*As the commercials come to an end, the screen fades to black temporarily. Just before you’re sure someone is asleep at the switch, the picture returns, slowly fading in on a winter wonderland. The snow is slowly falling from the clouds above, sprinkling the landscape with its cold beauty. The green of the trees barely shows around the snow, adding to the ambiance. The camera smoothly pans around to focus on a nearby cabin. With the white roof and the wooden sides, the cabin looks like it could have come out of the long-distant past. Of course, the generator rumbling away on the right side of the structure slightly ruins that effect.*

*We cut away, presumably to an inside shot of the cabin, where a large fire is roaring away in the fireplace. Holiday music is playing in the background, giving the area a more festive atmosphere. You can also hear something else, like water bubbling away nearby. Next to the fire, sitting in a comfortable-looking chair and drinking from a shiny mug, is the Accelerator. He smacks his lips in contentment, then looks forward at the camera.*

The Accelerator: Howdy, y’all! Long time no see!

*The Accelerator takes a moment to put down the mug, contents still unseen, then straightens back up.*

The Accelerator: I suppose I should go ahead and introduce myself. I go by the name of the Accelerator, and I’m the President of a little old place called the GCWA. You’ve probably heard of it. If you haven’t yet, you certainly will soon enough!

*Over the crackle of the fireplace, a splash can be heard, somewhere off to the side of the camera. Neither Ace nor the cameraman pays much attention.*

The Accelerator: Nothing like relaxing in my winter retreat, away from all the troubles of the world. I always love coming here near the end of each year. There’s always fresh powder for skiing, there are lots of game to hunt, and the hot tub is always set just the way I like it.

*In the background, the noise (now clearly a hot tub), seems to increase in volume. There also seems to be a female giggle, but Ace, for now, pays no attention, as he concentrates into the lens of the camera.*

The Accelerator: Of course, this year it means a lot more to me. It’s my refuge for a few days, my sanctuary. You see, over the past few months, I’ve been hard at work, lining up employees, buying up property, purchasing stocks, and overseeing the vast amount of business that has to take place in order for a rebirth. And now, after so much work, the finish line is in sight. The Global Championship Wrestling Association is about ready to reopen its doors in 2009. But I tell you, I needed a break! After all, if I’m going to be running this organization, dealing with the day-to-day stress, I need to try and go in with a clear head. I’m not a young man anymore, y’know. In fact, the muscles feel a little sore this evening. Yes, definitely time to relax.

*Ace glances to his right, towards where the splashing and laughter seem to be coming from. He grins, then clears his throat and sits back forward, trying to maintain his focus.*

The Accelerator: Anyways, I wanted to take a moment, as the President, to welcome all of our fans back to the glory that is the GCWA. You’ll get to meet many of our talented roster later on in this show, and I think you’ll agree with me that this is going to be a hell of a new year! You’ll also get a little bit of history, as the guys will be covering some of the most memorable moments from the GCWA’s past. Great times, but the future looks much brighter now! So, without further ado, I’m going to continue to relax, while my newly-hired announcers take over. If you’ve followed our business for a while, you just might recognize them. Enjoy the ride, boyos!

*Ace rises out of the chair and walks away, already starting to remove his shirt. Fortunately, we don’t have to see any of that; after all, as Ace said, he’s not a young man anymore. The picture fades away, to be replaced with a live shot from the GCWA Studios, which has been recently redesigned with a more exclusive set-up. Sitting at the desk are two men. The camera zooms in on the first one, a brown-haired man wearing what looks to be an expensive grey suit. He stacks some papers importantly in front of him, as if this was a news broadcast, then looks into the camera.*

Jones: Hello, and welcome to this telecast of the return of the GCWA to primetime! My name is Edward Jones, alongside my broadcast colleague for all of the new GCWA shows, Anthony “Lightning” Logan.

*The camera zooms out a short distance to bring Logan into the shot as well. In contrast to Jones, Logan is wearing a t-shirt with the GCWA symbol on it. He looks pretty relaxed, with a little bit of stubble growing on his chin.*

Logan: Happy to be here, Jonesy. I tell you, I’ve been missing the excitement of the business!

Jones: So have I, Anthony. For those who don’t know me, I was a reporter and announcer in both the ICWF and OCW for a long time. After so many years, it was a great pleasure when I received that phone call from Ace, wanting to hire me as a full-time announcer for the new GCWA!

Logan: Yeah. I guess Miller and Smith both turned him down.

Jones: What?

Logan: Nothing, man, it’s great to have you here.

*Jones looks a little bit miffed at the comment, mumbling about how much better he is than the two 'married' commentators from the ICWF past, as Logan continues to talk.*

Logan: As for myself, I had a little bit of success over in the ICWF, including a run with the World Title over there. But nowadays, I’m pretty much happily retired from the business. So when Ace called and said that he’d pay me to come and watch other wrestlers go at it, and give a few thoughts on them? Is there any sweeter gig in the world? Well, other than, say, a bikini wax inspector.

Jones: Y’know, I don’t think that’s a real job. I’ve looked for it in many different want ads, but I’ve never seen it appear.

Logan: You just keep looking, Jonesy. It’ll show itself when you’re ready. By the way, I wanted to ask you, how’s your family doing? You’ve got 10 kids, right?

Jones: Yep, 10 wonderful, college-going kids. Did I mention how much I needed this job?

Logan: So, are any of them getting into pro wrestling yet?

Jones: Well, actually, most of them try and stay clear of the wrestling business. I’m not sure why.

Logan: Really? I figured by now that at least some of them would be showing off their fathers’ genes by now, becoming big and athletic.

Jones: Why, thanks, Anthony. I appreciate the compliment.

*Jones takes a moment to do a quick flex with his pretty scrawny arms, while Logan smirks next to him, having gotten one past him. After all, it’s a well-traveled rumor that Jones’ wife routinely slept around with the ICWF wrestlers, leading to so many pregnancies. Very few of Jones’ kids even look remotely like him, adding credence to the rumors. For some reason, though, Jones remains blissfully ignorant and happily married.*

Jones: Anyway, we’re getting a little off-track here. Tonight is going to be a trip through the past, present, and future of GCWA.

Logan: Cool! Who’s playing the Ghost of Christmas Future? Oh, my brother would be great for the role!

Jones: Er, we’re not quite doing it like that, Anthony. It’s more of a retrospective show.

Logan: Oh. Well, that’s pretty cool, too. Although it’d be cool to see Ace as Scrooge.

Jones: No comment. We’ve got a special treat tonight for fans of the early GCWA years. During this show, we’re going to go over the five Most Memorable Moments in GCWA history!

Logan: Hey, man, that’s cool! The Most Memorable Moments, that’s like, Triple M! Hey, has he signed?

Jones: Well, you never know, do you? But thus far, from what Ace has released, I don’t believe Marvelous Mario Maurako is on the roster. I believe he’s retired.

Logan: Bummer. I’ve always wanted to see him in person.

Jones: Well, you’ll get a chance tonight to see many of our other future stars, as many of them have been given camera time to cut their own Christmas interviews for the fans.

Logan: I can’t wait to see what good ol’ Warrick has up his sleeve. That guy always cracks me up!

Jones: First off, though, let’s get to the first Most Memorable Moment in GCWA History. We’re going back to the beginning for this one. Roll the clip!

*The video begins to roll, flipping back like an old-time movie shot, complete with a black and white countdown. You hear the announcer welcoming everyone to the GCWA, with the small-but-loyal crowd of wrestling fans cheering. We get short stills from some of the early greats in the federation, including Darkstarr, Phoenix, Hawaiian Heat, and Animal Thug. But the main focus soon showcases the first GCWA World Heavyweight Title Tournament. The announcer’s voice is heard again:*

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Blood on the Battlefield Main Event! *cheers* 3 weeks ago, a World Title Tournament was started. 16 wrestlers fought for the chance to become the first GCWA Heavyweight Champion. Now it has come down to 2 people, who will fight it out here, tonight! Are you ready? *cheers*

*The announcer brings down the two men who reached the finals: Steve Austin and Animal Thug. Both had to win three matches to get to this point. Various clips are shown from the match, featuring both wrestlers in this heated confrontation. Near the end, an exhausted Animal Thug went to take out Austin with the Accelerating Thug, but couldn’t keep him in the air long enough. Austin was able to capitalize on this by catching Thug with the Stunner, getting the pin.*

Tenay: We have a new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion!

*Austin gets handed the World Title from the Accelerator, who had watched the match at ringside. Austin celebrates with the belt, as the footage comes to a close. We return to the GCWA Headquarters, where Jones & Logan are waiting.*

Jones: The first winner of the World Title certainly deserves honoring as a Most Memorable Moment. It’s amazing that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was a part of the GCWA back in the day.

Logan: Oh, that wasn’t “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Jones: What? Of course it was! I remember seeing that live…

Logan: No, Jonesy, it WASN’T. Remember what Ace said about legal threats?

Jones: Oh. Right. Well, anyway, it was an exciting time, as the GCWA was still getting on its feet. While “Austin” would only reign for a short time before losing the belt to Phoenix, he’s still honored today for his victory. I think I can safely say that history will repeat itself in a few weeks, when a new GCWA Champion is crowned. Whoever wins the first belt of the new generation will be right up there in GCWA history.

Logan: That’s true, man. If nothing else, a wrestler wants to be remembered when he’s gone. This could do it for whoever wins.

Jones: Well, two of the possible competitors are up next, as we’ve got a special live shot from the backstage area of the new GCWA Arena! Let’s introduce you to the House of Pain!

Logan: Alright!

~The picture changes, sending us to a backstage area, where we see former GCWA European Champion, Derek Mobley. He seems to be in a particularly good mood as he is standing in front of a locker room door which reads “HOP”~

Derek Mobley: Well, hello there GCWA! I wasn’t expecting to see you guys…

~Derek gives a not-so-subtle wink towards the camera followed by a cheesy smile~

Derek Mobley: Anyways, since you’re here, I might as well re-introduce myself and get you guys acquainted with one of my best buds and long time tag partner, Warrick. I’m Derek Mobley, I used to compete in GCWA awhile back and had memorable feuds with the likes of Iceman and Puni…well, I already forgot the rest of his name. I wrestled in ICWF and a few other feds and accumulated good success. But, enough about me, let’s go see what Warrick’s up too…something tells me he’s busy decorating our House of Pain

~Derek points at the HOP sticker on the locker room door~

Derek Mobley: Locker room to give it more of a Christmas feel…let’s check it out!

~We follow Mobley into the HOP locker room and find Warrick, slouched in a couch, smoking a joint. He has his hand in a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and is watching re-runs of Sex and the City. There is a ‘plant’ in the corner with a few ornaments hanging off of it. Derek begins to panic~

Derek Mobley: Warrick, what the…uhhh, sorry folks…ummm…

Warrick Hill: Would you keep it down, that skank is about to have sex again!

~Derek peeks at the TV screen and sees Warrick’s choice of programming~

Derek Mobley: Sex and the City…really???

Warrick Hill: F*ck yea, man…nothing better than watching four skanks while you are getting ston…

Derek Mobley: Anyways…Warrick, introduce yourself to the GCWA crowd.

Warrick Hill: Why?

Derek Mobley: Because, this is a Christmas Special introductory type show!

Warrick Hill: Christmas? Oh yea! How did you like the ‘tree’ over there, hehe.

Derek Mobley: It sucks, I’m gonna toss the damn thing!

Warrick Hill: NO! That shit’s expensive! It’s the good stuff, man!

~They begin to fight and argue over the plant when Derek’s cell goes off. The ringtone is “Sucka! Sucka! Sucka! Sucka!” over and over again. Warrick and Derek stop.~

Derek Mobley: Quiet! It’s Dean.

Warrick Hill: I hate that bastard.

~Derek answers his phone.~

Derek Mobley: Hello? Hey, Dean, what’s up! Huh? Oh, you’re watching? Umm, well, yea, I didn’t know…what’s that? Okay…I’ll tell him…no, I don’t want to be a sucka…okay…OKAY…later.

~Derek, looking upset hangs his phone up and gives Warrick a mean glare. Warrick then nods towards the camera, directing Derek’s focus towards it.~

Derek Mobley: Huh? Oh, crap! What a surprise, folks, ICWF legend, Dean made a special appearance! He says Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Warrick Hill: He didn’t say that…I heard him, he said…

~Derek jumps in to stop Warrick~

Derek Mobley: Well, that’s all the time we have for you guys tonight…thanks for taking some time out to be re-introduced to the House of Pain!

~Derek puts his arm around Warrick and gives a cheesy smile to the camera. Warrick smacks his arm away, they begin to argue and shove. Warrick shoves Derek hard and Derek staggers into the plant, it falls over, cracking the pot. Warrick freaks and dives to the ground, trying to save his precious plant…with that, the camera exits the House of Pain locker room and we cut back to the regular programming, with Logan laughing hysterically.~

Logan: Oh, man, that’s funny! Although I do hope Warrick’s Christmas tree is ok. I’ve already made arrangements to deck the halls with him later on.

Jones: Yeah, well, I’ve got plans to go hang out with Ace in that cabin of his over the holiday break.

Logan: Really?

Jones: Nah. Actually, I believe he said it’d be a cold day in hell if I ever make it in there. But that could happen, right?

Logan: Dude. That’s just sad.

Jones: *sigh* I know. Moving on, let’s go to our next Most Memorable Moment. This one’s a little different from our first clip, in that it’s not remembered for who won or lost, but the shocking moment that happened afterwards.

*We shift to an image of the opening montage of GCWA Crescendo 2000, where the ring announcer introduces the Internet Champion, “The Assassin” Garrett Jax, taking on a member of the Bastards of Oblivion, Adrian Rockwell. While Rockwell got in a few shots, Jax was soon dominating, landing one of his finishers, the Time Bomb! Jax wasn’t finished yet, though, as he locked in his submission hold, the Last Resort. But as Rockwell struggled in the hold, everything suddenly goes dark.*

Heenan: What’s going on here? All the lights in the Delta Center have just gone out! Someone turn on the lights! I’m afraid of the dark!

*When the lights finally come back up, Jax, Rockwell, & the referee all are down. However, the hurting Rockwell has been placed on top of Jax, allowing him to get the win!*

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner… and NEW Internet Champion… Adrian Rockwell!!

*Right after the announcement, the Dopeman, a long-time rival of Jax, comes out from under the ring, having knocked out both men! He walks away with the Internet Title, laughing hysterically, but he doesn’t get far, as Jax’s one-time partner, the X-Dog, suddenly reappears and takes him out on the ramp! With the Dopeman down, X-Dog goes and gets himself a bucket and some gasoline. Before the shocked eyes of the new Internet Champion, Rockwell, X-Dog gets some revenge for his partner by lighting the title on fire! The shot ends with Rockwell begging for some extinguishers, as his belt burns away.*

Jones: I remember that day pretty clearly, Anthony. No one was expecting the Internet Title to go out in a blazing inferno, but the belt ended its run on that day.

Logan: As I recall, X-Dog got a plenty big fine from ol’ Ace for taking out an expensive gold belt.

Jones: Definitely, but I doubt if he regretted it. This shocking moment led to the creation of the Television Title, with Rockwell as the first champion.

Logan: The TV Title. That belt never went anywhere, did it?

Jones: Well, let’s just say that I think the GCWA will work a lot smoother with only four main belts. We’ve got the World Title, of course. We’ve got a secondary belt in the Intercontinental Championship. The X Division Title is there for all “no limit” wrestlers, and the tag-team titles are available for, well, the House of Pain.

Logan: Oh, I’m sure eventually we’ll throw some guys together and have a tag-team division again.

Jones: We could definitely have some good ones. I mean, what about Lurrr and Rage?

Logan: Ummm, I don’t think Rage is going to be teaming up with anyone any time soon, especially not Lurrr, who he’s routinely called over-the-hill. Rage has definitely spoken his opinion over the last few days.

Jones: That’s true. In fact, I believe Arryk Rage’s latest masterpiece is ready to be aired next, so let’s get to it.

-The camera fades into a make shift winter wonderland. There's a Christmas tree, fake fabric snow, and a bunch of little kids dressed up as elves. Under the tree is what looks like Santa's Gift Bag, and it’s full. From off in the distance, you hear a familiar sound. It’s the sound of Santa's Christmas Bells. Walking on screen, in probably the worst Santa outfit you've ever seen, no stuffing to make him look plump, and a beard that hangs completely off of his face, is Arryk Rage. He holds up his pants, as he walks over to a big, over-stuffed chair, and sits down. He pulls the beard up to try and fix it, but it falls back down. He shrugs.-

Arryk: Ha Ha... Oh, Wait. I Mean. Ho Ho Ho MERRY CHRISTMAS! Not that believable? Oh well, it's not like I even look like the dude..... Welcome, GCWA Fans, I'm Santa Arryk. I'm here to spread the joy of Christmas to all the good little boys of the GCWA. I have a gift, well, sort of, for each member of the roster. Ho Ho Ho. First, please welcome my first guest, The Judge!

-The camera spans over to an entrance way, it’s a little arch and walk way. A guy, about six feet tall goes to walk through it, but won't fit. He ducks under it, and when he stands up, one of the elves run over, and throws a handful of fake snow into his face. He rubs his face, then scowls at the little kid. He looks almost like The Judge, but his beard is fake, and his tattoos are drawn on with magic markers. He walks over to Arryk, and Arryk stares up at him-

Arryk: WAIT! This isn't right. I thought I was supposed to have a smaller version of this guy?

Man Behind The Camera: That IS the smaller version of The Judge. Do you realize how big he actually is?

Arryk: Well, how the hell am I supposed to have him sit on my lap?

Man Behind The Camera: Hey, this was your idea, not mine, YOU figure it out.

Arryk: Fine. Ummm, Come have a seat, Little Guy...

-Arryk pats his hand on his lap, and the man walks over, sitting on Arryk’s lap, looking down at him. Arryk groans-

Arryk: Good lord, what did your parents feed you? Bricks and small children? Seriously, could you get any bigger?

-The man scowls at Arryk-

Arryk: Alrighty then, what would you like for Christmas?

-The man, still looking down, his fake beard starting to pull off, speaks in a deep voice-

The Judge: I......Want.....Judgment.....

Arryk: Wow, Ummm, Ok.... Well, I Judge Thee A Jobber!

-Arryk reaches into the bag, and pulls out a book. The camera focuses in on it. "Pin Me, Pay Me: The Story Of The Ulitmate Jobber, Han Zo Mon". Arryk chuckles as he hands it to the guy. He looks at it, growls at Arryk, stands up, and walks away. Arryk watches his every move, and when he's out of view, wipes the sweat from his forehead-

Arryk: Man, even the fake version of that dude is oddly scary, and untalented. Ok, alright, onto my next guest. Let’s welcome, the one, the only, the ripped out of his mind, Warrick Hill!!!

-Arryk shakes his bells, and the camera spans back over to the entrance way. A mini version of Warrick Hill steps through the arch. Again, an elf runs up, and throws fake snow in his face. Warrick stumbles around, looking confused, and goes in the complete wrong direction-

Arryk: Hey, Buzzy, I'm over here, c'mon.

-The little guys stumbles around, looking in all directions. His face lights up when he sees Santa sitting there, and stumbles over to him. He climbs up on his lap-

Arryk: Damn, you smell funny... Oh... Got off script there for a second... Hi little buddy, and what can I get you for Christmas this year?

Warrick Hill: haha. you said High. Man, all I want for Christmas is a nice size baggy of that yummy green stuff, and a forty. And maybe some twinkies. I'm hungry.

Arryk: Yea, well, I'm not a criminal, and I have something better for you than that.

-Arryk reaches into his bag, and pulls out an envelope. He grins as he hands it to Mini Warrick-

Arryk: I actually have three gifts for you, Warrick. You're gonna go on a trip, would you like that?

Warrick: Where'm I goin', man?

Arryk: Well, you, my little friend, are gonna get on a bus at our local bus station. It will take you directly to your main destination. Are you excited? Warrick, I have booked a three month stay at The Betty Ford Clinic for you. And more than that, I have a ride for you to the bus station...... AUTHORITIES!!!!

-Two cops walk up, and speak to Warrick. They put cuffs on him, and take him away. Arryk shakes his head-

Arryk: So young, so misguided.

Man Behind The Camera: Arryk, wrap it up, we're running low on time. They told us to keep it short.

Arryk: Fine, just send Shane and Derek out here together. I'll kill two losers with one stone.... OH MAN! I forgot about Lurrr.

-Arryk reaches into his bag, and pulls out a piece of paper, and a pencil. He quickly sketches a stick figure on the paper, not very well might I add, and writes "Lurrr" above it. Then he starts shaking his bells. Two midgets walk out of the entrance way, one is Derek Mobley, and the other is Shane Donovon. Two of the elves lazily throw fake snow at the two. They both walk up, and sit on Arryk's lap.-

Arryk: Ho Ho Ho...use of Pain SUCKS.... oh wait. Umm. Ok, now that I have all three of you here, let’s see what I have in my bag of treats for you.

-Arryk reaches into his bag, and pulls out three envelopes. He flashes that quick smile of his-

Arryk: Lurrr, for you, my over the hill buddy, I have what everyone wants you to have. Your Retirment Papers. And of course, what old person wouldn't enjoy a stay in a condo in West Palm Beach, Florida during the winter seasons? Its all yours Lurrr, please, do us all a favor, and USE IT!

-Arryk crumples up the piece of paper, and throws it at the camera-

Arryk: Derek, for you, I have something that every wrestling fan has been praying for. Its new, Its Shiney, it's an All New Gimmick! Seriously, The Thriller is getting old, like Lurrr. So from this moment on, you Derek Mobley, will be known, as.... SPANKY. now get the hell out of here...

-Arryk pushes mini Derek off his lap and onto the floor. He laughs a little as the little guy hits hard and rubs his butt-

Arryk: Shane... Shane.... Shane.... You know, honestly, I don't have anything for you. This envelope is empty, kind of like your career. I just didn't want you to feel left out of the festivities. You can leave now.

-Seeing how it was funny the first time, Arryk pushes mini Shane off his lap. this time, Shane tumbles across the floor, and Arryk laughs hard-

Arryk: Well, I guess thats everything I have for today.

Man Behind The Camera: Arryk, what about president Ace?

Arryk: Shut up, He Cheated!

Man Behind The Camera: No, I mean, He's here, and he says he has something for you.

Arryk: Oh crap, I'm fired.

-Arryk shamefully starts ringing his bells as "Leave You Far Behind" by Lunatic Calm starts to play from a mini boom box in the corner. The camera spans over to the entrance way, awaiting the arrival of the GCWA President, The Accelerator. Nothing for a few minutes, then a mini version of the President steps through. You hear Arryk bust up laughing, and hear a loud bang. The camera quickly turns to him, and you see that the Christmas tree has been knocked over, and Arryk is rolling around on the floor, laughing. When he realizes the camera is on him, he climbs back up into the chair, and tries to stop laughing. Mini Ace walks over-

The Accelerator: Arryk Rage. Let me be the first to welcome you to the GCWA. We are all very honored to have your presence here. So much so, that myself, and the other higher ups have decided to give you a gift.

Arryk: REALLY?! You got something for me? You shouldn't Have!

The Accelerator: Believe It, Boyo!

Arryk: Aww, How cute, he even uses the real ones catch phrases.... Man, forgot what I was doing. Merry Christmas to ME. Gimme!

-Ace hands Arryk a bag. Arryk grins big, as the camera goes behind his shoulder, and focuses closely onto the bag. Arryk begins to open the bag, slowly. When he opens it fully, you see a full on shot, of the brand new, and official, GCWA X Division Title. The camera quickly fades to a disclaimer-

Disclaimer: No Midgets Were Harmed That Bad During The Filming Of This Segment. All Representations Of Other GCWA Wrestlers Were Approved, And Done Very Badly. We Insist That, Oh, Forget It. Merry Christmas To Arryk!

*The disclaimer fades away, to be replaced by the shocked faces of Jones and Logan.*

Logan: Wait… was that…

Jones: That sure looked like it.

Logan: But how did Rage get his hands on the new X Division Title?? I mean, it hasn’t even been shown off to the public yet!

Jones: I truly doubt Ace was the one to give it to Rage, given the way it was ‘presented’ to him. We’re going to have to check into this, because there’s certainly not been any announcement of Arryk being awarded the X Division Title!

Logan: Damn. The dude’s a thief. Someone call security!

*Suddenly, the lights begin blinking in the studio, as the speakers start blaring the out “Tales Of A Scorched Earth” by the Smashing Pumpkins. Both announcers look around, surprised, as a large figure walks in front of the camera. You can see on the back of his muscle shirt where it says “Head of Security”. He moves towards the announcers, as we switch to another camera angle, allowing us to see that the man is former GCWA World Heavyweight Champion Titan 3!*

Titan 3: You looking for me?

Logan: Whoa! Titan 3! Man, it’s been a hell of a long while! Good to see ya, champ!

*Titan 3 accepts Logan’s offer of a handshake, as Jones, still completely thrown off, just continues to sit and stare.*

Logan: So you’re in charge of security now, huh? What made you take that job?

Titan 3: Ace offered me the position, and asked me to help keep things in order until the GCWA is back on its feet. I had no problem accepting a chance to crack some skulls and knock some respect into these punks.

Logan: Well, did you see the video we just ran?

Titan 3: Oh, yeah. I saw that lightweight who thinks he can get away with stealing belts. Arryk has no idea what he’s in for now. I guaran-damn-tee that the X Division Title will soon be back where it belongs, and Mr. “Rage” will definitely remember my name.

*Titan 3 takes a moment to crack the knuckles on his huge right hand, then slowly walks away, as Logan sits down with a smile on his face. Jones still looks stunned, as he had no idea who Ace had signed to take over security this time around.*

Logan: Wow, man, Titan 3, one of the most powerful guys on the planet, as our Head of Security. Ace knew what he was doing with that hire. I can’t help but feel sorry now for Arryk. His little prank might come back to cost him, big time.

Jones: It’s just… incredible. I wonder who else is working around here? Think the Punisher or John Steel are going to be working as referees?

Logan: Man, that’d be awesome! I ought to contact my brother Andrew, I’m sure he’d love a gig like that!

Jones: Oh boy. Y’know what? Let’s just get to the third Most Memorable Moment in GCWA History, shall we? It makes a great segue way, as this moment focuses on the man who was just here, Titan 3! Hit it!

*The video montage begins with footage from October Oblivion in October ’99, where the Accelerator and Shannon Shag-Nasty were fighting it out for control of the GCWA for the next month. Thanks to a betrayal, Ace is beaten, putting Shag-Nasty, and his stable, the Bastards Of Oblivion (BOO), in charge of the GCWA for the next few weeks. Shag-Nasty’s reign of terror nearly tears apart the GCWA, but things begin to come back together near the end of the month, as Ace & Shag-Nasty made a deal: the first one eliminated in the main event of Shag-Nasty’s first PPV, the Bastard’s Ball (a six-way match) would be out of the GCWA! Since the Ball fell on December 1st, the Accelerator returned as the President, making a few announcements regarding matches.

The Accelerator: First, with the Neo-Michael Breaker Long Way Down match, there will be NO INTERFERENCE! I’ve gotten tired of Neo almost winning, then getting stopped because of an assault. So if any BOO wrestler becomes involved in the match other than Breaker, Shag-Nasty is out of the main event!

*Shag-Nasty, now the Commissioner per the deal, was quick to respond.*

Shag-Nasty: Ok. So you want to throw out stipulations, Acey. That’s cool. I’m fine with the Neo-Breaker stip, although it’s No Interference around the board. If a non-BOO member interferes, YOU’RE out of the big main event, dig it?

*Clips from the Long Way Down match are now shown, with Breaker and Neo fighting on top of a steel cage. On the outside, Blade & Nightmare are stopped from interfering by Ace & his Wolfpac, since that would cost Ace the GCWA. During the distraction, though, Titan 3, at the time a member of the BOO, is seen climbing up the back of the cage. He surprisingly attacks his ‘ally’, Breaker, throwing him off the stage and down through a table!! With the interference, not only has Titan 3 arranged for Breaker to lose the “Long Way Down” Match, he also ended Shag-Nasty’s run (temporarily) in the GCWA! Shag-Nasty is seen screaming in fury in the back, breaking a television after the betrayal.*

Shag-Nasty: Nooooooooooooooo!!!!

*That’s not where the story ends, though. In the main event, Titan 3, the Accelerator, Blade, Nightmare, and the GCWA World Heavyweight Champion, Animal Thug, went at it for the gold in a “Six-Way Elimination” Match. Titan 3 was understandably the underdog, as all of the rest were former World Champions. The first elimination came when Animal Thug decided to take out his ally, Ace, spearing him and delivering Da Killa. Titan 3 followed that by taking out Nightmare with the A-Bomb, leaving three men. After some more fighting, Blade surprisingly was able to get Animal Thug from behind with a Bulldog, then delivered his Sure Shot, eliminating the World Champion! This left Blade, the favorite, vs. Titan 3, the underdog. The two men battled back and forth, neither giving up, but Titan 3 proved to be the better man on that night, catching Blade in a splash attempt and delivering the A-Bomb for the unbelievable victory! He celebrates, as the picture fades back to the studio.*

Jones: That was really the beginning of the legend of Titan 3, right there. He went from an enforcer for the BOO to the main-event superstar in one night, and his career would only get higher from there. In fact, I believe Titan 3 is the only man to hold the “IOWA” Triple Crown, having held the GCWA, ICWF, and OCW World Heavyweight Titles.

Logan: And now, he’s going to be busting up rule-breakers here in the GCWA! That’s going to be so sweet! I hope he remembers to bring back the “Damn Good Margarita” campaign!

Jones: Somehow I doubt he’ll have the time, Anthony, what with him having to track down Arryk Rage right away. I’m sure the job as GCWA Head of Security can’t be an easy one.

Logan: But I betcha he’s going to enjoy it!

Jones: Indeed. Let’s move on, as I’m getting word that Lurrr is ready to send some words our way. He’s currently located a little further north, in the backstage area of the newly-constructed GCWA Arena.

~We cut away from Jones & Logan and go backstage, where we see the self-proclaimed ICON himself, Lurrr. Lurrr is walking down a hallway where we see several GCWA employees going about their business with the grand re-opening show. Lurrr continues walking and a GCWA employee bumps into him by accident~

Lurrr: “What the hell are you doing? Let me ask you a question….. Do you get paid nightly by this company to look stupid and get in my way?”

GCWA Employee: “I am sorry sir I didn’t see you there.”

Lurrr: “What do you mean you didn’t see me? I am the best thing that has ever happened to this business and you tell me you didn’t see me! I should slap the taste right out of your mouth. It is well known that I am the ICON of the wrestling world and now I am the ICON of GCWA. I was called about two weeks ago by The Accelerator and he begged me to consider a return to the ring. I was given a guaranteed-money incentive contract because this company desperately needed a big name like mine to headline their pay-per views. I am a Hall of Famer and have won numerous titles in this business.”

~The GCWA employee listens to Lurrr and looks like he has no idea what he should say~

GCWA Employee: “Yes sir, Yes S…”

Lurrr: “Are you ate up with a dumbass? I didn’t give you permission to speak yet! I have been instrumental to high ratings everywhere I have been. After looking at the roster I know why the Accelerator begged me to come in. You have some solid names who have won titles but you don’t have the controversial, head-liner who draws non-stop ratings whether you hate me or like me.”

GCWA Employee: “I am very happy you decided to come in and help this company.”

Lurrr: “Help this company? Let me make this known to everybody in this company, the fans, the wrestlers, and my boss. I don’t care about anybody or anything except for myself. I am the only thing that matters in this business. All of the fans can kiss my ass, other wrestlers can kiss my ass, and more importantly the GCWA management can kiss my ass. I don’t follow rules because I don’t have to, I am the biggest investment that this company has ever had. Once people realize that, then things will run a whole lot smoother around here.”

~Lurrr looks at the GCWA employee and shakes his head. Lurrr turns around and acts like he is going to walk away, but immediately turns back and gives the employee a firm example of what other wrestlers can expect. The employee is laid out by “The Wake Up Call.” Lurrr walks away as the scene fades to black, then cuts back to GCWA Headquarters.~

Logan: Huh. Well, we have a race going for Most Hated Wrestler, don’t we? Neither Arryk Rage nor Lurrr seem interested in friendship, at the moment.

Jones: Yep. It’ll be pretty interesting to see what happens when they first have to get in a match against one of the guys they’ve talked down about. Nothing like a little tension to make a match-up more entertaining.

Logan: Another nice segue, there, pally. Let’s roll the next Most Memorable Moment, dudes!

*The picture fades into a shot of two GCWA Hall of Famers in Nightmare and X-Dog. Nightmare is shown winning the GCWA Intercontinental Title from Marty Jannetty, his sixth singles title reign in the company. X-Dog, meanwhile, is shown with all of his various title reigns, as he’s held every GCWA men’s title except for the IC belt. X-Dog and Nightmare engage in a violent feud (also involving Marty Jannetty & Steven Mysterio), with X-Dog intent on finally becoming the first GCWA Circuit Champion, while Nightmare was intent on proving himself the greatest of the legends in the company. The two decided to sign a “Career” Match at Blood On The Battlefield ’00, putting it all on the line for the gold.*

Tenay: One of these men is going to have to retire after this match, ending a glorious run for our company!

*The match is intense, with many near falls for both competitors, featuring everything from fallaway slams to quick roll-ups. X-Dog landed his version of the X-Factor, while Nightmare later got the Rock Bottom, but neither man will stay down. Finally, X-Dog was able to block the Night Fall submission hold and landed a second X-Factor, this time making the quick pin for the victory, becoming a Circuit Champion at the same time he ended Nightmare’s run in the GCWA.*

Tenay: X-Dog’s celebrating wildly, almost going to tears for his victory as they hand him the belt. Months of frustration were just erased by this win here. Nightmare rolls onto his side, trying to pull himself up. He’s got to deal with the fact that things don’t always work out the way you plan them. This one’s going to haunt Nightmare for a long, long time.

*A stunned Nightmare is shown watching as his rival, X-Dog, leaves the ring. The screen slowly shifts back to the GCWA headquarters, where we’re once again joined by Jones & Logan.*

Jones: It didn’t take too long afterwards for Nightmare to get himself inducted into the GCWA Hall of Fame. Of course, X-Dogg later joined him there, with both becoming men to remember in the company’s history.

Logan: Yeah, that was a great match. I really thought Nightmare could have done it, but X-Dog just had his number that day. Hey, when do I get into the Hall?

Jones: Anthony, you haven’t even wrestled a single match in the GCWA. In fact, isn’t this your first-ever appearance on a GCWA show?

Logan: Well, yeah, but, I mean, I’ve done stuff elsewhere, right? Man, we really need a unified Hall of Fame around here.

Jones: Maybe someday, friend. Maybe someday.

Logan: The interesting thing is, we’ve got a couple of guys now from different Hall of Fames. Derek Mobley, Lurrr, Arryk Rage, they’ve all done big things in this business.

Jones: That’s true, Anthony, but some people think that just makes them has-beens. People like the relative newcomer, Shane Donovan. By the way, I hear he’s got a belt in this one, too.

Logan: What?? Another thief??

Jones: Relax, Anthony, it’s just a replica. Roll the footage!

*The scene cuts to total darkness. What sounds like music plays faintly in the background, but what sound it actually is cannot be made out due to the lack of volume. A blue spotlight shines down onto a single spot, revealing a title belt. As vision adjusts for the color, it's quickly realized that this appears to be the GCWA World Heavyweight Championship.*

???: Take a close look at this. Take in the sight of the gold. Savor it.

*The light pulls out, revealing the newly-debuting GCWA competitor Shane Donovan.*

Shane Donovan: This is a replica of the GCWA World heavyweight Championship. It's an iconic image, one that has long stood for greatness in this business.

**Shane lifts the belt up.*

Shane Donovan: It also represents the kind of competitor that has signed with the GCWA so far. For eight long years this title has been devoid of direction. It's been robbed of its prestige and with each passing year spent on the shelf it's gotten...well...old.

**Shane throws the title to the ground.*

Shane Donovan: Derek Mobely... Arryk Rage... Lurrr... I was still a kid when these men were all relevant, and yet GCWA management has decided they needed to trot out the so-called "legends" to spark interest. I look at the contract I signed, and then I look at the quality of other signees and I'm left wondering what I did to deserve this, what you fans out there did to earn this parade of has-beens that is soon to be gracing your screen.

**Shane looks down at the belt. Slowly, he picks it back up.*

Shane Donovan: For this I make a promise. I will not rest until this belt has an owner that truly exemplifies the sport as it is today. I will not rest until all of you fans have a caliber of competitor that makes your hard earned money worth spending. Most of all, I will not rest until each and every person in that locker room realizes that they are not what this business needs. Consider yourselves on notice, I will be returning the dignity and prestige that the bottom feeders have stripped from the place, and you all need to either stand aside or be knocked aside.

**With that, the light fades out again, returning to the two announcers in the GCWA Headquarters.*

Logan: Well, you have to admire the new guy’s spunk. He looks like he’s ready to be an immediate contender for the World Title.

Jones: When you think about it, he does have a good point, Anthony. I mean, a lot of these guys wrestled back at the turn of the millennium. While they’re all still in pretty good shape, there does need to be some new blood around here.

Logan: Well, that’s where guys like Donovan, Dangerous Dan, and the Judge come in. One of them could be the future World Champion, that’s for sure.

Jones: As of right now, you have to give them the same odds that any other superstar has. After all, as has been mentioned before, the GCWA World Title is going to be decided at Warriors of the Ring III, which should be an epic tournament. Whoever wins the gold by going through multiple opponents will have really shown themselves to be worthy.

Logan: I smell another segue coming up.

Jones: How right you are. In our final Most Memorable Moment, we’re going back to the second Warriors of the Ring. While the first one featured a battle royal, the sec ond one was an amazing tournament, with 16 wrestlers fighting it out for the gold in one night.

*The picture goes into a shot of Titan 3, proudly holding up the GCWA World Title that he’s defended for months against all comers. At the same time, an envious Accelerator is pictured, as he’s slowly going into his ‘dark’ phase. Ace arranges for a title match between Titan 3 and himself, with the stipulation that, if Titan 3 doesn’t show, Ace will strip him of the title. Ace also arranged for Titan 3 to be locked in his dressing room, enabling the screw-job to take place and the belt to be vacated.*

Tenay: I don’t believe it! After over 5 months as the champion, this is the way it ends? Damn you, Ace!

*The now hated Accelerator arranged for the belt to be fought for at Warriors of the Ring II, a massive one-night tournament for the gold. Hall of famers like Steven Mysterio and X-Dog went at it with relative newcomers like Napalm and Phenomena. As the tournament progressed, BOO member Michael “The Man” Breaker continued to pile up the victories, while also seemingly starting to move away from his fellow members in the Bastards Of Oblivion, as the fans start to cheer him. On the other side, Ace’s appointed favorite, “The Real Deal” John Steel, is given every advantage, as he, too, makes it through his bracket. To help his man, Ace also makes an announcement before the main event.*

The Accelerator: Just a quick word, folks. I hope you've all been enjoying tonight's festivities. I know I have been. We're down to our two challengers, aren't we? It's been a crazy night. I was watching earlier when the BOO became involved in the match between Rage and Breaker. That annoyed me, because I wanted this to be a pure tournament. But that's alright. I've decided to make an executive decision. The World Title match needs to be interference-free, right? Well, then, let's put it inside a cage. No, even better. Let's make it Hell in a Cell!!! That's right, we're going to have a Hell in a Cell match to decide the winner, and the rightful World Champion!!

*This stunning proclamation by Ace set up one of the greatest matches in GCWA history, as Breaker and Steel pulled out all the stops in the Cell. The two fight hard inside the cage, but then venture outside when Steel gets whipped through the cage door. Weapons are used, from brass knuckles to steel chairs, as the two men tried to destroy each other. They head to the top of the cage, still brawling, now with the threat of a long fall facing them. On the floor, Shannon Shag-Nasty and the Accelerator come to ringside, as Steel and Breaker surprisingly both climb back down, instead of having a plunge. Shag-Nasty uses a steel chair on Steel’s head, but Breaker takes exception, tossing Shag-Nasty head-first into the cage! Ace also gets involved, smacking Breaker with a chair shot. The two competitors are put back in the cell, as Ace and Shag now have to deal with Andy Gilbreth & Steven Mysterio, respectively. Three brawls go on at once, with the most memorable being Gilbreth following the crazed Ace to the top of the cell and fighting him up there, eventually sending the President flying off the cage roof and through the Spanish Announcers Table!*

Tenay: That was a tremendous collision! The Accelerator is not moving! Gilbreth’s on top of the cage, looking down at the President, as the fans are going ballistic! … Wait a second, what is Gilbreth doing?? He’s lining himself up, positioning himself on top of the cage. Oh my god. He wouldn’t… he couldn’t… oh, MAN, HE DID!!!!

*In one of the most spectacular dives ever seen in GCWA, Gilberth dived off with his Kaiser Krunch from the top of the cell onto the President, sending the crowd into hysterics. The focus then goes back to the ring, where Steel tries to put Breaker out. But without any allies, Steel can’t hang on, as Breaker lands a low blow, then delivers his Lowdown maneuver! The Superdome explodes, as Breaker makes the cover and becomes the new GCWA World Heavyweight Champion! Breaker celebrates on his own, now free of the BOO and a superstar in his own right, following the path that Titan 3 used to make it to the top. The shot slowly fades back to the studios.*

Logan: It’s going to be hard for that tournament to ever be topped, Jonesy. But lord knows we’re going to try!

Jones: That’s right, Anthony, because starting next month, we’re going to have Warriors of the Ring III, and we’re once again going to decide a new World Champion! Trust me, I can’t wait for it to go down.

Logan: It’s going to be a blast, alright. But who’s going to win it? Mobley? Hill? Donovan? Rage? The Judge? Lurrr? Dangerous Dan? Or will there be someone else joining up in the next few weeks who jumps to the top of the pile?

Jones: All I know is, it won’t be you or me, Anthony.

Logan: How do you know it won’t be me? I might be interested in giving that tournament a shot, you know…

Jones: Really?

Logan: Nah, I’m just pulling your chain. I’m having too much fun being retired. I’m just going to enjoy announcing the new champion at ringside.

*Logan sits back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head, relaxed. He still looks like he's in pretty good shape, but the urge to wrestle just isn't there.*

Jones: Well, I hope you guys and gals out there enjoyed our coverage of five of the Most Memorable Moments in GCWA history. I think the guys upstairs made some pretty good choices, don't you, Anthony?

Logan: They were all pretty big moments, although I'm a little surprised that the Punisher's title win wasn't listed. I mean, that guy's a Hall of Famer and he defeated five men in one night to win the gold!

Jones: While that would have been deserving, Anthony, ummm, apparently that footage was lost. There's not even anything in the history about it, other then a mention about the Punisher's win in the title history.

Logan: Oh. Wonder why that happened?

Jones: I'm betting it was because either Commissioner Shag-Nasty or the President made sure to delete all that information at the time. Remember, neither one got along very well with the Punisher.

Logan: Hmmm. Oh well. I'm honoring you, Punisher! Here's to a great former champion!

*Logan lifts up his glass, which may or may not contain something alcoholic, towards the camera, then takes a big sip. Jones waits a moment, then continues on.*

Jones: With that being said, it looks like our Christmas special is about ready to be wrapped up for the holidays! Remember, everyone watching at home, the GCWA will once again begin its broadcasts of Friday Night Inferno on the GCWA Network, starting January 16th, 2009! You can bet that the Warriors of the Ring Tournament will begin on this day, with the Pay-Per-View currently scheduled for Saturday, January 31st! Contact your cable and satellite providers now to make sure you won’t miss it!

Logan: Rock on, world! Now let’s get that holiday spirit going on in here!

*Electric guitar Christmas music begins to play, as Logan stands up and looks at the Christmas decorations being lowered in. Jones, surprised, looks around as a number of beautiful ladies, dressed like elves, follow the tree in, beginning to dance around with Logan. Other girls appear behind Jones, making their way onto the dance floor. Jones, wearing a nervous grin, seems to be telling the girls sorry, but he’s married. Of course, the girls are bypassing him quickly in order to go dance with Logan, as well as other members of the GCWA staff. Suddenly, Warrick Hill appears, apparently having tracked down the party.*

Warrick Hill: Ho, ho, ho, Let’s get wasted!

With his “Christmas tree” in hand, Hill joins in, obviously happy to be there. The party’s in full tilt, with Logan showing off some of his more inventive moves, while Jones tries to stay out of the way. A particularly large woman suddenly appears, talking to him, as the picture slowly begins to zoom out and fade to black.*