*The PPV order screen fades away, signaling the beginning of another great show. The darkness is complete for a few seconds, but there is a sound of metal scrapping on metal. There’s a slam, and the picture comes back up… showing a closed jail cell. We’re looking out of the cage, in a first-person view, towards the other cells in the block.*

Voice: Life is all about choices.

*The shot slowly pans around, getting close-ups of some of the other people currently residing in the prison. In the first cage, we see Ataxia, mask on, seemingly grinning as he makes a mark on one side of his cell. There are many marks on the wall. In the second cage sits Derek Mobley, flipping a coin up and down in his hand and checking the result before continuing. Next to him, with a low, dark stare, is Lorenzo Demarco, who is standing right up next to the cell door.*

Voice: Taking a left instead of a right. Going to college or getting a job. Joining up… or staying out…

*On another row of cells, we see Bucky Johnson lifting weights while sitting on his small bed. Next to him, The Big Bifford is sitting, reading a book. The man in the cell with him is laying on the ground, a dark patch of red circling him. Further down, we see Landon Chase and Liam Shayde standing in the same cell, playing a game of chess… until Shayde knocks the pieces away.*

Voice: Over the past month, the members of the GCWA have begun making choices that will affect the course of the federation. Each choice sends a reverberation throughout the GCWA, shifting the balance of power and igniting new fires of hatred and jealousy.

*In a third row, there is a shot of Crazy Chris, doing one-armed push-ups and working up a sweat. Next to him, El Linchador is hanging upside-down from the bars, either doing vertical sit-ups or simply getting a nice blood rush to his head. Further over, we see Robert Santana in a meditative state, his eyes closed tightly as he concentrates.*

Voice: Now, it seems like the GCWA is on a hair trigger. Any movement can trigger an explosion. All it takes is a person with a single match.

*We cut over to the side, where a man is seen wearing a police uniform. He turns, grinning savagely, and we see that it’s actually The Great One! With one motion, the man twists the cage door switch, causing all of them to swing open! Within seconds, brawls break out all over. On one tier, Johnny Vegas and Xtreme are going to war, using whatever weapons are near them. Lorenzo Demarco and Ataxia fight through several guys in order to reach each other, going at it. Derek Mobley is seen, seeking out Bifford, who is just waiting for him to get in range. Jaiden Rishel comes flying in with a tackle on Chris Cortez. It’s utter chaos inside the prison, as the sirens sound and the lights begin flashing.*

Voice: Welcome to the night when the match is lit. Welcome to Capital Punishment III!

*The wars continue, as the screen suddenly seems to crack down the middle. It shatters into an explosion of glass, showering everything.*

*One second later, the live shot from the Ford Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, bursts through!! The sold out crowd here is going wild, jumping around like maniacs at the thought of everything that’s going to go down here tonight at Capital Punishment. Fans have all their gear, from Ataxia t-shirts to Crazy Chris-styled masks, and from NFB merchandise to the Roman Empire gear. Signs range from “Mobley Will Survive Biff!” to “Ataxia vs. Demarco: Parental Guidence Suggested!” We zoom in to the main desk at ringside, where we surprisingly see a slightly larger table. This is because there are three men, not two, sitting at the announce booth!*

Jones: Hello, everyone, and welcome to what is guaranteed to be an explosive night in GCWA history!! I’m Edward Jones, and with me tonight are two men: the recently hired Hood, and the recently-rehired Adrian Rockwell!

*Hood and Rockwell and shown sitting next to each other to the right of Jones, with both glaring at the other.*

Hood: I still don’t get how this loser got himself re-hired.

Rockwell: Screw you, Hood! Ace knows talent, and he wasn’t going to let TGO leave this show in the hands of a dip shit like you!

Jones: Gentlemen!! Trust me, I know it’s going to be a long night… but let’s try to be professional for as long as we can, ok?

Hood: I make no promises.

Rockwell: I’ll give you a promise, Hood…

Jones: *sigh* Like I said, people, it’s going to be a long night… but hopefully the wrestling will make it a great one as well. In our main event, the 2-time Ultimate Survival champion, Derek Mobley, will get his shot against the reigning GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, The Big Bifford, inside a steel cage!

Rockwell: Which shouldn’t be legal, because Bifford is not only fighting off a flu, but he has claustrophobia! The doctor’s note should get him out of the match!

Jones: That note was written by Arachne, Adrian.

Rockwell: So? Arachne could be a doctor! You don’t know that he isn’t!

Hood: What a joke…

Jones: Also tonight, we’ve got the final grudge match between Lorenzo Demarco and Ataxia, two men who have been feuding ever since they came to the GCWA!

Hood: Yep, and in a Street Fight, which is going to prove to be the stupidest thing that Ataxia has ever done! Demarco’s finally ending the thorn in NFB’s side!

Rockwell: For the first time ever, I think, I’m going to be rooting for Ataxia.

Jones: And that’s just the tip of the iceberg tonight, as we’ve got six scheduled contests, four title defenses, and a hell of a lot of action! So let’s get to what you’ve come to see…

*”Here We Are Juggernaut” by Coheed & Cambria plays over the PA system as the one and only Trevor “The Great One” Kent walks out from behind the curtains to an array of boos. TGO dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and a red tie walks out to the stage smiling, probably at his recent accomplishments.*

Rockwell: Oh God, not him again…

Hood: Shut your mouth you ungrateful piece of crap! He’s a LEGEND! AND YOUR BOSS!

Jones: Well, actually, the Accelerator is my boss…

Hood: No TGO is…why? Because technically he’s Ace’s boss!

*TGO walks into the ring microphone to his face as chants of “Lurrr” and “Ace” echo throughout the arena.*

The Great One: You can chant for them all you want, it’s not like they’re going to stop me from doing what I’m doing….

*The boos increase as TGO smirks at the audience thinking how stupid they are.*

The Great One: So everyone I hope that you’re excited to be at this tremendous Pay-Per-View. We have some big names here tonight, names that don’t usually show their faces around the GCWA locker rooms. Maybe perhaps because they think that they’re too good to wrestle on network television. I the people in the back know who I’m talking about and I believe even you idiots know who I’m talking about! That’s why ladies and gentlemen; tonight starts another transformation in the GCWA. A transformation that will turn the GCWA back into the place to be for the top wrestlers in our industry, no more defending titles just once a month. No more sitting on your ass and getting paid for it! Hell, if anyone should be sitting on their ass it should be me!

*The fans are still booing, clearly not interested in any ‘transformation’ TGO has to offer.*

Hood: These fans need to learn their place, and start cheering a true legend! The man who’s going to change the GCWA for the better!

Rockwell: Do we have any barf bags handy?

The Great One: Which leads me to my next announcement, tonight we’re going to have some very interesting matches and there WILL be titles changing….

*Suddenly we see Landon Chase run out from the back and get into the ring. Chase whispers something in the ear of TGO which causes him to start losing his cool. TGO then drops the mic and follows Chase back to the locker room.*

Hood: What the hell was that about?!

Rockwell: I don’t know, but at least we got him out of the ring…

*We leave the ringside area behind and head backstage, where we’re in the President’s office. The Accelerator is seated at his desk, apparently with some major padding placed behind him in order to let him sit up. He’s still clearly hurting from the beating he took from Nobody’s F’n Better a few weeks before. Standing around him are two hulking bodyguards, both of whom look like they’d kill their own grandmothers for a payday. There’s a bang at the door, alerting both guards to trouble. The door swings open and the Commissioner of the GCWA, Lurrr, walks in!! The fans in attendance can be heard cheering, even as Ace gestures to the bodyguards, telling them to relax as Lurrr takes up a position across from the President.*

The Accelerator: Thanks for coming, Lurrr. I didn’t know if you’d take up my invitation or not.

Lurrr: I don’t know what you want, Ace, and I barely care. I just thought I’d use the chance to see you all beat up in person. Planning your retirement, yet?

*Ace squirms uncomfortably, not really wanting to think about his injuries. He takes a deep breath, and then goes into an obviously-prepared speech.*

The Accelerator: Look, Lurrr… you and I, we’ve had our differences over the years, and yes, we’ve fought. I can’t say I like you, and I know you don’t like me. But it’s always been about the good of the GCWA between us, and now, we’ve got this twisted TGO messing with our fed. He’s attacked you, and he’s attacked me. So I think…

Lurrr: Stop it right there, Ace.

*Lurrr actually raises his hand, putting it in Ace’s face, causing the President to glare over at him.*

Lurrr: You aren’t seriously saying you want us to work together?

The Accelerator: … And what if I am? The enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

Lurrr: Let me lay this out for you, Ace. The Great One is an asshole, a man who I would personally love to see get a boot shoved up his ass and sent packing.

*Ace smiles, probably enjoying the thought of TGO getting laid out.*

Lurrr: He’s a piece of excrement to be scrapped off one of my boots. But the truth is, Ace… you’re the dog shit on my other boot.

*The crowd immediately cheers, as Ace’s eyes close slightly, showing his barely contained anger.*

Lurrr: You’re no better than TGO, Ace, and I’d rather be a fat bastard like Bifford than work with you in any way!

*The bodyguards step forward due to Lurrr’s tone, with Lurrr immediately stepping back to prepare for their attack. But Ace, his hand shaking, signals them to back off.*

The Accelerator: This was a one time offer, Lurrr. You’re blowing it. You walk out that door… and it will be war.

Lurrr: Then it’ll be war. Get ready for hell to break loose, because the Roman Empire is going to be the last ones standing.

*Lurrr storms out of the office, with Ace sitting quietly, watching him go. He then picks up a glass figurine on his desk and angrily throws it, shattering it against the wall. Fuming, Ace turns and goes back to work, with the bodyguards staying alert around him. We head back to ringside.*

Jones: The Accelerator actually tried a peace offering to Lurrr, but it was less than successful!

Rockwell: Lurrr is a freakin’ moron! Ace gave him an opportunity to avoid the beating coming his way, and he just went and made it worse!

Hood: That just shows you how much Ace is fearing NFB! He’s shaking in his little booties!

Rockwell: … booties?

Hood: What, I can’t use a little creative license?

Rockwell: You’re an idiot.

Jones: Ok, guys, take some deep breaths. It’s time for our first match!

Minos: Our first match of the evening is going to be the GCWA Hardcore Title #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match! Wrestlers have randomly drawn numbers in the back and will be coming out for one-on-one confrontations. The last man standing at the end earns a championship opportunity!

*The crowd here in Oklahoma City cheer, excited to get the action started. It’s hard to tell exactly who they’re rooting for, but they’re definitely hyped up.*

Minos: And now, introducing the first two wrestlers in this contest. First, he’s one of the newest competitors in the GCWA, standing 6’0” and weighing 215 lbs, from Hollywood, California, here is Axl Lionsworth!

*The crowd is already booing as Lionsworth walks out to “No More Sorrow” by Linkin Park. He’s moving slowly, apparently still hurting from recent attacks that have come his way. A fan tries to reach out to him, but he swats the hand away, clearly in a bad humor this evening.*

Jones: Last week, Lionsworth took two beatings. First, Johnny Vegas put him down, and then the man in the black helmet assaulted him!

Hood: The guy’s a complete waste of space. He must have been hired by Ace, because TGO would never give this loser the light of day!

Rockwell: Hey, TGO’s not perfect in his hiring practices either.

Hood: Who could TGO have possibly screwed up on?

Rockwell: He hired you, didn’t he?

Hood: You mother…

Jones: Guys, guys!! Can we at least get through the first match before you kill each other?

Minos: His opponent is a hardcore veteran who is still seeking his opportunity to hold the championship, standing 6’3” and weighing 280 lbs, from parts unknown, here is Xtreme!

*The crowd reacts, surprisingly seeming to cheer a little louder than normal, as Xtreme comes out to “Give It All” by Rise Against. He is grinning and has his usual weapons cart to push forward as he heads towards the ring.*

Jones: Xtreme spent time this week touring Oklahoma City with his nephew, getting the lay of the land.

Rockwell: I’m just happy he didn’t try to attack the Oklahoma City National Memorial and get the GCWA in more legal troubles.

Hood: Is there anyone who actually believes that this guy has a chance to win tonight? Not only did he get a terrible draw, but he has only won two matches in his career!

Jones: While that’s true, one of the guys he beat, Ryan Rage, is in tonight’s match. Also, we’ve seen it in the past where struggling wrestlers can turn around their careers in one pay-per-view contest.

Hood: And pigs can fly out of Rockwell’s ass.

Rockwell: Hey!

Hood: Fine, out of Jones’ ass, then.

Rockwell: That’s better.

Jones: … Wait, what?

*The Bell Rings.*

*The referee, Trixie, steps back as the two men stare down, locking eyes with each other. Lionsworth steps forward, daring Xtreme to approach him. Xtreme doesn’t have to be asked twice. He walks right up to Lionsworth, grinning. Lionsworth immediately tries to take advantage with a right hand, smashing Xtreme on the side of the head. After a second, though, Xtreme turns and looks right back at Lionsworth, still smiling! The rookie, stunned, swings again, with Xtreme immediately shaking it off and asking for another!! Lionsworth, cursing loudly, runs to the ropes and comes back, preparing to put all his weight behind this punch. But this time Xtreme doesn’t wait for it, instead catching Lionsworth and rotating him around with a thunderous powerslam!! The crowd cheers as Xtreme stays on top, going for the pin… 1… 2… and Lionsworth just barely manages to kick out.*

Rockwell: Hitting a freak like Xtreme in the head works about as well as punching away on a brick wall.

Hood: I think brick would give quicker than Xtreme’s skull.

Jones: Nonetheless, he was able to quickly frustrate Lionsworth enough to make a critical mistake. Can Xtreme capitalize on it and move on to face the next wrestler?

*Xtreme already has Lionsworth back up, carrying the smaller wrestler over to the ropes. He hammers Lionsworth with some strong closed fists, getting a rebuke from Referee Trixie. Xtreme steps back, nodding to her as if having temporarily forgotten that there are rules involved in this one. Lionsworth, seeing his chance, tries to take advantage with a kick aimed pretty low. But Xtreme steps far enough away to block it, and then rushes forward, getting a cactus clothesline that sends both men flipping over the ropes to the outside!! Xtreme lands on his feet, while Lionsworth falls forward, badly stunned! Xtreme looks around, pleased at where they’ve ended up. He picks up Lionsworth and shoots him hard into the steel guardrail, and then starts pounding away on him with the fans cheering him on, letting loose some grunts and groans as he unleashes on the helpless wrestler.*

Jones: This is not where Lionsworth wanted this match to go.

Hood: If he’s smart, he’ll find a way to crawl over that railing and run for it. He could get a much better job than this, like a sewer inspector.

Rockwell: Or an artificial cow inseminator.

Jones: You guys have been watching too much “Dirty Jobs”.

Rockwell: Mike Rowe rocks!

*Lionsworth is now on the ground outside, trying to crawl away from the carnage, as Xtreme stands above him, having a great time. Inside the ring, Referee Trixie is counting away, grabbing the hardcore wrestler’s attention. He turns and rolls into the ring to break the count, then comes back out and goes over to where Lionsworth is trying to get up. Lionsworth again tries for the dirty move, going for the eyes, but Xtreme swats his hand away, and then returns the attempt, raking across Lionsworth’s eyes!! He stumbles away, unable to see, only to have Xtreme grab him from behind and toss him hard into the ring. Xtreme follows, grabbing the wrestler on the way up and twisting him around for a piledriver!! Lionsworth’s head lolls on the ground, but Xtreme’s not satisfied. He picks Lionsworth back up, making sure to lock eyes with him once more before picking him up in the air and dropping him with the Xtreme Measures!!! Lionsworth is done, as the pin is barely even necessary… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Axl Lionsworth has been eliminated!

Jones: And just that quickly, we’re down to 4!

Hood: Somebody fire that clown and get him out of this building.

Rockwell: For once we agree. Lionsworth hasn’t done squat since coming here. His time has to be about up.

Jones: So who’s next? And can Xtreme’s run continue?

*The fans all turn and look at the entryway, waiting, as Xtreme gets himself to his feet, watching closely. A second later, “Die For Metal” by Manowar begins to play, as Johnny Vegas walks out of the back! The fans don’t seem to be behind the newcomer, booing him as he struts towards the ring, full of confidence.*

Jones: Johnny Vegas made his debut last week, and what a debut it was, as he absolutely trashed Lionsworth.

Rockwell: He’s got some power to him, and could really be a great asset to the federation. It’s great that Ace was the one to sign him, huh, Hood?

Hood: He’s big, but is he really worth anything? Now, if he joined up with The Great One, I’m sure he’d immediately be a success.

*Surprisingly, Xtreme’s not waiting for Vegas to get to the ring. He’s already rolled out and is running up the aisle towards him! Vegas stops in his tracks and braces himself, meeting Xtreme’s fist with one of his own, as the two strong contenders go at it! The fans are loving it, as Vegas takes control with a knee to the gut, sending Xtreme staggering back. Vegas then grabs Xtreme by the head and bangs it off the steel guardrail, dropping Xtreme to his knees. True to form, though, Xtreme’s already getting back up, shaking off the head strike and turning to attack again, brawling with Vegas. The two men get closer and closer to the ring, fighting it out, with Referee Trixie watching nervously from her spot in the ring. She seems unsure as to whether or not she should be counting the two men out.*

Jones: We’ve seen a lot of brawling outside the ring so far in this one.

Hood: The whole damn thing should be fought with hardcore rules anyway. It’s a fucking Hardcore Title Contendership match, right?

Rockwell: But that’s not in the rules, Hood, it’s set up as a regular “Gauntlet” Match!

Hood: Ace screws up again, what else is new… we need new leadership!

Rockwell: I’m about two seconds from breaking my boot off in your ass, Hood!

Jones: Gentlemen, please!

*The two wrestlers are finally back towards the ring, with Vegas managing to get in a short clothesline to take Xtreme down. He picks the hardcore wrestler up and rolls him into the ring, following behind, as Referee Trixie steps back to watch and wait. Vegas pulls Xtreme up and picks the heavy wrestler up, bodyslamming him on the canvas! Vegas then steps away to the ropes, before cockily strutting back and jumping into the air for a leg drop! But Xtreme sits up in time, causing Vegas to hit nothing but mat! As Vegas rolls, his mouth wide open from the pain, Xtreme pulls himself back up and leans on the ropes. Vegas pulls himself up, wincing, and turns, only to get mowed down by a running clothesline from Xtreme! With Vegas down, Xtreme then goes off the ropes and comes back with a mighty splash, dropping all his weight across Vegas’ chest! He makes the cover, hanging onto the leg… 1… 2… but Vegas kicks out in time!*

Hood: At least he’s making good use of all that fat.

Jones: You really don’t like Xtreme, do you, Hood?

Hood: What’s there to like?

Rockwell: He can make other wrestlers bleed buckets.

Hood: Well, there is that…

*Xtreme is back on his feet now, over near the corner, as Referee Trixie checks on Vegas. She then heads over to argue with Xtreme, who was apparently trying to remove the padding across the turnbuckle! Trixie threatens a disqualification, but Xtreme manages to talk his way out of it, annoyed that he doesn’t get to use the obvious weapon in the ring. He shakes his head and goes back over to Vegas… who catches him on the way up with an uppercut under the chin, knocking Xtreme backwards! Before Xtreme can recover, Vegas moves in, angrily grabbing Xtreme around the waist and surprisingly taking the heavy wrestler over with a belly-to-back suplex!! The impact’s an impressive one, shaking the ring ropes, and Vegas stays down for a second before rolling over to make the cover, hanging onto the legs… 1… 2… but Xtreme gets a shoulder up in time, stopping the count! Vegas doesn’t look pleased, but is immediately getting back up, dragging Xtreme with him.*

Jones: This Vegas is looking incredibly strong. I don’t know if we’ve ever seen anyone capable of throwing around the 280-lb Xtreme like this before!

Rockwell: I don’t know if Vegas should be doing it, though, Jones. This isn’t just about beating one opponent down. Whoever wins this fall still has two more guys to get through!

Hood: Yeah, he needs to hurry up and squash the freakshow, so we can get to real competitors.

*Vegas has a handful of Xtreme’s hair now, pulling the wrestler back to his feet. Vegas looks more confident now, as he takes Xtreme over to the corner. He seems to be thinking about using Xtreme’s head on the ‘buckles, but apparently decides to try a different attack, turning Xtreme around and punching away repeatedly at the man’s side and stomach! Xtreme sags on the corner, having taken a lot of abuse, as Vegas turns and walks away, happy with the way things are going. He shows off for the crowd, heedless of their boos, before turning and coming back with a running boot… only to have Xtreme drop out of the way, with Vegas hamstringing himself across the ropes!! Vegas, groaning, tries to pull his leg back off, but now Xtreme is behind him, grabbing hold of Vegas from behind and twisting him down to the mat with a roll up!! Xtreme hangs on, as a surprised Referee Trixie jumps in for the count… 1… 2… but Vegas manages to escape in time!*

Rockwell: Close one!

Hood: I think I’m going blind. Did Xtreme nearly win with a roll up?

Jones: That’s exactly what happened, Hood.

Hood: Ok, just checking. Stupid contact lenses.

*Both wrestlers are back up, with Vegas trying a hastily-thrown punch, only to have Xtreme catch him by the arm and take him over with an armdrag takedown! Xtreme then stays on top, punching away, with Referee Trixie once again admonishing him to stick with the rules. Xtreme doesn’t seem too pleased with that, as his glances keep going over towards the weapons cart on the outside. He brings Vegas up and whips him into the ropes, no, Vegas reverses it, and as Xtreme comes back, he leaps up, getting a bicycle kick that knocks Xtreme hard to the canvas!! Vegas clears his head and comes over, quickly grabbing Xtreme and lifting him up. Without giving Xtreme a second to breathe, he picks the big man up into the air on his shoulders, showing tremendous strength. He then twists, dropping Xtreme with the Pay Day!!! The fans are torn on this as Vegas rolls over for the pinfall, hanging onto Xtreme’s legs… 1… 2… 3!!!!*

Minos: Xtreme has been eliminated!

Jones: Xtreme really gave it a good run, but in the end, he couldn’t stop the newcomer, Johnny Vegas!

Rockwell: Yeah, I’ll give him some respect. He looked a ton sight better tonight from when he first made his debut. The guy’s coming along, maybe he’ll actually make something of himself.

Hood: He’s a fat turd.

Jones: Well, respect from two out of three isn’t bad.

*The crowd turns towards the entryway, watching for the next contender to come down. Suddenly, “Given Up” by Linkin Park hits, earning some serious boos from the Oklahoma audience. A furious Ryan Rage comes out of the back, tearing through the curtain as he stomps towards the ring. He looks ready to do some serious damage, as Johnny Vegas pulls himself together in order to face him.*

Jones: Ryan Rage has been quiet in recent weeks, although I know he’s been sought after by multiple factions in the GCWA.

Rockwell: He should have just joined up with the Accelerator. He’d be in much better shape to win tonight.

Hood: Well, TGO didn’t try to get him.

Jones: How do you know?

Hood: If TGO wanted him, we’d have him with us by now.

Rockwell: Let me get you some chapstick for those lips, Hood. You’re doing a lot of ass kissing tonight.

Hood: So says Ace’s cheerleader.

*Rage climbs up into the ring, stepping over the ropes to face off against Vegas. Rage appears to have a slight height advantage, although Vegas is a little more bulky in his arms. Rage immediately pushes Vegas back, telling him to get out of his space, but Vegas steps right back up, telling him that no one disrespects him like that. Rage snarls at him and swings, striking Vegas, who immediately returns the favor. The two men brawl for a minute, working their way along the ring ropes towards a corner. At the last second, Vegas shifts his weight, managing to get Rage into the corner and giving him the advantage. He pummels Rage with some straight lefts and rights, trying to keep the big man contained. Vegas then pulls Rage out of the corner and whips him to the other side, sending him crashing in. Vegas follows with a running shoulder to the stomach, nearly bending Rage in half!! Vegas continues to work the man over, as the fans seem to be slightly on his side.*

Jones: As much as Rage came in with a full head of steam, it’s Vegas who has taken the early advantage in this battle of the big men!

Hood: When Big Men Collide. Sounds like a perfectly awful Skinimax flick.

Rockwell: You would think of something like that…

*Vegas steps back and lifts up his boot, putting it into Rage’s throat and choking him in the corner. Referee Trixie complains, though, and starts her 5 count, causing the break. Vegas, shaking his head, turns and talks to Trixie, although it sounds more like he’s trying to butter her up than argue with her. Trixie’s not buying it, having hung around wrestlers enough to know that many of them are deceitful. Vegas smiles and tells her she doesn’t know what she’s missing, and then goes back to Rage… only to take a low blow!!! Vegas drops to the side, gasping, as Rage stumbles out of the corner, rubbing his aching throat. Trixie, though, saw the whole thing, and is now in Rage’s face, yelling at him. Rage is shaking his head, trying to say it was an accident after the fact, but Trixie decides to act, waving her arms and calling for the disqualification!!*

Minos: Ryan Rage has been disqualified! Two men remain!

Hood: The big doofus just blew it!

Jones: You couldn’t get much more blatant than that! What was Rage thinking??

Rockwell: Clearly he wasn’t thinking, because he just screwed himself over!

*Rage, furious, grabs hold of Trixie and spins her around, glaring at her. Trixie tries to pull free, but Rage has a good grip on her… until Vegas drops behind him and launches a fist straight up, landing a low blow of his own!!! Rage groans and lets go of Trixie, but that’s not enough for the steaming Vegas, who swings twice more, doing even more damage to little Ryan!!!!*

Jones: Ow!

Rockwell: Ugh!

Hood: Oh, man, castration!!

*Rage is down on his knees now, shuddering, as Johnny Vegas gets back to his feet. Surprisingly, there are a few cheers from the audience, who are apparently happy with what’s happened to Rage. Vegas is still red-faced as he brings Rage up, cursing him out. Rage has no fight in him at this point, as his only concern is the agony between his legs. Vegas, though, doesn’t think that’s good enough. He picks Rage up in a monumental feat of strength, twisting him around and getting the Going Broke Powerbomb!!!! Rage is out cold now, as Vegas puts a foot on top of his chest. He looks expectantly at Referee Trixie, who starts to point out that he’s already eliminated, but then just shrugs and drops… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Jones: I guess Vegas wanted a bigger statement, rather than just a DQ!

Hood: That boy just got fucked up!

Rockwell: So one guy left, and unfortunately, we know who it is.

Hood: Saving the best for last, nigga!

Rockwell: What’d you say???

Hood: I said “Saving the best for last, you figure?”

Rockwell: …

Hood: Hey, Jones, you want to switch seats with me?

Jones: Not a chance in hell…

*As Rage gets rolled out of the ring, “Your Betrayal” by Bullet For My Valentine begins to play. The crowd is immediately booing as NFB member Landon Chase walks out of the back with a smirk on his face. He takes it as praise, enjoying the crowd reaction before he starts to head down to the ring at a jog.*

Jones: Chase worked hard this past week to create a movie for himself, only to have it not quite turn out the way he expected.

Hood: The producer screwed him over, Jonesy, changing up the script.

Rockwell: So you’re saying that Chase never meant to have anything to do with gay porn?

Hood: Hell, of course not!

Rockwell: And yet it was called the Fag-tastic Four?

Jones: Maybe he was referring to cigarettes or something.

Hood: Oh, shut up.

*Vegas straightens himself up, having taken a few moments to get his air back. He’s definitely walking a little more painfully after that low blow he absorbed. Chase rolls into the ring, ready for action, but Vegas meets him, stomping away on the smaller wrestler. Chase fights his way up to his feet, though, and starts throwing punches, driving Vegas backwards with some good shots. Vegas tries to return it, but his swing goes high as Chase ducks down. Chase then springs himself upwards and gets a dropkick, knocking Vegas back into the ropes. Vegas shakes his head, having not gone down, and then starts to step forward, but Chase is already coming in and hitting him with a bodyblock, sending Vegas over the top rope!! Chase starts to pose, cocky, but then stops as he sees Vegas on the outside, still standing! He spun around on the way down and landed on his feet, as he glares up at Chase!*

Jones: Chase has his work cut out for him, as Vegas has a major size and strength advantage!

Hood: He’ll find a way to beat him, just you wait! After all, Vegas has already fought two other guys. Chase is fresh!

Rockwell: Plus Vegas has to be worried about turning his back on Chase…

Hood: He wasn’t even in the movie! Someone else played his role!

Jones: Isn’t it a bad thing when you have to have someone double for you in a porno?

Hood: No! I mean, yes, but…. Damnit, just drop the damn movie!! We’re here for wrestling!

*Vegas pulls himself back up onto the apron, fuming at the man waiting for him in the ring. Chase charges forward, looking to knock Vegas back down, but Vegas is able to get a shoulder lowered that sends Chase sprawling backwards. Vegas then steps over the ropes and comes back in, grabbing Chase as he tries to roll away, yanking him up and picking him into the air!! He gets Chase on his shoulders, apparently thinking about ending things quickly with the Pay Day!! But as Vegas starts to spin Chase around, Chase rearranges himself and gets Vegas by the head, spinning down to the canvas with a huge corkscrew DDT!! The fans applaud in spite of themselves, as Chase turns Vegas over and makes the cover, working to keep the big man down… 1… 2… but Vegas throws Chase off, sending the man into the ropes! Chase catches himself before falling out of the ring, pulling himself up and shaking his head, knowing he’s got a lot of work to do.*

Jones: Chase’s form is looking better and better now that he joined Nobody’s F’n Better.

Hood: He’s training with The Great One! Of course he’s getting better! All other wrestlers in the GCWA ought to take note of that and do whatever they can to join us!

Rockwell: So Chase and TGO have been…

Hood: Don’t even say it, Adrian, just don’t even bring the movie up again!!

Rockwell: Ok, ok! You pansy…

*In the ring, Chase has gotten behind Vegas on the mat, sitting back on him and pulling on his neck in a camel clutch submission! Vegas, though, is already fighting through it, using his superior bulk to drag both men towards the ropes. Chase is trying to slow him down, working to drain some of the big man’s reserves, but Vegas is just too powerful. He reaches out to the ropes and grabs hold, causing Trixie to call for the break. Chase doesn’t want to, as he waits until the last possible instant before releasing the hold. Trixie gets in his face, warning him that she’s already DQ’ed one man tonight. Chase rolls his eyes and goes back to Vegas, pulling him up and taking him to the corner. He bangs Vegas’ head into the ‘buckle, and then climbs up, preparing to punch away at him. But Vegas suddenly rises up, twisting himself around and lifting Chase up in a seated position on his shoulders!! Before the surprised Chase can react, Vegas drops back with the Majestic, sending Chase crashing to the mat!!! Vegas tiredly makes the cover, as Trixie slides in… 1… 2… but Chase is able to kick out!*

Rockwell: That was a close one, as Vegas nearly took this one with that great variation on an ocean cyclone suplex!

Hood: It wasn’t enough, though, to beat Chase. He can kick out of anything!

Jones: I guess we’ll find out about that soon enough, Hood, as Vegas is back in control of the contest!

*Vegas has pulled himself up, having been in the ring now for approaching 15 minutes. He swipes his long hair back out of his face and steps over to Chase, pulling the smaller wrestler up. Chase struggles to pull free, but Vegas has a good grip, locking him up and twisting Chase around with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!! Chase is down again, with Vegas attempting again to end it… 1… 2… Chase shoots his arm up in time. Vegas curses and pulls himself up again, with Chase in tow. He sets Chase in place for a vertical suplex and lifts, holding Chase up in the air for several seconds to let all the blood flow to his head. But Chase suddenly starts rocking his legs like crazy, unbalancing Vegas’ grip. Chase drops back down, landing on his feet, and immediately grabs Vegas by the head and falls, getting the Chaser!!! The North/South choke submission gets applied on the mat, as Chase triumphantly works the hold to perfection!!*

Hood: Yes!! It’s over!! Make that man the winner!!

Jones: Uh, Hood…

Hood: I told you fools how this was going to go! You need to learn to listen to the master!

Rockwell: Yo, Hood!

Hood: … What?

Jones: Chase may have his hold applied, but Vegas’ feet are in the ropes! He’s going to have to break the submission!

Hood: … Fuck!

*Indeed, Vegas’ right leg is under the ropes as the hold is being applied, and although Vegas is in a great deal of pain right now, Referee Trixie isn’t checking on him. Instead, she’s calling for the break, with a confused Chase looking up at her. He releases it and gets up, demanding to know what’s going on, as Trixie points out the leg. Chase shrugs, as if to say so what? But Trixie’s not going to allow it, so Chase, grumbling, shakes his head and grabs Vegas by the arm, dragging him away from the ropes. Before Chase can reapply the Chaser, though, Vegas shoves him away, then works to stand up! Chase, startled, hits the ropes and runs back with a leap… only to have Vegas catch him by the neck!! With one motion, Vegas lifts Chase into the air and gives him a chokeslam, shaking the ring!! The crowd is really getting into this, now, biting on every move, as Vegas struggles over to make the cover and hold Chase down… 1… 2… No! Chase somehow kicks out!*

Jones: These two are opening Capital Punishment in spectacular fashion!!

Rockwell: I think Vegas is looking more and more like a future great, and Chase, as much as I hate him, he’s surviving in this one!

Hood: Jealous of him, Rockwell? You should be.

*As Referee Trixie backs off, Vegas slowly gets to his feet. He grabs for Chase again, pulling up the smaller wrestler, no, Chase goes to the eyes, blinding the man! Vegas steps back, trying to clear his vision, as Chase rushes to the ropes and springs off of them, coming back at Vegas and landing on his shoulders for a hurricanrana!! But Vegas catches him, keeping him from flipping over, and then lifts him back up, shifting him around for the Pay Day!! Chase is kicking like mad, trying to break free, as Vegas tries to toss him off… but Chase twists out of his grip and gets his head on the way down, getting a skyscraper-style facebuster!! Vegas flops hard, as Chase scrambles away, rushing to the turnbuckle. He climbs up quick, managing to keep his balance despite a quick slip of one foot. He gets to the top and leaps off immediately, flying through the air and dropping on Vegas with the North Star!!! He makes the cover, getting as much leverage as possible on the ropes, as Referee Trixie quickly counts… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the new GCWA Hardcore Title #1 Contender… Landon Chase!

Hood: Yes!!

Rockwell: Shit.

Jones: A big victory for Landon Chase, as he manages to fight off a serious challenge in Johnny Vegas to get himself a title opportunity!

Hood: This is just the beginning of a great night for NFB!!

Rockwell: We’ll just see about that, Hood…

Jones: Vegas really impressed today in his first GCWA pay-per-view appearance, but he couldn’t quite get past the third man after getting past Xtreme and Rage.

Rockwell: Yeah, luck of the draw can be a real bitch.

*Chase is celebrating, trying to get a quick victory kiss from Referee Trixie. That doesn’t go anywhere, so he shrugs his shoulders, calls her a tease, and walks away, leaving the ring. Vegas has sat up now, holding his chest in pain. He gets to the ropes to pull himself up, angry at having fallen that way. The scene cuts to the backstage area in TGO’s office. He’s currently on the phone pacing around the office.*

The Great One: What the hell happened Shayde?...WHAT?!...That can’t be I booked that flight myself!...YES IT WAS FIRST CLASS!...Isn’t there another plane leaving like now?!...WHO CARES IF YOU HAVE TO FLY COACH!...That son of a bitch! Someone’s going to pay for this shit!

*With that being said TGO throws his Blackberry across the room shattering it and storms out the office. We cut away from him and go to the NFB Locker Room. Lorenzo Demarco is sitting on a bench inside the locker room. He's looking down at the ground. The Audience boos simply at the mere sight of him. He continues to look down for a few seconds until he slowly looks up at the camera. He spits but not directly at the camera.*

Lorenzo Demarco: It's not much longer is it? No it's not. You know, good, I'm getting tired of waiting. There's been a lot of talk, a lot of insults, a lot of back and forth. Well tonight it all comes to a end. You all boo me? You've decided to back Ataxia. Well that's fine, go ahead and back your dead horse. Dead horses don't finish the race. Dead horses always come last.

*Demarco turns for a second, looking away, and then glances back at the camera. He’s deadly serious.*

Lorenzo Demarco: The fact of the matter is tonight Ataxia we settle this. We're going to spill blood, we're going to bruise skin, if we try hard enough we're going to break bones. That's just fine, that's how this should end. That's the only way it is going to end. With that being said Ataxia, I want you to understand, after I beat you tonight, after I bludgeon you, batter you, and kick your ass everywhere you decide to go, it's over. After tonight you're going to tuck your tail between your legs and crawl away. After tonight whenever someone asks you what did it feel like to have a street fight with Demarco, you are going to answer "It felt like I was a bitch". Cause that's all you are Ataxia, a loud obnoxious attention craving bitch. You want to act like a bitch, well tonight I'm going to slap you around like one Ataxia. That's all I have to say, that's all that needs to be said. Now get the hell out of my locker room before I throw your ass out.

*Lorenzo gives a hard stare at the camera whose owner clearly begins to back away as Lorenzo Demarco goes back to starring at the ground. We head back to ringside.*

Hood: Can you feel the intensity??

Rockwell: There’s definitely been a tremendous build-up between Demarco and Ataxia over the past few months. There is no more intense feud in the GCWA at this moment.

Jones: Demarco may be fired up, but The Great One looked pissed! What’s this about Shayde missing his flight, Hood?

Hood: I haven’t heard anything, although I knew Shayde wasn’t here yet… it’s gotta be sabotage!

Rockwell: You think everything’s a conspiracy.

Jones: The big question is, does that mean Shayde won’t make it here later tonight for his Unified X Division Title match?

Rockwell: That’d be pretty funny…

Hood: Shut up! Shayde was going to win the title for us!

Rockwell: And now he’s sitting in an airport terminal eating free peanuts.

Jones: We’ll get a progress report on that later tonight.

Jones: Well we're getting ready for...wait a minute. Something is going on in the back.

Hood: What? Is security trying to get Adrian out of here?

Rockwell: I'm not going anywhere! You are, backstabber!

*We cut backstage while this wonderful banter is going on to see...Bucky Johnson and Robert Santana already fighting each other. Head Referee Bell quickly runs in on the scene trying to get the guys to break up for the match to officially start. He distracts Bucky long enough for Santana to superkick him in the face. Santana yells at Bell and Bell shrugs. He motions for the camera that it's on. *

Jones: The match is kicking off in the backstage area! These two couldn't wait to get out here and start so they're already fighting.

Hood: You mean we don't have to commentate? You know since they're not out here?

Rockwell: With your dime store one liners you haven't been commentating all night.

Hood: Hey Foot Locker called they want their wardrobe back.

Rockwell: OCW called and they want you to die like the federation.

Jones: STOP IT! Damn it! Be professional.

Hood: (Sticks his tongue out at Rockwell)

Rockwell: (Does the same)


*Back to the match backstage we see Santana grab a wrench from one of the technicians and brings it down hard on Bucky's back sending the big man to the ground. Bucky falls hard grabbing his back as Santana drops the wrench and bounces off one of the walls landing a high flying roundhouse kick to Bucky's face. Santana grabs Bucky and throws him down the hallway into a roadbox. Santana gets a running start but in mid air he gets hit with the road box from Bucky. Bucky shakes his head for a moment and gets back up slowly. He grabs Santana and runs him into another room in the backstage area. *

Jones: Where the heck are they?

*Suddenly we see Santana go headfirst into the backstage buffet table! *

Hood: Uh oh! Food Fight!

Rockwell: This is about to get messy.

*Santana grabs a vegetable tray and throws it at Bucky who ducks it and brings a knee up into Santana's face. He picks up Santana and tilt a whirl slams him into the table. It doesn't break! Bucky runs back and then leaps atop of Santana breaking the table. Food is everywhere as both wrestlers try to get back up but slip around a bit. Bucky grabs Santana's arm and slingshots him into a plate bin. Santana grabs a plate and discuss throws it at Bucky barely missing his head. Bucky running grabs Santana and goes through the exit door of the cafeteria. Bucky then spinbusts Santana onto the ground hard. He grabs a trashcan full of debris and just slams it into Santana's chest. Bucky finally gets Santana towards the entranceway. *

Jones: Finally the match comes out here.

Hood: Oh goody!

Rockwell: Sarcasm isn't appreciated on the job.

Hood: Neither is your face but I'm not complaining.

Rockwell: Screw you fat boy.

Hood: I am not fat!

Jones: SHUT UP!! Jesus.

Hood: See Adrian your getting Jones upset.

Rockwell: Me? It's you fatty!


*Bucky slams Santana hard into the entranceway area. He looks up to the tron and smirks as he starts to climb up it. *

Jones: Oh God!

Hood: Bucky's going to high fly?

Rockwell: No Captain Obvious he's going for a magical twinkie that resides on our tron.

Hood:...are you on crack?

*Bucky gets to the top of the tron and goes for his finisher “Bucking Bronco”, as he attempts the frog splash though Santana rolls off the stage into the tech equipment. Bucky hits hard on the steel as Santana gets it pretty bad landing on some of the tech gear. The fans are on the feet screaming “HOLY S(BLEEP) chant. *

Jones: Bucky...He's got to be hurt.

Hood: What about Santanna? Dude just took out...what did he take out?

Rockwell: Some free “Messiah Pariah” t-shirts and some of that fake NFB merchandise.

Hood: Oh well nothing important.

Rockwell: Show what you know that stuff is our hottest seller.

Jones: Guys! Match! Talk about t-shirts later.

Hood: I should have a t-shirt.

Rockwell: “The Village is missing their idiot?” is already taken but I'll keep hoping for you.

Jones: I'm requesting a transfer.

*Santana finally gets out of the equipment and free merchandise and slowly gets up on the entranceway. Bucky still hasn't gotten up but he is showing signs of life by holding his sternum. Santana gets to him finally and helps him up. He stands Bucky at the edge of the entranceway and runs at him. DROPKICK! Bucky goes flying into the tech area. He barely starts to get up as Santana flies at him. Last minute duck by Bucky sends Santana into no man's land and he lands on the concrete. Bucky grabs Santana and slingshots him into the ring barrier. The fans are on their feet as Bucky drags Santana to the ring and throws him into it. Bucky goes over and grabs a chair from where Minos was sitting and gets back into the ring. Santana is trying to get up as Bucky leaps up to the top turnbuckle and jumps off. CHAIRSHOT TO THE TOP OF THE HEAD! Bucky drops the chair fast and then grabs Santana back up. DDT on the chair! Bucky is calling for it to be over. Cover...1...2..NO! *

Jones: Santana kicked out!

Hood: Good for him. Where are the cookies?

Rockwell: No but here's a bottle of shut the (bleep) up.

*Bucky screams as he gets up looking angry as he grabs Santana and tosses him into the ropes. Leapfrog by Santana and rebound. Spinning heel kick to Bucky who kicks back up immediately. Both men stare at each other for a moment as they both breath hard. Punch! Punch! Back and forth both men are just in a knock down drag out fight until Santana swings and misses. Bucky reaches down and grabs the discarded chair. Shot to the head of Santana. He shakes it off and yells at Bucky to do it again! Bucky obliges as Santana bides him time for the third shot. When that tries to connect we see a kick come out of nowhere and send the chair into Bucky's face busting open Bucky's nose. Bucky is disoriented as Santana runs to the ropes and hits Bucky with a facebuster onto the chair! *

Jones: Santana is out for blood here!

Hood: What he's starting a vampire gimmick? He does kind of sparkle.

Rockwell:...You’re fishing now.

Jones: Fishing. Away from you two. I got my plans for the week now.

*Santana signals for it to be over and he waits for Bucky to get up. Bucky takes his time. Santana goes for a run and Bucky drops down avoiding the attempt to finish him off. He comes up fast with a jumping uppercut! Santana lands with his back hitting the turnbuckle post! Bucky hits the ground to tired from the assault to capitalize. *


Hood: Someone's gotta say it.

Rockwell: SHIRU-KEN!

Jones: I'm working with morons.

*Bucky and Santana get up both men tired. Both men hurt. Santana gets the first shot in which Bucky blocks. Santana unloads on Bucky as Bucky keeps doing his blocks as best he can. Santana keeps it coming with punches, kicks, chops, and anything else he can think of to knock Bucky down. One of the hits does connect with Bucky's ear and that's when the drops his guard. Headbutt attempt by Santana only followed by a punch from Bucky. Santana is groggy as he tries to bring his arms up. Bucky runs up and leapfrogs over Santana. Standing side kick to the back of the head. Santana bounces off the ropes and Bucky grabs him using the momentum to slam Santana into the ground. He places the chair over Santana's chest and runs to the turnbuckle. Bucking Bronco! Here's the cover...1...2...3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner and STILL GCWA Hardcore Champion....BUCKY JOHNSON!!!

Jones: He did it!

Hood: Great. Now get in the ring Rockwell. It's been a nice visit but you should really stop slacking off on your referee duties.

Rockwell: I swear I am going to...

Jones: You two! Shut it! I am not going to have this keep going all night understand?

*Johnson holds up the Hardcore Title, albeit painfully due to his own injuries. He turns and achingly rolls out of the ring, departing to get himself checked out. Santana’s still down, looking miserable as the referee checks him over. We cut away from his agony and head backstage, where we see the Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris, making his way down the hallway! Next to him is his brother and tag-team partner, Dangerous Dan! The fans are cheering as Chris and Dan come around a corner, where they’re met by their half-sister, Madyson.*

Madyson: Chris, did you hear the news? Liam Shayde missed his flight! He’s not going to make it tonight!

*Chris and Dan turn to each other, smiling, before Chris looks back and puts on a ‘surprised’ look.*

Crazy Chris: He won’t be here? Oh, what a shame…

*Dan hides his mouth with his hand, possibly concealing a chuckle. Madyson, taking a closer look, suddenly realizes that something’s going on.*

Madyson: Wait a second… did you have anything to do with this, Chris? Dan?

Crazy Chris: Who, us? Screwing Shayde out of his title shot by getting our cousin in airline reservations to make a change for us?

Dangerous Dan: Getting to hear about Shayde finding out that his first-class seat got handed over to someone else and was used, meaning that TGO is still going to have to pay for it?

Crazy Chris: Getting to hear about Shayde stuck at the airport, and having to call TGO and whine about missing his flight?

Dangerous Dan: Nope, wasn’t us.

*The Danger Boiz both walk down the hall, with Madyson staying close to them. The sound of laughter is heard as they disappear around the corner, with Chris heading towards the ringside entrance.*

Hood: I knew it!!! CONSPIRACY!!!

Rockwell: From what I heard, they just denied being part of it, Hood.

Hood: They knew too much!! They did it!! Curse you, Crazy Chris!!

*As Hood fumes (and Rockwell laughs), we leave the announcers behind. Once again we cut to the backstage area where Chris Cortez is walking with the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title from the parking garage. Suddenly he’s attacked from the back with a tire iron by Jaiden Rishel!!! The rest of the NFB excluding Demarco and Shayde are with him. Landon Chase picks up Cortez and sends him back down to the ground with a tremendous implant DDT. The Great One appears from behind the camera man and directs The Lost Soul to pick him back up. TLS then sends Cortez flying through a glass window to the security station. TGO then picks up the Intercontinental Title off of the ground and peeks through the window talking to Cortez.*

The Great One: You never deserved this title, that’s why you’re not going to have it anymore! Even though you’ll be out of commission, the title is STILL going to be on the line and there WILL be a new champion…

*TGO walks away as the rest of the NFB follow him. The camera walks over to the window and zooms in on a bloodied Chris Cortez with glass sticking out of his face. We then cut to ringside.*

Jones: Oh my God! What?!

Hood: Serves that prick right!

Rockwell: Fuck!! You guys are complete cowards!!

Hood: Hey, not our fault you guys were stupid enough to allow Cortez to be on his own!

Jones: But will be the belt really be on the line, now that Cortez has been laid out??

Hood: Why not? Rishel and El Linchador can still fight for it! It’ll still be fair!

Rockwell: Cortez deserved to be defending his belt, and you know it, Hood!

Hood: Well, then, he’d better put on a lot of band aids if he wants to be in the match!

*”Mental Health” by Zebrahead begins to play, bringing the fans to their feet as the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris, makes his way out to the ring! He looks like he’s having a pretty good night, grinning through his mask as he gives out a dozen high fives on his way down. He appears to have both titles with him, the Unified X Division Title and one half of the World Tag-Team Titles.*

Jones: The Unified X Division Champion is out! But did his opponent ever show up?

Rockwell: My sources say no, Ed, which means that Shayde’s missing out on his title shot!

Hood: It’s a complete conspiracy! Crazy Chris made sure that Shayde couldn’t fight him tonight, because he was a coward who didn’t want any part of him!

Rockwell: How stupid is Shayde to try and fly in the day of the show, anyway? Half the guys have been here since Friday!

Hood: He had personal business to take care of, not that it’s any business of yours! That doesn’t mean he should be denied the title, which you know he was about to win!

Jones: Enough, guys, there’s nothing to be done about it at this point.

*Crazy Chris is in the ring now, having gotten a mic from the timekeeper’s table.*

Crazy Chris: Hello, Oklahoma City!

*The fans give a long cheer, excited to see Crazy Chris in the ring.*

Crazy Chris: I wanted to show all of you that, unlike some people, I actually made it here tonight! I also wanted to apologize, as I know you all wanted to watch me destroy Liam Shayde and retain my title, which is what would have happened if Shayde hadn’t had travel issues.

*The fans agree, cheering along, with many of them clued in to the fact that Crazy Chris was a major cause of Shayde’s difficulties.*

Crazy Chris: With Shayde out of the loop, I guess I’ll have to find myself another person to defend the title against. Who do you think I should go with? Dangerous Dan? Madyson?

*The crowd laughs, but things get interrupted as the NFB theme song begins to play! Out of the back, The Great One walks out, carrying his own mic as he faces the ring.*

Hood: Yes! The Great One’s here to straighten this mess out!

Jones: What could he possibly have planned, with Shayde not even currently in the state?

The Great One: Pretty happy with yourself, Crazy Chris, for taking the easy way out?

Crazy Chris: Easy? I’m here. Where’s your man?

The Great One: I’ll applaud you, Chris. You get to keep your title today. Good for you. But you haven’t finished with Shayde. By my power, I’m postponing tonight’s match, but it WILL take place, and Shayde WILL take that Unified X Division Title from you! You aren’t going to escape us that easily.

Crazy Chris: I will fight him any day of the week, TGO, and I will beat him every time. I’ve had this belt since February, and no one’s been able to take it from me yet!

The Great One: You talk big, Chris… but don’t think you’re getting off easy tonight, either.

*Suddenly, behind Crazy Chris, Landon Chase, Jaiden Rishel, and The Lost Soul slide into the ring!! Chase and Rishel attack Chris from behind, as TLS steps back, simply watching. The crowd is roaring, even as Chris fights back, getting in a good shot that knocks Chase back, then spinning with a side kick into Rishel, knocking him down! But Chris can’t readjust in time, as TLS runs forward and clotheslines him, knocking him upside-down!! Chase and Rishel come back and stomp away, as TGO comes to the ring!*

Jones: It’s an ambush!

Hood: Good! Teach that loser never to mess with NFB again!

*The fans begin to cheer as Dangerous Dan and Madyson appear, running straight down to the ring. Dan slides in, with Madyson right behind him, as they try to make the save. Dan nails TLS with a dropkick, then flies at Chase, trying to take him down. But Rishel intercedes, giving Dan a boot to the stomach, with Chase immediately joining in, while TGO and TLS go back onto Crazy Chris. Madyson tries to get involved, jumping on Chase’s back, but Chase flips her to the mat, then gladly holds her from behind, keeping her from getting involved.*

Rockwell: The World Tag-Team Champions are taking a beating!

Hood: Time to eliminate some garbage from NFB’s path!!

Jones: I think you might want to hold off on that proclamation, Hood! Help’s coming!

Hood: No! TGO, get out of there!

*As NFB continues to attack the Danger Boiz, three men come running out of the back and charge the ring: the members of the Roman Empire!! Lurrr leads the charge, with Derek Mobley and Warrick Hill right behind him!! The three men slide in and immediately start fighting, with TGO calling for his guys to retreat!! Shortly thereafter, the Roman Empire and the Danger Boiz clear the ring, with NFB immediately heading up the aisleway!*

Jones: The Roman Empire just made the save for the Danger Boiz!

Hood: What the hell are they doing out here??

*In the ring, Lurrr gives Crazy Chris a hand up, while Derek helps out Dangerous Dan. Warrick takes a special interest in getting Madyson up, smiling at her. TGO leads NFB away, telling them not to worry about it. He looks pretty annoyed at Lurrr’s interference. Meanwhile, Chris, back on his feet, looks strangely at Lurrr, with the two having a pretty long history in the GCWA. Lurrr surprisingly extends a hand to him, nodding, and after a second, Chris returns it, with the crowd cheering!*

Jones: It looks like the Roman Empire and the Danger Boiz are allying together!

Hood: …

Rockwell: I can’t say I’m happy about that, but it was nice seeing NFB get themselves driven from the ring for once!

Jones: The Danger Boiz survive tonight, thanks to the Roman Empire! That’s something I thought I’d never be saying!

Hood: …

*As the wrestlers all leave the ring together, we cut away and go to the back, where we see the Accelerator watching the festivities. He doesn’t seem that pleased, although he’s trying not to let his face show it. He gets on the phone, making a quick call.*

The Accelerator: Hey, Reed? It’s Ace. Can you track down Bucky Johnson for me? I know he’s probably getting medical treatment, but we need to have a meeting. Thanks.

*Ace hangs up the phone and goes back to watching, as his bodyguards stay close next to him. Neither has said a word tonight. They’re there as protection, not to talk about themselves. We cut away from the Accelerator and head to the locker rooms, where we see the final member of the Roman Empire, El Linchador, pacing back and forth, with his squad of acquaintances around him.*

Miss Grace: All right, I think we're the next match.

El Linchador: I know.

Pedro: Forget about all that craziness back in L.A.

Miss Grace: And Vegas.

Pedro: And with your wife.

Miss Grace: And with Henry in jail.

Pedro: And with your father.

El Linchador: I KNOW!

*El Toreador, El Linchador's father, walks into the room... dressed in his old (and now tight-fitting) bullfighter outfit.*

El Toreador: El Linchador! Bring honor to the family's name.

El Linchador: Dad. When's the last time you had that thing fitted?

El Toreador: OLE!

*The door swings open and in walks Floyd Fallum.*

Floyd Fallum: Linchy! There you are! You'll never believe the problems I had getting in -

El Linchador: Out, Floyd! You make my skin crawl!

Floyd Fallum: That's no way to talk to -

El Toreador: My son said OUT!

*Floyd stops talking and giving a knowing look to Grace, before leaving.*

Pedro: All right - let's do this. You ready, Linchy?

El Linchador: Very ready. Let's do this for Henry.

*Linchy leads the way out of the locker room. We cut away from him and once again go to the backstage area where Cynthia Hall is standing by with The Lost Soul.*

Cynthia Hall: So, first I would like to say welcome back TLS!

The Lost Soul: You know that you don’t want me back, nobody here does…

Cynthia Hall: Well then why DID you come back?

The Lost Soul: It’s quite simple really…

*Suddenly TGO appears from behind TLS with a rather pissed off look.*

Cynthia Hall: Well this can’t be good…

The Great One: You’re absolutely correct! Why the hell are you trying to interview this man?! Hasn’t he been through enough than to deal with your simpleton questions?

Cynthia Hall: I’m just trying to know WHY he did what he did last week.

The Great One: He doesn’t owe anybody an explanation! But if you peons must know, I’ll answer it for him…

Cynthia Hall: Ok, then tell us.

The Great One: Don’t speak out of turn woman! Why should he be loyal to a man who turned his back on him?! Why should he come back to the GCWA as a low man on the totem pole? He knows where the power lies within this company just like everyone else does…with ME! Besides why would he want to be affiliated with two groups who have washed up has-beens? He has something that he can offer to the wrestling world and he knows that the only way that he can get what he wants is with me by his side…is that a good enough answer for you Cynthia?

Cynthia Hall: Well…yeah….I guess…

The Great One: GOOD! Now let’s go…

*The feed cuts as TGO and TLS walk off. We go back to ringside.*

Jones: Well, I guess we got an explanation, although not from the one we expected to say something.

Hood: One of the benefits of being with TGO is that he looks out for his guys. He wasn’t going to let Cynthia Hall railroad TLS!

Jones: But, she just wanted to know why he had joined NFB!

Rockwell: He joined because he was a has-been who is desperately searching for one final moment in the sun!

Hood: No, he joined because he knows it’s the place he can achieve his goals!

Jones: Hell, no matter why he joined, he’s done it, as we’ve already seen a couple of times tonight. I guess now it’s time to see what another member of NFB can do, as it’s time to decide the new Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be for the GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title! Now coming down to the ring, he is a strong force for NFB and a man who is seeking his first championship, standing 6’0” and weighing 221 lbs, from Philadelphia, PA, here is Jaiden Rishel!

*The boos are echoing as Rishel comes out to “The Broken” by Coheed and Cambria. He has a cocky grin on his face, as well as the Intercontinental Title, which he ‘retrieved’ from Chris Cortez earlier in the night. The wrestler seems supremely confident as he goes to the ring, rolling inside and handing off the belt.*

Hood: Rishel looks damn good with that gold in his hands, doesn’t he?

Jones: He hasn’t earned it yet, though, Hood. Officially, Chris Cortez is still the champion.

Hood: Yeah, but that’s just a technicality. Rishel will be the champ soon enough!

Rockwell: It just shows how much of a coward Rishel is. He knew he couldn’t take Cortez on his best day, so he had to take him out before hand.

Hood: Cortez should be thanking his lucky stars that his injuries aren’t worse, Adrian. He was in the way of NFB, and that’s like standing in the way of a freight train. It never ends well.

Minos: His opponent tonight is a former ICWF World Heavyweight Champion who is here tonight to represent the Roman Empire… standing 6’1” and weighing 199 lbs, from La Coruna, Spain… here is El Linchador!

*El Linchador comes out to “Hey Ladies” by The Beastie Boys, getting his usual “Ole” ovation on his way to the ring. He enjoys it, turning and getting the crowd to say it louder, if only to spite Hood. The cruiserweight then walks on to the squared circle, focusing himself for battle.*

Hood: Have I said how sick I am of these fans?

Rockwell: Yeah, you have, so don’t say it again…

Jones: This past week, El Linchador’s father was nearly killed when Pedro’s new gym burned down. As far as I know, the police do not have leads at this time, although clearly it was arson.

Rockwell: Maybe they ought to look into where TGO and his boys were that day.

Hood: Watch it, Adrian, we can sue you for slander if you’re not careful.

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as Referee Logan makes the gesture, Rishel comes at El Linchador, trying to take him by surprise with a clothesline. El Linchador matrixes under the swing, though, then comes back up, spinning around and hitting Rishel with a couple of good strikes. He grabs Rishel’s arm and whips him towards the ropes, only to have Rishel reverse it, sending El Linchador over instead. As El Linchador returns, Rishel drops his head for a back body drop, only to have El Linchador somersault over him, landing behind him! Rishel spins, with El Linchador leaping up onto his shoulders for a hurricanrana! But Rishel throws him off, causing El Linchador to do a complete flip, landing on his feet. He comes back at Rishel, with the NFB member catching El Linchador with a hip toss! El Linchador, though, hops right back up as Rishel charges him, giving Rishel his own hip toss! The match continues at a furious pace right off the bat, with the fans cheering every incredible move!*

Jones: Two of the best high-flyers in the world are going to give us a show here tonight!

Rockwell: El Linchador has the experience edge, Rishel has the youth advantage, but who’s got the better skills here tonight?

Hood: Well, obviously Rishel! He’s just playing with Linchy!

Jones: Well, he might want to think about taking it more seriously, or else El Linchador is going to make him pay!

Rockwell: It’s strange to hear “taking it more seriously” and “El Linchador” in the same sentence.

*Both wrestlers are back on their feet now, with El Linchador managing to send Rishel running towards the corner. He manages to brace himself with his hands upon arrival, then springs himself up and over the charging El Linchador, landing a few steps behind him. But El Linchador keeps running, amazingly going up the turnbuckle in two strides, and then backflipping off of it, going a complete 360 flip over Rishel!! Before Rishel can shake off his shock and turn around, El Linchador grabs him from behind and shoves him into the corner, then drops back out with him into a fantastic roll up!! Referee Logan dives in for the count… 1… 2… and Rishel only barely escapes! Both men hop up, but El Linchador’s in control now, getting a kick to Rishel’s stomach, followed by a spinning ace cutter, smashing Rishel into the canvas!! El Linchador kips right back to his feet following the move and runs to the ropes, springboarding himself backwards and coming down on top of Rishel with a moonsault!! He makes the cover… 1… 2… but Rishel escapes in time!*

Jones: El Linchador is really looking impressive tonight, as no one would believe he’s been around in the wrestling business for a decade!

Hood: Well, yeah, he’s been impressive, but, uh, it’s not going to last. Rishel’s going to come back any moment now.

Rockwell: Is that belief or a prayer, Hood?

Hood: C’mon, damnit, Rishel…

*Rishel is quickly brought up by El Linchador, who is definitely looking determined to get himself a championship here tonight. He snaps Rishel over, putting him in a sitting position on the mat, then runs to the ropes, coming back with a leap over Rishel and jamming his head down along the way!! Rishel snaps back up and lays on his back, holding his head, as El Linchador pushes himself up and heads for the turnbuckle. He climbs up without much effort, positioning himself as he watches Rishel roll on the mat. He times his leap and goes for it, flying off with a frog splash attempt!! But Rishel sees it coming and desperately shoves himself out of the way with a roll, allowing El Linchador to crash hard onto his stomach instead!! El Linchador holds his chest, trying to suck in the air that was violently forced out of him, as Rishel comes in quickly. He pulls El Linchador up and gets him by the head, snapping over with a reverse swinging neckbreaker!! El Linchador’s down, with Rishel making the cover… 1… but that’s as far as it goes, as Referee Logan immediately notices Rishel trying to use the ropes for leverage!*

Hood: Make the count, ref!

Jones: Logan saw the illegal pin attempt, Hood, and he’s not going to stand for that!

Rockwell: Rishel was a little too anxious to put El Linchador away, and he got busted for it!

Hood: Damnit, he was just stretching his calf muscles! It had nothing to do with the pin!

Rockwell: Yeah, and Cortez slipped on a banana peel earlier.

*Rishel and Referee Logan argue for a moment, with Logan threatening a disqualification. Rishel angrily goes back to El Linchador, pulling him up. He turns back to Logan and says to be ready to do the job Logan’s paid for. Rishel then lifts El Linchador up, turning him around for the Delirium Trigger!! But El Linchador fights free of Rishel’s shoulders, instead dropping behind him! He pushes Rishel from behind, sending him running towards the ropes. Rishel goes with it, rebounding off the ropes and coming back with an attempt at a flying forearm… only to fly right into a leaping dropkick from El Linchador!! The crowd ooh’s at the impact, as Rishel crashes down into a heap on the canvas, looking to be barely conscious after that one!! El Linchador is immediately up and rushing over to the turnbuckle. He climbs up in one motion and again takes flight, this time landing a picture-perfect flying double stomp!!! The fans are loving it, as El Linchador makes the cover… 1… 2… and somehow Rishel gets his shoulder up!*

Jones: We almost had a winner right there!

Rockwell: I’ll give Rishel some credit for kicking out, but El Linchador is pulling out all the stops tonight!

Hood: Yeah, but Rishel is fighting for something nobler: the honor of NFB! He won’t let us down…

Jones: He’s definitely in a great deal of trouble at the moment, Hood!

Hood: Anyone seen TGO? Maybe Rishel needs a manager out here…

*The fans are going wild, hoping against hope that El Linchador can find a way to win. The lightweight is already back up, dragging Rishel with him and bringing him over to the corner. El Linchador lifts him up onto the ‘buckle, then joins him, punching away at the man. He then positions Rishel and starts to bring him off for a big move, only to have Rishel suddenly fight back, landing a couple of good shots that send El Linchador sprawling backwards to the mat! Not wasting any time, Rishel shakily stands fully up on the ‘buckle, then leaps, going for the Black Rainbow!! Unfortunately, he’s a little too late, as El Linchador suddenly kips up, putting him out of range!! As Rishel crash lands, El Linchador is already heading for the turnbuckle, leaping up on top. He waits for Rishel to struggle back to his feet, then throws himself into the air with the 360 flip into the cross body block!! Rishel has no defense, getting smashed to the mat, as Referee Logan slides in for the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… and the NEW GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion… El Linchador!

Hood: But… but…

Jones: We have a new champion, as El Linchador wins his first title in the GCWA!

Rockwell: Hah! Serves you right, Hood! If your guys had left Cortez to be in the match, maybe things would have turned out differently!

Hood: *multitude of curses*

Jones: Congratulations to El Linchador, as he brings some gold to the Roman Empire! You can definitely tell he’s pleased with the victory!

*El Linchador is jumping up and down, holding the Intercontinental Title tight to his chest. Suddenly, though, he’s rolling himself out of the ring, having spied an incoming squad of wrestlers. TGO and the NFB come into the ring, encircling Rishel, as El Linchador quickly retreats.*

Jones: The NFB is out here, but why??

Hood: They’re checking on their man, of course! After El Linchador’s dirty tactics, they want to make sure that Rishel is ok!

Rockwell: Dirty tactics? What dirty tactics?

Hood: I’ll come up with some once I see the replays…

*Rishel looks to be ok, although he seems extremely frustrated. The Great One makes sure he’s alright, asking him about his condition. Rishel nods, saying he’ll make it, and TGO nods. He then turns to The Lost Soul and whispers something to them. For a second, TLS looks at the man who re-hired him, and then decides to go along with it. He turns and walks over to Rishel, patting him on the shoulder… and then quickly locks him up and lifts, slamming him down with the Soul Buster!!!*

Jones: Whoa!!

Rockwell: Rishel just got spiked!!

*Landon Chase turns and looks over at The Great One for a second, getting a nod from the leader of NFB. Chase then smirks and steps over, locking the downed Rishel into the Chaser!!! As Chase applies the north-south submission, The Lost Soul moves around and attacks Rishel’s legs, with the two men doing their best to tear Rishel apart!!*

Jones: The forces have completely turned on Rishel!! What’s going on, Hood??

Hood: I… well, I think… maybe… Rishel let us down?

Rockwell: By losing to El Linchador?

Hood: Well, he did blow it… and he should have brought a title home to NFB… so yeah, he screwed up, and now he’s paying for it! He disappointed TGO, nobody does that!

*As the two wrestlers continue to punish Rishel, The Great One moves to the outside. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a long table, and then pushes it into the ring. He gets it set up, and then turns, yelling something to the other wrestlers. Chase and TLS bring the battered Rishel back to his feet, holding him up. TGO then steps in and whispers something to Rishel, something too soft for the camera’s mic to pick up. Rishel can’t answer, having taken a lot of punishment. The Great One then signals, and Chase and TLS lift Rishel into the air. TGO lends a hand as well, with the three men sending Rishel through the table with a powerbomb/cutter combination!!! The debris is everywhere, including sticking out of Rishel’s back. Having done their job, TGO leads his crew back out, leaving the ring.*

Jones: Jaiden Rishel just got destroyed!! Who knows if he’ll ever return after the damage that was just done to him!!

Hood: Good riddance to a waste of space in the NFB!

*Medics come down to check on the now-bloody Rishel, who might have internal bleeding the way he’s coughing and shaking. As they work to get him out of the ring, we cut away, heading to the backstage area. We’re back in the Presidential office, as the Accelerator is doing a small applause, happy to see what happened to Rishel so soon after leaving his leadership. The door to his office swings open, and the GCWA Hardcore Champion, Bucky Johnson, limps into the room.*

The Accelerator: Bucky! Glad to see you, champ! Have a seat, I know you’re hurting.

Bucky Johnson: I’m fine standing, thanks. What is this about, Ace?

The Accelerator: Well, first off, I wanted to praise your great victory over Robert Santana earlier tonight. A lot of people didn’t think you’d pull it off, but you showed them, didn’t you?

Bucky Johnson: I just did what I said I was going to do. I won, I retained, and I’m still the man to beat.

The Accelerator: Exactly! You’re the man. You’ve got a great championship in your possession, you’re becoming a force in the GCWA… and yet you’re on your own.

*This grabs Bucky’s attention, causing him to stare over at the Accelerator in confusion, wondering what’s going on.*

The Accelerator: I know you’ve got your friends over there in the CWF. You’ve got your own little stable, right? But here… well, I have to ask… why aren’t you with the NFB?

Bucky Johnson: I would never join TGO’s group. They don’t have any ethics.

The Accelerator: They also don’t respect you, Bucky. I mean, have you received one invitation from TGO? Nope. Even though you’re a champion, TGO doesn’t want you, does he?

Bucky Johnson: Well…

The Accelerator: And what about the high and mighty Commissioner, Lurrr? He’s got his friends in the Roman Empire. He’s willing to help out the Danger Boiz. But he doesn’t want the Retarded Beast on his team, does he?

Bucky Johnson: …

The Accelerator: So I’ll make this pitch quick, Bucky. I want you on my team. I think you’re the wave of the future in the wrestling business, and I see the potential that everyone else is blind to.

Bucky Johnson: You want me to work for you? I don’t think I…

The Accelerator: Hear me out, Bucky. I’m a man who has had the World Champion on his team. I’ve had the IC Champion on my team. And now I want the Hardcore Champion. Lurrr and TGO? They don’t like you, and they sure as hell don’t respect you. They’re willing to cast you aside like yesterday’s garbage. Why should you stand for that? You’re one of the best in the world!

Bucky Johnson: Yeah… yeah, I am…

The Accelerator: You deserve to have men watching out for you, men you can trust. You also deserve someone powerful in your corner, because you know TGO’s going to be trying hard to screw you out of the Hardcore Title now that Chase has his title shot.

Bucky Johnson: You’d support my title reign?

The Accelerator: Hell yes I would! You have a future in this business, Bucky. Stick with me, and you’re going places, guaranteed!

*Bucky looks like he’s trying to figure everything out, although he clearly wasn’t ready for this. He finally takes a seat in the chair Ace offered earlier, as the President sits back, smiling. We slowly fade away, heading back to ringside.*

Jones: Is Bucky going to join up with the Aceholes?

Rockwell: Hey! That’s not our name! We’re the President’s Cabinet, so don’t you forget it!

Hood: He’s really spewing lies about TGO. I’m sure TGO was getting around to talking to Bucky…

Jones: Well, it looks like he’s a little late, as Bucky might actually be considering Ace’s offer!

Rockwell: Of course he is! The President’s offering to go to bat for him! How often does that happen?

Jones: Well, it's right before the much anticipated street fight and we have Cynthia Hall interviewing Ataxia.

Hood: Oh great. The freak.

*We cut back to Cynthia Hall standing in front of the GCWA logo as Ataxia walks up. He's wearing a black old english coat with tails, ruffled white shirt and black cravat, black vest, and black slacks. His mask looks like it's been sewn together in a barbwire pattern. Cynthia looks him up and down for a second.*

Cynthia Hall:...whose your tailor?

*The fans cheer as Ataxia actually laughs at the statement.*

Ataxia: The same person who makes you look so lovely dear.

Cynthia Hall: Why thank you. Ataxia. Going into this match how do you feel?

Ataxia: I feel. I guess for the first time nervous really. I've been doing this for years under this mask. I go out there and I get yelled at. I get cursed. Full beer cans chucked at me from the last row. Tonight I don't expect any of that because I know everybody here wants me to murder Lorenzo Demarco. So for one night. Just this one night...I get to keep a promise. But once I get into that ring and they ring that bell. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I am going to do to Lorenzo Demarco. So for all you fans out there I hope you understand. I had to do this.

*The fans cheer and yell “Messiah Pariah”.*

Cynthia Hall: Are you worried about the NFB getting involved?

Ataxia: Let them. Even losing couldn't upset me tonight. I got what I wanted from this before the bell has even rung.

Cynthia Hall: You are tag team partners with El Linchador. Does this mean you'll join The Roman Empire.

Ataxia: I will not take part in this Un-Civil War. I've talked to Linchy and he knows I will not get involved unless I have to. None of the factions have shown me who is really better for this federation. So as of right now I am a independent agent unless I feel like I should get involved.

Cynthia Hall: Are you willing to pick a side though if you are convinced.

Ataxia: If I go to war...you'll know it. Because none of them will be left standing when I am done. If I chose a side. You'll know it to. Time to start the match. You got anymore questions?

Cynthia Hall: No. Good luck.

Ataxia: Thanks.

*Ataxia walks away, laughing to himself, as Cynthia watches him go. We go back to ringside.*

Hood: That man is an idiot.

Jones: No matter your opinion of either man, you have to admit that this has to be one of the most anticipated non-title matches in GCWA history. Both of these men have gotten wins over the other, with Demarco winning singles matches over Ataxia, while Ataxia eliminated Demarco at Ultimate Survival. Tonight, they’re finally going to settle their differences in one of the most brutal matches around!

Rockwell: Damn, Jones, you’re giving ME goosebumps! I can’t wait, let’s get it going!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Street Fight Grudge” Match! Now entering the arena, he is one of the most mysterious wrestlers in the history of the GCWA, standing 5’11” and weighing 215 lbs, from parts unknown, here is the the Messiah Pariah, Ataxia!

*The opening cords of “Die Die Die My Darling” starts to play then die down. Suddenly a explosion rocks the arena from the entrance way as “Had Enough” by Breaking Benjamin starts to play as out of the smoke comes Ataxia wearing the same gear as he had on from the interview with a big top hat with a skull on it atop of his head. He walks down slowly shaking hands with the fans as a spotlight follows him. He gets to the ring and climbs the top turnbuckle and poses for a minute as the cameras of many fans go off. He gets to the center of the ring and holds his arms out like a cross as the pyro goes off from all four corners. The fans can be heard over the music yelling “Messiah Pariah”.*

Jones: This capacity crowd is cheering on this self proclaimed messiah.

Hood: Maybe Demarco will crucify him.


Hood: What?

Rockwell: Ataxia had a slight family reunion this week, although it was pretty rough. Of course, I’ve got pictures of the guys he talked to, so maybe we can use them to trace who he really is!

Jones: I looked at the priest, but I’m afraid I don’t recognize him.

Rockwell: Someone out there has to know this guy, and can tell me his connection to Ataxia. His identity WILL BE MINE!!!

Hood: Obsessed much?

Minos: His opponent has recently joined Nobody’s F’n Better, and has been a force to be reckoned with over the past few months… standing 6’4” and weighing 240 lbs, from Brooklyn, New York, here is Lorenzo Demarco!

*As “Things Done Change” by the Notorious B.I.G. plays, Demarco walks out of the back. He still looks deathly serious, clearly having been preparing himself for this contest after all that’s happened lately. He storms down the ramp and heads for the ring.*

Jones: I’ve heard rumors that a man Demarco was supposed to have contact with, Stubs Mackenzie, was found murdered in an alley this week.

Hood: Are you accusing Demarco of something, Jonesy? Because I’d watch where you go with that comment.

Jones: Just stating the facts, Hood. I’m not casting any blame.

Rockwell: I, for one, would like to know where Demarco was on that night.

Hood: You just want him in trouble with the law so that he’s not threatening your butt buddy, Ace!

*The Bell Rings.*

*As soon as Demarco’s in the ring, Ataxia’s moving towards him. Demarco meets him with right hands, quickly returned by Ataxia, as the brawl starts in earnest!! The fans are loving it, as wrestling moves are thrown out the window. Referee Mitchell, shocked by the intensity, decides to simply roll out of the ring to get out of range, as he only needs to get involved in counts. Ataxia is on top at one point, drilling Demarco with shots, but Demarco’s able to reverse it and gets in his own knuckle blasts to the mask of his foe! The two men continue to jockey back and forth, leading them to go underneath the bottom rope and roll out of the ring! They fall to the ground, but even that doesn’t stop their fighting, as they continue to swing away at each other!!*

Rockwell: Rarely have there been two men who truly hate each other as much as these two do!

Jones: They both said coming in that this wasn’t going to be a wrestling match. It’s a street fight, which means that anything and everything goes!

Hood: I asked Demarco to keep away from us tonight. He said the fight will go where it goes. So, uh, be ready to run.

Jones: Oh, man…

*The two men are up now, with Demarco having gotten control. He throws Ataxia hard into the guardrail, causing it to shake, and then comes in, grabbing at Ataxia’s mask as if to pull it off in one grand gesture! But Ataxia kicks upwards with his boot, landing a hit that causes Demarco to stumble away, letting out a sharp shout of agony!! He drops to the ground, grabbing at his midsection, as Ataxia readjusts his mask and stands up. As Demarco tries to rise back up, Ataxia kicks him again, hard, in the side of the head!! Demarco again yells before falling over, badly hurt from the blow! The camera, sensing that something is up, zooms in on Ataxia’s boot… showing a brass sealing on the top of his boot!!*

Hood: Hey, that’s illegal!!! He’s got a rigged boot!!

Rockwell: Nothing’s illegal in this match, remember?

Jones: Amazingly, Ataxia either had special boots made for tonight’s contest, or simply had brass placed onto his toe, making it much more dangerous!

Hood: Someone make him take those off!

*Ataxia pulls Demarco up off the ground and starts dragging him up the aisleway, having a destination in mind for his opponent. He takes him to the side of the stage, throwing him hard into it, and then reaches into his pocket, pulling out a set of brass knuckles!! Demarco, having a second to recover, comes at Ataxia with a swing, but Ataxia blocks his shot, and then lets loose, smashing Demarco in the side of the head with his weapon of choice!!! Demarco slumps back, dropping down out of sight on the side of the stage, as Ataxia raises the knuckles gloriously above him. He then pulls Demarco back up… showing a river of blood dripping down the side of Demarco’s face!! Ataxia loves it, popping Demarco once more to increase the bloodflow, as the crowd is already getting wired up!*

Hood: Oh no!!

Jones: Demarco has been badly busted open!!

Rockwell: Who here really didn’t expect blood in this match? We knew it was going to be brutal!

*Referee Mitchell is staying close to both men, but at this point, Ataxia doesn’t seem interested in pinfall attempts. He spins Demarco around and drags the bloodied wrestler towards the side exit across from the stage, dragging him over to where the wiring is. He goes for one cable and tries to wrap it around Demarco’s throat, but Demarco suddenly kicks backwards, catching Ataxia with a low blow!! The masked man drops to his knees after the one move that can stop any man. Demarco wipes the blood off his face and looks at it for a second, as the fury grows in his eyes. As Ataxia tries to get up, Demarco grabs him and spins, launching Ataxia hard into the electrical system!!! The sparks fly as Ataxia collapses back out of the equipment, shaking from the shock to his system!! Demarco doesn’t stop there, repeatedly stomping away on Ataxia’s exposed back, as the violence continues to grow in intensity!*

Hood: Yes!! Take him out, Demarco!! Destroy that masked freak!!

Jones: Who knows how many volts Ataxia just took!!

Rockwell: I wonder if that mask has any time of insulation for electricity? Is it rubber?

Jones: You’re kidding, right? What good would the mask do, he hit back-first!!

Rockwell: Hey, can I help it if I’m curious about the mask?

*With Ataxia hurting, Demarco drags him back up, taking him along past the electrical equipment… and heading through an emergency exit door behind it!! The two men disappear through the door, as it shuts behind them.*

Jones: Wait… they’ve left the building!!

Hood: Get the damn cameraman moving, he’s got to catch up!!

Rockwell: I think it’s a girl running the camera over there tonight.

Hood: Did she have to stop for a pee break?? We need to see what’s happening!!!

*We cut to the outside suddenly, as another cameraman takes up the slack. We’re out on the side lawn of the Ford Center, as Ataxia and Demarco are shown moving down a sidewalk. Demarco suddenly takes a few extra steps and jumps, dropping Ataxia hard with a bulldog on a concrete!!! Ataxia’s legs kick in pain as he holds his head, even as Demarco has to take a second to catch his breath. The blood loss is definitely starting to affect him. He gets back up, though, pulling Ataxia with him and tossing him over a safety rail, sending Ataxia rolling on the grass. Demarco follows, kicking at Ataxia and driving him down the soft hill towards the street below. They reach the final sidewalk before the asphalt, with Demarco pulling Ataxia back up and hammering him once more. He goes to whip Ataxia into a parked car, but Ataxia puts on the brakes, and then kicks at Demarco with the brass-toed boots! Demarco blocks it, hanging onto his foot, but Ataxia immediately skies up with an enizguiri, nailing Demarco in the side of the head!! He drops, with Ataxia barely able to roll over for a cover. Referee Mitchell, finally needed, dives over… 1… 2… but Demarco kicks out!*

Jones: These guys might fight all the way around town the way they’re going!!

Hood: Well, it IS called a street fight! Looks like these two decided to take it literally!

Rockwell: It’s been brutal so far, and I get the feeling both men are just getting started!

*In the background, fans can be seen streaming out of the Ford Center, rushing over so that they can be close to the action. They start to make a semi-circle on the lawn, as Demarco is pulled up by Ataxia and taken to the parked car. Ataxia starts climbing, bringing Demarco up to the roof of the car, which does seem to be parked illegally in a “No Parking Zone”. Karma’s a bitch. Ataxia sets Demarco, lets out a wild laugh, and then lifts him up into the air, twisting him around with a tombstone piledriver variation onto the car roof!!! The thump is excruciatingly audible, with Demarco laid out on the metal!! Ataxia makes the cover on the roof, working to make sure he keeps his balance on the slick surface, as Referee Mitchell, after a moment’s hesitation, makes the count from the side… 1… 2… but Demarco kicks out again!*

Jones: I get the feeling that we’re going to get a note from that carowner’s lawyer soon.

Hood: Didn’t he see the signs? This is why you don’t park there during a wrestling event!

Rockwell: Yeah, it’s the stupid fool’s own fault.

*Ataxia lifts Demarco up again, preparing for another big move on top of the car. But Demarco suddenly comes back to life, catching Ataxia under the chin with an elbow that nearly sends him flying. Demarco, though, hangs onto him, and then sets Ataxia up, lifting him in the air… and giving him a brainbuster through the car’s front window!!!! Ataxia’s legs are the only thing that can be seen, as Demarco falls to his knees on the car roof, then slides off, dropping to the side!!*

Fans: Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!! Holy Shit!!

Jones: My god!! Ataxia might be dead!!

Hood: Think that mask had air bags? Ah hah hah hah!

Rockwell: I don’t see how he could continue after that!! Simply incredible!!

*After recovering, Demarco reaches into the car, grabbing Ataxia’s legs. He slides him out, sending Ataxia toppling to the pavement. Parts of Ataxia’s mask appear to be cut up, although we still can’t see any discernible features. His arms and back are a mess now, with blood pouring from several wounds. Demarco, grinning savagely through his own blood, makes the cover, holding Ataxia down on the street… 1… 2… NO!!! Ataxia kicks out somehow, to the complete shock of Demarco!! He glares at Mitchell with widely opened eyes, before shaking it off and pulling Ataxia up. He bangs Ataxia’s head off the car’s hood, and then pushes him into the street, following behind him. He then turns Ataxia around… who nails Demarco with a punch! Demarco, though, comes right back with one of his own, leaving the two men brawling in the street, as a car drives by, honking his horn and coming way too close for comfort!! The two men don’t seem to care, as they fight their way into Oklahoma City traffic!*

Jones: Jesus!! This is getting way too hairy!!

Rockwell: It’ll be hard to declare a winner if both men turn out to be roadkill!!

Hood: Yet another thing Ace has failed on!! Why didn’t he close this street off?

Jones: How could he know that Ataxia and Demarco would fight their way out there??

Hood: He’s the President, he’s supposed to anticipate everything!!

*Both men are bleeding heavily now as the fight makes it to the other side of the street, with the cameraman and Referee Mitchell taking a little more time making the crossing. When they make it to the other side and rejoin the fighting, we see Ataxia in charge, as he throws Demarco hard to the side, sending him crashing into a newspaper booth!! The glass shatters, cutting into Demarco’s back and legs, as the booth crumples to a heap. It wasn’t built for an impact like that, and neither was Demarco, as he looks to be on shaky legs now. Ataxia comes in on Demarco, rushing forward with a leaping splash… no, Demarco catches him and spins, getting a powerslam on the concrete!!! The fans (who are also staying with the action) groan for Ataxia, as Demarco stays on top for the cover… 1… 2… NO!!! Ataxia kicks out at the last second!*

Jones: Man, what more can these guys do to each other??

Rockwell: Holy shit, do you see that??

Jones: What?

Rockwell: Ataxia basically left a ‘blood angel’ on the sidewalk after that slam!!

Hood: Modern art at its finest!

*The camera focuses on the blood stain on the ground, reminiscent of any good CSI episode, before turning back to the action. The two men are now fighting against a brick building, with Demarco happily grinding Ataxia, mask and all, against the wall! Neither man is able to stand easily, with a tremendous toll being taken on their bodies. Demarco seems to be in full control now, as he turns and walks away, picking up a trash can from the sidewalk. He turns and brings it back, lifting it over his head and heaving it at Ataxia. But Ataxia ducks under it and dives forward, spearing Demarco and sending both men flying back into a parked pick-up truck!! The alarm on the truck starts blaring, even as Ataxia gets hold of Demarco’s head and drops to the concrete with an x-factor!! He turns Demarco over and painfully holds him down… 1… 2… Demarco kicks out!!!!*

Rockwell: Someone’s going to call the police soon, if these guys keep leaving blood stains all over the area!

Jones: What a war!! I mean, we knew it would be something like this… but I think this is exceeding all expectations!!

Hood: Come on, Demarco! Kill the guy and get it over with!!

Rockwell: I thought you said he wasn’t a killer?

Hood: … Stop twisting my words around!!

*The weary warriors slowly get back up once more. Both are probably getting dangerously close to a low blood level that will knock them out. But it’s not stopping them from continuing, their rage overpowering their sense of self-preservation. Ataxia takes control, lifting Demarco back up and giving him a couple of knees to the gut. Ataxia then turns Demarco around, preparing for a hurricanrana that will send him into the truck window! But Demarco fights free, dropping Ataxia by grabbing his legs and yanking them out, then dropping back and slingshotting Ataxia across the sidewalk and into the brick wall!!! Ataxia leans against the wall, badly hurting, as Demarco gets back to his feet. He sees where Ataxia is, smiles, and then runs forward, going for the Paid In Full!!! But Ataxia, seeing it coming, rolls out of the way, and Demarco’s knee hits the bricks instead!!! Demarco howls in pain and stumbles away, but Ataxia’s already back on his feet. He runs towards the brick wall, shockingly going up it and flipping himself around to get the Peaceful Tolerance!!!! The fans gathered around them go insane at the maneuver, as Ataxia agonizingly makes the cover… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… Ataxia!!

Hood: Damnit!!!

Jones: My lord, what a battle!! These two gave of their hearts and souls here tonight, in one of the greatest battles I think I’ve ever seen in the GCWA!!

Rockwell: We need medical technicians, construction crews, and lawyers to get themselves out there, because we’ve got a lot of explaining to do after that one!

Jones: Truly a great contest, and I really think it could have gone either way! But in the end, Ataxia got in the move that made him the winner, and what a hell of a move it was!!

*Amazingly, Ataxia’s back on his feet now, although he’s definitely not at his prime. He stumbles away, apparently heading back across the street! The fans follow, although some stay to watch as Lorenzo Demarco struggles to get up, possibly not realizing that the match is over. The blood seems to be covering everything, making it look like a murder scene. The cameraman turns and sees Ataxia already across the street, seemingly headed for the same exit he and Demarco used earlier.*

Jones: Ataxia is coming out to the ring again!

Hood: Didn't we get enough of him already??

*We cut backstage to another camera, to see Ataxia laughing maniacally covered in blood as he starts heading to the ring. The fans cheer as he heads to the entranceway.*

Ataxia: I aint done yet kiddies!

???: You are now!

*Ataxia turns and gets hit in the head with a cinderblock! It's The Black Helmet! He grabs Ataxia and holds him up and starts taking him back through the backstage area.*

Jones: Oh my god!! It’s the Black Helmet!!

Rockwell: That’s right, I almost forgot… he said he’d be taking out Ataxia tonight!!

Jones: Man, and after that battle, Ataxia’s definitely in no shape to fight back!!

Hood: Yes!!

*The Black Helmet throws Ataxia through a glass window near the loading dock area and it shatters!! Ataxia is out cold. The Black Helmet picks him up over his shoulder and keeps walking. He sets up Ataxia for a powerbomb and slams him hard off of the loading deck! The camera scrambles and we see BH threw Ataxia into a black coffin. BH leaps down and slams the lids shut on the coffin. He locks it shut. He picks up the coffin and puts it on a four wheeled dolly and shoves it out of the dock area. It rolls and for a moment it's peaceful as it stops.*

The Black Helmet: You know I must be getting soft in my old age...wait for it...

*We hear a beeping sound as suddenly the coffin is on fire from a planted charge under the coffin! Technicians scramble to put out the fire as The Black Helmet runs back into the building laughing maniacally. We cut back to ringside.*


Rockwell: Jesus!!

Hood: Anyone else want barbeque?

Jones: You are a heartless jerk you know that??

Hood: He should have seen it coming. Besides as long as he doesn't hurt anyone I care about I say let the Helmet go crazy!

Jones: We need help in the back, now!!!

*The fire extinguishers are already being used to put out the flames, as the technicians work to try and rescue Ataxia from the inferno. Meanwhile, we cut away from the action and head to the backstage area, where we find ourselves in the Roman Empire locker room.*

Derek Mobley: Uh, Linchy?

*El Linchador is running around the room in the back. Mobley and Warrick Hill are just watching him. *


Derek Mobley: Linchy, relax!

Warrick Hill: Yeah, Linchy, Mobley's gotta clear his head - this ain't helping.

El Linchador: Have you seen my life?

Derek Mobley: Good point, but I got Big Biff here to fight.

El Linchador: OK, OK... um... how about this - I give you Miss Grace.

Derek Mobley: Nope!

Warrick Hill: She is hot but crazy!

El Linchador: OK OK OK... how about I do a dance?

*Linchy starts doing a waltz with himself, his arms outstretched as if he has a partner. *

Warrick Hill: What is wrong with you?

Derek Mobley: You're acting like you just kissed a girl?

El Linchador: I kissed VICTORY, GUYS! Derek, if you win the title, we can go to Coldstone and get free ice cream. I'm sure of it. And I'm sure we can get free cookies at Subway! OH! I totally bet we can get a free AVATAR DVD!!

Derek Mobley: Hill?

Warrick Hill: Nah, I'm coming with you, Derek.

*Derek and Warrick leave the room, as Linchy spins around in a circle. We leave El Linchador behind to continue his celebration, as we go elsewhere. Yet again we cut to the backstage area where TGO is apparently on another phone (he must just have them laying around or something).*

The Great One: How’d I know you weren’t going to answer…Just so you will know, I’ll take you up on the offer…meet me, I want to talk about our arrangement…

*With that being said TGO cuts off the conversation and we go back to ringside.*

Rockwell: Who the hell did he leave that message for?

Jones: Do you think it was helmet head?

Hood: God I hope not that’ll just mean more trouble for Ace and Lurrr…who the hell am I kidding?! I hope it was!

Jones: Well, he definitely did some work for NFB, as we still don’t know the condition of Ataxia!

Rockwell: No way he’s coming out of that one in one piece.

Hood: Maybe the mask will be fused to his face now, wouldn’t that be cool??

Jones: Uh, no, no it definitely would NOT be cool!

Hood: Oh… well, I thought it would be…

Jones: Look, we’re down to our final match, so let’s just get through it!

Rockwell: Fine, time for the match that shouldn’t happen!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall, and will be a “Steel Cage” Match for the GCWA World Heavyweight Title! Introducing first, the challenger… he is a former World Champion, looking to scale the mountain once again… standing 6’3” and weighing 235 lbs, from Providence, Rhode Island… representing the Roman Empire… the reigning 2-time Ultimate Survival winner… Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!

*”Shipping Off To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys begins, and the crowd is on their feet, cheering for the legend. Derek Mobley walks out of the back with a confident smile, rolling his neck to stretch it out before walking down towards the ring. He takes a moment to consider the structural integrity of the steel cage, examining it, and then goes through the doors.*

Jones: More than a year ago now, Derek Mobley was the first World Champion of the return of the GCWA. Now, he has his chance to finally make it to the top once again.

Rockwell: Mobley doesn’t believe in luck, but he’s going to need it if he wants any chance of getting past our World Champion.

Hood: I’ve known Mobley almost since he broke into this business, and every time someone counts him out, he’s back for another run with the gold.

Jones: If nothing else, he’s definitely resilient. One of the biggest wins of his career brought him this title shot. Can he end things with a happy ending?

Minos: His opponent has won honors throughout his time in the GCWA, and is looking to continue his strong reign here tonight… standing 6’4” and weighing 411 lbs, from Columbus, Ohio, and supported by the Accelerator… here is the GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World… The Big Bifford!

*The fans are booing long before “Gangstas Paradise” by Coolio starts playing. After a few moments go by, the fans watch more expectantly towards the curtain. It finally moves, with The Big Bifford stumbling out of the back. He wipes his face, showing a sheen of sweat has already formed there. He straightens himself up and walks towards the ring, openly glaring at the monstrous structure awaiting him.*

Rockwell: This just isn’t right… I mean, look at the man! Bifford should be back in bed, not here wrestling!

Jones: It’s true that Bifford’s been dealing with an ailment this week, and he’s clearly not at his best. But if he didn’t show up to wrestle tonight, Mobley would have won the belt without a fight!

Hood: I agree with Adrian, Bifford should not be wrestling tonight.

Rockwell: Really?

Hood: Nope, the belt should have been stripped from him, and we should be seeing Mobley taking on The Great One!

Rockwell: I should have fucking known…

Jones: *sigh* Damn, this has been a long night…

*The Bell Rings.*

*Head Referee Bell signals to get things started as soon as Bifford steps into the cage. But a second later, Bifford suddenly turns and steps back out, shaking his head quickly. Bell, confused, yells out to him, but Bifford is already shutting the cage and getting it locked!! Mobley, inside, leans on the turnbuckle, trying to figure out what the man’s game plan is. Bifford, though, isn’t sticking around. He turns and starts walking backwards, leaving the cage behind!!*

Jones: Where’s he going??

Hood: The champ’s running for it!

Rockwell: Nope, he’s just not going to put himself in a bad situation! He’s sick as a dog and he gets claustrophobic. I don’t blame him, he should just get as far from here as possible now that the match is ‘official’!

Jones: Does that mean that he can’t be stripped of the belt??

Rockwell: Pure genius!

*Mobley is out of the ring now and banging on the cage door, trying to get it free, but it’s secured tightly to the barrier. Bifford is now slowly going up the aisleway, keeping his World Title close to him as he ignores both the booing fans and the protesting referees who are trying to get him to go back. Inside the cage, Mobley kicks at the door a few times, but it’s not budging. With no other option, Mobley jumps up on the cage and starts climbing, flying up as fast as he can!*

Jones: Mobley’s going to try and escape to catch him!

Rockwell: It’s too late, Bifford’s already won!

Hood: No, he hasn’t! … Or has he? Was this match about escaping the cage? Because, well, Bifford made it out first, didn’t he?

Jones: No, from what I’ve read of the rules, this one is a pin or submission match only, so leaving the cage won’t change anything.

Rockwell: Crap. Maybe Ace can retroactively make that change…

*Although Mobley is climbing quickly, Bifford’s already made it to the ramp, heading up towards the entryway. However, Bifford has to stop when several individuals come out of the back to face him… the rest of the Roman Empire!! Lurrr stands in the middle, his arms crosses, as Warrick Hill and El Linchador flank him on either side! Bifford angrily tells Lurrr to get out of his way, but Lurrr shakes his head, ordering the man back to the cage. He points out his Commissioner authority to make sure that this match goes down! Bifford disagrees, trying to step around the men… but now Derek Mobley is there, having run up the aisle towards them!! He turns Bifford around and starts throwing haymakers, driving Bifford back down the ramp!! The place is going wild as Lurrr & the rest stay on the stage, watching as Mobley takes the fight to the World Champion!!*

Hood: Now we’ve got a fucking fight!

Rockwell: Damnit, Lurrr!

Jones: Looks like Bifford’s got no choice now but to try and defend his gold, as Mobley is primed for a battle!

*The fans are loving it as Mobley brings Bifford over to the side and bangs his head off the guardrail, causing Bifford to drop to a knee, dazed. Mobley, though, quickly brings him back up and continues their journey towards the cage. He starts running, dragging Bifford with him, and then does a final shove at the end of the aisle, sending Bifford running hard into the side of the cage!! Bifford slumps down, barely able to stay upright. Mobley, smiling grimly, brings Bifford around to the doorway, where the referees have managed to get the door unlocked once again. Mobley pushes Bifford forward, but the World Champion suddenly grabs at the sides of the doorway, trying to hang on and not be put inside!! He’s shaking his head frantically, not wanting to be locked in, but Mobley hammers him from behind with a dropkick, sending Bifford inside!! Mobley then gets to his feet and quickly charges in, allowing the refs to lock the door behind him!*

Jones: The cage door is shut! The Steel Cage Match for the World Title is now ready to go!

Rockwell: This ain’t fair to Biff!

Hood: Of course, we’ll see if this doesn’t turn into a nightmare for Mobley. He wanted Bifford in that cage. Be careful what you wish for.

*Bifford walks along the side of the ring, already seeming to be looking for a way out. Mobley follows, grabbing Bifford’s head and dragging it against the cage wall!! He grates Bifford’s forehead against the steel, eliciting a scream of pain from the World Champion as he’s cut open!! Mobley doesn’t stop, walking around a good portion of the cage with Bifford’s head against the rungs, doing a lot of damage!! Mobley then gets to the end and bangs Bifford off the steel, causing him to fall to his knees. Mobley looks around and goes underneath the ring, looking for a second before pulling himself out a steel chair! The fans cheer as Mobley rears back for the swing, flinging the chair around… and hitting the ring post as Bifford ducks out of the way!! Mobley’s hands are vibrating in agony as he drops the chair, shaking them out. He turns back, but Bifford grabs him around the middle and spins, getting a side belly-to-back suplex into the cage!!! Mobley falls hard to the ground, as Bifford stays in a sitting position, breathing heavily.*

Hood: Damn! How well built is this cage? Ace didn’t penny-pinch on the steel, did he?

Rockwell: Of course not! Ace spares no expense!

Hood: Alright, I just don’t want this damn thing falling apart and dropping our way. Although it’d make for a great lawsuit against Ace…

Jones: I think the cage will hold. I can’t say the same for Mobley’s bones, if Bifford keeps tossing him like that!

*Bifford slowly gets back up, a bloody spot slowly growing bigger on his forehead as the blood drips down. He picks up Mobley and angrily lifts him onto a shoulder, before then spinning and launching him like a lawn dart into the cage!! Mobley’s down again, hurting, as Bifford comes around and stands over him. He leans down, punching away at Mobley’s forehead, apparently opening up a cut there! Now both men are bleeding, as the contest really gets going. Bifford pulls Mobley back up and rolls him into the ring, and then follows, struggling to get back to his feet. Mobley rolls away, reaching to the ropes and pulling himself up as Bifford comes in from behind. As Mobley turns around, Bifford gives him a kick to the stomach and locks up his arms, dropping Mobley with a double arm DDT that leaves a blood spatter on the mat!! Bifford then moves Mobley over for the pin, gesturing heavily at Head Referee Bell to do his job… 1… 2.. but Mobley is able to kick out in time.*

Rockwell: You’re seeing a great act of courage here, as Bifford is fighting on despite the disease running through him! He’s like Michael Jordan in the 1997 NBA Finals!

Jones: You’re really comparing The Big Bifford to Michael Jordan?

Rockwell: Why not? They’re both champions!

Hood: Wait, how contagious is Bifford?

Jones: I don’t know, Hood, he’s been sick all week…

Hood: Why didn’t someone provide us with masks or something? Bad enough we have to be close to all these drooling, nose-picking fans, now we have to worry about the wrestlers?

*Bifford has Mobley back up now, working to lock him into a bear hug to wear him down. But Mobley’s fighting back already, managing to get his arms free and give a double shot down on Bifford’s shoulders! Bifford releases his grip and stumbles back, looking like the shot really knocked him off-balance. Mobley doesn’t waste the opportunity, grabbing Bifford by the head and spiking him down with an implant DDT!! With the World Champion on the mat, Mobley makes the quick cover… 1… 2… but Bifford shoves Mobley off. He struggles to get back up, with Mobley rising up behind him. He gets Bifford from behind and leans him backwards, hanging on and twisting him around with a swinging neckbreaker!! Once again, the champ is down, and Mobley doesn’t waste any time trying to put him out again… 1… 2… Bifford kicks out again, with Head Referee Bell showing Mobley that the match is still going.*

Jones: Bifford’s taking a beating now, and it looks like his bleeding is getting worse.

Rockwell: The champ shouldn’t be bleeding, damnit! Screw Lurrr for putting Bifford in this position!

Hood: For once we agree, that Lurrr is a serious pain in the ass.

*With no reservations, Mobley has Bifford up again, taking him over to the ropes. He works to string Bifford up, but Bifford fights him, pushing Mobley away. As the challenger comes back in, Bifford lowers a shoulder and catching Mobley, tossing him overhead and sending him flying into the cage wall!! Mobley collapses to the ground on the outside, as Bifford struggles just to stay on his feet. He’s sweating a ton, definitely showing that he’s not near as healthy as he usually is. Still, the World Champion drops to the ground and rolls out of the ring, getting over to Mobley. He pulls Mobley up and whips him to the side, sending Mobley running straight into the cage wall! As Mobley sags there, Bifford turns and grabs at the nearby steel steps, picking them up. He turns and heaves them, crushing Mobley in-between!!! The fans are gasping, as Mobley falls forward, laying on top of the downed steps, not moving. Bifford is grinning through the blood as he stumbles over to him.*

Rockwell: Thataboy, Bifford! End that punk and get back to bed!

Hood: Can you imagine having to be Bifford’s nursemaid?

Jones: Dear god…

Rockwell: It’d be an honor to help out the champion! But, uh, I’m coming down with something myself *cough*, so I wouldn’t be able to be there…

*Bifford brings Mobley up next to the steps, looking at him for a second before lifting Mobley onto his shoulder. He then drops, getting a backbreaker onto the steps!!! Mobley shudders, in bad shape, as Bifford gets back to his feet. He pulls Mobley up and rolls him into the ring, then slowly makes his own way in through the ropes. Bifford finally gets in and drops his weight onto Mobley, preparing to end the contest… 1… 2… No! Mobley manages to kick out! Bifford looks concerned as he turns towards Head Referee Bell, who shakes his head towards the man. Bifford then pulls himself up, grabbing at Mobley and getting him up. He locks Mobley in, apparently deciding to end things with the Biff End!! He lifts Mobley into the air, no, Mobley’s kicking away and manages to get dropped back down in time! He pulls himself free and lands a double-handed uppercut that sends Bifford staggering back, and then comes in, grabbing Bifford around the head and lifting him for the Thriller!!! He lands it perfectly, with Bifford taking the full force of the move!! But the impact causes Bifford to roll, and Mobley can’t stop his bulk from sliding out of the ring!*

Rockwell: You can’t pin him out there, Mobley! You just screwed yourself!

Jones: The Thriller devastated Bifford, but a lucky break has taken him out of range of a pin!

Rockwell: Hey, if he’d stayed in the ring, he would have kicked out, anyway. You know Bifford can’t be stopped by one Thriller!

*Mobley looks pretty frustrated as he rolls out of the ring, grabbing Bifford and struggling to get him up. It’s a lot of effort, but Mobley manages it, sliding Bifford back into the ring and diving in quickly to make the cover. Head Referee Bell is there… 1… 2… but Bifford gets a shoulder up, showing that he had too much time to recover! Mobley lets out a strangled groan before turning and rolling back out of the ring. He wipes some blood out of his eyes and walks to the side, picking up the steel chair he tried to use earlier. He then comes back in, waiting, as Bifford starts to sit up. As Bifford rises, Mobley comes in, raising the chair and bringing in down… and Bifford catches it in his hands, stopping the shot! He kicks forward, hitting Mobley in the stomach, and pulls the chair away from him… and then rears back and clobbers Mobley with it, dropping the #1 Contender to his back!! Bifford then slumps forward and drops onto Mobley, grabbing some trunks in order to hold him down tighter… 1… 2… No! Mobley’s still in it!*

Jones: Wow, I thought it was over!

Hood: It’s not over until the fat bastard sings, Jonesy!

Rockwell: You just wait and see, Hood, Bifford’s going to be singing before you know it!

Hood: Can I put in a request? I want to hear him sing “The Oscar Meyer” song!

*Lurrr and the Roman Empire are still watching from the stage, with Hill definitely looking concerned for his tag-team partner. Bifford looks completely spent as he tries to get back up, the sweat pouring off his body. He’s probably getting dehydrated by this point, especially including the blood loss. The World Champion slowly slides the steel chair over, putting it on the mat, and then goes back to Mobley, hauling him up. He brings Mobley over to the steel chair, setting him underneath it and locking him up for the Biff End!! He lifts, no, Mobley’s free, he drops and grabs the chair, jamming it upwards between Bifford’s legs!!! Bifford’s mouth drops all the way, as fans throughout the arena groan in sympathy. Mobley, though, isn’t one of them, as he slides the chair back on the mat, grabs Bifford by the head, and drops back with a second Thriller, this one landing on the chair!!!! Mobley then makes the cover, exhausted, as Bell makes the count… 1… 2… 3!!!!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner… and NEW GCWA Heavyweight Champion of the World…. Derek “The Thriller” Mobley!!

Rockwell: Damnit!! Bifford was robbed!!

Jones: We have a new World Champion!! The run of Bifford has ended, and Derek Mobley joins a select group of wrestlers who have won the belt twice!!

Hood: He better enjoy it while he can, because you can bet that gold is on the radar of NFB!

Rockwell: I tell you, this wasn’t right!! Bifford was sick, he shouldn’t have had to compete!!

Jones: Maybe not, Adrian, but facts are facts, and the fact is Mobley just got the World Title!

Rockwell: Bifford will be back, and when he’s healthy, he’ll get his revenge!!

*Mobley’s soon joined inside the cage by Warrick Hill, Lurrr, and El Linchador, with all looking pretty excited (especially El Linchador). They celebrate together, as The Big Bifford moves out of the cage to the outside, still holding his head. He stumbles to the side, ignoring the jeers of the crowd nearby. Instead, Mobley gets hoisted onto Warrick and Lurrr’s shoulders, raising up the World Heavyweight Title that he hasn’t had since April ’09.*

Jones: It’s a grand day for Derek Mobley, as well as for the Roman Empire, who gained two championships here tonight!

Hood: They’d better enjoy it, because their reigns aren’t going to last that long.

Rockwell: Nope, because Bifford is going to take his belt back, and Cortez is returning for his IC Title!

Hood: Not if NFB gets there first!

Rockwell: You son of a…

Hood: Don’t talk about my mother!

*Rockwell and Hood start rolling away from the announce table, now fighting themselves, as Jones looks on.*

Jones: I guess I should be happy they waited until the end of the night. Well, guys and gals, we’ll see you this coming Friday, when…

*The NFB theme hits on the speakers, grabbing the attention of everyone in the arena. Mobley looks over, confused, and gets Warrick and Lurrr to lower him back to the ground. Coming out of the back entrance is The Great One, who leads out Landon Chase, Lorenzo Demarco, and The Lost Soul! The four men start to head towards the cage, with the Roman Empire watching them come.*

Jones: TGO’s bringing out his crew towards the ring! Are we going to see a battle? Wait, coming out of the other side…

*From the main entryway, the Accelerator suddenly steps out, using a cane to help him walk. The Big Bifford, who had walked over there, nods to Ace, and is soon joined by Arachne, Reed M. Shin, and members of the GCWA Security force! They turn and head back towards the cage as well, coming in from the other side!*

Jones: Oh, crap… what’s going on? Hood, Rockwell, stop swinging at each other and get up!! Something big is going down!!

*Lurrr rallies his men, telling them to get ready, as they take up back-to-back positions. The Accelerator’s crew and the NFB reach the two different sides, staring both at the Roman Empire and at each other. And then, like someone shot off a starting gun, the fight is on!! Members of both outside groups start going at it in a fierce brawl, while others work to get inside the cage!!*

Jones: Jesus!! It’s a war!! A three way war is breaking out all around me!! I… AHHHHH!!!!

*Jones is sent flying as a security guard flies into him, courtesy of Demarco! The fighting is intense all over, as the Roman Empire is working to attack people as they try to come in. We see Arachne climbing up the side of the cage, with Warrick Hill immediately going up to meet him at the top, fighting it out! Bifford is going at it with The Great One, their years-long feud once again igniting here in Oklahoma City!! The Accelerator’s staying with his bodyguards, who are keeping him safe, as the massive fight continues all around the cage!! Landon Chase is going at it now with El Linchador, having pulled him through the cage and to the outside. It’s impossible to keep track of everyone, and it’s getting worse, as we see the Danger Boiz appear, running towards the ring. Bucky Johnson also comes out a side entrance, charging into the fray, although it’s unknown who he’s actually coming in for. As the war continues, the picture slowly fades out, leaving us with no clue of how the confrontation is going to end up.*

OOC: Woo!! Another pay-per-view in the books! It took a lot of work, and came out to around 60 pages, but it's great to have it done! Thanks again to Ataxia for taking on writing one of the matches, as any boost helps out.

Here's the card for this Friday:

- Xtreme vs. Axl Lionsworth

- Warrick Hill vs. Ryan Rage

- Ataxia vs. Robert Santana

- Bucky Johnson vs. Johnny Vegas, Non-Title Match

- The Danger Boiz(c) vs. Lorenzo Demarco & The Lost Soul, GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match
(Two roleplays per team max)

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