to celebrate Crazy Chris’ victory. The three head up the aisle, giving high fives to the various fans around, as Landon Chase struggles to pull himself back together. We cut to the backstage area once again. Lorenzo Demarco is walking out of the arena with the tag title on his right shoulder. He stops suddenly and pulls the tag title off.*

Lorenzo Demarco: Well here it is, the first title I ever won. It's really a symbol of what I've achieved in in GCWA. It'll carry a lot of memories. I should have it put up on my wall at home. Wait, I have a better idea. I'll put it where The Lost Soul's career will soon end up!

*Lorenzo Demarco walks over to a trash dumpster. With a smile on his face he throws the title into it. He dusts his hands off with a satisfied smile on his face. He begins to walk away from everything to an awaiting limo . . . the driver opens the door for him to get in. Lorenzo Demarco begins to get into the limo but then stops for a second. He turns to look back at the arena.*

Lorenzo Demarco: I will say this Ace. If you ever find a way to bring GCWA back, I give you this promise, I give you this guarantee, I will return to tear it all down. Because it doesn't matter where. OCW, GCWA, NLW, I will continue to get PAID IN FULL!

*With that Lorenzo Demarco enters the limo and the driver shuts the door. The driver goes to the front and enters the limo. It speeds off . . . as Lorenzo Demarco officially exits the GCWA. The camera slowly pans back over to the trash dumpster, where the title ended up. However, after a few seconds, a scrambling noise is heard from inside. A small head then pokes its way out, looking around. It’s The Little Guy!! The fans can be heard, cheering, as TLG lifts the World Tag-Team Title belt up and stares at it.*

The Little Guy: Yo, Adrian! I did it!

*TLG starts to pull himself out of the dumpster, but slips, falling back inside. He can be heard moving around and muttering to himself as the picture fades out. We go backstage where Cynthia Hall is standing with Derek Mobley.*

Cynthia Hall: And here I am, for the final time, with GCWA World Champion, Derek ‘The Thriller’ Mobley. Derek…any thoughts on your match tonight?

Derek Mobley: Well, Cynthia…it’s with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat that I’ll be heading down that aisle, one last time, to defend this GCWA World Title. We’ve come a long way since December, 2008…and, standing here, being in the final match, at the final show…I couldn’t feel any prouder than I do at this moment. I never, ever thought a fed would mean as much to me as ODJ’s ICWF did. However, GCWA has done the unthinkable…this is my home now…I would break my back for this company and, tonight, I’ll do everything that my body will allow to send us off on the highest note possible. Ace, fans…thank you so much for putting up with myself and Warrick Hill these past couple of years…I hope you guys have enjoyed it, as much as we have.

*Derek pats his World Title, one last time, smiles at the camera and heads off. We jump to another part of the arena, where we see yet another member of the NFB, Liam Shayde, moving on down the hallway, set for competition. He’s got a smile on his face, but that quickly changes to an open-mouthed gasp as, behind him, Trent Steel nails the man with a chair shot!!! Shayde drops to the ground, and Steel is immediately on top of him, applying The Full Onslaught of X-Treme Prejudice!!! Shayde is yelling out in agony at the torturous hold, but his pleas and tapping out only seem to fire Steel up further. Finally, security comes running up to pry him off, leaving Shayde laying sprawled out on the ground. With security holding him back, Steel looks down once more.*

Trent Steel: Nobody’s Fucking Better, huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

*Steel turns and leaves, having given the Ataxia laugh one more time before departing. Shayde is still down, getting aid, as we go back to ringside.*

Hood: FUCK!!!

Rockwell: Son of a… first Cortez, and now Shayde??

Jones: Well, this one WAS supposed to be an elimination match…

Hood: Yeah, but eliminated IN the match, not before it!!! Damnit!!! Does anyone know where TGO is, maybe he can take Shayde’s place in the match!!

Jones: I think TGO might have already left, sorry.

Hood: But… the World Title is supposed to be ours!!

Rockwell: Damnit, why do people always take out Cortez before his match?? The guy’s cursed!!

Jones: Well, I guess we’re down to two guys now… so let’s send it over to Minos to get us going!!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Heavyweight Championship of the World!!

*The fans are on their feet, energized at the thought of the historic match that’s about to take place.*

Minos: Introducing first, the sole remaining challenger… until tonight, he was known as the mysterious Ataxia… standing 5’11” and weighing in at 215 lbs… here is Trent Steel!

*“It's Amazing” by Kanye West starts to play as the lights go down except for the red ones. Smoke enters the entranceway as Trent Steel emerges wearing a black trenchcoat, black “Messiah Pariah” t-shirt, black jeans, combat boots, and black oakleys with red lenses. He walks to the ring high fiving a few fans who are actually glad to see him. As he walks to the ring he starts to hear a chorus of boos from some of the fans as well as he walks to the ring and lights a cigarette on the way.*

Jones: Trent Steel. The man who has been masquerading as Ataxia for the past few months here showing his lack of interest in some of our fans.

Hood: That's right boo him! Boo him! Throw full beer cans at him like he should be ostracized!

Rockwell: I can't believe that nobody put together that he was The Black Helmet. This man is in a world title match but should be in jail for what he did to Mario, as well as Cortez!

Hood: Don’t forget Shayde!!

Jones: I'm not saying I agree with what he did Adrian but Steel earned his shot just as legitimately as anyone else. To be honest he's the only one in that ring who is not part of any contingent. He is independent of any influence except for himself.

Hood: That's why he's gonna fail. No one likes him. His one “friend” got fired and will never be back in this federation. Trent Steel is alone.

Rockwell: He could have been in the President's Cabinet. He could have been in the Roman Empire. He quite possibly could have been in the NFB. He just didn't. He's stupid. He's gutless. He's going to get his butt kicked tonight and I want to watch him suffer.

Minos: His opponent is a GCWA Hall of Famer now, and has accomplished a great deal in his time with the organization… representing The Roman Empire for the final time… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*The cheers echo throughout the GCWA Arena as “Shipping Down To Boston” By The Dropkick Murphys starts up. Derek Mobley walks out of the back, carrying his World Championship on his shoulder as he smiles at the adoring public. A chant bearing his name breaks out, lasting as he walks down the aisle towards the squared circle.*

Jones: No one can argue that of all the wrestlers who have come through the GCWA, Derek Mobley ranks up there with any of them in terms of success.

Rockwell: He’s definitely done well for himself, with multiple World Title and World Tag-Team Title reigns. It’s interesting how he never went for any belt other than a ‘World’ Title.

Hood: Yeah, well, he’s just lucky Shayde’s not there to end his run miserably. Instead, and damn, this hurts to say… c’mon, Mobley, kick Steel’s ass!!

Rockwell: Yes!

Jones: Ok, ‘unbiased’ is apparently out the window on this one!

*The Bell Rings.*

*Mobley walks forward, not at all thrown off, apparently, by the changes to the match. He and Steel talk for a moment, although it’s impossible to make out what they’re saying. Is he thanking Steel for taking out two opponents? Or is he just assuring Steel that the same fate won’t be happening to him? Who knows. The two wrestlers step in towards each other and lock up, starting things out in this one. Steel, though, immediately breaks a hand away from the lock and goes to the eyes, raking his hand across them!! Mobley, blinded, steps back, trying to clear his sight, as Head Referee Bell chastises Steel for such an early, deceitful move. Steel, though, simply pushes Bell away and charges at Mobley, leaping up and getting a high leg clothesline!! The fans boos as Steel immediately goes for the cover… 1… and Mobley doesn’t waste any time kicking out. Steel does not look too surprised, going right back to work.*

Jones: It’s still strange to see Steel wrestling without the Ataxia mask! We all got so used to it being there, and now…

Rockwell: And now it’s sitting here on our desk…

Hood: Damn, that thing still creeps me out. Get rid of it, man!

Rockwell: Are you kidding? This is going to make a great trophy once Mobley takes this fool out!

Hood: Yeah, but... the mask… I think it’s looking at me…

*In the ring, Steel has Mobley in the corner, punching away at him with ruthless aggression. Head Referee Bell again sends him a warning, saying that he’s risking throwing away the title shot, but Steel barely seems to even care about the belt. It’s all about the fight now. He brings Mobley back out and whips him towards the ropes, and then, as Mobley returns, launches into a standing sidekick… which Mobley stops in mid-step and catches! Steel balances on one foot for a second, trying to find a way out, but Mobley doesn’t give him a chance, quickly stepping in and sweeping the grounded foot to put Steel on his back! Mobley’s now on top, swinging away with heavy right hands, to the roar of the crowd!*

Hood: Punch that ugly face in!

Rockwell: We want blood, Mobley!

Jones: Man, this is like bizarro land.

*Mobley drags Steel to his feet and hammers him with a quick forearm, causing the man to stumble away. As Steel turns back, Mobley comes in quick, lifting Steel up onto his shoulder, and then turning and taking a few steps before dropping him with a running powerslam! The fans love it, even as Mobley goes for his first cover of the match… 1… 2.. but Steel is easily able to get out in time. Mobley goes right back to work, pulling Steel up and yanking him in close for a swinging neckbreaker! But Steel spins out of it, and as Mobley tries to rebalance, Steel grabs him by the head and drops with a facebuster!! Mobley grabs his head and tries to roll away, but Steel’s already scrambling for his legs, twisting him over and applying a Boston crab!! All of the sudden, Mobley’s in trouble, as he starts fighting to drag himself towards the ropes, trying to ignore the intense pain coming from his legs as Head Referee Bell circles the action.*

Jones: Steel’s got Mobley in a bad way!

Hood: Yeah, but as much as I’ve hated him over the years, I don’t think Mobley’s EVER given up!

Rockwell: Unfortunately, there’s always a first time. Let’s hope this isn’t it!

*Steel struggles to keep Mobley in place, hanging on as tight as he can, but Mobley’s larger frame is allowing him to get some movement going. He ignores the referee’s questions and instead concentrates on the bottom rope, finally able to reach out and grab hold! Head Referee Bell calls for the break, which, surprisingly, Steel quickly does. Steel, though, immediately grabs Mobley’s legs and drags him back towards the center of the ring, and then tries to step back into the Boston crab!! But as Steel tries to twist Mobley around, Mobley reaches out and grabs Steel’s ankles, yanking his legs out from under him! Steel falls onto his back, and Mobley’s immediately twisting into his legs, turning the submission into a figure four leglock!!! The tide has turned, as it’s now Steel in tremendous agony!*

Jones: What a reversal that was!

Hood: From one leg submission into another, just like that!

Rockwell: Looks like neither of these guys are going out dancing tonight!

*Steel struggles to pull free, sitting up and punching at Mobley’s top leg again and again. It’s clear that Mobley’s feeling it, as he fights to keep the hold on. But his legs are still in pain from the earlier submission, and Mobley finally makes the strategic move of releasing the hold, with both men flopping to their backs for a moment. Mobley works his way up, trying not to limp, as Steel rolls over to the ropes to use them for leverage. Mobley, seeing this, staggers over to him, reaching out… and Steel launches into a spinning uppercut, nailing Mobley right underneath the jaw!!! Mobley drops back to the mat, knocked senseless, as Steel jumps down to take advantage with a pinfall attempt. Head Referee Bell slides in… 1… 2… but Mobley is able to escape in time!*

Jones: Every pinfall is getting the crowd into it, as they know how important this match really is! Only one man can go in the history books as the final GCWA World Heavyweight Champion!

Rockwell: It’s not a hardcore match, it’s not TLC, it’s not even inside a cage, but the intensity is definitely still there! This is REAL wrestling at its finest!

Hood: Although more blood WOULD be nice…

*Steel is back up now, whipping Mobley hard into the corner. As Mobley struggles to get back up, Steel moves in, kicking him repeatedly with the Learn Your Lesson!! Mobley slumps in the corner, as Steel backs away, continuing to be pumped up. He runs back in and drives a knee into Mobley’s head, banging it against the ‘buckle! Mobley’s down, but he’s in the ropes, so Steel has to drag Mobley backwards by the leg, getting him more centered in the ring. He then finally makes the cover, nodding to the referee to do his job… 1… 2… but Mobley still manages to get out in time! Steel shakes his head, but then is immediately back up, preparing for his next move.*

Jones: Steel definitely came to fight tonight, unlike your two allies…

Rockwell: Hey! Low shot, there, Jones!

Hood: Yeah, how were we supposed to know that Steel would be attacking them in the back, instead of being a man and going against them face-to-face?

Jones: And how many guys have the Cabinet or the NFB attacked from behind since they appeared here in the GCWA?

Hood: Stop trying to muddy the waters!

*Steel has Mobley up now, positioning him nearby one of the corner turnbuckles. He grabs Mobley around the waist, apparently planning to give him a German suplex into the ‘buckle!! But Mobley blocks it, then manages to twist himself around, locking his eyes face-to-face with the startled Steel before lifting him up and tossing him with a belly-to-belly!! Steel crashes hard down on his head, but Mobley isn’t in any shape yet to make the pin, having done the toss on instinct. Both men stay down, with Head Referee Bell starting up a 10 count. It doesn’t take long, though, for both men to start moving, with Mobley getting up at the count of 5 and Steel a tick or two after. It’s a tick too long, though, as Mobley comes in and grabs hold of Steel, before dropping with an implant DDT!!! Mobley then makes the cover… 1… 2… Steel kicks out!*

Hood: Shoot, I thought that was it!

Jones: The match continues, as these two warriors are doing the GCWA proud!

Hood: Proud???

Jones: Sorry, Hood, I know you’re still pissed, but they’re definitely putting on a great match, the final match of the GCWA!

*Mobley has Steel back up now, only to quickly take him back down with a short-arm clothesline! Mobley then turns and goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up despite his shaky legs. He gets to the top, waiting, as Steel struggles back to his feet. Mobley then leaps, aiming a double axehandle… but Steel runs to the right, causing Mobley to miss! The landing doesn’t seem to hurt Mobley much as he lands and spins around, but Steel’s already coming back, crashing into Mobley with a spear!! Both men are down, but Steel has landed on top, keeping his arm there as Head Referee Bell slides in for the count… 1… 2… but Mobley shoots an arm up, avoiding the loss at the last second! The fans cheer, relieved, as the battle continues!*

Jones: It’s been back and forth, non-stop action, guys!

Rockwell: Yeah, but the amount of abuse these guys are taking is just incredible! Will either be able to last much longer?

Hood: Where’s the god-damned blood?? I want to see Steel a bloody mess, damnit!

*Steel pulls himself up, looking a little annoyed now, as well as tired. Both men are sweating up a storm as Steel brings Mobley back up. He pops Mobley with an elbow, and then grabs him by the head, dropping him with a spike DDT!! The fans are on the tips of their toes as Steel makes another cover… 1… 2… but Mobley again kicks out! Steel’s up now, cursing, before coming back over and getting a grip on Mobley’s legs. He starts to twist into them, preparing to apply his submission, the Full Onslaught of X-Treme Prejudice!! But Mobley gets a foot free and kicks Steel off, sending him into the ropes! As Steel comes back, Mobley kips up and grabs him, taking him over with a sidewalk slam!!! Mobley drops on top, exhausted, as the count is made… 1… 2… Steel’s out again!*

Jones: Man!

Rockwell: I know!

Hood: Totally!

Jones: …

Hood: What? None of us had much to say right then!

Rockwell: We can’t be literary geniuses all the time, y’know!

Jones: … Let’s just get back to rooting for Mobley.

Hood: And blood! Let’s not forget about blood!

*The World Heavyweight Champion slowly gets up, feeling every ache that he’s gained from this contest. The fans are still fully behind Mobley, cheering for him as he reaches down to pull Steel up one more time. He yanks Steel in, preparing to try for the Thriller!! But Steel breaks loose, twisting around Mobley and getting behind him… and nails him with an ass punch!! Mobley, caught completely off-guard, falls forward to his knees. Steel then hops up and jumps over him, driving Mobley’s head into the canvas on the way down!! Steel rolls on top, trying for a cover, but he’s got to get Mobley turned over first, since he can’t pin him on his stomach. Steel manages it, as the referee is there… 1… 2… but Mobley survives again.*

Jones: We’re seeing an amazing array of traditional and not-so-traditional maneuvers!

Hood: I’ll say! Was that really an ass punch I just saw?

Rockwell: Just forget you saw it, Hood. I’m already working on blanking it from my mind.

*With the match still in question, Steel pulls himself up and brings Mobley with him, taking him over to the corner. The fans know something is up and start reacting, trying to inspire Mobley to fight back even as Steel lifts him onto the ‘buckle! Mobley struggles to get in a shot, but Steel lands another uppercut, nearly causing Mobley to fall backwards! Steel, though, prevents that, climbing up next to him and working to get Mobley on his shoulders for the Pittsburgh Nightmare!! Mobley’s struggling against it, trying to get free, so Steel turns and swings low… but Mobley knocks the hand down, causing Steel to punch the turnbuckle post beneath the champ instead!! Steel grabs at his wrist and almost falls, but Mobley hangs on and yanks him up with him, locking him into place… and then leaps, getting a Thriller to land off the top turnbuckle!!!!! The GCWA Arena explodes even as Mobley, aching, manages to get the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… and STILL GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!

Jones: Derek Mobley keeps his gold!!

Rockwell: Yes!! Take THAT, Steel!

Hood: Damn, no blood… still, it’s great to see him lose!

Jones: It’s a historic moment indeed, as the very first GCWA World Champion of this era is going out as the last World Champion! What an amazing way to end things!!

Rockwell: It’s definitely fitting, and great to see a Hall of Famer walking out with the gold!

Hood: I can think of many guys who should be holding it… but as long as it’s not Trent Steel, I’m happy!

Jones: It’s hard to say this, guys, but that’s it. We’re all out of time, and we’ve had a truly wonderful time being your announcers for the past 20 months!! Thanks for being fans, and we’ll hopefully see you again sometime!

Rockwell: We’ll be back, fools!

Hood: Come see me on OCW!

Jones: For Adrian Rockwell and Hood, this is Edward Jones… wishing you all a great night!

*In the ring, Derek Mobley has been joined by Warrick Hill, Dean, and Lurrr. The four men celebrate, as confetti drops from the ceiling and pyro erupts from the stage. The fans are chanting away, both for Mobley and for the GCWA, as the celebration looks set to go long into the night. The camera moves, zooming in on the GCWA symbol hanging above the crowd. We see the lights around it slowly dim, taking the symbol into darkness. The picture fades out.*

OOC: And the streak is complete! Thanks to all who participated, especially Ataxia and TLS for writing a match each.

It seems pretty weird to not have a "next card" after this. I'm sure I'll feel more about that later on. For now, I just want to say it's been great running this fed, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch with each and every one of you. Have a good one!