The Stranger

Height: ???

Weight: ???

Hometown: ???

Entrance Music: "Every Breath You Take" by The Police

Style: Judo Submission Wrestler

Set-Up Maneuver: Punch To The Gut

Finishing Maneuver: Stranger At The Door (S.A.D.) (Footsweep Takedown Into Sleeper Hold/Leg Scissors Variation)

The "Original" Story:
Rumor has it that, as a kid the Stranger was involved in a freak accident that destroyed his vocal chords. He wears a mask to hide the scars from the accident. He took up judo as a young man to defend himself against bullies who made fun of his physical appearance. The Stranger has joined GCWA to raise enough money to get an operation to repair his vocal chords.

The "True" Story:
It was revealed in dramatic fashion on GCWA programming that not only was the backstory of the Stranger completely made up, but that the mask was worn by multiple people! The mask was originally donned by The Lost Soul, who had been banned from competition due to a medical emergency that occurred in the ring. Not wanting to stop wrestling, and apparently being paid a sum of money from Marie Danger, TLS put on the mask, helping Harvey Danger win the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles at Blood On The Battlefield.

At some point later, though, The Lost Soul was reinstated, and started to have a career rebirth. Circumstances are sketchy at this point, although we do know that The Lost Soul grew tired of the mask and cast it away at one point. Marie, wanting her son to continue to be the champion, found another person who wanted to compete but was not allowed to: the GCWA Head of Security, Titan 3! Titan 3 wore the mask for a few weeks, bringing a more brutal style to the Stranger's wrestling run, but he soon got fed up by Marie Danger's constant meddling, eventually throwing the mask away, just when Harvey was supposed to defend the belts at Capital Punishment.

Marie, desperate, paid off The Lost Soul once again, getting him to return to the Stranger's mask. The match took place, with TLS, as the Stranger, helping Danger retain the belts. Afterwards, though, Marie pushed the masked man aside, wanting all the glory for her son. The Stranger answered by hitting a flying clothesline on Danger after unmasking himself, finally revealing his secret to the world. The Lost Soul left the mask behind, as well as the tag-team titles, leaving Danger partner-less. Will the mask be worn again, or was this the end of the Stranger?

Title Summary:
- GCWA World Tag-Team Champion w/ Harvey Danger (4/12/2009 - 6/28/2009)

GCWA Card History: (3 - 1)
- GCWA Blood On The Battlefield III (April 12, 2009) = Stranger Danger (The Stranger & Harvey Danger) won the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, beating the Danger Boiz.
- GCWA Ultimate Survival '09 (May 17) = Team Stranger Danger (The Stranger, Harvey Danger, & James Thrash) fought in an "Ultimate Survival" Match against Team Organized Chaos (Tommy Crimson, Hector Malvado, & Draco). The Stranger was eliminated by Malvado.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (May 29, 2009) = Stranger Danger retained the GCWA World Tag-Team Titles, taking down the Malvados.
- GCWA Capital Punishment 2009 (June 28) = Stranger Danger stayed the GCWA World Tag-Team Champs, winning over the Danger Boiz. The Stranger broke up with Danger after the match, unmasking himself as The Lost Soul and leaving the belts with Danger.