Adrian Rockwell

Position: Referee

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 250 lbs

Hometown: New York City, New York

Entrance Music: "Red Velvet" by Outkast

Style: Brawler

Finishing Maneuver: The Stone Cutter

The Story:
Once upon a time, Adrian Rockwell was one of the great up-and-comers in the GCWA. He succeeded mainly due to his connections with Shannon Shag-Nasty as a member of the Bastards of Oblivion, having memorable feuds with Garrett Jax (aka Blade) and Michael "The Man" Breaker. But when the GCWA closed its doors, Rockwell lost his opportunity to become a true wrestling legend.

Now older, Rockwell has retired from the ring, primarily due to back injuries stemming from his "Last Man Standing" Match against Breaker near the end of his GCWA run. Rockwell, suffering from monetary issues, was more than happy to accept the Accelerator's offer to rejoin the GCWA, becoming a member of the referee staff. But will the notoriously dirty wrestler prove to be a clean referee?

Title Summary:
- GCWA Internet Champion (8/20/2000)
- GCWA Television Champion (9/01/2000 - 12/17/2000)

GCWA Card History: (3 - 5)
- GCWA Sunday Night Sixpack (August 13, 2000) = Adrian Rockwell defeated Nightmare.
- GCWA Crescendo 2000 (August 20, 2000) = Rockwell won the GCWA Internet Title, beating Garrett Jax. Afterwards, the Internet Title is burned by X-Dog, destroying it.
- GCWA Sunday Night Sixpack (August 27, 2000) = Rockwell lost a "Non-Title Hardcore" Match to the Handy Man.
- GCWA Thursday Night Torrent (August 30, 2000) = Rockwell was awarded the new GCWA Television Title by Vice-President Shannon Shag-Nasty.
- GCWA Thursday Night Torrent (October 26, 2000) = Rockwell competed in a "Hardcore Title Cell" Match against Handy Man, Michael Breaker, Gabriel Morse, and Eddie. Morse & Handy Man won the match by both getting parts of the Hardcore Title.
- GCWA Knockout In November (November 19, 2000) = Rockwell retained the GCWA Television Title, winning a "Long Way Down" Match over Michael Breaker.
- GCWA Thursday Night Torrent (November 30, 2000) = Rockwell lost a "Non-Title" Match to Jesse "The Fish" Fitzgerald.
- GCWA Wreck The Halls (December 17, 2000) = Rockwell lost the GCWA Television Title, losing a "Last Man Standing" Match to Michael Breaker.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (April 16, 2010) = Rockwell lost a "Non-Title" Match to the GCWA World Champion, Draco.