Rick Mathis

Height: 6'11"

Weight: 345 lbs

Hometown: Midland, Texas

Entrance Music: "Highway To Hell" by AC/DC

Style: Powerhouse

Finishing Maneuver: The Oil Spill (Powerbomb)


The Story:
Rick Mathis was raised in the flat rural plains of West Texas in Midland. He was introduced to the wrestling business by Lurrr, who ultimately became his drinking and gambling buddy. Mathis is an oil businessman, in which he owns several oil rigs of the Texas coastline in the Gulf of Mexico. Mathis has become Lurrr's personal assistant in the wake of a bet he lost to him recently. No one knows if this quest will bring Mathis in the ring or not, only time will tell.

Title Summary:

GCWA Card History: (0 - 3)
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (January 30, 2009) = Rick Mathis fought in an "Unsanctioned" Match against The Lost Soul (Lurrr also became involved).
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (August 7, 2009) = Mathis lost, via DQ, in a "Non Title" Match to the GCWA World Champion, Marcus Ka'Derrion.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (November 6, 2009) = Mathis lost, via DQ, to Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn. Mathis was substituting for Lurrr.
- GCWA Righteous Rumble 2009 (November 15) = Mathis competed in the Righteous Rumble, which was won by Lurrr.

GCWA Awards:
- GCWA Feud of the Month Runner-Up, March 2009 (Roman Empire vs. Derek Mobley)
- GCWA Feud of the Month, April 2009 (Roman Empire vs. Derek Mobley)
- GCWA Angle of the Month Runner-Up, June 2009 (Tommy Crimson Joins The Roman Empire)
- GCWA Match of the Month, November 2009 (20-Man Righteous Rumble)