*The PPV ordering screen, that faithful friend that you’ve been staring at for the past few minutes in nervous anticipation, finally says its goodbyes, fading away. We go to a black screen for a second, then slowly come up on a shot of a human being, or at least, the constructed image of one. It is slowly spinning around, faceless, unknown.*

Voice: The human body is a remarkable creation. It is designed to function for years and years, can take strains greater than most can imagine, and brings intelligence and endurance together in a powerful package.

*The body continues to spin, although more features are slowly being built in. The arms become more defined, while the head begins to grow hair.*

Voice: One of the human race’s greatest weapons has been built into the system. It is called the adrenal gland, and it’s secretion of epinephrine can change an ordinary man into an incredible fighter.

*The body is coming more and more into focus, as it begins to look familiar to the wrestling fans who are watching. Meanwhile, images flicker across the edges of the screen, showing various feats of strength. A man is seen, shockingly lifting a car off of his trapped child. An athlete is racing along the track, pumping her fists to gain even more speed as she approaches the first of the hurdles. A shot of a fireman, carrying two women out of a burning building.*

Voice: Of course, there are side effects to this power. It can create those referred to as “adrenaline junkies”. The men and women who fall under this category continue to come back to what could injure them. They come back for the thrill. They come back… for an Adrenaline Rush.

*The figure is fully formed now. It turns towards the camera, with a smug grin, showing us the face of the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Lurrr. He says only three words.*

Lurrr: Bring it on.

*Lurrr, still smiling, then comes right at the camera with a lunge, snapping off the Wake Up Call! The screen shatters, sending shards everywhere. A second later, though, the glass seems to reform, showing us the banner for Adrenaline Rush!!*

*After a few seconds, the Adrenaline Rush theme music (“Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence) hits, as we go, live, to the New Orleans Arena!! The crowd is going wild as the pyro explodes from every part of the stage, lightning up the ravenous fans who are getting their first live taste of the GCWA! The camera flies around the crowd, showing signs like “Overthrow The Empire!” and “Dangerous & Crazy defeats Devious & Clueless!” After a few more shots of the fans, we head to the special announce area set up for this event, where two men are sitting: Edward Jones & Anthony “Lightning” Logan!*

Jones: Hello, everyone!! Glad you could join us for what is sure to be a classic in professional wrestling, GCWA’s Adrenaline Rush!! I’m Edward Jones, here as always with my broadcast colleague, Anthony Logan!

Logan: Man, the energy in the back is intense, Jonesy. I went back there earlier and walked around, talking to a few different guys, and they are all right on the edge, ready to explode!

Jones: It’s going to be an incredible night, with three championships on the line! Our main event may be one of the most explosive in the GCWA’s history, pitting Lurrr, the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, against the GCWA Intercontinental & World Tag-Team Champion, Draco! What’s more, they’re going to face off in a “Tables, Ladders, & Chairs” Match, which means that anything can happen!

Logan: Yeah, but as great as that one is, there are an equal number of people anticipating our other big match, the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles Match! Draco’s partners, Shane Donovan & Harvey Danger, will attempt to defend the belts in a crazy 6-man contest against both the Danger Boiz and the House of Pain!

Jones: That one’s sure to be wild, since it’s going to have Texas Tornado rules! In our third title contest of the night, Robert “The Sensei” Santana makes his first defense of the GCWA X Division Title against the returning veteran, “Twiztid” Arryk Rage! This one’s going to be fought under “Xtreme Rules”, leaving it almost certain to have some bloodshed!

Logan: Throw it all that, plus Arachne and Scott Caine fighting in a “Spider’s Web” Match, and this PPV has everything!!

Jones: It’s going to be a wild and crazy night, Anthony, no doubt! And since the wall has already been put up into place, we might as well get started! Let’s go down to Minos, who has the call!

Minos: The next match is going to be a “Spider’s Web” Match, and will be for a shot at the GCWA Television Championship!

*The crowd, as always, is excited about new concepts. The cameras pan over, showing the massive wall set up on the side of the New Orleans Arena, complete with ‘webbing’ hanging down.*

Jones: From what I understand, the rules for this match are pretty simple. The first man to stand with both feet on the top of that platform, ascending any way possible, will be declared the winner.

Logan: Man, I thought this match was pretty funny when I first heard about it. But that wall is actually pretty high! I mean, if someone falls from that height…

Jones: These guys are definitely going to be taking a risk here tonight.

Minos: First, entering the arena, he has quickly built a reputation here in the GCWA. It is appreciated by some, disrespected by others, but it is definitely a style all his own. Standing 6’0” and weighing 200 lbs, from Toyokawa, Japan, here is Arachne!

*As “Wana” by the Black Horn plays, Arachne comes out of the back, apparently checking a pocket watch to make sure everything’s correct. The crowd gives him a cheer, and Arachne, satisfied, tosses the watch back through the curtain, then does a quick dance as he heads towards the wall.*

Jones: This week, Arachne…

Logan: Wait, wait. Do we really have to do a review of Arachne’s week? I mean, it’s so… implausible!

Jones: What, that he traveled in time back to the JFK assassination?

Logan: Exactly!

Jones: I wonder if Arachne saw the second shooter. Did he exist? Or was it Arachne all along?

Logan *sigh*

Minos: His opponent is a former GCWA Television Champion, and now is seeking to return to that lofty position with a victory here tonight. He is joined by his tag-team partner in the Caine Dynasty, Penance. Standing 6’3” and weighing 227 lbs, from Los Angeles, California, here is Scott Caine!

*Caine gets some heavy boos as he comes out, along with Penance, to “Automatic” by American Pearl. Caine doesn’t seem to care, scoffing at the negativity from the fans. He talks with Penance briefly, apparently still upset at being in this match, while Arachne waits for them to make their way over.*

Jones: Caine was definitely feeling slighted at being left out of a title opportunity here at Adrenaline Rush.

Logan: Hey, if he wins here, he gets that opportunity. So he should just shut up and wrestle!

Jones: Yes, but you have to agree, a “Spider’s Web” match certainly seems like an advantage for Arachne.

Logan: True, but Caine’s an athletic guy. And, thanks to the rules being the way they are, he’s got his own advantage in that walking refrigerator behind him.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Caine is already sizing up the distance to the top with his eyes, looking up at the huge wall set up for them to climb. Penance assures him that this one’s going to be easy, then tells him to start climbing. Nearby, Arachne is looking upwards as well, a large smile on his face. Apparently, he’s feeling right at home with the webbing, even if it’s not “real” webbing, but ropes tied together. Arachne’s attention is so focused on the web that he doesn’t notice Caine going to the side and beginning to climb. Nor does he notice Penance approaching him. Then again, maybe he does, as he spins as soon as Penance puts his large hand on Arachne’s shoulder. Penance doesn’t have time to react as Arachne rears back and lets loose, spraying the Green Mist into Penance’s face!!!! The massive wrestler falls back with a yell, rubbing at his eyes. In the meantime, Arachne turns and looks towards Caine, who has hesitated after climbing a short distance, shock evident on his face!*

Logan: Penance is down!! What a great strategic move from Arachne!

Jones: Was it strategy, or was it instinct?

Logan: Who cares? It worked! He just evened the playing field with Caine!

*Caine, after thinking for a second, opts to climb back down, not liking his odds of out-climbing the nimble Arachne. He heads towards Arachne, who comes to meet him, with the two slugging it out on the arena floor! The fans are cheering as Arachne gains control, landing a few sharp strikes. He grabs Caine’s arm and whips him hard to the side, sending him crashing back-first into a guardrail. The guardrail holds for a second, with Caine dangling partially over it. Arachne, though, makes sure it falls by running forward and jumping up, sitting on Caine’s chest to topple them over!! The fans are loving the up-close-and-personal atmosphere. Arachne pulls Caine back up, glaring at him. Caine, in response, tries an open-hand swing, but Arachne blocks it… then bites down on Caine’s hand, causing him to howl in protest!!*

Jones: Amazingly, Arachne’s got complete control of this one early on!

Logan: Yeah, the trick of a match like this is that you have to wear down your opponent enough for you to get a strong lead up the climb. Otherwise, if they’re able to catch you, major troubles could occur!

Jones: Of course, so far, Arachne hasn’t made any attempt to climb up the wall. This is all about punishment!

Logan: Either that, or he’s hungry. Sometimes Arachne is a very scary man!

*Caine stumbles away, holding his injured hand, as Arachne continues in pursuit. He gets up behind Caine and wraps his arms around Caine’s neck, while jumping up on his back, hanging on as Caine swings back and forth in an attempt to get free. Caine fights his way over to the wall, prying at the hands around his throat. He turns around and drives backwards, crushing Arachne into the wall, forcing him to release his grip. Caine then quickly turns around and wraps Arachne up, giving him a release German suplex onto the concrete!! Arachne rolls away, feeling the pain from the impact, while Caine slowly starts to pull himself up. He looks tired, but also looks like he’s tired of messing around. As Arachne starts to get up, Caine goes around the wall, looking for a weapon. He finds what he’s looking for, coming back with a plank of wood that he swings into Arachne’s back, splintering the wood and sending Arachne to the floor!*

Logan: Caine’s making the Dodger faithful proud with that swing!

Jones: I was wondering when weapons were going to come into play in this one. The only rule is making it to the top, any way you can.

Logan: Yep, which means that anything goes, which has to be one of Caine’s favorite atmospheres!

*Caine drops the plank on the ground, then reaches over, grabbing hold of Arachne to pull him close. Caine mocks Arachne for a second, then drops him with a DDT on the wood!! The board looks cracked, and Arachne’s head isn’t in much better shape. With the face-painted wrestler down on the ground, Caine stumbles away, signaling that this one’s about over. The fans, booing, disagree, but Caine doesn’t care about them. He reaches the webbing and starts to pull himself up, making progress up the side of the wall! It’s a good climb, though, and Caine’s clearly not used to having to balance himself, as he fights for every inch. Meanwhile, Arachne slowly gets up, rubbing his sore head. He looks around at the fans, puzzled at first why they’re pointing to his left. Finally, Arachne turns and sees Caine’s progress. He heads over that way, jumping up on the web and moving like a natural up the side!!*

Logan: Wow, look at Arachne go!

Jones: Maybe he IS part spider, because that guy can climb! He’s already caught up to Caine!

*Caine, surprised, swings his arm back as Arachne appears next to him, but Arachne dodges it by swinging away, then coming back. Caine swings again, almost throwing himself off-balance in the process. Arachne, seeing the swing coming, easily avoids it… by dropping backwards with his feet hooked!! Caine looks down at Arachne, in total shock, with Arachne crossing his arms to show how at home he feels. The crowd is cheering, even as Caine tries again, a desperation kick, only to have Arachne catch his foot! Caine tries to get free, but to no avail, as Arachne yanks on the leg while twisting on the webbing, causing Caine to fall off!! Caine falls about 6-7 feet, crashing down onto his back on the ground below!! The crowd is amped up, wanting Arachne to continue his climb and get the victory. Arachne, though, seems fine with moving at his own pace, pulling himself upright. He suddenly shoves himself off the web with a backwards motion, coming down with a flipping moonsault onto Caine’s prone body!!! Both men are down, as the crowd chants Arachne’s name.*

Jones: What a move!! Arachne put his life on the line with that one, and he hit it perfectly!!

Logan: Yeah, I’ll grant him that, it was a sweet move. That being said, though, shouldn’t he have just won the match? I don’t think Caine could catch this guy if he wanted to get up to the top!

Jones: Trying to analyze the thought processes of Arachne sounds like a pointless endeavor, Anthony.

Logan: True. Well, maybe now that he got his chunk of flesh from Caine, Arachne will make his way up to victory.

*Arachne is the first one up, using the nearby railing for support. Fans try to pat him on the back in congratulations, but Arachne glares at them, causing them to back off. Caine’s hacking on the ground, with both hands wrapped around his midsection from the impact he received. Arachne moves off, leaving Caine behind, as he once again contemplates the webbed wall. Arachne shrugs to himself, then starts to climb, moving himself up the web with ease! However, before Arachne can get far, he gets nailed in the back with a thrown chair!!! Arachne dangles off the webbing, stunned, as Penance, returning to the action with an angry snarl, reaches up to pull the smaller wrestler off the wall! Arachne struggles to get free, but the big man isn’t letting go, giving Arachne a huge shoulder breaker on the floor!! Arachne is in a heap, as Penance wipes again at his face, where a lot of the Green Mist from earlier still resides.*

Logan: Son of a bitch! Just when Arachne had it won!

Jones: Penance is still hurting from that mist shot he took, but now that he’s back, the odds have swung badly the other way for Arachne!

*Caine slowly works his way up, still clutching his side. He looks over at Penance, who angrily gestures for Caine to continue up. Penance reaches down and hauls Arachne to his feet, locking him into a bear hug, crushing him! Caine, meanwhile, drags himself over to the webbing and starts to go up, slowly making progress up the webbing. Penance, laughing, squeezes harder, trying to crush the life out of the face-painted wrestler. Arachne gasps for breath, feeling his ribs cracking under the assault. But Arachne responds, slamming his head into Penance’s!! Both men look a little dazed by the shot, with Arachne firing it off again, knocking their heads together! Penance lets go, showing who has the harder head, as the big man staggers back. Arachne, rubbing his own sore forehead, straightens up despite the pain and comes in, dropkicking Penance and sending him falling over the guardrail into the crowd!! Arachne then turns and immediately starts heading for the wall, seeing the progress that Caine has made!*

Logan: Penance is down, which means this is once again a race to the top!

Jones: Caine has a sizable lead, but Arachne can climb like no one else! Who’s going to win??

*Caine is more than halfway now, at least 12 feet in the air now. He keeps going, concentrating on the climb. Behind him, though, Arachne has begun his own ascent, scaling the webbing with leaps and bounds! Just as Caine approaches the top, Arachne reaches out, grabbing his legs once again! Caine, shocked, pulls away, desperate to reach the safe zone. Arachne, though, climbs up with him, as the two are now fighting some 20 feet in the air!! Caine swings wildly at Arachne, trying to dislodge him, but Arachne is easily avoiding all attempts at hitting him. With Caine off-balance, Arachne comes in, grabbing hold of Caine’s neck with one arm and yanking backwards, as if willing to take both of them to the floor below!! Caine’s barely hanging on with one arm, as he tries to pry Arachne from his throat. The crowd roars as both men slip, or was it the webbing starting to give way? Either way, they both moved down a few inches, with Arachne still trying to create the ultimate plunge to the ground below!*

Logan: What are you thinking, Arachne? You’ll both be in bad shape from that height!!

Jones: Caine’s losing his grip!! This could be huge!!

Logan: Someone get Penance up, he needs to make a catch!!

*Penance actually already is up, having pulled himself away from the fans and gotten out of the crowd. But there’s nothing he can do, watching from below, as the struggle continues. Caine, however, has his own options, as he reaches into his side pocket with his free hand. Arachne, not seeing it, yanks again, very nearly taking them off the wall! He’s got a crazed smile on his face, making you wonder if he thinks a flying unicorn will catch them on the way down. Arachne leans in, apparently saying something to Caine that can’t be picked up on the camera’s mic. Caine, though, uses the closeness to his advantage, reaching out and using what he has in his free hand: a spray canister!! He shoots it into Arachne’s face, which has the immediate effect of having Arachne scream, grabbing at his eyes! He slips off the webbing, starting to fall away from Caine!! He slides down part of the webbing, then falls the rest of the way, crashing hard to the matted ground below!!!*

Logan: Damnit, Caine always seems to have an ace up his sleeve!

Jones: This time, I think it was Mace, Anthony!

Logan: Either that, or bug spray! Arachne didn’t see that coming at all!

Jones: And now, he’s not seeing much of anything!

*An exhausted-looking Caine manages to right himself on the webbing, looking down with a grin at the fallen Arachne. For a second, he looks like he’s contemplating dropping the Sugar Caine!! But as the fans cheer, Caine looks up and shakes his head at them, with a small laugh. He’s not going to do a dangerous move just for the fans. Caine turns and continues to climb, while Arachne, surprisingly, struggles to get back up, wiping at his eyes. Amazingly, the fall doesn’t seem to have hurt him too badly, as Arachne turns and starts going for the web again, to the cheers of the crowd!! Caine, hearing them, looks back in complete bewilderment, possibly wondering what Arachne’s made of. He turns and reaches out, grabbing for more webbing, even as Arachne begins his ascent once again… or at least tries to, as once again, Penance is there! The big man grabs Arachne from behind and throws him hard to the side, off the webbing, keeping him from making his climb!! Penance stands in front of the webbing with arms outstretched, daring Arachne to try him. Arachne does, running towards Penance, then leaping up, managing to catch a surprised Penance on the shoulders and springboard off of him, up onto the webbing!!*

Logan: Son of a bitch!! Here comes Arachne again!!

Jones: I’ve thought this one was over a couple of times, but he’s not staying down! Jesus, maybe he IS part spider, because it’s taking an awful lot to take him out!!

Logan: But Caine’s at the top of the wall!

*As Arachne climbs like a madman, flying up the webbing, Caine pulls himself up and onto the top of the wall, dropping onto his back and breathing heavily. He raises his arms triumphantly, glad to have escaped with a win. However, he quickly realizes that the bell hasn’t rung. With a great deal of fatigue showing, Caine sits up, looking around in confusion. He looks down, seeing Penance, who is desperately signaling for him to stand up, as the rules of the match state that the first person STANDING on the wall is the winner! Caine, realizing his mistake, tries to get up on the wall, but before he can, Arachne is there, grabbing at his legs and pulling him partially off the wall!! Caine, off-balance, struggles against Arachne’s grip, with the two fighting on the top, their feet balanced on the webbing. Arachne punches Caine once, twice, three times, almost over-balancing him. Arachne then laughs and jumps up, getting a headlock on Caine and dropping backwards!! Both men tumble off the wall, no, Caine’s foot sticks in the ropes and he hangs on!! Arachne, though, isn’t as lucky, falling backwards to the ground again!!!!*

Logan: Oh, hell, Arachne’s dead!! Call the medics!

Jones: Thank goodness Penance was able to get out of the way in time, or else we’d have two downed wrestlers!!

*Penance, on the floor, is in shock as he looks at Arachne, sprawled on the ground. He looks up towards Caine, who is already pulling himself up, although his leg’s definitely hurting him from the jolt. Nonetheless, a desperate Caine claws at the webbing, getting himself back up towards the top. On the floor, Arachne still isn’t moving, apparently finally knocked out. Penance isn’t taking any chances, though, as he’s staying far back from the downed man. On the top, Caine reaches out and hauls himself up, limping, barely able to get himself upright. It’s enough, though, as the bell finally sounds.*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the new #1 Contender for the GCWA Television Title, Scott Caine!

Logan: Caine did it, managing to earn another shot at the title he lost to Crazy Chris!

Jones: Unbelievably crazy match, Anthony, as Arachne almost beat the odds! A couple of times there, I thought he had it, but he just wasn’t interested in getting to the top and winning without hurting his opponent first!

Logan: Well, he paid for it, as he’s still down… wait… where is he?

Jones: Huh?

*Caine is sitting now on top of the wall, and apparently has noticed the same thing, as he gestures down towards Penance about where Arachne is. Penance, confused, shrugs his shoulders. Caine looks around him, a little concerned, then starts climbing downwards quickly.*

Jones: I don’t know where he went, Anthony. I mean, Arachne was right there the last I saw! Do we have any camera feed?

Logan: Uh, apparently, from what I’m hearing, there was some sort of interference on the feed, just for a second, but when it came back up, Arachne was gone…

Jones: You don’t suppose… I mean, he DID have that pocket watch with him…

Logan: Don’t be silly, Jonesy. There’s no way…

*Caine reaches the bottom, with Penance giving him a hand down and helping him continue on. Both are looking around, trying to figure out what happened the strange Arachne, but there’s no sign of him. The scene switches to the backstage area, more specifically Accerlerator’s office. He finished his John Hancock on a document and sets the pen down. His work was done for now. All that now mattered was what happened next. Just before he can thoroughly enjoy the lack of paperwork a knock is heard at the door.*

The Accelerator: “Come in.”

*The door opens and Draco steps in. Accelerator looks him over, but doesn’t looked as shocked as one would think when half of his main event seems to be damaged goods. Draco has a small bandage under his eyes, a taped left arm, and a taped mid section. *

Draco: “You wanted to see me?”

The Accelerator: “Yes, I did. Heard a few rumors I wanted to go over with you. Take a seat.”

*Draco sat down in one of the two seats in front of the desk. Accelerator put his hands together and leaned forward in his chair. Draco leaned back trying to hide the small jolts of pain from his slight injuries. *

The Accelerator: “Looks like you had an…interesting week.”

Draco: “You could say that.”

*It was obvious that Draco was trying to avoid any talk on the subject of what went on. The rumors ranged from a high-budget action film to self mutilation. Accelerator didn’t believe most, but a few seemed fairly similar to the stories that followed Draco from the other places he had hung his boots. *

The Accelerator: “I am sorry to hear about your bother. If you aren’t fit to wrestle tonight, we cou--”

Draco: “You already know what my reply would be, bossman.”

The Accelerator: “Yeah, I did. Now, what is this about one of my top wrestler’s names being brought up in assault and murder charges?”

*Accelerator watched over Draco for any change in his demeanor or mannerisms. Draco kept his poker face solid as he shrugged his shoulders. *

Draco: “Your guess is as good as mine. I have a solid alibi. With my sister the majority of the week.”

*Draco stood up as Accelerator waved him off already knowing that Draco had a solid alibi. A few things didn’t add up, but there was a warning that came through the grapevine when he signed Draco. Just before walking back out the door Draco turned around for one last comment. *

Draco: “When you are in the spotlight you have to get used to the uglier attention.”

The Accelerator: “I don’t want to make it a habit of hearing my company’s name anywhere near that sort of attention. Understand?”

Draco: “Roger, bossman.”

The Accelerator: “Good luck out there, tonight. From the looks of it, you will need it.”

Draco: “Won’t need it.”

*Draco flashed a small smirk before exiting Accelerator’s office. The president of the federation leans back in his chair shaking his head. Nothing in this business was ever easy…was it? With a sigh, the Accelerator reaches down and gets the paper he had just signed, then turns and leaves the room, heading to who knows where. The picture goes back to ringside.*

Logan: Good to hear that Draco’s going to be competing tonight. You never want to see the main event go down the drain.

Jones: Plus, of course, you want to see him defeat Lurrr.

Logan: I can’t say I’m against it.

Jones: Well, we’ll see what happens. For now, we’ve got more activity… wait, someone… is someone in the ring?

Logan: Huh? Hey… HEY… that’s The Lost Soul!!!

Jones: When did he get there???

Logan: The dude comes and goes where he pleases, Jonesy! Looks like the crowd has noticed him, too!

*The crowd is starting to get riled up, seeing The Lost Soul standing in the ring. They are still split, with some cheering, while others are upset. Still, many are remembering the A-Bombs that Titan 3 dished out last week, which is giving TLS a little sympathy support. The Lost Soul repositions himself, raising a mic up to his mouth.*

The Lost Soul: Last week, I said that the truth would come out at Adrenaline Rush. Let it be known that The Lost Soul stands by his word. I am here to declare the mystery solved.

Logan: Does he really have evidence that will exonerate him?

Jones: He seems to think so, but I thought they had proved he was guilty of attacking Steve Wilson??

Logan: Haven’t I said it all along?? He didn’t do it, Jonesy, and now we’re going to find out who did!!

Jones: Well, maybe… except for who’s coming out of the back!

Logan: Oh, crap, here we go again…

*At the entryway, the curtains move aside, as Titan 3, the GCWA Head of Security, walks out! The fans throw a few joking boos his way, although some surely appreciated his ‘justice’ that was dished out last week. A couple of strong-looking security guards follow Titan 3 out, joining him on the ramp.*

Titan 3: I take it you didn’t get the message from last week? I won’t have you continuing to make a nuisance of yourself, especially when you’re suspended indefinitely! You know that I could have police arrest you for trespassing right now? But what fun would that be?

*The Lost Soul watches impassively from the ring as Titan 3 starts moving down the ramp, waving the security guards to follow him.*

Logan: Are we going to have a repeat of last week?

Jones: Hey, security’s just doing their job, Anthony. TLS isn’t supposed to be out here!

*Before Titan 3 & the security guards can get any further than the base of the ramp, however, a voice can be heard, clearing itself. Titan 3 stops, apparently having recognized the sound. He turns and looks back behind him, where the curtain moves, and the President of the GCWA, the Accelerator, steps out!*

Logan: What the… Ace is here??

Jones: The President is taking personal interest in this case, Anthony! He’s going to make sure this problem doesn’t continue to grow!

*The Accelerator smiles at a pleasant crowd reaction for him. Titan 3 can be seen, gesturing, wanting to know why the President is interfering in security business. In answer, Ace raises up his own mic.*

The Accelerator: Just calm down, Titan 3, and I’ll explain a few things. Y’see, I know you think TLS is not allowed to be in the ring. However, in case you’re interested in this paperwork I’ve got here, it actually is a written document, giving my special permission for him to be out here!

Jones: See, the President is… wait, what?

Logan: Has Ace had a change of heart? Remember, he was the one who suspended The Lost Soul!

The Accelerator: A few days ago, I had an unexpected visitor at my house here in Dallas. It’s amazing how TLS can get wherever he wants to go, right? Thank goodness I wasn’t in the shower or anything. Anyhow, we had ourselves a little meeting, and I finally got to see a few items.

*Titan 3 looks upset, wanting just to get rid of The Lost Soul. However, the President has effectively taken away his authority to do so. For his part, TLS is still standing quietly in the ring, waiting to see where things land.*

The Accelerator: As I was saying, The Lost Soul has a way of getting into places. Well, he found some of what he was looking for a few weeks ago, when he, uh, borrowed some footage from the GCWA Archives. You know how much footage we shoot each week that doesn’t get put on television? Still, he didn’t find all that he was looking for, but enough to make me curious.

*The fans are waiting anxiously, as the Accelerator seems to be enjoying dragging his feet. Titan 3 looks frustrated, not in the mood for a big ‘reveal’. He does, however, seem more curious.*

The Accelerator: Now, when TLS realized that some footage was missing from the archives, I guess he figured out where he needed to look. So, just to ask, Titan 3… checked the security safe lately?

*Titan 3’s face slowly darkens, as he considers what this statement could possibly mean. The Accelerator watches him very carefully for his reaction.*

Logan: What? The GCWA Security safe? What does that mean??

The Accelerator: I guess, from the look on your face, you haven’t. Or maybe you did, but whatever The Lost Soul left in there for you to see was convincing. Either way, the footage that was there? We have it. Roll the clips!

*The big screen lights up, showing footage from July 31st, 2009. We see footage from one of the locker room cameras that have been set up, showing outside The Lost Soul’s room. The time code shows that it’s early in the show. The door slowly opens, and a man walks out with a bag in his hand. It is Titan 3!! The Head of Security seems to be placing something, possibly hair, into the bag, then tucks it into his back pocket. He walks away, looking nonchalant. We go to another locker room shot, following Titan 3 as he walks along, eventually turning and going into another locker room: Steve Wilson’s. The video moves forward a few minutes, showing The Lost Soul and Steve Wilson having their discussion in the hallway. Wilson then turns and enters his locker room, not knowing that someone’s already waiting, hidden, in there for him. The footage cuts away to later in the show, as we see footage of the medics working on Steve Wilson to get him up onto a stretcher. Titan 3, investigating the scene is there. He leans down, checking on Wilson, then reaches around him, grabbing hold of some hair that’s laying on Wilson’s leg. Underneath Titan 3’s arm, sticking out of his pocket, you can see the same bag. Titan 3 continues his ‘investigation’, moving away, as Wilson is carted out. We go back to live footage, focusing on a furious Titan 3’s face.*

Jones: Wait a second…. Titan 3 did this??

Logan: Man, I don’t believe it!! Security was involved all along!!

*The Accelerator, shaking his head, begins to talk again.*

The Accelerator: Of course, I could see this footage a couple of different ways. But your face, right now, Titan 3, my old friend? That’s all I needed to see. You never liked “PIC” Steve Wilson, did you? You didn’t even want him hired. Were you dishing out some revenge? Or was this just because I wasn’t letting you loose?

*Titan 3 doesn’t say a word. In fact, he’s dropped the mic onto the ground. The Lost Soul is still watching from inside the ring, focused on what’s happening.*

The Accelerator: Well, then, since that’s decided, security? Take Titan 3 out of here. His night is over. I’ll decide what to do later.

*The security guards seem pretty stunned, not knowing what to do. One of them looks towards Titan 3, their mentor, for advice, but Titan 3 just shakes his head, telling them to do what they’ve got to do. The security guard lightly grabs Titan 3’s arm and starts to bring him away… when Titan 3 turns and lashes out, grabbing the guard and throwing him backwards into the guardrail!! The other security guard, hesitating, still comes in, but Titan 3 turns and boots him in the stomach, then lifts, delivering an A-Bomb!! The first security guard recovers, getting up, but he runs right into Titan 3’s grasp, as he launches him overhead to the other side, knocking him cold!!*

Logan: Jesus!! Titan 3 just took out his own security!!

Jones: And he did it effortlessly, just like you’d expect to see from a former GCWA World Champion!!

*The Lost Soul, interested now, turns and steps out of the ring. Meanwhile, The Accelerator, showing no fear, comes down the ramp, arguing with Titan 3. He points around him at the crowd, then continues to speak, trying to explain his issues. Titan 3, though, isn’t in the mood to hear it, as he steps forward, decking Ace with a right hand!! The President crashes onto his back, with Titan 3 standing over him, his face red.*

Jones: No!! Medics!! The President is down!!

Logan: Man, Titan 3 has completely lost it!

*With The Lost Soul walking up the aisleway, Titan 3 turns his way, furious at him for ruining everything that he had going. He walks forward, cursing TLS, who answers in kind. In no time, the two men begin swinging punches, breaking into a wild brawl!!! The crowd is excited as the fighting continues, with neither man apparently in control. It’s a complete free-for-all, punches flying everywhere!*

Logan: Titan 3 and The Lost Soul are going at it, just like old times!!!

Jones: All I care about is, is the President ok??

*As the fighting continues, the Accelerator sits up, rubbing his hand against his face in annoyance. Security starts pouring down the ramp, with Ace ordering them to separate the two and contain things. Several security guards wade in, having no more sympathy for Titan 3 after he attacked two of their own. It takes some effort, but finally, the two men start to be separated, much to the unhappiness of the crowd.*

Logan: So where does this leave us? Is The Lost Soul still suspended? Is Titan 3 still the Head of Security? What on earth is going to happen??

Jones: I honestly don’t know, Anthony. This flips everything on its head! Who could have suspected that Titan 3 was the man who attacked Steve Wilson??

Logan: I gotta admit, I didn’t call that one. But I knew it wasn’t TLS!

Jones: They’re still breaking everyone up, so let’s head to the back, while this gets taken care of!

*We cut away from the wild melee being broken up at ringside to backstage, where we see Crazy Chris & Dangerous Dan entering the building, to the cheers of the crowd. They move down the hallway, staying together, as they reach their locker room. The door to their room, though, makes them stop short.*

Dangerous Dan: Damnit, not again!

*On the front of the locker room door is a picture, apparently from the Danger Boiz’ own collection. The picture is hanging on the door by a small knife, which is stabbed through it. Both of the Danger Boiz are pictured, with a woman between them: the woman who is having one of their kids. A note underneath the picture says only one word: “Whore!” Below that has been spray-painted a familiar phrase: D & D. Crazy Chris angrily reaches out and tears the picture off, ticked about what’s being mocked. Dangerous Dan, though, calms him down.*

Dangerous Dan: Don’t worry, Chris. We’ll get those assholes when we face them later on, and take away their belts! Now let’s go in and see if we have any more surprises.

*The two slowly go into the room, shutting the door behind them. The camera, though, doesn’t go away, instead zooming down the hallway towards the edge of the hallway. Scott Caine can be seen standing there. He is smiling, with a can of spraypaint in hand. He then departs, Penance following him out of the area. We go back to ringside.*

Logan: Hey! That wasn’t D & D!

Jones: Y’know, for weeks now, someone’s been leading ambushes and spray-painting locker rooms. Could it have been Scott Caine & Penance this whole time??

Logan: I don’t know, but if his goal was to rally all of the tag-teams against each other, I think he’s succeeding!

Jones: Crazy. Well, hopefully we’ll find out more about that later, but for now, we’ve got another match!

Minos: The next match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the GCWA X Division Championship! The rules here are simple: they are Xtreme!

*There’s a lot of energy in the crowd, as these types of matches could end up anywhere in the arena, including in the seat next to them.*

Minos: Introducing first, the challenger… he is making his return to the ring after months of inactivity, and is looking to claim himself a title he has wanted for all of 2009, standing 5’10” and weighing in at 212 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, here is Arryk Rage!

*A small cheer rises throughout the crowd for the returning veteran, as he walks out to “Sound of Madness” by Shinedown. Rage, his newly shaved head glistening in the light, looks pretty confident in himself on his way down towards ringside. Over his shoulder, he’s got a bag full of ‘fun’ items for the match.*

Jones: It’s great to see Arryk Rage back in the GCWA, Anthony! Another legend has made his way home!

Logan: There’s no doubt that Arryk has been involved in some of the great moments of this year, from his stealing the X Division Title before it had ever been possessed by anyone, to his epic Buried Alive match with Marcus Ka’Derrion that, arguably, put Ka’Derrion on the map.

Jones: But can he recapture the magic of earlier this year? Or is this another doomed return?

Logan: Who knows? But I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It’d be great to see Twiztid once again a power in the GCWA.

Minos: And now, his opponent… he’s a former GCWA Television Champion, and now has made it to the next level. Tonight, he seeks to prove that his victory was not a fluke, but a natural evolution. Standing 6’3” and weighing in at 235 lbs, from Washington DC, here is the GCWA X Division Champion, Robert “The Sensei” Santana!

*The fans erupt as “Sandstorm” by Darude begins to play through the speakers. After a second, the curtain moves aside, with Robert Santana walking out onto the stage. The X Division Title is strapped tightly around his waist. Santana looks up for a second, as if in prayer, before starting to walk down the ramp. In one of his hands, he has what looks to be a pair of nunchucks.*

Jones: I heard that Santana walked a good ways on some sort of spiritual journey before coming here. Hopefully, he didn’t wear himself out.

Logan: I could make some jokes here, but let’s face it, the man’s dealing with the death of his son, something that you or I hope not to experience anytime soon.

Jones: I know. I have trouble even imaging losing any of my children. I love all my kids, short or tall, boy or girl…

Logan: Black or white…

Jones: Hey, now, Krissie has a glandular issue!

Logan: Uh huh. Do you even know what “glandular” means?

Jones: Ummm… something to do with the glands?

Logan: Yeah. Gold star, Jonesy.

*The Bell Rings.*

*Rage moves to his corner, rummaging in his bag, while Santana waits with a blank expression across the way. Adrian Rockwell is the referee for this one. After a few seconds, Rage finds what he’s looking for, as he slowly slides out a black baseball bat! He hefts it in his hands, checking the weight. With a grin, Rage starts coming forward, raising the bat up towards Santana. The X Division Champion responds by stepping forward into a defensive karate posture, while also beginning to swing the nunchucks around to his side. Rage, noticing the ‘chucks for the first time, hesitates, his smile fading a little. Santana, for his part, does an elaborate swing around himself with the nunchucks, ending up back in his defensive position. He also raises his free hand up towards Rage and gives him the Matrix motion forward, daring him to come on. The crowd is going wild at the stand-off, knowing that both men hold potentially lethal weapons, and we’re just getting started!*

Jones: I think Arryk was really expecting to have a major advantage here, in that he’s been in numerous hardcore and xtreme matches, while Santana is relative unscarred in the world of wrestling.

Logan: Well, that doesn’t mean that Santana doesn’t have experience with weaponry. Clearly, part of his training has been with those ‘chucks!

Jones: This could change Arryk’s whole match strategy. What’s he going to do now?

*In response to Santana’s maneuvers, Rage begins to spin the bat around his head, gaining up some speed. The two men move around each other, keeping their weapons at the ready. Suddenly, Rage steps in, taking a swing, but Santana immediately retreats out of range! Rage follows up by lunging the bat forward to try and ram it into the champion’s ribs. But Santana answers by wrapping the nunchucks around the bat and yanking on it, taking away Rage’s weapon! The bat goes off out of the ring, even as Rage, suddenly vulnerable, begins to back off. The champion is already on the move, though, swinging the nunchucks and landing several shots in succession, all throughout Rage’s midsection and sides!! Rage drops to his knees from the blows, with Santana closing the nunchucks in one fist, then swinging downwards with them across Rage’s head, knocking him down!! Santana drops the ‘chucks and gets on Rage for a pin attempt, with Rockwell right there… 1… 2… and Rage manages to kick out.*

Jones: Santana is so quick with those moves! Man, I wish he taught a class or something, I’d love to try and learn those!

Logan: Trust me, Jonesy. I’m a former pro athlete, and even I wouldn’t attempt to do something that’s not in my skill set like that. Still, if you ever try to learn the ‘chucks, can you at least record it? It’ll go great on the nunchuck accident collection out on Youtube.

*Santana brings Rage back up to his feet, already thinking through his next moves. He turns, grabbing Rage by the back of the neck, and sending Rage flying through the ropes and to the apron, then the floor, taking the fight out of the ring! Santana follows, with Rockwell close behind, as pinfalls count anywhere in the building. Rage is already getting up as Santana reaches him, with the Sensei landing a sharp kick to Rage’s left leg to send him hobbling away in pain. Santana then comes in from behind, latching onto Rage and attempting to ram him forward. But Rage readjusts himself at the last second, shoving his feet upwards so that, instead of hitting the railing, he goes overtop into the fans! Santana, though, wasn’t as lucky, crashing into the guardrail! Santana falls backwards to the ground, stunned, while Rage pulls himself up, apparently apologizing quickly to the woman he landed on. She doesn’t seem to mind, showing that she’s a true fan of professional wrestling.*

Jones: That was a veteran maneuver there, as Rage was able to turn all of Santana’s own momentum against him!

Logan: Yeah, it got Rage a little breathing room, at least. But now he needs to find a way to really start taking the momentum in this one.

Jones: It’s time for Rage to really take this one to the Xtreme!

*Santana is already starting to get up, but this works perfectly for Rage, who reaches over the top and pulls the X Division Champion into the crowd with him! He punches Santana a few times, then starts going through the crowd, continuing the fight as they get harder to see around the energized fans. A couple of TLS-painted kids get out of the way, both excited and scared, as the two fighting wrestlers come by, finally making it to an entryway between the rows. Rage, positioning himself along the top of the path, drops back with Santana, giving him a monkey flip that sends Santana tumbling down the ramp and disappearing from sight!! Rage pulls himself up, sweat covering his forehead. He stretches his neck for a second, as if readjusting his spine, before turning and going down the ramp as well. The cameraman, after a second, seems to realize that the action’s leaving him behind, so he suddenly hurries towards where both men are heading.*

Jones: Wait, where are they going?

Logan: Looks like we’re taking this fight back to the concessions area!

Jones: But, where’s Adrian Rockwell?? We need a ref there!

Logan: I think I see him over there to the right, trying to get through the crowd and catch up. His size is making it tough on him, though, but hopefully he’ll get back with the wrestlers soon!

*Backstage, the cameraman catches up to the action, as Santana is back in the fight, catching Rage with a slicing chop to the throat to stun him. Santana then grabs Rage by the head and swings him around, sending him crashing into the side of a concrete wall! Rage rebounds away, holding his head, but Santana isn’t through, taking Rage down from behind with an inverted DDT!! Rage is down, with Santana putting an arm over him for a second before he realizes that there’s no ref in range. He gets up, not worrying about it, only concentrating on his opponent. He lifts Rage up and drags him to the side, landing a few punches while holding Rage in a headlock. Rage tries to get free, pulling away, but Santana’s ready for this, landing a kick to Rage’s midsection while hanging onto his arm. Rage, wincing, bends over, making it easier for Santana to whip him hard to the side… and through a glass window!!!! The glass shatters everywhere as Rage disappears from sight, although you can hear a few screams from inside the room!! Santana turns and goes to the nearby doorway to the room, slamming it open and heading inside, back in pursuit.*

Jones: Geez!! Arryk Rage just took a horrible tumble!!

Logan: You can bet that he’s going to be feeling that one for some time! He’s got cuts all over the place!!

Jones: This would be a perfect time for a pinfall, if only the referee was there!

*The cameraman follows Santana into the room, where a couple of ladies are trying to hide in the corner. They look shocked. A receipts table has been knocked over from Arryk Rage’s sudden appearance. Rage is laying on the ground, trying to get up, a wicked cut, one of many, showing over his eye. The blood is now flowing. Santana hauls the hurting Rage up, dragging him out of the room away from the women, who now have to figure out how to get back to counting up ticket sales in their blood and glass covered office. Outside, Santana drags Rage down the hall, with a tired-looking Adrian Rockwell hurrying up to finally catch up with them. They reach a fenced-off area, with Santana planning to use the fence, grabbing Rage’s face and shoving him towards it. But Rage manages to block it by grabbing the fence himself, staving off more damage to his head. Instead, Rage throws an elbow back, sending Santana staggering. Rage then turns and puts his head under Santana’s arm ala a suplex, only to twist him around, dropping Santana onto the back of his head with a lightning spiral!!! Neither man is moving, as the crowd roars in approval!*

Jones: Incredible!! What a maneuver from Arryk Rage, pulling one out of nowhere!!

Logan: Rage has been on the defensive for a good portion of this match. Can he manage a last-minute comeback against the champion?

*Referee Rockwell stays close, watching, but doing nothing, since this match can’t end on a countout. Slowly, Rage pulls himself up, a bloody streak running down his face. He reaches over, putting an arm across Santana for the cover… 1… 2… and somehow Santana kicks out! Rage, disappointed, pulls himself back up. Santana comes up with him, but Rage is in control of the dazed champion. He grabs Santana by the arm and whips him to the side, right through the metal fence door!! Rage moves after Santana, grabbing some boxes and lifting him over his head to throw them onto the champion. Santana pushes the boxes off, trying to get up, but Rage stomps on him to keep him down. Rage then moves to the side, looking around. He reaches into the back, apparently seeing something that he likes, even as Santana again struggles to recover. He rises up, looking around for his opposition. This is when Rage comes back in, swinging an old, framed picture!! He smashes it over Santana’s head, driving him to his knees and consequently destroying the picture of a Ghost Rider poster.*

Logan: Rage’s experience in the hardcore front is starting to show through!

Jones: Yep, he’s definitely resourceful, although why’d he have to destroy that shot of Nicolas Cage? I loved that movie!

Logan: Yeah, must have been an old promotional picture or something. Strange.

*Santana’s face is shown, now apparently bleeding as well from the glass of the picture. Rage reaches down and pulls the X Division Champion up, taking him out of the caged room and back into the hallway. He knocks Santana into the nearby wall, stunning him a little more, then moves around him, locking up his arms to get Santana up for his newest finisher, the Maddening!! He lifts, but Santana’s feet start kicking, allowing him to free himself from the vertebreaker-like maneuver! Rage, surprised, turns back, with Santana jumping up and landing a spinning side kick, rocking Arryk backwards!! Rage stumbles to the side, leaning on a doorway, but Santana comes in again with a shoulder block, causing Rage to knock the door in!! It turns out to be a stairway, as Arryk nearly goes for a tumble! He hangs on, though, managing to right himself. But in comes Santana, leaping up for the Sensei-Tion!! No, Rage drops his shoulder and manages to flip Santana over him, sending Santana flying down the stairwell!!!!!*

Logan: Jesus!!! Santana committed everything there, and damn, did it cost him!!!

Jones: Rage set that up perfectly!

*Rockwell can be seen, in shock, looking down the stairwell. Rage, meanwhile, is struggling to get himself back up, as the blood loss has definitely had an effect. He turns and pushes Rockwell out of the way, almost sliding down the stairs in his painful hurry. At the bottom of the stairwell, Santana is down, unable to get up. Rage immediately steps in, grabbing Santana by the head and pulling him partially upright. Santana’s having a lot of trouble staying up, though Rage proceeds nonetheless to twist him around, getting him locked up once again for the Maddening! Santana weakly tries to fight, but there’s nothing left in the tank, as Rage gets him up and drops, crashing him down to the concrete stairs!!!! Santana slumps to his side, unconscious, as Rage gets himself around to make the cover. Rockwell, having come halfway down the stairs, moves onto his knees so that he can make a proper count… 1… 2… 3!!!*

Minos: Here is your winner, and the NEW GCWA X Division Champion, Arryk Rage!

Logan: Man, he finally did it!! After nearly a whole year, Arryk legally has the X Division Championship!!

Jones: What a shocking turn of events!! I mean, Santana had this one! But he let it slip away!

Logan: Or Arryk Rage’s experience in hardcore matches was just too much to overcome, Jonesy!

Jones: Ok, so the match is over, so can we get some medics to look at both of these guys??

*Rage gets his arm painfully raised by Rockwell, as an attendant, who had been following the action, brings over the X Division Title. Rage wipes blood out of his eyes to get a better view of the gold he’s sought for so long, happily taking it in his arms. Santana is struggling to get up, but clearly he’s out of it, due to the fall he took. *

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