*The pay-per-view screen flickers for a second, drawing your attention, and then finally fades away. We’re ready to begin. Are you ready? The picture is completely black for a moment, with no sound and no images. Slowly, though, words appear on the screen, laying out in order in front of you:*

“Deep into that darkness peering,
long I stood there, wondering,
fearing, doubting, dreaming
dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”
Edgar Allen Poe

*The words fade away, as if blown into dust by a strong gust of wind. We’re back to darkness, as the voice of the GCWA is heard, speaking into the silence.*

Voice: There is darkness in every man’s soul. They try to deny it. They try to suppress it. But you can never be free of it. It will always be there, waiting for its opportunity to rise up. Rise up and take over.

*The beginning of “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence begins to play, adding an eerie tone to the atmosphere. After a few seconds, pictures start coming across the screen, even as the music picks up speed.*

Voice: The darkness is part of our nature. It is in the core of our soul. Some will embrace it, turning on all who have believed in them in order to seize it for their own purposes.

*We see a single photograph, displaying the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, standing next to his tag-team championship partner, Shane Donovan. Both men are smiling, having just won a major match together. They were friends. They were partners. They were brothers. The next shot is very different, as we see Draco hanging from the turnbuckle, bloodied by the vicious assault from Donovan. Donovan’s face says it all, as you can almost see into his eyes, sadistic and, at the same time, intense.*

Voice: The darkness can creep up on a person, finding a way to channel itself through emotions. Anger. Jealousy. Frustration. But it will find a way to surface.

*The next shot is a split-screen shot of Dangerous Dan and the Big Bifford. Both men appear happy in the shots, with Dan greeting some fans, while Bifford is talking to Arachne, with the Tag-Team Title on his shoulder. The pictures tear apart, showing a display of Dan and Bifford yelling at each other, showing the fury that has built between both men over the months.*

Voice: Sometimes, a special few can use the darkness in the pursuit of good. They proclaim themselves protectors, to keep others from falling in similar fashion. But their motives do not matter. The darkness will claim all.

*A shot of Arryk Rage and the Accelerator is shown, with the two shaking hands, possibly when Rage agreed to his GCWA contract. The picture destroys itself again, displaying Twiztid, Rage’s alter-ego, going after the Accelerator in his limousine, the rage gone from his name but not his soul.*

Voice: The darkness within overtakes everyone at some point in their lives, taking on different forms. But this does not stop our souls from fighting back, from trying to restore ourselves. Human, above all else, are fighters. Brawlers. Warriors. Some will fall. Others will rise.

*A variety of shots are shown, including shots of Elijah and The Lost Soul brawling in the midst of a CWF/GCWA war; Marcus Ka’Derrion’s sadistic look as he breaks the ankle of Aaron Styles; Bucky Johnson, standing tall in the ring; and more, showing us many of the wrestlers of the GCWA.*

Voice: In the end, the darkness cannot be destroyed. Light can drive it back. But it cannot remove it. It will always be part of us. The only question is, will we control it? Or will it control us?

*The final shot is a dark one, showing Draco, sitting in his apartment, a bottle of alcohol in front of him. It turns out to be a video, as Draco suddenly looks up, his eyes blazing with the fire within. We zoom rapidly towards his eyes, disappearing inside them, with everything now a pure, hot white light. The picture then breaks away, instead taking us to Darkness Falls II!!*

*The cameras start to pan around, showing us the packed house in the United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, Texas, the sight of Darkness Falls II!! Fans are screaming wildly, even as a long string of pyro goes off, shooting off various colors into the thick air of the arena. Fans of all shapes and sizes are shown as the camera flies across, taking them all in. We get another shot, a stationary one, of two hot female college students leaning towards the camera, both wearing tight-fitting GCWA t-shirts. One is the limited-edition Draco World Title shirt, while the other has Dangerous Dan in mid-air. The women jump up and down, shrieking for the camera, excited to be there. We fly around the arena for a minute, then finally settle at the broadcast location, near the ring, where Edward Jones and Anthony “Lightning” Logan have taken up their usual seats.*

Jones: Welcome to Darkness Falls II!!! The atmosphere in here is absolutely awe-inspiring, Anthony!

Logan: Hell yes!! The great people of Lubbock are looking forward to an unbelievable show here tonight! And it’s not just them! We’ve had groups come in from all over the United States, wanting their opportunity to see the GCWA in action here tonight!

Jones: And we plan to make the trip worthwhile, as we’ve got SEVEN incredible matches tonight!

Logan: Oh, man, this is going to be sweet!!

Jones: We’ve got a co-main event tonight, as we will see four of the best wrestlers in the world going at it for the chance at future glory!

Logan: In our main event, the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, puts it all on the line against his former best friend, Shane Donovan, in a “Bloodbath” Match for the championship! Tonight, the entire feud between the two is set to end, but who will survive the bloodshed and walk out the champion?

Jones: Another feud will be coming to a crashing end as well, as The Big Bifford has put up his title as Warrior of the Ring against one of our brightest young stars, Dangerous Dan! Can Dan get the #1 Contendership, or will Bifford silence his hated foe and move on to the main event of our next show?

Logan: On their own, those two matches should be enough, Jonesy. But we aren’t skimping at all here tonight! We’ve got the CWF/GCWA Lumberjack Match between Elijah and The Lost Soul. We’ve got the final battle between our President, the Accelerator, and “Twiztid” Arryk Rage! We’ve got #1 Contender Matches, Grudge Matches, Triple Threats, hell, we’ve got everything you could ever want as a wrestling fan!!

Jones: It’s going to be an explosive night, and we can’t wait to get to it!

*The video rolls, showing us shots of some of the newest members of the GCWA family. First, we see The Little Guy, making his emergence out of Arryk Rage’s bag and immediately becoming a major factor in the GCWA. He’s shown wrestling against men like The Lost Soul and Justin Hale, showing his athletic ability despite his size limitations. The next shots are of Chris Cortez, mostly focusing on his debut the week before against Mr. Excellent. His dominating submission hold is shown, with Cortez picking up the quick victory. We finally see Chris Winters, mostly in still shots, as he’s making his debut here tonight. We go back to ringside.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Triple Threat” Match! First, making his way towards the ring… he is making his GCWA debut here tonight, and hoping to make it a memorable one… standing 6’10” and weighing in at 305 lbs, from Madison, WI, here is Chris Winters!

*The crowd, still pumped from the beginning of the show, gives a small cheer, although it’s clear most of them have no idea who this wrestler is. Winters comes out to “The Road To Devastation” by Katakylsm, looking over the crowd with a smile, before walking down the aisle.*

Jones: Not very many superstars get to begin their careers at a pay-per-view!

Logan: Yeah, but talk about pressure! You’re not just looking to impress the live crowd, or even a television audience. These are the hardcore fans, the PPV fans! Now’s when it counts the most!

Jones: That’s definitely true. We’ll see what Winters can do here tonight. He’s certainly the tallest man in the contest, which might give him an advantage.

Logan: Height isn’t everything, and who knows, it might be a hindrance here tonight, if only because he’s got to lean a long ways down to grab The Little Guy!

Minos: Now entering the arena, he got his first GCWA victory this past week on Inferno, standing 6’4” and weighing in at 320 lbs, from Dundee, Scotland, here is “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

*The opacity of the prime time, pay per view lights peak and then black out in an instant. The sound of bagpipes begin to echo throughout the arena as the lights are restored.*

Jones: Looks like you got your fellow Scotsman in all his Scottish glory, Logan.

Logan: What do you mean ‘fellow’ Scotsman?

*Chris Cortez emerges from the back dressed in a family tartan kilt and a white, tie up shirt – often wore together in Scotland. With a smile on his face, Cortez takes a few steps down the ramp. An eruption soon follows and Conatgious by Trapt begins to play, restoring normality. Cortez rips of the kilt and makes his way down towards the ring. He slides off the shirt and climbs in, ready for his first pay per view at the GCWA.*

Jones: Oh, well, so much for the bagpipes.

Logan: Too bad, they sounded pretty good for a minute.

Jones: Just don’t let me catch you ever wearing a kilt to the announce booth. I’d be too scared that it would… ride up…

Logan: I gotta say, after watching Cortez this past Friday, I think he’s got a future in the company. I mean, sure, Mr. Excellent had been on a horrible slump, but he was still a former champion, and Cortez walked right over him.

Jones: But can Cortez keep up that momentum tonight against two very different challengers? It’s not about technique this time. This match will be about Winter’s power and The Little Guy’s speed.

Logan: In a way, though, we can see Cortez as being around the ‘middle’ of both levels, which might help him stay in the action long enough to take the win.

Minos: The third and final participant in this match is setting a record tonight as the smallest wrestler to ever compete on a GCWA pay-per-view… standing 4’1” and weighing in at 90 lbs, from a magical land far, far away and representing the Retarded Midgets, here is The Little Guy!

*The fans are on their feet as “Let Me Hold You (Little Man)” by Dewey Cox plays out. The Little Guy walks out of the back, taking a moment to stare at the crowd before heading towards the ring. Two men watch him coming, both looking like they’re anxiously waiting for him to get there.*

Jones: Happy birthday to The Little Guy, as he’s celebrating here tonight!

Logan: Yep, and all he wants for his birthday is a victory at a GCWA pay-per-view!

Jones: The Little Guy’s partnership with Bucky Johnson has been a major development as of late. It seems that the two of them really do get along, for some reason.

Logan: Yeah, they appear to be major opposites of each other, but sometimes opposites attract. I hope they’re happy together.

Jones: Uh, Anthony, they’re not a couple. They’re just a tag-team.

Logan: Huh? I thought I heard TLG’s friend, Miss Stella, calling Bucky his boyfriend?

Jones: No, there’s nothing going on there, just two friends and partners. You were on tag-teams long enough, you should know about things like this.

Logan: Eh, I partnered with my brother Andrew. There were a lot of rumors, sure, but nothing about us being together.

Jones: Well, anyway, tonight is all about The Little Guy, and if he can score his first pay-per-view victory! A win here means a hell of a lot to future career aspirations!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: Alright, we’re set! Standard rules apply, first person to get a pinfall or submission gets the win!

Logan: Yep, one of these guys is going to avoid both possibilities, and still lose. That’s part of the fun of a Triple Threat!

*Referee Trixie signals for the action to begin, quickly moving herself out of the way and towards the ropes. The three men are each coming out of their own corners, but it soon becomes apparent that two of them have the same destination in mind. The Little Guy looks first at Winters, then at Cortez, both of whom are starting to work around, as if to corner him. Winters makes the first move, rushing over to dive at him, but The Little Guy easily jumps out of his way, with Winters sliding into the ropes. Cortez takes a swipe at TLG as well, with the speedy wrestler quickly continuing his momentum, going through the ropes, out of range. Not one to miss a moment of opportunity, Cortez turns and lands a kick to Winter’s side before he can get up, knocking him over. Cortez then spins and goes back after TLG, following him out of the ring and to the outside! The Little Guy hurries around the ring steps, with Cortez chasing right behind!*

Jones: Looks like both Cortez and Winters have decided that the road to victory goes through The Little Guy!

Logan: Yeah, because he’s the smallest wrestler by far in the match. But that doesn’t mean he’s easy to catch!

Jones: Honestly, I think TLG is getting a little overlooked so far, and I think he’s going to make both men pay!

*The Little Guy is already jumping back into the ring, scurrying quickly to stay ahead of the grasp of Cortez. He sees what he’s looking for and turns, running to the side. Cortez, intent on catching him, hurries after, not seeing until the last moment that Chris Winters is back on his feet! Winters runs forward, nailing Cortez with a running boot and sending him to the mat!! Winters then starts stomping away angrily, scoring several hits on the Scotsman as he tries to roll out of the ring to safety! With Cortez out of range, Winters turns himself around, not realizing that The Little Guy has hurriedly climbed up the turnbuckle! He soars off, catching the off-balance Winters by surprise and taking him down with the Little People, Big Splash!! The Little Guy stays on top, holding for the cover, with Referee Trixie right there… 1… 2.. and Winters throws TLG off, stopping the count! Winters rolls and starts to get back up, but he doesn’t get far, as The Little Guy immediately runs back forward, jumping up onto Winters’ head and taking him down with a small fameasser!! Another cover is made… 1… 2… and Cortez is back to break it up!*

Logan: The Little Guy is looking strong in this one, as he effectively used Cortez and Winters against each other!

Jones: Well, it’s not like we expected those two to get along anyway. But TLG’s gameplan has held up so far!

Logan: Yeah, but now can he fight off the recuperated Cortez?

*Cortez brings The Little Guy up, planning to take him towards the corner, but TLG is quick to lash out with a couple of well-placed shots to the side, causing Cortez to lose his grip. The Little Guy then runs to the ropes and comes back, charging furiously at Cortez. Whatever he’s going for, though, it doesn’t work, as Cortez turns into him, catches him, and spins TLG around with a black hole slam!! The Little Guy is down, with Cortez quickly making the cover, watching to see if Winters tries to break it up… 1… 2… The Little Guy kicks out, staying in it. Cortez immediately brings him back up, noting that Winters is finally starting to rise, getting to his knees. This doesn’t last, as Cortez Irish whips TLG right into him, causing a noggin-knocker!! Strangely, Winters seems to have gotten the worst of it, as The Little Guy shakes his head, and then turns, coming back at Cortez! But Cortez answers with a knee lift that knocks TLG backwards. He grabs TLG and tosses him out of the ring through the ropes, then turns his attention to Winters, grabbing at the big man’s legs for an attempt at applying the Roots of Envy!!*

Jones: Cortez is going for that agonizing submission hold!

Logan: Usually submission holds are risky business in a multi-man match, but if Cortez can apply it quickly enough before The Little Guy can recover, he might be able to snatch away the victory!

*Winters, realizing the danger, struggles to block it, arching his shoulders to try and prevent being turned over. Cortez is relentless, though, as he makes sure Winters can’t reach the ropes before finally turning the big man over! Winters is now in agony, his legs being stretched beyond normal tolerances, as Cortez, grinning, tightens his grip and sits lower, trying to finish him off quick! Referee Trixie moves in to check, but Winters doesn’t give up yet, although he’s grabbing at his hair in desperation. Slowly, his right arm comes free and raises up into tapping position, as the crowd gets louder, some wanting to see it, others hoping he can hang on. Just when it seems like Winters can’t take any more, though, The Little Guy returns, rushing over and catching Cortez from behind! He jumps over, grabbing Cortez’s head and taking him down with the Midget Domination!!! Winters, free of the gold, rolls awkwardly away, grabbing at his aching knees. The Little Guy, meanwhile, rolls Cortez over for the cover, trying to take the win… 1… 2… and Cortez kicks free!*

Jones: The Roots of Envy just took too long to apply, and TLG was able to make the save!

Logan: Save, hell, he nearly got the win! And now both Cortez and Winters are on the ground, where height doesn’t matter! TLG’s got to use this, and keep both of them down!

Jones: It’s definitely a way for him to stay in control!

*That seems to be The Little Guy’s plan right now, as he jumps onto Cortez and starts to apply the Tiny Submission Hold! Cortez is trying to pull away, as the grip around his neck is applied tightly! TLG hangs on, almost riding Cortez as he starts crawling, trying to fight off the pressure long enough to reach the ropes! He reaches out, his fingers just brushing the edge of the ropes. One last stretch does it, as he manages to cause the break. The Little Guy reluctantly does it, dropping the hold. He then starts kicking Cortez in the side, angry, with Cortez unable to protect himself at the moment. However, behind The Little Guy, Chris Winters limps towards him, casting a long shadow forward. TLG, seeing it, freezes, then turns around, looking up, up, and even more up, as Winters reaches down, grabbing him by the throat!! Winters lifts TLG into the air, choking him, with Referee Trixie already yelling for the break for the blatantly illegal move!*

Jones: Geez! He’s lifting The Little Guy like he doesn’t weigh a thing!

Logan: Hell, to Winters, 90 pounds probably IS nothing!

Jones: He’s choking the life out of the guy!

*The Little Guy’s feet are kicking the air as he desperately tries to get free. Referee Trixie starts a count, threatening to disqualify Winters. This finally gets his attention, as he tosses TLG aside, then turns to Trixie, telling her to back off! Trixie takes a step back, more than a little afraid of the large man. Winters laughs, then turns back towards his opponent, only to see Cortez starting to rise on the side. Winters takes a step in his direction, thinking of knocking him back down, but then realizes that he’s lost track of TLG again! He turns, frantically looking, but TLG’s already running towards him, racing up him and snapping him back down with the BMK!!!!! Winters is out cold, with The Little Guy rubbing his injured throat before making the cover… 1… 2… and Cortez is there, grabbing TLG from above and tossing him away, sending him sliding out of the ring!!! Cortez then makes the cover himself, hanging onto Winters’ legs… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… “Simply The Best” Chris Cortez!

Jones: Man!! Cortez just stole the victory from The Little Guy!!

Logan: Man, that was perfect timing on his part! He didn’t even have to hit a move, he just waited until TLG hit his and capitalized on it!

Jones: What a shocker! I thought The Little Guy had this one wrapped up, but by the slimmest of margins, Cortez took it away. As for Winters, well, I’ve definitely seen better debuts…

Logan: The whole world just watched him get beat up by a midget and a Scotsman. That isn’t going to be easy to come back from.

*The Little Guy’s back in the ring, looking pretty ticked out, but Cortez is already out of the ring. He heads back towards the back, rubbing a sore spot on his arm from an earlier strike as he departs. The smile on his face says it all. We leave the wrestlers behind and head to the back, where the Accelerator is sitting in his office, getting himself warmed up. He looks ready to go, although his security chief, Reed M. Shin, looks a little less sure.*

Reed M. Shin: Are you certain you want to go through with this? I mean, that Twiztid, he’s a maniac! Who knows what he’s going to try to use against you!

The Accelerator: What, you think I should just quit, like he did the last time we were supposed to fight? Screw that! I’m a better man than he is, and I’ll prove it tonight! You guys… just be ready. Now, get out of here, I need to keep stretching.

*Shin nods, already getting on his radio to talk to some of his security personnel. He turns and leaves the room. As soon as he’s gone, the Accelerator turns and goes to his personal cell phone. It’s a special model, with all sorts of abilities, but at heart, it’s still officially a cell phone. He cues it up and dials a number, waiting for an answer.*

The Accelerator: Hey there… are you, uh, here? … No, I mean… you’re in the arena, right? You willing to do what needs to be done? … Good. In that case, I’ll be seeing you in a little while.

*Ace hangs up the phone, a small smile appearing on his face. It’s not a pleasant look. He turns away and goes back to stretching, as we fade back to ringside.*

Logan: Uh oh. Just who was it that Ace was talking to there? Is he planning something for tonight?

Jones: The Accelerator ALWAYS has plans, Anthony, haven’t you learned that by now? He’s always thinking ahead, which is why no one has ever been able to beat him!

Logan: I guess we’ll find out later who’s here in the arena… and I bet we’ll find out in the House of Terror Match!

Jones: Hey, now, did the President say anything about this person helping him? For all you know, he was talking to a vendor about delivering a new load of t-shirts!

Logan: Delivering the t-shirts would be “doing what needs to be done”?

Jones: Well, uh, if the guy wants to be paid, sure!

Logan: *sigh* Alright, let’s just continue on, because we’ve got six matches to go!

*A video clip show begins to roll, focusing on Marcus Ka’Derrion. We see a shot from months ago of him entering the arena, with the fans heavily chanting his name. Almost in slow motion, he waves to one of them wearing his t-shirt, smiling. We then come to last month at Warriors of the Ring IV, where Bucky Johnson made it out of the “Xscape” Match to become the new GCWA X Division Champion, while Ka’Derrion watched him celebrate from inside the cage. The next shots are of him telling Cynthia Hall that he needs a spark, and then surprisingly, brutally attacking Aaron Styles! We see Ka’Derrion’s next ambush the next week, attacking Johnson before his title defense (helping Johnson lose the X Division Title to Crazy Chris). Ka’Derrion next took out both Aaron Styles and Justin Hale in his next two matches, brutally injuring both men. Johnson put a stop to the Hale attack, attacking Ka’Derrion, and then challenging him to a match tonight. Ka’Derrion accepted, leading us to the grudge match here in Lubbock.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Grudge” Match between two of the GCWA’s finest! Making his way down the aisle, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion and is seeking to achieve vengeance on his opponent… standing 6’4” and weighing 250 lbs, from Boston, Massachusetts, here is “The Retarded Beast” Bucky Johnson!

*The fans give a standing ovation to Bucky as he comes out to “Crack A Bottle” by Eminem. Bucky has no smiles for the crowd today, though, as he’s all business. He tightens his wrist bands on his way down, clearly focused on the competition tonight.*

Jones: Johnson’s standing up for all the young competitors in the GCWA tonight! With Ka’Derrion having put both Aaron Styles and Justin Hale on the shelf, Bucky’s here to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Logan: Yeah, I even heard that Ka’Derrion might have sent some goons to Bucky’s house to attack him, to try and keep him from being here tonight!

Jones: Really? That doesn’t seem like Ka’Derrion’s modus operandi. He’s been pretty hands on when it comes to attacking, even when he went after Johnson before his X Division Title defense against Crazy Chris.

Logan: Well, I mean, the masked man said that Ka’Derrion sent him, and if you can’t trust a masked man, who can you trust?

Minos: His opponent has amassed an array of title victories in the GCWA, including two reigns as the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… he stands 6’1” and weighs 210 lbs… from Miami, Florida, here is Marcus Ka’Derrion!

*As “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park begins to play, the crowd stands and, as one, boos heavily, echoing throughout the arena. It’s clear that the audience has completely given up hope on the former fan favorite. Ka’Derrion comes out the entrance, not bothered in the least about their reaction. He’s got a patch on the side of his head, presumably where the bottle cracked him earlier in the week.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion had a fateful visit this week to his late father’s tombstone.

Logan: Fateful is right! Paco got his guys together and got some revenge on the man!

Jones: I don’t know if ‘revenge’ is the right word, Anthony, but the scales were definitely balanced between the two. What comes next is anybody’s guess.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Johnson immediately moves towards Ka’Derrion ready to lock up, but Marcus raises his hands for a second, stopping Johnson in his tracks. Ka’Derrion then raises one hand, signaling that he’s wanting a test of strength! The fans are cheering, wanting to see Johnson crush the hands of Ka’Derrion. Johnson, although unsure, decides to go for it, stepping in and reaching out to lock up with his foe. But Ka’Derrion has no intention of locking up, as he suddenly comes in, raking the eyes of Johnson with his out-stretched hand!! Bucky stumbles away, blinded, with Ka’Derrion coming right after him, completely ignoring any warnings from referee Rockwell. The heel drops and slams his shoulder into the back of Johnson’s knee, cutting him down! Johnson falls to his knees, hurting, with Ka’Derrion then going off the ropes and coming back towards him, leaping over Johnson while grabbing his neck, snapping him to the mat!! Ka’Derrion then makes the quick cover, already assuming it’s over… 1… and Johnson throws him off, showing that he’s got a lot of fight left.*

Jones: Marcus takes the early edge in this one, thanks to dirty tactics!

Logan: The scumbag…

Jones: I know, Anthony, I know. But this could be a rough match for Johnson. Even when Ka’Derrion obeyed the rules, he was hard to beat. Now, well, I don’t know if he can be taken down.

Logan: Good’s more powerful than evil, Jonesy! Well, at least, in the movies… hopefully it’s the same in the wrestling ring here tonight!

*Ka’Derrion has brought Johnson back up, putting him in the ropes and kicking away at him. With Johnson weakened, Marcus shoots him across to the other side with a whip, then runs after him. As soon as Johnson rebounds, Ka’Derrion’s in the air with a corkscrew shoulder block, drilling into the man!! Johnson’s down again, with Ka’Derrion again quick to go for the cover… 1… 2.. and Johnson kicks out again. Ka’Derrion surprisingly laughs, apparently happy to continue the punishment. He moves over Johnson’s side and applies an Anaconda Vice submission, applying pressure to Johnson’s arm and neck!! Johnson gasps in pain, with referee Rockwell checking to see if he can’t take it. But the fans are already cheering for Johnson, trying to inspire him, and despite all Ka’Derrion’s efforts to get them to shut up, Johnson hears them. He pushes himself partially up, then drags Marcus with him towards the ropes with one arm, finally reaching out to break the hold! Ka’Derrion takes a few extra seconds to break it, but finally does, looking for the first time to be frustrated.*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s in firm control of this match, but we just got a sign of how much heart Bucky Johnson is carrying with him!

Logan: He’s a fighter, and he knows that this is his chance to stop Ka’Derrion’s rampage of young wrestlers.

Jones: Yes, but can he do it? So far, Ka’Derrion’s been unstoppable!

*Johnson slowly works his way up, using the ropes for leverage, as, behind him, Ka’Derrion watches. He’s letting Johnson do all the work, burning off more energy. As soon as Bucky’s upright, though, Ka’Derrion comes in again, grabbing Johnson from behind and taking him down with a backstabber, causing Johnson to twitch uncontrollably from the damage to his spine!! Ka’Derrion looks to the crowd for a moment, drawing a few negative gestures to come his way (which, since this is pay-per-view, are not blurred out). Ka’Derrion then turns and makes another cover, waiting for the count… 1… 2… but Johnson again gets a shoulder up, to the cheers of the crowd in attendance! Ka’Derrion angrily gets up, his temper starting to get the better of him. It’s almost like he’s furious that Bucky won’t just give up and stay down. Ka’Derrion pulls him up again, shoving him into the corner. Marcus then goes up top of him, punching him a couple of times for emphasis before going for a hurricanrana! But Johnson blocks it, using all his strength to hold Ka’Derrion up long enough to take a few steps forward before throwing him over his shoulders, causing Ka’Derrion to fall onto the ‘buckle with a Snake-eyes!! Both men fall to the mat, as the crowd cheers wildly.*

Logan: There it is!! Johnson took Ka’Derrion by surprise!

Jones: Ka’Derrion let his guard down, and Bucky made him pay for it!

Logan: Now, Bucky, get up, get up and take him out!!

*Despite the maneuver, it’s Ka’Derrion who gets to his feet first, having taken less abuse in this one. He turns and heads unsteadily over to Johnson, convinced it was a fluke. But Johnson springs up to meet him, landing a dashing clothesline to put him down!! Ka’Derrion bounces up, but Johnson lands another clothesline, then a third, as the United Spirit Arena is erupting!! Johnson’s definitely got his second wind, as he picks Ka’Derrion back up and sets him, lifting him up and throwing him down with an inverted suplex slam!! After a few seconds of breathing, Johnson rolls over for the cover… 1… 2.. and Ka’Derrion shoots his shoulder up, getting off the canvas. Johnson grabs the raised arm and twists Ka’Derrion around into his OWN submission hold, locking Ka’Derrion into a stretch plum inverted facelock!! Now it’s the former World Champion struggling, as Johnson fights to keep the hold as tight as he can!*

Logan: Smart move, Bucky! Wear him down and buy some recovery time for yourself!

Jones: Johnson’s definitely making some great decisions now. We may need to change his nickname!

Logan: What, change it from “The Retarded Beast”? That would screw up the Retarded Midgets, man, we can’t have that!

Jones: Oh, good point.

*Referee Rockwell seems to be relishing asking Ka’Derrion if he’s going to quit. All Ka’Derrion can do is shout “No!”, as he fights to get free. His legs are close to the ropes, so he starts shimmying over, trying to reach out to them. Johnson, not realizing how close he is, concentrates on making the hold even tighter. But as soon as Ka’Derrion’s feet touch the ropes, Rockwell has to do his job, calling for the break. Johnson releases the hold, happily looking towards Rockwell and expecting that the match was over. But Rockwell shakes his head, pointing at the ropes. Johnson sighs, then turns and goes back to Ka’Derrion, pulling him up… only to have Ka’Derrion rock his head back with an uppercut! As Johnson stumbles back, Ka’Derrion rights himself and comes in, getting a spinning heel kick to the back of Bucky’s head!! Johnson topples like a tree felled during “Ax Men”, with Marcus moving on his hands and knees over to him to make the cover, grabbing both legs… 1… 2… and Bucky kicks out! Ka’Derrion has a look of shock on his face, but Rockwell is adamant about the count!*

Logan: Whew!

Jones: Ka’Derrion came within inches there, but Johnson continues to fight on! What’s it going to take to keep him down??

Logan: Hopefully more than Ka’Derrion has in the tank! Keep in mind, Johnson out-lasted Marcus last month at Warriors of the Ring IV to win the X Division Title! Once again, he’s surprising everyone with the fight he’s putting on!

*After a brief argument, Ka’Derrion, shaking his head, brings Johnson back up and sets him in place, apparently thinking about going for the Punisher! He attempts to lift, but Johnson’s weight is too much, as he’s able to shift himself back to the ground. Johnson then grabs Ka’Derrion’s head and drops with a modified diamond cutter!! Once again, the place is going wild, as Johnson gets over on top of the former World Champion… 1… 2… but no, Ka’Derrion gets out of it! Both men are looking beat as Johnson starts to pull them back up on shaky legs. He sets Ka’Derrion into place for a powerbomb attempt, moving them to that he might possibly be thinking to powerbomb Ka’Derrion into the turnbuckle!! But as he goes to lift, Ka’Derrion suddenly slips free and grabs Johnson’s legs, yanking them out from under him. As Bucky falls to his back, Ka’Derrion quickly steps through the legs and twists him around, turning into the PainKiller!!! The crowd reacts, screaming, as suddenly Johnson is in dire straits!!*

Logan: Damn!! Just like that, the PainKiller is applied!!

Jones: It’s the move that badly injured Justin Hale last week, sending him out of the GCWA, and now Johnson’s trapped!

Logan: Son of a…

*Referee Rockwell moves in, talking to Johnson, who’s in incredible pain the likes of which most people watching have never felt (thankfully). Ka’Derrion has a dark smirk on his face, knowing that he’s got things well in hand now. Johnson scratches at the mat with his fingernails, the torment almost more than he can bear. The anguish on his face is very telling, as his hand rises slightly, as if to tap. But the crowd gets behind him again, chanting Johnson’s name, trying to keep him in the match. Slowly but surely, Johnson lowers his hand, yelling “No!” to Rockwell and starting to fight, maneuvering himself towards the ropes on his left!! Ka’Derrion, flabbergasted, fights to keep him in place, not believing that he’s doing it. But Johnson inches to the side, coming closer and closer to the ropes! Marcus tries to drag him away, but it’s hard to move a much-larger man from a sitting position. With one final lunge, Johnson reaches the bottom rope, causing an eruption of cheers as Ka’Derrion is forced to release the PainKiller!*

Jones: How did Johnson do that??

Logan: Man, Ka’Derrion might actually have to kill him to win this match!! Johnson just won’t quit!

Jones: But are his legs in any shape to continue??

*Ka’Derrion seems to be blaming Referee Rockwell, complaining with him about him being ‘biased’. Rockwell shakes his head, telling Marcus to get out of his face, with Ka’Derrion apparently considering slapping the taste out of the man’s mouth. But Marcus knows better, shaking his head and turning back towards Johnson, who is already mostly up, hanging onto the ropes as the only way to stand. Surprisingly, Johnson heads to the turnbuckle, starting to climb up if only to sit down for a second. Ka’Derrion, smiling, follows him and hits him in the back with a forearm, weakening him some more. Ka’Derrion then climbs up with him, preparing for a super belly-to-back suplex!! He snaps backwards… but Johnson hangs on, and Marcus goes flying away instead! Ka’Derrion hits hard, banging his head on the canvas, leaving him stunned. Meanwhile, Johnson, barely able to even turn himself around, fights to straighten himself up. He stares down at Ka’Derrion, as the arena gets even louder. Johnson then leaps, falling onto Ka’Derrion with the Bucking Bronco!!!!! Ka’Derrion is crushed, but unfortunately, the impact causes Johnson to slide off next to him, holding his stomach in distress!*

Jones: The Bucking Bronco lands!!!

Logan: Pin him, Bucky, pin him!! Your dream awaits!!

*With the audience all on their feet, Johnson slowly rolls himself over, putting an arm across Ka’Derrion’s shoulder for the cover. Rockwell’s right there for the count… 1… 2… NO!!! Ka’Derrion somehow gets his arm off the mat, stopping the count!! Johnson’s head drops into his arms, knowing how close he was. He struggles up, pulling Ka’Derrion with him. Neither is walking very well at the moment, but Johnson manages to maneuver Ka’Derrion into the ‘buckle, slamming him headfirst into the pads! Ka’Derrion slumps there, as Johnson reaches around the former World Champion and starts lifting him into the corner. Rockwell moves in on the side, starting a turnbuckle count… and missing the fact that Ka’Derrion kicks backwards with his left leg, catching Johnson with a low blow!!!! Johnson immediately drops him and bends over, tortured from the blow. Ka’Derrion then turns and grabs hold of Johnson, using the turnbuckle as support in order to get him up, then back down… with the Punisher!! Making sure that Johnson’s legs are away from the ropes, Ka’Derrion makes the pin… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Marcus Ka’Derrion!

Logan: Damnit!! I thought Bucky could do it… I didn’t think anything could stop him after he escaped the PainKiller!

Jones: Unfortunately, Ka’Derrion had one more trick up his sleeve, and it was a doozy! The former World Champion gets his first pay-per-view victory of 2010, as Johnson was unable to stop him.

Logan: Yeah, well, at least it’s over… hey, wait… damnit, Ka’Derrion, it’s over!!!

*Even as Rockwell lifts up Ka’Derrion’s hand, the man is staring back over his shoulder at Johnson, who is attempting to get up. Ka’Derrion, seeing that Johnson’s not staying down, moves in, giving Johnson a knee to the side of the head to knock him down. Ka’Derrion then grabs the man’s legs and turns him, placing him back into the PainKiller!!! Rockwell frantically signals for the bell to ring, even as Ka’Derrion tightens the hold, trying to put another wrestler on the injured reserve list!*

Jones: Ka’Derrion’s trying to end Bucky’s career!

Logan: Not again! I won’t let it happen…

Jones: Wait, Anthony! You can’t leave the booth, or the President will fire you!

Logan: But I can’t just sit here…

Jones: Hold on, man, help’s on the way!!

*The cheers start to overwhelm the boos, as suddenly The Little Guy appears, racing to the ring and sliding in! Ka’Derrion, smiling, releases the hold and heads out of the ring, making it look nonchalant. Ka’Derrion stands outside the ring, laughing to himself about the fact of who just came after him as he looks over what he’s done. The Little Guy checks on Bucky, while Marcus starts walking away, pleased at a job well done. Johnson’s struggling to sit up, with TLG’s help. Apparently no permanent damage occurred, although Johnson’s going to be hurting for a while.*

Jones: Thank goodness The Little Guy made the save!

Logan: Yeah, he also saved my job… I wasn’t going to just let Ka’Derrion end another promising career!

Jones: At least Johnson looks like he’s not too bad off.

Logan: Compared to Hale and Styles, he got off lucky.

*Johnson shakes his head towards The Little Guy, letting him know he’s alright. He’s working to straighten his left leg, where the muscles have really tightened up painfully. The Little Guy moves around him, trying to help Johnson up (with the help of Referee Rockwell). The crowd cheers as Johnson rises, giving him a strong ovation for the way he fought in the match. Johnson nods to them, then achingly moves towards the edge of the ring, ready to head out with The Little Guy’s aid. We cut to the back, where we see Harvey Danger pacing back and forth, stressed out. While this is far from unusual, there definitely seems to be heaviness to his walk.*

Harvey Danger: Ok, ok, everything will be ok…

*Suddenly, the locker door opens, starling him. He turns, seeing the World Heavyweight Champion, Draco, walk in! The fans cheer, but Harvey doesn’t look too happy at the condition that Draco appears to be in.*

Harvey Danger: Thank god you’re here! Hey, uh, the locker rooms have a shower, so you could, I don’t know, maybe get cleaned up for your match…

*Draco doesn’t say a word, walking past Harvey and going right to the couch. He sits down, leaning forward on his knees with his arms. He’s looking very haggard, due to the events of the last week. Harvey tentatively moves towards him, looking very concerned.*

Harvey Danger: So, ummm, do you want a coke or something? I could run and get one…

Draco: We’re… I’m… fine…

Harvey Danger: Oh, yeah, of course you are, yeah, you’re the champ, after all… so, uh, for tonight, against Shane… I still can’t believe he’s done this, but, I mean… do you want me to… I don’t know, help?

*Draco looks up at Harvey for a second, studying him, before looking back down at his hands. Harvey waits for a second for a response, then backs away.*

Harvey Danger: Right, right, why would you need my help? Well, anyway, ummm, I’m going to go find that coke now. I’ll be back later.

*Harvey turns and leaves the room, almost hitting himself with the door in his haste to head out. Draco stays behind, still leaning forward. It’s hard to tell if he’s supporting himself… or containing himself. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: Damn, Draco still doesn’t look that great, does he? I hope our World Champion is ok to wrestle tonight!

Logan: Hey, man, the guy’s long-time girlfriend got hit by a car, and then apparently blamed him for it. It’s amazing to me that Draco hasn’t just cracked like an egg. 2010 has been extremely rough for our champ!

Jones: That just works in favor of Shane Donovan, who just might get the World Title here tonight. But that’s in our main event. We’ve still got a long ways to go to get there!

*The footage before this match is more of a review of two great athletes’ careers than as an actual feud, as neither man has met before tonight. We first see Robert “The Sensei” Santana running through a great series of matches, including pulling upsets over former World Champions like Shane Donovan and Tommy Crimson. He is shown holding the Television Title, and later the X Division Title, showing that he’s had a good deal of success in the GCWA. The next focus is on Lurrr, starting with him holding up the World Heavyweight Title. We see a series of images telling the tale of one of the most hated wrestlers in the world today, including his superkick of the President the week before. Finishing up, we have an image of the two wrestling seemingly facing off, with Crazy Chris, as the Unified X Division Champion, apparently looking on, as the video clips end.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “#1 Contenders” Match for a chance at the GCWA Unified X Division Title! Making his way out of the back, he has held both portions of the unified title in his career… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans give a warm ovation for Santana as he comes out to “Sandstorm” by Darude. Santana’s face shows the hardships he’s been under all week, but he still managed to be here tonight for the match. He walks forcefully to the ring, climbing through the ropes.*

Jones: Santana had one of the most frightening weeks possible for a professional wrestler, as his wife’s car was bombed!

Logan: Yeah, thankfully, it turned out she wasn’t in the car, but still, a lot of people are wondering how Santana will even be able to compete here tonight after the week he’s had!

Jones: It won’t be easy, as wrestling a former World Champion takes a ton of concentration and energy. But Santana has thrived under pressure in the past, scoring some big wins over top-notch talent. Can he do it again here tonight?

Minos: And now, his opponent… he is a former GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, and is seeking a return to gold he’s held in the past… standing 6’5” and weighing 235 lbs, here is Lurrr!

*Possibly the most hated music in professional wrestling, “Cocky” by Kid Rock, hits the speakers, with the crowd responding with heavy negativity. Lurrr walks out of the back with a strut, posing for a second before laughing and continuing down. He curses out a couple of teenagers shouting at him, with security quickly intervening to avoid lawsuits as the former World Champion continues on his way.*

Jones: Lurrr took in the Big 12 Tournament this week, meeting up with an old friend in Rick Mathis.

Logan: I don’t get Mathis. Lurrr turned on him, betrayed him, attacked him… and then, when he offers seats at the tournament, Mathis just forgives him and goes for it?

Jones: They weren’t just seats, Anthony. They were courtside.

Logan: Oh. Well, that makes a difference, but still…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Clearly not having any respect for his opponent, Lurrr waves Santana on, wanting to get going. Santana meets him in the center, with the two athletes locking up, staring at each other while straining back and forth. Lurrr tries to move Santana back towards the ropes, but Santana locks his feet and holds position, before shoving Lurrr away! Lurrr steps back, with the lock-up broken. Santana flexes his arm for a second, showing off the muscle there. This seems to get under Lurrr’s skin, as he says something under his breath towards Santana, then steps forward, landing a strike across Santana’s face! As Santana shakes it off, Lurrr leans in, apparently telling Santana not to bother and to walk out now. Santana’s response is to straighten up and meet Lurrr’s eyes, before signaling for him to try again! Lurrr’s only happy to oblige, getting another shot towards the side of Santana’s head… but Santana blocks it, then starts lashing out, scoring shot after shot on the former World Champion! Lurrr, unable to stop the flurry of chops and punches, is driven back, with Santana then leaping up into a spinning kick that finds its mark, causing Lurrr to tumble backwards and roll out of the ring!*

Jones: Wow! Santana’s feet are as fast as ever!

Logan: I think Lurrr just got himself a ‘wake-up call’ of his own! Santana’s not some snot-nosed rookie, he’s a long-time wrestler with the GCWA!

Jones: It’s hard to believe that this is actually the first meeting of these two, considering that both have been in the GCWA for a year!

Logan: Well, it’s time for Lurrr to learn what he’s been missing!

*Lurrr is up on the outside, pissed off at what just happened. Referee Mitchell is counting away, already up to 5, as Santana patiently waits for his opponent to return. Lurrr, never a quitter, jumps up on the apron and comes back in, ordering the ref to make sure that Santana stays back before coming through the ropes. Santana doesn’t make any move towards him, though, instead waiting for Lurrr to come to him. The furious wrestler suddenly charges at Santana, swinging a heavy fist at him. But Santana’s ready, catching Lurrr and dropping him with a single-leg takedown!! Lurrr jumps back up, even angrier, but his punch goes wild, causing him to spin around and allow Santana to grab him from behind and lift, landing an atomic drop! Lurrr flounders forward, aching from the shot. He painfully turns around, as Santana nails him with a running clothesline!! With Lurrr down, Santana makes the cover, hanging onto the legs… 1… 2.. and Lurrr kicks free, arching himself out of the pin.*

Jones: Santana’s really bringing the fight tonight!

Logan: I think he’s got a lot of excess rage, Jonesy, that he didn’t get to let out on the guy who bombed his wife’s car. Unfortunately for Lurrr, he’s the recipient of it right now!

Jones: Santana may be on the verge of another monumental upset!

*Santana has already brought Lurrr back up, throwing him into the corner. He then starts lashing out with his violent chops, scorching his hand across Lurrr’s exposed chest! Lurrr winces from each shot, showing that they certainly aren’t pleasant. Santana then brings Lurrr out of the corner, setting him in place for a vertical suplex attempt. But Lurrr puts out his foot, blocking it, then lifts himself, snapping Santana over to the mat! Both men are down for a second, as Lurrr takes a moment to recover, while Santana struggles to get back up. Both wrestlers get to their feet at about the same time, with Santana, seeing Lurrr on the ropes, running over towards him and leaping up for a high kick! But Lurrr dodges it, causing Santana to straddle the ropes instead! Santana slumps on the ropes, with Lurrr turning towards him and coming back with a shoulder block, which sends Santana over the ropes and to the outside, taking a nasty landing on the apron on the way down!!*

Jones: Lurrr just sent Santana on a horrible trip down to the outside!

Logan: He must have fallen twenty feet!!

Jones: Er, no, Anthony, he just fell out of the ring. It’s maybe, what, 8 feet?

Logan: C’mon, Jonesy, I’m just trying to make it seem like a bigger deal!

Jones: I know, and I know other announcers do that, but we here in the GCWA are more professional than that.

Logan: We are? News to me, chum…

*Lurrr has already followed Santana out of the ring, albeit with a slightly gentler manner. He pulls Santana up and lifts him into the air, dropping him face-first onto the edge of the apron! Santana falls to the side, his jaw rocked by the landing, as Lurrr smiles, back to his usually confident self. Referee Mitchell is counting away on both men, making sure to shout a warning to Lurrr about how neither person would get the #1 Contendership on a double countout. Lurrr mocks him, not really caring about Mitchell’s words. Still, they must have some effect, as Lurrr whips Santana into the guardrail, then turns and rolls into the ring, before sliding right back out, resetting the count. He goes back over to Santana and blocks a punch attempt, rocking Santana back with a shot of his own, before locking onto the mat and taking him over with an Olympic slam on the outside mats!! Santana is rolling in agony, with Lurrr taking a moment to gloat to the booing fans.*

Logan: Unfortunately, Lurrr’s starting to take over in this one. Maybe Santana WAS more fatigued than we thought.

Jones: Or maybe Lurrr is just that good, Anthony.

Logan: You’re NEVER get me to admit that, Jonesy.

Jones: Well, anyway, as the fight continues… wait… Anthony look! At the entryway!

Logan: Oh ho, the plot thickens! What are they doing here?

*The cheers pick up in volume, catching Lurrr’s attention. He turns and looks, seeing the two men as they walk down the ramp towards the ringside area. It’s Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill, The House of Pain!! Lurrr looks startled, doing a double-take at the appearance of two of his former allies. Mobley and Hill don’t seem to be in any hurry to get to the ring, stopping and talking with the crowd for a second, but both look over at Lurrr at the same time, grins on their faces. Lurrr has trouble taking his eyes off of them, as he reaches down and pulls Santana up, tossing him into the ring. Lurrr follows, looking back at the House of Pain the whole time. He stands on the apron, shouting towards them that he has no business with either ‘loser’ anymore. Mobley and Hill laugh at that comment, then start coming closer, with Lurrr warning them to stay out of his match. Unfortunately for Lurrr, ‘his’ match is still going on, as Santana, partially recovered, reaches over the ropes and grabs him around the arms with a full nelson, then lifting him up over the top rope and into the ring with a full nelson suplex bridge!! Referee Mitchell is right there… 1… 2… and Lurrr only barely kicks out!*

Logan: Damn, that was close!

Jones: The House of Pain nearly cost Lurrr the match, just by showing up!

Logan: Well, they DID say last week that they were coming for him, either before, during, or after his match. I guess “during” won out!

Jones: But are they going to attack him and end the bout, or are they just here to watch?

Logan: Right now, hopefully, they’re going to stay uninvolved and just watch Lurrr take some punishment!

*Warrick and Derek split up, going on either side of the ring. They’re both staring inside, with Derek applauding briefly as Santana takes Lurrr over with a brainbuster, before going for another cover… 1… 2… but Lurrr keeps fighting, getting his shoulder up. As Lurrr instinctively gets to his stomach, to prevent another pin attempt, Santana gets to his feet, taking note of the two wrestlers circling the outside. He seems to consider them for a second, but then pushes it aside, not wanting to let it distract him as well. Instead he goes for Lurrr’s right leg, pulling him back and applying his ankle lock submission!!! Lurrr’s eyes widen in horror as his ankle gets twisted in ways a chiropractor would never attempt! He starts trying to pull himself towards the ropes, even as Mobley, on that side of the ring, gleefully takes up a position and watches him. He seems to be goading Lurrr on, daring him to come his way, with Lurrr hesitating, debating between the misery of the ankle lock and the risk of heading towards the man he superkicked at Warriors of the Ring IV.*

Jones: Santana’s got Lurrr in trouble, taking out his right ankle!

Logan: That’s going to have a major affect on how well Lurrr can set up the Wake Up Call! Plus, it looks like Santana’s hanging onto it longer, if only because of Mobley being out there!

Jones: Of course, we’re assuming that Mobley and Hill are there to ruin Lurrr’s chances… but are we sure about that?

Logan: … I guess we’re just going to have to hope that the Roman Empire doesn’t live again, Edds.

*It definitely doesn’t seem that Mobley and Lurrr are working together at this point. Lurrr struggles to get closer to the ropes, reaching out desperately to get the break. Mobley, though, is holding the rope back, making sure it’s slightly out of Lurrr’s reach! Unfortunately, Referee Mitchell spots it and immediately orders Mobley to release the rope. Mobley does, trying to act innocent, as if he didn’t realize what he was ‘accidentally’ doing. Either way, though, Lurrr’s finally able to reach the rope, causing the break. Santana lets go, then moves in to pull Lurrr up, continuing his assault. He pulls the former World Champion to the center of the ring, kicking him in the stomach to leave him bent over. Santana then goes to the ropes and comes back, jumping up for an axe kick to the back! But Lurrr suddenly straightens up, avoiding the blow. He then steps in, grabbing the off-balance Santana from behind and dropping him with a roll of the dice!!! Santana’s down, with Lurrr getting on top quickly for the cover… 1… 2… Santana kicks out!*

Jones: Lurrr can turn things around so quickly!

Logan: If there’s one thing I can actually grant the son of a bitch, it’s that he knows what he’s doing in that ring.

Jones: Yes, but with the distraction of the House of Pain, can he focus?

Logan: I guess he should have bought Mathis ring-side tickets to this one. Maybe then he’d be protected… then again, he betrayed Mathis too, so maybe not.

*Warrick has moved to another side, seemingly now smoking something, although it’s unclear exactly what substance he’s burning. Mobley is standing on his own, his arms crossed as he watches Lurrr look his way. Lurrr’s looking to set an example now, picking Santana up and snapping him over with a pumphandle slam!! Lurrr makes another cover… 1… 2… but Santana refuses to stay down! Lurrr punches the mat three times, as if to show the referee the ‘proper’ speed he should be counting. Referee Mitchell doesn’t argue, instead backing away from the ticked-off wrestler. Lurrr then reaches down and pulls Santana up, pointing him towards Mobley and signaling to the man that he’s got everything under control. He whips Santana to the ropes and waits for him to return, then reaches down and catches him, taking him over with a spinebuster!! Surprisingly, though, Lurrr’s feet fly up after impact, and both men lay on the mat, not moving, as Mitchell circles around them!*

Jones: What? What happened there??

Logan: I think, as Lurrr was taking Santana up for that spinebuster, Santana was able to grab Lurrr’s head, Jonesy!

Jones: Oh, wow, that means that the spinebuster essentially also became a DDT! Neither wrestler may be able to answer the count!

*The fans are cheering, getting behind Santana, as both wrestlers begin to stir. Mitchell is counting now, trying to keep it slow in order to allow one of the wrestlers to get up and keep fighting for the #1 Contendership. Surprisingly, Santana is up first, holding his side painfully, as if one of his ribs has been knocked out of place. He limps over to Lurrr, pulling him up, no, Lurrr reaches up and rakes the eyes, blinding the man!! Santana drifts backwards, trying to clear his vision, with Lurrr running backwards towards the ropes, hoping to take advantage. Warrick, though, reaches under the ropes and grabs Lurrr’s foot, tripping him!! The referee misses it, looking the wrong way, as Lurrr, thrown off-balance, stumbles and slides to his knees. This, however, turns out to be a lucky break for him, as Santana was already jumping into the air for the Sensei-Tion, sending it flying over Lurrr’s head!!! Santana, still having trouble seeing, barely is able to stabilize himself on his landing, turning back to the rising wrestler… who snaps off the Wake Up Call!!! Santana’s down, as Lurrr jumps onto him for the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the new #1 Contender to the Unified X Division Title… Lurrr!

Logan: Damnit! Santana was so close!!

Jones: The interference back-fired there, as it really saved Lurrr’s neck! If that Sensei-Tion had hit, this one might have ended a little differently!

Logan: Santana put up a brilliant fight, one of the best we’ve seen out of him, but he came up a hair short in the end. Too bad, I would have liked to see Lurrr put in his place!

Jones: Well, you still may, as Lurrr apparently isn’t through with the man who tripped him!

*As Santana rolls out of the ring, still stunned from the Wake Up Call, Warrick watches him dejectedly from the outside. Suddenly, though, he’s grabbed, as Lurrr reaches through the ropes and pulls him up onto the apron!! Lurrr yells at the man, threatening him for putting his hands on him. He looks ready to knock Warrick’s head off… but then Warrick releases his breath, spewing a mass of smoke into Lurrr’s face!!! Lurrr, not expecting that in the least, lets go and moves backwards, coughing heavily! He’s so overcome by the smoke, he doesn’t even notice that Derek Mobley is in the ring now behind him! Mobley grabs Lurrr and spins him around, not letting him react before taking him down with the Thriller!!! Lurrr’s lay out, as Mobley stands over him, nodding his head towards Warrick. Hill comes in as well, with the House of Pain surrounding Lurrr, even as the crowd cheers loudly!*

Jones: The House of Pain just got some revenge on Lurrr, paying him back for his attempts on them earlier in the year!

Logan: HAH Hah hah hah hah!!

Jones: Man, don’t enjoy it TOO much, Anthony!

Logan: This is great!! The House of Pain is back, and Lurrr’s been planted!! I love it!

*Hill and Mobley do a quick mock-hand shake over Lurrr’s downed body, before turning and leaving the ring, happy with what they’ve accomplished. We go to the back, where we’re in one of the hallways of the arena. Walking through them is a maintenance man, who is talking on his cell phone.*

Man: Man, what a crazy night. These wrestlers are insane, Bill! I just saw a guy wolfing down a bunch of the buffet food, and I doubt there’s going to be any left over here in a few minutes… and he’s still got a match! There was a midget and a big, retarded-looking guy joking around with one of the interviewers, and boy, did she look steamed! And, get this, there was this group from the CWF taunting everyone, with one of them, this strange girl, spray-painting “GCWA sucks”… on one of our walls! That’s going to be a pain to have to fix once these freaks are gone…

*The maintenance man walks past another doorway, then stops, something triggering in his subconscious about something he saw. He slowly backtracks and looks into the doorway. The camera moves to show us that there is no light coming out of the doorway. The room is completely black.*

Man: I’ll, ummm, I’ll have to call you back.

*The man hangs up the phone and looks inside the room, feeling for the light switch on the side. He flicks it a few times, but nothing happens. Grumbling to himself, he ventures in, turning on a small pocket light he keeps with him.*

Man: Damn lights… anyone in here? Hello?

*Suddenly, the light goes spinning away, flying to the side of the room. We hear a grunt from the man, following a severe thud. For a second, the man appears, falling to the ground with a bloody gash on his forehead. The guy’s legs are then grabbed and he slides backwards, back into the darkness. After a few seconds of quiet, another person emerges. He steps out, complete with his face paint and dark costume, with the fans starting to cheer the appearance of “Twiztid” Arryk Rage! Twiztid looks behind him for a second, either thinking about the downed man or thinking about the darkness he’s leaving behind, before turning and heading down the hall. We return to ringside.*

Logan: Damn, another grievance for the union to complain about!

Jones: Man, that Twiztid is so on edge, he’ll attack anyone working for the Accelerator! He needs to be punished, that man did nothing wrong!

Logan: Well, if Ace has his way, that punishment is coming up soon enough!

*The video cuts in, showing us an image from long ago. It appears to be a promotional poster from an Insane Championship Wrestling Federation event, showcasing, in the main event, Arryk Rage vs. the Accelerator for the World Title. It fades away, to be replaced with a picture of Rage wrestling in the GCWA. After losing his X Division Title to Scott Caine and being unable to reclaim it, Rage tried to retire, only to be blocked by the Accelerator. The President forced Rage into matches, only to have Rage refuse to compete, instead laying down and allowing himself to be pinned. We see shots from Wreck The Halls ’09, where Ace set up an “I Quit” Match between himself and Rage to decide things, only to have Rage quit immediately, depriving the President of the match he wanted. The response was immediate, as GCWA Security beat Rage down, with the Accelerator smiling in the background. We see shots from the past few months, including Rage’s war with Grimm (with the speculation that Ace set Grimm up to attack him), and the coming of Angelica, attacking Rage at Warriors of the Ring IV and getting a contract from Ace in return. Finally, we see the setting up of tonight’s match, focusing on Rage’s surprising turn back to his dark alter-ego, Twiztid, and his attacks on the President, leading to tonight’s contest. We go back to ringside.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall. It will be fought under “Twiztid’s House of Terrors” Rules! Coming to the ring first, he is a former GCWA X Division Champion who has been known under many names, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 212 lbs, from Detroit Michigan, here is Twiztid!

*The crowd gives a good pop for Twiztid as he comes out to “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown. He doesn’t seem to even notice them. The only thing that has his attention is the wall of weapons that has been set up in the ring.*

Jones: Twiztid, aka Arryk Rage, has a chance tonight to finally win out over our President. It’s even his style of match!

Logan: Yep, definitely so. For months now, Twiztid’s been consumed with fighting against the Accelerator. It’s all boiling down to tonight, as the two men will finally meet in the ring!

Jones: At least, we hope so. Remember what happened the last time these guys fought. Rage quit and walked away.

Logan: Hey, that was Rage, not Twiztid! I’ve wrestled against men like Twiztid before. They don’t quit. They don’t give up. The only way to beat them is to knock them unconscious. It remains to be seen if the Accelerator still has the ability to do that.

Minos: His opponent is a former 5-time World Heavyweight Champion, including the ICWF World Heavyweight Title… he is also the President of the GCWA… standing 6’6” and weighing in at 280 lbs, from Dallas, Texas, here is the Accelerator!

*It’s a hometown advantage without the advantage, as the crowd is booing the Dallas-born Accelerator as he comes out. Ace moves to the center of the ramp, as if getting a monster ovation. He gives the fans on both sides a wave, moving more like a politician than a wrestler. He takes off the jacket he’s wearing to reveal his heavily-packed muscles, showing that the old man is still in shape.*

Jones: The President looks like he’s still ready to contend for World Titles, Anthony! Look at that physique!

Logan: Yeah, for someone his age, that shouldn’t be possible. But then, if you’re taking the prescriptions that Ace is taking…

Jones: Wait, what? You’re accusing the President of the GCWA of taking steroids? How dare you, sir!

Logan: C’mon, Jonesy… from what I hear, the Accelerator was ‘too busy’ to take a drug test before this contest. He’s hiding it, pure and simple!

Jones: I will not stand for those baseless accusations, Anthony. And if you want to keep your job, you’d probably want to stop them yourself!

Logan: Kiss ass…

Jones: What did you call me??

Logan: I called you a “KISS ASS!” Got a problem with that?

Jones: Er, uh, no, sir…

Logan: That’s what I thought!

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: So, ummm, maybe, er, we should talk about the match rules?

Logan: Fine by me, kiss-ass, I mean, Jonesy. The rules for this one are pretty simple. It’s Twiztid’s House of Terror, which means that all the weapons on that steel fence are available, but ONLY for Twiztid to use! If Ace uses any of them, he’s disqualified.

Jones: What? So, what does the Accelerator use?

Logan: Well, per the rules of this type of match, Ace can use any weapons that the fans give him.

Jones: The fans?? The President has to rely on them??

Logan: Yep. He’s screwed.

*The Accelerator, for his part, seems extremely confident. He does a quick flex of his muscles towards the crowd, oblivious to their disgust in him. He then turns towards Twiztid, giving him a flex as well, trying to intimidate him. Twiztid studies Ace for a second, not fazed at all. He then turns and reaches out, pulling off what looks like a weed whacker off the wall!! Ace’s face goes pale, as he realizes what Twiztid is holding. It only takes one pull for Twiztid to get it started, making a loud noise. Twiztid then starts walking towards Ace, calmly raising up the weed whacker so that it points towards Ace’s face! The President immediately decides on a course of action, turning and diving through the ropes to get out of range!! Twiztid leans over the ropes, swinging the weed whacker, but Ace has been able to retreat far enough away to avoid him, probably saving himself a lot of facial reconstruction… at least, so far.*

Jones: Who gave Twiztid a weed whacker?? I demand to know!!

Logan: Maybe he brought it from his own house, Jonesy.

Jones: There’s no way the President approved that weapon, damnit!

Logan: Guess he should have taken a closer look at the wall before this one started, Edds!

*Twiztid is already coming out of the ring, still carrying the weed whacker with him. The Accelerator has backed up towards the crowd, trying to get some sort of weapon to defend himself with. Unfortunately, the fans aren’t cooperating, shaking their heads to him. Ace turns and pleads to one of them, asking for their chair, but the fan refuses. Ace looks like he just wants to take it, but he sees Twiztid coming and instead bails, backing up as he goes around the ring. He has his hands out, pleading to Twiztid, saying that we can work this out without the weapon. Twiztid’s not listening, though, instead coming in violently with the weed whacker on full!! Ace barely blocks it, sending it twirling into the metal post instead! Ace then starts swinging away, driving Twiztid back with punch after punch!! The president now suddenly seems energized (or maybe his pills kicked in), as he grabs Twiztid and lifts, giving him a hip toss on the pads outside!! Twiztid winces, but then immediately starts to get back up, as Ace heads over to the weed whacker. Referee Rockwell, though, is quick to order Ace back, reminding him that the weapon was officially Twiztid’s.*

Logan: Sorry, Ace, you have to find your own weed whacker!

Jones: Mr. President! Over here! Take my chair!

Logan: Oh, c’mon, Jonesy! Professionalism, ever hear of it? How about impartiality?

Jones: Please, Anthony, you’re rooting for every fan favorite that comes out! I’m pulling for the owner of the company, what’s wrong with that?

*Twiztid is back on his feet, as the Accelerator heads to the crowd once more, seeking a friendly face. Not surprisingly, he doesn’t have much luck, as the fans want to see him go down. At the very least, they’re supporting Twiztid. Ace, frustrated, goes back towards Twiztid to grab him, but Twiztid knocks him away, then scores a couple of knife-edge chops to the throat, causing Ace to fall backwards, gasping. Twiztid then runs forward and leaps up, taking the President over with a hurricanrana on the floor! Ace crashes hard, hurting, as Twiztid jumps back to his feet and immediately goes back into the ring to select himself another weapon. He looks around, choosing what looks to be a metal pipe, as Ace gets up on the outside. He leans on the guardrail, with a fan surprisingly handing him something… a crutch! Ace looks at the man gratefully and turns, seeing Twiztid coming with his weapon. Ace raises the crutch to swing first, bringing it down as Twiztid raises the pipe to block… and the crutch explodes into a powdery cloud, falling apart in Ace’s hands from the impact!! Ace looks at the small pieces he’s still holding, then looks back at Twiztid, who smiles, then swings, jamming the pipe into Ace’s side, doubling him over! Twiztid then smashes the pipe into Ace’s back, knocking him down, as the crowd roars!*

Jones: I’ve never seen that happen with a crutch!!

Logan: It must have been a fake, Jonesy. That’s the only explanation. A fan set up the Accelerator!

Jones: You can bet that guy’s going to barred from all GCWA events after this!

*Twiztid steps over the Accelerator, who’s still on the ground, in a bad way. Twiztid’s not satisfied, though. He brings the pipe down and starts choking Ace with it from behind, dragging him upwards into it!! The Accelerator is struggling to survive, pulling at the bar, but Twiztid has a great position on him. Ace starts to slump forward, his energy gone, and finally Twiztid lets go, dropping the President to the ground. Twiztid then looks to the fans, wanting to know if that should be it. The answer, of course, is no, so Twiztid pulls the Accelerator up and starts to take him to the ring, rolling him inside. Twiztid goes in as well, going back to his wall. He considers a few items, rejects them, then makes his choice: what appears to be a trash can lid. Ace is sitting up now, trying to rise, as Twiztid brings the lid over. Looking from behind, you can tell that something’s wired in the lid. Twiztid lays it carefully on the ground, then grabs Ace and shoots him into the ropes. As Ace comes back, Twiztid lowers his shoulder, giving Ace a back body drop onto the lid… which EXPLODES!!!*

Logan & Jones: Holy SHIT!!!

*The Accelerator is in tremendous agony, rolling back and forth as if to put the flames out. Fortunately for him, there don’t seem to be any, although there’s a serious black mark covering his lower back. He’s kicking the mat, letting out short screams of pain as he does so. Twiztid is back on his feet, having shielded himself. He is smiling, getting a sense of enjoyment out of this that only a few people could understand. He comes over and drags the wounded Accelerator over to the corner. Referee Rockwell is watching from the side, still in shock from the explosion. Twiztid walks backwards, still with that eerie grin on his face. He points towards the President, perhaps signaling that the end is near! He sets himself to run towards him, going for the Star Struck… but suddenly, GCWA Security is there, led by Reed M. Shin!! Six men rush into the ring, with Twiztid turning to meet their charge, as the crowd boos heavily!*

Logan: Oh, hell, what are they doing out here??

Jones: There are no rules preventing outsiders from getting involved, Anthony!

Logan: Yeah, but damnit, it’s not fair!

Jones: Tell that to Twiztid, this is HIS match!

*Twiztid fights back hard, knocking down several of the guards. But he can’t get all of them, as Shin grabs him from behind, hanging on long enough for two others to start punching away at his midsection, slowing him down. Shin then lets go, allowing the other men to start beating away on Twiztid, while he goes to the President. Ace is sitting up but clearly still in bad shape. He waves Shin’s concerns away, though, telling him just to ‘take care of it’. While Ace stays there, Shin leaves the ring, getting a chair from underneath the apron! He comes back, raising the chair above his head, while the other security guards hold Twiztid’s arms, keeping him from moving. Twiztid suddenly stops struggling and stands straight up, as if daring Shin to do it. The Head of Security needs no other motivation, as he brings the chair down across Twiztid’s unprotected head!!! The crowd is going nuts, as Twiztid slumps, a deep gash appearing where the chair hit him. The white facepaint is now mixing with red.*

Logan: They’re destroying Twiztid!

Jones: Dude, the man tried to blow up our President! I mean, security was probably willing to let the match go on, until it reached lethal levels, and you don’t get much more lethal than explosives!!

Logan: It’s part of the damn match!! Stop making excuses, Jonesy, you know that this was all planned in advance!

*With Twiztid down, bleeding on the canvas, the Accelerator waves the GCWA Security away, taking a moment to shake Shin’s hand. The fans are booing heavily, but there’s not much they can do at the moment. As Shin starts to leave, he turns and hands over the chair to Ace, apparently proclaiming himself a ‘fan’. Ace smiles to him and takes it over, as Twiztid is trying to get back to his feet. The Accelerator rears back and smashes him hard in the back, nearly bending the steel chair from the impact!! Twiztid falls to his knees, but starts rising again, with incredible resiliency. Ace is more than pleased to swing again, smashing hard into the man and knocking him down once more! Referee Rockwell is standing nearby, leaning against the ropes, watching it all go down. There’s nothing for him to do but wait for a pin attempt.*

Logan: Man, Rockwell looks way too relaxed over there… I mean, you’d think he’d at least be annoyed that Ace used security to help him!

Jones: Have you forgotten, Anthony, that Rockwell was the first man laid out when Twiztid made his return?

Logan: Oh, that’s right, Twiztid blasted him with… oh.

Jones: Yep, a chair shot! So don’t expect Rockwell to be doing any favors for the guy, after he got treated like that!

*A third chair shot does even more damage, as Twiztid lays on the ground, leaving behind a faceprint of blood on the mat. The Accelerator tosses the chair away, then starts painfully moving towards Twiztid, his back definitely burned from the earlier explosion. He pulls up Twiztid with confidence, yelling at him about disrespecting the President, before taking him over to the corner and setting him up for the Rollercoaster!! The fans are on their feet, wondering if the Accelerator can even still pull off his old finishing maneuver. He sets Twiztid up and climbs with him, preparing to take flight… but Twiztid suddenly fights back, getting in several shots to the face!! The Accelerator staggers, almost falling off, but Twiztid catches him by the arm… and then takes off with the Fallen Star!!!! He hits it perfectly, laying the President out, as the crowd ignites, cheering heavily for the well-known maneuver!!*

Logan: The Fallen Star lands!! This could be it!

Jones: Uh, Shin, you might want to get back here…

*Painfully, Twiztid crawls across to the Accelerator, covering him, as the fans start to chant for the count. However, Referee Rockwell, stone-faced, stands in his corner, not moving! The audience turns, booing, as Twiztid looks up towards Rockwell, anger on his face. But Rockwell doesn’t approach, refusing to make the count and end the match! Twiztid gets back up, his face now a mixture of red and white. He’s an eerie sight as he approaches Rockwell, pointing back towards the Accelerator. Rockwell again shakes his head, and then points up at himself, apparently reminding Twiztid of what he did to him. Twiztid looks ready to do it again, grabbing Rockwell by the shirt, with the former wrestler glaring back at him. But before Twiztid can do anything, someone slides into the ring behind him and gets up, coming towards him. Sensing it, and expecting it to be more security, Twiztid turns… and stops, surprised, causing him to hesitate just that one crucial second. The man kicks Twiztid in the stomach, then grabs him, lifting him up and sending him crashing back down with an A-Bomb!!!*

Logan: Jesus!! It’s Titan 3!!!

Jones: We haven’t seen him in a long while, not since the Righteous Rumble!!

Logan: He may have just broken Twiztid in half!!

*The fans are booing even harder now, as Titan 3 pulls the badly-beaten Twiztid back to his feet. Clearly, he’s not done, as he propels Twiztid over the top rope and to the floor!! Twiztid crashes hard and stays down, not moving, even as Titan 3 goes out after him. Rockwell, meanwhile, checks on the President, who is starting to recover. On the outside, Titan 3 lifts Twiztid up and carries him along the aisleway, as if taking that last walk to the execution. They reach the ramp, with Twiztid trying to fight his way free, but Titan 3 stops that by flipping Twiztid over and slamming him back-first on the steel!! Twiztid slides down the rest of the ramp, his head bouncing at the bottom. Up the aisleway, the Accelerator, with some help from Rockwell, is making his way down. Titan 3 looks over at him, with Ace smiling, then giving him a thumbs down! Titan 3 nods, seeing the answer he wanted. He grabs Twiztid and pulls him up one more time, setting him in place, and then landing another A-Bomb, this one on the edge of the ramp!!! It’s a sickening maneuver, causing many of the fans to look away from how Twiztid’s body bent on impact!!*

Logan: Oh, man, Twiztid might never wrestle again after that!!!

Jones: Ok, on that note, we agree, that was taking things too far… that was brutal…

Logan: God, I hope that’s the end of this one!

*The Accelerator slowly struts over to where Twiztid is lying in a heap, his head and upper body still off the edge of the ramp, while the rest of him is propped up on it. Twiztid’s clearly unconscious, and in need of serious medical attention. Titan 3 is standing over him, his arms crossed, having done what he needed to do. Ace leans over towards Twiztid, looking at him hard for a second, before standing back up and putting a single foot on Twiztid’s upper body. Rockwell, seeing it, moves in and starts to count… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… the Accelerator!

Jones: The President wins!

Logan: I think I’m going to be sick…

Jones: I know, Anthony, that move that Twiztid took was stomach-churning!

Logan: That’s NOT the reason, Jonesy. Ace completely stole this one, and might have ended a wrestler’s career!

Jones: Which conveys the lesson to learn this evening: don’t cross the boss!

Logan: Damnit…

*The Accelerator is already celebrating, making sure that Rockwell lifts his hand high in the air. Titan 3, for his part, is on his way up the ramp, leaving the scene of the crime. GCWA Security passes him on the way down, with Titan 3 and Shin exchanging a serious look before they continue on their respective routes. Shin checks on the Accelerator, giving him a shoulder to lean on, while the rest of security gathers around Twiztid. They lift the wrestler into the air and carry him towards the back, to an unknown destination. But it’s clear that he may not be seen in the GCWA again. The Accelerator watches him go, a dark smile on his face. We go backstage where Cynthia Hall is spotted rushing down the hallway, in front of her we spot Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill, mere minutes after their altercation with Lurrr. Hall yells out Derek’s name, Derek turns around, along with Warrick and they spot Cynthia. She finally catches up with them, as they have stopped and are waiting on her…she speaks.*

Cynthia Hall: Guys, thanks for waiting up…it’s been a long time since we’ve seen you two in a GCWA arena, people have speculated when and how you would return…those questions are now answered…care for an explanation?

Derek Mobley: I don’t really know what there is to explain…Lurrr laid the both of us out last time we were seen on a GCWA program, plus, we pretty much said this would happen at the last Inferno, shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Cynthia Hall: True…what’s next?

Warrick Hill: Next? There is no ‘next’, Cynthia, this was it…we’re both going to run off and retire now.

*Cynthia looks shocked and speaks.*

Cynthia Hall: Wow! What a bombshell, House of Pain are retiring…

*Mobley interrupts Cynthia with Warrick smiling.*

Derek Mobley: Calm down, Cynthia, Warrick’s just messing with you. If we were to let you and everyone else in on what was next well, then it’d spoil Lurrr’s surprise.

Cynthia Hall: What about rebuilding the Roman Empire? There’s some talk that this may all be a big swerve and that you guys are actually going to join up with Lurrr to recreate one of the most powerful stables in GCWA history.

Warrick Hill: Oh, wow.

Cynthia Hall: Well, Warrick, I do ask the hard hitting question that no other pro wrestling interviewer dares ask!

Warrick Hill: No, it’s not that, I was just surprised to find out that you’re mildly retarded…props to Ace for giving such high profile jobs out to the mentally handicapped.

*Warrick pulls out a magic marker as Derek speaks.*

Derek Mobley: No, Cynthia, we will not be joining forces with Lurrr this time around…been there, done that. What we will be doing is what we set out to do when we first joined GCWA…we got a little sidetracked, but that happens to the best of us…

*Warrick begins to draw something on Cynthia’s exposed arm…she seems distracted by it, but being the professional that she is, she stands there and allows Mobley to finish what he is saying.*

Derek Mobley: Joining the Empire was a bold move, and it paid off for awhile, but it just wasn’t who we, the House of Pain, were…it did more long term harm than good…all we were doing was feeding the massive ego inside of Lurrr’s head. Lurrr thought he was better than us before we joined and he thinks the same today…so, we’re back to lay the argument to rest and prove, once and for all, that the House of Pain, not Lurrr, is the greatest driving force in the GCWA. Now, I’m sure Lurrr is going to come back here tonight and spew some heelish rhetoric about how he didn’t see it coming, was blindsided, and he will dare us to take him on, face to face…well, that’s all fine and dandy, Lurrr can say whatever pops into that egomaniacal brain of his…it simply won’t matter, because it cannot change the absolute fact that when this feud is over, the House of Pain, not Lurrr, will be standing, in the middle of a GCWA ring victorious…get used to those lights you were staring at tonight, Lurrr, it’s about to become a familiar sight.

*Derek turns around and walks off, Warrick caps his marker and does the same.*

Cynthia Hall: The House of Pain making an emphatic…

*Cynthia glances at her arm, as we do, and sees Warrick marked a crudely drawn imitation of the handicap symbol on Cynthia’s arm…Cynthia shakes her head and continues speaking.*

Cynthia Hall: Ahh, crap, nevermind…wardrobe!!

*We cut back to ringside.*

Logan: It’s great, man, to have the House of Pain fired up and back where they belong!

Jones: Well, they definitely made a statement earlier tonight with their attack on Lurrr.

Logan: They also made a statement with that drawing on Cynthia’s arm… which I disagree with, btw, Cynthia. Call me!

Jones: Anyhow, with the House of Pain targeting Lurrr, you can bet that he’ll return fire soon enough, most likely this week on Inferno!

Logan: I can’t wait to see what he has to say, after getting his backside handed to him by the HoP tonight!

Jones: We’ve got some great main-event caliber matches left, including, of course, THE main event, so let’s keep it rolling!

*The clip shows roll once again, this time showing the first appearance of the CWF’s Angelica as she sent Arryk Rage and Grimm flying off the stage and into electrical boxes, causing an explosion. Angelica’s jump to the GCWA created a war between the two federations, with several CWF wrestlers appearing in the coming weeks. One of these was Elijah, who, with his girl, Omega, ventured here in order to convince Angelica to return, citing how much better the CWF was over the GCWA. A GCWA mainstay, The Lost Soul, overheard the conversation and got involved, brawling with Elijah. The two would meet many times over several events, both in CWF and in the GCWA, with the brawls growing in intensity each time. It soon also brought in other wrestlers from both federations, leading to wild wars between the two groups. Tonight, those wrestlers will surround the ring, while Elijah and The Lost Soul attempt to finally settle their bitter month-long feud.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be fought under “Extreme Lumberjacks” Rules! Introducing first, representing the CWF Lumberjacks, here are members of the Insurgency… Cain… Angel… and Omega!

*The fans boo as the CWF wrestlers come out. Omega’s as hyped up as ever, jumping back and forth around the other two as they head for the ring. She has what appears to be a set of spiked brass knuckles in her hand. Angel is carrying a steel pipe, having retrieved it from who knows where. Cain is the most notable, with a large kendo stick slung over his back. They move in union to the ringside area, heading to their side.*

Logan: The CWF has been invading the GCWA for the last month, with the matches going back and forth between them. We’ve seen Shane Donovan fall to the CWF World Champion, Jarvis King, and we’ve seen Dangerous Dan defend the GCWA turf from the CWF’s Blue Scorpion! Now, tonight, the CWF and the GCWA meet once more!

Jones: Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am scared to death of what Cain is planning to do with that kendo stick.

Logan: Ditto.

Minos: And now, the GCWA lumberjack participants… representing our company… introducing the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris… Bucky Johnson… and Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The cheers are high and loud for the GCWA contingent, definitely showing the home field advantage is in effect. Santana comes out first, swinging a pair of nunchucks back and forth. Following behind him is Bucky Johnson, who’s less subtle, with a 2x4 slung over his shoulder. The two step aside and look back as the Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris, steps out, with apparently a specially-built weapon: a large metal rod connected onto a steel chain! Chris swings it around his head for a second, then catches it with remarkably accuracy, before starting down the aisle, Johnson and Santana staying right with him!*

Logan: Take it in, CWF fans, this is the GCWA’s youth movement in full effect!

Jones: Yep, which makes it all the more remarkable that they’re out here to support one of the oldest veterans in the GCWA!

Logan: Who knows how much of this is supporting TLS, and how much is just protecting the GCWA from outside invaders, Jonesy. Either way, it’s going to be a brawl!

Jones: Mitchell’s definitely got his hands full in this one!

Minos: And now, it’s time to introduce the competitors for tonight’s match. First, representing the CWF, he is one of the top wrestlers for their company, standing 6’0” and weighing 220 lbs, here is the current CWF Impact Champion, Elijah!

*The arena lights dim as “Sophia” by the Cruxshadows hits the sound system. A bright light can be seen in the entrance way, with a figure silhouetted against the glare. Elijah walks forward out into the open, with the GCWA fans booing him (and a smaller contingent of CWF faithful cheering him wildly). Elijah remains still, staring at the ring contemplatively, before making his way down the ramp. Omega’s hopping up and down at the edge of the aisle, excited. Elijah nods to her and takes her hand. The two jump up onto the apron together, with Elijah getting the ropes for her. The two go into the center of the ring, with Elijah holding Omega, even as jets of fire spring from the ringposts to form an enormous “X”, backlighting them with flame.*

Jones: Elijah’s had a great month so far, what with his victory over Cain in the “Doomsday Chamber” Match at CWF’s Modern Warfare.

Logan: Yeah, but it makes you wonder what condition he’s in, especially considering that he and The Lost Soul have brawled several times since then.

Jones: We got to see Elijah and Omega earlier this week at a circus that, well, you wouldn’t take your kids to.

Logan: Hey, I don’t know about that. It looked pretty cool to me!

Jones: Exactly my point. Anything cool to you is dangerous for children.

Logan: I’d argue the point, but you’re probably more right than I’d like.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he is a legend in the GCWA, still building his Hall of Fame resume… standing 6’4” and weighing 235 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the current GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, The Lost Soul!

*The lights go completely off, causing a roar from the crowd, as the “Friday the 13th” theme begins to play loudly throughout the arena. Spotlights circle back and forth, as if searching the crowd for their target. Suddenly, they lock on, showing a man straightening up in one section of the audience. The Lost Soul removes the coat he was wearing and walks through the fans, most of whom had no idea he was there. He climbs over the railing, heading towards the ring with determination. He goes in-between the wrestlers, with the CWF on one side and the GCWA on the other, but he’s only intent on the man in the ring: Elijah.*

Jones: The Lost Soul did his duty for the younger generation earlier this week, teaching some wrestling trainees valuable skills to utilize in the ring.

Logan: Do you really think we’re going to see any of those guys in a GCWA ring any time soon? They seemed pretty inept!

Jones: I don’t know, Anthony, I thought the Chameleon was pretty good. The guy seemed to be able to be anybody he wanted!

Logan: Were we watching the same video?

Jones: ‘Were we watching the same video?’ See, I can impersonate people, too!

Logan: That was just awful, Jonesy… simply awful…

Jones: *sigh*

*The Bell Rings.*

Logan: The rules of this one are pretty simple. First pinfall or submission gets the win. It’s just like a regular wrestling match, except in this one, you do NOT want to find yourself on the outside!

Jones: Yeah, and unlike most lumberjack matches, these guys are armed! We could see some serious injuries rather quickly!

Logan: Let’s hope not. I want a great match!

*The CWF and GCWA lumberjacks have quickly claimed their territory, each occupying one side of the ring. Neither Elijah nor The Lost Soul is concentrating on them, however. Instead, they are having a discussion in the center of the ring. It’s unclear what they are talking about, but both men look more intense now, set for battle. The Lost Soul strikes first, landing a shot to the side of Elijah’s head! Elijah comes right back with his own, and soon the two men are slugging it out, neither backing off from the fierce blows being thrown! The crowd loves it, and even the outside wrestlers seem pumped up, yelling for their respective representative. Elijah finally gets the upper hand, blocking an incoming shot and scoring his own, staggering TLS. Elijah then steps in and locks him up, taking the man down with a drop toe hold to the mat! The Lost Soul rolls away, grabbing at the ropes to get up. This almost gets him trouble, though, as Cain is suddenly there, swinging the kendo stick under the ropes! TLS steps out of range, avoiding the trip as he locks up again with Elijah.*

Logan: In this kind of match, you never know where the attack is going to come from. The Lost Soul was almost caught in the wrong part of town on that one!

Jones: Aren’t they only supposed to attack when the wrestler is outside the ring?

Logan: Technically, yes. In real-life situations? Not a chance. You get close, they’re going to try to get their shot, just like I hope the GCWA guys will. Man, I wish I was a lumberjack, too!

Jones: Stay in your seat, Anthony. You’re getting too pumped up nowadays about getting involved.

Logan: Yes, ‘mother’.

*Elijah has The Lost Soul in a head lock now, trying to wear him down a little. The Lost Soul manages to push Elijah away, though, sending him to the ropes. Elijah returns to TLS trying a shoulder block, but the CWF wrestler slides underneath him instead, ending up behind him! Before TLS can turn around, Elijah’s up and jumping, landing a missile dropkick that sends TLS forward to the mat! The Lost Soul again pulls himself up, near the ropes, as Elijah sets himself and charges forward, trying to clothesline him out of the ring. But TLS lowers his shoulder and catches Elijah by surprise, sending him flipping over to the outside instead!! Elijah’s fall is stopped, though, by Cain, who catches Elijah perfectly in mid-air, then drops him to the ground, keeping him upright. The Lost Soul shakes his head, knowing that Elijah went out on the wrong side. Elijah gets a quick hug from Omega, then heads back in, back to battle.*

Jones: Cain is definitely the largest of all the lumberjacks. I wouldn’t want him waiting out there for a chance to take ME out.

Logan: He’s a CWF Hall of Famer, and a former World Champion over there, so he’s easily the biggest threat of the CWF contingent. But don’t rule out Angel or Omega on their size. Both have won some big matches, and both would love to take TLS out and get a win for the CWF!

Jones: Well, we’ve got the only Unified X Division Champion ever, a multi-time Television Champion, and a former X Division Champ who has a midget for a partner! Beat that!

*The Lost Soul and Elijah meet again, struggling against each other, with TLS’ larger frame allowing him to push Elijah back into the corner. Referee Mitchell calls for the break, with TLS taking a step back. He then comes back in, though, swinging, only to have Elijah duck underneath and slide out, causing the two men to switch positions. Elijah then slugs TLS several times, staggering him, before grabbing his head and swinging him around with a tornado DDT! Elijah makes the first cover of the match, trying to hold TLS down, with Mitchell in position… 1… 2.. and TLS kicks out, with plenty of energy left. Elijah immediately brings him back up and sets him in place, going for a flatliner! But The Lost Soul pulls free of the move, then grabs at Elijah’s head, yanking him towards the ropes, no, reversal, and Elijah’s able to toss The Lost Soul over!! He lands on the apron, then starts to come back in, but Angel’s already there, grabbing his leg! TLS can’t shake her free before Elijah charges, dropkicking him and sending him to the ground! Cain and Omega immediately dive in, swinging their weapons at the wrestler!*

Logan: Oh no! TLS is in trouble!!

Jones: You can say that again!! Cain is just whaling on his side with that kendo stick!!

Logan: Thankfully, here come the other lumberjacks!

*As the Insurgency works TLS over, trying to keep him down, the GCWA portion of lumberjacks rushes in, shoving them back! Johnson uses his 2x4 to block Cain’s last attempted cane shot, standing between him and The Lost Soul, while Santana and Crazy Chris back off Angel & Omega. It almost looks like another major brawl is going to break out, but as the GCWA guys surround TLS, one more guy, Elijah, slides out of the ring next to them, quickly grabbing TLS and throwing him back into the ring! Elijah then quickly dodges a quick swing from Crazy Chris before re-entering, wanting to take full advantage of the battering TLS just took. He’s bleeding from a cut to his arm, probably from the spiked brass knuckles, and also is clearly favoring his ribs. Elijah targets that, turning TLS over and locking him into a bow and arrow submission! Referee Mitchell watches closely as TLS struggles against the pain, fighting to be free.*

Logan: Things aren’t looking good for the GCWA right now!

Jones: Nope, the lumberjacks definitely worked The Lost Soul over, and Elijah’s taking full advantage!

Logan: C’mon, TLS! Don’t let us down!

*The Lost Soul is furiously shaking his head, refusing to submit despite the torturous hold. Elijah seems to realize that he’s not going to get a submission, releasing the hold. He stands up, pulling TLS with him, and takes him towards the ropes, apparently thinking of tossing him to the lumberjacks again! Cain is waiting anxiously outside, the kendo stick at the ready, with Angel and Omega watching the opposite sides for the GCWA contingent. But as Elijah goes to toss TLS over, TLS reverses it, putting Elijah on the apron instead! Cain tries to stop his follow-through, but he can’t quite get it, smacking Elijah in the side of the leg!! Elijah hops for a second, then turns, angrily looking at Cain, who is clearly showing that he didn’t mean to do it. This distraction is just what TLS needed to recover, as he reaches over and grabs Elijah, lifting him up and suplexing him back into the ring with a bridge!!! The referee is there for the count… 1… 2… and both men get shoulders up, keeping the match from ending!*

Jones: I don’t think Cain meant to catch Elijah with that shot, but Elijah didn’t look too sure!

Logan: Just a few weeks ago, Elijah beat Caine for the Impact Title. They may be trying to work together here, but feeling don’t go away after such a short time period!

Jones: Well, any discord there is a bonus for us, so go ahead, guys, fight away!

*The Lost Soul is back in control, having stopped Elijah from recovering with a couple of knees to the stomach. Elijah, bent over, has no defense as TLS locks him up and lifts, getting a pumphandle slam!! TLS then tries another cover, with Omega screaming at him from the outside… 1… 2… Elijah kicks out, much to Omega’s relief. The Lost Soul is immediately getting up again, although he tenses for a second, putting a hand on his injured ribs. He’s still moving, though, as he takes Elijah over to the ropes, lifting him onto his shoulders. But before TLS can do anything, Elijah fights free, sliding down his back and landing behind him. He takes TLS to the ropes, apparently trying for a quick victory roll, but TLS hangs on, sending Elijah off on his own. Elijah gets right back to his feet and charges him, with TLS dropping and hanging onto the top rope, giving Elijah nowhere to go but to the outside!! He falls to the ground, bouncing off the apron along the way, and is immediately confronted by Crazy Chris, Johnson, and Santana!!*

Logan: Here we go!!! GCWA, take him out!!

Jones: You’re sounding a little bloodthirsty there, Anthony.

Logan: Nope, just a major GCWA supporter, that’s all. Just a little passionate, I guess.

Jones: Ahh, ok.


Jones: Passionate… right…

*Elijah tries to stand, to defend himself, but the nunchucks are already snapping into his back, courtesy of Santana!! Elijah staggers forward from the shot, right into a baseball-like swing by Johnson, crashing the 2x4 into his ribs!! Crazy Chris rears back to swing as well, wanting to finish things, but now the CWF members are there, with Omega, furious, leaping onto Chris’ back!!! This signals the complete breakdown of the lumberjacks, as Cain goes after Santana, while Johnson and Angel go at it!!! The crowd is loving it, cheering on their favorites, as the fighting starts spilling up and down the aisle!! Cain has the kendo stick as a choke, pulling Santana back and working him over, while Johnson has thrown Angel down and is trying to kick her, with Angel rolling out of the way. Crazy Chris is still trying to dislodge the wild Omega, spinning in circles. Meanwhile, The Lost Soul has come out of the ring and attacks Elijah again, whipping him hard into the steel post, sending him sprawling. TLS staggers over to him and grabs hold, pulling him up, as the brawling continues!*

Jones: Ok, I may hide under the desk for a little while…

Logan: C’mon, Jonesy, they’re all fighting over there for now, I think we’re ok.

Jones: It’s uncontrolled mayhem!

Logan: Yep, and seriously, who expected this to end any other way??

*Santana has now managed to escape Cain’s choke, and is now driving him back with repeated chops to the chest. Johnson, meanwhile, is bleeding from a spiked brass knuckle shot he took to the side, but is keeping Angel back with the threat of using the 2x4 on her. Meanwhile, nearby, The Lost Soul has rolled Elijah back into the ring and follows, climbing in with him… only to have Elijah twist and grab him, dropping with a facebreaker!! After a few seconds to recuperate, Elijah pushes himself up and rolls TLS over, going for the cover… 1… 2… and TLS manages to kick out! Elijah shakes his head, feeling the strain of the contest. He slowly gets up, bringing TLS with him, using the ropes for balance. Elijah then sets his foe in place for the Descent!! He starts to move… and Crazy Chris, up on the apron, suddenly swings, smashing Elijah in the back with the chained steel rod!!!!*

Jones: Geez, what a swing!!! Chris just let Elijah have it!!

Logan: Crazy Chris has always been a huge supporter of the GCWA, and he just showed it there! Elijah’s stunned, get him, TLS!!

*Omega, who had been temporarily thrown off by Crazy Chris, saw the attack on Elijah. She is howling as she grabs Crazy Chris, pulling him from the apron, with Chris immediately turning his attention back to her, trying to protect himself from the fury of her attack. Meanwhile, in the ring, Elijah let go of TLS and fell to the side, badly stunned from the shot he took. He starts to get up, pulling himself up inch by inch. Meanwhile, TLS has crawled to the side, spotting something interesting. He stands up, turning towards Elijah… with Crazy Chris’ dropped weapon in his hand! Before Elijah can do anything, TLS comes in with one hard shot, smashing the steel rod against Elijah’s head!!! The CWF wrestler stays standing for a second, almost as if he’s simply staring disbelievingly at his opponent. Then, he falls backwards, landing flat on his back! The Lost Soul throws the weapon away and goes up painfully onto the turnbuckle, taking a second to make sure that all of the CWF people are occupied. He then leaps off, landing the Souled Out!!!! Somehow, TLS manages to keep an arm on Elijah after impact, as Referee Mitchell counts… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… The Lost Soul!

Logan: YES!!! You are Da Man, Soul!!

Jones: The GCWA scores a big win, but someone needs to tell the brawlers that it’s over!

Logan: Luckily, here comes security to break them up!

Jones: Who knows what would have happened had not Crazy Chris got in that shot. But all that matters for us is that The Lost Soul gets the pinfall victory, winning out over the CWF!

*Security is wading in now, trying to break things up. It’s not going well, as the CWF and GCWA stars still seem to want to fight. Omega is the only one not fighting now, as she’s in the ring, checking on Elijah. The Lost Soul is in the corner, showing no signs of celebration. He’s simply watching the events with a hard stare. As security continues to work to separate the lumberjacks, we cut to the back. We’re back in the Accelerator’s office, where a medic is working on placing more bandages onto the man’s burnt back.*

Medic: Hold still! Ok, this will hold for now, but we really should get you to the hospital. You might need more attentive treatment.

The Accelerator: What, and leave my show, after I single-handedly disposed of my greatest nemesis?? Perish the thought. Just leave me some painkillers and get out of my sight.

Medic: Ok, but you know not to mix these with any other drugs, right?

The Accelerator: Get out!

*Ace snatches the bottle from the suddenly scared medic, who turns and leaves at a brisk pace. The Accelerator shakes his head, never being one to care about warnings. He pops the top and takes a pain pill, which will help him continue to work as the President, despite his burns. He slowly works his way over to the desk, but before he can sit down, the door opens again.*

The Accelerator: Damnit, guy, just leave me alone!

J. Rish: Such anger there… you’d think you weren’t having a great night.

*Startled, Ace looks up, seeing the President of the CWF standing there. Rish looks relaxed, but then, he hasn’t been through a House of Terrors match tonight.*

The Accelerator: What do you want, Rish? If you can’t tell, I’m in a little pain right now, so I’m not really in the mood…

J. Rish: Don’t worry, Ace, I’m not here to give you a hard time. I’m here to talk about business, pure and simple.

The Accelerator: Oh, really? And what business would that be?

J. Rish: Private business.

*Rish takes a quick glance over at the cameraman, with the Accelerator taking the hint.*

The Accelerator: Beat it, Zeke. We’ll call on you again when we need you.

*The cameraman reluctantly leaves the Presidential Office, with Rish closing the door behind him. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: I wonder what that was all about? Maybe something to do with that Wrestling Revolutionized tournament I heard about?

Logan: Oh, hey, maybe Rish is going to become the Vice-President over here! Heck, maybe he’ll give in and sell us the CWF!!

Jones: Something tells me that outcome isn’t very likely, Anthony.

Logan: Probably not, but now I’m really curious as to what they’re talking about!

Jones: I’m sure we’ll find out whenever the President is ready to tell us. Until then, let’s get back to the action!

*The video starts up again, this time showing the growing animosity between Dangerous Dan and The Big Bifford. The start of the feud is sketchy at best, as The Big Bifford himself seems unable to fully explain it. However, he soon showed that his anger towards Dangerous Dan went to high levels, with Bifford at one point trying to rig Dan’s locker room with poisonous snakes, only to then have to save Arachne from a bad fate. Bifford and Arachne formed their team, Biffarachnephobia, due to their mutual hatred of the Danger Boiz. We’re shown clips from Wreck The Halls ’09, where Biffarachnephobia won away the tag-team titles. The feud didn’t stop there, continuing to build over several months, with Bifford and Dan exchanging words during the Warriors of the Ring IV Tournament. The footage runs of Bifford winning the tournament, beating The Lost Soul in the finals, but then learning that he would have to wait for his World Title shot due to stipulations placed in contracts. Bifford then challenged Dan to a final battle, a battle with his Warrior of the Ring title, and the #1 Contendership, on the line. We see Dan’s answering challenge of the Danger Zone match, only to have Bifford shoot that down, wanting instead a match with Arachne as the guest referee. Crazy Chris worked it out so that he could be the special enforcer, evening the odds between the two hated rivals. We head back to the ring, where Minos is waiting for the first part of the main event.*

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the title of Warrior of the Ring, including the #1 Contendership that goes with it! First, let me introduce the special referee for this match… he is one-half of the current GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*The crowd seems conflicted about Arachne as he comes out to “Wana” by the Black Horn. He’s wearing a referee outfit of sorts, with a cutaway referee shirt and black wrestling shorts. He doesn’t waste time getting into the ring, apparently ready to ‘do his job’.*

Jones: I’ve seen a lot of strange referees in my day, but I think this takes the cake!

Logan: I’d say so. Of course, we have no idea how Arachne is going to call this match. I mean, he’s Bifford’s tag-team partner, so you’d have to think he’d favor him. But at the same time, he was overheard making comments about costing Bifford the match, just so he could then challenge Dangerous Dan for the contendership.

Jones: With Arachne, you seriously never know what’s going to happen.

Minos: And now, here is the special guest enforcer… he is the current GCWA Unified X Division Champion… standing 6’0” and weighing 228 lbs, from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Crazy Chris!

*The fans definitely have no problems cheering for Crazy Chris, as they’re on their feet, chanting for the Unified Champion. Chris comes out to “Mental Health” by Zebrahead, enjoying the reception. He’s in street clothes, with no championships with him. Instead, he’s set to help protect his brother from any deceitful maneuvers.*

Jones: Crazy Chris had a hell of a month in February, bringing together the GCWA Television and X Division Titles to unify them.

Logan: Yeah, he’s been on a major roll. But tonight, he doesn’t get to be a wrestler. If anything, he’s more of an observer, watching as his brother goes for his greatest victory yet.

Jones: It’s going to be tough for Chris to stay out of it, uninvolved, but then, he IS the enforcer, so he SHOULD get involved, right?

Logan: I suppose so…

Minos: And now, the opponents… coming towards the ring, he is a former multi-time Television Champion and World Tag-Team Champion… standing 5’11” and weighing in at 220 lbs… from Smithville, Tennessee, here is Dangerous Dan!

*”Hero” by Skillet plays, leading out Dan from the back. He’s pumped up like never before, wanting this win badly here tonight. After a few high fives, he heads for the ring, getting a serious look on his face.*

Jones: Tonight, Dangerous Dan could launch himself into the main event of our next show, Blood On The Battlefield.

Logan: That’s a hell of a lot of pressure on the young man. We’ll have to see how he handles it, going against such an established veteran like the Big Bifford. Not to mention, of course, that Arachne could DQ him for looking at Bifford the wrong way.

Jones: You think that’s going to happen? Man, that’d be terrible for Arachne just to call it. But, hopefully, with Dan’s brother Chris at ringside, we can avoid that possible ending.

Logan: Fingers crossed, Jonesy.

Jones: Looks like Arachne is frisking Dan, checking to make sure he is not hiding any weapons.

Logan: You don’t see referees do that much anymore.

*Dangerous Dan looks uncomfortable as Arachne places his hands all over his body. Crazy Chris seems to be yelling something from ringside. Arachne holds his hands up.*

Jones: Nothing unusual there. Arachne’s going over to Bifford now.

Logan: It’s probably going to take him a while. Bifford is a big guy.

*Arachne pats down Bifford, Bifford lifts his feet to show the bottom of his shoes. Arachne reaches into Bifford’s pants pocket and pulls something out. He holds it up in the air.*

Jones: What is that? A foreign object?

Logan: It looks like a candy bar.

*Arachne waves his finger at Bifford at tosses the candy bar aside, it lands right next to Crazy Chris, who picks it up unwraps it and begins to eat it. Arachne motions for the bell and the match is underway.*

*The Bell Rings.*

Jones: And finally, here we go!

Logan: The Warrior of the Ring name, as well as the #1 Contendership, are on the line!

*Dan runs towards Bifford and jumps up and connects with a flying forearm. Bifford staggers a bit and leans against the ropes. Dan grabs Bifford and Irish whips him, Bifford rebounds off the rope as Dan drops to the ground, Bifford hops over him, rebounds and hops back as Dan gets up. Dan connects with a drop kick. Bifford once again uses the ropes to catch himself. Dan looks a bit frustrated at not being able to knock Bifford down. Dan squares himself up and charges one more time. But this time Bifford catches him in mid-air and drops him with a slam. Bifford goes for a quick pin. 1…2…. KICK OUT!!!!*

Jones: Wow we almost had a quick pin.

Logan: A very quick pin. Although Dan kicked out, he has to be worried. Bifford outweighs him by nearly 200 pounds.

*Bifford grabs Dan by the hair and then lifts him high in the air and slams him down again. Bifford quickly heads to the turnbuckle and climbs the top. Bifford looking to end it quickly with a SPLASH OFF THE TOP ROPE! But Dan rolls out of the way as Bifford lands hard on the canvas. Dan rolls to the outside where his brother helps him recuperate. Arachne begins to count.*


*Bifford is on his feet as Dan slides back into the ring. Bifford greets Dan with a boot to the head. Dan grabs Bifford’ foot and trips him. Dan gets up and delivers a standing senton splash. He gets up and again quickly delivers a legdrop to the throat of Bifford. Dan once again gets up quickly. He hops over the ropes to the apron, then using the ropes for leverage, he leaps back into the ring and connects with an elbow to the chest of Bifford. *

Jones: Dan is completely in control here as he’s using quick offense to wear the Big Bifford down.

Logan: Whatever his brother told him outside is clearly helping Dan as he’s not letting up.

*Dan grabs Bifford by his overall and gets him to his feet. He irish whips the big man against the ropes and foes for a cross body. But again Bifford catches him in mid air and this time Bifford powerslams the smaller man. Bifford drags Dan into the corner and starts to deliver punches. Arachne is motioning for Bifford to stop but Bifford waves him off. *

Jones: So far I’m surprised that Arachne has called this one down the middle.

Logan: I am too Jones. And it looks like Bifford could get dq’ed if he doesn’t back away from the turnbuckle.

*Arachne once again grabs Bifford. This time Bifford moves away. Arachne shakes his head and tells Bifford that he can’t keep a person against the turnbuckle for too long. Bifford puts his hands up and retreats. Arachne stands in between Bifford and Dan, giving Dan a chance to gather himself. Arachne steps back as Bifford moves towards Dan and lifts him up and drops him with a suplex. Bifford turns to Crazy Chris and yells something at him. Chris gives Bifford the finger. Bifford turns his attention back to Dan who is on one knee. Bifford grabs him and clubs him in the back. Dan crumbles to the floor in pain. Bifford picks him up and again clubs him. Dan is trying his best to block the blows but Bifford is in total control. Bifford drags Dan to the center of the ring and delivers an elbow. He goes for the pin. Arachne makes the count. 1…..2…. KICK OUT!!!*

Jones: Again Dan kicks out. He’s taken a lot of punishment but is somehow managing to stay in this match.

Logan: But how much more can he take?

*Bifford grabs Dan by the hair and whips him against the ropes. Dan rebounds and is greeted with a bear hug. Bifford grips tightly as Dan writhes and wiggles in pain. Arachne checks to see if Dan wants to submit, but he shakes it off. Dan desperately searches for something anything to make Bifford release the hold. Dan gets a thumb in Bifford’s eye and sinks it in. Bifford releases the bear hug and hold his right eye. Arachne grabs Dan and warns him that another move like that and he will be disqualified. Dan catches his breath as Bifford is still blinded in one eye. Bifford turns and sees Dan in his sights and goes to grab for him, but Dan ducks under and is behind Bifford. *

Jones: It looks like Dan is setting Bifford up for the Danger Zone.

Logan: No way. There’s no way he’s going to pull that off. Bifford is too heavy.

*Dan attempts to lift Bifford up but he can barely get the big man up. Dan kicks Bifford in the back of the knee, causing the big man to lose his balance. Dan kicks his other knee. Dan grabs Biffords head and delivers a running bulldog. He delivers an elbow to the back of the head, then grabs the big man’s leg and delivers a leg drop to the leg. Dan is moving a little slower after being pummeled by Bifford earlier. Dan grabs the big man’s right leg and lifts it up high in the air, then slams it against the canvas. He drags Bifford to the center of the ring, the runs towards the turnbuckle. The crowd is on their feet, they know a high impact move is coming. Dan leaps off the turnbuckle and connects with a vicious legdrop. He goes for the pin. 1…. 2…. KICK OUT!!!!*

Jones: I thought Dan had this.

Logan: I thought he did too, but you must remember that Bifford is the Kicker Outerer of the Thrilla.

*Dan grabs Bifford by the arm and drags him towards the turnbuckle. He slams Bifford against the turnbuckle. Then he climbs on the second rung and begins to deliver punches to the big man’s head as the crowd counts along. *


*Arachne grabs Dan by his tights and brings him down. He waves his finger at him. Dan shoves him, then turns and delivers a running splash on Bifford against the turnbuckle. Bifford stumbles forward and falls down as Dan climbs the ropes yet again. Arachne is motioning for Dan to get down, Dan shakes him off. But before he can leap off, Arachne smacks his hand against the ropes, causing the turnbuckle to shake. Dan loses his balance and comes crashing down. Chris immediately climbs on the apron and starts yelling in his face. Arachne, turns behind him to see Bifford getting up slow. Dangerous Dan meanwhile is using the ropes to help himself up. Arachne turns back to Chris and sprays green mist into Chris’ face, causing him to fall down to the floor!!*

Jones: The Mist!! It just took out the Unified X Division Champion!!

Logan: Someone get that man some soap and water, he’s going to need it!

*Dan grabs Arachne from behind but he doesn’t see Bifford as Bifford connects with a painful low blow. Dan keels over. Arachne looks over at Chris who is frantically trying to get the mist off his face. Bifford drags Dan to the center of the ring. Dan is up on one knee and trying to fight Bifford off by punching him in the stomach, again and again. Bifford releases his grip on Dan as Dan squares himself up and leaps into the air for a hurricanrana. But again Bifford catches him in mid-air and delivers THE BIFF END out of nowhere. He goes for the pin. Arachne makes the count. 1….2…..3….. *

Minos: Here is your winner… and STILL the Warrior of the Ring… The Big Bifford!!

Logan: Man, rough night for the Danger Boiz, as The Big Bifford gets a big victory here tonight!

Jones: It’s now assured that The Big Bifford gets the next shot at the World Heavyweight Title, meaning that you can bet he’ll be watching tonight’s main event with a lot of interest!

Logan: Too bad things couldn’t have worked out better for Dangerous Dan, but you can’t let losses like this weigh you down. You just have to move on to the next challenge.

*Bifford and Arachne celebrate together, with Bifford clearly happy with the result. The two men turn and leave, with Dangerous Dan working to recover from the devastating maneuver he took. Crazy Chris is on the outside, still trying to clean out his eyes (helped in part by a fan giving him a bottle of water). We leave them and head backstage, where Cynthia Hall is seen, hurrying down a hallway. She’s trying to catch up to an apparently departing Reed M. Shin, Head of GCWA Security.*

Cynthia Hall: Reed! Reed!! Hang on a second!! Wait up!

*Shin stops and turns, looking annoyed to even be bothering with the press.*

Reed M. Shin: I’m a little busy here, lady. We’ve got potential fights brewing all over the place, and I need to get back to my job!

Cynthia Hall: I know, I understand that, but still, I wanted to get in a few words with you about what happened with Twiztid earlier tonight. Why did security attack him, and where was he taken after your men took him out?

Reed M. Shin: No comment.

*Shin starts to walk away, with Hall immediately following him, not letting him get off that easily.*

Cynthia Hall: Seriously, Reed, I’ve checked with local hospitals, and none have any reports about Twiztid being taken there. He was clearly injured, so where is he?

Reed M. Shin: I’ll repeat myself for the hearing impaired… No Comment!

Cynthia Hall: Ok, well, how about Titan 3, then? Did you know the former GCWA Head of Security was going to be here tonight?

*Shin pauses for a second, his face clearly showing that no, he didn’t expect to see Titan 3. But he doesn’t answer, shaking his head and walking away faster.*

Cynthia Hall: Are you worried about Titan 3 taking his job back? Reed?

*The only answer is Shin turning the corner, waving to a nearby security guard to get Cynthia to back off. He stands between the two, with Shin continuing down the hall. Cynthia watches him go, a confused expression on her face.*

Cynthia Hall: Reed, c’mon! We’ve talked before! What’s wrong with talking today??

Guard: You need to back off, miss.

Cynthia Hall: Fine. But you haven’t heard the last of this!

*Cynthia moves off, leaving in the other direction, as we head back to ringside.*

Logan: Damn… now Twiztid’s missing??

Jones: Well, I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation… maybe he’s checked into a hospital under a false name? A lot of celebrities do that.

Logan: Maybe…

Jones: Anyway, you and I still have our final match to go, and I, for one, don’t want to waste any more time speculating on useless matters! Roll the clip and let’s roll! It’s main event time!!

*In our final video recollection of the night, we start with the pictures of Draco and Shane Donovan as they came together, forming D & D. Harvey Danger would later join the group, making it a powerful threesome tag-team that held the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles. But when Draco won the World Title from Lurrr, Donovan is seen showing more and more interest in the gold that he used to hold. We cut to earlier this year, when Donovan was seemingly worried about Draco’s turn towards alcoholism. However, Donovan was just using this as an excuse to push the Accelerator to give him a World Title shot. When Draco found out about it, he confronted Donovan in the ring. Donovan talked about it being a misunderstanding, and said that he was only interested in helping Draco. But as soon as the champ turned his back, Donovan attacked him, laying him out. We see shots from Warriors of the Ring IV, where, in a non-title contest, Donovan was able to cheat his way to victory, beating Draco despite having Danger as the referee. Draco came back with a tag-team challenge, with he & Danger defeated Donovan & his partner, Black Phoenix, on Inferno. This allowed Draco to choose the match type tonight, surprising all by selecting a “Bloodbath” Match. The two former partners, now deadly enemies, are shown side by side in a split-shot, just before the video ends.*

Minos: It is now time for our main event of the evening! The next match is a “Bloodbath” Match for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title! The winner will be the one who can make his opponent bleed, and keep him down for 10 seconds under Texas Death Match rules!

*The fans are pumped. It’s been a long evening of wrestling and mayhem, but they’ve still got enough saved up to be energized for this contest.*

Minos: Coming out to the ring first, he is a former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion who is seeking a return to the top of the mountain, standing 6’0” and weighing 236 lbs, from Norfolk, Virginia, here is “The Man Made Monster” Shane Donovan!

*Donovan gets no love from the crowd as he comes out to “God In Extension” by Jack Daw. He isn’t bothered by it, as he walks slowly down the aisle and towards the ring, doing a mock strut at one point and pointing to the audience, telling them to “Man Up”. They have their own two-word phrase for him, which comes through quite clearly on the camera mic. It wipes the smirk off of Donovan’s face for a second, but he shakes it off and keeps going, entering the ring and immediately going to the corner, working on it.*

Jones: Donovan had some interesting adventures in Las Vegas, including waking up in a bathtub full of ice cubes! Fortunately, it was apparently just a prank.

Logan: Yeah, yeah, except all this happened in December! Last year!

Jones: So? What’s wrong with that? We can’t have some dated footage around here?

Logan: Donovan hadn’t even broken away from Draco as a tag-team partner yet when this was filmed! That didn’t even happen until January!

Jones: I’m still not seeing your point.

Logan: But, I mean… it should have been… arrrggghhh!!!

Jones: Calm down, Anthony. It’s been a long night. What matters is that Donovan’s here, in one piece, ready to go for the championship!

Minos: His opponent is one of the longest-running champions in GCWA history, and is seeking another successful defense tonight. Standing 5’11” and weighing in at 204 lbs, from Whitesboro, New York, here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, Draco!

*The United Spirit Arena shakes on its foundations from the cheering and stomping going on by the fans. “Indestructible” by Disturbed kicks into high gear, with all eyes on the entryway. After a few seconds, Draco walks out, with the World Title sitting on his shoulder. He looks at the belt, then drops it to the ground in front of him. Stepping over it, the intense wrestler starts down the aisle, speeding up as he goes, heading towards Donovan.*

Jones: Draco is absolutely scary nowadays!! I mean, seriously, I hope he stays away from us!

Logan: I don’t think his friend Hope getting hit by a car helped him any. Quite frankly, I’m worried for Draco’s sanity. In some ways, as sick as it makes me feel, I agree with Donovan.

Jones: What??

Logan: Hey, don’t act like that, Jonesy. I’m not turning into the Devil or anything. I’m just saying, maybe Draco really does need some time off. I’d call him a runaway train, but I think he left the track a while ago. Who knows what he’s running on now!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as Draco’s in the ring, he runs towards Donovan, once again intent on destroying his adversary. This time, though, Donovan is ready for him, suddenly bringing up his hand and letting loose with a spray of Mace!! Draco runs right into it, immediately hacking and falling to the ground, clawing at his own eyes from the pain! Donovan shakes his head, having gotten a little ‘blow-back’ from the container, but he definitely got it to a lesser degree. He reaches down and pulls Draco up, turning him towards where Donovan apparently untied the padding covering the top turnbuckle! Donovan pulls the padding away, revealing the steel underneath, exposed and dangerous! He then pulls Draco over to it and goes to smash his head into it! But Draco responds, blocking the attempt by grabbing the ropes on either side. He’s wheezing, feeling the effects of the mace, but he is still able to hang on. Donovan tries again, moving behind Draco, with Draco immediately kicking out behind him with a low blow!! Donovan’s mouth drops as he staggers back. Draco swipes an arm across his red eyes again, clearing out some of the toxins, then turns and runs, tackling the off-balance Donovan and taking him down, punching away at him!!*

Jones: Donovan had a gameplan in place right at the start! He was going to bloody Draco on that exposed ‘buckle and immediately get the advantage!

Logan: Yeah, but it doesn’t matter how good a plan is if it doesn’t succeed! Draco’s running on incredible hatred and fury right now. Mace slowed him down, but not enough!

Jones: Put the kids to bed, parents! This match is not going to be for their young eyes!

*Head Referee Bell stands back out of the way, knowing that the only reason for him to be there is to check for blood and to administer ten counts. The brawl is continuing, with Donovan trying to turn Draco over, without success. Draco lands a couple more good shots, stunning his hated foe, then gets up, bringing Donovan with him. With one motion, Draco tosses Donovan over the top rope to the outside! Donovan manages to grab the ropes, hanging on, but before he can skin the cat and return, Draco runs and smashes a knee into his back, sending Donovan down the rest of the way! With the fans chanting heavily for Draco, the World Champion takes a few steps away, then starts running, hitting the ropes on the other side and returning. With one leap, Draco clears the top rope easily and somersaults down, landing perfectly on top of a recovering Donovan!! The move takes out both men for a second, as the arena continues to be high octane energy. These are fans that want to see some blood!*

Jones: Draco’s willing to sacrifice all in order to take out Donovan here tonight!

Logan: From what I hear, he doesn’t have much left to sacrifice! His family, Donovan, Hope, they’ve all turned away from him.

Jones: He’s still got Harvey, though, right?

Logan: I suppose, although Danger’s staying in the back for this one. It was probably too big a strain, watching the two guys he considered his best friends pummeling each other into bloody messes!

*Draco is up first, angrily pulling Donovan back to his feet. He starts taking him up the aisle, not content to stay near the ringside area. Head Referee Bell follows behind, watching both men. Draco gets halfway up the aisle and stops, throwing Donovan hard into the guard railing. As Donovan sags to the ground, stunned, Draco violently grabs at the mat on the ground, pulling it backwards and revealing the concrete underneath! Draco then heads over to Donovan again, pulling him to set him up for a modified version of Light’s Out!! But Donovan just barely manages to block it, keeping from getting driven to the canvas. He elbows free of Draco’s grip, stumbling back. Draco shakes it off, though, and charges at Donovan… but Donovan lowers his shoulder and flips Draco over him, sending Draco dropping backwards onto the concrete floor!!! The slap on the ground is terrible to hear, causing Draco to let out a loud yell after landing! Donovan sags to the side, breathing, as he stares over at his former friend-turned-rival.*

Logan: That was an awful fall by Draco!! He flattened out when he hit, which probably protected him to an extent, but still, ouch!

Jones: It was a good reversal by Donovan, giving him a chance to get back into this contest. But we’ve got a long way to go in this one!

Logan: Damn straight, we don’t even have any blood spilled yet!

Jones: Uh oh… I don’t think that’s going to last much longer, Anthony!

*Donovan, moving away from Draco, has gone to the ramp, looking underneath it. He planned ahead, knowing one location the fighting might actually go. After a few seconds of searching, he pulls out what he’s looking for… a barbed-wire baseball bat!! Donovan twirls it in his hand, then comes over, watching as the World Champion fights back to his feet, bruised and battered from landing on the concrete the way he did. Donovan has no mercy. He steps in and follows through, slamming the barbed wire baseball bat into Draco’s midsection!!! Draco leans over, torn up by the blow, but this just gives Donovan another target, as he pulls the bat free and brings it down on Draco’s back!! The cuts are quickly apparently, as Draco starts bleeding from a few sliced areas. Head Referee Bell makes a note of it, signaling that Draco is now vulnerable to the 10 count! But it’s not enough for Donovan, who gets behind Draco and starts cutting into his face with the wire, working on his forehead!!! Draco struggles as he starts to bleed down his face, with an evil-looking Donovan standing over him!*

Jones: The champ is cut up!!

Logan: Damnit, Donovan, you didn’t have to do more! Once you cut his back, it was good enough!

Jones: Apparently Donovan wants his ‘old friend’ to be wearing a crimson mask! There’s no doubt about it now, Draco’s in trouble!

*Donovan points to the blood-soaked Draco, shaking his head as if sad with how far the World Champion has fallen. He looks towards the fans, telling them “I did this for you!” They, of course, don’t buy it. Donovan then shrugs and pulls Draco back up, grabbing him by the head and taking him back to the exposed concrete! Donovan runs with him, taking a few steps and going for a bulldog on the concrete! But Draco shoves him away instead, sending Donovan over the concrete to land painfully on the ground further up! Donovan gets right back up, rubbing his back side as he looks back at Draco, who drops to one knee. Donovan immediately comes in, trying to retake the advantage, but Draco leaps back up to his feet and jumps towards his rival, scoring the Momentum Shift!!! Donovan’s down on his back, as Draco, wiping blood from his eyes, drops for the cover. Unfortunately, his instinct doesn’t work, as Head Referee Bell shakes his head. Pinfalls won’t work, especially since Donovan’s not bleeding yet! Draco, realizing this, gets himself back up, then yanks up Donovan as well, dragging him down the aisle and moving him around the ring.*

Jones: The Momentum Shift has gotten Draco back into this one, but will he be able to still function, after losing so much blood?

Logan: Yeah, but he’s got… a… ah, hell…

Jones: Huh? What’s up, Anthony?

Logan: Uh, Jonesy? RUN!!

Jones: I don’t under… HOLY SH-

*Jones has no time to move as Draco launches Donovan over the broadcast table, sending him crashing right into the announcer!!! Jones and Donovan go down, with Logan’s athletic ability the only thing that saved him. He’s sprawled out to the side, trying to get back up, even as Draco, unconcerned about the damage he’s wrought, goes onto the table and grabs at Donovan, pulling him up. Donovan tries to fight back, swinging wildly, but Draco stops that with a shot to the guts, then locks on Donovan and drops back with a DDT, hammering Donovan onto the table!! Donovan is laying there, even as Draco moves off, getting rid of enough blood from his eyes so that he can see. He rolls into the ring and goes to the turnbuckle, climbing up quickly. With the crowd extremely hyped, Draco leaps, full out, splashing down onto Donovan and crashing both men through the table!!! The debris field goes a long way, as the announce table has been completely demolished. Draco’s currently laying on top of Donovan, as the crowd voices their opinion of the move.*

Crowd: This is awesome!! *clap clap, clap clap clap* This is awesome! *clap clap, clap clap clap!*

Jones: *static*

Logan: *static*

*Head Referee Bell moves in, checking on both men, and notices that a large splinter seems to be sticking out of Donovan’s arm. It’s only just under the skin, a flesh wound, so to speak, but it’s enough to have the blood flowing, so Bell nods and signals that both men are now legal for the 10 count! That being said, Bell immediately starts his count, as both men are currently down. The fans are going wild, hoping that Draco can rise up. After a few seconds into the count, Draco stirs, pushing up onto his hands and knees. He’s covered in blood, both his own and Donovan’s. It’s a downright frightening sight. He slowly gets up, grabbing at Donovan to pull him up as well, apparently saving Donovan from the count in order to do more damage. They move away from the ‘crash site’, as Draco looks to whip Donovan towards the post, no, Donovan reverses it, and Draco goes running in the other direction… right into Bell, sending both men crashing over the steel steps!!! The veteran referee is crushed between the steel and the World Champion, and falls quickly to the ground, devastated, as Draco drops over the steps to the other side, badly injured.*

Logan: *static* you hear *static* this damn *static*

Jones: *static*

*Donovan is up now, pulling splinters from his arm and throwing them aside. He tests his arm’s maneuverability, apparently pleased to see that he can still move it. He then staggers over to where Draco is laying, stepping over the downed Bell. With no referee, there’s no stopping this one, but that’s not a concern for Donovan at this point. He reaches under the ring, grabbing a cable that’s apparently to one of the power feeds. He brings it up and wraps it around Draco’s throat, working to choke him out!! Draco is fighting it, but now Donovan starts twisting around him, trying to turn it into the Clincher!! But Draco is crawling now, fighting as he pulls himself partially under the ring, forcing Donovan to reposition. He grabs at the cable and pulls back, trying to get Draco back out. He does so, with Draco sliding out and kicking upwards with both feet, sending Donovan flying back!! Draco desperately pulls the cord from his neck, tossing it aside, as he works to get back up.*

Logan: *static* Ok… ok, I think that’s got it. Can everyone hear me again? Ok? Alright, good, we’ve got a signal. The mics got pretty trashed, but I think they’re working now. Jonesy? Jonesy, can you hear me?

Jones: …

Logan: Guess not. So our tally so far is, referee down, announcer down, both wrestlers bleeding, and, well, I’m still here! Hah!

*Donovan has come back, trying to get Draco back under wraps, but the World Champion blocks his punch and comes back with his own, driving Donovan backwards towards the crowd. Draco leans back and swings hard, landing a right cross that drops Donovan to his knees. A second later, a fan leans towards Draco, handing him a bottle of beer! Draco looks at it, looking almost angry at a second at the sign of alcohol. But after a second, he leans back and takes a chug… then turns and smashes the bottle over Donovan’s head!!! Donovan collapses to the ground, with more blood added to the ‘collection’ of the contest! Draco stands over the bloody former tag-team partner, his eyes narrowed at the sight of the man. Meanwhile, coming down the aisle is another person wearing a referee shirt to take Bell’s place. The only problem is… it’s Arachne! The man who refereed the Bifford/Dangerous Dan match earlier moves into place, apparently ready to take over the referee duties for another contest!*

Logan: Damn, Arachne, are you high or something? What are you doing here? Wait… Bifford’s guaranteed as the next #1 Contender… could this be a ploy to have Bifford’s opponent hand-chosen?

Jones: *mumbles incoherently*

*Draco turns, seeing Arachne as he signals for Draco to step back out of the way. He starts throwing his hands in the air, apparently counting, although it’s hard to tell (since he’s extending all 10 fingers at once). Donovan’s trying to stir, but he’s in pretty bad shape. The fans are counting along with Arachne, as he gets closer and closer to 10. But suddenly, Arachne seems to lose his train of thought, coming to a stop. He thinks about it, then starts over, counting 1 again! Draco walks away, going to the side of the ring and picking up the steel steps. He carries them back towards Donovan, with Arachne, seeing him, trying to wave him off. Unfortunately, the steps weren’t for Donovan, as Draco spins and slams them straight into Arachne’s face, knocking him backwards to the ground! Draco then lifts up the stairs and tosses them, dropping them on top of the co-tag-team champion!!!!*

Logan: So much for Arachne ‘saving the day’! We need another ref… and, uh, another broadcast partner, if one’s available!

Jones: I… uh… oooo… owww…

*Draco moves back to Donovan, but the Man Made Monster is able to push off the guardrail and grab hold first, turning and throwing Draco hard into the apron edge! Donovan then drops to a knee for a second before recovering, standing up and hitting Draco a few times before shoving him into the ring. Donovan follows, grabbing a chair along the way. He places it on the ground and turns to Draco, setting him up to drop him head-first onto the chair with the Vertebreaker!! But now, Draco pulls free, and as Donovan tries to turn back around, Draco lifts him and delivers the Inner Rage on the chair!!!! Donovan is not moving, possibly knocked completely unconscious by the landing!! Draco, for his part, sits down hard, exhaustion really setting in. Meanwhile, rushing to the ring, Referee Trixie slides in!! The fans cheer as she takes up a position and starts counting, heading towards 10! Draco immediately pulls himself agonizingly back up, hanging onto the ropes as he watches Donovan. Surprisingly, Donovan’s legs are moving, as he starts to get up at 7… 8… 9… and Donovan beats the count!*

Logan: Wow, I thought that was it! Somehow, Donovan got up in time, but he can barely stand… what else can he do to survive?

Jones: Anthony… where are we… and why is everything so dark?

Logan: Welcome back to the land of the living, Jonesy… and your headset is over your eyes, I think that’s your problem.

Jones: Wha? Wha’ happened?

Logan: Worry about that later, we still have a match going on!

*Donovan is back on his feet, wobbly though his knees may be. He loses his balance, almost falling back over. But Draco is there to catch him, holding him up. It’s a strange shot, as Donovan looks over, confused, at the grasp of the man that used to be his friend. It only lasts a second, a moment in time, before Draco, grinning, shoots Donovan hard into the turnbuckle! Donovan slumps there, leaning on the ropes, a bloody mess. Draco comes in behind him, not looking much better, but still pulling energy from somewhere. He sets Donovan in the corner and climbs up with him, positioning him on the ‘buckle. Donovan tries one last time to fight back, but it’s unsuccessful, as Draco stops him with a shot to the jaw, then comes off the ‘buckle with the Hellacious!!! Donovan crashes hard to the ground and stays there, with referee Trixie not wasting any time before moving in and counting. Draco gets to his feet about 6, barely able to stand, but it’s enough, as he watches Trixie count the rest of the way. Donovan can’t recover, with Trixie finishing up at 10 and signaling for the bell!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and STILL GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… Draco!

Logan: It’s over!! Thank god, now we can get some medical assistance in for these two!

Jones: It’s over? … Oh… ok… I… ok…

Logan: Someone turn Jonesy’s mic off back there, alright? Anyhow, what a match it was! Both men had an opportunity to put it away, but in the end, Draco came out ahead, surviving a brutal, bloody battle! He’s staved off another challenger and continues his historic run at the top! What a night! For my concussed friend Jonesy, I’m Anthony Logan, good night!

*Referee Trixie raises Draco’s hand, with him allowing it for a second before pulling away. He leans on the ropes, looking back once more at the downed Donovan. Meanwhile, on the outside, Arachne is still trying to get the steel steps off of himself. He gets some help, as the Big Bifford lumbers down the aisle and comes beside him, helping to push them off. He checks on Arachne, then looks towards the ring, where Draco has been handed the World Title. Draco holds it in both hands, badly spent, but he has enough left in him to stare out at Bifford. The two men consider each other, with blood from Draco’s face dripping down onto the championship belt. The camera focuses on the drip, zooming in as it covers the face of the gold, before we slowly fade out.*

OOC: Another pay-per-view is in the books!! Great roleplaying this week guys, I had some tough decisions to make on many matches! Hopefully, this is a sign that we're climbing back upwards again, towards more great things in the future!

Here's the card for this Friday:

- The Lost Soul vs. Chris Winters

- Chris Cortez vs. Warrick Hill vs. Bucky Johnson

- Marcus Ka'Derrion vs. Robert Santana

- Draco vs. Arachne, Non-Title Match

(The scheduled Crazy Chris/Lurrr title match has been postponed a week, due to Lurrr not being around to rp for it)

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