Anthony Logan

Position: Announcer

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 230 lbs

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Entrance Music: "Electricity" Theme

Style: High-Flyer

Finishing Maneuver: Lightning Strike

The Story:
Anthony "Lightning" Logan first made a name for himself in the business with his tag-team partner (and brother) Andrew Logan. The duo exploded onto the ICWF scene in late 2000, where they were able to win the vacated ICWF World Tag-Team Hardcore Titles over Looks 2 Kill at Prophecies II: The Second Coming. As Electricity, the Logans dominated the division throughout the rest of their time as a team in the federation. At the same time, Anthony was able to win the Ultimate Survival II tournament in March '01, winning the ICWF World Title as well. But when Anthony lost the belt to Titan 3 a month later, he found himself in a falling spiral, eventually disappearing from the wrestling scene for a time.

Now, in the GCWA, Anthony's decided to give announcing a try. It will keep him next to the business that he loves, while avoiding any of the pain and suffering. Will he ever return to the ring? There's always that chance, but for now, he's happy behind the desk at the GCWA events.

Title Summary:
- ICWF World Tag-Team Hardcore Champion w/ Andrew Logan (12/22/2000 - 4/06/2001)
- ICWF World Heavyweight Champion (3/25/2001 - 4/28/2001)
- ICWF Ultimate Survival Champion (2001)

GCWA Awards:

Other Awards:
- ICWF Newcomers of the Month, December 2000
- ICWF Feud of the Month, January 2001 (Electricity vs. The Party Animals)
- ICWF Match of the Month, March 2001 (Electricity vs. Looks 2 Kill, Miami Street Fight)
- ICWF Wrestler of the Month, April 2001
- ICWF Match of the Month, April 2001 (Ultimate Ultimate Survival II)