Jaiden Rishel

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 221 lbs

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Entrance Music: "The Broken" by Coheed and Cambria

Style: High Flyer

Set-Up Maneuvers:

Neverender- Jaiden suplexs his opponent upward into the corner, leaving them dangling upside down in a Tree of Woe. He then backs up and charges forward to hit a Hesitation Dropkick.

Delirium Trigger- Spinning Cradle Shock type Death Valley Driver

Hero's Welcome- Jaiden lifts the downed opponent up by placing his underarm over their neck, pulling them up from behind before spinning both competitors into a violent 360 to the canvas.

The Suffering- Dragon Sleeper

The Black Rainbow- Frog Splash

Finishing Maneuver:

No World For Tomorrow- 360 Shooting Star Press

The Story:
Jaiden Rishel grew up around wrestling. Being the son of big name federation owner Justin (J. Rish) Rishel, he was groomed to become a member of the business ever since birth. Jaiden was a fan of wrestling as a young boy, watching the great legends of the passed day and falling in love with the sport inside and out.

But once Jaiden began growing up, sensing that the wrestling business was taking his father away from him and his family, things took a very definite turn. A multitude of personal events happened which led to this day, and some of the past will soon be explored.

Title Summary:

GCWA Card History: (11 - 4, 1 DCO)
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (April 2, 2010) = Jaiden Rishel defeated Bucky Johnson.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (April 9, 2010) = Rishel pinned Robert Santana.
- GCWA Blood On The Battlefield IV (April 25, 2010) = Rishel lost an "Ultimate X" Match to the GCWA Unified X Division Champion, Crazy Chris. Dangerous Dan and Robert Santana were the other participants.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (May 7, 2010) = In a dark match, Rishel took down Ruslan Koslov.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (May 14, 2010) = Rishel won a "Hardcore" Match over Xtreme.
- GCWA Ultimate Survival '10 (May 30) = Team Invincible (Rishel, Mark Carlton, Ian King, & Colton Mace) fought in an "Elimination" Match against Team Danger Boiz (Johnson, Crazy Chris, Dangerous Dan, & Angel). Rishel eliminated Johnson and Crazy Chris to win the match as the sole 'survivor'. Later on, Rishel competed in the "Ultimate Survival Finals" against Derek Mobley, Liam Shayde, & Ataxia. Rishel eliminated Shayde, but fell at the end to Mobley, who won the Ultimate Survival Tournament.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (June 11, 2010) = Rishel & Chris Cortez defeated El Linchador & Ataxia.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (June 18, 2010) = Rishel took down Ryan Rage.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (June 25, 2010) = Rishel defeated Lorenzo Demarco.
- GCWA Capital Punishment III (July 11, 2010) = Rishel was beaten by El Linchador, who won the vacated GCWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno: Crescendo (July 30, 2010) = Rishel fought to a Double Countout with The Lost Soul.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (August 6, 2010) = Rishel won a "Falls Count Anywhere" Match over The Lost Soul.
- GCWA Friday Night Inferno (August 13, 2010) = Rishel was beaten by Arachne.
- GCWA Heat Wave III (August 29, 2010) = Rishel was supposed to team with The Lost Soul against the GCWA World Tag-Team Champions, Nobody's F'n Better (Lorenzo Demarco & The Great One). Rishel, though, was replaced in the match by Peter "The Janitor" Vaughn. Nobody's F'n Better retained the belts.

GCWA Awards:
- GCWA Newcomer of the Month, April 2010
- GCWA Match of the Month Runner-Up, April 2010 (Jaiden Rishel vs. Dangerous Dan vs. Crazy Chris vs. Robert Santana, GCWA Unified X Division Title Ultimate X Match)
- GCWA Wrestler of the Month Runner-Up, May 2010
- GCWA Match of the Month, May 2010 (Ultimate Survival Finals)
- GCWA Money Maker of the Month Runner-Up, May 2010
- GCWA Wrestler of the Month, June 2010
- GCWA Match of the Month Runner-Up, June 2010 (Rishel & Chris Cortez vs. Ataxia & El Linchador)
- GCWA Feud of the Month Runner-Up, June 2010 (Rishel vs. Chris Cortez vs. El Linchador)
- GCWA Money Maker of the Month Runner-Up, June 2010)