Position: Ring Announcer

Height: 6'11"

Weight: 330 lbs

Hometown: Unknown

Entrance Music: "Our Solemn Hour" By Within Temptation

Style: Powerhouse

Finishing Maneuver: See The Light (Two-Handed Chokeslam)

The Story:
The man known as Minos has a very cloudy history. While there has been speculation that his father was a minister and his mother was, well, something else, any and all stories about his past are just that. Stories. What we do know is that, in late 2008, the Accelerator came to the decision that he didn't want a measly little ring announcer this time, remembering how they always seemed to be bullied by the in-ring competitors. No, the Accelerator wanted someone who couldn't be intimidated. So the President reached out and found what he was looking for: the massive Minos.

Now the Global Championship Wrestling Association has a new voice, a voice that will bring the fan's favorite wrestlers to the ring, while also leaving everyone with that creepy feeling that anything and everything can happen in the GCWA.

Title Summary: